Tales of Ascension

A moment to Chat.

It has been a busy set of weeks for Kaname Madoka. Homura’s discovery of the old system in another world was such a shock that even The Incubators were prone to action over it. The Warp seemed to have at least kept one pocket reality with the entire system grafted to a new universe. The work itself was impressive, in that it was a fully functional system in which the MG-to-witches system was simply grafted to. Something that she didn’t try to dwell on herself, knowing fully well what that setup was capable of. It was something that seemed beyond The Warp, having most of the old MG system intact. And given what she known about the The Warp, it seemed to have no real purpose in his hands. But then, he might not be the one that wished for the suffering of Magical Girl’s universe wide. She could think of one that would insight rage of this kind. Tzeentch, a god that insights chaos, one that would manipulate the system into a universe as a test case.

If it was him, there is cause to be worried. It would mean that he would have plans against the other magical girls of this Pantheon. As an entity of hope, Madoka is duty bound to get to the bottom of this disturbance since upon her ascension, the system that Tzeentch had in place originally had to be replaced. It’s on that matter, mainly, that she finds herself in Cosmos’ chambers. It was one of the few matters of discussion that she would have with the goddess of good. Taking a seat by a bench, she smoothed out the dress of the stars. Humming softly as she looked around the empty room, looking for her dear friend as he looks upon her form. It would seem that Cosmos’ chamber considered the form of herself as a goddess of her world as her true one or maybe it had more to do with herself than the room’s magic itself.

It was a while before she noticed the ruffles of the silk drapes that hung off the pillars in the chamber. Madoka smiled and then glanced behind herself to find Cosmos sitting beside her looking to the rest of the room.

Madoka: Uh.. hi.
Cosmos: (turning her attention to her visitor) Ah, the Goddess of Magical Girls. To what do I owe the honour of this visit.
Madoka: Ummm… the system backup crisis.

Cosmos shifted the way she was seated, expecting something more of a friendly visit than serious discussion.

Cosmos: I see, the MG section in the Combat Division not helping?
Madoka: They are and Lord Kroak has been a rather helpful ally, it’s just… I have reason to believe that something might be behind The Warp’s actions.
Cosmos: Maybe there is… Chaos is not something that is easily restrained, so says…Lucifer, I think his name is.
Madoka: Your right, I can’t really think of anything that would not attract a Lord of Chaos in this pantheon. But it seems to have an different imprint than when Kyubey was in control of it. Something… like it for the sake of calamity itself. Kyubey was many things, but malevolent wasn’t one of them.
Cosmos: That is being to sound like something the Lord’s of Chaos would do.
Madoka: There is one that I would watch. Tzeentch has been coming up a lot when I talk with Homura over the crisis. She seems utterly convinced that he would be behind this. I have never seen such fury in her eyes before.
Cosmos: That would explain Lord Kroak’s intervention on the crisis. From what I have heard, he and the Lord’s of Chaos are not speaking terms. Still, Homura is very dedicated to you, isn’t she?
Madoka: When there was nothing else left, she was my only friend. My best friend. Without her selfish dedication, all that I am… this goddess you see before you… I would not be here. Homura fought for that to happen. She will not let me be lost, and neither will I let her lose herself.
Cosmos: That is very cute. You sound committed to each other.

That was something that made Madoka stop in her train of thought. She never looked at it like that, but the tone that Cosmos used, it’s almost sounded as if…

Madoka: Oh, stop it. (she blushed) She is dedicated, but that is more out of concern of my well being.
Cosmos: You know, if I asked Homua about that… there would be a much different answer.
Madoka: There would be, I have known her long enough to know that. I am everything to her.
Cosmos: Sounds like the feeling is mutual.
Madoka: It is and it isn’t. I care about her a great deal, but I have my duties… and all magical girl’s are open to the same concern that I have for Homura. I will admit, that between the both of us it’s more…. personal. However I am bound to the universe and my duties, this is something that she knows.
Cosmos: Cut right to the heart of the matter, eh?
Madoka: You are not the only one to suspect a relationship between us. I doubt that you will be the last, Cosmos.
Cosmos: Fair enough, you know how I poke at things like that.
Madoka: (nervous chuckle) Yeah, I do. Better than Hiyori, I guess….

The two stood from the bench and then made there way to the fire place. Flopping into the sofa chairs by the fire as they take a seat, the two goddess’ relax. Madoka has been a relativity new addition to the pantheon and yet her and Cosmos get along like old friends since Madoka’s ascension. Madoka’s eyes went to the fire, as Cosmos observed the woman. Then looking into the fire herself, Cosmos broke the silence.

Cosmos: I hear that you have been discussing a few things with your predecessors, Looking for Saint’s to the title are you?
Madoka: Have I been that obvious?
Cosmos: No, but me and Usagi have been in close contact for quite some time after her tenure as Magical Girl Goddess. She mentioned it a few days ago, wondering if you are having problems with the responsibility.
Madoka: (turning to cosmos) It’s not that, it has more to do with recognition. I don’t believe that my title supersedes the fact that their experiences are useful to others that take the mantel of magical girl. The three of us define what being an magical girl is through our experiences.
Cosmos: True, but by having them around… you are admitting your inexperience.
Madoka: Well, um… experience defines other matters, but they don’t lay at the core of being a Magical girl.
Cosmos: That would beg the question… “What is a magical girl?”
Madoka: We signify hope, We signify life. To me, those two things are what define magical girls. So to answer your question, What is a magical girl? Someone that delivers to others the hope and life we embody.

Cosmos smiled at the answer, such strength for the little girl that was seated across from her. It was fascinating to simply listen to Madoka air out her issues by the fire, watching her steely gaze. The silence between then lasted for a bit before Cosmos turned to Madoka with a curious glance.

Cosmos: You know, that it something that I think you managed to reestablish hope and life, even here in the Pantheon. But that does make me wonder about the case of Sayaka Miki.
Madoka: Oh?
Cosmos: I wonder why she is in the pantheon, Madoka. She seems to be the very antithesis of what you are trying to reestablish here.
Madoka: I feel as if, during the course of my life, that Sayaka’s story remains unique among magical girl’s. As I said, to me a magical girl signifies hope and life. Only in the case of Sayaka is where I feel that those connections, to life and hope, failed. She is Avatar to be an example to other girl’s that enter this life… the very things that we give to others freely are rare, precious and volatile.
Cosmos: That is rather harsh isn’t it?
Madoka: Ahm… What do you mean?
Cosmos: She is one of the few people that I see you call friend, and yet you highlight her greatest failure by being the avatar.
Madoka: I guess, but her history should be judged completely… Sayaka is my best friend, but her love for Kyosuke Kamijo was never a failure. She is the avatar because I feel as if she would be forgotten otherwise. The tragedy that became her is a lesson to ensure that others don’t become what she became… her own monster, but even that would be lost if she was forgotten. Sayaka only wanted the love of someone she admired dearly, all her trying never made it happen and her slow descent into darkness remains my greatest failure.

