Vienna Burning Day Ten


Hungary: “Where am I…. what’s happening….”

Hungary had finally woken up, but Shion wasn’t sure what to tell her. How much did she know?More importantly, she’d just regained consciousness, but probably wasn’t in a state to fight anyone. Yet if she knew about the GUAE kidnapping Austria…. she was going to fight them, regardless of her current state,

Shion: “You’re in the hospital, and you’ve been here for the past nine days.”

She then explained most of what’d happened to her, but left out the bit about Austria. Unfortunately, Hungary was somehow aware that he’d been kidnapped.

Hungary: “Where is he?! I’m going to-”
Shion: “You’ve just woken up from a coma. I think you should try to get your strength back.”

second try.

As it turned out, following that guy with the gun was a horrible idea, as it led to all three of them getting knocked out by Tsukuyomi.The hole in the door had been repaired, and Kuzuryuu and Konaka were back to square one on how to break out of their prison. And that guy with the gun’s only idea was to keep shooting at the door until it broke.

Konaka: “….okay, so if plan a is wait for the building to go into chaos again and plan b is break-”
Kuzuryuu: “There’s always breaking the door down with those swords we have.”
Konaka: “So we break down the door, dispatch Tsukuyomi or Nu or whomever’s guarding us-”
Kuzuryuu: “Can Nu even be dispatched?”

As Kuzuryuu and Konaka continued their debate, Switzerland kept shooting the door.


The woman in white was lunging at her with her sword, slicing off her head….. and…. Shion was screaming at her on how there was nothing wrong. Or something.Setsuna lunged towards her, hoping Shion’d understand…. yet…. why was she trying to kill Peko?This didn’t make any sense. Why would she suddenly think that the SLS was going to kill her?

Setsuna: “Shion? What’s happening?”
Shion: “You’re getting better!”

She wasn’t sure what Shion was talking about, but then again, she wasn’t sure why everyone else was slashing at thin air…. what was happening to them?


Kotonoha Katsura left her house in the morning. Naoto Shirogane and Kyouko Kirigiri followed her.She was completely oblivious to them. As she turned corners and killed people, she had no idea that there were two people and one video camera behind her.Naoto and Kirigiri were going to apprehend her. They just needed to make sure she was somewhere which wouldn’t risk others being injured. Besides, they didn’t need to kill anyone else….Kotonoha turned into an alley. There was no one else there.