Tales Of The Alliance Book Two

A Patrol Plan

Captain America, after the conference meeting, thought of a plan to improve security… After doing many paperwork in the House of Justice, he was approached by Garrus Vakarian. However, Garrus isn’t with Shepard.

Captain America: Garrus! Where’s Shepard?
Garrus Vakarian: He’s busy with an Interview. why do you ask?
Captain America: Is that so? Anyway, the GUAE may plan another strike soon. We have to be on guard.
Garrus: Roger. Those beasts will be scoped and dropped.
Captain America: Vigilant as ever, Archangel. Oh, if you’re free, I want you to be in patrol of one of our bases. That’s an order!
Garrus: Do you have a list of who to enlist?
Captain America: No. You can gather whoever you like, but we need 10 gods for a patrol team. More are welcome
Garrus: Sounds good to me. Once I gather them all, I’ll send them all at once to your location.
Cap. America: Sounds good. Once again, gather whoever you like.

And so they parted ways. Garrus pondered for a bit over who he should recruit for the patrol misson.

Garrus: Hmm… I’m no Shepard, but I’ll be damned if the GUAE destroy a base. I have no time to waste.

As he pondered, Garrus headed for his room. As he walks to his destination, he encounters Dick Grayson (Nightwing).

Garrus: Nightwing.
Nightwing: What business does Archangel have with me?
Garrus: I’m looking for 10 people to patrol a base are you coming?
Nightwing: Maybe.
Garrus: You don’t have to do the mission if you like.
Nightwing: ….

The two parted ways. Later, As Garrus entered his room, he gathered a sheet of paper and a pen. As he wrote, The Archangel wrote a system something like this:

  • O – Joining
  • X – Not Joining
  • ? – Maybe Joining

Now that the Garrus was done organizing the paper, So far the only God he can think of right off his head was his ally Lockon Stratos user, Neil Dylandy. As Garrus exits his room, beginning the search, He’s approached by Kanji Tatsumi, who deported after his training with Tager and Potemkin.

Kanji: Archangel, was it? What do you want?
Garrus: Oh, me? I’m just here to gather some deities for a patrol mission.
Kanji: Patrol mission? Count me in!
Garrus: Your mom’s okay?
Kanji: Tsk, Yeah.
Garrus: Good. I’ll be seeing you.

And with that, Garrus puts an O on the right of Kanji’s name. The two parted ways. As he heads over to his next destination, the House of Weapons, He encounters a certain green haired figure… Zoro.

Zoro: *yawn* That dual-wielding lesson should do the trick.
Garrus: Zoro!
Zoro: *looks to Garrus* Hmmm? Vakarian?
Garrus: Where’s Neil?
Zoro: He’s inside managing rifles… You need him for something?
Garrus: Correct. I need his assistance for a patrol mission.
Zoro: Take me with you. I’ve been hungry for a fight.
Garrus: Very well… I give you the signal to report to Captain America’s room at once.
Zoro: Don’t keep me hanging.

As with that, Garrus adds an O to the right Zoro’s name on paper. He enters the House of Weapons, to see if Neil is occupied at the moment.

Garrus: Stratos… you’re here?
Neil: Archangel? Is there anything I can help you with?
Garrus: I need you on a patrol mission. Can you make up?
Neil: …Why not?
Garrus: Good. I’ll give you a signal to report to Captain America’s office at once. (That’s four down.) *Writes an O near Neil’s name*
Neil: No. I’ll come with you.
Garrus: *Sigh* (At least this will make my task easier)

The two exited the House of Weapons. Afterwards, they’ve recruited 6 remaining deities list. Later. The final results of the list are”

  • 1. Nightwing ?
  • 2. Kanji Tatsumi O
  • 3. Zoro O
    • 3a. Sanji O
  • 4. Neil Dylandy O
  • 5. Date Masamune O
  • 6. Mega Man O
  • 7. Jade Curtis O
  • 8. Marcus Fenix ?
  • 9. Noel Vermillion O
    • 9a. Litchi Faye-Ling X (Because of what happened last mission they were together)
    • 9b. Tsubaki Yayoi O
  • 10. Edward Elric O

Afterwards, the following were summoned (With the exception of Marcus and Dick) in Captain America’s office, where Captain America initiates instruction for the mission.

Cap. America: Garrus Vakarian have summoned you all here for a patrol mission, as he’ll assist you.
Garrus: Everyone! Listen up! Your mission is to be on patrol for any waves of attacks be the GUAE. The area you all must guard is Sector X. Scope and drop any members you see. That is all.

After the message was sent, the group went on patrol for Sector X. There, Garrus, gives them instructions.

Garrus: Zoro, Kanji Tatsumi, Sanji, and Date Masamune will guard the front. Edward Elric, Jade Curtis, Mega Man, Noel Vermillion, and Tsubaki Yayoi will guard the interior facilities of Sector X. Neil and I will snipe any spies for GUAE. I owe all an apology that Grayson and Fenix couldn’t make it. The mission begins now.

The group followed the instructions.

Up front….

Zoro: *sigh* This is going to be one boring mission.
Kanji: Go ahead. Don’t bitch about the fact that we were beaten like dead meat.
Sanji: You know Garrus will scold you if you sleep like that.

Meanwhile in the interior facilities.

Jade Curtis: A Colonel, A major (who has not once worn a military uniform), two lieutenants… and a robot. *Sigh* Guess the robot is useful after all.
Edward Elric: An unlikely team to me
Jade: Be on your guard. They may strike from anywhere.
Edward: Sure thing.
Jade: *Smile* (Archangel made a good choice to have this kid here.)
Mega Man: Stop pinching my cheeks!
Noel Vermillion: *giggle* I can’t help it. Your face is so adorable
Mega Man: We have to focus on the mission.
Tsubaki Yayoi: *sigh* Let’s focus, please?

From outside

Sanji: Still no attacks. *sigh* Don’t leave this chef on an empty stomach.
Date Masamune: There’s still no party
Zoro: Told you guys so.
Sanji: Shaddup!!!

