The Friendship Asylum Act Five

Intermission 4 – The Pyrrhic Victory

Jade and Tohru just waited for Carmelita Fox outside the Medical Division. The two were concerned on the mystery behind Enrico Pucci and why they cannot locate him anywhere. They also wanted to speak with Tron, so that they can check for themselves that he’s alright.

Jade: (sighs) Why aren’t they here yet?
Tohru: They’re busy destroying the asylum. Have a little patience.
Jade: Ugh… We’ve searched everywhere for Pucci, but there’s no success. Where else can we find him? The guy’s an enigma.
Tohru: And I guess Tron must be occupied at this point. Jade, I have something to tell you, so please, listen to me on this. I’ve been a little suspicious about Pucci.
Jade: …What do you mean?
Tohru: Not only is he a friend of Dio Brando’s, he hasn’t been seen since the asylum’s creation.
Jade: Hmmm… Since you mentioned it, we’ve searched the House of Faith, and he hasn’t been attending his “preaching” lessons there either. Wherever Tron is, I just hope he’s alright.
???: Oh, there you are, you two.

The two of them turned to the left of them to see a woman in a Quipao top, spiked bracelets in each arm, stockings and some boots to match the Quipao top.

Tohru: Miss Chun-Li? What do you want with us?
Chun-Li: Carmelita told me to meet up with you two.
Jade: We’d want you to help us search for Tron.
Chun-Li: I’d hate to tell you this, but I don’t want you two to get caught in the crossfire.
Jade: Why!? He’s a member of the House of Friendship and we must find him to reunite with the rest of the members there.
Tohru: I’d like to concur with you Jade, but the women has a point. (to Chun-li) Please, go look for Tron for us. Jade, let’s gather the members of the House of Friendship in front of the House. I hear that Nanoha won’t be back for a long time.
Chun-Li: Very well then, I’ll go search for Tron. (to Jade) Young Lady, please don’t go look for Tron.
Jade: (grudingly) Yes, ma’am. ”(to Tohru) Wait, we get to be mediators like Wreck-it-Ralph?
Tohru: Perhaps…
Chun-Li: Have any of you two stumbled upon something eerie about Pucci?
Jade: Other than being a friend of Dio Brando’s, he wasn’t even seen with the refugees in Quasimodo’s temple.
Tohru: We haven’t even seen him in the House of Faith.
Chun-Li: I see… I’ll check it out for your guys sake.

After the three of them part their ways, Chun-li knew something the two of them did not.

Chun-Li: (thinking) Strange… If Pucci and Valentine are in the asylum, why haven’t those two been corrupted this whole time? Something’s really sinister about this.

Daxter and Juggle Pup were now in Jak’s room in Medical Division HQ, having returned from the asylum. Everything he learned from the asylum had sense now; Since Sora was freed from the asylum’s grasp, so was Jak. Since they were both killed and purified, the ottsel smiled and patted Juggle Pup. It saved him the trouble of having to free his longtime friend by himself, hopeful that the others would destroy the dolls inside the asylum. Their small, joyous moment of victory was cut short when a young woman enters the room.

???: Daxter! I’ve been searching for you!
Daxter: What’s up, Melody? Is there something you want me for?
Melody: Mom and I have been gathering Pokémon to monitor the asylum. I’ve gathered the Swords of Justice.
Daxter: (Beat) Where are they?

Melody pointed out to a window. Daxter went at the window and saw the four Swords of Justice: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo. It looked like the four were talking through telepathy over something, but Daxter was out of earshot.

Daxter: Uh, Melody? This is good and all, but where is your mother?
Melody: She’s next to the aslyum with Lapras.
Daxter: Just hope she doesn’t get caught by the Proxy.
Melody: Actually, there is a rumor going that there isn’t a proxy anymore. They’ve broken up. But it is not been officially verified.
Daxter: Maybe. I know there are no guardians left.

Ariel was riding Lapras in a small river south to the asylum.

Ariel: I just hope the other members of the proxy are out to get us… Or even Alternate!Gentaro.

The Transport Pokémon had made a soft roar and the former mermaid patted her head. She stopped when she saw the asylum lit up on fire, followed by many nearby creatures, including some Pokémon and Spirit Dream Eaters, running away to escape the blaze.

Ariel: What in father’s name happened?

She hopped off from Lapras, and took a few steps closer to the asylum. Another Pokémon suddenly rushed out of the asylum to escape the fire.

Ariel: (thinking) Is that an Absol? What’s it doing inside the asylum?

The Disaster Pokemon rushed to Ariel and tried to force her blindfold off. It was tightly on, but Ariel took a note at some metal sticking out from near her eyes. It looked like some sort of camera. She turned on what was actually a camcorder.

Ariel: (thinking) Is there footage for this?

The daughter of Triton pressed the button for past recordings which footage in the past. She looked at one video where she saw Sora being tied up.

Ariel: (thinking) I know Sora’s been captured, but he’s tied up in the asylum?

She looked closely at the footage as she saw a man in purple clothes and another man with bizarre curly hair, who were likely keeping Sora hostage.

Ariel: (thinking) Those two must be Enrico Pucci and… Funny Valentine? What could they want with Sora?

Before she could look further, the video suddenly panned away from the three of them before the video ends. She then another video prior with the two Yugis along Seto Kaiba and Princess Peach where Yami!Yugi mentally tortured the pink princess with the Millenium puzzle. What Yugi said about the asylum shocked her.

Ariel: (thinking) The asylum’s possessed Yugi? How is that even possible?

The video kept playing further into scene where Gangrel, Luna Vachon, Wreck-it-Ralph, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Lea arrive and the latter took the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom back to Medical Division HQ. The video played even further where the Cutie Mark Crusaders reveal that they escaped from Limbo and that the original Gentaro was going to return to the pantheon. The video panned away, signifying Absol’s departure to the asylum

Ariel: How did those fillies escape Limbo, or whatever it is? I’d better tell Mickey and the others about this tidbit.

Ariel ran as fast as she could to Medical Division HQ to prevent corruption from the asylum.

Matt Hardy: Jeff did WHAT?!

