The Friendship Asylum Act Six

Intermission 5 – The Leading Man, The Goblin King, and the Security Program

Rey Mysterio, Reigns, and Ambrose were racing back to the Darkness Proxy’s castle as fast as possible, with Balthier teaming up with them. The news of Sora, Donald and Goofy finding the main power crystal had just reached them thanks to Bentley, and now they knew how to get back their Wrestling Federation. Travis was still inside, having no idea that he’s been waiting to destroy decoys all this time.

Reigns: Why didn’t we listen to that hacker girl and vampire boy the other night? They weren’t trying to annoy us, they was trying to warn us!
Rey: But what that raccoon said before he was freed. Is the ring of Ma-Ti really powering up this castle?
Ambrose: What does it matter? It’s been destroyed, and the crystals, fake or real, would be weakened by now.
Rey: And I’ve been hearing about this whole “Undead Uprising” from a few sources. Turns out that the trigger was something about Seto Kaiba about to kill Kairi and all that. You’d think someone would keep an eye on someone like him? What idiot decides to disregard something like that?

As luchador shook the battery of the laser katana in his hand, Reigns slowly turned to Ambrose with a raised eyebrow.

Reigns: (in an imitation of Ambrose) “He’s not that important, now is he?”
Ambrose: (through gritted teeth) SHUT UP.

They reached Travis and the fake crystals inside, and waste no time in smashing them into bits. Once all the decoys were destroyed, a passage to the real crystals opened up. They were about to enter the center of the castle when the doors just closed… revealing a huge mecha that walks out of the door upon it’s sides merging. It’s eyes glowed white, and it picks up an axe on the side. It was Humongous, the guardian of the Goblin City, who was reported to have disappeared after Gentaro was thrust into Limbo and the Muse Hysteria incident started.

Humongous: Who goes?
Balthier: Mr. Williams’ book really is popular enough to plagiarize… but where are the spikes? (the spikes pop up behind them) Oh, there they are.
Travis: So, if that book is right, then there must be a goblin inside the head controlling this mecha.
Balthier: Well, this is the great Humongous, after all. But getting to that head isn’t going to be easy.
Travis: (pulling out his Beam Katana) Just watch!

Travis climbs onto Humongous by the back, and stabs it. The guardian mecha begins to malfunction, before a small explosion goes off inside. The axe is dropped, and the goblin inside the head pops it off and drops to the ground, trying to escape the smoke. Seeing Balthier, mistaking him for Jareth, he gets on his knees and begs for forgiveness. Reigns grabs the goblin, and holds him up to the Sky Pirate.

Reigns: Spill it! Why are you guarding the crystal source of this castle?
Goblin: Forgive me, your majesty, but that Yugi fellah made me do this. He told me to not let anyone inside, otherwise Gentaro will destroy the city. When I got beaten by a vampire, mummy, and some dog with a screw on his head, well… well… (crying) HE CAPTURED THE FIREYS!!
Rey: So, that’s why Murray had to return to the bunker.

The door behind the now-wrecked Humongous then opens up, leading into the main crystal room. Inside the room was something… or someone… they didn’t expect to find: Queen Chrysalis, inside a crystal.

Balthier: So that is what happened to this pony? Well, she’s not getting away for her actions.

The sky pirate walks up to the crystalized changeling queen and places a bomb onto it. He would never forgive her for her actions, and thought that killing her is the only way to save the pantheon and restore the PWF. Neither Ambrose or Reigns knew what to think, but at the very least the queen got what she deserved.

Goblin: Are you sure this is wise, Your Majesty? Think of what the proxy could do as revenge!
Ambrose: He is doing what is best for all of us. Besides, I think this is more out of mercy than spite. All we can do now is leave before the bomb goes off, and then find Felix and have him repair the federation.

The group then raced out of the castle ruins as the bomb went off, killing Chrysalis and ending the Darkness Proxy’s hold on the Pantheon Wrestling Federation for good through a shower of crystals spraying out in multiple directions. They just watched from a broken trap door as the crystals dissipate into All-Star Power and flow back towards the asylum.

Balthier: More All-Star Power? That petard better be powerful enough to vanquish the liquid All-Star Power that those princesses created from that sphere. After all, there ain’t enough Sony gods around to contain it all.

Seven minutes before Log 31

Tron and his squadron of programs were fighting off an army of evil programs made of All-Star Power.

Tron: Keep them busy! We can’t let them infect the grid!
Program 1: Got it!
Program 2: Are Clu or the MCP helping the proxy?
Tron: I can’t be sure about Clu, but The MCP would likely support this kind of agenda. (thinking) I sure wished Samuel Flynn or Sora could assist me in this fight…
Program 3: Tron! Something’s appearing above us!
Tron: What is it?
Program 3: It’s some sort of… Creature.

Tron looked up to see a creature, blue skin with a black tail, falling down before them.

???: Wobbaaa!!!
Tron: That’s a Pokemon! How did it get into the computer world? (To the programs) Keep them busy! I’m going to catch the Pokemon!
Program 2: Right.

He went ahead of his squadron to catch the Wobbuffet while avoiding attacks from the evil programs. The stern program hurried back to his squardron to resume his resume.

Program 1: What’s a Pokemon like that doing here?
Tron: No clue. Hmmm… This one doesn’t seem to be offensive… I have an idea.

Analyzing the Wobbuffet, Tron read the Pokemon’s attacks.

Tron: Let’s See… Mirror Coat… Counter… Safeguard… Destiny Bond….
Program 3: What’s the plan, boss?
Tron: We throw it into the battlefield.
Program 1: The users who own this Pokemon will be angry at you for doing this. Is it okay to do this?
Tron: If it’s to elimate our enemies, them we have no other choice.

Tron had pushed the Wobbuffet in front of the evil programs. Several of them had shot the pokemon with several energy balls.

Tron: Wobbuffet, Use Mirror coat!

At Tron’s command, The Patient Pokemon had Used Mirror Coat several time to retaliate against them. Having twice the power it had taken down the group of programs, leaving the squadron in awe.

Program 2: Oh my users… that Pokemon took down those programs easily.
Tron: Some Pokemon may be small, but they pack quite a punch.
Program 1: We should have it help us!
Tron: No. I’m inclined to bring it with us, but the users will want this Pokemon back. I’m going to type the protocol to send this Pokemon back to the real world. Cover me while I do so.

Tron types in the code to sent Wobbuffet back into the real world.

Tron: I just hope Riku’s still in contact.

Twenty-six minutes after Chun-Li had smashed Ma-Ti’s Ring

Fang was on her way back to Vanille’s to check on the latter.

Fang: I just hope she’s okay.

She had entered her sister’s temple, where the latter was still bound to the chains and unconscious. As she walked up to her sister, she had taken out her weapon in case she was still corrupted.

Fang: Vanille… Vanille, wake up!

The pink-haired woman had regained consciousness and looked at her sister.

Vanille: Fang? What’s going on?
Fang: I’m sorry for tying you up. Someone had brainwashed you to summon the undead to raise havoc around the pantheon.
Vanille: (disturbed) Oh Cosmos… I need to take them back to hell before they kill everyone!
Fang: There hasn’t been too much damage around, so we have a good amount time on our hands. Some guy named Artix von Krieger has slaughtered many of them.
Vanille: Artix… von Krieger? Who’s that?
Fang: He’s different from your run-of-the-mill paladin. We’ll talk about it later. Right now, we must remove the undead.

Fang slowly removes the rope bounding Vanille.

Fang: Are you back to normal?
Vanille: Yes. You don’t have to worry about corruption.

She smiled as removed the last to free her rose-haired sister and then went to main room to have the guardians to allow Vanille to command the undead. Four minutes later, they’ve arrived at the main room, where Guan Yu.

Fang: Guan Yu! Can we please use the microphone and do a brief broadcast? Vanille needs to take control over the undead.
Guan Yu: Very well… I will allow you control, if only because the pink-haired girl is responsible for this mess. Proceed.

The Saint of War allowed the sisters inside to do a broadcast over the pantheon.

Vanille: (through the microphone) Attention, remaining undead soldiers, would you kindly leave the pantheon?

At Vanille’s request, the undead around pantheon have disappeared into thin air.

Fang: I’m glad that’s done. How we go to Medical Division HQ and have that wound healed?

Vanille nods as the two of them depart the House of Personal Appearance and headed to the Medical Division.

Jareth was in his temple, where a Firey gave him a cup containing a weird drink.

Fireys: Here’s some tea, master!
Jareth: Thanks.

Clearing his throat before sipping on his tea, he was reading a newspaper about the asylum being on fire.

Jareth: (thinking) They’ve destroyed the heart? No, that can’t be.

One of the Goblin King’s crystal orbs started to glow up. Within the orb was Balthier contacting him.

Balthier: We’ve got some good news for you. We’ve found that pony and destroyed the Castle.
Jareth: The Changeling Queen? She does not worry me. Did you find anything else?
Balthier: Yes… There was this huge robot calling itself Humongous.
Jareth: That was inside too? I’ve been searching for that Mecha for the past week. I’ll be going to the Wrestling Federation shortly and salvage the parts.
Baltheir: I guess I’ll be returning to my temple then.

The orb stopped glowing, followed the Goblin King getting up from his seat.

Jareth: Fireys! We’re going to reclaim the Humongous!

Departing the House of Mentalism, Jareth and Fireys reach for their destination to retrieve the giant mecha.

Asylum Log 31 – To Combat Our Despair with Hope

Twenty minutes before Intermission 5

The Asylum shifted and wailed as Ruby tried to find Sora but often it would lead to dead ends. Ruby refused to let it stop her and she continued on.

Yet despite her best efforts sometimes it would lead her to back to the entrance,as though it was try to lead her to the exit. Getting annoyed by this she muttered.

Ruby: Please, if it can help Sora, whatever is behind the next door by the right way.

Unfortunately for her, it opened to the roof. The Huntress was about to get upset over this turn of events but then she heard someone. She notice a man overlooking the rest of the Friendship house and she knew immediately who it was.

Enrico Pucci awaited his Dawn of Destiny with a prayer.

Pucci: O Father who art in Heaven, please show me the way… The path before me that has allow me to take my ride with Destiny… Now, I ask you give me the strength to finish the path that you have written in the stars. Allow me to finally see the Point of Gravity so that I may once again enter Dio’s World and obtain Heaven.

Ruby prepared for a sneak attack, but if the Priest heard her she wasn’t sure as Enrico simply ended his prayer never turning around. She charged ready to lay down the first hit, but when she got close, a green humanoid creature appeared behind Enrico and suddenly she started to fly backwards, hitting the railing.

Enrico Pucci turned around his hands in prayer.

Pucci: Do you believe in “Gravity”?

He walked forward as Ruby tried to get back up but something was pulling her back.

Pucci: My stand C-Moon allows me to invert gravity, any unfixed object within a 3 kilometer radius will fall away from me.

He unfolded his hands and decided to get closer to her, watching her bare her teeth attempting to overpower the ability of his stand.

Pucci: “Gravity”, the force that brings people together no matter what fate may befall them, I will show you the power of this force.

He then simply poked her arms with two fingers, The increased weight on her arms forced her to kneel, and then to her horror, she stared at her arms as she tried to raise them. They started turning inside out; she could no longer see skin, she started seeing bone and muscle. Some blood even poured onto the ground.

She tried to reach for Crescent Rose but the force of gravity refused to yield and allow her to grab her weapon.

Pucci: Now watch and see the birth of “Made In Heaven”, it was all meant to be!

C-Moon started to make him raise in the air, something in his All Star Power started to change and beams of gold started to appeared around him, almost as if something in him was coming out. There was a gold twinkle in his eyes as he reached the point. He was happy to obtain “Made in Heaven” once again and change the Pantheon into a perfect paradise.

Jack Skellington led the Overseers to the GUAG Medical Division to find April. Black Jack had returned from the House of Life and Death after hearing from Riku via a message about Sora’s abduction, and was now guarding the medical division and being on wait in case someone else would need him. He’s no longer tired, thanks to Riku casting Curaga on him just minutes ago.

Black Jack: Jack Skellington… (to Kirk, The Doctor, and Rosalina) …and you three. Is there an important matter?
Jack Skellington: We want to have April spread the info about Valentine’s plans to the pantheon.
The Doctor: We want everyone involved in this mess to hear out about Mr. Valentine’s plans.
Black Jack: Very well then. Good luck.

