The Friendship Asylum Act Two

Intermission 1 – A Crack in the Shield

The Asylum was in shambles. Thanks to Princess Luna, the Shield were able to be protected from most of it. Still, it was a complete mess made out of bricks, cobweb and a multitude of black LEGO.

Ambrose: That could’ve gone better.

Princess Luna shook her head, her wings outstretched as she saw the sun rise.

Princess Luna: I must be going. My sister might want to speak with me for our next step.
Reigns: What about Takatora?
Princess Luna: Find him and take him to the GUAG Medical Division. I don’t know what that boy did to him, but we can’t risk it.
Ambrose: In the meantime. I’m starving. What say we go eat at the House of Food, Seth. Seth? (turns around) Are you all—

He was immediately hit with a steel chair to the face. Roman Reigns looked to see Seth’s eyes glowing white as Seth tossed the chair to the ground.

Rollins: The Asylum must be cleansed, the asylum must have its inmates…you have been warned.
Ambrose: What, did you just take lessons from Bray Wyatt or something? What the fu-

Rollins hurled a blast of energy from his palm that slammed Ambrose into a wall. Reigns was about to tackle his friend, but Seth somehow faded as it looked like Reigns was about to connect with his Spear. The Powerhouse of the Shield landed on the ground with a thud all while Seth’s laughter echoed in the air.

Reigns: What just happened?!
Princess Luna: Your friend was corrupted by the darkness of this asylum. We will have to wait a little while longer before we can see him again.
Ambrose: Patience my ass! I’m going to go kill something and get him out before—
Princess Luna: No! Please rest, we all have to.

Ambrose wanted to retort. Instead, he just snarled as he punches part of a wall, which crumbled easily. Roman Reigns wraps an arm around his partner as the two slowly make it to the GUAG Medical Division, knowing that they would have to wait to see their partner again.As the three leave, the heart of the asylum starts to beat. The fallen bricks and LEGO levitate and pull themselves together, as if the asylum was never destroyed in the first place. However, it is angry. It lost prominent inmates in the Darkness Proxy—it failed in its job. The asylum is to protect, to shelter, to care for those who enter its doors.No. That is not how it goes. The asylum would capture all those ‘broken’, all who were ‘hurt’, and it would shield them all from the ‘tragedies’ of their past. That is what it was made to do.So it waited for more who would enter its doors. The asylum was very patient in that regard.

As Sora watched the sun rise, he recalled a memory deep within the asylum’s heart…a conversation between him and the members of the Darkness Proxy hours ago.He took a deep breath as he recalled the scene. All five members dressed in their finest regalia (Although Tsukasa and Yugi stood out due to one wearing magenta, the other white) looked down on him, as Sora looked at them, wanting to speak, wanting to say what was on his mind. Eric Draven was stroking a crow on his shoulder, and Willow!Jeff just rocked back and forth on his seat, a grin on his face.

Alternate!Gentaro: Welcome, leader of the Asylum Guards. You wished to speak to us on this fine evening, have you not?
“Sora”: Yes I have. So you request me to lead the asylum? But, if I were to be here, you must promise me one thing…my lords.

Alternate!Gentaro lowered the book he was reading and lifted his head. Sora shivered, as he saw the ringleader of the proxy speak.

Alternate!Gentaro: All promises are meant to be broken in the end; but we shall make an exception to this one. What is it that you want?
“Sora”: There is a girl…
Willow!Jeff: A girl eh? How cute!
“Sora”: I wish that she is to be safe for as long as you want me here. Will you keep that word…masters?

The five just gathered around for a minute, speaking on what the possessed Keybearer just said, all of surprised that he still cared for someone despite apparently being devoid of all positive emotions. Sora could hear them whisper, Willow!Jeff made some sort of crude joke that caused Yugi to whack him on the head, before they all turned to him. Alternate!Gentaro stood up, showing off an aura of command that caused a shiver to crawl down his spine.

Alternate!Gentaro: Of course, young paragon. We all solemnly promise that we will not hurt that girl you wish to protect.
“Sora”: How can I trust you on that?

There’s some silence as the five digest Sora’s words. Yugi sets down the puppet of himself, while his left hand (covered by his Kaiba puppet) was raised.

Yugi: I solemnly swear that I am up to no trouble.

The other proxy members follow suite and stand up one after the other.

Willow!Jeff: (poking Sora with his umbrella) I’m up for a little fun myself, but even I won’t touch young maidens.
Eric Draven: She probably wouldn’t be my type anyhow.
Decade: I’ll stalk her and take photos of her, but I won’t harm her. (takes a photo of Sora as he says that)
Alternate!Gentaro: You heard us. We won’t hurt your precious princess. We give you our words.

There was some hesitation on Sora’s part, but as long as Kairi was safe, he would endure anything.

“Sora”: (smiles) Thank you. Just make sure you keep the promise.
Alternate!Gentaro: Of course, we’ll make sure to keep our end of the line, Paragon of Darkness.

Returning to the present, the Keybearer looked up with a smile, glad that the proxy promised not to hurt his friend. Even in his corrupted, animal-like state, he still had a caring heart, much to the disgust of the other Asylum Guardians.

Underneath the various amounts of rubble, Dunban struggled to push off a wall with his left hand. As soon as there was an opening, he pulled Fluttershy out.

Dunban: Are you all right, dear lady?
Fluttershy: I…I think so…

Riki crawls out of some rubble, shaking his head.

Riki: Riki not feeling so well.

Fluttershy picks Riki and places him on his back, while Dunban slowly staggers to his feet. He winces as he feels that his left arm is heavily damaged.

Dunban: There’s nothing I can do right now. My arm’s bad.
Fluttershy: I’m so sorry, Dunban. I…I should’ve been capable of helping. Or, I should’ve brought Shulk also and-
Dunban: No, it’s all right. You were very brave in trying to use that stare of yours on Valentine.
Riki: Riki do not like Stare at all.

Fluttershy nodded her head as she looked at the rising sun. There was nothing she could do right now except to rest.

Dunban: Come on, we need to get some rest.

Asylum Log 8 – The Cooper Gang In…Corruption

Dipper and Mabel could hardly sleep, not after what they witnessed. Dipper spent the night replaying the footage from the camera over and over again. Mabel tried drawing, but she ended up using her black and white crayons instead. She tossed her sketchbook down in disgust.

Mabel: This thing was complete nonsense! What was the point of going there?
Dipper: We learned some things: there’s something wicked this way comes, and that we shouldn’t have gone there without preparations. Not to mention that we have to deliver a message to Sly’s friends and—

There was a knock on the door. Mabel walked to it and opened it, finding Matt Hardy glaring at the two.

Mabel: Um…hi?
Matt: The photograph. Now.

Mabel pulled out the photograph of Jeff and handed it back to Matt. Matt pocketed the picture and entered the temple. Dipper gulped as Matt turned to him.

Matt: Why did you even attempt to go into that asylum? Don’t you know how dangerous it is?
Dipper: Yes, but we’ve gone through so much worse. And besides, we saw how worried you were about your brother.
Matt: That’s none of your business!
Dipper: We saw him, we talked to him. He was giving us a message.
Matt: He…he was there?

The Mystery Twins nodded their heads as Matt stood there, dropping to his knees as he held the picture of his brother close to his chest. The past week or so had been nothing but torture for the elder Hardy, unaware as to what had been happening to his brother, the Cragmites, the Princesses, the Food Fight…nothing was making sense.

Mabel: He was trying to warn us about something, but we didn’t find out what. Dipper, show him the footage.

Dipper handed Matt his video camera, depicting the image when Willow turned back into Jeff Hardy who was trying to warn the twins of something…until a large sinkhole swallowed Dipper and Mabel whole. Matt was silent as he paused the video.

Matt: Jeff…
Dipper: We’ll figure out what your brother was saying and get to the bottom of this mystery. We promise you that. Oh, and one more thing.
Matt: Yes?
Dipper: Your brother is crazy.
Matt: (smiles) I know.

Just as Matt is about to leave someone enters the door: someone that Matt knew very well.

Matt: ‘Grel.
Gangrel: Matthew.
Mabel: Mabel!
Dipper: Dipper.

The vampire wrestler makes his way to a sofa and sits down, eyes covered by his dark glasses. There’s a bit of silence as Matt pockets his picture of Jeff away.

Dipper: Soooo….(looks at Matt and Gangrel) You two know each other.
Matt and Gangrel: Yes.
Mabel: Why are you here?
Matt: Because Gangrel can’t do his “Adventures in Pony-Sitting” with…

The comment causes the wrestler to snap and hurl his goblet at Matt’s face, drenching Matt in a dark red liquid. And before you could say, “Showcase of the Immortals”, Gangrel was tackling Matt to a wall and pounding him with every thing that he could, wanting to forget the images of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their souls taken.

Gangrel: Make a comment like that one more time, and I’ll be turning you into juice, Matthew Moore Hardy.
Mabel: If we’re talking to each other with our real names, then I can tell you that Dipper’s real name is—
Dipper: Not now, Mabel! Look, let’s not fight here. Mabel and I need to get some info about the asylum while you two can fight it out at the PWF and…
Matt: The place was totaled last week. My brother was part of it…(about to break down again) He was corrupted right in front of my eyes and Icouldn’t stop it!

There was some silence as Matt pushes Gangrel away from him and wipes the tears out of his eyes. Mabel, not knowing how to really comfort a wrestler, approached him and gave him a hug.

Mabel: We’ll save him. We promise you that.
Matt: Good luck on that.
Dipper: We’ll need more than that. Come on Mabel, to the library.
Mabel: Bye then!

As the Mystery Twins rushed off to the House of Knowledge, leaving the door open as they did, Gangrel picks up his fallen goblet (which didn’t even break) and approaches Matt. There’s an awkward silence between the two before the older wrestler spoke.

Gangrel: I’m sorry for your loss.
Matt: Me too.

And the two left the temple in silence.

The dream started out like this.Kaiba heard a knock on the door. He woke up with a pounding headache and dragged himself to open it. When he opened it, there was a hand with a knife.

??? I need to speak to you for a moment. Do you know where—

The person had no time to finish as Kaiba found himself grabbing the knife for protection. The person stepped forward, hand in the air, but Kaiba brought the knife down at the person’s heart. Red blood splattered everywhere, drenching both of them. The figure dropped something and tried to defend themselves but Kaiba pinned them to a wall as he continued to stab them with the knife, over and over and over…How many times the person was stabbed, he never counted as he suddenly woke up at the sound of his alarm clock ringing. Kaiba placed a hand on his forehead, panting for breath.

Kaiba: It was a dream, nothing more. Only a dream.
Yugi: (behind him) No it wasn’t. Look at your hands.

Kaiba turned, seeing Yugi sitting by his bedside, calmly shuffling his deck. He then turned to see a red sticky substance covering his hands. No, there was more than that…there were red foot prints that lead to his bedroom.

Yugi: Go on, follow them…you can’t go back to sleep now, can you?

Kaiba felt his heart pound like a drum as he walked toward the front door. In front of him was a figure in pink, the same red substance on his hands covering her. She was unconscious, and when he looked at his left hand he found the knife. He dropped it onto the floor in disgust.

Kaiba: I…I couldn’t…I didn’t…
Yugi: You did. (leans close, whispers) They’re going to find you and they’re going to have you sent to that asylum…you’re mad, Kaiba-boy…just like me. (sings) Run, you better run…you better run for your life…

He laughed as he saw his rival run away from the crime scene, wiping off a bit of the red substance on his cheek and licked it. Using the Dark Magic Curtain, he vanished without a word.And it was at that moment that Princess Peach woke up, hand grasping her forehead. She looked around, noticing how her cake was now ruined, tomato sauce spilt all over the floor.

Princess Peach: That’s the last time I’m putting tomato sauce in my cake; they really can give you a headache. Hold on, I’ll clean that up.

With a wave of her hand, a sparkle of magic cleaned up the spilled cake and her dress. Princess Peach walked off, oblivious to the madness that was about to ensue.

Dipper and Mabel rushed toward the House of Crime, more specifically Sly Cooper’s temple, to help on the situation. The two knew that there were very seedy individuals that wouldn’t mind stealing candy from babies, but thanks to Carmen Sandiego—who knew a bit about the whole Gentaro thing—gave them a free pass. Dipper was already going through some notes, while Mabel was more interested in something else.

Mabel: (dancing with a photo in hand) Sly and Carmelita sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!
Dipper: Mabel, focus! There is something wrong with that asylum and whatever it is, we have to figure it out. But what?
Mabel: I don’t even want to know what’s going on, but we need to find Sly’s friends and fast. What do those notes say?
Dipper: It says here that he’s off to someone named Chiyoko Shirashi in the House of Food. It’s “Lady and the Tramp” day apparently.
Mabel: (gasps) I bet they’ll be eating the same spaghetti noodle and then they’ll kiss! It must be so romantic—especially since THE Lady and the Tramp are also in the Pantheon!
Dipper: Either way, we better head off and then look up these two other people—Bentley and Murray—and then research that poem.
Mabel: Why is a poem so important to you anyway?
Dipper: No matter how insignificant it may be, evidence is still evidence. Come on Mabel, let’s get going to the House of Knowledge.

The two raced out of the House of Crime, not knowing that they were being followed. The god drove their car in hopes of following them.

Carmelita was livid. Sly Cooper stood her up on their date…again.She was in the House of Food, more specifically at Chiyoko Shirashi’s temple. The theme of the day was “Lady & the Tramp”, where Chiyoko somehow asked Weird Al Yankovic to play accordion, and the center of the temple havin Lady and the Tramp in the center, nuzzling each other as they had their own plate of spaghetti. Due to Chiyoko constantly changing the theme of her restaurant each day, it was hard to find an exact ‘time’ to have a date. It wasn’t until Sly handed her an invitation for Lady and the Tramp night that they were able to come together. Carmelita had to resist a vision of her and Sly kissing after eating the same spaghetti strand as she waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for Sly to come.As Carmelita resisted the urge to munch on the last of breadsticks, and was about to go for her shock pistol, the door opened. Sly Cooper slowly entering. His clothes, normally blue, were now black, and the stripes on his body were light grey. His hat also obscured his eyes so she couldn’t tell just what was going on.

Carmelita: You better give me a damn good reason why you’re late, Ringtail.
Sly: I’m sorry about that, Carmelita. I had to get something special for you.
Carmelita: What’s that? You handing yourself over to me and spending time in prison? You have a better chance of Princess Peach willingly being captured by Bowser than convincing me of that.
Sly: Oh no, no…I wanted to give you this.

Sly pulls out a glowing orb of light from behind his back and throws it at Carmelita, the force slamming her to a wall. Carmelita struggled as she had been pinned down by a large painting of a Venetian gondolier, trying to grab her shock pistol.

Carmelita: What happened to you, Cooper? What’s going on?!
Sly: (smirks) I’m in need of some helping hands where I’m working. Want to join me?
Carmelita: And just what place would that be?
Sly:…The Friendship Asylum.

The House of Knowledge boasted the biggest collection of books in the entire Pantheon. Mabel fell in love with a collection of romance novels as Dipper searched through books of poetry to find something that matched the recordings.

Dipper: Found it! It’s from a poem called “Church Going”. It’s about a man going into church and all about how a church becomes significant.
Mabel: (not even looking up from her book) Like what?
Dipper: For weddings, baptisms, places of safety from dangers…like an asylum.
Mabel: Uh-huh…
Dipper: So an asylum is a place used for the insane, or mad, to find refuge. Sanctuary, you can say. But why would Sly Cooper be corrupted? And Jaune? How do they figure out in all of this?
Mabel: Better yet, what about Matt? He went crazy before that vampire came to save us. Do you think he knows anything about what’s going on?
Dipper: How do we know that said vampire isn’t in league with the asylum?
???: What vampire are you talking about?

The twins turned to see Murray Hippo walking toward them, a couple of comic books in hand. There was some silence—since Dipper and Mabel had never seen a large pink hippo talk to them before—before Dipper spoke.

Dipper: Blond hair, probably 40, sunglasses, goblet…
Murray: You mean Gangrel, right?
Mabel: Gangrel? What kind of a stupid name is that?
Murray: Beats me, but anyway he’s been busy helping out what happened earlier.
Dipper: Like what?

Murray quickly explained a big fight in the PWF and how Gangrel helped fight off against the Proxy, especially when he was taking care of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Mabel cooed at a crayon-drawn picture of them). Dipper wrote notes as Murray finished.

Dipper: Thanks then. We better go and—
Murray: Oh no. You guys aren’t going out there again. It’s too dangerous. Besides, Bentley needs to know about this.
Mabel: What a coincidence. Sly told us to find his friends and tell them the news.
Murray: DID YOU SAY SLY?! Come on, we better hurry!

Without another word, Murray carries both twins over his shoulders and rushes out, all while the Librian says “SHH!” from all the noise they made.

In his temple in the House of Knowledge, Bentley Turtle was madly typing on his computer. Overhearing of the House of Friendship being turned into an asylum and Sly disappearing inside it made him seek out knowledge in the hopes of finding a way to restore the House to normal (or at the very least help cure Sly). But it was not just Sly that Bentley was worried about…

Bentley: Please tell me that the darkness of that house wasn’t the fault of Penelope. After her “relationship” with Clu, she’ll do anything to spite us and conquer the programs.

Bentley could not bear to think of the horrors Tron would be suffering. In fact, he’s currently chatting with Otacon over a plan to write a “sanctuary” for Tron to stay in should he be able to escape. Suddenly, Murray Hippo runs in, breathless.

Murray: (huffing and puffing) Sly’s been corrupted!
Bentley: WHAT!!!
Murray: (lifts Dipper and Mabel Pines by their collars) I found these kids in the library, trying to find something relating to Sly, and they caught it all on camera.
Dipper: Here. (tosses Bentley his camera) You might wanna see this.

Bentley looks at the camera and sees the recording, of Sly attached by the dark vines and fueled with its energy, alongside the terrors of the Paraphernalia Wagon courtsey of Willow. Bentley sets the camera down and prepares his crossbow.

Bentley: Murray, get the van ready. We’re going in for a prison break.
Mabel: But you guys are going to be in danger! That asylum has a mind of its own or something like that! What if you get caught?
Bentley: That’s a risk we’ll have to take. You two, you need to find Carmelita in the House of Food and tell her to meet us there. And quick!
Dipper: Right. Carmelita, food. Carmelita, food. Come on Mabel!

The twins rushed out of the House of Knowledge, Murray going back to his House to prepare the van. Bentley continued to watch the footage, praying that Sly could at least fight it back. He also hoped that, if push comes to shove, he wouldn’t be working with his ex in all this.

Carmelita: Come on Ringtail, what’s going on?

“Sly” just stayed silent, the staff ready to unleash a burst of electricity. The patrons in Chiyoko’s restaurant began to run off just as April O’Neil appeared on the television.

April: We interrupt this program to give you breaking news. The House of Friendship, now known as the Friendship Asylum, has currently been taking people into its depths and presumably corrupting them with a dark force. There have been gods who tried to figure out the source of this darkness, but all available hands must be on the lookout. If you find anyone with glowing white eyes or, worst case scenario, seemingly acting possessed, RUN AWAY as fast as you can. Else—

“Sly” swung the cane and unleashed a blast of electricity that destroyed the television before he snarled. Carmelita’s hands trembled, but she stood her ground. “Sly Cooper” would go down by her hand today.

Dipper: (rushing into the temple) Wait, Carmelita!

Carmelita momentarily turned, but that was enough for “Sly” to rush toward her side, ready to knock her into unconsciousness. Fortunately, Mabel had her grappling hook, and she fired it around “Sly”‘s waist. The Pine Twins grabbed onto the grappling hook, pulling “Sly” away from Carmelita so she could escape. Chiyoko was already sending an email, as everything was going on.

Dipper: Carmelita, I don’t think we’ve met, but you have to get out of here NOW! Before you become just like Sly.
Mabel: We’ll take care of Racoon Boy here! Just go!
Carmelita: No, Sly is mine and I’m not letting no stupid asylum take him from me!

Just as Bentley finished his preparations, April’s broadcast about the asylum finishes, with April warning everyone to be cautious as souls are being plucked, and people entering it end up corrupted, with at least one case so far. Bentley’s horror at learning of Sora’s corruption causes him to further prepare himself by attaching flash bombs onto his wheelchair.

Bentley: I can never be too careful. If they took Sora, who else will they take?

Murray returns with the van just in time, determined to save Sly. But just as they’re about to leave, Bentley receives an email. He quickly reads it, his eyes wide with terror.

Bentley: Murray, to the House of Food and stat! Carmelita’s in danger!

Bentley and Murray arrive at the Food house just as “Sly” was able to scratch Carmelita and the Pine Twins.

Dipper: Bad…Raccoon! Come on, we want to help you!

Bentley quickly throws one of his flash bombs at his corrupted friend, blinding Sly a bit. But just as Murray was about to go for the Thunder Flop, Sly throws a Smoke Bomb and flees. Carmelita breaks down in anger.

Carmelita: Just what is going on here? Who is the maniac who corrupted my criminal?!
Dipper: Who knows? But if we did anything wrong, it’s our fault. We just wanted to help out and help two brothers reunite and then we went through the Paraphernalia Wagon.
Mabel: If there’s anything we can do, please tell us. We are so sorry.
Chiyoko: (smiles and hugs the twins) It’s fine. Just be careful, that’s all I can ask.