The news that his brother was okay reached Matt’s ears. Alongside him, many wrestlers were helping with rescuing and delivering gods to safehouses throughout the Pantheon. He mentally noted that perhaps that the reason the PWF was destroyed was because of no one actually believing Pinkie Pie’s words on Gentaro’s corruption; it was karma at its finest.

Matt Hardy: (thinking) What the hell have we done…?

The sight of his younger brother being devoured by zombies, however, was not a pleasant one. Visibly disturbed, the older Hardy Brother ran out of the safehouse.

Christian: Matt, where are you going? There’s still undead around the pantheon!

Ignoring their pleas, the heartbroken Hardy brother left the safehouse and raced toward the GUAG Medical Division, where all of the injured (and very injured) were being taken care of. He raced amongst other wrestlers and other gods (both good and evil) defending their home from the undead. Christian followed him, desperately hoping that Matt wasn’t going to too far.

Matt saw a glimpse of his brother’s hair, dyed purple and green, and an arm covered with root tattoos minutes later. There were some other gods around the arm, the rest of Jeff’s body was covered in a sheet on a stretcher.

Matt: JEFF!!!!! (pushes gods out of the way) Jeff, it’s—

But when Matt pulled the sheet back, he dropped to his knees. Most of Jeff’s face had been eaten off, a hole was carved out of his stomach. His left arm was chewed into fleshy bits, and his legs were pulled out. Still, Jeff had a ghost of a smile, a genuine smile on his face. The site of his brother’s corpse is enough for Matt to let out an unearthly scream that caused nearly everyone around the vicinity to huddle in terror, afraid that the noise would attract the undead. Edge and Christian ran up to the heartbroken Matt and grabbed him.

Edge: What have you, done!? You’ve incite the zombies into attacking us!
Matt: Jeff is dead! There’s nothing left for me.
Christian: There’s no time to mourn for your brother, Matthew! He’ll come back to normal when he’s revived! We can cheer you up at the safehouse!

Matt looked at his two fellow wrestlers and was relieved when realized a certain detail. They were both deities now, so even if his brother was killed, he’ll come back to life. Now with a minor amount of calmness, Matt got up and, quietly went with Edge and Christian to the safehouse.

Asylum Log 28 – The Meaning of “Fire” 

Pucci has carried Sora to a room close to the Heart of the asylum, where Valentine awaited for him. The follower of Dio Brando softly placed him on a chair and turned to the president.

Pucci: The Keyblade Wielder is now ready.
Valentine: Nicely done. Now I shall wake him up with this. With the orb I’ve attained from that other boy, It’s not good to execute our plan without asking his opinions about this.

Valentine takes out Maxwell’s Orb and used its power to revive the brunette teenager. Pucci watched as Valentine spoke with Sora.

Valentine: Sora… now I understand that you may think of these actions as harsh, but I want you to understand something. I require your help to acheive my goals.

Sora comes to, but is tied up, unable to move.

Valentine: You can now speak if you wish.

He looked away as he decided to say one simple thing.

Sora: Let me go!

This was met with a chuckle as he turned back to him.

Valentine: (looking outside his window) Not until you understand, My Keybearer.
Sora: What? Do you think everything you did was just something you can explain away?

He merely started to mess with his frock coat until he was able to pull it off.

Valentine: Well now, I like you, but you need to see what I have done, and understand it was more then done out of malice.

He then revealed the scars on his back, the ones similar to The Stars and Stripes of The American Flag.

Valentine: I, President Funny Valentine had given much for the good of the country and for a time I did what I could for my country. Now with my eyes opened to the Pantheon, I realize that I must do more than ever before!

Sora tried to move from his spot but his body once again was unresponsive. He would use the only part of him that did work.

Sora: I don’t know where you think this speech is going, but if you think for one second I’m going to believe any of it, then you’re as crazy as your curls!

He simply put his hands behind his back and turned around.

Sora: Yeah that’s right. You aren’t going to win me over talking all day.

He studied him again with no real showing if what he said effected him in anyway. Suddenly through a golden shine,D4C Love Train spread along a wall and various images of other dimensions appeared from it.

Valentine: You decide I, Valentine, am the villain due to a few violent actions, you haven’t seen what I have, what would have happened if I had done nothing: pointless alignment wars, the fall of hope, quarrels over what they think is right. Through my actions, through my Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, the Pantheon will become a peaceful paradise from now on.

The images of all the events he mention appeared all leading to blackness except for one, the one showing this exact moment right now.

Sora: (giving Valentine a Death Glare) Let me move, and I’ll show how I “appreciate” all you done.

He summoned his Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and used it to punch Sora directly in the face; hard enough to knock him out briefly. He turned to Pucci, who watched this unfold.

Valentine: We must prepare our power source for obtaining “Heaven”.

They were ready to return to The Asylum. Valentine already had everything planned for The Final Act and he knew that now more than ever his enemies would take their proper places and fall in the end. He then takes out an orb, which caught Sora’s attention.

Pucci: With the orb we’ve obtained from that boy, this will be the key to extract his power. This will accelerate our step to acheive our “Time for Heaven”.
Sora: (thinking) Isn’t that Maxwell’s Orb? Why is he using it to corrupt deities?

The brunette looked on as the two first discussed about their plans.

Valentine: It’s a blessing in disguise I’ve recruited her into my cause.

Sora was puzzled when Valentine mentioned “her.”

Sora: (thinking) “Her?” Wait, is Maleficent involved in this somehow? No, she doesn’t know anything about the likes of these people.

He looked on as they departed the Room.

Sora: A great time to have right after an hour of being purified. Now I know how it feels to be in Kairi’s shoes.

He sighed as he looked down on the floor. He suddenly felt something touching his back. He looked behind him and was overjoyed to see a familiar creature.

Sora: (happy) Meow Wow! It’s a relief that Mickey must’ve sent you here. Quick, get me out of these ropes.

The cat-dog hybrid of a Dream Eater chewed on the ropes that bounded Sora. A few minutes later, the rope was chewn apart, freeing the brunette keybearer.

