The Friendship Asylum Act Three

Intermission 2 – Greasy Sweet Broadcast

Freddie Benson learned that there was still one Cooper Gang member not involved in the madness: Dimitri Losteau. So he headed to the House of Theater to pick him up.

Dimitri was already preparing to help the gang in any way he could after learning from Bentley what was going on. That was where Freddie found him.

Freddie: Um, Mr. Losteau. I’m here for…
Dimitri: (turns around) For what? I am here for the danger and the Pow! Wham! Kazam! That, I learned from Monsieur Adam West. I am, as he was in, going to bring the Camp back!
Freddie: Actually, I’m wondering if you can help spread the news about the recent asylum corruptions. You see, I was working with April O’Neil and then Riku…but both were taken into the asylum. So…
Dimitri: (snatches microphone) Testing…is this on. Let me do test run. (takes deep breath) ATTENTION! There’s dark times going on in the house of friendship and harmony. We have big chaotic voodoo going round and I’m here to lay the smackdown on everything. So here’s the sitch:
Freddie: No! If you say it like that, no one is going to take it seriously. Are you sure you’re English is up to date?
Dimitri: I listened to the finest hip-hop videos over the Atlantic. They know that it’s fresh and funky…am I right? If not, I can always do French! Like so.
Freddie: No, no that’s fine. Look, why don’t we go to the bunker and get King Mickey and Murray to explain.
Dimitri: Smart! With that, I can practice my lines for the show.

Freddie just rolls his eyes as he and Dimitri walk back to the bunker, Freddie trying to figure out how to make Dimitri serious about the whole situation. The chances of that were harder than making the Disgraces change their ways.

At the bunker, Mickey Mouse and Murray see Freddie and Dimitri enter. Murray’s confused as to why Dimitri is there, but then he sees the microphone.

Murray: Are you going to rap on live TV again?
Dimitri: Not today, my pink hippo friend. I…am doing the news just as the lady sings it. Freddie here is televising my exploits! I will be bringing the Pantheon 9-1-1 to everyone.
Freddie: No. Dimitri, if you don’t tell everyone what’s going on, they’ll just…(beat) They won’t want to go! Dimitri, keep doing what you’re doing! You’re a genius! You can be the forerunner of a new type of news…”Jive news”
Mickey: Freddie, this isn’t a joke! You saw April captured; everyone has a right to—
Dimitri: Son of Ben is correct. Do the countdown! I am going to be a STAR!
Freddie: All right. In 5…4…3…2…
Dimitri: Good evening, lassies and ladies. It’s Dimitri Losteau, the funkiest god of this-here pantheon, filling in for April O’Neil. Our top story for this sparkly night is more on that creepy asylum. (picture of the asylum appears) Based on my current performance, Riku is, shall I say, “dancing in the dark”. After a creepy surgeon with a scar played with his arms, (picture of Black Jack appears) my dear raccoon friend has spread these very shiny orbs all over Riku, and then boom! The roof of that room flattens the whole building like a pancake, (ruins of the GUAG Medical Devision is shown)but thanks to that lad with the magic hammer, everything there is alright.
Murray: (pushes Dimitri away) But don’t worry everyone! THE MURRAY has hired a wrestler by the name of Rey Mysterio to get involved. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprise that he’s going “Booyaka! Booyaa! 6-1-9” on the asylum right now!
Mickey: The asylum is dangerous! Please, we don’t know how to combat its darkness. Everyone stay away and—
Dimitri: There is also word of two twin pine kids who have come bringing in those meddling Scooby kids into this crazy mystery shindig that they do. Will they do with the banana splitting and find clues? Will they find the bad guy hiding in a monstrous disguise? Will—
Murray: And Rey’s not the only wrestler who’s gonna LAY THE SMACKDOWN on that asylum’s candy—
Mickey: As I said, DO NOT ENTER. We are in danger!

Freddie nods his head as the trio continues their conflicting news report. Things were according to plan.

All around the Pantheon, gods were watching the broadcast with amusement, shock, or maybe both.

Goblin King Jareth was juggling crystal balls when he heard the news of Fireys being controlled by the asylum. He saw more and more clips of the Labyrinth, his Labyrinth, being controlled. He nearly crushed a ball in hand in anger.

Jareth: This…has made me interested.

Elena looked at the broadcast, her heart torn in two at how a good friend of hers could cause so much trouble. Even after going to Pinkie Pie, who she had learned was suffering bruises from her older sister’s beatdown just days ago, she couldn’t muster the courage to smile. She just wantSuddenly, there was a knock was at her door. She opened the door to find a package waiting for her, with no return address.

Elena: Who could this be from?

She unwrapped the package and gasped: She had Mitsuzane’s Sengoku Driver and Grape Lockseed in her hands. She didn’t know where they came from, but just touching them made her feel full of anguish. Whether it was because it was from the driver, or it was herself feeling guilty, she couldn’t really tell.

Without a moment to lose, she rushed toward Dudley’s temple.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were beyond pissed at the sight. How could they go save Seth without backup? That’s why they were at the House of Ambiguity. Travis Touchdown was in the Anti Hero division, with Rey Mysterio picking up a beam katana of his own. Many gods knew that Rey was not a god to mess with despite his size, but Rey with a sword? Those who mistook Rey as a pushover was considered suicidal.

Travis: Sorry, you’ll have to pay for beam katana rentals. Rey gets it only cause he has the credentials to prove that he can fight with one.
Ambrose: We don’t care about that. We need help. Lots of it.
Reigns: And you’re the only god here worth a crap right now. The other wrestlers here are too “busy” with the night and that.

Rey nodded his head. Gangrel and Luna had sealed their temple shut prior to the Princess of Heart scattering, and the Wyatt Family was more interested in watching the Pantheon burn. Many of the other wrestlers had been injured in the previous bout or some just didn’t plain care at all. Rey cared though.

Rey: So, you ready to head to the asylum again?
Ambrose: We only want Seth back, nothing more. Whatever happens is up to you. We’re sick and tired of having to deal with the madhouse, and well, everyone’s sick and tired of beating the crap out of purple grape kid.
Reigns: Not unless you count Matt Hardy’s ‘grape feud’. Seriously, why does he always eat green grapes?

Travis laughs a bit at that as he hangs upside down from his makeshift wrestling ring.

Travis: You wanna paint the madhouse red? Let’s do so. I always wanted to see you guys in action.

Emmet finalized the plan with the Council of Cloudcuckooland, glad that everything was in order. By dawn the next day, the Vault would be theirs to open.

Emmet: Is there anything else we are going to need?
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, I’m going to need…that guy’s arm.

Sackboy was Victor “Cyborg” Stone, looking around in curiosity and confusion.

Quill: No, Rocket does not need the arm. He’s kidding, right?
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: I was gonna give it back, don’t worry. Don’t have a cow.
Drax: Groot can’t have cows anyway.
Gamora: (rolls eyes)
Emmet: So now, lend me your ears everyone. Give me any LEGO you have kept on hand and I will use it to bring about the Destructor as a whole!

Cheers rang throughout the Council of Cloudcuckooland.

In the House of Love, Mahiro took care of Nyarko in his temple, glad that Nyarko was doing much better. Nyarko sighed and opened her eyes.

Nyarko: M…Mahiro-kun? Am I dreaming?
Mahiro: No, you’re not. I’m here for you now. (sees the news of Dimitri, Murray and Mickey telling news) But it’s not over yet. We have to do something.
Nyarko: Mahiro…was it true that you felt pity for Mitsuzane?
Mahiro: Yeah, I did. I mean, he still did evil, and his intentions caused all of this to happen…but I still felt pity in that he could still be good, but now he never will. Even as a villain, he doesn’t have someone who loves him, minus his older brother.
Nyarko: I…I want to do something for Takatora. It’s the least I can do….(sits up) While Takatora is healing, I’ll go see him every day and cheer him up. That’s what Gentaro…that’s what’d he do.

Mahiro nodded his head as the two cuddled a bit. Then, he noticed a strange pink haired girl with a cellphone running past his temple. His eyes widened in fear…that was none other than Yuno Gasai. He shuddered to think what the heck Yuno had in mind.

Yuno Gasai was in love. Not like in love in comparison to her precious Yuki, but rather the destruction and dismemberment of Mitsuzane Kureshima that Alternate!Gentaro did. How could someone so pure and happy create something something so violent and evil? It made her heart a flutter.

Yuno: (thinking) I have to learn those techniques…then I’ll make sure no one messes with me and Yuki!

Yukiteru “Yuki” Amano felt jealousy burning in him—how could Yuno, his Yuno, fall in love with someone else? Alternate!Gentaro didn’t fight for Yuno’s love, he did! Only Yuki could be with Yuno…it boiled his blood as he saw Yuno skip about, looking at his ‘Random Diary’ to see what was going on, keeping a short distance from

Yukiteru: (reading his diary) “Alternate!Gentaro appeared in front of Yuno, and asks to kill his right-hand crow…” Eric Draven?

Yukiteru slipped behind Beast keeping guard of the House of Love as Alternate!Gentaro appeared in the shadows. OF course, Alternate!Gentaro would appear in a place where Beast couldn’t see him. Yukiteru leaned close.

Yuno: Y…you’re so handsome….
Alternate!Gentaro: Thank you, precious. I’m asking you to kill my right-hand crow for me. I’ve gotten tired of him and no longer need his services. Do this, and I’ll grant you one wish.
Yuno: Of course! Anything for you…

That did it. Yuki didn’t have to read his Random Diary to know that Yuno was head over heels in love with Alternate!Gentaro. He looked at the box of darts he carried on him, for emergencies of course, and nodded his head. Hewould kill Eric Draven, and he would show Yuno that no one would be hers except him. If Yuno wanted Yuki to be hers, then he would show her.He’d show how big of a Yandere he could be.

Misty trudged through the House of Personal Appearance before finding a temple marked with a scroll depicting a frog. Nodding her head, she opened the door.

Misty: Excuse me…are you in here?

In front of her was a large pond, still and tranquil. In the center of it was a large lilypad where Greninja stood in meditation. Misty cleared her throat.

Misty: I need your help. A friend of mine is in trouble! Will you aid me?

Greninja opens one of its eyes and makes a few symbols with its webbed feet. Then, it forms a water shuriken large enough to slice Misty’s head off. Misty prepars a Poké ball, just in case. Then, Greninja threw the shuriken into the air where it exploded.

Greninja: Nin. ja.
Misty: Yeah, that’s what Ash did. And we need to stop him before he hurts others.

Dimitri: So now, I must sign off. But do not worry, I am signing autographs in my temple for those who want to know more about…Jive News. That’s all.

Dimitri finishes off his Jive News and leaves the bunker, convinced that his show was a success. Mickey however, wasn’t happy with the results, knowing that he’d be a laughing stock once the whole asylum business is over with.

Freddie: And…cut! Perfect. That was absolutely perfect you three.
Mickey: Perfect? PERFECT?! Freddie Benson, this is not a joke! Something is wrong with Jak, Riku has been kidnapped and the Darkness Proxy is preparing who knows what? And you think this is a joke?
Freddie: The asylum is going to take anyone who gets in it so if we get gods away from it, then the asylum can’t get anymore guards! I’m doing you a favor!
Mickey: But how can we save the inmates if no one goes in?

As Freddie and Mickey argue over the Jive News, the computer began to beep out a message. Ein took notice of the beeping, and barked over to Murray to let him know.

Murray: Guys…
Freddie: I suppose you have another plan for that, King of Toons?
Mickey: It involves not making fools out of ourselves!
Murray: Guys….
Freddie: Well, then let’s fight! My fencing foil against your Keyblade. We’ll see who comes out on—
Murray: (unleashes the Guttural Roar, freezing Mickey and Freddie) Guys! We have an incoming message.
Mickey: (not moving, his lips straining) Who is it from?
Murray: The Goblin King.

Asylum Log 16: Truth and Ideals

While Ed and Noah helped to secure Sora in the digitized world, Otacon is trying his best to find Tron. He’s in awe of this digital world, hoping that he could do something if he was to fight. Still, he braved through some of the toughest challenges with Snake by his side. He could do this.

Otacon: Tron? Hello? Can you hear me? I’m Dr. Hal Emmerich…but you can call me Otacon. I’m a good friend of Bentley, who’s a good friend of Sora…um, I heard that Sora saved you from the asylum, right?

Suddenly, Rinzler appears right behind him, but glowing in darkness. He may be out of the asylum, but he was still corrupted. Otacon gulped. He had no weapons on hand, yet Rinzler has a disk. Sure, using a disk sounds unfrightening, but in the computer world, it’s equitant to a BFG.

Ratchet and Absol were on the run. They slid into the House of Technology to see Clank in deep meditation. A sigh escapes Ratchet’s lips—Clank wasn’t corrupted. He takes a glance at the other gods here. They were powerful all on their own, and it made him happy to see Clank join their ranks.

Clank: We’ve got some bad news. The asylum has taken Riku, and now there have been strange reports about Jak being possessed. He and Daxter are inside the computer world as we speak.
Ratchet: How do you know?
Clank: Bentley told me. We should return to that asylum tonight and kidnap Riku. He’s depowered during the night, so it would be easier.
Ratchet: Easier? Didn’t you see the news? They’ve got April, and just now, Absol and I had to escape from some goblins with fiery limbs!
Clank: That is true… but I know a secret passage that the guardians don’t know about. We should use it to grab Riku while he’s asleep, then take him back to Bentley.
Ratchet: Normally, I’d not be so sure on this, but still, it’s thanks to you, Clank, that we’ve gotten through a lot of tight situations. And as long as I’m wearing this “raincoat”, the darkness can’t get to me.
Clank: Then…I guess it’s time for me to become Secret Agent Clank.
Absol looked at the two and chuckled a bit. She’s used to the image of Riku and Mickey in black cloaks, but would never imagine anyone else in such an outfit. After a stare from the duo, she stopped.

Otacon swallows the lump in his throat as Rinzler approaches him. If only he could easily hack this place—why didn’t he ask Kite for that Key of Twilight? Ed said she was trying to make her own copy of it just for emergencies.

Otacon: I am a friend…I am not here to hurt you. You know Sora right? Sora…Sora was able to save you from the darkness and now he’s in the virtual world. His soul is dying and we need to make sure you’re safe. Please Tron, please don’t make me fight you!
Rinzler: Sora’s… dying?

Rinzler then passes out, the darkness corrupting him fading away. This restores him back to Tron, which is what Edward had been trying to do over the past week under Sora’s request. It turned out Otacon’s theory on programs and souls being able to withstand full corruption was true, but Tron is in need of rest. Then…

Daxter: Don’t worry, data-dude. It happened to us when we were freed from corruption, too.

Jak and Daxter, with Juggle Pup alongside them, were on the sidelines, waiting for Rinzler to attack Otacon so that they could pull a Big Damn Heroes moment… but it turned out that the terrible news regarding Sora was enough for Tron to snap out of corruption.

Otacon: You were there the whole time? I could’ve been hurt!
Daxter: But you weren’t! You were able to help Tron snap out of it and now we gotta make sure he gets a good reboot.
Otacon: I hope no one else tries to invade Space Paranoids. Bentley kept mentioning about this Clu person who kept going after him.
Jak: (holding a deactivated Tron) Whatever Clu wants, it can’t be any worse than what’s going on.
Daxter: Amen to that.

Bentley then reaches the four, asking for Tron’s disk. Jak hands the disk over, and Bentley tampers with it, deleting the corrupting data that was installed the night Tron was corrupted. To take further precautions, they read the memory bank to find more clues on who is the mastermind of the asylum.

Bentley: Based on the readings in Tron’s memory bank, it wasn’t Clu who corrupted him, as I had spent the past few hours fearing.
Jak: If it was not Clu, then who was it?
Bentley: I don’t know. The memory bank just ends so suddenly right after Tron’s interactions with a blindfolded Ruby Rose shortly after that rampage on Thursday.
Jak: That’s the same with Dax and I. Our last memories before we were corrupted were of a Blitzball match.
Daxter: (thinking) Well I’m glad you remembered that.
Otacon: That was in the House of Sports…way too far from the House of Friendship. So the asylum can grab gods from the House of Friendship wherever they want.
Bentley: Or rather it chooses gods who have been corrupted by darkness or the like. (reads over a list of the gods who were evacuated) Most of the gods here have solid friendships so the asylum ‘rejected’ them, for better or worst.
Jak: Bentley, it’s too dangerous to talk here. Let’s discuss this after we get Tron safe from harm. And besides, there’s nothing else we can—

A blaring alarm for an incoming message comes true. A hologram appears—or rather two.

