Vienna Burning Day Eight


Hungary opened her eyes, and she was briefly aware of her surroundings. It looked like some sort of hospital…. but she wasn’t sure, and Shion was standing over her.She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t find a way to put all of her thoughts together….Where am I? How long have I been here? What’s happened?And then she remembered exactly what had happened in Europe, with the attacks and bombings and how her nation was finally beginning to rebuild, but Austria and Liechtenstein-She had to get out of this hospital and save them. Or she would, if her limbs didn’t feel like they were frozen in place…..

Kairi: “She’s improving….”

She wanted to ask Shion or Kairi if they could get her out of this hospital right now, but the world was turning to black and she was losing consciousness….


It is unknown how long Hinamashitchi Syndrome takes to reach level 5. The subject appears to be at level 3, but it has also been unconscious the entire time. I’ve been debating whether or not to untie its hands, for there are significant tremors in them….Also, it keeps receiving jagged wounds on its neck. It still possesses a healing factor, and said factor has not slowed down.Also, it is still calling me Vash and fire does not affect it at all. We’ve tried that.I would love to find a way to shut it up, but I guess I’ll have to thank you for giving me an immortal test subject. Maybe I should-She was about to finish her sentence when a bullet flew through the open door, almost hitting her. Thankfully, it hit the subject instead.


Someone had blown a hole through their door.Of everything Kuzuryuu and Konaka had tried to plan around, someone blowing a hole through the door was not one of them.

Konaka: “So, do we throw the plans out the window and run?”

The two of them jumped through the hole in the door…. and realized that they had no idea exactly what the layout of the building was. However, there was a man with a gun running around shooting everything.Following him probably wasn’t the world’s best idea, but at least it was better than standing in front of the door and doing nothing.And the two of them sprinted after the man with the gun, hoping he was leaving the building.


“…..I’m not sure who did this to your sister, but it’s most likely someone involved with the GUAE-”That was enough information. Someone in the GUAE had thought that blowing up Liechtenstein was a good idea, and he was going to kill whomever that was.Unfortunately, the green-haired girl hadn’t told him who’d bombed Liechtenstein, so he decided that everyone he saw in that building played a role in killing his sister. Besides, everyone there had to have at least condoned the idea of randomly bombing Liechtenstein.The downside to this plan was that he was running out of ammunition, and he’d brought all of his guns.Keep shooting. Everyone here killed her, and they have to pay.

Tsukuyomi: “Hello?”

He had to be hallucinating. That couldn’t have been his sister….. but he began running towards her…..

more hinamizawa.

Setsuna was the third person to start hallucinating.She was about to ask Shion something, when the room turned black and she felt something on her neck.It was like someone was slicing it open….. and she wanted to do something to it, but there was someone trying to kill her. There was someone with white hair lunging towards her, and she had to kill them before they’d kill her….It didn’t matter that there was something crawling under her skin. That could be dealt with later. She grabbed her sword, and began to fight.Somewhere, Shion was yelling at…. something. She wasn’t sure what….