Sora: Thank you, Meow Wow. We have to be quiet if we want to escape here. Now… To find that orb Valentine was holding… If he didn’t take it with him, that is.

They walked to find the orb without making noise to arouse attention from either Pucci or Valentine. He looked next to the door they enter to see if the orb was located. He then located the orb at a high counter.

Sora: (quietly) Eata, get on top of me.

At the brunette’s request, the Spirit Dream Eater climbed up on top of Sora’s head and jumped to reach the counter and get the orb. He rolled it to Sora, who caught it with his hands.

Sora: Thanks Eata. Now let’s get out of here.

Putting the orb in his pocket, they entered to the spirit room, where there were doll versions of the deities Carmlita encountered on her trip. He noticed that there was a doll that resembled him. He grabbed it by the noose, disturbed that there was an a doll of him made.

Sora: (quietly) Okay, now I’m really freaked out.

He was even more disturbed when the doll hissed at him as if it heard what he said. While distracted by other dolls have started to attack him, binding him from moving. His own went on to his face.

Sora: Uggnnhh… Can’t move…!

He tried to get many of the dolls off him. Meow Wow climbed up to his body and bit on and the right leg of the malicious Sora doll. The Dream Eater helped its owner get the rest of the dolls of his body. The brunette keybearer shook off the last of the dolls, a doll of Jak, and stomped on it. Disturbed, he took a deep breath as he spoke.

Sora: (sigh) Thanks, Eata. This aslyum is a bit creepier than I thought it would be. Let’s find a way out of here.

The two them proceed to find an exit to escape from the asylum.

Valentine and Pucci were discussing the objective for their plans.

Valentine: We are one step closer… It’s been a pleasure cooperating with you, Mr. Pucci.
Pucci: The same must be said of you, Mr. Valentine. With “Heaven,” I will surely help the angels in their path to salvation.
Valentine: With your assistance, I can greatly improve the Country even further.
Pucci: We Should bring him here for the prepare the final step to “Heaven.”

The duo went to the room they last placed Sora in, only to find the destroyed ropes he was in minutes ago.

Pucci: The keyboy escaped? Whoever rescued him, we must capture them too.
Valentine: Sharply noted. However, I surmise that he hasn’t gone far…

The duo looked around the asylum to search for Sora and re-capture him. This monkey wrench had made Pucci slightly stressed.

Pucci: 1… 2… 3… 5… 7… 11… 13… 17… 19… 23…
Valetine: (thinking) He’s counting prime numbers at such a time? Unusual…

Gangrel, Luna, and Wreck-it-Ralph were on their way to escort The Cutie Mark Crusaders to temples of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in the House of Royalty. The residents of the House were surprised to see the three fillies alive and well as the six arrive outside the alicorns temple. They proceed to approach the door and knock on it. A minute later, Princess Luna appeared, amazed that the Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle were in front of her eyes.

Gangrel: Their sisters would be in separate locations, so we thought it was a good idea to bring them here until all the undead are gone.
Princess Luna: My goodness. Your sisters have searching all over for you three. How did they get back into the pantheon?
Ralph: Gentaro took them to the Maiden In Black, who had them escape from a dimension called Limbo.
Princess Luna: Sweet Celestia… Is Gentaro going to be okay.
Luna Vachon: He must be in the pantheon as we speak.
Princess Luna: I’ll thank him when he comes to visit. (To the Cutie Mark Crusaders) You three should come with me. I shall keep you hidden until everything is over.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders followed Princess Luna into her temple. The three fillies gave one last smile before the alicorn closed the door.

Ralph: Looks like we won’t be seeing them for a while…

The three of them departed the House of Royalty.

Ruby Rose rushed to the asylum to look for Sora and rescue him. She feared the possibility that he might be corrupted again to serve Valentine and Pucci’s endgoals. She arrived at entrance of the asylum.

Ruby: (thinking) Who would’ve thought a place designed to protect inmates would corrupt deities? I wonder if there are any more inside?

Just as she was about to go inside, A woman in black hair suddenly appeared and briefly took Ruby off-guard. The leader of Team RWBY was familiar with her and was surprised to see her here.

???: It’s bad to go things on your own, Ruby.
Ruby: (surprised) Blake…?
Blake: Take me with you.
Ruby: Alright…

Ruby reluctantly took the fauna along with her as they opened the door to the asylum. Once they entered, they saw Chun-Li and Carmelita Fox, two of the Delta Cops, battling against the robotic diva Courtney Gears and her backup dancers. Along with them was Maxwell, the leader of the Master Builders Four, imprisoned in a cage. Wasting no time, the two members of Team RWBY switched their weapons into fire arm mode (Crescent Rose’s Rifle form, and Gambol Shroud’s pistol form to shoot at Gears and her backup dancers, who, along with Chun-Li and Carmelita, turned to them afterwards.

Gears: (angry) You!
Ruby: How’s it going, glitch?
Gears: (angry) I am not a glitch!

Ruby and Blake went to the two Delta Cops to understand the situation.

Chun-Li: Ruby Rose and Blake Belladonna? It’s a good thing to see you two here.
Gears: Drat. Looks like we’re outmatched… Good thing I came here prepared.

Gears had used the darkness from the Asylum’s Heart to summon a pumpkin-like figure.

Gears: It’s thanks to the darkness inside the asylum’s heart that I was able to bring that pumpkin monster to life. But then again, I owe my thanks to a boy in a mask for allowing me to summon it, as well as any other creature of my choice. (To the cursed coach) Now, Kill Maxwell!

Instead of just throwing one Pumpkin bomb, The Pumpkin-like Unversed started throwing them everywhere.

Carmelita: Darn it! We’re not going to save him in time! (looks at the entrance) What’s Eric Draven doing here?

Everyone else looked at Eric Draven, with a crow on his shoulder, rushed into one of the bombs.

Chun-Li: Wait, What?
Draven: Finally… A good opportunity…

They watched the corrupted Proxy member get killed by a bomb as the whole room begins to collapse, as Gears and her two backup dancers laugh very sadistically, in a matter similar to Lady Tremaine and her daughters not that long ago! Bombs begin to rain down all over the asylum, which Carmelita, having received the news from the Hacking Trio, knew would be enough to alert Valentine and Pucci of their presence.

