Tarot Crusaders Act One

    1st Reading: Kill the Lights

October 30th, 6:35 PM. House of Prophecy – Demigods and Quasideities Division

Apple Bloom: All right girls. Are we all set?

In their temple at the House of Prophecy, also reconfigured to resemble their treehouse, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were dressing up in their costumes for Halloween (or “Nightmare Night” as it’s traditionally called in Equestria). Scootaloo prepared the goggles and pink wig for her Haruko Haruhara costume, Sweetie Belle adjusted the skirt of her Margaret Moonlight costume, and Apple Bloom replaced her trademark red bow for a purple one for her Blake Belladonna-inspired costume. The trio then grinned at themselves in the mirror before looking at a message left there that read:

“Crusaders, please don’t be late for a very important date. The PWF All Hallow’s Eve Smackfest Special is tonight. And if you do arrive late, beware, take care, because the freaks will come out at tonight and spoil your fun. Come as soon as possible (Don’t keep me waiting, girls!) -Gangrel”

Underneath the message were three tickets for the PWF Smackfest show which Applebloom placed into a pocket of her combat skirt. Sweetie Belle began to levitate snacks, water bottles and their Garment Grids into a bag.

Scootaloo: Wait, why do we need those things anyway? I mean, it was nice for Yuna to go make those for us and all but it’s not like we’re gonna need it, right?
Sweetie Belle: You never know—I mean, after everything we went through to get these Dresspheres and gain the abilities, you can never be too sure. Also, you’ve heard those things about Matt Hardy recently, right?
Scootaloo: Yeah, but it’s all fake, you know that. It’s just some “gimmick” he’s doing, not unlike Undertaker as a biker or Paul London with his “Rabbit Tribe”. It’s not real.
Sweetie Belle: You say that now…
???: Are you guys ready yet?

Apple Bloom opened the door and saw Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon waiting for them, dressed as May and Serena, respectively. The Crusaders smiled at their friends and quickly finished their preparations before closing the door and heading off.

Diamond Tiara: About time you got ready. You excited for the show?
Scootaloo: Of course we are! This is going to be so much fun!

As the five trotted toward the front of the House of Prophecy and into the boats that would lead them to the nearest train station, Apple Bloom turned to see Absol briefly looking at them.

Apple Bloom: That can’t be good.
Silver Spoon What’s Absol doing here? Are we gonna be hit by another Groudon or Kyogre attack? Or maybe Yvetal is about to be let loose?
Diamond Tiara: Who would unleash Yvetal’s wrath? No one’s going to be that evil, or desparate, to do something like wake Yvetal up.
Sweetie Belle: You never know…

The group continued to walk toward the boats as Absol hopped down the rocks and raced toward Riku’s temple.

October 30th, 8:15 PM. Pantheon Wrestling Federation

The Halloween edition of PWF Smackfest didn’t seem to excite the Crusaders in anyway. Sure, there was John Cena vs AJ Styles vs CM Punk in a Triple Threat Match to be No. 1 Contender for the PWF Championship (They did think Punk dressed as Jeff Hardy was funny though), Edge and Christian hosting “The Cutting Edge Peep Show” for Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns that ended in a brawl, and there was Luna Vachon’s promo to AJ Lee about how Luna was the codifier of the “Crazy lunatic diva”, but all-in-all, it was an average show.

The next match that was about to happen was the team of BROKEN Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy against the tag team of The Brian Kendrick and Dean Ambrose with Gangrel coaching them. It started with a promo of Jeff Hardy apologizing about whatever happened that caused the Hardys to lose their Tag Team Titles before Ambrose and The Brian Kendrick emerged to fight (or rather, it was Jeff Hardy fighting alone while BROKEN Matt Hardy watched from ringside). As the bell rang, Apple Bloom, who was seated in the front along with the other Crusaders, narrowed her eyes.

Sweetie Belle: What do you see?
Apple Bloom: You guys are seeing that strange necklace around Jeff’s neck, right?

Apple Bloom pointed to the cross around Jeff Hardy’s neck. In the center of the cross was a peridot that began to flicker amongst the spotlights and among the fighting and punches The Brian Kendrick gave Jeff.

Silver Spoon: Yeah, so what? I have one of those on me right now. (shows the cross before staring at Jeff and sighing) Isn’t Jeff so dreamy though?
Scootaloo: No, Apple Bloom is right. There’s that strange jewel in the center of the cross.
Diamond Tiara: What gem? I don’t…

Diamond Tiara was interrupted as Jeff Hardy was thrown over the ring ropes by Dean Ambrose before Ambrose went to work with a sharp kick to the stomach, all while Gangrel leaned forward and laughed. Jeff snarled and began to say something obscene…

Jeff Hardy: Freak off, fang face!

Or maybe not (after all, the PWF shows were PG).

Gangrel snarled, tossing his goblet to the side (which Sweetie Belle caught using her magic to catch it in mid-air) and lifted Jeff Hardy onto his feet, slapping him across the face and performing his Implant DDT on the concrete. BROKEN Matt Hardy just laughed, looking very macabre in his strange black Victorian coat with red swirls, his frizzy hair with a white streak and how he began chanting “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” with enthusiasm.

Apple Bloom: I have a bad feeling about him.
Scootaloo: He’s just acting. I mean, you saw his “Final Deletion” movie, right?
Silver Spoon: We all saw it, Scootaloo. Poor Jeff though…I mean, he’s already still being troubled after the asylum incident, right?

No one said a word as Jeff Hardy pulled Dean Ambrose to a ringpost and performed his Whisper in the Wind move. As the referee counted a pinfall for two on Jeff, the commentary began to play out for those watching the show on television.

Jim Ross: For those confused with this setup, it appears that Matt Hardy became BROKEN and has taken the Hardy name after the event known as the “Final Deletion”. What are your thoughts about it?
JBL: I once said that London and Kendrick came from Pluto, but now I’m convinced that one of them isn’t even from the Milky Way considering those “White Rabbit” proclamations he’s been spouting out. As for Matt? Forget Pluto, he’s from another universe!
Joey Styles: Honestly, I think I find it out of this world. But this whole setup of Jeff having to fight alone to atone for his crimes is a little bit—OH MY GOD!!!!

The buildup had Jeff and The Brian Kendrick going at it with kicks, punches, The Brian Kendrick pulling off a dropsault and more. But what happened next was The Brian Kendrick lifting Jeff Hardy onto his shoulders into an Argentinean Backbreaker…

Sweetie Belle: Sweet Celestia! He’s not going to—

The Brian Kendrick slammed Jeff Hardy on his head as everyone screamed in awe, terror and pure elation. Joey Styles was immediately on it.

Joey Styles: BURNING HAMMER! BURNING HAMMER! Kendrick hooks the leg with one, two—

Jeff Hardy kicked out as The Brian Kendrick looked in horror. It wasn’t just him though: Dean Ambrose, Gangrel, half of the audience looked in horror as Jeff Hardy struggled to stand up, hand on his neck.

