The Pantheonic Rebellion Prologue

Prologue: Chapter 1: New arrivals

Chapter Synopsis: Tells the tale of Flonne’s arrival in the GUAG Sisterhood (upon the orders of Lamington).

Flonne approaches the door to the Sisterhood’s fortress and presses the buzzer.

Random Magical Girl: Who is it.
Flonne: I’m here to apply for membership into the Sisterhood.
Random Magical Girl: Oh, that’s right. We were expecting you. Right this way.

Flonne is escorted to Usagi, Madoka, Sakura, and Nahona.

Random Magical Girl: The new applicant is here.
Usagi: Ready the application exam in the training room.
Random Magical Girl: Yes ma’am.
Usagi: Lady Archangel, given what we’ve heard about your abilities, we thought it would be fitting if your exam was a mock battle. Follow me.

Five minutes later, Flonne is in what appears to be a stadium. Countless apprentice magical girls are in attendance for the upcoming spectacle. Cheers are heard all around the stadium. Usagi is holding a mic as she stands in the center of the arena.

Usagi: Sisters, behold our newest applicant. From Celestia, Arch Angel Flonne. Applicant, state your purpose for joining us.
Flonne: After what happened, the Sisterhood could use the miracle of love. Oh, and I love magical girl anime so I figured why not.

A collective anime sweat drop appears on the audience’s foreheads at the ditzy comments they just heard.

Fate: *Is this girl for real?*
Usagi: As per the rules of a combat exam, Flonne will face a current member of the sisterhood in a test of skill. Since the Founding members believe that this applicant might be quite powerful, Flonne will have to face two opponents. Sayaka Miki and Mami Tomoe. *she talks into a head set*
Usagi: Don’t let your guards down. She may look like a ditz, trust me I should know about that one, but she IS one the Sereph’s highest ranked angels, so be on your toes.

Mami and Sayaka approach the arena from the opposite side. A podium rises from where Usagi was standing

Usagi: Keep it clean, transform, and begin.

All three girls transform. As Flonne reveals her Pure Pink transformation, Cure Happy (in the locker rooms with Kyoko) is especially weirded out, given how Flonne’s costume is a near perfect cosplay of her own transformation.

Cure Happy: Okay, this is just creepy.
Kyoko: And we thought Homura was flat.

At the arena, Flonne’s eyes appear to catch fire.


Mami and Sayaka take a half-step back. They hadn’t expected such an outburst. Flonne stomps her foot like a little kid.

Flonne: Ooooh, I’ve had it! I come here to join your team and I get insulted for my trouble?!? I’ll show you that chest size doesn’t mean ANYTHING! I’ll show you the power! OF PURE! PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!

A shocking amount of energy explodes from the arch angel, nearly blasting Mami and Sayaka off their feet.

Mami: Goodness…!

Sayaka grins like a maniac.

Sayaka: Oh well, looks like we’ve got a real fight on our hands now!

She raises her sword as a glowing card appears before her.

Sayaka: Let’s do this, Oktavia!

Oktavia swings her giant sword down. Flonne rolls to the side and fires off a few discharges from her staff, intercepting some of Mami’s musket shots. As a few gears go flying toward’s Flonne, she casts a gust of “Mega” strength wind, blowing them away.

Flonne: Mega Fire!

An orange glyph appears at Sayaka’s feet. She just barely jumps out the way with her enhanced speed, feeling the heat from the burst of flame in the process. Mami returns fire, this time going full-blown “Unlimited Musket Works”. Flonne’s response is to fly up and cast “Holy Arrows”, shooting a torrent of white arrows, piercing through most of the rain of bullets, receiving a few hits in the process, and striking Mami directly. Or at least that’s what would have happened if it was the real Mami. The “Mami” before Flonne explodes in a burst of ribbons that charges at Flonne, tying her up. The crowd is ecstatic at the display of magical power from all participants.

Mami: What do you say Sayaka, is it time to end this match. TRIO FINALE!!!
Sayaka: Yeah. Disappointing that it would be this easy.

