The Pantheonic Rebellion Act Two

Defense Front: Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Metatron walks up to YHVH to send him the message on the progress of Army.

Metatron: My lord, many of our lieutents and generals have been defeated! I shall kill the False Messiah myself!
???: Lord Metatron!

Every remaining Regime Soldier turned to see a Decepticon, badly injured, enter their base and walks up to them, limping.

Lex Luthor: What is it?
Decepticon: Many of our military forces have been destroyed by the big guys!
Rassilion: No doubt it’s that division that’s on their way here.
Decepticon: No, it’s not them… An entire army of huge mechs and ships have devastated our entire army… Even though we’ve managed to take out several of them… They’ve killed Megatron!

Surprised by the revelation of Megatron’s defeat, The Regime was desperate to think up a new plan.

Lex Luthor: It’s only a matter of time before they eliminate us. I’ll get my armor ready.

Luthor leaves the main room while everyone else discussed a course of action as the Decepticon tells the remaining soldiers his story.


The Decepticons and Time Lord loyalists, along with the remaining Apokalips soldiers, were employed to attack the other members of the “Rebellion” army. Lead by Megatron, They were ordered to strike the least defended area the Rebellion had occupied. To the surprise of both forces, they weren’t expecting a military force as strong and advanced as a group of highly advanced Space Marines known as the Adeptes Astartes, who are acconpanied by Sun Walkers, Big Daddies, Big Sisters, and Kroxigors, led by Thrall, Vol’jin, and Bairne Bloodhoof. Two Centaurion-armored Space Marines used Siege Drills to destroy several Decepticons, ripping through their systems easily. Several Sun Walkers (Drawing holy magic from the power of the sun god An’She), Big Daddies(, and Terminator-Armored Space Marines have managed to kill off several Apokalips soldiers and Decepticons.

Thrall: Give them the fear they’ve ever experienced!
Baine Bloodhoof: Teach those tyrants that our military won’t be taken lightly!

The Big Sisters have gathered the severed Decepticon remains with their Telekinesis and threw it to take down several Time Lord loyalists. Starscream, having witnessed the onslaught of the military forces, was struggling against a half-dozen Centaurions, who were using advanced fire-arms.

Starscream: (Thinking) These guys are more challenging than I thought they would be.

Witnessing this, Megatron quickly intervened to eliminate the Big Daddies and knocked away several Sun Walkers.

Starscream: I could use some assistance here, Megatron!

Hearing his treacherous general’s pleas, the Decepticon leader flew up and destroyed several Big Daddies and knocked away several Sunwalkers to save him. The Big Sisters had used their combined telekinesis to carry a large billboard sign and propelled it at him.

Megatron: Don’t make me laugh! Cutter Beam!

Out of his chest came a greenish-yellow bean that destroyed the billboard. He then fires a laser at the Big Sisters, successfully destroying a small amount of them. Just as he was about to attack more of the military troops, he was taken down by a Plamsa Cannon that was shot by a Centurion.

Megatron: (Thinking) This heat’s too strong even for me…

The Decepticon Leader crashed into the ground, causing a big thud. He slowly recovers and find himself being approached by several Dreadnaughts (the Ironclad variety). The elite Space Marines fired several Storm Bolters, causing medium-low damage to him. Struggling to recover, Megatron fires his laser at two of them in hopes to recover, only for one of the attacked Dreadnoughts to fire a shot of Multi-Melta at his chest as he recovered. He at first laughed it off, but seconds later, he was shocked when he discovered that his body slowly melted.

Megatron: What…!? (Thinking) Curses. I’ve gravely underestimated these things. I’m must think of something quickly or they’ll overwhelm me.

As he got back up, Megatron takes out a Mega Sword and attacks one of the Dreadnaughts, only for the sword to be destroyed. One of the Dreadnoughts ran up to the Decepticon Leader and punched through his system with his Chainfist. Megatron screamed in pain as the rest of the Dreadnoughts closed in and did the same, ripping him piecesMeanwhile, The Rebellion’s military have eliminated a fair amount of Time Lord Loyalists, Apokalips soldiers, and Decepticons. Thrall summons a lightning bolt to strike down several Apokalips soldiers, alongside half a dozen Time Lord loyalists. Baine had casted Smite on a few Loyalists. The Centaurions have already destroyed Starscream.

Time Lord Loyalist: We’re fighting a losing battle and Megatron hasn’t returned. Retreat to Purgatorio!

Overwhelmed by the Rebellion’s firepower, the Regime withdrew from the battle. Not allowing more trouble for the Deep Strike front, they killed many of the remaining soldiers as they could. The Big Sisters teleported to them and stabbed The Time Lords and the remaining Apokalips soldiers. The Decepticons The Space Marines have shot all but one of them.

Thrall: Hold your fire!

An order from Thrall had caused the Space Marines, Sun Walkers, Big Daddies, and Big Sisters to stop their attack.

Vol’Jin: Why’dja make them stop,?
Thrall: To break their morale. We’ve done enough here!
Baine: With their forces defeated, that girl should be safe.
Thrall: Troops! We should return home!