Silver Spoon: Be okay Jeff! It can’t be that bad!
Scootaloo: “Can’t be that bad?” The Burning Hammer is one of the most dangerous and protected wrestling moves ever! So dangerous that the guy who created it only used it seven times!
Apple Bloom: So that’s why Elena took The Brian Kendrick to Akuma then.

Jeff Hardy snarled as he continued to punch The Brian Kendrick with all his might. The peridot on his cross shimmered and shined but for some odd reason, it started to look a little…darker. No one noticed this as Jeff Hardy kicked The Brian Kendrick in the gut before performing his own dropkick to knock The Brian Kendrick out. Just as he was about to go for the pin, Dean Ambrose turned Jeff around and set him up for his Finishing Move, Dirty Deeds.Of course Jeff Hardy wasn’t going to go for that, and quickly reversed it, hitting his Twist of Fate on Dean Ambrose, who landed on The Brian Kendrick, kicked The Brian Kendrick away and then hooked Ambrose’s leg.

1…2…3! And that was all she wrote.

As Jeff Hardy’s theme blared (an acapella version of one line of his “Obsolete” theme that went: “I’ll fade away and classify myself as obsolete!”), while Silver Spoon cheered for joy and showed off her sign showing her admiration for the Charismatic Enigma, and while Howard Finkel announced the Hardys as the winners of the match, BROKEN Matt Hardy arrived in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. Jeff also had one too.

Jeff Hardy: Are you satisfied now, BROKEN Matt? How was that?

BROKEN Matt Hardy smirked.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: For an obsolete mule, whose soul that I have deleted, you actually showed (shows his fingers to measure out an inch) a little bit of passion back there!

There was silence as Jeff let the words sink in, Silver Spoon having her hooves to her mouth. Then, Jeff’s hand trembled as he asked,

Jeff Hardy: Oh, so that’s how it is? So I don’t have passion anymore? I don’t have that fire anymore?! Well, you wanna see passion? You wanna see fire?!

Without warning, he gave The Brian Kendrick a Twist of Fate, then delivered one to Dean Ambrose for good measure, then gave another to The Brian Kendrick. He let out a scream as he turned to Gangrel before leaping over the ropes and tackling him, punching the vampire wrestler in the face as he screamed into his microphone:

Jeff Hardy: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! Are you happy with it all? IS THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU?! WAS THAT OBSOLETE?!

As Jeff dragged Gangrel back to the ring to give him a second Twist of Fate, BROKEN Matt Hardy laughed. He soon closed his eyes and with his mouth open and head lolling side to side, it seemed like he was in a trance. As Jeff asked his brother once more, “How’s that for passion?”, Apple Bloom saw a necklace around the elder Hardy’s neck: the Hardy Boys symbol with a star sapphire in its center.

Apple Bloom: I never saw that sapphire on Matt’s neck before.
Diamond Tiara: Sapphire? Where? I’m into stones and all but I think obsidian works better than a sapphire…well they can represent heaven or the apocalypse and Matt’s birthday is in September and…

As Diamond Tiara rambled on and on about birthstones, Jeff Hardy had set up two tables, placing Gangrel on top of one of them. Climbing back into the ring and onto a ringpost, he leapt over and slammed into Gangrel, their weight snapping the table in two. BROKEN Matt Hardy continued laughing, stating how all of it was “DELIGHTFUL!” as Jeff Hardy returned to the ring, panting for breath, eyes wild like fire as he spat out,

Jeff Hardy: The only god in this Pantheon who punishes me…is ME!

To the surprise of everyone, Jeff Hardy removed his shirt, went to the ring post, looked down at the table and then…performed a Swanton Bomb that cracked the table in half. Joey Styles once again screamed “OH MY GOD!” as Jeff took another breath. The referee went to check on him as Jeff Hardy held the microphone close to his lips…

And then, Jeffrey Nero Hardy began to laugh.

His body began to shake as the laugh echoed throughout the arena, causing many to question what was going on. BROKEN Matt also joined in on the laughter as he approached his broken younger brother. Silver Spoon hugged Sweetie Belle in fear.

Jeff Hardy: Ha ha…Brother Nero…Brother Nero…BROTHER NERO! I am Brother Nero! I AM BROTHER NERO! I AM!!!! (continues to laugh)
BROKEN Matt Hardy: You…Are…BROKEN!

The two things that happened next would be revealed to not have been scripted. The first was the flickering lights that plunged the arena into darkness, the spotlight that shone on Jeff Hardy as a swarm of darkness rose into the air like an ocean wave and consumed him as he continued his laughter. His eyes began to glow white, his outfit now a black and blue coat similar to his brother’s, his hair streaked black and blue, his eyes surrounded with black makeup to give him a more menacing look and his mouth decorated with marks to resemble stitches as he continued laughing and laughing and laughing

The second one came as BROKEN Matt Hardy stopped laughing and smiled before saying,

BROKEN Matt Hardy: Cutie Mark Crusaders…I knew you’d come!

Everyone turned to the Cutie Mark Crusaders as BROKEN Matt Hardy smiled at the ponies. Gangrel, slowly sitting up from having Jeff slamming into him, looked up in alarm when he saw BROKEN Matt Hardy take a step toward them. Dean Ambrose looked in confusion.

Dean Ambrose: What the—
BROKEN Matt Hardy: Oh, you Crusaders with your Cutie Marks have such DELIGHTFUL costumes tonight! Tell me, are you loving the show?
Gangrel: (picking up a microphone) Hey! Leave those three out of whatever business you have with us! They’re not part of this!
BROKEN Matt Hardy: You’re right—they are not part of the business between you and I, Brother Nero ‘Grel. But at the same time, you are not involved with the business between me, Brother Nero and them!

The Crusaders looked at each other as BROKEN Matt Hardy continued speaking.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: Tell me, are you loving the show within the Wrestling Federation of the Pantheon?
Apple Bloom: (as BROKEN Matt Hardy presents a microphone to her) Well, yes…I mean, it was nice and all for Gangrel to give us the tickets and…
Gangrel: Tickets? I never sent any tickets to you, Apple Bloom!

The audience took a glance at Gangrel stating Apple Bloom’s name out loud all while Apple Bloom also looked in confusion—a long talk with Vince McMahon came up with the deal that while the ponies were allowed to watch the show, any recognition of Gangrel’s friendship with them was not allowed at the tapings. So the fact that Gangrel was talking to her made it feel really awkward and really serious.

“Screw the cameras!” Gangrel thought to himself; it didn’t matter if the audience knew he loved the Crusaders with all his heart, but something was wrong here. REALLY wrong.

Diamond Tiara: You didn’t? But The Crusaders said that you did! We have the letter to prove it!

Sweetie Belle opened her bag and showed the envelope that had Gangrel’s name and his letter in it. BROKEN Matt Hardy smirked.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: Oh, I think you girls have it wrong. Brother Nero ‘Grel’s letter is in MY hands ahahahaha….Allow me to read it aloud for you all!