Gears: (chuckles) You see, this is what happens when you go against my wishes!

While they were still laughing, a bomb was heading their way. The bomb fell onto them, hitting before they could react to it. The three of them started screaming as the flames engulfed them. The flames died down within seconds, leaving nothing behind.

Carmelita: (Beat) Like a certain Keyblade Master would say, the darkness in their heart overtook them.
Ruby: Better them than us. They deserved that, anyway.

Ruby and Carmelita shot at the Unversed several times to it, with Cunh-Li shooting her Kikkouken fireballs. Blake summons her shadow and inserts a fire dust cartridge into Gambol Shroud. The fauna the commanded her shadow to rush into the Cursed Coach. Her shadow exploded when it came in contact with the unversed, killing it.

Carmelita: Where is Draven? I can’t see him anywhere.
Blake: Over there.

Blake points out towards where Maxwell was, with Draven alive again, but unconscious. The group rushed to his aid to speak to him.

Draven: (coughs) I’m glad… that I came to this place…
Carmelita: Why did you wanted to get killed here
Draven: (coughs) I wanted… to be free from… the corruption… (continues coughing)
Chun-Li: But… Why…?
Draven: We got sick of Alternate!Gentaro… He wanted to conquer the pantheon… For himself…
Carmelita: That’s not going to happen. People like the Green Lantern and the Powerpuff Girls can beat that Gentaro knockoff with no problems. Heck, he’ll be killed by that deity before he notices that reactor!

Ruby was puzzled at Inspector Fox’s mention of a reactor.

Ruby: A Reactor?
Chun-Li: (To Ruby) It’s a secret. We’ll place you under temple arrest if enter the Treasure department.
Ruby: Whoa, Whoa! Relax! I won’t go inside!
Carmelita: Good to hear. We don’t want to alert any bad guys who want to destroy it.
Draven: (coughs) Please… Stop Alternate!Gentaro…

The revenant was unconscious. He was no longer corrupted, but he was at risk of dying from smoke inhalation. The two Delta cops remembered that he was a revenant a could come back.

Chun-Li: (shrugs) Eric Draven is a revenant anyway; Either we send him into the medical Division or the House of Life and Death doesn’t make that much a difference. I wonder how would he feel about Scorpion?
Ruby: I don’t know who that is, but all I know is that we have one less Proxy member to worry about. Good job, Bl- huh?

Ruby had noticed that the black-haired fauna had departed the asylum as Chun-Li had picked up Draven while Carmelita picked up Maxwell.

Chun-Li: Where did she go?
Ruby: She must’ve left the asylum.
Carmelita: We’re carrying these two out of the asylum. Good luck looking for Sora.
Ruby: Right. I just hope he’s okay.

Ruby nodded as the two Delta Cops took Maxwell and Draven out of the asylum. The leader of Team RWBY looked around the asylum to search for Sora.

Sora and Meow Wow were looking around for a window to escape the asylum without trying to alert Valentine and/or Pucci to them.

Sora: (low voice) So far so good. Now all I have to do is slowly open the window and jump right out.

Before they could move on any further, everything inside the asylum was suddenly on fire. The door they were in front of suddenly exploded towards them, forcing Sora to dodge roll to evade it. The whole corridor was suddenly in flames; the window they tried to escape through was no longer passable.

Sora: A fire? Oh no…

He looked at Meow Wow, who was afraid of fire. Sora tried to clear the window of the flames with Blizzaga, but the spell had no affect against the fire. The brunette teenager picked him up and quickly ran through the asylum to find an exit, not caring if he makes anymore noise. Several minutes after looking for an exit, Sora had found a window downstairs in a hallway. He coughed several times due to breathing into the smoke. However, the window was too small for him to crawl out of. Sora noticed that Meow Wow was small enough to fit through. He took out the orb and gave it to Meow Wow, who holds it by biting it.

Sora: (cough) Meow Wow… Find Carmelita.. and have her… Smash that orb…

The friendly key bearer dropped Meow Wow off the asylum. Due to the smoke getting into his nose, he coughed constantly before passing out while the Dream Eater escaped the asylum to find Mickey. Valentine and Pucci walked in through a secret door and had spotted the Keybearer unconscious and with burn wounds in his legs.

Valentine: Wandering off before our plan, Sora?
Pucci: How did he break free?
Valentine: Good question… They may have heard us. If that’s the case, we must act quickly if we’re to activate “Heaven”.
Pucci: We should also restrain him with more than just ropes. He’d be a chatterbox otherwise.

Valentine picked up Sora, went stairs and, along with Pucci, headed back for the Heart of the Asylum. Valentine handed the unconscious Keybearer over to the evil priest in the process.

    Asylum Log 29 – Heart of the Asylum

The Asylum is known for being the bane of the House of Friendship. Feared by many as the tormentor ready to capture and enslave at a moment’s notice. Yet despite all of the deities’ fears and misery with this asylum, it bended over easily to Valentine’s Will.

The Heart stood before him, open. It pulsed with the energy of the many that it took to create this place. Valentine had secured this power to contain all the strength of many powerful beings now all it needed was a key. Enrico stood behind him, letting Sora, who’s bound at the wrists and ankles and gagged with a rag, fall to the ground until he was picked up by D4C. It holds Sora up to Valentine, and removes the gag. Sora came to, still weak from smoke inhalation. Though weak, Sora tried to say a few words.

Sora: What are you doing?

His Stand puts Sora close to the heart as it touched the large orb.

Valentine: Sora, the power inside that very heart has circulated through the Asylum, giving it the life that has haunted many, but as always with the many members here they never see the potential. In here lies the many powers that were chosen by the Asylum to serve it, did any of you wonder why it chose what it did, the peek of human fitness, the magic of many masters, the technological power, even the power of gods flow through this heart!

Something opened in the Heart, an opening that seemed similar to a Keyhole.