Flonne in her ditzy manner is cheerfully whistling as some of Sayaka’s conjured sabers come down to make their mark. She casually drops the weight that she had with her the whole time, just before Mami’s signature move made its mark. All that could be seen is an explosion of pink energy. The explosion of pink energy clashes with the shot from the enormous cannon Mami had just shot and sends Flonne’s opponents flying, hitting a nearby wall in the process. When the dust settles, Flonne is glowing with a DBZ-style pink aura and it seems as if all the damage Sayaka and Mami had done to her has disappeared.

Sayaka: No way. Impossible.
Mami: What was that about this match being easy?

What the girls didn’t realize was that the damage they were doing to Flonne had triggered Pure Pink’s evilities: Fabricated Setting, and Dangerous Revival. The former, activated when Flonne’s hit points became less than 25% (prevented from going off by the weight she had) was the secondary evility, completely healed all damage and granted a 25% boost to all of Flonne’s stats. This evility also triggered Dangerous Revival, Pure Pink’s main evility, which gives a stat boost to all stats whenever she is healed. Since Pure Pink was brough down to less than 5% of her maximum health, the total stat boost to all stats gained was 110%.

Sayaka and Mami both gulp, realizing that the fight has only now truly begun. Sayaka runs in headlong with Oktavia trying to suppress Flonne with her gears. The gears are effortlessly dodged with inhuman speed as Flonne drops a “Giga” ice spell right where Sayaka was going to land. Mami uses her magic to summon the “Mami Tank”.


The tank fires its cannon, only for a large mechanical hand from Flonnzor X to punch the blast, sending Mami reeling back. Usagi is faced with no other choice but to add some surprise difficulty to the match to counteract the MASSIVE boost to Flonne’s power.


Upon the order, Kyoko and Nagisa (turned into Charolette) charge into the arena. Charolette tries to bite Flonne, only for her to quickly enter one of her cosplay costumes.


Flonne now inside a kaiju cosplay grabs Charolette, opens her mouth and breathes fire into it like the ending of a Godzilla film, instantly incapacitating Charolette in a way similar to how Homura has beaten her in the past. Kyoko looks completely flabbergasted at the random nature of Flonne’s latest attack. Flonne takes her staff and starts to magically doodle a large heart into the moon. Kyoko and Sayaka start charging.

Flonne: EXTREME LOVE!!!!

Before they can land a blow, the heart discharges a massive beam, hitting all of Flonne’s opponents at once, rendering them unable to fight anymore.

Fate: Why did she have to say THAT?
Nanoha: There’s nothing wrong it. Aren’t the words you’re not supposed to say “A fight? Count me in!”

Fate face palms at the idiocy of her friend’s words. It takes but a few seconds for some dreaded words to be uttered.

Unknown Voices: EVERYONE….GET IN HERE!

The stadium is beset by a swarm of grey skinned dwarves with blue beards. The dreaded Grim Patrons. Surly, itching for a fight, and worst of all, completely drunk. A battle erupts, with each time an attack fails to completely knock out a Patron, a new one appears for….reasons.

Grim Patrons: HE HE, PILE ON!
Kyoko: Dammit Homura! You just had to mention that story at the last camping retreat didn’t you.

Prologue: Chapter 2: Escalation

Chapter Synopsis: YHVH makes his threat against Madoka and Homura known. Outrage spreads throughout the pantheon as armies are formed. Valvatorez gains his full powers. Three hours after the proclamation, a pink hedgehog walks into Philemon’s domain.

Amy Rose: You asked for me?
Philemon: Yes indeed I have. I have some dire news that is thus far known only to a select few amongst our alliance namely the higher-ups and the Sisterhood. YHVH has made his intent to kill Madoka in an exceptionally cruel way known. I have a task that requires your set of skills.
Amy Rose: What would you have me do?
Philemon: You have a talent for bringing out the best in people. I want you to use those talents to pull some of the less than heroic members of this pantheon towards our side, since we are going to need all the help we can get. *Hands her a piece of paper and a black cloak resembling the garb of Organization XIII* This is a list of the ones most likely to be sympathetic to our cause given motivations and conduct. One of those assignments is going to be very dangerous seeing as it’s in the House of Villains itself, so I suggest donning that cloak when you go there. Go ahead and recruit anyone else who you think would be of benefit.

