The Friendship Asylum Act Four

Intermission 3 – In the Halls of the Man-Made Heaven

It was midnight. April was very tired after such a long day, but she needed to keep up with the updates and endless news that are brought up. Freddie Benson was equally tired. He wanted to sleep, but with the asylum still up, and because of what happened to Riku, he did everything he could to avoid drifting off. But it was time for another report.

April: Good evening, everyone. This is April O’Neil, reporting from the GUAG Medical Division, covering the events of The Friendship Asylum. Within the past few hours, a rampage by the Iron Giant has devastated the pantheon and destroyed many temples. But thanks to the efforts of Emmet Brickowski, the giant has been calmed down, and thanks to Fix-It-Felix Jr., the temples and power have been restored. But unfortunately, the Aquabats have reported that the Iron Giant was burned to a crisp by the Winged Dragon of Ra, summoned by proxy member Yugi Moto.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy were present, too, as they watch the midnight report. Riku was reported to be in a stable condition, and now Litchi Faye Ling was taking him in a wheelchair for another check-up to make sure that Riku is no longer corrupted, and thus, able to be put into a normal hospital ward.

Mickey: April, I’ve just gotten this from Radical Ed.
April: Thank you, Mickey. (opens up the envelope) This just in, Secret Agent Clank and Keyblade Master Riku have been saved from corruption.(notices Riku) I think I can see Riku right now. (Freddie moves the camera towards Riku; April rushes towards him and holds the microphone up) Riku, are you alright?
Riku: I’ll be fine. (coughs) I’ve been through much worse.
April: What was it like for you to be corrupted?
Riku: I don’t know. I can’t remember anything after my own report.
Litchi: Please, Ms. O’Neil. Riku needs to rest. He’s had a long day. (they both leave)
April: We’ve also got note that “Operation: Mad Breakdown” is in it’s early stages. What we know so far is that it’s goal is to save the remaining corrupted gods (pictures of Maxwell, Sly Cooper, Sora, Jaune Arc, Jeff Hardy, Ash Ketchum, Tsukasa Kadoya, Yugi Moto, Eric Draven, and Jason Brody flash on), as well as to put an end to the Darkness Proxy and find out who is behind this mysterious asylum.

Forty minutes later

Riku was in the post-anesthetic care unit, next to Joshua. The latter looked nervous at Riku, especially regarding what happened earlier.

Joshua: (removing oxygen mask) Please tell me you’re not going to slash me again. It’s bad enough I had to put up with that Iron Giant.
Riku: No, I’m okay now, though I’m stuck with this tube in my nose just because my blood is still all purple. But what did I do to you, Joshua?
Joshua: You slashed me with razor-sharp feathers. But I know it wasn’t your fault. But who’s fault it was, even I would not know. (remembers) And is Sora alright? I thought you’d both be rescued at the same time.
Riku: I don’t know. Whenever I ask, Mickey would just… hesitate.
Joshua: According to April, he died along with Jak.
Riku: His… WHAT!?
Mickey: Unfortunately, it’s true.

At that moment, Mickey, Donald and Goofy walk into the room, upset over what they were about to reveal to Riku. They just hope he would not become too upset.

Mickey: Sora was somehow able to possess Jak and after you were lost, Sora force Jak into a computer because he knew that Bentley could save you both. But it then turned out that Sora accidently left a piece of himslef inside Jak.
Riku: Why didn’t you tell me, Mickey?
Mickey: We wanted to, but… it was just too hard to say. But Sora’s not dead. His body is still active.

As everyone expected, Riku did not take the news about Sora very well. He removes his nose tube and tries to get out of bed to head back to the asylum and hopefully capture his friend’s body. He was quickly grabbled by Donald and Goofy, and forced back down. They didn’t want Riku to put himself back in danger.

Riku: I can’t just lie here! Sora needs me!
Donald: NO, Riku! You need to rest.
Joshua: Um, guys? You might not want to look out in the hall.
Mickey: Huh? What do you mean, Joshua?
Goofy: Gawrsh, are you talking about Kairi? (notices a body on a stretcher next to her) Oh, no! We’ve got trouble!

Kairi was back, and she was talking with Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. There was another person with them, under Audino’s care, but he was comatose. Mickey, Donald and Goofy rush out of the room. They take a look at the comatose patient: it was Sora!

Mickey: How was the mission?
Kairi: We’ve managed to save Sora and Jaune from the asylum, and we’ve got a report that Ash Ketchum, Seth Rollins, and Jason Brody were rescued, too!
Donald: Oh, boy! Sora’s purified!
Goofy: But Sora doesn’t look alright. What happened to him?
Kairi: Well, it is a long and complicated story, and there was this purple tigress who just decided to join me.
Donald: Neyla. What was she up to?

Riku was unable to hear what was going on, but he was glad that Kairi was here. Still, he needed to follow Litchi’s order and get some sleep before Kairi could test him. Riku inserts the nasal cannula back into his nose and allows himself to drift into sleep, as Komory Bat looked on.

Riku: I hope Absol is doing alright.

Valentine watched closely; the Pantheon was truly a fascinating place. The many resources of the pantheon made sure that no matter how chaotic everything would get, every event would be known and benefit him. Through many screens he watched every player that he had set make their move and secure him something far beyond human understanding.

Valentine: This Pantheon is such a grand dimenson, but what could be done with its potential is sorely misused over petty wars, if only it were in more capable hands?

Enrico stood next to the throne in Valentine’s Temple watching alongside him saying a simple prayer for what they had planned next.

Enrico: Like you have foreseen, our enemies are acting quick, though they are working faster then what we believed they would.

Pucci watched as Valentine stood from his throne, knowing who would walk through the door.

Valentine: Simple miscalculations should never be a cause for panic, besides I believe the next grand part of our plan is coming into fruition.

As he claimed this darkness started to seep through the grand door of his temple before the doors broke through the hinges. Enrico already had C-Moon at the ready while Valentine had his hands together not batting an eye at a door nearly missing him.

Alternate!Gentaro: So this is where the head honcho goes when he wants to let others do his dirty work.

Some may look in fear, others would have ran. But much to even Alternate!Gentaro’s confusion, Valentine simply gave him a serene smile.

Valentine: Finally, I knew you would come to me.

This statement made Alternate!Gentaro act with white hot rage as he charged into battle already transformed into his Rider form. Valentine merely dodged the various punches and kicks from Kisaragi.

Valentine: Now, now, Mr. Kisaragi, Have you forgotten? We made that deal so long ago that I have come to fulfill that promise. I would hope you would fulfill your end of the bargain.

Alternate!Gentaro started remembering: he knew of this promise though it was for a time buried in screams and nightmares. He had to escape the terror of what he done, The many friends killed, the evils committed, he was told time and again that was an alternate dimension, that it was never truly him.

But no matter how hard he tried he could not forget what had happened. Many often asked how he escaped from that realm. He looked to the President who visited him in there. The only one that let him discover the true depths of what he had done. The only one that would help him escape.

That no longer mattered now as he used the power he collected to fire large amounts of energy, enough to break away the back of Valentine’s entire temple. Erico had to move away with C-Moon, Valentine didn’t move an inch as the energy seemingly enveloped him.

Alternate!Gentaro: Who the hell cares about that old deal? I already have been manipulated enough, now I pull the strings! Just ask the Princesses of Heart and especially Micchy.

As the dust cleared, Alternate!Gentaro felt assured in his victory, that was until a voice spoke through the ashes.

Valentine: Mr. Kureshima was simply a short sighted fool, he let his pathetic attempts to harm others as though his so called position in the pantheon went to his head, he lacked vision and with that the pain of his deaths will be nothing compared to what awaits him in what I have planned for him.

Valentine appeared fine, not even a scorched mark on his ridiculous curly hair, the only change was glowing rings around his body. He reached behind his back, Kisaragi prepared worst but then Valentine took from his back a small knife and a beer. He cut the side of it and with a quick opening of the tab he started shot gunning the beer. Alternate!Gentaro was unsure of what was going on even by his standards.

Valentine: I know of your pain, and although you are being quite hostile I will forgive. You see, Mr. Kisaragi, for I have a plan to end your suffering and everyone else’s.

Alternate!Gentaro grinned and started to chuckle, it turned into a full out laugh as he began to realize what this President was offering.

Alternate!Gentaro: Don’t worry, I already got something like that planned.

His grin was meet with a disappointed look as suddenly D4C appeared with rapid punches putting Alternate!Gentaro on defense. He knocked the arms away, creating an opening though as he swung forward the Stand started to move away quickly and before Alternate!Gentaro could react, Funny Valentine pulled an American Flag over him.

Suddenly a hole in dimensions appeared beneath him making him drop. Pucci decided to make his reappearance with the help of C-Moon.

Enrico: Now with all the players set, is it time?

Valentine grinned, Pucci felt overjoyed it was finally time to execute their plan.

Valentine: First, obtain the boy, then yes, Mr. Pucci: soon it will be Time For Heaven.

The priest put his hands together as he started to walk out of Valentine’s Temple.

Enrico: REJOICE ALL WHO HEAR ME! The Time for Heaven Draws Near, It was all simply meant to be for our lord!

Asylum Log 24 – I.O. Beatdown

This is it…this is it, we will make everyone pay. ASYLUM! Come to me now, and help me unleash vengeance on the proxy so I can kill them where they stand!Sora

The four members of the Darkness Proxy were at the front of the Friendship Asylum to apologize for they did. The corrupted deities were troubled, afraid what move “Sora” may pull next after Yugi made an attempt to nearly kill Kairi. Now that the truce was over, not only do they have to worry about the uncorrupted deities purifying them, but also the Asylum Guardians turning on them. There was also a girl in pink outside the asylum. Her eyes were glowing white, and her arms were covered in cut wounds.

Willow!Jeff: Are you sure that this is a good idea, Yugi-boy?
Draven: He won’t forgive us. Did you saw how furious he was for what he attempted to do to his friend?

Yugi stepped forward to the asylum, yelling at the asylum so the corrupted Sora could hear it.

Yugi: (yelling) Sora, can you hear me?! Look, we’re sorry for trying to kill your friend! I’d do anything to make it up for us to be pals again!

There was no answer for several minutes. To their surprise, the girl summoned undead creatures from the ground.

Willow!Jeff: (surprised) What the fuck…? The girl can summon the undead!
Yugi: (remorseful) I have an uneasy feeling he didn’t forgive us for that fiasco.

Suddenly, the girl spoke, giving the undead instructions.

Girl: Go to the ruins of the Proxy’s castle and destroy it!

Instructed by the asylum, the undead creatures left the asylum to head for the ruins of their castle. This horrified Willow!Jeff, Yugi, and Draven, who held off the undead from going to their castle. Decade however, was angry over the results so far.

Decacde: We’d better find the boss.
Willow!Jeff: But he’s out somewhere. We should wait till he comes—

Suddenly, a portal appeared, dropping someone into the ground. It was Alternate!Gentaro recovering from his wounds. This causes the other four Proxy to stop holding the Zombies off and run to their master’s aid.

Willow!Jeff: To us.
Yugi: Boss! Are you alright?
Alterate!Gentaro: Urghh… Yeah. That Valentine guy was a tough one. Looks like I’ll need more than just you guys so far… So how’s everything so far?

Without warning, Decade shoved the photo of Sora that he took earlier at Alternate!Gentaro’s face. The rest of the Proxy were outraged at what the corrupted shapeshifting Kamen Rider did to their boss.

Alternate!Gentaro: Why the hell did you do that!? What’s the meaning of this!?
Decade: You shouldn’t have let the asylum corrupt deities! Thanks to what Yugi-boy here did, the Guardians are now waging war at us! (pointing at the picture) And this… boy. You created this monster to protect the asylum! And you did a damn good job of it too! Now he’s trying to kill us all!
Alternate!Gentaro: At least this will bring more attention to us than that event.
Yugi: But that would bring the more powerful deites against us!
Alternate!Gentaro: That’s part of the plan.

This only increased the frustration of Decade, who reluctantly went along with his boss’ plan. He knew it wasn’t a good idea: If deities like Thor, Naruto Uzumaki, and The God-Emperor of Mankind got involved and fought against them, he knew they were only fighting a battle they cannot win.

The girl, having unleashed the undead to raid the ruins of the Proxy’s castle, had returned to the asylum seven minutes ago, now meeting up with the corrupted Sora.

Girl: (brainwashed) The undead are attacking the Proxy’s castle, Master.
Sora: Very good. I command you to stay still and not say a word.

She did as she was instructed as “Sora” went up to her and tied her up with a broken cord.

“Sora”: Those Proxy fools will regret messing with her! (looks at the girl) You’ve served your purpose quite nicely. I have no more use for you!

With a gesture from his hands, he undoes the spell that allowed him to control her mind, causing her to be unconscious. Spreading out his wings, he flies out of the asylum. Four minutes later, he arrived in a forest, pleased to see the undeed raid temples. Smiling, he puts his hands behind his head and gave an evil snicker.

“Sora”: Heheheheh… My undead minions, raze their castle until there’s nothing left.

The brunette Keyblade Wielder the looked at the ruins of the Proxy’s castle from afar. He then lets out another evil chuckle as the undead assaulted the pantheon.

Misty: King Mickey has given me the heads up that Master Riku has been rescued.
James: But there’s still the matter of the spiky-haired twerp guarding this place.
Brock: Look, if Sora attacks us, Lucario and Greninja will help deal with him, and I’ve still got Croagunk with me. But Ash must get out… and fast!
Pikachu: Pika!

Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Team Rocket hurried through the asylum remains in a desperate search for Ash. The power was back on, but without Riku or the Fireys, they were not in too much danger now. Sure, they all still risked corruption from the darkness, but that was the least of their worries now.

They hear a voice coming from another room; one with a crescent on it’s door. It sounded like grunting. Lucario opens the door, which happens to be “Sora”‘s chamber… along with a Bound and Gagged Vanille. She looked like she was in a lot of pain. She had been badly tortured by Jason Brody, and her arms were completely slashed by his machete.