Madoka sighed, looking into the dancing embers of the fire. Clearly, Sayaka was a sensitive topic to her as her gaze remained distant. Moving from her chair, Cosmos comforted the fellow goddess in a warm embrace as she looked into her eyes before Madoka continued.

Madoka: Homura and Sayaka are precious to me. For Sayaka, as much as I did try to curb it… I feel as if she gave up on herself in the mist of it all. I feel that we all deserve love in the way that Sayaka wished for, to be denied that after trying so hard… That is a tragedy that can’t remain untold, even if I am replaced. Sayaka is the best friend that I feel deserved more from life than what she was given, her choice was to damn herself for her wishes and push on. No magical girl should sacrifice themselves like that without knowing what it will likely cost.
Cosmos: Ah, thank you. (backing away from Madoka) Maybe you have a point about her. Still, I have my concerns…. she is rather chaotic. As it stands, she have been hanging by a thread to keep from falling into the Disgraces and I feel as if she is likely to be targeted by the GUAE at some point. She already has the attention of Kefka. Given that, She might be in the way of what you are working towards.
Madoka: If anyone has the right to stand in my way, it’s her.
Cosmos: You are prepared for that?
Madoka: I am.

Cosmos nodded before she turned her attention to the doorway. She sighed as she looks at the guard that entered and stood at attention by the door, more GUAG work most likely. Waving the guard away, Cosmos turned to her guess and then smiled before her took to her feet.

Cosmos: I am sorry to leave so soon. We really should do this more.

Madoka only nodded before she smiled to the fellow goddess and then looked up to the ceiling, lost in thought. Cosmos smiled before she whispered.

Cosmos: You want Sayaka to find herself, don’t you?

Madoka nodded, fading into the air as she smiled. Cosmos, alone in her chamber chuckled to herself. Something about the little girl’s strength amused her. Maybe that is why fate was tied to her so much, this warm of selflessness. Maybe that is why others come to view Madoka as hope itself.

Cosmos: She will need help… to the light.

The Other Son of Sparda vs the Once Eye of the Azure

It was a cloudy day in the House of Family as Noel Vermillion hurried along as she passed through the main square. She had been hoping to pay a visit to her friend Mami Tomoe in the House of Life and Death, and was passing through the House of Family to get there.

Noel: “I really don’t want to get caught up in a storm…. If only they let me at least pass through the House of Food. Besides, I didn’t think my meals were THAT ba-”

All of the sudden, she noticed a figure standing in the center of a plaza.. Noel stopped, feeling a slight sense of dread as she ducked behind a pillar, taking a peek at the man. He was a white haired figure wearing a blue longcoat, and with a Katana to his side. His face showed a look of curiosity laced with disdain. The most immediate frame of reference in Noel’s mind was Jin Kisaragi, yet something about the figure reminded Noel of another god….

Before she could think about the deja vu, the figure spoke. “So this is the Pantheon….This seems unlike the demon world or the human world….I wonder…. Perhaps there is a new source of power here that I can claim….”

Noel gasped at his words. His talk of demons, of looking for power, and that he would ‘claim’ it. It didn’t sound good to her. What if he was going after her friends? She decided to be brave, and confront this man. As he walked away, she came out of her hiding spot and called out to him.“Stop right there!”

The main had his back turned to her, but he looked over his shoulder. “And who are you?” His tone laced with boredom.

“I-I’m Lieutenant Noel Vermillion! Goddess of the House of Personal Appearance!” she declared.

Vergil maintained his stance. “A goddess? You? Pitiful? What could you possibly be the god of?”

“I’m the goddess of….I-IT Doesn’t matter! What matters is that you’ve acted suspiciously! Tell me! What are you up to? Answer, or I will have to use force!” She summoned Bolverk in her hands.

Vergil decided to turn around then. He looked irritated more than anything.

Vergil: “Tools of a ungraceful coward. I should have known the second I laid eyes on you.”
Noel: “Wh-What?!”
Vergil: “It’s fitting that somebody as obviously spineless and foolish as yourself would hid behind those worthless tools.”
Noel: “You….*Tightening grip on Bolverk* I’m not having any of that! Tell me! What are you planning?”
Vergil: “Plans? Hopes more like. That this ‘Pantheon would have people worth to fight against. That I could find new ways to increase my power. And if you are the first taste, then all those hopes are for nothing.”
Noel: “If you’re trying to hurt people to get more power….I WON’T LET YOU!”

She fired a shot at Vergil, only for him to move to the side in the blink of an eye. “Foolish girl.” He taunted at her. “You have no idea who you stand against.” He started slowly stepping towards her. The look in his eyes, the way he moved made Noel step back in fear, before she steeled her nerves and charged forth.


She lept up into the Air, blasting a trail of gunfire in her wake as she descended, as Vergil sidestepped out of the way. She immediately started blasting at close range upon landing, but was futile as Vergil instantly unsheathed his blade and twirled it to defect the shots, to Noel’s shock. She jumped away in a panic just as Vergil slashed the space where her body should be. Vergil charged after her with a sword trust, which Noel barely jumped over, before quickly retaliating in the air with unloading shots at Vergil’s body. She caught a glimpse of his eye before he teleported out of the way. Noel gasped in surprise, before Vergil appeared just above her and knocked her back down to the ground with his scabbard.

Vergil: “You seem to share the same delusions as my brother. That using your guns with flair and movement will allow them to be of more worth than they truly are. How sad.”
Noel: “(What is this guy? He just won’t let himself get hit!) I’m not finished yet!”

Noel gritted her teeth. She had to figure out how to get the better of her opponents speed. She concentrated started firing at his position with Optic Barrel. Vergil teleported out of the blast, but Noel reacted to his reappearance and unleashed a second Optic Barrel at him, to which Vergil barely jumped out of the way from. Noel took the chance and leaped at him , grabbing his neck with Muzzle Filter, hoping to bring him to the ground. But Vergil proved to be too hard to topple as he simply grabbed Noel’s leg and effortlessly yanked her off, throwing her back down to the ground.

Vergil: “If these pathetic little acrobatics are all you can do, then I see no reason to even continue this fight.”

Noel felt afraid and angry. This person was stronger than he seemed, but his taunts were starting to get to her. She wasn’t going to let this man have his way with the people she knew. She wasn’t weak. She would end this with her own power.

Noel: “I’ll show you what i’m capable of!”