BROKEN Matt Hardy pulled out a piece of paper from a pocket in his coat and unfolded it. Gangrel looked in alarm while The Brian Kendrick and Dean Ambrose watched.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: (reading) “Dear Crusaders with Cutie Marks, I know that you have been excited to watch Thursday’s Fest of Smacking at the Wrestling Federation of the Pantheon, but I cannot allow you to go to this show. I fear that BROKEN Matt’s addiction to breaking that obsolete mule of a brother has gotten out of hand. I have been hearing rumors that he has been making deals with devils and demons and monsters and witches…I cannot allow you to get involved with this madness, so thus I cannot give you those tickets. However, I promise you that we shall spend a night of trick-or-treating on All Hallow’s Eve, just the five…or seven of us. Please understand. Your friend, Brother Nero ‘Grel.”

Gangrel took a step back as the Crusaders looked like they had watched a good friend of them die in front of their eyes; Apple Bloom looked like she was going to scream, unable to face BROKEN Matt Hardy. Gangrel took the microphone into his hands, shaking his head in disbelief.

Gangrel: You had my letter this entire time? You gave the Crusaders a fake? How did you…how could you…Wh—wh…

He couldn’t get the word out as BROKEN Matt Hardy smirked and caused the letter to be set on fire with nothing more than a flick of his hand. The Crusaders huddled in fear as the elder Hardy brother laughed.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: Oh don’t worry girls. Where you’re going is going to be nice, safe, sound and dark. But first, I have a question to ask everyone. (takes a deep breath) Fellow deities in the Pantheon, answer my question: “What shall the gods turn to after all is said and done?”
Sweetie Belle: What do you mean by—hey, let us go! Jeff! JEFF!!!!

Jeff Hardy dragged the fillies out of the barricade as Gangrel began to run after Jeff. Jeff Hardy turned, right arm raised and his vine tattoos glowing. A swarm of vines emerged from the shadows and hurled Gangrel away with the strength one would fine from Goldberg and into Dean Ambrose. The Brian Kendrick took one look at the vines then ran off, dragging Dean Ambrose away, much to the chargin of the crowd (and of course, Ambrose himself).

Scootaloo: Jeff, what happened to you? Jeff, this isn’t like you!
Jeff Hardy: I am not Jeff Hardy anymore. I am BROTHER NERO!!!! I’ll fade away and classify myself as obsolete! OBSOLETE!!!

BROKEN Matt Hardy raised his hands into the air and an eerie hush fell upon the arena. Then, a bolt of lightning struck the middle of the ring and a vortex of purple and black emerged, spinning round and round as Brother Nero dragged the Crusaders right into it. Gangrel, handed a spare pocket-knife by JBL, began to hack through the vines that bound him and began to struggle his way out to save the Crusaders.

Gangrel: Get away from them you SON OF A BITCH!

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon leapt out of the barricade and tackled BROKEN Matt Hardy onto the floor as Gangrel rushed to the Crusaders’ aid. Sweetie Belle, noticing the pocket knife in Gangrel’s hand, used her magic to levitate it. Thinking quick, she hurled the pocket knife straight into Brother Nero’s eye, causing blood to gush as he dropped the Crusaders and placed a hand on his face.

Brother Nero: (pulling the pocket knife out of his eye) You bitch….YOU LITTLE BITCH! I will—

Gangrel punched Brother Nero in the jaw as a strong wind began to suck him and the Crusaders away. Gangrel grabbed onto Brother Nero’s leg (with Brother Nero grabbing onto the ropes to steady himself), and another hand was grabbed onto Apple Bloom’s hoof as she, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were dragged closer and closer into the vortex.

Apple Bloom: Don’t let go, don’t let go, don’tletgodon’tletgo, please don’t let go…
Gangrel: I won’t. I promise you. Hang on!

But that promise would soon be broken in three seconds as Brother Nero used the pocket knife in his hand to stab Gangrel through his stomach. Gangrel’s hand, for just one second, weakened. And as he felt blood fall down his mouth, he saw his hand fly away from Apple Bloom’s hoof, him falling to the ring mat, and the Crusaders sucked into a void.

Gangrel: (in absolute horror) No…
The Cutie Mark Crusaders/Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: NOOOOO!!!!!!!

The Crusaders fell into the dark void, screaming as they felt their bodies turned into a myriad of strings as they spun round and round until they could no longer be seen and the vortex winked away. Brother Nero spat on the ring mat where the vortex once was and began to walk away. Gangrel slowly turned around as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were swatted away by BROKEN Matt Hardy, who was once again laughing, unable to say anything as BROKEN Matt continued his maniacal laugh.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: Yes….wasn’t that so DELIGHTFUL folks?
Gangrel: Matthew Moore Hardy, where did you take them?!
BROKEN Matt Hardy: I took them nowhere; the vortex did all the work.
Gangrel: Stop playing games! Where did you take the Cutie Mark Crusaders?!
Brother Nero: Where do you think?

As Gangrel looked at them, trying to repeat the line with sarcasm (or whatever he could say given the wound to his stomach), a line Apple Bloom said four months came into his mind…one that made him look in absolute horror.

“We were sent to Limbo.” Apple Bloom said just after Belial and Nebiros “killed” Seth Rollins and Jason Brody in front of their eyes. “A place that tortures the souls!“And as everything came to him, Gangrel dropped to his knees, hands to his head as he recalled the terror he had when he saw the Crusaders at their temples without their souls, the nightmares he had on trying to rescue them but

failing, the therapy sessions the Crusaders had in regards to their trip to Limbo…Limbo…Limbo…LIMBO…the name echoed like a church bell in his mind and all of its gory implications came rushing to him.

Gangrel: No…not there…not THERE! You…(pointing a trembling finger at the Broken Hardys as blood spills down his mouth) HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!

Gangrel couldn’t say anything else as he collapsed onto the ring mat, blood pooling from the wound to his stomach as the word echoed in his mind.As the commentators, and audience tried to make sense as to what was going on, it would soon become apparent that the events that were to follow would kickstart the Long Halloween that no one was ever going to forget for quite sometime.


The first thing that Apple Bloom noticed was that the sky was full of stars. The second was that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were also staring at the sky with her.Apple Bloom groaned and rolled to her side and noticed the grass was dark. Not black, but dark. Then she looked up at the sky once more and saw that it was mixture of purple and magenta and shining with a myriad of stars. It made her think of Twilight Sparkle and how the Princess of Friendship was busy with her new apprentice. That’s when she realized something.

Apple Bloom: W…where are we?! How in the hay did we get here?

She looked around and noticed a tree a few feet away from her. Trotting toward it, and hearing her friends also sitting up, she noticed some satchels bearing the Crusasders’ Cutie Marks and a letter pinned to the tree. Opening the letter, Applebloom began to read.

Apple Bloom: (reading) “Follow the white rabbit…For the Light of Limbo shall shine once more.” What the—
Sweetie Belle: Apple Bloom! Look out!

Apple Bloom looked up just in time to see a large spider, at least twice the size of Princess Celestia, walking toward her! Thinking quick, Apple Bloom hurled two satchels toward Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo—Sweetie Belle levitating Apple Bloom’s Garment Grid in return—before stepping back.

