The Pantheonic Rebellion Act One

Defense Front: The Line

After her match with Flonne, Sayaka went to the House of War to meet with a man she once spoke with. He was outside the front of his temple, where he was ready to leave out of his temple. The headstrong Puella Magi called to him.

Sayaka: Hey, Walker!

He picked his head up to meet her eyes.

Walker: Sayaka Miki… You’ve saved me the trouble of meeting you myself.
Sayaka: I just got back from Sisterhood HQ. They were inducting one of their newest members for the war.
Walker: Your friends are going to need it after everything their former leader has been through.
Sayaka: Hey… I… I’ve never been involved in a war before. Since you’re a deity of such, do you know how a war feels like?
Walker: Since you’re going to be involved in a war against Lucifer and YHVH’s plot, I’ll tell you this… Many people think it’s a job. That’s what most military recruiters in the army would say to Highschoolers… It’s more than just that. You’re a single gear within a machine. You may not realize it just yet, but it’s the way you’re going to be built. We, The Alpha Omega Force…. We don’t function like regular civilians here do. We go enter the field and do what’s necessary, and then we die.

Sayaka briefly stared at the soldier, awestruck at his words. The Delta Force Captain frowned after he stopped talking.

Sayaka: I… I didn’t know you had to go through so much…
Walker: You’d best think about hard it, because it’s what you will be going through later.

Walker had a point. If Sayaka was to go to war with The Forces of both Law and Chaos in her current mindset, she would be killed on the spot. He took a deep breath before he spoke again.

Walker: Do not let your desires get the best of you. I once had the desire to be a hero in Dubai. Unfortunately…

His frown has grow deeper, feeling guilt for everything he did in his home world.

Walker: I found out that everything I did end dooming the citizens there.
Sayaka: That’s… Horrible…
Walker: I’ve stayed inside my Temple in solitude unless a war happened.
Sayaka: Mr. Walker… I…

Sayaka froze in her tracks, doubting her ability to fight against her enemies. He gives out a faint smile as he places his hand on her shoulder.

Walker: It’s alright. You’re human… We both are. Just because we fight in a war, That doesn’t mean we’re monsters.

The captain of the Delta Force released his grip from Sayaka’s shoulder and walked past her.

Walker: I’ll will be meeting with my Alpha Omega Force crew inside a bunker. Engrave those words into your mind.

Walker leaves to enter a bunker. Sayaka departs the House of War, Deep in thought about Walker’s words.

Fog Of War Front: Chapter 1: Reservoir

Kane: You know why you have been requested?
Alpharius: The vials I obtained from the Maximum Security wing of the Treasury?
David Xanatos: Precisely. My plan is to give our forces a nice, secret little advantage.  Cosmos and YHVH cannot be permitted to intervene in my master plan. What you must do is take that vial of fully weaponized Hinimizawa Syndrome you obtained and enter Purgatorio. Then, you will find the central waterways and empty that vial. If that virus is what’s its purported to be, then the realm’s defenders will rapidly go mad, tearing at each other from within, giving the Deep Strike Front less to worry about. Are the warp gates ready?
Alpharius: Yes.
Kane: Good. Give the order to your Alpha Legion to head out. In 5 minutes, I will give the Brotherhood of Nod’s marching orders. I trust that your legion’s expertise in stealth, sabotage, and infiltration will prove useful. The first wave of your reinforcements will consist of Shadow Teams, Stealth Tanks, and several Tunneling APCs. The forces in the 2nd wave will act as a distraction. Remember, this is a black ops mission. Make sure no one else in the Rebellion sees you, especially not Hanyuu. We don’t want anyone knowing that Hinimizawa Syndrome has been set free from its lock down. MOVE OUT!!!

Alpharius enters the portal, and gives the Alpha Legions marching orders. The strike force consists mainly of Chaos Space Marines, Possessed Marines, Chaos Chosen, and Chaos Terminators. Many of their bolters are of the stalker pattern, designed to be able to act as make shift sniper rifles.

6 minutes later

Alpharius, aided by his Alpha Legion and the Brotherhood of Nod, walked their way through Purgatorio to find a resevoir as he was holding the vial in his hand. Surely enough, there’s a resevoir.

Alpharius: A resevoir… Good. Time to put it in…

Alpharius drains the vials of the fully weaponized Hinimizawa Syndrome into the water. 1 minute later at the Sisterhood base, David Xanatos receives a transmission.

Alpharius: The package is in place. Within minutes, every single drop of water in this realm will be contaminated, which will infect anyone who so much as drinks a drop.
David Xanatos: Excellent, let phase 2 of the plan commence.
Alpharius: Roger that. *Gun fire sounds off* Looks like our presence has finally been alerted to.
David Xanatos: No matter. Just get your men out of there ASAP. Fighting retreat: Your part in the plan has been fulfilled.

He turns on communication channels to every transceiver in the base.

David Xanatos: Attention all people assigned to the “Deep Strike” front. Preparations are complete. Be ready in five minutes and meet at the warp portal. This include bringing in any of your own food and water sources. (shuts off his communicator and speaks to himself) And no one knows just exactly what I meant in terms of preparations. Good thing too as they wouldn’t like it. Let’s just hope Oyashiro doesn’t stumble too close to the “Fog of War”.

Back at Purgatorio, part of Alpharius’ squadron were about to leave the place. The cold-hearted Primarch saw a group of creatures drink the contaminated water.

Alpharius: I’ve just added improvements to the water. Go ahead. It’s still safe.

They looked at him before drinking the water. The treacherous Primarch smiled as he and his alpha legions were in the process to depart.

Alpharius: Perfect… any minute now…

Fog Of War Chapter 2: Madness

Purgatorian A: A fight? Count me in! What does that mean?
Purgatorian B: Ignore it, it’s probably some stupid chaos sloga….

The two of them are suddenly under assault from Grim Patrons, who seem to have appeared out of nowhere.


As they try to escape the Patrons, the two were assailed by a squad of Khorne Berserkers who had leaped from an drawawning of a ruined building. It did not take long for them to be hacked to pieces by chain axes. The Patrons take this opportunity to take a swing at the Berserkers. A whirlwind of axe swings follows as psychotic Chaos Space Marine fights drunken dwarf. A bite of a Berserker’s chain axe on a Patron’s Arm triggers another Grim Patron to appear with a shout of EVERYONE! GET IN HERE!

Meanwhile, Alpharius, his legion, and the Brotherhood of Nod were busy holding off a Legion of Orks and demons. He knew that members of the Regime were going to kill each other with the Hinimizawa Syndrome he put inside the water, but he wasn’t expecting any third parties to be here. As they killed several troops, the treacherous Primarch receives a transmission.

Kane: What’s taking you so long, Alpharius?
Alpharius: Other forces besides the Regime were also infected.
Kane: Is that so?

Kane had cracked a dark smirk on his face.

Kane: Interesting… This may be better than we expected. Depart the place by yourself. Let our forces die. I’ll get in contact with Xanatos on this matter.
Alpharius: Very well… I’m getting out.

The transmission ends as the Alpha Legion and the BON were now attacking not just the orks and demons, but several members of the Regime, Grim Patrons, Black Legions, and Deaths Guards.

Alpharius: I’m going back to Kane. All of you, stay here and hold out as much as possible!
Alpha legion soldier: Right, sir!

Just as the treacherous primarch ran to the teleporting pad, he was interupted by a group of Grim Patrons. He cut through one of them and kicked the other one out of his way, finally reaching the teleporter pad.

Alpharius: (Thinking) Good. Time to get out of this place.

Pressing several buttons, Alpharius had managed to escape Purgatorio and returned to Kane, who was overseeing the mayhem that ensued in Purgatorio through his monitor.

Kane: You’ve done well.
Alpharius: But the Deep Strike Front will be arriving shortly.
Kane: Not to worry. I’ve already spoken with Xanatos. He’s postponed it. I must say, the results are better than we expected. With both the forces of Chaos, the Regime, and several others infected by Hinimizawa Syndrome, not only will we have an advantage against the Regime, but also Lucifer’s demons and allies.
Alpharius: Did she spot us?
Kane: No. It’ll take some time for it to wear off. I’ll type in the teleportation protocols to send you back to your temple.

He typed in several buttons to send the treacherous Primarch back inside his temple and resumed to look at the monitor. It was now a massive, bloody battle royale between several factions, now joined by World Eaters, Thousand Sons, and the Emperor’s children. He watched as they all killed each other.

Kane: With the damage he’s done, the Deep Strike Front will have even less to worry about. Still, we must find a way to keep this under wraps.

Defense Front: And I’m Home.

