The Pantheonic Rebellion Act Three

Darkness Rising: Chapter 1, Now’s Our Time

A man in a black cloak finished with an arcane spell, the earth in front of him gave way to a pillar of fire.

???: In the name of Satan, Lord of The Earth, King of The World. . .

As he continued others watched behind him waiting,

???: Let The Gates of Hell open wide, and from The Abyss rise The True Lord of Shadow…

The Fire gave way to a shadowy figure as the fires turned to smoke. He stood among the others wrapped around in dark aura.

Flagg: And stand before The World, The Unholy One!

Satan smirked as the others watched his little entrance with no real expression.

Dormammu: Oh yes, quite the foreboding entrance, but can we get to why we are here?

The Dread Lord, like many others, looked on to the War in The Pantheon. So many left out of such an event, but then word started to travel that this Devil found a way to allow them into this Pantheon in turn for an alliance.Well, for some, such an opportunity could not be ignored. Especially when it came to a promise of Power.

Shinnok: I concur you may have opened the door for many but that does not mean we should just join you for nothing.

Satan walked towards them staff in hand.

Satan: I understand that many of you have doubted me when I brought you here, I know that what you have discovered may have shocked some.

His glowing gold eyes surveyed the room, for Satan had chose his allies carefully. In this room was many of his new found allies: The Avatar of the Dark Presence, The Dark Man, The Fallen Elder God, The Dread Lord, The Kurgan, The Lumen Sage, The Hawk of Light, The Vile Doctor, The Hero of Heroes and The Incubators.

Outside, his temple in the pantheon was protected by The Bringer of Night, The Emperor of Eternal Darkness, The Fell Dragon, The Metal Overlord, The God of Destruction and The Demon Emperor.

Satan: I have been here for quite some time and I discovered a chance to turn this eternal war into an opportunity and into our victory.

The others looked on seemingly uninterested. They all stood their grounds waiting for something more than simple vagueness.

Satan: Many of us have tried this in the past I know, and make no mistake I know that even if it were possible betrayal is likely…

They have all worked towards similar goals in their own worlds. Betrayal was something that they would use to gain more power, even towards each other.

Satan: The Rebellion believes that they need to help a friend when all they have done is stunt great power, and The Regime believes themselves righteous trying to destroy such power. But little do they both know that I have gained a way for us to take such power and take The Main House.

The others looked over at him as though he had gone mad, which his devious grin did little to change.

Satan: Think, why is it when victory is within our grasp it is torn away, years of planning taking down in an instant, that no matter how we change ourselves to defeat those putrid monkeys that they seem to defeat us? I know now that it’s due to the Machinations of Good in The Main House.

Jack of Blades was first to voice his thoughts.

Jack: True as that maybe, storming such a place would be suicide.

Satan laughed at the mere mention.

Satan: Power of that sort cannot be tested but as one of those monkeys have shown us, that sort of power can be taken. I already had Flagg make such power available to us.

Balder smugly raised a Peacock feather from his hand, letting the light of it shine bright enough to catch the attention of others.

Balder: How does that help us, oh King of Hell?

Satan turned to him, He raised his staff allowing light magic dispel Balder’s attempts to gain attention.

Satan: Join with me, raise your armies with mine. We will attack everyone in that Rebellion, not to win a war but to make a wedge right where they have her. I promise you once I gain what I need, I will open the Gates of The Main House, and we will become more than Overdeities; with my protection we will take Revenge, we will make all other run in fear, and we will make The Multiverse ours to command.
???: And what of Melkor?

As one, the group turned to he that had spoken. An undead Risen stood its ground, nothing but a familiar and link that its Master had set up to watch this gathering personally. However, the raspy voice of the Fell Dragon could be mistaken for no other.

Grima: The Great Enemy is already on edge with his followers deserting for both the Lightbringer and the Great Will. If he learns of our plans, plans that will threaten his position, I can assure you that he will not merciful if we fail.

Satan shook his head sadly at the undead, like a teacher reprimanding a foolish student.

Satan: Oh yea of little faith, have I lead you wrong yet? By the time Melkor learns of our plans, it will be too late for him to stop them. And we shall be sitting upon our very own thrones in the Main House when all is said and done.
Griffith: And what of inside the Bunker? Such power would not be kept unguarded.

Randall Flagg grinned under his black cloak.

Flagg: Lets just say I expanded her mind to our possibilities and when the time is right, she will let us walk through the front door.

Flagg The Hooded merely smiled wide at the shocked faces some of the assembled had given him.

Satan: Stand with me, no longer will we have to suffer Defeat. Now, we can show them what our power truly is, and when this is all over, we can decide who has the right to rule. But now, if you work with me, we can change The Pantheon of such pathetic concepts of Hope, Love, Friendship, into a grander all powerful truth. This will be the Day that Order and Chaos falls and it will be The Day Evil Won!

He raised his arms watching as they all gathered interest as they all realized the possibilities. He allowed the laughs and cheers of his Usurpers fill the room, together they could change the world.

Satan: Now! Gather them and let them believe us mad. We will attack everyone and no one and they will try and ignore us, before they realize their grave error it will be too late and we will stand victorious!

Satan walked away as his allies left in their own ways. Flagg walked with him on his journey back to The Depths of Hellfire. Satan had to prepare: He could feel his old angelic power growing and he would soon return to his old strength, and with it he would be granted the powers that Father gave to him many millennia ago. After all, the power to impose one’s Will on others required strength, even if it meant taking over the Will of Hope itself.

Darkness Rising: Chapter 2, Leviathan Unleashed

She knew that this war was going out of control, she didn’t want any of this and now more evil had entered the playing field. And yet she was here knowing that she had no power to truly do anything. That her friends treated her as though she was delicate. The only thing that gave her peace was the Fragile gray mask that Flagg had given her. Wearing it was the only thing that gave her any calm, but something about it gave her a uneasy feeling, she decided to ignore it, she felt it was close to time. She would meet the one that Flagg worked for, the one that promised to help her gain her the strength needed to fight for her friends.—-He stood proud on top of a large beast roaring through the sky, and he watched below as fighting went on below. He smirked; they were so caught up in their own battles they almost failed to realize the death that awaited over the skies. The Fell Dragon, The Lumen Sage, The Dread Lord and The Demon Emperor flew next to him, at the ready. He turned to them.

Satan: Focus on her hiding spot; pressure her until she is desperate and she will open herself to me, then, my dear allies, you can exact your revenge!

They flew to where they were needed as The Demon Emperor prepared the first salvo.

Mundus: Let me show them the true powers of Hell.

A dark chuckle escaped from the stone lips of The Devil King as mystical orbs flew around him creating barriers, he then changed the skies: Turning the weather into a powerful storms as rows of lighting cut through the skies and into the ground. He then raised his arms: Red and white spikes of energy flew down to the battlefield attacking more.

