Vienna Burning Day Twelve

puzzle pieces.

….death toll in Austria increases….There is nothing known about the bombers, only that there are at least four of them…….may have been intending to bomb Switzerland?At least 100,000 people have died, and the continent is incredibly wary….Discussions of possible nationalities of bombers….There were no witnesses in any of the nations.Shiena supposed the results of their plans were rather important, although she wasn’t sure why the others thought it necessary to send them to her. And they kept discussing stuff about buttons.Well, maybe computer hacking just attracts odd people….She turned on her computer and continued her program, hoping to put the pieces together.


Sapphire: “What’s happening?!”

It’d worked. Mion Sonozaki’s plan of exploiting the placebo effect worked. Sapphire and Peko were back to normal, with no memory of what they’d done for the past few days.Hopefully, Setsuna’s condition had permanently reversed….

Mion: “You’re currently recovering from Hinamizawa Syndrome. You were cured yesterday. As you are asymptomatic today, we’re going to move towards the GUAE and-”
Peko: “…..when exactly are we doing this….”
Setsuna: “Right now?”

Mion would’ve preferred to plan a bit more, to fully make sure that they believed her…. but…. she would’ve done the same if it was Keiichi who’d been kidnapped by them. And….

Mion: “Yes, we’re leaving right now. Let’s go save people.”


“Miss Katsura, you are under arrest for attempted murder, murder, and the bombings of at least three towns.”The police were slightly confused on what they’d walked in on, but after a few explanations, the confusion was cleared up…. and then…. they disappeared. Everything faded away except for Naoto, Kirigiri, and Kotonoha.For some reason, they’d been teleported out of Austria…. and landed in a building. It looked a bit like a courtroom…. so Kotonoha would be tried in the Pantheon for her crimes….And then they were teleported out of the courtroom and landed in the middle of chaos.

hole in the wall.

Either whomever was guarding them suffered from a lack of vision or there was no one guarding them, for Konaka, Kuzuryuu, and Switzerland had spent the past few days drilling a hole through the door without anyone else noticing.It was now large enough. There was no one outside of the door.

Konaka: “….so, do we leave now?”
Kuzuryuu: “What the fuck do you think?! Ladies first.”

On that note, the three of them climbed out of the room…. and began to run.