Vienna Burning Day Four

cleaning up the pieces.

The GUAE most likely had switched their target for blowing up, for wherever they’d landed in Austria was mostly demolished…. and the news wasn’t helping matters, and… the police department appeared to have been killed by whomever was blowing the nation up.Who would most likely be Yuno due to what they’d found in Hungary, but the causes of death didn’t seem to match, for unless she’d switched weapons, axes did not possess jagged edges.However, there was someone closely affiliated with her who did…. however, due to the entire nation going into a near-collective state of panic due to several days of bombing, it’d be harder to find Kotonoha.Also, no one’d claimed to see anyone looking remotely like her, but that might’ve been that they’d be less willing to divulge information to total strangers who randomly showed up during right after a terrorist attack despite their claims of helping find the bomber.

Kirigiri: “….so do we go back to the ‘blowing towns up at random’ theory?”
Naoto: “I think it’d be best if we skipped all of the theories and went straight to chasing Kotonoha, but she does seem to be blowing up the towns at random….”
Kirigiri: “….well, she does appear to be moving further west, but we’ll….”

Neither of them wanted to sit in a former police office and wait for Kotonoha to blow up another town…. but they didn’t want to take the risk of teleporting to random towns and ending up in the middle of nowhere…. which would make both of them more suspicious….

swords and doors.

Konaka: “Do you know what would happen if you ran a bunch of swords through this door?”

He thought he was hallucinating again, for he couldn’t see anything and…. he probably was dead right now. Or something.

Konaka: “Can you hear me? I don’t want to raise my voice, but I’m trying to figure out how to get us out of here and would like your input….”

Well, he might as well try something. At the very least, he’d stop driving himself insane….

Kuzuryuu: “You’d get the swords stuck in the door or break them. Try something else.”
Konaka: “… case you haven’t noticed, there’s nothing else in this room? And if you got the enough swords stuck in the door, you’d generate a large enough hole, and we can get out from there….”

He felt like remarking that even if they got out of this room, the exit would probably be nowhere near them, but he was interested in finding a way to break out of here and it’d take his mind off of-

Konaka: “Anyways, do you have any ideas?”


There is nothing unusual about the subject’s blood. After running several tests on it, the only thing we’ve been able to conclude from it is it’s type. (A+). In all honesty, I am incredibly disappointed…..The subject still appears to have no idea where it is, and seems to be hallucinating.Also, the subject appears to possess some sort of healing factor, for it’s been able to recover almost instantly from any tests involving puncturing of the skin. Plus, wounds have been constantly appearing on its body, before healing. We have not figured out why the subject can do this.Finally, it keeps calling me Vash and asking me to shut up. Do we have permission to test that vial of mutated Hinamizawa Syndrome on it? (We’ve been calling it Hinamashitchi Syndrome.)PS: Yes, we can duplicate Hinamashitchi Syndrome. Just so you know.Raygo Kiyrun hated filing these reports, but they were an incredibly annoying part of the job she had to accept.


Belarus needed to see him right now. She had to find her brother, for she’d finally gotten him to love her….She began climbing up the house, hoping that it’s roof was connected to the House of Personal Appearance’s….. and then she’d find her brother and he’d love her and she’d finally be-BANG!She had no idea who was shooting at her. It was probably someone who wanted her to die…. and they’d steal everyone who’d ever loved her, just like that awful man all those years ago had done to her brother…..Thankfully, she didn’t fall off of the roof. However, she wasn’t the only person there.

Yuno: “….oh, you’re going this way? Well, I was able to talk to your brother, and he’s currently busy right now…. but don’t worry! While he’s working on something for you, could you help me?”

Yuno handed her a vial. She wasn’t sure what this had to do with anything, but…. her brother…..She was a step closer in getting him to love her. And that was all that mattered, so why not repay the person who’d convinced him into doing so?And she agreed.