Enemies on both sides looked to the skies and readied for the new attacker. Mundus then raised his arm, summoning even more of his power, and brought down a storm of meteorites. He added a final attack to cut his own part of the wedge, and with powering glyphs, he unleashed a powerful laser blast to create a large grand line of craters unto the bunker. Balder watched on, ready to do his part. He threw a peacock feather into the air and it turned into a large golden summoning symbol.

Balder: IOLCI DA OIAD GE-IAD OL FORTITUDO! (Bring here The Lord of Fortitude)

As he yelled this a large creature, a two-headed dragon-like angel, followed by several more pour from the skies.

Balder: MAD ZILODARP! (God, Reach Forth and Conquer)

As he claimed this, a large satellite fired a massive beam of energy, creating another large blast to divide the forces even more. Grima grinned despite himself as he watched the warriors below scatter below the two-pronged assault, then spread his wings for his part.

Grima: Come forth my Risen! Crush these fools under your weight!

Below on the ground, purple smoke wafted up from ground as the undead responded to his call. Legions of rotting warriors, faces twisted into a mask of the dead and wielding all manner of ancient weaponry, fell upon the scattering and panicking Gods in droves: Dark magic being hurled every which way as they swung or fired their weapons indiscriminately upon the living. At their head, the Twelve Deadlords sought out the most dangerous of the enemy. Grima’s grin only became wider as he drew upon his full power.

Grima: Do you see now, Bahamut? Alextreszia? THIS IS THE POWER OF A TRUE DRAGON GOD!

With that, dark bolts of lightning fell upon the battlefield, striking indiscriminately at anything not among his or his allies forces. Dormammu watched the destruction with glee. With his powerful magic he opened up portals from The Dark Dimension, stone gray creatures flooded into the world as The Dread Lord allowed his Mindless Ones to attack the enemies below.

Dormammu: The Ages fall away! The rule of Law is stripped from the bones of the world! A new will grips the earth, the sky, the aether! Our Will!

He then did his part as he allowed pillars of Dark magic to explode from beneath the ground below. Satan knew that they had done well and far above what he had expected; he allowed The Leviathan to increase in magical power to be ready to fuel the next part of his plans. His body quickly morphed into a mass of black liquid slowly making his way inside the bunker and he would use the chaos to get to her place and finish the first part of his plan.

The remaining four watched him go, each realizing this was the moment they were waiting for.

Balder: The die has been cast…
Grima: And so ends the Old Age of Gods.
Mundus: And now…
Dormammu: It’s our time.

—-She was told repeatedly that this bunker was safe but even if it was protected she started to feel as though that was changing, the way as it started to shake to its very core as more and more of the powers that be brought down their might on it was making this more obvious that something was going to break through. Was it time yet? She needed something to help her friends and sitting here waiting would not do it.

Then something slid beneath her door, which was revealed to be black slime slowly moving to the center of her room. She backed away as the slime started to form in a large dark man with black wings. He smiled at Madoka whose eyes widened in fear.

Satan: So you are the one that Flagg had told me about.
Madoka: You had Randall teach me all those things, why?

The golden eyes of The Fallen Angel gave her a look of sadness.

Satan: I was adored once above all others, I too know what it feels like to be cast out of Paradise, abandoned by those you hold dearest. Now you know how that feels like don’t you?

He claimed all of this but she couldn’t see how it could be true. He claimed himself King of The World and adored but she did not see that. She saw a large winged tyrant of an Angel, but she felt as though he was not entirely wrong.

Madoka: I know what happened then. I was wrong, but I still have faith that things can change. I just need to be able to help again…

Satan merely nodded to her, turning his gaze towards the mask in her hand. Now it was time to secure his plans.

Satan: I will make sure you can do so. That mask in your hand is the key; place it upon your face one more time.

Madoka looked to the mask in hand. Ever since she met Flagg (despite him being very unsettling) he taught her many magical arts that to others would be very dark and dangerous, but he made sure that she would have more than just power when she would met the King of The World.

Now she had the key. Should she hesitate? The look of him now made her know that he was not one of the heroes, But the shaking overhead made realize that she needed to have the ability to do something, to fight back and help her friends and the people out there waging war for her. She quickly put on the mask.

Satan: Remember the Lightbringer?

A spark of rage went through her mind. For Satan this was all he needed.

Satan: Hate can bring you back, give you strength. Embrace it!

Madoka wanted to say something, something that would tell him that he was wrong but something whispered in the back of her mind that he was right. This whisper gave fuel to her rage as she closed her eyes and concentrated to quell those thoughts.

What she didn’t see was Satan changing form, making himself into a dark liquid and wrapping around her body; her too drenched in anger to feel the presence entering into her soul.

She opened her eyes when she was finally able to stop her anger, but she realized that he was gone. She looked around hoping to answer what had happened and why the mask he gave her lay broken before her. Then she felt it, the power that he had promised thrived through her veins.

She could finally do it. She decided to test the magic, creating a portal in front of her to the battlefield where everyone she cared for was hurting or dying; she knew that she could now help them and stepped through it ready to fight. However, if she looked at a mirror at that moment, she would have realized the glowing golden eyes surrounded by darkness and the dark blue veins starting to appear, All of this right on her own face.

Darkness Rising: Chapter 3: Apocalypse Now

As the armies of Rebellion and The Regime started to refocus on the sudden attacks of the evil in the skies but something started tearing through the ground below, before the armies could defend The Beast rose from the earth roaring to life as several other Usurpers appeared alongside The Beast.

From The Beast and Mr. Scratch darkness pour through the battlefield like a swarm.

Scratch: Now boys and girls let me introduce to you, my big and powerful friends The Dark Presence!
The Beast: This is the darkness. This is my domain. You little things that live in the light, clinging to your feeble suns, which die in the end…

Those impacted by The darkness started to turn into The Taken as The Beast invaded the minds of hundreds to take as his own pawns.

The Beast: …only the darkness remains

Then they sent them out to attack more, dark aura appearing over the taken soldiers spouting babble over and over from the last words they spoke before The Dark Presence took them over.

Then a large metal orb moved quickly throughout the land glowing bright red, in the darkness the large orb opened revealing a large red hand scraping away enemies as Yami unleashed the elements of lighting, fire and meteorites on the battlefield. Not be left behind Griffith, Jack and The Kurgan rode along slashing and attacking those attempting to flee in defense on horseback. Jack was followed behind his Minions creaking and attacking along side the other three.