As the two quarreled, Kanji suspects a black liquid-like substance in the area.

Kanji: Hey, guys! Something’s coming!
Sanji & Zoro: ???
Date Masamune: Zoro! Throw a sword!
Zoro: Alright! *throws a sword*

However, the “liquid” reacted.

Sanji: Oh no! It’s coming this way!
Kanji: Are those… Heartless?
Date Masamune: Alright! Let’s party!
Zoro: More like “Let’s report this to Garrus and the other group!” This… is going to be a tough one.
Sanji: I’ll do.

Meanwhile with Garrus and Neil.

Garrus: Neil, how is it going with Lockon Stratos?
Neil: Stable and ready!
*Communicator flashes red*
Garrus: *to the communicator* What is it? What!? Heartless!? Let’s scope and drop these guys! *To Neil* Hey! I’ll snipe the Giant Heartless, you take down the airborne ones.

Meanwhile inside the facility.

Jade: It seems too quiet.
Edward: Yeah
*Communicator flashes red*
Jade I’ll get it! *to the communcator* Is there anything bad? Heartless you say? Right. We’re on it. *To the rest of the group* Everyone! Get going! Heartless are going to strike the facilities!
Mega Man: Got it!
Edward: More freakshows?
Jade: Sounds about right.

Meanwhile outside, The four men took out tons of Heartless, but their efforts weren’t enough. However, there were more waves of Heartless everwhere. Half of them went inside the facility, whereas the half, with 4 giant Heartless known as Large Bodies, attacked the men.

Sanji: Shit…. Anyone has a plan?
Kanji: Nope… nothing’s on my head.
Date: *Looks at Garrus and then back to the Mooks* I’ve thought of a strategy, but it’ll involve us injured.
Zoro: What is it?
Date: Let the Giant Heartless attack us, allowing Archangel the opportunity to snipe them.
Zoro: Risky plan… I’ll go with it.
Kanji: Sound okay to me.
Sanji: a strategic plan, Masmune.

As they took out the smaller Heartless, they went with the plan regarding the bigger heartlesses. Garrus, afar, realized the four were doing, Aimed for one of the Large Bodies as the four engage them. He shots one of them, but to no effect.

Garrus: Damn! Neil! Change of Plan! I’ll snipe on the airborne Heartless! You snipe the Giant ones on ground!
Neil: Got it!

Under Garrus’ Orders, the Lockon Stratos Gundam user sniped all 4 off them….

And with that, they were down.

Zoro: Whew! that did the trick.
Kanji: I was nearly drained there.
Sanji: The other group should be taking care of the other half now.

Meanwhile in the facility…

Jade: Damn! There’s too many of them!
Edward: Ah, screw it *claps hand, then transmutes ground into cannons of directions, knocking dozens of Heartless back*
Mega Man: What are you doing? Don’t damage the facility!
Jade: Do not worry. He can fix anything after all.
Mega Man: *sweatdrops* Oh, right… I totally forgot he’s an alchemist.
Tsubaki: Incoming!

A humanoid heartless appeared before them. This one wasn’t weak. It assaulted Noel first.

Noel: Whaaa!
Tsubaki: Noel!!
Mega man: Oh No! Mega buster!

As Mega Man charged his buster, Edward Elric transmuted his arm to defend Noel.

Edward: Hey, freak! Pester someone of your skill!
Noel: Fullmetal…
Edward: Don’t just stand there! Shoot the bastard with Bolverk!
Noel: G-got it.

As the Fullmetal Alchemist held off the attack, Noel shot the Heartless in the eye to distract them

Jade: Mega Man! NOW
Mega Man: *Fires buster* Haaahhhh!

The Blue Bomber fired the buster, taking out the Heartless. Everything was a peace with the Facility.

Edward: *Sigh* Everything’s still stable.
Jade: I’ll report everything to Garrus.
Mega Man: I’m suspecting something bad to happen later on….
Jade: You’re right. Anyway, I’ll contact Garrus.

To Garrus….

Garrus: *Sigh* everything’s okay. Hmmm? What’s this? *Picks up Communicator* What is it?
Jade: *From the communicator* Everything’s fine down here!
Garrus: Good. Stay on guard though. That may not be the last of them.
Jade: Ever so vigilant, huh, Archangel? Anyway, we’re on it.
Garrus: Good. Out. *Cuts off communicator*

The Archangel was pretty exhausted. He can’t just to slide the line. More pools of Heartless approached Sector X.

Garrus: Damn! This is going to be tough…

Outside the facility….

Zoro: Uggh… More of them? This is bad….
Date: Great… Just great…


Jade: Do you guys hear that?
Tsubaki: Oh No! More Heartless?
Edward: That doesn’t matter… We’ll defend this place even if it costs us our godhood!
???: Well said, Major Elric!!
Jade: That voice…
Mega Man: Captain America!
Edward: Uh, How did you get in here?
Cap. America: Through a secret entrance, of course
Edward: Oh.
Cap. America: Nightwing and Marcus Fenix will be assisting the other four in the battlefield!
Jade: Oh, more reinforcements? Splendid. Those four needed it more than we did.

After Colonel Curtis said that, Heartless appeared before them. The Captain, Mega Man, and Noel called their attacks

Captain America: Charging Star!
Mega Man: Rock Ball!
Noel: Nemisis stabilizer!

With their combined efforts, 4/5s of the Heartless were destroyed.

Out front, Sanji, Kanji, Zoro, and Date, fought off tons of Heartless. However, they were exhausted.

Kanji: Shitmuskets! We’re outnumbered!
Zoro: *pant* *pant* …So many of them.
Date: *pant* …Crap! I can’t lose here. Besides, I’ve got a sparing match with Yukimura later.
???: Now’s not the time to talk about any friends. *throws electric bombs, paralyzing dozens of Heartless*
Sanji: You’ve arrived just in time… Nightwing.
Nightwing: I knew you guys would need help, so I planned a surprise attack.
Zoro: You should’ve helped us out earlier!
Kanji: Shut up! We’ve got more coming our way!