Vergil sighed and teleported into her face, but Noel was ready “ASSAULT THROUGH” she cried as she spun around Vergil. But instead of tackling him, she released her power, turning Bolverk into a massive cannon. “FENRIR RELEASE!” She cried as she unloaded a massive volley of shots directly at Vergil. He hastily started spinning Yamato to destroy the shots, but the force of them kept pushing him away from Noel. The second they stopped, Noel immediately turned Bolverk into a Launcher as she fired a rocket at Vergil, with a cry of “THIS IS THE END!” as it flew towards him.

Then rocket exploded. Quickly. Too quickly. Noel didn’t even see it make contact with the man as the smoke enveloped her. “No….Remember who you’re up against. I can’t stop the pressure on him!” She lept out of the smoke, caught Vergil’s figure, his hand on his sheathed sword, and then went wild with Bolverk, unleashing Bullet Storm towards Vergil.

She then heard a deep, BWOONG sound, and to her horror, the bullets hit an orb that seemed to appear out of nowhere, as they were obliterated by a storm of slashes within. Before she could comprehend what happened, she heard the sound again a second orb appeared, right around Bolverk, as the guns were showered with gashes, before ti disappeared. And then Noel heard the sound again, and in her dawning fear, knew what would be trapped within it.


She barely got a scream out before the Sphere consumed her as her body exploded with pain, as massive gashes tore through her entire body spraying blood from every angle as she cried out in agony. She felt almost nothing else as she started to fall, her vision blurring, when suddenly, a blue figure started getting larger and larger….

The second before she hit the ground, one last stab of pain shot through her, worse than any of the others. Vergil had impaired her with his sword mid fall. The pain was all Noel could feel as her body started go numb. She didn’t feel the drops of rain starting to fall from the sky. She didn’t feel being softly lifted and propped up by Yamato’s blade, as Vergil stared into her eyes, with nothing but contempt. His hair was starting to get soaked by the rain, and the way he looked reminded Noel of somebody….Another god….

Vergil: “You honestly thought that your pathetic little attempts at combat could actually stand up to me. This should be a fitting lesson to you. You know NOTHING about might. You try to shield yourself in your empty bravery, when in fact you have nothing beyond that. The very idea that a useless human like you should be given the title of ‘god’ is an embarrassment. Be grateful that I didn’t cut your head from your body. It’s more than you deserve.”

Noel heard to every word as they flowed into her blood soaked body. She tried to speak back, but her mouth simply gurgled blood as nothing but moans came out. Blood, rain and tears poured down her face as all expression left it. Finally, Vergil yanked his sword out, blood spraying out of the wound as Noel fell backwards to the ground, her numb expression looking up into the rainy sky.

Vergil: “Pathetic….”

With those words, he started to walk away.

Noel’s mind was a fading haze. as she bled out on the ground, the pain and humiliation flowing into the frenzied mix.

“No….My friends….Wasn’t strong enough….It hurts….Nothing….I’m nothing….No….thi….ng….”

Her mind faded to black.And then something else in her awoke.

Vergil was walking away when he suddenly felt a surge. From behind him. He looked back to see Noel’s body engulfed in a crackling mass of energy, as her body rose up, wrapped in light. She started staggering towards him, her body looking limp. Vergil rose an eyebrow at the events.

Vergil: “So it seems there was more to you than I thought….”

The energy blew away, revealing Noel Vermillion’s cyborg form, Mu-12. But there was one notable feature that was different. Her eyes, which once showed the empty Blue Eyes of brainwashing, now were devoid of pupils, and bright blue. Her face showed pure, animalistic anger as she spoke one word in a vicious tone.“


”She spread out her arms, as two of her Steins Gunners flew out, which upon spawning, started spraying laser shots at Vergil. The half demon was unimpressed. “Even in this new form, you still rely on your guns….” he said with distain as he started deflecting the shots with Yamato. Suddenly, he sensed something behind him as he looked over his shoulder to see another two Gunners aimed at him. He broke away a split second before they sprayed bullets into him. Vergil started running, the gunners firing at him, following his movements the entire time, until it looked like they had him pinned. He teleported away the moment they fired at the spot……..

Only to find the enraged Mu coming down at him with her bladed arms. He blocked them with Yamato, the two clashing, trying to overcome each other, before they threw each other off, as Mu quickly recovered and responded with an overhead slash. Vergil sidestepped, but then got blasted in back by her gunners. As Vergil flinched in pain, Mu delivered a rolling kick to Vergil. The blow cut into Vergil’s shoulder, as Mu combined her blades and sent it through a portal to impale him as he stagger back. Vergil was still very much still aware, and simply leaped over the blade.

The gunners started immediately swooping down and firing at him. He blocked and dodged away, Mu focusing all her efforts into making her gunners blast away at Vergil. “These are proving to be a nuisance….” He muttered to himself, as he started summoning blue etherial swords. He fired them towards each of the gunners, destroying them on impact, as Mu charged at her. She swung her blade down……..

But was met with a massive punch to the face as she sped across the ground. Vergil’s hands and feet her now sporting sharp gauntlets and boots. The Devil Arms of Beowulf.

Vergil: “Hm. So it seems I have these Devil Arms once again. Interesting….”

As Mu groggily got up, she was met with a flurry of punches and kicks as Vergil closed the distance between then and got up close and started laying into her with Beowulf. Mu kept getting hit, when, with a scream of rage, formed a diamond shaped shield around her, which Vergil’s punched bounced off of as the energy forced him back. She summoned all her gunners back and sent them flying full force at Vergil, shooting at him as they went in to ram him.

Vergil: “You fight without considering your abilities. You don’t even seem to know what you are doing. How pitiful.”

Mu had no response but to have her gunners all fly directly at Vergil. Just before Vergil could dodge, they exploded, making him flinch. He didn’t notice Mu dashing right in front of him, and firing points of light around his body.

Vergil: “I….Can’t move….”

The Murakumo rose above him, summoning six large javelins of light. She growled as she sent them all into Vergil’s body, piercing through him as he grunted in pain. She dropped back to the ground, summoned her gunners, once again, and charged up a laser barrage directly at Vergil, still kneeling over on the ground with the spears in him, when suddenly….

Vergil: “This ends here….”

A purple dome surrounded him as the barrage of lasers fizzled out on it harmlessly. And then the dome released, as something not quite human dashed at Mu faster than she could react. In the blink of an eye the thing was behind her.

For a split second, a demon stood, before fading to reveal Vergil, slowly sheathing Yamato as Mu stood still. He paused just as he was about to fully sheathe it.

Vergil: “It’s over.”