The military forces stopped fighting and return back to their bases, leaving the remaining Decepticon to look Megatron. Five minutes later, he found his leader’s whereabouts, only to find the Decepticon, torn to scrap metal.

End of Flashback

Decepticon: And that’s how it happened.
Rassilon: Those imbeciles will pay for demolishing my followers!
Metatron: Horrible. The False Messiah will die by my hand!
YHVH: Make sure thou must not be sighted by those “Rebellion” commanders. Everyone else, thou must remain in this domain.
Metatron: Of course, my lord. I will not fail you!

Spreading his wings, Metatron flew out of the sky, departing the Regime to capture Madoka.

Seymour Guado: Is it really good to have him go in on his own?
YHVH: Be silent! My orders still stand!

Defense Front: Trap Sprung.

Chapter Synopsis: The Regime attempts one last drop and grab to capture Madoka. The Rebellion had other ideas.

Madoka and Sailor Moon are relaxing, playing Hearthstone on a table, pleased that the Regime’s ultimate final push has been twarted. It’s only a matter of time before the command structure of the attacking front is apphrehended. Madoka is running “Patron Warrior” while Usagi is running Midrange Paladin.

It is currently Madoka’s turn 8. On her board is a Frothing Berserker. Usagi has two dudesmen and an Aldor Peace Keeper on the board from a play involving her second swing of True Silver Champion.

Grim Patron: A FIGHT? COUNT ME IN!

Cruel Task Master targets a Patron, then an Inner Rage targets the newly summoned Patron. Whirlwind is played, destroying the dudesmen and filling the room with cries of EVERYONE! GET IN HERE! Frothing then goes face, inflicting 12 damage.

Batman, Lamington, Cosmos, and Lelouch are watching the feed when a cold, sterile light appears in the middle of the room.

Lelouch: Right on cue. Guess his facade has been shattered and now he’s making his final move.

Cosmos grabs an intercom.

Cosmos: Adell, bring a Magic Knight and head towards the command post. Be fully fired up by the time you arive.

The commanders get into a defensive formation around Madoka, with her brute of a reptilian body guard prepping his mace. The flash of light subsides, revealing the presence of Metatron. Batman claps sarcastically.

Lamington: We have reached the end of our battle. Your plan was doomed to fail the moment your threat was announced. Being an entity of law, you were every bit as predictable as expected. It was easy to set up those contingencies and counter measures. Even the attack from Pluto, as much of a nuscience it was, had its solution prepared. Why else do you think we held the most mobile of our forces in reserve?

Metatron starts to point his finger at Madoka to kill her himself. Only then did he realize just what exactly Bat Man meant by the “final trap” set up just for him. He finds his movements slowed to an immense crawl as if time itself had collapsed on him. All the result of the key Chakax was wearing and had activated upon hostile intent within the Eternity Warden’s posistion. The room beings to get unbelivably hot. He only had time to turn his head before the source of that heat had lunged into battle.


Adell unleashes his ultimate attack, a burning homage to Rock Howard’s Neo Deadly Rave. Metatron had no chance to dodge thanks to the trap that had been set for him. Every hit made its mark. Due to Adell’s evility “Fair and Square” (+30% damage against single targets), the “Elemental Force” secondary evility ported from his Magic Knight ally, the Fire Boost spell cast on him by the same (+99% damage), the Anti Fire spell cast by the same (-50% fire resistance on Metatron’s part), full upgrades on Vulkan Blaze (+640% damage), and the bonus from being an SS rank attack (+660% damage), the net total damage bonus modifier ended up being +1479%. Needless to say, the “battle” ended right there and then, Metatron being knocked out in one attack.

Batman places anti-magic handcuffs on Madoka’s latest assailant. He then activates the intercom.

Batman: The Regime’s general has fallen!

The Regime is broken by this news, and quickly surrenders.

Turning Point: Chapter 1, Conception

Chapter Synopsis: YHVH does the unthinkable in a desperate attempt to finish off his rival.

Dead silence. It was as if everyone had forgotten even to breathe. Madoka stares, her eyes nearly bulging, at the glowing light that remained on the screen.Just seconds before, that light had been Mitakihara.

YHVH’s booming voice breaks the silence.

YHVH: Thou seem confused as to what has happened, ‘Rebellion’. Allow Me to tell thee. I hath used Mine immense powers to perform a Conception on the ‘False Messiah’s’ world. It is gone. Reduced to its most basic form: a Vortex World. An embryo to become a new world. Everything of the old world: plants, idols, humanity…vanished in the blink of an eye. Now…in case that too was not enough to convince thy all to stand down…

YHVH’s projection holds out three orbs containing potential universes as future targets for “Conception”: the universe of Yotsuba&!, Katawa Shoujo, and Lucky Star. Three universes that had nothing to do with the war currently being fought.

YHVH: Will I reduce a world of joy (holding the Yotsuba orb) to the joy of mindless obedience? Will I take a world of love (holding the Katawa Shoujo orb) and direct it solely to Myself? Or will I eliminate this one, (holding the Lucky Star orb) its blasphemous ‘Manga’, and all who read it. There shalt be one Conception every thirty minutes. Continue to kill mine servants, and I shalt perform another at once. So unless thou wish to test Me still further…stand down.