A ”very” big Heartless, taking the form of a squid, appeared, attacking them.

Nightwing: This will take alot of time.
???: Not for long

The voice was followed by a chainsaw, That could only mean one thing…

Marcus: I’ll take care of this one. Distract it while I close up and chainsaw it.
Nightwing: Got it!

To Garrus….

Garrus: Whoa! That thing’s spacious! I better [[Catchphrase Scope and drop]] this one fast!

And with that, as soon as Garrus took his aim on the squid-like Heartless, a laser struck the roof he was sniping on

Garrus: Damn! Noooooo!!!!

Upon seeing the roof where Garrus was on, Neil picked him up, rescuing him.

Garrus: Thanks… You were a real help.
Neil: No problem.
Garrus: Watch out!

The laser stuck again. However, it failed. Garrus, knew who the perpetrator was… Kazuya Mishima.

Garrus: You…..
Kazuya: Die!

As with that, Kazuya, in his devil form, fired lasers once more, with Neil dodging them. Neil, whose Gundam was holding Garrus secured him to Nightwing, Marcus, Kanji, Zoro, Date, and Sanji’s location. Afterwards, Neil battled Kazuya in the air.

Kazuya: Think your sniping skills can keep up with me?
Neil: We’ll see about that.

As Kazuya fled from him, the Lockon Stratos pilot followed suite as he took his aim…

Neil: Targeted and firing.
Kazuya: Hahahaha!
Neil: What’s so funny?
Kazuya: *floating* The smaller your target, the likelihood you’ll mi–

Kazuya was struck down

Neil: Go down and stay down.
Kazuya: Gah!!
Neil: (What an Idiot… Just standing there)

Neil’s job was done, and with that, he assists Garrus’ group in taking out the squid-like Heartless, Sniping it in the eyes

Neil: All done!
Garrus: Impressive. Fenix! Tear that damn thing down with your chainsaw! That’s an order!
Marcus: Damn it. Don’t tell me twice!

And with that, the COG member assualt the heartless with his chainsaw, killing it once and for all. After the mess, the Heartless disappeared, with a man behind the dissolved Heartless… Master Xehanort.

Nightwing: You were the one behind the Heartless assaults!
Xehanort: Hehehehehehehehe… I see that you’ve suspected that it was all my doing.
Zoro: What the hell do you want?
Xehanort: Isn’t it obvious? To put the Pantheon in darkness!!
Kanji That’s not happening…
Xehanort: If that’s so, then so be it! Once I’m done with you all, I’ll have you all possessed.
Garrus: We’ll scope and drop you and your bastard allies first! Everyone! To battle!

And that! Garrus’ group battled Xehanort.

Meanwhile in the facility…

Captain America: *Whew* That’s all of them…
Jade Curtis: Isn’t it time to see how Archangel is doing?
Captain America: No… It’s best not to distract him while he’s doing his job.
???: A very savvy Captain you are, Steve Rogers. Go Ignis!

The robot puppet Nox assaulted Captain America, who evaded it. The perpetrator… was Relius Clover.

Edward: You…!
Relius: Hmmm? It seems that a few rats have drove off the Heartlesses.
Jade: What do you want?
Relius: I’ve came here to collect a few…. “Relics”.
Edward: That won’t be permitted.
Mega Man: I’ll help out.

As Mega Man charged his buster, Edward claps his hands.

Mega Man: *whispering* have a plan?
Edward: *whisper* I’ll disable that robotic puppet… thing while you take Relius on. I’ll take Noel and Jade. The Captain and the Redhead are your’s.
Mega Man: *Whisper* Sounds good to me.
Relius: (What are those two whispering on about?)
Edward: Colonel Curtis! Lieutenant Vermillion! With me! The Captain and Tsubaki! With Mega Man!
Jade: This better be good.
Captain America: It will be if you don’t say a word…
Noel: L-let’s do it!

Meanwhile outside…

Garrus: Gah!
Zoro: *pant*
Date: This guy’s faster than we thought.
Xehanort: There’s seven of you, and I’m not even exhausted.
Garrus: Everyone! Don’t give up! (I’ll hold the line regardless.)
Xehanort: It’s futile. This Pantheon… Should sinkInto darkness!
Kanji: I don’t have enough Persona energy left… I wish I had my folded chair with me.
Marcus: Ugh…. just where did he get all this power from…? Is this guy Dirty Coward or did someone from his world were a bunch of softasses who didn’t execute him?
Zoro: Good question…..
Date: Let’s worry about that later. The Party still isn’t over yet. Haagghhhh!
Nightwing: Wait! Date! I still have more electric bombs. Everyone! Together! Fenix! Do you have smoke grenades?
Marcus: Locked and loaded.
Nightwing: Good. Throw a Smoke grenade on the center!

A smoke grenade was thrown and everyone cloaked themselves in the smoke.

Garrus: I’m letting you take point, Nightwing.
Xehanort: Is that the best you can all do?
Date: You’ll never know.
Garrus: Time to scope and drop this bastard!
Xehanort: (Relius should be done with stealing the ingredients for the next experiment.)
Sanji: A stun gun would be fine right about now.

Xehanort decided to launch them sky high into the air, making the smoke grenades useless.

Marcus: No!
Kanji: nggh!
Xehanort: This will be your end for the light!
???: That won’t be permitted!

A slash attack from behind caught Xehanort by surprise, however too late to dodge.. There was only one man who could do this… Byakuya Kuchiki

Nightwing: Good timing…
Byakuya: Go inside the facility. Genie should transport you there.
Garrus: Very well… I’ll leave it to you.

After the conversation, Genie arrived and took Garrus’ group to the facility, beginning the fight.

Byakuya: Bankai… Scatter… Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi
Xehanort: These petals won’t hurt me.
Byakuya: So you, too, can Flash Step? I won’t repeat the mistake of me standing here as watch these petals attack you.

