Vienna Burning Day Thirteen


This was not supposed to happen. At all.Shion was supposed to have killed the rest of the SLS after being infected with Hinamizawa Syndrome, and then she’d kill off their bargaining chips. She was not supposed to be leading the SLS into the building right now.No one was supposed to be stalking Kotonoha, and she was not supposed to run out of bombs. No one was supposed to have drilled a hole through their door and escaped.Belarus was not supposed to have mysteriously disappeared. She was supposed to have been her pawn….Well, this was the hand she was dealt, and she had to make to best of it.Thankfully, she didn’t notice the green-haired girl who was running through the halls with Hungary.

saving people.

She had to save him. That was all that mattered. As she ran through the halls with Shion, all she could think about was finding him, and killing whomever had kidnapped him….There were hundreds of doors in this building, and he could be behind any of them. It didn’t matter that she’d just gotten out of a coma three days ago. She wanted to rip open every single door in this building, for he could be behind any of them….

Kirigiri: “….do you happen to be-”

Well, if this girl with pale hair was responsible for his kidnapping, she was going to have to pay. She pulled out the pan, and was about to aim it at her face when someone interrupted her.

Shion: “She’s helping us find him! Anyways, I’m Mion Sonozaki, that’s Hungary, this is Kyouko Kirigiri, and you’re suggesting that we look for a hospital in here?”
Hungary: “Aren’t you Shion?”
Mion: “….nevermind. Anyways, so we just need to find a hospital and he’ll most likely be in there?”
Kirigiri: “….if I’m correct that his health is tied to the state of his nation, then he should either be in one or dead, but-”
Hungary: “If you know where he is, then tell us!”

He couldn’t be dead, and she was still suspicious of Kirigiri. How exactly did she find out that he was tied to his nation?

Kirigiri: “….I have never been in this building before….”

She was about to say something when Mion cut her off and suggested to Kirigiri that she come with them and keep trying to find a hospital, for they didn’t want him to be in the GAUE for much longer…. and she was right.Right now, she had to save him. That was all that mattered. Why did she have to get into a pointless argument?!The three of them sprinted down the hall, ripping open every single door…. and he wasn’t behind any of them. But this was only the first floor.Unfortunately, the second floor yielded similar results. As did the third floor. By the time she, Mion, and Kirigiri reached the fourth floor, they’d opened at least fifty doors and a bunch of random people had tried to fight them, but they were quickly dispatched by the pan.This was the final floor of the building. If he wasn’t here…. no, she didn’t need to think about that. She’d just assume that he was somewhere here, and fight her way through his kidnappers. Kirigiri yanked open another door….

Kirigiri: “….he’s in here, and-”

That was all she needed to hear. She rushed into the room…. and it was definitely some sort of hospital. He was lying on an operating table in the middle of the room, and there was someone sticking a-


Why didn’t anyone tell her that he’d been abducted for medical experimentation?! Why didn’t she know this?!That didn’t matter. All that mattered was saving him…. as one of the doctors lunged towards her, she yanked out her pan and aimed it at their head.

Hungary: “…..what did you do…. what did you do to him?! Tell me…. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”

There were more people running towards her, but it didn’t matter. She was a whirlwind. An unstoppable force, capable of taking out entire armies. Who’d fought in several wars. What made them think that they could win, especially after what they’d done to her husband?!

Hungary: “…..seize vital regions…. seize vital regions…. tell me, what have you done to my husband? Tell me everything…. tell me everything you’ve done to him….”


All of the people she’d seen in the medical department were currently being beaten to a pulp by Hungary, and the room was completely unoccupied.So why not save him right now? They’d expect Hungary to do so after having fought them, which would give them more time to regroup their forces and fight her while she was leaving with Austria…. but they didn’t seem to have noticed her and Mion at all.

Kirigiri: “….well, we’re going to be removing an operating table from this room right now….”

She and Mion stepped into the hospital room, and discovered that the table was wheeled, so she could just roll it out the door…. when a sheet of paper caught her eye.….there is no way to kill it, for it is capable of healing itself, despite-This could be useful. She grabbed the packet, and started looking around the room. There’d probably be more information in here.