Jak: What? Clu again!?
Bentley: (narrows eyes) Clu… and Penelope!? what do you two want?
Clu: Drop the hostilities, turtle. You know how much I would love to crush Tron in his pitiful state.
Daxter: And how much we would love to turn you into little 1s and 0s!
Clu: However, I’ll go after him another time. Right now, the asylum is our main target—it has to go now.
Jak: And you’re talking to us, why?
Penelope: Your iguana friend is making a mess out of the news. Have you seen this?

Penelope pulls up the recent clip that Dimitri, Murray and Mickey made, the three trying to tell the news of the asylum in their own way. The audience cringes at everyone shoving one another.

Clu: In an attempt to persuade others to not go in the temple, these three have created a “comedy act” which is going to tempt others to go into the asylum…not like there weren’t people planning to go there.
Otacon: Well that’s just their choice then.
Penelope: You guys aren’t getting it—it’s close to sunset, and that’s when the asylum is at it’s strongest! Your spiky haired friend and…Cooper are going to be at their best. And remember that the Darkness Proxy escaped and that pop star glitch is planning something.

No one could deny Penelope had good points—Alternate!Gentaro was out there, and they had no idea what he was planning.

Clu: Discussion from the House of Villains reports that Alternate!Gentaro has issued another ‘distraction’ for them in the for of a “Make the person who caused my torment the most despair” contest. Even that is disgusting for my tastes.
Jak: So, what do you want to do about it?
Clu: I will try to find any more clues as to what exactly is causing the asylum to become what it is. I don’t know what I’ll come up with, but it’s better than some of us twiddling our thumbs all day, don’t you agree?
Bentley: And what about you…Penelope?
Penelope: I’ll bring some RC cars to take footage of the asylum. Normal gods can’t enter, but a simple RC car with a camera should provide some sort of evidence.
Otacon: Are you sure we can trust her, Bentley?

Bentley sighed as he looked at his ex-girlfriend, how they could’ve done so many things before her ambitions took over. He would love to have the old her back, but now was not the time to reminisce. He nodded his head.

Bentley: Do what you need to do. BUT if I see any sign of you backstabbing us, we’ll consider our little truce over.
Clu: Noted. You have my word that neither Penelope nor I will attack you until the Friendship Asylum falls and that everyone that was trapped inside is safely in their temples. Happy?
Bentley: Quite. Now, let’s get to work.

Before they could make a move, Jak’s eyes suddenly started to glow white. He was in another trance, but Sora was nowhere near him this time. He just stood there, letting the deactivated Tron fall to the ground.

Jak: (stoic) That ring… Smash that ring…
Otacon: A ring? What ring?
Bentley: I don’t know what Jak is talking about, but… he doesn’t seem to be himself. We better grab him and Tron, and get moving.

It is close to sunset. “Riku” walks through the LEGO walls to a small vine garden near the entrance and watches the sun drain him of his powers, and how the moon will strengthen “Sora”. He must rest now, and when the sun shows it’s early light, he will spread his wings and soar.

The two Fireys return, clearly tired from the whole day of searching for Jak, and without any success. “Riku” leaves the garden and confronts the two in anger.

“Riku”: Where is Jak!?
Firey 1: We could not find him. We thought he was with that lombax, then we thought he was at the House of Nature, then we thought that he was in that bunker.
“Riku”: He tried to stop me from taking this young man’s body… and he nearly succeeded if it were not for Ash. And how he’s fleed to a computer world, according to the master!
Firey 2: I can’t believe this! We’ve wasted the entire day of searching. Master Sora will be very angry to hear the bad news—
“Sora”: Oh, but I am!

“Sora” was awake, and now awaiting the moon for his powers to return. He and “Riku” grab the heads of the two Fireys, as the other three walk reach the entrance.

“Sora”: But I’ve got another task for you five instead. Your King has just ascended into this pantheon, and now plans to team up with our King to save everyone here.
Firey Leader: Wait? Our King!? Jareth? (the other two Fireys look at each other, getting an idea)
“Riku”: We want you guys to show your loyalty to the asylum. (he and “Sora” give the heads back to the Fireys) Are you willing to fight your own King for us?
All Fireys: Yeeesss!!
“Riku”: Good. That’s all we ask. I’m to sleep now, so I better have good results by sunrise… or else.

“Riku” then walks into his chambers, intending to sleep while he’s depowered. He twitches slightly, as if someone’s struggling to break free from his body. “Riku” shrugs it off, and lies in his bed.

The Fireys could not believe it. Jareth was in the pantheon. They proceed to speak to each other in private, with no one else paying attention. Unbeknownst to “Sora”, the Fireys were about to betray him over loyalty to Jareth.

Ratchet and Clank were wondering in the one place where the corruptees would never think to patrol: the sewers. By this point, Clank was wearing a tuxedo, which would mean he’s invading the asylum as “Secret Agent Clank”. And tonight’s episode is: “Kidnapping of a Keyblade Master”.

Ratchet: (holding his cloak up to prevent it from getting dirty). Eww. This is just too gross. Well, at least it’s better than the sewers of Planet Aquatos.
Clank: I know it’s a dirty job, but if you think this is too gross, then so would Maxwell, hence the lack of security here. Ah, here we are. This ladder will lead us into the basement of the asylum. Just remember, Ratchet: we need to rely on the shadows to prevent the guards from seeing us. Keep your hood up at all costs; if they see your fur, we’re dead metal.
Ratchet: At least Absol isn’t here. She would never be able to climb up that ladder. Um, where was she going again?
Clank: To find Mickey and help him out with the TRAP.

The two climb up the ladder and find themselves close to the heart of the asylum. There, they see Maxwell hunched over his notebook and a ring around his finger. Ratchet immediately recognizes it.

Ratchet: Isn’t that…Ma-ti’s Ring?

Clank’s eyes widen. It was said that Alternate!Gentaro stole the Heart Ring during the initial stages of “Project: Alternate Gentaro”, but the ring was missing after the asylum was built. Clank theorized that Maxwell might’ve found it, picked it up and, combined with the darkness of the asylum, got consumed by it. Thus, if one could get the ring, one could put an end to this darkness.

So now the mission was clear: distract Maxwell long enough to get the ring off of his finger and then destroy it. Hopefully Captain Planet could craft another ring that wouldn’t make people susceptible to mind control, nor would Ma-Ti be mad that it was destroyed.

Back in Noah’s temple in the computer world, Donald, Goofy and R & R Seal watch over Sora, as Ed tries her best to scan the Keybearer to figure out what is wrong with him. The now comatose Sora clinger in his hand and over his heart the orange pinwheel Ed had given him, and was smiling, which shows how important her promise was to him. Bentley makes his call from his location.

Bentley: (via hologram) Ed! We need to speak with you.
Ed: Ed’s listening.
Bentley: No! Not through hologram. Otacon, Jak, Daxter, Tron, and I are on our way to Noah’s world right now!
Goofy: Wait? Did you say Tron?
Bentley: Yes. Tron is alright now, and he has just been rebooted. Oh, and Ed? We’ve just been informed by Mickey that Jareth, the Goblin King, has offered an alliance with us. Once we reach you guys, we’re gonna try to make a connection with him.

Suddenly, Sora begins to move, with his digital “body” tossing and turning a bit. But he was not showing signs of waking up. R & R Seal poked at his face to get a reaction. There was none.

Ed: Sora’s dreams…is it possible for Ed or any of us to see into them?
Goofy: Gawrsh, that would be good. What if we could see into Sora’s mind?
Noah: That’d be impossible. Sora would need a body to possess and as long as Maxwell controls Riku, Sora might be able to last long.
Donald: Well, we will find a way to save Riku. Maybe then, Sora will regain his strength and even retake his body from that asylum.
Noah: That… could be possible. Edward, how much longer until the scan is completed?
Ed: Thirty minutes. (hugs Sora) Have sweet dreams, Sora. Ed and the others will save you soon.

Distracting Maxwell would be a big challenge. But if it’s the only way to get Ma-ti’s ring off and destroy it, Ratchet is willing to go through with it. They had to be subtle, so the RYNO wasn’t going to cut it (much as Ratchet would love to give it a go). Plus Maxwell could summon anything and put adjectives on them all (which was why he had a seat in the Main House in the first place) so they had to make sure that Maxwell didn’t set eyes on them. It would be much easier if either of them had Sly’s stealth, but Ratchet and Clank would have to take care of this on their own.

But just as the two approach Maxwell, they heard a muffled scream from upstairs. Ratchet turns. He knows that voice—it’s Carmelita Fox! Clank nods his head and points to Maxwell, giving Ratchet enough time to race toward Carmelita’s screams in the hopes of saving her.

Ratchet is glad that the black cloak makes him blend in with the shadows. Brody was asleep, so he won’t pay attention to the lombax on the move. Using his ears, Ratchet picks up the sound on his left and sees Carmelita pinned to a wall with black tentacles pouring electricity into her body.

Carmelita was in danger of being corrupted… and Ratchet must rescue her before she falls. He rushes up to her and uses his Omniwrench to cut the vines, setting her free.

Ratchet: Are you going to be all right?
Carmelita: Yeah…I think. Where’s Clank?
Ratchet: He’s finding Maxwell. The two of us figured out what’s causing him to corrupt everyone here. Come on.

Carmelita picks up her fallen shock pistole as the two return to where Clank was…only to be blown back when “Sora” appears, Keyblade in hand, and his Dream Eater, Meow Wow, right beside him. Ratchet then remembers that “Sora” has the ability to teleport with the darkness. Of course, he can’t use this power on anyone else, otherwise his strength would be zapped… which is what caused him to lose his fight for control over his body.

“Sora:” (growls) Did you really think that it was going to be that easy? Hmm? Too bad. It’s about time we make sure you stay down!
Carmelita: (stands up, points pistol at “Sora”) You cold-blooded, heartless freak! Let Sora go!
“Sora”: I could get this body return to it’s rightful owner, but there’s no soul within now. Sora is gone! When I took this body from his control after he teleported his friends out last night, Sora’s gave up his memories to that eco-freak’s, thinking that Jak will be the one to save him and the rest from the Orb of Maxwell. But now that Riku is among our ranks, Jak will die from the curse the master placed on him. Speaking of corruption, you’ve just lost another friend of yours, too!

Clank then walks in, chuckling. But it was not his normal laughter this time—it sounded much more sinister.

Ratchet: C…Clank? No…no it’s not possible! How could you, Sora?! (prepares his RYNO and targets it at “Sora”, whispers) I’ll kill you…(screams)I’LL KILL YOU!!!!
Carmelita: No! If you start firing it, we’ll all be captured! We have to go Ratchet!
“Sora:” (smirks) Of course. Now Clank, be a dear and destroy them?
Clank: Of course, Sora. As the asylum wishes.

Ratchet and Carmelita begin to high-tail it out, only for “Jaune” to appear in front of them, sword ready. Ratchet and Carmelita are back to back, ommiwrench and shock pistol ready, knowing that they had to fight back or else risk losing their minds to the asylum.

Just as Jaune was about to grab Carmelita, a flaming chakram appears out of nowhere, knocking Jaune off his feet. Another one then appears, and slashes “Sora” in the arm. Just then, a man with red hair and wearing a black cloak leaps in front of the two. He conjuncts a ball of fire in one hand, and throws it at Jaune, knocking him out.

Carmelita: That’s the second time you’ve done this, Axel. What gives?
Lea: Gah, everyone here does not know that it’s Lea now. Well, regardless of name, I’m here to save you two. Of course, since all the exits are blocked, we’ve only got one way out—
Lea: (gulps) Bingo.
“Sora”: Oh, no you don’t! Fireys, guard the basement!

The Fireys pretend to not understand, giving the three more than enough time to get away. It’s already frustrating enough for “Sora” that they don’t even know what an “asylum” is.

“Sora”: Don’t you limbs know what a basement is!?
Firey Leader: Sorry, but we’ve spent our entire lives in a forest by the Bog of Eternal Stench. The only thing we know about are trees, playing with our bodies, cutting off other peop—
“Sora” (growls) I don’t want to know of your crummy backstory or your pathetic forest! After them, or else! (Meow Wow barks at them in agreement)
Firey 4: As you wish… “Master”.

As the Fireys begin to chase the party through the sewers, a small, pink and purple RC vehicle with a flower attached to it appears in the corridor. “Sora” does not take notice of it, and just wonders off.

Penelope: (watching through a camera) So, not only are the walls here mysteriously passable, there’s a shortcut to the center, after all? But chances are, those asylum freaks will put security on it now.

The vehicle then followed “Sora” until he reaches a LEGO wall and steps right through it. Penelope guides her vehicle through the wall, where it reaches the corrupted Keybearer’s quarters. A goddess is also present, tied to a chair and gagged. Penelope couldn’t make out what the captured goddess looked like due to the darkened room; only that she was wearing a pink tribe-like outfit, brown shoes, and had red hair.

“Sora”: Give in to the darkness of the asylum, and I’ll let you talk again. (the goddess shakes her head, meaning to say “no”) It’s either that, or I’ll do to you what Jabba did to Leia.
???: (tries to scream)
“Sora”: Suit yourself. (opens mouth and prepares to bite the goddess, then hears a thump in another room) What is it now? Don’t worry, sweety, I should not be too long.
Penelope: This is most… disasterrific.

Asylum Log 17: Labyrinth of the Darkness 

Mickey: Jak said to smash… a ring?
Bentley: Yes. We’ve got no idea on what ring Jak is talking about, but right now, Ed and Otacon are trying to get a connection with the Goblin King. Besides, we could use an extra hand, and I’ve heard this guy is the true “master” of those goblins that the asylum’s controlling.

Bentley and the others have made it to Noah’s temple, safe from harm. But they’re not out of the woods yet, as their forced alliance with Clu and Penelope could prove. Absol was there as well, next to Mickey. After getting Ed and Otacon to make a wireless communication with Jareth, Mickey was now confronting the Goblin King. Jareth juggled a few crystal balls in hand, slouching in his throne.

Jareth: Someone has been taking my minions for their dirty work. Normally I wouldn’t get involve in such affairs, but that asylum is a complete eyesore.
Mickey: Thank you for helping us out though. What’s the plan?
Jareth: The asylum I heard is like a labyrinth, and if there’s one thing about a labyrinth is that all paths to it lead to the center, no matter where you start.
Murray: I see. (draws a crude labyrinth) Like this?
Jareth: Somewhat. However, this asylum wants to make sure no one makes it to the center. Why? The heart of the labyrinth lies within. Stab the heart, and the asylum falls.
Murray: From what Bentley said, Jak talked about crushing a ‘ring’.
Jareth: (as his crystal ball transforms into a myriad of butterflies) I wouldn’t know such things as I just arrived after hearing that the Fireys weren’t working for me. Your mouse girlfriend said she’ll be able to send feed about the labyrinth, correct?
Mickey: First off, she’s not my girlfriend. I’m married. Second, yes, she’ll try to map out as much as she can of the asylum so you can have a better looksee.
Jareth: (smiles) Perfect.

Bentley then gets back into contact with Mickey through a hologram projection. He and Penelope had just been in contact, and she’s shown him the footage of “Sora” with the captured girl.

Bentley: We’ve got report of the Fireys planning to betray Sora, according to Penelope. She’s got an RC car inside right now.
Mickey: So, they were not corrupted after all.
Jareth: Either way, that asylum will still pay for taking them as slaves.
Bentley: Also, Penelope said that she’s located a girl inside the asylum, too. Sora’s taken her as a hostage. No word on who the girl is, but the House of Justice mentioned that Oerba Dia Vanille was kidnapped just two hours ago. That might be her.
Mickey: (thinking) I don’t know if I can trust Penelope if she’ll just use what she has to frame Sora for kidnapping after we rescue him.

Mickey looks towards Absol, and gets an idea. He remembers that Riku occasionally uses Komory Bat as a drone to spy on those he finds suspicious by having her fly around with a camera on her head. Before the asylum events began, Riku bought a small camera from a father-daughter duo in Kalos, but with Komory Bat apparently under the asylum’s control, Mickey was unable to get her aid. But Absol is still on their side, and Mickey knows that she fills in for Komory Bat at times.

Mickey: I need Absol’s help, but I have to borrow something from Riku’s temple in the mountain.
Murray: We should get going. I’ll grab the transporter and Ein.

Lea takes Carmelita back to the GUAG Medical Division, with Ratchet following them.

Ratchet: (in his head) Why would those monsters take Clank? I swear, I will put an end to this.

Once inside, Lea asks for someone to check on Carmelita to insure she’s not hurt from the torture she went through. As they waited, Neku walked up to them.

Neku: Let me guess: the asylum?
Carmelita: How do you know? I had to go inside to save my friends, and then Sly Cooper attached me to some vines!
Neku: I went in there, too, to save a friend of mine. He’s currently in the operating room because of the cuts he got from Riku.
Carmelita: Riku… Riku’s gotten himself corrupted, too!?