Meowth: I don’t believe it! It’s that pink-haired twerpette that was kidnapped!
Misty: (ungags Vanille) Are you alright?
Vanille: I… I don’t know. But… who could’ve done such a thing?
Brock: The only thing you need right now is rest. We’ll try to find Fang and get him to look—
Vanille: You mean “her”.
Misty: Well, enough of this. We’re going to get you out of here, right now!

Pikachu cuts the cord restraining Vanille with his Iron Tail, but despite only being tied up for a few hours, she’s in no condition to walk. So she decides to piggyback on Brock until she’s rested enough. But as soon as she was on his back, her arms started to bleed. It was all purple!

Jessie: Purple blood!? This asylum gives me the creeps!
Wobbuffet: (popping out of it’s Pokéball) WOBBUFFET!!
Brock: Once we find Ash, we should head for the medical division. If they had to take Riku there, then Ash would need treatment, too.
Misty: Yes, but we should also report Ash and Vanille to Quasimodo. There’s a good reason why he was put in charge of counting how many gods are being saved.

Suddenly, a figure appears down the hall. Vanille recognized the person.

Vanille: Oh, no! It’s Ash!

Yes, that’s right! Ash was right behind them, “happy” to see his friends, but outraged that Vanille was untied.

Pikachu: (worried) Pikapi?
Misty: Ash, what has the asylum done to you?
“Ash”: It’s allowed me to see the truth, about what powers I’m truly capable of. Jason and Sora have helped me out a lot, and I owe them a lot.
Brock: The Ash we know would never give in to the darkness and become a vampire.
Pikachu: Pika!
???: (from around the corner) That’s not Ash you guys are dealing with!

The group thought they could hear a voice from the other side of the wall. “Ash” uses an Aura Sphere to smash the LEGO to see who it was. It was Fang. But she cannot reach them because of the LEGO being in “impassable mode”.

Many deities fought off and kill as many possible undead while some of them went inside their temple to take shelter. Among the latter party were Rarity and Spike, who ran as they were trying to reach an underground bunker in the House of Costumes to hide from the ceratures until everything was resolved.

Rarity: Whoever summoned these undead creatures are sure going to need a peptalk!
Spike: They might be brainwashed. The others may be looking into that while we hide inside the bunker.
Rarity: We’d best leave it to them. We’ve failed to purify Gentaro from the corruption… Whoa!

Rarity suddenly tripped onto the floor, hurting herself. She recovered thirty seconds later.

Rarity: Oww…!
Spike: Rarity, are you alright?
Rarity: Yes, Spike dear. It’s only a flesh wound. Let’s keep going.

Before they could get a move on, they were suddenly ambushed by several undead creatures. The small dragon jumped on to the purple-maned white horse as they ran away from the zombies. Unfortuntately, Rarity wasn’t fast enough to elude the undead, and was exhausted from all the running.

Rarity: (panting) I can’t… I’m running as fast… As I could…!
Spike: No, you have to get up! We still have to meet up with everyone else!

As Rarity tries to regain her breath, Spike has thought up a plan: He went behind Rarity to block the Undead.

Rarity: What are you doing?
Spike: Go! The others still need you! You still have your sister to worry about!

Before Rarity could go to Spike, she found her tail being grabbed by two figures: John Cena and Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: Stop! Don’t go after him!
Spike: He’s right, Rarity. Go with them!

The two wrestling deities grabbed the bearer of the Element of Generosity into a safer place while the undead began to eat the small purple dragon. Tears started forming around her eyes as she began to call for him.

Rarity: SPIKE!!!! (breaks down sobbing)

Rarity looked back at her friend when she ran away from the undead. Randy Orton saw the Master Builders Four at an a bunker made out of brown Lego.

Emmet: Everyone, get inside! The quicker you do so, the quicker we can block the zombies from entering.

The three of them, along with every other deity in the vicinity, proceeded to go inside The Master Builder’s bunker. Once everyone was inside, Emmet closed the entrance to another block of Lego.

Gangrel and Luna Vachon were knocking a dozen zombies surrounding them away from their temples in the House of Ambiguity. The two, along with several others, have had the resident deities hide in their temples to prepare themselves

Luna: Whoever’s doing this is going to get slapped in the face!
Gangrel: I’m sure as hell with you on that one.
Luna: Good.

More zombies started surrounding them just as they continue to fight them off. Gangrel whacks numerous amount of them away with a chair while Luna drives them off with a pole. Unfortunately for them, the zombies become larger in numbers,

Gangrel: Crap, this isn’t good. We’ll be zombie meat for these bastards. Guts is out on an adventure in the mortal plane, Mister Freeze refuses to be in hot temperatures.
Luna: And Lambdadelta is God knows where! Not to mention a majority the Greater Gods and Overdeities being busy with those two girls or something else.

They were cornered. There were undead from every direction, preventing them from escaping. Some of them went to the other temples to attack the other residents there. With the three guardians away from commission, they were in trouble.

???: Runaway scooter, coming through!

The zombies were suddenly steamrolled by a small horse with bergandy hair riding a scooter. Gangrel and Luna were surprised and speechless to see them alive again.

Scootaloo: Don’t worry Mr. Gangrel and Mrs. Luna! We’re going to save you from these zombies!

They looked on as several bottles of wine, several cans of paint, several bottles of mouthwash, and several bags of garden soil were thrown at the zombies, allowing an escape path for the three of them.

???: Get away from Mr. Gangrel and Mrs. Luna, you brainless meanies!

The couple looked on to realize that it Sweetie Belle who used her levitation to throw the items at the zombies, who was next to Apple Bloom, who was mixing the Molotov Cocktail with her bow in a fuse. The younger sister of Apple Jack then threw at them. This had the unfortunate result of accidentally destroying their own temples. The three fillies gathered together in to shout in unison.

Cutie Mark Crusaders: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Zombie Slayers!

Gangrel and Luna had their jaws dropping, awestruck as they were speechless to the fact that the three fillies just saved the entire House of Ambiguity in the process. The couple walked up to them.

Luna: We were expecting one of the Greater Gods to plow these freaks over, but you three… I didn’t intend on you three of all deites to saving us from… How did you come back to life?
Gangrel: We’d better save that for later. (To the Cutie Mark Crusaders) We got to get you girls to your sisters first.

The five of them leave the House of Ambiguity to find Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash.

Emmet: That should keep those undead fellas out.

Rarity, Orton, and Cena, were in the custom-made bunker the master builder’s four. John Cena tried to cheer the depressed pony. He then brings out a scarf she gave him in the past and placed it on his neck.

John Cena: Hey, pony. This scarf fits perfectly.

Rarity, however, was slightly infuriated at Cena making that remark as he snugs the scarf around his neck. Randy Orton, angry at Cena’s comment, walked up to him and slapped him in the head.

John Cena: What the hell was that for?
Randy Orton: This pony lost her friend, and you’re telling her that it fits perfectly?
John Cena: I was just trying to cheer her up. I didn’t mean to upset her.
Randy Orton: Subtlety isn’t your strongest point, you know.

Cena looks at Rarity in remorse for what he did.

John Cena: I’m sorry for what I said a minute ago.
Rarity: I accept your apology.

Tohru: Hmm… Interesting.

Jade had Tohru were in Jackie’s temple. Tohru was trying to deterimine what triggered the Asylum’s ability to corrupt deities through a magical artifact they’ve got from the House of Magic with a combination of ultilities they got from Uncle. Jackie Chan himself was sweeping the floor to collect the dust.

Jade: What is it, Tohru?
Tohru: I’ve pieced everything together.
Jade: That’s neat. Did you discover how the asylum corrupted deities?
Tohru: Gentaro Kisaragi was said to value Friendship. When Twilight Sparkle told us that Alternate!Gentaro was unaffected by the Elements of Harmony, I’ve come to a conclusion. Since those artifacts are also powered up by friendship, it not only healed him, but also benefitted him. However… Another power seems to have merged with friendship that’s allowing the asylum to corrupt deities.
Jade: And that is…?
Tohru: I don’t know what it is, but Alternate!Gentaro has managed to merge that power with friendship to create something of a twisted take on the original Gentaro’s views on friendship.
Jade: Friendship that’s coming from a lunatic who wanted to experiment on me? That doesn’t make sense.
Tohru: It seems to be irrelevant at first, but it seems that the deities corrupted by the asylum haven’t destroyed the pantheon yet.
Jackie: So you’re saying that the deites corrupted by Alternate!Gentaro and the asylum can’t destroy the pantheon?
Tohru: Precisely.
Jade: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s gather everyone else involved for a “conference” hearing outside the Medical Division HQ!

The two of them are about to leave Jackie’s temple. As Jade waited for Tohru, Jackie stopped sweeping the floor to give a warning.

Jackie: Remember, no going into the asylum. I was worried about you when you wandered off on your own. I don’t want you to get corrupted.
Jade: I promise that I will not go into the asylum this time. I promise.

Jackie looked at his niece’s face. Considering what happened to her in the Proxy’s castle, he knew that she was being honest. He patted her on the head.

Jackie: (smiles) Good girl.

Jade and Tohru departed Jackie’s temple to gather non-corrupted who were friends of the corrupted deities. Jackie resumed cleaning up the floor.

Alternate!Gentaro was angry as the deepest lava pits. Not only was he betrayed by the asylum guardians, who unleashed the undead in the first place, but also “the cat fight“, which had been getting more attention than he did. Not wanting to be overshadowed, he used some of his powers to create an energy orb hi-jack the signals to speak.

Alternate!Gentaro: (angry) Everyone of the pantheon! This is all your fault! If you had focused on me instead of that pathetic “cat fight” that’s been going on, the zombies attacking this pantheon would’ve never happened! With these zombies stampeding around, this whole pantheon will be mine to conquer! Hahahahahaha!

He removed the energy orb to return the signals to normal. With this speech, he was certain that everyone would have shift their attention to him now. Little did he know, the other four members of the Darkness Proxy were disgusted they were being used as pawns for his own scheme. Furious, Draven and Willow!Jeff went behind him. Before the evil Gentaro could notice, Willow knocks him out with a lariat from behind, while Draven tied him up.

Decade: (angry) You son of a bitch… I can’t believe you were trying to use us for your own gain!
Willow!Jeff: What should we do now?
Yugi: I say we put him on the Row Boat Of Exile, look for someone and have them kill us.
Draven: Sounds like a plan. We need to put an end to this war now.

They carried their former leader away to the Row Boat Of Exile to remove him from the pantheon before looking for other deities to kill them in the hopes of being purified.

Fang was trapped behind a wall, unable to reach Vanille or her rescuers. And “Ash” was right with them. Getting through to help her wounded friend would be difficult, but no matter the strength of the LEGO, Fang would not give up.

Pikachu: Pikapi?
“Ash”: Why ally yourself with these guys? Come on Pikachu, we can make this place better together.
Misty: Snap out of it, Ash! Fight the corruption that has consumed you! It’s the only way to become a Pokémon Master.
Brock: Guys? We’ve got a Code Red.
Meowth: Code Red? This can’t be good.

Vanille has lost consciousness. At this point, Fang gets mad and charges through the wall with her head, not caring if it would cause her to become injured. Fortunately, the LEGO allowed her to phase through.

Fang: (to “Ash”) YOU! What have you done to Vanille!?
“Ash”: It wasn’t me who corrupted this lass into one of us. Rather, Jason bit her in the neck recently, causing the venom in his fangs to weaken her. And she was just used to summon the undead that are outside. She may be herself now, but she’s still under our control. We figured it out after losing Riku and Jak.
Fang: Well, I’ll not let this happen! Vanille will NOT remain a snarling mess of brooding darkness!
“Ash”: So, then? HOW do you plan to reverse this process before Vanille wakes up?
Beat: With a drop of your blood, you ungrateful freak!

Beat then appears with his Kooma Panda (the latter which Team Rocket looked at with great pleasure), wanting revenge on Ash for the Reaper Wings and Joshua’s wounds. Auron and Pit were nearby, along with Neku and his Necho Cat.

“Ash”: You chose to ignore Riku’s warning? You really are a moron.
James: (to himself) How hypocritical, twerp.
Beat: I’m here to undo the damage you did tonight! Corrupting Riku and destroying the Medical Division!? You’re sick, man!
Auron: But do you really think you can undo the damage Riku gave you by defeating the one who corrupted him?
Neku: (deadpan) It’s worth to give it a try.

Greninja, Lucario, Kooma Panda and Necho Cat then team up to help free Ash and Vanille. Fang wanted to join in, too, but Auron stops her, explaining that they’re against a Pokémon trainer, and that only Pokémon and Dream Eaters should fight. Team Rocket hid around the corner (which no one took notice of), watching the battle.

“Ash”: Four Pokémon? No match for Pikachu! (turns to Pikachu) Electro-Ball, NOW!
Pit: Pikachu isn’t corrupted, Ash. You’re surrounded.
“Ash”: Fine, then. You leave me with no choice. (summons an Aura Sphere) Kame…hame…
Auron: (braces himself with Sentinel) You wouldn’t dare!
“Ash”: —HA!

It looked like the Aura Sphere would hit the party and trigger an event similar to Riku’s kidnapping… if it were not for Lucario Mega-Evolving and using an Aura Sphere of his own to stop it. The two Aura Spheres collide in mid-air, causing a minor explosion, giving Fang enough time to grab Vanille off of Brock’s back and race out of the asylum. But is it too late to save her?

But everyone was getting logical. No one had a Key Stone, and very few Pokémon have ever Mega Evolved without one.

Misty: (to Lucario) Thanks for saving us… but none of us had Key Stones onhand. Ash once mentioned seeing a Diancie Mega-Evolve without one… but Lucario!?
Neku: (notices that he’s holding something) Wait? Is this what you guys call a Key Stone?
Beat: Yo, where did you get that?
Neku: (looks at Greninja) I think that frog-ninja-like Dream Eater snuck it into my hand when Ash tried to attack us. (to Ash) Okay then! No more distractions!

