Vienna Burning Day Eleven


Naoto: “Miss Katsura, you are-”

Someone had found her. Well, they’d just have to go the way the others did. She yanked out her chainsaw and lunged towards the figure, hoping that they’d die….BANG!

Naoto: “Get the police! I’ll deal with her! She hasn’t killed everyone here!”

Naoto had expected that Kotonoha would try to take her out first, and not the other way around…. thankfully, Kotonoha was distracted by the shot.

Naoto: “You are under arrest for the murder of-”

Kotonoha lunged towards her, the handsaw inches away from her neck. Naoto grabbed her hand….BANG!The saw was destroyed, and Kotonoha was grabbing her neck…. and she didn’t want to kill her. But she didn’t want to die either….BANG!


…..connection to nation, could be exploited….Emotional/physical state can be altered…..We have done it…. it can be…..The mutation shows no significant changes in symptoms….…..death….. there is nothing significant about blood….However, there were plenty of significant things to be found in this person’s computer.Shiena briefly paused from her hacking to record it, before continuing the script. Maybe she’d get a coherent explanation this time.


There were two syringes in Mion’s hand, and she desperately hoped that this plan would work.

Mion: “You are currently about to undergo treatment for Hinamizawa Syndrome. You have been suffering from Hinamizawa Syndrome for the past-”

Sapphire lunged towards her, aiming the chainsaw at her head. Mion managed to duck, and jabbed a syringe into her arm.

Mion: “Anyways, as I was saying, I have just inoculated you against Hinamizawa Syndrome. It will reverse the course of the disease, and you will be asymptomatic tomorrow.”

Actually, none of the medications could reverse the disease, but she hoped that the placebo effect still worked….She’d just injected Sapphire and Peko with…. the cure to Hinamizawa Syndrome. She had 24 hours to wait and see….


The first thing that crossed Austria’s mind was a vague feeling of hope. Finally, the bomber had been apprehended…The second thing that crossed his mind was that this person couldn’t have possibly been responsible for blowing up Hungary, Liechtenstein, or Estonia…. and they were still debating what to do about the situation there…. and….The third thing that had crossed his mind was that someone had shot him in the head, which could explain his blurred memory…. but then, his lack of memory could also have to do with the bombs…. and where was he?He was lying down. That was all he was sure of. And there was someone stabbing him with needles…. or was he just hallucinating the needles to explain the sudden feeling of something crawling under his skin? And…. most of his memories had to be hallucinations.Why else would someone set him on fire?