The Kageyoshi petals started to strike Xehanort one by one, with Byakuya making the decision of assaulting Xehanort as petals were in effect. The immorally elder Keyblade master was overwhelmed.

Xehanort: Ugh!
Byakuya: Any last word before I end you here?
Xehanort: Until we again… I will return!
Byakuya: ….

And with that, Xehanort disappeared.

Meanwhile inside the facility of Sector X, Colonel Curtis, Major Elric, and Lieutenant Vermillion, although a tough task it was, succeeded in transmuting Ignis to hibernation when the time is right, making Relius unaware of it, as Captain America, Megaman, and Tsubaki are busy with Relius himself.

Relius: I tire of this game… Ignis… Detonator.

However, Ignis began hibernating instead…

Relius: Ignis? Hm, it appears I was overusing a yet-to-be-perfect weapon…
Edward: Hah, the plan worked!
Captain America: Nice work!
Relius: But still… this is not due to fatigue.
Edward: I transmuted the thing into Hibernation mode.
Relius: Impressive, Alchemist… but disabling Ignis is not all it takes to defeat me.

The Puppeteer, now without Ignis, fought the Fullmetal Alchemist, with his bare hands, proposing a duel of sorts. As soon as the fistfight began, Garrus’ group arrived.

Garrus: Captain! Is everything alright here?
Captain America: Yes. We’ve fended off Relius’ attack and have Ignis into hibernation.
Garrus: Impressive.
Cap. America: Get that thing out of here before they retrieve it.
Garrus: Got it.

As Ed and Relius fought, the Archangel grabbed Ignis and hid the robotic puppet with him.

Relius: Prespoterous fools… I’ll deal with you soon.
Edward: Not So Fast!

As Relius attempts to escape to reclaim Ignis, Edward trasmuted the ground to trap him in a cage.

Nightwing: A cage… Good idea.
Relius: Hmph… so what do we have here? A small cage, for me? Amusing.
Edward: You’re no man of perfection, Relius. You’re more of a man of depravity like your partner, Terumi.
Relius: You really do not understand the extend of my soul… do you?
Captain America: What “relics” are you after?
Relius: The likes of you low vermin won’t understand.

As they’ve interrogated Relius, A laser hole was blown in. Kazuya Mishima enters the facility.

Kazuya: If I can’t get that Gundam, I’ll get you guys instead!
Genie: Halt!

Genie disabled Kazuya’s devil form and paralyzed him.

Kazuya: Kh!
Mega Man: Nice save, Genie!
???: I’m afraid that won’t be so any longer….

Master Xehanort teleported into facility, gathering Kazuya and Relius for retreat.

Relius: Very well, it looks like it’s my cue to retreat. But mark my words… the relics’ corruption is nothing but a fleeting moment away. Perhaps I would lose Ignis, but this may be an… as the Alchemist would say… an equivalent exchange.
Zoro: Just what exactly are these “relics”?

When the Puppeteer said corrupt, Captain America knew exactly who he was refering to.

Captain America: Relics? corrupt? Oh, no…!
Xehanort: You guess it, Captain! Darkness is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?
Kanji: Shut the hell up, Maggot! Heroes will always win!
Kazuya: Don’t get so cocky, brat. Soon, I will shove those words onto your mouth.
Relius: In just a mere 6 days, the Pantheon will belong to the GUAE.
Mega Man: We’ll see about that.
Relius: So… shall we, Xehanort?
Xehanort: If you insist!

As with that, the three GUAE memebers retreated in Xehanort’s portal.

Edward: Say hello to Tucker and Terumi for me, Relius.
Relius: (Vermin shrimp!)

They were gone. The Sector X patrol mission, initiated by Captain America and led by Garrus Vakarian, was a success. Later, Garrus secured Ignis in support staff, putting it to revive Carl Clover’s mom body. Sanji cooked the team dinner. It was a long day for the GUAG… Afterwards…

Captain America: You’ve all did a great job! Everyone is dismissed except for Edward and Noel. Elric will repair the facility.
Jade: *chuckle* (I knew it).
Captain America: Vermillion, report to Mami’s House and report her of the GUAE’s next attack on the Magical Girls. Once you’re done, you’re dismissed.
Noel: Roger!
Tsubaki: (Noel….)
Edward: (Mami Tomoe…. Isn’t she a proxy of that Madoka Kaname, who’s in the House of Magic?)

And then it came to him…

Edward: (Damn it….! I’ve got to repair the facility quick and warn them too! I can’t let those bastards corrupt them!)

After the party was dismissed, a conversation between Captain America and Garrus occurred…

Garrus: Impressive work, Captain!
Captain America: The same should be said for you, soldier. Are you heading back to Commander Shepard?
Garrus: That’s correct! Shepard Commander needs me. I can’t let him down.
Captain America: Good words. Archangel. Good words… Take care.
Garrus: (That mission at least improved my leadership… I wonder how Shepard’s doing at this rate. Perhaps I should rendezvous with him now.)

Meanwhile, the Fullmetal Alchemist was finished repairing…

Edward: Done! (Now… time to warn those girls…)
???: First, you’ve saved my friend from the GUAE’s clutches, and now you’ve saved a soul of a mother of another friend… You truly earned my thanks, Edward Elric.
Edward: Who goes there?

The woman, although with a squirrel’s tail, approached him… Makoto Nanaya.

Edward: Squirrel Girl?
Makoto: *Chuckle* You’re mistaken.
Edward: And you must be…
Makoto: A friend of Noel Vermillion and Tsubaki Yayoi.
Edward: Ah, those two? That blonde one.
Makoto: You’ve fought with Noel before? Please! Tell me!
Edward: It was just an encounter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got to warn a certain group of girls.
Makoto: Okay….

After a conversation with who he thought was Squirrel Girl, he departed, realizing he too, must warn the Magical girls off their next attack.

Meanwhile in the GUAE base, Kazuya, Relius, and Xehanort returned to the GUAE base. Ghetsis and Aizen greeted them.

