Heartwarming Moments

Please post moments you think are Heartwarming here:

  • The Friendship Asylum

    • The ending of the story, where Gentaro is finally freed of Alternate!Gentaro’s influence and now a Guard in the House of Friendship.
    • Pooh arriving at his temple filled with hunny pots and letters from gods who wish to befriend him. When left alone, he sees a shooting star and wishes to see Sora before going to sleep. Pooh meets Sora in his dreams thanks to Riku, and the two hold hands.
    Pooh: You see Sora, I found you.
    Sora: Yes you did, silly old bear.
    • Gangrel admits to Ralph (and pretty much the whole House of Ambiguity) that he truly cares for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Cutie Mark Crusaders introducing Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon to him and the trio showing off their Cutie Marks in the process. After Gangrel bursts out sobbing in happiness, he tells Ralph:
    • Princess Peach essentially forgiving Takatora for what he (accidentally) caused. Takatora starts crying when Princess Peach notes that he was still a good person deep down.
    • Pooh’s speech in Act 4 is both this and Tear Jerker.
    • During Nyarko’s Cry into Chest moment, she’s afraid that Mahiro hates her for what she nearly did. Mahiro’s response?
    Mahiro: I don’t hate you, Nyarko. I never have.
    Nyarko: Mahiro-san…(breaks down sobbing)
    • In a very weird sense an asylum-corrupted Riku is still loyal to asylum-corrupted Sora and will protect his friend from outsiders…even while Sora is planning to unleash an Undead Uprising on the Pantheon.
    • Kaiba personally goes to Kairi and Sora to apologize for what he had caused throughout the story, secretly handing them and Riku tickets to a free day’s pass to his amusement park when Sora is better. What makes it sweeter is that he’s doing this while carrying Parry the Parasol (he gives the excuse that he’s returning Parry to Princess Peach though).

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