The Friendship Asylum Act One

Asylum Log 1: Why Walk When You Can Dream?

Fluttershy was scared, to begin with.Of course, that’s not to say that she wasn’t always scared (she was), but this was a new level of scared. It’s one thing to say she’s scared of the dark, but another to be frightened at the idea of venturing into a strange asylum that was once the House of Friendship. She didn’t want to do this, but instead wanted to be curled up in her temple in the House of Nature, but she had to. There were gods stuck there, and if no one would enter, who would?Dunban was by her side, using his left hand to stroke Fluttershy’s pink mane. He stared at the asylum, knowing just what happened days beforehand, and knowing that something had to be done before it was too late.

Dunban: Are you ready, then?
Fluttershy: Um, I…I think so. I mean, it is a scary place.
Dunban: I can agree with you on that.

Taking a deep breath, Fluttershy took a step forward toward the asylum, knowing that this would be one of the most dangerous things she had ever done in her life.

Dunban: I heard one of your friends has been feeling down. How is she doing?
Fluttershy: You mean Pinkie Pie? The last I heard, she’s been busy at the House of Popularity cheering up all the gods who have moved there.
Dunban: At least she’s been optimistic. Her dancer friend Elena hasn’t been well though.

Fluttershy nodded her head, recalling how she visited Elena just the other day. Instead of being happiness and sunshine (and discussing about what it was like to talk to trees), she was absolutely depressed. Gentaro’s corruption had taken a toll on Elena, and not even Dudley could coerce her out. She took a breath and looked around.

Fluttershy: I just don’t hope that the proxy aren’t inside that asylum.
Dunban: Do not worry. I support your sentiments.

Dunban comforted Fluttershy, patting her back. She dreaded the thought of having to face one of them after her mind was broken by a corrupted Eric Draven. She cuddled by Dunban’s side as they entered the asylum, with the doors closing itself behind them. There was also a rumor that several deities were entered the asylum and never returned.

In a temple in the House of Personality, Jade and Tohru were with Uncle Chan, the old man barking for the two of them to hand potion ingredients.

Uncle: One more thing! Powdered horn of antler.
Jade: Yeah, I don’t think Xerneas is willing to give up one of those…
Uncle: What about that Bambi?
Tohru: He…ran off just before I could ask.
Uncle: (scoffs) Deer these days. I should’ve asked Enforcers to take care of the other stuff.
Jade: Are you sure that’s the best idea, Uncle? I mean…
Uncle: Giant wrecking man would have kept an eye on them. One more thing! Drop of purest honey.
Jade: (holding one of Pooh’s hunny pots) Here you go. (goes to the cauldron and pours a drop of leftover hunny in) Pooh needs to change his diet—he’ll get full of stuff and fluff if he doesn’t try mung beans.
Uncle: Very funny.

Tohru kept an eye on the Fourze Driver, seeing it glow through the special ingredients in Uncle’s chi wizardry. Uncle picked up his puffer fish and tapped the driver with it.

Uncle: If what I’m reading about this machine is correct, it runs on friendship. So the more bonds you obtain, the better.
Jade: Where are we going to find all these bonds? The whole house got destroyed, remember?
Uncle: I’m looking at one bond of friendship right now.

Jade blinked and turned to Tohru, nearly slapping herself on the forehead as she remembered that she was a Friendship Goddess herself. She slipped a hand into Tohru’s own and then placed a hand on the Fourze Driver. There was a soft glow that made the Fourze Driver look less threatening.

Tohru: Fluttershy was right. Friendship is Magic.
Jade: So we need friendship to fight friendship, or as Uncle would say. (imitates Uncle) Magic must defeat magic!!!

Uncle suppressed an urge to laugh as he adjsuted his glasses.

Uncle: Go see Jackie and remember…
All: Magic must defeat magic!!!

As Jade and Tohru left the temple, Jade looked at the Fourze Driver and then recalled the memories of being tortured by Eric Draven just a few days ago. She didn’t want to remember how she got herself into trouble, and if Tohru didn’t save her…she didn’t want to say anything about it.

Tohru: Come on, Jade. Let’s go train a bit at the House of Weapons. I heard Jackie is doing a Martial Arts Demonstration against Bruce Lee today.
Jade: Right, Big T. Let’s get going.

With a smile, Tohru carries Jade and places her on his shoulder before heading toward the House of Weapons.

In one cell deep within the asylum, a broken man huddled in the corner, mind shattered after learning what he caused. Someone was walking toward him. The man stood up as Dudley entered with tray of hot tea and crumpets in his boxing gloves.

Dudley: Good…evening, Takatora Kureshima. I made some warm tea for you.

Takatora just stared at Dudley, not even giving a glare. He was just so utterly broken from what he learned and what he was given. Dean Ambrose of the Shield unlocked the door and mentioned something about “5 minutes”. Dudley nodded his head and sat himself down on a nearby chair with the tray on the table. He began to pour the warm tea into two cups. Takatora was hesitant—he didn’t know how long it was since he had food…or how long it had been since he had company…hell, he barely remembered his own name at this point.

Ambrose: (watching Takatora and Dudley having tea) Look at the guy. Feel kinda sorry for him.
Rollins: Still, he did cause our problems, and this goddamn madhouse.
Reigns: ….
Ambrose: Bruce Lee is on the search for the guy who put old Melon Head into this sorry state—said that the Eric guy was “like a son to him”…who knows what…

There was the sound of a cup shattering. The Shield turned as Takatora backed to a corner, screaming at nothing that was there. He grabbed onto a shard of the broken cup, trying to slice away at his arms.

Rollins: Shit! Restrain him!

Takatora was on his feet by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, all while Dudley looked in sorrow for the poor man.

Dudley: I suppose I must come at a later time. Here. (hands Takatora a rose) So that your nights here will be a bit more…hopeful.

Ambrose plunged a syringe of something into Takatora’s neck, the man falling asleep in a few minutes. Rollins and Reigns placed him on his bed, rose in his hands.

Reigns: The asylum’s barely been up for a few hours and he’s a broken wreck. What type of stuff are we going to need to fix him?
Dudley: There is a princess who can go into dreams, if I presume. Maybe we can go ask her for her help.
Ambrose: Great, does Princess Dreamwalker have a name?

In the House of Royalty, the Shield found themselves at the House of Reigning Princesses. What Dudley didn’t specify was that the dream walking princess was…

Ambrose: A pony.
Princess Luna: I prefer the term “Alicorn”, if you please. Now tell me, what has brought you here?
Reigns: We need your help, my….lady. There’s someone we need to talk to, but he’s asleep and…
Princess Luna: You seek my help to help this fallen man? Very well, where is he?
Rollins: The asylum.

Princess Luna nodded her head as The Shield explained the whole situation. Princess Celestia stayed back, recalling the letter Twilight Sparkle sent her about a recent fight Pinkie Pie lead in regards to Gentaro Kisaragi, someone who truly knew about Friendship. Princess Celestia knew that things were about to get worse.

Princess Celestia: I apologize for the sad state of affairs, but I must tell you that the Elements of Harmony will not work on him or the other members of the Proxy. Since Gentaro is powered by Friendship, any magic powered by friendship will not be effective on him.
Reigns: Wait, then how are we going to revert them back to normal?
Princess Celestia: We’re going to need other sources of magic to restore them for good.
Rollins: Do you know where?
Princess Celestia: I… I don’t know. With friendship as a power source, I can’t think of any way to restore them.
Ambrose: Maybe we shall find out after we tend to Takatora.

The Shield lead Princess Luna out of the House of Royalty to go to the asylum and help Takatora.

In the House of Prophecy, Riku had felt the presence of darkness. Not the usual sense that he can detect, but more of the sense that there was something utterly wrong. Sora could feel it too, having come to visit his dear friend.

Riku: I don’t like it. Something’s wrong.
Sora: (summons Keyblade) What is it? A Heartless attack? But Master Xehanort won’t attack as long as Alice and the other Princess of Heart are here.
Riku: It’s not a Heartless attack, but it’s one of darkness. It’s coming…from there.

Sora looked in the distance and shivered at the strange asylum. He wasn’t there for the battle that caused it, but he heard inklings and rumors that Maxwell transformed the House of Friendship into an Asylum. There was also something that happened in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation but that was all in bits and pieces. Not long ago, Sora broke into the Federation with Donald and Goofy to find answers, but they had to flee. He had been meaning to ask Rey Mysterio about what happened, but never had the time.

Riku: I’m going there.
Sora: I’ll go there with you. After all, someone has to keep an eye on you if things get too dark.
Riku: (smirks) Just make sure you don’t drag me down. Come on.

Dunban and Fluttershy nervously wandered around the asylum. The asylum was rumored have several deities were trapped inside the asylum.

Fluttershy: This asylum is giving me the creeps. I hope it won’t turn me into a bat.
Dunban: We stick together, and we’ll be fine.
Fluttershy: R… Right…

The timid pony huddled around the katana-armed Dunban as they entered a room within the asylum, where they saw several deities trapped inside the prison cells.

???: Oh, Good heavens, Isaac. There are some visitors!
???: We’re saved Isaac!

Among them were Isaac Dent, Miria Harvent, and Pierre Alfonso. Dunban and Fluttershy went to them.

Dunban: Why are you guys here?
Miria: Some man with weird energy had locked us up here.
Fluttershy: That’s… creepy. Why would why do such a thing?
Isaac: There was some voice inside his head that assured him that some girl would be safe.
Dunban: Where is he now?
Pierre: We don’t know… He must have left.
Dunban: A good opportunity to free you guys. Get away from the cage.

The prisoners took several back as Dunban destroys the lock with his katana. The prisoners opened the cell door.

Pierre: Thanks. I must warn you: There are a few more deities corrupted by the asylum.
Fluttershy: Thanks… You should leave to your temples.
Pierre: I suppose it’s for the best. I should be heading back for the Toku Base as to not get involved. I’m so sad to hear what happened to Gentaro…

The prisoners depart the asylum as the duo resumed their investigation on the asylum

Fluttershy: We have an asylum corrupting deities, and the coruptees taking innocents prisoners… Who could be doing such a thing?
Dunban: Some tyrant? Whoever is doing this, they need to be put down.
???: Let me help you!

They turned their attention the voice, where a small, brown, fuzzy creature approaching them. Having a sense of the affection, Fluttershy walked up and lifted him up. Dunban was rather surprised to see the creature entering the asylum

Fluttershy: Oh my Celestia! You’re sooo cute!
???: You’re quite the adorable speciman yourself.
Dunban: …Riki?
Riki: Dunban! I was sooo lonely. Shulk wouldn’t let me have fun with him.
Dunban: It’s too dangerous here. Leave this place.
Fluttershy: Don’t worry. I’ll keep you company…

Riki and Fluttershy laughed while Dunban scoffs in dismay.

Dunban: Fine, you can come with us. Just be sure not be sure to stay close with us.
Riki: That, I’ll do!

The trio exited the prisoners room to find more information around the asylum.

Meanwhile, Sora and Riku investigate the damage caused by the darkness. As it turns out, most of the gods were corrupted, which disturbed the two Keyblade wielders. Sora, worried about Tron, even brought in a USB hard drive. He then headed towards his friend’s temple (which was just a small room with a computer with a laser that zaps gods into Space Paranoids) and downloads Tron into it. Sora puts the hard drive in his pocket, intending to give him to Bentley Turtle, a friend of his.Suddenly, as things could not get any worse, Sora’s skin begins to slowly turn grey. At first, he was just confused, but something was amiss.

Claws began to grow from Sora’s nails, wings grew from his back. Sora’s head was filled with the darkness, words of strange evil, pain, suffering. He couldn’t bear it.

Sora: (grabbing his head) Stop…please…GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!!
Riku: (shakes Sora) Get a hold of yourself! If you let the darkness take over, it’s over! We have to hurry!

Sora nodded his head as they continued to walk down the halls. Many of the regulars in the House of Friendship were, thankfully, too far away from the Asylum. Mat and Pat were in Gaming, Jade and Tohru in Personality, Dizzy was in Weapons, etc. But still, it didn’t help the situation. Riku, fortunately for them both, was completely immune to darkness, and thus, cannot be corrupted. But the darkness corrupting everyone was a sign that he needed to free everyone before the effects are permanent. And since Sora was slowly becoming one of them, he needed to hurry. There was no time to get Mickey, Donald or Goofy into this madness. If they lingered too long, they too would also become one with the Asylum.Unbeknownst to them, Maxwell was watching over them, dead-eyed and clutched an orb in his hand. The orb began to glow blue.

Ash Ketchum stood at the front of the asylum. He knew what happened, he was there when Gentaro transformed into Alternate!Gentaro. He had to go there and stop it, no matter what it took. Pikachu sensed the air.

Ash: (adjusts his hat) We’re going in. Are you ready?
Pikachu: Pika pi.
???: Ash, come back here!

Ash turned around, seeing Misty and Brock approach him. Misty looked like she was going to punch Ash across the face.

Misty: If it wasn’t for Carly, we wouldn’t have found out you were going into a loony bin. Don’t you realize what you’re getting into?
Ash: Of course I do! I was there….Pikachu and I did our best to stop the fusion, to stop all of this madness. Now…look at it.

Misty looked up, seeing the asylum with its black LEGO bricks and assorted nightmarish paraphernalia that seemed out of place in the House of Friendship. Brock also sensed a chill down his spine.

Brock: Are you sure that’s a good idea? What if—
Ash: If you’re here, you can pull me out before things go bad. Pikachu will also be my side just in case, won’t you buddy?
Pikachu: Pika!
Misty: Why you little….(sighs and hugs Ash) Please be careful. I’d never forgive you if you didn’t return.
Ash: Right. (starts walking into the asylum) I’ll be right back, I promise!

Misty and Brock just stayed silent as Ash opened the door to the asylum, entered through it, and closed it shut.

