Vienna Burning Day One


There’s a girl with pink hair wandering around with an axe. He thinks she’s either lost or drunk. After all, what normal person would be awake at three AM and dressed so weirdly?

“Hello? Can I help you?”

She’s staring at him and smiling madly, before pulling something out of….. somewhere. He’s not sure where she got the lighter from. Or the…. thing that kind of looks like a bomb and he really hope he’s hallucinating, for she’s aiming the axe at his head and he wished he was dreaming, for he didn’t want to get murdered by some random person…..The bomb goes off three seconds later.

Special Lovers Squad

Shion: “And Hungary, what do you think?”

Surprisingly, she doesn’t answer, and…. has collapsed over the table.

Shion: “Hello?! Can you hear me?!”
Sapphire: “….Hungary? Are you alright?”

She’s not answering, and there’s blood everywhere…. they have no idea why she’s like this. At all.

Peko: “….does anyone have any idea-”
Setsuna: “Konaka! Could you please help us?”

Konaka shows up just in time, for she can sort this out, and then they’ll continue with the party….

Sapphire: “Hey, what are you doing! You’re supposed to be helping her!”
Konaka: “….she is just another obstacle in my path towards love.”

She throws a knife at the wall, and everyone somehow dodges it.

Setsuna: “Who are you and what did you do with Konaka?!”
Belarus: “….I don’t know. Someone just told me to dress up like this and throw knives, for it’d help get him to love me….”

She throws another knife at the wall, and everyone pulls out their weapons.

Shion: “Remember what I taught you!”

She picks Hungary up as the person imitating Konaka starts pulling more knives out of nowhere, and Setsuna lunges towards her, trying to dispatch her with her sword. Behind her, Peko and Sapphire both aim for the impostor’s back with a sword and chainsaw, and she’s trapped… when she pulls out more knives and begins throwing them at…. someone. They can’t tell who, for the air is filled with blades, and the three of them keep dispatching the knives with their blades… until the impostor falls.Finally, she falls.

Setsuna: “Who are you and what did you do to Konaka?!”
Belarus: “I didn’t kidnap her! Someone else did that, and they told me to throw knives at you!”

She runs out the door. The room is filled with knives and destroyed furniture, and Hungary and Shion have disappeared.

Peko: “….they’re probably moving her to the hospital.”
Sapphire: “So should we go with them?”
Peko: “….there’re probably more people outside. Let’s just stay here to be safe….”

And the three remaining members of the SLS decide to stay in their building.


Meanwhile, Shion and Hungary had left the SLS’s building and had made their way to the GUAG Medical Division.

Kairi: “Please take a seat. Someone-”
Shion: “This is an emergency! Why else is there blood everywhere?! I have no idea why she’s like this, or even how this happened! Could you help her and can I talk to my sister?”
Kairi: “…yes. We’ll take care of her, and you can talk to your sister.”

Mion showed up three seconds later as Kairi was moving Hungary into her room.

Mion: “How was-”
Shion: “Could you…. stay with her for a bit? I need to go back to the SLS, since someone attacked us after Hungary collapsed….”

Mion agreed to stay with her, and she headed into Hungary’s room as Shion made her way back to the SLS Building.