Inside the operating room, Black Jack was still treating Joshua’s cuts. He’s nearly done, but it could take another thirty minutes before he was done. Joshua laid on the table, unconscious from the anesthetic and incubated. Black Jack was mainly concerned about Riku, especially since he escaped while still unstable from surgery. Kairi then walks in.

Kairi: We’ve got another patient from the asylum that needs to see you.
Black Jack: Can’t you see that I’m busy. First, I gotta patch this one’s cuts, then I gotta treat his friend’s bite wound.
Kairi: Understood.
Black Jack: Oh, and this surgery’s taking longer than I thought. You need to let my next patient, Daisukenojo Bito, know that his surgery will be delayed by around forty minutes.
Kairi: I’m on it.

Black Jack was just relived that Joshua wasn’t showing signs of corruption. Of course, he still needed to see Beat, who’s got a single bite wound to the neck.

Beat was still in his room, waiting for someone to take him to the operating room for his bite wound… and he was running out of patience. Rhyme and Kooma Panda looked on with worry. Then, Kairi wondered in.

Rhyme: How much longer until Dr. Black Jack can operate on my brother?
Kairi: Unfortunately, we’ve got a delay in the current operation. It should be another forty minutes before Daisukenojo will be taken in for his operation.

Kairi leaves, going to get a gown and cap for Beat to wear while he’s in surgery. As they waited, Beat begins to complain of a backache. And it’s not a normal backache, either. It was like there were two nails trying to break through.

Beat: Oww! What the heck is wrong with me?
Rhyme: It’s probably because you’ve been running like a chicken. Don’t worry, we’re all like that! (laughs)
Beat: Aww, come on! Enough with the jokes! This is serious— oww!

Rhyme takes another look at her brother. She was no longer in the mood to crack more jokes; she knew that he’s in a lot of pain, and needs assistance right away.

The Carbink were mining for special artifacts in a mining field in the House of Craft. Accompanying them were Rarity and Spike, who obliged to help them in for some reason. Rarity was exhausted doing minework.

Rarity: This is such a troublesome activity.
Dace: (semi-yelling) I concur with you on this, but we wanted to dig something here that could help us.
Spike: (mining the minerals) I can’t wait to go back to Twilight once this is over.
Rarity: (mining the minerals) And I’m going to a beauty pageant once this is all over. (sighing) Huh? What’s this?
Spike: Can I see?

Spike came to Rarity, who was looking at what appeared to be an ordinary pearl. It’s color for the most part was blue.

Spike: Are those the Mega-Stone they told us about?
Rarity: Most likely… Let’s show it to them.

Rarity gives it to Spike before they went to Dace, who was eight feet from the other Carbink. Dace turned around to see them, lively at what the two of them retrieved.

Rarity: Hey, Is this the Mega-Stone you’re talking about?
Dace: Yes, that’s it!
Merrick: I’ve found it! I’ve found it!

Dace, Rarity, and Spike turned to the group of Carbink and looked at another artifact they were holding. This gem was the color of a rainbow.

Merrick: Oh, joy! That’s a Keystone! We’d better report this to the-

Before the Carbink Dace could finish speaking, the ground suddenly started shaking.

Rarity: What’s going on? Is Discord causing an earthquake?
Merrick: That can wait! We need to get out of here! Wahh!

Before they could leave the place, the earthquake caused Spike and Merrick to drop the Mega-stone and Keystone from their hands and fall down.

Dace: No! The Stones!

As the stones rolled out of the mining field, They looked up to see a giant robot.

Dace: The Iron Giant’s on rampage?
Spike: That’s even worse!
Rarity: We’d best get out of here.
Merrick: But what about the stones?
Dace: We’ll worry about that later! Let’s get into an underground bunker!

Having no time to dearch for the stones, Rarity, Spike, and the Carbinks evacuated the mining field to reach for a an underground bunker before the Iron Giant hits them. All of a sudden, Lucario and Greninja arrived to take shelter. The two pokemon looked at the ground to see the Mega Stone and Key Stone that was dropped. Lucario retrieves the Mega Stone while Greninja grabs hold of the Key Stone. With that covered, they leave the place to take shelter.

Freddie Benson and Dimitri were now at the medical division, intending do another report for the pantheon news. The reason they were there rather than back at the bunker was because they wanted to interview Ratchet, much like how April interviewed Riku that morning.

Freddie: All right, this time we must get the truth out. The last one was successful in driving people away, but we still have to show them what’s going on.
Dimitri: I is what is going on, Son of Ben! So you just leave the croonings to Dimitri and your little web-tech thingies to yourself.

Dimitri approaches Ratchet. But the lombax is in total anger for losing Clank to the asylum. He won’t allow Dimitri to interview him at all.

Dimitri: Hmph. There are those who just can’t deal with the jive that is Dimitri.
Freddie: Um…so Ratchet, is Clank doing all right?

Ratchet turns, Omniwrench at Freddie’s neck, eye twitching. He was at the point of crying.

Ratchet: OF COURSE HE’S NOT ALL RIGHT! He was taken by the asylum! And…and I couldn’t do anything to save him…(drops to his knees)

Dimitri and Freddie stay silent as they notice a third set of gods. There’s Artix and Voltaire, chatting over past Friday the 13th adventures (as in, adventures they took on the day of Friday the 13th, and nothing in relation to Jason Voorhees). Artix had recently saved April O’Neil from the asylum, but took her to Quasimodo at the House of Personal Appearance so that she can report to him on her escape. There was also a third god with them…

Freddie: Is that…Takatora Kureshima?

Everyone turns as the words escape Freddie’s mouth. Everyone knew about the “Bystander Brother” as Alternate!Gentaro called Takatora, but the last anyone saw him, he was forced into the asylum and no one would dare enter it to save him. But this isn’t really Takatora, but rather the body is being used by someone else.

Artix: Funny story as to what happened…but, it’s all right. He’s fine…or at least he will be fine…
Voltaire: Yeah, he’s fine…I think. Anyway, the soul inside Takatora’s body is going to help us out for a while.

Takatora’s body convulsed as a spirit orb escaped his mouth before his body collapsed to the side. The orb “sighed” as it hovered to Artix’s side.

Artix: Guess Takatora’s mental problems are still there. Sorry about that.
Dimitri: (places microphone to Takatora’s face) We must speak to the brother of all bystanders, the one who could not see his brother’s hubris. This, is THE Takatora Kureshima with his 15 minutes of fame. Come, tell us everything you felt about—(cue Ratchet pulling Dimitri away)
Ratchet: Give them a little space, all right? He’s still in some sort of shock.
Artix: If only I can purify him more. Unfortunately, being an Undead Slayer doesn’t give you those kinds of perks.
Takatora: I’m….I’m sorry…

Everyone turns to Takatora sitting up. His eyes seemed to have a bit more color and his body didn’t tremble as much.

Takatora: I…I never meant to cause this…I wasn’t a good brother….I…I don’t know if you’ll forgive me…Please…(grabs onto Ratchet’s RYNO and places it to his chest) Let me rest…

Something about this scenario makes Ratchet pissed off. It made him want to yell. Ratchet pulled the RYNO away from Takatora, and proceeds to slap him in the face. Kairi then walks by, holding the gear she intends to give to Beat.

Ratchet: (after slapping Takatora) You need to get over it! It was not your fault! I’ve just lost four of my friends to that asylum, and I know it was not their fault, either!
Kairi: (seeing what is going on) Please, don’t! Takatora, you should not put an end to yourself just for something that wasn’t your fault. Two of my friends are in there, and I know that there’s a cure out there.
Ratchet: Kairi’s right, Takatora. You better just tell us everything rather than whine and try to kill yourself. I mean, for someone as mature and composed as you are, you’re sounding just like your little brother.

The words were powerful, but Takatora still felt guilty for his actions. But he knew that it was better that he gives out every single detail in the hopes of finding a way to stop the madness. He owed it to everyone else, particularly himself. Still, he’s not sure how much he could give as his memories are mostly a jumble in the asylum. He tried to focus on what Seth Rollins did to him…but everything was just so blurry.

Artix: Voltaire and I will take him to the Toku Base for now. When he feels better, he’ll tell. Voltaire?
Voltaire: Right. (uses his Keyblade to teleport all three through the shadows) See you later.

Ratchet watches, clenching his fast as he knew that it was the damned asylum that was causing everything. He turns to Freddie and takes the microphone into his hand.

Ratchet: I am Ratchet, and I am here to warn you about what is going on in the dark madhouse.

Rhyme: Beat, calm down! I’ll go get the receptionist for you!

But just as Rhyme was about to leave, wings sprouted from Beat’s back. Then the pain was gone. Both Rhyme and Kooma Panda looked in shock.

Beat: Yo, Rhyme. Why are you staring at me like that? (notices that he’s levitating) Aw, crud!

Beat was beyond horrified. He’s got wings, which signals that he may start to corrupt. And not only does he have wings, they were his Reaper wings. Beat runs out of his room, completely fearful that he’ll end up like Riku… just as Kairi walks back in to prepare him for surgery.

Kairi: Beat, get back here! Your surgery will begin soon!
Rhyme: He’s got wings, which means he’ll be corrupt soon. Let me go and speak with him.
Kairi: Okay, but don’t take too long. Black Jack won’t take too kindly to waiting more than ten minutes, especially with the asylum around.

Neku was still speaking with Carmelita when Beat passed them both. Noticing his Reaper Wings, and Rhyme chasing after him, he goes after them both, passing a god with short, brown hair along the way. Carmelita recognized the god: it was theSky Pirate Balthier.

Carmelita: What the hell are you doing here? If you want to turn yourself in, now is not the time.
Balthier: Actually, I’m here to speak with Dimitri over the recent events of that asylum. I’ve just spoken with Jareth; he’s overheard of a plot to use a giant to kill us all. There’s also reports of a girl being snatched by a corruptee.
Carmelita: Don’t worry about April. She has been rescued—
Balthier: No, not Ms. O’Neil. Her name is Oerba Dia Vanille. Jareth told me, so. He’s got an alliance with a mouse king, who’s got an alliance with a mouse scientist. Though I don’t approve of that Penelope girl. After all, she is working for that Clu fella.
Carmelita: That Penelope… if I ever see her again, I’m going to wring her neck for what she did to Bentley!

But before anyone can say anything, there’s a sound of a gunshot heard very far away. Then there is silence…and then, the GUAG Medical Division shook.

Otacon: But why would they capture Vanille? Without Fang’s presence, she can’t complete her transformation into Ragnarok.
Tron: They may not be after Ragnarok. According to her data file, Vanille can speak with the dead. They may try to use that power for their own deed.
Noah: But what of the Fireys? They don’t look like they’re loyal to Maxwell, so we might have a few allies on the inside.
Bentley: Not probable, as they’re well known for their stupidity. They don’t even know about biology besides their own. Remember that book about the Labyrinth that recently went on sale? They even tried to decapitate the head of the author’s half-sister.
Tron: Well, whoever’s side they’re on, they don’t seem to look happy.

Tron was now activated again, and has sworn to help everyone guard the comatose Sora from the asylum while Edward continues to scan him. After all, Sora did save him from both the MCP and Clu.

Tron: I don’t care how many cycles it would take for Sora to wake up. He’s saved me before, and I’ll do the same for him.

Sora begins to twitch again, but like before, he shows no signs of waking up. He stopped moving, but the Jak’s eyes started to glow. This time, he was looking distressed, which Otacon took as a sign that Sora was having a nightmare, and talking through Jak.

Jak: (panicking) Please, stop that giant… save the others…
Otacon: (rushes up to Sora) Sora, tell us what you and Jak are seeing. We must know! (shakes Sora) Just give us a sign!

Jak’s eyes got even brighter than before. Then, all of a sudden, everyone except for Tron began to see a vision: it looked like a giant, causing havoc over the pantheon. The vision ends when Jak’s eyes close and he returns to his normal self.

Tron: Are you guys alright? What’s going on?
Ed: It looked like Sora gave us all a vision through Jak. But Ed’s confused on why Tron didn’t see it.
Otacon: Ed, remember that Tron’s a program. He’s probably— (Tron stares at him angrily) uh, never mind. But still, that giant in the vision. I’m concerned about it.
Donald: Quick, Jak! What else can you see?
Jak: That was it, I suppose.
Donald: Aww, phooey!
Otacon: We better get back into contact with King Mickey. Maybe this was another warning from Sora, like with the ring he mentioned.
Bentley: Uh, guys. We can’t get back into contact. The power’s out… and we’re trapped inside!

Everyone was mortified! The power’s cut, and without the lasers, they cannot leave the computer world.

Daxter: (panicking) What!? We’ve ended up like Vin!? What do we do? (screaming) What do we do!?
Jak: Relax, Daxter. Remember when we were brought inside the computer the first time, and we and Tron had to place a pink box into a core to turn the computer back on?
Donald and Goofy: (in disbelief) What!?
Tron: (stunned) Funny. I don’t recall you two doing that. I know that Sora did that once.

While everyone was tried to find a way to restore the power, Sora started waking up. He looked around the room, puzzled. Examining everything him, he briefly looked at the group, mainly at Daxter. Without warning, he suddenly decided to run away. At the same time, Jak felt his mind start to cloud. It felt like holes had revealed themselves in his head.

Bentley: What is Murray doing? I can’t call him!
Noah: (slams fist into a wall) Damn it… Looks like I’m going to have to work with Seto if we’re going to restore the power.
Goofy: Do you think Seto Kaiba would be okay working with us? He’s similar to Mr. Burns.
Noah: (looks back at everyone else) If you think Seto was a bad person, then you certainly haven’t seen my father, Gazburo Kaiba. That aside… I don’t like doing teaming up with Seto, but I have no other choice…
Ed: Guys! The scan is complete!

Just as Ed informed them about her progress, they noticed that Sora was gone, with both Juggle Pup and R & R Seal pointing out towards the temple exit.

Ed: Wait, where is Sora?
Donald: We’re not getting anywhere with this!
Noah: I’ll have the Big Five find him and bring him back into our control
Tron: Are you insane!? Once they’ve been summoned, they’ll turn on you as they did with Seto!
Noah: Johnson has been dethroned before the Proxy planned to capture the Princesses of Heart, and don’t worry, since I have a degree of control here, I can remove them any time I want.

Despite Tron’s protests, Noah summoned five figures as data. Unlike the previous time they served him, they were nothing but program replicas, similar to the replicas of Jinx, Mog, and Grim that help Tron out with patrolling the computer world.

Noah: I want you to track down Sora and trap him!

Nodding, The Big Five agreed and searched for Sora as everyone went to Ed for results.

Otacon: Ed, What are the results?
Ed: This may sound weird to you guys, but… Sora is listed on the scan results under the name of Mar.
Jak: Mar? But that is my real name.
Ed: Ed knows. And the scan gives out data on you, Jak. That must mean one thing. Sora might actually be you!

Everyone was perplexed by the results Ed have gathered.

Bentley: Wait, if Sora is Jak, then where’s the real Sora?
Ed: Ed doesn’t know. But that still does not explain why Sora was acting like Sora a bit earlier.
Daxter: Apart from his mood swings.

As everyone conversed about the bizarre revelation, Jak went to Daxter and spoke to him.

Jak: Then, those dreams I’ve been having might’ve meant something. Like before I saw Sora’s dreams, I dreamt about the times Daxter, Keira and I were building a raft together when we were pre-teens. I always snoozed on the beach. Keira teased me on my laziness.
Daxter: What are you talking about? I don’t recall building a raft with you and Keira.
Goofy: What’s wrong, Jak?
Jak: That’s odd… Hm? Traverse Town, Leon, Heartless, Maleficent, Monstro, fake Ansem, separated from Keira, apparently been dead for a year, Organization XIII—
Noah: Hmm… There might be something irregular about this. We should chase Sora and the Big Five. Bentley, Otacon, there’s something I need to discuss with you two about Sora on the way.
Otacon: Alright.

In a bid to find answers, everyone chased followed Sora and The Big Five to solve the mystery.

At the House of Prophecy, Murray told Mickey and Absol about his alliance with Rey Mysterio, and wants to meet up with him soon. Mickey tells him to go meet with Rey. If Murray was right about Rey, which he was, Rey was at the House of Ambiguity, practicing his beam katana skills. The last thing someone needed to see was a luchador with a light saber. Murray gets into the Cooper Van and drives off, hoping that he could get a chance to help the wrestler out.

Mickey: (thinking) I guess I better get Dimitri back to help us out.

Murray eventually made it to the House and made sure to pass two temples: The temple belonging to Gangrel and Luna, and the one belonging to the Wyatt family. After the trouble those two had over the first time Alternate!Gentaro was put into the asylum, which had blood raining down on gods, sheep masks, having Winnie the Pooh be used as an adviser andAlternate!Gentaro bursting in to sing a song about hysteria, he didn’t want to get involved in their feuds. Not to mention, he didn’t hear anything in regards to other gods—most of the Wrestling Gods just weren’t interested in the affairs of the asylum. He was glad that at least some wanted to be involved…a part of him wondered what happened if Vince McMahon got involved and told all the wrestlers to investigate what was going on.