Sayaka was walking her way through the pantheon, thinking deep about the words Martin Walker gave her. As she proceeds to enter Sisterhood HQ, Grabbing her head as she went down to her knees, She groaned in agony.

Sayaka: Urrgh…. My head…

Despite the headache, she got back up to her feet and saw a magical weasel in front of her.

Sayaka: Kyubey…! How did you escape?

Grabbing her sword she charged at him and stabbed him, only to find herself going past him.

Sayaka: Huh?

Was it another one of Kyubey’s illusions? Did the weasel escape? She looked around for the Incubator, sighting him on top of the rooftops.

Sayaka: Oktavia!

Summoning her Persona, she ordered Oktavia to attack her enemy. To her shock, Kyubey disappeared again, destroy large portions of the buildings in the process.

Sayaka: Where are you, Kyubey!? Show yourself!

She covered her eyes with her hands as her vision became blurry.

???: Sayaka!

Sayaka turned around to see a red-headed female running to her.

Sayaka: Kyoko…!
Kyoko: Are you all right?
Sayaka: Unngggh…! Take me… Inside Sisterhood HQ…! I need to rest…
Kyoko: Hang in there! I’m gonna take you back to Sisterhood HQ!
Sayaka: Thanks…

Oktavia disappeared as Sayaka is carried by Kyoko’s shoulders as they go to Sisterhood HQ to meet to have the blue-haired Puella Magi rest. Was she hallucinating? Was it about what Walker said to her in their conversation? She gave out a sigh of relief as they enter the Sisterhood HQ.

Deep Strike Front: Surprise

10 minutes later

At the Rebellion’s base, the Rebellion prepares the 3rd piece of their strategy: the attack against YHVH himself. All the gods chosen are presently marching towards the designated transerver.

The Emperor of Man: Heed my call, everyone! I have been assigned as acting commander of this assignment! I know some of you won’t like to take orders from anyone, so let me say that my orders are for the sake of keeping us all alive. If we are to stand against YHVH and survive, we cannot afford anyone running off on their own! Rash behaviour will not be tolerated!

All of the deities have stepped inside the teleporter pad. Several minutes later, they all arrived Purgatorio. To their shock, they saw dead bodies everywhere.

Superman: Good Cosmos… What the heck happened here?
Optimus Prime: It seems like a blood bath happened here….
Sonic: Euugh… I think I’m gonna puke…
Zetta: Did Lucifer and his demon squad do this?

The Emperor of Man had analyzed the field for a few minutes before giving the group an answer.

Emperor of Man: It’s likely…

The Deep Strike front looked around as they walked through Purgatorio. Sanguinius had spotted a couple of familiar-looking bodies.

Sanguinus: Father, I’ve spotted members of the Alpha Legion… But they’re not conscious.
Vulkan: That fool Alpharius… Why was he even here?
Superman: Whatever he did, we’ll deal with him later. This makes it easier for us to take down YHVH and group.
Emperor of Man: I second your sentiments, Kryptonian. All of creation’s at stake here, as our main priority is YHVH Himself.
Goku: I can’t wait to see how powerful he is!
Zetta: (To Goku) …Is that all you care about, saiyan?
Vegeta: A saiyan always has his pride! We will thrash that ugly bald head of a god!
Superman: (Sighs;Thinking) At a time like this? I bet they’ve taken strategy classes for saving the earth.
Emperor of Man: Enough babble. Let’s advance forward!

Everyone continued to walk around Purgatorio to find a way to enter the Regime’s base.

Defense Front: Heroism

Kyoko: You feeling better?
Sayaka: Moderately. I’m still getting small migraines…

Sayaka was resting her head on a pillow on top of a bench outside the now restored Sisterhood HQ for the past half-hour to alleviate her headache. She saw Usagi, Nanoha, Sakura, and the other Magical girls discuss their plans regarding Madoka.

Nagisa Misumi: Honoka and I will have the Pretty Cures help the Rebellion faction clean up the damage the Regime has done!
Usagi: Since Madoka is the target, We’ll let you go.

Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, AKA Cure Black and Cure White respectively, have led the Pretty Cures out of Sisterhood HQ to assist the Rebellion faction. Usagi had a worried look on her face. The Puella Magi, let alone Madoka, have never been into a war before. Considering what had happened to the former leader’s apostles, She knew they had to harden up for the Regime’s next attack.

Nanoha: What’s the plan now?
Usagi: We contact Cosmos and see what she’ll say next.
Sakura: How are we going to rescue Madoka from Lucifer?

A good question. With the innocent Puella Magi captured by Lucifer and with Beezlebub backing him up, he’d run away the minute they see him.

Usagi: We should-

Her thoughts were interrupted when something descended from the sky. A colossal creature with four arms, and six wingsappeared before the Sisterhood. Its aura had everyone in the Sisterhood to tremble.

Nanoha: What is that thing!?
Sakura: Hey! Who are you!?
???: I am Satan! The Judge of the Lord’s will! You, the Sisterhood, who have chosen to defy the will of God and have allied with Lucifer… Prepare to suffer his punishment of eternal damnation!

Satan started casting a death spell on two Magical Girls instantly killing them before they could react.

Usagi: He… He killed them…

Unpleasant to see this, Sayaka got up from her bench with Kyoko following her.

Usagi: Sayaka, what are you doing?!
Sayaka: Everyone, Kyoko and I will handle this! (I can finally get my mind on something else.)

The red-headed Puella Magi gave her fellow a worried look. The creature just casted an instant death spell a few moments ago on two of their numbers. Even without those, this creature was very strong. How were they going to fare off against a creature with magic that could kill them in one shot? She steadily held her spear as Usagi, Sakura, Nanoha, and many of the Sisterhood retreat back to HQ while the two Puella Magi fight them off.

Satan: Where is the False Messiah?
Kyoko: She’s in a rabbit hole!
Satan: Your humor does not deceive me, little ones.
Sayaka: Maybe, but Oktavia has some tricks up her sleeve!

Sayaka summoned Oktavia von Seckondorf with spear in hand and commanded her to attack Satan, who retaliated with a claw, only for the witch to evade his attack and strike it with her spear. Kyoko followed up with an attack from her spear, which the creature breathed fire from its mouth, causing her to barely evade it in the nick of time to reach above him. With little warning, the creature casted ice magic at her mid-fire breath, causing her to block it. Oktavia lounged forward and assaulted Satan again. This time, the demon casted Tempest, which knocked Kyoko away.

Sayaka: Time to kick up the ante!

With sword in hand, the confident magical girl charged at Satan and stabbed it with her sword.

Satan: I tire of this charade. Begone!

The demon then casted Mudo, the same spell it did with two magical girls moments ago. Kyoko slightly widened eyes in shock as she evaded the spell.

Kyoko: Sayaka, look out!

Sayaka evaded the Mudo spell, only for the demon to cast another spell which included his finger, which touched the witch. This had caused Oktavia to fizzle out, shocking Sayaka.

Sayaka: He killed Oktavia in one blow… Just what kind of this demon is this?!
Kyoko: We should hold it off until backup arrives!

The two of them kept their distance from Satan, who started to cast another Mudo spell to kill them.

???: SANAT!!

Just as the demon was on the verge of casting the death spell, it was interrupted by an attack that hit at him and another summoned by a demon.

Satan: Arrgghh!

Sayaka and Kyoko looked to see two familiar figures that helped the Sisterhood as they rush to their side.

Sayaka: Wait, you two are… The samurai and the young man who helped us defeat Walpurgisnacht.
Flynn: Where is Miss Kaname!?
Kyoko: She’s captured by Lucifer.
Naoki: Tch. I don’t care about the girl… (Looks at Satan) but I wasn’t expecting something stronger than Metatron. This will prove to be a warm-up. Is this demon a different form of Metatron or Merkabah?
Sayaka: No! This is a completely different one! This guy is known as Satan, YHVH’S judge or something like that.
Naoki: (shocked) What…!?

Satan… Naoki had heard of that name before. A friend of his had warned him about Satan; The creature was several steps above Metatron and was known for casting death spells. One mis-step and they’re all over. He took a serious look on his face.

Naoki: (Thinking to himself) Shit… A creature like Satan? Here? We’d better take caution with him. (Out loud) Samurai! Summon that other creature immediately…!
Flynn: Satan will go down just like the others!
Naoki: This one is different… It can kill us with death magic!

Flynn had paused for a moment. He realized that his rival was not his usual cocky self. He quietly nodded in agreement.

Flynn: Very well… If you insist… MASAKADO’S SHADOW!!!!

The samurai had summoned Masakado’s Shadow to assist them.

Satan: More enemies that side with Lucifer? I will be willing to send you all down to the depths of oblivion!
Flynn: We just don’t like your methods. LILITH!!!

