Through Darkness and Mirrors

What was once impossible became possible. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have their Cutie Marks, and a new place has been given to them in the House of Prophecy. The three are excited to now play their part in helping others, and what better way to decide if they’re worthy than with a trial?

Christmas will soon come to the Pantheon, but all is not well. While the GUAL have been reformed and YHVH imprisoned, scars of previous events still hang in the air, and other forces have been moving in the shadows. An old foe seemingly defeated returns, taking the three fillies and setting off a chain of events leading to a strange new world. In the midst of this, will these ponies fulfill their trial and prove that they have made their marks? Or will the strain of these trials prove too much for them? And how has this old foe returned to begin with?