Artix was having the time of his life, excited that he was slaying many of the undead unleashed upon the pantheon. He stabbed one in the chest, then sliced it in half with his axe, then cuts off the heads of several others. As he gleefully slays the undead, every deity he was protecting were creeped out by his obsession with slaying undead creatures. As he continued to ecstatically slay them, he started singing a song.

Artix: (singing while slaying Undead) I’m your Undead Slaying Hero! I love to slay undead, you know! At home, Battleon or in the Pantheon—

As he continued to slay the undead, he heard another person slaying the undead with a chainsaw. When the other undead slayer revealed himself, Artix was even more excited to see who he was.

Artix: Oh my undead slaying goodness! Are you Ashley J. Williams!?
Ash Williams: Who are you?
Artix: I’m your biggest fan!
Ash Williams: Are you going to help me slay these bastards, or annoy me to death?
Artix: Right, sorry. I’ll get to business.

The two of them have slayed numerous amounts of undead, with both of their count being almost in the fifties. Artix had absorbed the souls the undead released.

Ash Williams: I’ve got to admit, you’re a good one.
Artix: As are you. I’ve been waiting to slay these things!

Suddenly, the earth started to shake. Two minutes later, a giant skeleton emerged from the ground.

Artix: Groovy. (starts laughing) I’ve always wanted to say that! It’s so great that I get to fight another one!
Ash Williams: They summoned a giant skeleton!?
Artix: This one is an Odokuro.
Ash Williams: Oda-what?
Artix: Nevermind. I’ll take care of this one! You rip his palm apart!

The Odokuro extended its right hand to grab Artix and Ash, but Artix jump while Ash Williams readied his chainsaw as the Odokuro tried to grab him just as Artix cuts off its hand, Stopping it from grabbing Williams. The leader of the Sacred Nights then went for the left hand, cutting it a well before the creature got to attack him. Unfortunately, the Odokuro still slapped him into a tree with its wrist. A

Ash Williams: Are you okay!?
Artix: (recovering) ungh… Yeah… I’ve been through more pain than this…

The Champion of Darkness got back on his feet.

Ash Williams: You get behind it while I distract it with gunshots.
Artix: Sounds like a plan.

Artix started running around the giant skeleton demon to get behind it as Williams started to bombard the giant skeleton with shotgun bullets to divert it. The Odokuro charged at Williams, but by the time it got close, Artix was already behind it.

Artix: Spirits, Empower me to put this skeleton to rest!

At Artix’s chant. A blast of light went through the skeleton’s ribs, which caused it to distintegrate. Ash Williams collapsed on his feet, where he was closed to getting harmed. The Champion of Darkness went to his aid.

Ash Williams: (breathes) That was a close one…
Artix: Man, we make a good team!
Ash Williams: Yeah, whatever. I’m going to my temple to rest…

Williams leaves Artix to rest at his temple. The champion of Darkness was ready to slay more undead, but stopped when he saw a woman carrying another unconscious younger woman out of the Asylum from afar. They were Fang and Vanille. The latter’s pink outfit was something Artix did not take well with.

Artix: (queasy) Pi.. pi… pi…
???: Excuse me mister, but what’s wrong?

Artix then felt something tugging his pants. He looked down to see a creature. Its color started to make the Champion of Darkness shout one word.


Scared, Artix runs off to catch up on the two women. The creature had diamonds all over its body, puzzled at Artix’s fear of the color pink.

???: Was it something I said?

It was almost like a showdown. “Ash” just stared at his “friends” and the fellow gods that came to help. No matter what attack Lucario or Greninja used, the LEGO would just block it. “Ash” decided to just stand there and let the darkness corrupt everyone.

Misty: Ash, snap out of this. Besides, you can’t win now. Just look around you!

“Ash” suddenly stood there, questioning what he was doing? This was not what he had wanted, for him to be surrounded by angry gods because of the crimes he committed. Ash finally began to struggle for control over his body.

Ash: What am I doing? This is not what I wanted! (eyes glow blue) Oh, yes it is!
Auron: So, he’s finally heard our calling. But still, that demon remains inside.
Pit: So, to help Ash fight this off, what’s the plan?
Brock: Ash was possessed before, by the King of Pokélantis. Don’t ask how ruthless he was?
Auron: Let me guess: as crooked as Seymour and Mika?
Pit: (pictures the King of Pokélantis as a Yevonite Maester; shivers in disgust) I can see what you mean.

Ash overheard everything, and began to remember when the King of Pokélantis took his body and forced Sceptile to fight Brandon and his Regirock. He never thought that this would happen again, especially by an evil version of himself. Ash tried to remember how he got the King out of his body before.

Neku: Come on, Ash. Try and focus on defeating the demon controlling you.
Beat: Yeah! The wings on my back are your doing, and only your freedom can reverse this.
Pit: The wings were Riku’s doing, not Ash’s.
Beat: Does it matter? Ash was the reason behind Riku’s corruption.

Ash finally managed to gain full control of his body, but for how long? His corruption tries to retake control, but Ash held on as hard as he could.

Ash: Pikachu, you need to attack me full-blast with Thunderbolt!
Pikachu: (in full shock) Pika?
Ash: It’s the only way I know that will get this demon out of my body. (struggling) Please… hurry!
Misty: It looks like we’ve got no choice.

Pikachu was reluctant, but unleashes a powerful Thuderbolt on Ash, which causes a ball of light to fly out of his body and disintegrate in mid-air. Ash collapses onto the ground. He was freed from corruption. Of course, Beat’s wings remained, much to his annoyance.

Auron: The chapter of Ash being under the asylum’s control is over. Now, we need to return to Vanille’s temple and see how she’s doing.
Pit: Oh, so that’s what Fang said to you earlier.
Auron: Vanille has been corrupted. We must insure she won’t remain in control the dead for the asylum, otherwise we are history.

Artix found himself in front of Ash Williams’ temple. The man was rather annoyed that the commander of the Sacred Knights ran all the way to his temple.

Ash Williams: Why are you in front of my temple, young man?
Artix: I’m scared of pink!
Ash Williams: What.

Ash Williams had never thought that anyone in the pantheon would have a fear of the color pink. Exasperated, he let out a sigh.

Ash Williams: Listen here. I get that girls like pink, I get that men sometimes wear pink for some reason, but your fear of pink is ridiculous, even for a knight like yourself.
Artix: Majin Buu and Courtney Gears are pink and evil, and you know that!
Ash Williams: You’re saying that Kirby is evil because he’s pink?
Artix: Um…. No?

Artix was taken back Williams’ question. Granted Artix had a fear of the color pink, but to say that anyone who is or wears pink is evil was a fallacy.

Ash Williams: Can you say the same for that Carbink holding on to your left boot?
Artix: (looks down) What Carbi— P… Pi…

He looked at his left foot to see the same creature that was tugging his pants earlier when he defeated the Odokuro.

???: Hello!
Artix: PIINNKKK!!! Get it off! Get it off!

Artix shaked his boots to get the creature off him. It deseperately held onto him. Another person appears, also frustrated at the attention Artix brought upon himself.

???: (sighs) Typical of the “mighty” Champion of Darkness.
Artix: Voltaire! It’s good to see you. Can you help me get this thing off me?
Voltaire: First of all that “thing” is a Pokémon, and sure, but just calm down.

The Leader of the Sacred Knights calmed down as Voltaire took away the creature from Artix’s foot and into his hands. The Pokémon was relieved to see that it wasn’t thrown away.

???: Thank you!
Ash Williams: What the hell is with that guy and his fear of pink?
Voltaire: He once fought this “pinkomancer” called Beleen. Ever since then, he’s started running away from anything pink like the plague.
Voltaire: It’s as stupid as it sounds, I know.
???: Princess Diancie!

Artix, Ash Williams, and Voltaire turned to see several blue diamond creatures coming to them. Diancie, the pink diamond creature, hopped off of Voltaire’s hand and went to them. The blue diamond creatures were the Carbink.

Diancie: Dace! Merrick! Allotrope! Bort!
Merrick: We’ve been looking all over for you! Where have you been these past hours?
Diancie: I was going to meet up with Ash and then all of a sudden, I lost consciousness.
Ash Williams: It seems that you were captured by some unknown force.
Dace: That may be the case. Princess Diancie, please return to your temple!
Diancie: I’m sorry guys, but I want to help here. The whole place needs an army.

They stopped talking as they heard a girl voice commanding the undead to attack the castle.

Artix: This can’t be good… Wait, what am I saying? This is good for me. Voltaire, we have to go! It was nice speaking with you, Ashley Williams!
Ash Williams: My pleasure. Just try not to attack people who wear or are pink.
Voltaire: (sarcastic) We’ll try.

Artix and Voltaire left the House of Weapons to locate the source of the voice commanding the undead.

Vanille, still unconscious, is tied to a chair inside her own temple. Her corruption was only semi, but she was still at full risk.

Fang: Why would those freaks capture Vanille, anyway?
Auron: (walks in) It’s because the asylum wants her to take control of the dead. Chances are, her soul has already been taken.

Auron and Pit then walk in. They had just spoken with Peter Pan over what Yugi had done with Tinkerbell.

Pit: Ash and the others are safe at the GUAG Medical Division. They’re speaking with Joshua right now.
Fang: What can be done to snap Vanille out of the corruption that caused her to become half-beast?
Auron: Unfortunately, Beat didn’t lose his wings when Ash was saved, so chances are, Ma-Ti’s Ring must be destroyed if we are to save Vanille. For now, it’s best to keep her tied up. Though how to wake her up, even I would not know.
Fang: Okay. I’ll keep Vanille company for now, but what’s the current plan?
Auron: We saw Mr. Kaiba walk into the medical division recently. We’re going to go back and recruit him in. Only he would know how to deal with that kid.
Fang: You’d want to be careful out there. That Winged Dragon of Ra recently toasted a few gods, and I’d hate to see you two in ashes.

Asylum Log 25 – The Spooks of History

Twenty minutes before Intermission 3

Shaggy: Like, I cannot believe what we’re doing! The things we do for Scooby Snacks.
Scooby: Rhea.

Shaggy and Scooby were dressed as eggplant, complete with their faces painted purple as per camouflage, which they found to be humiliating. But what really scares them is that Jack Skellington had decided to use them as bait for Freddy Krueger and Pitch. Years ago, Ash Ketchum and James did the same trick to lure a giant Claydol into a trap… which failedmiserably. Shaggy and Scooby prayed that they’ll have a better chance.

Fred, Velma, Daphne and the Pine Twins were already in costume: Fred as a Samurai, Daphne as a maiden, Velma as awitch, Dipper as a Munchkin, and Mabel as a Wobbuffet. Jack and Alice waited in a corner nearby, ready for the big scare.

Mabel: Aww, man! I didn’t ask to be a Wobbuffet…I wanted something cooler like a Rapidash…or maybe an Ampharos with the pretty hair!
Dipper: Mabel, stay in character. It’s just until our eggplants return… alive, hopefully. (the twins giggle)
Mabel: Sorry. It’s just… Well I wish we could see Sora in that goth outfit he sometimes wears. Think of it…I could make an awesome pink goth vampire outfit and swing my special grappling hook at whoever tries to stop me!
Dipper: (slaps his own face) Oh, man, you’re still thinking about that? Well, we should just ask when we see him again… after we save him, of course.
Daphne: Sorry to disappoint you two, but Sora’s only in that outfit on Halloween or a Friday the 13th. Rassilon is the reason why. He hates vampires, and wishes to purge the pantheon of them. He sees Sora as one of them.
Mabel: (yelling) That’s not fair! (everyone gives her a Death Glare) I mean… (poses) WOBBEFFET!

Krueger and Pitch were taking another walk through the night sky. The moon was full, thanks to Princess Luna, and the moonlight illumined the pathway to create a sparkly glow. It was harder to invade dreams right now because many gods tried to keep awake, fearing they’ll corrupt them in their sleep. Not to mention that Krueger risks running into Riku in the dream world now that the latter is freed.

Shaggy and Scooby take note of the two villains walking down, unaware that they were about to fall into Jack’s trap. The goal was to lure the two into a corner, and the others are in costume to help with the illusions that Alice would pull. They wanted to find out who those two were working for, and why this person would do such a thing to Gentaro and the others.

Shaggy: (Scared) Looks like this isn’t going to be easy. A-are you ready, Scoob?
Scooby: Rheah!
Shaggy: Like, if we fail, we’ll never prove our bravery in that match in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation.

Not far behind, Dudley and Elena walked along the path, both upset on all the damage that happened tonight. Elena blamed herself for bringing the Iron Giant into this mess in the first place. Now with Yugi Moto on the loose, and with the pixie dust he stole from Tinker Belle, more gods risked ending up like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Crash, and the Iron Giant. The two noticed Shaggy and Scooby trying to spy on Pitch and Krueger.

Elena: Walking eggplants? And aren’t those two Freddy Krueger and Pitch Black? What’s going on?
Dudley: Shh… Those are no walking eggplants. It seems they are planning something. Perhaps we should join their charade to find some leads.

As Elena nodded, the two of them quietly catched up to Shaggy and Scooby, who were still trying to think of a plan.

Dudley: (in a low voice) Hello.

The two members of Mystery Inc. tried to scream, but Dudley and Elena muffled their voices and hid them to the corner of a wall before Freddy and Pitch noticed the screams.

Krueger: I’ve heard something.
Pitch: Are you sure it’s a good idea to check it out?
Krueger: No. let’s keep going.

The duo of Nightmares have still taken off. Dudley and Elena removed the hands off the mouths of Shaggy and Scooby.