The House of Ambiguity was mostly unharmed. He didn’t know what happened at the bunker, but all he knew was that there was destruction, clouds of smoke and people in fear. Whatever happened, he didn’t want to know. Still, he made it to Travis Touchdown’s temple, seeing Travis getting his mecha, the Glastonberry, out of the rubble. Rey Mysterio was helping Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, Ambrose coughing up dust.

Ambrose: Where’s a boomstick when you need one?
Travis: Shit….this isn’t good.
Rey: What do you mean?
Travis: Take a good look.

Everyone looks up, seeing the silhouette with its glowing red eyes and the vibrations that make the earth shake. Murray steps out of the van to make sure everyone’s all right.

Murray: What’s going on?
Travis: (scrolling on his phone) Power lines are out, the House of Technology has half of its gods on back-up power, Nintendo Gods are going apeshit, and it seems like the villainous gods are enjoying the craft that is music videos. Why do you ask?
???: This….this is wondrous!

Everyone turns, seeing Bray Wyatt on his rocking chair, a grin on his face. Ambrose’s eye twitches at the leader of the Wyatt Family. After what happened in the Muse Hysteria scare,the last thing that was needed was a leader of a cult to get involved with something involving Alternate!Gentaro.

Bray: I have never thought I’ve see the Pantheon burn like this, but I can be safe to say that this will not be the end. This is the beginning. Sure the walls will be built, but the spirits…the SPIRITS!!!! They will still be damaged. That is when it strikes.
Reigns: We’re not in the mood for your sermons, Bray. Remember what happened last time?
Bray: That was a minor setback. It’s sad that ‘Grel and his lovely wife couldn’t understand my vision, but I respect their decisions to side with the Phenom himself. But we all are going to suffer. We ALL are going to see fear. What you see will be the end of ends! We will all live in a unified land and there I will have…

Ambrose chucks some rubble into Bray’s face before he can start singing as everyone gets into the Cooper Van, minus Travis who is getting into his Glastonerry mecha.

Murray: Where are we going?
Rey: We’re going to the Darkness Proxy temple and we’re going to destroy it.
Murray: Are you nuts?! It’s going to be chaos….LET’S GO!!!

The van and mecha rush out to the Pantheon Wrestling Federation as Bray keeps his toothy grin. He just rocks in his rocking chair, softly singing “Whole World in his Hands” all the while.

Joshua was now out of the operating room and in the post-anesthetic care unit. But he would be unconscious for a little while longer. Black Jack was now preparing to operate on Beat… but he’s not ready.

Black Jack: Joshua’s out now, and he’ll be alright in a few days. (looks around) Um? Where’s Beat?
Kairi: Beat is just in a bad mood right now. But don’t worry; Rhyme’s currently speaking with him outside.

Beat was just looking at the asylum, afraid that he’ll soon be a part of it. He’s already got back his Reaper Wings. But then…

“Riku”: (in a flashback) Consider this… a warning.

Beat then concluded that he was not really going to be corrupted. His wings were just a warning from “Riku” to stay away from the asylum, lest become a vampire himself. But this would lead to another problem: what would Black Jack say on the wings, especially since Beat would soon be lying down on an operating table?

Neku and Rhyme, followed by Balthier (who was just interested), caught up with Beat.

Beat: It’s just a warning from Riku. I’m at no risk right now.
Neku: As long as you’re not becoming a bloodsucker, that’s alright.
Balthier: Still, getting you into a bed with those wings would be like giving a green-skinned witch a bath without melting her.
Rhyme: Well, we should be going back. Oh, and I just saw April O’Neil walk in. Balthier, you should speak with her. She might know something about this whole mess.

Back inside the medical division, Kairi greeted Beat, and took him to another room in preparation for his surgery. Neku and Rhyme walk into the post-anesthetic care unit just as Joshua wakes up.

Neku: While I’ll never forgive you for what you did, we are friends, after all. And friends help each other.
Joshua: (removing oxygen mask) I don’t ask for forgiveness, but thank you, Neku, for saving me.

Neku smiles, but the smile fades when a huge BOOM! can be heard. He looks outside, the Pantheon is up in smoke, and a giant silhouette can be seen. It’s taller than Susan Murphy (who is just one inch shy of 50 feet herself), and has glowing red eyes. Neku can only say two words.

Neku: (whispers) We’re fucked…
Joshua: Now, now. There’s no need to swear. But if that, um, “thing” reaches this medical division, we are doomed. But for now, Neku, you need to help guard this place and protect everyone inside. Besides us, who else is here?
Rhyme: Well, there’s Balthier, Ratchet, Carmelita and Artix and Voltaire left to take Takatora away… but no one else who can still fight.
Joshua: I’d help fight, too, but look at me! I can’t even breathe normally without this mask on.
Rhyme: You can use my dreams, if you need to.
Neku: Rhyme!? Are you serious!?
Rhyme: What choice do we have? Beat is out, and Joshua needs to keep strong while this beast is active. Besides, I’ll be alright.
Neku: I just hope Beat isn’t going to be too mad.

April was back in the GUAG Medical Division, having recently been saved. Her current goal is to find Freddie and do another report.

Ratchet: (finishing the report) —I’m Ratchet, filling in for April O’Neil. Pantheon News.
Dimitri: Guess the lombax has the groove… an angry groove.
Balthier: (rushing back in) I just heard from Rhyme that Ms. O’Neil has returned, safe and sound. She’s somewhere in here.
Freddie: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s find her.

Then, a computer voice calls for Dimitri. He and Balthier investigate…

April was speaking with Neku and Joshua in the post-anesthetic care unit. Rhyme was now gone, having allowed Joshua to take her dreams to keep himself strong should the Iron Giant reach the medical division.

April: So I guess things have gotten worse.
Neku: Worse!? Beat’s got his Reaper Wings back, Dimitri screwed up with the news, a giant is rampaging on our temples, and now the power’s out. We’re lucky that this place has backup power.
Freddie: April! (rushes in) I’m so glad that you’re alright.
April: I’ll be fine. I got saved just in time. But now another report must be published.
Ratchet: Um, I already did a report just a few minutes ago.

Whoops, Ratchet said in his head. But with the rampage going outside, the gods have no choice but to continue to broadcast the news until this is all over. Of course, how many gods are able to see it now? Some of the power lines are cut, and a few temples have no power. But April wanted to continue to report. She grabs the microphone, and looks at Freddie, intending to do what she thinks will be the biggest report of her life.

April: This is April O’Neil of the Pantheon News, back in the flash after my capture this morning. First of all, I’d like to thank Riku, Dimitri Losteau, and Ratchet, for covering me while I was in the asylum. But enough of this. We’ve got ourselves a rampage going on outside! (Dimitri reappears; he whispers something into April’s ear). Oh, this just in! Prince Mar, also known as Jak, has just been shot.

Everyone gasps in shock. Kairi drops her stethoscope in disbelief!

Kairi: What? Jak was killed!? But… Sora? (yelling) SORA!!!
Ratchet: (grows) So, the curse has been completed? Who’s going to be next? (yells at the top of his lung) Just… who… will!?

Fifteen minutes ago

The Big Five cornered Sora in a dark area of the computer world.

Crump: There’s nowhere for you to run, boy!
Johnson: If you surrenderly nicely, you’ll come with us.

Sora stood there quietly, having said nothing. Thirty seconds later, everyone else caught up to them, seeing Sora surrounded by the five corporate Kaibacorp members.

Noah: There’s Sora, but why isn’t he moving?

Jak and Daxter went ahead of the group and walked up to Sora. Before they could come closer, Sora suddenly started to glow in another blue light. Large wings sprouted out of his back, and he punched one of the Big Five in the face.

Daxter: I do not believe it. Jak… that form… (panicking) Light Eco!
Donald: This is bizarre. Why is Sora in one of Jak’s element forms?

The Big Five make another charge at Sora-as-Light Jak to restrain him, but then a powerful Tornado spell sucks them in, and sends them all flying. They hit the ground, and dissipate into data. Again, Daxter was confused at how such a spell worked even though Jak cannot use magic. Is there still shards of Sora inside this duplicate?

But before anyone could approach him, a nearby sniper takes aim at Sora, and then shoots him in the back, shocking everyone except Otacon and Bentley, who remained calm.

Donald & Goofy: Sora!

However, Sora, for some bizarre reason, was still standing, as the sniper just chuckled at the party as she made her escape to an unknown location. This saddened Bentley, Otacon, and Noah, the latter of whom stepped in to give everyone an unpleasant piece of information to everyone in the group.

Donald: What is it, Noah?
Noah: (sad) I’m sorry, guys, but Sora was never with us…

This revelation surprised the group, confusing them even further.

Donald: But… How? If Sora was never here with us to begin with, then… (realizes) Wait a minute… Ed, you said that the Sora here with us was named Mar, right?
Ed: Yeah. What about that?
Daxter: I don’t have a memory of Jak, Keira, and myself as a human building a raft as pre-teens. Or any more of what he said earlier.
Bentley: I get it now!
Goofy: What do you mean, Bentley?
Bentley: Sora’s memories have been mixed up with Jak’s. This lead him to bring up that false memory with Daxter.
Noah: With our discoveries here, I have a conclusion: The Sora standing before us might be a piece of his heart that somehow ended up with Jak, which is why Jak can remember many of Sora’s achievements in his past. Maybe, if Jak were to talk him down, the piece will return to Sora, and Jak will regain his own memories in return.

Jak nearly walked up to the Sora figure and looked at him. His gaze met him.

Jak: I… I am sorry for your failure to save the Princesses of Heart. You did you could to protect them… I also accept your failure prevent to Tron from turning into Rinzler…. I promise that I will atone for what’s happened during the past few days…

The Sora figure smiled as he disintegrated into what was not only Light Eco energy, but also a fragment of Sora’s heart. While the heart disappeared out of the computer world, the Light Eco energy returned to Jak’s body. Everyone went around Jak, who was now holding the pinwheel that Edward gave Sora in his hand.

Noah: It looks like it worked. Sora will soon remember his past, and maybe fight off his corruption and escape.
Daxter: Now I’ll ask this again: Do you remember the time you, me, and Keira building a raft when we were pre-teens?
Jak: No, I don’t. (feeling faint) I… actually don’t even… remember…

Without warning, Jak started falling unconscious, with darkness seeping out of his body, signaling that his heart has been shattered because of the loss of all of his memories. Tron rushed to hold his body in his arms, not preventing from falling into the floor. There was a bullet hole in his back, but the sniper who shot Sora was gone.

Otacon: Jak!
Donald: Is he gonna be okay!?
Noah: Since that fake Sora was probably filling the empty spot in Jak’s heart, I don’t think he’s going to survive this wound he got from it, either.
Daxter: Then that means… Jak… No… NO!!!

Tears slowly formed from Daxter’s eyes. his best friend, Prince Mar, A.K.A Jak, had died of a shattered heart and a bullet in the back.

Noah: We need to inform the medical division about Jak. I think there is a terminal nearby.
Goofy: This isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone in this state. You think that Jak has lost his—
Donald: Shhh!

Ratchet: So now that asylum has a fatality? There must another way inside and save the others before they die, too.
Balthier: We can’t just storm it now, with that beast on the loose.
Ratchet: (angry) You can stay here and twiddle with your thumbs if you like! But I’m not going to let Clank die, too! I’m going in.
Joshua: It may be possible to save Sora and Jak, actually. But to do so, you need to capture Riku. I’ve detected that his soul is still within his body. It may be possible that if Riku is cured, then Jak’s soul will return.
Balthier: Good, that settles. We save Riku, we bring Jak back to life. Dimitri, go and fetch Mickey and the laser and bring our friends out. Though I don’t know what we should do about Tron.
Ratchet: I think Bentley still has the hard drive. But still, we should have a spare one… just in case.

Kairi was in the operating room. Despite the “emergency law” that was in place, Beat was conscious, as his surgery should only take about thirty minutes. But he’s still outraged on what happened.

Black Jack: Are you sure you want to do this? You might cause more trouble than you can prevent.
Kairi: I’ll be fine. I know that she can help put an end to this madness. Besides, Jak has already died because of it. But I know I can still save him, and find a way to save Sora and Riku.
Black Jack: Okay, then. Be careful, Kairi.
Beat: Wait a minute!? Kairi!?

It was very lucky for Black Jack that Beat is only semi-conscious, and thus, would be unable to remember the surgery, otherwise Kairi’s cover as Dr. K would be blown. Kairi headed for the House of Nature as fast as she could. She was very determined to save Sora and Riku. As long as she disguised herself as a doctor (she wore a wig, glasses, stethoscope, and a white coat, making herself look like Dr. Fennel), no one would even suspect on her true identity.

Kairi: I’m not going to let the asylum take you away forever, Sora. I don’t care what the other gods think of me. I will save you!

Asylum Log 18: The Pumpkin King’s Theories

Three hours after Asylum Log 11, 1 Hour before Asylum Log 16

Jack Skellington thrived in the night. However, he and the denizens of Halloween Town only scared as a job for Halloween. Halloween was full of mischief and pranks, only for playful laughter and not to kill or hurt people. Gentaro’s case was of the hurting people category veering into ‘killing’ due to what happened with Mitsuzane Kureshima.

The House of Mentalism was perfect for him. Its darkness was helpful for him to sneak in and out of the House. Pitch and Freddy Krueger was on the top of his list (actually they were the only gods on his list) so he had to go there. Pitch was first at the Demigod and Quasideity division. Pitch was surrounded by shadows, too absorbed in his task to notice Jack spying on him.

Pitch: This plan is coming out quite well. It’s amazing how a little patience pays off, don’t you agree…Kruger?

Jack notices the hat and clawed glove of Freddy Kruger, outraged at the man. To kill people via nightmares and fear was unforgivable. He kept quiet as he saw the two gods converse.

Pitch: I knew we had a good symbiosis, but who would’ve thought that using that boy and those rumors of the alternate realm was the perfect way to grant ourselves even more power?
Krueger: That little ‘I’ll befriend everyone in the Pantheon’ schtick is so…annoying. The way Funny learned of how that alternate Gentaro created chaos and told us about it. (laughs) That was perfect! And the more nightmares he got, the more fear that feeds us. This is perfect! I thought those nightmares those ‘Cutie Mark Crusaders’ received from the Horror Antholgoy trio were tasty but thisthis batch from Kisaragi is magnificent!

That does it, Jack Skellington wants to attack them right now. But he’s crafty—he’s going to play their games. After all, the Pumpkin King got his position for being the scariest out of everyone in Halloween Town! He knew just the thing.He just hoped that he didn’t cause any more trouble from what he caused.

Alice: Uncle Belial and Uncle Nebiros…why can’t I go see Gentaro?

Belial and Nebiros were having a tea party with Alice, their Alice is not the House of Mentalism Alice, trying their best to prevent Alice from going into the Friendship Asylum. They knew that Alice loved playing with Gentaro, and how devastated she was when Alternate!Gentaro was born. Mandy and Wednesday Addams had to keep her disracted as to make sure she didn’t go Die for Me!! but today, Belial and Nebiros would take care of her…hopefully.

Alice: I…I just want to see Gentaro again! I want my friend again…WHY CAN’T I SEE HIM?!

Alice began to sob as Belial and Nebiros looked at each other—even as generals of Hell, they couldn’t do anything about the asylum, for fear of that corrupting them and the domino effect of having Alice going Die for Me!! on them would’ve been even worse. The Main House also tasked that Alice be kept an eye on, knowing how much Alice could go out of control if not kept taken care of.

Suddenly, there was a knock on Belial and Nebiros’ temple door. Belial went to the door and opened it.

Belial: Mr. Skellington? What are you doing here?
Alice: (gasps) Mr. Skellington! Are you performing something new today?
Jack Skellington: (grins) I am! In fact, you are the star of the show! We have two important people to spook today and I’m gonna need you to bring out the scariest things you can do. You have to promise me to listen very carefully; we can’t fail this.
Alice: Of course Mr. Skellington! Let’s play and make new friends?
Jack Skellington: All right, this is what we’re going to do….

On another side of the Pantheon, Dipper and Mabel Pines were teamed with the Mystery Gang, excited to be teaming with what were the masters of sleuthing. Mabel was already giving Scooby a good scratch behind the ear, while Dipper was paying attention to the gang at work.

Since Gentaro’s temple was emptied prior to the Friendship Asylum’s construction, all of his evidence was stored by the House of Justice. The Judge granted Mystery Inc. permission to go through it just in case there was something missing while Dipper looked at the myriad of schedules, planners, diaries, etc. that Gentaro carried. For someone who wanted to make friends with all of the Pantheon, he was very well organized.

