Program for writing a pantheon story

Attention, Editors!

Plentiful editors will want to write about the pantheon, but to save time, I’m generous to give you all a program on your computer. It is called Apache OpenOffice. It’s a program that functions in a similar way to the Microsoft programs (I.E Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint etc.). This is especially well for those who can’t afford Microsoft Word, It can be downloaded here.

On the upper left corner, there is something called styles. This is useful, since WordPress does not have all the functions as OpenOffice and Microsoft Word. On the upper left corner of the screen, there’s a list called styles. If you want to add speaking lines for characters,  put “List Contents.” What will this do? Look down at the part above the word count when you’re editing an article. Putting it in List Contents will have the dl” element. In HTML, the dl” element stands for the “description/definition list.” As I’m writing this, the code now is a “P” element, which stands for “Paragraph,” in HTML.

I’m not certain how the “dl” element works in Microsoft Word, but it must be different.

UPDATE: There is another alternative. I repeat, there is another alternative program for this that definitely accounts for the dl (definition list problem). This program is known as KompoZer, a web authoring program. It can be downloaded here.


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