Bentley then receives another email— this time, from the House of Knowledge. Someone is asking for Bentley because he is presumed to hold the cure to the corruptions.

Murray: Who’s it from?
Bentley: It’s from Riku. He says he can give me more information about what’s going on in the asylum. But he’s with the Mystery Gang right now. He’ll explain the story when we meet up with him. Also, he’s got something for me, too.
Dipper: Wait…did you just say “Mystery Gang”?
Bentley: Yes…
Dipper: The ones with the likes of Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma?
Bentley: Uh-huh….
Dipper: (getting excited) The same ones who somehow defeated the Nibiru Entity thanks to Scooby kicking the Heart of the Jaguar into its sarcophagus thus obliterating it from existence?!
Bentley: Um…yes?

There’s a humongous scream in the temple as Dipper jumps for joy at meeting such legendary detectives.

Dipper: Mabel, this is a dream! It has to be a dream. (grabs Mabel by her sweater) Punch me in the face to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Mabel promptly did so.

Dipper: (rubbing the spot where Mabel punched him) It’s real…It’s all real! Mystery Inc., is in the Pantheon! Oh my god, I have so much I wanna ask! Do you think we can—
Murray: Sorry kids, but you aren’t as experienced as they are when it comes to supernatural threats. It’s best you go back to your temple and rest.
Mabel: Why should we after all the stuff we saw? You saw our video. (shudders) I never want to be touched by those Helping Hands ever again.
Bentley: Murray is right though. Go back to your temple in the meantime, we’ll take it from here. (starts heading off to the van) You coming, Carmelita?
Carmelita: I am…that son of a glitch is going to pay for what he did to Sly!
Dipper: Let us join you guys!
Mabel: We can help!
Murray: Sorry you two. This is VERY dangerous! (enters the Cooper Van) Come on, everyone!

As Bentley and Carmelita enter, Dipper and Mabel turn to smile at each other. Mabel fires her grappling hook until it’s wrapped around the rack of the van. Mabel grabs Dipper’s hand as the van starts moving. Using momentum, the two run across the House of Food before using the hook to pull themselves onto the roof of the van. Murray heard something, but shrugged his shoulders as the van goes to the House of Mentalism. Dipper and Mabel high-five each other.

Mabel: We’re on the van, but now what?
Dipper: Maybe we should call April about what’s going on. But still, can’t you feel it? We’re about to team up with the greatest detectives EVER!

Mabel covers her brother’s mouth so the passengerse below didn’t hear them all while Dipper starts calling a number.

It almost felt like an eternity passed since Alternate! Gentaro could actually feel his legs. At the remains of the temple that was once the Pantheonic Wrestling Federation (far away so that no wrestler could enter it as far as they were concerned), he and his other companions (Yugi was undercover at the moment), were resting. Willow!Jeff was currently hanging upside-down, cackling over a crazy joke in his head.

Draven: Well, at least some rooms have been restored after those two twerps betrayed us and leveled this castle. So, what’s our next plan, then?
Alternate!Gentaro: I could go after Mitsuzane again, but I’ve grown bored of mutilating him. We need something to eat.
Decade: If we go to the House of Food, they’d ban us.
Alternate!Gentaro: No, they ban you if you make too much of a ruckus. Under the laws of the Pantheon we’re still gods, and we have rights to have food. They can’t take that away from us.
Willow!Jeff: But of course they can’t take away our insanity either. (cackles)

Fred: Come on, Riku. We need you to cooperate us!
Riku: (as Daphne and Velma are dragging him out of bed) I won’t go, you can’t make me!
Velma: If you don’t go, you’ll never be healed! Jak and Daxter are already waiting for you there.
Daphne: Besides, there’s plenty of room in the back since Shaggy and Scooby are at the House of Food and all.

As the three Mystery Inc. members continue their struggle, The Cooper Van pulls up close to the entrance of the House of Mentalism. Bentley gulped at the sight, as it’s one of the darkest houses in the pantheon, and many gods there have a big reputation for mind games. The three have to head for the Mentalities division, where the temple for the Mystery Gang is.

Carmelita: (preparing her shock pistol) Let’s get going.

As the three pass through (unaware of Dipper and Mabel shadowing them), Bentley takes a look at Clu’s Throneship (actually a replica, but it does contain a laser that’ll zap anyone into The Grid), and sighs.

Bentley: Whatever’s happened to Sly better not be because of Clu. It’s already bad enough that Penelope’s sided with him, and Tron is missing.
Murray: There’s the house. Let’s get inside!

The three soon find Riku struggling to leave the temple as Fred opens the door to the Mystery Machine. At the site of Carmelita and her shock pistol, Daphne, Velma and Fred raise their hands in the air.

Carmelita: (lowers the shock pistol) Riku, there you are!
Riku: (collapses to his knees) Carmelita? What are you doing here?
Fred: (notices Bentley and Murray) And where’s your raccoon friend of yours?
Murray: He was transformed into some sort of vampire raccoon and vanished after we saved Carmelita in the House of Food.
Daphne: Jeepers!

Carmelita takes a step toward Riku to assess what had happened to him. Normally, Riku would wear just a cast around his left wrist for support (so he can still fight with his Keyblade should things arise), but the presence of other bandages meant that he wasn’t as lucky as Carmelita was when it comes to fighting a corrupted god. Not only that, his breathing was heavier than normal. The sun was at high noon, meaning there would be no sign of corruption. Still, Riku wakes up with a groan.

Fred: If what you said is true, we might want to head off to the House of Food to see if Shaggy and Scooby all alright.
Velma: As long as there’s food, nothing can phase those two.
Carmelita: You all right, Riku?
Riku: I guess so. (looks around and sees Jak and Daxter gone) Guess they must’ve went to the medical division.
Bentley: Who? Well, anyway, we got an email saying you had something for us.
Riku: Oh, right. (hands a USB to Bentley) Sora was able to give it to me before the asylum corrupted him. Tron’s in there.
Murray: This is all so frustrating! We have to figure out how to get inside!
Bentley: But how? Whoever gets in the asylum becomes corrupted! If we try to enter, we’ll turn out just like Sly and Sora did!
Riku: Sly’s been corrupted? But how?

As if Fate decided to drop in to answer his question, the television turns on, with April O’Neil appearing with a microphone in hand.

April: (on TV) Good morning, everyone. Our top stories for today is are in regards to the Friendship Asylum. First, the asylum—who housed the five who are known as the “Darkness Proxy” (pictures of the five members appear) are still at large after the “Friday the 13th” incident. If anyone finds them, please report to the House of Justice ASAP. Also, many gods have tried to enter the newly-rebuilt Friendship Asylum to figure out the source of the sudden darkness, but none of them have turned out so well. So far, Jak and Daxter, both recaptured by the asylum after the other night’s blitzball match, have escaped, and are now being taken care of at the GUAG Medical Division.
Riku: (thinking) Thank goodness you’re okay, Jak.
April: However, there has been a report of another soul trapped in Jak’s body. We have no idea who’s soul it is, but it’s currently believed to be Keyblade Wielder Sora of the House of Nature, who was corrupted two nights ago in the Friendship Asylum.
Riku: What?!
April: Jak had told us that he and Sora served as the asylum guards while under corruption, but last night, an unknown force gave all of Jak’s corruption to Sora, which caused him to turn into a shadow of his former self. So, if you see Sora around, please run away from him and report the sighting to the House of Justice. In another related story, the House of Food was attacked last night during Chiyoko Shirashi’s “Lady & the Tramp”-themed lunch by Sly Cooper. According to newly-ascended gods Dipper and Mable Pines, Sly Cooper was attached to some vines, with darkness being pumped into his body earlier that day…perhaps even sooner than that.
Dipper: (on TV as Mabel waves to the camera) It’s true. We saw it with our own eyes! We’ve even got it all on camera. (attempts to pull a camera out of his hammerspace, but then realizes). Oh, right. Bentley’s got it right now. Trust me though, be very careful when you access the scene of Mabel and I in the Paraphernelia Wagon.
April: Thank you, Dipper. The attack was thawed by Sly’s friend, Bentley, with a flash bomb, causing the corrupted raccoon to flee. His current location is unknown, so if you see Sly Cooper, get as far away from him as possible, and report him to the House of Justice.

Suddenly, the Throneship appears behind April on the TV, shocking the four viewers: April and the Pines were in front of the House of Mentalism! Then, a voice came from outside Riku’s temple.

April: Now, before we resume with the rest of the news, we’re about to do a surprise interview with Keyblade Master Riku of the House of Mentalism on the recent losses of Sora and Sly.
Riku: A surprise what!? (temple door opens; April, Dipper, Mable, and Freddie Benson walk in).
Dipper: Oh my gosh! It’s really the Mystery Gang! Mabel, this is all real! (starts hyperventilating) Mabel, punch me in the—

Mabel promptly socks her brother in the face to calm him down.

Murray: You two?! I thought I told you to—
Dipper: No, we can help. Honest.
Mabel: We’re the Mystery Twins after all!
April: (with microphone in hand) Riku, you witnessed first hand what type of sorcery happened in the asylum, yet you stand here uncorrupted. Can you explain that to our audience?
Riku: After my own experiences with the darkness, I can’t be tainted by it. However, if I start entering the asylum, I risk hurting Sora even more.
April: Many of the Friendship Gods were able to escape before the asylum was created, and they are to stay away from the House of Friendship until everything is normal. This list includes: Fluttershy, the Ed Trio, Jade and Tohru…

Before April has a chance to finish her very long list of gods, she is blocked by a machete to the throat.

“Sora” is also watching the TV, growling at Riku when the latter is being interviewed. Like before, Sora’s depowered due to the sun being up, but because his soul is gone, he remains possessed. Being the highest ranking of corrupted, “Sora” was made the leader of what the group call themselves the “Asylum Guardians”. He appears identical to his day form from yesterday, where he appears human again, but asides the fangs and patterns remaining, his skin remains grey. This time, “Sora”‘s wearing a black kimono with elbow-length gloves, and shoes reaching his knees; his normal attire, given to him by Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, was gone.Since he’s only at full power during the night, “Sora” walks into his chambers, intended to sleep until sunset. He knew that it was pretty stereotypical for vampires to sleep during the day, but it’s better than being bored while trapped, anyway. The lead Firey walks into his chamber.

Firey Leader: Master Sora, the sun is up. What should we do while you sleep.
“Sora”: (with an echo in his voice) I want three of you to stay on guard and prevent any more escapes. As for the other two, find Jak! He’s got something that belongs to this body that I’m currently possessing.

Then, another corruptee walks into the chamber.

“Sly”: Oh, and don’t forget to find “my gang”. I’ve got a lot to speak about with them.
“Sora” Of course. And from what Jaune is telling me, his two surviving ‘friends’ will be coming. Take them down carefully when they come to this house later, and do not shock the hammer girl with any electricity. Unless of course you wanther to whack you halfway to Venus. For the meantime, see if you can get Riku out in the open—I don’t want my best friend to be left all alone.
“Sly”: I’m on it. (tosses a smoke bomb and disappears as the smoke settles)

The one with the machete at April’s throat turned out to be Jason Brody, another corruptee. Riku and Carmelita prepared their weapons, but Brody holds April in front of him, intending to use her as a shield. Riku takes a look at Brody, realizing that (along with his tattoo) he’s got the same markings as Sora. Freddie gulps as he moves the camera to highlight Brody’s red eyes and very pale skin.

Brody: (At the camera) There is nothing to worry about. All is well. But the inmates belong to us now, as well as Sora, Sly Cooper, Jaune Arc, and…some kid known as Ash Ketchum. If you want them back, come to the asylum…if you dare. (Disappears into darkness, taking April with him).

April’s been kidnapped. But everyone was confused on the last of the names said. Who is “Ash Ketchum”? Riku looks at Freddie, deciding to say a few more words.

Riku: (looking at the camera, holding April’s microphone) As you’ve just seen people is another example of the Friendship Asylum kidnapping gods and corrupting them into mindless beasts, with April O’Neil as the latest victim. So, if you see April or anyone who was recently taken into the asylum, please contact the House of Justice and let them know. Riku, filling in for April O’Neil – Pantheon News.
Freddie: (stops recording) This…this is not going to end well. It won’t be long for everyone and their grandmothers coming in and getting themselves converted into mindless zombies.

Dipper and Mabel just look in shock at what happened, especially considering what they had gone through the night before. Not only was April gone, but they were probably going to drag more gods into this mess. Bentley was already typing something.

Bentley: Otacon and Ed should be on the case. I’ll let Mickey in on this, too. I’ll also ask Noah for help. Word has it that Seto Kaiba was with Jason Brody when Brody was corrupted.
Murray: Then why wasn’t Kaiba brainwashed into a killing machine? Does he have any skills of his own?
Carmelita: If you count ‘dueling’ as a skill. We’d have to ask him what happened.
Dipper: We’ll do it for you guys. Anything to make amends for we did to April. We shouldn’t have dragged her into this mess.
Riku: It’s not your fault. Any god is an open target to that madhouse.
Mabel: But what corrupted him? This mystery is getting stranger and stranger.
Dipper: Got it. Oh, and get well soon, Riku.

The twins race out of the temple as Velma remembered that Riku needs to head for the GUAG Medical Division. It was a good thing that Murray was right there with the van.

Velma: Murray, you need to get Riku to the medical division posthaste. He needs to see someone because of his arms.
Murray: Don’t worry about a thing.. Getting patients to a hospital is easy thanks to the van, and the driving skills of “The Murray”!
Carmelita: I’m coming, too! I need to speak with Daxter over what’s happening with Jak. The report of Sora being in his body must be checked carefully.
Bentley: Well, I need to meet up with my pals. Is there a place with a computer we could use for the time being?
Riku: Well, there’s that bunker Sora and I used yesterday. It’s got a computer inside. (writes on a note and hands it to Bentley) Here’s the coordinates to it.
Bentley: Okay, thanks Riku. Get well, soon.

Murray carries the albino Keybearer to van to send him to the Medical Division while Bentley sends an email to Otacon to have them and Radical Edward meet up at the hidden bunker, closed his computer and left. What the group did not know was that a white creature with a horn on the left side of its head had watched him. Having witnessed everything, it left.

Ratchet was back at his temple in the House of Weapons. Having seen the news, he’s glad that Jak is getting the needed treatment, but remains concerned about Sora. The young lombax stares at the black cloak Riku gave him, and the ommiwrench. He does not know what to do.Suddenly, two Fireys appear at the temple door, demanding that they be taken to Jak, as he has something that belongs to their “master”. Ratchet knew how dangerous Fireys were, thanks to a book about a “mysterious labyrinth” that was becoming quite popular to read for some reason. But he knew that if they cannot reach Ratchet, they’ll target Clank. This leaves the lombax with no choice but to rush for the House of Technology and save Clank.Ratchet puts on his black cloak, grabs his weapons, and sneaks out through a hidden door. The Fireys burst in, shocked to see him gone.

Firey 1: Hey? Where’d that lombax go?
Firey 2: No one escapes from our games. We can’t fail on the master.
Firey 1: Right. But the master also said we should visit the temple of that kid who’s body he took. We should find more clues on where that kid with the goggles went.

Ratchet hid from the Fireys as he watched them leaving to resume their search. Five minutes after they’ve departed, he quietly proceeds to exit the House of Weapons. Right before he was about to leave, A white creature runs up to him, taking him by surprise. Ratched turned around as he heard the footsteps.

Ratchet: (quietly) Whoa…! Easy there…

The Lombax thoroughly examined the creature and realized it was a Pokémon: Absol.

Ratchet: You’re that white creature from the mountain. You want to come with me?

With Absol nodding in approval, she and Ratchet leave the House of Weapons and enter the House of Time and Space to find Clank.

Hal Emmerich was about to exit his temple to meet with Bentley and Edward at the bunker. As he exit his temple, he contacted Mickey on his cell phone. Two minutes later, Mickey picks up the phone.

Mickey: Hello? Who is this?
Otacon: Hello, Mickey? This is Otacon. I have terrible news to tell you. Riku has been bitten and is being taken care of in the hospital.
Mickey: How did he get bitten?
Otacon: According to Bentley, he was bitten by a corrupted Sora.
Mickey: Sora’s been corrupted!?
Otacon: I’m afraid so. And by the way, something strange has been happening to Jak. Something about… another person’s soul inside him. I’m not certain it is, but Inspector Fox is on the case.
Mickey: I’m sure she will get to the bottom of all this. Otacon, I’m going to gather my friends to assist you. Call me when you guys get to the bunker.
Otacon: Will do.

Hanging up his phone, Otacon shuts the door behind his temple and heads out to the bunker to meet up with his hacker buddies.

Otacon: (thinking) I don’t want to disturb Snake. I’ll call him when it’s drastic.

Asylum Log 9-Rocket Rocking


Five minutes before April’s morning report in Log 8Misty and Brock would never go to Team Rocket unless it was absolutely serious. Today was one of those days. As the two ventured to the House of Villains, briefly seeing the Lesser God division watching footage of a god being beaten up (they couldn’t tell who, but they just knew it was bloody), they reached the Demigod and Quasideity division. The temple of Team Rocket was easily spotted: it was the only one with a giant R on top of it.

Jessie: What are you two twerps doing here?
Misty: Ash and Pikachu went to that creepy asylum and Pikachu was the only one who made it out. We must to speak to Meowth.
James: And why should Meowth speak to you? Why don’t we just nab Pikachu and—
Brock: Because whatever took Ash will probably be going after you next! Who knows?
Meowth: (goes to Pikachu and tilts his head) Are you telling the truth?
Pikachu: Pika…Pi…
Meowth: All right, I understand. Start telling the story. I’ll translate.
Jessie: Meowth, don’t tell me you’re actually believing this farce?
Meowth: Jessie, Pokémon are able to sense strange and unnatural phenomena that happens.

The TV then turns on suddenly. It was April O’Neil’s report on the Friendship Asylum, her interview with Riku, her live-kidnapping, and Riku forcing to finish the report.

James: (referring to Riku) Who is that silver-haired twerp?
Misty: I think that’s Riku. He’s a Keyblade Master who resides in the House of Mentalism. He’s just lost a friend of his to that asylum, too. We know because we saw a part of what happened.

As the interview plays, Jason Brody is shown with the machete in hand, his voice cold as he explains those who had been captured…one of them being very familiar to the group.

Misty: What….The asylum corrupted Ash?!
Meowth: (to Pikachu) Quick, explain everything!

Pikachu quickly explained his story, Meowth translating.

Pikachu just watched as Ash just stood there, silent. The Mouse Pokémon climbed onto Ash’s shoulder, nuzzling him to get a response.

Ash: I’m fine, Pikachu. Really, there’s nothing to worry about. (turns around, his eyes white) The Asylum wants to help us and for us to help it.

There was some more silence before Ash closed his eyes. When he opened them once more, there was an Aura Sphere in his hand that he juggled, hand moving up, down, around that made the sphere almost dance with each movement.

Ash: Come on Pikachu, can’t you see what the asylum can do for us? Can’t you see what the asylum can do with us?

Something was absolutely wrong here. Pikachu listened to Ash’s voice with more attention, but there was a strange echo coming from his mouth as well. It wasn’t like the echo from the Mirror World’s Ash back from their adventures in the Kalos region. It sounded like… someone else was speaking through Ash. The voice sounded like that of a young man, and Pikachu knew right away that he knew that voice.If he could say it, Pikachu would say that the voice was on the tip of his tongue. Who’s voice was it?

Ash: And not just us. What about Misty and Brock? I mean, Misty could add a few Venomoths here and, minus Misty herself, Brock wouldn’t find himself surrounded by female guards at all. (eyes light up) Better yet, let’s go back to Professor Oak’s lab and get everyone else. We can also get Goodra back from his swamp, and ask Squirtle and Charizard to join us. That reminds me, I’m really angry about that rock pony who gave that Mega Charizardite X to Harry Potter of all gods. I mean, I’m the one who has a Charizard after all!

Now Pikachu could sense the difference—Misty abhorred bugs, and when was the last time Brock didn’t make a remark on how pretty a (human) goddess was? And since when did Ash talk about making his fellow Pokémon, whom he considered family, guards of this madhouse? Pikachu shook his head in fear, heart beating fast as he could sense the dark presence that took over his best friend.Ash could sense he said something wrong, and summoned three more Aura Spheres, juggling them in one hand round and round.

Ash: Pikachu, it’s fine…We can teach you some new moves. How about Focus Punch? It’d go great with your Iron Tail and Energy Ball after all.

Pikachu’s heart beat faster and faster—since when did Ash study on moves? Even Max never had that knowledge (then again, Max was only 7, but still!)

Ash: Please don’t be like that, buddy. Things will be different. We can help people, and we can make new friends. We can help N….you remember N, right? We can save guys like him from corrupted monsters. Join me, Pikachu. Won’t you?

Pikachu shakes his head, knowing that it was a bad idea. He begins to run off. Ash chases after him, begging Pikachu to reconsider. Even though Ash is his trainer, Pikachu knows that there is something wrong.

Ash: (Growls) Pikachu, COME HERE!

Ash releases an Aura Sphere from his hands. The attack flies toward Pikachu with blinding speeds. Pikachu’s tail glows silver, and he turns around.

Pikachu: Chu….PIKA!

The Steel-type move collides with the Fighting-type. Unfortunately, Fighting beats Steel, so the Aura Sphere blocks the Iron Tail and hits Pikachu. Pikachu screams as he falls to the ground, moaning in pain. Ash slowly walks toward Pikachu, that innocent smile on his face.