Mion: “What are you doing?”
Kirigiri: “….nothing. Anyways, could you please help me with wheeling this operating table out the GAUE?”
Mion: “You know, there isn’t an elevator in here, and how are we supposed to get this thing down the stairs?”
Kirigiri: “…..we’ll figure that out later. Give me a second.”

After grabbing every single sheet of paper in that room and stuffing in one of the drawers, she and Mion grabbed the handles of the table and began pushing it out the door. Hungary was still fighting the medical department…..

Kirigiri: “….can you tell her? I don’t want to worry her….”
Mion: “So you’re going to run out the door with an operating table, and we’re at least four floors up….”

Mion then left to go join Hungary in fighting the rest of the doctors, and Kirigiri began sprinting down the stairs while wheeling the operating table.She hoped that he was still tied to it…..

more escapes.

Switzerland: “You forgot what I told you yesterday! We just need to keep running down the stairs, not-”

He was cut off by someone lunging at him, but they were quickly dispatched by his gun. Apparently, neither Konaka nor Kuzuryuu had listened to him, and decided that running into the hallway filled with doors was smarter that just running down the stairs…. and they were being chased by a bunch of random people.At least both of them were capable of defending themselves…. and there were stairs near them. Unfortunately, said stairs were currently occupied by some woman wheeling an operating table down them.

Kuzuryuu: “Well, this one’s occupied by a crazy lady with a gurney and we’re being chased by at least twenty guys, so what the fuck do we do now?!”
Konaka: “…..hope she doesn’t try to run us over, as this is a dead end and they’re closing in on us?”

He turned around, hoping Konaka was lying…. but there was no other escape route and the people chasing them were closing in on them….BANG!He hoped that that would slow their pursuers down, and Konaka and Kuzuryuu were already on the stairs. Thankfully, that woman was nowhere to be seen as he sprinted down the staircase, catching up with them…. and they’d run into a battle.And at least one of the people here had to be responsible for Liechtenstein.BANG!


A hailstorm of swords flew towards her, and Peko kept trying to redirect them with her own, even as they pinned her to the wall…..She couldn’t lose now. No matter what, she had to save him. Somewhere near her, the others were falling…. or maybe that was just because her vision was blurring and Nu was about to kill her, for she couldn’t unpin herself from the wall quickly enough….

Peko: “I’m-”


Nu-13: “…..well, you are very persistent. We shall-”

BANG!Somehow, someone was distracting Nu. She kept unpinning herself from the wall, hoping that they’d continue to distract her.

Kuzuryuu: “Of course I’d react this way! Anyone who isn’t a fucking sociopath would do this!”

She was probably hallucinating due to blood loss, but she’d gotten all of the swords out of her body…. and why not try? She grabbed a sword and lunged towards Nu, who was facing the other way.

Nu-13: “….so you turn my swords on me….”

Nu was preparing to summon another hailstorm of swords to kill her, but Peko kept slashing at her body, hoping that she could at least disable her….BANG!

Kuzuryuu: “You’re alright!”

Even if she was hallucinating his voice, it didn’t matter. She’d save him…..

Nu-13: “Perish.”

It didn’t matter that the swords were flying towards her. She grabbed Nu while slashing at her neck, hoping that this could disable her…..

Nu-13: “Perish.”

Nu was reciting her incantation again, somehow oblivious to Peko being on top of her. She jumped off at the last minute as Nu’s swords began to impale herself…. and as she fell, Fuyuhiko was standing in front of her…. somehow. He was probably another hallucination.

Peko: “I’ll save you. I won’t fail this time, young master…..”


Konaka: “SETSUNA!”

Konaka was here. Somehow, she’d broken herself out of wherever she was being held and escaped…. but she couldn’t be distracted. Tsukuyomi had grabbed her, and was slashing at every single part of her body.As much as she wanted to ask her about what’d happened and if she was alright and how she’d make sure this would never happen again, she couldn’t distract the others. She didn’t want them to die….

Tsukuyomi: “You don’t love her! You don’t deserve her!”

She kept slashing at Tsukuyomi, hoping that she wouldn’t do anything else to her….