Amy reads the list. It contains the following names: Captain Cold, David Xanatos, Dr. Eggman, Mr. Freeze, Overlord Zetta, Lambadelta.

Amy: I have a few ideas on some candidates. *she rushes off onto her task and she has two very specific people in mind*

Ten minutes later, she’s at the house of Technology. She’s in luck since the first two people in mind just happen to be there at the same time having their usual fights of one-upmanship.

Amy: *yelling at them* Would you two cut it out for once!? I’ve got something important to talk about! *her expression becomes unusually sullen* It’s very serious.
Sonic: Why the long face?
Amy: It’s about Madoka.
Shadow: Madoka! What about Madoka?

Amy talks in detail about what YHVH has planned for her. Shadow’s expression turns into barely contained rage as his aura starts to turn red.

Sonic: That’s horrible. (clenches his fists) I won’t let that happen.
Shadow: Why didn’t she tell me about this?!
Amy: If you want to do something about it, talk to Philemon, Cosmos, Sereph Lamington, or Batman, they’re in charge of the plan to protect her.
Shadow: For the promise I made to her, the promise to protect the humans and their happiness, I’ll destroy him!

Unbeknownst to them, a drone was hovering above them, listening to their conversation. A familiar voice speaks from one of its speakers.

Dr. Eggman: I may be a wannabe dictator bent on world domination, but that….. THAT goes way too far. Even beyond the things my Negaverse counterpart is willing to do. For now, I call a truce. Take me with you.

With that, the three head off to the House of Mentalism. Things so far have been easier than expected.

Amy Rose: Well, here goes nothing.

She sighs as she decides to get the ugliest part of her mission done first. She dons the Black Cloak Philemon gave her as she began her foray into the House of Villains. She feels nauseous from the pure evil emanating from such a vile place. Not wanting to be noticed, Amy sticks to the shadows every chance she gets. It takes her at least an hour to get on the right track as the temperature starts becoming deathly cold. She realizes that one wrong move and she could end up heading towards the domain of Arthas or Prince Hans rather than her intended target, Captain Cold. Eventually, Amy comes to a cross roads with two paths. One path leads to a mountain, while the other leads to a modern era city.

Amy Rose: If my woman’s intuition is correct, then I’d best avoid that mountain. Here goes nothing.

She took the path to the modern era city while avoiding sight of the villains. Four minutes later after familiarizing herself with the city, the pink hedgehog had found Captain Cold outside his temple.

Amy Rose: Ahh, there are you are, Leonard Snart!
Captain Cold: Who are you? How do you know my name?
Amy Rose: I’m Amy Rose, and I’m here to see you on the behalf of Philemon, the god who embodies the good in all humans! The creator god YHVH is attacking, Madoka as we speak! You have to help us!

The former cryokinetic user stared for a few minutes before finally saying his sentiments.

Captain Cold: I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. This “YHVH” person is none of my concern. I have other things to do….
Amy Rose: …I’ll get someone else instead. Thanks for hearing me out.

Amy quietly leaves his domain and was taken by Philemon into his domain, where Igor accompanies him. She was saddened when she faced the entity.

Amy: (somber) I’m sorry… I couldn’t bring Captain Cold with me.
Philemon: It is unforunate that Leonard Snart couldn’t join with us to defeat the tyrannical creator god. Appears that he still has resentment for Mr. Allen. As for your next objective: Head for the house of ambiguity. There, you will meet the three guardians there.
Amy: Guts will be easy to convince. Can’t be too certain about Mr. Freeze.
Philemon: Viktor Fries will be easier to convince than Captain Cold. As for Lambdadelta, I’m not certain she will aid us in our fight against the creator God.
Amy: Alright… I’ll try, but first, get me out of the villains house.
Philemon: I cannot do that, unfortunately.
Amy: Ah, Darn it…

Their discussion ends, with the pink hedgehog returning to the physical realm of the pantheon. Growling in frustration, She puts on her black robe again to avoid the villains again. However, She thought of a way to bypass the villains in the form of a sewer top She saw within the modern era city.

Amy: (Thinking) I could always use the sewers to get through the villains… Good thing this robe can protect my clothes.

She moves the sewer top before she climbed down.