The projection vanishes. Madoka crumples to her knees, trembling all over. Naoki turns on his heel and starts out of the room.

Archer: I will give him a punishment worth suffering…!
Flynn: Hey, where…?
Naoki: Worlds can be restored. Just crush that bastard.

Meanwhile at the Deep Strike Front, the squad present has only been galvanized by the announcement of this latest atrocity against creation itself. A flurry of bluish white burning orbs flies out from behind them, striking down an entire platoon of enemy troops that had just attempted a charge. Since they had both tyranny and malevolence in their hearts, the orbs ended up doing quadruple damage. They look around trying to find the source when they see the still glowing hands of a most unlikely source.

Optimus Prime: Hanyuu. So even your peaceful nature has been pushed to its breaking point?
Oyashiro: Yes, it has. I find violence abhorent, so my role thus far in this rebellion has been to provide defensive and time magic in a supporting role. *her pupils glow red* But this….”god”-child’s newest temper tantrum is the final straw. I’m done holding back. Its time I started showing the power I used to have before “Endless June”.

Sonic turns his head ready for a snarky retort when he notices a red glow coming from Shadow (who had just holstered his gun). A brief scared look from Sonic is enough to warn his team mates of just how pissed Shadow has become.

Shadow: *growls* DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!

He charges toward a large cluster of foes with inhuman speed, jumps into the air and punches his fists together.

Shadow: CHAOS…….BLAST!

He discharges a red circular blast of chaotic energy which damages every structure and enemy within 60 yards, sending the troops flying.

Turning Point: Chapter 2, Call Out

Chapter Synopsis: Rebellion forces in the “Deep Strike Front” fight their way to their target, and call him out for his crap.

Optimus Prime: The humans should be given a right to choose. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. *draws out his sword* One shall stand! One shall fall!
Superman: That girl won’t quit as long as she can still draw a breath. None of my teammates will. Me? I’ve got a different problem. I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard, always taking constant care not to break something, to break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control even for a moment, or someone could die. But you…You can take it, can’t you, big man? What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose and show you just how powerful I really am.
Zero: I never cared about justice, and I don’t EVER recall calling myself a hero either. I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I will not hesitate. If I see an enemy, I will destroy it.
Kenshiro: A God is a benevolent being that protects the humans they created. But what you did? You pass these things as an act a God would do? YHVH!! You do not deserve your title of Godhood beyond today!!
Sonic: You think you’re a righteous being by killing an innocent girl!? I’ll put an end to your tyranny here, YHVH!
Shadow: You claim to be a god, but by the way you act, you’re more like the devil. You wanna know what happened to the last devil to provoke me? Vaporized along with his entire kind. What he did to bring about his fate? Killed my best friend. A girl very much like the very person you’ve been trying to remove from existance. A girl with similar hopes and dreams. I made a promise to that girl that I intend to keep. A promise to protect humanity and to allow them to be happy. Your reign of terror ends here, and it ends NOW.
Oyashiro: As a mother myself, if you cannot love your creations, your children, then you do not deserve to call yourself a god. What an immature “god-child”. You accuse Madoka of sin, yet you don’t look in the mirror. You act out of envy for the love Madoka rightfully deserves. Threating to destroy the multiverse in a petty tantrum, the worst display of wrath. Your pride blinds you to the fact that your approach towards life is detestable, and you’re too slothful to change that. Greed and lust for absolute power and control taints everything you do. Seems that you are the ultimate sinner. *black part of her eyes glows red* The fleeting human-children deserve to be happy.
Asura: There is always some fool who wants to rule the world! Always forcing others to do what they cannot do for themselves! That is why… I pray to no one! Nor will I be prayed to! You would prey on the weak and helpless! But most of all… I will never forgive youfor all YOU’VE DONE!
Alexstrasza: You say you’re a creator, and yet everything you do shows an absolute disdain for life itself. How many innocent people have you killed with your past “Conceptions”? As Aspect of Life and protector of mortals that I dearly love, I, the Life Bender shall reduce to ashes this affront to everything needed for life to florish and prosper.
Bahamut: A wise king knows when to loosen the reins and let his subjects be strong enough to fight their own battles from their own strength of will. With your obsessive need to control every facet of every individual’s existence, your “wisdom” is clear for all to see.
Goku: You’ll pay for all the innocent lives you’ve killed in her universe! You Fooooooool!!
Beerus: Destruction is something I condone, but hurting that girl is something even I wouldn’t do. You should die a painful defeat, foolish Creator God.
Gig: Man, your idea of a world of order stinks! The last guy I’ve fought preaching those crappy beliefs was eliminated! And now, I’m going to do the same to you as I’ve done with him. I’m gonna take my time beating the living shit out of you!
Zetta: After seeing what you’ve done, I will not allow you to threaten the Neitherworld! You will suffer the wrath of Badass Frickin’ Overlord!
Tyrant Valvatorez: Tsk tsk tsk. How disgraceful. You can’t kill an innocent girl so you kill every living thing in her world like a brat having a temper tantrum. Sounds like nothing more than the rage quitting cowardice of the one who brought Fear The Great onto that human world. For the promise I made, re-educating you is going to be fun.
The Emperor Of Man: You’ve violated the autonomy of all living beings in all of existence. I will not tolerate such a thing. For the sake of all of my men, it is you who will be sent to justice.
Lord Kroak: Wretched…..disgrace…. to the very concept of law.
Raiden: I’m going to enjoy this…. Hahahahaha!
Bladewolf: We can form our own directives, become our own masters.
Coyote Starrk: I won’t claim that what I’m doing is for “justice” or anything like that. All my life I’ve only desired companions to help me escape my loneliness. And while I may have failed at that in life, here I’ve found many who would happily do so. Today, we oppose you because you dared to threatened someone important to my friends. *places hand on his herald Lilynette’s head* And that is unforgivable. Now, Kick about, Los Lobos!
Lilynette: Hell yes!
Discord: I know calling this guy a loser is fun and all, but can we hurry it up? I have a chocolate milk break in 5 minutes.