Ash: I don’t want to hurt you…please…you’re my best friend.

Pikachu shook his head his head as he fired an Electro Ball at Ash. A cloud of smoke covers Ash as Pikachu uses his natural speed to escape the Asylum and return to Brock and Misty, passing “Sora” on the way. He doesn’t even look back to see whether or not Ash is following him—all he knew was that he had to escape, and fast.

Meowth: And that’s what happened?
Pikachu: Pika.
Jessie: I can’t believe that asylum could do such a thing!
James: What are we going to do?
Meowth: We have to stop it! Think of it this way: if we’re hailed as the heroes who found the source of the corruption, we could be elevated into Greater Gods or the like!
Misty: Can you forget about your egos and worry about what’s going on with Ash?!
Brock: If we don’t do anything, Ash will probably die!
Jessie: We’re taking this very seriously, you know. We all need each other if we’re going to succeed. Truce?
Misty: Truce. (shakes hands with Jessie) Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the House of Beasts. Brock, go to the House of Power; I have an idea.
Brock: Right. This is going to be a long night ahead of us.

As Misty and Brock leave, with Pikachu going alongside Misty, Team Rocket exchange a worried glance. Just hearing the story from Pikachu sent chills up their spines. Still, they couldn’t back down now.

Meowth: Something tells me this is going to be a lot harder than it looks.
James: (in deep thought) Riku… Maybe we should study him and his friend at the library before we meet up with the twerps later on.
Meowth: Normally, I’d rather skip the part about studying your rivals, but who knows. We might be able to help the silver-haired twerp out.
Jessie: You two go ahead and study that twerp. I’m just going to get some supplies for the big heist tonight.
Wobbuffet: (popping out of its Poké Ball; saluting) WOBBUFFET!!

Ruby Rose was at a Potion vending machine inside the House of Costumes, getting as much Hi-Potions, Ethers, and even Elixirs, as possible. Having seen April and Riku reporting the asylum on the news, her mission was to storm the asylum in the hopes of saving Jaune before something bad was to happen to him.Watching in caution nearby was Fa Mulan, the Chinese warrior who defeated Shan-Yu and whom Jaune’s fellow teammate Lie Ren is based on, with Mushu, a tiny red lizard-like dragon, right next to her Of course, she had no plans to enter herself, given that Disney deities have not been given the warrant to storm the asylum at this point despite Sora’s capture.

Mulan: Ruby, are you going to be okay in there with Jaune as a bloodthirsty vampire?
Ruby: I think I know who this culprit is. I was in Space Paranoids last week, and I saw some hotbot glitch corrupt one of my new friends right before my eyes. So, if I’m right, it was she who turned Jaune into a vampire. So, if I go inside and reach the heart, I can crush her, and Jaune and the others will be free.
Mulan: At least she’ll be easy to find. All the guardians and proxy members are male.
Ruby: Yes, that is true. Well, it’s time for me to get going.

Mulan, remembering April’s report from last night, then gives Ruby a small warning before the storming.

Mulan: Just remember: if you start to feel strange, or see yourself turning grey and growing wings, get out right away. The last thing I want you to see is becoming an Asylum Guardian yourself, especially after Artix saved you from the proxy.
Ruby: I’ll remember that. Though I can protect myself well with the Crescent Rose.
Mushu: (deadpan) Yeah, but these are not ordinary Chinese vampires. These are monsters twice as ugly and—
Mulan: (yelling) Mushu!

Ruby then races off towards the Friendship Asylum, ready to find this “glitch” and put an end to her. Mulan, knowing that the asylum is beyond more powerful than the Chinese Dragons in her home world or the Grimm in Ruby’s, thinks to herself on what she should do.

Mushu: If that asylum takes that girl’s mind, we’re goners. Just! Think! Of! All! The—
Mulan: Don’t panic Mushu. Let’s just go and find the rest, and speak of how we should deal with this whole mess. First, I want you to go and find Nora and Ren. We could use their aid if we’re going to help Jaune.
Mushu: So, sent me to find Miss “Knock-a-group-out-with-a-hammer” and your male self? Shouldn’t be that hard. But… what happened to the other one?
Mulan: Jaune says it’s better we don’t know Pyrrha’s current status for the time being.

As it turned out, the House of Food had four unusual guests dining there: four of the Darkness Proxy. Many of them just watched how these four, who once made a humongous bounty on the Princesses of Heart and sent the whole Pantheon on a wild goose chase to prevent them from coming together, eating quietly. Gordon Ramsay wanted to explode, but he knew that he’d be in the wrong. All gods were allowed to be fed—the Darkness Proxy, while corrupted, were still gods. He hated how that rule was exploited.

Shaggy: Like, they can put away more than us.
Scooby: Rheah….

Alternate!Gentaro finishes his meal, along with his fellow gods. Amusingly, Willow!Jeff is actually eating normally—which makes it even more confusing considering those who knew Jeff Hardy personally. The four gods stare at their onlookers.

Alternate!Gentaro: Thank you for everything today. We will reward you handsomely by not destroying this House.
Gordon Ramsay: That still doesn’t mean we won’t be hostile, considering the “incident” you caused five days ago. What are you four planning?
Willow!Jeff: We’re not planning we are pondering. They are two different things!
Eric Draven: You’ve seen it on the news—all the horror, the hate, the anger. How it burns people. Well, you’ll see a bigger flame and we’ll be there—saving you all.
Tsukasa: Until then, we’re just passing through.

The four leave as everyone stays silent. Once the Darkness Proxy are no longer there, everyone sighs in relief.

Shaggy: I think I just lost my appetite….
???: Lucky you.

Shaggy and Scooby turn, seeing Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns sitting across from them, eating a few sandwiches.

Shaggy: Like, aren’t there supposed to be three of you guys?

Scooby imitates Seth Rollins by placing spaghetti noodles over his head to imitate the blond streak of hair he has. Ambrose lets out a snarl.

Ambrose: (through gritted teeth) The asylum got him. And old moon pony—
Reigns: Alicorn.
Ambrose: Alicorn told us to stay low. I don’t suppose you’re willing to take our place in that mad house.
Shaggy: No, Scoob and I are fine here…away from that place…and those people…

It was just at that moment that Fred, Daphne and Velma arrived, the three of them also carrying trays of food on them. Dean Ambrose smirks.

Ambrose: So Daph, you still have John Cena’s scarf size right?

Daphne blushes, Fred glares.

Ambrose: (hands in the air as he smirks) Kidding, kidding.
Shaggy: Like, how’s Riku doing?
Velma: Not so well, and that’s not including meeting up with Sly Cooper’s friends and all.
Fred: Not to mention that April O’Neil was kidnapped on live television.
Reigns: Seth will make it out…won’t he?

Ambrose didn’t reply because it was at that moment there was a scream.

Ambrose: What the hell was that?
Daphne: That must have been a woman’s scream.
Reigns: We’ll check it out. You folks can go back at your temple.
Fred: Sounds like a plan. Alright, gang, let’s go back and protect Riku!

The Mystery Gang went to their van and drove back to their temples while Ambrose and Reign

Everyone in the House of Food were outraged when Princess Daisy’s neck had slit by a knife made of plastic. The perpetrator was Kaiba, who was slightly embarassed at what he had done.

Ramsay: What the hell have you done!?
Kaiba: I didn’t intend on slashing her throat. I’m being framed here!
Takeshi Kaga: Really? You didn’t seem to have the remorse doing so, Mr. Kaiba.

Now surrounded by an angry mob, he sweated with no way out, denied of his mistake.

Kaiba: (thinking) Damn it. Was that an illusion? I have no evidence to prove that I meant the lady no harm..;. I need to get out of here.

A mentally drained Kaiba ran past the deities to leave the House of Food. After exiting, he sighed in relief as he heads to his next destination. Before he makes another move, he was grabbed from behind by two men: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

Kaiba: Urrgghh… Get off me…!
Reigns: I don’t care if you’re a house guardian or a rich man, you’ve got explaining to do.
Kaiba: Have you been corrupted by that asylum?
Ambrose: No we haven’t, but our friend has been corrupted.
Kaiba: Then let me go.
Reigns: Like I said, you have some explaining to do.

The two members of the Shield carried Kaiba to his temple to the House of Commerce to explain everything that happened.12 minutes laterReigns and Ambrose have taken their “prisoner” Kaiba at the front of his temple in the House of Commerce. They’ve released him, blocking his way.

Ambrose: You’re lucky we haven’t called the court for your treason. Now, start telling us what happened.

Taking a fews deep breath, Kaiba explained everything.

Kaiba: Someone put me under an illusion and had me accidentally stabbing a woman with a plastic knife in the House of Food. I had to get out because no one will believe me for telling such a story.

The two wrestlers of The Shield looked at each other and then looked back at Kaiba.

Reigns: We’ll have someone file an appeal on your accident. Right now, you should get some sleep to recover mentally.
???: Seto Kaiba!

The three of them looked to see two children approaching them.

Ambrose: It’s you kids again…
???: My sister and I have been looking all over for you.
Kaiba: And you are…?
???: I’m Dipper Pines, and this here is my sister Mabel.
Mabel: What a nice coat you have!
Kaiba: …Thank you…? Alright, “Dipper,” what are you doing here?
Dipper: I wanted to ask you about Jason Brody.

Kaiba’s eyes lit up as the young boy mentioned Jason Brody.

Dipper: Do you know happened to him?
Kaiba: He told me to keep him into the asylum. He went with me to the asylum to rescue some pathetic fillies called the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
Mabel: (excited) Ooooh, fillies. I can ride one? pleasepleasepleasepleaaaase?
Ambrose: Uh, little girl, they’re not here. This isn’t exactly the perfect time to ride one.
Kaiba: And I need some sleep.

Kaiba went inside his temple and closed the door behind him. He covered his eyes in agony as he went to his bead to sleep.

Dipper: What’s with him?
Reigns: He’s suffering from some illusion put onto him.
Ambrose: You kids should go.
Dipper: Right.

The Pines left while Ambrose and Reigns left to find some clues into what has been happening to Kaiba, and learn a bit more on Brody.

Reigns: I think we need to keep an eye on him. You know, just in case he doesn’t do anything crazy.
Ambrose: He’s not that important, now is he? Come on, we need to get Seth out and fast.

Reigns just sighs as he looks at Kaiba’s temple one more time before walking off. Something just didn’t seem right, but he knew that Ambrose was too stubborn to see it.

In a very dark place, Yugi smirked as he played with his Millenium puzzle, musing to himself as he decided his next plan.

Yugi: Sora wants me to go to a girl with a pure heart. Good thing I still have my magic.

He lets out a sinister smirk before walking out to make his next move.

Asylum Log 10: Nyarko’s Forked Paths

Two hours agoNyarko was livid.A few days ago, she learned about “Project: Alternate Gentaro” by Carly Nagisa, a prominent member in the House of Personal Appearance, and just what it entailed. Gentaro Kisaragi, one of the most optimistic Kamen Riders out there, had been corrupted, brainwashed, and then shoved into a madhouse like he was a common madman. Nyarko’s rage reached a boiling point as she learned who caused it. She couldn’t wait any longer. Mitsuzane Kureshima must die.Currently, Mahiro was at her temple, preparing a few forks just in case, as Nyarko prepared her crowbar. Word traveled fast in the Pantheon, so it wasn’t long before he learned about what happened (not to mention that in the House of Weapons, he was in the same section as Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade and a member of the Darkness Proxy) and realized what Nyarko was going to do.

Nyarko: Of all the things that could possibly happen. This is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!!! How could a Kamen Rider like Mitsuzane do such a thing?
Mahiro: He wanted to crush Gentaro and see what happened. And not to mention that his brother ascended, but he didn’t know about his brother’s villainy until sometime after the damage is done.
Nyarko: Takatora is damn lucky that he’s a broken mess. Well, I know what I’m going to do.
Mahiro: What’s that?
Nyarko: I am going to go to Mitsuzane and KICK HIS ASS! (kicks door open and lightly smacks her free hand with her crowbar) He’s gonnapay for what he did to Gentaro!

Mahiro gulped, knowing that Nyarko was serious about this. Steeling his nerves, he rushed off to the House of Villains to make sure that Nyarko didn’t do anything too dangerous. Just in case, he pulled his cellphone out and searched through the Pantheon News in regards to Mituszane.He found multiple videos and news about other gods doing what Nyarko was about to do: beating him up in the name of justice.

Fifteen minutes prior to the start of Asylum Log 9

Mitsuzane Kureshima just wanted peace and quiet. Of course that wasn’t going to be possible.For one thing, he was stuck in “Temple Arrest” for the crimes he committed in the construction of the Friendship Asylum. It’s not his fault that Gentaro died—all he did was just ask some questions. How was he going to know that Gentaro would gut him like that?But now, he was condemned guilty just because he was that little domino that tipped Gentaro’s sanity into shambles. Mitsuzane had half a mind to consider Funny Valentine as the one who pinned this on him, but he couldn’t prove it without evidence which the House of Justice—and a myriad of other Gods—took when they cleaned out his temple.His fellow gods were too engrossed with all these gods killing Mitsuzane to care. After Alternate!Gentaro’s initial attack, it went viral. The Gods took photos of his decaying body, the House of Heroes looked in horror, the House of Ambiguity was neutral although the anti-Hero gods were interested in how Alternate!Gentaro took things into his own hands. Trollkaiger was laughing at the despair the event caused. Even many of his allies like Yuno Gasai couldn’t help him in that regard.If that’s the way it was going to be, then fine. He would find a way to pay them back…once his Sengoku Driver was returned. No one knew where it went, but he had a sinking suspicion that Alternate!Gentaro would know.A knock is on the door. Mitsuzane groans and opens it slightly. There’s no one out there—he doesn’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. He opened it a bit more, only to meet a crowbar to the face.

Mitsuzane: W…what?

Nyarko swoops in with her crowbar and pulls Mitsuzane out of his temple with the crowbar grabbing his shirt. Mitsuzane flips over her head like a pancake, hitting the ground with a groan. Mahiro rushes in, seeing Nyarko looking absolutely pissed off.

Nyarko: How dare you hurt Gentaro like that! I always thought you were amazing, but the minute you decided to turn away from Kota and hurt your older brother, I knew you were trouble. YOU DESERVE JUSTICE AND I SHALL DELIVER IT TO YOU!!!

Mitsuzane was doomed. Without a Sengoku Driver, he had no way to defend himself. He could only use his arms to block the crowbar attempting to put him into either a concussion or to crack his skull open; he doesn’t know which on is worse.

Mahiro: Nyarko, stop this! This isn’t like you!

Mahiro is blocked by a cloud of smoke. When it settles, “Sly Cooper” materializes, grinning as he strikes Mahiro down with a single swipe of the cane. Sly slowly tiptoes over to Nyarko, the Villains in the house staying silent as “Sly” tosses some white orbs that absorb themselves into Nyarko.

“Sly”: This boy must be taken to the asylum, he must be cleansed in front of our eyes. But first, why don’t you roughen him up?
Mahiro: Nyarko! NO!!!!

“Sly” tosses another smoke bomb and vanishes as Mahiro prepares two forks that he concealed in his coat. Nyarko’s surrounded by a white aura, her eyes also reflecting this as she laughs with an echoing voice. For a moment, one could hear cicadas cry. Mitsuzane tries to escape, but it’s too late.BAM! The first whack of the crowbar knocks him unconscious. The Villains watch in awe as Nyarko goes to town on Micchy, attack his legs, chest, arms, probably cracking one of his ribs. It’s as if they have just seen someone affected by Hinamizawa Syndrome right in front of their eyes. Mahiro feels sick as he can already see blood pouring out of Mitsuzane’s forehead. He feels nothing but pity for the god—yes, Mitsuzane was a jerk. Yes, he did cause a bit of Alternate!Gentaro to emerge, but there was no way in hell that Mitsuzane Kureshima deserved to be bludgeoned to death by his brainwashed—as much as he wouldn’t admit to anyone—girlfriend. He has seen how brutal Nyarko can be if she so wishes to, so he had to do something before there would be nothing left of Mitsuzane.

Mahiro: (preparing his forks and rushes toward Nyarko) NYARKO!!!!!

Nyarko was readying her crowbar, ready to crack Mitsuzane’s head open once and for all. However, before she would do that, Mahiro got to her just in time and stab the back of her head with one of his forks. Suddenly, everything was silent, which Mahiro didn’t like. The Villains waited in anticipation for what would happen next. Nyarko didn’t yell something random out of pain, she didn’t even react to it. He didn’t even get High-Pressure Blood, though blood did flow from the spot, tainting her silver hair. Everything was motionless.

Mahiro: N…Nyarko?
Chaos!Nyarko: (Slowly turns her head forwards Mahiro) You!

Mahiro quickly pulled the fork out of Nyarko’s head and jumped away from her. He looked at her now colorless eyes as she stared at him, and in those eyes he did not see the lovable alien Nyarko, the Chaos that always crawls to him with a smile, but more like, in his own words, the feared Outer God Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. Chaos!Nyarko rose from her knees torwards Mahiro and pointed her crowbar at him.

Chaos!Nyarko: Why… why do you dare to stop me from punishing Mitsuzane!? He has done unforgivable deeds what need to be punished! And yet you are trying to stop me! Do you support this man’s actions!?
Mahiro: Nyarko…
Chaos!Nyarko: This… This Is Unforgivable!! Your actions are truly unjust! Now boy, count up your sins! Because your punishment is DEAD!

Chaos!Nyarko started slowly walking forwards Mahiro, and all what he could do is walk backwards. Villains waited in excitement on who would get the first blood, eating popcorn at the chaos that would ensue. Ever since the Pantheonic Wrestling Federation was now a mess of crystals for the Darkness Proxy, they were in dire need of entertainment.Mahiro knew that he had to keep Chaos!Nyarko away from him so he threw the forks in his hand at her, only for her to hit them aside with her crowbar. Mahiro started reaching for more forks, but then he noticed that Chaos!Nyarko had taken out one of her “blasphemous hand grenades” out. She practically ripped the pin out of the grenade and threw it at Mahiro’s direction, which landed right behind him. Mahiro quickly jumped away from the grenade before it would explode, with the force of the explosion forcing him to land on his stomach.Mahiro looked up after the explosion and saw that Chaos!Nyarko was approaching his direction. He knew he had to react fast, so he quickly drew out multiple forks from his coat and jumped at Chaos!Nyarko.

Mahiro: Nyarko! I’m sorry, but this is for your own good!

Mahiro aimed towards Chaos!Nyarko’s chest with the forks, putting all of his force to the attack. However, when the forks “connected”, all he heard was a metallic cling. He opened his eyes, and to his worst fear, noticed that Chaos!Nyarko had transformed into her Full Force form. However, the armor she wore was different: the red scarf, the red crest on her helmet and belt were gone, the Tron Lines in her armor and the gem in her helmet were dim and the visor did not have the glowing red eyes it should have. Everything what gave it personality were gone, leaving just a black armor behind. Chaos!Nyarko looked down on Mahiro as he shook in fear.

Chaos!Nyarko: Useless, useless, useless! IT’S ALL USELESS!!!!!

Chaos!Nyarko delivered a strong backhand at Mahiro, sending him flying at a nearby wall. He hit the wall with his back, though he didn’t get hurt too much. Even so, the backhand hurts like hell, as he grasps his chest in pain. However, he had no time to worry about it. Because as long as Chaos!Nyarko was in that Full Force armor, he had no chance of harming her. He had to endure the pain, as he put all of his strength and focus he hand, took the forks he had in hand and threw them at the armor’s helmet. The forks were sharp enough to break trough the visor, making it crack open.

Chaos!Nyarko: (Grasping her head in pain) Aaarrgghh! Why you little—

The pain from the shattered glass caused her to transform back to her normal form, now having small scars on her face due of the glass shards which tainted her face with blood. Mahiro took this as a chance to get more forks, but before he knew, Chaos!Nyarko was rushing at him at full speed. Mahiro froze in fear as Chaos!Nyarko reached him and pinned him at the wall, preventing him from slipping pass her. Chaos!Nyarko stared at Mahiro’s eyes with the blank eyes she had, which to him is one of scariest things he can remember seeing—even scarier than the time she was turned into an Ax-Crazy Magical Girl.

Chaos!Nyarko: Is there anything you wish to say? If so, say it now, so that you can die without any regrets.

Everyone’s gazes were on Mahiro. Chaos!Nyarko was ready to kill him once he was done talking, and the Villains waited for her to do so (except Mitsuzane, who was just sneering at him). Mahiro knew he only had one chance of saving himself, so he had to make this count. And deep in his heart, he knew what he had to say.

Mahiro: Nyarko… Is this really the right thing to do?
Chaos!Nyarko: What do you mean by that?
Mahiro: Listen, I understand how pissed off you are at Mitsuzane, I really do. But is this what a true Kamen Rider would do? Go on a murderous rampage to kill some one? And more importantly, would a true Kamen Rider fight and even try to kill their friends and loved ones? Heck, would the actual Nyarko go this far to possibly harm Hasta and Cuuko and would the actual Nyarko even think of hurting me?

Chaos!Nyarko got a shocked expression. The white aura what covered her started to get smaller and color started to return to her eyes. Mahiro knew from that that his plan was working. All he had to do was to pull it all the way through.

Mahiro: You have said many times how much you love me. You have tried many times to get my affection from me, no matter how ridiculous it might be. And as much as you might annoy me with them, atleast it shows me that you care about me. You would risk your live to protect me. So answer me Nyarko: Do you care more about revenge than you do about me!?