Flynn summoned Lilith to aid them while Masakado’s Shadow and Sanat charged at Satan, who casted Poison Breath at the two demons. While Sanat was caught in the poison, the Shadow of Masakado evaded it and casted Curse Thy Enemy, which did more damage to Satan than Oktavia did.

Sayaka: Heh, I’m feeling alright again… Persona! Oktavia!

Sayaka re-summoned Oktavia to fight alongside them. The Poisoned Sanat, along with Naoki, had used Gaea Rage against Satan, who barely evaded it and casted Megidolaon, which everyone had blocked. Masakado’s Shadow and Sanat had used Charge and Dark Energy respectively to strengthen the group’s next set of attacks.

Kyoko: I feel stronger than I was few seconds ago… Alright, time to take this thing out!

Kyoko and Oktavia rushed into Satan and attacked it with their weapons, followed by Naoki firing a Freikugel. These combination of attacks had finally taken Satan down.

Satan: The judge of God… Defeated by mere Sons of Man…

Having been defeated, The Judge of God crumbled into dust.

Sayaka: He’s gone… Thank you, Mister… Uh… What was it again?
Flynn: Flynn.
Kyoko: Uh, yeah. Thanks, Mr. Flynn.
Naoki: …We should be going. Who knows what the Great Will is going to do next.

As Naoki and Flynn departed the vicinity, Sayaka asked them a question.

Sayaka: Wait, Samurai! You’re gonna leave Lucifer hanging?

Flynn looks back and smiled serenely.

Flynn: As much I’d love to, Someone else is going to do the deed.
Kyoko: (smiles) Really!?
Sayaka: Wait, who’s going to deal with Lucifer?

Flynn smirked. Naoki impatiently waited for the samurai to follow him.

Flynn: That’s a secret.

Turning his back, Flynn met up Naoki, who spoke with him as leave.

Naoki: What the hell was that all about?
Flynn: I tried not to reveal too much.
Naoki: Good. Eldrad would be pissed if you did.
Flynn: It’s still under wraps. That Archer guy’s a mysterious one. Who knows where he’s going.
Naoki: Doesn’t matter. We should be going up against God.

The Demi-fiend had walked ahead of him. The samurai was annoyed with his rival’s apathy. He sighed as he realized something: The quicker they take down both YHVH and Lucifer, the sooner he’ll back to guarding the reactor.

Defense Front: Family “Reunion”

Chapter Synopsis: Harpuia and his siblings have a confrontation with Copy X and the X-Forces. However, Cosmos sends help in the form of the two most unlikely warriors

Sage Harpuia, Fighting Fafnir, Fairy Leviathan and Hidden Phantom were fighting off Copy X and a horde of modified X-Force members within a stronghold of the Rebellion forces. Harpuia was evenly matched fighting his former master while his siblings slightly struggle to drive off the X-Force Members. Cosmos had informed the former Four Guardians that two un-noble allies will help them

Copy X: You will suffer for your betrayal, Harpuia!
Harpuia: I will not follow your rule any longer, Maverick!
Copy X: Are you calling me, your master, a Maverick? By opposing me, You and your siblings are no longer members of Neo Arcadia!
Harpuia: So be it. I’ve gotten sick of your draconian approach, you imperfect copy.
Copy X: How dare you me call me imperfect!? You will die for our salvation!

Copy X transformed into a seraph-like entity devoid of legs, towering over the Four Guardians. Harpuia called for Aztec Falcon to aid him against the imperfect copy of X.

Harpuia: (thinking) His self-proclaimed perfection is what led Dr. Weil to manipulate him so easily… That damned madman…

Harpuia prepares to fight off the Seraph-like copy X while the other three guardians fight off the X-Forces. Leviathian, having a dislike for ground combat, summoned several ice dragosn to help her siblings take out the X-Forces and eliminate several goons.

Leviathan: Ugh, this is why I don’t like fighting on land. It’s so dusty!
Phantom: You’ll get used to it eventually. Fefnir and I will back you up…
Fefnir: I’m surprised that even you would ally with us, Phantom.
Phantom: Circumstances have changed.

The quiet guardian no longer had any desire to work under Copy-X after Harpuia told him about the missile raid the imperfect copy ordered on Area Z-3079, a human residential area.

Phantom: Let’s try to ascend Master X into the pantheon.

The three ex-Neo Arcadians smiled and nodded in agreement as they continued to fight off the robots.

Meanwhile in the sky, Copy X and Harpuia were fighting with the green ex-Neo Arcadian having a slight disadvantage against his former boss. He has managed to land several hits against him with his swords, but gets hit by several of Copy X’s Tentei lasers doing more damage than he did against his ex-boss.

Copy X: You should repent, Harpuia!
Harpuia: You are too far gone.

Phantom Throws his giant shuriken at the X-Force hordes while Leviathan’s ice dragons froze them. Fefnir punched the ground, which caused fire pillars to erupt from the ground, which knocked. While Phantom was successful in killing his enemies, the X-Force Robots Leviathan froze have thawed out quickly and the ones Fefnir attacked have slowly recovered. More X-Force robots have started appearing and closed in on the siblings.

Leviathan: I wish I was fighting on the sea…
Fefnir: How stronger have these things become?

Unknown to them, Copy X fired a beam, which torched not only the three guardians, but the X-Forces as well. Harpuia, who was fairly injured during his battle, witnessed his siblings being destroyed.

Copy X: I am Judgement!
Harpuia: No!! Leviathan!!! Fefnir!!! Phantom!!
Copy X: You will soon follow them, Harpuia.
Harpuia: You…! Wha…?

Harpuia stopped as he noticed a dark-colored robotic figure jump onto Copy X.

Copy X: Get off me this instant!
???: Shut up! I’m gonna kill you right here!

Was this entity a reploid? He did have a masculine voice. He takes out what a scythe and attacks the imperfect X copy with it several times, followed by several blasts of ice and lightning. The green ex-Neo Arcadian looks around and spots another reploid beneath and from behind Copy X. Harpuia followed up with several homing missiles at the distracted Copy X, which had taken him down.

Copy X: You… Haven’t seen… The last… of… M-me.

The imperfect X copy shuts down, cementing their victory, but at a cost. The green ex-Neo Arcadian turned to the two reploids.

Harpuia: You two must be… Prometheus and Pandora?
Prometheus: You must be that green robot Cosmos told us to help.
Harpuia: You two must be these “Un-noble allies” Cosmos were talking about. What took you so long?
Prometheus: We have to take care of these junks of scrap metal ourselves before we came here.

The fire clears up, showing the broken Leviathan, Fefnir, and Phantom. Harpuia went next to them to mourn for his siblings.

Harpuia: I swear, you three… Zero and the others shall take down YHVH for you…

The green ex-Neo Arcadian quietly departed the stronghold with Prometheus and Pandora following him. For what’s considered to be a familial reunion, It didn’t end well.

Defense Front: Never Mess with Granny.

Beelzebub: GYAGH!

Madoka watched in fear as Beelzebub was in the middle of a feud by an unknown figure. The colossal fly was… Not doing too well. He was hit by what appeared to be a few severe gunshots. The lord of the Flies lays down unconscious.

???: You will not pervert Madoka Kaname into one of your own, demonic insect!
Beelzebub: Say what you will, Merkabah… But we have no intention on converting her into a demon…
Merkabah: Regardless of your plans, She will not gain the power to oppose us through any means.

With Beelzebub defeated, Merkabah, the Chariot of God, approached Madoka, who looked at him, completely horrified.

Madoka: W… What are you doing to me?
Merkabah: Madoka Kaname… The False Messiah… Former Leader of the Sisterhood… You shall reflect on what you have done.

Merkabah casted a spell on Madoka. Several minutes later, the innocent girl started screaming. Five minutes later, she stopped screaming and started receiving visions. The first one was the time Homura stole her powers back in Sisterhood HQ. Another of them is Homura, Mami, Sayaka, and Kyoko transformed into witches and she was forced to take them all down. Another was a time when she transformed a witch before destroying the city. A third vision was where she saw her parents dying from a disease. She cried for help as she received more visions.

Madoka: Someone… Please… Help me…. Make it stop…
Merkabah: Now… To…
???: STOP!

Merkabah paused as a voice called to him. He turned around to see an elderly looking woman with an angry look in her face. The chariot of God moved slightly closer to her.

???: You will not lay another finger on her!
Merkabah: Identify yourself!
???: I am Virtuous! Master of Life! I will not allow this action to continue any further!
Merkabah: So you seek to stand against me… Very well, foolish Master of Life… Prepare to be eliminated in the name of God.

Merkabah casted Deadly wind, in which Virtuous evaded and moved in to him. The chariot of God casted Thunder Reign. The Master of Life stood still and blocked several thunderbolt strikes. The old lady gave out a smirk. She raised her arm upwards.