The blade clicked back into it’s scabbard as Mu’s entire body exploded with a storm of cuts. Her mechanical parts were diced into pieces as they were torn off her, the slices still glowing orange, as her exposed body was showed in red slices, blood spraying from them all. Within seconds, her shredded body collapsed to the ground, lying down face first, as the rain washed all her blood around her in a sea of red.

Vergil stood up, slicked his hair back up, and glanced at his victim, as she shifted back to her original form.

Vergil: “For all the power you truly have, not only do you keep it locked away, you fail to make use of it’s potential. It’s wasted on a miserable stain like you. I can only hope that the rest of this, ‘pantheon’ has true fighters….You? You are NOTHING.”

He walked away, as Noel Vermillion was left alone, to bleed in the rain.

Nozomi’s Broken Dreams

For quite awhile, more and more warriors known as the Pretty Cure has entered the Pantheon. One of such was Miyuki Hoshizora, AKA Cure Happy, ascending as the Goddess of Earning One’s Happy Ending. She liked villains equally like heroes, befriending them as they enrich a story. However, once, her resolve was shaken a little… she saw that there wereutter scumbag villains not worth of liking even if it enriches a story. She managed to recover thanks to the support of many, but of special note would be Nozomi Yumehara AKA Cure Dream, her so-called ‘predecessor’ residing in the Mentalismhouse.

And it was just this time that Nozomi was visiting Miyuki again.

Nozomi: Mi-yu-kiiii! Feeling all right?
Miyuki: … Uh-huh! Thanks for keeping support to me even at hard times, Nozomi! Especially that time…
Nozomi: Don’t mind it! It’s what friends do, right?
Miyuki: Totally! It does strengthen my resolve and makes me more wary on villains that are really unforgivable. Next time I’m writing a fairy tale, I am SO not going to base any villains from that kind of people!
Nozomi: Maybe one day you can visit Komachi-san for that one… Oh speaking of that! I had really good fun with the Cutie Mark Crusaders when visiting a historical museum! I thought you’d like it too! Wanna come?
Miyuki: Eeeh? B-but…!
Nozomi: Breath of fresh air! Or something like that! Okay! Let’s get to the historical museum in the Knowledge house! Ketteeeei!
Miyuki: *low toned* But there’s no fairy tale things in history museums… Happupuuu~ -3-

So they went into the museum. The museum contained the history of Japan and figures there. Even the fairy-tale otaku like Miyuki eventually gave in and started paying attention too.

Miyuki: I take back my words! It’s fun being here with you, Nozomi! Maybe your exposition isn’t as clear as Reika, but I did enjoy it!
Nozomi: *pouting* I’m still ways to go until I can be a real teacher… *not pouting* A-anyway! Do you know? In this Pantheon, there are some historical people found here!
Miyuki: R-really…!?
Nozomi: Sure thing! Some like Ieyasu is a real nice guy too! Though there are some really scary ones like Nobunaga…
Miyuki: Aah, I really should meet them some day… Eh?

Their walk was stopped when they heard a sound of battle. Inside a museum no less! Thinking that it could be any monsters, be they Hoshiinas or Akanbes, both Nozomi and Miyuki snuck behind the door and took a peek.

Nozomi: Uwah…! That felt so real! Are they staging…
????: Archers, take position. Peel them with arrows. Infantries… hold the line.
Soldiers: Yes, sir!

A green-clothed man with very long hat and a ring blade gave command to the men in green armor. It looked like his underlings. However, as these men engaged in battle, the man in green tossed his ring blade to the air, creating an energy ring that surrounded the enemies and soldiers alike, with just him being in the safe zone. And the ring enclosed further and further… slaying both soldiers and enemies alike. And all these… Nozomi and Miyuki were watching.

????: You’ve served your purpose, pawns. And as of these fools, that’s the price you pay for this insult you brought upon my land… and my statue.
Miyuki: He just… he just treated them all like garbage. Aren’t they his…
Nozomi: This… this…!
Miyuki: Nozomi!

Nozomi couldn’t handle the pressure. It was just at that time in the Mirror Land, seeing someone treat his subordinates like garbage, or the story she heard from Milk about the Director of Eternal. This man she was seeing is something that could be… worse. She ran from her hiding place and ran to the man.

Nozomi: You… How can you do this to your own men who are loyal to you!?
????: … Noisy little girl. You should mind your mouth if you value them and your life.
Miyuki: (I’d like to stop Nozomi too, but…!) She’s right! That’s not what a leader does to his own men!
????: Two noisy little girls. I’ll not repeat this. Begone from my sight.
Nozomi: These men worked so hard to do as you command… they are the men who’d fight by your side. How could you do this…!
????: So what? They served their purpose. As disposable pawns that is used for my genius strategies.

Both Nozomi and Miyuki froze at this man’s Lack of Empathy. The treatment of this man towards his own soldiers were really riling them off. They have never faced someone this extreme.

????: Two noisy girls that doesn’t understand the arts of war like you doesn’t belong here… let alone the Pantheon. I’ll do them a favor by removing you from this Pantheon. Maybe there would be some peace and quiet after that.
Miyuki: You… who are you to say that!?
????: Ah… name, huh. Fine, you can have it. I am the Child of the Sun… Mouri Motonari.
Nozomi: Mouri… Motonari…!? The historical lord of Chuugoku… he… he’s like this…!? I thought…
Motonari: I see why you’re such a fool. Your historian got things wrong about me.
Nozomi: I don’t care…
Miyuki: Nozomi?
Nozomi: I don’t care if you’re a historical person, or how you’re some brilliant tactician or something. But I’ll never… I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU TO THIS MISTREATMENT OF YOUR MEN!
Motonari: Such a foolish girl who can’t understand a thing. A pawn’s a pawn, nothing more than that.
Miyuki: These men are not pawns! They have their lives, you have no right to just take them away for your own gain! Nozomi is right… This Is Unforgivable!!
Motonari: … What are you going to do about it, then? Whine on me? Truly, I’ll make it quick with your death…
Nozomi: You won’t! Precure Metamorphose!!

And so the two girls transformed into their Magical Girl form… the warriors known as Pretty Cure.

Motonari: … Heh. Heh heh. You with your silly, foolish ideals that is spouted only by losers… you think you could defeat me with that?
Motonari: Very well, little girls. Come to your deaths!

(To be continued…)

Scarlet Vampire’s Saviour

Two cloaked figures were walking in fields where the House of Travel would commonly move in. The smaller one was piggyback riding the taller one. They eventually arrived at their destination. At first, it looked like there was nothing there. However, the taller figure touched the ground, and all of the sudden, the ground disappeared, revealing a stairway what would lead underground. The two figures entered, and the ground returned back to normal.

