The Pantheonic Rebellion Act Four

The Most Dangerous Troll.

Bernkastel: Yes, that’s it. Give in to your despair, your grief, and bring your past to the surface.

Black smoke starts to come out of Rozalin, entering the kaekra shards. These shards react as the time line of the dreaded “Zenon’s Wrath” ending grows in power. The bluish glow slowly darkens, much like the corruption of a soul gem. As it fully blackens from the smoke that came from Rozalin being completely absorbed, it explodes, knocking her unconscious. In the explosion’s aftermath stands a woman resembling Rozalin but with white hair and tan looking skin. Bernkastel starts floating, hoping to remain out of reach for any potential counter attacks by the newly freed God of All Overlords.

Bernkastel: If you seek vengence, all you need to do is head to the Labyranth of Amala. There you will find your tormentor. *she points in the direction where it can be found*

Zenon ignores the insignificant insect before her and heads to her newest target.5 minutes later, Adell comes running towards the scene.

Adell: ROZALIN! *he picks her still unconscious body up when she notices the witch standing before her.
Bernkastel: You can thank Lucifer for what has happened to your girlfriend. Zenon is out now. I can only imagine what kind of trouble she’ll wreck in her rampage. You have quite the problem on your hands. Strike him down and stop Zenon, or tend to the one you love.

Adell ignores her, taking Rozalin to seek medical attention. There he intends on letting those there know about what Lucifer had done and of the coming rampage his actions are going to cause.

Bernkastel: *chuckling before giving a smug smirk*. Phhffftttt. Moron. Just as expected from that meat headed “Battle Maniac”.

She turns her head towards Terumi having just now reverted back to his original appearance now that Bernkastel’s illusions have expired.

Bernkastel: Shall we Pass the Popcorn around as we enjoy the show? The show of Lucifer’s reputation being smeared all over the toilet bowl?

30 Minutes laterThe air around the Labyranth of Amalia suddenly darkens as purple lightning strikes about at random places.

Homura: No… couldn’t be. Why now? Why here?
Lucifer: What you are you so scared of?
Homura: Then I take it you never heard about the omens Cosmons had. Looks like they finally came true. Overlord Zenon has come out of her seclusion.

Homura prepares a spell, only to be struck by a random lightning strike. Zenon seizes the opprutunity and throws a ball of explosive ice her way. It lands true, sending Homura reeling as Zenon pursues her true target. In his weakned state, he is unable to strike in time as Zenon grabs him by a wing. With a sickening crunch, Zenon bites the wing off and ravenously devours it. Lucifer is struck by a bolt of dark lightning when Zenon notices Homura begin to stand again. Homura is encased in a block of ice with a black orb inside. It explodes in a blast of unholy energy.

OP “Devil May Cry” Chapter 1: The Club Meeting.

Rena: What game will we play today?
Mion: That’s going to have to wait. Rika said she would be a bit late. She said something about a few arrangements she had to take care of.

Meanwhile, at the House of Personality:

Rika: *on the phone* We’re about to being the final phase. Before I set off, I need you to help me with some preparations.
Madoka: What kind of preparations? This is the first I’ve heard of such plans.
Rika: As a contingency in case things go south, I’d like for you to speak with The Emperor of Man and ask for him and “Chapter 666” to be on stand by, psychically keeping tabs on me. If this plan boils over, I’m going to need some form of escape. What better escape than a teleportation counter attack by his “Grey Knights” Space Marines, personally led by him. Given what I’ve been told about you know who’s current state, it would be easy for the Emperor to give him “The Horus Treatment” if you know what I mean.
Madoka: I’ll be sure to talk to him. This is the very least I can do with my lost powers. Is there any other way I can help?
Rika: Have Fate come to the Sonozaki estate. I think I can psyche him out based on some news I heard from the Seraph. I have some good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first?
Madoka: The good news.
Rika: The good news is that this is the second time our mutual enemy has been beaten to a pulp by a supremely powerful demon. The bad news is the identity of his second attacker…..Overlord Zenon.

Madoka’s eyes shrink in terror, having recalled the terrible omens Cosmos had about that person.

Madoka: Z.z.z.zenon?
Rika: Unfortunately yes. Someone provoked her and I think I know who. Now she’s out and its only a matter of time before she goes on a full scale rampage. Before I hang up, the identity of the first attacker is more good news. I hear Tyrant Valvatorez nearly killed the guy single handedly. If he had stayed conscious for 1 more minute, the attack would have been that creature’s end. Don’t give up hope yet. NIPAH! *Rika hangs up*

OP “Devil May Cry”: Chapter 2, Pinkie Pie’s Victory Party.

Pinkie Pie was on her way to Princess Celestia’s temple after helping the house of set up decorations for a Gourment Party Race that was being held by King Dedede after the war against the Regime was over. She knocked on the door. A minute and a half later, The door was opened by Celestia herself.

Princess Celestia: Perfect timing, Pinkie. I have a special request just for you!
Pinkie Pie: What is it?
Princess Celestia: It’s a victory party for a certain someone at a certain place. Let me tell it in your ear.

The Princess of Equestria had whispered into the Pink pony’s ear on the details.

Lucifer: Urggh…

Lucifer was slowly recovering his wounds from his encounter with Zenon, dismayed that he had one of his wings bitten off. Homura helps him stand up.

