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If you’re an established contributor to the Trope Pantheon project, leave a comment here so I can invite you. If not, then leave this place. Impersonators will be ignored.


65 thoughts on “Check-In Page

      1. I don’t even understand, but thanks anyways. I didn’t care before this so if you wanted me to reprocicate, congrats. You made me dislike you.

        But I want to remain professional, so I will just work on my stories.

        …On another subject and now that I think about it, I may have to write the first chapters of KGF and ORL to a more narrative style. I just realized now. But the other chapters are alright.


    1. The tale itself is not yet made. You can look at the unfinished parts in Tales of the Alliance Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, and the continuation of the latter. Are you one of Camilla’s friend by any chance?


  1. Incidentally and since I can’t comment this on the threads anymore for obvious reasons, I know I am taking a bit too long to send my stories. It’s just that I’m still too new with wordpress and I haven’t had time to learn to use it. Plus I don’t know if I could just update a little and then edit later to add more chapters.

    I’m just saying because Zorua brought my attention to it.


      1. Alright, thanks. And by the way, while trying to write ORL, I noticed that I’m unsure how to write Nu since it hasn’t been specified in her profile how Central Fiction would affect (or not) her character. She is only updated up to Chronophantasma.


        1. Go look up at a wikia. They’re there for a reason.

          As for Nu. In Central Fiction, her wish in the arcade move was to have a full merge with Ragna. As for her personality, her synchronization with Noel, she started acting more human, even in Ragna’s absence.


  2. Hotman, I know what happened to Nu. What I mean is how that would affect her in the Pantheon. That’s why I’m asking. I mean, do I just make her act as “psycho-bitch” Dragon with an Agenda to Terumi and disregard her ending or she would lash out at all people involved or her Ill Girl status would affect her in leaving all Alliances all together or I honestly don’t know what.

    I’m kind of surprised that Chris didn’t make more of a big deal regarding Central Fiction given that this is BlazBlue we are talking about and the ending could affect his story with Litchi. As in, the entire story needs a rework. Especially since the game won’t have a localization (so far) so we don’t have to bottle up spoilers until the english release.


    1. I know that “Over The Rainbow” handle on TvTropes is you, given your obsession.with Yu-gi-oh and other card games.

      You’re just an arrogant, snobby, wannabe know-it-all who thinks she knows everything and only shoehorns Yu-gi-oh into every series.


      1. It was not me. I just find out through TPPR10 and n3xus. It really hurts me to see you doing this. It really does because I really want to go back!! I even wrote to thestaff to implore to them to let me go back!!

        Maybe I should just scrap my stories, I can’t find anything to write about anyways and I don’t think I can write about FREAKING HOPE under this state.

        But you must know that I hate you. I can only imagine what was OverTheRainbow’s reaction about this because being banned is not a pleasant experience.


        1. Look, I’m sorry if I banned the wrong person.

          Either way, You had all the free time you had in your to write the stories and could’ve used the wikis (encyclopedia) as references, but all you did was complain about the decisions of other tropers (I did too, but I still focused on completing the stories.)


  3. Happy New year guys, n3xus reporting for duty. Anyways can I add this one on this page pls:

    Rider Taisen: The sudden appearance of the terrorist organization SHOCKER, sworn enemies of the Kamen Riders, has plague the whole pantheon with their aspirations for World Domination. Worst of all, they managed to recruit various villains into their cause. It is up to the heroic Riders and various heroes to stop this menacing threat.


  4. Hotman, I do and I did. It’s just that I have a massive case of writer’s block and I was also waiting for Dangan Ronpa 3 to finish so I could tackle on Naegi and Komaru sensibly. I also had expositions, exams and the holidays.
    I’m starting to consider that maybe Junko being the villain would be the solution the long run. The White were going to be my villains but only in the second half, after the Trollkaiger is dealt with and since Enoshima is Terumi’s aprentice in the Pantheon… I also considered Homura for an antagonist but anything Madoka seems to be impossible to do before the sequel.
    And regarding Operation Red Love, I really wanted to write it with TPPR10 because the Arcana Heart sub-arc was his idea.


  5. I’m sorry I haven’t been on for a while. Being around here kind of makes me feel sad and I am admittedly lazy. I wanted to write the story when I was on the Pantheon along with someone else but I think that won’t be feasible. If anyone wants to contact me, I have Tumblr, DeviantART, Twitter and Discord. I still wish to write my story, but I no longer have the motivation to do it… Excuse me


        1. If you’re suggesting to meatpuppet, I’m sorry, but that’s a bannable offense on Tvtropes. The mods won’t tolerate it if you have someone do something on your behalf. Otherwise, sure. We may need to discuss this elsewhere.


              1. Its just a request. I know it sounds stupid but, could someone accomplish Gael and Gerhman’s profiles. They are the only profiles I wish to accomplish. Oh and tell Faso, r-lock, and that guy working of Priscilla good luck!

                Speaking of which, does the trope pantheons have a discord server? I think it could work.


  6. Hey, so I’m brand new to the Pantheon stuff. Are all of the events listed in the character’s pantheon pages told in the stories here? Because I’d love to see Light scream like a little bitch after being killed by Rem like it says in the latter’s pantheon profile. If it’s not in a story yet, I’d love to write it for y’all!


      1. Yeah, sort of. I have an account, I just don’t use it too much. I like reading different pages on TV Tropes, it’s really relaxing for me, but I don’t really “contribute” all that much I guess. However, I’d love to contribute here and help write different Pantheon stories!


        1. There are five admins here in this page. They consist of myself, ChrisX, KrimzonFlygon, GastrodonAmy, and crestxo. Unfortunately. The other four are not as active as I am here, so you’ll have to make do with me. Not smut is allowed here.


  7. Er, hello, I’m Crashlander555 on TV Tropes. This Pantheon thing has really interested me, and I would like to participate in this Book of Trope.


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