Virtuous: I have a few surprises in store for you.
Merkabah: Is that so? Humans truly embody foolishness. My mission from God will not be in vain!

Just when Merkabah made his move, he was ambushed by a grenade from above. The grenades exploded on contact with the chariot. Seconds afterwards, the flames subsided. Using this as an opportunity, Virtuous closed in on him. The latter was too late to react to it and had his soul ripped from his body.

Virtuous: For tormenting Madoka Kaname, You shall not be reincarnated!

The Master of Life proceeded to kill Merkabah’s soul, slowly vanquishing it from existence, but not before cursing his enemy.

Merkabah: Wretched Witch… You will pay… For your blasphemy…

The Chariot of God disappeared completely. Virtuous walked up on the former Puella Magi, who was in tears from the visions.

Virtuous: There’s no need to fear anything any longer, Madoka. We’re here…
Madoka: Miss… Virtuous?

Comforting the once-leader of the Sisterhood, Several deities came down to meet with the Master of Life. They watched the pink-haired girl fall asleep on Virtuous’ lap.

???: Looks like he’s gone…
Virtuous: You and your squadron have done a splendid job distracting him, Shepard.
Shepard: Never thought those Inferno grenades make a good diversion. Still, Shepard is
Miranda Lawson: She’s sleeping like a baby.
Tali: Takes me back to the time I once saved her friend… Mami Tomoe, if I recall.

Garrus reloaded his gun.

Liara: Let’s go back to the base to get her healed before they strike us again.

Everyone nodded and quickly departed to the Rebellion’s base in the GUAG Command Center.

While members of the Regime were preparing their next inside the base, YHVH was furious. He saw a vision of Merkabah getting kill by someone. What’s made worse was that his chariot was denied the chance to reincarnate.

YHVH: Merkabah hath been slain… They hath taken the False Messiah back with them… It is all mine fault…
Metatron: Tis an unfortunate fate for him. I shall avenge him for us.
YHVH: They shalt pay for their blasphemy against me…
Mastema: My Lord, I… (coughs) have an idea.

The almighty green bald head listened to his servant’s advice.

Mastema: We can… (coughs) infiltrate their base. Come on in!

At Metatron’s command, a cloaked figure approached him. The figure walked up to the three holy beings.

YHVH: What is this foolishness, Mastema?
Mastema: (To the mysterious figure) Reveal… (coughs) yourself.

The figure removed the cloak to reveal someone all too familiar. Knowing where this was going, a grin crept upon YHVH’s face.

YHVH: Mastema… This is splendid. Listen to me, thy holy one!

The figure looked at the divine almighty bald head, awaiting for his order.

Defense Front: Just Enough Rope

Superman: Is anyone at the front gate? I have an announcement for you all to make! I have killed YHVH all by myself!

He waited for members of the Rebellion in hope to hear his story. Little did he realize was that Seraph Lamington had been keeping an eye on him from the sky without getting exposed. The Seraph noticed something different about the Man of Steel.

Lamington: (Thinking to himself) Odd, why is Clark by himself, and why is his costume so dark? Something isn’t right.

Lamington quietly activates his Overload Skill, scrying on those he knows have magical energy. His suspicions are proven correct, for he sees Hanyuu and everyone else in the Deep Strike Operation alive and well, including Clark Kent.

Lamington: (Whispering to Batman) Can you clear something up for me here, Bruce? I’m seeing two Supermen. The one with the Deep Strike Front is still in Purgatorio, yet there’s another one at the front gate wanting to get inside after allegedly defeating YHVH on his lonesome. The costume of the one at the front gate is darker than the one in Purgatorio. Care to explain?
Batman: It can’t be… That could only mean one thing: the Superman at the front gate is the one from THAT timeline. The one that became a brutal tyrant, some have coined as “Regime Superman”. How should we handle this, Seraph?
Lamington: I say we play along. Give him just enough rope to hang himself with. I guess that explains why HER magical signature is in bound. Shall we let the enemy of our enemy be our friend for now?
Batman: Let it be so. As much as I don’t want to do this, we’re going to have to keep this plan secret from Madoka. I’m not so sure about her acting skills. We can’t let the imposter know we’re on to him. (A bit louder, through the microphone), Accelerator, come here.

As Regime Superman is on his knees reeling from the earlier fight, Accelerator makes his move, having just finished anointing his sword with the green kryptonite. He throws twenty green large Kryptonite shards into Kal-el with his vector control and promptly throws the sword runs him through, completely piercing the draconian Superman’s heart and chest with the kryptonite laced sword. With all those shards coursing through his bloodstream, he had no hope of surviving. He coughs up blood before being kicked to the ground by Accelerator, causing the poisoned sword to cut into him again upon impact. He dies one minute later.

Accelerator: Time to take out the trash.

Accelerator carries the fallen kryptonian’s corpse, making his way to toss the monstrous being to where he believes is a fitting place for people such as him… the garbage. He is then contacted by Batman via a transmitter.

Accelerator: What is it?
Batman: (Through Transmitter) Get the green kryptonite dust ready. Lelouch will let you know when its time.
Accelerator: Heh, Alright. I’ll be heading to him now.

Accelerator puts the transmitter back inside his pocket before making his next move. Lamington was relieved that the fake, draconian Superman was disposed of. The Seraph was about to leave, but he was suddenly approached by a dark figure.

???: You saved me the trouble of having to deal with that weak imposter myself, Seraph.

He turned around to see a familiar figure and smiled.

Lamington: How nice of you to be here, Homura Akemi.
Homura: With him gone, we will have a greater chance of victory.
Lamington: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.
Homura: Explain…

The dark goddess’ face slightly darkened as she was pondering what the Seraph meant by his statement.

Lamington: The Rebellion had been anticipating your presence from the beginning.
Homura: Tch!

This revelation annoyed her. She tried to retain her composure as she listened to Lamington.

Lamington: Not only have I sensed your magical energy entering our vicinity, but you tipped us off to that imposter.
Homura: (angry) You….!

Ticked off that her actions have been retroactively discovered, Homura casted a magical spell against Lamington. To her surprise, very little damage was done to him. She casted a stronger magical spell and similar to the first attempt, it only did more, albeit minor damage on him. The results caused her eyes to widen in disbelief.

Homura: Just… What are you!?
Lamington: It’s a shame, isn’t it? All of your work was shattered like a glass. Your new powers have made you quite the arrogant demon, Homura Akemi.

Enraged, Homura casted an even vastly stronger type of magic in an attempt to hurt him. He flew up above her. From his back emerged four big wings of light accompanied by eight minor spell glyphs. A greater glyph suddenly appeared in his hands. He then fires a pillar of light at the blast of magical energy, resulting in an explosion. Seven minutes after the explosion subsided, Homura emerged to search for the Seraph.

Homura: Where are you Seraph…? Show yourself!!
???: Right here.
Homura: What?

Just when Homura was about to locate her enemy, a gigantic block of ice fell down on her and made its way into the ground at a quick speed. The block of ice exploded upon contact with the ground, which caused Homura to feel extreme pain. The serene Seraph flew down to her, smiling.

Lamington: Not so supreme now, aren’t you, general of chaos?

She struggles to get back up, groaning in woe from the pressure of the block of ice. She pulls out a pistol and shoots at Lamington. To her shock, the gun shots were only a little more successful than her magic, but still only managed to inflict minor damage.

Lamington: Done with your temper tantrum yet?

Homura casted her signature time magic. To her dismay, she notices Lamington, Madoka, and Usagi all casually waving at her and smiling, signifying that no one got frozen in time.

Lamington: If you don’t want to suffer a bigger humiliation for Lucifer, I suggest you depart at once.

He had a point. She realized that, even with her full power, she was no match for him.

Homura: You have won this round… But I assure you, I won’t be alone the next time I face you.

She slowly made her retreat, creating a portal to return to the Labyrinth of Amala. Lamington then contacts Batman through the transmitter.

Lamington: (through transmitter) Our enemies are gone. We can proceed with our next move.
Batman: Good.

Lamington hangs up and proceeds to his next destination. Before departing, he turns to the members of the Sisterhood, who were arriving his way. Usagi, utterly shocked at the turn of events, speaks her mind.

Usagi: How in the world were you able to deal with her so easily?
Lamington: I have an intrinsically high resistance to magic from humanoid sources and a high magical defense. I can withstand fire arms, but this isn’t as good compared to magic casted against me. It’s one of my powers, which allows me to use my magical powers against all attacks, even physical ones like firearms. As for her time magic, I can generate an aura that doesn’t allow impediments to work on anyone within the aura. This includes time magic. Now if Homura had brought an axe or been trained in unarmed combat, there would have been trouble.
Madoka: So what you’re saying is that Homura-chan met someone whose powers are the worst possible thing for her to meet?
Lamington: Exactly. Now if you girls may excuse me, I must go. I have some affairs to attend to.