The four of them found April O’Neal in the recreation area near the medical division’s entrance, speaking with Riku, who was at a table, monitoring Otacon’s laptop. They wasted no time but to get her to broadcast on the revelation Jack has given them. Five minutes later, April was ready to report on the recent events.

April: (stretches) Breaking news, everyone! This is April O’ Neal reporting from the GUAG Medical Division. In light of this incident, I’ve received quite a sinister revelation from Mr. Skellington. President Funny Valentine from the House of Time and Space is the one behind this chaos. Would you kindly explain how he did all this?
Jack Skellington: (grabs the microphone) Why, Thank you, Ms. O’ Neal! How this all happened was that some time after Gentaro Kisaragi’s ascension to the pantheon proper, Mr. Valentine, proper to his ascension, have ordered Freddy Krueger and Pitch Black from the shadows to invade his dreams and exploit his worst fears while Mr. Valentine transfers the psyche of an alternate self of Gentaro into his mind. Next, still from the shadows, he ordered Queen Chrysalis to manipulate Ryusei Sakuta, a friend of Mr. Kisaragi’s, to kill him, allowing the Undertaker and Alice to split his souls into two. His ultimate goal is to make Gentaro into a siphon.
Kirk: (grabs the microphone) Myself, along with The Doctor and Rosalina, are ordering house arrest for and depowering Mr. Valentine. As for the gods of the other houses, guard your temples. We cannot allow anyone in league with Mr. Valentine to capture anyone else.
April: (as Kirk hands her back the mic) Thanks for the order, Kirk. In related news, Keyblade Wielder Sora of the House of Nature was abducted by Enrico Pucci, and being used by President Valentine as the siphon in Gentaro’s place. (shows the video of Sora inside the Heart of the Asylum that was sent by Penelope) I’m here with Riku for more information.
Riku: (is handed over the microphone) Right now, Mickey and the others are on their way to the asylum to save Sora and blow it up.
April: Thank you, Riku. As Kirk just said, stand guard inside your houses and do not allow anyone else to be captured. This is April O’Neal with Keyblade Master Riku, the Overseers and Jack Skellington in the pantheon news over and out!

Kairi then rushes in, her arm now in a cast because of Neyla breaking it, just as April and the others leave the area. She was in the ward, and saw that Sora’s bed is empty, and is completely mortified. At first, she prayed that the Delta Cops have smashed Maxwell’s orb. She was just glad that Riku was only in a recreation area.

Kairi: What happened? Where’s Sora?
Riku: (hesitant) Inside the asylum. Pucci took him, and now look…

Riku shows Kairi the footage from the RC car of Sora, who’s now starting to lose consciousness. Kairi is quite shocked, and considers returning to help save Sora. But then, she recalls that the Hacking Trio is inside right now. However, before she could make up her mind, Balthier walks in, with Draven on his back.

Balthier: (walks in) With that storm brewing outside, who knows how much longer we can last.
Kairi: Oh, my! (checks Draven’s heartbeat with a stethoscope) His heartbeat is irregular. Bring him to my office, and I’ll perform an operation.
Balthier: Of course, but the plan for this guy first is to put him a medical bed. He seems to be purified, but is barely alive. We heal that crow, we heal Draven.
Kairi: I see what you meant there. I will bring him to Unohana to heal him.

Balthier then places “Draven onto a medical kart nearby and starts to return to the House of Crime to help guard it from “Time for Heaven” Kairi puts Draven in a medical stretcher to send him to Unohana to heal him. Now only Yugi was left corrupted, but with the Delta Cops inside Maxwell’s chambers, it’s likely that Yugi will be restored quickly enough without anyone else needing to fight him.

But before Balthier could leave the recreation area, a voice comes from outside that startles everyone.

Reigns: (yelling from outside) Sweet mother of bullshit! We need to return to the Wrestling Federation!
Balthier: (thinking to himself) Guess they need my help.

Just as Draven was sent to Unohana for him to be restored, Yukiteru “Yuki” Amano walks into the recreation area, demanding that Draven to be handed over to him! The sight of him, because of Yuno’s reputation of having a large enemy list (contrasting Sora’s large ally list), caused Riku to choke for a moment.

Yukiteru: Are you Master Riku?
Riku: (looking stunned) Yes? What do you want?
Yukiteru: I’m here to kill Eric Draven! I just knew that he would be here after seeing Balthier walk in!
Riku: Of course. Just give me a few seconds to call for Kaylee… Karlie… sorry, K.

Riku then pretended to call for Kairi into the room, when in reality, he was randomly tying in different keys onto a notepad he accessed. He had to be cautious, since his arms were still in a lot of pain from the operation. During this ruse, Riku accidently turned the internet connection back on, giving other programs access to the sanctuary Tron was in.

Riku: (quietly) Whooops. (To Yuki) I’m sorry, but Draven is in the cyberworld attacking the other programs. Alternate!Gentaro must have corrupted Yuno to destroy the machines. You have to stop her.
Yukiteru: Of course. I knew something was suspicious about that Alternate!Gentaro guy. Thanks, Master Riku.

Yukiteru departed the recreation room to find Yuno. Riku gave a deep breath after he lied to the boy about Draven. He knew Yuno Gasai would do anything to kill and destroy anything and everything just to protect her “precious” Yuki. The feeling of relief was short-lived when he was approached by Team Rocket, dressed as janitors. This made the Keyblade Master leer at them suspiciously. James and Meowth, though, felt nervous around him, given what they had learned earlier.

James: I can’t believe a priest has captured that Keyblade twerp!
Jessie: He has has no reason to capture him!
Meowth: And that guy’s even helped the refugees from Quasimodo’s temple! What a jackamule!

Overhearing their conversation, Riku wasn’t too fond of Pucci himself. Riku heard that the priest was Dio’s most trusted follower. Despite his actions towards his past followers, he’d never expect the evil vampire to respect someone, let alone a priest, after he heard of the latter’s actions in their universe. The albino Keybearer cleared up his throat and spoke to them, not letting them know that he can see through their disguises.

Riku: You three are here for something?
Jessie: No-no! We’re just checking the other patients around the place, That’s all.
James: Time to get back to cleaning! What do you say, guys?
Meowth: Y-yeah! They will scream at us for not doing our jobs!

Just as they were about to depart the area, a Pokémon suddenly popped out of Jessie’s Pokeball: It was Wobbuffet. This caused the trio to slip up and blow their cover, which didn’t surprise Riku in the slightest.

Wobuffet: Wobbuffet!
Jessie: Ugh… Not at a time like this!

With little warning, Wobbuffet touched a device, and all of a sudden, the laser connected to Otacon’s computer activated and zapped the Patient Pokémon, causing him to disappeared into data.

Jessie: No! Wobbuffet! What happened to Wobbuffet? (angry; to Riku) This is all your fault!
Riku: How can it be my fault? You need to learn to keep your Pokémon away from dangerous items! This laser has a “Keep out of reach of children, twerps and Springfieldians” warning label.
Jessie: But there isn’t a message saying a Pokémon cannot touch it. But what is going on? Where is Wobbuffet?
???: Your Pokémon has been sent inside the computer world.

Everyone turned around to see a brown-haired man: Prince Hans, with his sword in hand. Riku silently summoned Komory Bat to aid him, and had his Keyblade, the Way to the Dawn, in his hand, just in case.

Jessie: (angry) You! What have you done!?
Hans: I haven’t done a thing to your Pokémon! It foolishly just zapped itself inside, and is now at the mercy of security programs who will exterminate it.
Jessie: Maybe, but not Tron! He’d just help Wobbuffet escape.
Hans: That is whether he’s himself or not. One of my partners took control over him.
Riku: (silently) Must be Courtney Gears again.
Jessie: (death glare) Don’t you dare mention that glitch in front of us!
Hans: She did better good for many of us than a lot of girls did. I asked her to ask the proxy to find me a suitable kingdom for me to rule. And they betrayed us! Even after I helped them corrupt that Eco Freak during the Blitzball match!
Riku: (furious) You did what to Jak!?
Jessie: She’s just a homicidal maniac, Just like you!

Riku, James, and Meowth watched the two of them quarrel with each other, which become more and more vocal. Eventually, Jessie had enough and tackled Hans, causing them to beat each other up on the ground. Hans didn’t even bother to attack Jessie with his sword.

Meowth: Jessie needs to do something about her short temper if she’s going to risk her life to beat this guy up.
Riku: (sternly) Hans corrupted Jak, so I can assume he is the reason why Sora was kidnapped. Someone should call for security.
James: Can someone crank up the audio?
???: Dino!

They turned to see that Audino has entered the room serving medical supplies for Riku. Prince Hans noticed the Hearing Pokémon and took out his sword, and made a swing at her, forcing Riku to get out of his wheelchair and use his Dark Shield to defend her. The connection with the shield caused the sword to break in half. Hans’ action had made every in the room angry. Daxter returned with Melody in time to see the act.

Riku: Are you trying to kill a Pokémon!? Unohana would’ve killed you right on the spot if I hadn’t stepped in!
James: Even we would never try to kill a Pokémon!
Jessie: You should be ashamed of yourself!
Daxter: You! You’ve betrayed everyone here! When Jak wakes up, we’re going to give you the “Dyson treatment”!

Ignoring all of the admonishments from everyone, he pushed everyone out of the way and cuts Riku’s nasal cannula with his sword stub, which made the Keyblade Master choke from a lack of oxygen and a blocked nose. Audino looked at Hans in outrage for him daring to put a patient’s life in danger, even going as far as to grab a pink orb.

Riku: (faintly) Help!
Hans: (angry) Silence, everyone! I’m here to kill that prince for what he did to me in Haven City.
Daxter: Yeah, an incident Jak had no involvement in! The only one to blame for this is yourself!
Hans: Why you rotten-!

In his rage, the 13th Prince had went for the ottsel. Suddenly, Hans was shot at the back, and left to float around the room without control.

Hans: I can’t move! W…What’s happening to me?
???: Still visiting worlds to commit regicide, Hans?
Daxter: Huh?

Daxter knew that voice, and looked towards the door. Jak was standing there, alive, awake, and proudly holding his gun in his hands. Beat and Rhyme were right behind him, too! They had just witnessed what Hans had done to Audino and Riku, and knew that they needed to do something before things got worse.

Hans: (angry) I wanted to be acknowledged by my family! I want to show them I’ve no weak King!
Jak: Look, Hans… I know how it feels to be denied the position of King… I can’t be King anymore. At first I was a bit upset about the verdict, but I made up my mind and eventually accepted it. Going on adventures with Dax and Keira had taught me that being a hero is better than being a king.
Rhyme: But going around betraying this whole place? Yes, we’ve heard everything from you and that janitor.

Surprised and realized to hear that Jak can no longer be allowed to be King, Hans drops his sword in sorrow.

Hans: I…

Before he spoke up, a few of Carmelita’s hired Gorilla Mercenaries arrived.

Lieutenant Gronk: What happened here?
Daxter: Hans Westergard has attemped to commit treason by attacking Audino and Riku! Oh, and he is the reason why Jak was corrupted in the first place.

Hearing of this, the gorillas ordered Hans to be arrested imminently. Rhyme walks up to Hans with a smile, and punches him in the eye. The next thing Hans knew, he was outside the GUAG Medical Division, being thrown into a police van by one of the gorillas, and about to be taken to the Court of the Gods for treason. A crowd, of which includes Auron, watched as he was taken away.

Neku: Traitor!
Beat: Now that we know you’ve helped destroy half of this place, you can’t ever be trusted again.
Rhyme: Tomorrow’s news on the Sucker Punch Daly: Prince Hans becomes Public Enemy no. 1.
Auron: If you want to be King, Do it the right way. Don’t kill people. You better make up for this nonsense in the next movie, because you’ve committed a heinous crime worse than attempted regicide.
Hans: You… you think I’m the bad guy here!? The eco freak is also ruthless. He banished people he didn’t like to the Isle of the Lost.
Jak: (smirking) Get him outta here!

The gorillas take the 13th prince away as everyone laughed at him. Back inside, Melody was helping Riku with removing his destroyed nasal cannula as Audino goes off to inform the doctors about what happened.

Melody: Are you alright, Riku?
Riku: (coughs) Barely.
Daxter: Wait a minute!? If Jak is awake now, then that means…
Riku: That means everyone is awake again, and whoever is corrupted is purified as well.

The group turned to see Nora and Ren, along with a rejuvenated Jaune, enter the room.