Unbeknown to everyone in the asylum, Maxwell was corrupted by the asylum, seeing as Maxwell created it, and has now taken the souls of some of the inmates. Many were fully corrupted, and their souls lingered in the orb. Sora was slowly falling in, and Ash and Pikachu were at risk.Surprisingly, one inmate was actually able to escape his corruption before his soul was taken: Daxter. He remembered dark, choking fog and a couple of screams before he woke up.

Daxter: (hand on forehead, the room spinning around him) Oh, man. What happened? Oh, no! Wait a minute….what’s going on? JAK!!! Where are you?!

Daxter may be alright, but he was still trapped in the asylum as an inmate. But Jak wasn’t so lucky. He was comatose, and his body trapped in his dark form. The shock of being alone as everyone else around is either suffering or technically “dead”, but Daxter was able to resist the darkness’ attempt to bring him back into corruption. Suddenly, a voice spoke to him.

Riku: Wait, you were able to escape from Maxwell’s darkness?

Daxter turned to see Riku approaching him. He breathed a sigh of relief, glad to know that there was someone else otherthan himself who hadn’t lost their mind.

Daxter: Darkness? The last thing I remember was watching a Blitzball match…and then Jak was eloped with Dark Eco and I hear more screams than on a roller coaster!
Riku: Hm? I guess it may be possible for those corrupted to break free… but at the cost of their memories. If that’s the case, maybe it’s possible for Sora to…
Sora: (growls)

As it turns out, Sora’s transformation is nearly complete. His mind is still his own, but he’s lost the ability to talk, markings cover his now-grey body, his wings are fully developed, and his eyes are now blood red. Riku does not know what the type of demon Sora was turned into, but Daxter has another theory.

Daxter: Maybe Maxwell is pumping Dark Eco into Sora from an unknown force!
Riku: What makes you say that, Dax?
Daxter: It’s how Jak got those Dark Eco powers in the first place. Poorguy was at it for two whole years!
Sora: (in his head) I think you might be right, Dax.

Sora, while unable to talk, was inspired by Daxter’s ability to escape from corruption and decides to find his own way to freedom. He smiles over his renewed hope, and walks back to Riku and Daxter, apparently in full control of his body.

Riku: S…Sora? What are you…?

Sora hugs Riku, almost to the point of crushing him. Riku stays hesitant—afraid it was a ploy to kill him—but when Sora stepped back, that’s when he knew that Sora was all right…for now.Riku then picks Jak’s body up from his cell, intending to find a safe place for Daxter to try and wake him up from his unending nightmare.Maxwell, livid on Daxter’s freedom, begins to think of a way to bring him back under his control. He then picks up his orb, and it glows again. He then orders Sora to attack Riku and Daxter!

Asylum Log 2: The Problems with Isolation

The 72 hours between the capture of the Princesses of Heart and now could only be explained in one word: quiet.Well, that was if you were someone who wasn’t a god in the asylum. The Darkness Proxy were busy being entertained with numerous gods who decided to enter the asylum for a bit of fun. A list of gods included:Issac Dian and Miria Harvent, who decided that a creepy asylum had lots of interesting things to pilfer. Alternate!Gentaro immediately kicked them out for them being “too stupid for our tastes”.Emperor Norton, who was strong enough to resist the powers of Desire, Despair and Delirium of the Endless, entered the asylum and walked out of it without problem. He had a bit of a conversation with Willow!Jeff and handed the strange persona some money (“Norton Bills,” The emperor boasted) before walking off without protest. Willow!Jeff used that money to finish a strange collage he was making in his room.Yugi lured both Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo for a duel. And by “duel” it had the two fighting it off in an arena in an erratic fashion like a dogfight. Willow!Jeff had to put his own two cents in with an “erotic commentary” that had Yugi having trouble concentrating due to having erotic—no, erratic—thoughts throughout the night. It came to no surprise that Willow!Jeff had King’s Knight, Queen’s Knight and Jack’s Knight chasing after him that evening.Isaac and Miria thought it’d be fun to see if there was anything ‘creepy’ to collect, and dressed up as inmates to be “collected” by the asylum. They didn’t even last two minutes before they got the boot.There were more and more stories about people who traversed the asylum, each leaving behind an imprint of they were, their bonds, and what they aspired or held within. But none of that mattered to Alternate!Gentaro. He had commanded the asylum to create more and more structures within: a library, a game room, a stadium, a meeting room, and perhaps there was sentmentality on his part, a replica of the Kamen Rider Club with a tattered flag. When asked why that was created, he asked, “I wanted it there, so there it is.”At the council room, the five members of the Proxy sat. Eric Draven leaned back, leather boots resting at the edge of the table as he read a bit of Edgar Allan Poe poetry (“If you tell me to say ‘Nevermore’…” he threatened), Tsukasa was looking over film negatives of photos he took (all of them still pretty horrible), Willow!Jeff was twirling his umbrella round and round, his mind thinking about how a raven was like a writing desk, (“I got the answer!” He would say, then add, “I forgot it…” seconds later), Yugi was playing with a couple of puppets in hand (one eerily looking like Seto Kaiba and the other was of himself, the two hitting each other as if it was a Punch and Judy routine) and Alternate!Gentaro sat inbetween this in silence (Eric Draven and Willow!Jeff to his right, and Tsukasa and Yugi to his left).

Willow!Jeff: (stands up and slams hands on the table) I got the answer!
Willow!Jeff: An asylum has inmates who need to be protected but we aren’t protected as we are just bored, right? I suggest we have some new toys for the asylum to play with, am I right or am I right?!

There was some silence as everyone turned to see Willow!Jeff sit down looking absolutely bored. Yugi was playing with his puppets and humming a rhyme to himself.

Yugi: (while handing one puppet a knife) Seto Kaiba held a knife, to take a young maiden’s life, and just when he realized what he had done, he decided to take another one.
Tsukasa: (as one of the puppets pokes him with a knife) Ugh…(pulls a puppet out of Yugi’s hands, stomping on it) You’ve been saying that stupid rhyme over and over again for the past 15 minutes! If anyone has to hear you be so repetitive, they’d go CRAZY!
Yugi: Meanie… (picks up his puppet and strokes it) It’s all right, it’s all right…Tsukasa’s just annoyed that his pictures still don’t come out right.
Tsukasa: (brings out the Decade Driver) I HEARD THAT!

As Tsukasa transforms into Kamen Rider Decade and Yugi transforms into Yami!Yugi, Eric Draven yawns as he raises his hand out. His crow friend caws and rests on his arm, as he strokes its head.

Eric Draven: I’d rather seen a zombie uprising than settle in to another day of absolutely boredom, if I were you.
Decade: And I rather have Yugi be crushed by a giant foot than hear anymore of his stupid rhymes! (preparing the Ride Booker) DIE!!!!

Just as Decade and Yugi, with Dark Magician, were about to strike, Alternate! Gentaro slammed his hands on the table, silencing everyone.

Alternate!Gentaro: I know you all are annoyed with this waiting, but you do make good points on what type of chaos we could unleash if we weren’t stuck. I assure you though that we’ll have more than enough reason to let loose when the time’s right. Besides, it’s only been three days since we’ve been here.
Willow!Jeff: No thanks to those little brats and their unicorn wand and all. (imitating Jack and Annie with his umbrella) Send. Them. To. The. Asylum! (imitates an explosion as he leans too far back and lands on the floor) Ow…
Yugi: (pointing with one of his puppets) Oh, why oh why is a knight like you fighting against a king like me, Tsukasa? You are so evil! ONORE, DECADE—

Yugi dodged a shot before he even had a chance to finish that sentence. Then Tsukasa pounced on him and the two fought like cats. Eric slammed his head on the table while Willow!Jeff bit into an apple he just had on hand. Alternate!Gentaro sat down.

Alternate!Gentaro: I have a suggestion as to what we could do.

Tsukasa and Yugi stopped fighting and Eric Draven and Willow!Jeff turned to their master. Alternate!Gentaro smirked, loving how attention was on him.

Asylum Log 3: Deep Dive

Sora felt so much hatred, so much anger, so much pain, coursing in his mind. He wanted to scream…instead, he howled, loud enough for the asylum to shake. Even Misty and Brock heard it from outside.

Misty: What… was that?
Brock: An inmate being tortured? Something tells me that Ash and Pikachu may be in trouble.

The darkness of the asylum continued to course through Sora’s veins, telling him to kill those who would let the inmates escape. Sora tried his best to resist the darkness, but he was getting too weak. Then, he just stops. Something was not right with the Keyblade welder.

Daxter: Sora, spiky-haired kid…you don’t want to hurt us! It’s us…your friends! You know….the ones that help you fight the Heartless and everything? Sora?

Sora stayed silent, tilting his head to the side to register the words. Riku prepared his Keyblade, the Way to the Dawn, preparing to strike. Then, Sora…laughed.

???: (speaking through Sora) FOOLS! The asylum must do its job. The inmates must be cleansed, must be protected…I will ensure it. The asylum shall LIVE!!!!
Sora: (thinking) What… did I just say?

“Sora” flapped his wings and tackled Riku to the wall, his mouth a huge set of fangs ready to sink into Riku’s neck. Riku kicked “Sora” away, creating a slash in the air to protect himself. He grabbed onto Daxter, running away from Sora as fast as he could.

Daxter: What happened to him? Is it the Eco?
Riku: Whatever it is, we have to escape. We…

Riku stopped as he saw “Jak” approach him, corrupted with Dark Eco. Daxter looked back and forth, seeing “Sora” and “Jak” almost communicating with one another through growls and hand motions, ready to strike. Riku narrowed his eyes and prepared the Way to the Dawn to fight back.

Ten minutes agoRatchet and Clank were waiting for Jak and Daxter to meet up with them for another early-morning target shooting game at the House of Weapons. They had no idea about the corruption of Jak, and thought that it was just another delay.

Ratchet: Where are they? It’s nearly morning, and they’re never late.
Clank: Yes, and what is also strange is that their house has been renovated into what is dubbed an “asylum”. A few gods have not been so lucky.
???: You’ve heard, too?

Yuna then walks in, her guns in her hands. She sometimes tags along with the games, but this time, she’s just too concerned about the asylum and the recent incidents with the Magical Girl Sisterhood to even focus on her shooting.

Yuna: I’ve seen Jak and Daxter at the Blitzball match earlier tonight, but then I heard screaming. I assumed that the asylum was the cause, and I’ve informed a few houses on the case. But now, I fear that some of the others are corrupted, too.
Ratchet: Don’t worry, Yuna. Whatever happens to our friends who are lost, we’ll try to save them. I—

Then, Ratchet and Clank begin to feel weak, as Yuna tries to heal them with Curaga. A voice then pops into their head.

???: (through telepathy) Ratchet, Clank. Riku and I are in the asylum, and it’s overtaken me. We need help, and quickly. Jak is corrupted, too, but Daxter’s fine… I think. (grunts) Please… hurry! (screams)

The two then get back up, but they are no longer concerned about their shooting practice.

Yuna: You alright?
Ratchet: I think so. (remembers) Wait. That… was Sora’s voice, right?
Clank: It sounded like Sora. But how did he even get a connection to us? Hm? Maybe I could use that to get in contact with Riku.
Ratchet: Please do. But right now, we need to find King Mickey.
Clank: No, we need to get to the asylum right now and save Riku. If he corrupts into a snarling mess of brooding darkness, we won’t stand a chance.
Ratchet: I guess we’ve got no choice, then. Yuna, go and find April O’Neil, and let her know about this situation. We need to spread the word out to protect everyone, and as long as we’ve got a reporter on our side, we might stand a chance.
Yuna: Right. Good luck with saving Riku.

The two, then ran off to the asylum, as Yuna races off to find April. But they needed a cameraman, too… and Freddie Benson of the House of Technology was the only one available right now.

In another part of the Asylum, Princess Luna was escorted to Takatora’s cell. The Shield knocked on the door to get Takatora’s attention and when there was no response—which was obvious—Dean Ambrose kicked the door open. Princess Luna approached the quiet inmate.

Princess Luna: Rest now. I will help soothe your soul with my magic. Please, trust in me.

Takatora stayed silent as Luna’s horn began to glow. His eyes widened a bit—he could already see so many memories forming in his mind, particularly of Gentaro’s hand on his forehead. He backed away into a corner, eyes wide.

Takatora: P…please….no…
Ambrose: He can talk now?
Rollins: Whoever came here last must’ve gotten his mind fixed a bit. Emphasis on “a bit.”
Princess Luna: It will have to do. Everyone, please hold onto him. We are entering his mind.
Reigns: Better not be as empty as the LEGO guy’s.

The Shield held on to Takatora, gently to make sure that Takatora didn’t try gnawing at them. Takatora still felt tired, and he immediately fell asleep once more. Luna concentrated on her magic as the five were enveloped in a swirl of starry magic. The Shield closed their eyes before opening to find themselves in a black void with fragments of people surrounding them.

Ambrose: So this is what it’s like to be in someone’s dreams. Funny, it sounded more freudian in my mind.

Princess Luna illuminated the area with her horn, searching left and right for something. Roman Reigns looked in to a memory of Takatora entering the Pantheon, Rollins watched how Takatora was confronted by Gangrel and Wreck-it Ralph, Ambrose was laughing at how Takatora got his teeth kicked in by Elena, laughing at how the tomboy princess was so miffed.

Princess Luna: We must find the source of this calamity before it brings forth chaos and destruction.
Ambrose: Found something…(points to a memory) Look at this.

The four looked at the memory. It was through Takatora’s mind’s eye, of four of the Darkness Proxy (Yugi wasn’t there at the time, the Shield had to remember) laughing and jeering at Takatora. Eric Draven’s face came into view. After that, the memory turned into static.

Princess Luna: This was the moment that everything fell. But I shall need more clues to help shape his mind back together.
Reigns: It’s not that hard, moon pony….Moon Alicorn, sorry. We just find the times he was a bystander to his brother’s madness and boom. We find him.

Princess Luna nodded her head, the four continuing to look throughout many of Takatora’s memories. As they walked, they could hear Takatora whispering and begging for help, for someone to help him, there was a voice that said that it was all his fault.

Ambrose: Damn, the guy won’t just shut up.
Rollins: Are we getting closer?
Princess Luna: We’re here.