Scootaloo: Wherever we’re at will have to wait. Let’s go girls!
Sweetie Belle: Garment grids, ready! (turns to Scootaloo) Told you they’d be useful!

Scootaloo rolled her eyes as the three activated a Dressphere from each: Apple Bloom was now in her Gunner Dressphere, Sweetie Belle in Lady Luck, and Scootaloo as a Black Mage. The giant spider didn’t seem to notice it though and it continued its slow trek toward them. Applebloom fired a few random shots from her gun while Scootaloo fired bolts of lightning from her staff. Still the spider kept coming, its long legs piercing the grass with each step it took.

Sweetie Belle: Let’s see where this goes….

A set of three slots materialized above her head as the spider continued. First there was a sword, then another…Sweetie Belle suddenly jumped at something that was coming from behind and the last slot revealed a flower. Still, it would be more than enough to get the spider down.

Sweetie Belle: Take this! Power Break!

A blast of magic hit the spider, causing it to slow down. Taking this as her cue, Apple Bloom fired a Blast Shot that pierced through the spider and caused it to collapse on its side. There was silence as the spider twitched its legs in the air…and then, it was dead.

Scootaloo: Well…it’s down now. But, where are we?

The three looked out and saw a white orb glowing in the distance. The orb bounced before heading off.

Apple Bloom: I think we should follow that white orb before something bad happens!
Sweetie Belle: Like what?
Scootaloo: Like THAT!

Scootaloo pointed to four more giant spiders slowly approaching them. The trio screamed as they rushed out to the white orb, running as fast their hooves could take them until the spiders blended with the dark trees they past by. They didn’t know how long they were running, but it was certainly a long distance judging by the view turning into a lake glowing with fireflies. At the edge of the lake were the forms of two children staring off into the distance.

Applebloom: Maybe those two know where we’re going. Excuse me…can you…

The children turned, their faces and bodies turning into a watery substance that began to drag Apple Bloom into the lake. Scootaloo summoned a bolt of lightning that turned them into blobs of water, while Sweetie Belle quickly transformed into a White Mage and casted Cure on Apple Bloom.

Scootaloo: Okay, that wasn’t expected…what now?

The sounds of mournful crying reached their ears as the water in the lake began to bubble. Soon, multiple versions of watery children rose into the air and began to reach toward the fillies. As they did, Apple Bloom’s mind flashed to a distant memory…

    2nd Reading: White Rabbit

October 31st, 3:34 AM, Limbo – White Rabbit Picnic

Apple Bloom: And that’s pretty much what happened.

Paul London nodded his head as everyone else continued eating. Mala Suerte tilted his head to the side as he fiddled with a blade of grass near his ear, Scootaloo was feasting on pumpkin pie while Sweetie Belle was conversing to Saltador about themselves.

Sweetie Belle: You have amnesia? You don’t remember anything about yourself?
Saltador: I’ve regained bits and pieces of it…I remember having two brothers…
Sweetie Belle: Brothers?
Saltador: They had dark skin and they had lots of scars. (hugs knees to their chest) I hope they are doing okay.
Mala Suerte: (pockets blade of grass) That’s a lot of hoping. Don’t know if they’re still alive here. We’re probably the last of our kind.
Scootaloo: What do you mean by that?
Paul London: A bit of history is in order; get comfy little ponies. (clears throat) We three are from the Rabbit Tribe—a tribe who traverse the lands of Limbo in the name of the White Rabbit, the symbol of Limbo itself. The White Rabbit is what brought me hope from despair long ago, when I found myself crushed and mutilated by a…giant.

The Crusaders paused as they considered London’s words: after recovering from their trip to Limbo, they learned just what happened to the Pantheon while they were gone, and the Iron Giant’s rampage was one of those things. There were numerous gods that were sent to the GUAG Medical Division to be healed, and the Crusaders helped deliver Get Well packages to many a recovering god.

Paul London: Lost, broken, having no where to go, I had a dream…a VISION….of the White Rabbit telling me that I was off to lead the Rabbit Tribe to war. Then, I was blessed to find two more members in search of a leader like me…but back to my original point! On the days leading up to the day the veil between Limbo and the Mortal World weakens, the Rabbit Tribe makes their plans to return to their original home and make our blessings to Lady Imagica, the Guardian of Limbo herself.
Apple Bloom: That doesn’t sound like the Limbo we went through. What we went through is grey, black, white, filled with giant spiders and tribesmen that want to kill us…
Sweetie Belle: Death traps, trickster pressure plates, electrical wires, empty cities…
Scootaloo: And then when we reach the end we had to do that all over again! Like 300 times in 6 days!
Paul London: Oh, that Limbo? That’s the dark side of Limbo—where the souls of those who have lost their way must traverse the land until either the soul passes the trials or Limbo decides to consume the soul.
Sweetie Belle: “The Dark Side of Limbo?”
Mala Suerte: Are we talking to ponies or to parrots? (Sweetie Belle glares at him) Tch.
Saltador: We are at the Twilight Realm of Limbo, the realm where the Rabbit Tribe and numerous followers of Limbo live. This is where dreams are formed, where the light of Limbo slumbers before it awakens to shine its light on its travelers. The time is nearing soon.
Scootaloo: You mean…because it’s almost Halloween, right?
Saltador: Exactly. All Hallows’ Eve is when the veil between Limbo and the mortal world weakens, where Limbo will bask its light and perform in its Carnival of Souls for all, bringing those who have died in the past year to reunite with their loved ones. We are off to our old home. You can join us if you want.
Apple Bloom: Why would we want to do that?
Paul London: Well, we can run and we can hide, but we won’t find the answers. If you fall down, then you’ll get help along the way. But if you wanna save your soul, then we could travel all together…and make the Devil pray.
Apple Bloom: Well…I guess that’s as good an answer.
Paul London: But you know that it’s not that simple; you saw Llorona. It appears as if someone is bringing forth generals to prevent us from going back.
Scootaloo: What was her problem anyway?
Mala Suerte: She drowns the souls of children who hear her sobs and trap them inside her. Legends state that she herself killed her own children in grief of learning that her husband had abandoned her for another woman. Unable to enter heaven, she searches for children and drowns them, growing stronger with each child she kills.
Sweetie Belle: Makes what Yugi did to us look like child’s play. (shudders)
Saltador: We should get going. The Witching Hour is still going on.
Apple Bloom: That reminds me. How exactly do you know the time in the Pantheon? We didn’t even know what time it was until after we destroyed those undead in the House of Ambiguity.
Saltador: I hear the voices in the wind. They tell me all their secrets.
Scootaloo: Ahh…of course.

Mala Suerte finished the last pumpkin croquette as Paul London packed up what was left of the picnic. Standing up, he placed a hand over his eyes to look into the distance.