Jaune: (sighs) Good thing they’ve healed that wound I got from that purple tigress… Neyla, if I call her name.
Melody: Neyla? That woman who betrayed Inspector Fox?
Riku: Yeah, that one. Kairi’s told me everything about her and… huh?

Riku stopped and realized that his respiratory system was in better condition than it was before.

Riku: I can breathe better now. I still feel sick. It’s not as bad as it was a few days ago from swallowing that Slamwitch’s gunk.
Jessie: (turns green) Ugh… Don’t get us infected.
Jaune: Relax. He won’t be that way for long.
Riku: (To Jessie) After I get your Wobbuffet out of the computer, that is.

Riku went back to his medical bed with Melody’s help, getting to work on ejecting Wobbuffet from the computer world.

For some time, Yukiteru has tried to find several clues to find Yuno, but has no such luck yet. There wasn’t time left; Yuno must be found before she falls into the trap Alternate!Gentaro supposedly arranged for her, unaware that Riku had actuallytricked him into going after her.

Yukiteru: (thinking) Yuno, wherever you are, please be okay.

Yukiteru was now in the House of Personal Appearance. The House was not known very well other than various deities complaining about their looks and others not caring about it. Curiously, all of the Guardians were absent. Igor was busy in a meeting with Philemon, Sanguinus had a mission to do under orders from the God-Emperor. Jack Ryan was the only one present, seeing Yukiteru wondering the motives for being here.

Jack Ryan: Is there something the matter, Young man?
Yukiteru: I’m looking for Yuno Gasai.
Jack Ryan: Yuno Gasai isn’t here right now.
Yukiteru: (thinking) Crap, where has she actually gone?

Abruptly, two Gods, Noah Bennett and Joshua Graham, were discussing something at a table. Yukiteru overhears what info they have to say.

Joshua Graham: After I returned from doing some prayers in the House of Faith, I saw this strange girl in a dark purple cloak heading for the House of Life and Death. She’s a strange one.
Noah Bennett: I just hope that girl doesn’t cause any trouble.
Yukiteru: (thinking) I guess I should check it out…

In hopes to find a clue on Yuno’s whereabouts, Yukiteru departs the House of Personal Appearance and head for the Life and Death House. The two deities looked at him as he left.

Noah Bennett: What’s with that kid? Not that I actually care about him.
Joshua Graham: Don’t know why the kid’s here, but I’m going to the House of Food. Rumor has it that Miss Shiraishi’s theme for the asylum’s destruction is “Jolly Holiday“, and I want to see if it’s true.
Noah Bennett: Is that true? If so, I’m going with you to get a vegetable platter
Joshua Graham: Once I leave the House of Food, I won’t guide you back, understood?
Noah Bennett: Agreed.

And with that, the two of them left for the House of Food, leaving Jack Ryan alone.

Jack Ryan: (sigh) It sure sucks being a guardian of this house.

Later, Yukiteru arrives at the House of Life and Death, there seems to be no signs of the girl yet. He decides to look around all of the Houses to see if the mysterious girl was there from the Overdeites to Lesser Gods. Vanille’s temple was locked from the inside, which disturbed Yukiteru. However, his search attempt was unsuccessful. As he entered the Demigods and Quasideities divisions to see if the girl was there. True enough, the mysterious female appeared before him, staring at him. Before he could he do anything, he brought out his Random Diary to confirm whether or not the mystery girl was Yuno. As he pulled it out, the next wasn’t very surprising.

Yukiteru: (reading quietly) “Yuno Gasai is planning to burn down Eric Draven’s House.” (thinking) It’s not enough to confirm my suspicions on this girl…

Closing down his diary, Yuki runs up to the girl and punches her, getting the hood off her face in the process. At this time, the identity of the girl in the cloak was revealed as she got up.

Yukiteru: Yuno!
Yuno: Y…Yuki!?
Yukiteru: I’m here to stop you from planning something nefarious. Eric Draven has been cured by Tron. Please… Don’t do anything insane.
Yuno: Yuki… (puts up a smile) Don’t worry. Why don’t we go back to our temples in the House of Love?
Yukiteru: Forgive me…
Yuno: What are yo— Guh!

Making sure she wouldn’t deceive him, the cowardly diary holder walked up to her, and punched her twice; once to her gut, and a hook to the face.

Yukiteru: …I guess another one more should do the trick.

Walking up to Yuno once more, Yuki delivered one more punch to the gut to make sure Yuno passes out.

Yuno: Yu…ki… (passes out on floor)
Yukiteru: I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to place you under house arrest.

He was critically close then a noise broke out that would change everything.

Ryugen: Hai! Budou Sparking!

A purple Asian lung, complete with a roar, raced over to Pucci with its body whipping everywhere as it flies. It hit him square in the chest, knocking him to the ground interrupting his ritual.

The weight of Gravity broke its hold of Ruby allowing her to quickly get her weapon and with her Semblance appear above the fallen priest and unleash a barrage of fire dust filled rounds into Pucci knocking him through the floor.

After Pucci finally hit the ground, Ruby landed on her feet looking around for Pucci. Someone landed next to her, she quickly got ready for who it was, Ryugen stood with he weapon ready but as Ruby began to worry Micchy raised his hands up in surrender.

Mitsuzane: Please don’t be afraid. I’m here to help.

The Huntress was unsure, she knew she needed the help but after what this Rider had done.

Ruby: I’m not sure I can trust you after what you caused.

After everything that had happened Mitsuzane wasn’t surprised at the reaction, but he would not let this get him down, he would prove himself to her and everyone else.

Mitsuzane: I know what I’ve done is unforgivable; all I’ve accomplished was meaningless, but I learned so much, from Kouta, from Gentaro, I don’t expect to forgiven all at once, but I promise you this: My name is Mitsuzane Kureshima, I am Kamen Rider Ryugen, and I will fight for those that wish to be forgiven, and for that I will start by fighting Enrico alongside with you.

His speech surprised her; maybe she could rely on him after all. Then rubble from the broken ceiling start to rotate around where Enrico fell. The priest quickly rose to his feet via his Stand.

Enrico: You’ll incite the wrath of a “Great Will” and his angels… This Pantheon would have achieved peace!

Ryugen stood his ground at the enraged servant. Ruby cocked her weapon, ready to do more then just fire at this villain.

Mitsuzane: What kind of peace would have been achieved if a servant of monsters like Dio made it happen?
Ruby: Do you really think you can do that after hurting so many people?

The rubble floating around him shot out flying at the two forcing them to dodge out of the way.

Enrico: I’m not surprised. You both understand nothing, but I will enter his world and show everyone what it means to find paradise.

His stand appeared next to him, Enrico decided to embrace one of his old friend’s past time favorites. From his coat he pulled out various knives.

Quickly throwing them, he let his stand do the rest, allowing them to shoot out faster due to C-Moon’s ability. Despite the ongoing barrage, it didn’t slow either of them down.

Ruby quickly dodged and moved in defying gravity with her speed, even with the weight of it barring down on her shoulders. Micchy shot down most of the projectiles but seeing Ruby’s speed he knew that he needed to give her an opening. With a small amount of time he had of Enrico focusing on the Huntress he decided to change things up.

He quickly pulled out a lockseed wasting no time using it.

Ryugen: Hai! Kiwi Arms: Geki, Rin, Sei-ya Ha!

With Kiwi Arms he quickly readied it for the opening she needed.

Ryugen: Hai! Kiwi Au Lait!

He charged his Kiwi Gekirin with kiwi-shaped energy, getting close he slashed away breaking through the debris before almost hitting Pucci, the priest quickly moved away ready for Micchy’s next move, C-Moon quickly attacked punching away at the debris making it fling faster.

Mitsuzane sliced away, breaking the debris, he was hoping that what he was doing was enough. Enrico already had a plan, with All Star Power he raised his hand forward using it to build on the speck of “Made in Heaven” in his soul. With golden light his speed went far past Ruby who to his eyes moved slowly, Micchy wasn’t moving fast enough and suddenly Pucci wasn’t in front of him.

In the blink of an eye, lay a wall of knives and sharp shattered rocks. Behind him Pucci stood, with All Star C-Moon, it punched Micchy from behind gravity forcing him to fly forward. Despite Ruby’s best attempt she feared she wouldn’t get to him in time.

Fourze: Magic Hand On!

The outstretched hand grabbed on to Mitsuzane pulling him away but something felt wrong. Still Enrico turned enraged by what he saw.

Gentaro: It’s been awhile, but I’m happy to say: (bends down then rises up, arms in the air) Uchu Kita! Kamen Rider Fourze! Let’s settle this man-to-man!

Quickly changing switches he dealt with the right one to battle off the debris floating around.

Fourze: Launcher On!

Missiles flew out breaking a hole in the wall of projectiles, all of it flew behind Enrico.

In that split second, Enrico also realized his mistake. He was so focused on Fourze that he ignored Ruby and she took advantaging attacking Enrico from behind, slashing away before launching Pucci into the air.

Fourze: Rider Rocket Drill Kick!

The kick connected knocking him back down, Then Mitsuzane ran up adding to the attack as Gentaro was already on the ground waiting for the explosion.

Ryugen: Ryugen Kyaku!

Micchy then jumped into the air while purple energy surrounds his right foot that releases grape-shaped energy as he strikes the target with a powerful kick.

The cross attack made the explosion reach critical mass smashing Enrico to the ground. Enrico watch the stars above through the hole in the ceiling, He watched as the stars above and reached his hand out. His consciousness fades away, but his last thought still held hope.

Enrico: One day I will obtain “Heaven”… please Dio… Just wait I will enter you world.

Gentaro watched for a moment, making sure that Pucci didn’t have any other tricks waiting.

Ruby: Gentaro, you’re back!

With a grin Gentaro flashed a thumbs up, as Ruby tackled him in a hug.

Gentaro: When a good friend can lend a hand anything can happen, right Micchy?

He couldn’t help it, but Mitsuzane smiled in return, though slightly blushing with embarrassment. After what happened to him for so long, getting any kind of praise did wonders, but he understood that they had to stay on track.

Ruby: So Fourze, how did it happen?
Mitsuzane: We’ll save story time for later, we have a monster to stop.

The air built with tension as the trio looked on solemnly, Valentine had to be stopped and with a moments hesitation they traveled deeper into the halls hoping they would make it in time.

Ten minutes ago

Seto Kaiba had just lost his duel, being hurled back by ten feet, and was right in front of the Winged Dragon of Ra. In a way, he sort of deserved what was coming to him, but this wasn’t how he wanted to go.

The corrupted duelist flew up, and gave out one more Slasher Smile. Chun-Li had enough, and pulls the ring off of Maxwell.

Chun-Li: (monotone) Jak, can you see me? If so, tell your friends to smash this ring for me, okay? It’s the only way for me to be here tonight.

Chun-Li then drops the ring onto the ground, and crushes it with her foot. The darkness from the ring dissipates, causing the corruptions in the burning asylum to return to the heart. Darkness also began to seep out of Yugi’s body, much to his horror. The Winged Dragon of Ra vanishes into darkness, but not before letting out one last roar.

Yugi gasped as he placed a hand on his chest.

“Yugi”: I feel… cold. (passes out)

For thirty seconds, there was silence. Everyone just looked on at Yugi as he laid on the ground, comatose from having his soul stolen. Carmelita, completely furious on having to let Courtney Gears die in the asylum before she could be arrested, violently throws Maxwell’s orb onto the ground. The orb smashes, allowing all the souls, in the form of Spirit Orbs, trapped inside to escape and return to their rightful bodies. Both Yugi and Maxwell woke up, having no idea on what had been going on all this time.

Maxwell: Where… am I?
Chun-Li: The asylum took control of your own body when Ma-Ti’s Ring was forced onto your finger. Right now, you need to get some rest.
Maxwell: But… Alternate!Gentaro… He’s after the Princesses of Heart!
Carmelita: (shaking her head) The damage has already been done, but not to the scale he wanted. The glitch’s backup dancers betrayed the proxy and took the corruption into the asylum.

Several orbs then glow in bright lights in front of the group. Within seconds, they take on the forms of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Iron Giant, and Crash, all of whom had been killed by the Winged Dragon of Ra earlier. They have no idea that they have spent the past few hours dead, and just look on at Yugi in anger.

Crash: What just happened? (looking around) Is the pantheon and it’s children safe?
Carmelita: Felix spent the past few hours fixing the whole pantheon to good health. You guys better head back to your Houses and help guard them from the asylum. That’s an order!