Without saying another word, the seraph departs.

Sakura: What does he mean by that?
Usagi: Who knows…

Defense Front: Pluto.

Chapter Synopsis: Metatron unleashes the Regime’s secret weapon.

Emperor Palpatine: What should we do now? Those fools have destroyed our strongest numbers!
Lex Luthor: It appears that not even the Superman from that universe had any use in infiltrating the Rebellion front base.

Metatron was in deep fury as he watched Regime Superman get undermined by Accelerator through a vision inside the Regime base. First Satan, then Merkabah, and now Regime Superman… Three of their strongest members have fallen to the Rebellion. The Regime members have gathered around the robotic seraph to listen.

Metatron: Members of the Utopia! I will no longer stand idly by and let these insolent insects trample on our members. I will now unleash the weapon to surely make our enemies kneel! Angels, bring the weapon here!

At Metatron’s command, several angels have brought a machine in front of him. Several members of the Regime were perplexed as to see what kind of machine it was.

Metatron: Hear me! I introduce you all to Pluto the Tormentor! His poison shall eliminate the infidels opposing us! The God Emperor and his allies are on their way here. He’s to be in our largest stronghold.
Megatron: Perfect… My Decepticons will eliminate those pesky Rebellion members in a matter of minutes!
Vader: My lord, I shall send the 501st against them.
Palpatine: Very well… Be sure to wear protective gear from Pluto’s poison.
Darth Vader: That I will do, sir.
Mastema: I will send my angels… (coughs) to assist you.

The angels have carried Pluto as Megatron, Darkseid Darth Vader, and Arthas Menethil leave the exit to combat the Rebellion with their troops.

15 minutes later

Nightwing, Red Robin, Spider-Man, Supergirl, Mr. Freeze, along with a large amount of members of the Sacred Knights were fighting off a horde of undead Scourge members. Mr. Freeze froze several of them with his freeze guns, while Super Girl drove some of them off with heat vision. Artix had slain several undead creatures, converting them into spirit orbs.

Spider-Man: Suave move trying to get these undead soldiers into your cause, YHVH!
Artix: I just fought in an undead uprising several days ago! Even for me, I can’t deal with this amount of Scourge creatures!
Red Robin: The quicker we get this done, the sooner we’ll return to guarding Madoka.

Mr Freeze uses his Ice gun to freeze several plague eruptors that were coming their way. Lucina and Nightwing had taken down several Geists.

Nightwing: Those tyrants are pushing harder. Going to need more firepower if we’re to drive them away… This isn’t going to be pleasant.
Lucina: What is it?
Nightwing: Cover Me!

Lucina fended off several undead while Super-Girl looked up at the sky, where he saw the angels drop a machine around the pantheon. Accompanying them were the Legions of Apokalips, whose presence had prompted her to contact Superman through her transmitter.

Super Girl: Clark, we have a problem!
Superman: (through transmitter) Has Luthor made his move yet?
Super Girl: No, not that. Darkseid’s forces have appeared! There’s also this strange thing the angels have dropped. It looks like a skull with a really pointy nose.
Superman: (through transmitter) I’ll have Bruce analyze that machine. Do your best to hold off their forces.

The Man of Steel cuts off the communication as Nightwing watches Super-girl and Spider-Man take out a several members of Darkseid’s forces, with the Warrior of Light casting Shining Wave against two of them in addition to a Fungal Monster. Using his freeze gun, Mr. Freeze had frozen three members of the Apokalips Legion and two Fungal Monsters. The Warrior of Light fought off half a dozen of Vrykuls. More members of the Rebellion had arrived. Among the recruits were Terra Branford, Toki, and Guts.

Spider-Man: That’s it?
Toki: unfortunately, yes. Bryan Millis is on lookout duty.
Guts: We should be enough. Let’s go.
Mr. Freeze: Wait, Guts!

Ignoring Mr. Freeze’s advice, Guts proceeded to beat up the Regime’s forces. But then, the machine, without warning, breathes fire at Guts, who dodged it, but it instead attacked Freeze. The Ice Rogue screamed into agony as he was burned.

Red Robin: Freeze!
Freeze: Urrgh… Stay back…!

Freeze started choking heavily as he struggled to breathe.

Arthur: W… what’s happening to him?

Nightwing’s transmitter had started beeping. He answered it while everyone else were on the defensive.

Batman: (Through transmitter) I have bad news, Dick. That machine those angels have dropped is known as Pluto the Tormentor.
Nightwing: How exactly does that thing torment people?
Batman: Poison. Unlike most poisons we’ve encountered, there’s no cure from that monster’s kind.
Nightwing: Rats… That might explain Mr. Freeze choking after he was burned. We can’t do anything for him right now.
Batman: I’ll contact someone from the medical division to see if they have a cure for it.
Nightwing: One important detail noted.

Nightwing informs the group on he got from Batman after the latter cuts off the transmission as everyone gathered up.

Red Robin: Have you discovered what that thing is?
Nightwing: That machine… Spreads poison.
Spider-Man: We’ll be cured right afte-
Nightwing: There’s no antidote for this kind of poison.
Warrior of Light: No…. Then Mr. Freeze will die.

Their discussion was interrupted when a beam was aimed at Supergirl.

Toki: Look out!

Seeing this, Toki stepped in her way to take the hit. He was disintegrating

Supergirl: Toki!

The remaining members of the Rebellion watched as a certain figure entered the fray.

???: I intended on attacking that pathetic Kryptonian girl, but that pitiful man will make a nice replacement.

The deity revealed himself as Darkseid, who folded his arms.

Defense Front: Pushed Back

The arrival of the Apokalips Legion’s Leader, along with Pluto’s presence had caused the groups to make a retreat. The Scourge and the Apokalips Regions chased after them, all the while evading Pluto’s poison.

Guts: Anyone here has a counter-strategy?
Artix: You, Spider-Man, Super-girl, Warrior of Light, Terra Branford, and I will stave them off!
Red Robin: Sounds good enough.
Supergirl: That’ll give us time to send in reinforcements.
Lucina: I’ll stay and help you guys.
Nightwing: Very well… I’ll comfort Marth if you die.

Lucina nods as she, Artix, Guts, The Warrior of Light, Spider-Man, and Super Girl stay behind while the others left.

Darkseid: Run away or die. Either way, all of you will fall before me!
Super Girl: We’ll see about that.
Artix: Spirits! Give me the Strength to fight against the undead!

The numerous spirit orbs Artix collected had enabled him to fire several blasts of light that took out a small group of Regime forces as Super Girl and Darkseid clashed blows. The Apokalips commander had fired his Omega Beams from his eyes, only for his adversary to avoid it. The two of them then take their battle to the sky. Spider-Man grabbed an Apokalips soldier with his web and knocked him into another one.

Terra Branford: Holy!

Terra had casted a Holy spell against the bane spiders rushing at her. She briefly stopped fighting to see that the angels have carried Pluto, who was now firing flames everywhere, to their vicinity.

Guts managed to cut through a few undead beasts and a dozen of zombies while the Warrior of Light knocked several Apokalips troops away from him with his shield. Lucina slightly struggled to cut a few of the dead. Taking this as an opening, a member of the Apokalips legion kicked her down from behind, knocking her sword off her hand.

Lucina: Urggh…! My sword!

The solider was about to hit her, only to leg to be stopped by a web. He looked behind him to see Spider-Man moving in on him to deliver a kick. The Apokalips soldier tried to counter it, but the web-slinger went underneath him to grab Lucina, and, with his web, grabbed her sword, moving to a safer location.

Lucina: Thanks…
Spider-Man: We can’t be too careless now, can we?
Lucina: (sad) I should’ve withdrawn…
Spider-Man: No, You’ve made the right decision. I’ll discuss my wartime with you later. Still, there must be a way to beat that machine…

Meanwhile, Artix had taken out several banshees with his light magic-enhanced axe, followed by Guts taking out a several Apokalips soldiers. Pluto breathed its fire on Spider-Man, only for the web-Slinger to dodge it.

Warrior of Light: That machine will not kill anyone else any further! Class Change!

The Warrior of Light transformed into a knight. Pluto switched its attention to him and breathed its poisonous fire, only for the noble warrior to reflect it back at the machine. To his disbelief, the machine absorbed the fire.

Warrior of Light: Crud… T-that didn’t work…!

The warrior of Light dodged another one of Pluto’s fire. Unfortunately, he was struck by Darkseid’s Omega Beam. He felt his body disintegrating.