The two of them went down the stairs until they arrived at a large room. The room had a table and chairs around it. On those chairs sat three girls, one having silver hair with braids, the second one having long, purple hair and the third one having black hair with strands of white and red on it.

Sakuya: Meiling, what took you so long?
Meiling: I am sorry, but moving around with Flandre is not easy thing to do, especially in broad daylight.

The two figures removed their cloaks, revealing them being Hong Meiling and Flandre Scarlet. The two of them sat around the table for the first time they had meat eachother for a long time.

Flandre: Sakuya, who is that girl with black hair (points her finger at the girl in question)?
Sakuya: Oh, her name is Seija Kijin. Let’s just say that she will be “helping” us on what we are doing.
Seija: Just don’t think that we will be friends after this is over, girl.

The four girls then turned their heads forwards Patchouli, who hasn’t said anything during all of this. She coughed as she was preparing to speak.

Patchouli: As you know, we are here because all of us want to release Remilia and make her a goddess. At this point, this means that we have to invade our dear Scarlet Devil Mansion and release her.
Flandre: Oh, does that mean we get to beat on some guards?
Patchouli: Yes. However, the guards whoa re guarding Scarlet Devil Mansion is our least of worries. The real threat here is Dracula and Dio Brando. As long as they are focused, I doubt any of us will be able to save her.
Sakuya: That is why I have already hatched a plan how to do this…

It was already night when Sakuya started heading forwards the Scarlet Devil Mansion. From the outside, the place looked like a mess. She had hard time even looking at it. It was a disgrace to the one she remembers from her past. There were no guards actually guarding the gate or the main entrance, so she was able to enter the mansion with no problems. She took a deep breath upon entering the mansion and started walking onwards, when she felt two people behind herself.

Dio Brando: So what are you doing here?

Behind herself were no other than Dio Brando and Dracula. The former being her master and the latter being her indirect master.

Sakuya: I am sorry, but can’t a girl visit her old residence like this?
Dio Brando: Tsk, tsk, that was a bad move, Sakuya. You know really well that I, Dio, have said many times that you are not allowed to enter this place, unless we say otherwise.
Dracula: You know that a hound who cannot obey their master’s commands are not tolerated, right?
Seija: Can you two leave her alone, or something? I mean, did she really do something that wrong?

All three of them looked behind their backs and saw Seija standing behind them. For some reason, she was covering her body with a checker-board designed cloak.

Seija: I mean, do you two old geezers have anything better to do that look after girls younger than you?
Dio Brando: Oh, you must be Seija, right? Hmm, Sakuya, let’s make a deal. If you drive this girl away, I, Dio, will consider to forgive-

Suddenly, Sakuya was not behind himself, or Dracula. Instead, she seemingly had stopped time to get to Seija’s side.

Dracula: Sakuya, what is the meaning of this. Are you trying to rebel against us?
Sakuya: For the longest time, have you kept mistress Remilia way from me. For the longest time, you have kept me in a leash, preventing me to meet my workmates, mistress Flandre or mistress Remilia. Well, not anymore! (draws out bunch of knives) On this night, I will save her, purify the Scarlet Devil Mansion from the two of you and severe the chains what chain me to you!
Seija: Ah, the announcement of rebellion. Just what I have been waiting to hear! (puts her cloak away, revealing bunch of other junk around her belt)
Dio Brando: Hah… HAHAHA! That was very cute, Sakuya, but you have committed a fatal treason. Now, let me show you (draws out bunch of knives himself) how foolish you are!
Dracula: (Throws his cape aside) Let us have this dance, shall we?
Sakuya: [thinking: Please, every one. Save her quickly. For our sake.]

At another location in Scarlet Devil Mansion, there was a large room. Inside the room was a luxurious bed with a coffin resting top of it. Outside the room was some noises, like people were fighting there. Suddenly, three werewolves knocked the door open, as they fell into the ground. The first one looked like it was cut to shreds with a buzzsaw, the second one has horrible bruises and the third one was hardly recognisable. Flandre pranced her way into the room as Meiling assisted Patchouli there like she was some old lady. The three of them gathered around the bed.

Patchouli: Stand back. This coffin is sealed shut by a magical seal.

Patchouli opened up her spellbook and raised her hand. Suddenly, circles started to appear below the coffin as symbols started to appear on it. Eventually, the magic rune was complete and in a bright flash of light, the magic seals on the coffin were gone. Meiling removed the lid on the coffin and sure enough, Remilia was resting there. Even though she has been locked there who knows how long, her body was in good shape. Flandre grabbed Remilia’s shoulders and started to shake her.

Flandre: Sis! Sis! It’s me, Flandre! Me and the others have come to save you! Please answer me! Sis! Sis!

At first, it looked like Remilia wouldn’t be capable to responding to anything. But all of the sudden, Remilia’s eyelid opened up, showing her crimson red eyes!…

Back at the entrance, Sakuya and Seija weren’t doing horribly well against Dio and Dracula.

Dio Brando: Mudamudamudamudamuda! MUDA!

Dio Brando knocked Sakuya away with the final hit from his Stand, The World, causing her to fly away from him. However, Sakuya was able to get her act straight in mid-air, doing a Three-Point Landing while using one of her knives so that she wouldn’t slide away. Meanwhile, Dracula was lifting Seija up with one hand by her neck.

Seija: What’s the matter? Are you going to suck my blood to take away that old look of yours?
Dracula: What a pesk you are.

Dracula threw Seija at a nearby stairway what would lead to the upper floor. However, Seija used an umbrella to open a gap into the stairway, causing her to appear next to Sakuya. Both of them were terribly beaten up as the two vampires looked at them.

Dio Brando: Hmph, this is such a shame, Sakuya. You were such a great, promising student, studying under me, Dio, was a privilege! And you know what else? I am a God of my words. You have just costed your chance of seeing your dear mistress because of this rebellion!
Remilia: You sure about that?

All four of them looked at the stairway what lead upstairs. And to their surprise, Remilia was standing on the top of the stairs, with Patchouli, Meiling and Flandre by her side.

Dio Brando: You!? Remilia Scarlet!? How!? How did you free yourself!? And more importantly, how did you three get in!?
Patchouli: There are many ways you can enter this mansion. It seemed that you never considered that possibility. Or the fact that Sakuya or Seija were just a distraction.
Dio Brando:HYAAHAHAHAHAAA! Like it really matters how you got free! Rest assured that I, Dio, will lock you back where you belong! As long as you are not a goddess, you will never have a chance of defeating us!
Meiling: Actually, she is a goddess now.
Dio Brando and Dracula: WHAT!?

Patchouli took a step onwards and dug up a paper which she has been keeping in her pocket.