30 minutes later, Amy had arrived at the front entrance of the House of Ambiguity to have the guardians join their cause. Just as she had entered, however, see already all three guardians, Mr. Freeze, Guts, and Lambdadelta ready to depart the house. Amy’s entrance had stopped them for a minute.

Amy: Wait, Where are you guys going?
Guts: We’re joining up with those people at the Command Center.
Amy: Even Mr. Freeze as well?
Mr. Freeze: Yes. I was outraged when Lambdadelta informed us about YHVH’s plan against all of creation.
Guts: All because of the jealousy against one girl.

Amy blinked in surprised to hear that Lambdadelta was already aware of YHVH’s plan to destroy all of creation. She continued the conversation out of curiosity of the premises.

Lambdadelta: (angry) I’m all for pranks, but that bastard’s taking it too far. Both he and the demon Lord will get their just desserts for their actions!
Mr. Freeze: Why are you here, young woman?
Amy: I’m here on the behalf of Philemon, the entity of the goodness within all humans… (looks at Lambdadelta) and other entities.
Guts: I take it you’re sent to convince us to join with that goddess. Tell this “Philemon” person that we’ll be on our way.
Amy: Oookaaayy….

Blinking her eyes, She moved out of their way to allow the three guardians to depart the House of Ambiguity. She scratched her head in confusion on Lambdadelta’s discovery about the events that transpired around the Sisterhood. She was once again sent inside Philemon’s realm, where the masked entity closed up to her.

Philemon: Someone else must have gotten to the three guardians first.
Amy: And saved us the trouble as well. I do have to wonder who was the person convince all three guardians, let alone Lambdadelta, an entity indifferent to us, about all of this?
Philemon: Whoever it may be, they must have incredible charisma.
Amy: Was it Luke Skywalker? Captain Picard? Captain Kirk? (sarcastic) …Ho-oh?
Philemon: Those appear likely, although I can’t fathom the bird’s speech.
Amy: I’ll give you a device to understand them.

The masked entity briefly paused before speaking again.

Philemon: There’s one last person I must have you must meet.
Amy: Uh… Who is it?
Philemon: There’s a certain demon overlord named Zetta.
Amy: Zetta? Wait, that Zetta? But he’s not human. I’d rather avoid him and move on!

Amy stared at Philemon for a minute. How did he know about this Demon Overlord?

Philemon: That is true, Amy Rose, but beneath his ruthless, barbaric bravado, he is a demon capable of love.
Amy: How can I tell?
Philemon: Allow me to tell you one detail.

Philemon explained to Amy about Zetta’s life and his endeavours. After the benevolent masked entity was finished speaking, Amy nodded and returned to the physical world. Confident, albeit slightly nervous, the pink hedgehog departed the House of Ambiguity and headed for Zetta’s domain.

Overload Zetta, one of the guardians of the House of Otherness has gathered up a thousand prinnies and spoke.

Zetta: Listen up, you worthless weaklings! You’re all going to be pitted up in a death match, so don’t slack off!
Prinny 1: Dooood! We haven’t even had our lunch yet!
Prinny 2: There’s not enough food here!
Zetta: I don’t care! This is to make you all strong servants to my cause! Hahahahahaha!

Zetta stopped laughing when his door was knocked on.

Zetta: …I will be returning here shortly. Start fighting!
Prinny 3: Doooooooooood!

The prinnies mustered all of their energy training against one another to get stronger as Zetta opened his door, revealing a pink hedgehog.

???: Hello, O…Overlord Zetta.

Zetta, however, was at a loss of words for the small figure’s appearance.

Zetta: …And you are?
???: I am Amy R-rose. I have something to tell you!
Zetta: Spill it! I don’t have all day!
Amy Rose: The creator God YHVH has decided to take down all of creation. That includes the Netherworld.
Zetta: And the reason for this is…?
Amy Rose: A young girl called Madoka Kaname has gotten more followers than he himself.
Zetta: Whoever this “Madoka” is, she has nothing to do with me.
Amy Rose: Would you let your daughter Petta die by his hand?

The pink hedgehog’s words have made Zetta stop to realize something for a few minutes before speaking.