Daphne: (picking up a journal) Wow. Who would’ve guessed making friends was hard work?
Shaggy: Like, does this guy even eat?
Velma: If he did, he’s also talking to other people and asking how their day is. (picks up a comic) Hmm…what’s this?
Dipper: It’s just a comic book, no big deal.
Fred: If it wasn’t a big deal, it wouldn’t be here would it?

The group look at the comic, seeing the slow progression of Gentaro’s nightmares before ending with him at the corpses of his fallen Kamen Rider Club members. Dipper rubbed his chin in thought.

Dipper: This is odd. Very odd. For one thing, gods are capable of reviving after a while, right?
Scooby: Rheah.
Mabel: And it seems pretty rushed, like they just wanted to put him into despair immediately. I mean—wait, what’s that?

Mabel points to a specific panel after Gentaro was kicked out of the House of Food. She begins to read.

Mabel: (reading) “As the two gods left to see more of the damaged Pantheon, Gentaro thought he could see a strange silhouette observing him. Of course, he had other things on his mind besides strange shadows…”

The silhouette had a bowler hat and a clawed glove. The Mystery Gang gasped.

Mystery Inc.: Freddy Krueger?!
Shaggy: Like, that creepy guy is trying to send Scoob and I nightmares every time we sleep. He must be using his powers to put Gentaro into despair.
Daphne: And enough stress and nightmares would eventually result in the repressed anger and anxiety in him, making it easier for him to become…
Jack Skellington: (leaning above everyone) A monster…

Everyone steps back as they see Jack Skellington pick up the comic. Alice skips in, smiling at Dipper and Mabel.

Alice: I’m Alice. Nice to meet you!
Mabel: I’m Mabel, nice to meet you! Wanna be best friends?

At that, Mystery Inc. just started to back away, causing the Pine Twins to look in confusion. Alice looks at Mabel with a smile…but it seemed more of evil than good.

Alice: If you’ll be my friend…will you please…Die For Me?!

Alice raises her hands into the air to summon a storm of exploding undead soldiers of Wonderland on Mabel. Fortunately, Jack Skellington stops her with a wave of his hand and an explosion of fire and pumpkins.

Jack Skellington: Now, now Alice. Remember what your uncles said, “No using your powers before the big surprise.” These little children will loveto befriend you after this is all over, all right?
Alice: All right, Mr. Skellington.
Dipper: (to Velma) What was that all about?
Velma: You DON’T want to know.
Mabel: (shouting) Hey, is it true that Sora wears a complete different outfit when in Halloween Town!?
Dipper: Mable! Now’s not the time!
Jack Skellington: (stunned) Well… yeah. (hands her an image of Sora in said costume) Is this what you’re tal—
Mable: SWEET COSTUME! I’m so jealous! I be– mmmph!
Dipper: We’ll worry about this latter, Mable. Right, Mr. Skellington, what’s the plan?
Jack Skellington: All right everyone, here’s what we’re gonna do.

Asylum Log 19: Underworld Uprising

Two hours before Asylum Log 16

???: Who are you talking to?

Auron turned, seeing an angel asking that question. That was Pit, who had bumped into Auron after seeing Lightning in the Fallen. Auron just continued to walk through the Halls of Life and Death.

Auron: I am here to keep an eye on anyone who can be a target to the asylum. You?
Pit: I was gonna see some of my fellow Nintendo brethren; they’ve been healed after the chaos that was the Princesses of Heart fiasco, remember?

Auron shrugged his shoulders, recalling how everyone and their grandma was out and about pulling the princesses apart before chaos would erupt. He had a funny feeling that Alternate!Gentaro was doing it just to Troll everyone. Even Trollkaiger admitted that it was Actually Pretty Funny, a feat that was pretty difficult to accomplish.

Auron: The princesses are safe now, and those who aren’t Princesses of Heart are preparing for war. We have have a two-pronged attack: the Darkness Proxy and their agendas, and whatever the asylum wants.
Pit: But we have some hope—Jak and Daxter were able to escape.
Auron: But Riku was captured. You saw the news report.
Pit: Who didn’t? Not to mention, with everyone going after Mitsuzane, it’s been hectic. I mean, yes he did make Gentaro question his ideals, but was that so wrong? Was it worth getting everyone to start…massacring him like that?
Auron: What he thought was an attempt to make one feel despair was really just a way to not only make himself feel better, but also a chance to make him seem bigger than he was. He’s not the villain of this story. He just thinks he is.

Pit nods his head as the two continue their rounds through the House of Life and Death. Dr. Black Jack was in the GUAG Medical Division, so his temple was mostly empty, as was Eric Draven’s. Every god was present and accounted for, but it only made Auron feel even more nervous. Peter Pan flew down with Tinkerbell by his side.

Peter Pan: No sign of any ghoulies here. My shadow’s even done a search of the place and no luck. Tinkerbell’s stated the House of Otherness is Asylum free.

The fairy shakes her head up and down to prove her point. Pit leans close and places his hand.

Pit: I heard you can give others the ability to fly right? That’s cool? How does it work?
Peter Pan: It just needs faith, trust and pixie dust. Tell ya what? After this is over, Tinkerbell can give you some dust to fly. Just think happy thoughts.
Auron: We’re gonna need more than that to save us now.

Tinkerbell thought she heard something rustle and pointed somewhere. Peter Pan leaned close to see where his fairy pal was pointing at, but then he saw a figure scurry away.

Peter Pan: I gotta go. You keep searching for anything suspicious you two.
Pit: Got it, see you then!

The two parties take their separate paths as Peter Pan flies toward the strange figure, looking in surprise that the figure has walked into his temple. Peter Pan enters it and is surprised to see…

Peter Pan: Yugi Muto?
Yugi: (turns around and grabs Tinkerbell) In the flesh.

Hades was in his own temple, keeping guard with his ghouls in the case of the asylum trying to corrupt the dead. Of course, would you really call a small building that leads to the Underworld a temple? He takes notice of Auron and Pit talking.

Hades: So, one of my former prisoners has come crawling back?

Auron just stares at Hades, as if tempting the God of the Underworld to take his move. Pit shivers a bit—his Hades was friends was this Hades, and he knew that the two were sadistic jerks.

In another temple nearly, a young goddess was working on a project of her own involving spare parts she got from Tony Stark. The goddess, Oerba Dia Vanille, won’t reveal her project to anyone, not even to her own friends, because it’s a surprise. Being half of a superweapon herself, Vanille mainly stood in her own temple, fearing that someone would kidnap her to be used for the asylum.

Vanille: If I want to impress Mr. Stark, I gotta work on my own projects. (welds a piece on) Almost done now. What do you think, Bhakti? (Bhakti beeps in approval) I’m glad you like it. Once I get more access to the spare parts at the House of Technology, I plan to help Nathan Drake with building a vehicle of his own so that the “Naughty Dogs” can take part in races. (hears noises from outside) Huh?

She, like Hades, also heard Auron and Pit talking, and wanted to check up on them. Unbeknownst to her, someone waswaiting for her to come out.

Vanille: Excuse me, but what are you two doing?
Auron: Doing a guardian’s job by protecting everyone here from that infernal asylum.
Vanille: Well, not everyone in this house is here right now. Peter Pan is currently on patrol, Black Jack is treating the wounded at the GUAG Medical Division, Mr. Draven is missing, and

Just as Vanille could say more, a corruptee appears right behind her and covers her mouth.

“Sora”: Hello, Poppet.

Auron and Pit just looked on, both in horror, as “Sora”, now back in his “night form”, proceeds to use his dark powers to hold Vanille in place as he ties her wrists together with rope.

Auron: So, that mouse king was right! The asylum got to you!
Pit: Please, Sora! Fight off the darkness controlling you, like Jak did! (prepares Palutena’s Bow and a light arrow) Don’t make me use this!
“Sora”: Sorry, but Sora can’t hear you!
Vanille: Please, Auron! Don’t let the asylum win! You need to— (a rag is tied around Vanille’s head, gagging her).
“Sora”: Your speaking days are over, Vanille. The master would love to use your powers to take full control of the dead.

Auron then proceeds to charge at “Sora” with his sword, intending to attack him, but the corrupted teen moves Vanille in front of him. He was using her as a shield. Auron stops in his tracks, as he was ordered to guard this house and it’s gods.

“Sora”: I’ll be right back, with some backup. That Hades can’t protect his Underworld and it’s ghouls forever.
Vanille: (manages to get the rag out of her mouth) Auron! Pit! Don’t let the asylum take control of the dead! They are crying out for protection! Please, go to the House of Love and find Fang. Only Fang can— (“Sora” regags her very tightly)

“Sora” then opens a portal to the asylum and flies into it, holding Vanille in his arms as she struggles to get the rag out of her mouth. But it was on too tight. Vanille just gave up, and looks back at Auron and Pit. This was the last straw for the House of Life and Death, as it’s gods began to report the kidnapping to the House of Justice. But Auron refuses to accept defeat. He swore he would save Vanille and not let anyone else suffer the same fate. Suddenly, an unlikely ally appears right behind him.

Auron: Like I told you before, twice: “This is my story, and you’re not part of it!
Hades: I know, I know, but we’ve got a common enemy in the asylum. If what that girl said is correct, that asylum is gonna have its hands on an unlimited amount of soldiers guarding it…soldiers that belong to ME! We’re calling this a “truce”: I help prevent that mockery of a madhouse from stealing my souls, while you go and knock some sense into Sora.
Pit: And why should we trust you?
Hades: Well fine, maybe I should ask the other Hades to team up with you. I’m sure he will be fine bossing you around, Pitty-pat.
Pit: No! No, I think you got a point. All right. What are going to have to do?
Auron: Well, Vanille mentioned that Fang is present. We find him, and we may stand a chance against the asylum.
Pit: Vanille said that Fang is in the House of Love. I just hope he’s still there, as there’s not been a news report since that disastrous one involving Dimitri Losteau and King Mickey—
Hades: (angry) That was only twenty minutes ago. You better hurry before the next one comes up… and with the unpredictable nature of the asylum, who knows when another report will happen.

Brock: We’re back, and I got who you asked for.

Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Team Rocket met up just outside the bunker (unaware that Mickey and Murray were inside). Their goal was to invade the asylum during the night while Ash is presumed to be asleep. Brock had asked Lucario to assist them in saving Ash, while Misty was able to get Greninja in, as well.

James and Meowth had spent the past few hours in the House of Knowledge, learning about Riku; something about the Keyblade Master’s history has made the two very paranoid. Jessie was meant to be gathering supplies, but instead snuck off to the House of Personal Appearance for a makeover. Everyone was furious on her choice.

Misty: Greninja should meet up with us outside the asylum soon. It’s a Water/Dark type, so chances are, it won’t be corrupted.
Meowth: (clearly paranoid) I bet eight of my nine lives that it’s Dark-type will have no effect. And you really think that Lucario can help save the twerp from that asylum?
Misty: Well, it’s a Fighting/Steel type Pokémon, and can Mega-Evolve.
Brock: Plus Dark-type moves are only ½. This means it would be difficult for Lucario to fully be corrupted.
Meowth: Yeah, but don’t forget that they’ve got the silver-haired twerp… (grabs Brock) AND HE’S IMMUNE TO DARKNESS!!!
Misty: Wait? They got Master Riku? But how do you know?
Murray: It was on the news. Didn’t you guys just see?

Mickey, Absol, and Murray walk outside the bunker, curious to see what was going on.

Misty: Mickey. I heard about what happened with Sora.
Mickey: (nod) We’ve got some friends looking after him inside the computer now, but we have to get his body out of the asylum.
Murray: But we’ve got some hope. Bentley is working on a way to cure those who were lost. Maybe he can help free your friend, too!
Jessie: (deadpan) You really believe in that?
Brock: Hey, as long as they’re trying, that’s all that matters. And knowing the Hacking Trio, they may have a chance of saving Ash.
Meowth: Well, it’s nearly eight-o-clock, and the spiky-haired twerp will most likely pose as a threat soon.

The Beast was informed by Phoenix Wright to give a classified telegram to Oerba Yun Fang right away. Fang had only been in the asylum for a short amount of time, thanks to Vanille’s successful mission to ascend her. Beast was not so sure of why Fang needed this telegram, but knew that Mickey had placed him in charge of guarding the House of Love, and insuring that Belle isn’t kidnapped again.

Beast reaches Fang’s temple, and gives out a single knock. Fang answers it right away.

Beast: I’ve been told to give this telegram to you from Mr. Wright.
Fang: Okay, thanks.

Fang walks back into her temple and reads the message.

Fang: (reading) “Dear Fang. We have some very unfortunate news about your dear friend, Vanille.”…

Almost as soon as she’s finished with the reading, Fang rushes out of her temple and heads straight for the asylum, furious that Vanille has been kidnapped.

Asylum Log 20 – Vault Hunters

In Princess Celestia and Luna’s temple, Twilight Sparkle and her friends were waiting for them. Twilight was sad that Spike couldn’t join them (due to him being sent to the Unsorted for “not living up to his title”), but she knew that Spike was there in spirit. Discord was also there, floating about.

Princess Luna: The situation has gotten intense. I haven’t been able to enter the minds of the asylum imnates and the Darkness Proxy, for fear that I might be corrupted into Nightmare Moon…or worse.
Princess Celestia: Which is why we have asked you to retrieve the Elements of Harmony and use its power, along with the friendships with all the gods in the House of Friendship, to bring it together.
Applejack: How exactly are all the friendships gonna work? Half of the house has been evacuated, and half of them are still stuck in that darn madhouse.
Rarity: I agree with Applejack. This does seem a bit…farfetched.
Discord: Of course, Friendship is Magic, is it not? And in here, anything’s possible. Pinkameana, you know Gentaro the best, right?
Pinkie Pie: Well, yes but…
Discord: (snaps his fingers as a cotton candy cloud materializes) Now, let’s see what’s been going on as of late.

Everyone sees snippets of Jade and Tohru going to every evacuated Friendship God, checking up on them. With every god, the Fourze Driver keeps glowing. And for every face that Jade talks to, they brighten up just a little bit more. The cloud disappears as Jade hugs Teddie.

Discord: Whatever magic her uncle gave her seems to be working. Every god that the two encounter has been helping Gentaro’s situation.
Rainbow Dash: Uh no it hasn’t. In case you haven’t noticed, Alternate!Gentaro is still out there and he’s planning something. We have to go and figure it out.
Twilight: But we have to stop the asylum first. The more gods that are captured, the more harder it is to get to its center. You saw that first hand, right Fluttershy?
Fluttershy: Of course. Oh, Nanoha asked me to stop the asylum and we have to do so. Not only for her, but for all the gods that are trapped!
Princess Celestia: Then you must get going. First, retrieve the Elements of Haromny. then, go and find Jade and tell her about the situation. If the Fourze Driver can bring all that friendship to the Elements of Harmony, we might have a chance of destroying the asylum.
Twilight: We’re on it. Let’s go everypony! And Discord.

Discord snaps his fingers as the seven are teleported from the temple. Princess Celestia knows that it is time for the sun to set and for Luna to raise the moon. She closes her eyes as she lowers the sun, praying that Twilight and the others could put an end to this nightmare.

Luna then receives a message, but the sender is anonymous. She is told to head for the asylum right away, as her control over the moon might be of use to save a corruptee…

At the same time in the House of Ambiguity, the Guardians of the Galaxy were finalizing some items. Since their arrival, they had learned of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who had been affected by the Darkness Proxy prior to the asylum. The Ashleys were there, grooming the fillies’ manes, doing their best to cheer the three up (all while crying “Scandalous!” at their attempts not working). Rocket Raccoon made a kinship with Max and the two had shooting competitions (mostly with one another) all the time. As the five were heading off, they were met with one Wreck-it Ralph.

Ralph: Wait a minute. (leans to see Emmet on Quill’s shoulder) Where are you going?
Emmet: We’re…going to see Batman! You see, I just brought Adam West up here and I was wondering if the two can come together for the next LEGO game I’m helping make in the House of Gaming! Yeah…
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, like Groot said. It’s not like we’re gonna go steal something important… hehehe…

Ralph sighed as he looked at the six. In truth, he too was worried. After the whole Princesses of Heart fiasco, he was keeping an eye on the House of Ambiguity just in case other gods went insane. With Brody in the asylum, the Cutie Mark Crusaders gone nuts, and Gangrel and Luna Vachon all sealed up in their temple, the situation was tense. Plus he told Vanellope that she couldn’t leave her temple, even if she had to use her teleportation to do so, until the asylum was gone. Not to mention that Fix-it Felix was off to take care of the destroyed GUAG Medical Divsion. Things were just getting intense.

Quill: Don’t worry. We’ll be back before sunrise. We’re not gonna be going to the asylum anyways. It’s not like they’re going to give us cake or anything.
Drax: (sharpening his knife) If they were, I’d eat it. And then make sure no one would have it.
Ralph: Okay then…I can’t really stop you now considering what I know what you guys are capable of. But just be careful.
Gamora: (sarcastically) Careful is our middle name.

