Heartwrenching examples are here:

  • The Friendship Asylum

    • Princess Peach having to watch Perry the Parasol be broken and incinerated by Yugi.
    • Spike performing a Heroic Sacrifice and being killed off by the Undead to save Rarity.
    • Sora’s fate at the end of the tale, where he’s hospitalized from the loss of his leg.
      • Better yet everything Sora and Jak has to go through in this tale particularly when Jak begs Kairi to kill him for his actions, with Kairi having no idea that Sora was not in his body at the time.
    • Pooh’s speech, quoting a line from Kingdom Hearts II during the Pantheon’s Darkest Hour makes nearly everyonebreak down.
    Pooh: I had a friend, and his name was Sora. Sora was there when my friends had vanished and I questioned what it would be like to say goodbye to myself. Then, he came back when I wasn’t able to remember my friends, and I asked him how I could make him stay longer. I asked him, ‘Sora, if I go out looking for you, will I find you?’ And he said that he would always be in my heart. I was so very happy then. (tears form in his eyes as he places a paw on his heart) I want to be happy now, but I can’t. Sora is gone, my friend is gone, and if I go out searching for him, I will never find him. (starts crying) Sora…where are you?
    • And earlier, Pooh goes searching for Sora in the woods outside the Pantheon and finds that Sora is no longer himself. End result? Pooh is absolutely silent and drops his hunny pot in horror before Fluttershy leads him away with the scene ending with this line.
    • Jak confronting Pooh while possessing Sora, not wanting to show the silly old bear what he’s become.
    Sora: You don’t know what it’s like…I am this now…(gestures to his appearance) I can’t be with those I care about, so please go!
    Pooh: But if you go Sora, I will go looking for you.
    Sora: You will never find me.
    Pooh: But I will, Sora. (places a paw over his heart) You’re in here, that’s why.
    Sora: You silly old bear…you won’t find me because SORA IS GONE(unleashes a burst of fire that knocks Pooh into a tree unconscious and then realizes what he’s done) Sora…is gone.
    • Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash asking Gangrel and Luna what happened to the Cutie Mark Crusaders in Act 3 and finding out that Gangrel couldn’t get the fillies out of the rubble without risking his life in the process, thus leaving them to die. Applejack’s reaction is heartbreaking.
    • Daxter enters a Heroic B.S.O.D. after his failure to save Riku from the asylum, knowing that he could’ve averted this completely if he had acted faster. When he learns what happened to Joshua and Beat, he proclaims that the asylum will pay for everything. He overhears Pooh speaking with the corrupted Sora, and symphonizes with him, and a flashback sequence shows that the exact same sequence happened when Jak was under the asylum’s control.
    Daxter: (comforting a sobbing Pooh bear) I know how it feels to lose someone, and then they reappear and claim that they’re gone. But Sora will return, Pooh. We just gotta believe that he will.
    • Sly’s reactions to being incinerated by Axel, just after he had fooled Carmelita into thinking he was free from the asylum and Carmelita can only numb his nerves by using her shock pistol on him.
    Sly (as his body is burning away) Save me, someone! Will someone please save me?!

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