Zetta: So you’re telling me that if all of creation dies by this “YHVH” entity’s hand, my precious Petta will die as well?
Amy Rose: Yup. And you’ll never see her again.

This had sparked rage in Zetta, who spread his wings.

Zetta: Where is he!? I’ll destroy him!
Amy Rose: How do you expect to beat him by yourself? Your title is not enough to defeat him.

The demon overlord calmed down. Amy had a point: If he were to face YHVH and his allies alone, he would be killed in a few minutes.

Zetta: Do you have any idea to seek allies?
Amy Rose: They’re assembling demons and other creatures at Cosmos’s HQ!
Zetta: Cosmos, huh? Once this is done, I’ll be back.

Zetta flew away to go to the GUAG Command Center and grouped with everyone else with opposed YHVH and his friends. Amy looked to see the Prinnies, who decided to sleep since their master left his temple.

Amy Rose: Well… That did that… I don’t know who’ll help those penguins. Once everything is over, I’m going to hit a gym in the House of Sports.

Yawning, she left Zetta’s temple to rest in her own temple.

Prologue: Chapter 3: Soldier’s Duty, Friend’s Loyalty

Chapter Synopsis: Zero, Vulkan, Sangunius, Leman Russ, Cyrus, The Emperor, Shadow, and Harpuia talk about the Soldier’s Duty. Meanwhile, Mami approaches a new gunslinging friend with a potentially fatal task.

Meanwhile in the House of War….a fateful conversation begins.

“Racoon”: Can I have a word with you?
Master Chief: Speak your mind, ma’am.
“Racoon”: As you might already know, Homura is in a very dark place right now, one that has affected the Sisterhood as well. I suspect what the Incubators did to her might be influencing her actions somehow. Not through brain washing, but the trauma from those events.
Master Chief: Such an assessment is entirely believable given the horrors she’s been through.
“Racoon”: You are one of the people she trusts more than anyone around here, which is why I’m asking you to make this promise. To provide a shoulder for her to cry on and to do what you deem necessary to pull her back from that dark place. From my “experiences”, I believe that the only solution for this chain of events to not end tragically is for EVERYONE in the Sisterhood to come out of this alright. To restore their broken hopes and heal their hearts. This also means Homura comes out of this alright.
Master Chief: As a soldier that fights for the hopes of humanity, I agree. Their darkest hour must not turn into a final night, but instead become the dawn of a new day. This I promise them and you. Even if it means the Sisterhood might hate me for this one day, I will help them ALL through this.

A smile appears on “Racoon’s” face.

“Racoon”: When you make a promise, you keep it. Just like one of my mightiest friends. You’ll succeed, I know you will.

Sanguinius, Vulkan, Leman Russ, Cyrus, Zero, Harpuia, and Shadow, were gathered around in a room with the GUAG Command Center. Vulkan, Leman Russ, and Cyrus were standing next to Sanguinius, who began to speak.

Sanguinius: The emperor is busy gathering the finest warriors to fight against the tyrant’s forces. Since you’re all here early on your own term, There is something I have to tell you. Something you have all experience before: What is the duty of a Soldier?

The Primarch regains his breath as he awaits an answer from Zero, Harpuia, and Shadow.

Zero: A soldier’s duty is to follow orders.
Harpuia: It’s to preseve as many lives as possible as you face down the enemy.
Shadow: In my time with G.u.n, I realize that I must serve to accomplish the objective they have sent to me.

Hearing these answers have made Emperor of Man’s Primarch’s clap their hands.

Vulkan: Excellent answers… All of them are excellent answers. The three of you endured the horrors of warfare beforehand, But know this one lesson, my friends. You must savior the tragedies of those dearest to you in war, as you will not see them again.

Vulkan’s words have shakened Shadow and Harpuia. While Harpuia was disgusted in reminiscence by Copy-X’s decision to kill humans at Area Z-3079, he secretly regretted in not siding with the resistance earlier point in the mortal plane. The case was milder for Shadow. While he participated in several campaigns with G.U.N, He tried not be plagued by their actions against the two people he cherished the most: His creator, Professor Gerald Robotnik, and his granddaughter, Maria. Zero, on the other hand, understood the dark-skinned Primarch’s words; He sacrificed himself on three separate occasion to let the world live in peace. Leman Russ steps in and makes his remarks.

