Story Arcs

Story Arcs

Volume 1

  • Alternate Gentaro Arc
    • Muse Hysteria: The Darkness Proxy issued one challenge: Gather the Princesses of Heart to the Friendship Asylum. What followed was a complete pussyfoot of struggle between all parties involved.
    • The Friendship Asylum: Gentaro fell into another world and became something else. What broke his mind to the point that drove him to destroying everything he loved?
    • Inmate Echoes
    • Tarot Crusaders
  • Madoka and Homura Arc
    • The Great Upheaval: Madoka’s ascension changed everything. So too did her beloved herald’s betrayal. This is the story of those terrible days.
    • The Pantheonic Rebellion: The Great Upheaval shook the very foundation of the pantheon. Little did anyone know that it would also bring about a full scale war unlike anything that has ever been seen before. This tale is of that war, its heroes, its machinations, and the aftermath.
    • Diamond Adventure! The Dark Mystery: Halloween is near, and several people are sent on a mission to find a way to restore Madoka Kaname’s powers back. Meanwhile, there’s a young who has plans of her own.
  • The Morality Civil War: The ascension of a certain monster has caused infighting between members of the GUAG. One party wants to save the monster, while the other wants to kill him.
  • Vienna Burning: After the formation of the 2nd SLS Division, the Yandere Quartet tries to destabilize them by blowing up parts of Europe.
  • Battle Royale Round Two: Nearly two years after the original Battle Royale, Polygon Man has been snatching gods and pitting them in what he calls “Round 2”. It’s up to Lightning and her allies to put a stop to him before another god falls victim… while at the same time try to restore the Master Hand to its rightful spot.
  • Reformation of Law: With YHVH, his angels, and subordinates in the GUAL exposed, The Magistrate Judges move to reform the GUAL. Little do they know is that a few obstacles have plans of their own.

Volume 2

  • Rise of the Valkyrie – A man who fancies himself a god has combined these two diseases to form T-Valkyrie, and the only hope in stopping it may rest on the shoulders of two mysterious mortal girls…
  • Kibou Go! Formation 
  • Rider Taisen: The sudden appearance of the terrorist organization SHOCKER, sworn enemies of the Kamen Riders, has plague the whole pantheon with their aspirations for World Domination. Worst of all, they managed to recruit various villains into their cause. It is up to the heroic Riders and various heroes to stop this menacing threat.
  • Ragnarok: Mirei Shikishima goes on a rampage during a PR campaign to smooth out terms between the Liberators and Extars and the Non-Infected. As a result, a war is instigated. Those investigating these events discover that the events are more than meets the eye.


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