Tsukuyomi: “I love you…. I deserve you…. and won’t you be happy? Just kill her, and we’ll be-”
Setsuna: “Why would I do that?! Why do you believe that’d I blindly follow anything you’d say?!”
Tsukuyomi: “Because it’s the truth! You love me!”

Konaka was running towards, dodging blades and bullets….. and she had to-

Tsukuyomi: “Well, since she’s here, why don’t I kill her right now?”
Setsuna: “NO!”

Tsukuyomi began chasing Konaka through the crowd, aiming her sword at her head, and Setsuna was running after her like a madwoman, hoping that she wouldn’t kill anyone…. but Tsukuyomi wouldn’t give up. She kept aiming her swords and attacks at her, hoping that she could be stopped…. until, finally, she fell.She wasn’t sure if her sword was the reason behind it or Shion kicking her in the face, but she’d finally fallen.

Konaka: “….are you alright?! I’m-”
Setsuna: “Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”


Kotonoha: “… you are like me…. you don’t protect anyone, but you just seek to kill….”

This was the fourth time Kotonoha had told her this. Why couldn’t she have been yelling at the guy in black with a gun who was fighting with her?

Sapphire: “The only thing the two of us have in common is that we wield saws! Even though the people I love are still on the mortal plane, I still fight to protect them-as well as the SLS! You just kill people for fun!”
Kotonoha: “…..don’t you do that too? When you’re-”

Sapphire turned the chainsaw on. She didn’t want to do this, but even with the help of Naoto, they were unable to incapacitate her. It didn’t help that Kotonoha seemed to have some sort of grudge towards Naoto.

Sapphire: “Have you ever thought about not murdering people for no reason?!”

She lunged towards Kotonoha, aiming the chainsaw at her chest and neck, hoping to dispatch her…. and Kotonoha kept dodging her strikes….. between her chainsaw and Naoto’s gun, almost nothing’d hit her….. and Kotonoha had made it onto the stairs.She began to run after her, only for a woman wheeling an operating table to run Kotonoha over.

Hungary: “Sorry if we’re a bit late…..”

Somehow, Hungary had gotten better, and she was here with Shion and a woman with silver hair, who was maneuvering an operating table.

Sapphire: “Thank you for saving us with the operating table!”

The woman with it stared at her in shock for a bit, before introducing herself as Kyouko Kirigiri and asking where the exit was. She gestured towards her left, where everyone else appeared to be fighting.And she needed to help them.


Yuno: “….but we’re not that different, right? Like when under-“

No, she’d wanted to say. I am not Shion Sonozaki. Instead, she’d kicked her in the chest.She wasn’t the strongest member of the SLS, but she was currently leading them. And that was why Mion Sonozaki was fighting Yuno Gasai.She kept dodging her axe and aiming kicks and punches towards her, hoping that her attention would remain focused on her so the others would have a better chance of getting through.At first, it seemed to be working. Then a gun went off, and some guy was running through the battle, shooting at everything and everyone in sight and screaming about his sister. Then another gun went off, and there was a man in black trying to shoot Yuno. The bullet almost hit her instead, causing her to lose her focus on Yuno, who was running further into the room…. and then, somehow, Setsuna was swordfighting her.

Setsuna: “We don’t need to save them! They’re here with us”

Mion was about to rush towards Yuno when she saw Tsukuyomi lunge towards Setsuna. She kicked her in the face, hoping that her martial arts skills could prevent her from being stabbed by Tsukuyomi’s sword. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a girl with dark hair standing over Peko, and then the two of them were running towards her…..BANG!The man in black was standing over…. something she wasn’t really sure of and shooting it, before aiming his gun at…. someone.

Shion: “Shion!”

And her sister was here, along with a woman who was swinging a frying pan at Yuno’s head and another man with a gun.BANG!The man handed one of his guns to Shion, who aimed it at Tsukuyomi, and she fell to the ground. There was one last person they had to incapacitate.Unfortunately, despite being up against at least ten people, Yuno wasn’t giving up. At all. She wielded her axe like a madwoman, deflecting swords and bullets and kicks.But everyone had to fall.