Paul London: It is said that to open the Gate of Self-Being, one must find a key…something of value. Something important.
Apple Bloom: Like what? The legendary fourth flavor of ice cream? A sugar bowl?
Sweetie Belle: The Philosopher’s Legacy, Malachite’s Hand, or maybe three keys and an egg hidden in a virtual oasis?
Scootaloo: The Mask of Shaka Zulu, the Levitating Dogleash of Nostradamus, the Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kid, the Metal Beard of the Egyptian Queen, the War Fan of the 47 Ronin, the Broken Wing of Icarus, the Melted Head of Madame Tussaud, the Red Sash of Tokugawa Ieyasu, oh! Maybe it’s the Mystical Spellbook of the Imperial Wizard, the Silk Sash of Mulan, the Stone Head of the Evil King or maybe it’s the Trojan horse—
Paul London: We’re looking for a heart.
Scootaloo: Like the Heart-Shaped Pillow of Anne Taylor?
Mala Suerte: What’s with you and all these fictional treasures?
Scootaloo: The Legends of the Hidden Temple are real! I’ve gone and collected a few treasures myself and—
Saltador: The heart of Limbo herself is what we are looking for. If we can find her heart, then the Gate of Self-Being will open itself up to us and we can leave. But the landscape of Limbo has changed—it as if it’s hurt.
Apple Bloom: How so?
Mala Suerte: Limbo is the world where dreams and desires are formed, while simultaneously the land where souls can slumber before they are called to enter the world once more. The Dark Side of Limbo works in conjunction with the Twilight Realm in testing the souls of those who deserve to leave Limbo and those who deserve to wallow in the darkness. Well, that was the case until someone—or something—has caused the darkness to be let loose.
Sweetie Belle: And that’s a bad thing, right?
Saltador: It’ll make what you experienced by the hands of this “Yugi” look like child’s play—think what you experienced times a thousand to all of the gods in the Pantheon.

As the Crusaders contemplated the chessboard-outfit wearer’s words, The White Rabbit stood up on its hind legs, the tips of its black ears twitching as it looked around.

Paul London: Oh! White Rabbit, have you come to say something to us?

The White Rabbit was about to open its mouth when a harsh wind caused it to fly back, WAY back, until the light that shone across its fur faded away. Darkness began to cover the group.

Saltador: Bad timing.
Mala Suerte: REALLY bad timing. Muy Malo

Paul London slipped a set of rings onto his fingers as the Cutie Mark Crusaders prepared new Dresspheres: Apple Bloom as a Black Mage modeled after a Moltres, Sweetie Belle as a Gun Mage with a Palkia-inspired costume and Scootaloo as a Dark Knight, her helm having a facepiece similar to Midna’s Fused Shadow. Saltador gathered twigs and branches from the ground as Apple Bloom casted Fira to light them.

Sweetie Belle: I don’t suppose that’s one of those generals…right?

As if to answer her question, a loud shriek roared across the forest, causing the fire to die down, and the six to nearly be blown away. Above their heads was a skeletal woman with green hair (or perhaps it looked like hair) topped with a hat covered in marigolds. her dress black and decorated with bones of the undead itself. Mala Suerte and Saltador prepared a set of guns from out of nowhere.

???: Who dares enter in the domain of Limbo itself? Who dares to trespass and kill my sister?!
Apple Bloom: Who dares?! We dare! We are the team of Earth!
Sweetie Belle: Unicorn!
Scootaloo: And Pegasus!
Apple Bloom: Team EUP, in Position and ready to go!
???: (chuckles) Well then, EUP…how about I cast a spin on things with THIS!

The skeletal woman raised her hands into the air and formed a tornado around the Rabbit Tribe and the Crusaders, sending them flying away from each other. After three seconds of being flung off by the force of the strong winds, the Cutie Mark Crusaders found themselves stuck to a giant sticky spider web, their weapons just inches away from their hooves.

Sweetie Belle: Not again! How many times did we found ourselves cast in webs by a spider?
Scootaloo: Too long. (realizes) Wait a minute…if this web is here, doesn’t that mean?

The pegasus didn’t finish her sentence as the three Crusaders looked up to see a multitude of spiders, big and small, racing toward them, their red eyes glowing like embers in a dying fire. They all knew what was coming next.

Apple Bloom: NO! Not again, not again! Don’t take us there! Please don’t—

Her screams were cut off by a multitude of strings that bound her mouth, and the mouths of her friends before her vision turned black from being blinded by the similar strings. The next thing that she could hear were the sounds of gunshots and the howling wind before she found herself dragged off towards parts unknown.


???1: Well, that was absolutely abysmal.

The first figure coughed a bit before glaring at the one with the sword in hand. The sword wielder just rolled his eyes as the first figure pointed his hammer at the other person.

Sword-wielder: Don’t blame me that the girl decided to put a bomb on you.
Hammer-wielder: That was completely unnecessary and dirty!
Sword-wielder: And you burning a prosthetic leg of an amputee isn’t?
Hammer-wielder: I was goddamn waiting for you to show up! I bet you were fawning over Little Miss Sunshine, am I right?
Sword-wielder: And what about your obsession with that friend of yours?
???: ENOUGH!

The sword-wielder and the hammer-wielder turned to see two other figures, the one with white eyes glaring at them in the darkness.

White-eyes: What matters most is that we’ve escaped intact and we can continue on with the next part of the plan.
Hammer-wielder: Yeah, leave it to Klutzy here to nearly make me lose my own leg. Tch. Don’t even know what made me join you in the first place.
Sword-wielder: Broken Man said you could leave any time you want. We didn’t force you to join us.
Broken Man: Well said, well said. But now…we should return back to House Hardy and rest. The morning before All Hallow’s Eve will be on us soon, and we shall rest until then.
Sword-wielder: You guys go on ahead. I’ll be heading off somewhere.
White-eyes: And where would that be?

The Sword-wielder paused before looking out toward the distance, seeing a temple shining in the distance. He turned to the three members of his group and smiled.

Sword-wielder: Home.
    3rd Reading: Heathens

October 31st, 12:15 AM. House of Justice


She had been running for as long as she could remember. No matter how many times she ran, she always found herself at the same spot, waking up without any clue as to what was going on, being chased after darkness and shadows, only able to say two are three things at a time.

???: Roxas, where are you? Roxas, are you there? Roxas, save me!

She echoed those lines over and over again until it felt like the very wind could carry that message for her. Tears fell down her face as she continued it while dark vines continued to tear at her black cloak, scratch her skin, and the blade she held for a weapon sliced through as she continued, always continued, forever continued, her chase.

???: Roxas…save me!
  4th Reading: This Fire

October 30th, 9:54 PM, House of Narrative – Narrative Structure Division

After what felt like forever, Roxas was finally leaving his therapy session and was approaching the House of Narrative.


  5th Reading: Come As You Are


October 30th, 10:35 PM. House of Celebration – Pinkie Pie’s Temple

Maud Pie: Pinkie Pie, you don’t have to do this. You know this guy is bad news.
Pinkie Pie: Thanks for your concern, Maud. But I have to.

Maud just stayed silent as she saw her little sister pack up party cannon into a duffel bag, along with a myriad of party decorations and a collection of cupcakes and gumballs that Pinkie Pie kept in her dresser. After Pinkie Pie went through a list of supplies, she closed the dresser and opened the door to her temple.