With a mighty roar, the armored titan form of Omega appeared into the fray with a flash of light courtesy of Grima’s teleportation magic, swinging his massive laser-zweihander at all around him while firing blasts of energy from his head and hands. Alongside him, the smaller but no deadlier Metal Sonic tore through the soldiers able to avoid his comrade’s attack with a spin dash, taking a moment to grab one of the sword wielders by the neck.

Metal Sonic: Scanning… Life-form data successfully copied.

Snapping his neck with a simple jerk, Metal lifted up the warrior’s fallen blade and began to hack apart his opponents, repeating the process again to a spearman, then a magic user, then a pistol wielder, adding their skills to his abilities and preparing for his transformation. Around them, the Vile Forces teleported in thanks to Grima’s magic, immediately following their orders to destroy everything not listed as an ally. In the distance they had finally entered the battle. He was still pondering what this pantheon had to offer when Adrian told him of rumors of Satan’s involvement. He knew that Adrian did not trust him even if Gabriel had become more than The Monstrous Dragon that he made him out to be.

Gabriel was here for one good reason, to put an end to Satan once and for all, and if it also helped him strike down the closest thing to The Lord then Gabriel would do so. Gabriel decided to even the odds as he smashed The Talisman of The Dragon: His form changed as his eyes glowed red, and in a sudden burst of mist Gabriel turned into the 2000 year-old doom that many feared.

To fight Satan and his allies, Gabriel once again became The Dragon. His roar carried across the battlefield as he flew to the center, smashing himself down with waves of fire and dark energy. As the enemies flew back, those that noticed looked on at a seemingly disinterested Gabriel before he extended his hand, unveiling his Shadow Whip before taking a single swing and knocking away a group of enemies.

Then, changing into mist, he teleported to another part of the area, suddenly letting his whip push aside many groups of the army. As he did so, more parts of the Rebellion began to start using his attacks to press the advantage and fight against The Usurpers.

Gabriel continued to fight alongside the others when he noticed something in the clouds. Behind the other demon lords and creatures currently fighting their worst enemies was something that Gabriel instantly recognized. The Demon Whale started to power up as a orb of energy expanded from its mouth.

In that moment he knew what he had to do as he once again became the Dragon, flying into the air trying to stop it from firing. As he flew something moved past him with blinding speed. At first he thought it would be one of the Demon Lords but then he realized that the one flying was the girl that all of the battle was for: Madoka, in her magical girl form with something in her hand that worried Gabriel. She wasted no time as it almost finished with the sphere of energy, raising magical barriers up Madoka quickly used them around the creature and as it was about to fire she let them close in. The strength of the barriers boxed in the creature and in a flash of magical light, the creature disappeared.

As they both slowly started to make their way down, realization had dawned on Gabriel: Those seals were etched in Enochian, glowing with the power of Light and Shadow Magic. Gabriel prayed that such a thing was of their realm as well and not what he thought it was… but it couldn’t be, could it? Regardless, he flew close, blasting away at those that tried to attack him.

Madoka felt powerful, the strength that she gained felt grand, the sort of power that, along with what she was taught, she would use to finally help her friends. But a nagging feeling of doubt pulled her towards another part of the battlefield, and she could see, beyond the stares of people amazed at what she was doing now, her bizarre mentor Flagg. She decided that she would ask his help in this battle.

What some saw as she flew by was the powerful Overdeity reborn across the battlefield, ready to give hope once more. What Gabriel saw was wisps of a dark aura and decided to return to his human form and trail behind.

Shinnok and Flagg watched as the Magical Girl fell towards them. They both started a spell using their combined knowledge, with large skeletal hands and orbs of electricity move around creating barriers as Madoka landed before them.

Flagg: Is it time?
Shinnok: Are we to prepare The Gates?

As they asked and Madoka looked on in confusion, the veins in her body went from a noticeable blue to a darker hue.

Madoka: I don’t under-

But something stopped her: A cold feeling went through her body, and something started to break her away from herself as something spoke for her.

Unholy Madoka: In time my allies, we just need time for this body to completely fall to me.

She knew for a fact that she did not say those words, but the voice that spoke was her own, along with a slight echo of someone she recognized.

Then, and only when it was too late, did she realize that Flagg and his master had manipulated her hatred and vulnerability just for any sort of power as long as it helped her friends. If she could, a humorless chuckle would have made itself known; even now during all these years, she thought she learned and knew her lesson and knew it well, but it seemed that, despite it all, she had still learned nothing. The situation would have been more ridiculous had she had more time to think about it.

The Darkness of what possessed her started to make her lose consciousness, and in those few moments she learned of his, Satan’s, true name: “Lucifer The Fallen”. The irony turned out to be one large joke and she was late to the punch line. She could only hope that the people still fighting could use the same strength to stop what she had become. She heard a voice in the Darkness

Satan: I will reclaim my rightful place in Paradise. My path will be paved with the sins of Man, and yours Madoka, yours shall be the bedrock of my return. And all that is good shall be gone from the universe forever!

Then three large pillars of Stone rose from the ground, expanding the power of The Barriers until half the battlefield was blocked off. Gabriel moved in quickly; while he knew the strategy of filling these barriers with light and shadow magic and what they could do to those that didn’t possess knowledge of both, what they did not know was the use of Void Magic and he used it to create a small hole, enough to bypass them.

Though becoming Mist is what Gabriel needed to do in order to fit. He moved quickly up to the middle pillar, turning back to a man only to see what was really going on.

The skies started to change as it grew darker and darker as though it would storm, and a large, twisting hole in the clouds made Gabriel realize what The Unholy one was really after. Large Golden Gates were in the middle of the way and Gabriel knew these were a summoned-up gateway to The Main House.

Madoka had her back to him as he advanced slowly. Shinnok and Flagg were keeping the magic barriers up and ready but they knew about Satan and that what he was unlocking now meant that he would not need their help.

What none of them knew as that something (or, rather, someone) else had followed Gabriel through the Hole created by Void Magic and that, trailing behind, she thought over all that had transpired up to this point.

She did all of this in order to help her friend, and even if it seemed to anger everyone else, she knew from The Lightbringer that she needed to do it. Or at least that was how it had been in the past, now her fears were realized, and that even what she did could not protect Madoka. If what she discovered was true, she may have to do something that she knew would destroy herself as well. Homura realized that she may have to stop Satan… even if that meant shattering Hope forever.

Darkness Rising: Chapter 4: Duel of the Devils

The skies grew dark and roaring with green lightning tearing through the darkness, Many would wonder, others would fear, for The Dragon he only had one focus and that was what The King of Hell had done. The bows on her hair burned away with green flame as it dropped down Satan turned slowly to Gabriel.

Unholy Madoka: So this is what they send to fight me, a Dragon and a Witch

Gabriel turned around noticed Homura behind him, her eyes wide realizing what had happened to Madoka.