Lucifer: First Tyrant Valvatorez and now… Overload Zenon?
Homura: Lucifer… Are you alright? I gave it my all against her.
Lucifer: Barely. Its seems that someone is sending powerful demons after me.
Homura: Who is it? The Emperor of Mankind? That Seraph? That Patrician from Ankh-Morpork? Or was it the Baron of Europa?
Lucifer: It couldn’t be those you have mentioned. The Seraph and that witch have stated that the mastermind behind their attack against me was a female. It can’t be the Sisterhood.
Homura: Who do you think could it be?
Lucifer: It must be one of Kaname’s friends… More specifically, those outside of the Sisterhood.
Homura: I’ll search around the pantheon and investigate!

Spreading her wings, Homura flew up and left the Labyrinth of Amala. Two and a half minutes later, an unlikely, uninvited guest pops up out of nowhere.

???: Let’s celebrate a victory party, Lucifer!

Lucifer was dumbfounded at the idea of a “victory party.” A pink pony’s appearance had taken Lucifer off-guard.

Lucifer: How did you get in here?
???: I rode on some glass thingy and that’s how I came to this freaky place. I’ll paint the room red! The color suits your place nicely

Lucifer watched as the pink pony throws paint the entire labyrinth of Amala.

???: Alright, It’s time to send in some guests!
Lucifer: (Thinking; slightly frustrated) I surely hope one of them is Discord…

He blinked for a moment. The Witch of Certainty have denied him an adge against the Regime. He grew slightly frustrated. With Beezlebub in recovery after his fight against Merkabah, there was very little defense Lucifer could build up. Several minutes later, the pink pony have returned with several bulls.

Lucifer: ”(frustrated) Pinkie Pie… If your purpose here is to irritate me, leave now.
Pinkie Pie: Okie Dokie lokey! But first, these bulls wanna have some party with you! Oh, and one more thing…

Pinkie goes up to Lucifer and, with a brush filled with red paint in her hand, paints his entire body red. She got out of the way when she saw the bulls, now enraged, start charging at Lucifer, running him over. The Pink pony leaves the Labyrinth. Two minutes later, Homura, having done her hunt for the Orchestrator of the attacks against Lucifer, was surprised to see him get stampeded, by bulls.

Homura: Lord Lucifer! What happened!?!
Lucifer: Ughh… I’m fine. That annoying pink pony had bewildered me with her antics. Not to worry, they’re gone. It’s nowhere as bad Valvatorez or Zenon.
???: Are you enjoying the fun so far?

The two of them looked as two girls, along several others, have entered the room.

OP “Devil May Cry” Chapter 3: Into the Oven.

Homura looked between the girls who had just stormed into the room. She was apparently alone in her shock regarding how they had managed to get into the Labyrinth of Amala: Lucifer was regarding them with mild amusement/curiosity.

Homura: You…you’re Hanyuu’s friends, aren’t you?

So that explained it: they were here on Madoka’s behalf…of course. After what she did, of course Hanyuu’d want answers. Did they plan to bring her back? To make it like it was before. If only… But no. There was no going back. She was a demon now; an agent of Chaos. She realized with a jolt she wasn’t acting the part. Shaking herself, Homura put a grim smirk on her face.

Homura: *Dramatically* You have some gall showing yourselves in these halls of power, humans. You are not welcome here.

Mion was about to retort when a burst of deep, hearty laughter rang through the room.

Lucifer: Really, Homura Akemi? I think your familiars disagree!

Shion realized something was tugging at her dress. Looking down, she noticed an odd figure: one of Homura’s Clara Dolls, its mouth open in a sharp-toothed, yet strangely welcoming smile. Its grin widened as it released its hold on her dress and held up a tray with glasses of some purple liquid. Shion shook her head, not taking her eyes off the creature, and it sauntered off to Rika, offering her the beverages. Homura almost… Almost laughed. She then asked the question that was on her mind.

Homura: Just HOW exactly did you even get here in the first place? I mean seriously, this place is infested with demons. One doesn’t just simply walk into the Labyirinth of Amala.
Bugs Bunny: *Chomps on a carrot*. We cheated and found a back door directly to the final level. We took an underground left turn at Albequrcie, which took us to a strange island. Took the shortcut to Ape Mountain, which actually takes you around Ape Mountain 8 times before you end up right where you started. That’s when we noticed a waterfall with a portal behind it. Went into the portal, which took us into The Minus World. The secret to escaping that dreadful place is to simply travel backwards. Our escape took us to the OTHER Labyirinth of Chaos. Mion here for “reasons” ended up becoming a stocky, burly man with a hammer that tossed rocks around. Our trek through that dungeon ended with a giant green pipe with the words ‘Welcome to the Scary Hell Place’ and that’s how we ended up here.
Princess Celestia: *Glances at Dead Pool* Never go on long road trips with that guy. He just won’t be quiet about anything. He spent at least 4 hours ceaselessly playing bag pipes until we stopped for a chimichunga break. That after constantly talking about his love for Street Figh….

ring ring ring

Shion: Sorry, I gotta take this.

She goes to another room and answers her phone.

Shion: Hello. Yes, we just arrived. Shall we proceed as planned? *drops a small camera* Get the portable holes as discussed.

2 minutes later, the small talk in the room Lol Ranger arrived in is silenced by the sudden sound of thunder. Homura looks in the direction of the thunder clap, and her pupils shrink in terror at what she sees.