Nodding, the revived deities wordlessly returned to their temples to help with their protection. Chun-Li gives a nod to Carmelita, and begins to rush Maxwell back to the Main House. She wants to learn what caused him to fall under Gears’ control, and what had happened after he created his asylum.

Yugi: What’s going on? How long have we been out?

Carmelita: Long enough to cause half of the Pantheon to be destroyed, kidnap a few princesses, and send three little girls into Limbo without anyone being able to save them.

Yugi: I what?

Chun-li: We’ll explain later. Let’s get you to the Medical Division before everyone else realize that you’re easy pickings for a lynch mob.

Valentine knew the siphoning was working; it was almost finished. He felt the power change him, increase his strength and energy in ways even he did not foresee. Then he felt another addition that he did not expect to gain just yet. Pucci had been defeated and with that, one part of his plan fell apart.

For others, this would have been a cause for concern, but Valentine thought of such a possibility. Though he had lost “Made In Heaven” he decided that instead of recreating a Pantheon of Peace through resetting the Universe, he would merely have to create a peaceful Pantheon on the ashes of the old one.

He used Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to gain him something that may help him gain the fight prowess he needed. D4C handed him the final part of his plans. With The Holy Corpse Parts he was immune to barriers and projectiles but if he was to get into a fist fight he would be done for even with All Star Power.

That is why the final tool was in place, Sengoku Driver Fifteen would make such a weakness disappear. He was ready for the final battle.

Sora, on the other hand, was barely conscious; the siphoning had drained him of his energy, and he was slowly dying from his life force being drained away, too. Valentine decided to keep the teen inside the Heart, wanting to use him as a “memorial” for the original pantheon.

Valentine: Sora, why fight it… don’t you want to be my friend?
Sora: (barely decipherable) Noo! You horrible American cow, NO!
Valentine: What does it matter? Either way, I thank you very much for your service tonight. Once I finish off your friends, I’ll make sure Mr. Pucci sends your soul to Heaven as a reward.
Sora: (indecipherable) Riku… help me. (passes out)
Valentine: So, it’s about time you finally lost the strength to speak through that rag, huh?

Asylum Log 32 – Everlasting Bonds

Ruby, Gentaro and Mitsuzane moved in quickly, the way strangely already open to them. They looked upon the heart and once it had been glowing red and pulsing wildly as Gentaro had seen it once before. Now it was dimly blue already in a broken down state. then they saw the chains and in the center of this heart was a keyhole holding Sora. They ran forward, ready to rescue their friend, when an American flag flew in front of them.

It swirled in place before a hand reached out to claim it and behind the Flag, Funny Valentine appeared before them.


He said this with a meager shrug which confused the trio for a moment; that was until Ruby fired a round followed by Gentaro firing his Gatling switch. The large blast and fired rounds moved towards Valentine but before it could reach him they suddenly swung in other directions all missing Valentine.

Ruby: Guess who’s back, Valentine!
Valentine:(seeing Gentaro and Mitsuzane)YOU THREE!? What…!? But how?
Gentaro: Why are you doing all this, Valentine!? Are you the one who got Ryusei to kill me? And why go after Sora when he had nothing to do with all this?
Valentine: Why? WHY!? Why don’t you ask Sora himself… except, oh right, he can’t talk right now.
Ruby: To cause an alternate version of Gentaro to bring terrorism to this pantheon, turn the most friendly place into a madhouse, use the Princesses of Heart to summon the Cragmites, and now try to force someone to give you extra power!?
Valentine: Correct again, Child. Of course, the one in the heart was suppose to be you, Gentaro! But your alternate self was uncooperative because he constantly gloated over the crimes he committed by killing, and was too obsessed with his Darkness Proxy and getting payback on you, Mitsuzane. So, I just moved down the list and took the god with the most similarities… And here he is!
Mitsuzane:(angry) You American bastard… I swear by my hand that you’ll pay for framing me!
Gentaro: How is Sora like me, anyway? He’s a Keyblade Wielder, not a Kamen Rider. He should not have been dragged into this mess in the first place, along with almost everyone else involved!

Golden rings and a blue aura surrounded Valentine. He was not going to answer Gentaro’s question.

Valentine: Hmph! To truly change the world, one must take the first action!
Gentaro: I’d rather that you skip the remaining formalities and get to the part where I break all the bones in your body!

He was suddenly dodging attacks from the pair as she had enough of his speeches. As Valentine dodged he used D4C to fight of Gentaro.

Valentine: It is as simple as the master of the table taking the first napkin. When he does, all others must follow!

Valentine took to the offensive, quickly re summoning D4C to his side to fight off Ruby. Then suddenly he took out another American Flag, quickly slamming it into Ruby, causing her to fall into a dimensional hole that dropped her outside the entrance, forcing her to make the run back.

Valentine: The Heart is simply The Napkin of The Round Table, the one the entire Pantheon will follow

With Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap he fought back allowing it to be an after image that hit in the same way as Valentine only delayed causing Gentaro to get hit by attacks that he thought he already blocked.

As he got louder his attacks were more ferocious knocking Gentaro back.

Valentine: Look upon me for I, Valentine have taken The First Napkin!

He pulled something from his side, something that Gentaro immediately recognized, he fought a man with such a device before. A sengoku driver, but the lock seed was what worried him the worst. The skeletal look of it could only mean one thing:

Valentine: How do the Japanese put it, oh yes, Henshin!
Fifteen Driver:FIFTEEN

The suddenly showing of a large skull appeared above Valentine’s Head as the rib parts surrounded him. The transformation completed to the sound effect of crackling bone and strangely an American guitar riff.

Valentine: Know that even as you stand before your destruction, your deaths will pave the way for a true paradise, I do this for the greater good.

Ruby finally made it back only to no longer find Valentine but what she thought was another Kamen Rider, then she noticed to glow, the aura and his Stand. She prepared herself, she understood that this fight was going to be one hell of a battle.

Ruby took a look at this new figure, and shuttered. But then, she looked at Sora: he had regained consciousness, but was in a lot of pain, and only the rag in his mouth is keeping him from screaming. Whatever Valentine is doing in this new form, it’s definitely sapping Sora’s strength. Now the goal was clear: free Sora from the Heart, and Valentine will be weakened.

Ruby: Hang on, Sora! We’ll get you out of there!
Sora:(muffled) You better hurry. Valentine’s new form is killing me!

She rushed forward and tried to get to close the heart, Valentine was suddenly rushed in and attacked, Mitsuzane quickly turned defensive blocking Valentine and forcing him away with a flurry of blows. This made Ruby see an opening and tried to jump up to Sora. Then she was stopped when D4C appeared behind her grabbing her by her leg and throwing her to the ground.

She quickly rolled to her feet staring at The Stand. It was changed like it’s user as it was no longer the horned humanoid that it was before. Its head seemed to somehow open up with a skull like head underneath and it losing a layer of its garb.

This time as The Stand took the offensive, she realized that it moved faster with its blows moving quickly, almost as fast as Star Platinum. This forced her to defend and dodge as one misstep would mean getting caught up in a flurry of blows.

Sora could only watch as his allies fought Valentine trying to find a way to free him. He was able to brace himself from the pain of his strength being zapped, but he knew that he could not last much longer.

Sora:(in his head) I can’t just sit here and let Valentine use my strength against Gentaro, Ruby and Micchy. There has to be a way out of these chains. (realizes)Wait a minute: I’m being pumped with All-Star Power, and I’ve not been turned back into a vampire!

Gentaro decided that since other attacks are out of the equation he would have to use stronger forms with a strong hitting sword. But even, then, he wasn’t sure it would work against Valentine.

Valentine: Fool! Even with stronger forms and more powerful weapons, I, President Valentine, will remain invincible!
Sora:(muffled) Not without me, you won’t!

Sora starts to glow in a bright light, fueled by the All-Star Power inside him. The chains attached to him crumble, and the ropes holding his wrists and ankles together snap. Sora takes his rag out of his mouth and rushes in front of Valentine, Keyblade in hand!

Valentine: Not possible! You should be almost dead by now!
Sora: To use me as a siphon is actually a big mistake. Unlike Alternate!Gentaro, I still had hope, and I combined it with the All-Star Power to escape. Seeing Ruby, Gentaro, and Mitsuzane do whatever it takes to free me caused me to regain my strength.

Valentine clenched his fists for a moment before summoning a blade to his hand and with a mighty slash unleashed a wave of purple energy. Sora was forced to block it, and for a few moments he was able to hold on until he was able to overpower it and force it to the side.Gentaro and Mitsuzane then summoned something to help level the playing field. They pulled something out to attach to his Fourze Driver.

Fourze Driver:COSMIC ON
Mitsuzane:Hai! Pine Arms: Funsai Destroy!

The many astroswitches found their ways into the Asylum all coming to Gentaro and changing him to his strongest state. With his Cosmic Module Barizun Sword in his hands, he stood next to Sora.

Gentaro: Look at us Valentine, this is what Friendship can do, and now we are going to take you down!

Valentine decided to advance himself, taking out a lockseed and letting it attach to his Driver

Fifteen Driver:BUJIN GAIM, Blood Orange Arms: Ja no Michi on Stage!

The skeletal form that he took was suddenly changing as a blood red orange like orb was over his head, it descended down into a form of armor.

Valentine: Despite what you have done, I have absorbed enough energy to destroy my enemies, and when I awaken Pucci, I will still achieve Peace.
Sora: The only “Peace” you’ll get is a nice few weeks in a locker room!

He walked menacingly forward in his stronger Fifteen form and Gentaro and Sora attacked both as strong as possible. Despite this, Valentine had both Yomimaru and Daidaimaru, allowing him to block both attacks with the same amount of ferocity. He quickly summoned D4C to his side, also allowing his Stand to try and take the advantage of punching away at the Micchy, keeping him for closing in with his weapon.

He then made a quick spin making a large ring of purple energy, knocking Sora and Gentaro back as they tried to block the attack.

Valentine: I will not lose… For the sake of the Pantheon, I cannot lose! With the power of 15 Heisei Riders, I will never LOSE!
Mitsuzane: We will beg to differ soon enough!

He still walked forward ready to make the next attack when a pillar from the room was thrown at him. He simply looked over at it when it started braking apart due to The Holy Corpse Parts. As it got closer something, clicked in Valentine’s mind as the inside of the pillar started full but slowly became hollowed out. Then something burst from the end of the pillar.


Ruby exited the Pillar, flowing up with attacks that Valentine had not chance to defend himself, pieces of the Holy Corpse started to break away from him until a powerful slash knocked him into a wall, rubble smashing down on top of him.

Mitsuzane: We did it…
Ruby: Now all we need to do is get these two out.

The three of them turned to Sora, who had fallen to his knees and was groaning in pain. They rushed to his aid to wonder what’s happening to their ally.

Gentaro: Sora!!
Sora: Quick…. Take… The All-Star Power…. Out of me…!
Mitsuzane: But how do we do that?

Before Sora could answer a noise broke out capturing their attention.

Valentine resurfaced, enraged. Sending out waves of dark energy and fury he made sure he made enough room for his next act.

Valentine: You’d think that I, Valentine, would lose so easily to a group of children like you? You’re mistaken. I have more power than just the 15 Heisei riders!

To the group’s surprise, Valentine transformed. His appearance changed into something similar to knight. The colors, had a dark magenta color. The transformation complete, the twisted President, at high speed, charged at Gentaro and Mitsuzane with little warning, knocking them both into a wall. Thinking quickly, Mitsuzane once changed into Kamen Rider Ryugen.

Mitsuzane:Hai! Melon Arms: Tenka Gomen!

Seeing Valentine resurface and continously delivered blows with Ryugen blocking the attacks with his Melon Defender, as Valentine’s blows slowly overwhelmed him. Ruby carries Sora to the heart of the asylum to save him.

Sora: What are you doing?
Ruby: Listen to me. I know I don’t like this, but I’m going to put you inside the Heart to heal you.
Sora: But putting me in there might corrupt me again.
Ruby: That might happen, but we’ll need your help to defeat this American psychopath.
Sora: Alright… I’ll leave this to you.
Ryugen:(grunts) Hurry…!

Reaching to an agreement, Ruby carried Sora inside the heart, which to their horror, filled the brunette’s body with more All-Star Power, weakening him even more. Within seconds, they emerge from the Heart to see Ryugen and Gentaro, the latter of whom was now Kamen Rider Fourze: Cosmic States, Cosmic Module Barizun Sword: Sword Mode, struggling to fight against Valenine. Ruby places Sora on the floor to help her two allies.