Artix: Warrior!
Lucina: No!

Darkseid, who had defeated Super Girl in combat, laughed.

Darkseid: Surrender now, Fools! If you give me the girl, I will cease my attack!
Guts: Not to the likes of you, monster!
Darksied: If that’s how it is, then you will all crumble before me!
???: Time to play fastball!
Darkseid: Who speaks!?!

To joy of the Rebellion faction, a blue, ethereal being with a mustache and a goatee arrived. With his magic, he trapped Darkseid in a cage.

Darkseid: (Angry) We’ve managed to forget about that wretched Genie…
Genie: One poisonous machine removal coming right up!

With a snap of his fingers, Genie transferred the Scourge and the Apokolips soldier away from the pantheon, in addition to trap the angels carrying pluto in a cage as well. Pluto attacks Genie with his fire, but it went right through him. The leader of the Apokalips destroyed the cage with his fists.

Darkseid: We will not suffer another loss!

Enraged that his and Arthas’ forces were removed, he fired his Omega Beams at everyone else, but Genie summons several mirrors to deflect them back the Apokolips leader himself.

Darkseid: (Thinking) No! I won’t able to get avoid it in time!

Everyone watches as Darkseid disintedrate while Genie moves on to trap Pluto inside an ice-cube.

Darkseid: To be destroyed by my own beams… I will kill this genie’s owner the next chance I see it.

The leader of the Apokolips Legion vanished completely.

Genie: And that’s game set!
Lucina: Good riddance. What should we do with that thing?
Supergirl: I’ll carry it back to Command HQ to see if it can be reprogrammed.
Spider-Man: Don’t think that’ll work. It’ll thaw out and kill you.
Artix: Spider-Man has a point. Besides, the angels will eventually look for it.
Supergirl: Then I have a different idea in mind.

With her super strength, Supergirl carried the ice-cube containing Pluto up to the sky. Once she reached the Ozone layer, she threw it as hard as she could down to the ground with increasing force, in addition to the ice cube being melted. When it came into contacted the ground, Pluto was broken into many pieces, destroying it. The female Kryptonian returned to the group

Guts: That machine has been destroyed. We won’t have to worry about its poison.

Her transmitter had suddenly started beeping.

Superman: (Through the transmitter) Kara, did the Genie arrive yet?
Supergirl: Yes, it eliminated Darkseid’s troops and the Scourge several minutes ago. Darkseid himself is also gone.
Superman: Nicely done. I’m inform the Deep Strike Front about your progress. Go rest.

After Superman cuts off the transmission, the remaining Rebellion members head for the command Center. While they all wanted to be healed, some desired to defend the place.

Defense Front: Men Of The Cloth

Arturia Pendragon, AKA Saber, was fighting off the Lich King, Arthas Menethil and his undead army, the Scourge at the back gate. The two guardians have clashed swords several times before locking into here.

Arthas: How foolish you are to face me alone!
Saber: I’ll stand as long as it takes to protect Madoka!
Arthas: How naive… Perish, with the rest of your allies!

She ended the blade lock by stepping backwards. The Lich King ordered his undead army to attack her and focused on his next strike with dark energy. While struggling to hold her own, she only managed to destroy 3 crypt-fiends, 2 gargoyles, and 2 Death Knights. Arthas moves in to deliver a fatal blow, to which Saber had blocked with Excalibur. The fallen paladin had used his dark magic in a bid to grab her, but it had little effect. Using this as an opportunity, Saber retaliated by giving Arthas with several strong swings from Excalibur, but to moderate effect.

Arthas: Has your little game expired?

Without warning, Arthas unleashed all of his might with Frostmourne and unleashed a devastating blow to the knight. With little time to react, she blocked it with Excalibur. Unfortunately for her, the force of the swing of the Lich King’s Frostmourne had broken it and knocked her away.

Saber: Shoot…!
Arthas: I have to admit, those hurt. Now… It’s time to meet your end.

The scourge surrounded Saber as the fallen paladin slowly walked up to her, casting ice magic to slow his enemy down. He slowly raised his sword to deliver the finishing blow. Saber closed her as he prepared to kill her with his sword, but she open them to realize she was unharmed and that the Lich King injured and many of the Scourge killed.

Paladin 1: Good! She’s alright!

Some members of The Scourge were forced to retreat to the Lich King as the paladins helped Saber get on her feet.

Saber: Um, Thanks? Did Artix instructed you to assist me?
Paladin 2: Yes. Sorry it took us a long time.
Saber: So long as you saved me in time, your apology is accepted.

Another paladin had stepped in front of Saber to confront Arthas, who was rather surprised to see him.

???: Looks like you’re causing troubling even in here, Arthas.
Arthas: Uther… You dare to obstruct me again?
Uther: Unless you stop your rampage, I’ll cease my pursuit of you.

The Lich King pointed Frostmourne at Saber as to give the female knight a warning.

Arthas: Be thankful the Knights of the Silver Hand have rescued you… Our next encounter will not end like this.

Arthas summons a Death Gate. He and the Scourge depart the back gate to leave the area. Saber had shuddered of the thought of meeting him again. Even with Excalibur, She could barely wound him. Ulthor walked up to Saber, smiling.

Uther: He’s gone. If I were two seconds late, you’d be a goner. Let’s go, everyone!

Uther and his Paladins left Saber by her lonesome. With Arthas gone, she left to find Shiro.

Michael Carpenter had fought his way against the various weak Nightmare Dream Eaters summoned by Judge Claude Frollo in an attack to seize a Rebellion stronghold. Carpenter had nothing but contempt for the minister for his actions against the gypsies.

Frollo: You are a paladin, yet you have sided with those wretched blasphemers! How dare you call yourself a paladin?
Michael Carpenter: You are an ignominious minister who kills people who are of no real threat to your so-called “law and order.”
Frollo: My actions would have granted me salvation! Damnation to you!

Frollo summoned the slightly stronger Rare Nightmare Dream Eaters and sicced them at the paladin. Among the Dream Eaters were Tyranto Rex, Aura Lion, and Pegaslick.

Frollo: Kill him!

The Rare Nightmare Dream Eaters rushed at the Paladin to attack him. Wielding Amoracchius, the Knight of the Cross parried an attack from the Nightmare Aura Lion’s left Claw to swiftly kick it, but was unfortunately distracted by Tyranto Rex’s loud roar hurting his ears.

Michael Carpenter: This dino monster is becoming a real pain.

As he was vulnerable, The Rare Nightmare Pegaslick ran as fast as it could to tackle him. Just before it was about to hit the knight, the magical horse was hit by an ice ball that was the size of a basketball along with Tyranto Rex. As Carpenter recovered to realize that the Rare Nightmares were knocked down, he and Frollo looked to see that a certain man had arrived. Accompanying him was a blue-haired woman wielding a strange weapon. The knight went by their side as the Rare Nightmare Dream Eaters got up.

???: This is all the backup I could get.
Michael Carpenter: That woman will do, Harry. Not everyone can be at one spot.

His friend, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, sighed. Carpenter then spoke to the blue-haired woman.

Michael Carpenter: Your name is…?
Female: Aqua. Take out Frollo. We’ll cover you.
Dresden: We should take these things out first, then we deal with him.
Frollo: There are more of you? Wretched sinners, face my Judgement!

Carpenter, Dresden, and Aqua fight the Rare Nightmare Dream Eaters as the dark judge slowly summons another Nightmare Dream Eater. This time, it was a more demonic looking compared to the previous ones he summoned. After Dresden barely managed to incapacitate Tyranto Rex with a fire spell, he watched as the monstrous Nightmare Dream Eater was summoned.

Dresden: We’ll have to get rid of those things quickly!

He saw Pegaslick casting a Sparkga on Carpenter, who blocks it, but was pushed away by the force of the spell. The young wizard cast an earth spell to knock it off-guard. Recovering from the Sparkga, Carpenter attacks the magical horse with several swings from his sword, finally knocking it down, leaving only Aura Lion. With little warning, Dresden had casted a spell to block Frollo’s use of magic while Carpenter aided Aqua in defeating Aura Lion.

Frollo: What have you done to me!?
Dresden: I’ve cut you off from your magic. You won’t be summoning any more of those monsters for a long time.
Frollo: You’re too late. It’s near completion!

Unfortunately for the wizard, the Nightmare Dream Eater’s summoning was complete. The weirdest feature was that it had guns for arms. The creature, Wargoyle, had let out a roar.

Frollo: Come, my beautiful creature of judgement! Cleanse the pantheon of all who dare to defy my will!