Valentine: I must apologize Sora. Mr. Kisaragi served us by collecting such power, but he had one more purpose: to serve as The Siphon that would give me the entire power of the Friendship Asylum without it destroying me outright. Though unfortunately he grew unstable and refused to see beyond his own pain. You, on the other hand, have served the Asylum well and it seems to like you. I will fulfill its wishes and bond you to it once again.
Sora: And what if I refuse?
Pucci: What if? You have no choice in this matter.

The D4C then regags Sora, and lets him go. Large chains poured from the Keyhole, grabbing onto Sora and pulling him in. Sora attempts to cut the chains with his Keyblade, but they just rejoin together almost imminently. He was completely bound to the Heart.

Valentine: When all the power is siphoned to me, you will honor me with your life force as well to complete the power, though I must say it will be painless, that I can assure you.
Sora: (muffled) I’ll get you, Valentine! Riku and I will make sure of it!

Many different colored energies started to surround Valentine but they all converted into Blue All Star Energy as it entered Valentine.

Pucci: I must go Mr. Valentine. “Heaven” awaits.

Valentine used the new found energy to give some to Enrico creating a link between them and their Stands.

Valentine: That you must do, Mr. Pucci. The top of The Asylum is where you must ascend with C-Moon then will you gain Made In Heaven.

Valentine felt the power shift and melt into his very being, when it would finish, nothing would stop him. Not even The Main House, even if he didn’t take Made In Heaven into account. With it, he would use it to take everything back to zero and reshape everything so that he would be the only will that would be obeyed.

After all, it was for gaining Peace for The Pantheon.

Unbeknownst to Valentine and Pucci, Penelope’s RC car was present, too: Penelope and Clu had both witnessed the entire event. Clu was an ally of Valentine, as they both seek to perfect the pantheon. This revelation has caused the evil program to question his alliance with the President, especially after he was forced to drop his alliance with Courtney Gears when she started to go after the Princesses of Heart.

Clu: Funny Valentine and Enrico Pucci were behind this!? Valentine’s seeking perfection as well, and I’ve offered an alliance with him for when his time comes! No wonder everyone is blaming me for this madness!
Penelope: Not only that, Riku’s going to be very furious those two use Sora as a siphon. Clu, what should we do?
Clu: If this is a Code White, then we need to get in contact with the turtle right away. We can’t risk losing Sora to those crooks, even if I hate him for releasing Rinzler from my control.

Bentley, Murray, Ed (and Ein) and Otacon meet up with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in Riku’s ward. Riku was not allowed to leave the medical division, and has decided to assist the group using Otacon’s computer. Ash and his friends were now speaking with April and Freddie. Rey and the other Wrestlers help take Jeff and Tsukasa to specially dedicated wards and agree to help Neku, Beat and Rhyme guard the medical division.

Right now, they needed to find out where Pucci has taken Sora.

Bentley: Whatever Valentine and Pucci want with Sora, it does not look good. And with Gentaro and Yugi still on the loose, “Operation: Mad Breakdown” has only a small chance of success.
Ed: We should get back in contact with Ratchet, and see how they’re going.
Bentley: Right (alarm for a call comes) Clu, Penelope. How are things going with the mapping?
Clu: We’ve located Sora, and he’s awake again.

Everyone applauded at the seemingly good news. But Clu tells them to shut up and pay attention.

Penelope: This isn’t something to be happy about. Sora’s in big trouble. Valentine has forced him into the Heart of the Asylum, and now he’s getting some sort of power!

Penelope then opens up a video link showing Sora inside the Heart. He appears to be in no pain, but the chains from the heart were tightly wrapped around him, feeding the teen with some sort of energy that would ultimately be drawn to Valentine. It was almost like Dipper’s recording of Sly and the dark vines from last night.

Riku: (completely angry) I can’t believe Valentine and Pucci would do such a thing to Sora!
Mickey: So, Jack Skellington was right: the “Time for Heaven” is starting.
Goofy: But Jack mentioned that Valentine wanted Gentaro to be the siphon. Why is Sora taking his place?
Clu: Who knows. I don’t know how long it would take for Sora to finish being a siphon, but we must be quick.
Murray: Everyone! In the van! We have to hurry! Bentley, inform Balthier to meet us at the asylum.
???: Wait!

Before everyone could depart the asylum, they turned to see a certain redheaded ex-mermaid hastily approaching them.

Mickey: Ariel, what is it? This is a Code White.
Ariel: You have to see this video in this camera I got from a white-furred Pokemon.
Riku: That’s my camera. I was wondering why Absol was taking so long.
Ariel: The asylum was set on fire.
Ed: Ed hopes Sora is alright.
Mickey: Don’t worry. Sora’s been through worse stuff than this. (to Ariel) Show what.

She showed the group the footage Absol took when she monitored the asylum. She showed the video of Yugi and Yami!Yugi being confronted by Seto Kaiba, with Yami mentally torturing Princess Peach.

Goofy: Gawrsh… That took a toll out of the princess.
Donald: How are both Yugis out? Aren’t they like a “double conscious” with that necklace or something?
Otacon: Who knows? The asylum’s corruption must have given them even more power, which allowed the “other” Yugi to surface from the Millenium puzzle.

They continued to watch the video, in which they both evaded the fire chakrams thrown at them by Lea, who was accompanied by Gangrel, Luna Vachon, Wreck-it Ralph, and to everyone’s surprise, the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The two Yugis retreated by using the Seal of Orichalcos after being outnumbered.

Clu: It’s those fillies…! Their sisters have been looking all over for those three since the Proxy were capturing the Princesses of Heart.
Murray: I’m sure that Gangrel, Vachon, and Ralph took them to Princesses Celestia and Luna to safety after they staved Yugi off.

The video continued as everyone gathered together in which Luna Vachon revealed to the owner of Kaibacorp. that the fillies escaped with Gentaro, who guided them to the Maiden in Black, with Kaiba surmising that the real Gentaro is around the pantheon somewhere, which surprised everyone.