Dudley: (in a low voice) Shaggy and Scooby? This is most certainly a surprise. What business do you have with these two ghouls?
Shaggy: (in a low voice) Me and Scoob are like, being used as bait to scare those two ghouls into getting some clues on the asylum.
Elena: (in a low voice) …Oooh… And where are the rest of your group?

Shaggy and Scooby explained the entire details to the two members of the New Generation of Street Fighters that their action were a part of Jack Skellington’s plan.

Elena: (in a low voice) I see… we’ll do anything to help you.
Shaggy: (in a low voice) (Seeing Kreuger and Pitch disappear) It looks like they’re gone. (normal voice) (in a scared tone) Ha ha ha, W-what’s the plan?
Dudley: Since it’s night, I suppose we should follow their trail. They should lead us to their next target. When they invade the temple of a deity when that deity is asleep, our chance is to throw something at them and lure them into corner as part of Skellington’s plan.

The four proceed to follow the two dwellers of fear without getting detected. Kreuger and Pitch have stopped, thinking of a plan…

Pitch: Heh heh! I have a plan: Let’s go into the House of Personality and corrupt that weirdo with the blue hair.
Krueger: Heh heh! I’m gonna enjoy myself with this one.

With that, the two departed to the House of Personality in hopes of corrupting a victim.

Shaggy: The House of Personality? You mean that house commissioned by Applejack who got fed up with all the masterminds in the house of Mentalism? This almost looks too easy, right Scoob?
Scooby: Rheah!

Eventually, Jack and the rest of the group catched up to the four of them.

Jack Skellington: Shaggy! Scooby! There you are!
Velma: (to Dudley and Elena) What are you two doing here?
Dudley: Miss Elena and I were going to put an artifact in the Toku Base, but we’ve found these two following those “ghosts”. Let us join you on this.
Elena: If we’re doing this to free Gentaro, I’m willing to join in as well. I want to restore our friend and restore his rhythm.
Fred: Alright, you guys are in. Did you find out where those two went?
Dudley: Absolutely. Their next destination is in the House of Personality. Their next target is… Some boy with blue hair?
Shaggy: Wait, you mean Rolf? (laughs) Did you hear that, Scoob? We’re going to visit Rolf’s temple? (laughs harder)
Scooby: (laughs)
Dipper: Those two sure are enthusiastic about this. What’s the deal with them anyway?
Daphne: To them, he’s a bit of a comedian for a foreigner. There’s also that time he once fought Wolf O’ Donnell wielding a fish.
Mabel: What…?
Jack Skellington: Alright, then! Here’s the next step to my plan.

Everyone else came together to hear Jack’s next plan. Whatever it was, it’s going to be pretty hilarious.

Twelve minutes into Intermission 3Shaggy, Scooby, who were still in their eggplant costumes, along with Dudley, and Elena arrived into the House of Personality, Demigods and Quasideities section following Pitch and Krueger to Rolf’s temple. The two villains went inside, with the four of them tailing them quietly.

Elena: Is everyone ready?
Dudley: Ready as you are, Ms. Elena.

The four of them entered Rolf’s temple.

Shaggy: Why does his house smell weird?
Scooby: (sniffs)
Dudley: We should worry about that later. Let’s find those two and rescue Mr. Rolf before they corrupt him.

The two of them kept a low profile and followed the footsteps of Krueger and Pitch. The two villains went into his bedroom, but don’t find him inside the room. Where could that weirdo be?

Krueger: He has to be around here somewhere…
Pitch: Keep looking. He could be anywhere.

As the two of them searched outside of Rolf’s room, Jack, along with Alice, watched the two of them from afar. The second stage of the big scare was in play: Fred and Velma were on the rooftops. Jack gives them the signal to surprise them both.

Jack Skellington: Now!

Fred and Velma grabbed on to their ropes and crashed into the windows of Rolf’s temple, landing where Krueger and Pitch were in.

Pitch: …Is this supposed to be some ambush?
Krueger: If this is one of that nerd’s pranks, I’m going to get revenge on him after we’re done with these nuisances.

While they were distracted, Daphne then enters by breaking the rooftops of Rolf’s. At this point, Krueger and Pitch were slightly taken by surprise.

Pitch: This is so lame (Looking at Velma) Krueger, let’s take out that witch first.
Dudley: (entering Rolf’s bedroom) We won’t let you monsters escape!
Elena: That’s right!
Pitch: Hahahaha! What are you going to do? Pummel us to death?
Dudley: No. Elena!
Elena: *Nods in agreement*

Dudley and Elena threw Shaggy and Scooby, who were still in the eggplant costume. The two of the them didn’t scream as they were thrown. In fact, it was part of an improvisation plan of Dudley and Elena’s. The plan so far has only slightly annoyed Freddy and Pitch.

Krueger: …What Are you trying to pull here?
Velma: Don’t come any closer to that eggplant! I’ve managed to put a curse on it!
Pitch: A curse? Is this some sort of prank from that witch?
Krueger: (annoyed) Whoever is behind this prank, we’re going to have them be our slaves. And I swear to all nightmares, if it’s a prank from thatimbecile of a nerd, then I’m going to get revenge on him once we’re done!

From outside the temple, Jack found this to be an opportunity: While the Mystery Gang, along with Dudley and Elena, are distracting those two, Jack has placed Mabel and Dipper at the outdoor entrance of Rolf’s temple.

Jack Skellington: When they come here, you’ll provide them as another distraction while Alice prepares with Belial and Nebiros to scare them out, got it?
Mabel: Yes, Sir! Once this is done, I’m getting out of this Wobuffet costume and get into a much cooler costume.
Dipper: Mabel, we should get ready!
Jack Skellington: Alright, Alice. Are you ready for the grand part of the plan?
Alice: Yes, Mr. Skellington! This will be so much fun!

The two of them prepared themselves while Freddy and Pitch were still distracted by the Mystery Gang upstairs while Skellington prepared the last step of his plan. Losing their patience, Freddy and Pitch easily trying get out of Rolf’s temple. As the two try to go back the entrance of Rolf’s temple, they were greeted by the Pine twins in their costumes.

Pitch: …We better get out of here before they catch us.
Freddy: (To Dipper and Mabel) Get out of our way!

While Mabel and Dipper were stalling Pitch and Krueger, Jack already has the final step of his plan prepared.

Jack Skellington: Belial and Nebiros, make sure you give them a good scare.
Nebiros: Our services are in your hands, Mr. Skellington.

As he wears a black cloak and grabs Alice to initiate the plan while they had to be 3 yards away from the temple, Krueger and Pitch were trying to shove the Pine twins out of their path.

Dipper: Ugh!

As the Pine twins were pushed aside, Jack throws Alice high up in the air. By the time Freddy and Pitch escaped Rolf’s temple, the sound of bats, ghosts, and demons were heard. In front of them was a figure with a cloak

Pitch: Who is the imbecile in the coat, and where are those howls coming from? They sound uneasy even for me.
Krueger: (looks above them, where the monsters surrounds Alice) Above you! Wait a second, Isn’t that… Alice from the House of Emotion!?
Pitch: This is bad! We better get out of here fast and now before this could —

Before Pitch could finish, Alice landed in front of the cloaked figure and the figure revealed himself to be Jack Skellington, who, along with Alice made an intimidating pose. As explosions lit up from the ground as they posed while being showed with ghosts.

Jack Skellington: WHAT DID YOU DO TO GENTARO!?
Pitch & Krueger: Aaaahhhhhhhh!

In a sense of karmic irony, the two Boogeymen were scared to death of the surprise Jack and Alice put on them.

Pitch: Please, don’t hurt us!
Krueger: W-what do you want from us!?

Jack has given them an angry glare to have the two fess up about this Funny guy.

Pitch: Alright, Alright… It’s the question you’ve asked us. If you really want to know, we’ll explain the full details…

Alice had Belial and Nebiros in case they try to fight back.

Krueger: Some time after Gentaro’s ascension, Funny Valentine, who wasn’t a God at the time, sought us out. Afterwards, from the shadows prior to his ascension, he ordered us to continuously invade Gentaro’s dreams while he did the alternate universe stick. Then, afterwards he contacted Queen Chrysalis to frame Ryusei Sakuta of murder Gentaro and split his soul into two.
Pitch: He was planning to use him as some sort of siphon or whatever it’s called. It’s something for a master plan called “Time for Heaven.” I think you know the rest. It doesn’t matter now. when it comes to fruition, the pantheon will suffer a very horrible fate.

As Alice and Jack stopped posing, the latter smiled and winced at the two Boogeymen.

Jack Skellington: Good…. (summons ghosts) Now you’re both dismissed! (to Alice as the Boogeyman fled) Good work, Alice.
Alice: Yay!

The two Boogeymen ran in terror into an unknown location, presumably back to their temples in the House of Mentalism. After they were driven out of his temple, the Mystery Gang, along with Dudley, Elena and the Pine Twins, have regrouped with Jack and Alice.

Fred: Nice work, guys. We just discovered our biggest clue.
Mabel: Whew! I can take off this Wobuffet costume now.
Dipper: Huh, this munchkin costume looks okay on me. Can I keep it?
Jack Skellington: Sure, why not?
Velma: So, Mr. Skellington. Did you get any information out of them?
Jack Skellington: Ah yes, that. Those two have invaded Gentaro’s dreams while this man named Funny Valentine manipulated them through the use of traveling through alternate universes. This is all because he wanted to Gentaro’s alternate side as some sort of jar.
Dudley: Whatever this little chess game they’re planning, it’s certainly not a pleasant one.
Elena: Whenever I see this Valentine guy, I want to teach him not to mess with my friend.

Everyone nodded in agreement with Elena’s plight. This Valentine guy must be stopped before further chaos could reach the pantheon.

Shaggy: Like, I totally hear you on that one, miss. And Krueger and Pitch are getting away!
Fred: Let’s not worry about them right now, Shaggy. We’ll have them on Temple Arrest later.
Jack Skellington: Now that we’ve gotten some information, I’ll inform King Mickey and everyone else about this Valentine guy’s plan.

Before they could proceed to their next destination, a flash bomb was suddenly thrown at the group.

Daphne: Everyone, look out!

The group evaded the explosions just in time afterward, two figures showed up.

???1: Well, well… You’re not getting out alive!
???2: I’d say we give them a dose of amnesia.

The group turned to look at the two figures.

Shaggy: Hey guys, isn’t that Seth Rollins?
Dudley: And Mr. Jason Brody as well.

Brody and Seth appeared before the group with Jason’s machete in his right hand.

Dudley: Ms. Elena and I will handle Seth. Mister Jones, since you are wearing a samurai costume, I suggest you hold off Brody before backup arrives.
Fred: I can’t take him alone; the guy is more skilled than me with a weapon!
Nebiros: Then allow us to help you!
“Brody”: Looks like I’m going to enjoy myself! I hope you maggots will bleed before us!
Rollins: (to Dudley and Elena) I’ll decimate the both you before-
Dudley: (delivers Seth a hook to the face) Gutter Trash!

Dudley proceeds to deliver blows around Seth’s abdomen, followed by an uppercut in attempt to knock his opponent away, only for Seth to seemingly block the uppercut with a chest block.

Elena: Dudley!

Going on a handstand, Elena tightly locked her legs against Seth’s neck and threw him to the ground, accidentlly snapping it in the process. Brody runs up to the group and slashes them, but Fred, backed up by Beilal and Nebiros, were holding off against him decently, with Fred having to do to a swordfight against Brody while Beilal and Nebiros distract Brody. As Fred continue to hold off Jason, everyone looked to where the voice came from. Two people have come to help them: Gangrel and Luna Vachon.

Daphne: The vampire wrestler? I heard you guys had other business to take care of.
Gangrel: We were going to do some other business, but we’ve seen Brody going your way.
Velma: What are you planning to do?
Luna: You’re gonna see in just a few minutes.

The two of them have walked up to Brody, who was gaining the upper hand against Fred.

Gangrel: Jason, Stop this at once!
“Brody”: Or else what? The asylum needs me to protect those fillies!
Dudley: I wish I could get some assistance against Seth.
Luna: I’ll be on my way.

Luna separated herself from Gangrel to knock away the brainwashed Seth for a while. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Three figures, in the form of little horses, though not visibly seen, were behind Gangrel.

Gangrel: A pity… Luna and I reserved this “secret weapon” in tow just for you, Brody.
“Brody”: Hehe, whatever it is, it won’t work on me.
Shaggy: (confused) Do you know what this “secret weapon” is?
Scooby: Ruh uh!
Velma: Quiet down, you two. Let’s just wait and see the surprise for ourselves.

As the group grew quiet, Gangrel used this as a way to seemingly distract him.

“Brody”: What the hell is going on? This has to be some sort of joke!
Gangrel: If you think I’m joking, very well, then… I’ll activate the “weapon”. Let me warn you, they’re packed with dynamite.

Jason ran up to Gangrel in an attempt to cut the vampiric wrestler, who kicked him in the stomach and threw him away from him. Gangrel quickly removed four ghostly cloaks to reveal three more familiar figures that put Jason in his tracks. Gangrel removed the veil of clothing to reveal… The Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“Brody”: Applebloom…? Scootaloo…? A-and Sweetie Belle…? W-what are you four doing here? I thought the asylum took you in…
Sweetie Belle: We’ve heard everything you’ve caused! Please, Mr. Brody. Stop this!
Applebloom: We’re not going to play with you until you stop this madness
“Brody”: B-but…
Scootaloo: No buts! We won’t forgive you if you keep doing this.

The scolding Cutie Mark Crusaders have gotten to his ears. “Jason’s” body suddenly began to feel weak upon seeing them. He could not attack them as he held a soft spot for them. All this time, he thought the asylum had them in. And with Dudley, Luna, and Elena holding off Seth, process was easier. The corruption in “Jason’s” body was trying to break free.