Unholy Madoka: TO THINK! that even for a moment Father claimed that you were the best of his creations!

With that outburst he extended her hand and a large wave of liquid black magic suddenly rushed forward, the skeletal bodies of the damned moved out of the ebony plasma trying to grab Homura and Gabriel. They both jumped high over it avoiding it completely.

Gabriel: And yet you decide that your ultimate plan was to possess the body of a “Monkey”
Unholy Madoka: Merely a small sacrifice, as her body fell to me so will her mind and soul, then she can truly become worthy of being my Vessel!

He launched a large sphere of fire into the air allowing it to split into many falling meteors bombarding the battle field. As they moved out of the way Homura was surprised by Satan’s closeness to her. He spoke to her using Madoka’s Voice almost without Satan’s voice behind it.

Unholy Madoka: Oh Homura-chan couldn’t let go of your idea of what I should be, you listened to a Devil to try and try to make sure that I was the ever perfect Idea of what you wanted of me, never thinking about if I truly did not live up to that image, but don’t worry I damned myself as well.

Homura wanted to yell, scream for the corrupted Madoka to shut up. But what he had said was a truth she couldn’t completely shut out. She instead decided to take some action and use enough magic to try and knock Satan out or at least make the body useless to him. She would apologize later, she would think of the after effect later, she could not let them stop her actions now. She used a powerful blast of magic to harm Satan but with a raised hand he negated the now corrupt magic with his own Light Magic. She tried to go in for a quick attack but then Satan summoned Five Reapers to swing forward, she almost thought of taking them head on but was then wrapped around by Gabriel’s whip and pulled back. He turned to them completely with a dangerous grin that seemed unnatural on Madoka’s face.

Satan: I like this body… now let us see what it can do.

He raised the hand of his host, allowing blacken aura to wrap around it. Then in her hand in a flash of purple was Satan’s Staff, followed by black fluids enveloping the hands. The eyes that once shone with gold at the height of true hope was surrounded by the color of the Abyss threatening to devour that light forever.

Unholy Madoka: Prepare yourselves, for you will see The Strength of The True King of This World!

He then pulled out something from behind him, surpising Gabriel, Balder reached from the Heavens and gained it for Satan to have an edge against his enemies, he then put The God Mask to the Face of his host and Gabriel knew that it was time for The Final Confrontation.

She then flew into the air, Gabriel and Homura watched the sky as Satan slammed the staff down creating walls of flame. Gabriel merely morphed into mist as Homura jumped over them. They failed to notice the many Enochian seals on the ground. As Gabriel reformed he landed on one made of Light Magic, while Homura jumped down to one of Shadow Magic.

Unholy Madoka: You forget yourselves, you pitiful monkeys! Only one chosen by God himself may harm me, and neither of you are worthy of His love after what you have done!

He then charged up the power of his staff, it started glowing with red energy and with a few twirls released a power filled slicing blast at Gabriel. Gabriel was able to jump out of the way just in time as the blast sliced through the air. Homura advanced trying to gain some advantage in this battle.

Unholy Madoka: She once trusted you with all her heart and now all she feels is Hatred, Homura. What did you do to her?

The question caught her off guard as Satan struck the ground with his staff creating a wall of flame, forcing her to move away. Then, as she backed away Unholy Madoka quickly closed the gap grabbing Homura and smashing her to the force field. Gabriel advanced and suddenly three different seals of Light and Shadow Magic appeared around Madoka blocking him off.

Satan: Homura I want to make you a deal

She struggled in his grip as he held her to the field, magic reacting and discharging around her.

Satan: This Pantheon is nothing but a mere stepping stone to something much bigger, when I steal The Great Will’s throne I will gain an entrance to my Father’s realm.

He gave her a minute to digest this information and she glared at him.

Satan: I see you are beginning to understand, I refuse to stop with this world created by Talking Monkeys for Talking Monkeys, I want to take my Father’s throne and when I do so I will no longer be needed this vessel

He started to let her go and started to pull off The God Mask showing again the face of someone she cared for.

Satan: When I am ready to fight my Father I will leave this realm to you and you alone, that is something even supposed Rebel King failed to do, A realm for you and her for yourselves with no one to separate you two, all I ask in return is side with me and I will leave this realm quietly and you get to have her with you forever.

She looked upon Madoka and thought of the possibilities and looked at such a smiling face. But as quickly as those thoughts surfaced it was completely stopped when she realized the reality of it all. The black tar oozing from her hands, the blue veins pronouncing themselves on her face, and her eyes gleam with the thoughts of sadism.

This was not a fantasy she could rely on, she knew the instant Satan would (if he wasn’t lying) let go of his hold over her Madoka would never forgive her for taking such a deal. She could not take this deal, she needed to stop him.

Suddenly a powerful blast of magic blast him back away from her. His anger rose as he put his mask back on.

Satan: I will NOT! ALLOW! ANY! Talking monkey… (trying to regain his composure) to stop me.

Suddenly Homura moved quickly as she used her own power to cut through the Light Seals as Gabriel moved through the dark ones getting out. As they did this Satan raised up his staff and a large green orb of energy and as they advanced they failed to realize that it was too late as the Orb exploded into many energy arrows falling into the battlefield.

Homura and Gabriel moved quickly to protect themselves from the Onslaught. Unbeknownst to them Mundus, Yami, Father Balder and Kyubey prepared a spell that require something more powerful and on cue many of the energy arrows bled their power into the spell powering it and opening up a door way.

Gabriel: So this is what the power of hope does for the so called “Prince of Darkness”, throw around some magic and that will be your hope to conquer the realms.

Unholy Madoka used the power and swung it as a big blast of energy.

Suddenly in a cloud of bloody mist The Dragon went around the blast and was in front of The corrupted form of Madoka. Gabriel clutched him by the throat and took hold of The Vampire Killer, raising to strike but then realizing why he decided to join the fray. When he initially was told about the war between Order and Chaos leading to such an extreme by Adrian he told him how little he cared. Then he was told who was behind it, and he cared even less. That was until he decided to at least gain a small amount of information on who was involved and he gained a realization from it.

Madoka Kaname reminded him of his own Marie, even in the depths of despair and hatred she would watch the world and keep her kindness no matter what. Then he would never would have guessed he would have found sympathy with the one that took such power away from such kindness. Homura and how far she would go for the one she cared for only to lose her own humanity struck true with him. What sealed his mind to fighting in this battle was the rumors that Satan had brought about his own hand in this.

Now standing here he couldn’t bring himself to strike down this girl that faced more then most would bear Satan knew this and took the advantage creating small blasts to blast against his immortal foe.

Unholy Madoka: When she gave in to her Hatred and opened herself to me, The faithful has lost her faith, the incorruptible has become corrupted, the true innocent has given way to the sins of man… like all the rest before her! Who now can deny me my right!?

