Vienna Burning Day Three


Now, onto the rest of Austria. If only they put all of their major towns next to each other…. but that didn’t matter.She still had more bombs. And by the end of the day, everything would be destroyed.To most passerby, she looked like an innocent girl. But she was a god. And the reason behind the nation’s fall into chaos.No one would find her. That much she was sure of.The bomb went off, and all she could do was laugh.


Somehow, the police department let them view their reports and the bodies. Of the victims that’d been found, all of them appeared to have been killed in the same way.Someone had swung an axe at their neck and decapitated them. The police department had come to the same conclusion, and was mostly trying to figure out how someone was able to bomb four towns and decapitate three people in about ten minutes.Unfortunately, they were also completely unaware of both the Pantheon and the fact that said Pantheon possessed the personification of their nation. And that they could teleport on the mortal plane.

Policeman: “Are you finished with the reports?”
Naoto: “Yes. We do have a suspicion of the culprit, but are there any witnesses? For it said in the report that there was at least one person who saw it and is still alive….”
Policeman: “….um, we can bring him in, but he’s not making any sense….”
Kirigiri: “….did he say that a pink-haired girl with an axe decapitated someone before disappearing, and then a bomb went off?”
Policeman: “How do you know that?!”
Naoto: “….nevermind. She’s just guessing, but can we see him?”

On that note, an incredibly confused policeman left the room, before he returned with the witness.

Witness: “I wasn’t drunk! I saw a girl with pink hair-”
Naoto: “We know that. We’re not disputing any aspects of your testimony.”
Witness: “….so if I told you that I saw a girl with pink hair decapitate someone with an axe before disappearing, and then a bomb went off, would you still think I was drunk?!”
Kirigiri: “Thank you. You can leave now.”

Kirigiri and Naoto left the police office…. and were teleported to Austria.


Konaka: “….how many swords are there?”

Kuzuryuu thought he was hearing things. At the very least, the last thing he remembered was some crazy person launching swords at him.He was about to answer, but he couldn’t say anything and fell unconscious.

Konaka: “….anyways, I might as well introduce myself to you if I’m saving your life.”

He wasn’t sure why he kept floating in and out of consciousness, or even where he was. All he was aware of was that there was someone talking to him….

Konaka: “….do you know if you can break down a door with swords?”

He wanted to answer, but all he was aware of was a weird feeling of pain and darkness…. and there was someone touching him. Or at the very least, he thought someone was touching him….

Kuzuryuu: “Where am I?!”
Konaka: “….don’t yell, I don’t want them to hear you…. and I just saved your life, in case you’re wondering what I was doing….”
Kuzuryuu: “I’m more concerned with where the hell we are and how to get out of-”
Konaka: “We’re somewhere in the GUAE, I’m Konaka Konoe, and-”

He wasn’t sure what else she’d said, for the world turned black and he wasn’t aware of anything….


It was quite interesting to watch Austria’s body fall apart and put itself together again, however, it was infuriating to see that he hadn’t died yet. And the medical department still was withholding that vial of Hinamizawa Syndrome…. however, she did have the perfect test subject for them.And why not make a trade? We get that vial, and you guys get a test subject who can’t die! Or, you could try to figure out how to kill him, and then we use that method on Hungary, and then infect the rest of the SLS with Hinamizawa Syndrome, watch them kill each other, and then kill the other people we’ve kidnapped….Her plan was perfect. And the medical department was next door.She picked up his body and walked into the next room.

Yuno: “Will you give me that vial of Hinamizawa Syndrome if I have a test subject for you? Who can’t die?”

And Yuno Gasai left the room with one vial of Hinamizawa Syndrome. Now onto how to infect them….


Liechtenstein was wondering why Hungary wasn’t in her house. She’d said that she’d be busy for the past few days, but she did say that she’d be free today…. and she’d walked into someone.

Liechtenstein: “I’m sorry, are you alright?”
Mion: “Are you looking for Hungary? Then come with me….”

She wasn’t sure why she followed the masked person, but they led her into a room in the GUAG Medical Department, and….

Liechtenstein: “Hungary?! Are you alright?!”
Mion: “….it’s a long story. I’ll explain later. Anyways…. you can stay here with her while she recovers…. and please don’t tell anyone she’s in here….”

As much as she wanted to tell her brother that she’d be spending the next who knows how long in the hospital….. she understood. She’d stay here….