Luna: Alright, The corruption on him is weakening. Keep it up, you three!
Mabel: Go, Cutie Mark Crusaders!
“Brody”: Guh!
Scootaloo: Please Mr. Brody! If you could hear us this once, Those two guys, Vaas Montenegro and Hoyt Volker if we remember correctly, are the masterminds behind the Asylum!
“Brody”: Vaas? and Volker? Are behind the asylum corrupting deities? Wha— Ugh!

Jason’s tries to fight the corruption off of his body. The corruption was on verge of disappearing. The Cutie Mark Crusaders needed one more push to free the corruption from Jason’s body.

Sweetie Belle: If you want, we’ll find a way to ascend your friends into the pantheon.
Brody: No… Please… kill me.
Apple Bloom: Please, what about your friends?

Complying with Jason’s wish, Belial, ignoring the pleas of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, went up to him and stabbed his chest with his trident before the former started to collapse as the corruption disappeared from his body. This caused everyone to be outraged at the Goetian Demon King as Fred rushed in to grab his body and went back to the rest of the Mystery Gang.

Sweetie Belle: How could you do such a thing?
Nebiros: While the boy was busy speaking to you fillies, Belial and I thought it would be best to kill him where he stood.
Belial: The corruption in his soul could resurface at any time should we take him into a healing area incapacitated.

Their explanation saddened the rest of group. Granted, they objected to murder, but the two Demon Kings had a point: If any more deities were corrupted by the asylum guardians, they would end up facing more trouble than they are now.

Jack Skellington: (sad) You two have said enough… Let’s focus on Seth.
Luna: Yeah…. (to Seth) You’re outnumbered, Seth! Give it up!

Belial went ahead of the group to confront Seth, who decided to run away. The Shield wrestler tried to run away from the Goetic Demon King in an attempt to, only for the latter to grab him by his neck and snap it.

Dudley: Good heavens…
Shaggy: Like… just looking at Mr. Rollins, I just remembered we still have that match with Kane. And if we win that, we’ll be treated to a buffet.
Scooby: Rheah…
Gangrel: I wish you two luck. Lay the smack down on them.
Velma: Not yet, you two. We still have to fix this madness.
Nebiros: Before you go, I will remove the hearts and souls from their bodies.

Fred, Dudley, and Elena took the bodies of Seth and Jason to Nebiros, who removed their souls.

Belial: (Looks at the Cutie Mark Crusader) Since this “Brody” guy is your friend, consider this our apology for the accusations we’ve made against your sisters in the past.
Scootaloo: I didn’t know you two would be this kind to us.
Fred: Now, that’s done. And now for a new question: Where were you three fillies when the Proxy were capturing the Princesses of Heart?
Sweetie Belle: We were in Limbo, a place that tortures the souls. We were almost overwhelmed by the despair it imposed on us.
Mabel: Oooh, that’s scary. Was it just you three?
Applebloom: We weren’t the only ones in that place. We saw him— Gentaro Kisaragi’s in Limbo, he’s the one who took us to the Maiden in Black!

Everyone was surprised to hear Applebloom mention Gentaro. However, what made this puzzling was the Maiden in Black’s presence.

Dipper: Is here in the pantheon as well?
Applebloom: He’s going to be here eventually
Elena: (smiles) My friend is going to be back into the pantheon. That’s all I need to know.
Dudley: I may help you look for him once we send these two into the Medical Division.
Jack Skellington: We’re going to need more information on the Maiden In Black, but we should focus on that at a later time.
Luna Vachon: Right. (to the Cutie Mark Crusaders) Girls, we should meet up with your sisters.
Cutie Mark Crusaders: Right!
Gangrel: That would take a long time. How about we take them to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.
Luna Vachon: Good idea. (To everyone else) See you later, guys.

The Equestrian deities departed the House of Personality to take their sisters to their temples to rest before regroup with the other three ponies to meet up at the front of the Friendship Asylum. The other group waved at them as they departed.

Dipper: Right! I’ll inform the others all about this sinister tale.
Nebiros: We will catch up with you after we revive and purify their souls in the House of Life and Death through a ritual. Then we will return the souls to their bodies. Come Alice! We have work to do!
Jack Skellington: Alright, see you guys later! (thinking) I need to keep an eye on Neyla after we get the bodies of those two in the Medical Division.

Jack Skellington, Dudley, Elena, and the Pine Twins went with the Mystery Gang into the van (Jack Skellingtion had to sit on top it) while Alice, Belial and Nebiros went to resurrect the souls of Jason and Seth in the House of Life and Death through ritual.

Twenty minutes laterThe group have reached the GUAG Medical Division with Seth and Brody’s bodies with them. Shaggy knocks on the door for the nurse to have nursing beds for Seth and Brody. 30 seconds afterwards, Black Jack walks in while Audino arrived with the Medical Beds for the two of them. Black Jack was disturbed to see Jason’s head being stabbed.

Black Jack: Good God… Who would do such a thing to Mr. Brody and Mr. Rollins?
Jack Skellington: The Demon King Belial stabbed Brody’s heart with a trident and snapped Rollins’ neck.
Black Jack: Wait, the Goetic Demon Kings Belial and Nebiros of the House of Love? Where are they now?
Dudley: They’ve taken the souls of Mr. Rollins and Mr. Brody to the Life and Death House in order to restore and purify their souls through a ritual.
Shaggy: Like, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will be so displeased to hear about Rollins’ neck snapped if those two don’t come back in time.
Velma: That’s… actually true. Dr. Black Jack, we have something important to tell you about Gentaro.
Black Jack: Alright, tell me the details.

Jack Skellington explained everything to Dr. Black Jack, from Funny Valentine’s machinations on Gentaro’s psyche through the use of Alternate Universe, to how Freddy Krueger and Pitch Black invaded Gentaro’s dreams, to how they ordered Queen Chrysalis to manipulate Ryusei Sakuta to kill Gentaro, to how the friendly Kamen Rider was planned to be as a siphon to initiate “Time for Heaven,” to Gentaro and The Cutie Mark Crusaders’ trip in Limbo.

Black Jack: To think such a thing would happen… Tell everyone else involved about this while you still can. I’ll let the receptionist and everyone in the hospital know about this too. She’s just recovered Sora, and is now on the way back. I’ll also inform Princesses Celestia and Luna about this.
Jack Skellington: Gangrel and Luna Vachon are on that. With Sora recovered, our chances of destroying the asylum will be easier, but we still have the Proxy to worry about.
Fred: Since we’re done here, gang, wanna head back to the temple?

Everyone else in the Mystery Gang nodded and started their vans to depart the medical division.

Daphne: Pine Twins, thank you for seeking us out for help!
Dipper: No problem. We owe you guys a big one for helping us out. I’ll be sure to get Scooby some Scooby Snacks.
Scooby: (laughs in reply)

Fred stepped on the gas to leave the medical division. The other group waved goodbye and everyone except have stated their plans.

Dudley: I’m sorry Miss Elena, but I will stay in the hospital to treat them back to their temples when they’re finished healing.
Elena: These deities need someone to make feel better after they’ve been through, but I can’t let my friend suffer alone.
Jack Skellington: Do you as must, Elena. Good luck guiding them back to their temples, Dudley. Pine Twins, find Belial and Nebiros. Once you do, take them to the Medical Division to restore Seth and Brody.
Dipper: Will do, Mr. Skellington!
Black Jack: I’ll tell the receptionist all about this when I have the chance. That madman must be stopped at all costs.

And with that, Black Jack went inside the Hospital to have Seth and Brody’s wounds treated. Now, Jack and the Pine twins set out to tell King Mickey and everyone else involved the secrets behind this catastrophe.

Jareth was keeping in touch with Penelope with his magic orbs as he keeps an eye on the Fireys. The quintet were forced to unpack all of Jareth’s belongings as punishment for their cowardice while under the asylum’s service, but were otherwise glad that they were no longer slaves.

Penelope: (through an orb) Clu and I have been searching all night, and still no sign of the entrance to the heart. I’m just glad that Vanille was rescued.
Jareth: That is splendid news… but I’m still concerned for the mecha that got stolen from the city a few weeks back.
Penelope: (through an orb) Mecha? What kind of mecha?
Jareth: The guardian of the Goblin City: Humongous!
Penelope: (through an orb) Like… the one in the Wrestling Federation that Donald and Goofy reported to April last Friday?

Asylum Log 26 – Passing Through Royalty

Jade and Tohru have assembled several deities outside the entrance Medical Division’s Recreation Room to discuss about the asylum. Among them were Winnie the Pooh, Ruby Rose, Tommy Oliver, Daxter, many Disney deities, Komory Bat, Absol, and the residents of the House of Friendship with the exception of Enrico. Surrounding them were cameras that were to be recorded on Television. Jade was the first to make a speech.

Jade: Everyone, I have an announcement to make! Tohru and I have done some observations in the asylum, and we’ve made a conclusion! The Friendship Asylum cannot and will not destroy the pantheon! The asylum is empowered by friendship! We still have a chance to defeat the asylum!

Everyone around them have cheered onto Jade. Everyone else were clapping their hands in joy as she continued.

Jade: The asylum was created from the bonds of those who knew the meaning of Friendship! They still have free will in them! We can still set them free! Join with us to destroy the asylum and free our alliess from this influence!

Impressed, everyone cheered for the speech the niece of Jackie Chan. Jackie himself was in his temple smiling when Jade made an inspirational speech, relieved that she didn’t go to the asylum, given that she entered the Proxy’s Castle a few days ago.

Jackie: (Inside his own temple, smiling) I’m happy you’ve listened to your uncle, Jade.

She left the stage to let Pooh make a speech into the microphone.

Pooh: I had a friend, and his name was Sora. Sora was there when my friends had vanished and I questioned what it would be like to say goodbye to myself. Then, he came back when I wasn’t able to remember my friends, and I asked him how I could make him stay longer. I asked him, ‘Sora, if I go out looking for you, will I find you?’ And he said that he would always be right here. I was so very happy then. (tears form in his eyes as he places a paw on his heart) I want to be happy now, but I can’t. Sora is gone, my friend is gone, and if I go out searching for him, I will never find him. (starts crying) Sora…where are you?

Everyone began to cry over the speech, remembering how Sora was kind and helpful towards the pantheon. Sure, he’s a bit impulsive at times, and prone to trust the wrong people, but he is viewed as a beacon of hope, given his titles as a “Warrior of Cosmos”, a Royal Musketeer, a bodyguard to Santa Claus. Daxter decided to take a stance.

Daxter: Sora’s heart is still in there somewhere! There’s still hope that he can be free from the darkness. I believe that he, Jak, and the others can resist the corruption in their hearts before it takes over. Come friends and allies, we shall work together to free their souls.
Pooh: You really think so?
Daxter: Of course. Sora is still there. He just can’t see it because of the Dark Eco inside him.

The ottsel’s speech has made everyone cheered for him. Motivated by the speeches of Pooh, Daxter, and Jade, Ruby got up from her seat with a smile.

Mulan: Wait, where are you going?
Ruby: I’m going to the asylum to end this!

The leader of Team RWBY left the Medical Division to go to the asylum. Everyone else was cheering them on to destroy the asylum for good. Absol, now wearing a blindfold over her eyes, decided to follow Ruby inside, and there was another figure with her. The other person was a young woman in black and white, with a black bow in her hair.

Kairi, Ren and Nora were at the entrance of the House of Love, going to enter the asylum again to free and rescue Sora and Jaune. With the civil war against the Asylum Guardians and the Darkness Proxy still ensuing, they knew the success in purifying their friends would be more likely. As they were about to make their move to enter the asylum, a female figure took them by surprise.

???: Do you mind if I join you three?
Ren: Who are you?
???: I am Neyla.
Kairi: What do you want with us?
Neyla: I wish to help you guys on your little quest.
Nora: Really? Let’s be friends
Neyla: No. There’s something I need to do there.
Kairi: What is it?
Neyla: It’s a secret.

Kairi was leery of the Purple Tigress. In her gut feeling, she considered this woman untrustworthy, but she knew that she, Nora, and Ren couldn’t handle Sora and Jaune by themselves. She sighed as she begrudingly brought Neyla along with her as they go to the asylum.

Bentley was tinkering with the voice modulator, a device he obtained from his brief detour in the House of Techology. It had the ability to imitate the voice of anyone in the pantheon. He used it to imitate Vanille’s voice several minutes ago, but the machine had static in it, causing him to fix its problem.

Bentley: Just almost there…

Just as the turtle was putting up several, Fang approached him.

Fang: Is it ready yet?
Bentley: It’s near completion. Hold on for a few minutes.
Fang: I want to lure the zombies to us, but I can’t do so alone.
Bentley: You’d better get Auron or Pit to help you on.
???: What are you two doing here?

Bentley and Fang turned around to see two male figures approaching them.

Bentley: You two must be Voltaire and Artix von Krieger. Mickey has told me about you two.
Artix: And you must be Bentley. Inspector Fox has told me a little about you as well. We fought some guy named Tachyon in the Proxy’s Castle. Mickey had to be invisible to telelport him and his species, the Cragmites, out of the pantheon. (Looks at Fang) Where’s that girl you were carrying?
Fang: Vanille? She’s safe right now.
Voltaire: Was she corrupted?
Fang: Likely. She should be free from the corruption in an hour or two. Until then, let’s find some of these freaks for the turtle to control.

Fang, Artix, and Voltaire left Bentley to lure to the undead to the turtle.

Seventeen minutes later

The three heroes had lured the undead to Bentley, who had finished working with the device eight minutes ago.

Bentley: Alright, we have everything prepared. Get behind me so I can activate the Voice Modulator! I’ve already tested it before hand.

They went behind Bentley as he started speaking as he used the device.

Bentley: (normal voice) Uh, hello undead soldiers. Would you (Vanille’s voice) mind crawling yourselves towards a nice place called the River Stix?

The zombies stopped in their tracks to start digging a hole.

Bentley: (Vanille’s voice) Stop!

The undead stop as requested.

Fang: It worked.
Bentley: That’s phase one. Now all we have to do is—
Artix: Can you ask them to come to me?