Leman Russ: War is more than just fighting. You must think of strategies in order to achieve victory. Fortunately for us, we are not alone in this, as we have many cunning allies who are with us.

Their conversation was cut were short when Jean-Luc Picard entered the room.

Sanguinius: Captain Picard? Do you a query?
Jean-Luc Picard: Everyone will be assembled in front of Command HQ for the fight against YHVH. Please come now.
Zero: I’m leaving.
Shadow: I’ll find Sonic and gather up the chaos emeralds.

Zero and Shadow get up from their seat to leave. Harpuia and the Primarchs all leave to go rendezvous with the everyone outside of GUAG Command HQ.

Mami Tomoe was waiting for someone in the dining room within Sisterhood HQ. She wanted to know what Homura was planning to do with the powers she stole from Madoka.

Mami: (Sighs; Thinks to herself) Akemi-san…

The two of them have fought alongside for some time despite some of their temporary fallouts in their home realm. Her thoughts were interrupted by footsteps approaching her away, revealing a man in a white robe and black socks with sandals underneath the latter. Mami was relieved to see the man arrived like she expected.

Mami: Coyote Starrk… Perfect timing that you’re here.
Starrk: Mam Tomoe… I don’t want to waste your time. What is it that you want?
Mami: I have a request that may be fatal… So hear what I have to say…

The serene Puella Magi went up to the Arrancar and talked lowly. He was shocked to when he heard what his acquantance had told him. The Primera Espada gulped as he was surprised to hear such a dangerous quest from her.

Starrk: …I will take that offer. I’ll promise not to tell Homura about our little deal.
Mami: Thank you…

The two gunslingers exit Sisterhood HQ. Little did they know that a little girl was listening on their conversation the entire time.

Prologue: Chapter 4: And So It Begins.

Chapter Synopsis: The Rebellion plans its strategy. Deployments are made, roles assigned and formations established.

Kiritsugu hands Artina one bullet, seemingly designed for a rifle in mind.

Artina: What’s this for?
Kiritsugu: This is an “Origin Bullet”. It is your ace in the hole in case The Regime has any high level mages amongst their ranks. Load it into the chamber of your revolver when that time comes. Make that shot count, as there is a very limited supply of them.

Meanwhile at some unknown point in the galaxy, Two orks were fighting a friendly battle with their clubs, evenly trading blows. Someone suddenly walked up to them.

Ghazkull: ‘ey Gork, Mork, I’s got umethin to tell ya.

Gork and Mork stop krumping each other with giant clubs and take notice.

Gork and Mork: yeaah????
Ghazkull: There be this thing called da Pantheonic Rebellin out there. alf da pantheon is gearin up for a right proper fight.
Gork and Mork: A fight ya says? Da biggest fight eva seen? Gatha up da boyz, cause its time for da motha of all WAAAAGGGHHHHHSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get da roks, get da Zog Off Planet Crumping Rockits. We’s got some killin ta do. Lots of things that aint been fought before and in need of some krumping.

Outside Command HQ, all of the members of the opposition against YHVH have assembled outside the GUAG Command Center. Cosmos, accompanied by Lamington and The God-Emperor of Mankind, have spoken to the entire army.

Cosmos: The fight against the angels and demons that oppose us has come! The creator God YHVH has no qualms about killing Madoka Kaname. That girl… Ever since her arrival in the Pantheon, her hope was as bright as I myself… Despite all of her greatest qualities, she still has her flaws. Nevertheless, we will support her to the very end!

Many people in the crowd cheered at Cosmos as she continued on with her speech.

Cosmos: Still… We have not only the creator god, but the demon lord, Lucifer! He was the one who coerced Madoka’s former herald, Homura Akemi, into stealing her powers! Homura may have deserted us in favor of Lucifer, but we will still achieve victory even if she was once one of our own… Even if she so dare to challenge us! We will not lose this war!

Everyone had cheered for the commander of the GUAG once more as she saw the number of people who have gathered in front of the Command Center.