Sora:(groans) I still… feel weak…
Ruby: Get away from them!

Sora watched Ruby as she transformed her Crescent Rose into a gun and shot at Valentine in an attempt distract him from her two Kamen Rider allies. The twisted President turned around and assaulted Ruby, who, despite blocking the attack, was knocked away to his side.

Fourze:Super Galaxy Finish!
Ryugen:Hai! Budou Arms: Ryu, Hou, Ha-Ha-Ha!

Ryugen transformed into Budou Arms while Fourze unleashed his Limit Break on Valentine, unleashing several sword beams, all of which exploded on contact with Valentine, who blocked them.

The twisted President was barely phased by the attack, sending D4C to attack his enemies. Ryugen shot at the Stand to slow it down. Ruby recovered and switched her weapon to scythe mode and charged at Valentine. Just she was about to get closer to the twisted President, she slid underneath him to take him off-guard. Recovering on her feet, the leader of Team RWBY attack him with her scythe, landing only three hits, with Valentine blocking the rest. He knocked Ruby aside to the ground with a shoulder barge.

Ruby: Urghh!
Sora: Ruby!

Sora watched as his allies struggled to gain the upper hand against Valentine and D4C.

Valentine: Once I defeat you all, I will conquer the Main House! With the Main House under my control, The angels will guide my country to paradise! You will all make fine servants.
Sora:(thinking) I can’t lose here… they need my help. Kairi… Riku… Miss Cosmos…

His body began to glow up, surprising everyone. By combining the All-Star Power stored withing in his body with the bonds he obtained in the pantheon, he exploded in a flash of light, and his clothes changed color from black to silver, with his Keyblade behind him, along with another one. Sora had transformed into Final Form, enraged at Valentine.

Valentine:(surprised) You’re still standing!?
Sora: Of course, Valentine! Time to pay for all the lives you’ve brought into your twisted, patriotic crusade!
Valentine: Very well… I will end the chatter!

Summoning two Keyblades now in hand, Sora charged at Valentine. Unfortunately for the twisted President, however, Sora’s power and speed in Final Form was gradually overwhelming him.

Valentine:(thinking) I’ve never expected him to be this powerful. I have to think quickly.

He called D4C to help him fight against the brunette Keybearer. Clashing blow for blow, the Stand’s speed was barely enough to keep up Sora. Realizing that Valentine wasn’t damaged, the keyblade wielder evaded an attack by D4C, passed through it, and went to Valentine. Ruby recovers to see Sora getting the upper hand against the deranged President.

Valentine: My stand couldn’t keep up!?

The remaining pieces of the corpse broke away deactivating D4C Love Train, Sora wasn’t done with just that.

Sora: It’s over, Valentine!
Ruby: Go, Sora!

He unleashed his Final Strike, unleashing a combo onto the deranged President. Once Sora was done, Kamen Rider Fourze used this as an opportunity to unleash his Limit Break again.

Fourze:Rider Super Galaxy Finish!!

He then launched several sword beams at his Stand damaging it, it forced Valentine to his knees with D4C glowing.

He fell to his knees, trying to keep himself up he looked to the four awaiting another attack, judging his very actions.

Valentine:(coughs) By defeating me… Valentine… You have doomed… This pantheon… To the demons.

They all glared, not saying a word, but Valentine refused to let them live in ignorance.

Valentine: Why can’t you understand?, my actions were not done out of selfish desire, I have no desire to invoke such a “Great Will” for the sake of just gaining power, I have feelings of Patriotism. . .
Ruby: That’s the justification, all those people you hurt, all the lives you ruined and you still take about your country.

A humorless chuckle echoed through the room.

Valentine: Every action I have preformed, no matter how cruel, or unjust, it was all for the greater good for my country! Have you really never noticed that no matter how many “heroes” exsist in this pantheon? The shadows of cruelty still seem to fester. What if I had done nothing? Do you think cruel monsters like the Joker or Hazama wouldn’t do worse, or prideful sadists like the Melkor or Satan would still be in power?
Gentaro: Where does that end? How many more lives have to be lost until you consider the Pantheon “Peaceful”?

Valentine slammed his fist into the ground.

Valentine: As President, I swore to guarantee the safety of my people. For millennium, many have already have been sacrificed for the greater good while children like you played hero. There will always be conflict, always be battle, tragedy will always exist, but I refuse to stand by and let this cycle continue. I do not fear defeat, but I need more time! I can’t lose here so will you please understand!!
Mitsuzane: You’re a righteous man, I see that, but the evidence that I’ve seen, you’re purpose is a bloody path and it makes you no different from other villains of your world.

Valentine was silent but Sora had to try and understand this man’s conviction.

Sora: If you want peace, if you want a better Pantheon then can’t you see, there are better ways, don’t you realize it doesn’t have to end this way?
Valentine:Unfortunately, I don’t. Everything I did… I did for the greater good. Remember this… My Heart and Actions… are utterly unclouded… they are all those… of “Justice”…!

The last act of his stand brought him one last item, he quickly pulled out a revolver aiming at the Keyblade Wielder. A shot range through the halls of the Asylum, Valentine looked surprised by the large blast impact on his chest forcing his hand to the side firing off a few rounds. Ruby held her rifle and was ready for anything else Valentine had to pull.

Valentine collapsed before losing consciousness, he dropped the Sengoku Driver to the ground. Ryugen went to the device, picked it up, and put it inside his pocket.

Ryugen:(To Valentine) The Kamen Riders would be enraged at your theft of a Sengoku Driver.

Valetine dropped onto the floor, unconscious. Sora, who reverted to normal, also fell onto his back in extreme agony. The All-Star Power in his body was consuming his strength.

Sora:(grunts) Hurry…! Take the All-Star Power… Out of me…!
Ruby: But how do we do that?
Sora: Take my Keyblade… And stab me with it.
Fourze: None of us don’t want to do that, Sora!

Remorseful of having to do the action himself, Ryugen reluctantly took the Keyblade from Sora and stabbed him with it, enraging Ruby in the process. In just a few seconds, the Keyblade returned to Sora, given that Ryugen cannot wield a Keyblade himself.

Ruby: You… I thought I could trust you!
Ryugen: I’m sorry for what I did, so please listen what I have to say: By stabbing Sora, we could take that power out of him. If we don’t, it’ll kill him!
Fourze: I’m inclined to say no, but Micchy’s got a point. We can’t just get help from someone at a time like this.

Ruby was disinclined to agree with him. There was no other choice for them. An energy ball of All-Star Power appeared. Ryugen shot the ball of energy with a Dragon Shot to destroy it.

Fourze: Good. All that’s left is the heart. Fusion On!

With the Fusion Switch, the Meteor Switch, and the Nadeshiko Switch, Fourze was in his Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States, armed with a Rocket Module on each hands.

Fourze:Rider Double Rocket Missile!

He threw both Rocket Modules at the heart, destroying it. Suddenly the asylum began to explode. Sora slowly recovers from the stab wound Mitsuzane delivered to him, and casts Curaga on himself.

Ruby: The Heart’s been destroyed. We should be escaping this place!
Sora: Good. Let’s grab those two crazy zealots first and have them arrested. Besides, my ears are getting numb from having to listen to Valentine’s long, annoying, boring lectures for two hours.

Everyone nodded as Fourze grabbed Valentine before they went to Pucci and exit the asylum.

Everyone were next to the Cooper van and watched as the asylum explode. The sun was rising in the background, allowing them to have a better shot of the dying asylum, as Komory Bat uses a camera to take photos for the GUAG and April.

Otacon: Looks like they’ve destroyed the heart.
Goofy: I hope Sora is okay. Ruby and Gentaro must have rescued him by now.
Ed: Ed just prays that they don’t die from fighting Valentine and Pucci.
Mickey: They’ll be fine.

They’ve looked on in the hopes that Sora, Ruby and Gentaro will escape from the asylum. A few moments later, Ruby, Sora, Gentaro, and, to the suprise of everyone Mitsuzane exited the asylum, having carried the unconscious Valentine and Pucci with them. Overjoyed, Donald and Goofy rushed to Sora’s aid as Gentaro and Mitsuzane carried them to the rest of the group.

Donald: Sora! You’re okay!
Sora:(pants) No time… for reunions right now… We have to get these two zealots to the House of Justice…. Gentaro! Mitsuzane! Have Murray get the van ready and take them…

Before he could continue, an explosion triggered a shockwave and knocked several trees down. A huge tree fell right into Team SDG. While Donald and Goofy were able get out of the way, Sora was not lucky; He screamed as a sharp piece from the tree crushed his right leg in the knee, and again as the tree is lifted by Murray to allow him to crawl out.

Another explosion from the asylum caused a shockwave that sends another bunch of trees falling…. with one about to fall down onto the Cooper van.

Sora:(in agonizing pain) My leg…
Murray:(shouting)MY VAN!!

The tree was just close to crushing the Cooper van. The tree had stopped falling in the van when a woman rushed in to pick up the tree.

???: Is everyone okay here?

Everyone looked up to see Wonder Woman moving the tree to another place.

Bentley: Besides Sora getting his leg hurt, yeah.
Murray:(hammy) Thank you so much for saving my van, Wonder Woman! You can ride in it any time!
Wonder Woman: You’re welcome. I apologize for not coming here to save the keybearer sooner…
Sora: It’s fine… I’ll be back in one piece.
Wonder Woman: If you say so… (looks at Valentine and Pucci) I’m impressed that those two are defeated. Sorry to cut the conversation short, but I have to go meet up with Superman. We’re preparing for war.

Wonder Woman departed the scene.

Otacon: A war?
Bentley: We better get Sora to Black Jack and take these guys back to the House of Justice fast. Murray, get the van ready.
Murray: Got it.

Murray went inside the Cooper van to start engine as Gentaro and Mitsuzane carried Valentine and Pucci inside while Donald and Goofy carried Sora, now in a lot of pain and heavily breathing due to smoke inhalation inside. All that can be done is to help ease the Keybearer’s pain, as both of his legs were badly burnt, and one had been partly torn at the knee. Not even Curaga was able to help heal this wound, though it did heal some lesser wounds.


But still, after everything that transpired, it was all over.

Asylum Log 33: A Bittersweet Victory

Twenty minutes later…

Valentine and Pucci were placed inside prison cells. Pucci glared at Ruby, Elena, Chun-li, Carmelita, and Jolyne Cujoh while Valentine softly punched a fist into the wall, upset that his and Pucci’s plans had gone down the sewers. Jolyne has been looking for a way to defeat Pucci for a long time. The female Jojo had a satisfied look on her face, joyous over the priest’s defeat. Elena, without saying a word, leaves the House of Justice.

Carmelita: She’s sure happy to see Gentaro back…
Chun-Li: The boy’s been through a lot. She’s going to need some rest.

The Court of the Gods made an announcement.

Captain America:(through the microphone) Attention everyone! The House of Friendship will be repaired! Everyone who was injured throughout the whole ordeal will covered with insurance. Since Maxwell has recovered, the repairments for House of Friendship will be starting immediately! Hoopa will be assisting them. There’s another announcement I want to make! There’s going to be a war in the next several days. Unless you’re willing to fight alongside Cosmos, maintain defense position, and protect others! That is all.

As the announcements ends, Ruby looked at Valentine one last before she leaving the area, nervously pondering about what the twisted President had said.

Ruby:(thinking) Inciting the angels’ wrath…

The Master Builders Four, alongside Fix-it-Felix Jr. and Hoopa Confined, were in the process of rebuilding the House of Friendship. Emmet, Sackboy, and Steve? were glad their leader returned to normal. Felix and Emmet looked at Hoopa tickling Steve?.

Emmet: We’d better fix things up before that war comes.

Sackboy’s body had transmorgified into a question mark.

Felix: The residents of the House of Friendship will be upset if we don’t finish the repairs in time. I don’t want to get caught into any casualties.
Emmet: I hear you, Felix. Let’s get back to work. We still have to repair the damage the Iron Giant caused in its rampage.

Hoopa stopped tickling Maxwell as the six of them continued the repairment work on the House of Friendship. Felix had the Prison Bottle onhand, in the event that they needed Hoopa to become Hoopa Unbound.

Riku was almost done in the process of getting Wobbuffet out of the computer world. Jessie was impatient while James and Meowth were leaning drinking some water.

