Questions and Answers

  • Q. What is this about?

    • This contains the stories for the Trope Pantheon, a collaborative massive crossover project containing many characters from all mediums found on a site called TVTropes.

  • Q. How do I Join?

    • Make a comment on the check-in spot, and I’ll invite you using your e-mail (or gmail). Only established members of the project are to be here. Impersonators will be removed on the spot.

  • Q. Why hasn’t this project been moved to another website?

    • While some of us would gladly do so, it’s called TROPES and it’s on Tvtropes for a reason. Strangely, there hasn’t been a single complaint from the moderators or administrators of the site against this movement so far.

  • Q. Are you a moderator of TVTropes?

    • No I’m not. I wish people would stop assuming I am. I’m more of a guide to those people (well, one of them, anyway) who are interested in the project.

  • Q. Have you done any profiles?

    • In the past, yes, I have. I stopped doing that after 2015 to focus more on these stories.

  • Q. Why isn’t this on

    • It’s a collaborative project between contributors of this Just for Fun project, so they have to make an account if they want to join here. Secondly, it uses and mentions real life people and celebrities, actors, writers, musicians, etc. in actual storylines, which violates’s guidelines.

  • Q. The writing format here is different from!
    • The format here is in HTML. I recommend you download a program called KompoZer. It’ll help you understand how this format works. Microsoft Word, Apache OpenOffice, or Google Docs can also be used if you don’t want script.


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