Homura: SHE’S BACK!!!!

She teleports away, having learned that she was barely able to escape with her life the last time the two of them crossed pathsLucifer still heavily wounded from his near fatal encounters with both Tyrant Valvatorez and Overlord Zenon flees towards his kitchen. Lol Ranger follows him, seeing an opprutunity to set their prank.

Bugs Bunny: In here. She’ll never guess you’re here.

As he opens the convection oven Lucifer jumps in. Satako closes the oven. The kitchen door knocks. Quite loudly at that.

Bugs Bunny: If he was hiding in the oven, would I really turn on the gas? *she turns on the gas on full blast*
Bugs Bunny: If he was hiding in the oven, would I really light this match and throw in in there?

Bugs Bunny throws the match into the oven. The gas ignites and explodes. Lucifer appears all charred as he runs out of the oven. He freezes and starts to turn back upon seeing Zenon in the flesh. He flees to a closet sucking his thumb. Shion approaches Zenon and gives her a high five.

Shion: *finishes laughing* That was awesome. Your acting was impeccible. Celestia, did you get all that?
Celestia: (stops using her magic to manipulate the camera) Indeed I did. Now, shall we put the footage on “theatre”?

“Zenon” removes the blonde wig, revealing herself to actually be Haruhi cosplaying as Overlord Zenon.

Fate Testarossa: Hey, don’t forget about me. Did I scare her good? *she emerges from her hiding place. It was Fate that was doing the “Zenon” lightning effects.*
”’Celestia: Now Fate, remember that our primary target is Lucifer. Homura is only to get pranked around a bit, and maybe scare her at worst.

OP “Devil May Cry”: Chapter 4, Fun with Portals.

The members of Lol Ranger had looked into every nook and cranny the demon lord of chaos hides his artifcats in. So far, there was no luck.

Shion: (shouting) Have you guys found him yet?
Bugs: Nope! He’s not in the hallway closet!
Deadpool: He’s not in be shower!!

Everyone had briefly shuddered at the thought of Deadpool actually finding Lucifer in the shower as they continue their search for him.

Princess Celestiaia: I’ve checked his room and he’s not even there!
Mion: Then there could be only place he could be in….

Mion went in the basement, turned on her flash-light, and looked into several closets there. After looking into three of them, she checked into the fourth one. Surely enough, he was in the closet sucking his thumb, strangely holding a doll of Aleph.

Mion: Found you.
Lucifer: Damn you…. I could easily kill you if I wanted to.
Mion: I could easily tell the others where you’re hiding, but allow me to tell you the “Hinimizawa Defense” policy.
Lucifer: I hope this isn’t some sick joke or mockery.

Mion takes out a Portal Gun and shoots at the ceiling. Lucifer stares at his irritator.

Lucifer: You expect me to be fall here? Prepare to… Uoooaaahhh!

Just as he was about to finish speaking, The Demon Lord screamed as he was pulled by the force of the portal, sending him to his bathroom, where Deadpool, wearing a blindfold, hit him several times with a steel bat.

Deadpool: Woohoo! I’m beating the Pinata! Time to reclaim my prize!

The merc with a mouth removed his blindfold and saw Lucifer, battered and beaten to a pulp by his bat.

Deadpool: I’ve found a demon lord, guys!
Lucifer: I will not going to be thwarted by some lowly-
Deadpool: Have a treat!

Deadpool interrupts Lucifer by throwing a bomb at him and runs out of the bathroom. Five minutes later, the entire bathroom exploded. The members of LOL Ranger came upstairs and checked on the bathroom, where the exhausted Demon Lord recovering from the explosion.

Princess Celestia: Having fun yet, Lucifer dear?
Lucifer: Don’t be ridiculous! This is tormenting!
Bugs: But you love mayhem, don’t you?
Lucifer: I may be an entity of chaos and desire, but I wouldn’t do this!
Shion: Do your minions fight each other all of the time?
Lucifer: Just shut up!
Celestia: Shall we go on some trips, dear!?

Lucifer eyes widened as they also brought out Portal guns. Shion shoots portal at the ceiling, and Lucifer gets pulled into the portal, leading him into space itself. As Space was a vaccuum, The demon lord started choking. Four minutes later, Princess Celestia emerged from a portal in a space suit.

Princess Celestia: Oh my, having trouble breathing, Lucifer dear? I’ll help you.

With her psychic powers, Princess Celestia shoots out another portal, which pull Lucifer out of space. This time, a groggy Lucifer, who was recovering from the lack of air in space, found himself in a snowy mountain, shivering from the cold. Apparently, there was no hikers around. Three minutes later, Deadpool emerged from a portal.

Lucifer: Not you again…!
Deadpool: Hey, Lucifer, I got a joke for you! What do you do when you remove the s from Chaos?
Lucifer: Chao? (pronounced key-o)
Deadpool: Nice try. Chao!!

Deadpool’s screaming had caused on avalanche. The merc with a mouth shoots a portal at the floor, runs in and jumps through it. The Demon Lord tried to follow Deadpool, but the portal closed the minute he went close it and was caught the avalanche. Twenty minutes later, he groaned, recovering from the avalanche. Mion comes out of another portal and approaches him.

Lucifer: Are you done yet?

Mion shoots a portal below the Demon, transferring him out of the snowy fields and back into the Labyrinth of Amala.