Riku: The real Gentaro’s actually in the pantheon…!?
Mickey: Oh boy, this is great news! The Kamen Rider Club will be greatly pleased when they hear this!
Otacon: The same people from the Toku Base that recruits the Kamen Riders?
Mickey: Exactly. We met them in person after we banished Tachyon from the pantheon and drove the Proxy back to the asylum.
Ariel: I’ll spread the news for you guys.
Mickey: Thanks, Ariel.

Ariel leaves the room as Mickey takes another look at the broadcast of Sora inside the Heart, struggling to escape as the All-Star Power flows through his body, and sighs. To use an innocent being to drain power from a source to a villain, and guarantee that the person-in-question will die, is immoral. The only thing that Mickey is relieved on is that the process is painless.

The toon mouse departs the room as the Dream Eater regroups with everyone else at the Van outside.

Penelope just sat inside her temple, keeping a close eye on Sora through the camera. She records a bit of the siphoning, and began to get in contact with the House of Theater, in the hope that someone there will send it to the House of Justice. Penelope had learned from her mistake from last time, and made sure not to click “Select All”.

Sora didn’t give in to his fate. He knew that Meow Wow will find his friends and lead them back to the asylum and his location. But at this point, the only thing really on his mind is his utter hatred of Valentine.

Sora: (muffled by the rag in his mouth) I hate you, Funny Valentine!
Valentine: How many times must you say that? It’s not going to help your case.
Sora: (muffled) I’m dead serious, I hate you!
Valentine: (sarcastically) “I hate you! I hate you!”
Sora: (muffled) I mean it! I hate you!
Valentine: Yes, yes so I’ve heard.

Kamen Rider Decade was scurrying around the House of Mentalism taking a heavy amount of pictures as a means to lure out someone to kill him, freeing the Kamen Rider from corruption in the process. He was upset that none of the deities have attack him.

Decade: (thinking) I’ve gotten the attention of the deities here, but why haven’t they decided to kill me…?

So far, none of the deities had an attack on him. He had took several photos of several deities, from Xanatos inside his temple with his servant Owen, to Hannibal Lecter preparing to depart the House, to Batman also heading out. Decade had looked very close look at the caped crusader, who was speaking through a transmitter.

Batman: Diana! Are you there? Clark and I are gathering up in the House of Heroes to prepare for war in an hour. I’m heading out. See you there.

The Shapeshifting Kamen Rider then looked at Light Yagami writing someone’s name. Decade was confused about the latter case, considering that the brunette college graduate could just kill anyone with the Death Note by simply writing on their name.

Decade: (thinking) Light Yagami’s not even writing my name? Now that I’ve seen him, why hasn’t anyone asked for his hel in all of this? I’ll go get his attention.

He followed the Death Note wielder to have him write his name in a bid to be purified.

???: Where do you think you’re going, paparazzi?

The ill-photographistic Kamen Rider stopped in his tracks and turned to see who called him. He turned to a man with frizzy blonde hair wearing a black jacket. He was baffled at the guy’s appearance.

Decade: Who are you?
???: I am Jareth, the Goblin King. Is there a reason why you’re taking pictures?
Decade: Because I can. By the way, just look at you… You’re just a freak and kidnapper!

This, however, didn’t tick him off.

Jareth: …And?
Decade: You attract dumb girls because of your looks!

The Goblin King was still unfazed by the remarks.

Jareth: I have no time for insults. Please leave this temple at once!
Decade: I’m gonna challenge you to a fight. It’ll be a piece of cake!

Decade’s request for a battle had struck a nerve.

Jareth: A “piece of cake” you say? (angry) I’m sorry, but do you have a death wish?

Taking out a clear orb in his hand, he calmly threw it into the ground, which summoned a spiked drill, which he ordered his minions, to pilot the Fireys, . The poorly-skilled photograpist of a Kamen Rider smiled as this was all going as he planned.

Decade: (thinking) Good… A death wish is exactly what I’m asking for…
Jareth: This is one of the Cleaners! It’s been a while since this has been last used. My goblins have made improvements on this, and since there’s only one light bulb in this place, you won’t be knowing where you’re going.
Decade: (thinking) That’s fine with me…

Relieved, Decade lets the Cleaner, which was faster than the previous time it was used, to catch him. He didn’t resist as the cleaner shreded his body, slowly killing him before the machine collided into the walls. This event had caught the attention of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who were originally planning to head out of the pantheon for an intern. They approached the Goblin King, infuriated that he had planned the deed himself.

Scully: (angry) How could you do such a thing!?
Jareth: He thought challenging me would be a piece of cake.
Mulder: You could’ve killed someone else with that machine by accident!
Jareth: If you don’t want me to waste your fun, I suggest you leave now.

At his advice, the two FBI agents left the House of Mentalism to avoid trouble with him. He found it odd that the Kamen Rider didn’t run away from the Cleaners like any other person would. He then went back into his temple to plan other business.

Asylum Log 30 – The Pete, and the Repete

Main Pantheon Grounds, Near the House of Personality

Gentaro was on his way to the Asylum, putting an end to the mayhem he had big a impact. Many of the heroic deities were filled with utter joy to see the real Gentaro had returned to the pantheon. The friendly Kamen Rider was angry to see that Sora was used. Just as he was power-walking his way into the asylum, someone had called to him.

???: Gentaro!

The friendly Kamen Rider turned to his left to see a familiar figure calling his name.

Gentaro: …Elena?

Without saying a word, the african Street Fighter ran up to him to give her good friend a hug. A tear had streamed down from her left eye while he smiled.

Elena: I’ve missed your so much… I’ve spent the entire time in my temple thinking about the times we had.
Gentaro: I’m sorry, Elena… I know this is a good time to remember, but I have business to take care of.

She released him from her hug, watching him proceed to the asylum.

Elena: (thinking) Good luck, Gentaro…

She left the area as Gentaro continued his path to the asylum.

Gentaro: (quietly; running) I hope everyone here is okay after this… Whoa… what happened over there?

Gentaro was now 120 yards away from the asylum, which was partially burned.

Gentaro: (thinking) Who could’ve done such a thing?

The friendly Kamen Rider was about to enter the asylum, but then he heard several footsteps, which prompted him to be on-guard. The figure revealed himself to be a look-alike of Gentaro himself.