Patchouli: Before we arrived here, we were doing some businesses. And thanks to that, we were able to make it so that if we would free her, she would inherit the title as the goddess of Immortal Immaturity from Viridi.

Remilia pulled her hat over her face. As grateful she is of becoming a goddess, she didn’t like the position she was put in.

Dio Brando: Okay, you’re a Goddess. Still… It’s uselessUselessUSELESSUSELESS!!! Behold, death upon you with my power! The Worl-!

Dio tried to call out for his Stand to freeze time, but Sakuya quickly threw bunch of knives at the Stand before it would do that, causing Dio to suffer horrible pain. Dracula tried to attack Remilia by firing bunch of fireballs at her, but Seija used her powers to flip the fireballs around, causing them to hit Dracula instead.

Remilia: Now, at this point, I would probably try to beat the ever loving pulp out of you two. But I am way too charismatic for that. So instead, I will give you something as a reward.

Remilia started flying forwards the ceiling slowly as bunch of scarlet knives started to form around her. Meiling and Flandre went behind Patchouli as she started to erect a steel plate front of herself as Seija jumped front of Sakuya and covered the two of them with her cloak.

Remilia: Of course, I cannot forgive you for what you have done to me, my sister and my underlings. So the thing I will give you is something I like to call a “Fitful Nightmare”.

Suddenly, the knives started pointing at every direction around Remilia as waves and waves of knives started firing out of Remilia. In just a moment, Dracula and Dio were pelted by these knives. The metallic plate front of Patchouli protected herself, Meiling and Flandre while Seija’s cloak caused the knives to pass through her and Sakuya. After twelve seconds, Remilia stopped the barrage, as the room was full of holes from the knives she shot out. Dracula and Dio were terribly wounded while every one else were fine.

Dio: I-Impossible! To think that you Lesser beings could have wounded me… Dio…!!
Dracula: I think this is enough for today. Let’s go, Dio.
Dio: Old man… have you lost any pride of yours!?
Dracula: A God knows when to swallow his pride and live to fight another day! Just like how it was between me and the Belmonts, and like you and the JoJos! This humiliation will be repaid in time! You would do well to remember that, even if you won the battle this time, Scarlet Devil Mansion residents!
Dio: Hah… This old bloodsucker got a point. Very well, enjoy your victory for now, because I, Dio, will be back and destroy you the next time we meet.

Dracula covered Dio’s body with his cape as the two of them disappeared into this air, leaving behind black mist and bunch of bats. As they left, Remilia gracefully descended from the skies as she landed softly with her two feet.

Remilia: And that would do it.
Flandre: Sister!!!

Suddenly, Flandre glomped the graceful Remilia, causing her to almost loose balance. As Flandre was hugging her big sister, Meiling and Patchouli went down the stairs to get to her. Sakuya looked in the distance at them, feeling satisfied by herself. However, as she looked to her side, she noticed that Seija was gone. She figured she had done her role on this, and left when everything was over. Sakuya nodded to herself as she went to join the others.

Some time later, Seija had arrived to her temple in House of Gaming. Due of how late the time was, she though she would fall asleep just like that. However, before she would enter her temple, an arm came out behind a pillar, holding a curved butterfly knife, what stopped her path.

Hazama: Slow down there, missy. There is no rush.

The man which the arm belonged to was no other than Hazama, the “calm” personality of Terumi Yuuki who somehow got a body of his own after an incident. He came from behind the pillar to meet Seija face-to-face.

Seija: Oh hello there, Hazama. What do you want from me?
Hazama: Let us begin with that you are lucky that you came to this temple of yours. If it was the other, you would be facing Terumi. Now then, care to explain what you have been doing? As in, going after Dio Brando and Dracula and ascending another “shitty vampire” into the Pantheon. And don’t play dumb with me, I know what you have been doing.
Seija: You see, ever since I became acquainted with the Trollkaiger, every one thinks that I am with GUAE. But here is the thing: I am not. SO I figured that I’ll show them by going after two of the more important members of GUAE. And I guess that is one reason why I helped them.
Hazama: And the others are…?
Seija: May I ask how pissed off Terumi is for the fact that another vampire happened to ascend, especially since one of his “allies” ended up helping with that?

The two of them stared at eachother in silence. Seija was waiting for an answer, and Hazama was thinking what to say.

Hazama: … Okay, here is the deal. As much as Terumi hates you for ascending Remilia, he does find it amusing seeing Dracula and Dio Brando to be stabbed to a bloody pulp. So he will let this slide, for now. So you might want to consider whenever or not you want to troll him, or any one else in the Trollkaiger.
Seija: Aww, he partially liked what I ended up doing. That sucks. Oh well, I guess one troll forwards him is enough, for now.
Hazama: Remember: Don’t mess with out shit, unless you are asking to be killed off.

Hazama calmly walked away, having said everything he needed to say. Seija shrugs what just happened and went back to her temple.

The Return of a Sadistic Fallen Angel

Gideon Gordon Graves was in his temple, watching a wrestling match in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation on his TV. Today’s on his mind was to team up with Volker and gather up some weapons for him outside of the pantheon. This was a good opportunity to prepare for his next battle against Scott Pilgrim, who managed to brutally damage him three days ago.

Gideon: (sighs) (Once I obtain the weapons, I’ll modify them and get revenge on you, Scott.)

Bored, he takes a deep breath, turns off the television, and put his shoes.

Gideon: I might as well meet him now.

The Leader of the League of Evil Exes exited his temple and looked around to see Big Boss speaking with a blue-haired goddess, Kagura Mutsuki and Keiji Maeda speaking with each other, and Keima Katsuragi heading off to unknown destination. He didn’t pay these folks any mind. Suspicious, Kagura and Keiji brieflt stopped their conversation and glared at him as he went on his way to the House of Villains. The two of them knew he had a bad rep for treating girls like trash. He looked at them back and decided it wasn’t worth the time to attack them. As he was about to exit the House of Love, He went to a stop and stared at a girl with black hair, wearing a nice dress. Was this someone’s else girlfriend? It didn’t matter to him. He took off his left shoe and threw it at her. To his surprise, the girl shrugged it off.

???: Get lost.

Ignoring the girl’s pleas, he took off his other shoe and threw it her, this time, much harder. To his surprise, she shrugged it off again. What was more surprising to him was that she sprouted black wings from her back, slowly approaching him angrily.

Gideon: (Just who is girl?)

It wasn’t good. The girl was getting closer to him, ready to hurt him more than Scott could do. There was only one thing to do…

Gideon: I regret doing my actions. I won’t harm you again.

The woman came to a halt.

Girl: Is that all you have to say before I demolish you?
Gideon: I… never knew you were some winged humanoid. I’ll just head my way to the House of Villains and not bother you again.