Ghetsis: Relius, you don’t look so well.
Relius: You’re rather bad at lying yourself, Ghetsis. Not a good manner for someone who aimed for perfection like me, no?
Aizen: You’re usually calm… and where is Ignis?
Relius: Well, they got her… but…
Kazuya: How did they manage do that?
Relius: That Alchemist put her in Hibernation. However… I think it is a good exchange.
???: So that Fullmetal rat got you too?

Approaching the room was none other than Terumi Yuuki along with Kefka Palazzo & Arthas Menethil. To the surprise of the rest of the GUAE (except Arthas), Terumi & Kefka were cooperative.

Relius: Not really, Terumi… at least I could get a full use of the loss…
Terumi: Aww, come on! Just admit that you’re now in a same boat to me!
Relius: No.
Kazuya: So the two freakshows have finally cooperated. I’m surprised that you guys haven’t involved The Joker in on this plan of yours.
Arthas: Don’t…
Terumi: Now that you mentioned it, Kaz, we should…
Kefka: Hey! Why not bring him along too?
???: Did something say my name?
Kefka: No, I haven’t! But I would, though…
Terumi: Why Joker, buddy! You’ve just arrived just in time!
Joker: Good! Now what is it?
Kefka: We’re on way to find this Tsukishima guy Light once mentioned, Then we’re out corrupting some Magical Girls! UWEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
Joker: Let me get in the middle. I came before you guys after all.

And with that, The Joker and his two expies skipped off to find Tsukishima. Arthas knew this was going to get annoying…

Back in the GUAE, Noel, under Captain America orders, went to Mami’s House and warned her of the next attack. Besides her pet Charlotte the Dessert Witch, along with Mami were Litchi Faye-Ling, Reptile and Iroh. Iroh and the two ladies were having tea when the ditzy Lieutenant arrived. Reptile and Charlotte were busy eating cheese.

Litchi: Oh! Coming back from the mission, Miss Vermillion?
Noel: Yes. It went well.
Iroh: Would you like some tea?
Noel: No thanks…
Mami: Is there something wrong, Noel?
Noel: …The GUAE are planning their attack on you guys. Warn the other Magical girls this too! This is an order from Captain America.
Mami: Understood…

As soon as Mami departed to warn the other Magical Girls, Edward rushed and barged in the door…

Edward: Mami Tomoe… *pant* Isn’t it?
Iroh: Oh my!
Litchi: What are you doing here, Fullmetal?
Edward: I’m doing *pant* the House of Magic *pant A favor.
Mami: ?

As soon as Ed recovered his breath, explained.

Edward: Hey, Vermillion… Do you remember Relius saying something about corrupting some “relics”?
Noel: Yes…
Edward: He must be talking about corrupting Mami and the other Puella Magical girls!
Litchi: !!!
Noel: No way…
Mami: ….

Mami, upon hearing this, dropped the teacup and left immediately. Charlotte followed suit.

Noel: Mami!
Iroh: Let her accomplish her task. She can’t disobey Madoka’s orders.
Litchi: I suppose your right, Iroh.
Edward: I’m leaving…. (Didn’t that Kyouko just entered the Pantheon as well? May as well warn her…)
Reptile: Ssss… don’t be a dinner.
Noel: (…Mami…)

To Mami…

Mami: (Kefka….. I won’t let you corrupt any of them again!)

End Result: Sector X successfully patrolled. The freakshow trio (Joker, Kefka, & Terumi) are now getting along, planning their next, big move with Arthas and Tsukihima involving the corruption of the Magical girls.

Candeloro Rises?

Mami was walking through the very site where she used to fight against Kefka. But over time… she lost sight of even Charlotte.

Mami: Charlotte, I hope you’re not doing something really bad…

At that moment… however, she felt like something bit her head. It wasn’t as big as when Charlotte chomped her last time, but it sure wasn’t funny for Mami.

Mami: All right, Charlotte, that’s enough for awhile. I’ll let you do this next time we have…
????: Ooh, mistake my poor lil’ snake for yours, eh?
Mami: W… what!?

Too late. When Mami turned around, she realized that it was Terumi, who had used Ouroboros onto Mami’s head.

Terumi: Heh heh heh… ya know, that Tsukishima has been a little too slacking, I can’t really trust him, so I’ll let him hang around with Kefka and Joker, while I do the job all by myself!
Mami: Terumi Yuuki…! I only heard you from Miss Litchi, but your goading to her aside, you’re a terrible person this world is better without. I’ll gladly destroy you even before the Incubators themselves.
Terumi: Really, huh? Feels like you can do it? ESPECIALLY AFTER THIS!? HUUUH!?
Mami: Ah…!?

Mami was shocked. Her vision blurred, it felt like she was being overwhelmed by visions. And jingling around her is Terumi’s maniacal laughter.


—-Meanwhile, passing by the site was none other than Bang Shishigami after yet another training session with Segata Sanshiro.

Bang: It is a good day indeed! With more training I feel even more powerful… to bash evil and uphold justice further! Ah… perhaps one day, I can finally bring Miss Litchi back to her rightful place… Huh…!?

Loud crunching sound. At least that was how Bang heard it. He looked around and saw Charlotte, already with her giant caterpillar mode, rampaging thorough the site.

Bang: If I wasn’t mistaken… that was Miss Mami’s pet! Halt, Good Creature! You must calm down at once!

Befitting of its ‘early death’ bringer… Charlotte lunged towards Bang… ready to chomp off his head, all too berserked to even calm down. Taken by surprise, Bang felt like that not even his mighty ninja skill could get him out of this one… Until suddenly there was a shock towards Charlotte from the side. It shocked and dropped her unconscious. Bang only was able to look at his ‘savior’… Tali’Zorah.