Suddenly the force field broke way as the gates of the Main House opened. Flagg and Shinnok helped the portal created by the other Usurpers and something pulled its way through something that put fear into the heart of Homura. She stood watching The Witch of Salvation and Satan entering it. Even this version of Madoka was not free from The Adversary as it started to change with the eyes of both Light Magic and Shadow Magic filling the eyes and dark tar fell from its mouth hands pouring from its lips as large black wings opened from its back.

Satan: Great Will! I come for you! Before the end YOU will bow down to ME!

The gates of The Main House tried to close themselves until The Beast reached out and took hold, leaving them open for The King of Hell. Gabriel and Homura began to advance but then suddenly from the ooze demons arose fighting against them. Gabriel took the offensive but Homura was quick to do something else, suddenly as The Adversary was suddenly stopped by a powerful barrier.

Suddenly the pillar that raised him was suddenly sieged on by many of Satan’s forces, Soldiers, Dark Monks, Horned Demons, Golgoth Guards, and Abaddon. This along with many of his allies monsters started the climb with Gabriel fighting them off. He fought 50,000 men and tried to keep them away as Homura tried to keep the barrier up to stop The Devil himself.

The allies below realized what was happening themselves and help sourround the pillar fighting off every sort of monster that allied under Satan. Dracul decided to once again turn himself into his true form and as he smashed a talisman in his hand in a fog of smoke and fire to become The Dragon. As the dragon flew to Satan’s newest form Homura had to keep the barrier up to keep Unholy Madoka here on this plane of existence. But she realized that few enemies remained from fighting Gabriel and started to close in. A small barrier surrounded her as Golgoth Guards started firing on her hitting the barrier with explosive force. She knew that keeping Getchen here was using up most of her power but with them trying to attack her it started to wear away at her. One of the barriers had to be dropped either way would spell destruction. She needed help and she needed it fast, suddenly before the weight of her magic collapse a powerful laser shot throw to the monsters blasting a few away. She turned to see one of her few allies left after her change. Master Chief ran to her side firing and fight any that gained the top of the pillar.

Gabriel finally made it to Satan as he tried to slam to through the barrier. He turned to Gabriel and The Dragon blasted down fire at him. They both clashed as The Beast was suddenly blasted away by Gabriel, the gates of The Main house once again started to close. Other beings took hold as Satan and Gabriel held their third bout.

Satan conjured portals and from the void of space metetories blasted at Gabriel who then blasted back with summoned large spears of Chaos Magic.

The Adversary: I’ll sink you in a darkness that you’ll never get out of!

The Dragon flew overhead slamming down into the creature then suddenly Gabriel turned back landing on a flying piece of rock.

The Dragon: Then come to me Satan, I will show you why I am feared as you cowered in Hell

The creature summoned a larger version of Satan’s Staff and suddenly Bolts of lightning burst from his staff and down on the rock Gabriel stood on. Using its destruction as cover he climbed on the staff to its arm with Void Sword in hand and slicing away blackened arms that appeared out of its arm to capture him. Then it brought its other hand to try and stop him only for him to quickly teleport and appear before the Light Magic Side stabbing it with his Void Sword.

Though its magic could do little to break a seal of magic it could stab into a source of light magic adding enough Void magic to disrupt it. The Adversary yelled in pain as it wen to grab for its eyes.

Gabriel: Kaname, if you hear me break through this Devil’s hold, there are people that do not wish for this fate and want to see you again

The eyes was submerged with the tar as he looked to Gabriel grabbing him and throwing him. With quick teleports he quickly caught another large piece of debris and with a few spins flung it down to Satan. The creature caught it in its hand quickly crushing it then Gabriel jumped up from it as a Tar like copy of Satan appeared with its sword stopping his next attempt to climb up the creature. It battled him but Gabriel forced it to defend as it backed away from his shadow whip.

Satan: You dare assault ME?! YOU, who have done far worse then I! I, who stood for my fellow angels, for reason and justice. And then He made YOU, in His “image”. You, the flawed creation! And I was to bow down to YOU!

In its anger the fake copy was not quick enough to stopped Gabriel as he quickly used his Chaos Claws and with suddenly powerful punch in the chest knocked the creature back and as it fell Gabriel used it as a step to jumping up and slamming the fiery Claws of Chaos into the Shadow Magic eye of The Adversary. As it recoiled in pain Gabriel made a second attempt.

Gabriel: Madoka, everyone here needs you, Homura needs you! break away from his grip

The pain he was feeling stumbled Satan as Gabriel suddenly turned back into a dragon.

Satan: Impossible! He still favors you!…is …that …the power of God?

Gabriel went behind the large creature and burning its back with Chaos Magice he suddenly ripped through the chest, Unholy Madoka in its jaws before turning back into Gabriel with Vampire killer in hand. As they flew through the air in a struggle they suddenly bashed into the pillar making it crash down with everyone on top of it.

Gabriel: Even in my darkest hours I am still his Chosen One, put on this earth as The Dragon to destroy the pathetic creatures that dare to threaten Powers you or anyone could never understand!

He held Unholy Madoka by the throat with Vampire Killer once again firmly in hand.

Satan: Then let us see Gabriel, can you destroy the very Goddess of Hope? Can you destroy what these pitiful Talking monkeys cherish!?

He forced her to grin in a unnatural way, Gabriel decided that if he could not free her then death would and was going to bring it down. Then as he went down to strike a barrier blocked his target. He turned to a running Homura that had her hands raised in a spell Gabriel turned to it only to see Madoka form into black sludge and reform behind him creating a large sword and slamming into his chest pinning him to the ground and forcing him to drop The Vampire Killer.

Unholy Madoka turned to Master Chief firing a weapon at him though the barrier protected her and with a Tar created large hand slammed it into his chest knocking him to the ground and from the tar large hands held him there. A sudden wave of outstretched hands grabbed Homura in place. He then picked up the famed whip.

Satan: I often wondered if this very weapon could kill a god

She looked to him with a look of sadness and a sad smile on her lips. He advanced towards her slowly enjoying what he was about to. The bittersweet irony dawned on her as he approached. She who would go as far as making a deal with The Devil to help keep Madoka safe only for her not to realize how far this war pushed her to make a deal with her own Devil.

Unholy Madoka: Now Homura-Chan I will love you forever, Let’s see how deep in your heart I can get!

As she swung to the heart something glowed yellow. The eyes of her soul gem and The eyes of The God Mask. The words entered deep and even in the very presence of The Abyss she saw through The God Mask. Through the eye of God Himself she saw not the Lord of Shadow that everyone called The Dragon but the Loving Warrior Gabriel, and through the Mask she saw not The Demon, but just Homura Akemi someone that would become so much to her.