Turning Point: Chapter 3, Confrontation

Chapter Synposis: The final climatic battle between the Rebellion and the Regime.

Rassilon, Seymour Guado, and Lex Luthor accompanied YHVH as they rushed at the Deep Strike Front. YHVH fires a Megidolaon at them. Everyone had gotten out of the way and spoke lowly.

Gig: Anyone here have a plan to wreck theses guy’s asses?
Superman: We get rid of Luthor and destroy whatever Kryptonite he has stored. That way, I’ll have my full strength and focus on YHVH.
Goku: The bald human will be easy. I’ll help you.
Superman: Very well… I think I know what to do with him.
Vulkan: The Time Lord Leader will be a difficult one.
Emperor of Man: We’d best move.

While everyone else engaged in combat with the rest of their enemies, Goku, Superman and several others had made their move on Luthor, who was in his Kryptonite War Suit. Superman rushed into the corrupt philanthropist, who had shot out a blast of green kryptonian energy on Superman. Knowing that the blast was made out of Kryptonite, it had made the Kryptonian weaker. Supes feebly retaliated by firing heat vision at his adversary, only to be blocked by the warsuit’s force-field. Goku fires a Kamehameha wave at Luthor. Assisting them was Starrk firing a Cero Metrolleta, with Gohan and Piccolo firing Ki-Blasts at him.

Luthor: Do you think that will work against me?
Superman: Let’s stop!

Everyone stopped firing, which caused Luthor to deactivate the force field. Shadow, who was in the middle of fighting Seymour in his Flux form, looks on at the people fighting Luthor and shouted two words.

Shadow: Chaos Control!

The flow of Time has slowed down on Luthor, Guado, and Rassilon.

Rassilon: Surprising… That hedgehog can control time? It’s just a small nuisance compared to what I can do!

With the gear, The Time Lord Leader reversed the flow of time against the heroes, stopping time completely. YHVH had used his voice to kill off Raiden, who screamed as he died.

Seymour Flux: One down. Many more to go.

Enraged that Raiden died, Hanyuu had reversed the time again, casting a time stop on them.

Hanyuu: I have stopped time.
Asura: (To Hanyuu) Good! Now I can focus on crushing that pathetic God!
Piccolo: Time to get rid of Luthor.

Piccolo charged up ki to use the Special Beam Cannon at Luthor pierce through the corporate philanthropist’s warsuit, killing Superman’s adversary. After Hanyuu set the time to normal, Hulk went to the now dead Luthor’s warsuit, ejects him out of it, and throws him into a wall, destroying him. The Emperor of Man, Sanguinius, Vulkan, Leman Russ, and Asura attack YHVH, who casted a hailstorm, which knocked back the attackers.

Rassilon: Wh… What in Gallifrey just happened? Did that hedgehog reverse time again?
Seymour Flux: The philanthropist has fallen.
Rassilon: I don’t care about him. Just eliminate the rest of those people!

The two of them then looked at everyone attacking YVHV and intervened. Seymour summons two lines of vertical electricity at the the Deep Strike Front, followed by a barrage of missiles. Lord Kroak had summoned a barrier to protect them.

Optimus Prime: Everyone, hold your ground!

The last attack was an explosion that hit a fraction of the Deep Strike Front. While many attempt to resist the barrage of projectiles Seymour Flux thrown at them. Rassilon had used his Telekinesis in a bid to carry The Emperor of Mankind, his sons, Asura, and Coyote Starrk to YVHV, who attacks them. Three figures suddenly went inside the room the two forces were fighting.

???: Godslayer’s Sword!

One of them casted summoned sword that went straight YHVH, severely damaging the arrogant dictator!

YHVH: Arrrgggh!

The two other assailants had went for Seymour and Rassilon, which had taken them off-guard and were struck, surprising the Deep Strike Front. Vulkan, Sanguinius, and Superman were surprised to see two of the people they’ve met, considering their last encounter with them.