Tali: That… was a close one. Getting chomped like that would be a traumatizing sight… even if it’s humanoid Gods.
Bang: Miss Tali! I thank you for your timely assistance!
Tali: Yes, yes, just not so loud. My hearing device is going to break.
Bang: Perhaps you may know what is transpiring here!?
Tali: Well, I would. I’m in the middle of research on something when suddenly my path got blocked with some Reaper Tech that was seemingly indestructible… Sometimes I wish Shepard was here.
Bang: Ooh, the esteemed Commander! I believe his interview was over! So if he was here…
Tali: He’d shoot it so hard it broke on its own. But enough of that… Charlotte is rarely seen without Mami… Oh, keelah…!
Bang: What is…!
Tali: It could’ve begun! Let’s see… Mami was usually seen…
Bang: I shall take you there! Shishigami Ninpo Ultimate Technique! Fu-Rin-Kazan!!

BANG BANG BANG BAAAANG!!… but enough about that, Bang grabbed Tali on the hand and quickly scurried away… heading to the GUAG Token Evil Teammates where Mami usually hang out…

Bang: Good day, Miss Litchi!
Litchi: Oh, it’s you Bang. And you brought Tali too… Can I help you?
Bang: Miss Mami may be in trouble!
Litchi: That quick…!?
Tali: That… quick? What do you mean, I don’t…
Litchi: She was just here, informed that the GUAE is about to corrupt Puella Magical Girls like her and she tried going on her own!
Tali: You know, maybe this is just a hunch, but that Reaper Tech blocking me… They couldn’t have planned this all along…!
Litchi: I… I’m sorry, Iroh. But I have to go.
Iroh: … I see… do what you must.
Bang: Miss Litchi, it is too dangerous! Perhaps you can…
Litchi: Even so, I must do it. Mami’s like a little sister to me… and there’s no way I can leave her be like that! I have to help her! Please, Bang… let me.
Bang: … That… is how you treat your friends… indeed, Miss Litchi.
Litchi: Yes. The whole Pantheon may think I’m just obsessed on Lotte only, but I would give everything to save those I consider friend… and I have a lot, thanks to your reprimanding. I won’t lose Mami the same way I lost Lotte… or at least she must be spared of his suffering!
Tali: This is weird, coming from you, Litchi.
Litchi: Excuse me?
Tali: Garrus used to talk bitterly about you… but you’re different from what he told. When you said on how Mami is like your sister… it reminds me of what Shepard said about me. You’re a whole lot different than I heard… you’re very kind.
Litchi: Thanks for the praise, Tali… but… Garrus had a point. I betrayed you back then without thinking…
Tali: After many times thinking over, I think you also had your share of tragedy. It’s all right… I will help you for this. Keelah se’lai.
Litchi: Thank you, Tali. It means a lot. Oh, and you can come along as well, Bang…
Bang: With very pleasure, Miss Litchi! Rest assured that I, Bang Shishigami, will ensure your safety as well as Miss Mami’s…

A loud voice was heard, along with comic-styled big words materialized to them, and from behind them, someone entered the scene… Deadpool.

Deadpool: Yo! So I heard you are hunting some freakshow team huh??
Litchi: Um, not exactly, Mr. Wilson, we are trying to rescue Mami, our friend… But, yes, we may run into some ‘freakshow’…
Deadpool: Eeeexcellent! I’ve been meaning to go toe-to-toe with that Terumi dude, you know! He thinks he had his way much with the memes and the fourth wall… Welp, I’ll show him who’s boss in that term!
Tali: That… would be rather interesting to watch…
Deadpool: (Yeppers, and the more I win, the more I can prepare from that planned 2-on-1 match with those two squirrel girls… Talking and inner monologuing in brackets is awesome!) So, do I get to come? And once we’re done, chimichangas party on the house!
Bang: Hmmm… perhaps this could be a risky gamble, but we can use your help, Sir Deadpool!
Deadpool: No, no, no, no, ‘Sir’ just doesn’t cut it! How about ‘O Great Lord Deadpool-sama’ for a change, huh?
Bang: Erm… We can use your help O Great Lord Deadpool-sama.
Deadpool: Yay! Deadpool now is in your party! Now let’s go kick some Villain Sue ass!
Tali: You called him that immediately? Sometimes, you can be more unpredictable than Shepard…
Deadpool: Aw shut it, there’s been some guys saying that out there, I’m just followin’ suit. What is wrong with that?
Litchi: (Oh my… this entourage can get a bit wild… but wait for us, Mami…)

Thus with the ‘unofficial team’ gathered, they all headed to where Tali found the Reaper tech blocking their way.

Tali: Charlotte was last seen here, going on a rampage and nearly chomped Bang. I assume that she’s separated with Mami, with this thing blocking the way.
Litchi: Hm… I’m no tech expert, I’m sorry. But we have to do something to remove this.
Tali: Well if Shepard is here, what will be done is…
Deadpool: SHOOT IT LIKE CRAZY! Okay, ladies, stand back!

Deadpool stepped forward and drew both his guns, aiming to the core of the tech.

Bang: But I’m over here!
Tali: ‘Bang’ here means the sound of gun being shot. Not you…
Litchi: It doesn’t seem to work though… How long has he been shooting?
????: Um…
Litchi: Yes?
????: Would you mind if you step back a little?
Deadpool: Shaddap, I’m in a middle of gun-totin’ frenzy!
????: Well that would be troublesome. I guess I’ll just have to be extra-careful~

Deadpool didn’t realize what’s going on, but as he was shooting, he felt like there’s a bullet nearly nicking his cheek. The bullet went fast enough to hit on the core of the Reaper Tech that it was disabled. On surprise… Deadpool turned behind and saw the one who did it… Rushuna Tendou.

Deadpool: Hey, that was supposed to be my kill— Ooh… sexy!
Litchi: Bang, what are you doing?
Bang: (No, no! This won’t do at all! My heart only belongs to Miss Litchi! But Miss Rushuna is…)
Litchi: Well enough about that… Rushuna, what brings you here?
Rushuna: In case anyone has forgotten, Mami attends my class in Gun Kata. I can’t just leave my ‘student’ like that, right?
Tali: But you shot down that Reaper Tech like nobody’s business, while he…
Rushuna: Deadpool was doing fine, he just needs… a little push on the more accurate place.
Litchi: But… we can’t just stay here. Let’s go deeper to save Mami.
Rushuna: Well, exactly!
Deadpool: (God damn it, I better buy some upgrade guns somewhere after this.)

