Vienna Burning Day Seven


Mion: “….I’m sorry if you don’t want to hear this, but your sister’s in the hospital.”

She’d died, hadn’t she? Some crackpot had decided to blow up Liechtenstein, and no one had told him.The green-haired girl was trying to reassure him, but he didn’t care. He wanted to find whomever this terrorist was, and rip them to shreds.Liechtenstein didn’t deserve this. Why didn’t they blow up Switzerland?! He’d done enough to deserve it….

Mion: “Um, and if you want to see her, she’s in-”
Switzerland: “I want to find the person who did this to her and kill them.”

chasing killers.

It appeared that Kotonoha had run out of bombs, for Linz was mostly intact. Or maybe they’d shown up somewhere she hadn’t blown up yet.However…. the town was filled with corpses. Everywhere they turned, they were greeted by dead people. And they’d all died in the same manner.Kotonoha had cut their heads off with her saw. Even without the bombs, she seemed incredibly determined to destroy everything and everyone in Austria. And potentially Liechtenstein as well…. but she couldn’t leave the country. Neither could they.They had to stop her from killing more people. Once she was brought to justice, then they could investigate Liechtenstein.Naoto Shirogane and Kyouko Kirigiri were the only living people in this area of Linz.They were going to make sure that this would never happen again.

hinamizawa again.

Sapphire was the second person to start hallucinating.She’d wondered why Peko kept slashing at thin air for some reason, but now she knew. There was an army approaching her. And they were going to kill everyone she loved.They’d already killed everyone else in the room….. and were heading for her kingdom.She grabbed her chainsaw and began slashing at them, not caring about the sudden pain in her neck or that someone was screaming at her.She’d protect those she loved and no army could stop her.


She’d done the right thing, hadn’t she? But…. now, after looking through the SLS’s window, she wasn’t sure anymore.It…. they reminded her of him…. at his worst. Slashing at thin air and seeing everyone as an enemy he had to eliminate.Would her brother really want to inflict that on others? Yuno said that he would, but Belarus wasn’t so sure….She had to see him. She had to find her brother and ask him if he really did love her. There was a door nearby, and she ran through it, trying to find a way into the House of Personal Appearance-

Lithuania: “Miss Belarus?”

And there he was. That awful, awful man who’d stolen everything and everyone she’d loved from her….. including her brother.She had to get rid of him, and then she would finally be loved…. his spell over her brother would finally be broken, and then he’d realize how that awful man had hurt his beloved sister….. how he’d been brainwashed the entire time by such a horrible person…. she had to kill him.She had to kill him, and then she’d finally be loved….