Before he could announce his plan, Artix stepped in front of them.

Bentley: …Why?
Artix: It’ll be fun! I mean, who doesn’t like the sound of the undead collapsing like a house of cards?
Fang: But we still have use for them.
Artix: Once we stop using them, they’ll still attack the pantheon.
Bentley: (begrudingly) Fine. You can kill most of them. (Vanille’s voice) Undead soldiers, can you nicely walk up to Artix?

As instructed, the undead went close to Artix, who enthusiastically started slaying the undead zombies. The rest of the group were disturbed that Artix, the Champion of Darkness and The Leader of the GUAG Sacred Knights, was gleefully slaying the undead zombies. Many spirit orbs were released from the undead as the undead slaying knight continued to slay more of them.

Fang: I’ve never seen a knight this enthusiastic in slaying undead creatures…
Voltaire: Artix is a bit different from the usual knights: While other knights can use light magic without any prerequisites, He needs to collect spirit orbs to cast them. It’s also the reason Caleb Goldman hasn’t been launching any zombies or freakish mutants around the pantheon.
Artix: (still slaying Undead) This is the Artix von Krieger Show!
Bentley: What.

Fang and Bentley were speechless for a few minutes at the information about Artix given to them by Volatire as the undead slaying knight started slaying more of them. Several minutes, an irritated Voltaire started yelling at Artix.

Voltaire: (Yelling) Artix, can you please stop!?

The undead slaying knight stopped attacking the undead and turned to his friend. By the time he did so, the numbers of the undead were reduced to thirty four.

Artix: What is it, Voltaire?
Voltaire: We still need these zombies to carry out our ends!
Artix: (Calms down) Right. Got a little too carried away there… Bentley, can you order them to stop following me?
Bentley: (Normal voice) Will do. Undead soldiers, (Vanille’s voice) can you stop following Artix to await your next command?

The undead froze themselves in their tracks, no longer coming to Artix. Bentley took a deep breath, exasperated at the near elimination of the undead.

Bentley: (Vanille’s voice) Undead soldiers, follow me!

With the undead under their control, Bentley and the others head for the asylum.

Pooh: Sora… Where are you?

Pooh walked around the pantheon and noticed that look for Sora. Ruby had already ahead of him to cover him from any of the corrupted deities. He thought about all the times he had with brunette, Donald, and Goofy. Two minutes of walking, he looked around and discovered that he was in the vicinity of the aslyum. He looked to his right and saw something peculiar. The polite bear proceeded to get closer until…

Pooh: Sora?

He found the corrupted brunette sitting behind some bushes. He got up when Pooh uttered his name.

Pooh: What happened to you…?
“Sora”: You don’t know what it’s like…I am this now…(gestures to his appearance) I can’t be with those I care about, so please go!
Pooh: But if you go Sora, I will go looking for you.
“Sora”: You will never find me.
Pooh: But I will, Sora. (places a paw over his heart) You’re in here, that’s why.

Sora stood back as Pooh slowly approached him. He got more and more worried that he could hurt Pooh. Within moments, Sora was backed towards a tree. He suddenly got scared. But then, the fear turned to rage as the voices in his head got louder and louder. Then…

“Sora”: You silly old bear…you won’t find me because SORA IS GONE!

Sora attacks Pooh with a Firaga, knocking him into a tree unconscious, and is horrified of his actions.

“Sora”: …Sora is gone.

While the corrupted Keyblade Wielder was still traumatized, a dice was thrown next at him. He was frozen before he could react. Suddenly, a certain ottsel stepped in on the scene, enraged.

Daxter: (angry) How could you do such a thing to Pooh? He was so heartbroken when he found out that you were corrupted!

The frozen Sora couldn’t say anything as Daxter continued on with his speech.

Daxter: Snap out of this madness, Sora! You’re not gone. You’re in there, and you cannot realize it because the asylum won’t allow this. Pooh knew you’re in there, and yet you deny it and attack him. Come on Jak, you gotta wake up! Don’t lead the asylum hold us back. You need to wake up!

Daxter: Ughh… Where am I? Jak and I were particapating in a blitzball contest and then… that evil prince from the Southern Isles came up to us, and…

Daxter opened his eyes and looked around him. He saw that Jak in front of him, but the latter had his sights on the other prisoners, who locked up inside.

Daxter: Jak?

His friend turned around to face him, but the ottsel noticed one thing about him: his eyes were glowing white, causing Daxter realize two things: One was that it wasn’t the Jak he knew, and the second thing was that he was inside the asylum.

Daxter: (thinking) I’ve just landed myself in the Lion’s den… (Speaks) Jak, those prisoners haven’t done anything to you!
“Jak”: The asylum has promised me that everything will be okay. Now Come on, Dax. Let’s prevent guys from doing anything dangerous to the asylum!
Daxter: Come on Jak. You need to stop doing this, especially for the sake of Keira. She wouldn’t approve of this!
“Jak”: What does it matter? I’m… this. I’ve promised I’d keep it secured, and it has reassured me that Keira will be safe.
Daxter: This place is lying to you, Jak. It just wants you as the leader to use your Dark Eco to fuel that proxy.
“Jak”: Even if I leave, someone else will just take over. I just can’t leave. No one can make me leave.
Daxter: Jak, you can’t allow the Dark Eco to control you again! You’ve done it once, and you can do it again!

The ottsel’s word’s seems to have reached Jak’s ears. However, the latter walked to Daxter and grabbed him.

“Jak”: Dax…you won’t find me because JAK IS GONE!

In a fit of rage, he threw his otsel friend into a wall.

Daxter: Ooww!

Before he went unconscious, he saw Jak, who was troubled for unintentionally hurting his best friend.

“Jak”: Dax… I’m so sorry…

Daxter blacked out, unable to respond to Jak.

Sora, realizing his own actions, took over his own body again, realizing what just happened to him seconds ago.

Sora: Daxter… (looks at his own hands) What have I done…?

He runs off to the asylum in tears, full of sorrow for what his deeds against Pooh, Daxter, and, to a large scale, the pantheon itself. For some reason, he had memories of him and Riku visiting Misty Island as pre-teens where Riku fell into a Dark Pool, getting his dark powers in the process. He had another of the two of them, along with Kairi meet with a sage named Samos and the four depart to find Gol. He tries to shakes off the memories as he enters the asylum.

Daxter went to look for Pooh, who recovered from the Firaga Sora fired at him, but started crying at his failure to help his friend free himself.

Pooh: (crying) I couldn’t free Sora…
Daxter: (comforting a sobbing Pooh bear) I know how it feels to lose someone, and then they reappear and claim that they’re gone. But Sora will return, Pooh. We just gotta believe that he will.
Pooh: Yes. I just gotta keep searching for Sora and bring him back.
Daxter: Well, that, or I’ll go in after him and talk to him some more. You should go and find Mickey. It isn’t safe in that asylum. Believe me; Jak didn’t make it out alright.

Murray: (thinking) Careful, Murray… You got this…

Murray was in sneaking into the asylum to look for Sly. Because of his large size, he’d be easily detected by the Asylum guardians. So he quietly walked around the asylum to find without getting caught. He slowly opens door as he enters a room. Sly wasn’t there, so he quietly closed it back. He went into another room. The pink hippo turned on the lights to see. What he saw next disturbed him.

Murray: (quietly) Sweet Cosmos… Sly…

He saw Sly Cooper unconscious, having been burned to death earlier by Lea. Wasting no time, he went his raccoon friend and picked him up. With Sly on his shoulders, he decides to depart the asylum to regroup with Bentley. Several minutes later, he made his way out of the asylum. He was shocked to see who stood in front of him.

Murray: Jeff Hardy…?

The Pink Hippo readied his guard to fight him. However, the corrupted wrestler frowned as he didn’t move a muscle.

Jeff Hardy: I’m not here to attack you.
Murray: Then what are you doing here?
Jeff Hardy: I’m here to stop the war. We have betrayed our master.
Murray: Wait, so you no longer under Alternate!Gentaro’s control? That’s great! You should come with us!
Jeff Hardy: I’m sorry, but I can’t… The corruption is lingering still inside me and the corruption might resurface.
???: Murray!

As the two were talking, Bentley, Fang, Artix, and Voltaire arrive with the undead and saw Murray and Willow!Jeff speaking with each other to their surprise. The latter three readied their weapons just in case Jeff attacks them. Artix, however was more focused on Bentley.

Artix: Pi… Pi…!
Voltaire: (annoyed, scoffs) Of all the times…

Voltaire dropped his keyblade and took out a cardboard bag out of his pocket. He then placed it on Artix’s head to silence him.

Artix: Ah… Brown.. What a relief.
Bentley: What was that all about?
Voltaire: Our Champion of Darkness here has a fear of the pink.
Fang: At least that won’t freak him out. (Looks at Murray and Jeff) They don’t seem to be fighting against one another for some reason.
Jeff: Please, let’s stop this war… together… Please, kill me…

The group were hesitant as to have him killed, but then they remembered one thing.

Fang: We’re deities, right? He’ll come to back to life in his temple eventually.

Still nervous at the idea of having to kill someone, Bentley took a breath and started giving the undead the order.

Bentley: Attention mindless undead of the underworld— (Vanille’s voice) The castle defenses are down. Seize this opportunity for aggressive action against that foul proxy who dared to betray our glorious leader by pressing an attack on the castle. Uh… CHARGE! For fun, for glory!

At Bentley’s command, the undead assaulted Willow!Jeff, who stood there as they started biting away at his body. Murray dropped Sly and rushed to help save Jeff from the zombies, but was kicked away.

Jeff Hardy: Agh…!
Murray: Jeff!
Jeff Hardy: Go! Don’t worry about me. Just go… Destroy that asylum…!

The pink Hippo went for Sly as he watched the undead continue to bite and rip Jeff. Once they were done with the wrestler, they turned their sights onto him and Sly. Murray was now cornered, having to protect Sly by himself.

Bentley: This is bad. I should’ve been more specific with my command. Now they’re going to get killed by them!
Voltaire: I should’ve had Artix stay with them.
Bentley: Undead Soldiers, (Vanille’s voice) cease— What?

Before he could comand the zombies to stop attacking he watched a figure leap down a tree and cut off the heads of numerous undead creatures. The figure, who is revealed to be a female with black hair and yellow eyes cutting down, dismembered several more of the undead.

Murray: Wait, you’re—

Before Murray could say anything, the female figure vanished without saying a word.

Bentley: My undead soldiers, (Vanille’s voice) STOP!!

The undead were stopped in their tracks as Fang and Voltaire charged forward to finish off the remaining undead while Bentley rushed to the pink Hippo’s aid.

Bentley: I’m glad you’re okay, but my goodness… Sly needs to be sent for treatment.
Murray: I know… Bentley, did you saw that girl that just saved me two minutes ago? Just who was she?
Bentley: I don’t know, but that’s not our main priority. Let’s get out of here!

Bentley, Murray, and Fang departed the asylum to go to meet up with the others. Voltaire picks up Artix and removed the cardboard bag from his head.

Voltaire: The pink menace has fled. You have nothing to worry about.
Artix: Good… Where are the others?
Voltaire: They left. We should meet up with Inspector Fox.
Artix: If she’s busy, we should regroup with the others after we kill these undead soldier.
Voltaire: Sounds fair enough.

Nodding in approval, Artix and Voltaire took out remaining undead before they could redezevous with Carmelita.

Kairi, Ren, Nora, and Neyla were about to arrive at the asylum’s exterior. Kairi, however was still suspcious of the shady purple tigress that joined them. For what purpose was she assisting them for? Before the red-headed Keyblade wielder could think about the unexpected event further, they were stopped by two figures. Neyla hid in the bushes to not been seen with them.

???: Hey, wait up!

The party stopped to see than an ottsel and another creature went up to them. They were Daxter and Juggle Pup.

Daxter: Are you guys here to save Sora?
Kairi: Of course, but why are you here?
Daxter: I’ve been trying to get Pooh away from the asylum. I also meet Sora with him.
Ren: Did he say anything?
Daxter: He insisted to Pooh that “Sora is gone”. He used that exact three words, suggesting that Sora is no longer in that body. (sadly) And Jak said the same thing… when we were prisoners in that asylum.
Kairi: Sora just can’t say he is gone… I know he can fight the off corruption.
Daxter: And so can Jak. He’s resisted the corruption before, and he can do it again!

Juggle Pup curled itself upon the ottsel as the latter petted the Dream Eater.

Ren: Have you also seen Jaune?
Daxter: Sorry, I haven’t seen your friend.
Nora: Where is that honey colored bear now?
Daxter: I’ve sent him to Mickey for protection. I don’t have much time here, I have to find these dolls in the asylum.
Kairi: Dolls? Inside an asylum?
Daxter: Yeah. It’s as creepy as it sounds. Just be careful around them.

The duo headed for the asylum to search for the dolls inside. Little did the ottsel know that Neyla was overhearing the conversation. Smirking, she came out of hiding and returned to the group, which made Kairi uneasily angry.

Neyla: I’ve heard everything, so there’s no need to tell it me.
Kairi: Whatever. Let’s just go inside the asylum and do whatever you want.

The red-headed keyblade wielder and the purple tigress went ahead of Ren and Nora, who followed behind them as the latter two spoke.

Nora: I’ve never seen this side of her before.
Ren: We need to keep an eye on that Neyla lady. She doesn’t seem to be here to free our friends from the corruption.
Nora: I’ll give her a good “pat” if I have to.

They catch up to the other two members to find Sora and Jaune and purify them.

“Sora”: Jaune, I’m so sorry for all this. I was a fool to make you and the others loyal to me just to cause this rampage.
“Jaune”: But Sora, this is exactly what was needed in the first place. This is also what I need if it means revenge for Pyrrha.
“Sora:” Revenge is never the way. It doesn’t make you a better person. You’ll only create a cycle of vengeance… I… I need to go somewhere else…

The corrupted Keyblade Wielder left Jaune alone to think about his actions. The leader of Team JNPR thought about keybearer’s words for a few moments before falling to his knees.