Through the words of her friends and the Holy Vision she started to break free from the darkness of a tainted proud soul and stopped the attack before it even touch Homura. Suddenly her hand grasped at The God Mask and he resisted as she pulled. The taint ripped away and she suddenly fully pulled and backed away separating herself from Satan.

As he scrambled over, he quickly stood his ground and with a quick spell summoned back his Leviathan. Gabriel and Master Chief were quickly freed from their bonds and advanced as fast as possible to stop The King of Hell. They grasped on to him and slammed him to the broken piece of the pillar. He laughed as the creature gained enough power to launch its strongest attack.

Satan: You can kill me now Gabriel but even if you do you will not move fast enough to save people from their judgment!

He laughed until he was punched through the remaining piece of the pillar from Gabriel’s Chaos Claws.

Madoka: Maybe I can

All three turned to her as she held the God Mask to her face once more still glowing as it had moments ago. She knew that the seal holding her powers were already reactivating and this power was fading but if she was to be depowered she would sacrifice what little power she had for this once attack.

She held up her arms and a all that power went to one powerful arrow. It fired to the sky gaining the attention of all that battled in this war and suddenly it struck through the powerful orb of energy causing it to implode on the Mighty Old God The Leviathan destroying the front half of it and making it drop out of the sky.

As it fell she realized that all her strength left her and she herself fell to the ground all her power once again gone. As she collapsed Homura was quick to cradle her as she fell. Gabriel looked around wondering how this would all changed the battleground. He then noticed The Emperor of Mankind, Cosmos, and Magical Girls (a term that was still strange to Gabriel) fighting through making their way here.

Sayaka was the first one to get to the spot where the four stood in wait. Sayaka at the sight of Homura cradling her beloved goddess, grew furious, summoning her sword as a glowing “Fortune” card appeared in front of her

Sayaka: You…after all you’ve done…GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER! PERSONA! APPEAR, OKTAVI-!

Kyoko, who was standing right beside the blue haired magical girl was about to make her move and attack Homura, when the sound of a pistol cocking beside her ear caused her to stop dead in her tracks, Master Chief was aiming his magnum at her head, at point blank range. The chief certainly didn’t agree with Homura’s actions during the Great Upheaval, but he wasn’t going to let one of his closest friends and allies stand by herself when she needed him most,

Chief: And that’s enough of that, ma’em. I don’t want to hurt you.

Gabriel drew his void sword, flourishing it, and pointing the glowing blue blade at the magical girl, grinning

Gabriel: That isn’t very polite to say, especially to the person who just helped saved your “beloved” goddess from damnation and possession.

It was a warning gesture more than anything: if Master Chief wanted to kill her, he’d be aiming at her belly button, where her Soul Gem rested. But despite Sayaka’s healing powers, a headshot from Master Chief’s magnum would be so devastating it would be a moot point: she’d be out of the fight for a while. She gritted her teeth, lowering her sword as the glowing Tarot card vanished. Gabriel approached Satan, scowling.

Gabriel: This is the vile creature that nearly ruined all of Creation

Sayaka and Kyoko looked in confusion until someone walked besides them. For a moment Gabriel almost said the name he would almost never say. Adrian Tepes walked besides them looking towards the sleeping Devil.

Gabriel: As you can see “Alucard” I have done my part of the deal

Gabriel spoke abruptly and Adrian knew about The Dragon’s version of himself who was Gabriel’s son and having an image of his son that was not Trevor seemed to anger Gabriel.

Adrian: I can see that but I must first ask of what happen here?

As Gabriel went over what happened, everyone else was tense, one false move and the entire exposition could turn into a bloody skirmish. Adrian turned to the Spartan to ask for his part in this.

Chief: I can confirm it Sir, Cosmos sent me in to help Dracula and Homura when she noticed what the others were fighting

Gabriel told him more but he only told him what happened as far as he knew the rest would have to come from Madoka herself.

Adrian: Then Akemi, I need her to come with me, we need to know the full story.

She tensed up still holding Madoka, she wanted to keep her here but she knew the deal that she made would make such a lofty idea impossible. But for the continued protection of Madoka she would comply but not without her own bargain.

Homura: I…I will, but Satan stays with me

Adrian raised in eyebrow to this and the other two magical girls almost wanted to just end her here, Homura gave her reasoning.

Homura: He has to pay for what he’s down and I will be the one to punish him
Sayaka: And we are just suppose to believe you or Gabriel?
Gabriel: You have no right to say that Woman, EU SUNT DRACUL!!!

She walked up to Adrian holding Madoka in her arms and Adrian made a similar action ordering the other two to stay behind. Despite that shouting contest between the two Adrian and Homura made sure this part went on with little bloodshed.

Adrian: Do as you will, if he is truly the cause of the unity of those demons then make sure he stays punished for a long time

She nodded as she handed Madoka to him. Chief and Gabriel put away their weapons as Adrian ordered the other two back. Adrian knew that he would fulfill his end with Gabriel knowing what the full extent of what The Dragon did this day would make it one of the happier deals he could make. As the three walked away and where out of ear shot Homura took a deep breath and with a shaky voice only had one thing to ask.

Homura: Why did you guys step up for me?
Chief: It was the right thing to do Ma’am…and besides…”

Under his helmet he gave the fallen magical girl a smile,

Chief: You know me, when I make a promise-“

Homura became slightly teary eyed, before saying,

Homura: You keep it.

He then took his leave as he had to report back to Cosmos and let here know everything that happened here and hope Madoka could fill in the blanks

Gabriel: To be a monster when everything was torn away from you, to use dark power for someone you cared deeply for, I know what that is like and for a time I thought it was a path set by Destiny that I had to walk alone, my son showed me that it doesn’t have to be that way, Homura Akemi you don’t have to walk it alone either.

He then picked up the fallen devil.

Gabriel: Now let us take this creature to his Just reward.
Homura: Thank you…Gabriel

And for once The Dragon did not yell out to call him by his chosen name. With a smile he would let it go just this once.—-Lucifer was silent as he observed all that occurred from within the Labyrinth of Amala, noting with special interest as the Usurpers scattered. Their leader’s defeat signaled the end of their schemes, but in retreat they fought as demons to escape both the Rebellion and the Regime, their great powers proving to be to the boon necessary to flee.

To think that they had nearly succeeded in their scheme if not for the intervention of both The Dragon and Homura. With a sigh, he rubbed his head and spoke to the one other in the room currently with him.