Jessie:(angry) Are you almost done?
Riku: Just wait. I’m almost done in getting Wobbuffet out. Just need to type in the code to eject him…
Jessie: I don’t have all day, keyboy!
Meowth: Calm down, Jessie. Enjoy the refuge here while we still can!
Jessie: Shut up, Meowth! The Boss will disappointe— huh?

The redheaded member of Team Rocket stopped to see that Kairi arrived.

Kairi: Riku, there’s something I have to tell you!
Riku: Is it bad?
Kairi: Well, yes. Sora was burned inside the asylum, and one of his legs was crushed by a tree, so he’s about to undergo surgery. Come see him when you’re done getting that Wobbuffet out of the computer. I’m going to meet up with Black Jack.

Kairi departed the Recreation Room to offer help to the doctors with Sora’s surgery; Riku had typed the code to bring Wobuffet back into the computer world.

Riku: And done.

Jessie put the Wobbuffet inside its Pokeball.

Riku: Now that he’s out… (serious) You three, get out now before I call the guards on you as well.

Suddenly, a familiar mammal-like creature walked by the recreation area.

Riku:(thinking) Meow Wow? Its likely here to see Sora…
James: Is that blue canine a Pokémon? It looks Alolan.
Meowth: Let’s take the thing for the boss!

Meowth’s smile turned into a frown of fear when Riku gave him a sharp glare.

Meowth:(scared) R-right… We’ll go now.

James, having seen the cat Pokémon’s expression, grabbed Jessie’s hand and exited Medical Division HQ.

Jak was resting in the waiting room with Daxter and Juggle Pup by his side. He was unable to remember what had happened over the past week… nor can he remember other events of his past. What perplexed the Eco Prince was the seal-like spirit Dream Eater standing by his side for some time.

Jak: Um, Dax? Why is that seal here? Isn’t it supposed to be with one of the dreamers?
Daxter: It probably wants to support you.

As he looked at the Dream Eater smiling in joy and clapping its flippers excitedly, several doctors and nurses appeared, carrying Sora out of the Emergency Department and to the operating theatre in a medical stretcher. The brunette Keybearer gave Jak a rather gloomy look. He was saying something, but the oxygen mask on his face prevented anyone from understanding him.

Jak: Why is Sora looking at me like that?
Daxter: Who knows. Maybe he felt bad about something relating to you?

Daxter looked at Juggle Pup, who also frowned at Sora, who held the lucky charm given to him by Kairi by his heart as the medical officers take him inside the operating room. Inside, he is put into sleep as Black Jack performs surgery on him.

Sora:(thinking) Forgive me, Jak. What I did was to protect you. I didn’t mean to absorb all your memories.

Yugi was in the House of Ambiguity to apologize to the Cutie Mark Crusaders for sending them in Limbo. Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity, Gangrel, Luna Vachon, and Wreck-it-Ralph were not happy for what he did, with one of them very close to strangling the poor kid.

Ralph: How are you ever going to make up what you’ve done?
Yugi: I’m so sorry guys… I…I really didn’t mean to—
Gangrel: “Sorry?” SORRY?! Of all the things you did this past few days, sending them to the depths of Limbo without their sisters having no idea if they were still alive or not and then bringing in that giant to crush their bodies to a pulp—
Applejack: In which you failed to save them, should we remind you.
Gangrel:(in a low growl) Do you honestly think we’re just going to forgive you for your sins, Yugi-boy?
Cutie Mark Crusaders: STOP!

Everyone turned to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the trio glaring at the six adults

Rainbow Dash: What is it, you three?
Sweetie Belle: Please go easy on him.
Rarity: You three think that we’ll let him off that easily? He sent you to another world where you could’ve died and…oh I wouldn’t know what to think if you were trapped there forever!
Applebloom: He was probably brainwashed by Alternate!Gentaro just like Jeff Hardy, so we can’t really hold it against him. And it’s actually thanks to him that we’re back.

There is a long pause as everyone stares at Applebloom. Applebloom grins.

Applebloom: If Yugi didn’t summon us on the night Gangrel went to the castle, we would’ve lost all hope. Seeing Gangrel go to protect us—
Sweetie Belle: Gave us the courage to continue on.
Scootaloo: Yeah, trust us. Limbo isn’t a pretty place. And if we weren’t in Limbo, who would’ve saved Gentaro from almost being devoured by Limbo? So in a way, he actually helped save everyone!

Everyone stopped, remembering that Jeff had also committed atrocious deeds while he was brainwashed.

Luna: They have a point. Look, we’re sorry for being so harsh on you.
Rarity: We’ll be happy to give you a diamond as an apology.
Yugi: No thanks… I…I need to be alone right now.

Yugi frowned and departed, guilty of the deeds he committed against the three fillies, who also frowned. Yes, he did cause so much mayhem, but it wasn’t purely his choice. He was just a victim to this madness as they were.

Gangrel:(slowly returning to his temple, muttering) Well, now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to get some sleep.
Luna: I’ll be getting some rest too.
Applejack: Before we go… (sadly) Ralph, I’m sorry to say this, but we have something to tell you three.
Ralph: What’s that?
Applejack: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo will be moving to House of Prophecy tomorrow. It’s getting too dangerous for them to stay here…especially after what happened a few days ago.

Luna and Ralph looked at each other, looked at Gangrel, who slowly turned around to meet Applejack’s gaze, and finally looked back at the three fillies.

Ralph: I’m sorry to say… I guess this is goodbye.

Apple Bloom wiped a tear from her eye before leaping into Gangrel’s arms, toppling the wrestler as she gives him a large smile.

Sweetie Belle: We’ll visit you anytime!
Scootlaloo: We’ll bring some new friends with us when we visit you.
Apple Bloom: You get some rest then. We’ll be all right.
Luna: You three have said enough.  (hugs Apple Bloom) Take care of yourselves, and we hope to see you when you’re much better.
Rarity: I agree that it’s not the best way to go, but that’s life. I also hope Spike will be okay when he’s back in his temple.
With that, the ponies departed, Ralph waving good-bye before he watched Gangrel (ever so slightly), stare back at Apple Bloom waving back before he marched towards the remains of his temple,.

Gentaro was inside Miu’s temple in the House of Leadership. The Kamen Rider Club were overjoyed to see their good friend alive and well inside the pantheon, having eliminated the alternate self that was wrecking havoc. Kengo Utahoshi cried into Gentaro’s chest after everything that had happened to him.

Kengo:(angry and sobbing in Gentaro’s chest) You don’t know how much we’ve missed you! We were completely worried about you for the past couple of days!
Shun: That African girl had even visited us once. She told us about the times she spent with you.
Gentaro: You guys met with Elena? I should have you guys get to know her more.
Miu: Er, thanks, but no thanks. I’ll pass.
J.K: I can’t believe Mitsuzane helped you defeat those two Americans. Funny Valentine and Enrico Pucci were their names?
Gentaro: You’re correct.
Tomoko: What was Limbo like?
Gentaro: Trust me, it’s better that you don’t learn about what I went through.
Yuki: Gen-chan! You scared us to death! Don’t you ever do that a–

Their conversation was cut short when someone ranged on the doorbell. Miu opened the door to see a fellow Friendship God at the door.

Miu: You’re… Ieyasu Tokugawa! What are you doing here?
Ieyasu: Is Gentaro Kisaragi he- (looks at Gentaro) oh, there he is.
Gentaro: Ieyasu-san… Is there something wrong?
Ieyasu: No, not at all. I’ve come to tell you that the House of Friendship will be repaired in two days… Once those two days pass.. You will be promoted to a guard. Congratulations on defeating Valentine and Pucci!

The shogun’s announcement surprised Gentaro. He never expected to be a given a seat to guard in the House of Friendship.

Gentaro:(smiles) Thank you, Tokugawa.
Ieyasu: Until then, you’re still a regular member. (yawns) I’m going back to Yukimura’s temple and get some rest.

The shogun departed Miu temple, leaving everyone shocked or happy about their friend’s promotion to guardian status.

Yuki: Gentaro’s going to be guardian… I’m so excited!
Gentaro: I’d better get some sleep for the ceremony tomorrow.

Gentaro went straight for Miu’s bed to rest for the following two days. In his dreams, all he saw was Elena waving towards him across a lake. But this time, unlike in Limbo, he was able to reach toward her, hold her hand, and hugged.

In the real world, Gentaro smiled to himself.

Mitsuzane arrived in the Toku Base, giving the Sengoku Driver Valentine attained. He assured the other Toku members that he atoned and will not attack them. He still wondered how the twisted president got the Sengoku.

Mitsuzane:(thinking) Good… Now to go to Nii-san’s temple and rest there…
???: Mitsuzane!

Without saying a word, he was about to depart to see his brother when someone called his name. Micchy turned to see a familiar figure.

Mitsuzane: Kouta…?
Kouta:(smiles) It really is you.

Kouta Kazuraba approached him and patted him on the back. He had heard how his fellow Kamen had defeated Valentine and Pucci with help. Mitsuzane had gotten away from, him, still wracked by guilt by the deeds committed against him.

Mitsuzane:(sad) Kouta… I may have atoned for defeating that American and that priest, but you can never forgive me … Not after what I did to you and Mai…
Kouta: Micchy, I do… The Toku Base were happy that you saved the pantheon. I’m going to hold a redemption ceremony for you and gather the Toku Base around.
Mitsuzane: Really…? I’ll tell Nii-san about it.

Smiling, but guilty, Mitsuzane departed the Toku Base and head for his brother’s temple to rest.

Matt Hardy was inside his temple looking at several photo of himself and his brother, reminiscing all the wrestling matches he had done with his brother, tightly holding onto them as they signified the memories they had together.

Matt:(sad) Jeff… I miss you.

A tear had strolled down his face. He really wanted his younger brother back. Matt stopped as someone knocked on door.

Matt:(thinking) I hope it’s not that pink pony. I’m getting her out of here.

The older Hardy brother went for the door and opened it to see his brother waiting there. Matt readied himself in case Jeff was still Willow.

Matt: Jeff?
Jeff: You don’t have to worry, Matt. I’m purified now. I had the undead kill me and bring me back to normal.
Matt: And Willow?
Jeff: Back in my head, where he’ll stay for quite some time.

Matt was surprised to hear that his brother, now free from corruption, was standing before him. A second later, Matt punched his brother in the face before hugging him, crying out of relief that his brother was back to normal.

Matt: Jeffrey Nero Hardy, please don’t ever do that again.

Two Days Later…

Radical Ed was in her temple, playing chess with Noah Kaiba.

Noah: Checkmate!
Ed: No fair, Noah! Ed wonders how you got so good!
Noah: All it takes is just a little skill, attention, and patience.
Ed: Ed demands a rematch!

The two of them set up their pieces again to play another game of chess.

Sora, still recovering from the surgery and now having to wear a nasal cannula due to him suffering from smoke inhalation from the asylum’s final hours, was now in a medical bed playing with a Ralts. Riku, now fully healed to normal, was watching his friend with Absol.

Sora: Aren’t you the cutest thing ever?
Riku: Don’t do anything rash, Sora.

The Keyblade Master sighed as his brunette friend smiled and hugged the Pokémon as he patted Absol. Kairi just smiled, remembering the time she also played a bit too much with an Electrike.

Kairi: Same old Sora… By the way, I’m going to work here. I owe myself to Black Jack for protecting me against those girls. He and Dr. Gregory House are ones who filled the papers to deify me in the first place.
Sora: Man, I didn’t they know were that rabid.
Riku: Serves them right.

Their conversation ended when they turned see Seto Kaiba, holding a pink parasol in his hand, opening the door.

Kaiba:(looks at Kairi) Good to see you’re doing well. I want to give you three a token of my apoglogy.

Kaiba had given the Keyblade trio a ticket for each of them.

Riku: What are these tickets for?
Kaiba: They’re entrances for my theme park, Kaiba land. You three are free to come to the place once your one-legged friend is stable enough. Kaiba-land will prohibit any arms-dealers from entering. As for you, Red-head. I was fully aware of my attempt to kill you. I apologize for my behavior.
Kairi:(gloomy) It’s fine. I’d just rather we forget about that mistake.
Sora: Okay, I gotta ask. What’s with that umbrella?
At this, the CEO blinked before he looked up at the parasol in his hand: a bright yellow one with baby blue lacing that, surprisingly, had a cheery face that winked at the Keyblade wielders.
Kaiba:(stunned) Oh, Perry? I’m just returning him to Princess Peach.
Riku: His name is Perry?
Kaiba: Yes. He’s really a boy stuck in this form and has no memories of his past, so…I’m helping Princess Peach recover his memories as a “thank you” for my…”actions” two days ago.
Perry: Goodbye princess! See you soon!
Sora: Ooooo-kay.