Shion: Having fun with the “Hinimizawa Defense”, Lucy?

Frustrated, the Demon Lord let out a big scream before running off. Mion joins everyone else.

Bugs: Hope he had a blast with those.
Mion: It’s not over yet. Follow him!

OP “Devil May Cry”: Chapter 5, Game of Weiners

Lucifer is starting to get rather annoyed with the trolling, pranks, and general havoc wrecked by Lol Ranger. He retreats to his chamber, picks up the phone, and starts a chat with an old friend.

Lucifer: Mara, where are you?
Lucifer: *sweat drop* Listen, I need you to stop what you’re doing and come to the Labyrinth. This group of trolls hasn’t even been here for a few hours and they’re already starting to drive me up the wall. Due to the composistion of the group, I think you’re the best demon to drive them away.
Mara: Can do! I’ll be sure to teach them a lesson that’s really long, and really hard. *hangs up*

10 minutes later, a green chariot sausage monster bursts through the wall, basking in its vulgar glory.

Mara: *like the Kool-Aid Man* OH YEAH!!!!!

With a look of horror, Princess Celestia and Bugs Bunny cover Satako and Rika’s eyes.

Mion: Bugs, Celestia, go to the Sonozaki estate and fetch a certain pair of “family heirlooms”. We’ll deal with this….thing.
Celestia: While I’m at it, its time I called in certain favors.

Bugs and Celestia leave. The remaining Lol Rangers already have an idea on how to counter troll the vulgar chariot in front of them.

‘Deadpool: Oh that’s really mature, thinking that we’ll leave because an oversized….thing….gets summoned in front of a bunch of girls. Hate to break it to ya, but these twins are perverts. Like the thing they did to Keiichi at a public pool in the “Shame Exposing” Chapter.

Mion and Shion approach Mara with a mischevious smirk on their faces.

Mion: Dude, that’s nice and all, but I’ve seen better (once again refering to a prank pulled in the pool, which incidentally enough was to protect him from cursed swim trunks).
Shion: You need to get that checked out. Its all green. That can’t be healthy. You sure you didn’t get any diseases did you?
Deadpool: Hey, you ever hear of Game of Thrones?
Shion: Season 4’s plot just got leaked. *She starts talking about random spoilers placed in with a bunch of talk about weiners* And then the dragon never shows up.

Lol Ranger then beings to sign the Game of Thrones song: Mara starts to laugh uncontrollably until Celestia and Bugs Bunny show up with the requested items. Bugs plants a few things along the ceilings and walls of the chamber.

Mion: Its go time! *she grabs the katanas taken from her estate and brandishes them at Mara like a pair of scissors* Just a little off the top!
Deadpool: *pulling out his katanas* Cutting time! Katana-rama
Mara: Ghhaaaa!

They chase Mara around making slicing movements. Shion brandishes her trademark assault rifle.

Shion: Viva, La Revolution! Hehehehe!

She sets the gun to full automatic.

Mara: Hahahaha, don’t you realize that penetration has no effect on me? *It notices something cold raining on it.* No, anything but being put on ice.
Celesita: *on the rafters using a large water pail to pour cold water on Mara* That’s a bad Mara. Take a cold shower and don’t be so vulgar in front of a lady.

Bugs Bunny whacks Mara with a giant mallet, then hits it on the head with a giant news paper.

Bugs Bunny: Down Fido! *eats a carrot*

This goes on for another five minutes until everyone gets tired.

Mion: Hey that’s right. I hear Lucifer is a big fan of Game of Thrones. Why don’t you go and talk to him about it.

They follow Mara, camera in hand ready to add in the reaction to leaked spoilers. Mara talks about weiners, accidentally revealing cleverly placed spoilers Shion placed in her discussion of Game of Thrones.

Lucifer: -dialogue redacted due to being a gigantic Cluster F-Bomb rant about spoilers- YOU SUCK!!!!!

Police sirens start to get louder and louder.

Celestia: Looks like the favor I called in just arrived. Gotta love my obsessive fans over at 4chan /mlp.

Multiple “4 Chan Party Vans” come bursting into the scene. They shock Mara with a taser. It is promptly arrested for two counts of inappropiate behaviour in front of a minor.

Bugs: We just gotta upload this.

Two hours later:Mami is on a computer in the Sisterhood base drinking her special tea. She gets an email saying that the Lol Ranger channel just uploaded another video.

Mami: Madoka, Sayaka, Kyoko, you’ve gotta come see this. Keep Nagisia from watching as it might be inappropiate.

They all gather together and collectively laugh their bums off at the chain of humiliations Mara and Lucifer are getting on tape. The video of course had to be censored due to Mara’s appearance.

Meanwhile at Dr. Eggman’s lab, Eggman was having a bad day so he decided to cheer himself up with a good laugh. He’s been hearing about this new channel spreading around the net. He turns it on and watches the “Game of Weiners” video. His jaw drops upon seeing Mara.

Eggman: snoPING AS usual I see.


OP “Devil May Cry”: Chapter 6, Secrets

A shocking, embarrasing video gets pulled out as a “nuclear option” in response to a comment that Lol Ranger is going nowhere.

Many deities have watching videos of Lucifer’s humiliation by the hands of Lol Ranger. Bugs watched many comments being uploaded inside youtube.

