Vienna Burning Day Six


Liechtenstein was an incredibly small country. The perfect place to be represented by such a small girl. And she’d be dead by noon.Tsukuyomi was sure of that. She’d only needed a few bombs, and it helped that the nation had such a small population.Vaduz was in flames and chaos, and the girl would be dead soon. Another impostor out of the way. She’d find ways to get rid of the others later, but that didn’t matter.The world was burning around her, and she was laughing at the madness.


The first bomb hit when no one was looking, for they were all checking on Hungary’s condition.

Kairi: “She’s…. improving. She’ll probably be conscious soon…..”

Kairi was about to leave the room as Mion turned towards Liechtenstein. Then the second bomb hit, and she collapsed.

Mion: “Are you alright?!”
Kairi: “….do you have any idea what happened to her? Is it the same-”
Mion: “Yes! Do you have any idea why this is happening?!”
Kairi: “….no. I can get her into the room next door, if you wouldn’t mind standing here for a bit….”

She was moving Liechtenstein to her room when the third bomb hit. She didn’t notice any significant worsening of her condition. Meanwhile, Mion was looking for Switzerland.She didn’t want to tell him about his sister, but…..

lack of ammunition.

Kotonoha Katsura was bored out of her mind. It help that she’d run out of bombs…. and she’d heard about Liechtenstein.She wanted to join Tsukuyomi. She wanted a change in scenery, from these boring towns…. but she couldn’t leave Austria. No one could.At least she still had her handsaw. That was all that mattered. She’d get to the nation’s border with Liechtenstein and find her way out.There was a man standing next to her. Within minutes, he was dead, and she wasn’t bored.Even if it was only for a second, Kotonoha didn’t feel empty.


Peko was the first to start hallucinating.She wasn’t sure when it began, but it felt like the entire world had turned to mist. Somewhere near her, Setsuna and Shion were talking to each other…. and there was someone trying to kill her.There was a man in black lunging towards her, and he was holding a gun and…. this couldn’t be happening.He couldn’t be trying to kill her.But maybe she deserved it? Maybe she was completely wrong about how he saw her. As expected, she was nothing…. and he was shooting her.She drew her sword. Somewhere, Shion was yelling at her, she supposed…..


There was someone clawing at his neck. Or something. But maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised.He had no idea where he was, for his mind was filled with news of Vienna and Linz and bombings and serial killers and the EU’s potential involvement…..There were footsteps surrounding him. There was someone walking towards him. Or he thought there was someone walking towards him.There wasn’t anything he was sure of anymore. Except for the fact that he was dying. Or maybe he was dead?With everything that’d happened, he supposed that it wouldn’t be a surprise….