The Shield looked, seeing Takatora sitting on the ground, his body glowing in pure light. He was naked (Princess Luna quickly explained that in Japan, nakedness meant purity, although she also conjured up some boxers to cover Takatora’s….privates), and shivering. Reigns takes a step toward him.

Reigns: We’re here to help you. Just listen to us.

Takatora opens his eyes. He stares at the four with some patience. Then, he brings a hand out.

Rollins: Takatora. We…might’ve jumped the gun on you being the cause of all this mess. You were just doing your job and you wanted what was best for your brother. So, we want you to come back to us.
Ambrose: Cause if you don’t come back here, then we wasted our time asking a pony—(Luna glares at him)—sorry, Alicorn to do this.

Takatora slowly nods his head, but he still doesn’t speak. It’s as if just opening his mouth is painful. Luna smiles and wraps him in a hug with her wings.

Princess Luna: All is safe. Don’t worry. We’ll protect you.

Suddenly, a large explosion from outside rips the three out of Takatora’s dreams. Takatora’s mindscape is starting to crumble. Princess Luna prepares a barrier to shield herself and the Shield as Takatora races toward them.

Princess Luna: Be strong for us! We’ll come back for you. We promise!

That was the last thing that was said before everything was invaded with a bright light.

Riku didn’t know what to do. Sora was now under the asylum’s control, and appears to have transformed into a vampire (butcompletely different from the vampire he becomes while in Halloween Town). Jak is awake, but no longer appears to recognize either of them. The two are now on the same side, and co-operating to kill anyone who tries to save the asylum inmates. Riku’s current priority is to save Daxter, who’s escaped corruption.

Daxter: Jak, it’s me! Daxter! You know…your life long friend and all! Speak to me!

“Jak” opened his mouth and growled, sending Daxter flying back. “Sora” replied with his own roar, preparing to strike the intruders. Having no choice but to fight, Riku prepared to strike his friends. But just as “Sora” and “Jak” approach them, a voice speaks with Riku.

???: (as if speaking in Riku’s head) Riku. Walk through the wall.
Riku: What….who’s there? “Through the wall?” This is all solid LEGO brick.
Daxter: Well who knows here? I mean I once read about this goblin-filled labyrinth, and how “things aren’t what they seem”. I mean, it’s better than being vampire food anyway….

Riku, with Daxter on his shoulder, steels a breath and walks through the wall, finding himself outside the asylum and freeing Daxter as a result. Riku wants to know who spoke to him, but no-one else was present. There was some silence, Riku trying to take in what was going on, and how the LEGO wall was capable of letting them phase through like that.

Ratchet: (waving his Omniwrench as he rushes toward them) Hey, over here! We overheard of your loss, so we came by to help.
Riku: Thanks, but how did you know where to find us?
Clank: Well, we did hear Sora’s screams for help. Hehehehehe….
Daxter: Wait, how did you hear that? The asylum’s too far away from the House of Weapons.
Clank: Well, it is a very interesting story. While we were preparing for another round of gunplay with Yuna, we heard this…voice in our heads. It sounded distinctly like Sora’s. Ratchet heard it too, and so I calibrated that telepathic message to speak to you two.
Riku: And somehow I was able to phase through the asylum walls because of that?
Clank: Most likely.
Ratchet: Well I wanted to grab that King of yours, but Clank said that Riku was also there and he had to escape before he became a snarling mess of brooding darkness.
Riku: Actually that’s…never mind. Look, take Daxter to the House of Justice so he can clear them in on what happened. I have to get Sora out of the asylum before it corrupts him fully.
Ratchet: All right. Come on, Daxter. We’ve got work to do.

Ratchet and Clank help Daxter up on his feet, racing to the House of Justice as fast as they can. Riku gets himself ready to reenter the asylum in his attempt to save Sora. He does not care if it means dragging the corrupted teen out kicking and screaming; he would save his friend even if it kills him.

Brock: (upon seeing Riku) He’s just gotten out, but why is he going back in?
Misty: Who? I don’t see anyone? (Brock points her to Riku) That looks like… Riku?
Brock: If so, then where’s Sora? Those two boys are rarely seen apart ever since Riku joined the pantheon last month…

But just as Riku prepares to reenter the asylum, “Sora” approaches him again… his eyes glowing red in anger of Daxter’s freedom. Riku just calmly summons his Way to the Dawn, preparing to fight.

Ash Ketchum walked through the asylum, eyes trying to find something that could get to the bottom of this mystery. He concentrated on his aura powers, but it was no use. He hadn’t been able to fully unlock his potential, even with the training Lucario gave him. Still, he had to sense something.

Ash: Pikachu, let me try something. (Closes eyes)

Through this, Ash wanted to feel the aura—or lifeforce—in the Asylum. He felt it, how there were numerous people inside the asylum’s walls, going through some myriad of twists and turns in order to find the truth to the matter. Pikachu looked around, sparks dancing around its cheeks to prepare for any attack.

???: Ash…oh, Ash….

Ash opened his eyes. What he saw wasn’t the dark corridors of the asylum. Instead, it was a world of stars and light. Ash looked around, but he was alone. Pikachu wasn’t on him, and he had no Pokéball on hand.

Ash: Who are you? What do you want?
???: I’m just a visitor. I noticed that you want to help your friends, do you not? You seek power…
Ash: I don’t know what you’re pulling, but it’s not going to work on me! Show yourself!
???: All right then. Don’t say I…didn’t warn you.

Ash was blinded by some light as a figure appeared, which looked like a mirror image of him. The main difference was the dark blue aura that served like an outline across the double’s body, alongside the dark blue glow in the eyes.

Riku blocked an attack from “Sora”‘s claws, kicking him in the stomach. He panted for breath, knowing that the deeper he enters the asylum, the more Sora succumbs to the evil. He had to do something and fast.Leaning against a wall, Riku tries to think of something. As his hand touches the LEGO, a thought comes to his head. “Sora” growls at him, hunched over, ready to strike.

Riku: (thinking) Please tell me this isn’t glued together…

“Sora” charges toward Riku, unleashing an orb of darkness in his hand. Riku, at the very last second, dodge rolled out of the way. “Sora” couldn’t stop himself from colliding with the wall, causing him to roll out of the asylum just as the sun rises, which weakens the corrupted boy and forces him back into his human form. Smoke rises from his body as the powers that were controlling him fades away. Sora pants for breath, his animal-like screams becoming more human before he collapsed to the side.

Riku: Heh. Knew you’d be too stubborn to charge at me like that.
Sora: Riku… oh thank goodness. I didn’t hurt you, right?
Riku: No and it looks like you’re back in control of your body… (looks at Sora’s arms) Um, Sora… you might not wanna look in a mirror.

Sora looked into one of the asylum’s windows, seeing the changes in him. He could still feel pain of the voices telling him to kill, but it now felt like bees buzzing in his brain. His body still has the markings, his eyes are still blood red, and his fangs are still present, albeit only tiny. The wings are gone…for now anyway.

Sora: W…why am I like this? I mean…(places hands on his face) This can’t be….I’m out of the asylum and…
Riku: If Daxter’s theory is right, then it seems like the dark eco is still inside your veins. It was night-time when that happened, and now that the sun is up, you’re you.
Sora: So I must be only human by day and dark vampire by night! W…what if I go astray again!? What if my corruption is permanent? Riku, please! (grabs Riku by the vest) TIE ME UP!!

Reluctant, Riku agrees and takes Sora to a hidden bunker about a mile away from the asylum. Brock and Misty witnessed what had happened.

Brock: So that’s why Riku went back in. He won’t let the asylum take Sora.
Misty: But those markings on Sora. Will he be alright?

At the bunker, Riku locks Sora inside while he gets some equipment from the House of Craft. Upon returning, Riku ties Sora to a chair with nylon rope and gags him with duck tape. Riku didn’t want to gag his friend, but if Sora does goes astray again at night, he might use his fangs to gnaw at the ropes restraining him, so what choice has he got?

Riku: (after tying Sora up) Are you sure, Sora? Especially right now? You’ll be you until sunset, so we should wait until before sunset before we do this.
Sora: It’s better to be safe than sorry, anyways. Besides, as long as you guard me, I’ll be alright. (smiles)
Riku: I guess you’ve got a valid point. (gags Sora with duck tape)

Ratchet, having gotten the word on Riku’s location from Clank, who’s still at the House of Justice to comfort Daxter and explain what happened inside the asylum to Phoenix Wright, then walks into the bunker. He didn’t expect Sora to be inside, nor in control of his own body.

Ratchet: (gasps) Sora!? What’s going on? (prepares his Omniwrench and RYNO) Don’t worry, I’ll beat the beast out of you!
Riku: No, it’s okay Ratchet. Sora requested this to stop himself.
Sora: (nods in agreement)
Ratchet: Okay? Well, anyway, Clank is comforting Dax back at the House of Justice. A test should be performed around noon. Poor guy. He’s not been himself lately.
Riku: That’s because Jak is in the same situa… oh, no! Jak! He’s still in there! We need to go back in and save him.

Sora knew that “Jak” would still be patrolling the asylum. He knew that if Riku didn’t lure him out as the sun rose, he’d still be under Maxwell’s control. And since Sora’s been “captured”, Maxwell would probably try to corrupt Ratchet as a replacement guard should he team up with Riku to re-enter the asylum. But too bad for him: Sora’s gagged, and cannot warn the lombax on the supposed trap. All he could do is just sit there, hoping that his bonds will keep him from going berserk again when the sun sets.Sora also takes note of a large computer in the bunker. The sight of the computer caused the restrained teen to try to grab something out of his pocket, but the rope keeping his hands tied together prevents him from doing so.

Sora: (in his head) Don’t worry Tron. I’ll keep you safe. Once Riku finds Bentley, we can set you free from your corruption.

Six hours laterClank had made it to the top of the mountain where the House of Prophecy rests on, wanting to speak with someone about Daxter and Sora. Just minutes earlier, Ratchet sent him an image of Sora, still covered in markings and with red eyes, but now also Bound and Gagged, inside the bunker to make it easier to convince the gods inside about what could happen.None of the gods inside wanted to speak with the tiny robot, even after he explained that he was with Riku… that is, except for a white Pokémon with a horn on the side of its head. The Pokemon, Absol, quickly jumped right in, having foreseen a disaster that’s about to be unfolded. Clank didn’t know whether to trust the Disaster Pokémon; after all, many gods blame her for other disasters that had happened in the pantheon.

Clank: She says has predicted a grave danger to this pantheon!
Beat: Wait, this… thing is a girl?
Rhyme: So, you are saying this whole pantheon is in danger from that asylum? But, what sort of danger is to be unfolded?
Clank: One thing, for certain, is the darkness within Sora. You see, someone wants to use Sora for something she cannot see at this point, so, they lured him and Riku into the asylum by triggering a dark presence here. But, at the same time, they placed a curse onto the two, just as they walked in, which means… oh, no!
Rhyme: (taking it seriously) So, what is going to happen?
Clank: Absol says that Sora will die if the darkness within him consumes his heart.

The three were in a state of shock. Gods around here, upon dying, regenerate within a few hours, but Clank remembered overhearing about Gentaro’s death. He had to be brought back manually… which ended up causing the disaster that’s currently unfolding.

Beat: This is sick, yo! But still, people are not taking all these rumors seriously.
Rhyme: But if Sora dies, won’t he just come back within a few hours?
Clank: Not this time. Remember what happened to Gentaro? We could end up with an evil version of Sora terrorizing this pantheon. And withour Sora being as powerful as he is…
Beat: We better let Riku know right away. We also better find Neku. Joshua may be in trouble.

Clank then leaves to return to the bunker, while Beat grabs Rhyme by the arm and rushes off to find and warn Neku. But it was getting late. Sunset was just an hour off, and Clank knew that Riku would plan something that means getting himself back inside the asylum… which risks Sora being killed by the darkness inside him. He had to hurry.Absol then sees another prediction: one where five beings would guard the asylum, and kidnap others. The same prediction sees a giant heading towards the House of Villains in anger. The Disaster Pokémon shutters at her visions, and returns to her temple, knowing that few would believe her warnings. She was just glad that Clank was willing to listen to her and translate her warnings to Beat and Rhyme.

By the afternoon, Daxter’s tests were complete. There’s no evidence that he was ever corrupted by Maxwell, but he won’t rest until Jak is rescued. Riku takes Daxter to the bunker.

Daxter: (upon seeing Sora) Wait a minute!? You’ve managed to capture Sora!?
Riku: Well, it turns out he’s himself during the daytime. At least we assume so. Dax, your job is to guard Sora while Ratchet and I return to the asylum and save Jak.
Daxter: But what if something goes wrong? How can I let you know that Sora’s become some blood-sucking monster again?
Riku: (puts a small headset into his ear) Use this headset. It’s the only way to keep in touch while we’re in there. If anything bad goes on with Sora, let me know.

The sun soon sets as Riku and Ratchet approach the Friendship Asylum. Just before entering, Riku hands Ratchet a black cloak to wear.

Ratchet: Wait, why do I have to put this “raincoat” on?
Riku: Trust me. In our universe, it protects the wearer from darkness. Mickey and I had to wear these for a year after the first incident with Kingdom Hearts. (thinking to himself) Crap. I wish I would’ve thought of that for Sora before we entered.
Ratchet: I guess you’re right. (puts the cloak on, including the hood) Huh. (pokes his ears) Even keeps my ears intact. But what about you, Riku? Aren’t you gonna wear one, too?
Riku: I don’t really need one anymore. After all that time spent as Ansem, the darkness cannot hurt me.

Maxwell sees them, and sends “Jak” to the entrance. He’s angry that Ratchet’s wearing a black coat, and is determined to destroy it. Meanwhile, Sora starts to moan in discomfort back at the bunker. All Daxter could do right now is talk to him, in the hopes of calming Sora down.

Sora: (makes indecipherable sounds as a result of being gagged)
Daxter: Calm down, Sora! Just sit back and think of Kairi.