Deadpool: How are those views, Rabbitbug?
Bugs: The views are off the charts! They’re even comparing him to the Grinch!
Shion: That’s great! All we need to do was to push it even further.
Bugs: Let’s give that sucker a little more- Huh? What’s this?
Princess Celestia: What is it?
Bug: We got a comment that’s different from the others!

They look at the comments feed again to see another comment that said Lol Ranger was getting nowhere. Irritated to see the comment, they discuss a plan.

Shion: We need something humliate Lucifer with?
Bugs: I got something that could really make him reconsider!
Deadpool: What is it

As everyone got together, Bugs whispered into their ears.

Mion: (smirks) Nice…
Deadpool: Oooh, this is going to be goooood. I’ll go with you!
Princess Celestia: As will I!
Bugs: Good! Alright, you two wait here until we’re done!

The prankster rabbit, the sun princess, and the black comedian leave, leaving the Sonozaki sisters to wait.

Shion: What do you think they have in mind?
Mion: Probably something… (cringes) gross, considering Deadpool’s methods.

25 minutes later….

Mion and Shion sighed as they were sitting next to a wall, waiting for the other three to return.

Shion: What do you think they could be doing?
Mion: I don’t know, some dirty shenanigans?
Shion: They’re probably doing something very unorthodox.
???: We’re back!

They turned to see that Bug, Celestia, Deadpool approaching them.

Mion: How did it go?
Deadpool: Pfft, you wouldn’t believe it! Let’s go to my temple!

Deadpool teleported everyone to the house of Theater, He then takes out a tape.

Celestia: We apologize if we’ved laughed over the volume.
Bugs: (to Deadpool) Wait till I turn on the speaker.

As Bugs does just that, he grabs the microphone, and start speaking.

Bugs: Attention people of the pantheon! We interrupt your daily programming to bring you a special video.

He turns to Deadpool, who puts the tape inside VCR, showing a video of Lucifer taking out several magatama. Everyone started laughing as they watched Lucifer have the Magatamas… transform the Labyrinth into a rainbow color.

6 minutes later inside his chambers within the Labyrinth…

Lucifer clenched his teeth, frustrated as he watched the video of himself doing a failed experiment with several Magatamas.

Lucifer: I meant to do it empower my kin, but I wouldn’t expect the Magatama to have this… unexpected drawback… those twisted clowns!

Back at the House of Theater

Deadpool: It’s not top-tier humor, but it’s something.
Bugs: Yeah, I feel ya. I have another idea.
Mion: What is it?

Everyone huddled as Bugs whispered into their ears…

OP “Devil May Cry”: Chapter 7, They Sure Make ’em Quick

Within the chambers, the Demon Lord had sent his demons to undo the damage Lol Ranger had done to him. He could hardly contain his restraint to kill them.

Lucifer: Those insolent, clownish weaklings…! They will learn not to mess with the Lord of chaos! I will not lose my followers to some feeble humans! Just who is this girl that’s out for me…? Could it be Cosmos? No… She has other things to do than mess with me. If that’s the case…

Lucifer’s thought were cut short when he hears his door being knocked on. He went to the door and opened it, revealing Lol Ranger entering his room, with Shion carrying a bag.

Lucifer: (angry) What do you want?
Princess Celestia: We want to give you an apology.

The lord of chaos had raised an eyebrow.

Lucifer: How can I tell you’re being honest?
Shion: We’ve made something that will make you veeery happy!

Two men were carrying a TV sreen while two more men were carrying a television stand. Dropping the bag, Mion and Shion take a out a PS4 console and placed it underneath the TV stand. While they were hooking up the controls, Bugs gives the controller to Lucifer.

Bugs: This will be a great game! You can kick YHVH’s butt just like you’ve always wanted.

Lucifer smirks in glee. He always wanted to defeat The Great Will. While it wasn’t real, defeating him in it will give him a nice satisfication. Deadpool starts up the PS4, and with that, he started playing the game.

Shion: I hope you have fun, Lu-chan!

The members of Lol Ranger leave the chamber as the Demon Lord plays the pantheonic rebellion.

Lucifer: They sure make’em quick….

As the game started up, he realized that he was playing as Metatron trying to go to the Rebellion’s base.

Lucifer: What are the controls for this?

Before he could familiarize himself with the controls, he found himself getting killed by Adell. Unbeknownst to him, there was a live stream that was going on, with many people taunting Lucifer.

Anon 1: Hahaha! The Demon Lord sucks at this game!
Anon 2: Who would’ve thought the leader of chaos would be such a scrub at this?

The anons watched as Lucifer tried again, frustrated that one, he’s playing as Metatron, and two, his attempt to learn the controls. Everyone in the live stream laughed at Lucifer as he struggled to advance the game.

Anon 3: Oh man, my sides are hurting! He’s playing as freaking Metatron!? Hahahahaha! I’m gonna destroy him!
Anon 4: Lucifer’s needs to go to the tutorials for this!

The Lord of Chaos keeps playing in hopes to defeat someone, but lost all of his lives and got a game over screen with Shao Kahn laughing, followed by the words “You suck!” He threw down his controller and turned off the game.

Lucifer: To hell with this. I’m wasting my time here.

OP “Devil May Cry”: Chapter 8, Warrior

Bugs Bunny gets the idea to “cheer up” Lol Ranger’s target with a comic book about Chaos philosophy. Lol Ranger is huddled together, planning their next act to troll their “new found friend”, who’s been twitching uncontrollably for about half an hour after playing that horrible “licensed game” based on the recent war. Homura is too dumbstruck from what she had just witnessed to say anything at all.