“Jaune”: (sad) How will I honor my family now…?

He ponders about his next decision, but was stopped as he was surprised to see his two teammates approaching him.

Nora: Jauney!
Ren: Stay back!

Ren stopped the energetic orange-haired girl from hugging JNPR in case he tries to attack them. The blonde however, was silent and didn’t make a move. Kairi also enters the room, angrily.

Kairi: (angry) I came here because Daxter told me that “Sora is gone”. So, I guess I assume that “Jaune is gone” as well, right?

Jaune was silent for a few seconds before started speaking

“Jaune”: Don’t worry. I won’t harm you guys. I’m going to have that pink-haired girl send the undead to kill me…
Neyla: Well then. That’s going to take a long time to do so, so allow me to do the honors.
Ren: Wait, no!

Ignoring Ren’s pleas, Neyla takes out a large wooden stick she got from a tree before, went ahead of Jaune and stabs him with it. Jaune, the leader of Team JNPR, dropped on to the floor semiconscious. This caused Kairi to become enraged at what Neyla did.

Kairi: (angry) Why did you do that!?
Neyla: Well, Kairi, this fellow wanted to have the undead kill him. That would take a long time, so I took the opportunity to do it right then and there.
“Jaune”: K… Kairi?

The red-headed Keyblade Wielder looks at Jaune, who used the last energy of his body to look up at her.

“Jaune”: It’s you…. Sora has told me… about you…
Kairi: Where is he?
“Jaune”: He’s inside another room… Don’t worry about me… Nora and Ren will carry… my body… out of here… I’m so sorry for what happened… Don’t let the proxy win…

Before he could anything further, he collapsed.

Nora: Jaune…
Neyla: It’s best to do what he says.
Ren: No… we’ll catch up with you later.

The two remaining members of Team JNPR were mourned for their leader’s apparent death while the red-headed keyblade silent and started searching for Sora.

Eight minutes later

Sora was crying next to a wall, regretful of his actions. The act of nearly murdering Winnie the Pooh… Having Vanille order the undead to attack the Proxy’s castle, which in turn lead the undead to raid the pantheon in the process… Before he could decide anything further, a certain figure approached him. He turned around to see his childhood friend.

Kairi: Sora…
“Sora”: …Kairi?

The brunette was glad his childhood friend came to him.

“Sora”:(smiles) I’m glad you’re here, (frowns) but I don’t know how much longer I can control his body.
Kairi: I just want to know: What happened to you?
“Sora”: My memories got entangled with that of Sora. That is why I sent the Fireys to find my body and bring it back, so that I could undo the spell and fix our hearts. That is why I’m convinced that “Sora is gone”. I’m not even Sora. I’m… Jak. Or the corrupted version of him.
And so it is revealed that, all this time, what everyone thought was Sora was actually Jak possessing his body. He wanted to find his body, and his memories, and hopefully reverse the spell and restore himself to his rightful body.
Kairi: Jak, if you come with us, we can find a cure and restore you to your rightful body—
“Jak”: I can’t go out. They’ll hunt me down for what I did with Vanille. I was just angry with the proxy. (angry) They lied to me. They said they’d leave you alone, and then… and then… I saw Kaiba trying to kill you!! That is why I snapped… and ordered the asylum to make everyone loyal to me! (crying) I just… just can’t handle all this anymore. I’m a monster. A product of Baron Praxis’ Dark Warrior Program.
Kairi: Jak, what are you trying to say?
“Jak”: Kairi… Please kill me…
Kairi: But… Jak…

Kairi was hesitant to do the deed to the brunette Keybearer’s body. She was certain that she would free him the corruption, but to kill her longtime friend, would be too much for her. Before she could decide on a choice, Neyla suddenly arrives and pushes the red-headed Keyblade wielder into a wall.

Jak: Kairi!! (angry) You…!

Seeing the purple tigress push Kairi into a wall enraged him. Spreading his wing, Jak charged at full speed at Neyla, tackling her and knocking her into a wall being her. He was willing to kill her with every last ounce of his strength. Ren and Nora arrived. Nora watched the fight while Ren picked Kairi up to her feet.

Nora: (euphuistic) Rip her head off, Sora!

Jak closed in the former interpol officer, who took out a sword. Just as he was about to make the finishing move, she impales him with the sword, stopping him in his tracks. Kairi screamed at the sight, while Ren and Nora were surprised to see the weapon she stabbed the brunette keyblade wielder with was actually Jaune’s weapon.

Ren: You… You stole Crocea Mors!
Neyla: So what? Now with Sora out of the way, the asylum’s guardians are all dead. Now I will claim the asylum for myself!
Kairi: (angry) I should’ve known you weren’t to be trusted!
Neyla: Too bad you and your friends will be powerless when I take control of the asylum!

Suddenly, a loud roar reached everyone’s ears. The group watched as Neyla was being telekinetically dragged.

Neyla: What the heck…? Let me go!

The Purple Tigress was suddenly thrown outside the asylum. A few minutes later, she found her body being on top of a oubielette. She was being thrown down there, seemingly as punishment for what she did to Sora.

Nora: Whoa… What just happened?
Ren: The asylum must have been angry when that tigress stabbed Sora. (angry) The next time I see her, I’m going to send her to justice. (to Kairi)Are you alright?
Kairi: Yeah, I’m fine… Uungh…! I guess my right arm’s broken.
Nora: I’ll carry Sora for you.
Kairi: Thanks, Nora.

Sora collapsed on the floor unconscious as Jak’s heart fragment and left to return to his body. Dark Eco seeped out of Sora as he returned to his human form, with his regular clothing being restored. Daxter had seen everything from outside the hallway, and realized what had really happened to his friends.

Daxter: (thinking) If Sora said that he was Jak, then that must mean…

The realization dawned to the ottsel. He realized that the Keybearer traded a fragment of his heart with Jak during the corruption. He also realized that the Sora that enter the computer world was actually the real one the entire time, and that the Sora who lead the guardians was actually Jak all along. This information lead to one revelation that disturbed him.

Daxter: (thinking) Dear Cosmos… Jak was partially corrupted this whole time… Why does this whole thing with these two sound familiar…?

With this information, he and Juggle Pup left, amazed about his discovery. Kairi was surprised at what she had just saw.

Kairi: (thinking) That… was interesting… Come to think of it, didn’t Yu Narukami and his Investigation Team converted a Witch into a Persona?

Nora grabbed the body of Sora. Ren left to the other room to get Jaune before they could depart the asylum.

Kairi, Nora, and Jaune, The latter two whom were carrying the bodies of Sora and Jaune to the medical division, were going past several deities who were wounded by the uprising.

Nora: It’s like we’re heroes…
Kairi: What are we going to do about the rest of the undead?
Ren: I just remembered something: we still have Artix to take out the rest of them.
Kairi: I completely forgot about him. I’m glad he’s still around. Let’s have him keep the undead busy while Vanille recovers.

The three walked their way to the GUAG Medical Division HQ to have Sora and Jaune be placed on medical beds.

The soul of Gentaro Kisaragi was guided by an eyeless lady to an exit. He was relieved that he could escape from all the suffering Limbo had induced on him. The woman, the Maiden in Black, turned to Gentaro, asking him a question.

Maiden In Black: This portal shall lead you to the pantheon. I must thank you for rescuing those three souls from Limbo.
Gentaro: I wanted those fillies to escape from here to see their sisters again. They deserved to escape from here more than I do… One question before I go… Will this lead transport me to my friends’ temple?
Maiden In Black: Since your house is occupied by an asylum, you may end up in an area you least expect.
Gentaro: It doesn’t matter… I’m prepared to undo my mistake and fix the mayhem I’ve in.

The friendly Kamen Rider had paused for a minute, sensing all of the cries of all his friends he had met in the pantheon.

Gentaro: …Miss Maiden, I’m ready to leave this place.
Maiden In Black: Very well… I will contact the women known as Virtuous, the Master of Life, to restore your body at the House of Life and Death. She seems to be busy at this time, so please be patient.

Asylum Log 27 – All-Star Freedom

One hour into Asylum Log 22

Sora’s body was now in a room of it’s own, guarded by Meow Wow and Audino, while the body of Jason Brody laid in another room nearby. Sly’s body has yet to reach the GUAG Medical Division, but a room for him was prepared in case he arrived. Jaune’s body was in the emergency department, being treated for the poisoning with a special antidote created in the House of Nature for such an event. Ren and Nora were by his side.

Ash Ketchum, the only guardian to have escaped with his soul intact, was tested by Litchi, and was deemed to be fully cured from corruption, and was now free to return to his friends. Ash was very glad that he’s okay, crediting all this to the fact that he never gave up while corrupted.

Kairi has finished telling her story about her mission.

Kairi: …and that’s what happened.
Goofy: Gawrsh, we’ve got to find Artix von Krieger, and see if one of the spirit orbs with him is Sora’s.
Kairi: He might have the soul with him, but there’s also a possibility that the souls of Sora and Jak may have joined up with the souls of Jaune and the others inside Maxwell’s orb. Their bodies are still breathing, so we know that this won’t be a repeat of what Ryusei did to Gentaro.
???: (walking in) What you said, about gods being cured, but comatose. Is it possible for Yugi Moto to break free from what the Proxy did to him, too?

Seto Kaiba walked in, having heard the rumor that the Guardians have all been saved. Yugi was one of the few gods that remain corrupted, and the recent disintegration of Crash and the Iron Giant means getting him purified without any more deaths will not be easy.

Kairi: All I can say right now is that the only way for Yugi to be freed is to destroy Ma-Ti’s Ring.
Kaiba: So, has anyone found a weakness yet?
Mickey: Yes. Since the asylum is a labyrinth, it’s got a “Heart”. Jareth told us to destroy the Heart, along with the Ring and an orb, and the Asylum shall fall.
Donald: But we’ve not found a way inside, yet. We know where it is, and we can create an entrance ourselves, but Maxwell is guarding that spot.
Mickey: And we have to be very careful, too. Funny Valentine wants to get access to the Heart to drain its powers and unleash “Time For Heaven”, whatever that is.

Ash and his friends were inside the Medical Division, too. They were in the post-anesthetic care unit, speaking with Joshua. Riku was still asleep in his own bed, while Pikachu and Komory Bat were playing together.

Ash: I’m never going to forgive whoever turned Gentaro evil for what they did to me!
Misty: But you had had to go inside that asylum, knowing fully well that you’d be corrupted. You could’ve died! And now look at the damage you’ve done! (points out to Riku) It’s because of you that Riku got corrupted! And just look what he did to Joshua and Beat!
Joshua: Misty, there’s no need to be so harsh on Ash. You should also know that it was Sly Cooper that corrupted Riku in the first place; Ash only went to fetch Riku.
Beat: Awww, I picked the wrong guy for the revenge.
Brock: Don’t blame yourself, too hard, Beat. You should be proud of yourself, really, for saving Joshua from the asylum. And if it were not for you and Neku, the asylum would still have control over Ash.

It’s then revealed that Riku has woken up, having heard what they were all taking about. He sits up on his bed and gives Komory Bat another pat on the cheek.

Ash: Riku, I’m so sorry for what I did to you before.
Pikachu: Pi-ka.
Riku: Don’t be. But right now, we need to find out who’s behind this. Brock, go and get Mickey. He might know something.
Litchi: (walks in) Now isn’t the time, Riku. You’ve rested enough. You’re going to be placed in a normal ward now.

Team Rocket was in another section of the GUAG Medical Division, disguised as janitors. They pass through several rooms with gods that were hurt from the Iron Giant’s rampage, including Takatora, who’s now having a tea party with Princess Peach. Their intention, like always, was to steal Pikachu and give him to “the boss”. Though this time, they decided on another target instead: Meow Wow.

Meowth: (enters Sora’s room) Well, well, if it isn’t the spiky-haired twerp! But what happened to him!?
James: He’s like that blond-haired twerp from the other room: trapped in an endless sleep.
Jessie: Ah, so he can’t defend that little blue Pokémon in his arms. Let’s grab it while we can!
Meowth: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on, here! Are you really sure that’s a good idea to steal from someone who can no longer defend himself? This could’ve been the twerp right here!
April: Oh, so you’ve heard. Four of the gods who became the asylum’s guardians were rendered comatose when they were cured, and another died after being freed. Only Ash Ketchum was able to escape this unfortunate fate. In fact, I’m about to do another report on this right now. Would you three like to be reviewed?
Jessie: A chance to be a star? Count me—
James: (covers Jessie’s mouth) —out! We’re just, uh, going to check on the recreation area down the hall.
Jessie: I won’t forgive you for this, James!

Artix von Krieger was back in the Medical Division, speaking with King Mickey and Carmelita Fox. The souls of Sly, Sora, Jaune, Jason, and Jak were not with him. Voltaire was nearby, too, keeping an eye on Takatora. He was glad that Princess Peach was able to restore him, and that Black Jack was able to fix him up.

April has prepared for her next report near Takatora’s room. She intends to interview him more on what has happened to him, and why only Peach is being nice to him.

April: (to the camera) Our 1am update on the asylum. (yawns) We can now confirm that all of the corrupted gods outside the proxy, have been purified of corruption, and are now safe here at the GUAG Medical Division. But at least four of them are dormant as a result of the asylum taking their souls.

April and Freddie then walk into Takatora’s room, and begin to interview him on his recent deal with the Iron Giant.

April: Peach, it’s quite strange for you to treat this young man nicely after the recent attacks on his younger brother, Mitsuzane. Are you really sure you’re willing to forgive them both.
Princess Peach: It’s not their fault that Gentaro went astray and turned the House of Friendship into an asylum.
April: Any word on how “Operation: Mad Breakdown” is doing right now?
Princess Peach: I have no idea myself.