Clank was racing back to the bunker upon learning that Sora will die if Riku spends enough time in the asylum. However, by the time he got there, Riku was gone, Ratchet was with him, and Sora is tied up, gagged, and struggling with his transformation back into a vampire. His wings were bound to the rope, but are straining to be let free, which causes Sora to almost scream in pain.

Clank: Where’s Riku!? This is urgent!
Daxter: Urgent!? You’ve found a cure already? Because if you have, then that’s—
Clank: No! I’ve got terrible news: if Riku continues to linger in that awful place, the darkness inside Sora will kill him!
Daxter: How do you know about this?
Clank: I was at the House of Prophecy, and they told me what was happening. The one behind the asylum had their sights on Sora for reasons unknown, which was why they lured him and Riku into the asylum. But at the same time, a cursed was placed on them both. If Riku stays any longer inside, Sora will be completely consumed by the darkness inside him!
Sora: (in his head) Help me! Wait! I’ll die!?
Daxter: No, Sora, don’t let the eco get to you! If you do, you’ll become stuck in that form forever!

Sora can’t hold on much longer. His grey skin and wings return, and the evil thoughts inside his head return to painful levels. The ropes holding him snap, and “Sora” jumps out of his chair, corrupted again. He rips the tape off his mouth and proceeds to make a terrifying growl at the horrified Clank and Daxter. The latter then remembers that he’s wearing a headset, and uses it to call out to Riku for help.

Daxter: This is a code red, Riku! I repeat: CODE RED! This is not a drill! Sora’s out and I think he’s hungry for fried ottsel!

Clank manages to grab Daxter and exit the bunker, and manages to attack “Sora” with a good hit with a laser to the chest. But “Sora” shrugs it off and rushes back to the asylum, the only thing that is in his mind was to guard the inmates and kill those who would make them escape.

Clank: Hm? I should’ve aimed at his head.

Misty and Brock had waited all day, waiting for Ash to arrive. Still no luck. They see “Sora” rush into the asylum doors at breakneck speeds, proving to them that escaping corruption isn’t going to be easy, and that Ash may be in trouble after all. The sight of the corrupted Keybearer was the last straw for Brock.

Brock: (angry) That’s it, I’m going in there right now.
Misty: But Brock, what if something bad happens to you?
Brock: Better me than Ash. If the Asylum somehow taps into his potential Aura powers…I don’t think we even want to think about it.

The asylum doors opened, Pikachu rushed out, looking utterly exhausted. When he reached Brock, he collapsed.

Misty: Pikachu, what happened to Ash?!
Pikachu: Pi…pika…
Misty: What do we do now? He’s hurt! Did Sora do something to him just now?
Brock: Let’s take him to the Medical Divison and then we have to go see Team Rocket.
Misty: Team Rocket?! But what about Ash?
Brock: Meowth can help translate what happened and we’ll go from there. Come on.

Misty nodded her head as she carried Pikachu into their arms. As Misty and Brock left the asylum, they ignored someone wanting to enter.

???: I don’t care what type of magic bullshit that’s going on here. I only came here for one thing: Yugi Muto.

Riku gets the message, but he and Ratchet are now facing off with “Jak”, his claws digging into the palms of his hands. Then “Sora” appears, growling and biting at them, ready to tear limb from limb. And worst of all, sunrise is a long way off, not to mention that the asylum is so huge that even if someone could come for them, they would probably get lost trying to figure out to escape.

Daxter: (through the headpiece) Riku, get out of there right now!
Riku: Why? I need to save Jak! And Sora needs to be cured.
Daxter: If you spend more time inside the asylum, Sora’s corruption will be complete…and he’ll die from the negative effects.

Riku was at a loss of action. If he does not leave, the darkness inside Sora will kill him. But Riku wants to save Sora and free the others. He cannot take “Sora” with him, as the latter’s too powerful. Ratchet could go in and find the culprit, but his black cloak is the main target; just one rip would cause it to lose all it’s powers and leave the lombax unprotected against the corrupting darkness. Either way, Riku couldn’t win. Then…All of a sudden, “Jak” just stands there, motionless. He drops to the ground, and reverts back to his normal form, as all the (extra) darkness from his body leaves… and enters “Sora”, wrapping around his entire body and corrupting him even more. Jak wakes up.

Jak: What? Where am I? And why does my head hurt?
Riku: It looks like whoever controlled you decided to let you go.
Daxter: (through the headpiece) Wait!? Jak’s okay!? Let me speak with… (static)

Daxter loses contact with Riku. Then “Sora” begins to glow in the darkness, with his wings growing massive, his eyes and his body markings turning white. His corruption is complete… and who knows how much longer he’s got to live. Riku needed to get out of there quickly if he wants to keep his friend alive.

Riku: No….Sora!
Ratchet: We have to get out of here…we’re sitting ducks. I’ll get Jak an appointment with the GUAG Medical Division…we’ve done all we can right now. Clank will meet us there.
Riku: But I can’t just leave Sora here!
Ratchet: You heard what Daxter said; Sora will die if you keep pursuing the ringleader of this madness. Plus we can’t afford to let ourselves get corrupted. We must go.

Riku knew that Ratchet was right; “Sora” was no longer just a guard of the asylum: he’s now the Asylum’s personal guardian.Then, another corruptee appears, sword in hand. Riku didn’t know who he was, but he had a feeling that whoever brainwashed Sora did the same to him. But Jak knew who he was: Jaune Arc.The two corruptees then proceed to work together, with Jaune tackling Riku to the ground and pinning him down as “Sora” bites him in the arms repeatedly as Riku struggled to escape. Ratchet tried to intervene, but was thrown back by a dark force.Then Sora groaned, hand grasping his chest as his eyes regained their blue color. Noticing Riku being pinned down, he pushes Jaune away and helps his wounded friend up.

Sora: Riku, Jak, Ratchet! Find Bentley! He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s our only hope. At least according to my dreams. Oh, and take this, too. (shoves Riku a USB) Tron’s in there. Give him to Bentley for his own sanctuary. Please….don’t….JUST GO!

Sora’s corruption attempts to retake his body, but the teen held on long enough to teleport his friends out of the asylum with a wave of his hand. Then, he fell to the ground, as if he was a puppet whose strings were cut. As soon as they were gone, “Sora” stands up, hearing the master of the Asylum in his head, telling him to prepare the loyal guards and make sure that the inmates were “kept safe.””Sora” just stands there in place, with a Slasher Smile. With a snap from his claw, he summons five creatures known as Fireys and orders them to serve as his bodyguards. The lead Firey looked nervous, especially since they’re technically slaves, and only wanted to play with their bodies, but “Sora”‘s Death Glare made him comply. The goblins flew across the Asylum, making sure that no one escaped. “Sora” grinned; he would not disobey his master.

??? 1: Wow this pizza is great!
??? 2: Best one we’ve had in awhile, and at least no one stole it to create beasts like that duck reported last Friday.
??? 3: Like, please don’t remind me of that battle with the Jekyll and Hyde spiky-haired creep with the cards. I still have nightmares about him.
??? 4: Rhee rhuu.

The Mystery Gang were eating slices of pizza they just got from the House of Food. They were parked near the House of Mentalism, but they want to do a little investigation on the recent rumors of the asylum. Scooby and Shaggy were still shaken from the rampage of Gramma Stuffum’s Slamwitch from the “Muse Hysteria” incident last week, afraid of how food could actually be eat them alive and all.

Velma: Once we’re done eating, we should investigate the rumor from the Blitzball match the other day. Two have mysteriously disappeared during the match.
Fred: And there’s still the mystery as to how that Dark Gentaro arrived and what he’s been using to brainwashed others into that…proxy, if that’s what he’s calling it.
Shaggy: Like, I just hope we don’t disappear, too. Right Scoob?
Scooby: Rhight.

As they eat the pizza slices and drank their cola, a black cloud appeared on the ground, surprising the quintet, especially Scooby and Shaggy. The cloud disappeared after about ten seconds… and there were two figures lying on the ground, unconscious.

Shaggy: Like, are these the ones who disappeared?
Daphne: One of them is. It was reported that the missing figures from the Blitzball match were Jak and Daxter. The one in the blue racing outfit is Jak. (looking around) But, I don’t see Daxter anywhere.

Fred and Daphne carefully approached the two unconscious deities to see if they’re dangerous or not. Neither moved a bit. Then, Fred noticed something… about Riku’s arms. He started to yell at the rest of the gang in a panic.

Fred: The other one is that Keyblade Master known as Riku. But it looks like he’s been hurt. He’s got bite marks all over his arms.
Riku: (weakly) Why… Sora?
Fred: Riku’s starting to come to. We better get the van ready and take him and Jak back to the hanger and see if we can help them. But he’s muttering about something.
Velma: Did something happen to one of his friends?

It didn’t take long for the Mystery Gang to bring Riku and Jak to their temple and helping them rest. Shaggy and Scooby try to down some cola to cover out how afraid they were of what type of darkness was happening (they admitted that they’d rather be fighting Kane again then go into the asylum), while Velma began asking questions.

Velma: Jinkies! So you’re saying that you and Sora went into the asylum to help Jak and Daxter, but now Sora is—
Riku: Gone… (slams fists against the wall) and I couldn’t protect him! I shouldn’t have left Daxter alone with him in that bunker.
Jak: (realizes) …Dax is still in the bunker!
Daphne: That means we need someone to go after him. Shaggy, can you and Scooby—
Shaggy: Uh-uh. Nope, no way, and never! Like, I am not going anywhere near anything involved with that proxy at all. What about you Scoob? Scooby?

Scooby has a box of Scooby Snacks and is shaking it to see if there are any snacks left. By chance, there’s two. He eats one and then holds another one out for Shaggy, as if baiting him. Shaggy gulps, looking at the snack then out the window before taking the snack into his hand.

Shaggy: Please give me strength, dear Scooby Snack. (swallows it with a loud gulp) Come on, Scooby. We’ve got a weasel—
Jak: Ottsel.
Shaggy: Ottsel to rescue. Let’s go!

As both Shaggy and Scooby head off, Fred is at his desk, preparing a plan to build a trap for whoever was causing this madness, Daphne plated some of the pizza for Riku and Jak to eat, and Velma continued her note taking, all of them figuring out how they could do their part to stop the asylum from hurting other people. In the meantime, Riku sits up, angry and frustrated at being unable to protect his best friend, while Jak just hoped that Daxter was doing all right.

Jak: Hold on, Dax. Help is coming.

Ratchet: Ugh, my head…

Ratchet came through with a splitting headache, much to Daxter’s, and Clank’s, confusion. The ottsel began to save a paw in front of Ratchet’s face.

Daxter: Quick, how many fingers am I holding up?
Ratchet: Um…three?

It was at that moment the door opened, revealing Shaggy and Scooby panting for breath.

Shaggy: (panting) Like, next time we should bring trail mix on us, Scoob.
Scooby: (collapses)
Daxter: Two of those meddling kids? What are you doing here?
Shaggy: Like, Riku and Jak somehow got teleported in front of our temple and we’re keeping an eye out on them. Jak said that you were here, Daxter and well, here we are.
Daxter: Jak’s at your temple with Riku?!
Clank: Based on the situation, it would be best if we all gather at your temple, Mister Norville and Mister Scooby.
Daxter: Norville? (starts snickering) Your first name is Norville?!
Shaggy: Please, it’s just Shaggy, and yes we need to get going.
Scooby: Rhet’s rho.

Daxter climbs onto Shaggy’s shoulder all while Clank hops onto Scooby’s. There’s some silence, as both Daxter and Clank wait for Sora to reappear. When he doesn’t, the four head back to the House of Mentalism without a moment to spare (“Cause the faster we go, the sooner we’re far away from the creepy place!” Shaggy noted.)It took only fifteen minutes to make it back as Velma was looking at news regarding an incident with the Magical Girl Sisterhood when the door opened. Daxter ran to Jak’s side.

Daxter: You know how worried I was? And here I was, sitting on Norville’s—
Shaggy: Shaggy.
Daxter: Shaggy’s shoulder and I heard about how they bested the Big Red Monster, Kane in a wrestling match. Can you believe it?
Jak: I’m just glad your safe, that’s all.
Clank: And how about you, Riku?

Riku stays silent, hand curled into a fist as he thought about what Sora was going through. He then lies back on the bed, trying to close his eyes and—hopefully—get some rest.

Daphne: We’ll take care of Riku until tomorrow. Then we’re sending him to the GUAG Medical Division without question.

Clank nodded his head as he remembered Absol’s words. There had to be something he could do to help.Then, a thought formed in his mind. Something daring and reckless…something that Sora, or even Ratchet, would do.

Clank: I must hurry to my Temple. There is something I should check.
Daxter: And I’m gonna make sure Jak here gets to the Medical Division for a check-up. Last thing I need is him going berserk again.

As Jak stood up, and watched Riku as the latter slept, he started to feel sad on the inside, knowing what it was like to be completely helpless. He closed his eyes and covered his face with a hand, resisting the urge to scream. How could he let himself be corrupted? He could’ve stopped this madness! Daxter also looked in concern, but then was surprised at what happened next.

Jak: (in a trance) Sleep well, Riku. We’ll put an end to this suffering soon. And, well, I’m sorry for biting you.

Everyone steps back at how weird Jak sounded. Jak shook his head.

Jak:(normal voice, blinks and looks around)” Huh? Why are you looking at me so strangely?
Shaggy: Like, your voice sounded weird. It sounded like…like…
Jak: (eyes flashing white) Like what?!
Shaggy: Nothing, just my imagination…(whispers to Velma) You recorded that right. (Velma nods head) Good.
Daxter: See, Ratchet told you that you should be at the GUAG Medical Division. Come on, let’s get going.

Jak and Daxter head off as Shaggy and Scooby help themselves to leftover pizza. For some odd reason, Riku never even took a bite out of the pizza given to him. It was assumed by the gang that he was in too much shock over losing his friend to eat. The others returned to their work while Velma begins scribbling down theories and whatnot onto a large whiteboard nailed to a wall all while talking to herself.