Everything went silent. No one wanted to say a word. However, the aura what surrounded Nyarko started to vanish completely and her eyes returned back to normal. Nyarko look at Mahiro without a response until tears started to roll out of her eyes. She dropped her crowbar into the ground and get on knees, pressing her arms into the ground as she started crying.

Nyarko: (Sobbing furiously) I-I am sorry, Mahiro! I am sorry for pursuing mindless revenge towards Mitsuzane! I am sorry for not listening to you! I am sorry for almost beating him to death! And I am really, really sorry for harming and almost killing you! Please forgive me! And please, please, don’t hate me for everything I have done to you!

Mahiro sighed. He was not sure if it was for relief, for how emotional Nyarko is, or both. None the less, he wrapped her arms around her body and started patting her on the head.

Mahiro: I don’t hate you, Nyarko. I never have.
Nyarko: M-Mahiro-san… (starts crying on his shoulder)

The Villains around them started booing, tossing empty popcorn boxes at the lovers. They wanted bloodshed and they didn’t deliver aside of what Nyarko did to Mitsuzane. However, neither of them cared for the audience they had. Mahiro lifted Nyarko up and started carrying her forwards House of Love, so that the two of them can rest and recover from everything what had happened. Nyarko was too exhausted to too much of anything, so she wrapped her arms around Mahiro’s neck and fell asleep. Mahiro only smiled at her as he moved onwards.Mitsuzane was slowly standing up, grabbing a handkerchief to wipe the blood. Mahiro stops walking and stares at him. The Villains grow silent, hoping that there might still be a chance for violence.

Mahiro: Let me make this clear, Mitsuzane Kureshima. I spared you because I have seen what Nyarko does on a rampage. I felt pity for you, because you already are suffering. However, this doesn’t change the fact that you have done harm, and you have created chaos. I will not go after you—I could stab your eyes out with my forks if I could, but I have done enough for the day. Know this though—the worst is yet to come.
Mitsuzane: Fuck you.
Mahiro: Hey, you’re the one who screwed up.

The Villains “oohed” as Mahiro walks away, carrying Nyarko in his arms. Mitsuzane snarls at the villains who are applauding this circus show.

Mitsuzane: The next god who decides to attack me, I’ll—
Willow!Jeff: (Behind Mitsuzane) You’ll do what?

The Villains gasp in surprise and excitement. Willow!Jeff is one of the Darkness Proxy. Mitsuzane turns, seeing Willow!Jeff smiling at him. Then, black feathers brush his cheek—Eric Draven was also here.

Draven: Yes, tell us what you were about to do…

Mitsuzane turns around, trying to find something to throw at Eric’s face. Finding a few forks left from Mahiro’s fight, he tosses one only for Draven to dodge it. The second one is swatted away like a fly. The third one is caught by Eric who stands in front of a fallen Mitsuzane with a sadistic grin.

Draven: Victims, aren’t we all?

And the villains gasped when Draven stabs Mitsuzane’s arm with the fork, hearing the boy howl in pain while someone is shown taking photos of the torture, the person being none other than Tsukasa Kadoya. As Draven pulls the fork away, Mitsuzane grabs his arm and glares at the two members of the Darkness Proxy, especially at Tsukasay who he assumes that he had been photographing the entire fight and spread the photos all over the Pantheon. Then, a familiar voice is heard.

???: Hello everyone, did you miss us?!

The Villains cheered as Alternate!Gentaro emerges from within Mitsuzane’s Temple, eating a bunch of green grapes. Mitsuzane narrows his eyes.

Alternate!Gentaro: I am here to announce that I have grown quite bored of killing this pathetic fool (points to Mitsuzane) over and over again. But do not fret—I have decided to pull out the BIG GUNS!!!

The gods start to whisper as to what the ‘Big Guns’ are. Alternate!Gentaro puts a finger to his lips to silence them.

Alternate!Gentaro: You shall know in time. But for now, SPREAD THE WORD! Make everyone listen to this madness, LET NO STONE BE UNTURNED!!!
Willow!Jeff: AHAHAHAHAHA!!! In the meantime, why don’t you all make entertainment with this little whelp. (kicks Mitsuzane) The best one becomes the NEWEST member of the Darkness Proxy. We’ll take any and all comissions. Just make sure it’s clean! IHIHIHI!!!
Draven: Make sure it’s very detailed. (wiggles fingers) Make it so gory that he’ll remember it for years to come.
Decade: Don’t forget the photos! (snaps picture of Mitsuzane) And remember, we’re just passing through.

Alternate!Gentaro waves goodbye as the Darkness Proxy journeys through the shadows. The Villains in the house decide to give each other handshakes before they enter their temples, preparing for the best way to win that special prize from the Darkness Proxy. For once, Mitsuzane… felt like crying. But he wouldn’t cry. He would be strong.He slowly walked toward his temple, closing the door behind him as he did.

As it turned out, not all the villains took the battle with glee. Penelope Mouse was present, too, but she thought that the conflict was too much. She may be a greedy mechanic who would take advantage of anyone for her own goals, but the idea of corrupting people and forcing others to fight was just too much for her own standards. She recalled how she accidently broadcasted Dark!Gentaro’s attack on Mitsuzane while trying to send the video to the House of Justice via the House of Theater. And the time she tried to prove that she wasn’t the harbinger of madness, she was arrested.Still, she had to try. She had to make up for her mistake. With no time to lose, she rushed to the House of Mentalism to formulate a plan.

Kaiba: (huddled in the corner of his temple) I’m insane…I’m insane…

In his temple at the House of Commerce, with its floors nice and shiny and having not trace of blood in sight, Kaiba had found himself in a state of panic. Princess Peach shouldn’t have been there—he killed her! The fact that the House of Justice hadn’t notice that he had murdered him should’ve been relief…but it was only a matter of time until they did find out and he’d be labelled as a serial killer. They wouldn’t even address it as an “accidental murder”; how could it be “accidental” if you intended to stab the person to death multiple times?As he’s quiet, he doesn’t notice a shadow against the wall, until it reveals himself as Yugi, with the Keaton Mask covering his right eye. He smiles as he patted his rival’s head, all while singing. A white orb materializes in his hand.

Yugi: It’s true…we’re all a little insane…

But it’s so clear, now that I am unchained…K blinked, thinking she had heard someone singing. After some silence, she shrugged it off as she hurried to help Dr. Black Jack with his rounds in the GUAG Medical Division.

Yugi: (singing) Fear is only in your mind, taking over all the time…

Kaiba felt the pain searing through his mind, penetrating him and unsurfacing years of torment from his past. No, it wasn’t just a surge…it felt like his mind was breaking like it was a fine glass vase. He tried to say something, tried to scream, but his words were drown out by Yugi’s own voice as if it was replacing his very own.Fear is only in your mind, and it’s taking over all the time…With another burst of light, and an explosion not like a gun going off, Yugi was hurled back (or rather it was Yami now, since the Keaton Mask covered the left side of his face). As he slowly stood up, he looked at his handiwork: Kaiba’s outfit looked more like something from the Medieval time period, a silver knight armor with a matching helm and a long trail of red hair. Kaiba stayed quiet, arms at his sides.

Yami!Yugi: Well then. Do you know who I am?

There was some silence as Kaiba lifted his gaze. Then, he smiled and stood up before bowing.

Kaiba: Of course I do, my king. But may I ask why you are here?
Yami!Yugi: Your king has asked you to fulfill a task for me. There is a young maiden who can help me restore my power. (smirks as he hands Kaiba a knife) Bring her to the asylum and kill her! Tear her limb from limb and pull out her heart!

Taking the knife into hand, Kaiba just lets out an insane grin.

Kaiba: As you wish, my lord. Anything for you.
Yami!Yugi: Then don’t keep me waiting, then. Go! To the asylum with you!

There’s a laugh as Kaiba is surrounded by a swirl of shadows, teleporting him into the asylum gates. There’s some more silence as Yugi reverts to his normal self, covering his face with the Keaton Mask before he stares at the item in his hand: his puppet of Kaiba.

Yugi: (sings) Sora has a girl…with such a pretty soul…(as he starts tearing the puppet’s head off) If we play very quiet, my dear…

His hand becomes encased in flames as he tears the puppet apart and tosses them on the floor, watching in delight and imagining the sorts of fun he would have with his new life-size puppet.

Yugi: (smirks as the puppet continues to burn) No one ever has to know…

Asylum Log 11: Under Pressure

Jak was still asleep in his bed at the GUAG Medical Division. He still had no clue about what type of nonsense he was talking about, but that would have to come later. He found himself dreaming. Daxter was by his side, also confused with all of these strange goings-on.First, there was a dream of Riku on some island, the skies dark as if a storm was about to emerge. Jak himself was now in the form of a boy with brown spiky hair, and dressed in a white and blue jacket, white gloves, red pants, and yellow shoes, and also sounding like a preteen boy.Riku, in that very same dream, said something, about a door of darkness that has opened, and declared that he was not afraid of darkness, before stretching his arm out. Before Jak could figure out anything else, darkness had swallowed him whole.The second dream had a girl with red hair unconscious on the ground, and him thrusting some dark black blade deep into his heart, despite the objections of two voices from nearby that sounded like Donald Duck and Goofy. It was there that he felt a dark and bitter cold consume his heart. He found himself falling, falling, into darkness before hearing the girl’s voice and finding himself embraced in her arms. He says to her “Thank you”.The third dream, with Jak now in the form of a different boy, with spiky caramel hair (not as spiky as Sora’s, but still pretty spiky) and wearing a black cloak, watching a sunset and looking at the town down below, with him eating some sea salt ice cream with someone with red spiky hair. He felt like crying at this memory for some odd reason.The last dream was of a raccoon, eyes glowing white as he held something in his hands. Jak felt like saying something, eyes wide in fear as to what was going on.

Jak: No, don’t let him get Riku!

Daxter, also asleep, suddenly wakes up startled by his friend’s words.

Daxter: What did you just say?
Jak: (eyes open, glowing but still asleep) That raccoon, he’s going to corrupt Riku! SOMEONE STOP HIM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!
Daxter: Jak, wake up! Jak, what’s going on?
Jak: (grabbing Daxter) SAVE RIKU! PLEASE SAVE HIM!!!!

Then, Jak collapsed onto his bed unconscious. Daxter nervously approached his friend, poking him. He just heard silence, and then regular breathing, as if the last minute or two was nothing more than a dream…or a nightmare.

Daxter: Just what is going on here? (Beat) Does this have something to do with that evil prince that has recently been stalking Ashelin?

Bentley headed for the bunker where Sora was held yesterday, where he intends to meet up with his friends, and hacking partners, Otacon and Ed. He opens the door, where the bunker was clearly trashed from the struggle. There were fragments of ropes all over. Bentley activates the computer inside it and did a little cleaning up before Ed knocked on the door.

Ed: Bentley, it’s Ed! Otacon and I brought what you asked for!

Ed walks in, with Otacon behind her, carrying Ein in his arms. They have brought in a laser, which they borrowed from Kevin Flynn (which was easy since he was also in the House of Technolgy like Ed). Bentley wants to digitalize the team inside the computer so that the trio may speak with Tron. This was considered a last-resort, since Ed had spent a few days trying to restore him to normal without any success.

Bentley: Gee, thanks guys! Oh, and don’t mind the mess here. Riku says that he used this bunker to hold Sora yesterday. It looks like Sora’s escape was a little… rough.
Otacon: Isn’t life in the Pantheon always like that?

It took around twenty minutes before the laser was ready. Bentley puts the hard drive containing Tron into a slot, allowing him to enter the computer. But they needed someone to keep an eye on the computer should something happen in there. Bentley proceeds to send a message to Murray, informing him to reach the bunker.

Bentley: (sending the message) We could use more help though.
Noah: (appearing on screen) You rang?
Ed: Noah! Ed is mad that you skipped out on our last chess game!
Noah: Sorry, I’ve been tied up ever since the whole ‘Alternate!Gentaro birth’ and all that. I just spoke to Seto and there’s good news and bad news with him. Good news: he’s not corrupted by the Asylum.
Otacon: And the bad news?
Noah: Well it seems like almost everyone wants their hands on the Asylum. Brock and Misty are trying to team up with Team Rocket, and there’s rumors that the Council of Cloudcuckooland hired the Guardians of the Galaxy to take off with some kryptonite.
Ed: Edward thinks that we’re in big trouble now…
Noah: We don’t know why the asylum is picking up specific gods, but we must be careful either way. I rather not know what would happen if Kaiba got corrupted…
Bentley: Anything about Clu or Penelope?
Noah: From Clu, I think even he’s afraid of that place. No word on Penelope, but I think she’s trying to stray far away from it also.
Bentley: Good to know. Send word online to everyone who’s heading in to be careful.

Noah signs off as Bentley prepares more calculations. With the password for Space Paranoids set, he, Ed and Otacon prepare themselves.

Ed: (stroke Ein’s head) Take care of everything out here, all right boy? (Ein barks) Good data dog!

Meanwhile, Riku and Carmelita were also at the GUAG Medical Division. Riku needed surgery for the bites on his arms, which would put him out of fighting for a few days. Jak was still sleeping in another room, with Daxter already panicking about a “raccoon” trying to hurt Riku. At the moment, all was still.

Carmelita: (to Daxter) And you’re sure that nothing strange happened.
Daxter: Well aside from Jak doing a Jekyll and Hyde act in front of me and the peacy princess, and then spouting out some strange gibberish about someone attacking Riku, no. It’s like he’s possessed or something! Ugh, this is more annoying than that time I turned into Dark Daxter.

Riku had been in the operating room for awhile, as his arms were repaired. Though despite this, his condition is listed as unstable due to his irregular breathing. Still unconscious, he was taken to the post-anesthetic care unit, arms wrapped in sterilized bandages, passing Carmelita and Daxter along the way. They both looked on in shock; they knew that Riku needed oxygen therapy, but they were not told that he needed surgery. They both followed him, wanting to be there with him when he wakes up.

Carmelita: What bit him?
Daxter: His best friend that turned into a vampire. Seeing as Riku can walk just fine, it’s safe to say he’s not a bloodsucker…yet.

As Riku woke up from the anesthetic, Freddie Benson walked up to him, informing him that Riku now has to take April’s place as the News Broadcaster until she is rescued.

Freddie: I’m sorry that you have to do this, but response of you giving the news about the asylum has been positive. It’s only until the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or whoever’s off to save April, can get her out of the asylum. All right? Then in 5…4…3…2…

As much as he’d like to reject this offer and rest, Riku knew that April would depend on him for covering her while she’s held inside the asylum. He grabs the microphone from Freddie, removes the oxygen mask on his face, cleared his throat, and sat up, trying to make himself look strong for the sake of his friends.

Riku: This is Riku, filling in for April O’Neil for the Pantheon News. So far, there hasn’t been word on the Asylum, but currently the GUAG Medical Division is treating those who have been infected by the asylum, myself included. I’m here with Daxter for more info.
Daxter: (grabbing the camera) This is not a drill! Bad things are happening, and if anyone goes out there YOU WILL BE A TARGET!
Carmelita: (as Freddie turns to her) Listen Sly Cooper. I’m coming for you. Bentley, Murray and I will…wait, where’s Murray?

Murray was in the House of Sports, hoping that he could find Rey Mysterio in all this. The House of Sports was one of the only houses that didn’t have a god that was involved in the madness (minus the incidents in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, of course). If there was one good god that the Asylum wouldn’t corrupt, it was Rey.Currently, Rey was practicing his 619 maneuver, making sure he kept his balance as he grabbed the ring ropes. Once the practice was successful, he climbed onto a ring post. That’s when Rey saw Murray.

Rey: Oh, hey Murray. You here to practice your Thunder Flop again?
Murray: I’m asking you for a favor. We need muscle for the Friendship Asylum.
Rey: I thought the Shield was already on that, and most of the wrestlers arne’t eager to go into it after the beatdown they received.
Murray: Seth Rollins has gone AWOL, so the Shield’s broken now.
Rey:….Not good.
Murray: That madhouse is corrupting everyone that goes in it! That’s why I’m enlisting gods like you to help us out.
Rey: And, why am I needed?
Murray: Think about it! When have you ever been a Heel? Never, right?
Rey: Well I was inbetween once but that’s never been considered canon…
Murray: You gotta come, Rey! I’m begging you! This is a matter of life and death!

Rey stays silent, pacing the ring back and forth. It’s true that he’s always been a Face. Even John Cena had a heel phase back in the day. Thinking it over, Rey turns around.

Rey: Let me see Travis so he can give me a Beam Katana, and I’ll head off after finding some friends of mine.
Murray: AWESOME! Now I have to—

Murray is interrupted by a message in the Cooper Van. He heads inside and reads it. Nodding his head, he turns to Rey.

Murray: Gotta go. Bentley needs me. Good luck.
Rey: There’s a phrase many of the Nintendo Gods say: “Leave Luck to Heaven.” I’ll see if any of them is willing to come along.
Murray: You do that. (hops into the van and drives off)

Riku: (finishing the report) That is all, this is Riku signing off for Pantheon News. (lies down on the bed)
Freddie: Thank you Riku. I better head back to the House of Justice to get my next set of news. I’ll be back in a few hours. (leaves)

Riku was still sore. He was very tired, and the report made him worse. He was not allowed to keep the oxygen mask off his face for more than a few minutes, but Riku knew that no one would understand him if he spoke with the mask on.

Daxter: Chill out. We’ve got your back.
Riku: But if I’m out of commission, we have to find someone else to get to Sora.
Carmelita: Too bad there aren’t any other Gods here who can use a Keyblade.
Riku: That’s it! Sora was training someone to use his own version of a Keyblade! He can help us out.
Daxter: Who could this person be?
Riku: He’s a God in the House of Music: Voltaire. Carmelita, go and find him and help him out!
Carmelita: Will do. Dax, keep an eye on Riku all right?
Daxter: I already have to keep an eye on Jak, anyhow. See you later.

Carmelita runs off, in pursuit of her own leads. A part of her is worried for Sly, but the worry can come later. She has some clues to obtain.

Daxter: Well, I better check on Jak. He should wake up soon, but we should be back in a few minutes to guard you. Try to get some sleep, though. (walks off)

Riku, once left alone, puts his oxygen mask back on, and allows himself to drift off into sleep. His only thoughts in his head was of hope that Bentley, Carmelita, the Pine Twins, Ratchet, and now Voltaire, would help him stop the madness of the asylum and free everyone inside, especially Sora.

Riku: Everyone (yawns) I’m counting on you. Sora, please be alright.

Unfortunately, Riku didn’t consider one little thing: direct attacks from darkness he could survive…but what if he didn’t have to be attacked by the darkness? “Sly Cooper” emerged, having used one of the Thievius Raccoonus skills of invisibility to sneak in the Medical Division. He pulled out a few glowing white orbs, dropping them over Riku’s prone body. A few were already absorbed into Riku, the others would take a bit longer.

“Sly”: Rise as our Paragon of Darkness, just as Sora is our Paragon of Light. Light and Darkness coexist in the asylum. You will belong to us.

“Sly” used his invisibility to vanish and walked off, briefly watching Riku’s arm slightly twitch at the nightmares the Keyblade Master was about to experience.

It was dark, that was the first thing Riku noticed.He was lying on his back, a powerful migraine setting in. he had no idea where he was, and didn’t like what was going on. As he sat up, he found himself looking into a mirror but his attire was now of when he was Dark Riku!

Riku: What’s going on? (tries to summon his Keyblade but can’t) Where am I? Who’s doing this?

He was met with silence, and then, there was a light coming from the heavens. But the instant the light struck him, it felt like he was being pierced by a needle. The light was showing him images of the asylum, images of tortured souls screaming in pain, images of a broken and destroyed Pantheon. He struggled to stand, but the impact of the light and the images dropped him to his knees.

???: You see this, don’t you? You walk in dreams, correct?
Riku: Who…the hell…are you?!
???: You know who I am, child of darkness…you know what needs to be done.

Riku grit his teeth, once again trying to summon his Keyblade all while the light continued its assault. More images came, each of them pushing away thoughts of resistance, of anger, of hatred…his thoughts began to be shaped by this dream.

???: I am of the asylum, the house to protect these dark souls. You must share in my vision, Riku. Sora has understood.
Riku: Sora…understands?
???: He does. And he wants you, his friend, to help him. And I am a friend of his also…so join us Riku. Join us.

Riku couldn’t speak as he nodded his head, his mind unwilling to fight anymore. With deep breaths, the light wrapped around his body, comforting him, soothing him, making him more placid and compliant to the asylum’s desires.

???: Tell me child, who are you?

Riku smiled, his mouth stretching from ear to ear as he understood his purpose.

Riku: I am the Asylum’s Paragon of Light, the savior to these dark souls who are in need of cleansing.

Jak, now finally awake, was walking around the medical division, with Daxter on his shoulder. For some reason, Jak had a feeling to enter Riku’s room. As he does, he notices something strange about the teen. Something… disastrous.

Jak: Riku? Wait! Those orbs… Oh no!! I won’t let you suffer the same fate as me, Riku!

Daxter’s jaw drops at the very sight of Jak casting a Tornado spell on Riku to remove the orbs! It could not be possible, as Jak can’t use spells, let alone in his normal form or as Light Jak. Then, after the orbs on Riku are destroyed in one sweep, Jak seems to return to normal.