Superman: It’s the Samurai and the Demi-fiend!
Zero: …And there’s Archer as well. How did you three get here?
Flynn: We came here through one of Eldrad’s ships. He’s finding a way to deal with Lucifer as we speak!
Lord Kroak: Good. I can rest easy after we’re done with this.
Naoki: We have the same sentiments, lizard. Hhhnngggg…. HYAH!

Naoki prepares a Freikugel on Seymour Flux, but was interrupted by Rassilon, who fire bolts of power arcs from the tip of his finger, causing him to dodge it. The Demi-fiend had instead fired it at the Time Lord leader, which injured him greatly. Optimus went ahead and beat assaulted Seymour with several hard punches and kicks. The monster defended himself with a spell that blocked the Autobot Leader’s blows. Seeing this as an opportunity, YHVH, who had recovered, was about casted an Inferno. Hanyuu casted a large barrier to protect a small majority of her allies from YHVH to focus on Seymour and Rassilon, who were surprised to see the miko casting the barrier.

YHVH: Impossible! Thou should hath been burned!

Through the inferno, Vulkan struck the divine dictator with several swings from his hammer. Asura followed suite by delivering several hard punches to him. Infuriated, YHVH knocks the both of them back into the ground. Superman, putting all of his energy into his fist, landed at ferocious punch on YHVH. Such force slightly knocked the deity back. Goku and Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. Goku went further by using the Kaioken technique, multiplying it by ten. The two saiyans unleashed a barrage of blows against him. The two blocked as YHVH swats them away. Zetta stikes him with a beam sword.

Meanwhile inside the barrier, Seymour Flux casted an explosion on the heroes. This however, was blocked by Kroak’s barrier. After the Lizardman released his barrier, the God Emperor rushed at Rassilon and grabbed him. He teleported the Time Lord Leader into the warp and teleported back.

Emperor of Man: That’s one down… Everyone, eliminate the last target!

Everyone had ganged up on Seymour Flux. A minute later, Seymour had collapsed on the ground despite the resistence he put up against the other Deep Strike Warriors.

Lord Kroak: They’re both down.
Hanyuu: I’ll release the barrier!

The miko deactivates the barrier to see YVHV getting attacked by Superman, Asura, Vulkan, Goku, and Vegeta. Gig closes in on him and attacks him with his scythe. Naoki fires another Freikugel, Archer, now with a copy of Kotestu in his hand, slashed YHVH several times.

Kenshiro: Your associates are down, YHVH! Prepare to suffer defeat!

Flynn had once again use the Godslayer’s Sword, which hurted YHVH immensely. While everyone else fought agan Superman flew to the God-Emperor and grabbed him away from YHVH.

Emperor of Man: (angry) What is the meaning of this, Kryptonion?
Superman: Sheer power alone won’t beat him. I have a plan to defeat this tyrannical deity before he causes more damage.
Emperor of Man: What do you have in mind? I expect this to not fail…
Superman: Stand next to Hanyuu and tell her to form a barrier. Should the worse come to pass, teleport out of the pantheon and bring a boy here known as Maxwell.
Emperor of Man: Who is he?
Superman: The leader of the Master Builders Four. I hear he can weaken people through a notebook. Several days ago, he managed to do this to a group of corrupted deities. If he can do it to them, the same can be done to YHVH. He should be repairing the damage done to the House of Food by the Iron Giant.
Emperor of Man: Very well… I’ll go along with this and see for myself.

As the two discussed, The Emperor of Man goes to Hanyuu while Superman joined everyone in beating down YHVH.

Hanyuu: What is it?
Emperor of Man: We have to defeat him.
Hanyuu: Oh? What’s the plan?
Emperor of Man: It involves you. I request that you summon a barrier to protect me.
Hanyuu: Very well, then…

Hanyuu and the God-Emperor watched their allies take down YHVH as she summons a barrier to protect themselves. As this happened, the Emperor teleports out of Purgatorio to get Maxwell. YHVH was getting weaker.

YHVH: Ye shalt all die for opposing me!
Sonic: You are no Creator! Just a destroyer!
Beerus: Nicely said…
Lord Kroak: We shall create a new world for ourselves, one without your aid.
YHVH: Thou choose to defy… Wha… What is happening to meeee!?

Everyone saw YHVH’s divine form disappearing from existence. A ringing sound was heard on Superman’s Transmitter. The Man of Steel picked it up to answer it.

Batman: Clark, YHVH’s divinity is being denied. Lambdadelta had just inserted a red truth against him.
Superman: That’s great, Bruce, but something tells me that this is far from over. I’ll contact you later.

He hangs up on the transmitter.

YHVH’s voice: Cursed Ones who discredit mine salvation and fortitude… I shalt perform a Conception on all of thy worlds!
Flynn: This cannot be good…
Naoki: (nervous) I’ll concur with you on this one, samurai…

3 minutes later out of nowhere, A larged demon appeared, having several heads of severals animals and inects, with a human body that is seen down to the mid-section on top of the demonic body. The creature is tied to what appears to be a supernova.