Facing away from the girl, he walked out of the House of Love.

Gideon: (Whoever that girl was, I was a goner. Time to meet up with Volker.)

Just minutes after he exited the House of Love as walked to the House of Villains to meet Volker, someone chased after him. He looked behind him to see the same girl he encountered before.

Girl: Please… Take me with you. I need to know more about this pantheon.
Gideon: You must be a new one here… Very well, come with me.

The bastard agreed to take her with him, going on a brief detour to guide the girl around the pantheon.

Gideon: I only have a little time before I go to him in his temple.
Girl: Let’s just get this over yet.
Gideon: Before I guide you around the pantheon, Is there anyone here you want to avoid?

The girl was suddenly nervous trying to give an answer.

Girl: Yes… Actually, there a group of people I want to avoid.
Gideon: And who are these group of people?
Girl: There’s this boy I once dated. Some time during the date, I killed him because he was boring. Then he came back and killed me.

With a Blank stare, he slowly approached her. The girl’s act were similar to his own.

Gideon: Who was this loser boyfriend?
Girl: The boy’s name was Issei… Issei Hyodo.

That name sounded familiar to him. Wasn’t he that friend of Scott Pilgrim’s? What was this girl’s connection to this Issei guy?

Gideon: Issei Hyodo? You mean that pervert from the House of Power who’s been obsessed with girls’ breasts?
Girl: He’s here as well!? Don’t tell me that that redheaded girl is here with him.

A redheaded girl? Gideon knew where this was going.

Gideon: What was her name again? Drelory was her last name? Or Vercrurie? Or was it Gremory?
Girl: That’s the one! Where is she?
Gideon: She’s in the House of Personal Appearance… More importantly, Who are you?
Girl: Hehehe… If you insist…

The girl raised her hands as transformed her clothes into that of a Dominatrix suit.

Girl: This is the first time I have ever showed my true appearance to you. Aren’t we forgetting something? Oh, that’s right…

The young woman walked up to him and spoke to his ear.

Girl: My name is Raynare, a Fallen Angel. You’d better not get in my way the next time we meet.
Gideon: Raynare… I’m Gideon. This is very unusual of me, but I’m feeling a bit… empathetic toward you. I have a hunch we’re going to get along quite well.
Raynare: Is that so?
Gideon: Who knows? I won’t get in your way next time, but I’ll give you a warning: He visits this house very often.
Raynare: Really? Then I should really try to avoid him and his friend. I guess I need to take on a more innocent look.

Raynare transformed her clothes into a maid uniform to keep her cover.

Gideon: Nice disguise. This is a good time to take you around the pantheon without being noticed by that pervert. Come on. (At least I still have time to meet with him.)

For an hour and fifty minutes, Gideon took the Fallen Angel for a tour around the pantheon for the latter to familiarize herself with the place; They went to the House of Ambguity, then Life and Death, then Combat, went to the House of Food to get something to eat and drink, went into the House of Magic, the House of War, The House of Craft, and finally ending it in the House of Travel at it’s entrance.

Raynare: I appreciate your guidance, boy.
Gideon: I really don’t do tour guides. I just did it because I was bored. I can’t guide you around here for much longer. I got to go. See you later.

Gideon left the House of Shape to meet up with Volker, leaving Raynare alone.

Raynare: (sigh) Guess I’ll have to do it alone.

Raynare took a tour around the House of Travel, unknown to her, two cloaked people were spying on her and Gideon en route.

???1: Go after Gideon. I’ll go after the girl and sneak on her.
???2: Right.

One of the mysterious deities went after Gideon while the other went after Raynare as she looked around the House of Travel.10 minutes during her trip, the Fallen Angel was leaning on a wall, exhausted.

Raynare: (So far, so good… I can’t let Issei catch me.)

She resumed her trip throughout the House of Travel. As started to walk again, she bumped into another mysterious figure.

Raynare: Hey! Watch where you’re going, dumbass!
???: Watch your mouth, girl, or else I’ll kill you.

The figure was that of an alien with white skin, a purple cranium, and a tail. The creature stared right into her, which intimidated her; She knew he was strong.

Raynare: I’m sorry. I’m just trying to get to know this place.
???: A newcomer… I’ll spare your life for now, but the next time you decide to be an obstacle, I won’t hesitate to kill you.

In what it seemed to be like levitating to her, the alien-like figure was about to leave the House of Travel, but the cruel fallen angel had other plans.

Raynare: Please, take me with you! I’ve gotten rusty. I want to get revenge on someone!

The figure stopped on a dime as Raynare approaching him.

???: Revenge…? Get lost.
Raynare: Hey, It wasn’t my fault that I was defeated by him.
???: Him…?
Raynare: His name is Issei Hyodo. I forget the time he and his friend killed me.

The humanoid alien went silent for a minute.

???: Issei? You mean that boy from the House of Power?
Raynare: You know him as well?
???: That fool is in the same House as I am, so of course. I must warn you, girl. He’s gotten stronger.

The alien’s statement made the Fallen Angel shake in fear. How much stronger did Issei get? It was enough to keep her alert.

Raynare: Do you have anything to help me get stronger?
???: Hmm, there is one thing. Follow me in the House of Combat.

The humanoid alien flew away to the House of Combat with the fallen Angel following his lead.

Raynare: Wait! …Damn it. I can’t blow my cover in his presence.

Keeping on the Maid outfit, the fallen angel followed the alien to the destination. Little did she know, the cloaked figure that was chasing her heard everything. The other cloaked figure returned to him as a rendezvous.

Mysterious Deity 1: Did you find anything?
Mysterious Deity 2: I’ve sneak into Volker’s temple and found out who the girl’s name is. It’s Raynare.
Mysterious Deity 1: Hmm… That name sounds familiar.
Mysterious Deity 2: Did you get anything about her?
Mysterious Deity 1: All I know is that she wants revenge against that Issei boy. I hear he’s a frequent visitor there. His temple is in the House of Power. Recently it had went through an overhaul. I’ll go there.
Mysterious Deity 2: Doesn’t he have any other friends?
Mysterious Deity 1: I do know one of them: There’s this redhead girl in the House of Personal Appearance. More specifically, the Body Image subhouse.
Mysterious Deity 2: Rias Gremory, I’ll go there as well.
Mysterious Deity 1: No. You can go back now. I’ll speak with the boy alone myself.

The two deities separated for their different destinations.

House of Power, Support Power Subhouse, 15 minutes laterIssei Hyodo was in his own temple in the newly constructed Support Power Subhouse of the House of Power tidying his room, bored out of his very mind.

Issei: (sighs) (I might as well take a nap after I’m done cleaning.)