The team entered the area behind the Reaper Tech, which had become something similar to a Witch Labyrinth. They all feel uneasy there, but they kept moving on… until…

Bang: There she is!

From afar, they saw Mami kneeling down, driven into despair as her Soul Gem started to darken and darken, all while Terumi was giving her a brutal Hannibal Lecture.

Terumi: … So, see that, Mami? You’re alone! You’re not even in pairs with someone! Lonely Mami is Lonely!
Mami: That’s… not true… I…!
Tali: (Urge to… shoot… Prepare for the optics, Chikktita. This guy’s seriously making Kai Leng look like a saint.)
Rushuna: (How can he do that… I hope you’re ready Deadp… WHAA!?)

To Rushuna’s surprise, Deadpool seemed to be gone.

Rushuna: (W… where did he…?!)
Bang: (He didn’t use some invisibility jutsu, didn’t he!?)
Litchi: (Quiet, you two! Knowing him, I know he’s preparing for some plan!)
Terumi: Oh, and that new friend of yours!? You know she thinks of you less than that blob!? Why do you think she chose to stay there in theToken Evil Teammate bunch!? Because she can’t let go! In other words, you’re always considered the inferior! And wait till we get that blob back… she’ll leave you like that! Forever alone…
Mami: I… no… but Rushuna…
Terumi: Lies! How many times has it been that smiles are nothing but masks!? Lies! You smiled all to cover your loneliness, not because of a genuine one! I told you, I spoke the truth, didn’t I? Everything is a lie, only despair is the truth! Now embrace that!!
Mami: Ah… aah…!
Litchi & Rushuna: MAMI!!!

The time came for them to spring into action. With one shot from Rushuna, and the Mantenbou being shot towards Terumi, it distracted him as they approach Mami together.

Rushuna: Mami, don’t believe in anything he said!
Mami: …
Litchi: All that he said is not true! He’s only trying to turn you into a Witch!
Mami: …
Rushuna: She’s in deep end…
Litchi: We have to do it.

The two approached Mami… and shared a Cooldown Hug with her.

Litchi: Mami, you are not alone. You have a lot of friends that cared about you… Madoka, Sayaka, and even Kyouko and Homura! And there’s always me…
Mami: You… you’ll leave…
Litchi: I won’t do it. I promise. I don’t obsess over Arakune… otherwise why would I have tea with you often?
Mami: …
Rushuna: He’s just using some biased rumors to throw you off… what did I tell you about rumors? If it came from biased sources, you can ignore it. You can always trust us… That’s why… please don’t forget about the genuine smiles I taught you. You’re a wonderful girl, Mami. You also have me and Noel as your friend…
Mami: I… I… aaah…

Mami started to tear up and returned the hug to both Litchi and Rushuna, burying her face inbetween their four boobs.

Terumi: Hehehe… hug all you want, but you’re too late! Her Soul Gem is still darkened! And when it’s fully darkened…
Deadpool: One Deus ex Machina coming right up!

All of the sudden, Deadpool teleported in the middle of the battlefield… He brought in a bag of Grief Seeds.

Deadpool: And there’s your Grief Seeds, girlie! Quick! Cleanse!
Rushuna: You heard him, Mami! Please…
Terumi: You still held up to those lies!? You don’t have to…
Mami: *brings in the clean Soul Gems and purified hers* I… am not alone…!
Terumi: The heck!? Still clinging to those lies!? You… all of you shitheads…!
Litchi: That is where you are wrong. We stick together as friends. Someone who do not know the meaning of togetherness and instead revels in despair… can never understand!
Rushuna: And of course, from your point of view I never give smiles… because I don’t have one for you. From get go.
Terumi: Shut up, you bitches! You’re still hiding from fake smiles and the fact that you’re still obsessed with… Wait, what the heck is piece of junk…

There was actually a combat drone in front of Terumi… and all of the sudden, it gave two electricities to his eyes. Followed with a shotgun blast to his stomach.

Tali: As Shepard would’ve said it, I’ve had enough with your disingenuous assertions… Bosh’tet.
Terumi: Oooh, trying to play bully eh? Well no matter! Every last of you shitty little beings will DIE!
Deadpool: Hey.

Deadpool suddenly teleported behind Terumi, and… pulled something from him… Terumi’s panties! And then he pulled it, elongated it to stick it on his face.

Terumi: What the heck!? Hey!
Deadpool: You think you’re some big shot just because you refer to some meme and some fourth wall huh? Now let it be known that I’m the king of it! You’re just a smalltime compared to me! Stings, huh?
Terumi: God damn you Deadpool! Ouroboros! Devour him!!
Deadpool: Ooopsie!

Deadpool just made some silly maneuvers, all dodging the Ouroboros.

Terumi: *rips away his panties just so he can see again*
Deadpool: Okay! Now you’re pantless! Now watch as I shoot down your pants and we’ll see how your dick goes, ESRB rating be damned!
Terumi: Why you…! If this is that place…
Deadpool: Ya got your leisure time too much, see? Now let’s see how you like being trolled smugly by those you’re supposed to be trollin’ in your universe! Like that? Huh? Huuuuhhh? U maaaad???
Terumi: You piece of shit, you wanna play rough!? Wanna see the power of the Azure… HNNGMN!?

It turns out that his mouth was stuck… by the Save Button!

Deadpool: Heh! You think you’re the only one who can interrupt Badass Boast like you did with Hakumen!? Well I can too! Now, Preview Button on your face!

Then Deadpool tossed the Preview Button onto Terumi’s face, stunning him. Then he grabbed something else…

Deadpool: Feel the loooves of the Scroll Bar and the Edit Reason Field! *starts beating him like a drum*
Bang: I say… he won’t fight alone!
Litchi: Indeed… ALL GREEN!
Mami: I am not as you say, Terumi… and this is how I say it… TIRO FINALE!