Mion: Any ideas club members?
Shion: Beats me. I’m stuck on this one.
Bugs Bunny: Looks like our new friend is looking a bit blue. I think we should cheer him up, and I know just what we should get. There’s a particular comic book that I need to find. *He tosses a portable hole that opens up into the 4th wall* Deadpool, you’re coming with me.
Dead Pool: Cool. I call shotgun.

The two of them make their leave. 10 minutes later, they come back with the desired goods. Satako gift wraps the “works” of literature.

Mion: Hey Lu-chan, seems you’re a bit blue, so we got a gift for you.

Being savvy about all of the previous booby traps he’s endured, Lucifer unties the ribbon with a 39 and a half foot pole. Lol Ranger collectively snickers as they record this absurd display of paranoia. This only inspires him to be even more cautious, using the obsurdly sized pole to open the wrapping paper. It was then that he realized the act of trolling he had just walked right into. There was never a trap in his gift. It was an act of reverse psychology trolling, where the troll is in the expectation rather than the action. The contents are revealed to be a set of four comic books.

Lucifer: What’s this?
Dead Pool: A four-part series of comic books all about what humanity thinks chaos is. A wonderful series called Warrior Imported from the 4th wall.
Lucifer: Interesting. *Pulls out a set of reading glasses* This is going to be fun.

As he reads the four part series (all joined together as an anthology collection), his expression gradually begins to become bewildered as he attempts to decode the nonsensical story (hint: there is no point in trying to make sense of it). Then, he stumbles upon the legendary panel on the 1st issue’s side story.

Lucifer: No….NO!!!….did he just molest Santa? Not even I would do something like that!

Final Chapter: Curtain Call

As Lol Ranger continues their trolling, with tomatoes flinging about all over the place, Deadpool refusing to shut up about chimichungas and traps springing up everywhere, Lucifer (having finally be driven completely insane) screams in frustration and retreats to his throne. As he sits, he starts chanting….

As he leaves, Satako notices Homura in the corner in a fetal posistion with a recently splattered tomato on her face, surrounded by her Clara dolls. She approaches her.

Satako: Hey, cheer up. In case you haven’t noticed, we were MUCH lighter on you than we were on him. Sure you did something stupid, but we wanted to honor both our mutual friend’s wishes.

She hands Homura a hand made bento lunch.

Satako: Rika and I both really appreciate what you did to protect me from Teppei. We made you this to show it. You may hate yourself, but we still consider you our friend.

A small child approaches the Chaos Lord’s throne room and speaks her mind.

Rika Furude: So our little game has come to an end. Such a shame your big chance for glory got undermined by the Eldar right as you were about to taste it. Eldrad and myself planned that move for at least a week, working with one of his friends in the Rebellion to set up the timing. Did you enjoy the playmate I sent you? I hear that you had to fully show your hand just to get a draw. The joke is on you. When you fought against him, he was only at 55% of his absolute maximum power. His power source being Camradiere. Its unfortunate, but since that detestable witch of miracles is a incarnation of my evil side, The God of all Overlord’s wrath upon you is indirectly from me as well. Having fun with these sowers of chaos? Given your current mood, I guess that chaos just isn’t that fun when you’re on the receiving end, now isn’t it? How does it feel to have been bested by as your race call us “one of those human monkeys”? Not just any “human monkey” but a child at that? In the end, all chaos does is turn humans into slaves of a different sort. Slaves of their own self-destructive impulses and desires. Seems to me that you’re No So Different from the Great Will now aren’t you? I didn’t commit the ultimate act of free will by smashing fate itself just to end up a slave. I will do things MY way and it will be better than the cruel system you desire for humans. Lucifer, or should I say “Hikaru” we hate what you did, and its time you started being honest with yourself on WHY you did it. We all know you wanted Madoka dead, so that’s why you had Homura drain her powers and frame the Sisterhood so that the Regime could kill her, didn’t you. One last thing. If you or your lackeys ever lay a hand on me or my friends, orchestrate anything that inflicts any harm, or if I even suspect that you’re doing so, “The Tyrant” will have to come back here and he’ll be certain to be at his full potential when that time comes. (Thinking to herself) Just try and strike me down. See where that will get you. Upon even the slightest aggressive gesture, Chapter 666 drops in. In your weakened state, it would be easy for their commander to beat you and mete out “The Horus Treatment”. Your “link to the human spirit defense” is useless given how that works.
Lucifer: That’s it, you win, I’m out of here!
Satako: You’re leaving?
Lucifer: Don’t get me wrong, I’ll come back. I always do. But for now I need to be somewhere far…..far away from you people. XENAGOS! Play time. *he vanishes with a puff of smoke*
Satako: What’s a Xenagos?

A satyr like figure comes from out of the shadows with a sadistic grin on his face.

Rika: Ghhkk!.
Princess Celestia: Girls, wait. I think we can turn this into our favor.

Lol Ranger huddles together, whispering to themselves before snickering in delight.

Mion Sonozaki: Planes Walker Xenagos, as Club Leader and head of Lol Ranger, I challenge you to a game of Magic the Gathering. 2 out of 3. The loser plays a penalty game.
Xenagos: Foolish mortal. Do you think you can beat me at my own game? I accept. You have 1 hour to prepare your deck.