The six leave on the Milano as Ralph sighs. The sun was setting, and soon enough night would fall. That was when darkness was at its strongest. It wouldn’t take long for whatever plan the Darkness Proxy had to come to fruition. He just hoped that whatever happened didn’t involve lots of destruction.

Security on the Treasures House was beefed up after the dilemma called “Muse Hysteria”. The Mane 6 had a special pass to let them enter and grab the Elements of Harmony, although Discord was told to wait outside for intruders. Fluttershy waved goodbye to Discord as she entered the vault with her friends. At around that time, the Milano flew into view. Steve? Is preparing supplies, while Sackoy just places a sticker of a gate with an infinity symbol on a wall nearby.

Discord: Oh? (snaps fingers as a pair of binoculars materialize) Who do we have here?

The Guardians of the Galaxy, and Emmet, walk up to the vaults. Discord slithers around the Guardians of the Galaxy as Quill places his bag on the ground, kicking it back and forth. Groot leans in close, curious.

Groot: I am Groot.
Discord: I am Error. (shakes hands)
Rocket Raccoon: All right, that’s enough you two. What’s the dragon-horse god doing here?
Discord: Me? Well, I’m just keeping an eye out for any mischief makers. (teleports behind Drax and Gamora) Don’t want any trouble now do we?
Gamora: We’re only here to check on inventory, nothing else.
Discord: Really? (slithers around Groot) I really hope I’m not barking on the wrong tree.
Drax: You’re talking to one.

As Discord is distracted, Steve? and Emmet rush into the Treasure room. Steve? has already made a replacement kryptonite while Emmet rushes ahead, hoping that his own replica of the Pantheon made him memorize where the Kryptonite was. Sackboy quickly catches up to the two, preparing a ball of jam, just as they hear some voices.

Pinkie Pie: Aha, here they are!

Emmet looks and sees the Elements of Harmony and all of its wonder. He’s curious to touch them, but focuses on the mission. Further away was the kryptonite. Emmet turns to Steve? and Sackboy, nodding their heads. Sackboy fires the Cakeinato, throwing a chocolate cake over Pinkie Pie’s head. The pink pony loves cake and she immediately rushes toward it, causing her friends to chase after her. Sackboy rolls into a ball while Steve? rushes toward the pedestal that holds the kryptonite. Out of a page in Indiana Jones’ handbook, he has a replica of Kryptonite in hand.

Sackboy stays quiet as Steve? carefully makes the switch…KABOOM!!!!

An explosion rocks the treasury, nearly causing Steve? to trip the sensors. Sackboy uses his Pop-it to bring out a pillow to cushion Steve?’s fall, the Minecraft warrior nodding his head in thanks as he tries to switch the kryptonite agian.


Emmet teeters on the edge, dodging many of the artifacts as he uses his LEGO to create a message: “STAY HERE”. Sackboy and Steve? nod their heads as Emmet disassembles the LEGO to create a hoverboard that lets him speed out toward the entrance. Something was wrong.

The explosion is heard by Discord and the Guardians of the Galaxy. They see smoke and a giant robotic leg, they hear a large roar.

Gamora: What in the name of Thanos…
Discord: Well, I for one am glad the Pantheon is getting a renovation…but even this is a bit extreme.

Emmet flies toward the Treasury and climbs onto Groot’s shoulder, panting.

Emmet: We have to get after him now!
Quill: What about the—
Emmet: There’s no time for that! That giant must be chased down before he causes the asylum to go even more insane!
Drax: Is that even possible?
Quill: When pigs fly.
Drax: I didn’t know they—
Emmet: LET’S GO!!!!

The six board the Milano and take to the sky. It’s around this time that the Mane 6 make it out of the Treasury with their Elements of Harmony adorning them. Pinkie Pie has some cake in her hoof that she eats with gusto.

Pinkie Pie: Now that’s some good floor cake!

Asylum Log 21 – Gentleman’s Devil

Twenty minutes after Intermission 2Dudley poured some tea to his fellow tea partners: Iroh, Henry Hatsworth and Professor Hershel Layton. It was a stressful time for all, considering the rampage that was of “Muse Hysteria” as it were. This only made the tea party seem even more nerve-wracking. Dudley knew that Elena hadn’t taken Gentaro’s corruption well, and even though they were neighbors, Elena hadn’t come to see him in days.

Iroh: Do not worry at all, Dudley. Let Elena understand and find her heart. She will figure out the truth eventually.
Hatsworth: She has a heart of a lion, one that beats proud with each step she takes. I am glad to have met her.
Layton: She’s amazing in studies too. It is interesting to have conversations with her in French.
Dudley: I wish I could do more for her though. It’s not wrong for a gentleman to feel down about being unhelpful, is it not?
Elena: Um, Dudley….

The four men turned to see Elena standing there, her hands behind her back. She looked to the side as she revealed the Sengoku Driver and Grape Lockseed. There was nothing that could be said as she set them on the table.

Dudley: Are those? But who could possibly give it to you? And why?
Layton: Was there a note left by the person?
Elena: No, there wasn’t. But when I touch it, I feel a sort of sadness inside it, like it wishes to help. I need to do something, Gentaro needs me.

Dudley looked at Elena, knowing that the young goddess would not stop until she saved Gentaro from his darkness. He stood up and bowed.

Dudley: Forgive me, gentlemen. I’m afraid that we must cut this tea gathering short. I will be escorting Elena to the Toku Base so we can put Mitsuzane’s Driver away.
Elena: But Dudley—
Dudley: I’m sorry Elena, but if they gave it to you, they are expecting dark things to happen. It is best to make sure no one obtains it, so that Mitsuzane Kureshima’s attempts in breaking one’s spirits could never happen again.

Elena nodded her head as Dudley gathered the items into his boxing gloves. Elena just waved good bye to everyone as she and Dudley walked off. Layton stirred his tea in silence.

Layton: You know, this all reminds me of a puzzle…

The road to the Toku Base was silent. Elena hated this silence. She wanted to speak up, but knew that Dudley’s word was final, and she knew he was right. The two passed Artix and Voltaire, who was being followed by someone familiar.

Elena: You…Takatora…

Takatora stared at Elena. There was silence as Elena stared into Takatora’s eyes. She stood above him, as she was around 6′ and he could reach her shoulder, and then hugged him, tears falling from her eyes.

Elena: Forgive me for believing your rhythm was bad. It was my fault. I’m so sorry for anything that I could’ve done to hurt you.
Takatora: It’s…all right. I have done wrong, but I want to change. I can’t change my brother’s mind, but I want to be able to help fight for what is good for the Pantheon…and stopping the asylum and helping Gentaro is my first step.
Voltaire: Actually, your first step is to SCATTER!

Everyone saw a shadow loom over them, one of a humongous robotic giant with yellow eyes. It noticed Takatora and brought his hand out. Takatora looked up, seeing the giant place a finger on his head.

Dudley: He’s…friendly.
Elena: His rhythm is gentle and pure for a mechanical being. What is he?
Voltaire: Oh, I think his name is the Iron Giant. I’m trying to find what he’s the god of though…it’s on the tip of my tongue.

The Iron Giant stares at Elena but then his eyes turn red at the Grape Lockseed in hand. Elena looks at it and shows it to him.

Elena: This…this will not hurt you. Here…I’ve seen it done by Oren in his temple. Here. Let me try it out! Henshin!

Elena placed the Sengoku Driver over her waist and then Lockseed on the slot. A zipper unzipped above her head, her body was covered in a green suit of armor and a large bunch of purple grapes descend from the zipper portal, becoming a Chinese-soldier helm and upper armor. In her hands is a gun. Artix looks at the Iron Giant as the giant is close to crushingTakatora in his grip. Voltaire is scrolling through the multiple news articles about the asylum to find about the Iron Giant’s ascension and Dudley is also getting nervous.

Dudley: Elena, I think you explained enough. You should transform back now.
Elena: After I show my new friend the weapon that goes with it. (holds up a gun) See? It shoots bullets shaped like grapes. Like this.

Elena just fires one simple shot. It does shoot a bullet like a purple grape. It harmlessly hits the Iron Giant on the chest, but that was just enough to send it to a strange and animalistic fury. He began to roar.

Voltaire: Wait, I found it! The Iron Giant ascended into the House of Philosophy, Overdeity and Greater God Division. He’s the Patron Saint ofGentle Giant and…
Artix: And?

The Iron Giant turned to Takatora and grabbed the god in his hand. Takatora was helpless as everyone looked away being painfully squeezed to death. The Iron Giant then tossed Takatora’s body onto the ground and it landed with a loud SPLAT! What was left of the God of Token Good Teammate was a bloody bag of broken bones, and a face of shock and disbelief as he was killed. Dr. Tommy Oliver rushed out and looked at the madness.

Dr. Oliver: For the love of Zordon…(pulls out the Dragon Dagger) What happened here?
Elena: I… I wasn’t trying to do anything. I… I…

Dudley closes the Lockseed and pulls it away from Elena before tossing it them both to Dr. Oliver. Voltaire looks at the mess that was Takatora’s corpse and pulls out the Vorutanian Keyblade.

Voltaire: Artix, this is gonna be risky but you have to stop the giant from crushing everyone. Dudley, you get Elena out of here and warn everyone before…

The Iron Giant’s shoulders and chest folded back, revealing a mess of missiles, cannons and guns that would make most of the House of War jealous. He raised a foot into the air and stomped on Voltaire and Takatora’s bodies. There was absolute silence. Elena was crying in Dudley’s arms as the giant walked off, angry and firing his guns. There was nothing left of Voltaire or Takatora, as if they were never there. Most likely, Voltaire has whatever’s left of Takatora traveling into the GUAG Medical Division.

Artix: Come back here, you giant! (looks at the Spirit orbs surrounding him) I hate to do this but…ULTIMATE DRAGON SOUL SPEAR OF TEN MILLION SPIRIT ORBS!!!

The Spirit Orbs rise into the air, shining like stars. Artix’s body glows as they condense and form into a brilliant blue spear that he carries on him. He normally would not use it unless he had to fight a humongous undead threat, but it would also work for the Giant…he hoped. Dudley helps the broken and shocked Elena to her house. There had to be a few gods that were capable of fighting the Giant without using weapons. The Giant was madder than ever, but what else was it looking for?

Dudley didn’t want to know.

The House of Music was always loud, always filled with sounds of both instrumental and vocal. In their temple the Aquabats! were busy preparing to go out and do something heroic…or kill off boredom, whatever worked.

MC Bat Commander: All right, Aquabats! After what happened in that whole Muse Hysteria! project, I think we can agree that we deserve a break and just—(the ground vibrates) Crash, is that you?
Crash: Nope.

The Aquabats! looked up as they saw the Iron Giant rampaging, and from the looks of it he was heading toward the House of Villains.

Jimmy: My scanners indicate that the giant is angry at something.
Ricky: Um…maybe it’s going to make Team Rocket blast off again?
MC Bat Commander: I don’t think so, but still we have to do something.
Eaglebones: Can do. I summon THE DUDE!!!!

There was a screech as Eaglebones brought his hand out, summoning his invisible eagle friend, the Dude.

Eaglebones: Dude, follow that giant and come back to the Battletram with news on what’s going on, fly!

The Dude flew off—although Eaglebones was the only one capable of seeing it—as everyone rushed to the Battletram. Just as Crash was about to enter, Bat Commander stopped him.

MC Bat Commander: Hold on a minute, Crash. You have to go out there and distract the giant as we get to the bottom of this mystery.
Crash: B…but, that giant is big and has lasers and missiles and…
Ricky: Think of the children! Remember what happened the last time a humongous rampage came about and most of the child gods were hurt?

If there was one thing that could make Crash mad, aside from hurting his friends, was hurting children. The memories of that Muse Hysteria madness was fresh on his mind as he let out a scream.

That cry made the House of Music become silent and close their temples. Crash began to grow at least 50 times his original height, at least reaching Godzilla proportions. Crash immediately stomps his way toward the Iron Giant as the rest of the Aquabats! speed off with Eaglebones as a guide.

The situation looked hopeless. Jak was dead, the Pantheon was about to be in ruins, and power was out. Alternate!Gentaro loved it.

His plan was already in motion, due to how much he knew about his fellow gods. For instance, he knew how Elena’s innocence and wishing to make new friends could potentially backfire. He knew how Dudley would do his best to be a gentleman and accompany her to wherever she needed to go, and also knowing the dangers of the Grape Lockseed. He knew from the Giant’s movements on how his innocent nature would unleash a beast that would be impossible to kill. He had no idea that Takatora would be in the crossfire, yet also knew that nearly everyone was scapegoating the poor god. Plus, the House of Villains was mostly occupied with either their plans to destroy the GUAG or focused on appeasing the Darkness Proxy to even note why Alternate!Gentaro asked them to murder Mitsuzane Kureshima (outside of boredom anyway)So this was where he was, watching everything go by and loving how the asylum couldn’t touch him. He turns to Yugi, who is silently playing with a few puzzles in hand.

Alternate!Gentaro: You’re up. You got the pixie dust right?
Yugi: Of course. (closes his eyes and flies into the air) Happy thoughts, remember?
Alternate!Gentaro: It’s just like turning a raven into stone because it makes it satisfied! Go out there and bring terror upon these fools and do not disappoint me!
Yugi: (The Millennium Puzzle glows as he speaks) As you wish.

Yugi vanishes from his spot in the temple as Alternate!Gentaro sees his other members of the Darkness Proxy. It was time to take action.

Alternate!Gentaro: Go and seek out anger, my partners! Let us see what destruction we will ring!

The four laughed as they spread out to different areas of the Pantheon, ready to raise cain upon everyone that tried to stop them.

The GUAG Medical Division looked in horror as the giant continued his rampage. The House of Technology was totaled as the Giant continued his roars. Some gods in the House of War fired missiles, and the GUAG Mecha Division was already fighting the Giant. Unfortunately, missiles and guns were harmless as the Iron Giant destroyed the mechas without any effort.

Beat: This is bad…super bad.
Voltaire: (appearing through the shadows) It just got worse.

Everyone turned and looked at the bloodied body that Voltaire carried, some close to vomiting at how Takatora’s head lulled back, revealing his eyes, the way his mouth opened in a desperate plea for help, his body was completely and utterly broken.

Voltaire: We’re in absolute danger.

Artix wasn’t getting any faster with the giant, but he just had to be close enough to fire the spear into the Giant’s heart to, hopefully, get it to stop making a mess and crush even more gods. A shadow of a ship appears above him. Artix looks up as he’s pulled into the ship by a long arm made of branches.

Groot: (smiling as he looks at Artix) I am Groot.
Quill: Heard there was a giant to destroy so Emmet told us to split and get you here. Hope Superman’s not in the area cause that kryptonite will kill him.
Artix: Can you distract that giant long enough for me to aim my spear at him?
Rocket: Can do. Drax, Gamora, it’s time to make heads roll.
Drax: (smirks) Perfect.

Rocket pilots the ship so it’s in view of the Iron Giant, firing lasers at it. The Giant roars and fires a few missiles, which it easily avoids. At this time, Drax and Gamora are on top of the Milano, jumping off of it to land on the shoulders of the giant to distract him. The giant raises his hands to swat at the two guardians, but he is clumsy and misses easily. Drax stabs one of his knives into the giant’s hands.

Drax: This, this is amazing.

Groot swings his arm back and forth as Artix prepares the spear. Just one shot would…

Crash: HEY! OVER HERE!!!

The giant turns as Crash McLarson punches the giant across the face, causing it to step back. Gamora and Drax nearly fall off, but the Milano swoops in on time. Crash briefly shakes his hand from bruising his knuckles as the giant has fallen, crushing the House of Technology. Below him, the Battletram speeds through the destruction as The Dude finally makes its destination: House of Villains, Lesser God Division. Artix turns to Groot.

Artix: Throw me!

Groot swings his arm all the way as Rocket opens a box, revealing some bombs. Gamora and Drax climb onto the ship as Rocket hurls the bombs

Gamora: You know what you’re doing, Artix?
Artix: Yeah…I’ve done this before. I could do this in my sleep…hehehe…

Rocket hurls bombs at the Iron Giant, obscuring his vision. In the smoke, Artix is thrown toward the giant, hurling his spear at him.

The spear hits the Giant in the chest, unleashing another humongous explosion that decimated the House of Nature and Beasts (amazingly not getting Godzilla mad despite it). Artix begins to fall, but with the last of his strength, he untaps his powers…his true powers of being the Champion of Darkness. His body glows and his shadow into a giant black dragon. He sees the ground approaching him, but he knows that the Milano can’t capture him in time. He smiles as he prepares for the worst…

But is fortunately saved by the Aquabats! pulling a mattress on top of the Battletram, making Artix land safely—although in an explosion of feathers.