Asylum Log 4: Gravity Ensues

Some hours earlier

Jaune Arc looked at the asylum, seeing it stand there. What was once a home for friendship and harmony was doom, dread, and mostly insanity. He gulped. Maybe he should’ve asked Team RWBY for help, but there was no time for that. He needed to prove he could be someone brave enough to handle anything in his path. This was a challenge he had to go through himself.

Jaune: Steady the nerves, Jaune. You can do this. You can prove everyone that you’re strong and courageous. Just…take it one step forward.

Jaune prepared the Crocea Mors, keeping an eye out for anything that could harm him. His aura sensed the darkness, and he knew that something wicked this way comes. Still, he had to go at it without Team RWBY knowing—who knows what would’ve happened if the asylum got them? He shuddered to think of a brainwashed Yang Xiao Long going on a ramapge if someone plucked her hair.The wind started to blow, almost as if it was trying to talk to him. Jaune shivered, but pressed on. But with each step, he could hear the voice get louder and louder, almost as if someone was next to him talking.Enter, Jaune Arc…we’ve been expecting you…Jaune paused, trying to figure out just who was speaking to him. There was no one in sight. He thought he saw a shadow dart through the grey wasteland, but it was just an illusion…wasn’t it?Readying Crocea Mors, Jaune looked all around, trying to find if someone was playing a trick on him. The voice giggled (did it? He was getting to nervous not to know) and it seemed like someone, or something, latched onto him.Do not be afraid, we wish to help…Feel our presence within you Jaune…free up your mind to us…Now it felt like the voice was in his mind. Jaune turned around to see a strange vine latch around his waist, pulsing with some blue-white energy. With Crocea Mors, he cut it with one strike and fell to the ground. Touching it with his foot, he found that it became inert, but he couldn’t tell for sure.

Jaune: T…That was close…

You shouldn’t have done that, Jaune…you made us very ANGRY!!!With a roar, the doors to the asylum opened, and a mass of shadows and dark vines latched onto him, covering his body. His arms, legs, eyes, mouth, head and everything ouse became encased like he was preparing to be embalmed and sent into the afterlife. Jaune struggled to grab for Crocea Morse, but the vines and darkness continued their assault. He screamed for someone to help him, but a vine thrust itself into his mouth, as if trying to replicate some repulsive otherwordly tongue and soon, his movements ceased.Cease your struggles, young child. All is safe…all is right in the world…the asylum shall heal you of your scars. It shall show you the way.The voice began to drain the thoughts of resistance and struggle away from his head. Jaune tried to resist, but the darkness entered his mind, forcing him to become one with the asylum. His eyes saw nothing but shadows and darkness, light and despair. Jaune laid on the ground as if dead, the vines relaxing, letting out a sigh at is it began to drain the new god of its will, its life-force, of its very soul out of existence.A second passed, then two…then a minute, then five. After ten minutes of silence, the vines retreated back to the asylum, leaving Jaune on the ground as if asleep. A finger twitched, and soon Jaune found himself sitting up, hand on his forehead. When he opened his eyes, there were completely blank. He slowly stood up, picking up his weapon and shield and looked into the asylum. The cold wind brushed against his cheek, but he paid no mind. He looked up at the top of the asylum, seeing a light flicker as if sending a message to him in Morse Code. He nodded his head as he heard the asylum once more.We have been expecting you, young soldier. Come in, come in…enter…There was some silence as Jaune felt the words in his mind. After a second, he nodded his head.

Jaune: As you command. Your will is forever mine.

One of the windows opened, and a shadowy hand extended itself toward Jaune, transforming itself into a circlet around his head with two arcs in the center. Jaune shuddered, feeling the asylum in his mind, comforting him, soothing him, coaxing him to watch out for those who could harm the dark madhouse. He slowly entered the asylum, the only thing on his mind was to protect and to serve this house that was now his home. Nothing else mattered.He licked his lips with a black tongue, wondering of what types of souls would be there for him to devour as the door to the asylum closed with a loud SLAM!


Dipper Pines looked as his twin sister Mabel swung back and forth from the grim Nanoha statue, her grappling hook wrapped around the statue Nanoha’s head.

Dipper: Mabel, get down here! Do you know how dangerous that is?
Mabel: Not as dangerous as us going into that asylum to find some crazy guy with dyed hair. What was his name again? John? Jett?
Dipper: Jeff, Mabel. Now we have to be quiet—the less Matt Hardy knows, the better.

The two entered the gates see how big the asylum was. From Diupper’s book—which now had lists upon lists of every single god in every single House in its pages—detailing how many gods were supposed to be staying in the House of Friendship. What were once sun-shined windows were dark broken glass windows, and bright trees were now barren. It looked more like a wasteland than a house for friends to hang out.

Mabel: Just how many gods are locked up in here?
Dipper: Better question is, how many gods are roaming about and loose?

As the two continued to walk, Mabel noticed at a plaque decorated with what looked like borders of grape vines, reading a stanza of a poem.

Mabel: (reading as Dipper records her) “A serious house on serious earth it is. In whose blent air all our compulsions meet, are recognized and robed as destinies. And that much never can be obsolete. Since someone will forever be surprising a hunger in himself to be more serious. And gravitating with it to this ground, which, he once heard, was proper to grow wise in. If only so many dead lie around.” What the heck does all of that mean?
Dipper: Not sure. Maybe we’ll have to look it up later on. Now, come on…let’s hurry it up and see if we can find Jeff and…

The sounds of maniacal laughter echoed through the Asylum. Dipper turned on a flashlight as the siblings raced through the hallways, swerving right, taking a quick left, using the scream as a guide to where they were going. Mabel would sometimes mark the walls with glittery stickers, to help them remember their way. Dipper continued to monitor the camera to make sure that someone would find it. They slid across the corner to where the scream was. It lead to a holding cell patterned in a black and white checkerboard pattern. It had a black and white lighting to it, and there was a lone figure sitting in the middle of the room, shaded by a black and white umbrella laughing and screaming about love, hate and dying forever late.

Dipper: So, how do we approach him? Mabel, what do—
Mabel: Excuse me, mister! (goes to the cell with the Jeff Hardy picture in hand) Do you know this person?
???: Know him? Sweetie, I AM him!

The figure lunged at Mabel hands gripping the prison bars, grinning and letting out another laugh. It was none other than Jeff Hardy, in his Willow the Wisp persona.

Dipper: You…you can’t be Jeff! You don’t look anything like him!
Willow!Jeff: No one does these days! We all wear our masks, but I’m honest to actually wear mine in public! IHIHIHIHI!!!! Oh, am I on Candid Camera right now? Perfect! Take my good side, if you please.

Both twins looked at the photo then at Willow!Jeff, absolutely confused as to what’s going on. Dipper hands Mabel the camera as he pulls out the journal and starts flipping through it. Mabel points the camera at Willow!Jeff.

Willow!Jeff: So what brings two cuties like you here? I daresay I’m a bit curious as to what’s going on in the madhouse that is “Out there”.
Mabel: We’re here because your older brother, Matt Hardy, is worried about you, and he’s taking it out on green grapes for some odd reason.
Willow!Jeff: Mattie really does have a thing for the green ones, but the purple ones are the CAUSE of our hatred and madness don’t you think? If my brethren are listening, answer me with a simple knock if you please!

There were some thuds that echoed in the background, like some sort of silent heartbeat. Dipper flipped through the pages and stopped at one depicting Jeff Hardy.

Dipper: It says here that Jeff Hardy’s a God in Personal Appearance, of the Dye Hard. Nicknames: Charismatic Enigma, Rainbow-Haired Warrior…Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling?!
Willow!Jeff: He’s pretty fun, brooding but fun. But enough about him, let’s talk about me. What can I help you with?
Mabel: We want to see Jeff and give word to Matt that he’s all right. (pulls out grappling hook) and if you won’t show us, we’ll…
Willow!Jeff: Will, will! You WILL need it cause I have a little toy I wanna show you. If you survive my toy, I WILL show you Jeff. Cross my heart and hope to die!
Dipper: Whatever it is, your promise better be good. It’s all on camera.
Willow!Jeff: So it is, so it is!!! Well, I think I know just what to do. Break out the PARAPHERNALIA WAGON!!!

With a snap of his fingers, a wall opened up, revealing what looked like a caravan for a travelling carnival. A wind began to blow, smelling both sour and sweet. Dipper and Mabel stood back to back, unsure as to what was about to happen, but they were going to stand tall despite it.

Dipper: We’re not afraid of you, Willow! We’ll face your spooks!
Mabel: BRING IT ON!!!

Willow grinned as the top of the caravan opened and a green mist soon sucked them away.

The Shield were thrown back from Princess Luna’s spell, colliding with a wall. The Alicorn Princess of the Night shook her head, the light from her horn fading.

Ambrose: That could’ve gone much better.

There was a moan as Takatora slowly woke up, a bit confused as to what was going on. Princess Luna extended a wing out to comfort him.

Princess Luna: Do not worry, we shall save you from this darkness.

Takatora nodded his head as Reigns and Rollins stood up. As they did, Seth Rollins noticed a strange shadow.

Rollins: What the heck is…

He never finished as it lunged toward him, a shield pinning him to the ground, black tongue sticking out before the strange being placed a kiss on Seth’s lips, forcing a dark energy into his body.

Ambrose: Wha…

Reigns was already on the move, with a forward tackle that caused the strange being to slam against the wall. Rollins was spitting out whatever that thing did to him, grabbing a nearby glass of water to cleanse his mouth. Princess Luna stood in front of Takatora, ready to protect him.

Reigns: Who are you, and what the hell do you want from us?

The dark figure laughed, red eyes glowing with madness. It wore a dark black armor with two golden crescents on the breast plate, a dark circlet also crowning his golden locks. There was a hint of maniacal glee that made Dean Ambrose, he himself known as the “Lunatic Fringe”, shiver with fear.

Ambrose: Where are those damn Enforcers when you need them?
???: They are gone, and we are the one known as Jaune Arc, and we shall ensure that no one ever leaves the asylum!

Reigns immediatley tackled Jaune to a wall with a trademark Spear, Jaune colliding with the wall. Jaune laughed, eyes glowing with delight, black tongue licking his lips.

Jaune: Such strength, such power…such pretty hair…(uses his tongue to lick Reign’s cheek) I like it.

Reigns punched Jaune out as he immediately wiped his cheek in disgust. Jaune turned to Takatora, tilting his head as he pointed Crocea Mors at the poor broken Kamen Rider.

Jaune: Zangetsu, you are OURS FOREVER MORE!
Ambrose: Restrain him!

The Shield grabbed onto Jaune to prepare him for a triple power-bomb, but Jaune spun around, sword slashing and leaving cuts on the Shield. Princess Luna fired a beam of magic from her horn, but Jaune’s shield protected him. The alicorn of the night rose into the air for another blast, but she didn’t expect someone from the shadows to knock her down, and she was out for the count. Takatora slid to a corner, eyes wide in fear, trembling like a rabbit about to be torn apart by a family of foxes. Jaune leaned close, hand on Takatora’s chin so the two could stare eye to eye.

Jaune: Oh don’t worry…I won’t bite.

And he didn’t. What followed next was Takatora having something shoved down his throat, his body spasming as the dark energy that possessed Jaune was making his way toward him. The members of the Shield tried to grab onto Jaune but Princess Luna stopped them.

Ambrose: We have to stop him!
Princess Luna: We have to save ourselves!

She covered the three with her wings and teleported them out of site as Jaune wiped his lips. Takatora slumped on the ground in pain, body twitching every few seconds. It was then that Jaune saw the shadow nod its head and slip back to wherever it came from. The two would meet again, he knew of that.For the time being, Jaune walked off, closing the door behind him, all while singing to himself.

Dipper, Mabel! Dipper, Mabel! This is it! This is it!When Dipper and Mabel opened their eyes, they found themselves in the center of a bunch of ghosts circling them. Dipper brought his camera out to record what was going on, but a recording could NEVER compare to what was going on.Willow’s gonna get ya, Willow’s gonna get ya! Yes, indeedy fa-la-la. YAH!

Mabel: What kind of deranged psycopath would create this!
Dipper: I don’t know, and I REALLY don’t wanna find out. We just have to endure this for who knows how long…I hope.

Willow’s laugh pierced the air as the two found themselves in what looked like the asylum. The siblings looked at each other, hoping that it was the end of this madness (but also knowing that it was just about to begin)

Willow!Jeff: (his voice echoing) Are you enjoying yourselves little ones? I hope so! The show is about to begin! AHAHAHAHA!!!!

In the GUAG Mecial Division, Jak was being checked on by none other than Princess Peach. Or rather, she was giving him some cake and tea while he was being waited on. Daxter didn’t mind the cake at all (Princess Peach was well-known for her cakes after all) as Princess Peach sat down with them, hearing the story of the asylum and what went down regarding Sora and Riku.

Princess Peach: Oh my, that is serious.
Daxter: You’re telling me. I mean, after what happened days ago with that “Hysteria” nonsense and the Heartless… eh, Cragmites, you’d think we have some peace and quiet.
Princess Peach: (stirring her tea) Mario and Luigi were at the Proxy’s temple days ago, and I was there when Tsukasa Kadoya tried to kill us last week at the House of Gaming. I really hope everything will be okay. What do you think Jak? Jak?

It seemed like Jak was in some sort of trance-like state. He wasn’t touching any of the cake and tea, but instead his eyes rolled to the back of his head as his body spasmed, twitched…moved about like he was a corpse and someone just pumped elctricity in him. Then when he spoke, it sounded like the voice came from within.

Jak: (disembodied) O Who shall, from this Dungeon, raise a Soul inslav’d so many wayes? With bolts of Bones, that fetter’d stands in Feet ; and manacled in Hands.
Daxter: J…Jak? Jak are you in there?

Jak just turned, body rising up as he let out a low shudder as he continued.

Jak: Here blinded with an Eye ; and there deaf with the drumming of an Ear. A Soul hung up, as ’twere, in chains of Nerves, and Arteries, and Veins. Tortur’d, besides each other part, in a vain Head, and double Heart.

