Moment of Funny

Please post examples here:

  • Muse Hysteria:

    • Sora’s attempt to restore the TV transmitter after Penelope hacks it in Act 2 (see Epic Fail for more details). Words cannot describe what happens.
    • The aspect of Uncle Howee deciding to behead Mitsuzane on his show with Voltaire singing “The Headless Waltz”.
    • Gordon Ramsay’s swear-laden tirade on Grandma Stuffum in Act 2 before he learns that she was actually brainwashed and lets her go.
    Ramsay: I still don’t like your food, though.
    • During the final battle, Artix goes up against Kamen Rider Decade but freezes when he sees that Decade’s armor is pink (which Artix is afraid of). Decade’s response?
    Decade: It’s not pink! It’s magenta!
    Artix: Ohhhh…..that works out much better! (starts kicking Decade’s ass once more)
    • Artix’s interactions with Audino in Chapter 12, culminating in him fleeing the GUAG Medical Division while screaming and passing Goofy and Donald in confusion.
    Goofy: Gawrsh, I didn’t know warriors could even fear pink.
  • The Friendship Asylum

    • In Log 9, Dean Ambrose asks Daphne if she still has John Cena’s scarf size.
    • In Log 15, Dimitri note that whatever Alternate!Gentaro is planning is very bad. Like B-Movie bad. Like Plan 9 from Outer Space bad.
    • When Ambrose, Reigns and Rey Mysterio have to distract Willow!Jeff (in order to teleport him and Rollins to a virtual arena), it’s Rey Mysterio who sends Willow!Jeff in a rage by mentioning how Rey shaved CM Punk and made him bald. Ambrose is absolutely shocked and laughs at the aspect of it.
      • And earlier, Reigns decides to mock Ambrose (See Ironic Echo) in an “I told you so” sort of way. Ambrose’s reaction is to ask his friend to shut up.
    • Upon learning about Queen Chrysalis’s fate, Carmelita notes that the queen has a list of gods “as big as YHVH and Lucifer’s”. Cut to a scene in the epilogue where Carmelita is checking that list of gods and then signing her name on the bottom.
    • Randy Orton, of all wrestlers, has to tell Cena to shut up when Cena accidentally goes into Innocently Insensitivemode on Rarity.
    Orton: Subtlety isn’t your strongest point, you know.
    • Artix’s fanboying over Ashley J. Williams throughout Act 4…or better yet, Artix throughout the Undead Uprising in general, acting like a kid at the candy store. This includes:
      • Artix making his own lyrics based on the Aquabats! Super Show Opening:
    Artix: (singing while slaying Undead) I’m your Undead Slaying Hero! I love to slay undead, you know! At home, Battleon or in the Pantheon…
    (a few scenes later)
    Artix: (still slaying Undead) This is the Artix von Krieger Show!
    • Quoting many of Ash William’s lines from the films.
    Artix: Groovy. (starts laughing) I’ve always wanted to say that!
    • Asking Bentley (using the Voice Modulator to convince the Undead he’s Vanille) to walk toward Artix just so he can slay them.
    Artix: It’ll be fun! I mean, who doesn’t like the sound of the undead collapsing like a house of cards?
    • And by the time everyone has decided to feast on popcorn and watch Artix do all the slaying for them, how is he subdued? By seeing Fang carrying an unconscious Vanille in his hands, because Artix is scared of the color pink.
    Artix: (upon seeing Vanille) PINK!!!!!
    • When Dipper and Mabel land in the oubilette in Chapter 4, Dipper finds a hallway that he thinks leads to safety. Mabel’s response?
    Mabel: (singing at the top of her lungs) SECRET TUNNEL!!!! Secret tunn– (cue Dipper covering her mouth with his hand)

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