???: Damn it…! They’re not here! Maybe I should look somewhere—

The figure turned around and was surprised that Gentaro was revived and well in the pantheon, standing before him.

???: (surprised) …Else?

The other Gentaro paused for a moment before speaking again.

Alternate!Gentaro: You…! How did you get into the pantheon?
Gentaro: Are you a clone?

The evil Gentaro clone let out an evil smile.

Alternate!Gentaro: You could say that. Let’s just say I’m you from an alternate universe. I have no intention on being friends with anyone in this pantheon…

The friendly Kamen Rider remembered in his trip from Limbo about Cutie Mark Crusaders telling him about his alternative counterpart and how he planned to capture the Princesses of Heart.

Gentaro: Everything those fillies said were true… (angry) I wont forgive you for tortuting them or the Princesses of Heart! 3, 2, 1, RIDER ON!

Transforming into Kamen Rider Fourze, he slowly walked up to his evil counterpart.

Alternate!Gentaro: Very well… RIDER ON!

Alternate!Gentaro also transformed in his Kamen Rider form; His Kamen Fourze had a darker look than the regular Gentaro’s. The two Fourzes rushed at each other; Clashing blow for blow, the two Fourzes were evenly matched. This had made Alternate!Gentaro smile as he and his opponent both breathed.

Fourze: (breathes) You’re a tough opponent…
Alternate!Fourze: (breathes) And I will be your last… N/S Magnet On!

Using the N and S Magnet Switches, Alternate!Fourze transformed into his N/S States form and shot the N Magnet Cannon and S Magnet Cannon at the original Fourze, who quickly used The Fusion Switch and the Meteor Switch to transform.

Fourze: Fusion On!

Kamen Rider Fourze transformed into purple-colored Meteor Fusion States, armed with the Cosmic Barizun Sword and the Meteor Galaxy.

Fourze: Jupiter Lever!

He quickly looked the cannons, which he rushed up to and destroyed with two the cannons with two punches, suffering minor damage in the process.

Alternate!Fourze: Damn it…! Looks like I’ll have to use that… All-Star On!

Alternate!Fourze then switched into a States that was the regular Fourze never had before. He consider this form the All-Star States

Alternate!Fourze: With this power, I will destroy you!

The evil Gentaro rushed into the other Gentaro and lauched his enemy with his All-Star Module Polygon Missile Launcher. The original Fourze take out the Nadeshiko Switch.

Fourze: Fusion On!

Along with the insertions of the Fusion Switch, the Meteor Switch, Kamen Rider Fourze was now in Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States; Armed with rockets on both hands, he proceeds to

Fourze: Rider Double Rocket Missile!

The opimtistic Kamen Rider throws rockets at the missiles at the missiles thrown at him, which causes an explosion, covering the area in smoke. When the subsided, Fourze discovered that his alternate self wasn’t there. Did he escape to harm someone else?

Fourze: (thinking) Where did he go?

Little did he know was that Alternate!Fourze was behind him, firing another missile from his Missile Launcher, attacking his good counterpart before the latter could react.

Fourze: Gaaahh!

It knocked him down on the ground. As he recovered, the evil Fourze slowly walked up to him.

Alternate!Fourze: (smirking) Heh heh heh. The bonds you’ve formed in this pantheon will not be enough to defeat me…
Fourze: ”(chuckles; coughing) We’ll shall see.
Alternate!Fourze: With Funny Valentine as my puppet, I shall conquer the pantheon and make everyone suffer! Starting with you…

The evil Fourze walked up to his good counterpart, who, as he got back up on his feet, sees a creature attacking his evil counterpart from the right with a horn.

Alternate!Fourze: Arrggh!

Knocking the evil Fourze into the ground, the figure revealed itself to be a horse with red hair, accompanied by three other mammals. Along them were Artix, and Voltaire, who were surprised to see two Kamen Rider Fourzes in the pantheon.

Artix: Which one is the evil one?
Voltaire: I think the one Keldeo knocked over is the evil one.

Voltaire pointed to Alternate!Fourze, who was recovering from the wound Keldeo gave him and turned to Artix and Voltaire.

Alternate!Fourze: (angry) You…! I will kill you both for this!

Alternate!Fourze then fired many missiles. Terrakion and Virizion stepped in and used Stone Edge to destroy many of the missiles.

Alternate!Fourze: (angry) Damn it! I could always extract the All-Star Power I’ve inserted Draven, Jeff, and Yugi back into me! All Star Absorption!

Spreading his legs and raising his arms upwards, he tried to extract the All-Star Power from Yugi, Jeff, and Draven. To his surprised no All-Star Power was extracted. This result had infuriated Alternate!Gentaro.

Alternate!Fourze: (angry) Dammit! Why isn’t anyone giving me All-Star Power!?
Voltaire: I heard some rumors about the Proxy disbanding. If they’re not giving you that kind of power, then that must mean it’s true.
Alternate!Fourze: (surprised) What…!?

Voltaire’s explanation had enraged the twist Fourze even further.

Alternate!Fourze: (roars) They’ve betrayed me too!?! That does it!

He faced missile launcher into the sky,

Alternate!Fourze: Madoka should’ve stopped this pantheon by herself! Say goodbye to your precious pantheon!

He fired many missiles, which destroyed numerous places in the pantheon.

Artix: He’s going to destroy the pantheon!
Voltaire: I hope many deities are in their temples.

Kamen Rider Fourze had used this time to eject the three switches he had and inserted the Clear Drill Switch.

Fourze: Drill On! Rocket On! Rocket Drill On!

With the Clear Switch inserted, he was now in Rocket Drill States, armed with the Rocket Drill Module on his right arm.

Fourze: I can’t let him hurt anyone here…

He then thought about all of his friends.

Fourze: (thinking) Kengo… Miu… Noah… Shun… Yuki… JK… Tomoko… Ryusei… Pinkie… Elena… I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to do this… (out loud) Rider Rocket Drill Blast!