Then Jak’s body snapped back, his skin slowly turning pale purple like he was Dark Jak. Daxter hid beyind Princess Peach, who held a frying pan in hand.

Jak: O who shall me deliver whole, from bonds of this tyrannic soul? Which, stretcht upright, impales me so, that mine own precipice I go; And warms and moves this needless Frame: (whispers in Princess Peach’s ear) (A Fever could but do the same.)

Princess Peach whacked Jak on the head with the frying pan, causing him to go silent. But then, Jak opened his mouth once more.

Jak: And, wanting where its spight to try, has made me live to let me dye. A body that could never rest, since this ill Spirit it possest.
Daxter: Jak, snap out of it! (shakes Jak) SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

Jak blinked, his skin back to normal, his eyes blue. He groaned and placed a hand on his forehead.

Jak: W…what happened?
Daxter: You were spouting out Shakespeare or whatever.
Jak: That’s impossible… I should be purified, but then…
Daxter: I think you should have another one of mentality tests to see what that was all about.

As the two bicker, Peach rubbed her chin in thought. Something was obviously wrong, and she needed to find answers and fast.

???: Jak, the doctor will see you in now.

Princess Peach didn’t hear the rest of the dialogue as she rushed to find someone who could give her answers.

How long the horror lasts, they didn’t know. The twins only saw monster after monster from an unhuman race descend on them, mocking them, toying with them. The two held onto each other for dear life until they could tell by how the wind smelled that it was gone and the monsters would never bother them again…or at least, not right now.After what felt like hours, Dipper and Mabel woke up, finding themselves truly in the asylum once more. Just to make sure, they pinched themselves.

Dipper: Ow! Yeah, we’re here.
Willow!Jeff: Well, well. You passed. I am very impressed.
Mabel: We played your game so let us see Jeff right now!
Willow!Jeff: Right, right…I’ll concede. Give me that picture you have so I know what he looks like.

Mabel handed him the photograph as Willow stared at it for a few seconds. He tilted his head this way and that before smiling.

Willow!Jeff: All right, I’ll show Jeff to you right now!
Dipper: Well, where is he?
Willow!Jeff: Right here! (shoves the picture to Mabel’s chest) AHAHAHAHA!!!!

The twins were in shock and anger—they were tricked this whole time. Willow!Jeff cackled in absolute glee.

Willow!Jeff: You honestly thought I’d let go of this little puppet of mine! You have a better chance of John Cena turning Heel than me letting go!
Dipper: That does it! Let me at him, Mabel! I’ll give him a piece of my mind.
Willow!Jeff: Let me give you a bit of—GACK!

Willow!Jeff began to flicker and collapsed on the floor, his colors turning blue, purple and with hints of green. His black and white attire was gone as Jeff slowly woke up.

Jeff: W…where am I? How did I end up in a mad house?!
Mabel: (pointing her grapplling hook at Jeff) Don’t move! This is a trick, I’m sure of it!
Jeff: No, it’s not! Look, if you were sent by my brother tell him that the whole pantheon is in danger! There’s something coming, something dark and foreboding.
Dipper: What’s its name? Tell us!
Jeff: It’s known as….as…

Before Jeff can finish, there’s the sound of earth cracking. Dipper and Mabel look down and a large hole materialises from under their feet, the twins screaming as they fall down, down, down into a dark abyss. Jeff screams in terror as he feels his soul being devoured, black vines wrapping around his body as he transforms into Willow once more. The last thing that the Pine Twins could hear before the pit closed was Willow laughing.

Willow!Jeff: We love, we hate! We die forever late…in Willow’s way…(cackles)

How long the twins fell? It was hard to tell when something grabbed onto them. Dipper shined a flashlight on a multitude of hands.

Dipper: W…what the?!
Mabel: What are these things?!
???: We’re not things, we’re hands.

A bunch of hands formed a face that began talking to them. Some of the hands moved about and laughed, if that was ever possible.

Dipper: What do you want with us?
Helping Hands: We’re here to help, that’s our job. We’re Helping Hands after all. So where would you like to go? Up or down?

The two looke down, seeing darkness waiting for them. They had no idea how long the drop was (or if there was any ground at the bottom) as Dipper pointed his flashlight above his head.

Dipper: Up would be nice.
Helping Hands: But why do such a thing?
Dipper: Cause Jeff’s up there and we promised his brother to get help.
Helping Hands: His name is Willow, and he needs no help at all.
Mabel: We have to get to the bottom of this though! So you are all going to put us down now before—
Dipper: Mabel!
Helping Hands: (laughs) You heard her, she chose down! She chose DOWN!!!!

The hands released their grip on the twins as they began to fall to their doom. Mabel tried to use her grappling hook to grab onto something, but at the speed they were falling, and the length of the rope itself, there was no hope but to wait until they landed…Which was a few seconds later amongst numerous sacks of flour that exploded and made them look like ghosts. As Mabel shook the flour off her hair, Dipper made a few remarks.

Dipper: (points the camera to himself) Note to self: tell Matt that his brother is insane!
Mabel: (shivers) And I thought Bill Cypher was nuts!
Dipper: And another note: be very careful with how things are said. You never know what can happen.
Mabel: Where are we?

The two look around, finding themselves in some old forgotten corridor pulsing with electricity. It was like being part of a living computer that seemed to monitor their every movement. At the very least, there was no Willow to mock them. There was also a corridor large enough for the two of them to walk through.

Dipper: This passageway should get us somewhere. So maybe we should—
Mabel: (singing) SECRET TUNNEL!!! Secret tunn—

Dipper placed a hand over his sister’s mouth as he heard a sound. It sounded like someone in pain, or maybe in a fight. Placing a finger on his lips, the twins walked down the corridor, relying only on the light of Dipper’s camera to lead them forward.

Dipper: (as the two walk) Let’s hope we find someone who still has their sanity intact. Mabel, do you see—
Mabel: Look, it’s a Raccoon man!

Dipper turned the camera to see a raccoon with a blue shirt and hat pinned to a wall. Dipper had no idea who he was—there were so many gods after all—but he could tell that the God was in terrible pain. There were black vines wrapped around his body with electricity pouring into the poor god’s veins, causing the raccoon to let out a gasp every few seconds. Dipper approached the god camera aimed at his face.

Dipper: Tell me your name. We’ll find some of your friends for you!
???: Sly….Sly Cooper…From the House of Crime…
Mabel: Cooper? That’s a funny name for (pauses as Dipper glares at her) Never mind.
Sly: You have to get me out…please…I’m dying…
Dipper: There has to be a way to free him from the vines. (someone hands him a sword on his left) Oh, thanks Mabel.
Mabel: Dipper…I’m on your right.
Dipper: Then…who’s….(turns around as he is kicked in the stomach)
Mabel: DIPPER! (turns to the god) WHO ARE YOU?

The being in question turned, revealing a sword and shiled, a head of blond hair, and black armor as if carved from obsidian. It licked its lips in delight as Dipper tried to recall that face.

Dipper: Wait, I remember him, that’s Jaune Arc! He was with us on that ship that took us here.
Mabel: Oh right, “Vomit boy!” Wait, does that mean his friends are here also? Like the one with the pretty hair you shouldn’t touch? And why’s he in the asylum in the first place?
Dipper: I think he went to go see it for himself, like we did. But that’s not the point; we have to get out of here and fast!
Sly: Please….(gasps) Find them….Find…my gang!
Dipper: Right. Come on Mabel, let’s get going!

Jaune turned, chasing after them with sword in hand. Dipper continue to record as they fortunately for them, followed Mabel’s sticker trail she left behind. But after two or three turns, they found themselves at a dead end.

Mabel: Dead end?! That can’t be right! My stickers never lie to me!
Dipper: (touches the wall) These are made of LEGO bricks. Which means….

The two turned as Jaune was standing a few feet away from them. Jaune grinned, turning around and then forming a backbend, crawling backwards toward them like a spider. Dipper and Mabel hugged each other in fear.

Jaune: “Bored, uninformed, knowing the ghostly silt dispersed, yet tending to this cross of ground through suburb scrub because it held unspilt so long and equably what since is found. Only in separation – marriage, and birth, and death, and thoughts of these – for which was built. This special shell? For, though I’ve no idea what this accoutred frowsty barn is worth. It pleases me to stand in silence here.”

With his demented sayings over, Jaune turned toward them, running on all fours as Dipper and Mabel looked at each other. Just as Jaune was about to pounce, the two ducked out of the way. Unable to stop, Jaune charged through the LEGO wall, causing it to crumble. Dipper and Mabel high-fived each other as they escaped the premises of the asylum. Dipper grinned as he looked at the Asylum getting further and further away. However, when he moved the camera up to the second floor, he saw something strange.

Dipper: Wait a minute….Mabel…what was—

Dipper tripped and his camera nearly fell out of his hands. When Dipper looked up, the strange item was gone. Still, he and Mabel continued to race until they were back at their temple, not even turning around to see if anyone was chasing them.The black LEGO bricks began to glow. They floated to the air, reassembling themselves, as if the wall was never destroyed. Jaune groaned as strange white tendrils wrapped around his body, entering through his ears and mouth, circling through his head like a halo. The zombified Jaune Arc nodded his head as he placed a hand on the asylum wall. The LEGO bricks shifted to make an entry for him and he entered, the bricks sealing shut and making the asylum silent once more.Jaune walked toward Sly and stayed quiet for a second or two, while Sly was also quiet, his body exhausted and tired from the electric shock. Then, Jaune smiled.

Jaune: Good job playing your role, fellow guard. They shall bring more and more people here soon enough.

The vines receded as Sly dropped to the ground. Sly’s eyes were white as he grinned, his teeth resembling that of a crocodile’s.

Sly: Of course. And how was your feasting on that poor man’s soul?
Jaune: Absolutely delicious! It won’t be long until he becomes one of us…and I also found another toy for us to play with. Oh, it seems like you haven’t eaten yet.
Sly: I’ll go out…into that insane world soon enough. I have a “date” with a certain fox after all.

Jaune laughed as he stared outside the asylum’s window, knowing that more and more of their brethren would come soon enough. Until then, he felt the asylum’s presence overwhelm and consume him, making him shiver in delight.

Asylum Log 5: Hell in a Loony Bin

The Council of Cloudcuckooland was never serious…to anyone with a rational mind. There, the gods in that Council always took everything seriously whether it was paintings, theories about 32 flavors of ice cream, how boy bands were used by ancient cults to resurrect gods. The crazier the theory, the better it was for debate.But today wasn’t that day. Emmet, along with Steve? and Sackboy had the floor today. Emmet cleared his throat.

Emmet: Everyone, can I have your attention. Sackboy, Steve?…help me explain my story. (Sacboy and Steve? nod) It has come to my attention that the Friendship Asylum is getting very bad. Maxwell, the leader of the Master Builders Four has gone missing.

The Council gasps as Sackboy transforms himself into a sack-version of Maxwell, summoning a question mark above his head.

Emmet: (paces back and forth) Not to mention, the asylum is supposed to house Gods that were based on “Project: Alternate Gentaro” as we discovered from one Mitsuzane Kureshima’s personal records.

Steve? creates a book out of some supplies on hand. Sackboy changes his outfit to look like the younger Kureshima brother. The Council boos and begins to throw stuff at Sackboy. Sackboy frowns, to help imitate the mockery of the one who caused the Friendship Asylum to be built in the first place. Emmet waits till the jeers calm down to continue.

Emmet: So now, I ask all of you to help out. I have part of a plan. 12% in fact. I ask everyone to lend me their ears. I am setting off an expedition with my fellow Master Builder leaders, but we all need you to give me everything you have. Every idea counts!

The Council unanimously agrees and begins spouting out thought after thought after though. Steve? begins preparing supplies for the trip, while Sackboy conjures up a simulation of the asylum for Emmet’s planning. Emmet also brings in some LEGO, constructing multiple temples of the Pantheon with little LEGO figurines for each god.

Emmet: All right, I don’t know about the interior of the asylum as much as Steve? and Sackboy do, but I help built its exterior. At least 75% of it is made out of black LEGO. I remember a LEGO Batman story about how Lex Luthor built a device called the “Deconstructor” which can be used to dismantle it. There’s….just a bit of a problem…it needs Kryptonite for it to work.

The Council let out a humongous gasp—even they knew that handling Kryptonite was very, very serious. There were more whispers as Emmet sighed.

Emmet: I know, I know that it’s dangerous. But what I know about the asylum is that it has a mind of it’s own—it’s built to house the Darkness Proxy which, as you recall, have these faces.

Sackboy changes out of his costume and quickly shifts into Sackboy versions of the five members: Alternate!Gentaro, Willow!Jeff, Tsukasa Kadoya, Eric Draven and Yugi Muto. The Council nods their heads, especially at the Jeff outfit. It was horrible to think that one of their own could become insane and evil.

Emmet: But I also called in a few favors in the House of Ambiguity for some guys who can do “Something good…something bad….a little bit of both.” Everyone, I like to introduce you to….The Guardians of the Galaxy.

As “Hooked on a Feeling” plays, the Milano arrives and crashes the roof of the Council. Sackboy immediately repairs it as the five Guardians arrive. Groot was curious, Rocket and Drax were anxious, Gamora stifled a yawn, and Peter Quill was listening to his walkman before removing the headphones.

Gamora: How very…colorful.
Emmet: These five helped save an entire galaxy, so an asylum should be easy-peasy. Don’t you agree?
Groot: I am Groot.
Emmet: Yep, his name is Groot. And we also have Rocket, Drax, Gamora and Peter “Star-Lord” Quill. They’ll be handling the heavy artillery. We just have to be careful and not get distracted. Remember: Curiosity killed the cat.
Drax: Curiosity kills those who are undetected. Cats have nine lives, right?
Emmet: Um no, that’s an expression.
Rocket: Rocks for brains here can’t take metaphors—everything is literal to him. But anyway, Quill…take the stage.
Quill: All right. (clears throat) This is what we’re gonna have to do.