Crash: Hey, I want my shadow into a humongous dragon!

The Iron Giant is enraged and confused. He sees these two opponents and he is already rushing toward the Shadow Dragon. The dragon flies into the air, pinning the Giant with his massive claws, and roaring in his face. At this point, many gods are running from the hills, and the majority of the gods that could stop him couldn’t help—they were in another area of the Pantheon, busy with some rebellion or whatever, to really focus on this madness. The Guardians of the Galaxy are already trying to find survivors.

Quill: We can’t just leave them out there.
Rocket: We have to make sure that we get all the survivors safe and sound. We have to trust those guys to figure it out.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: You wanna convince the Giant to stop this—that is bull

The Milano is suddenly shattered into billions of pieces by a humongous blue fist. The Guardians are falling out of the air as Groot lets his body grow, becoming a humongous ball of tree branches that wraps his friends. The Guardians knew what happened the last time Groot did this. They would be all right (although Groot would end up as firewood until then)

Yugi: Slifer the Sky Dragon, INCINERATE THEM!

A large red serpentine dragon flies around, opening its two mouths to unleash two beams of energy that incinerate the Guardians. When the beam dissipates, there is nothing but broken stems, a few clothes, weapons and what not. The Guardians were destroyed. Artix can only look in shock, and then absolute rage. Just as he’s about to shout, something hits his head. It’s a double-decker couch made of LEGO.

Artix: What…

One of the ‘pillows’ flips over, revealing Emmet safe and sound. Emmet disassembles his couch and pulls out lots of LEGO from his bag to create a megahorn. Emmet looks at the Aquabats!

Emmet: I need to be hurled toward the Iron Giant before he destroys the House of Villains!
Eaglebones: Don’t worry, The Dude is returning!

There’s a screech as Emmet is picked up by the invisible bird high into the sky. Emmet looks in determination as he watches Yugi anticipating what was in store. Emmet had to make sure that his words reached the Giant, before there were hundreds of gods that were nothing more than bloody stains underneath the Iron Giant’s feet.

Emmet is above the Giant’s face, the giant immobilized. Emmet clears his throat, microphone in hand.

Emmet: Hello, I’m Emmet. I’m just gonna come out here, I have no idea what’s going on…at all.

The Aquabats! and Artix facepalm. The Giant is still mad but he has given up on trying to fight back. Emmet continues.

Emmet: I know you’re upset, but we can talk it out. I learned of your position in the House of Philosophy, of choosing who you want to be…how you saved your life to stop a missile from destroying an entire town. I know I could never do that stuff, but…look at what you’ve caused.

Emmet summons more LEGO and creates a video camera with a large monitor for better viewing. He then builds himself a jetpack so he can hover in the air, showing the ruined Pantheon better.

Emmet: I know this isn’t you. You don’t have to be the bad guy, Iron Giant. I know you are a peaceful soul, and I think that’s what we all want. No more madhouse, no more scapegoats, no more blaming each other…so please Iron Giant…let go.

Iron Giant watches Emmet fly around, seeing children gods in tears at their temples destroyed, some gods in horror at the destruction caused, others were angry and fighting with one another. Artix summons his shadow to step back as the Iron Giant looks around. He slowly sits up—crushing a bit of the House of War as he does—and begins to cry. Crash also cries for the sorrow of the giant, his tears becoming huge drops of rain upon the temples. Yugi just rolls his eyes.

Yugi: Sorry about this…no wait I’m NOT! Winged Dragon of Ra….END THOSE TWO!

The Winged Dragon of Ra opened its beak and released a large beam of gold light that incinerates Crash and the Iron Giant. The Aquabats look in horror as their good ally was defeated in a single blow. They also knew that they were sunk; yes they easily defeated their nemesis Space Monster M, but the Egyptian Gods easily trumped him.

Asylum Log 22 – Break in, Break out, Break up

Balthier: Removing an angel to save a demon. A strange mission, which should be both easy and hard because of the darkness.

Ratchet nodded his head as the two raced through the remains of the Pantheon. The Iron Giant was defeated, for now. But who knows how long it would be until the giant was up and about on another rampage? That’s why through the confusion, and while the asylum is assessing new ‘inmates’, they had to pull Riku out before the power came back on and they were exposed. Ratchet needed to save Clank as well, knowing that he had to save his best friend before anything else happened.

Ratchet: I’ll never forgive that beast possessing Sora for what they did to Clank.
Balthier: Hatred is a strong emotion. Trust me; I had that same feeling towards my own father.

Not far behind them was Lea, who had been watching the whole destruction from the sidelines. There was another person with him: Oerba Yun Fang. She happened to be the person Vanille had been bugging everyone to “find” after her ascension a few months ago.

Lea: They’ll pay for what they did to that eco prince.
Fang: Yes, and those freaks will burn for capturing Vanille. Are we ready, Axel?
Lea: First of all, It’s Lea. Second, I was born ready! Besides, (whispering) I’ve got a mole in there right now, giving me details on what’s happening inside.
Fang: Excellent!

“Sora” was shown to still be alive, and in good fighting condition. But he was furious! The attack from the Iron Giant caused the walls to collapse, and the Fireys won’t even help clean up. The vines in the garden have even weakened.

“Sora”: For crying out loud! You guys need to clean this mess up before that giant starts to rampage again! UNDERSTAND!?
Firey 1: And then we will go and capture the Princesses of Heart for you.
Firey 3: And then we will go and kill everyone in this universe.
Firey Leader: Now guys!

“Sora” was surprised! The Fireys were no longer on his side; they tackle him to the ground, and proceed to hold him down as they wait for their “friend”. They were going to bring him to Jareth, so that they can hopefully find a way to save him!

“Sora”: So, the Fire Gang are not just flaming limbs, after all? Typical! You goblin jerks will regret this!

Then, “Sora” flaps his wings hard and causes a dark wave to blow the Fireys off him. He then calls on the garden’s vines to surround the Fireys, and then restrain them. But it was ineffective, since their removable limbs could prove. Still, “Sora” didn’t want to face defeat. He pulls out the Keyblade, attaches the Mysterious Abyss keychain onto it, and casts a powerful Blizzaga spell that freezes the Fireys. Of course, the spell would only last a few hours.”Sora” then hears footsteps in the asylum ruins. He blends with the darkness to follow the sounds.

There was silence in the Virtual World. Sure, Noah did everything he could to keep everyone’s spirits up, but no one, especially Tron, smiled. Jak was dead, they were trapped in this computer world, time is much faster than outside, and thanks to the Iron Giant, it was nearly impossible for Dimitri to get the laser safely. As everyone just sat there in sadness, Tron was scolding Noah for his actions.

Tron: (furious) This is all your fault, Noah. If you did not send the Big Five after Jak, then he would still be alive, and we’d still have Sora under our protection. You just had to send that sniper to shoot Jak, didn’t you!?
Noah: You don’t understand. I never sent any snipers to kill Sora.
Daxter: Then… if that sniper isn’t with you, and isn’t part of those guys, then… just who was she?

Back at the GUAG Medical Division, some of the staff and patients worked hard to keep the place from becoming ruins again. But even with the help of Neku, Beat, Carmelita Fox and Voltaire, they can’t last much longer due to Kairi’s absence. Then, Dimitri, Mickey, and Ein appear, with Kevin Flynn’s laser. Since the medical division is among the few places left with power, they needed to bring the laser there to get their friends out of the computer.

Dimitri: We’re back!
Mickey: And we’ve got the laser!
Neku: Wait? What do we need a laser for?
Carmelita: To access the computer realms, since Felix hasn’t fixed the Warp Gun yet. We should hurry. I don’t know how much longer our friends can last in the computer with all these power-outs.

The laser is set in. Noah sees the I.O. Tower in the Virtual World light up, which signals a laser, and quickly informs everyone. The group waste no time with getting to the tower. Daxter, Juggle Pup, R & R Seal, Otacon, Goofy, Donald, Edward and Bentley, as well as Jak’s body, were now free to return to the userworld, but the power outs around the pantheon remain a hazard to the computer worlds, which means Tron and Noah are in danger of being erased.

Tron: Quick, everyone! Return to the outside world right now before the power is cut!
Ed: But what about you, Tron? Ed doesn’t want you to die!
Otacon: Ed, we’ve still got Sora’s hard drive. I could use it to move Tron into the sanctuary Bentley and I wrote until this is all over.
Ed: Ed is relived that Tron will be safe. But that sniper who killed Jak… and Noah… Hm? That’s it! The last time Noah left the computer world, he possessed Mokuba’s body! (turns to Noah) Noah, possess Ed! It’s the only way to save you from the incoming powerout!
Donald: Ed! Are you sure? You don’t want to know what it’s like to save another soul in your body.
Ed: Anything to save Noah! Besides, Ed won’t mind!
Noah: Ed. I… don’t know what to say. But I have been quite kind lately, but no one has ever allowed me to use a body at their own will. Okay, then. But once this is all over, I want to return to my kingdom.
Ed: That’s okay, Noah. Ed promises.

Noah then joins up with Ed, fading into her body. In his mind, he was glad to have a body again, if only temporary. Now he could see the outsides of the pantheon from a living being’s point of view.

Tron: Okay, now that Noah’s inside Edward, you guys have to leave!
Goofy: Take care, Tron!
Donald: Don’t fall into the darkness again!
Bentley: I’ll be seeing ya real soon! And this time, I’ll bring Sly and Murray along!
Tron: I’m looking forward to it, Bentley. (presses button; everyone else teleports back to the userworld) And good luck with saving Sora.

Everyone is back in the userworld, and at the Medical Division. Ein rushes back to Ed, greeting her with happy barks. Dimitri gives Bentley a nod, and leaves the Medical Division, for his part has been fulfilled, and he can now go back to his temple. Mickey didn’t know what to think, but then remembered that Dimitri isn’t competent with fighting above-water unless he’s really pissed.

Bentley: Sorry about the wait, Mickey.
Mickey: Aw, it was not your fault, Bentley. But Dimitri told us that Ratchet is going to kidnap Riku and bring him to the Goblin King.
Otacon: (insets a hard drive into the computer) We may have failed to save Jak, but at least we were able to save Tron.
Bentley: Well, anyway, we better head to the Sanguine Hall, and set up a base, though we should visit Jareth, as well. We should keep Riku there until we can find a way to save him.
Mickey: But will Riku be alright if we do so? He just came out of surgery when Sly and Ash kidnapped him. And he can’t last long without medical oxygen, because of what Black Jack dubbed “Asylum Rabies”. Also, Murray isn’t with us right now.
Beat: Yo, guys! Just ask Black Jack for one! He’s been worried sick about Riku all night.
Carmelita: That’s quite strange, as he normally keeps his emotions to himself.

The team go through with their current enemies. Maxwell, Sora, Riku, Jason Brody, Ash Ketchum, Jaune Arc and Clank are known to be corrupted, which leaves the possible villains to be either Gentaro, Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci, or Mitsuzane. Courtney Gears is also known to be an enemy, but all that is known about her is that she’s not in league with the proxy, since her backup dancers betrayed them the minute they finished getting the Princesses of Heart together. And just who was that sniper from the computer that shot Jak? She didn’t look anything like Courtney Gears or her dancers.

Otacon: Let us take a look at the enemy list. Clu wants to put an end to this just as much as us, so we can’t suspect him. And there’s no way the Master Control Program would ever work with the asylum, so he and Sark are out, too.
???: Carmelita, you’re check up is ready.

Everyone turns to the voice, but it wasn’t Kairi this time. It was Princess Peach!

Carmelita: I don’t really need one now, Peach. A doctor has already done one on me, and she says I’m okay.
Princess Peach: (sees Takatora) Oh dear. I must help him out! (closes eyes and prays) Come back!

A blue star descends from the heavens and slowly reaches for Takatora’s forehead. There’s a shower of light as Takatora slowly opens his eyes. He’s still in absolute pain, but he’s revived. Everyone looks in shock.

Mickey: You…you’re a White Mage?
Princes Peach: I know a bit of White Magic, yes. Now, let’s see..oh, I know just what to do. Group Hug!

Peach grabs everyone as she could, and a healing aura surrounds everyone. They feel more relaxed and full of energy as Princess Peach smiles once more.

Princess Peach: Now, I should get going to the House of Royalty and get the Princesses here. The “Receptionist” said so.
Carmelita: Um, I don’t think that’s a good idea…What if you get captured? I mean, we don’t need Mario and Luigi chasing after you again. They have better things to do after all.
Donald: WAIT A MINUTE! If Princess Peach was able to revive that fella, then… she can save Jak!
Black Jack: Donald, you need to realize that Takatora was crushed to death; in RPG games, that often means KO, which is why Peach was able to use a Life spell on him. Jak’s a different matter.
Donald: Aww, phooey!
Black Jack: Right now, I better get to work on Takatora and hopefully correct his broken limbs before that Iron Giant gets back up. Even if a powerout does happen, Takatora’s life is the priority.
Princess Peach: I’ll take care of Takatora with some cake and tea until operation time, Black Jack. Everyone, you should prepare for the worst.
Bentley: She’s right. We better strategize for what I call “Operation: Mad Breakdown.”

Everyone leaves, all except Takatora (who can’t) and Peach (who won’t). Takatora notices this and looks at Princess Peach, who is humming a small song to herself.

Takatora: So…what type of insults are you going to give me?
Princess Peach: What do you mean?
Takatora: You’re not going to give me cake and ice cream. You’re going to go “Why didn’t you go after your brother?” or “How could you be such aHorrible Judge of Character?” Go ahead. Fire away. Not like I’m used to this or anything.
Princess Peach: Why would I say something like that?
Princess Peach: I’m here to say that I think it’s very brave of you to go and make amends after everything you’ve been accused of. It’s not too late. I know you have goodness in your heart—you’re the god of Token Good Teammate after all. (smiles and pats Takatora on the head) You’re always a welcome member of the GUAG, Takatora Kureshima. And if Gentaro was here, he’d do his special handshake he does to every single friend he makes. Like so.

Peach takes Takatora’s hand and does the handshake. It’s a grip, then she curls Takatora’s hand into a fist so she could do a fist bump from below, above and then press their fists together. Takatora is taken aback by the Princess’s kindness—even Elena, who was known for her friendship and kindness, was angry at him at first. Peach? She had no malice in her heart even after what happened in the Muse Hysteria scare. It moved his own heart so much…

So much that the first thing he could do was cry. Peach held onto Takatora, letting the man sob into her chest as if he was just a young boy who lost his mother. Bentley, coming back to pick up something, stopped and stared at the scene, shushing his friends so they could see Peach do what others should’ve done before: forgive Takatora from the start.

Princess Peach: (patting Takatora’s shoulder) There, there. It’s all right. I’ll be here for a while. Then after that, I must find the Receptionist and help her out. Once Black Jack fixes you up, I’ll make you some warm rose tea and cake to help with your recovery.
Takatora: (still sobbing) T…thank you…

Princess Peach notices Bentley and places a finger to her lips. Bentley nodded his head as he and the others start racing to the Sanguine Hall, ready for their next stage in this battle.

Ratchet: This must be it. The angel wing on the door must mean that Riku is in here.
Balthier: Well, why stand here and talk? We’ve got an angel to restrain.

The two then open the door. “Riku” was inside, asleep in a bed in the shape of a sun. But even without the sun fueling him with power, Balthier knew that “Riku” would be no pushover when looking human. They needed Princess Luna to keep “Riku” weak, so that capturing him would be a piece of cake.

“Sora”: I knew it! You two have come crawling back for more? (notices the chamber door open) And what’s more? You think you can capture my partner while the sun is sleeping? What idiots, you two are!
Balthier: Strange. I thought that the curse would’ve left Sora’s body dead, too. But what does one know of a curse, anyway? They’re—

Just as Balthier can finish his sentence, “Sora” knocks him out with a dark orb. He kneels down, preparing to charge at Ratchet; unlike Riku before, Ratchet doesn’t know Dodge Roll, and thus, cannot get out of the way, even if he ran right away. But just as “Sora” could defeat the lombax, a chakram appears to take the blow. Lea and Fang had saved the two from becoming corrupted beasts.

Lea: Looks like it’s 2-0 on the times you and I saved each other, Ratchet. But don’t worry on getting your score high, as I’m a Keyblade wielder now. No need for anyone but myself to rescue me.
Ratchet: Okay, well thanks for the rescue, Axel. (Lea deadpans)
Fang: Well enough of talking, then. (throws Balthier a Phoenix Down) I’ll save Vanille, even if I have to give up my ass.
“Sora”: Fools. Clank, we’ve got company.

Clank appears. Even with the odds being 4-2, Ratchet would never hurt his friend, and “Sora” is at his most powerful. Balthier then takes note of the Fireys nearby, frozen in ice.