Operating the Drill, Kamen Rider Fourze and slowly walked up to his evil counterpart. He reluctantly decided to kill his twisted evil self, who then aimed his weapon at him.

Voltaire: No! He’s going to die!

Several missiles attacked Fourze with moderate damage before Cobalion decided to step in and shield Fourze from the missiles.

Artix: Nooo!

The Iron Will Pokemon took all the damage it could take as Alternate Fourze continued to blast him.

Alternate!Fourze: Get out of my way!

Without warning, a figure rushed up to the twisted Fourze and attacked him three times with his axe.

Alternate!Fourze: Nggh! Damn it! (reverts back to Base States; surprised) What…?!?
Artix: It can’t be… Isn’t that-

He found himself reverting back to his Basic States, which stopped him from firing the missiles. What he didn’t realize was that the perp unintentionally destroyed the All-Star Astroswitch, which left him vulnerable. He turned to see his stealth attacker.

Alternate!Fourze: (angry) You…!
Voltaire: That’s… Mitsuzane Kureshima…!

Mitsuzane Kureshima, who was in Kamen Rider Ryugen, was enraged about all the acts the twisted Fourze had done to him in the past.

Ryugen: (angry) This is revenge for all the crap you’ve done to me!
Alterate!Fourze: I’ll kill you over and over again!

Virizion, Terrakion, and Keldeo roared furiously to distract him as Cobalion went out of the way to allow Kamen Rider Fourze, who was now running up to him with Rocket Module, to impales him, which reverted him into Alternate!Gentaro, who was now coughing up blood.

Alternate!Gentaro: Shit… I can’t die here…
Fourze: Why are you terrorizing the pantheon?
Alternate!Gentaro: (coughs) Aren’t you going to spout one… of your pathetic friendship speeches? Don’t bother…
Fourze: You shouldn’t say that. Hatred is not the way.
Alternate!Gentaro: (coughs) Not this… sugary tumor… again… They let me die in my world… How could I ever forgive them for allowing such a deed to happen?
Fourze: You should’ve asked them yourself before you came to this pantheon.
Alternate!Gentaro: (tears up) You… You’re right…

The Alternate Kisaragi had a tear in his right eye and pat his regular self in the back before disintegrating into a ball of light. Kamen Rider Fourze reverted to Gentaro and fell on his knees, disturbed that he had murdered a person, albeit for the sake of peace, let alone himself from an alternative universe. Everbody else approached him to see if he was okay.

Gentaro: (pants; thinking) So this how Tokugawa-san must’ve felt when he killed Hideyoshi in his universe…
Voltaire: Hey, are you alright?
Gentaro: Yeah… Just suffering a little fatigue.

Artix helped get Gentaro into his feet while a remorseful Mitsuzane approached him.

Artix: (To Mitsuzane) Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be going back to your temple in the House of Villains?
Mitsuzane: I’ve come here to apologize for what I said to Kisaragi.

He placed his hand on the friendly Kamen Rider’s shoulder.

Mitsuzane: I’m sorry for saying all the bad stuff that drove you insane.
Gentaro: (smiles) It wasn’t your fault, Micchy. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Micchy had a bittersweet smile on his face as Gentaro turned to Artix and Voltaire.

Gentaro: I’m going inside the asylum. Please go to a safe place while you can. I don’t want anyone else to be inside that asylum!
Voltaire: I can rest my legs at last…
Artix: We should check on Carmelita after this.

Artix, and Voltaire rode on Cobalion and Terrakion respectively. Keldeo was waiting for Mitsuzane to mount him. However, he refused to go anywhere.

Gentaro: Micchy, What are you doing? Ride onto that Pokemon!
Mitsuzane: No… Take me with you…

Gentaro was surprised to hear the saddened Kamen Rider say such a thing.

Gentaro: …Why?
Mitsuzane: I’m going make up for all the stuff I’ve caused in the past few days… (To everyone else) You can all go. I’m staying here to help Kisaragi.

Everyone else had looked at each other and agreed to depart, leaving Gentaro and Mitsuzane to go inside the asylum.

Daxter and Melody were outside GUAG Medical Divsion HQ, where they were helping the nurses tend the many deities who were attacked by the undead after, they’ve sent the Swords of Justice into the asylum.

Melody: Some of these deities sure tried their best in ridding the pantheon of the undead.
Daxter: Reports say that one of there deities were eaten by the undead.
Melody: Really? Ouch…

Melody cringed at the thought of seeing the undead eating a living deity alive, as was Daxter.

Daxter: Once everything’s done here, I’m going to check on Jak.
Melody: It’s strange that he hasn’t woken up for the past few hours when you were with him.
Daxter: Don’t worry. He’ll wake up eve- (looks elsewhere) Huh?

Daxter stopped mid-sentence to see a particular figure in his sights.

Daxter: What’s Prince Hans doing here?
Melody: Prince Hans is here? Where?

The daughter of Ariel had looked in Daxter’s direction to Prince Hans Westergard, who was angry about something. Melody’s face was fierce when she saw him. She could never forget the time he once tried to woo her mother and aunts, who all rejected him.

Melody: What should we do?
Daxter: Something tells me that he failed in charming yet another princess. He’s already been banned from nineteen worlds as far as just a few weeks ago. We should follow him.

The duo quietly follow Prince Hans, who entered Medical Division HQ, with the two of them doing so quietly a minute and a half later.

Prince Hans: Those blasted Proxy members… They refused to help me to take over that Kingdom!

The 13th prince of the Southern Isles was enraged that the Proxy had betrayed him. He wanted their aid in one of his most recent attempts to take the throne from another Kingdom. He was also known for his bad fortune with the ladies with the pantheon, all of which resulted in failure, and banishment from their kingdoms.

Prince Hans: It’s the fault of the that wretched prince from Haven City!

Those words angered Daxter when he blamed his misfortunes on Jak. He remembered an incident where the 13th prince once tried to marry Ashelin Praxis, only to discover that she was in a relationship with Torn and be booted out by her group of guards known as the Freedom League. Ever since then, he has loathed the Prince of Haven City for an incident the latter had no involvement in. Melody and Daxter continue to silently follow him.