Vienna Burning Day Five


Where the hell is my sister?!Liechtenstein had just disappeared from her house two days ago, and he had no idea where she even was. She hadn’t told him that she’d be gone, so something had to have happened to her…..For a minute, he thought he saw a girl with blond hair in someone’s house, and was about to fire through the window when he realized that there wasn’t anyone there. That had happened too many times for him to count. He kept shooting at the people who’d kidnapped her, only for the bullet to hit thin air.He was fully aware of the events in Austria and Hungary. How could he not have been? It came as such a shock to everyone…. and all he was concerned about was his sister. He didn’t want Liechtenstein to be the next victim of whichever terrorist group had turned their attentions to Europe….There was a part of him which tried to reassure him, saying that Austria and Hungary deserved it for abandoning his sister and that the only people who’d be targeted were those who’d wronged others in the past, so Liechtenstein was safe…. and there was a girl with blonde hair sitting in the house near him, and she had to be his sister, she had to be her….Switzerland fired his gun through the window, desperately hoping to hit her kidnapper….


…..the nation has currently declared a state of emergency, after the bombings of Vienna, Linz, and several other towns. The EU is currently debating-They’d chosen the wrong option. Kotonoha had managed to plunge Austria into a state of emergency, and all they’d done was confirm their suspicions that she was moving westwards through it.The general public also seemed to be more trusting of them, and a few people had showed up to give witness reports, officially confirming that she was behind this. Now, they just needed to find her….

Naoto: “We’re going to teleport…. where exactly?”
Kirigiri: “….as we have no idea where Kotonoha specifically is, I think we should try Linz and see if there anything else in the area….”
Naoto: “Wouldn’t…. nevermind. Let’s go.”


Belarus did follow her directions, but…. there was nothing left to do but wait. And wait. And Yuno was bored out of her mind. But…. she didn’t have to wait, did she? She could examine them now, and see how Shion was doing…. and…. well, she might as well take Tsukuyomi with her. Just to be safe….The two of them set off for the GUAG…. and nothing’d happened to the SLS. Shion was acting perfectly normally, and the rest of them seemed fine as well.But they couldn’t waste this opportunity. After all, why not cause a little mayhem?The window shattered behind her as she jumped through it with Tsukuyomi.


Shion: “-and we’re-”
Tsukuyomi: “SETSUNA!”
Shion: “-going to fight you right now!”

Of all the things Shion’d planned for, Yuno and Tsukuyomi crashing through their window was not one of them. She and Sapphire lunged towards Yuno, not caring about the glass or the state of the room.Meanwhile….

Setsuna: “What did you do to Konaka?!”
Tsukuyomi: “….oh? Her? Don’t you deserve to love someone better? I mean, I’d love to tell you two what I’ve been doing to them, but-”

She was cut off by a pair of swords slamming against her neck, forcing her onto the floor.

Peko: “….where are they?”
Tsukuyomi: “Take the sword off of me first and I’ll tell you!”
Peko: “….could you please give us the exact locations of Fuyuhiko and Konaka before I do anything else?”
Setsuna: “Um, shouldn’t you-”
Peko: “….I’m going to stay like this until she tells us where they are, if you don’t mind.”
Tsukuyomi: “I love you…. won’t you help me! You wouldn’t let me die….”

Setsuna was about to say something, but she was cut off by the sound of glass breaking and Yuno, Shion, and Sapphire were moving closer to Peko and Tsukuyomi. She drew her swords and-


And Yuno had grabbed Tsukuyomi and was running out the window, with everyone chasing her…. only for someone to knock over a pitcher of water, and the water landed on everyone….They weren’t dead, but the room was a mess. Again.


Nu-13 was bored out of her mind.She’d been standing outside of that room for what felt like hours, and nothing had happened. Absolutely nothing. It was like time had frozen, and she was the only living being. And she still hadn’t gotten him to love her yet.She wanted to blow something up. Like another one of those places they kept talking about. Maybe the one with that little girl who Tsukuyomi kept calling her impostor?And then they came back, she asked, and Tsukuyomi took over the job instead.