Cosmos: This army is incredibly huge. The creator God and his apostles are not alone in this war. We will proceed with the divisions. Myself, Lamington, and a few others will be conducting a defensive front to protect Madoka from her killers. Superman and The Emperor will be leading the attack against YHVH himself. Those who are willing to help us protect Madoka from the creator god and his angels, go to any strongholds. Anyone assisting the God-Emperor, please sign up. You’re all dismissed!

Everyone disbanded as Cosmos, Lamington, and the God-Emperor walk back inside Command HQ. What everyone did not know was that she had secretly and reluctantly made an alliance with Kane and David Xanatos, two unlikely people to ally with her. Knowing their history, She was leery of what they pull in the war, but since they have a common enemy, it made her breathe slim relief. Whatever those two were plotting, the results weren’t going to be pleasant.

Prologue Chapter 5: The Shot Heard ‘Round the Pantheon

Despite the hundreds of thousands of soldiers present on each side, the area was deadly silent. In the fields was a legion of angels that stretched toward the horizon, too many to even count. Atop the walls of the mighty fortress before them stood the best and brightest the GUAG had to offer. And within the fortress itself was the target of the heavenly forces: Madoka Kaname.

At least, that was the idea. Unfortunately, Madoka was nowhere to be found. Usagi tore up and down hallways in a blind panic, screaming for her friend and asking everyone she met. Finally, Kero swooped in front of her, looking just as scared as she was.

Kero: Usagi! We’ve got a problem! It’s Madoka! She’s…!
Usagi: Missing, I know! And right as the angels show up, too!

A sudden tugging at her sock got her attention. It seemed that Luna was accompanying Kero. Usagi leaned down to listen better.

Luna: That’s not the problem. We know where she is: outside, heading toward the angels!

Usagi’s stomach lurched in horror.

Usagi: Wh-wha-?
Kero: I know! I think she’s gonna try to turn herself in, so that the war doesn’t have to happen!

Usagi took a deep breath to try to calm her racing heart. Then she reached down so that Luna could run up onto her shoulder.

Usagi: Kero, find Sakura and tell her what’s happened. Make sure that the GUAG holds their fire; if fighting breaks out while she’s down there…
Kero: Got it.

He flew away. Usagi took off running.

Usagi: (Thinking) Oh, please let me get there in time…!

She made it to the entrance hall in record time, opening the massive blast doors despite the protests of the guards. The metal doors slid away, revealing the planes beyond and the army of angels that stood at the ready. And just as Kero said, walking toward the angels with her back straight and head held high was…


Madoka didn’t react. Maybe she didn’t hear her: she was pretty far away by this point. Luna held on tight as Usagi sprinted out of the fortress, praying she’d get there in time.

By this point, Madoka had reached the angels. She stood resolute before them, and for what it was worth, it seemed as if YHVH’s forces had no idea how to react.

????: Excuse me, please, make way…

The angels parted as Mastema made his way forward. Madoka looked him right in the eye as the smarmy-looking angel stared down at her.

Mastema: What is the meaning of this, Madoka Kaname?

Madoka takes a breath.

Madoka: I’ve come to negotiate…terms of surrender.

This REALLY took the angels off guard. Mastema blinked.

Mastema: Really?
Madoka: The Sisterhood’s making a mistake trying to protect me. Without my power, I’m not worth anything to them, least of all a war. It’s me you want, isn’t it? If I hand myself over, will you spare the GUAG?

Mastema plays with a lock of his greasy black hair.

Mastema: You realize that our offer of turning you into an angel has been rescinded, no? The Lord wishes your destruction for the insults that the GUAG dealt him.
Madoka: If it means this war doesn’t have to happen. I’m not worth it.

Mastema can barely contain his glee. By this point, people on the walls of the fortress have noticed what’s happening, and their screams at Madoka to run echo all around the area.

Mastema: V-very well. Kneel, please.

Madoka does as she is bidden, and Mastema raises his hand. A glowing light appears in his palm, growing and shifting into the shape of a blinding white sword of energy.

Mastema: “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.”

He raises the sword. Usagi puts on an extra burst of speed, even as she realizes that she’d never make it in time…


Madoka ignores the screams of her friend, closing her eyes and bowing her head as she tries to keep herself from trembling.