Jak: What? What just happened?
Daxter: Whatever it was, it looked like you reacted to those orbs on Riku. But then… how did the orbs get on him? No one was here.
Jak: Unless they were invisible.
Daxter: You don’t think… it could be… that raccoon you mentioned in your sleep!?

Jak didn’t answer as he tried to contact Bentley through a computer webchat to inform him on Riku’s near-corruption. But instead, Murray answered Bentley’s webchat with the laptop left behind in the van.

Jak: Where’s Bentley? Riku’s in trouble.
Murray: Bentley’s inside the computer at the hidden bunker. But what’s wrong with Riku? I just saw him on TV.
Jak: I think those bite wounds that he got from Sora may have weakened his immune system, as someone left corrupting orbs all over him. Black Jack is gonna perform some tests on him soon.
Murray: Okay, Jak. I’ll let Bentley know about Riku’s condition.

Jak then tried to contact Ratchet at the House of Weapons, but likewise, he wasn’t there. Someone had told him that the lombax had raced towards the House of Technology for an unknown reason.

Jak: What am I to do? No one is available, and if I leave, Riku will be left unguarded. (different voice) No, I won’t let Riku suffer like we did, Jak. I don’t care if I have to destroy my own body just to guard him! (normal voice) Wait, Sora! Did you say something?
Daxter: Jak, Sora’s body is still in the asylum and he can’t venture out here in the daytime. You’ve been talking to air!
Jak: No, I could sense Sora inside me. He’s here somewhere!

As the two are talking to one another, Riku’s body is feeling heavy. Even though Sly’s All-Star Power absorption wasn’t big, it was still enough to invade Riku’s mind with a dark light that could corrupt him from within. Yes, Riku could walk into others’ dreams…but he couldn’t walk into his own, now could he?Riku’s dreams are hazy, but he could feel the light ‘purifying’ the darkness. And by ‘purifying’ it is corrupting Riku’s inner psyche, morphing his mind to accept the light and not fear it. Riku had been trying to resist, but those bites Sora gave him make him too weak. The dark venom laced in Sora’s fangs made its way into Riku and before long, Riku has become this so-called ‘Paragon of Darkness’.But this was all ignored by Jak and Daxter, as they are still arguing over whether or not Sora was really in Jak the whole time.

Jak: I was dreaming things that weren’t my own. I could feel myself in them but I wasn’t me at the same time.
Daxter: So they must be Sora’s memories you’re seeing.
Jak: Must be. So what should I do?
Daxter: How about putting a blindfold on? It worked for Riku to keep that demon under check until that renegade boy pushed him over the edge, so I’m sure it—GAK!
Jak: (different voice, shouting as he starts choking Daxter) YOU WILL NOT KEEP ME TRAPPED HERE!
Daxter: (choking out) Jak…let go of me!

Just then, Riku opens his eyes and removes the oxygen mask, eyes covered by his silver bangs. Suddenly, he sat up, zombie-like and looking as if he was about to attack the two. Jak turns around to see him, letting go of Daxter, and then takes a step back in fear.

Jak: R…Riku? (yelling) Code red! Code red!! Another corruptee in the post-anesthetic care unit!

A few nurses rush into the room, noticing “Riku” awake but acting strange. With Jak’s help, they manage to inject “Riku” with some sort of anesthetic, and within a few minutes, “Riku” was unconscious again. Daxter sighs.

Daxter: At this rate, we might as well be putting Riku into a coma. What’s next?

To answer Daxter’s question, a series of Aura Spheres hits many of the nurses, even Daxter. When the smoke settles, Ash Ketchum steps forward, adjusting his hat. There’s silence as Daxter scrambles onto Jak’s shoulder.

Daxter: What the heck is he doing here?
Ash: (turns to Riku) Riku, will you stop playing around and wake up? We didn’t ask Sly to come here so you can take precious cat naps. You have a job to do, remember?

As if something wakes inside him, Riku sits up, his skin turning white, black markings (similar to those on Sora and Brody) appearing on his skin, and unlike Sora’s bat-like wings, he gains a pair of white angelic ones. But this angel wasn’t on the side of truth and justice. Riku also gets a change in clothing, with his blue hospital gown disappearing and a white kimono taking it’s place. White sandals also appeared at his feet.

“Riku:” Fine, fine. So, what’s say we have ourselves some fun?
Jak: No! Riku, you have to fight this! For the both of us!
Ash: Sorry, but the Asylum needs him more. (summons another Aura Sphere) And just for fun…Kame…hame…

Everyone’s eyes widen at what Ash is about to do. And before Jak can say something…

Ash: (hurls a huge Aura Sphere) HA!!!!

The sphere rises to the rooftop of the GUAG Medical Division, the roof falling down and crushing anyone in it. Jak is able to see “Riku” smile at him before rubble separates them both. Then, there is silence.Black Jack and his “protégé”, a young woman known only as Dr. K, walk into the remains of the post-anesthetic care unit. Gasping in horror at the sighs of Jak and Daxter lying unconscious on the ground and Riku missing, K begins to call for an evacuation while Black Jack imminently phones the House of Gaming.

Black Jack: We’ve got a problem at the GUAG Medical Division! It’s in ruins, and a patient is missing!

Not even twenty minutes later, Fix-it Felix Jr. is already doing his job of repairing the Medical Division and some broken bones. But still Jak falls onto his knees, crying. It was actually Sora who was crying, having just lost Riku to corruption…And he knew deep down that it was all his fault.

Jak: (sobbing) Riku… I…I’m sorry for getting you involved… you shouldn’t have.
Daxter: Don’t blame yourself, Sora… or whoever is controlling Jak! It’s not your fault that you attacked and bit Riku in the arms to the point of surgery that lead to him being tired so that your raccoon lackey can corrupt him… Uh-oh, what did I just say?
Jak: (back to normal) We can’t allow Sora to continue using my body, especially with him so mentally unstable. We need to find an exorcist.
Daxter: Isn’t there that crazy undead slaying knight in the House of Faith? I’m sure he’s looking for a powerful soul like yours and…

It was at that moment that Sora took over Jak once more, a dark aura surrounding over him.

Jak: (his voice echoing) I will not let you do such a thing. This body is MINE TO USE!

Daxter took a clipboard and whacked Jak across the head, bringing him back to normal.

Jak: Thanks for that, Dax.
Daxter: Sheesh, and I thought Bentley was having troubles with what was going on with Sly.
Jak: Bentley? (realizes) Oh, no! Tron!! (gets up) Forgive me, Dax, but we need to find Bentley before Rinzler gets to him! Besides, who else is there!?
Daxter: Wait? Did you just say… (yoink)

Sora took full control of Jak’s body once more using the Light Eco within. He grabbed Daxter, rushing to return to the bunker and meet up with Bentley… and quickly!The two Fireys from earlier watched as Jak and Daxter leave the GUAG Medical Division. They secretly follow them towards the hidden bunker. They knew that if they attempt to kidnap Jak right now, it would cause attention… which neither “Sora” or Brody didn’t ask for.The possessed Jak quickly reaches the bunker, which Murray, assisted by Ein, was guarding.

Murray: Jak? Thank goodness you and Daxter are alright—
Jak: Riku’s gone! It was Sly who corrupted him! I need to speak with Bentley!
Murray: Bentley’s inside that computer. We’ve been in regular contact: he’s not been corrupted.
Jak: Let me inside! It’s very urgent.
Bentley: (from inside) Let Jak pass, Murray. He sounds so serious.

Bentley and Murray work together to zap Jak and Daxter into the computer. Jak closes his eyes, and wipes a tear away. As soon as they were in, Murray hears a knock coming from outside. The Fireys have tracked Jak down!

Firey 1: (knocking) Hey eco-boy! You’ve got something that belongs to Master Sora.
Murray: (looks through a hole in the door) Fireys!? What should I do?
Firey 2: Come out, Jakkie-boy! Don’t make us set fire to this bunker.
Murray: (opens the bunker door) Jak is unavailable right now. Now SCRAM, before you face the wrath of “The Murray” (slams the bunker door shut)
Firey 1: We’re not leaving until Jak is in our hands. So hand him over, you weak, ugly hippo!
Murray: (opens the door in complete anger) You two called me weak!? Okay then. You asked for it! (punches them with an ice glove, freezing them)

Murray knew that the Fireys won’t give up so easily. He needed to warn Bentley right away. He heads towards the computer and prepares to send another message.

Jak opens his eyes upon entering Space Paranoids. The feeling of this world was very new to him, mainly thanks to the bright blue lights. He and Daxter were in complete awe, as they always wondered what it was like to be on the other side of the screen (besides one “incident” with Vin’s computer). Jak wonders if Sora’s still within his body. He wasn’t. Sora was standing right next to the two. As they were inside a computer, Sora didn’t need a body to possess anymore.

Jak: (looking at Sora) See, Dax. I told you Sora was inside me.
Daxter: I guess I owe you both a free cola.
Sora: (chuckles) Before you two look at me, you should look at yourselves and see your new forms and—

A furious Jak then slaps Sora in the face for all that has been happening. Everything that has been happening to him and Daxter. Really. But for some strange reason, Jak himself also felt like he had just been slapped in the face.

Jak: (angry) What the hell was all of that possessing me and making spit out nonsense and hurting Daxter?!
Sora: What do you mean?
Jak: Don’t act all innocent with us! I saw your memories, and I felt you taking over and choking Daxter!
Daxter: And let me tell you, I thought those wrestlers had strong holds!

Sora’s head is spinning from the slap, trying to remember what was going on. All he could recall was Riku, Ash, the Medical Division in ruins, but not a lot after that.

Sora: I…I don’t remember. Honest!
Jak: Lies! We have witnesses and—(looks at his clothes) Hmm? What’s this?

Jak and Daxter look at their bodies; their regular clothes replaced with strange armor. In Sora’s case, it’s the same armor that he wore in Ansem’s Computer.

Daxter: Sweet threads! I’m liking the cyberpunk look.
Jak: It isn’t half bad in the slightest.

Then, Bentley, Otacon and Ed appear, all three also wearing digital armor (though in Otacon’s case, his armor looks similar to Neo‘s, plus a visor over where his glasses should be). Ed is currently doing kartwheels.

Daxter: Thank goodness you three are okay.
Otacon: Of course we’d be okay. I don’t think the asylum can fully corrupt programs and souls.
Jak: So I guess Tron and Noah are safe, then.

The comment made Sora angry. He turns away from the group and crosses his arms, as he tries to remember the attack at the medical division earlier. But he can only remember a few details.

Sora: (pouting) At least they’re lucky…
Bentley: Wait a minute! Sora’s here, too? But that’s not possible. We lost him to that corruption!
Daxter: Apparently, keyboy decided to possess Jak until he regained his body. But there’s something unfishy about how he’s been acting. If I make a suggestion, he suddenly goes all violent.

Bentley pulls himself towards the confused and angry Keybearer and takes a look at him. He noticed that Sora was struggling to remember something.

Bentley: What was your last memory before coming here?
Sora: Just… the hospital in ruins.
Bentley: (to everyone else) Well, he seems to be honest. He doesn’t look hostile. Just a bit sad.
Daxter: Be careful with the Cyber Knight. One wrong word, and he might do something to you that will make Clock-La look feeble—

Suddenly, two purple lights appeared, and took on the forms of seal-like creatures. The two were the Dream Eaters known as Juggle Pup and R & R Seal. One of them grabbed Daxter from the ground, and they constantly bounced him towards each other, thinking he was a ball.

Daxter: (while being tossed around) See, I told you that Sora has some serious anger issues!

Bentley takes another look at Sora, and notices the boy fall onto his knees. Tears rolled out of his eyes as he finally remembered that Riku was corrupted and kidnapped by Ash. But the other memories from his time possessing Jak, and even a great amount before that, remaining clouded.

Bentley: Based on his current behavior, it appears mood swings might be the reason for his violent behavior… (looking at the Dream Eaters) ortheirs. I think whatever happened in that asylum, or when he was in the castle last week, might have done something to him.
Daxter: (still being tossed) Especially with Riku now taken by the asylum, despite his immunity to darkness. Now Sora is going to die because of a curse!!
Ed: A… curse!?

“Riku” walks into the Friendship Asylum, the only thing on his mind was to “protect” the inmates and kill anyone who tries to save them. He reaches “Sora”‘s temple, but it was only the afternoon. The Firey Leader was furious!

Firey Leader: What the? Riku? But it’s not possible. The master will die if Riku should be in here… and we’ve still not found that freak with the ottsel.

Thanks to the nurses pumping anesthetic during the struggle earlier, Riku’s soul is unconscious, and thus, unable to struggle to fight for control; once Riku is freed from corruption, he’ll be back to the way he was when he was corrupted. And the same would go for everyone else who were corrupted.Like “Sora” and Brody, “Riku” is now a vampire; abet an angel version. But he’s different from the other two in that he’s at full power during the day; hence why his wings are now active. However, even while corrupted, Riku can still mentally harm Sora by just staying inside the asylum. Already is the teen’s soul in a critical condition.

“Riku”: Only the soul will be harmed by this body’s presence. Once I’ve been in here long enough, Sora’s soul will die… and then—
“Jaune”: Sorry to interrupt your speech, Master Riku, but we request that you speak with one of the prisoners right now. Something regarding Shibuya.
“Riku”: So, I guess Joshua didn’t escape after all. Okay then. Just make sure to take the chains off him. I’ve got a… request.

The idea of a curse shocks the group as Daxter explains what he learned from Ratchet and Clank. No one says a word as Daxter finishes, still being juggled by the Seal Dream Eaters.

Ed: But that can’t be! Why would something happen?
Otacon: Call it a theory, but perhaps the asylum is doing it to prove a point.
Daxter: A point?!
Otacon: Well what else could it be? The asylum is made in the House of Friendship and the one who was affected the most was a god in the House of Friendship, whose powered by Friendship.
Bentley: And if word is correct, those ponies and their ‘elements’ actually made him stronger since those are powered by Friendship too.
Ed: And Sora has lots of friends that give him power. That means…

It starts to dawn on the group just what is going on as Sora feels another headache coming. He has a hand to his head, and was not looking well. At one point, he just flickered.

Bentley: We have to get him to safety and quick! Ed, take Sora to Noah for safety. Otacon, you need to see if we can reach Tron, er, Rinzler, and I’ll start spreading a message to Mickey and the others ASAP!
Jak: Dax and I will join him just in case; you never know what type of monsters could be lurking down here.
Daxter: (as he’s being tossed to Juggle Pup) Great idea, then I can be used for a beach volleyball game after this.
Ed: Ed knows the way, Sora. (places a hand on his shoulder) Come on, let’s go.

The touch seemed to do the trick as the headache is gone and Sora is able to walk, albeit a bit painfully. Ed is quiet, trying to understand just what was going on. A part of her knew something happened, but she couldn’t remember. Not to mention the mayhem caused when a bunch of wrestlers were in pursuit of the Darkness Proxy. Things just didn’t seem to be going right these days.Racing down a glowing path with cyan Tron Lines on both sides, Sora and Edward, accompanied by R & R Seal, reached a railway crossing. Before they could cross over the tracks, the bells started to ring, the red lights flashed, and the boom gates started to come down, preventing the three from crossing.

Ed: Since when do computers require trains? Whatever happened to instant teleportation? But then again, Mr. Flynn did try to make this world as realistic as possible.

Sora paid no attention to Ed, as he suddenly clinged to his head once again. He could feel the rage burning inside of him, fueled further by Riku being lost to the asylum, and now, he was in a lot of pain. He cannot walk properly, for each step felt like he was walking on sharp nails. Everything he touched resulted in pain. Even his tears gave a sensation that they were scalding his face.After a struggle, Sora suddenly lost control. His eyes went from cyan to red, as he prepared for an attack. He was suddenly glowing in a blueish light, but Edward just knew that, having read about them on his bio, Sora was not in a Drive Form, as his circuitry was still cyan.

Ed: Well, if this is going to be another one of Clu’s rectifier freight trains, then Ed suggests that we hack a recognizer and—
Sora: (in a meancing tone) Go ahead. Hack something. But getting us to Noah won’t change our fates.

Ed turned around to see Sora about to attack her. She was shocked at first of his sudden change in mood, but then realizes that this is exactly what Daxter was talking about: Make a suggestion, and Sora will violently react. Even R & R Seal didn’t look very friendly either, with it holding onto a large dice and being ready to throw it at her.Edward dodges the attack, and tries to avoid them, while at the same time trying to keep them both away from the train to avoid them being run over and derezzed.

Ed: Sora and Ed are friends. Friends!! Why is Sora trying to kill Ed?
Sora: You just don’t understand my pain. No one does! The only ones who would really understand my pain are—
???: Stop!!

Sora turns to see Noah, on the other side of the railway tracks, arriving with a Duel Disk on hand. He then feels a heavy weight on him, dropping to his knees. Ed notices a woman dressed in purple with long red hair bow before disappearing.

Ed: What was that?
Noah: One of my Duel Monsters, Otohime. I basically used her to put Sora in “Defense Mode”. Are you all right, by the way?
Ed: (smiles) Ed’s fine, don’t worry about me at all.

There was a bit of silence as the two just pondered what they said before turning away. R & R Seal barked at the two as Sora’s eyes flickered with a mad light once more.

Sora: You think you’re going to cure me? There’s no way to cure this disease!
Ed: We’ll try though! Ed promises you that we’ll get Riku back. Please…

It’s at this moment that Ed pulls out something from her pocket, an orange paper pinwheel. She goes to Sora and places it over his heart. It took a while, but Sora began calm down a bit from the charm.

Ed: We all promise you Sora. We’ll keep you safe.
Noah: We better get going to the safe haven. Come on.

Ed nodded her head as she waited for the freight train to pass completely. Once the boom gates were back up, Noah walked up to them, and he and Ed help Sora walk across the tracks and towards safety. R & R Seal would just look on before following them, letting out a bark every now and then as if waiting for a response from his master.

Asylum Log 12- AdventureQuest Chaos

One hour into Log 11Artix von Krieger had experience many things as his time in the Pantheon. Fighting off undead hordes, building the GUAG Sacred Knight Division, running away from pink ponies, and more. And before that was the chaos of the Darkness Proxy, the Slammwitch, the Fashion Zombies and Voltaire telling him that his shoes were untied.Today, this would be his toughest challenge.

Voltaire: (Brandishing his Vorutanian Key Blade) Artix. You ready?
Artix: There are spirits of darkness in there…and they’re considered undead! Yes, I’m ready!
Voltaire: Good. I’ve been given the the head’s up that Sora was captured. And with Riku out, I’m one of the few remaining Keyblade warriors ready and willing.
Artix: What about Aqua and Terra?
Voltaire: Aqua said something about an “Upheaval” and is still keeping an eye out on Gears. And be honest, do you want Terra around this place?
Artix: Good point.

Just as the two are about to enter, they heard the sound of a gun. Voltaire and Artix turn around.

Carmelita: You two aren’t going anywhere without me.
Artix: Oh, hey there. What are you doing here on this fine evening?
Carmelita: I’m here because no stupid asylum is taking Cooper without my permission. And besides, it looks like you guys need backup.
Voltaire: Thanks…I guess.
Artix: (As a multitude of Spirit Orbs surround him) They sense it. Something dark and foreboding is coming out.

One particular orb escapes the group and circles around the three. Artix nods his head at it.

Carmelita: What’s he doing?
Voltaire: It’s a thing of his. Artix can obtain the souls of the undead called ‘Spirit Orbs’. Every Spirit Orb he obtains gives him more power.
Carmelita: I don’t think a normal Paladin can do that.
Voltaire: Well, that’s the thing. You see…
???: Hey! Listen!

Artix nodded his head and cleared his throat to explain something.

Artix: This particular Spirit Orb you see in front of you belongs to Mitsuzane Kureshima—

Carmelita and Voltaire glared at the orb and prepared their weapons. The orb shrunk back.

Artix: Who’s from the alternate world where he personally saw Gentaro’s corruption. Apparently, that dimension is destroyed now and Mirror!Mitsuzane, as he’s called, was able to escape before he was killed off.
Voltaire: How is he able to come here? You know the rules of the Mirror World: If one person goes to the mirror realm, they have to switch places with their counterpart. Hence, if there’s Mirror!Mitsuzane, then shouldn’t our Mitsuzane be in that world?
Carmelita: From what I’ve checked in the House of Justice, Mitsuzane Kureshima’s still in the House of Villains under ‘House Arrest’ as it were. So yeah, Voltaire’s right about that.
Artix: There’s a bit of a loophole: This soul has no ‘body’, so technically he is able to freely go back and forth. Plus, remember when Alternate!Gentaro was made? The original Gentaro was still alive when the Gentaro from the other realm came after them. Although I wish Icould go to the Mirror World to fight Undead Artix…(grumbles)
Voltaire: So that meant that since the soul was separated, our Gentaro couldn’t switch places because it needed the whole thing…the body, heart, soul…the entire kit and caboodle.
Artix: Exactly. So, Mirror!Mitsuzane, who I am keeping on a short leash, can exist freely since he is pretty much a firefly at this point.

The Spirit Orb shakes a bit, as if offended to be called a ‘firefly’. Artix sighs.

Artix: Well even if you could use this world’s Mituszane, Alternate!Gentaro took the Sengoku Driver. Don’t think about asking for your big brother’s help—he’s still in catatonic shock at this point and who do you think caused that?

The Spirit Orb stays silent as they enter the asylum. All the Spirit Orbs Artix has on hand help illuminate the cold building. Carmelita looks in awe at it all.