Thinking quickly, Dresden casted a lightning spell at it. Small amount of damage aside, Wargoyle turned its attention to him and chased him. Aqua and Carpenter, who were just finished defeating the Rare Nightmare Aura Lion, looked to see that the gargoyle-like Dream Eater chase Dresden out of the stronghold. The young wizard tried to ward it off with several fire spells.

Aqua: This is the same creature Riku and Sora fought… Go after Frollo. I’ll cover you.
Michael Carpenter: Thanks.

As discussed, the female keybearer went after Wargoyle while the knight targets Frollo, who takes out his sword to engage him in a sword fight.

Aqua fired a Blizzaga at Wargoyle to distract it. Turning back to see who attacked him, the gargoyle-like Nightmare began to chase her and shot out balls of fire from its arm. Catching his breath, Dresden watched as the monster chased Aqua.

Dresden: Hm… This gives me an idea.

He created a batch of ice and condensed it the hardness nearly being that of a rock’s. Carefully aiming, he propels the ball of ice at the speed and force of a cannonball at Wargoyle, which hits him severely. Now enraged, the gargoyle-like Nightmare shot up fire to rain down on both Aqua and Dresden, but went after Dresden at a fast speed, infusing his fist with fire to punch the wizard. With little time to react, Harry had summoned a shield to protect himself, only for it to be broken and knocked away.

Aqua: Oh Cosmos…!

In a desperate move, Aqua moved in and launched three Blizzagas in a row at Wargoyle, who charged at her to attack her.

Aqua: There you go, boy…

Just as he was close to deliver a punch to her, the female keybearer summoned several ice crystals, one of which knocks the monster away from her. It was this move that finally knocked Wargoyle down. Aqua took a deep breath as she saw the monster dissipate.

Aqua: Huh, good riddance.

She was approached by Michael Carpenter, who carried an unconscious Frollo with him.

Michael Carpenter: Where is Dresden?
Aqua: He’s knocked out. He should recover from this. Hand me Frollo.

Carpenter agrees to give Frollo’s body to Aqua.

Aqua: He’ll be put on Temple arrest. How did you defeat him?
Michael Carpenter: Simple. Once we locked swords, I head-butted him. That guy gave me a small amount of trouble, but I managed to knock him out.

An injury Dresden approaches the duo, recovering from his injuries.

Dresden: That creature’s gone… That’s all that matters.
Aqua: If you men will, I’ll be having his hands on cuffs.
Michael Carpenter: We’ll be on guard duty.

The trio parted ways; Aqua carries Frollo’s body to court while Michael and Dresden returned to the Rebellion stronghold to protect it from any Regime members.

At a grass field, Kotomine Kirei was slightly gaining the upper hand against Shiro Emiya and Rin Tohsaka. The foolhardy red-head master traced a copy of Rule Breaker. Rin, on the other hand, fired several black orbs at the priest, only for the latter to deflect them. Just as Shirou was about to move close to him, he then takes out his Black Keys and throws two of them at his enemy. The selfless redhead dodged the two of them, holding his sword to attack the priest with a swing from Rule Breaker, but was parried and destroyed by a powerful hand strike from Kirei, who then knocked him away with a single kick.

Kirei: Headstrong as ever, young man. That will not be enough to stop me from killing that girl.
Rin: Don’t you dare lay a finger on Madoka!

Rin stepped in and struck him with the Azoth Sword, only for the sadistic priest to evade it.

Kirei: For all the ideals and hope she has brought to the pantheon, they were flawed.
Shirou: (Slowly recovering) So you’re going to kill her for it!?
Kirei: It’s a pity she has to be eliminated. Gilgamesh is taking her out as we speak.
Rin: What?
Shirou: (angry) You… No matter what happens… I’m going to hunt you down no matter what!!

Enraged to hear of Gilgamesh’s attack on the former leader of the Sisterhood, Shirou had traced another weapon: This time. in the form of Caliburn. He rushed into the priest, who then takes out his black keys to engage with the son of Kiritsugu. The two magus clashed, having parried and traded blows, with Shirou gaining more wounds than he gave to Kotomine. In the midst of their melee combat, Rin joined into the fray by impaling the priest from behind. Noticing the Tohsaka prodigy running towards him, Kirei jumps out the way and lands on a bench. While he was prepared to be on the defensive, he was slightly surprised to see Saber’s arrival.

Kirei: (Thinking) The dreaded Lich King was defeated? No… She possibly couldn’t have done the deed on her own. He brought along his undead army to ensure his victory.

He was skeptical about Saber achieving a victory against the fallen paladin. He commanded the undead, so there was no way he would lose to her. Adding to this was that Saber had no holy magic other than Excalibur to counter it. With her arrival, he knew he was at a disadvantage. As he was about to withdraw, two swords were thrown at him. With little time to react, he jumps to dodge them. As he was in the sky, He saw a white-haired, dark-skinned, red-clad warrior coming to their aid. He landed into the ground, with four enemies now against him. He looks at the four of them.

Archer: Bitter over out last scuffle, Kirei?
Kirei: Tch…! Seems I have lost this battle. I must admit, fighting you two have filled my boredom to a degree.
Rin: We’re not letting Gilgamesh kill her, Kirei!
Kirei: Are you certain such a thing will happen?
Saber: We’ll protect her as long as we still stand to fight you!
???: You’re all too late! I’ve already killed her!

Shirou, Rin, Saber, and Archer turned right to see a certain man in golden armor.

Saber: (angry) Bastard…!
Gilgamesh: It was easy to sneak past the generals of those pathetic Rebellion goons. I made some preparations against those mongrels.

The arrogant Servant had quickly walked by Kirei’s side as they begin to depart.

Kirei: Tell you commander that your precious “False Savior” has been killed.

Smirking, the sadistic priest throws a smoke bomb at the four of them as he and Gilgamesh run away. After the smoke disappears, the four of them realize that they were gone. Shirou and Rin collapsed on their knees in despair.

Rin: They’re gone… And they’ve killed Madoka…
Shirou: (slams his fist into the ground) No… Not at a scenario like this…

Archer was contacted by another source through a trasmitter. He takes it out of his pocket to pick it up.

Archer: Yes? You’ve prepared the ritual? I’ll be on my way.

He turned back and looked at Saber, who tried hard not to cry.

Archer: I apologize, but I have to meet up with someone.
Saber: Where are you going at a time like this?
Archer: A shrine. Take those two back to the Base.

With those words, he left thinking to himself what Kirei had said.

Archer: (Thinking to himself) Something seems off about Kirei’s words. I’ll worry about that later.

Kirei and Gilgamesh were on their way to the GUAE base, having done their work. Everything they’ve said to Shirou and Rin about Madoka was all an act.

Gilgamesh: That girl wouldn’t be a problem in her current state. Hate to admit it, this whole act you’ve orchestrated ended up too well I almost ended up getting into it.
Kirei: Words can be deceiving. They thought that we were going to target her. I’m inclined to see her suffer, but we both know full well that we’d fight a losing battle against them.
Gilgamesh: That pathetic ape Sofia Lamb was a pathetic messiah trying to use people as tools. I might see a majority of fools as grades below me, but even I wouldn’t stoop that low…
Kirei: Hmm… Hearing you say those words about her… I find her detestable as Zouken Matou. Say, how did you kill that psychologist?
Gilgamesh: Immediately after I’ve disposed of her army of splicers with my army of weapons, I’ve used the Golden Drill to kill her. I’ve also decapitated her. Once the head was on the floor, I stepped on it.

Hearing his Servant’s story, the priest softly chuckled.

Kirei: Humans know depravity, but can still choose to become heroes… Kaname… Even despite her darkest hours, she never gave up hope…

He looks Gilgamesh, who lost patience of his speech.

Kirei: Impatient as usual. Very well, then… I’ll be on my way to Melkor.

The two of them arrived at the front entrance to the GUAE, where the Red Skull had greeted them; The Regime had never realized that the three of them were working for Melkor.

12 minutes later at a strange shrine…

Archer had arrived at a shrine, where the other three members of the Agents of Balance had greeted him.

Eldrad: You’re on time. The preparations for your Origin Awakening are complete. I’ve studied the procedures from that Souren person.
Naoki: Where were you?
Archer: I had intended on arriving a little earlier, but someone contacted me to deal with an old enemy of mine.
Eldrad: It’s alright. let us proceed. I must go after this.

Flynn and Naoki watched as Eldrad and Archer moved into the center of the shrine to begin the ceremony for the Counter Guardian’s Origin Awakening. 8 minutes later, Archer emerged in his gold and black armor.