The head of Kaibacorp. quickly left the room, ignoring the stares that he got from the parasol in his hand. And while the Destiny Island trio would not forgive him for his attack on Kairi, they wouldn’t hold it against him for doing so. After all, Sora had remembered that Yugi Muto was a member of the Darkness Proxy, having also done evil deeds when he was brainwashed. The three of them took a breath as Audino entered the room holding three items: A Keystone, a Mega Ring, and an Absolite.

Riku: Good. My order from Professor Sycamore came. Thank you, Audino.

Riku took the two items from the Hearing Pokémon and put the Mega Ring onto his left arm. Inserting the Keystone onto the ring. With Audino holding an Audinite, the silver-haired Keyblade Master activated his Mega-Ring to Mega-Evolve Audino.

Riku: Audino, tend to Sora. He’s been having trouble with sleeping lately.
Sora: I guess it’ll have to wait.

At his command, the Hearing Pokémon walked up to Sora, who lets go of his Ralts and allowed her to use her secondary feelers to help him rest.

Kairi: Sweet Dreams, Sora.
Riku: I’ll be right back. I’m going to the hallway to get some air.

Riku leaves the room as Mega Audino tends to Sora. Kairi picks up Ralts, and takes her back to the House of Nature.

Sora woke up and found himself inside the Dream World: An emulation of the real pantheon. He looked around and discovered that he was next to Winnie The Pooh’s Temple. He decides to go inside the kind bear’s temple. After entering the temple, he finds the yellow bear, sitting in a chair.

Sora: Hey, Pooh… Guess who’s here?

The benevolent bear turned to see the brunette, glad to see that his friend was no longer corrupted. The two approached each other and held hands.

Pooh: You see Sora, I found you.
Sora: Yes you did, silly old bear.

The two walked outside, planning a heist around the plain lands with the sun setting out.

Riku looked outside the window from the hallways, thinking deep about the upcoming war in the next several days.

Riku:(thinking) A war against angels and demons? Sora’s missing a leg, I can’t assist Miss Cosmos on this.
???: There you are, you bastard!

Riku’s thoughts were cut short as he turned to the voice. The Keyblade Master’s face was filled with surprise when he saw a very familiar woman. Behind her was a young man he encountered back when he was still sick.

Yuno:(angry) How dare you brainwash Yuki into harming me!
Riku:(annoyed) I’ve never brainwashed him. You’re just delusional.
Yuno:(angry) Don’t lie to me! I’ll kill you for trying to have Yuki enslave me!
Yuki: He’s telling the truth, Yuno. Please, let’s get out before we get into trouble!

Ignoring her boyfriend’s words, she took out her knife in a bid to attack an annoyed Riku, who sighed and took out his Keyblade.

Riku:(sighs; thinking) Typical. Right after I’m healed, I get myself into trouble.

Just as the Goddess of Yandere was about to attack him, the latter casted a Sleepga, which true to its name, puts her to sleep.

Riku:(to Yukiteru) I’m sorry for all the mess I’ve caused you. Please take her back to her temple.

NNodding, Yuki picks up Yuno’s sleeping body and left Medical Division HQ. Taking a breath, the Keyblade Master took out his binoculars and resumed his sight-seeing activity.

Riku: Nothing unusal outside… Hmm?

His sights turned to a young girl with purple hair, a blonde-haired woman in witch-clothes, and… a person in a weird helmet and robes holding a staff talking to each other about something. He was more concerned about the purple-haired girl.

Riku:(thinking) Isn’t that Rika Furude? What’s a child like her doing at a time like this? More importantly, who’s that man she and Lambadelta are speaking with? Did Darth Vader receive a makeover or something?

Blinking for several seconds before putting the binoculars down, he closes the window and goes back to check on Sora and Kairi.

Carmelita Fox was finished looking at list of deities who detested Queen Chrysalis in the House of Shape,. She eyes widened in shock as it was surprisingly long.

Carmelita:(thinking) This enemies list is almost big as Lucifer and YHVH’s…

She proceeded to write her name at the bottom of the list and departed without saying a word.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Ratchet, Clank, The Cooper Gang, and Captain Qwark were at Jolly Holiday in celebration of the success in destroying the asylum. Mickey had made reservations for everyone to eat.

Waitress: Congratulations on destroying the asylum!
Qwark: Hello, beautiful. I’m the one who—
Everyone else: NO!

Everyone had silenced Qwark before Mickey went in front of him.

Mickey: Sorry about that. Can you have a table for nine.
Waitress: Sure! Come this way.

The waitress had guided the nine of them into a round table enough for the group to sit around in. Twenty minutes later, the waitresses gave everyone their meals.

Qwark: Thanks for bring me here, guys.
Clank: We wouldn’t ditch someone like you into our party.
Sly: I feel bad for not bringing Carmelita here.
Ratchet: She’s a cop. I’m sure she has other things to do.
Sly: You’re right.
Murray: This cake tastes so good!
Bentley: Easy there, buddy. They’re going to give us more to take home with us.
Goofy: What are we going to do since Sora’s in Medical Division HQ? Last time I spoke to him, he was clearly angry at that glitch. It’s almost as high as Jak’s hatred towards Baron Praxis.
Donald: She and Neyla will pay for hurting Sora when they’re revived! Say, I have another question, Mickey. Should we help Miss Cosmos in that war?
Mickey: We’ve done enough with the asylum. We don’t want to overexert ourselves. I say we sit this one out. I’ve spoken to Bugs yesterday, and he and his friends from LoL Ranger are laying out a plan to humiliate the Demon Lord Lucifer.
Donald: Is Daffy going to join them?
Mickey: He didn’t say anything about that. He’s also informed me that they’re going to take pictures of the Demon Lord being humiliated.
Sly:(chuckles) This is going to be good.
Clank: We should stick them into a wall in our temples.
Goofy: Good idea, Clank. That’ll teach him not to steal that girl’s powers.
Qwark: Who’s this “girl” are you guys talking about?
Ratchet: Madoka Kaname. Lucifer had her herald, Homura Akemi, steal her powers.
Bentley: Carmeltia stated that the young girl’s apostles were trying to destroy a reactor that could destroy the pantheon.
Murray: I know, right? That’s creepy. Were they brainwashed into attacking it?
Mickey: Yes. There were reports from Leonard McCoy that a group of these… Despair elementals, known as “The White” had forced them to do it. McCoy had also said that some samurai calling himself Flynn had saved a boy trapped inside their temple, which contained a weird forest inside.
Donald: Flynn? Samurai? Wait, Does Kevin Flynn have a nephew?
Goofy: Uh, Donald, I don’t think he has one.
Donald: Ah phooey…
Murray: Everyone thought the same with Phineas Flynn. Who’s the boy this Flynn guy rescued anyway?
Mickey: The boy in question was Makoto Naegi.
Sly: Makoto Naegi… Wasn’t he the boy Phoenix Wright considered to be his potential protege or something?
Ratchet: Something like that. I hear he’s as good as the Mystery Gang when solving mysteries.
Qwark: Can we stop talking about this? I want to go home and beat some Cragmite butt!
Ratchet: Sure, whatever.

Mickey had requested that the waiter bring them doggy bags to take inside their temples to eat later on.

Having descended from the pantheon, Ash and Pikachu were continuing their quest in Kalos, assisting them were Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie. The mouse Pokemon looked up into the sky.

Ash: What is it, Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pikachu! Pika pi!
Ash: You’re just imagining things. Come on.

The headstrong trainer tried to make Pikachu focus on their next destination.

Everyone had gathered for a public meeting at the court in the House of Justice, where the Judge spoke to the audience.

The Judge:(through the microphone) Hello, ladies and gentleman! It’s been an honor to see you all here today. I have two announcements! Here is the first announcement! Since the House of House of Friendship is now repaired, the damage done around the rest of the Pantheon will be repaired. Deities who were corrupted and injured before the asylum’s destruction will be covered with insurance!

The Judge stopped his announcement midway and allows Otacon to speak into the microphone.

Otacon:(through the microphone) Thanks. We’re still working on getting the medical documents for them, but we have other proof in the form of pictures!

Otacon showed the audience pictures of the several deities that were wounded: Among these were Beat’s reapers wings, Joshua’s slash wound, the bite wounds Riku got, Kairi’s broken arm, Sora’s broken leg, and Takatora’s trauma from being crushed.

Otacon:(through the microphone) I’m not done yet. I still have more to talk about.

He briefly went away from the microphone to reach for a bag underneath the podium. Inside the bags were dolls of the deities that were corrupted by the asylum. Surprisingly, they were intact from the asylum’s destruction when they were found. The foxhound hacker took them out showed it to the audience.

Otacon:(through the microphone) Inspector Carmelita Fox had told me that there dolls inside the asylum. The Lombax Ratchet have found these dolls. He, alongside Clank, have brought these dolls to us yesterday. For those who doubt Inspector Fox’s claims, here’s your evidence that these dolls exist. I’m done here.

Otacon walks back into his seat to allow the Judge to speak again.

The Judge:(through the microphone) Thanks, Hal. And now for the second announcement. The medical staff will be monitoring Jak. He has been suffering amnesia ever since the recovery from his coma. I would like you all to stand up and leave the building. You’re all dismissed.

The audience went up from their seats to leave the court and resume their normal lives in the pantheon.

Ralph, Gangrel, Luna Vachon, the Hardy Brothers, and Edge were in the House of Ambiguity. Gangrel had talked about the times he, Edge, and the Hardy Brothers have spent together as “The Brood.” (In reality, it’s just a time for them to talk about what’s been going on in their lives). Matt Hardy, partially ignoring Gangrel’s conversation, was glad that his brother returned. Ralph lamented that the House was now guardless due to the “Rebellion” going on.

Ralph:(angry) It grinds my gears that all three guardians are taking part in that upcoming war. And with Beerus participating, Who’s going to guard this house with those two?
Luna: Us?
Ralph:(chuckles sarcastically) Very funny.
Edge: Yasha’s not getting involved, so he might probably help you guys.
Matt: Ah yes, I’ve forgotten about him. Asura’s friend.
Gangrel: Too bad The Shield had broken up yesterday.
Jeff: What happened?
Gangrel: Well, Reigns had told me something about Seth turning to the GUAE due to Ambrose being “obsessed” with getting him out and Ambrose is getting a lot of shit for ignoring Kaiba’s little…”problem”.
Edge: That son of a bitch. (calms down) By the way, Brody hasn’t been here often ever since those three fillies had moved from the House of Ambiguity.
Ralph: Jason Brody? He’s been protective of them for some reason. I just wish he’d tell us about…
???: Mister Ralph! Mister Gangrel! Mistress Luna!

Everyone had turned to see five young mares approaching them. Or rather, Applebloom leaps out of Scootaloo’s scooter and bodyslammed Gangrel onto the floor with a laugh.

Luna: It’s you three. Did you tell you sisters that you were coming here?
Scootaloo: Of course!
Ralph: That’s good and all, but aren’t those two who I think they are…?
Sweeite Belle: Yes, but they’re not bullies anymore. Everyone, meet the newest additions to the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon! They’re coming here to visit for the day.
Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon: Hello!
Ralph:(nervous) Hello.

The soft brute gave out a nervous chuckle while Applebloom helps Gangrel sit up and has the wrestler pet her mane. The fillies all had huge grins on their faces as members of the House of Ambiguity are eagerly staring at them, some with food in hand.

Gangrel: So how are things going in the House of Prophecy?
Apple Bloom: The stories they’ve made were soooo mystical! And The Oracle makes some of the most delicious cookies around!
Sweetie Belle: Cassandra have also told us some very cool stories.
Gangrel: That’s good to hear. I’m glad you three are enjoying your time in your new temple…and…hold on, what’s this?