Carmelita: Can anyone learn such a thing?
Voltaire: Artix is one of a kind in that regard. He was trained as a youth to learn this skill to compensate for the fact that, in reality, he can’t summon paladin spells.
Carmelita: Then why is he a Paladin? Paladins are about the church and religion…not the undead.
Voltaire: Well that’s a funny story. But…

Someone approaches them. Artix readied his blade and narrows his eyes. Usually the goofy paladin is all smiles and laughs, easily subdued if someone says “Your shoe is untied” or a pink pony. Here, he is serious.

Artix: Who’s out there? Show yourself!
Brody: (enters, brandishing his machete) Well, well, well…look what we have here. Will your axe beat my machete? Let’s find out.
Artix: Voltaire, you and Carmelita go on ahead, I’ll stop him!
Carmelita: I’ll do something better. (fires her shock pistol at Brody, but he is shielded by Jaune Arc’s shield) So much for a cheap shot…

Jaune and Brody run after Artix. Voltaire grabs Carmelita as his Vorutanian Keyblade glows. The two zip through the shadows as Artix uses his Blinding Light of Destiny axe to protect himself. In his hand are a multitude of Spirit Orbs which he fires like bullets.

Voltaire and Carmelita exit through another part of the asylum. It was fortunate enough that there was some dim light to make some shadows out of the black LEGO walls. Carmelita looks around, just in case someone comes after them.

Voltaire: Anyone out there? We’re here to help! Speak up if you can!

Carmelita turns around just to see Seth Rollins kick her in the face. Voltaire looks up as Rollins cracks his knuckles.

Rollins: Not quite the reinforcements, but it’s better than nothing.
Voltaire: Settle down, blondie. We’re not here to fight. We just want to know where April is.
Rollins: She’s in the asylum. Why don’t you—

Carmelita stands up and fires a blast from her shock pistol, knocking Seth Rollins out. Voltaire and Carmelita continue their investigations as Artix has finished escaping Jaune and Brody.

Artix: Gotta hurry, gotta hurry….where’s (bumps into someone and falls) Oof!

As the undead slaying knight recovered, he was looking at a man in a white costume.

Artix: Who are you?
???: The asylum guardians have ordered me to find Mitsuzane.

After a few seconds listening to his voice while he got up, he discovered who the person in the white suit was.

Artix: Are you a member of the Proxy?
???: Soiya! Watermelon Arms: Midare-dama, Ba-Ba-Ba-Bang!

The figure said nothing as he changed to his Watermelon Arms form and fired at the undead slaying knight, who dropped his axe as he evaded the shots.

Artix: (thinking) Alright, I need to end this with a non-lethal blow.
???: Soiya! Mango Arms: Fight of Ham~mer!

Before Artix could hit him with his fist, the unknown figure changed into his Mango Arms form, carrying what appeared to be a mace called the Mango Punisher.

Artix: Oh, man… This can’t be good.

He swinged his weapon at the undead slayer just as the latter ducked before delivering an uppercut. The figure recovered a half minute later, running up to Artix as fast as he could, swinging his weapon several more times, with the Champion of Darkness evading each of them before tripping into the ground.

Artix: (thinking) I’ve got to get out of this quickly!

Zangestu raised his mace as he stepped closer to his opponent, ready to slam it on him. Just as he was about to slam his mace, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and dropped his weapon, went to his kness and put his hands onto his head. Artix moved away from his opponent to go for his axe. The leader of the GUAG Sacred Knights readied his weapon in case the attack tried to strike him down again. The figure changed into that of a young man. Artix was surprised when took a look the young man.

Artix: Takatora Kureshima? (thinking) Isn’t he supposed to be inside the asylum an hour ago? (realizes) Oh no…!

Did the asylum corrupt elder Kureshima brother as well? He defensively readied himself to anticipate his enemy’s next move.

???: It feels weird being inside nii-san’s body… (Looks at Artix) Do not worry. I will not attack you. I’ve possessed my brother to save you from fighting him. Go!

The Champion of Darkness leaves to regroup with Voltaire and Carmelita as the possesed Takatora went to the Medical Division.

Voltaire: There she is! April!

April groaned, her head a mess. Carmelita and Voltaire note that there are no bite marks, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe. Carmelita pulls out a canteen and hands it to her.

Carmelita: Here, April. Are you all right?
April: I hope so….feels like I’ve been run over by a truck, but I’m fine.
Carmelita: Voltaire, use your Shadow Step to get April out of here. I need to find Sly.
Voltaire: And what happens if you get caught and become a guard?
Carmelita: Then I’ll turn in my badge. Get going!

Voltaire uses the key’s power to take April out of the asylum, messaging Artix that the mission to save April was successful. Carmelita, meanwhile, continued to enter the asylum, the only thought in her mind was to save Sly from this madness. She had no idea that she was being followed, stalked, watched, observed…as if hundreds of unseen eyes were looking at her from a distance.Minutes later, Carmelita panted for breath and leaned against a wall. Her hand gripped on her shock pistol as she looked around, ready to call out Sly Cooper and make him listen to reason (or give him a shock, whichever came first).

Carmelita: Ringtail, come out here! I’m here to save you!

And when there was no answer, she screamed,

Carmelita: Where are you?!

And as if to answer that question, “Sly” hung upside down behind her with a grin.

“Sly”: (whispers directly into Carmelita’s ear) Here.

Carmelita turned around and fired.

While this was going on, Sora was dreaming.In this dream, he was in a strange labyrinth, chasing a black hooded figure wielding a Keyblade. The hooded figure was laughing at Sora, causing him to chase after them. But just as it would seem like Sora was about to grab them, the figure vanished into the shadows. This frustrated Sora, and he didn’t like being frustrated by this stranger at all.

Sora: Show yourself you coward! Where are you?!
Hooded Figure: Where am I? (whispers in Sora’s ear) Right here.

Sora turned around to see the figure attack with his Keyblade. Sora summoned his own…or tried to at any rate. The figure laughed.

Sora: What? How?
Hooded Figure: It’s all in the mind you know. You have to bring it to life before someone, or something, takes over.
Sora: What do you mean?
Hooded Figure: Do you see where you are? Do you see what you’ve become?

The labyrinth walls transformed into glass. No, not just glass…they were mirrors. Each one showed their reflections, and Sora found himself seeing a twisted, monstrous version of himself with wings, fangs and claws that looked like he was about to send an innocent maiden into the depths of Hell itself. The hooded figure smiled…or maybe it was a shadow of a smile, Sora couldn’t tell.

Hooded Figure: Don’t you see? This is who you really are, Sora. A monster…a monster ready to slay those who want to free the light, the element you represent. You’re no hero at all.
Sora: SHUT UP!

He swung blindly, but the hooded figure dodged it so Sora smashed one of the mirrors instead. The mirror shattered, the glass shards falling like a shower of cherry blossoms in spring. Sora growled and tried again and again, mirrors shattering with each swipe until the floor was littered with glass. The hooded figure just stood there.

Hooded Figure: You done? Perhaps you should—

But he didn’t get a chance to finish as Sora tackled him to the ground, pulling the hood off of that person’s face. When Sora stared into the person’s blue eyes, he was shocked.The Hooded Figure was wearing Roxas’s face.But that wasn’t what shocked Sora the most—it was the fact that Roxas’s face looked shattered like it was made of porcelain. In fact it was the color of porcelain, and those eyes of Roxas’s were a dark empty black, like Sora was gazing into a pair of black holes that sucked away the light. Roxas tilted his head as Sora stepped back.

Roxas: (standing up and brushing himself off) Do you like what you see? I think you should…after all, I am you…

Sora looks at his reflection on the numerous glass shards on his feet. They each hold his reflection…black eyes like ebony, skin white as snow, a face cracked like porcelain. He turned around, but every where he looked, his face was distorted, twisted, malformed from the strange images that was shown to him.

Roxas: You look so nice, don’t you? I mean, that’s what happens when you let yourself be taken over, correct?

Sora said nothing, trying to find the courage to speak…but he found that he couldn’t move, or talk. He saw his hands connected with thin wire, and as he tried to jerk his head, it felt like someone was pulling on his scalp. He was lifted in to the air, thrown away like a discarded marionette all while Roxas stood there, mocking him with that smirk on his face.And then, Roxas started to laugh.Roxas lifted his head into the air as Sora found hands grasping onto his body, tossing him this way and that, and Roxas’s laughter growing louder, louder, louder, LOUDER, piercing his skull with its volume to the point that it felt like his skull would crack.Then there was a scream.And that was when Sora woke up screaming in terror, hand on his heart. Shaking his mind to clear himself out of the nightmare, he rushed to an open window to get air, his heart pounding in his chest. All he could tell himself that it was nothing more than a dream…that was all he was.Racing throughout the asylum (it seemed to always take him to wherever he wanted to go), Sora found Ash, Jaune and Link staring at the window. He could hear singing, something about running from the sounds of it, and slowly approached the window.There in front of the asylum were two figures: one had a dragon-like helm with a long flowing mane and a Duel Disk, wielding a long, sharp knife in one hand. The other one, who was on the dry grass and had tripped over a root, wielded a weapon…It wasn’t an ordinary weapon, Sora knew. It was a Keyblade with flowers decorating it. His eyes widened—only one person he knew would have that sort of Keyblade. And it was then that Sora could only say word, especially as that dragon-helmed warrior had his hand on the person’s neck, squeezing the life out of them, the tip of the knife ready to plunge into that person’s heart…But Sora would never get to hear the word he said, as someone has also said it alongside him.

Sora/???: NOOOOO!!!!!!!

Asylum Log 13: The World Ends Within

Around the same period as Log 12

Neku Sakuraba didn’t want to do anything with the Asylum. Unfortunately, with Joshua stuck there and having no way out, he had no choice. Neku sighed, adjusting his headphones as he waited for Beat and Rhyme to help out.

Neku: I’ll still never forgive you for what you did Joshua, but you are my friend. And I will never let my friends down.

Neku closes his eyes as his Dream Eater, the Necho Cat, appears by his side. He smiles a bit as the cat purrs and licks his paws. At this time, Beat and Rhyme rush in, the two prepared to face the chalenges.

Beat: Of all the gods that had to get captured, it was Joshua. How long do you think he’ll last, Rhyme?
Rhyme: Not sure…but if I can use my dreams to help him out, then that will be okay right?
Neku: (adjusts his headphones) That’s if we survive. We ready?

Beat and Rhyme nod their heads as they all enter the asylum.

Joshua would never admit he was scared. He was the Composer, and the Composer should not be scared. But here, the darkness was slowly eating at him, wanting to taste his soul and make him a puppet to this place. He focused on the dreams and memories of his dear friends.Friends…the word was so foreign to him. How he wished he could be with Neku and the others, but after all he did back in Shibuya…it was still amazing that Neku would actually trust him. It just didn’t make sense.

“Riku”: Come on Joshua, why do you cling onto a simple dream. Those dreams twist and warp, they become nightmares. Why I shouldn’t just bite you is beyond me.

Joshua slowly stands up, revealing his angelic wings. Unfortunately, they quickly molt from being out in the darkness so long. Still, Joshua couldn’t give up. Notyet.

“Riku:” Trust me, Joshua. I’ll free you. You can trust me, right? After all, remembered what happened in Traverse Town?
Joshua: You weren’t brainwashed and I was showing sympathy to you and Sora.
“Riku:” (frowns and sheds a few feathers) This is going to hurt a lot, Joshua.

The feathers fly toward Joshua, the quills sharp as knives. They cut through Joshua’s skin, blood staining his shirt.

“Riku:” Come on Joshua, can you not see that this asylum is like Shibuya…that it needs order, that it needs harmony…you can bring it to us.
???: Just like I’m going to bring this to you!

“Riku” turns to see Beat’s Dream Eater, the Kooma Panda roar and swipe “Riku” with his claws. Rhyme follows it up with her Light Puck whizzing through the air. Neku is already at Joshua’s side, with Necho Cat loudly meowing.

Joshua: What…took you so long?
Neku: I needed my friends to come along. We’re getting you out of here Joshua.
Joshua: (checks something on his cellphone) I’m running out of power here. We have to go now…

Neku nods as the two race out. Riku snarls as he summons his Dream Eater, a Komory Bat (also corrupted), with the bat unleashing a loud screech that knocks Beat off of his feet. “Riku” smiles and licks his lips.

“Riku:” Consider this…a warning. (grabs Beat and bites his neck)
Beat: (whacks “Riku” across the face with his skateboard) You’re lucky my little sis is here or else I’ll be cursing my head off! Come on Rhyme!

Rhyme nods as she climbs onto her brother’s back. Beat travels through the asylum via skateboard, catching up with Joshua and Neku. Kooma Panda roars and blocks “Riku”, spinning round like a tornado and his claws leaving long slashes over “Riku”‘s body. Necho Cat meows and lets loose another sonic attack, causing “Riku” to drop on his knees.

“Riku”: (growls) BEGONE!

With a blast of darkness, the Kooma Panda and Necho Cat are hit and disintegrate. “Riku” knows that in the afternoon, he still has power to go after them. However, going out immediately would cause more attention. He would have to wait until tomorrow morning for another chance at them.

A hooded Ruby was wondering the asylum all by herself, completely on high guard in case a guardian attempts to attack her. She didn’t pay any attention to the black LEGO constantly shifting to trick her into walking towards the exit. All of a sudden, she is attacked from behind, and falls onto her knees. A masked figure appeared with blond hair, and holding a shield and sword. Ruby gasped at the sight of Jaune under the asylum’s control.She gets back up, and charges at Jaune in anger, but he counters with a wave of darkness, which causes the Cresent Rose to be flung into the air and land in the ground, with the scythe part stuck into it. Ruby, having taken a lot of damage from the attack, kneels down, trying to remain in control. But within seconds, she faints from fatigue.Jaune approaches Ruby, knees down, and unhoods her. He removes his mask to get a good look at her face, only to gasp in shock, and then step back.

Jaune: Your face… Who are you really? And why are you trespassing in the asylum.

A still grounded Ruby places her hood back on, and gives Jaune a Death Glare.

Ruby: Tell me first… why you are working for them.

Jaune remains silent for a moment as he looks at Ruby on the ground. He then walks towards the Crescent Rose, still in the ground, and picks it up. For a moment, he stood there, not moving as he takes a closer look at it and thinks of an answer for Ruby’s question.

Jaune: To make sure my best friend… sleeps in peace. I don’t know you’re suppose to be. But… you can’t fight darkness with sparks. This scythe, it’s a sham-worthless.

Jaune tosses the Crescent Rose back towards Ruby. It is thrown past her left, and lands behind her.

Ruby: I was trained so hard to fight with it. My Crescent Rose is not a sham! (angry) What gives you the right to say that?

Ruby then picks up her Crescent Rose, and charges at Jaune in anger. Jaune dodges her, goes up behind her, and punches her in the back. Ruby lands on the ground, defeated, and her Crescent Rose goes back to dormant mode. Jaune looks at her, and then starts to walk off.

Jaune: Find a new crowd. Trust me. Those guys are bad news.
Ruby: (angry) Why? Of everyone here, you’re the real sham.
Jaune: Fare enough. You could say I am… the biggest nobody of them all.

Jaune then calmly walks off, as Ruby remains kneeled. Ruby screams in anger.

Neku, Joshua, Beat, and Rhyme reached the GUAG Medical Division, now fully repaired from Ash’s attack earlier thanks to Fix-It Felix Jr. But there was no time to celebrate: Joshua and Beat were badly hurt.

Neku: Are they going to be alright?
Black Jack: (upon investigating Beat) Beat’s condition isn’t that serious, but I still have to operate on his neck. He should be able to hold on for a few hours, so I’m going to place him in a waiting room until he’s “ready”. Oh, (to Rhyme) and keep a close eye on him, too. I don’t want to lose him like I lost Riku.
Rhyme: Got it. Wait, Riku was here earlier?

K was behind them. She gasped, dropping her stethoscope. Everyone else take no notice of her as they look on at Beat, in complete shock. Then Black Jack takes a look at Joshua, who’s bleeding and lying on a bed in pain.

Black Jack: As for Joshua, I’m going to have to operate on him right now. Those cuts are just too deep for stitches, and we want to investigate him… just in case.

Beat is taken to his own room, but despite the bandage on his neck, he’s just the same as always. He summons his Kooma Panda back out, needing someone to guard him and Rhyme while they wait for Black Jack. The panda was still sore from the battle, especially when “Riku” used a One-Hit KO attack on it. Neku waited in another room, with his Necho Cat right beside him. He was relived that Shiki isn’t here to witness this horror, but still concerned for Beat and Joshua, especially on account of their injuries.Joshua, on the other hand, was already on the operating table. K was shocked on how “Riku” could do such a thing, especially since Riku himself was on this table just a few hours ago. But the main goal for Black Jack was to treat Joshua’s wounds, while K tries to keep order on the other patients, who have became worried that Maxwell would send someone to corrupt them, too.

Joshua: How long is this gonna take?
Black Jack: Considering the amount of injuries on you, I guess you’ll be asleep for at least three hours.
Joshua: (deadpan) Terrific.

On that day…they took me…to a pretty white room…Carmelita was on the run.Her heart was pounding against her chest as she tried to erase the memory of Sly not even flinching from the attack. In fact, the minute she could see the effects of her pistol at work she saw Sly smiling at her. Thinking that it was just the gun itself, Carmelita adjusted the rate of the shock and fired again…and again…At that time, Sly was on his hands and knees, panting, but the smile was on his face still. It was what he said next that made her run.

Sly: Yes….YES!!!! Give me more Carmelita, I beg you!

And just the site of Sly being some sort of masochist to electricity caused her to run faster than ever, faster than she was chasing Sly or his gang, faster than when she had to chase after other criminals, she had to get away…far away…I’ve been here…ever since..Voices echoed in her head, one that was her own that said to run, another that seemed to numb her nerves and wanted her to stay put. But Carmelita still ran, ran until she couldn’t tell where she was going, whether she was getting further away or getting closer, but she just knew she was running.In a pretty hallway…there’s a pretty room…And Carmelita didn’t see where she was going, and found herself tripping over a small dais of LEGO causing her to trip and crash in front of a room. She slowly lifted her head, her eyes wide in surprise as she looked at what she was seeing.At night…one by one…they take us there…There were dolls, cloth dolls with button eyes and stitches for mouths, dressed up in clothing. But it wasn’t just the fact that there were dolls that were there, but rather that they all were staring at her with interest.

Carmelita: I should’ve known that Other Mother was behind this if she were to leave copies of the asylum’s victims as button-eyed dolls.(realizes) Wait a minute. These dolls resemble Cooper and… the others reported to be under their control.

The Interpol inspector looked at the dolls for a good few minutes. She gets angrier and angrier as the seconds roll by. Then, all of a sudden… the doll Sly Cooper stood up, with a grin on his face. And to follow suite, the other dolls also stared at her. Through the lighting she could see that many of the dolls had weapons sticking out of their bodies—one via forehead, two through the heart, one had a blade sticking out of their stomach. One doll had its head twisted around like an owl to the point where one could easily pull it out of its body with little effort. One slumped to its side and one…the one she could clearly see that was of Sora…It dangled round and round and round on a noose, its button eyes black instead of the blue that Sora would usually have.Carmelita felt something poke her leg. She looked down and saw the Sly Cooper doll poking her with its own miniature Cooper Cane. Her heart began to beat like a drum as she tried to get the image of the real Cooper begging for more electric shock as she hurled it to the far side of the room, where it the wall with a light thud before sliding to the floor.

Carmelita: This can’t be the Other Mother’s work though…she only wants the love of children…aside from Ash, she has no reason for everyone else…

And then, it seemed like Carmelita was seeing red.Pretty red flowers bloom…She was seeing visions of the various gods who had entered the asylum on their own free will, of how the asylum took them for their own use. She could see Jaune struggling to escape the vines that gave him his black armor, hear the laughter of the Cutie Mark Crusaders luring Jason Brody into their clutches, see Ash become consumed with a dark aura that warped him…And then there was Sly, her Sly, gasping in pain from the electricity and the vines that wrapped around his body, and the asylum replacing anything that resembled the cocky raccoon thief that she chased into a mindless zombie, making him become addicted to the pain and the suffering of the mad house. The screams of pain that Sly let out echoed in her ears as she heard him beg for the torture to stop.Room is pretty bouquet…Carmelita dropped to her knees, hands on her head as she tried to block out everything, but she couldn’t. She could hear Sly’s voice in her head.

Sly: Someone….make it stop! SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP, I BEG YOU!!!!

Pretty round thing falls…Carmelita struggled to stand up, trying to focus on something and tried to escape…only to find the room sealed off. She pounded at the LEGO wall with all her might, hoping that someone could hear her, to save her, to free her.

Carmelita: Someone! Anyone, I’m right here!