Lucifer: Those imbeciles…their plan was doomed from its conception. I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as I have if I were the blustering fool Satan is. No business whatsoever calling himself a Devil…
???: I’ll be honest, Lord Lucifer, I was worried for a moment, we were all so caught up in our own affairs we didn’t realize they were even a part of this. But more importantly…

Lucifer turned to his companion, revealing that it was Coyote Starrk, still in his Resurreccion form watching the images alongside him. The Arrancar had returned to the Labyrinth during the original attack by the Usurpers to warn Lucifer and convince him to take the field to help, but the Lightbringer had refused and instead told him to watch alongside him. And so they had watched the entirety of the battle together, including Satan’s fall.

Lucifer: Don’t leave me hanging, Coyote Starrk: what is it you find so interesting?
Starrk: Madoka’s actions near the end…they showed far more inner strength and character than what she was capable of before. Even corrupted, she still remembered her best friend, and was even able to overpower Satan’s control. It makes me wonder…

Lucifer raised his hand, stopping Starrk.

Lucifer: If you’re about to ask if the Great Upheaval was necessary, you already know my answer. As you said, “more than what she was capable of before”. The old Madoka Kaname would have absorbed her without a second thought, lost in the mindlessness of her own despair, and then chased her herald down with the rest of creation. I do not regret having given Homura the means to take her powers; she was a child still haunted by her own weaknesses, and she cannot be trusted with the burden of omnipotence.

He paused and stroked his chin.

Lucifer: …Though I will give her some credit: her development is notable. She’s certainly not quite the foolish child I remember anymore. The time to restore her powers may come sooner than I-

An explosion interrupted his words, blasting the doors to the room they were in to pieces. Both gods turned their attention to the disturbance, Starrk with his pistols out and pointing and Lucifer at the ready to unleash a spell.

Starrk: Was Homura supposed to get here that fast?
Lucifer: No…

Darkness Rising Chapter 5: Not What It Looks Like

10 minutes later at the Labyrinth of Amala, Homura notices the place is a mess (much more so than usual). Her new boss is crouching on one knee covering a very serious wound with one arm.

Homura: Lord Lucifer! What happened?
Lucifer: *coughs* Coyote Starrk and I had a run-in with the Tyrant Valvatorez. I never even imagined he’d be able to face me at full strength…
Homura: Valvatorez!!??? I heard the rumors, but I would never imagine he was that powerful. So the Sisterhood got their revenge…wait, what about Starrk?! Is he-
Lucifer: He’s fine…although he probably won’t be fighting for a while; he was just too outclassed. And no, not the Sisterhood. It seems someone else sent that order. They wouldn’t resort to something like this. In…in any case…*forces himself to stand* we won’t have to worry about Valvatorez for a while. I gave as good as I got, and Starrk got a few shots in as well. Now then, what business do you have with me, Homura Akemi?

Homura smirks as she remembers what she was going to do. With a snap of her fingers, a purple nimbus of magical energy appears, dropping Satan before them.

Lucifer: You! *smiles* Well done, Homura Akemi. This could be the catharsis I need.

10 minutes later, Satan is in a dungeon restrained by ye olde rack and shackles made of an adamantium and obsidian alloy. He comes to, only to see his captors before him.

Lucifer: Well well, look what the cat dragged in. I hear you have a problem understanding what monkeys truly are, so we’ve decided on a special punishment in order to properly educate you on the subject.

The calls of monkeys can be heard as they leap in front of Satan. On an impulsive whim, they reach a hand beneath their bums and hurl some crap at Satan’s face.

Homura: Tell me, do humans do that?

A larger man sized ape wearing a single steel toed boot on its right foot walks into the dungeon eating a bananna.

Lucifer: That right there is a bonobo. Peaceful creatures actually but it seems that they have quite the drive. This unfortunate chap unknowingly ate some of Mara’s “stash of drugs” and has been acting weird all day. Whatever drugs they were I don’t know and I don’t want to know. She hasn’t stopped laughing about it ever since and won’t shut up about it either.

Homura transforms into her full Akuma getup, walks up to Satan with inhuman speed, touches his forehead with her extended right hand before placing three fingers on his chin and places her face right in front of his. A glyph appears on Satan’s forehead. “I was waiting for this moment” begins blaring for all in the room to hear.

Homura: You really shouldn’t have targeted Madoka. What I just did with that glyph is prepare the punishment I have in store for you. One inspired by the traumas of my past in dealing with an endless maze. Traumas that when you escape shall become your traumas. You will relive your current humilation for ALL eternity via an endlessly repeating time loop. Enjoy your Ironic Hell. Depending on who else adequetly provokes me, you won’t be the last person I punish in this way, but you are most certainly the first. Now If you’ll excuse me, I have a friend I invited to the show.
Satan: She chose me, of all the powers she could have gone to, she accepted me! So harm me, torture me! Do as you will, but you will not walk away without understanding one thing: She! Chose! ME!

She kicked him in the head as he started to laugh and got ready for the next part of her plan. Homura teleports away. Her familiars appear and throw rotten tomatoes at Satan. Some of them have rocks inside them. Randomly, the bonobo got the idea to jump behind Satan, smiling at the impulsive thought he just got. Lucifer shuts the door and Satan screams in shock and humiliation.

Satan: NOOOOO!!!!!!!

To this day, no one knew what exactly that bonobo did that day. Needless to say, combined with what the monkeys and familiars were doing, it was the most humilating day of Satan’s life.

Twenty minutes later, Gabriel Belmont is besides himself with laughter in his personal theatre. He and Homura are eating popcorn, pocky sticks, and sipping on some of Homura’s fruit drinks, which appear to be some form of non-alchoholic sangria as they watch the show Homura had in mind.

Gabriel Belmont: Hahahahaha! And I thought I would be the one to make him pay for what he’s done.
Homura: Oh it gets better, or in his case, much worse. That was not a conventional time loop I trapped him in.

She pulls out a broken shard of crystal

Homura: His punishment is to be caught in a “kaekra” type time loop.
Gabriel Belmont: Kaekras?
Homura: A thing an old friend of mine told me about. A Kaekra is a shard of time. A time loop involving kaekras has similar ideas and themes, but has variations, much of which completely random. Take the “monkey cell” Satan is in right now. I don’t know exactly what kind of drugs that bonobo is on and I don’t want to know. Each kaekra could represent a different but equally valid drug that the bonobo inadvertendly took. In one “kaekra” that bonobo could be hopped up on drugs that would make him violent and irritable, which would cause him and a bunch of monkeys to maul Satan to death, also tearing him into pieces as he’s being bitten. Right now the current kaekra is that the bonobo is completely stoned out of his mind and thought it would be funny to punt Satan in the rear with that steel toed boot he has on for some reason.
Gabriel: *still laughing* How interesting.
Homura: There’s also kaekras in which he’s going to experience every single death you’ve ever metted out to him. Being strangled to death and neck broken by a spiked chain, staked by vampire killer, and the one we did to him. And he’s going to experience each….and…every….single….possibility for all eternity in an endless loop of misery and despair.