Gangrel lifted Apple Bloom up and notices something on her flank: a tri-colored shield with an emblem of an apple with a heart inside it, both purple. He then notices Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo also brandishing similar shields with unique marks: a star in a music note for Sweetie Belle and a lightning bolt in a feather for Scootaloo. They were…

Gangrel: Cutie Marks? You have—
Applebloom: CUTIE MARKS! We got them yesterday after Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon surprised us with decorating our temple and throwing us a welcome party!
Diamond Tiara: We got to talking about how much they helped me out and then they discussed about how you went and help them out.
Silver Spoon: And they all realized that they were good in helping others finding their purpose and that’s when they received their Cutie Marks.
Sweetie Belle: We’re planning on telling our sisters after they return from the re-opening of the House of Friendship…we wanted to personally come to you first, Mister Gangrel.
Scootaloo: After all, you know us just as we know ourselves…we consider you like a crusader like ourselves, going out and risking your life for us.

Edge and Christian turn to Gangrel, recalling that night when Gangrel was thoroughly pissed off at the Proxy. During their time as “The Brood”, he had never shown such fury. Apple Bloom starts crying and removes Gangrel’s sunglasses and hugs him tight.

Applebloom: …Who would’ve thought that we would receive our Cutie Marks and made friends with you because we accidentally blew up your temple to save you from some zombies?

And there wass a long, long, long, long, LONG silence. Everyone was staring at the fillies, at Gangrel, at Luna, who was trying her best to keep it together but a tear or two falls down her eye. Apple Bloom then felts something on her face…tears.

Of all wrestlers, of all times, and of all the gods that he was crying for, Gangrel was crying for Apple Bloom and he held her tight like he was going to lose her all over again.

Ralph: David…I think maybe you’ve been taking too much wine again…
Gangrel:(as the tears flow freely) I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but I’m just so proud…you did it. You actually did it! YOU GOT YOUR CUTIE MARKS!!!! CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS FOREVER!!!

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo also join Apple Bloom in tackling Gangrel to the floor laughing and rejoicing in finally getting their Cutie Marks. And just as everyone starts cheering and joining in on the festivities, they’re stopped by Edge.

Edge: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Gangrel, of all wrestlers, liking ponies!? I’m not into that girly stuff, but what kind of shit is this!?
Luna: What? They’re not that bad.
Christian: And after everything they’ve gone, they deserve the cheers right.
Edge: Whatever; I’m out of here.

Outraged at Gangrel’s affection for the Crusaders, Edge departed the House of Ambiguity with Christian following suite, although he gave a wave farewell as he left. Ralph turned to Gangrel, who patted Diamond Tiara’s mane, the filly blushing in embarrassment at the attention, and chuckled.

Matt: Um, Gangrel? Everyone here is looking at you…
Ralph:(chuckles) You keep this up and you’re gonna be the laughing stock of the Wrestling Federation.

Gangrel smiled, and it’s a smile of happiness, of content, not the one he usually gavewhen he wrestles.

Gangrel: I don’t care. I really care for these fillies after everything that has happened to them… And what in the hay is wrong with me liking them?

The Crusaders smiled as Luna hands Gangrel some tissues.

Luna: You’re a mess. (to the Crusaders) Your sisters are at the House of Friendship, you said?
Diamond Tiara: They’re going to see Gentaro Kisaragi’s promotion ceremony. Pinkie’s given them invitations!
Jeff: Gentaro? As in Gentaro Kisaragi? That Kamen Rider kid who plans to befriend everyone? The same one who’s alternate form caused me to become….(looks at Matt before speaking) I didn’t think a kid like him would be promoted to guard.
Luna: Neither did I.
Ralph: After everything he had done, it’s for the better…
Gangrel: True… Now, how about we head to the House of Gaming and visit the arcade?
Sweetie Belle: That sounds like a perfect idea. I heard that there’s a new Carnevil booth up and running.
Ralph: You’re going to go after that after all that you’ve went through?
Scootaloo: After the asylum, I highly doubt nothing could scare us.

Everyone nodded and departed the House of Ambiguity. The House of Ambiguity waved goodbye to the Crusaders and Gangrel, picked up his fallen sunglasses and…put them in his pocket. He then took a hand into Apple Bloom’s hoof.

Apple Bloom: (as they walk off) You know, I like you better with your sunglassess off.
Gangrel:…So do I.

It was a sunny day in the now repaired House of Friendship. The crowd, consisting of the residents of the House and many of Gentaro’s friends, were all waiting for the friendly Kamen Rider to come out. Among the audience were the Mane Six, including Spike, having been invited by Pinkie Pie, who was excited to see her friend be promoted to a guard.

Twilight Sparkle:(sad, sighs) I wish Princess Celestia and Princess Luna could come see this.
Spike: It’s alright, Twilight. They have their reasons. I’m surprised that Discord’s joining them on his volition.
Applejack: It’s probably because he wanted to take a potshot at that bald god.
Rainbow Dash: I’m sure he’s got some way to beat his almighty face in! After this, I’m going to the House of Sports and run
Twilight Sparkle: Queen Chrysalis may no longer have anything to steal from, but that doesn’t mean we should rest easy.
???: Pinkie!

The Mane Six turned around and saw Elena approaching them. Accompanying her was Dudley, who sipped from a cup of tea gripped in his blue boxing gloves somehow.

Dudley: I was simply bored with the festivities in around my house, so I’ve decided to come with Miss Elena.
Fluttershy:(To Elena) It’s you again…
Pinkie Pie: Elena! It’s so good to see you again!
Elena: Indeed it has been, friend. Are you excited to see Gentaro’s promotion?
Pinkie Pie: Of course! We’ll have sooo much fun after this!
Elena: Yeah!
Dudley: It’s best that we don’t disrupt the ceremony. Hm?

Dudley turned around, surprised that a familiar little girl with two demonic familiars had arrived.

???: Hello, everyone!

Everyone else had turned to Dudley’s direction, also surprised to see the three figures. They were more nervous to see Belial and Nebiros, after what they did to “save” Seth Rollins and Jason Brody.

Rarity: Y-you’re…!
Alice: Hello, everyone! I can’t wait for my friend to become a guard!
Fluttershy:(nervously) R-right…
Belial: Fear not. We intend no harm upon you. In fact, we owe a great debt to you ponies for helping our dear Alice.
Twlight Sparkle:(nervously) Well, that’s… Great. (laughs nervously)
Pinkie Pie: Ooohhh, look. it’s starting…

Everyone had turned to the entrance to see Gentaro, now in a uniform, walking upstage alongside The Kamen Rider Club, Ieyasu, and Yukimura. The Daimyo had took the microphone to speak to the crowd.

Ieyasu:(through the microphone) It’s been an honor meeting you all here. I’ve come to make an announcement that will surprise everyone. After defeating his alternate self… Contributing to the defeat of Enrico Pucci and Funny Valentine, and assisted in the destruction of the asylum… I hereby declare that Gentaro Kisaragi, Kamen Rider Fourze, is now guardian of the House of Friendship.

Everyone in the audience had cheered for friendly Kamen Rider, who smiled. Ieyasu cleared his throat for another announcement.

Ieyasu: And now for another announcement to make: I, Tokugawa Ieyasu, will relinquish my position as guardian of the House of Friendship and will be moving into the House of Combat! You’re all dismissed!

A majority of the deities from the House of Friendship were in disbelief that the shogun announced that he had not only given up his guard position, but move to the Combat House. Some of the members of the Friendship House considered him a father-figure, but with him gone, . He went up to the optimstic Kamen Rider and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

Ieyasu: This house is your responsibility now, Kisaragi… Make it count.
Yukimura: I, Yukimura, wish that we’d spar someday.

The two warriors had jumped off the stage. The crowd moved out of the way for them to leave. The group had rushed to Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club while everyone else went back to their temples in the House of Friendship

Pinkie: Congratulations on getting promoted, Gentaro! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you!
Gentaro: I didn’t get the time to see you yesterday. Tokugawa had wanted to arrange the ceremony as fast possible.
Alice: What about me, friend?
This caused the Kamen Rider Club to jump. JK clung onto Shun and screamed in terror.
Miu: Oops! Te girl and those demonic familiars are here too?
Nebiros: Alice was happy that you’ve returned to the pantheon and eliminated that replica, Kisaragi.
Dudley: Let’s not give him all the credit. He wasn’t the only one who did it.
Kengo: That’s right. Micchy and two other people had helped him, so we should be thanking them as well when we see them.
Elena: Um, Gentaro? Since you’re a guardian, won’t that mean I won’t get to see you often?
Gentaro: Maybe… Depends on how much work they’ll send me. It won’t be too bad.
The two stared at each other for a while, their cheeks red as everyone (yes, everyone) waited to see what was going to happen next.
Gentaro: But I’ll always make time for you Elena. Thank you for everything.
Elena: Always.
The two then performed Gentaro’s handshake before Pinkie Pie jumped inbetween them.
Pinkie Pie: Hey, I have an idea! Let’s take a picture. I brought a camera!

The pink pony takes out her camera and gives it to Dudley.

Dudley: This is so sudden, I…
Pinkie Pie: Mr. Dudley, can you be so kind to take pictures?
Dudley: My pleasure.

Everyone had gotten together as Dudley aims the camera. Having gotten his aim, the British boxer had shot several group pictures. Pinkie had requested one more picture with Elena and Gentaro.

Elena: It’s been a while the three of us have been together.
Gentaro: Come to think of it… This is the first time we’ve ever taken a picture.
Elena: If anything happens, we’ll always be there. After all, we are…

Dudley had taken the final picture of the three avatars of Friendship, smiling happily into the camera.

Many Kamen Riders and their friends and allies had gathered at the House of Heroes for Mitsuzane’s redemption. With him was his brother Takatora, still recovering from the wound the Iron Giant, his partner Kouta Kazuraba, and Commander Shepard, who had done the arrangements with Kouta.

Shepard:(Through the microphone) I apologize for taking over for Commander Cosmos. She’s busy with more important matters. Since you’re all here, I hereby announce that Mr. Mitsuzane Kureshima, AKA Kamen Rider Ryugen, has reformed ways by helping Gentaro Kisaragi, Ruby Rose, and the keybearer Sora destroy the asylum. Starting from here onwards, his new home will be the House of Heroes. Toku members, Kamen Riders, please give Micchy a round of applause.

Everyone rooted at Mitsuzane as he shaked Commander Shepard’s hand.

Mitsuzane: I’ll do my best, commander.
Shepard: We will see.

After he went shook Shepard’s hand, he went to his brother and shook his hand.

Takatora: I’m so glad… That you’ve made the right choice.
Mitsuzane: I won’t dissapoint you again, Nii-san

The Kureshima brothers smiled as Micchy proceeds to shake Kouta’s hand.

Kouta: I’m glad we’re fighting on the same side again.
Mitsuzane: Yes… Let’s do it, partner… As an apology for Mai…
Shepard: Toku Base, since there’s a war coming up, you should go ba- what?

The commander was about dismiss the Toku Base, but was interrupted when a white-haired figure and a young boy showed up in front of them.

???: Can we take a photo with Mitsuzane? Pleeeaaase?
Mitsuzane:(surprised) Wait a minute… You’re that girl who tried to kill me.
Shepard: You know this girl?
Mitsuzane: Yes, commander.
Mahiro: Look, we’re sorry for what we did to you two days ago.
Mitsuzane: No, it’s alright.
Nyarko: Come on, come on! Let’s take a picture already!
Kouta: Sure, but Just calm down.

Just as Mitsuzane, Takatora, Kouta, Nyarko, and Mahiro had grouped together, Tsukasa Kadoya popped showed up with his camera.

Tsukasa: Are you guys ready?
Mitsuzane: Yeah! Just make sure you don’t shoot it somewhere else.
Tsukasa: Sure thing. Alright, say… Tokusatsu!
Everyone except Shepard: Tokusatsu!

Everyone smiled and posed as Tsukasa took the picture of the five of them, smiling happily.

Tsukasa: And… done.

Everyone went to the photographer to see the picture he took.

Taktatora: It doesn’t seem too bad.
Nyarko: We were soo cool in that picture! I love it!
Mahiro: Nyarko, we should leave before the war happens.
Nyarko: Alright. See ya later, Mitsuzane!

They waved their arms, saying their goodbyes to each other, allowing Shepard to resume.

Shepard: Now that’s done, I can speak again. Since there’s a war coming up, I suggest you people take refugee before things get bad here.

Every member of the Toku Base departed the House of Heroes to take shelter at their base. Shepard looks at up the sky to see a girl with black wings flying past him.

Shepard: (thinking) That’s definitely her… I better prepare myself for a possible long week.

Yawning, Shepard headed for the GUAG Command Center to meet regroup with Cosmos and the other higher-ups.