Puppy eats…nothing else…Carmelita turned to see the Sora doll still dangling on its noose round and round and round until after the fourth turn its body was dislocated and fell. Now all that was left was the head of the doll still attached to the noose.Tomorrow is my turn…I’m so excited…And then the dolls of the other inmates looked at her and stood up, like how Carmelita once saw a match at the PWF where the Undertaker and Kane would do a simultaneous sit-up to unnerve their opponents. She prepared her shock pistol, hands trembling as she looked at the dolls of Jaune, Ash, Seth Rollins, Jason Brody, Link, Riku and, of course, Sly, prepare their weapons—the ones impaled pulling their swords out of their bodies—and pointing them at her.Tomorrow is my turn…I’m so excited…Carmelita continued to scratch, pound, bang, kick the LEGO walls as the dolls kept approaching her, trapping her, cornering her like a rat. All she could see while this was going on was the head of the Sora doll stopping its spinning to stare into her eyes as it repeated just one word.I…
I…And that was when Carmelita began to scream.In her anger she fired her shock pistol at the dolls, doing anything she could to get the voice out of her head as the doll continued to speak “I” over and over and over again like a skipping record on a phonograph. The dolls weren’t affected by it and instead pounced on her, using their weapons to poke her and stab her while she did all she could to fight them off.Her hand searced for something and felt a pipe. There was some confusion as to why there would be a pipe there—the Master Builders hastily built it to keep the Proxy out of the Pantheon, last she knew—but it didn’t matter. She slowly crawled toward it, staring eye to eye at the dolls.

Carmelita: Come and get me.

And they did, leaping into the air with their weapons to pierce her heart, her eyes, or whatever it was that could be pierced. Carmelita rolled out of the way, and the weapons struck the pipe, unleashing a burst of water that soaked them. They staggered back as Carmelita fired her shock pistol, causing them to scream in terror, with the Ash doll exploded into stuff and fluff, before she ran, trying to get the ringing out of her ears.At least the song was done, she thought.She continued to run through the asylum’s twisting paths, left and right, up and down, feeling like she was stuck in an MC Escher painting. But she couldn’t stop—she had to escape, had to tell someone what she had seen, had to find Bentley and Murray and tell them about Sly.

Carmelita: Voltaire! Artix! Anyone? Can you hear me?
??? I can.

Carmelita turned around and found Sly with his hands in the air. There was some silence as Carmelita lowered her shock pistol, taking a step back as she waited for Sly to pick up his fallen cane.

Sly: Carmelita, are you all right? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.
Carmelita: Sly…is that really you? (narrows eyes) Or is it some trick of the asylum?
Sly: It’s me, trust me on that. If you don’t believe me, use your shock pistol. If I don’t flinch, it’s the asylum. Come on, take the shot.

Carmelita paused, her finger on the trigger. She shuddered at the memory of the asylum-possessed Sly hit by the electric shock and loving it, begging her for more and more of that pain. But the Sly in front of her…could she trust him?She had to figure it out.With a click, or three, she saw Sly let out a scream in pain at the electric shock, his body spasming slightly as he dropped to his knees.

Sly: See? It’s me. I mean, if I could survive a day of electric shocks from this bedlam, I could survive yours.
Carmelita: Sly…then it really is you?

Carmelita oculdn’t say anything else as she hugged her “criminal”, just relived to find a friendly face in this madhouse. Sly hugged her back.

Carmelita: I’m so relieved…Bentley and Murray are doing their best to create a safehouse, and Dimitri formed this group with Mickey Mouse and all. Penelope is willing to help us out…but things are better now. You’re here.
Sly: Yeah, I know. Say…You know what amazes me, Carmelita?
Carmelita: What’s that?
Sly: (smiles and pats Carmelita’s back) It’s the fact that you fell for my trap.

And before Carmelita could react, Sly had opened his mouth and bit deep into her neck. She struggled to escape, but Sly’s grip on her was like iron, trapping her and drainign her of any energy she had left. But before he could finish the bite, a voice came from the distance, and a flaming chakram was heading their way.

???: TRAITOR!!
“Sly”: What!?

Carmelita moved out of the way just in time as the chakram hit the corrupted Sly in the chest and sent him flying into a wall behind him to be pinned down. Then a red-haired figure raced towards Carmelita’s side to help her up. The figure was wearing a black cloak, and had another chakram in his hand. He turned to Sly, and made a threatening pose, ready to strike should the Thievius Raccoonus did anything funny.

Carmelita: Axel? What are you going here?
Lea: First, it’s Lea now. Second, to see if I can bust some guys out of here before a bunch of lying, manipulative raccoons can turn anyone into salt.

And as he said this, Sly’s eyes glow white as his cane sparks with electricity. There was a snarl from Sly as he struggled to pull the chakram out of his chest.

“Sly”: You won’t get away with this! Even now, our master is plotting. You will suffer! The torture you’re about to face will make what I’ve unleashed mere sparks.
Lea: Well. compared to who I’m staring at, I’ll take my chances. And besides, I’m not the one who’s about to suffer right now.
“Sly”: What are you talking about?

Lea smirks as his fingertips become encased with fire.

“Lea”: Fighting sparks with fire…that’s something different.

And then, he snapped his fingers.Carmelita could only watch in horror as Sly’s entire body was set on fire, the raccoon letting out a scream of pure agony that rattled the asylum’s walls. The smell of burning fur hit her nostrils and she half expected the wail of a fire alarm to be set off (but then again, she had to remind herself that the Master Builders had no time to construct something like that due to the Proxy’s imprisonment being more important) as Sly struggled more and more, his body turning black.

“Sly”: Save me someone! Will someone please save me?!

But no help came—the asylum guards were too far away within this labyrinth of a madhouse to hear their fellow guard crying out in pain. Carmelita looked at her shock pistol, then at Lea, then at Sly and pointed her weapon at Sly.

Carmelita: (as tears form in her eyes) I’m sorry.

And then she pulled the trigger. Sly’s body twitched and spasmed, but no noise escaped his lips as he collapsed, and the fire consumed him. After a few more seconds, all that was left of Sly was his cane, the chakram that pinned him to the wall, and a pile of ashes. Carmelita slowly approached the ashes and took some into her hands, watching it spill out like water. Lea just picked up his weapon.

Lea: Come on. Let’s get out of here before…

He was interrupted by Carmelita firing her last shot at him before she beat him on the head with her pistol, the hits echoing across the halls with each strike she took.

Carmelita: Why. Did. You. Do. That?! Why did you have to burn him alive?! How could you?!
Lea: Did you have any other way that you could defeat him? Or did you decide that you’d be his lucky bride and rule over this madhouse?!
Carmelita: But to incinerate him?
Lea: He’s part-vampire, Inspector Fox. Moonlight will resurrect him.

Carmelita stayed silent as she picked up Sly’s cane, the symbol of him being the last descendant of the Cooper family. She clutched it close to her chest, her body trembling in outrage and horror as she realized that Sly Cooper, Ringtail, Thievius Raccoonus…was killed in front of her eyes.

Lea: Come on, we need to get going before we get even more lost.

Carmelita silently nodded her head as she stood up, looking once more at the pile of ashes that was her criminal before walking off. There was a minute of silence as Lea summoned a ball of flame to light their way before she spoke.

Carmelita: Did you see any dolls on your way in here?
Lea: Dolls?
Carmelita: Yeah, dolls. Like what girls play with, and they had button eyes and they wielded weapons and…
Lea: Carmelita, you’ve already been through a lot of trauma with Sly. Let’s get you to the Medical Division before you become like that ballerina before opening night.
Carmelita: I’m serious, though! You have to believe me.
Lea: Oh I believe you as much as I believe that John Cena is going to perform a Heel turn in the future. Come on, let’s get out of here.

Carmelita stayed quiet as she took one more glance behind her, like Orpheo turning to see Eurydice one more time. But there was no one in the black hallway. She turned around and followed Lea out of the asylum, hoping and praying that Sly would return.

Carmelita: (whispers) I’ll see you soon…Ringtail.

Run, you better run, you better run for your life…The figure raced toward the asylum, the voice ringing in their ears as they pushed the gates open. In front of them on a patch of dead grass was a girl with long red hair, and on top of the girl was a dragon-helmed person wielding a sharp knife. Neither of them noticed the person running toward them, hands holding onto their clothes so they wouldn’t trip and stumble.The knife was raised into the air, ready to pierce the girl’s heart. It seemed time slowed down as the figure reached a hand out to stop the madness.

???: NO!!!!!

And seconds after that, there was a loud explosion.

Asylum Log 14: The Shining Light

It was quiet outside the asylum, that was for sure. It was loud enough to hear feet stepping against dead leaves, or the sway of a coat. There was no one else but the figure who stood, back against the gates, eyes facing the dark edifice that was the asylum itself.The figure smiled, seeing his reflection in his knife before he felt a string of words enter his mind. The figure opened his mouth, his voice sweet and clear.Heard a shout of someone calling, strange and darkness…People lack all feelings over the city tonight…

K was absolutely worried. If it wasn’t for Fix-it Felix, she would’ve been hurt alongside the other members of the Medical Division. Her mind was a jumble of worries as she tried to keep order to prevent further fear after Ash’s attack earlier, and just what happened to Jak in regards to what Daxter had said about possession and whatnot.It was then that she heard something echo in her mind, a voice…she found herself walking toward it just as Black Jack was rushing in to check if she’s ready to help with the operation on Joshua.

Black Jack: Where are you going? Kai…Dr. K!

But his protége didn’t hear him, and she was swallowed up by a dark portal.

The figure continued his strange song as he saw the dark portal materialized and K found herself in front of the asylum. The sky, a dark red, contrasted the decaying trees and the asylum’s dark presence. Even if there was no wind, K could feel goosebumps going down her arms, and she ran her arms up and down to keep warm.Hanging by behind the trees of blood red mornings…Watching all this waiting for you, dread in my head…K blinked and looked around, trying to figure out how she found herself in front of the asylum. She turned around, seeing a figure wearing a silver coat and a matching blue-white helm of a dragon with a long trail of red hair that reached his waist. In the person’s hand was a knife, but it was the Duel Disk that gave it all away.

K: K…Kaiba? What are you doing here?

If Kaiba did hear K, he ignored it. He just smiled…but that smile seemed to hide sonething more than just a friendly face. And when he opened his mouth, the next line of the song echoed like the solemn ringing of church bells.Where the wind sings by the river…laughing, broken…Hair swept out into the water, ripples of black…It was then that K noticed how he was slowly walking toward her. The young doctor knew that she had to escape…escape before she ended up dead, or worse. She didn’t look back as Kaiba continued walking toward her, still singing to himself…or perhaps he was singing to a presence that watched with interest.Run, you better run…you better run for your life…

As K was being chased, the guards of the asylum looked on. Jaune in particular grinned, hungry for another soul. At this point, Sora was still asleep so he had no idea of what Kaiba, and by extension the Darkness Proxy, had planned for the entire Pantheon.

Ash: (approaching Jaune) That young woman…her aura…
Jaune: You sensed it too? (laughs) Perfect! I want to watch this in delight.

Link was also there, handing a basket of apples to both Ash and Jaune. The three took an apple and bit them as they watched K run for her life, waiting for the moment the knife plunged into her chest.

Oh, it rips through the sky…Oh life figures on…K tripped on some roots, collapsing to the dry grass and spraining her ankle. She grit her teeth as she crawled as fast as she could, back to the asylum gates, back to the Medical Division, back to where someone could save her. Back to (hopefully) could take Kaiba to a good therapist.So, I know you will see…don’t wait for a minute…K tried to call for help, but it seemed like the very trees themselves sensed what she would do. Their roots rose into the air and bound her, covering her mouth, wrapping around her arms and legs, preparing her for a sacrifice as Kaiba continued his slow walk, as if enjoying the little game of cat and mouse. His mouth opened to sing the words, his voice not going higher than a whisper…but yet the way he sang it and the words themselves chilled K.Shiver while you breathing…All the while you breathing land…K’s eyes widened as the knife’s blade grew three times its length, its blade glowing with an unknown energy. She clenched her hand into a fist, not wanting to do it but having to do something before she was killed. Kaiba just smiled, the next few words escaping his lips like a puff of air on a cold winter’s day.Shiver while you breathing…all the while I breathe land…

Princess Peach felt confused about everything. First, she wanted to give Ash a cake with ketchup for Pikachu and then found herself almost killed by a knife. Then when she wanted to ask what was wrong with Kaiba, he flipped out and had Princess Daisy at knife-point (although he couldn’t do any harm with a plastic knife, the intentions were still there). Did it have something to do with the asylum? And if it did, what happened to him that would cause Kaiba’s sanity to snap like a twig?As she pondered this in the GUAG Medical Division, she bumped into Black Jack, still looking for K while keeping Joshua waiting on the operating table. She nearly brought out her frying pan to whack him on the head (it paid to be prepared after all).

Princess Peach: I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there, Doctor. Are you all right?
Black Jack: I’m not. Some portal took Kai… K…somewhere and I don’t know where. Why are you here?
Princess Peach: I was looking for Seto Kaiba. Have you seen him?
Black Jack: I’ve been too busy to notice. But I did hear he went into the Friendship Asylum to look for Yugi yesterday.
Princess Peach: Oh no! If he did, perhaps he’s been corrupted also. I have to go. Excuse me!

As fast as she could in her dress, the Princess of Toadstools ran off, hoping she’d make it before it was too late.

Feel the grey at dawn meaning…sunset, spoken…Where the wind sits by the river, ripples of black…K summoned a Keyblade, gold and decorated with flowers to slice the roots away. She stood up as best as she could with her sprained ankle, hoping to fight back no matter what happened. She charged toward Kaiba, weapon ready. As she ran, it seemed like the world started to slow down as Kaiba stood still, softly singing to himself.Days, you gotta run…you gotta run for your life…That last line circled K round and round, buzzing in her brain as if she heard another voice (her own) responding to the sound. She passed by a figure in white like a ghost. She didn’t have time to slow down as the figure placed a hand on her shoulder, the lines of running for one’s life continued over and over and over…And over and over and over…As K felt her body collapse from the sound, the song, her mind submerged with the asylum’s own. The figure in white removed the hood of his cloak, revealing Yugi who began to fade as Kaiba dropped to his knees, hand on K’s neck to squeeze the life out of her just as easily could crush an empty soda can, the hand with the knife in the air, ready to make the sacrifice.Oh your light feel your breath, don’t run with me…A figure in a pink dress made her way to the gates of the asylum, running to save K from a horrible fate as the Asylum Guards stayed quiet just Kaiba brought the knife down at K’s chest, his arm trembling as the last few words of the insane song escaped his lips.Oh, they’ll leave you breath…don’t wait for a minute…And then, there was the scream.

Princess Peach: NO!!!!

Without warning, Peach pulled out something and hurls it inbetween Kaiba and K. It was a Bob-omb. It exploded right in Kaiba’s face, causing him to scramble back, a hand covering his eyes. K turned to Princess Peach in confusion.

K: Princess Peach? What are you doing here?
Princess Peach: There’s no time to explain. We have to get out of here now before…

A large roar stopped her as Princess Peach and K saw the form of the Blue Eyes White Dragon emerge from a mass of storm clouds like Heaven delivering judgment onto a mass of sinners. The dragon stood in front of Kaiba, as if protecting its master as both girls saw Kaiba remove the dragon helm and tossed it to the ground.

Kaiba: You are going to be the death of me at this rate…(laughs as he lifts his head to reveal his now white eyes) So I’ll make sure I kill you first! WHITE LIGHTNING!

The guards of the asylum tossed their apple corse aside as they watched the dragon open its mouth to incinerate the girls. When the light faded, everyone was surprised to find that the girls were all right, no thanks to a yellow parasol Peach had on her.

K: W…what was that?
Peach: Oh this? This is my friend, Perry the Parasol. Say hello, Perry.
Perry: Nice to meet you, princess!
K: (flabbergasted) P…princess? I’m not…

Another attempt of the Blue Eyes White Dragon’s White Lightning interrupted them. The two girls dodged the attack as Peach uses Perry’s Dashbrella technique to run toward the dragon. Good thing too, as Kaiba had summoned Vorse Raider and Spear Dragon to take care of them. K’s Keyblade also clashed with these monsters, but the strength of the Blue Eyes White Dragon causes more problems. Kaiba just grins in madness.

Kaiba: Do you see, my king? I will bring these princesses down and use it to empower you! As your Knight of Insanity, that is my duty!
??? And it’s my duty to knock some sense into you!

Kaiba turned to see a croquet mallet whack him across the face. Princess Peach and K turned to see Alice Liddell, in her Dark form, materialise, croquet mallet in hand.

Alice Liddell: Here’s a riddle; when is a croquet mallet like a billy club?

Princess Peach and K stayed silent as Alice smiled.

Alice: I’ll tell you; whenever you want it to be.

There were growls from Kaiba’s Vorse Raider and Spear Dragon before Alice switched for the Blunderbuss, destroying them with a shockwave of power. Kaiba roared as he pointed his finger at the girls as two more lights emerged from the sky.

Kaiba: If that’s how it’ll be, then so be it! I’ll fuse my dragons to form…

There was no need for him to finish saying what he was about to say, as the three dragons combined to form the menace that was the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!The three princesses loooked in horror as the dragon stared into their eyes with its own. The Asylum Guards, having now received bottles of milk from Link (none of them asking how he was able to buy them), drank and watched the madness that would ensue.

K: So, does that parasol of yours have a silencer, Princess?

Before the Princess could reply, Alice was charging in, firing an electric orb of energy from her croquet mallet. Unfortunately, the dragon already had electrical powers, so it was immune to the attack, and used its large tail that swiped the attack away.

Alice: Great.

With no time to lose, Alice pulls out the Pepper Grinder, firing shot after shot of attacks to knock it aside. Princess Peach begins to pull out a turnip (different from others because of the stitched face instead of a smiling face) that she hurled toward the dragon. The impact caused the dragon to slam back into the asylum.CRASH!!!The sound of black LEGO being disassembled could be heard as the asylum guards scrambled to escape. Princes Peach was then sliced by Kaiba’s Vorse Raider while K raised her Keyblade into the air.

K: Curaga!

Green clovers and flowers showered the Princess as Alice brought out the Teapot Cannon, waiting for one dragon head to open its mouth. Spear Dragon, unknown to Alice, was about to charge, but Princess Peach tossed a smaller turnip at it. It bounced back to Princess Peach’s hand, which she used to hurl it once more. Before with a cry, she moved to the side for her Peach Bomber attack, sending a summoned La Jinn, the Mystic Genie of the Lamp, flying. With another turnip in hand, she turns to Alice.

Princess Peach: I’ll make an opening! Fire the cannon!
Alice: On it!

There is some silence as the asylum guards move out of the way from the rubble and the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon opens a mouth to charge its Neutron Blast Move. Alice also fires up her cannon as Princess Peach hurled her turnip at the dragon. There was silence as the turnip somehow plugged the dragon’s mouth from attacking.

Princess Peach: NOW!

Alice fired a blast from the Teapot Cannon as a bright light surrounded the asylum.

At the PWF, many of the wrestlers were all preparing to watch how Kane would fight off his brother in a Hell in a Cell match. Gangrel wasn’t interested (“Bad blood between us” he noted) and, just briefly, noticing how his goblet slightly wobbled.

Gangrel: Crap…

And just as he said this, a large shockwave hit the PWF as he looked out into the distance, seeing a white light from the asylum and caused the electricity to shut down, causing many of the wrestlers to scramble in the dark out of fear of another attack all while the vampire just looked on.

There was nothing but silence as everyone stared at the damage, exhausted and waiting for the dust to settle. Kaiba was on his knees, a grin on his face. The girls looked in horror as it seemed like Kaiba was about to summon another monster to destroy them.

K: We have to do something to calm him down. I really don’t like dealing with this side of Seto Kaiba!
Alice: What do you think, Princess Peach? Princess?

Princess Peach, carrying Perry on her, slowly walked up to Seto Kaiba. Perry looked in confusion as Peach handed him to Kaiba.

Perry: Are you sure about this?
Princess Peach: I am, Perry. (to Kaiba) Kaiba, you need to hear me. You are not insane, you are brave, sarcastic, a bit of a jerk…but you are still a good person deep down. Whatever is causing you to be this mad knight is wrong. You are you, do not forget that.

There was some silence as Kaiba stared at the parasol in hand. It was then that he felt a memory form…the memory of him killing someone…

Princess Peach: (at the door, a cake knife in hand) Excuse me, but have you seen Ash anywhere?

That was right. Princess Peach had a cake knife and a cake in hand. When Kaiba used the knife to stab the cake, it wasn’t blood. It was tomato sauce—Ash’s Pikachu loved ketchup after all. The ketchup was what knocked her out, and Kaiba was also knocked out from it also.And then there was the scene at lunch with the blood-tipped knife. It wasn’t blood at all—he was having a lunch with tomato sauce and his knife accidentally left a smear of sauce on Princess Daisy’s neck by mistake…With the memories over, Kaiba’s eyes were back to their original shade of blue. There’s some silence as Peach helps him stand up and hugs him.

Kaiba: What… are you doing?
Peach: See, I knew you could hear me.
K: Maybe he can, but what about his dragon?

K points out towards the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, still apparently under the control of the asylum. Shaking off dust and bricks and LEGO off of its body, the dragon let out another roar. Kaiba took a step forward.

Kaiba: Blue Eyes! I am your master, so stand down!
Alice: It won’t listen to you; the asylum has a control on it!

The dragon was about to unleash another blast of energy, with Kaiba doing his best to stand in front of Princess Peach (as it was his fault in a way that they were in trouble) but then hesitated. There was a swirl of magic as it somehow split ont just three regular Blue Eyes White Dragons.

???: Well, about time I get into some fun!

The group turned, seeing someone wearing a red jacket and also wielding a Duel Disk. The figure turned with a grin with a Defusion card in his hand.

Jaden: What? I can’t have my own fun also?
Alice: You idiot! Now instead of one powerful dragon, you’re just making us have to fight three of them!
Kaiba: No, I think I know what he’s getting at.