Mario and Luigi were watching the news from the House of Gaming. Luigi remembered on how he failed to protect Aurora from Courtney Gears, but he and Mario were glad that she was alright now, and helping out with destroying the asylum. They were now guarding the House of Gaming, should the asylum try to kidnap one of their gods.

Luigi: (Jaw Drop)
Mario: (upon seeing Peach on TV having a tea party with Takatora) Mamma mia!

At the House of Love, Nyarko and Mahiro were watching the news too.

Mahiro: So, should we head over to speak with Takatora now?
Nyarko: Well, the Iron Giant has been stopped. But still, that pink-haired girl, Yuno. Something about her gives me the creeps.
Mahiro: Well, we should speak with April on her so that we can get everyone else aware of her, too. Who knows where Yuno is now, or what she’s planning.
Nyarko: R…right. Well, let’s go visit Takatora before I begin to feel the need to kill Mitsuzane again.

Sora’s room was now unguarded. Audino was helping Dr. House, and Meow Wow had decided to play with Pikachu for a bit. It thought that Donald and Goofy would be there to guard Sora’s body while it was on a break, but they were too caught up with April’s report to even worry about him. This was the perfect moment for Pucci to abduct the teen.

Enrico: The Time For Heaven is near, but first, I must collect the last piece of the puzzle. With Gentaro on the outs with us, you will take his place and complete this ritual.

Riku was now in his own room in a regular ward. Of course, his blood is still purple, which means the vermin from Sora’s fangs were still in the bloodstream. Riku personally requested to be placed in the same room as Sora’s body, so that he could help look after his comatose friend until the asylum’s destruction. In a wheelchair, and taking Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu to see Sora’s body, they head for the ward. But as soon as they reach it…

Brock: The bed is… empty?
Misty: Are you sure this is the right one, Riku?
Riku: Yes, I’ve passed this room before, and Sora was in there.
Pikachu: Pika, pika!

Pikachu agreed with Riku, and it, Meow Wow and Komory Bat begin to look around the room to see if Sora could’ve woken up and just wandered about. But there was no sign of him, anywhere. There was evidence that the bed was used recently.

Ash: We should ask someone if Sora’s with them. I’m beginning to smell trouble.

The trio begin to search throughout the Medical Division, while Audino helps Riku into his bed. But no matter how many rooms were checked, Sora wasn’t in any one of them. And there’s no way he would’ve woken up, as Jaune was still comatose.

Riku: Any luck?
Pikachu: (shaking his head to mean “no”) Chu, pika, pika.
Misty: I’m sorry, Riku. Sora’s nowhere to be found, and I’m too tired to have another search!
Brock: But what could’ve happened to him? Hmm? We better get Black Jack to check the security cameras.
Misty: Dr. Black Jack is currently resting at his own temple. After performing four surgeries in twelve hours, I can see why he’s so tired.
Ash: What about Audino? Can she let us through.
Brock: I don’t see why not. If something’s is amiss, then we should check the security.

Audino leads the trio to the security room, and the group enter to take a look at the video recordings and see what could’ve happened to Sora’s body. Riku does not join them on account of his nasal cannula, and his need to rest. Though he does send Komory Bat to join them for awhile.

Ash: (watching a recording of himself kidnapping Riku and destroying the GUAG Medical Division) Whoa, I remember everything now. I was so evil under the asylum’s control, that I tore down this hospital with an Aura Sphere after I kidnapped Riku. I just hope I didn’t hurt anyone too badly.
Brock: Everyone survived thanks to Fix-It Felix Jr. and his hammer. Though it did cause panic among many gods.
Misty: Here we go; I found the security camera that looks into the ward. (points to Riku) See, it’s currently live because it shows Riku. So, let’s rewind back ten minutes. (thinking) Why would they have cameras looking into rooms? Don’t these guys know the meaning of the word “privacy”?

At ten minutes prior to the live feed, it showed the group walking in, with Riku being loaded into his bed. Misty rewinds back another ten minutes. Sora’s body was there. The feed showed Pikachu and Meow Wow playing together, and then Komory Bat flies in. It took the two out of the room to see how Riku was doing during his tests. For thirty seconds, nothing happened, then a shadowed figure appeared.

Brock: Enrico Pucci? What was he doing here?

The video the played on, with Pucci trying to put Sora’s body inside a sack. The group return to Riku imminently!

Ash: We know why Sora isn’t here! He was kidnapped by that Pucci guy!
Riku: Pucci? (realizes) Enrico Pucci!? (presses the “summon nurse” button in a panic)

Jade and Tohru have finally managed to get in contact with Carmelita Fox after spending the whole day interviewing every god that was in the House of Friendship, in the hopes of finding out what caused Alternate!Gentaro and his Darkness Proxy to escape after “Muse Hysteria”.

Carmelita: And are you sure they are all safe? You do realize that Tron was corrupted, Joshua was imprisoned, and Jak and Daxter were captured during the other night’s Blitzball match.
Tohru: We’ve spoken with every one of the freed gods in the House of Friendship…
Jade: The only deity we haven’t spoken to was Mr. Enrico Pucci. We could not locate him anywhere, and he was not even with the refuges in Quasimodo’s temple.
Mickey: Well, we better take a good look on Pucci. According to Jack Skellington and the Pine Twins, since Funny Valentine wants to unleash “Time For Heaven”, we’ve pinned Pucci down as a possible ally of his.

An alarm for a lockdown then sounds off. Was this another attack by the asylum? Mickey reassures Jade and Tohru that things will be alright.

House: (over a broadcaster) This is a Code Black, everyone! Sora has been abducted, and the GUAG Medical Division is under lockdown. We have informed Captain America to inspect the entire building for any other suspicious behavior. Remain calm, and stay where you are until further notice. Also, we request that Inspector Carmelita Fox, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy Goof, and Ruby Rose, to head for Ward A, Room 113 imminently.

Confused on why House wanted them, which gods were kidnapped, the four race to the ward right away. It was Riku’s ward, which he should be sharing with Sora. Dr. House was chatting with Riku, Ash, Misty and Brock, and the group was in contact with the House of Justice. Ash and his friends had already shown him the recording of Sora being kidnapped.

Donald: What is going on? (notices Sora’s bed to be empty) Where is Sora?
Misty: We don’t know. Pucci has kidnapped him! (Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Carmelita gasp in horror)
Mickey: (sending a message to Ed with his phone) But why? Before “Operation: Crazy House”, Sora had nothing to do with Gentaro or the Darkness Proxy.
Ash: (everyone stares at him) Hey, don’t look at us!
Pikachu: Pika!

Princess Peach was standing thirty yards away from the asylum with Perry the Parasoul in hand. Both were glad that the corrupted deities have been restored to normal.

Perry: I’m glad that all of the guardians are being reverted to normal.
Peach: Matt Hardy even sacrificed himself to rid himself of the corruption, which means that one member of the Proxy is restored.
Perry: What about the others? I hope they’re willing to come to us and purify them.
???: Like that’s ever going to happen to me.

They both turned to see a young man approaching them with a sinister smile on his

Peach: Yugi Mutou?
Yugi: Thought I was here to requested a death? Don’t be ridiculous. The pantheon seems to have forgotten that I still have two psyches. You’re going to need more fire to take me out. I might even decide to attack those plumbers you love so often! Hahahahahaha!!

Enraged to hear he would attack the Mario Brothers, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom walked up to the King of Games and gave him a hard slap across his face. He stood still for a minute, then touched the part of his face where she slapped him for another two minutes before looking at her in volcanic anger.

Yugi: (enraged) You bitch!

Without warning, he took Perry the Parasol from the Princess’ hand.

Princess Peach: Perry!

He kicked her into the ground before proceeding to snap the parasol into several pieces. He then throws it on the floor and took a lighter out and a match out of his pocket. He lit up the match with his lighter and throws the match to set him on fire.

Princess Peach: Oh my goodness…! How could you!?

Before she could make her move, Yugi quickly pulled out his millenium puzzle and mentally stopped her with it.

Yugi: Good… Now, let’s get out of here before…

Before he could move, he noticed several firecrackers were thrown behind, but was too taken off guard by them exploding. He turned around to see Kaiba facing.

Yugi: Here to join the fun, Kaiba-boy?
Kaiba: Shut up! I won’t let you harm anyone else further!
Yugi: What’s this? You didn’t gave damn about many deities in the pantheon, now here you are, caring about this bitch who slapped me
Kaiba: Looks like I’ll have to get him stop your little rampage again.

Yugi tilted his head and giggled.

Yugi: We’re not falling for that trick, Kaiba-boy!
Kaiba: If you… Wait a minute… Did you just say “we!?”

A surprised Kaiba looked back at Princess Peach, who was now mentally tortured by Yami!Yugi. He looked back Yugi was now sporting a sinister smile.

Kaiba: W… what’s going on!?
Yugi: I’m not talking about him. I was talking about her

Yugi pointed to the asylum.

Kaiba: The asylum!? But how that Sora kid was purified and…
Yugi: Yes, that was true, but the asylum has corrupted me even further when I wanted to have the undead kill me.

His voice suddenly gained an echo.

“Yugi”: We are in need of some playmates… and you’re next!

Kaiba was now trapped with both Yugi and Yami!Yugi corrupted by the asylum. Yami!Yugi slowly walked to Kaiba to do the same thing he did to Peach. A fiery chakram was suddenly thrown at both Yugis, who went out of the way. Kaiba looked behind him to see that a young man in red hair.

Lea: You really know how to protect a princess.

Accompanying him were Gangrel, Luna Vachon, Ralph, and most importantly, the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Kaiba was surprised to see them here in pantheon, as were both Yugis.

“Yugi”: (Looks at the Cutie Mark Crusaders, shocked) It’s you three… But how…?

He stopped a for moment, and started laughing at Gangrel.

“Yugi”: (to Gangrel) A grown man like you? Having an interest in fillies!? You should’ve abandoned them after I’ve vanished them! What are you gonna to do me? Call shame on me because I tortured them? Go play with the big boys, why don’t you?

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle were infuriated that Yugi mocked their caretaker. Having enough of the corrupted boy’s sadistic deeds, they spoke up.

Applebloom: And what in the hay is wrong with him liking us? I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Do you guys? (Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo shake their heads) What I see wrong is you of all gods deciding what’s right and wrong!
Sweetie Belle: It doesn’t matter whether Gangrel likes ponies or not. He cares for us!
Scootaloo: And we care enough for him to take you down! You wanna know why? Because we’re—
The Cutie Mark Crusaders: THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!
Lea: You heard them! Give it up!
Yami!Yugi: Don’t be so sure.

Yami!Yugi used the Seal of Oricalchos to allow him and “Yugi” to escape. Lea and Ralph went to Princess Peach’s aid.

Ralph: Princess Peach, are you okay?
Princess Peach: Uuuh…
Lea: She’s out cold. I’ll take her to Medical Division HQ.

Lea nodded as he carried the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom back to Medical Division while Ralph went to Kaiba, who was surprised that the three fillies Yugi have tortured were right in front of his very eyes

Kaiba: How did you three get back here in one piece?
Luna Vachon: Gentaro Kisaragi helped them escape from Limbo.
Kaiba: If they’re here… Then that must mean… The real Gentaro must be in the pantheon somewhere…

What they didn’t know was that Absol was watching them. She was sent by Riku to covertly record anything on the asylum, but to hear about Gentaro’s return to the pantheon was an interesting piece of information.

Gentaro was seen standing on a magical circle in Limbo, ready for the Maiden in Black to send him back to the pantheon. He had smile on his face, relieved to finally escape from Limbo. T

Gentaro: Are you ready?
Maiden In Black: Yes. Just be patient for one second.

She was gathering her remaining artifacts and started chanting,

Maiden In Black: O soul of Gentaro Kisaragi… Panteon Soul cis Restaurāre!

With those words, Gentaro’s soul glowed up before dissapating into a ball of energy and started shrinking. The Maiden smiled as Gentaro gave out his last words.

Gentaro: I’m glad you’d rescued from the torture Limbo had incited upon me.
Maiden In Black: It has been my pleasure. You have enlightened me with the stories about your adventures. I will some times be watching you over you… Until we meet again.

The ball of energy disappeared into nothingness.

Virtuous was reviving souls in the House of Life and Death. She, however noticed that a White ball of energy formed before her. She watched it grow bigger until it transformed into the form of a certain kid. Virtuous smiled to greet him.

Virtuous: Welcome back, Gentaro Kisaragi.

The friendly Kamen Rider turned around and saw the Master of Life, happy to see that he, the Gentaro everyone knew and loved into the pantheon, had arrived.

Virtuous: I do surmise the maiden take good care of you in Limbo.
Gentaro: She’s gone a great job for me, but I can’t just sit here. I have to find my Alternative Self.
Virtuous: Of course… Go… Defeat your evil doppelganger and save the pantheon.

Smiling, he ran out of the House of Life and Death to search for Alternate!Gentaro

Alternate!Gentaro: Ungg… What happened?

Alternate!Gentaro regained consciouness and discovered that he was on a row boat, wondering how he got in it in the first place. He tried to call out his fellow Proxy members to help him.

Alternate!Gentaro: Yugi! Jeff! Tsukasa! Draven!

None of them answered to his request.

Alternate!Gentaro: Damn it! Why aren’t they… (angry) Wait a minute…

He remembered the time he made his speech about his takeover of the pantheon while the deites overlooked the asylum in favor of the Upheaval before he was attacked from behind. He also remembered that, before he went unconscious at the time, Decade called him a “son a bitch.” He had a problem with Decade before, but the evil Gentaro replica gritted his teeth in volcanic rage.

Alternate!Gentaro: (angry) Goddammit it all, Decade! If that’s you want to play it, then I’m killing you with the rest of the pantheon!

With his All-Star Power, The evil Gentaro doppleganger flew up from the boat and raced as fast as he could to reach the asylum, further infuriated that his four Proxy members have betrayed him.