Pinkie Pie: I’ve been thinking about those two…I think those Hardys have the answer I need.
Maud Pie:…”Those two?”
Pinkie Pie: Gentaro and Elena…I’ve been having a really bad feeling that something’s happened to them.
Maud Pie: They went to a camping trip in the mountains, right?
Pinkie Pie: (nods head) They’ve been gone for quite some time and I’m worried.
Maud Pie: I can go take a look tomorrow if you need me to. I know how much you care about them. And if you ever need me…(goes and hugs her sister) I’ll be there.
Pinkie Pie: (hugs Maud back) Thanks. Oh, I better get going! I promised Mitsuzane and Takatora that I’d meet them at the front of the House of Celebration. Gotta go!

Pinkie Pie heads off and closes the door behind her. Maud slowly blinks her eyes for a minute or two before she turns around and sees a picture of Gentaro, Elena and Pinkie Pie on her sister’s desk, how the three were all so happy and carefree after the calamity that was the “asylum incident”. It had been decreed that the incident was to never be spoken of again, but something…just something didn’t sit well with Maud.

The stoic grey pony walked out of her sister’s temple, slowly looking around the the Festival Plaza that connected the House of Celebration all lit up and decorated for All Hallow’s Eve before she began running back to her temple in the House of Narrative.

Maud Pie: (thinking) Wait for me, Pinkie Pie. I’ll be there soon.

October 30th, 10:55 PM, House of Family – Siblings Division, Matt Hardy’s Temple

“Dominique, ‘nique, ‘nique, s’en allait tout simplement, routier pauvre et chantant…”

Brother Nero: For the love of the Smashing Pumpkins, Matt! That song is goddamn raping my ears!
BROKEN Matt Hardy: This is culture, Brother Nero! This is a song that represents me, and how the 7 Deities have chosen me for this WONDERFUL odyssey!
Brother Nero: I have half a mind to freaking smash that record into pieces right now!

BROKEN Matt just smirked as he finished setting the food on an elaborate dining room table all while seeing his brother cursing and stomping across the dining room. Brother Nero had washed up after the PWF show, his left eye now revealing a black ring that showed his pupil, and facepaint starting from the right side of his head down to the chin that read “OBSOLETE” in black and white. The younger Hardy continued his tirade until he sat on a chair, arms folded across his chest and pouting like a child.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: Yessss…I have to thank that Villager for coming up with the decor tonight. The cobwebs, the candles, the decadent silk tablecloth…this will make our dinner so DELIGHTFUL! And…(smirks) Double Melon Pie…I knew you’d come!

Brother Nero raised an eyebrow before turning to see three gods staring at them. Standing at the door of Matt Hardy’s temple were Pinkie Pie and both Takatora and Mitsuzane Kureshima. Brother Nero just nodded his head, giving a beckoning mention with his hand.

Brother Nero: Come in, come in. Don’t be shy…we won’t bite.
Takatora: Um, just one question though…”Double Melon Pie?”
Brother Nero: (shrugs shoulders) That’s BROKEN Matt’s idea, not mine.

There was another awkward silence as the guests began to enter. As they did, Pinkie Pie did a quick glance at the entire living room: there was a record player playing a French song about something involving “Dominique”, the Halloween decorations of glowing jack-o’-lanterns, cobwebs and candy skulls inscribed with various names, a potted plant that she nearly tripped over (she made sure to set it upright and whispered an apology to it), and, of all things, a set of dioramas featuring…

Pinkie Pie: Bunny dolls?

With a tilt of her head, and while Takatora and Mitsuzane sat themselves down at the dining room table, she peered closer at what she saw: each of the dioramas had bunny dolls interacting with different props. One shrine had BROKEN Matt Hardy on a throne with two rabbit dolls in shackles. Another depicted The Brian Kendrick in a hooded cloak and holding a lantern. Pinkie Pie’s heart soared when she saw a diorama depicting Gentaro and Elena playing underneath a bright sun, slightly grimaced at seeing one of Gangrel pouring blood out of a lake, glanced at Mitsuzane before seeing a diorama of Mitsuzane torn between two figures (one of Brother Nero, the other of Takatora), shuddered at a black-cloaked character wielding a sword while riding on top of a white horse, looked in confusion at one that looked like a dark house being struck by lightning, gasped at the one that depicted the Cutie Mark Crusaders (depicted as ponies, not bunnies) spinning on the rims of a large wheel…

And the last one…depicted Jeff Hardy wearing a black shirt that said “Nero” in white letters dangling on a noose hung on a tree branch. A shiver fell down her spine as she saw the doll spin round and round on that noose without a care in the world. Something compelled her to reach out toward it with her hoof, and Pinkie Pie slowly inched one toward the doll and poked it at its chest…


Pinkie Pie gasped as she saw the other dolls stop their shenanigans to stare at the pink pony. Even the record player stopped its playing as if to accentuate the surreal moment. Pinkie Pie began to slowly back away as she heard the dolls scream various phrases at her until she was at the dining room, just as BROKEN Matt began to introduce the spread for the evening.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: We have an assortment of delicacies this evening: glasses of WONDERFUL pomegranate juice, a scrumptious cheese platter, reuben sandwiches without mustard—because I detest mustard—green grapes, green bean casserole, green bean salad, Greek salad, Italian wedding soup, Albondigas locas, mashed sweet potatoes with roasted garlic, chocolate pudding, TANGERINE CUSTARD SORBET and…pumpkin muffins? I specifically told that pegasus to deliver red velvet cupcakes, not—
???: MUFFINS!!!!

Everyone turned to see someone taking a muffin into their hands. It was a young girl, around 8 to 10, dressed in a black lacy dress with matching black hair that fell to her waist, all topped with a crown-like headband. A pendant of a white rabbit hung over her heart as she finished her first muffin and continued onto the second one.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: I know what you’re thinking—“Who is this irresistible creature with an insatiable love for the dead?” This, will be my good friend, Queen Mystica, Daughter of DELETION. Say hello, my dear.

Queen Mystica looked up, revealing her topaz eyes at the group. She waved hellow as Pinkie Pie noticed one more thing about her…a pair of fox ears tipped with red.

Pinkie Pie: Well, Queen Mystica, if it’s too much to ask, what are you supposed to be?
Queen Mystica: I’m a fox, of course!
Pinkie Pie: Um…
Queen Mystica: You know, for Halloween…it’s a costume…the ears…

The awkward silence came back as Queen Mystica went back to her muffin and Takatora decided to pour pomegranate juice into six glasses. BROKEN Matt laughed.

BROKEN Matt Hardy:

October 30th, 11:55 PM, House of Narrative – Yugi Muto’s Temple

Everything ached. That was the first thing he knew.Yugi Muto let out a groan as he felt rolled over to the side of his bed. With groggy eyes, he searched for a light switch and heard it “click.”What he saw next terrified him: surrounding the walls, and ceiling of his bedroom were snapshots of slit throats. No, upon closer inspection it appeared he was taking selfies of himself with gods whose throats were slit.

Yugi: (shaking his head in disbelief) No…no…h-how…?