Kaiba slowly took a step, each one painful as he felt the shadows of insanity trying to break him down again, clawing into his mind. But with Perry in hand, he’s able to withstand it a bit better. As this goes on, the asylum glows and begins to reassemble itself, and its voice echoes within Kaiba’s head once more.Give in…Give in… The asylum seemed to say. You’re insane…you’re absoulutely insane!

Alice: Are you sure this is a good idea? He could go rogue any minute.
Peach: I trust him. Things will work out.

The dragons waited for a chance to strike, growling softly. The asylum guards, having recovered from the collapse of the asylum, still watched with intent (and now were munching on bags of popcorn Link also conveniently carried on him). Kaiba looked into the eyes of his dragons, and then to the asylum itself.

Kaiba: So what if I’m insane? I admit that it’s crazy for me to go face these dragons without help, or the fact that I’m going into it just to get to Yugi. But it’s like that Princess said. (points Perry at the dragons) My name is Seto Kaiba, and this mad house is about to say good-bye!

At this, the dragons seemed to understand, flapping their mighty wings to create an updrift. Thunder and lightning rumbled from a distance as everyone else looked on.

Kaiba: Blue Eyes White Dragons, destroy the asylum with WHITE LIGHTNNG!

With that cry, the dragons turned and opened their mouths, unleashing their attacks onto the asylum.

Back at the PWF, the backup generators had just turned on and the wrestlers were calming down…well, almost all. Matt was munching on grapes in a panic, squeezing them as he looked at how the asylum let out a bright light as if it was hit by a bomb.

Matt: Jesus Christ…

And for the second time that day, another tremor rocked the PWF and caused another blackout.

The asylum laid in ruins, the dragons faded into light, and Kaiba dropped to his knees once more, Perry in hand. Princess Peach rushed toward him, a peach in hand.

Peach: Take this—it’ll give you strength.
Kaiba: It won’t grow into the size of a house, right? (Peach shakes her head) If you say so.

With a loud crunch!, Kaiba takes the peach and feels his energy restored. As this goes on, Jaden turns to K and tilts his head.

Jaden: I really don’t get why you’re disguising yourself, Kairi. I mean, what’s there to hide?

Princess Peach and Alice turn to K who looked completely shocked at how nonchalant Jaden revealed her identity. Sighing, she removes her wig and glasses, revealing herself as Kairi, with her Destiny’s Embrace Keyblade by her side.

Kairi: Yes, it’s true. I’m not an assistant to Black Jack. I’m… one of the chosen maidens: one of The Princesses of Heart.
Peach: But you’ve been here for awhile now, and a few of us have been very nice to you. Ruby Rose, especially. So why would you hide your identity?
Kairi: It’s not them, I’m worried about. It’s a bunch of people who really detest me. A group of them even tried to kill me last month. (turns to Kaiba) I beg you that you don’t tell them about my current position with Black Jack or with Murray… if that’s all right with you.

There’s some silence as Jaden looked up, Alice turned back to her normal form, and Princess Peach, noticing the sun coming out, prepareed a regular pink parasol to shade herself. Kaiba, after a few seconds, just nods his head.

Kaiba: Fine, but you know I don’t like repaying favors.
Kairi: (smiles) Thank you. (gathers the rest of her disguise and places it back on) I just hope this is the last of giant Duel Monsters causing trouble.
Jaden: But this isn’t the end. Yugi and the other Proxy guys are out there. It does give me a very crazy idea though.
Alice: And what would that be? Are you going to make a group of people who give hope to others in the midst of despair?
Jaden: That does sound cool, but maybe later. I have to get going though. See ya.

With Jaden rushing off, Kairi readjusts her disguise as Peach pets Perry, the parasol smiling back. She then turned to Kaiba.

Peach: If you ever encounter a young girl and her sumo-wrestler friend, they’re interested to gather anything involving those who enter the asylum. And keep Perry on you, for good luck.
Kaiba: Well…thank you either way. And…I’m sorry about your cake….and your friend.
Peach: It’s all right. When Ash returns, I’ll make another one for him and Pikachu, and I’ll make one just for you also. And I’ll tell Daisy that it was all a big misunderstanding. Now, we should get going to the GUAG Medical Division, just in case. I’m going back there myself.
Alice: I’m going to talk to the other Princesses about this matter. Kai…K…if you need us, send us a sign, all right?
K: I will. Come on…(sees the asylum slowly rebuilding itself) We’ve got a lot of work to do.

The group goes off on their separate ways. As they do, Kaiba finds himself singing, with Perry chiming in. Peach takes a glance at K, somewhat nervous as to whether or not Kaiba was 100% free from whatever madness Yugi put on him. But for the time being, all was well.As they left, Princess Peach took one last glance at the asylum as Kaiba’s voice echoed in her ears.Run, you better run…you better run for your life…

It would’ve been hard to sleep when you heard the sounds of destruction close by…that and waking up to a nightmare.After waking up from that nightmare, Sora rushed toward a window for some fresh air and had just witnessed the fight between princesses and dragons from beginning to end. Upon hearing Jaden’s voice about K… he had grown silent.

Ash: Sora…are you…

Sora stayed silent, hearing Perry the Parasol’s voice as he watched K, no Kairi walk off with Princess Peach and Seto Kaiba. Just knowing minutes ago that Kaiba was close to killing Kairi made him unable to say anything. He just stood there, watching the empty space for what felt like an eternity as it occurred to him just what had transpired, what he had seen, and what he had just given himself up to…And then, Sora began to laugh.Ash and Jaune watched in horror—Link just prepared his sword—as Sora continued to laugh, the boy’s eyes mad and glowing as he continued his laugh. Louder and louder it grew, the boy’s aura growing larger and larger as he continued, his voice rattling against the asylum’s walls, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and questioning to themselves just what had happened to their master.

Jaune: (fearful) He…he’s gone mad!
Ash: (trembling as he steps back) This aura…it’s too much.

Ash fell to his knees, blood falling down his mouth as he saw a black aura, black as sin, cover Sora, smothering Sora, almost as if it wanted Sora for its own. This wasn’t Sora speaking to them, but rather as if the asylum had become a part of Sora’s genetic makeup.After two or three minutes of non-stop laughter, Sora took a deep breath, head hanging low. Ash, Jaune and Link stayed silent before they heard their master speak.

Sora: (monotone) I was such a fool to believe in their lies! Of course they would hurt her, of course they would go after her! There’s only one thing that I want to do to them.
Sora: No, none of that. We need to get one more ally in our team. Someone who can provide us an army. And I know who should be the one. But we need to wait for the right moment to strike.

He stretched his arms out, his mind seeing deep into the asylum, where Riku was resting for the night ahead, Seth Rollins was shadow boxing, and Jason Brody was leaning against the wall, alert for any threat that would come there way. He wants to see where Sly is, but there is a gap or a block that prevents him from seeing the truth. Sora didn’t care though—he would soon have enough soldiers at his beck and call.He heard the moans and groans of the asylum, as if the asylum itself was waking up, and the asylum asked him a question.What would you want me to do?Sora paused, curious to hear that the asylum sounded soft, breathy, a bit feminine, innocent…but he knew the answer to the question and he smiled.

Sora: Asylum! For my first command…

Ash and Jaune looked in horror as the vines of the asylum slowly moved toward them, slithering like snakes. Link also showed an expression of terror, as a vine suddenly thrust and pierced through his heart, making him gasp and blood to escape his mouth.

Jaune: What are you doing, Sora?
Sora: Mutiny. (grins) Make these guardians loyal only to ME!
Ash: You’re insane! You’re insane! We are loyal to you!
Sora: But that’s the problem, Ashie-boy. (smiles) You aren’t loyal enough.

Sora raised a hand into the air, the vines folowing his movements and stopped just at Jaune and Ash’s faces, the two looking in fear as to the fates they were about to experience. There was some silence as Sora watched them before he spoke.

Sora: (whispers) Now.

And then, the only thing that could be heard within the asylum walls were the sounds of muffled screams.

Asylum Log 15: Mickey Mouse and the Gang in…Truths and Dares 

Two hours before Log 11

???: What crackerbox would put two pretty ladies against each other in such a clash? It makes me wanna scream.
Donald: Madoka and Homura clashing!? What’s the big idea?

Donald Duck and Dimitri Lousteau were at the gates of the House of Quirks, conversing about the recent events dubbed The Great Upheaval, and how the ascension of Madoka Kaname has been causing a lot of chaos that got the attention of the entire pantheon. This left the events with the asylum almost forgotten about apart from the recent struggle to rescue the Princesses of Heart from the Darkness Proxy’s clutches.

Dimitri: An asylum and two chicks clashing. What’s next: the Maiden of Death strikes at us?
Donald: (facepalming) Rule number one: get over yourself. Rule number two: I MEAN IT. Get over yourself. And rule number three: we find Mickey and see if he can help Madoka and Homura stop this nonsense.

Soon, a train pulled up at the nearby railway station, with a few of the pantheon’s workmen pull out some stacked newspapers to give to everyone at the House of Quirks. Before they could do the delivery, Donald grabs his newspaper, The Sucker Punch Daily, and begins to read. The front page mostly covered on the ongoing Upheval. But the secondary article there mentioned something that Donald didn’t want to see.

Donald: Okay, “the asylum has corrupted several innocents for it’s own evil gang. Among those confirmed: Ash Ketchum, Link, Sly Cooper”
Dimitri: (shocked) They did what to Cooper? That weird boy in armor is going to be a broken vase by the time Dimitri finally catches up with him.
Donald: (deadpan) Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’ll be terrified to be attacked by your weak harpoons.

Donald just placed his hand on his face in embarrassment for Dimitri’s idle threats, and then picked up the newspaper again to continue reading the names of those corrupted.

Donald: Anyway, back to the names. Ash, Link, Sly, I know already. Jason Brody, Jaune Arc, and… (shocked) Whaa!?! Sora!? It can’t be. This isn’t happening!!
Dimitri: So they got the Keyboy also? Well this is—
Donald: Enough with your paranoid dilemma. Remember rules one and two, which both mention to get over yourself. Look Dimitri, I need you to do me a favor.
Dimitri: I’m listening.

Donald then whispers into Dimitri’s ear to avoid the rest of the house from learning about their plans, and prevent a panic all over. Donald tells Dimitri that in order to save Sly and Sora from the asylum’s hold, they must first get in contact with Mickey and Goofy and bring them over to a safe spot.

Donald: (finishing) So, you go and tell Mickey to meet us in front of Nature, while I go and get Goofy.
Dimitri: Fear not, little duck. I’ll shine in the bling and get the mouse to the super-sized garden.
Donald: (to himself as Dimitri runs off) Egghead.

In the House of Personality, Goofy practiced throwing his shield at some dummies. He didn’t want anything to do with the asylum after what happened with the Darkness Proxy, and practicing shield throwing was the best way to concentrate and focus. He was so busy that he didn’t notice someone knocking at the door until he saw someone toss a brick at his window, shattering it into pieces.

Donald: (climbing over the window) Goofy, we have trouble!
Goofy: Is it about the asylum? I don’t want anything to do with it, I told you so! It’s creepy, spooky and—
Donald: IT GOT SORA!!!!

At that cry, many gods open their doors and poke their heads out to see Donald look in embarrassment. Donald laughs a bit before he enters the temple and hastily pulls out the newspaper for Goofy to read.

Ten minutes later, Mickey was at the front of the House of Nature as Dimitri began explaining how mad he was at seeing Sly captured. Mickey was more amazed at how Sly, Bentley and Murray actually became friends with Dimitri (considering their history and all) but just nodded his head as Dimitri kept ranting.

Dimitri: While everyone else is focused on that unnecessary cat fight with those magic girls, we are all scurrying around in a maze like mice and we’re searching for the exit…except our exit is actually a TRAP that Alternate!Gentaro is planning for!
Donald: (rushing toward Dimitri) How many times have I mentioned rules one and two?!

Mickey looks to see his closest friends arrive, exhausted but in one piece.

Dimitri: I feel it though. We are trapped! There is something about to come, something forboding!
Goofy: Like what?
Dimitri: I don’t know, but it’s like B-Movie bad! Like Plan 9 from Outer Space bad!
Donald: The more you shout, the more you’re going to get others curious about it.

As the three talk, Mickey’s eyes widen with an idea. It was crazy, yes, but if it was pulled off correctly, it would help.

Mickey: Guys, I have an idea!
Donald: Like what?
Mickey: The Proxy tried to take the Princesses last week, but we stopped them, right? So, what if we get more gods to help us? You know, like what Dimitri said!
Donald: WHAT?!

Donald was flabbergasted at about his friend’s plan.

Donald: You’re actually agreeing with Dimitri!?
Mickey: I’m afraid to say this, but yes…

The Disney trio, along with Dimitri, left for the House of nature to gather allies.

Three Hours Later, Dimitri and the Toon trio arrived in the House of Otherness with several deities they’ve gathered from several houses. Among the deities they’ve gathered were Aladdin, Genie, Ariel, Melody, Jack Skellington, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Beast, Belle, Fa Mulan, Jack Sparrow, Quasimodo, and Auron.

Mickey: Alright, everyone! I’ve gathered you all here to form a group here! I call it the Toon Rescue And Protection Party, or TRAP for short. Our purpose is to restore the corrupted deities to normal!

Everyone in the group looked at each other. Donald had an annoyed look towards Dimitri.

Donald: (thinking) I wish I hadn’t met you here.
Mickey: Do any of you have your thoughts in on this?
Aladdin: I’ve got one. Riku was kidnapped by Ash Ketchum? I don’t mean to sound rude, but, that is just plain weird.
Mickey: It is quite funny when you think about it. Ash is hardly any of a threat, and most of us either dismiss or pity him because he can never win, learn, or age. We only lost Riku because he just had an operation. Even just thirty minutes of rest, and Riku would’ve been able to foil his kidnapping.
Auron: And we know how this story will end. To Ash and his friends, this is just another movie where they encounter something cute or “cool” who’s having a problem with a one dimensional villain or another creature. Someone dies and is revived, the villain is defeated anticlimactically, and they just continue on like nothing happened. And sometimes, the villain becomes either overcliché, or a member of Team Rocket. Just ask Mewtwo.
Mickey: Yep. Ash is foregone conclusion. But, that still does not mean it would be easy for the others to be purified. Do we have any more questions?

Before anyone could voice their sentiment about the formation, a mysterious figure lept from a rooftop.

???: Sorry for crashing your little meeting here, mouse.

Mickey and Jack’s eyes narrowed. More so with Jack, due to a scuffle with her in the past. Her eyes meet with the living skeleton.

Auron: (angry) You!
Dimitri: You have no right to be here, Neyla.
Neyla: My business is not with you guys.
Jack Skellington: Then why are you even here?
Neyla: I’ve secretly followed you and that duck to get some information about that asylum. I’m going to take that asylum for myself and use Sly as my slave. Until then, keep squirming until you fall to the asylum. See you later.

The female deity leaves the House of Otherness, letting the TRAP party resuming their activities.

Jack Skellington: (angry) That Neyla… The next time I see her, I’m going to give her a bag of surprises.
Mickey: I know about your enmity with her, Mr. Skellington, but our priority is on Sora and the corrupted deities.
Jack Skellington: Right.

Jack Skellington calms down as Mickey addressed more details.

Mickey: I’m not done yet. Black Jack has informed me that there are strange things happening to Jak, and Sly has been corrupted. Any questions? (looks at everyone else in the group) I guess that’s it. Here’s the plan: Donald, Goofy, Dimitri, and I will be going into bunker. Quasimodo, get yourself ready for any refuges that escape the asylum. Peter Pan, Auron… oh, and Tinker Bell. You guard the House of Life and Death. Aladdin, Genie, Beast, go and gather the princesses so that last week’s hysteria is not repeated.
Belle: But where do you want us to be kept until we’re safe?
Mickey: I’ve made an arrangement to use Sanguine Hall nearby as our base of operation. You should be safe there. Ariel, Melody, go and gather us some Pokémon that can aid us. And for us to protect them. Especially Yveltal.
Melody: Thanks. Keldeo is looking forward to proving himself as a Sword of Justice even further.
Mickey: Captain Sparrow, look for Courtney Gears. I fear that she, like Neyla, may be using this whole event to help Dr. Nefarious with the third biobliterator he’s rumored to be building.
Jack Sparrow: Hold your dolphins, mate. That pop star is one we pirates dread after she stole the rum from the Pearl last week.
Mickey: I’ll make sure you get back your rum. And Mulan, find Team RWBY and Team JNPR.
Mulan: Mickey, half of them are absent. Weiss is in Atlas, Blake won’t stay anywhere for long, Yang has not been seen in ages, and I cannot say why Pyrrha can’t help us.
Ariel: Wait, where is Simba?
Mickey: I was told by Rafiki that Simba is currently leading a battle against the Cragmites at Pride Rock. Guess Tachyon wasn’t properly banished last week.
Aladdin: How long can he hold the battle?
Auron: Cragmites are just darkness. They’ll fall easily to strongly willed lions.
Mickey: Rrrright. And Mr. Skellington, I want you to investigate the proxy. We need to learn more about them, and what they are planning.

Having everything planned out, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Dimitri went to the bunker Sora and Riku previously used while everyone else parted ways and went back to their own temples.Before the four of them left the House of Otherness, someone approaches them.

???: Mickey, we need your help!
Mickey: What is it, Bentley?
Bentley: Something weird is happening to Jak.
Goofy: Is he hurt?
Bentley: His head does seem to hurt for some reason.
Mickey: Sorry, but I have other plans.
Dimitri: As do I.
Bentley: Surprised to see you here, Dimitri. Where are you going?
Dimitri: I need to be with someone to broadcast about the events of the asylum.
Bentley: Ooookay… (to Donald and Goofy) How about you two?
Goofy: I’d be glad to help.
Donald: (sigh) I’m coming with you too.
Bentley: Good. come meet with me at the bunker when you’re ready.

Bentley departs the House of Otherness as the group discuss their next move, with Donald and Goofy following him.

Jak held his head as he groaned in agony inside the computer world. The pain was too much for him to handle as he fell down on his knees. Daxter and Juggle Pup went by his side.

Jak: (groans in pain) Something’s not right with my head. It hurts…!
Daxter: Jak!

For a few moments, Jak remained on his knees as he clings his head in pain. The headache disappeared, and he stands up, feeling alright.

Daxter: What was that all about?
Jak: I don’t know, but I’m thinking about some things. I remember Ed giving me a pinwheel as a commitment to save Riku.
Daxter: Wait a minute, I don’t recall the hacker girl sharing this with us.

The ottsel suspected something irregular about his friend. Was Jak blabbering nonsense, or was making things up? Daxter grabbed him by his hand.

Jak: Dax, where are we going?
Daxter: We better find the hackers and address this issue to them. There seems to be something wrong with your head.
Jak: Hackers? What hackers? Where are we, Dax?
Daxter: (deadpan) Space Paranoids. You’ve already forgotten where we are!?
Jak: All I know is that we’re suppose to find someone named Tron. He did save us from the MCP once, and I saved him from Clu.
Daxter: (thinking) These must be more of Sora’s memories.

The duo leave to find the hackers in a bid to solve Jak’s “amnesia.”

Noah and Ed were keeping a close eye on Sora in case the brunette keybearer went on a tantrum. All Sora did was just stand there, cluching his pinwheel to his heart as he remembers Ed’s promise to find a cure for his illness and save Riku.

Ed: Do you think he’s going to be fine?
Noah: Even if we made careful procedures, I don’t know how long the process will last.
Ed: Ed’s sure that Sora will overcome this.
Noah: You’re determined for a girl that was accompanied by three adults on a ship.
Ed: I can’t wait to tell Spike and the others about my adventures with you guys!
Noah: Well, that can wait until all of this is over
Sora: Aghh!

The duo both looked at Sora, who was covering his head to alleviate a headache he suddenly received.

Ed: Sora! What’s wrong!?
Noah: We should wait until he recovers.

The Bebop hacker agrees and the duo watched. A minute and forty-five seconds later, the brunette Keyblade wielder’s headache was gone. Noah and Ed looked at each other before looking at Sora.

Noah: Are you feeling alright, Sora? Please answer!
Sora: Y…Yeah, I’m fine. I don’t know why I had a headache. But I’ve been through worse. (sternly) Thanks to Praxis. And Erol.
Ed: Whew… That was close. Ed’s relieved that you’re okay.
Noah: Are you really back to normal after that anomaly?
Sora: I’m fine…. physically. For reason, I have a recall time where Daxter and I were following Otacon.
Ed: You and Daxter? But Daxter only follows Jak.
Noah: Something definitely seems off here.
Sora: Everything else is- Owwgh… Not again! AAAGGGHHH!

Before the brunette keyblade wielder could do anything further, he collapsed on the floor.

???: Sora!

Ed and Noah turned to see that Donald and Goofy rushed to his aid. The toon duck looked at the data ghost.

Donald: (angry) What have you done to Sora?
Noah: Calm down! Ed and I didn’t do a thing to him.
Ed: Donald, please. Ed knows he’s being honest.

The toon duck backed down as Goofy examined Sora’s unconscious body.

Goofy: What happened to Sora?
Ed: He was having a headache and then all of a sudden, he passed out.
Noah: Sora also mentioned that he and Daxter were following Otacon. We must get in contact with Otacon to warn him about Sora and maybe Jak as well.