Seto Kaiba walked through the asylum, quiet as he prepared his strategy for the duel against Yugi. The Egyptian God Cards were going to be dangerous, and he knew that. But if he could at least get Obelisk the Tormentor, then that would help tip the balance.

Jason Brody: So, let’s do this then.

Kaiba just took a glance at his asylum entering companion, Jason Brody, who wanted to enter to free the Cutie Mark Crusaders after what Yugi did to them days before. Normally, Kaiba would care less about the “CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!” and all, but since it was caused by his own rival, then he decided to go along with it.

Brody: Promise me one thing, Kaiba.
Kaiba: What’s that?
Brody: If I get corrupted, leave me in the asylum, no exceptions. All right?
Kaiba: Noted.

Just as they was about to enter, someone placed a hand on Kaiba’s shoulder. Kaiba turned, seeing the glint of a sword in the darkness. There was some silence as the figure emerged, being none other than Link.

Kaiba: So, what does fairy boy want with the asylum?

Link said nothing, but instead pointed the Master Sword at the asylum doors that slowly opened with a creak. Link just nodded his head as both he and Kaiba entered, Kaiba trying to figure out his plan to grab an Egyptian God Card without Yugi realizing his plan. As he was stuck in his thoughts, and the black LEGO walls shifted in the darkness, he didn’t see Link and Jason Brody stop walking.The green-clothed swordsman could hear laughter in his ears. His vision transformed into a tranquil green field with a tree in the middle of it all—the vision of the moon from a land from long ago. There were three fillies playing, each wearing a mask in some sort of strange game of tag. Link wanted to hug them, to protect them from what would be a dark wave of chaos that would consume them all.Willed by a dark force, Link walked toward the tree as the fillies stopped their game and watched. Link then picked up something at the base of the tree: a strange mask that had his face, but with white hair and red and blue markings. Something tempted the swordsman to touch it, to wear it…his eyes began to glow white as his hands trembled to pick it up and place it over his face.Simultaneously, Jason Brody also heard the ringing of the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ laughter echo within his mind. He could see them playing tag, all of them smiling and just being so carefree. That joy filled his heart and soul with happiness…Kaiba had only gone ten steps when he realized the silence. He turned around, seeing Link place a hand against the wall, one hand covering his face. Jason Brody also looked like he was a bit sick.

Kaiba: Aren’t we trying to find Yugi?

Link stayed quiet, but the quiet was unnatural. Brody not saying anything also made Kaiba unnerved.

Kaiba: Come on. What’s going…

Kaiba was just seconds away from having his head sliced clean off by either a sword or machete. Link stood there, eyes washed in a white glow as he pushed Kaiba to the wall, sword at his throat. It was then that Kaiba noticed the light blue tunic instead of green, the white hair instead of gold, the red and blue markings decorating the swordsman’s face, and the white glowing eyes that showed no sign of loyalty, heroism, or sanity. Jason Brody didn’t fare better, his hair was black as ebony, skin white as snow. The tattoo on his arm was glowing with some dark power and Brody’s eyes were as red as blood.

Brody: (in a cold and empty voice) The inmates must not leave. They must serve their time here! You must serve your time here!
Kaiba: Oh Crap!

Knowing that he had to escape, Kaiba headbutted Brody and made a run for it. He knew that compared to someone wielding a sword, he was a sitting duck, so he focused on running, trying to remember where the entrance was so he could escape.A warrior with a shield blocked his path. Kaiba had to slide to a stop as Jaune was about to slice his head clean off. But as Kaiba was about to go the other way, he was hit with a bomb that caused him to stagger back. His back was against the wall, a machete, Crocea Mors and the Master Sword pointed at his throat.

Kaiba: Oh great, now I’m going to be a sacrifice to whomever kills the other. Joy.

Kaiba grabs onto Jaune’s wrist, hurling Jaune toward Link and Brody, the three colliding as Kaiba continues to run for it. But the more he ran, the more it seemed like the asylum was trying to keep him away from leaving. It was like he was on a treadmill. With each twist and turn, he found himself further away from his goal, as if the asylum was tempting him with something more. And it did.After ten minutes of running, the proud CEO collapsed against a wall, panting for breath. He had to escape before he grew mad.

Kaiba: I absolutely DO NOT want to be around mad people.
???: But don’t you see, Kaiba-boy? We’re all mad here!

Kaiba turns around, seeing Yugi standing just five steps away from him, face covered by his new white cloak. Kaiba adjusts his Duel Disk, ready to knock sense into his rival.

Yugi: Oh, don’t be like that. I just want to have a talk with you.
Kaiba: And what’s that? If you want to say that this is all based on magic, I’m not interested.
Yugi: Then we can skip the talk and duel! Go, Dark Magician!

Kaiba turns around and narrowly misses a Dark Magic Attack by Yugi’s faithful monster. Yugi grins as Kaiba tries to fight the magician dead on, but he was only human. The magician easily hits Kaiba in the chest with a blast, which is when the voices came.

???: You want power, don’t you?
Kaiba: Who’s there? Who are you?
???: I can give you power…just accept it.
Kaiba: Hell will freeze over before I give in!
Yugi: (noticing the situation) Oh dear, you’re already going insane. Talking to invisible voices and all, tsk tsk. Dark Magician, give me a hand here.

Dark Magician once again fires a blast as Kaiba reaches out for something, anything, that could give him power. He doesn’t notice it, but a dark vine touches his hand for a few seconds. Yugi’s eyes widen a bit, but he says nothing.

Kaiba: (draws a card) I don’t care if you’re possessed but no one gets to fight Yugi but me! Go Blue Eyes White Dragon!

With a mighty roar, the dragon emerges. Dark Magician is startled as Kaiba’s eyes start to glow.

Kaiba: Blast him away with White Lightning!

The dragon complies, with Dark Magician screaming in pain as it was destroyed. Yugi covers his eyes from the light and when it fades, Kaiba was gone.

Yugi: Tch. This will not do at all…(shuffles his deck) Well then, looks like we’re gonna have to do this the hard way.

Kaiba ran and ran and ran until he reached his temple in the House of Commerce, collapsing when he reached his bed. He had no idea how he summoned his Blue Eyes White Dragon, and no idea about that voice. He didn’t care; he was safe, for now.

Noah: (appearing on one of the computer monitors) Seto, are you all right?
Kaiba: Yes and no. Yes, in that I’m alive and no because I escaped from a madhouse.
Noah: You know that going into the asylum is suicide! Even if Yugi is in there, it’s pointless if you get corrupted.
Kaiba: And I suppose you have better plans?
Noah: I don’t yet, but going full force without backup isn’t going to help us out. Just stay here until then.
Kaiba: Whatever.

Noah logs off as Kaiba climbs into his bed. A part of him doesn’t want to admit that he’s worried for his step-brother, another part wants to tell him that the asylum isn’t real and that it’s just some hocus-pocus. Either way, he just wanted to sleep, unaware of the nightmare he was about to face.

Asylum Log 6: Magpies for Sorrow, Oranges for Fortune

Jade: But Jackie!!!

Jackie Chan sighed as he learned what happened from Uncle. Jade wanted her uncle’s help for this mission, but even a Greater God like Jackie Chan knew that this was danger. The three were in his temple in the House of Weapons, Jade practicing her martial art skills as Jackie held onto the Fourze Driver.

Jade: The Enforcers are allowed to go in there, but not me.
Jackie: They were hired by the House of Justice to do so. Think of it as “Community Service”.
Jade: It’s still not fair though.
Tohru: I have tried to restrain her, but it’s in her blood. (sighs)
Jade: It just proves that we have to go to there and stop it.
Jackie: Jade, I don’t want you corrupted. Remember what happened with the Shadowkhan?
Jade: Tch. That’s ancient history compared to what’s going on. I mean, half of the House had to be evacuated—
Jackie: And you and Tohru were part of that half.
Jade: While the other half is trapped inside. Jackie, we have to do something!
Jackie: Jade, I am worried for you. You were just kidnapped by the Proxy days ago, and other children were hurt from the madness.
Jade: But I escaped without injury. Don’t worry…(trying to smile) Don’t worry…
Jackie: You’re not listening to me, Jade. I care for you and I want you safe. So please think of it this way: if I were to go to the asylum without preparation and it starts to affect me…how would you feel?

The thought never crossed Jade’s mind. Jackie, her uncle, was powerful, but not invincible. The look on her face is enough for Jackie to make his point. Not to mention, Jade was still a bit traumatised from the electric torture placed on her days ago, the smile on her face couldn’t hide it.

Jackie: We both have the same goal in mind: we need to stop this madness. And at the same time, we fear for each other being hurt. Do you know how worried I was when I learned of you being captured by the Proxy.
Jade: I…I made it out. Tohru saved me, after all.
Jackie: Please Jade, listen to me when I say this. (hugs her) Don’t be a hero right now.

Jade, despite her brashness, was still a 12 year old girl who loves her uncle very much. She hugs her uncle back, trying to not show that she’s crying. Tohru joined in on the hug.

Jade: But, is there still something I can do?
Jackie: You said it yourself—half of the House of Friendship was evacuated. Gather them together and see what you can find. Tohru, please keep an eye on Jade just in case.
Tohru: Always. (holds his hand out to Jade and smiles) Come on. We have lots of work to do.

Jade sniffles and wipes away a tear as the two leave the House of Weapons. Jackie sighs, knowing that things were getting serious. That is when he heard his cellphone ring. He picks up the call.

Uncle: (on the other end) JACKIE! Have Jade and Tohru enter asylum yet?
Jackie: No Uncle, I’ve convinced Jade—for once—to not do anything brash. She and Tohru are…
Uncle: Going to be in trouble! I sensed the asylum’s gates opening in more ways than one. The five dark stars…they will escape and bring everything into chaos!
Jackie: How though?
Uncle: How should I know? Uncle is not psychic!!!

Jackie hears no more. He is off to keep an eye on Jade and Tohru, desperately praying that none of them get caught in some kind of crossfire.

The first gods Jade decided to find were Mat and Pat. It was easy to find them—just follow the trail of screaming, video games and swearing. Tohru covered Jade’s ears so she wouldn’t start using such foul language. The two were with the Runaway Guys for a Let’s Play Collab.

Jade: (knocks on the door) Hello? Special delivery!
Chuggaaconroy: ”(from the other side) Who is it?
Jade: Chan Express at your service!

Chuggaaconroy opens the door, seeing Jade and Tohru standing in front of him. Jade smiles and holds a pen and a notepad out, ready to do some reporting.

Chugaa: Oh, hey there. What’s up?
Tohru: Jade is asking how Mat and Pat are doing.
Chuggaa: Same old, same old. Loud, obnoxious, swearing…why do you ask?
Jade: Jackie put me in charge of making sure the remaining Friendship gods are doing a-ok. And I’m always one to help out my uncle.

Chuggaa raises an eyebrow at that—Jade was always wild and rambunctious, so this felt like a ploy to get them to lower her guard before she decides to get into trouble. Still, it was a kind gesture.

Chuggaa: Well, Mat and Pat are still themselves. I don’t see them having problems.
Tohru: What about Teddie or Long John Silver? We’re here to keep an eye on all the gods.
Chuggaa: Teddie is with the rest of the Inaba Investigaton Team in regards to a few Puella Magi, and no one has said anything about it. Makoto is with Mana in the House of Love…why not check up on the Ed trio?
Jade: Works for me. (checks a list she’s carrying) Let’s go Tohru!

Tohru nods as the two walk off. Chuggaa sighs as he closes the door. Not even a round of Mario Party could get rid of this worry he had. Everyone could feel it; ever since Yugi Muto was brainwashed, it proved that no god was safe in the House. What would happen if the asylum wanted his luck? He shuddered to think of what would happen if he was used for evil.

The two continued their rounds, knocking off a checklist of almost every god in the House of Friendship that crosses their path. Luffy is with his fellow Straw Hat Pirate gang in the House of Food. Teddie was away on busy with the Investigation Team, the Ed trio was in the House of Beasts (Ed was hugging the chickens, as usual), etc. Every time Jade talked to them, their spirits seemed to lift. Sure, they couldn’t go back to their temples, but that never meant that they couldn’t still be friendly to others.

Tohru: (seeing the Fourze Driver glowing) Strange.
Jade: What’s strange, Big T?
Tohru: From what was gathered about this device, it seemed to derive its energy from outer space. But it seems like meeting the other gods is acting like an alternate fuel source.
Jade: Maybe we should speak to its original builder. Gentaro has a friend in the House of Technology, right? We could go and visit them.
Tohru: I’m afraid that from what I learned, after the “Muse Hysteria” incident, all of Gentaro’s friends were sealed in their temples. Whatever they learned about this “Alternate Gentaro” really shook them up.
Jade: same thing happened with Elena and Pinkie Pie. Maybe we should go see how they’re doing.
Tohru: I heard that Elena is in the House of Combat right now. Let’s get going…

The two make their way to the House of Combat, passing by many gods who were in the middle of training or a good brawl. The two eventually found Elena’s temple—with a large tree shading it from the sun—and knocked on the door.

???: Who is it?
Jade: Jade and Tohru from the House of Friendhsip. Open up please.

The door opened to show a very haggard Elena, her face carrying none of the happiness that she would give to others. There was some silence as Jade and Tohru noticed how the temple was in shambles. Furniture broken, papers thrown about, and it looked like Elena hadn’t eaten in days. Elena smiled all the same though.

Elena: Please forgive me of this mess…I have not been myself lately.
Tohru: We know, and we’re here to talk about it.
Elena: There is nothing that needs to be said. Gentaro is gone, his rhythm is dark and empty…(eyes filled with tears) He’s gone…

As she cries, the aura on the Fourze Driver begins to weaken. Jade notices this and goes to Elena’s side.

Jade: There’s this girl who keeps saying to always look on the bright side…even if that bright side is your dark side. So you just have to cheer up and Gentaro will be back before you can say, “Let’s do this man-to-man!”
Elena: I…I hope so.
Tohru: In the mean time, you should prepare his return party for when he does get back. Go see Pinkie Pie and plan it out. He’s sure to enjoy it.
Elena: You’re right…I think I’ll go do that. (stands up and hugs Jade and Tohru) Thank you, both.