His face was in every photo: each of them showed him giving a V Sign and grinning over an unconscious body with their neck slit open, each of them showing his violet eyes so serene and calm despite the acts of murder he committed. The hand not holding the cellphone that took the photo had a knife in hand…the same that Yugi was holding.Yugi dropped the knife to the ground with a clang just as he bolted out of his bedroom, only to meet with a familiar figure.

???: Yugi…how could you?

Yugi turned to see the lights turn on and Yami Yugi, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, standing amongst more and more photos of those same slit throats. Yugi felt his heart pound in his chest as he dropped to his knees. And it seemed for just that minute, each and every image of him smiling at the camera with his victims…was laughing at the poor boy.

Yugi: I didn’t do this. I-I couldn’t have…I…Pharaoh…you have to believe me!
Yami Yugi: I wish I could. I’m sorry, but I must bring you to the House of Justice for questioning.
Yugi: What?! No, I’m innocent! (turns to see Dark Magician standing behind him) No, please! I didn’t do this! I didn’t! Someone! Anyone, HELP ME!!!!

Dark Magician’s face didn’t change expression as he grabbed Yugi’s arms, the poor teen screaming for someone to believe him as Yami Yugi nodded his head. It pained him to see his dear friend like this, but the acts he had seen couldn’t be denied at all. Yugi had become a cold-blooded killer, and he had to be put to justice.As Yami Yugi turned away from the site, and as Yugi still continued crying for help, he did not notice the hooded figure watching from the distance, smiling to himself. He walked off without a word, with only one thing on his mind.

???: (thinking) Elena, please give me a little more courage…
    6th Reading: Bury Me

October 30th, 9:05 PM. Pantheon Wrestling Federation – Backstage Locker room

October 30th, 9:15 PM, House of Narrative – Yugi Muto’s Temple

After everything that happened in the House of Ambiguity, the last thing Yugi needed was a raccoon with a large gun in front of his door. Unfortunately, the raccoon wasn’t alone.When Yugi Muto opened the door to his temple, he was met with two peculiar groups: the Guardians of the Galasy (with Groot now 1-foot tall and on Rocket Raccoon’s shoulder), and the Aquabats! (with Crash McLarson squeezing a stress ball and gnashing his teeth in anger). Yugi raised his hands in the air as Rocket Raccoon cocked his gun.

Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, that’s it. Put those hands right where I can see them. Trust me, this won’t hurt a bit.
Crash: Hey, I want a piece of him first! We have a score to settle after what he did to me!
Rocket Raccoon: Get in line pal; Yugi killed us first!

Yugi slowly began to close the door, only for Drax to stick his foot out to keep the door ajar, the alien bruiser placing a finger on Yugi’s throat. Yugi immediately knew what that meant.

Yugi: Wh…what are you all doing here?
Rocket Raccoon: Where were you two hours ago?
Yugi: In my temple…why do you ask?

Jimmy the Robot slowly entered the temple and turned on the television. The screen showed a news broadcast about what happened in the PWF, starting with Jeff Hardy laughing after his Swanton Bomb onto a table to the Cutie Mark Crusaders sucked into the black and violet vortex. Yugi’s eyes were locked onto it while Eaglebones Falconhawk prepared his laser guitar, Rocket Raccoon prepared his gun, Gamorra had her Godslayer ready, and Drax ran a finger through Yugi’s throat.

MC Batcommander: To think we all thought you changed, Yugi-boy. How could you be involved in this?
Yugi: I’m not involved with this in anyway. I haven’t been near the Crusaders since June—hell, the pharaoh and I have been paying for the Crusaders’ therapy bills, not to mention the destruction we caused with the Egyptian God Cards.
Peter Quill: A likely story. You know how long it took for us to repair the Milano after what Obelisk did?!
Yugi: I haven’t been at the PWF the entire evening! Talk to the other Narrative Gods; they’ll give proof.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: We interviewed a few of them but that doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t indirectly involved. After all, you teleported into the Crusaders temple while their vampire wrestling caretakers were off to your castle in June.
Yugi: I still haven’t done anything!
Ricky Fitness: Hey guys, I think I found something!

The group turn to Ricky Fitness entering the living room carrying a large box. He dumped the contents onto the floor, revealing photographs of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in various states of play. There was one with them making puppets, one with Apple Bloom mixing potions in the House of Magic, and one where they were apparently were trying to brush the teeth of a Tyranitar.

Gamorra: Seems like someone’s been busy with amateur photography.
Jimmy the Robot: Is there anything you want to say, Yugi?
Yugi: I’ve never seen those photos in my life! I’m being framed!
Eaglebones Falconhawk: We’ll believe that story just as we believe that John Cena’s turning Heel in the future. Now…(narrows his eyes) I think I see something.

As Eaglebone entered the temple and Rocket Raccoon begins shifting through the photographs with a whistle, Yugi just drops to the floor in disbelief. Groot hopped off of Rocket’s shoulder and places his own hand into Yugi’s own. Yugi just stares at Groot, glad to find someone who honestly believed that he was good.And then, Yugi began to laugh.The Aquabats! and the Guardians of the Galaxy turned to see Yugi continue his laugh, his eyes glowing white and his voice sounding similar to the shrieking of a banshee. A white aura surrounded him as he turned to the two groups. Eaglebones prepared his laser guitar while Drax had the Hadron Enforcer ready.

Yugi: You gods…I am not here to harm you, I am here to give a warning.
Peter Quill: Who in the name of Bob Sachet are you?
Yugi: That name is of no concern at this moment, but there is a warning that I shall send you. The Light of Limbo shall shine once again! Once the light appears than all shall be healed, all shall be taken away, and everything shall be as it once was! (continues to laugh)
Rocket: I think he’s been hanging around Sartorious lately. (cocks a gun) I think I know a way to…

Rocket was stopped as Yugi turned to him and raised his hand in the air. Rocket was levitated into the air and hurled toward the MC Batcommander, causing the Aquabats! leader to fall. Yugi stood up, before staring at his hands enveloped in light. OR rather, how the light begin to flicker and fade away.

Yugi: My power is fading, the darkness within…it is working its magic too soon. I must relent for now. Pass the message on and beware for when the veil opens once more!

There’s more silence as the light dissipates and Yugi collapses to to the floor unconscious. Groot used his vines to catch the teen as he lays on the ground for a few seconds.

Then, Yugi sat up, eyes wide with fear as memories of what happened minutes ago run through his head.

Yugi: (shivering in fear) I’m innocent. Let me repeat this: I AM INNOCENT. Take the photos for evidence but I swear that I’m not involved with Matt Hardy in anyway. I’m not involved in any of this, I swear!
Peter Quill: Well, last we checked, you were doing community service in repairing the House of Beast and Nature, paying for much of the therapy bills for those squashed by the Iron Giant, paying for the therapy bills for the Cutie Mark Crusaders and something about doing deliveries for Bob’s Burgers. But this leads me to thinking of one thing.
Crash: What’s that?
Peter Quill: Yugi had that Pharaoh aiding him with the whole plot right? Wouldn’t that Yanni Yogi guy—
Drax: Yami Yugi.
Peter Quill: Right, whatever his name was, also be accused of allying with those broken nutjobs?

