The Friendship Asylum

Sing to me, muses. The anger of Gentaro Kisaragi, and the fall that was brought by the bitten Forbidden Fruit.

Gentaro Kisaragi once saw a glimpse of a world that he should never had seen. In his mind, he is isolated. In the Pantheon, he is insane. There is a need of a place where he can be kept, where he can not harm anyone that comes his way. The House of Friendship has become his home: a simple place on simple Earth that will dive deep into his subconscious.

Until then, it is an asylum to hold all that has made him happy into a monster.

The cast for this tale is here.

Welcome, fellow readers. The “Friendship Asylum” is now open for business. Leave your sanity at the door, and prepare for the start of treatment.

  • Act One: Several gods have taken interest with the Friendship Asylum, and have decided to explore it, curious on the secrets that may lie inside. However, the corrupting chaos unleashed from the Princesses of Heart has it’s sights set on some of these explorers…
  • Act Two: Five gods have been snatched by the Asylum, and one of them has predicted that the Hacking Trio may hold the key to destroying the Asylum for good, But do they really hold the cure? Meanwhile, one corrupted god’s soul was detected in another body, and his best friend has been marked for corruption.
  • Act Three: In an attempt to get more power for an upcoming invasion of the Asylum, Elena has decided to bring the Iron Giant in as assistance. But his Berserk Button has been pressed, causing a rampage across the pantheon. Meanwhile, the Hacking Trio find themselves trapped inside a computer world as a result of the rampage cutting off power, and the soul they have been guarding dies. Can the trio escape the computer worlds before they get erased?
  • Act Four: One god is finally purified of corruption, and the Hacking Trio decide to team up with the Princesses of Heart to save their corrupted friends and destroy the Asylum forever in what is called “Operation: Mad Breakdown”. Of course, the true perpetrators of the Asylum are about to unleash “Time For Heaven”, and have Gentaro’s true soul in their custody along with the newly-revived soul of the god that the Hacking Trio had guarded.
  • Act Five: Pucci has abducted two gods from the GUAG Medical Division, and now he and Funny Valentine have forced one of them to be absorbed into the Heart of the Asylum to fulfill “Time For Heaven”. But with Gentaro freed from their control, it would only be a matter of time before all the damage left by “Project: Alternate!Gentaro” will be undone…
  • Act Six: The epilogue of the story.