Vienna Burning Day Fourteen

push the button?

They were able to convince her with the death toll. She’d taken a single look at the numbers, and had instantly agreed to hand them the button.But they forgot to ask her if it was possible to only reset the mortal plane. Then again, she probably knew about their intent….It would be easy to remove two weeks from Europe, to undo the bombings of Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Estonia. They’d undo this tragedy and revive thousands of innocent people.That was the only thing they wanted to do. They didn’t want to remove the same two weeks from the Pantheon…. but….

After writing everything down, they pressed the button in Tallinn.


Where was he?Actually, he knew the answer to that. He was in a hospital. Yet why was he there? He searched his memory…. and the last thing he remembered was something that happened…. wait, that didn’t make any sense.Granted, it was possible that he’d simply lost consciousness for two weeks and ended up in the hospital due to his injuries…. except that didn’t make any sense either.What year was this, anyways? He probably was convinced that it was 1950-something again, for some reason or another…..

Liechtenstein: “Do you know why we’re here?”

No. Yes. Maybe. Don’t worry, everything’s going to be okay. Eventually. It doesn’t matter what happened….. wait, that didn’t make any sense either.Why was he so convinced that his brother was with him?

one last narration

Sapphire: …And that’s the story. Well, that is how I was told the story. I cannot remember much of anything what actually happened back then.

About two weeks after the Reset Button was pressed, Sapphire had told her recently ascended husband, Almaz, on what happened back then.

Almaz: Wow. That story was… quite something. I feel bad for not being with you when that happened. Though on the other hand, the Yandere Quartet could had probably kidnapped me like right away, and imagining what they would do to me makes me want to be part of Mao’s experiments instead.
Sapphire: But you are here now, Almaz. And that’s all what matters.

Almaz looked at Sapphire with confidence and clenched his fist.

Almaz: Yeah, you’re right. That is why I promise to myself that if they try to do anything, I will be on your side. I will not let anything bad happen to you. I am sure that the rest of the love interests of SLS would do the same, to various extends.
Sapphire: Oh Almaz…
Almaz: By the way, Princess. Can I ask you one more thing?
Sapphire: What is it?

Suddenly, the confidence in Almaz faded away and he got bit nervous asking this.

Almaz: Could you please use your chainsaw less often? I mean, you can kill people in much cleaner ways than that, if that’s what you’re aiming at…