October 30th, 9:24 PM, House of Gaming – Gaming Styles Division

Star-lord was right when he said that many would accuse Yami Yugi of allying with the Broken Hardys. He just wasn’t expecting how irate the other Yugi would be with the accusations.

Bulk: What did those ponies ever do to you in the first place?! Huh?
Skull: That’s absolutely despicable!

Numerous Ambiguity Gods, and gods from other houses, were already clamering the House of Gaming as Yami Yugi grit his teeth, resisting the urge of summoning the Egyptian God Cards to do them away. Fortunately for everyone else, the God Cards were back in the House of Treasures; after the last incident with them, they were no longer to be trusted with the former Pharaoh, the Main House fearing that they would be used again to destroy the Pantheon.

Kuniteru Emoto: Despicable. Absolutely DESPICABLE.
Yami Yugi: Neither Yugi nor I are involved with those Hardys. If you keep pestering me then I shall have to put a stop to it.
Ralph: Like you put a stop to the Iron Giant, the Guardians of the Galaxy and at least 25% of the Pantheon? Yeah right.
???: What’s going on here?

Everyone turned to see a silver-haired Keyblade wielder with an Absol at their side. The Keyblade wielder pushed through the large crowd of gods until he was at Yami Yugi’s doorstep.

Ralph: Matt Hardy went absolutely crazy and sent the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Limbo at the PWF Smackfest show.
Riku: The Crusaders were sent to Limbo again?!
Bulk: Yeah, and we all think Yugi and his other self are conspiring with them!
Skull: He needs to be punished!

This was punctuated with more shouts of agreement as Riku sighed.

Riku: Hang on a second. How do you know for certain that Yugi, er, Yami Yugi here, is with the Hardys in the first place? How do you even know that the Hardys sent them to Limbo?
Jason Brody: Where else do you think they could be? (pauses) No, don’t answer that.
Riku: Let’s start at the beginning—what happened at the PWF show that caused the Crusaders to probably be sent to Limbo?
Chuggaaconroy: (from the very back) Jeff Hardy fought against Dean Ambrose and The Brian Kendrick, defeated them, and then beat them —and their vampire manager—then became Brother Nero and then Matt addressed the Crusaders, stating that he swapped a letter that forbid the Crusaders from going to the show and then sent the Crusaders down a portal to Limbo after Sweetie Belle stabbed Brother Nero’s eye out.
Riku: All right. Second, was that scripted or not? Were the Crusaders in on the whole plot to be “sent” to Limbo?

There was a pause from the crowd. Sure most of the knew that shows in the PWF weren’t real, but it did seem kind of odd that BROKEN Matt Hardy would know about the Crusaders being in the crowd for that show—particularly with the scene of BROKEN Matt showing off Gangrel’s letter to the Crusaders specifically avoiding the show that night. It also seemed odd that, by coincidence, the match up with the Hardys just had to be the one where Gangrel—the wrestling god who was close to the Crusaders—had to manage a team they were fighting.

Riku: We need to get interviews with Vince MEEKMAHAN…er, sorry McMahon…(some chuckles can be heard in the crowd) All right, all right, I’ll admit that I’ve been watching a few of his videos too, and yes I admit he’s absolutely hilarious, but that’s not the point. Before you start blaming Yami Yugi for allying with the Hardys, get the facts. We don’t know what’s going on with Matt’s “broken brilliance” as of late and this might just be a harmless Halloween prank…probably…hopefully.

Absol just grunted as the gods begin to walk back to their temples. Yami Yugi let out a sigh as Riku entered the Gaming God’s temple with Absol, closing the door behind them.

Yami Yugi: Thank you. I wouldn’t have known what to do if they continued like that.
Riku: That will only hold them off long enough until BROKEN Matt decides to do something more out in the open like announce his plans for everyone.

Five seconds later, the television in the temple turned on, and BROKEN Matt Hardy was on the screen, sitting on an ornate throne decorated with cobwebs. Standing behind him was Jeff Hardy, or rather, Brother Nero, tilting his head to the side like a dog.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: Deities of this dear Pantheon, I have invited you, as well as the entire world because these events must be documented! I am sure that you have just seen the footage of Brother Nero beating up Brother Nero Ambrose and THE Brother Nero Kendrick before sending those Crusaders with Cutie Marks into the depths of…well, I think we all know where they went, right? (laughs)

Absol growls as Yami Yugi stayed silent. Riku was writing notes down.

BROKEN Matt Hardy: All of the questions in your little heads shall be revealed in time. But first, I recently had a premo—NEE—tion that I would be engaging in some small talk with three specific gods. The gods I request: one Brother Nero Takatora, one Brother Nero Mitsuzane and one Miss Pinkameana Diane Pie! I summon you three to enter my temple and THEM ALONE. If anyone joins them, then I shall have no choice but to “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!!!!!!!”

The word was emphasized with slashing movements. BROKEN Matt Hardy then took another deep breath as he added,

BROKEN Matt Hardy: To the three I request, be here at the eleventh hour or else you’ll…well, Brother Nero, tell them.
Brother Nero: (sings) You’ll fade away and classify yourselves as obsolete.
BROKEN Matt Hardy: OBSOLETE! Yes…This shall be an All Hallow’s Eve to remember and thus, Pinkameana, Brother Nero Takatora and Brother Nero Mitsuzane…it is time for you to celebrate Treat…or DELETE!

The television turned off as Riku looked to Absol.

Riku: This is what you wanted to warn me about? (Absol nods her head) Oh sweet Cosmos…
Yami Yugi: What did she say?
Riku: We’re off for a Long Halloween, and in the meantime you might want to check on Yugi. He’s been bearing a brunt of the attacks, I’m assuming.
Yami Yugi: You’re right. I have to go see him before anything else happens.
Riku: If you’ve been targeted, then the other members of the Darkness Proxy might be blamed on this. I don’t like the looks of this at all, especially with what Sora went through.
Yami Yugi: I’m sorry. If there was any other way to make it up to him…
Riku: Just as long as you keep all your limbs in one piece then that’s fine. Get going.

Yami Yugi nodded his head as Riku and Absol left the temple. Yami Yugi stayed quiet as he remembered just how much pain and destruction he and Yugi caused during the Asylum incident—it felt worse than what he caused when he was consumed by the Seal of Orichalcos where he gave in out of fear of failure/pride. Here, the brainwashing was forced upon him; he had no choice to fight back.As he begins to head off to Yugi’s temple in the House of Narrative he hears the sound of a clock ticking. No, it’s not the sound of a clock, but a—

Yami Yugi: Show yourself right now! I know you’re here.

Yami Yugi looked around, trying to find the strange being in his temple. When he heard nothing except the sound of that “clock” going tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…he growled and asked,

Yami Yugi: WHERE ARE YOU?!
???: (hanging upside down behind Yami Yugi, whispers) Here.

Yami Yugi turned around and was met with a slash to the throat.


    7th Reading: What You Waiting For?


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