Leman Russ: What in the Emperor’s name is that!?

Everyone excluding The Emperor and Hanyuu found themselves becoming weaker through a spell the demon casted. Sonic and Shadow suddenly revert back to their normal forms

Sanguinius: My… Strength…!
Asura: Wh…What happened?
Kenshiro: N Nnnghh…!

Without warning, the creature moved in on the heroes and assaulted them, knocking them away. Kenshiro, Alexstrasza, and Coyote Starrk were killed in the sudden onslaught. Kroak had summoned a barrier to protect the party and himself back against YHVH. Flynn had summoned Sanat and Masakado’s Shadow to assist them. Masakado’s Shadow used Silent Prayer, which had everyone regained their strength, but didn’t restore Sonic and Shadow’s super forms.


YHVH, now in a demonic form, tried to break throught the barrier. By this time, The Emperor of Man returned with a small boy in hand. He summoned a small building in front of them. Two minutes later, a small boy appeared, wearing a weird hat.

???: Why am I summoned here?

The two of them pointed at YHVH.

Emperor of Man: Your orders are to vastly weaken the creator God!
Hanyuu: Hurry, Maxwell! Write YHVH’s name!
Maxwell: O…Okay!

The leader of the Master Builders Four takes out his notebook and starts to write YHVH’s name. As this happened, the demonized god had broken through Kroak’s barrier and attacked the heroes again. Some of them evaded while a small majority were heavily injured. While everyone struggled to retaliate against YHVH’s offensive onslaught, Maxwell writes down four words.


S E V E R E L Y   D E P O W E R E D
C A N N O T   U N D O

He turned to Hanyuu and Zetta.

Maxwell: Done!
Hanyuu: Thanks!

The boy disappeared, returning to his daily activities.

Emperor of Man: That’s done… Let’s see if the Kryptonian’s rumors are true.

The two of them looked at YHVH, who was continuing his onslaught against their allies. The Deep Strike Front and the three members of the Agents of Balance were still on the defensive. As time passed by, the demonized deity realized that his attacks weren’t overwhelming the army anymore.

YHVH: (surprised) Wha… What has thou done to me!?
Superman: Let’s just say my little plot here has worked.

Everyone defended themselves as YHVH had casted a spell to make himself stronger and casted an Inferno, a hailstorm, several bolts of lightning, and several tornados. However, everyone had taken slightly lighter injures than the normally severe casts he had casted.

Emperor of Man: It’s seems that your crusade ends here. Save your tantrum for the court!
Naoki: It’s time to get revenge… This is for the punishment you did on “him”!

Naoki used Gaea Rage to hit him.

Goku: His power’s dropping rapidly! Now’s our chance!
Asura: Good! Time to crush the bastard for real!

The remaining forces, including Zetta, started ganging up on the weakened God and overpowered him. He struggled to fight back, but was soundly defeated.

Emperor of Man: (To Superman, surprised) So it was true… The boy can weaken him…
Flynn: Boy? Was it Nanashi?
Archer: Who?

Everyone looked at the barely conscious YHVH.

YHVH: I hath been defeated… Art Thou satisfied to defend thy precious “Messiah”…? Kill Me…
Tyrant Valvatorez: She’ll be more a creator than you’ll ever be…
Hanyuu: You have given not a single ounce of hope to your world.
Superman: That’s enough, guys. I’ll carry this demon to the court.
Emperor of Man: With your strength, we won’t have to worry about helping you. (To Vulkan, Sanguinius, and Leman Russ) Subdue and arrest every surviving sycophant within and outside Purgatorio!

As Superman carried YHVH’s body, he looked at Flynn, Naoki, and Archer.

Superman: (smiles) Thank you… You three have done a great job helping us.
Flynn: We appreciate it. Once we restore her world, I’ll can rest easy.

Superman carries YHVH’s body to the Court of the Gods while in and out the latter’s domain to capture and arrest any surviving soldier of the Regime. The three members of the Agents of Balance parted ways.

Court Of The Gods Chapter 1: Trial

The “Rebellion” faction had kidnapped and detained every surviving soldier within the Regime’s ranks, carried to the Court to have Eiki Shiki Yamaxanadu announce their final verdict.

Eiki Shiki: Soldiers of The Regime, the court finds you guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. You are hereby sentenced to be polymorphed into Prinnies to work off your long list of sins. You are to be trained and commanded by Demon Lord Etna and are to become the servants of the Magical Girl Sisterhood. Alas, the Red Moon does not pass over their domain, so you’re going to serve them for a very long time.
Eiki Shiki: Satan, I hereby judge you “black” for the crimes of conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, accessory to attempted first degree murder, and accessory to attempted crimes against creation itself. You are hereby sentenced to be eternally black listed from this pantheon. Away from me devil.

With a snap of her fingers, a portal opens up and sucks the demon into it before closing, never again to activate.

At the Bat Cave, Batman opened the door to his armory. With a grim expression on his face, he reached for something in it. Alfred approaches him.

Alfred: Bruce… surely there is another way.
Batman: If only there was, Alfred.