Eldrad: It is done. I must make preparations with someone to deal with Lucifer.
Archer: Who’s the person engineering the attack on him? I can’t imagine the Sisterhood planning this. They’re too optimistic for something like that.
Eldrad: No, it’s not them. I will tell you this. It’s… a young girl.
Flynn: Will she be enough to defeat him?
Eldrad: Yes. She was deeply enraged to hear what had happened… Samurai, I entrust that you lead my army well to Purgatorio.
Flynn: I’ll do my best.

The Commander of the Legion departed, leaving Flynn to lead the Eldar Legion.

Flynn: Soldiers of Craftworld Ulthwe! Follow me to Purgatorio! Together, we shall end The Great Will’s tyranny!

The soldiers cheered as Naoki laments on not inviting his friend to fight alongside.

Naoki: (Thinking to himself) It’s a shame he couldn’t come. The Great Will would be doomed if he joined us against us.

He sighed as they walked their way to Purgatorio in a bid to put down YHVH.

Flonne was evenly matched against her enemy, Mithos, at another stronghold. Already in her Pure Pink form, she launched divine feathers at her foe. The Half-Elf blocks it, only the feathers to explode, transforming into a tornado of feathers.

Mithos: Why would you, an angel, would co-exist with humans and demons?
Flonne: Because some of them have good in them! You have no excuse for everything you’ve done in your world
Mithos: If that’s how you settle it… it comes down to this… You, who wishes co-existence with demons… I will destroy you to create my new world!
Flonne: If you cherish on love, there would have been different alternatives for your fate!
Mithos: My sister was killed for being a half-elf! You have no idea what kind of discrimination we’ve been through! With their help, I shall create a world of lifeless beings!
Flonne: Lifeless… Beings? That’s horrible! I won’t let you torture the lives of others!

The leader of the Desians formed several spears of light in a circular patter while he forms a magical glyph at Flonne. He then fires them at her. However, it had caused only a minor effect. He tries again only for the ditzy angel to be barely fazed by it. Flonne summons a dragon and commands to use its fire breath against the half-elf, who evaded it. He then creates seven crystals over her shaped like a star. Just before he sends them into the sky, Flonne summons a giant robot.

Flonne: Take out that star!

As Mithos drops the star into the ground, the robot fired missiles at it, which caused a huge explosion. Using the explosion as an advantage, Flonne shoots divine feathers at the vulnerable Mithos, who gets hit as the feather transformed into a tornado.

Mithos: I’ve had enough of this! Gravity Well!

The leader of Cruxis created a medium-sized black dome with lightning underneath Flonne. The ditzy angel found herself being pulled by the force of the Gravity Well and flew up to escape it. She then summoned her dragon again, and orders it to attack him with its fire breath. This time, it hits him. In quick retaliation, he casts a mini-typhoon in a bid to hit her, only to see her suffer minor damage. He then casted three spheres of electricity around her that lined up into a triangle, followed by a bolt of lighting that struck down on her.

Flonne: Kyaah!

Since the spell lightning in nature, Flonne was crash-landing into the ground. Before she collapsed, she casted a fire spell at Mithos while the latter was off-guard, with him evading it. The leader of the Desians slowly walked up to her.

Mithos: That was it… One obstacle removed for our new world… She’s done… Hmm?

He saw a pink light surrounding Flonne. 2 minutes later, The ditzy arch-angel stood up on her feet.

Flonne: Yeeeowch! That was soooo painful!
Mithos: You’re still standing!?
Flonne: As long as I have those I have to protect on my side, I will still stand for them. I won’t give up without a fight!
Mithos: Persistent… Looks like I have no choice…

Mithos begins channeling his ultimate spell, glowing with a pale cold white aura. Flonne begins preparing counter magic, glowing with a warm pinkish white aura.

Artina: (Thinking to herself) I won’t let you harm Lady Arch Angel. Now’s my chance….to use the “ace in the hole!”

With that, she loads the bullet Kiritsugu gave her into her special issue revolver, aims, and pulls the trigger. Mithos only has time to give a surprised look as the bullet pierces his right shoulder.

Mithos: Ghhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

He screams in agonizing pain as the mana in his body goes out of control, tearing him apart from within. As the veins in his neck bulge, he starts scratching at his throat before kneeling over onto the ground. The look in Artina’s eyes express an immense look of shock and horror, for she was only expecting a bunch of SP damage like the Reapers in her world. Not something this excruciating.

Kiritsugu emerges into the room, pulling a fighting retreat, slaying many Desians (basically half elf nazis) through assault rifle fire and grenades. He notices Mithos on the ground and Artina trying to rush to heal him with intent to capture.

Kiritsugu: Even when humanity’s hope itself is under siege, you’re still showing mercy to them. Your idealism is only going to get Madoka killed. He’s just going to try to kill her the next chance he gets.

With that, he points Contender to Mithos’ head and pulls the trigger, executing Mithos instantly. Seeing this had made Artina angry.

Artina: W…Why would you kill him!? He should be sent to Justice!
Kiritsugu: Justice…? What a joke… In a war against ruthi angels? Many have died for the sake of things like “justice” and glory, hoping to be seen as heroes. In reality, all they’ve done was cause the countless deaths of other heroes. Spare me your illusory ideals.

Turning his back to the two angels, Kiritsugu takes out a cigarette and smoke.

Artina: (To Flonne) What should we do?
Flonne: Let’s get some rest inside the bunker.

The two of them go inside the bunker to rest.

Defense Front: The Existence Called ‘Evil’

At the Rebellion’s command post, a puff of smoke announces the arrival of unwanted company.

Lucifer: It seems The Great Will has your back against the corner. You need me, don’t you?
Lamington: Ah, just the person we were hoping would show up.
Lucifer: So you admit it, Seraph?
Cosmos: Far from it, but your timing is impeccable.

She picks up an intercom.

Cosmos: Lambadelta, your presence is needed at HQ.

Lambadelta teleports in with a display of flashy magic.

Lambadelta: You rang?
Virtuous: The man of the hour is here. Show our honored guest the surprise we have for him.

Lambadelta starts snickering at what’s to come.

Lambadelta: Aye Aye! (telepathically) Spring the trap as we discussed.

Within seconds, the very building Cyrus spotted, the same massive one the Regime ignored because it was unoccupied and seemingly out of use, whirrs to life, glowing with a bright blue light. An Eldar Webway has just activated. Out of it roars an entire army of Craftworld Eldar troops and tanks. Wave Serpants, Falcons, Fire Prisms, Night Spinners, Crimson Hunters, Fire Storms, and Vypers come screaming out with speed and agility unmatched by anything previously seen.In all of two minutes, the Regime forces finds themselves completely flanked on both sides as the Eldar begin the bloody work of asymetrical warfare. Gunshots are heard as concealed Eldar snipers known as Pathfinders finally make their presence known, picking off squad leaders. The skies darken as Eldetric lightning cast by Farseers strikes Regime collumns. Regime vehicles find themselves immobilized as Haywire Grenades drop down, heralding the landing of Swooping Hawks as they insert themselves directly within their target’s ranks.

As the Wave Serpants disgorge their contents, a wail like the sound of death is heard, a wail from squads of women known as Howling Banshees. They bound towards their intended victims with an inhuman speed and grace, carving scores of infantry to shreds with swords capable of slicing through even the ceramite armor of the Emperor’s Space Marines. The earth quakes, signaling the arrival of the Eldar’s largest war machines, collosal yet lithe monsters known as Wraith Knights and their infinitely larger cousings, the mighty Phantom Titans. All of this is noticed by a 501st Legion Commander.

Commander: Lord Vader, that’s our cue!
Darth Vader: Fire at will! I have someone to deal with personally.
Commander: Yes sir!

Comm chatter travels across 501st forces. When it is finished, they prime their blaster rifles and reveal their true intention for being the rear guard, opening fire on their supposed allies. They are quickly supported by 501st AT-S Ts and AT-A Ts, taking care to support the Eldar Fire Dragons melta assault on the Regime tanks and monstrous creatures.

Meanwhile at the Rebellion Command Post, Lucifer watches the camera feeds, visibly angry.

Lucifer: So you waited just for me to show up to set this trap????
Lambdadelta: Yes, yes we did. The direct mastermind of this plan really…. REALLY hates you for what you did to her friends. Hates you so much that she decided to work with me, someone she considered an enemy via a mutual friend of ours to set this up and time it so as to steal your chance of glory right in your face. As the Witch of Certainty, I can say this… (red text signifying the Language of Truth accompanies the next sentence) You will achieve no glory through this war. No miracle will come either.
Lamington: She discovered this during a meeting I had with one of her friends. When she found out what had happened, she was all too happy to bring you down. I helped her out with advice, but the plan was mostly hers. I must say I’m quite impressed, although I don’t approve of so much hatred.
Lucifer: *With a sneer* Well played….. I concede. *He vanishes with a puff of smoke*