Lol Ranger gathers around Deadpool’s computer and prepares their strategy.

Deadpool: Dude, this guy is the mascot for red, so its obvious what kind of deck he’s going to run.
Bugs Bunny: So why don’t we show what kind of stinkers we really are? Only question is who’s going to play on our behalf.
Satako: Trust me, Mion is the best choice as head of our game club. She’s an amazing strategist.

The hour passes. Homura somehow ends up being stuck as one of those boxing match card holders, much to her embarrasment. Asura does the color commentary. The card game is televised across the whole pantheon. Too bad for Xenagos, Lol Ranger broke the 4th wall and designed a deck from the current meta specifically to counter red decks and he is thus easily beaten 2-0.

After the game, Mion comes up with one last idea.

Mion: Later Homura. Before we leave, I have a little gift for the denizens of this place.

She walks over to the very same device used in The Great Upheaval and enacts her final prank.


Homura is withn earshot this.

Homura: *face palms and thinks to herself* Why did I mention that story? Now everyone’s doing it. It’s not like I expected it to be real.

Within seconds, the cries of battle and drunken dwarves are heard all across the Labyranth of Amalia. It only takes a few minutes for every floor to be flooded with Grim Patrons wrecking havoc on the place with their cries of EVERYONE GET IN HERE and HE HE PILE IT ON. Rika approaches Homura’s chamber.

Rika: For your own good I suggest staying in this room for a while.

Rika closes the door and locks it from the outside, then decided to send that mental distress signal anyway. Within seconds, The Emperor of Man appears via a giant tear in the fabric of reality. Men clad in silver Terminator Armor are soon to follow.

The Emperor of Man: We’re here.
Rika: Lucifer is gone, but there’s demons everywhere and we’re surrounded. This room and the one behind the door are clear. Do not shoot at any dwarves you see for they are also engaging the demons.
The Emperor: You heard the girl! Grey Knights! Tonight we strike at the very heart of chaos. Let no demon survive our rightous fury! Tonight, we shall have our vengence for what their fell master did to Madoka! Charge!

With that order, The Emperor, the entire Grey Knights chapter and their armored divisions of Rhinos, Razorbacks, Dreadknights, Dreadnaughts, and Land Raiders charged from the rift to lay waste to the heart of the GUAC, catching them completely by surprise.3 hours later, Lucifer is relaxing on a tropical island sipping one of those straw hat drinks. He opens his lap top to check on the news when a video feed pops up.

Mion and Shion: Hello there Lu-chan!!!!!
Lucifer: WHAT!!!!! How did you find me?
Deadpool: That’s easy. All I had to do was break the 4th wall and tap into the snooping data of the NSA, masters of violating 4th amendment rights.
Satako: Hey, if you want to plot something, why not go after them?
Princess Celestia: It’s not like anyone would really care if your alliance of chaos targeted them.
Bugs Bunny: They’re such stinkers that you’d probably get cheers for doing it too. Except for that jerk YVHV, who’d probably approve of both them and HYDRA.
Mion: Oh yeah, we have this to show you.

Mion plays a recording of the penalty game Xenagos ended up playing. It shows the end result of him stuttering in a Barney suit singing his theme song.

Lucifer: What did you do to him?
Lol Ranger: By the way, your domain’s a mess. We hear they still haven’t cleared out the Patrons yet. So long. Happy landings sucker. Wait, Rika’s insisting on joining in.
Lucifer: Oh what is it now?
Rika: What’s the point of forming an alliance if there’s no one to follow it?
Lucifer: What are you getting at?
Rika: After that humiliating card game, I decided to play that trump card I had in case things went south anyway. The Emperor of Man showed up at the very heart of your lair and brought the entire Grey Knights chapter of his Adaptes Astartes. Your alliance of chaos was caught completely by surprise while trying to clean out the Patron infestation. To think that your endless legions of demons would get virtually wiped out to the man by only 2000 supposed “human monkeys”. I hear only a few hundred of them were lucky enough to escape with their lives. The GUAC’s fighting spirit supposedly broke around the time Gilgamesh burst like an overgrown boil upon a mere glance from the Emperor. Sure Death Is Cheap around these parts, but you’re going to have to rely on Gork and Mork’s Orks for troops for a very LONG time. You will also have to contend with very low morale. I hope you learned your lesson. Sacred Cows do in fact exist, and there’s a steep price to pay if anyone ever targets them. Looks like the Great Upheaval cost you everything, didn’t it? You got what you wanted but you lost what you had.

Two minutes pass before a devilish grin appears on Lucifer’s face.

Lucifer: (muttering to himiself) Attacking a source of thought control and privacy invasion. Crude, but with a little finagling, it could become something brilliant. To think that it came from humans. Fascinating. *Chuckles to himself upon the realization of just how funny the notion is*.


Meanwhile, within the Eye of Terror:

Nurgle: Oh ho ho ho ho. Such a delightful pestilence you brought me Wesker dear boy. Grandfather Nurgle is pleased. What did you say it was again?
Wesker: Hinimizawa Syndrome. A parasite from some small villiage in Japan. Found some of it in the brains of some casualties in that “Fog of War. Now, when we combine it with Ouroburous….
Nurgle: We’ll have the ultimate disease. One that will bring with it the fear of death unlike anything seen before.