Balthier: A pack of fiery limbs defeated by ice. Guess Lulu was right when it comes to magic. But enough of this then. They need to be freed from that prison.
Lea: Allow me. Like those Fireys, Fire is my specialty.

Lea throws his Chakrams towards the frozen Fireys, and with a snap from a finger, he ignites them with a Firaga. The ice melts, freeing the quintet.

Firey Leader: (confused) Gah, what happened? (notices Balthier) Your Majesty? You’ve saved us from this beast in human guise?
Balthier: Well, actually, I’m not Jareth… but I can take you to him. And it was actually Axel who set you free.
Lea: Hey, it’s— ah, never mind.
Ratchet: The odds are now 9-2! Just hand over Clank, Riku and Vanille, and we’ll call it a night.
Clank: You’re wrong, Ratchet. The odds are actually 10-1!

Clank them pushes “Sora” down, and races back to the party. Lea then brings up a massive fireball and hits “Sora” in the head with it, knocking him out cold. Ratchet was stunned. Clank had escaped from corruption.

Clank: I’ll explain later. Right now, Riku is the priority. We’ll worry about Maxwell and Ma-ti’s Ring later.
Ratchet: But our backup hasn’t even arrived yet. Without Princess Luna, Riku would be too powerful.
Fang: I’m going on ahead to find Vanille. As long as key boy’s out, this won’t be too much of a struggle. Auron and Pit should meet up with me inside.
Firey 4: Okay, but just be careful of that catdog down there. He’s as tough as nails.

Fang then leaves the group, heading further into the ruins. She pays no attention to the LEGO continuously shifting to trap her in the halls…

Balthier, Ratchet, Clank, Lea, and the Fireys continued to storm the asylum to find Riku, with the Fireys leading the way to him. Clank explains to everyone about his plan.

Clank: After I went to the guardians of the House of Prophecy, I went to Lea, and I told him to meet me in the House of Technology to get some programming and a device to fake the corruption.
Ratchet: (angry) Then why didn’t you tell me!?
Clank: Because that would ruin my cover for corruption! Before we meet up, I had Lea be at the asylum for us to activate the pseudo-corruption.

Lea takes out the remote control the House of Technology made for and shows it to them.

Lea: They made the signal from this thing surprisingly strong.
Balthier: It was effective enough to trick Sora, I’ll give you two that.

A few tears dropped from Ratchet eyes. The Lombax was relieved to see that his robotic friend was never corrupted to begin with as the sentry bot climbed up on his shoulder.

Ratchet: (angry, crying) …Just don’t do that again without telling me.
Clank: Will do, buddy.
Firey Leader: We’re almost close to him. Get ready.
Ratchet: Right. I have a plan for him.

Ratchet whispered into Clank before they were confronting the corrupted Riku.

Firey 1: What are they planning?
Balthier: Who knows. It might be nonsense, it might be a plan against the Keyboy.
Lea: Let’s just hope this doesn’t fail.

Just as Ratchet and Clank were finished talking about their plans, the group has reached the corrupted Riku, who was outraged to find the Fireys and Clank working with the Heroes.

“Riku”: (furious) You fools… How dare you betray us!?
Firey 2: We’ve never liked your treatment towards us anyway.
Firey 3: All of us have waited for the right opportunity to plot against you.
“Riku”: It doesn’t matter. Why are you imbeciles here!?
Ratchet: We’re going after that Keyblade wielder!
“Riku”: Sora is stronger in the daytime. He will not fall to you!
Ratchet: When did I say I was going after Sora?

Clank switches one of his arms into a laser and shoots it at a surprised Riku, paralyzing him. He was still conscious, but with him unable to move, they were safe to take him back to Mickey, though he would not be paralyzed for long.

Balthier: Removing an angel to save a demon. A strange mission, yet we’ve succeeded in spite of the low odds.
Lea: We should take him away before Sora catches us.
Clank: Right. We should use the sewers. He won’t notice a thing.
Lea: (glances at Clank) Riiggghtt…
Balthier: After we leave the sewers, You guys take him to Sanguine Hall. Mickey and the others should be there. I’m going to take the Fireys to Jareth.

As Lea carries Riku, the group went inside the sewers to escape Sora’s sight and return to Sanguine Hall while Balthier takes the Fireys to back to their king, Jareth.

Once the group were out of the sewers, they noticed that Riku was reacting to the moonlight in a negative manner. Lea was confused, but then Ratchet remembered that Sora was powered down in sunlight. Maybe the moonlight had brought Riku back to his senses? But he couldn’t move regardless, and they still considered him as a threat.

The group made it back to Sanguine Hall, where everyone was waiting for them. While everyone waited, Ed played chess with Goofy, both Mickey and Donald practiced their magic, and Carmelita practicing her shooting, on several illusion furniture, and Bentley and Otacon were both finishing up the sanctuary for Tron to stay in. Audino was present, too, and was keeping an eye on a few machines taken from the medical division.

Suddenly, Lea, Ratchet, and Clank appeared with Riku on Lea’s shoulder, causing the other deities to gather around them.

Mickey: I’m glad you’ve got Riku back. We’ve got word from Jareth that Balthier is taking the Fireys to his temple. (looks at Clank) Clank, did they purify you?
Clank: I faked corruption. It’s a long story. I’ll explain it once Riku is strapped up.
Carmelita: Since Riku is captured and the Fireys have betrayed the guardians, this increases our chances to purify the corrupted deities.
Ed: Ed’s just wondering one thing. How are we going to purify the Proxy and the Guardians when they’re working together?
Mickey: Good question. Many deities are either out doing who knows what, or they’re focusing on Madoka and Homura. That aside… Lea, can you put Riku on the operating table we borrowed from the House of Slaughter?
Lea: Sure thing.

Lea latter proceeds to put Riku on top the operating table. After Riku was placed on the table, Mickey and Audino restrained him by placing his wrist and ankles on the straps. Audino then brought one of the machines from the medical division to the table, and inserts a nasal cannula into Riku’s nose to supply him with oxygen, and some sort of anaesthetic to put him to sleep and further restrain him.

Mickey: That should do it. After what happened earlier, we’re going to take more measures to keep Riku under our control, and our watch. Kairi should be going into the asylum when she gathers Nora and Ren.
Clank: Isn’t Pyrrha going along with them, too?
Mickey: Gosh, I was just thinking the same thing. I wonder why we’ve not been seeing Pyrrha lately. All I know is that Sora recently made a promise to her to look for something.

Ren: You think this is a good opporunity to save them?

Kairi had her gear ready and set up to enter the asylum and rescue Sora. Accompanying her were Nora and Ren, who wanted to purify Jaune. The red-headed Keyblade wielder was determined to bring Sora back at any costs.

Kairi: I’m sure we’ll save him. We’ll just have to trust in them to break the Proxy’s spell!
Nora: And beat some mind eggs into them!

Kairi and Nora were certain in their attempt to rush into the asylum bring their friends back. Ren was doubtful about the plan. Sora and Jaune were both allied to the Proxy, and they could call them in for backup at any time. He, however, kept quiet and followed them along into the asylum. They looked around the room to search for Sora, Jaune, and the others, but no one was inside.

Kairi: Where could they be?
Ren: Are they doing something else? I don’t hear anyone here.
Nora: They could all be eating monster lunch.

Nora’s remark had made her friend’s faces green at the thought of such an idea and went back to their normal color to resume their search.

Kairi: We should check the rooftops.

The three of them went for the rooftops. As they entered the rooftops, the trio began searching for their friends allies.

Ren: Where could they be?
Kairi: Just keep looking. I know Sora is around here somewhere!
Nora: Jaune must be around here…! (surprised) Guy, I think I’ve found Sora!

Kairi and Ren went by the orange-haired girl’s side as she pointed to what appeared to be the brunette keybearer’s location.

Asylum Log 23: Civil War

The Darkness Proxy returned from their spree of pain an destruction against the pantheon, satisified of all the evil deeds they’ve done.

Alternate!Gentaro: I assume you all had a fun time in the pantheon? How was your trip, Yugi boy?
Yugi: I had a fantastic blast destroying a large robot accompanied by some deities. I destroyed a large portion of the pantheon in the process.
Alternate!Gentaro: Good. You’re gonna love the next step of plan… hm?

Before they could discuss anything, further, the corrupted Sora and his asylum guardians approached them, infuriated.

Alternate!Gentaro: Ah, Sora what do you want to discuss with me, pal?
“Sora”: (angry) Don’t call me your pal! Our little deal is over!
Draven: Did we do something to enrage you?
“Sora”: You guys almost killed one of my friends! I’ll never forgive you for that!

Spreading his wings, “Sora” slapped Alternate!Gentaro, who was slightly taken off guard, down into the floor. Everyone in both parties were speechless about this sudden fallout as Alternate!Gentaro recovered. Even more so for Yugi, whose eyes widened with shock.

“Sora”: From this moment on, we are no longer allies! The next time I see any of you, we will destroy you!

Enraged, “Sora” and his brethen left the Darkness Proxy, who came to Alternate!Gentaro’s aid with Decade helping Alternate!Gentaro get up on his feet.

Yugi: I’ve made a very bad move…
Alternate!Gentaro: Let them be. I have other plans. I’m still surprised he managed to care about his friends even while corrupted.
Willow!Jeff: This could be bad. What if he’s willing to corrupt the entire pantheon against us?
Decade: You guys should be lucky that girl is alive and unharmed. If Kaiba killed her, and Sora found out, he might do something so horrible that it would make the fates of the Family of Blood look tame
Alternate!Gentaro: I have other things in mind.

As the Darkness Proxy head off to an unknown destination, Ash had noticed that a yellow bear walking down his way.

“Ash”: Hey, Sora, isn’t that Pooh over?

The corrupted brunette Keyblade wielder and the other guardians looked at Pooh, who was hiding from a corner.

Pooh: (quietly) Sora…

Heignores the kind yellow bear as he and the others walk off to the asylum. Before Pooh could catch up to the the Keyblade wielder, he found that his shirt was caught into something. He looked behind him to see Fluttershy grabbing him with her hoof.

Fluttershy: Where are you going?
Pooh: I only want to know where’s Sora going.
Fluttershy: It’s dangerous to confront them alone. You should go back to your temple.
Pooh: But what about Sora…?
Fluttershy: We’ll come up with a way to restore him and the others later.

The yellow pony dragged Pooh away to his temple to keep him safe from the chaos that was ensuing around the pantheon.

The heartbroken Daxter still looked at Jak’s dead body in the Medical Division. He remembered the great times he had with him. Accompanying were Neku and the Dream Eaters Necho Cat and Juggle Pup.

Daxter: (sad, thinking) I don’t know what will happen if Keira sees this…

Suddenly, Daxter sees Jak’s body glowing up in green, signaling that something was about to happen.

Daxter: (surprised) W-what’s happening to Jak?
Neku: That’s just Auto Raise. This is a pantheon after all. Since Jak is a deity, he cannot die.
Daxter: Of course… Silly me… We’re deities in this pantheon, so we can return to life at any time.

The two looked at Jak, hoping for him to wake up. He didn’t, which signals that the asylum may have took the pieces of his shattered heart, and left his body in a coma.

Meanwhile in the asylum, the dolls Carmelita encountered earlier were dancing around, as if they were celebrating for something. What Daxter doesn’t realize was that the newest addition to these dolls were Jak, who now has a whole on it’s chest: Jak’s heart has now been reclaimed by the asylum.

April: Hello everyone! This is April O’Neal on Pantheon News! We’re now looking at the destruction the Iron Giant has caused to the pantheon. I have Ben and Gwen Tennyson here with me. Here you go, Ben. (Hands the microphone to Ben)
Ben: (takes the mircrophone from April) Thank you. It feels weird doing this. There have been numerous blackouts and power outages. We had to get as many as deities as we could into their temples. Here you go, Gwen.

Ben gives his cousin Gwen the microphone, turning his away from the screen slightly flustered that he was in TV.

Gwen: Thanks, Ben. (Facing the screen) Many temples have been destroyed, which has caused a riot throughout the pantheon. Many members of the GUAG’s Mecha Division are taken into treatment to the Medical Division. Most of all, the Iron Giant has been defeated That’s all I have to say now.

Gwen gives the microphone back to phone April before departing with Ben, almost on the verge of tears.

April: (Sad) Thanks, you… Whoever activated the Iron Giant is still a mystery. This is April O’Neil of Pantheon News. Out.

The TV turns off as everyone in Sanguine Hall watched in horror as Audino was tending to Riku. She considered taking him off the anesthetic to see if he’ll be in control of his body as long as the moon was up, given Daxter’s testimonies about Sora being himself during daytime.

Otacon: (shocked) The Mecha Division was taken down by one robot…? That’s insane…
Donald: First, the scuffle Madoka and Homura, and now this? Not even Trollkaiger would mess with it.
Bentley: I just hope Murray is okay…
Carmelita: Whoever provoked the The Iron Giant should be punished for this. We must be more careful from here on out.
Mickey: Highly noted, Inspector. The Proxy might be taking advantage of this. Cosmos and the others should be okay from this.
Audino: Dino dino! Audino!

While everyone was talking about the events that happened, Audino turned to everyone else, showing that Riku was beginning to wake up. The group turned to the two of them with the Disney toon trio racing towards Riku to check on him. They got out their weapons in case he was still corrupted.

Mickey: Riku! Can you hear us?!

Everyone waited for a few minutes as Riku, who woke up, looking at Mickey in confusion as to where he was.

Riku: Ungghh…. Mickey…? Where am I?
Donald: You’re in Sanguine Hall. Ratchet, Clank, Lea, and Balthier brought you here.
Mickey: I’m glad you’re alright, but the bad news is that you’re still semi-corrupted. We’ve not purified you yet, but we’re actively in the process of finding out how to save you, Sora, Jak…
Riku: Wait, what happened to Jak?
Ratchet: He died, all because Sora didn’t free him properly.
Bentley: The Iron Giant has also caused an immensely large amount of damage in the pantheon. We still don’t know who activated it.
Carmelita: Sly was incinerated by Axel, and I saw doll versions of you and Sora.
Otacon: Okay, seriously. Dolls? In a madhouse for adults?
Carmelita: Yes. It’s insane as it founds.
Ed: Ed might have a theory on this: If there were dolls of Riku and Sora, that must mean Jak has one, too.
Mickey: That’s a very sound postulation. Riku, we have to put you back under anesthetic. It’s for your own safety.
Riku: Just make sure to return me to the hospital. They’ll only get worried if I’m away too long.

As ordered, Riku rested before Audino put the anesthetic back on him.

Lea: I have to wonder if that still applies to the Darkness Proxy. They may suffer from the same amount of corruption.
Goofy: Good question. Matt Hardy has been depressed since his brother Jeff got corrupted.
Clank: Someone’s coming this way.

Everyone heard footsteps coming approaching their location. As the footsteps became closer to them, they had readied their weapons in case it was a member of the Asylum Guardians or the Darkness Proxy. Two figures entered Sanguine Hall, exhausted from walking around the pantheon as they approached the heroes.

???1: We’ve been looking everywhere to compile reports into one story.
???2: Once I’m doing this, I’m going to sleep.
Ratchet: Oh, it’s just April and Freddie. It was a false alarm.

Taking breaths, they lowered their weapons in relief. April and Freddie looked at Riku, who was resting on an operating table.

Freddie: Is Riku still corrupted?
Mickey: To a degree, yes. Whatever you do, don’t take the anesthetic off him.
April: I hope he feels okay. By the way, can we do a report here?
Otacon: We can do this at the Medical Division.
Freddie: Good.

Freddie and April set up the cameras to make their next report while the Bentley calls for the Medical Division. Suddenly, the TV screen turned to a certain face. It was Alternate!Gentaro, enraged for some reason.

Alternate!Gentaro: All deities of the Pantheon… You all only care about the feud between Madoka and Homura! If you deities weren’t so focused on that damned Demon Lord stealing Madoka’s powers, none of you would’ve allowed the asylum to corrupt deities!

The evil Gentaro’s speech had made Carmelita stepped in front of the group, slightly enraged.

Carmelita: (shouting) You think you’re the big-shot in the pantheon!? Madoka’s apostles were slain by two deities when they tried to destroy it! You’re just a spoiled kid in a small pond!

While everyone was surprised by the infuriated Inpspector’s remark, even more so Alternate!Gentaro face darkened, having seemingly listened to her rebuttal.

Alternate!Gentaro: Don’t hold your tongue for long, vixen. I’ll disembowl you should we ever cross paths again!

Carmelita turned the TV off, not wanting to hear the evil Gentaro replicia’s speech any longer. The Inspector calmed down as she turned to the rest of the group.

Otacon: The Puella Magi were killed by two deities?
Carmelita: Two very strong ones at that. It’s a long story, but we shouldn’t worry about that by now.