Vienna Burning Day Nine

closing in.

Thankfully, the rest of Linz had not met the same fate as the place they’d landed. It appeared that Kotonoha had temporarily stopped killing people…. but maybe she knew about them. Maybe she was doing all of this to lull them into a false sense of security, and had another bomb with her….Granted, that wasn’t very likely, but anything was possible. They were almost out of the town right now, and a few people had mentioned seeing a girl in red with a saw…. who was currently sitting in a house.Somehow, they’d stumbled upon Kotonoha Katsura.

Kirigiri: “….so do we apprehend her right now or wait?”
Naoto: “It depends if she’s planning on doing anything to us.”
Kirigiri: “…..anyways, so we’re going to wait for a few hours, and see if she does anything…. should we call the police?”
Naoto: “As they’re probably dead, no….”


So this was how the nation’d end. Through boredom.For she was tired and empty. Killing people made her feel whole, even if only for a few seconds, but she missed the bombs.She wished that she hadn’t used them all in the past few days, but she wasn’t told how many bombs she was carrying…. and maybe she just needed a day to relax.Yes, that was what she needed. She’d stay in some random town for a day, and then kill everyone, before moving closer to Liechtenstein. Then she’d join Tsukuyomi….Kotonoha stepped into a house that was completely empty, and began to wait.Somehow, she didn’t notice that she was being watched.


She was going to do it.Finally, she was going to kill him. Finally, she would be loved.The plane would be flying over Vilnius soon, and she’d asked for enough bombs to blow it all up. She would destroy him-destroy his heart, destroy everything he held dear…. and then her brother would be freed from his manipulations.Ten seconds. Ten seconds until that awful man would finally die. Ten seconds until she’d be loved.She was flying over Vilnius now, and she’d burn it all down. He’d die…. and her brother would come to his senses and love her, and they’d forget about that awful man, who’d stolen away everything and everyone from her…. and they’d live happily ever after.The bombs were falling, and she imagined that man finally dying…. if only she could’ve killed him with her knives instead of having to bomb Vilnius…. and he wouldn’t react. He’d remain emotionless, just like he always was in ruining her life and turning her into an unloved person….Vilnius was dying. That awful man was dying. And she’d finally be loved…. unfortunately, she’d made one mistake.

actually tallinn.

This couldn’t be happening to him. Why, out of every single nation on the planet, did they decide that blowing up Estonia was a good idea?He was vaguely aware of his blood staining the keyboard, but it didn’t matter. He had to keep hacking into…. somewhere. He supposed that someone had told him earlier where exactly it was, but he’d forgotten.It probably had to do with whomever was blowing up Tallinn. Or maybe he was just mixing everything together as a side effect of the bombs?He wasn’t sure, but…. the world was blurring around him and he couldn’t collapse right now and there were voices surrounding him and he had to finish hacking and-They were still blowing up Tallinn. He couldn’t do anything to stop the blood….


Mion: “No one’s trying to kill you! Stop!”

Mion knew that it wouldn’t work very well, but she’d reached the end of her rope. At least they weren’t actually killing anyone…. They were still slashing at thin air. Well, Sapphire was. Setsuna and Peko, on the other hand….

Mion: “Don’t kill each other! There’s no one here who’s going to hurt you!”

She ran towards the swords, hoping to stop them from harming each other…. and she grabbed the blade of one, forcing it away from its wielder.

Setsuna: “What are you doing?!”
Mion: “I’m trying to help you! You’re perfectly safe!”

Unfortunately, Sapphire was coming towards her, and she was aiming an axe at her neck….Normally, Mion Sonozaki would’ve had better plans. But she hadn’t anticipated someone infecting everyone with Hinamizawa Syndrome.Thank god she’d switched places with her sister….