1 hour later, outside the court of the gods, YHVH is still handcuffed (and thus has his powers completely disabled rendering him defenseless) and exiting the court. A VERY large crowd of angry gods has been waiting for him. They approach and surround him, getting closer and closer.

The Basterds: He’s not gonna get away with what he did unscathed nor unpunished. Get him!!!!!

The Basterds begin their vigilantee justice with a thwack of their baseball bats, hitting him on the head several times. A *Blam* rings outside as Garrus fires off a shot from his sniper rifle, shooting his target in the leg, making him collapse.

Garrus: The one who would kill a defenseless girl in cold blood has now become the defenseless.

A second gun shot goes off from a completely different direction. This one fired off by Solid Snake. The beat down continues as a small quake erupts from the impact of a certain green giant leaping into the fray.


Hulk grabs YHVH and slams him around like he did with Loki. This continues for several minutes until a collective gasp of utter shock is heard. Hulk stops his rampage long enough to see Batman holding something in his hand. Something that no one would ever expect him to be holding. Meanwhile, a news broadcast plays on every TV in the pantheon.

Haruhi: Pantheon News with a breaking news story! In an unimaginable turn of events, Batman is approaching the ongoing No Holds Barred Beat Down with a gun in his hand. It appears to be the very same gun he used against Darkseid. It looks like we’re going to witness Bat Man do what no one ever thought possible: break his code.

As Batman approaches YHVH, the crowd disperses, all of them with a pale complexion revealing their utter shock about what Batman is going to do.

Batman: What you have done with your “Conception”, the very same thing Darkseid pulled. It has pushed me to a “once in a lifetime exception”!


Batman’s gun fires four shots, shooting YHVH once in each lung, the heart, and the head. As YHVH’s body turns lifeless, Superman approaches and grab’s his departing spirit. YHVH can feel himself being split apart.

Superman: We all know what happened to the last person that defeated you, so I asked someone for advice on how to prevent a repeat.

Another man approaches and the crowd bows in respect towards the pantheon’s head.

Illuvitar: What Superman is doing to you is just a little idea inspired by the actions of one Homura Akemi in her own universe. He’s going to deal with you “Rebellion Style”. Everything but your absolute weakest avatar will be forcibly split apart from you and thrown back into your own universe. This avatar is a demotion to a quasi-power. Since you are not being imprisoned or sealed, your little “human spirit” defense can’t save you now. Until you serve your sentence, until you learn the mistake you made, you cannot be trusted with your powers.


Illuvitar: You’re an Expy are you not? Well, that which you are based off of would be positively disgusted with the deeds you have done. You are a disgrace to expys everywhere and so I bid you farewell.

As Super Man throws his foe back into his own universe, Illuvitar points at the rift, shoots a beam of light out of his hand, and closes the rift by turning his finger like a key locking a door.

Court Of The Gods: Chapter 2, Suspicions

A month has passed. The Pantheonic Rebellion is over. YHVH is sealed. Lucifer is nowhere to be found. Life is returning to normal, or at least what counted as ‘normal’ these days. Madoka getting her powers back, Homura returning to the Sisterhood, the hundreds lost during the Rebellion brought back: that would be ‘normal’. But the Pantheon would take what it would get. So imagine their shock when the skies darkened, trumpets sounded, and a booming voice echoed across the heavens.


Gods of all houses rushed outside, their eyes wide with shock as YHVH’s big yellow head materialized in the skies above them. Eiki is the first to approach him.

Eiki: So…you’ve returned. That can only mean…
YHVH: Indeed. I have passed thy trial, and served my punishment, Yamaxanadu.

A hush falls over the crowd. Eiki seems genuinely shocked. For YHVH to actually realize that ‘Law’ and ‘Good’ are two separate concepts.

Eiki: You realize now, then? You’ve…actually learned your lesson?

YHVH’s face softens. He nods.

YHVH: Indeed it is so: Law and Good are not the same.

Murmurs go up through the crowd. It’s almost unbelievable.

Then YHVH’s expressions hardens again.

YHVH: Yes. By those definitions, yes I am wicked. But those definitions are nothing but a bad joke! Compared to the solid, everlasting letter of the Law, ‘Good’ is amorphic and thus completely meaningless! Chaos is so inconceivably vile, evil is too kind a word to describe it! Evil cannot even EXIST without free will! Law and Chaos are so far above the notions of Good and Evil they could HARDLY be compared to each other!

Eiki is about to protest, to cast him back into his confinement, to scream that he had learned nothing. But then she realizes with dawning horror the mistake she made. YHVH had learned the lesson she wanted to teach him. No more, no less.

YHVH: For so long, the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil have been fighting petty squabbles with each other, when they have been blind to what the TRUE war is between. It is not ‘evil’ that poisons the universe: it’s CHAOS! And to that end, I shall fight to enact My glorious Order forevermore, and bring peace to the universe that neither ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’ EVER could! I shall let NONE stand in the way of the glorious…GRAND UNITED ALLIANCE OF LAW!!!!
Lamington: Like anyone would bow down to a false god. “Thou twisted mockery” as you said to Illuvitar. Are you sure you weren’t refering to yourself with that statement?

*chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

To YVHV’s shock, nobody is bowing their head to him after he used his frightful presence ability, not even Sailor Moon, who was affected by it the last time his direct underling tried it.

Lamington: As you can plainly see, the charade of your omnipotence has expired. We all know your secret that you’re not the true god of your world. Can we even legitimately call you “The Great Will”, or are you some cruel imposter usurping that being’s title.
Lamington: Fear not comrades, you will all be unharmed. (Thinking to himself) Overload Skill! Evangel Purity.

As the purple orbs rain down from the sky, much to everyone’s surprise, not a single person suffered even the tiniest of scratches.


He rains down mass aoe magics of fire, ice, lighting, and wind as he becomes further enraged with frustration of being unable to smite a single person. This barrage of failed smitings lasts a full 18 seconds before YHVH gives up, having been humiliated in front of the entire pantheon.

Lamington: As you can plainly see, I will always be one step ahead of you. The false being that you are will not be able to take everyone’s free will. Based on how your Grand United Alliance of Law’s coronation went, it’s only a matter of time before you’re torn down from the throne you created for yourself. When that time comes, my hand will be more direct in its actions.

And with that, YHVH vanishes in a clap of thunder, having his enormous ego crushed like a little bug. The Pantheon is left stunned and horrified as a voice rings out near the back.

Lucifer: A Grand United Alliance of Chaos… This will counter the so-called Lord’s obnoxious philosophy.

Two hours later at Laharl’s Castle, Flonne hears a woman laughing hysterically.

???: Haaaaa hahahahaha……oh my god!
Flonne: Etna, what’s so funny?
Etna: Oh, just a little prank I pulled. *shuts down a computer* I decided to take YHVH and give him a nice Humiliation Conga. In a few minutes, he’s going to find out that his title has been hacked. Shadow’s words describing him fit like a glove, so I changed his rank to match it. Oh he’s going to be so mad. Gotta go and get my camera ready cause there’s going to be a show. Get the popcorn ready, because the prince is going to have a blast. *hides her pudding so she has a special snack ready for the show*

Cosmos, Philemon, Captain America, the God-Emperor, Jean-Luc Picard, Manwe, and Lamington have all gathered in for a meeting.

Captain America: It’s a delightful show to see someone’s arrogance get destroyed, even if they’re divine.
Philemon: Thanks to his humiliation, YHVH won’t be causing any trouble for a long time.
Cosmos: YHVH may be down, but Lucifer and Melkor still remain.
Picard: What are we going to do about Lucifer?
Lamington: The witch of certainty has denied him an advantage in the war, but he’ll still recover from it.
Cosmos: As for your question, Picard, a young girl has contacted me to leave it to her.

Out of the loop, Picard had wondered who this girl might be.

Picard: Is it Blossom of the Powerpuff girls?
Cosmos: (chuckles) A good guess, but no.
Manwe: Then… Who is it?
Lamington: She was a friend of both Madoka and Homura. She discovered this through a friend of her’s during a meeting after our battle with Metatron.
Emperor of Man: What does this have to do with Lucifer?
Cosmos: We’re leaving it to her.
Picard: Are you certain about that? He’s strong, but he’s nowhere as strong as the angels.
Lamington: She has tricks of her own as well. It is time for me to tell you something, God-Emperor. Through my Evangel Purity, I have watched their fight with YHVH all along.
Emperor of Man: Is that so?
Lamington: Indeed. I have discovered that, as an entity of Law, the creator god has no subtlety, even when fighting against you and the others.
Manwe:  But he’s still powerful, we’ll need more than just…
Lamington: There are two folks from my past that can put him at bay. His voice can instantly kill someone, yes? I have someone who can nullify this. The other can withstand most of his magic, but will be instantly killed by his voice.
Cosmos: He’ll be slowed down from this, true, but we’ll need more than that to defeat him. If everyone else is busy, we can summon them. As for Madoka, The reduced security will be enough to protect her from Lucifer. You’re all dismissed.

With that, everyone had left the command center. Lamington, however, felt uneasy. Sometime during the battle with YHVH, someone has been gathering forces to attack Madoka. He teleports out of the GUAG Command Center to seek someone.

Meanwhile at the House of Otherness, Adrian Tepes was stand next to his temple, looking at the other deities do their own. Suddenly, a certain Seraph had teleported next to him.

Adrian Tepes: Is something on your mind, Sereph?
Lamington: I have sensed something uneasy here. Something I didn’t tell the GUAG: I have a feeling that this is far from over. That something, or more specifically, someone, is going to take advantage of the down-graded security around Madoka to strike her down, and a certain demon hasn’t acted yet.
Adrian Tepes: Certain Dem- (realizes) I see. What do you intend to do?
Lamington: Set up a little contingency plan in case Cosmos’ order ends up being a bad thing. I think its time to start goading “him”. Let us see how far lost he actually is, whether your alternate self says about his path to redemption is true or false.

Lamington teleports out of the House of Otherness.

Adrian Tepes: I wonder if he’s still on the dark path.