He picks up the wrapper for the rice cake he got from the House of Food and puts it in the garbage. With that, he was done; He goes for his bed to take a nap. Someone knocked on his door. The humanoid dragon walked to the door and opened it. It was that of a man who looked like he was in his mid fifties.

???: Are you Issei Hyodo?
Issei: Yes… What is it?
???: Hm, you seem tired. Let’s sit down on your bed.

The two deities went to his bed and sat down.

Issei: Why did you come here?
???: I mean no harm to you, but there’s a new person in the House of Love who wants revenge against you.
Issei: Revenge? Who wants to exact revenge against me?
???: Have heard of a person named… Raynare?
Issei: Yes… What about her?
???: I had a feeling you did. I hate to break it to you kid, but she’s in the pantheon.

Issei’s eyes widened in shock with what he heard.

Isssei: What…!? Where is she?!
???: She’s going to the House of Combat.
Issei: Thank you… Wait, who are you?
???: I’d rather keep that a secret. I’ll be going back. It’s nice meeting you, boy

Nodding in agreement, the mysterious deity exited Issei’s temple, leaving the perverted dragon alone to sleep in his bed.

Issei: (Raynare’s here as well? I’m much stronger this time.)

And with that, he finally went to sleep.

The Rise of the Mystic Tempest

A powerful tempest tore through the Pantheon, the winds howled ringing through several houses threatening to tear them down, the rain seemed to never end, and lightning tore threw the skies constantly striking the Main House. The House of Nature couldn’t understand what was going on as their attempts to make it stop didn’t seem to work.

The House of Beast, Otherness, and Life and Death was suffering an uproar as the members that identified themselves as “Orochi” started to act violently to the storm itself as though something in it was causing their unrest.

Amaterasu felt the presence in the storm and as she looked outside her temple seeing the entrance, focusing on what she saw she realized why such a storm bothered her. Soldiers garbed in blue stood at the entrance awaiting as more and more started to line up with them. She recognized those soldiers and she stood upright in both rage and worry. Issun quickly understood the problem.

Issun: Oh no, it can’t be him

She quickly ran to the entrance wanting to confirm her fears and hoping that she would be wrong, Aang and Captain Planet noticed her rush and quickly followed behind her ready to confront whatever made Ammy move like this.

The trio opened up the gates and the soldiers were ready for them, Performing Haka, the soldiers awaited the appearance of their General, much to Ammy’s annoyance.

Aang: What’s going on?
Issun: Oh no it really is him!

The Green light of Issun jumped around as though he were panicking.

Captain Planet: issun, who are these men?
Issun: The Mystic Army! If they’re here then that means he’s-

He was cut off by the thunder as the darken clouds vortexes behind he soldiers. The lightning, and rain were sucked in as it formed into something.

The Powerful Storm condensed into a humanoid form until it finally shaped into a tall human, adorned in black and gold who walked past his troops as they continued doing Haka. He stood in front of his army, red eyes glaring at the three mediators, he stomped on the ground causing the ground to shake making the soldiers stop.

???: Attention!

The Soldiers all stood upright awaiting orders.

???: Find my sister and bring her to me

The soldiers started to advance, With the help of the wind Aang moved past them right in front of this mysterious figure.

Aang: You don’t have to do that, just tell me who your looking for and who you are and we can help you

The Figure looked down at the child who address him.

???: The fact that you are not in awe and kneeling before me is a sign of how ignorant of a human you are

Aang tensed over that and was worried about who this man was and what he really wanted.

???: However, if it does make it easier for my men then I will provide you with those answers, I am The Slayer of Orochi, God of The Storm, Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto! For the sake of simplicity you may call me Susano’o.

Amaterasu growled at that.

Susano’o: I am looking for my sister Amaterasu
Aang: Oh, well she’s right over there

Susano’o looked to the white wolf ahead of him and his glare narrowed at her. Lightning tore through the sky and crashed down nearly hitting Aang.

Susano’o: Do not test me, I am here for the goddess of the sun, not an animal you named after her

Aang noticed the soldiers around him, all staring, awaiting orders to strike if he hand offended the storm god.

Captain Planet: Now hold on there, there is no need to get upset, I’m sure if you just talk to her you’ll understand

Soldiers were holding on to the captain as he walked through the crowd unable to stop his movement, he tried to reason with the storm God.

Amaterasu was behind Captain Planet. She eyed Susano’o suspiciously as she approached and he got a good look at her, notcing the red marks and her sword it all suddenly clicked. Then he smirked and started to laugh, and she knew what would make such a stoic god laugh as much as he was doing now.

Susano’o: You…you chose that form again, I now that these humans are weak minded but why do you insist on using that form?

His laughter continued until even Issun had enough.

Issun: Laugh all you want she saved the world all while looking like this

His laughter stopped and he glared at Issun and a small rain cloud appeared over him threaten to drench him, he jumped around trying to avoid the cloud but it followed him no matter how quickly he moved around.

Susano’o: Very well then, sister I noticed that Orochi is here, I wish to hunt the creature down and I require a place in this realm

She growled until the rain cloud went away, she knew what the eight headed serpent meant for both her and Susano’o. There were already so many incarnations of the beast here that it would make it easier to fight the monster with her brother here, Issun felt the same way and as Amaterasu started to walk to the main house.

Issun: Follow her then, so we can get started

Before he followed her he had a few choice words for the other two as he and his men walked away.

Susano’o: Spread the word to the rest of this Pantheon, The Storm God is now here, if you lesser beings ever need help fighting the serpent Orochi and beyond, call out to my name and I will be there to strike it down for you

He left them behind and awaited to see what other so called Gods would decide where he would go.

After going to the Main House…

He was unhappy with his position but Pride was not a terrible place to be. His armies protected his temple well and he awaited the appearance of her sister without such a weak form. He already did some research and he discovered where Orochi is the House of Otherness, Beast, Life and Death. Now that he knew where his hunt would begin.

First he would have to find the humans that would dare use his name for their worthless reasons. They would soon learn why using a God’s name so lightly would be a very dangerous thing to do.Now he waited for his sister to show up so that they can talk over what had happened in his absence.

Amaterasu: I hope this form will silence your laughter.

Her form amused him but they both knew why she had chosen to do so now. He handed her the Kusanagi, if their rivalry was going to renew then he wanted to fight her at her strongest.

Amaterasu: Now understand, I know you, and I understand how much you want to kill the Serpent but you can’t do it alone in this place, I know a few people that can help.
Susano’o: Hmph, I will have to find out if your humans are worthy enough for myself.

Already Amaterasu worried over what her brother had planned but if it kept him here and read to fight for humanity she would have to hope he wouldn’t harm them too much.