They watch the kaekras, then Homura cringes before letting out a smirk.

Homura: I don’t recall putting this one in, but oh well. Seeing Kratos tear his wings off and stuff them down that “monkey’s” throat is catharic.

Another kaekra emerges. This time Homura is ready puke at the sight of Mr. Slave does what he does best.

Mr. Slave: Oh…oh…jeezit chrizt
Homura: I don’t remember this one either. Maybe the chaotic nature of Amalia is affecting my magic?

Another kaekrea presents itself. This one has Satan in a bar. He throws a table at one of the patrons. A short stocky fellow. Gabriel face palms and Homura lets out an amused chuckle at what’s to come.

Grim Patron: A FIGHT? COUNT ME IN!!!

More Grim Patrons appear.


The bar is overwhelmed with swarms upon swarms of Grim Patrons. Satan covers his ears and screams for everyone to shut up, but to no avail as the Grim Guzzler’s bouncer “Phalanx” pounds him into the consistency of raw hamburger. Her smirk grows as she gets an idea.

Homura: Gabriel, I have a business proposistion for you.
Gabriel: What is it.
Homura: Let’s make a DVD of Satan’s miserable time traveling journey and sell it. With all the people that hate him, we’ll be so rich. Perhaps we should call it Satan’s Bogus Journey.
Gabriel: Agreed.

He laughs for a minute at the idea of further paying his arch enemy back and shakes Homura’s hand as part of their joint business venture.

Darkness Rising: Epilogue

She was quickly taken back to the Medical Division they did the best that they could, healing her wounds was time consuming but nothing life threating. However, it was the cleansing of her soul that proved more difficult. Sharing a body with such a devil and Satan slowly making her focusing and magnifying her hatred until it blackened part of her soul. The Taint was deeply rooted and for the forces of Good it would take awhile to eradicate it. For now she slept and when she awoken they would help her further. Her mind was in a different place and was not as calm as her sleeping body. She was haunted, knowing that no matter what would happen she would forgive Homura and she moved on to simply waiting for the time she could tell her herself. Lucifer on the other hand, ever since Satan entered her mind and heart her restrained hatred for the entity burst forth even sleeping Satan words burned in to her mind when he possessed her.

Satan: Many would claim that Homura’s actions reflected my own but I deny such claims, On the orders of a more Powerful Entity, she would cast out most beautiful Being in Paradise and cause such a Being to fall to a dark and depressing realm, Homura reminds me of Brother Michael, he claimed to do so for the greater good just as she had, Be happy Kaname for I will be the one to kill her, if I do not then one day something will happen to force you to tragedy and we all know who is truly to blame.

They would forever be seared into her mind and she thought it would never go away. Then suddenly a flash of gold invaded her dreams.

???: Excuse me, I am sorry to interrupt but I need something from you.

She turned to a woman in white who looked a bit flustered at invading her dreams, something that Madoka was getting tired of.

???: I am sorry to be entering like this, I know you are getting tired of this, but I have a message from someone important and I need you to give me something back.

After Flagg, she couldn’t trust people in her dreams.

Madoka: I’m sorry but I do not know what you’re talking about

The woman in white frowned slightly but nodded knowing how Madoka felt.

???: I understand, after what happened you would trust anyone, but I want you to trust me, He wanted you to know that everything seems dark now but it will not end this way, The Forces are numerous and powerful but you have friends in many places that will help you through this.

Madoka seemed surprised by these words and she looked to the Woman in White and realized that she meant every word.

Madoka: I know this, I know my friends will stay by me no matter what happens, but everything seems so uncertain, I just wanted to fight with my friends then stay behind and watch them risk their lives for me

The other woman put her hand on Madoka’s shoulder and comforted her.

???: I know that feeling, I watched My Husband go on a quest to try and fight the forces of Darkness to bring me back from Death, I watched on even as he started to lose his humanity, even now I still love him no matter what he may call himself

The news further added to the mystery of the Woman in White and Madoka just wanted the answers to her many questions. She started with the first and more obvious one.

Madoka: Who are you?
???: I am Marie, Marie Belmont

Gabriel was a mystery to The Pantheon and he rarely spoke to anyone, others knew of his tale as The Dragon but barely of the family he had before.

Madoka: So why are you here in my dream?

Marie warmly smiled, she extended her hand.

Marie: I was to give you His message but I also need to take back one of his most important tool, The God Mask

Madoka was going to ask why she would have this in a dream but she lifted her hand only to realize she clenched it in her left hand.

Madoka: What I saw, It how I wanted to see her the most.

Madoka handed the Mask to Marie.

Marie: It was how He sees everyone, this is why He sent me to you, Madoka Kaname, He loves me as He loves you and even against this twisted fallacy of Him, He will make sure to help you in the end. To do all this, He had a talk with some of your friends. The “Life Bender” knew someone perfect for the job. A little sister who’s title is “The Awakened” and has power over dreams. When He asked for her aid, she was happy to help. She hopes to be able to meet you one day.
Madoka: Alexstraza has a little sister?
Marie: Indeed she does, and they talk about you all the time. One last thing, Just like Gabriel have Faith in Homura, I know that even in their new personas they will reject their old lives but trust me the person that you love is still there just have faith and she will come back to you.

And with another flash of Gold she was gone. And for once Madoka’s Dreams were pleasant and her sleeping form smiled.—-The Battlefield was abandoned as The bunker now laid empty and the war raged on in other places as The World long since moved on. He walked whistling a tune, Sure their part of the battle ended in failure and sure The Usurpers split up but each member of The Usurpers found their own opportunities, The Man in Black was no different. Satan’s Staff was discarded and many never noticed but Flagg did and he knew why.

Flagg: I’m sorry master I know you left a empty body for them to torture but reconstructing a angelic host will take time

The Staff blackened and liquefied moving around Flagg wrapping around his hand. Flagg grinned as it wrapped into The Red Eye Bend of Maerlyn’s Rainbow given to him by The Crimson King.

Flagg: I understand your anger Satan, I already have a plan, just look to The Moon.

He put the blacked orb into his pocket and as The Walkin Dude was prone to do, he walked on to the next place for the next blood bath. After all he had a little deal to by The Court Magician to The Moon King, and they were going to have so much fun. Alas, he could not hear the faint screaming coming from the staff. It seems that Homura thought ahead for something like this and made sure to place Satan’s mind under her “Endless June” punishment.

He chuckled after singing, then it started to grow into laughter that started jovially then grew maniacal. All this when the Moon was surrounded by Dark Energy, The Moon started to slowly shine Purple as though it was infected with Malice.