Madoka: (Thinking) Everyone…I’m sorry…for all the trouble I’ve caused you…
Mastema: “And He will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know His name is the Lord when He layeth His venge-GAAAK!”

Madoka snaps her eyes open. She wasn’t what one would call ‘religious’, but she was pretty sure that prayer Mastema was doing wasn’t supposed to end midway with a cry of pain and shock. She looks up to see Mastema stumbling back, scrabbling at a wicked stinger that has embedded itself in his chest. The angels were crying out in shock, pointing up at something behind her, and she heard a noise like a helicopter.

Seconds later, something massive crashed down behind her. Usagi stumbles to a halt, staring in horror at the beast that has landed behind Madoka. It was a fly… a fly the size of a tank.

Luna: WHAT in the-what on earth IS that?!?

Madoka can do nothing. Terror has paralyzed her. Beelzebub glares at the assembled angels, clicking his mandibles, before reaching down and grabbing Madoka. His wings start flapping with a deafening roar, and the Prince of Lies takes off, flying back towards the fortress, Madoka screaming at the top of her lungs all the way. Usagi watches the demon with her mouth gaping open.Then a new sound grabs her attention. Mastema is howling in pain.

She was too far away to really see what was happening. Had she been closer, she’d have noticed Mastema clutching his head as thousands of little bulges began to ripple under his skin. The angels back away as their commander throws his head back. But instead of a scream of pain, something rather different comes out of his mouth: a black, buzzing cloud. Mastema collapses as Beelzebub’s brood explodes out of his body, and some of the angels start frantically firing attacks trying to disperse the cloud. Others cried out furiously as they turn their sights to the fortress, where Beelzebub was flying at breakneck speed.

Angel: A trick! They’ve thrown their lot in with Lucifer!

Luna looks over to Usagi, who is standing riveted at the sight, her eyes wide with horror.

Luna: Usagi! Sailor Moon, we need to go, now!

Usagi doesn’t seem to hear her. It was if she had passed out on her feet. The angels have recovered from their initial shock and were howling for blood. A few of them have noticed Usagi and were readying their weapons. Luna thought for a moment, then sighed.

Luna: This is for your own good, Sailor Moon.

She digs her claws into Usagi’s shoulder.


Well, at least it worked. The pain had brought her back down to earth. Usagi took one look at the angels and cringed.

Usagi: Uh oh.
Luna: RUN!

She didn’t need to say it again. Usagi turned and ran full tilt back toward the fortress as the angels let out a mighty battle-cry and charge. Attacks rain down from the fortress, crushing angels, and are answered by Zandynes, Ziodynes and other blasts of energy. From up on the fortress, a young blonde Puella Magi watches as Beelzebub zooms towards them, then glances down at the fighting that has erupted. She smirks.

Lucifer: And He saw that it was good. (her face darkens as she looks at Madoka squirming in Beelzebub’s grip) And now…

Beelzebub swoops in close to the wall and releases Madoka, who lands unceremoniously on her face. The Puella Magi not busy attacking the angels rush forward to help her up, but Lucifer makes it to her first. Hauling Madoka roughly to her feet, she winds up. Madoka is snapped out of her shock at having been carried by a giant fly when the disguised demon lord backhands her across the face, sending her sprawling to the ground with a yelp.


The Puella Magi level their weapons at Lucifer, who almost casually gestures and blows them off their feet with a telekinetic wave. Shee reaches down again, grabbing Madoka by the collar and lifting her bodily off the ground. Madoka stares into her cold blue eyes, tears gathering in her own as she watches her seethe with naked anger.

Lucifer: IMBECILE! You ridiculous, suicidal dimwit! Is that your go-to strategy: just throw your life away like a cheap Mc Donald‘s toy at the first sign of trouble?!? STOP PROVING ME RIGHT!

She hurls her to the ground and rounds on the rest of the Sisterhood.

Lucifer: Get Kaname inside! Tie her to a chair if you have to, remove sharp objects, I don’t care! She MUST live!

A Ziodyne hits her on the back of the head. She stumbles, then whirls toward the charging angels and holds out a hand. For a moment, a shining light breaks through the clouds, focused on the center of the massive army. Then a bolt of energy crashes down from the heavens, obliterating everything it hits.