As Elena leaves, the Fourze Driver’s aura glows brighter. Jade takes notes.

Jade: So, the more bonds we create…the stronger it gets?
Tohru: It seems that way. It’s like the Driver is being filled with good chi.
Jade: Then we should hurry it up and spread this good cheer to everyone else if we wanna get that asylum destroyed, let’s go!

As Jade walks off, Tohru couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t believe just how much Jade had grown, and how much the two had become so close…it made him more determined that the asylum was destroyed and that the two could return to their temple in peace.Just as he thinks of this, he senses something that causes shivers to go down his spine. He only had that sense of dread when it came to dealing with Oni. He looked around, but found nothing and began to follow Jade toward their next destination.

Sleep, rest…it is not time…The asylum whispered and hissed these dark words into Link’s mind. The silent swordsman, now in his Fierce Deity form, stood still like a statue, ready for any type of intruder. The dark vines wrapped around his arms, legs, neck like a sinister python, with white energy pulsing throughout his body like electricity. If Link could show any other emotion, he’d probably be gasping in pain like Sly Cooper did earlier (or perhaps it was pleasure, one couldn’t tell from such a gasp). Instead, he was calm and he waited.Sly Cooper was restless, waiting for something to come for him to pounce. Being trapped in that wall to wait for someone made him impatient and he wanted something, anything, to kill his boredom. He prowled through the shadows, eyes glowing in mad delight as he remembered what it was he had to do.

Sly: Oh…that’s right.

Jaune Arc raised his head as he tried on one of the masks Link carried on him: a white one with a large red eye in the middle.

Jaune: What is it?
Sly: I have a date tomorrow with Carmelita. She’s going to be so mad to find out what happened to me.
Jaune: That’s your problem?

Sly shrugged as he picked up one of the masks that was on a pile on the ground. It depicted a rock with some sort of face on it. When Sly placed it over his own face, it looked like he vanished completely. Then, Sly removed the mask and appeared once more.

Sly: Hey, I’m not bugging you about your love life, Vomit Boy. How’s she doing by the—

Sly never finished the sentence as Jaune lunged at him, the two fighting each other amongst the corridors, bumping against LEGO walls and causing the Darkness Proxy to wake up from whatever it was they were doing.


Asylum Log 7: Valentine Massacre

The explosion roared through the Asylum and the noise echoed through the House of Friendship. To Valentine, that very noise was heavenly to his ears. He walked away from it amused at who used this to their advantage.

When he first entered into this Pantheon, he realized that the powers of this particular house could make his America peaceful. He then knew what he must do, and the people he would call on for such a purpose. He had heard stories of the many alternate universes and with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap he could very well gain power in ways the pantheon had never seen before.Thus when he first discovered Gentaro and heard of his violent alternate self, he knew that kind of power would do wonders if it had focus. He had attempted to garner this alternate version before, though that turned into a grueling fight that earned Valentine little. Now he had a dear friend in the house of Friendship. He walked into the only section of the house that no one else wanted to befriend. Valentine saw this as a shame. After all this man was a servant of the lord.

Valentine: Mr. Pucci, I am in need of your services.

Pucci turned to the President, Lord Dio had garnered many favors to bring the rest of the so called “Villains” of their universe, and even though he always trusted Dio, he knew that the rest of them would not be as loyal to him, Enrico kept his distance from them.

Enrico: Valentine? I did not expect to see you in such a lofty place.

Valentine smiled, he knew about Pucci’s strong loyalty to Dio Brando, it was the reason for him being The God of Villainous Friendship.

Valentine: I go where I am needed, Enrico. Have you heard about the asylum that has been created here?
Enrico: I have attempted to help those that are in need with The Word of The Lord but they believe that I would only do malicious things, so I have been barred from that area.
Valentine: That will not last, Pucci. For you see, I have plans for such a place.

Enrico stared at Valentine, This President had dreams for the country and for the most part Pucci did not care, that was until he learned that Valentine had collected the preserved parts of The Corpse of his Lord and Savior. At first he believed that was sacrilege but after seeing its power along with Valentine’s Stand, he began to understand that there could be a way to work with the president.

Valentine: Mr. Pucci, I wish to help my country in anyway I can, I was chosen by The Lord himself to do so, but I cannot do so alone, I ask you as a fellow servant to work with me, I need the help of White Snake.

Pucci mulled over these words, He knew that Valentine was not lying, and ever since the fall of Kisaragi, he had thoughts on his mind, when he heard of attaining godhood he was astounded, the closest he had ever gotten was with Made In Heaven and now it was possible but with the boy’s fall it made him curious what would cause such a thing to beings that were suppose to be all powerful and perfect as Gods. He figured with Valentine this question would be answered.

Enrico: I accept your proposal Mr. President.

They shook hands on this with Valentine smiling with Joy, now he could make his Country peaceful again.

Valentine knew that the Enforcers would still be in the Asylum, He already had plans for them, people would often by surprised by the reach of D4C and if they were to notice a few American Flags on the ground that would find how they would be if other universes were less kind to them and then cease to exist due to bumping into their other selves.He and Enrico moved through the hallways into, Enrico held on the three discs with the word “MEMORY” written on them. Three unfortunate Guards that won’t remember anything for the rest of their lives. Valentine knew that the powers that be did nothing to care about Gentaro if security was this pathetic.Though with the recent incident with The Shield meant anything then it meant that Valentine was destined to let his next move happen. He then used D4C slamming a door and letting something get from Dio’s part of the Pantheon appear in The Asylum.Enrico looked through the cells of the few inmates here. All were given power, status, allies, almost everything yet they were all shells of their former selves, he was tempted to use White Snake to take from them their memories to see why, but a deal was a deal to Pucci and that was when a green monstrous baby crawled from where Valentine had slammed the door, Enrico quickly took the baby and cradled it.

Enrico: I will need time, Spiral Staircase, Rhinoceros Beetle, A Ghost Town. . .

Valentine looked at the prisoners, all of them staring at them when this commotion started going on. A strange Priest holding a Green Baby while reciting some sort of code would seem strange even to the deranged. He looked around waiting for Pucci to finish, Tsukasa, Jeff, and Eric looked on either with lost eyes banging at their doors wanting to escape.Then Valentine moved to the cell with Gentaro inside. He sat merely staring and waiting in his room, but Gentaro wanted to fight, he wanted to kill, but then he looked at in front of him, he realized he was staring at Valentine and a small sliver of fear went through him, it turned to white hot rage as he stood up waiting to try and slam into the door to break it down, Valentine smile never faded as he attempted to speak to an old friend.

Valentine: My dear friend Gentaro…do you know what it takes to become the first to take the…

Then the sounds of steps interrupted what he was going to say. Dunban discovered Hak Fuu and the others getting attacked by what looked to be themselves, With his help they were able to fight those others off but after they were defeated they simply faded. Then more commotion went on as more guards had to deal with more versions of themselves. The Enforcers quickly went to handle the situation.Now Fluttershy, Dunban and Riki were running, they realized that this was all for the only inmates in this place. They moved as quickly as they could before someone would try to do something drastic.They noticed Valentine staring back at them waiting in the middle of the hallway, he was expecting some resistance but .

Fluttershy: What are you doing?

Valentine smirked, this was two out of the so called “Friendship Trio”, A horse and a meager woman, the other with his swords was unexpected but still irrelevant, he wasted no time as he ran forward throwing another flag, as it drifted in the air they were both distracted as Valentine spun another around him quickly disappearing, Then the flag in the air twirled around revealing Valentine.Then to add further confusion he pulled out another Flag draping it over the young pony and Riki letting her fall into the dimensional hole created by Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Then it’s true form appeared towards Dunban attacking, blocking him off and pushing him to a wall Valentine turned around and said only one thing.

Valentine: Dojyaaa~~n!

Dunban fired a few swipes at Valentine, they merely unnaturally moved around and over him. He watched closely Realizing that this stranger didn’t dodge nor did he miss. Valentine was amused by his attempts. With the Holy Corpse Parts apart of him, its powers would mean that projectiles of all sorts would move away from him and direct it to anything else but himself. The Holy power made Golden Rings shine around him.

Dunban: Who are you? What do you think you’re accomplishing here!?
Valentine: Suppose that you were sitting down at this table. The napkins are in front of you, which napkin would you take? The one on your ‘left’? Or the one on your ‘right’? The one on your left side? Or the one on your right side? Usually you would take the one on your left side. That is ‘correct’ too. But in a larger sense on society, that is wrong. Perhaps I could even substitute ‘society’ with the ‘Universe’.

He decided that if this guy couldn’t be hit directly then he would turn his attention to the strange being holding him in place and with a quick stab he almost hit its side forcing it to move back to Valentine. He started to speak his truth to Dunban as they started to battle.

Valentine: The correct answer is that ‘It is determined by the one who takes his or her own napkin first.’ …Yes? If the first one takes the napkin to their right, then there’s no choice but for others to also take the ‘right’ napkin. The same goes for the left. Everyone else will take the napkin to their left, because they have no other option.
Dunban: Wow… do you like to talk?

Valentine allowed for his Stand to quickly go in and grab him, then before he could make the next move he tossed Dunban out a nearby window. He followed suit as he dropped his stand allowed him to hit the ground as he noticed his opponent was not around him. He knew of his talents and was unsurprised as D4C wrapped around Valentine creating a flag and letting it flow with the breeze as he came crashing down, weapon hitting the ground. It stopped floating letting Valentine reveal himself.

Valentine: This is ‘society’… Who are the ones that determine the price of land first? There must have been someone who determined the value of money, first. The size of the rails on a train track? The magnitude of electricity? Laws and Regulations? Who was the first to determine these things? Did we all do it, because this is a Republic? Or was it Arbitrary?
Dunban: So this is what you are. A monster that justifies all of it with speeches!

He claimed as D4C moved in unveiling a rapid amount of punches forcing him on the defensive.

Valentine: NO! The one who took the napkin first determined all of these things! The rules of this world are determined by that same principle of ‘right or left?’! In a Society like this table, a state of equilibrium, once one makes the first move, everyone must follow! In every era, this World has been operating by this napkin principle. And the one who ‘takes the napkin first’ must be someone who is respected by all.

Valentine continued as he pulled out a revolver and fired. D4C quickly moved out the way, one shot moved passed his head and made Dunban dodge to the left and dash in trying to gain some momentum against Valentine.

Valentine: It’s not that anyone can fulfill this role… Those that are despotic or unworthy will be scorned. And those are the ‘losers’. In the case of this table, the ‘eldest’ or the ‘Master of the party’ will take the napkin first… Because everyone ‘respects’ those individuals.
Dunban: What makes you think that’s you?

He looked on with a smile as D4C grabbed him, slamming him on the ground. Suddenly from their very own flags two other Valentines appeared, they attacked him as he was down, then his Stand pushed him up in the air, all of him and his stand connected with powerful uppercuts.

Valentine: It will be I, Valentine that takes the First Napkin!

Enrico: Giotto, Angels, Hydrangea, Rhinoceros Beetle, A Ghost Town, The Secret Emperor!

In a flash of light his Stand White Snake Turned into C-Moon, He and Valentine knew that the powers that be knew that the Asylum would not just let the Inmates leave even with their powers but even magic could not defy Gravity for long. He turned to the doors and with C-Moon he used it turn make gravity strong enough to bend steel and make it go upwards destroying them.He then turned to the wall with a shattered window, using C-Moon he inversed the gravity to force the wall to start to break away. It tried to repair itself but Enrico counted on that. He then started using it to break away the floor and ceiling it tried to repair all of this at once.The Power struggle of it both trying to keep itself together and being torn apart creating a powerful backlash causing explosives of magical energy to tear through the asylum. as the explosions went off the wall in front of him broke away.He turned to the inmates slowly leaving their cells.

Enrico: Blessed be The Lord for granting you freedom, now use it wisely.

With C-Moon Enrico ran across the sky as though there were solid ground. Valentine watched as The Asylum started to break apart. He quickly used the Flagg wrapping it around him to suddenly disappear after Dunban hit the ground, he was quickly back to his feet ready to fight again.He looked the asylum shocked at what had just happened.

From far away Valentine watched his plan come together as Gentaro and the rest jumped out and ran going as far as their legs would take them. Now all Funny would have to do is wait as Gentaro knew he was actively searching for him. Gentaro would want revenge as he was prone to do nowadays.Valentine couldn’t help but laugh, he knew that Gentaro would be dangerous but unlike that short sighted disemboweled fool Kureshima, he would not just do things for cheap thrills. Valentine had vision and he would make sure that Gentaro would see that vision as well and bring Peace and Order to The Pantheon even if it had to be paved with the blood of millions. It was for the good of the country, the good of the pantheon, no matter how Gentaro would act, he will benefit Valentine.

Valentine: Know this Gentaro, My Mind and Actions are utterly Unclouded, They are those of “Justice”!

The tests were done, and Jak was now asleep in a bed. However, the results were inconclusive, leaving him and Daxter to wonder what is going on, and why both of them suddenly have blank memories over the course of a few days, and also why Jak is suddenly acting strange, even acting more and more like Sora.

Daxter: Yeesh, this place is crazy. So many canons, all mixed together, and I doubt that princess who loves reading can find out which canon all this actually makes sense in. Well… maybe Merlin would know. Goofy once mentioned that Merlin knows a lot of stuff that aren’t in any book. I gotta ask; what is wrong with Jak?
???: Audino.

Audino walked into the room with a glass of water for Daxter to drink, having exhausted himself from all this pacing and trying to figure out what is going on.

Daxter: Yeah, I danno either about this. Maybe tomorrow will provide us the details we need. For Jak, and for Sora and Riku.

Jak was in the middle of a dream where he is on an island as a preteen, playing with Daxter (in his human form) and Keira. They just played swordfights, raced to touch a yellow star in a course, and at one point Jak decides to let himself snooze off. Keira walks up to him, and startles him with a snark.

Keira: I knew that I’d find you snoozing down here.