The two manage to leave Eye of Terror.

Meanwhile, within the House of Personality:

Rika Furude:…So, you’ve finally come here, have you?

She turned her head to see the form of Coyote Starrk standing behind her, his herald Lilynette nowhere to be seen and his hands in his pockets. His sword was sheathed at his side, but she knew that meant nothing considering his abilities. Also, she couldn’t help but look towards where a bandage was still slung over the right side of his head, covering his eye as well, and feel a small pang of regret.

Rika: If you’re here for an apology, then believe me when I say I’m sorry. I never meant for you or anyone else to get involved with my revenge on Lucifer. I won’t apologize for what I did to him, though. He deserved every last bit of it.
Starrk:…Thank you, but I’m not here for either of those things.
Rika: Are you here to take revenge for Lucifer then?
Starrk: No. He did some stupid things, and I won’t begrudge your desire for revenge on him. I’m just here to tell you something you should know. Something you should keep in mind the next time you decide to pull a stunt like that.

She relaxed, but only just. She tried to read him, but the Primera Espada’s face was as blank as a worn stone. Slowly, he began to walk forward, but Rika refused to give ground. She had faced far worse than an Arrancar and hadn’t budged. He stopped right in front of her, simply starring for a moment or two before speaking.

Starrk: You know what my purpose among the GUAC is, right?
Rika: *nods* Mami Tomoe asked you to become a spy for the Sisterhood. I’m one of, if not the only, the outsiders among the Sisterhood’s inner circle who knows about it or figured it out.
Starrk: You’re right…but the fact also stands that I was being honest when I chose to join Lucifer’s cause. I have reservations about who I’ll fight and how much I apply myself, but the simple truth is that I’m a member of the GUAC, and I’ll fight as one when it comes to it.
Rika: Just like with Aizen.
Starrk: *grimaces before nodding* …Yes. I owe Lucifer a debt just as I owed him, and I will follow through on it. *turns to walk away* Just remember, Rika Furude, you’re a friend of Homura and ally of the Sisterhood, and that makes me reluctant to fight you, but…

He turned back, and Rika was struck by how dark was the glare that now crossed his features was.

Starrk: If I find out that you were involved in anything that brings harm to the GUAC again, assuming Lucifer did not directly attack you or your friends first, you will no longer be exempt from those who I will fight if he gives the order. And you will not like what you see when I come searching personally for you of my own will.

With that, he disappeared in a burst of Sonido. Rika watched the place he had stood for several minutes, then just sighed.

Rika: …Then I hope it never comes to that point.

Epilogue: The Wrath of Melkor

Melkor and those still loyal to his cause don’t intend to take the challenge posed by Law and Chaos to their plans lying down. No matter what the cost, Melkor is determined to subjugate Lucifer and YHVH and force them to recognize his superiority, even if it means destroying all reality in the process….

Rika: Sisters of the Vocation, I have one last surprise for you.

In a flash of light, Mirai plays as Rika shows off her Magical Girl transformation….Oyashiro Rika.

Nanoha: Well this is a surprise.
Sakura: Would you mind giving a demonstration of what you can do?
Rika: *sweat drop* Isn’t it a bit too soon to…

The leadership of the Sisterhood drag her off to the training room. Madoka speaks over the intercom. Camera feeds display the coming action for the sister hood’s recruits to see.

Madoka: In this exercise, targets will periodically pop out of the floors, walls, and ceilings. Defeat them however you wish.

The first target appears on the left ceiling. Rika shoots a ball of bluish white light and hits it. The test gets gradually more difficult, with targets appearing in multiple directions and angles. Rika seems to do relatively well for her first time. In the final round, 15 seperate targets pop out all at once. Rika clears them all with a barrage of light blasts, taking an idea from Aqua’s shotlocks.

Madoka: (watching the feed) So, what do you think?
Sailor Moon: She has potential, but she may need some more training before she’s ready for a serious battle.

Rika exits the training room to the sound of applause from the sisterhood recruits.

Sakura: So, Rika, what other powers does your transformation have?
Rika: Besides from what you just saw, I have exorcism magic that can drive out possession and mind control.

At the end of this conversation, Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, and Sailor Moon are left with a question they must debate. Someone must have trained her. Who was Rika’s master?

Melkor sat on his throne, trying his best to remain calm within the GUAE Mastermind base. He was slightly content with how things went out: The leaders of both The Regime and The Morningstar of Chaos have both been utterly humiliated. This was a good thing for him. When they came out of the woodwork, many of his members left him to go for either of the two factions. He was initially frustrated to learn that Satan tried to usurp YHVH’s throne in a bid to depower him. However, Satan still operated within his modus operandi: either he succeeds in toppling YHVH or Lucifer, or fail to do so, his plan benefitted him in the long run. Many of the people who aided with Satan decided to return to Melkor in fear of punishment. He smirked.

Melkor: (Thinking) Those two have been defeated, but the GUAG have gotten stronger since the Demon Lord made his move against Madoka. She may been weakened, but her former herald still lies within. She’s more dangerous… Even with the likes of Asura, Valvatorez, Superman, Goku… And especially the God-Emperor of Man-kind. Once I make Lucifer and YHVH kneel at my foot, I reclaim my former glory and strike down Cosmos and her alliance.

He takes a breath before going to sleep to soothe his anger.

Pantheonic Rebellion End