And so, Terumi, all while stunned and Deadpool being savvy enough to step back, was hit with a blast from downwards, forward (and shotgun blasts from Tali and bullets from Rushuna) and nails from above… And in the end, there comes Deadpool with both Scroll Bar and Edit Reason Field combined together.


Deadpool smashed Terumi so hard he’s flying up the ground, hit the ceiling so hard he shattered the Witch Labyrinth, erasing the illusion.

Deadpool: Loooooser…!
Terumi: Heh… hehehehehehahahaha!! Look here, who’s the loser? Beat me up all you can! I can always come back and…

A furious, bloodcurdling roar drowned him out. It turned out that Charlotte had returned, and ignoring all else… she chomped Terumi’s head and started crunching it. Then she proceeded to eat the remaining, finishing with a big smile and a magnificent belch.

Mami: Ah… Charlotte…
Tali: She’s worried about you, you know.
Litchi: You see, Mami? Everyone are with you.
Mami: Everyone… thank you very much… That I…
Rushuna: Now now, there’s no need to cry again. Come on, Mami… smile.
Mami: *smile*
Bang: Yes, I knew it! Those are the smiles that sweet angels like you can have! Miss Litchi, Miss Rushuna, you two taught her well!
Litchi: Yes. Let us be off, then… Everyone is waiting for you.

And so everyone returned to their respective homes. And they, for the moment, live like nothing happened… problem solved…

Result … Wait, what’s happening with the music?

Deadpool: Hey!


Deadpool: Yeah, you! The author! What the hell, man!?

What did I do?

Deadpool: Now look, I know you like Litchi very much and dislikes how people seem to overhype Hazama very much. But man, you get over the top! This sounds like your Author Tract trying to make Litchi look good and Hazama look stupid! You probably just want Litchi out from the GUAG Token Evil Teammates before even the game comes out for the final result, huh!? Come on, get off that fanboy horse!

Huh? Well, at least it was better than when all I do is hammer down Litchi with negativeness!

Deadpool: I came here reading because I may be able to see that Candeloro in action, but then you didn’t get her turn to Candeloro! Man, this is not just Offscreen Moment of Awesome, this is a Missed Moment Of Awesome! You stink as a writer, you know!

Oh… right. When I come up with an idea on how the exciting battle will look like and without screwing the rules like ‘Witch cannot turn back to human’ rule, I’ll see what I can do…

Deadpool: And you missed out the epilogue! Jumping into the Result like that!

Okay, okay, fine! I’ll write the epilogue that Terumi comes back for future rounds, and Litchi still haven’t gotten into the normal GUAG ranks again. Deal?

Deadpool: Good! No invitation for the chimichangas party for you, though! Toodles!

Well it’s not like I wanted to be there anyway…

Deadpool: And the author of the previous story! You too!

*in a very exhausted tone* Yes?

Deadpool: I know you like that Fullmetal kid, but you’re turning him into a Mario Stew! (This is a pun. Heh. Geddit?)

Yes, the author of this story called me out on it as well.

Deadpool: Good, because role-wise, this turning out to be a parody of Main/SuperMarioBros!

*Laughing* Always bringing out the humor, huh Deadpool?

Deadpool: Stop screwing around!!

Alright… What’s your point?

Deadpool: He isn’t Mario, Where that plumber always saves peach from that reptilian Bowser. You know, this whole thing is turning out to be that.


Deadpool: *Brings out puppets of mainly Ed, Terumi, Relius, as well as some others

”So you’re implying to me is that Edward Elric is an even more Badass Mario, Terumi is an even worse Bowser, and Relius is Kamek?

Deadpool: That’s about right. Here we go! Roleplay start!
Deadpool: *Terumi’s Voice* Hey, Alchemist! Imma beating the crap of someone from my home series for lulz! U mad??
*Edward Elric’s voice* Oh no the hell you don’t! Because I am about to give you a beatdown even if I’m not a broken guy!
*Terumi’s voice* You’ll never be able to defeat me! Once I’m done with you and the entire Pantheon, I will create… TERUMI LAND!!! Where all will be in despair!
*Edward Elric’s voice* Let’s see about that.

10 minutes later…..

*In Terumi’s voice*: *Defeated* God Damn it, Alchemist! You’ll pay for this!!!
*In Edward’s voice*: So long, homunculus!
*In Relius’ voice*: And now it’s my turn!
*In Edward’s voice*: Bring it!

7 minutes later…..

*In Relius’ voice*: Curse you! Damn you! And this is despite me always keeping a stoic face in the face of failures!
*In Edward’s voice*: So long, Shou Tucker-lite!
*In Noel’s voice, combined with Tsubaki’s*: Kyaa! Thank you, Edward! You’re my hero!
Deadpool: Aaand that’s about it! Next time I hear from you, bet I’ll be seeing that Ed boy go whack some Reaper like nobody’s business, kick Weil’s ass, make Galactus worship him, all while making even the stoic ones like Wesker go into stages of smugness on improbable levels and had the whole Love Pantheon worship his ground like he’s the new Mr. Fred Rogers! That. Ain’t. Funny! NO ONE should take Mr. Rogers role. He should be the one to do so!


Deadpool: Got it!? No invitation for you neither, loser.

Tsk, like I actually wanted to. Anyways, keep up the good humor. We’ll always expect it.

Deadpool: And I’m serious when I say if you do all those, I’m jumping out of the Fourth Wall and point a gun on your head until you do things right! I’ll also beat you up and have a pic of you naked. Once again, do it right or there will be consequences. Dire consequences. At least the author of this story is better than you in making stories! At least you didn’t make Hazama look stupid in your first story, I’ll give you that.

”Fine. I won’t Mario Stew him next time. I WILL take it seriously, because I’ll Worf him in the next chapter I’ll involve him in as punishment. One more thing: I won’t be adding him in the chapter involving these Reapers Tali spoken of earlier in this story.

Deadpool: Good, because you both suck. Well if you’ll excuse me, turn on the party music! AOW! Go Deadpool! It’s your birthday! Oh Yeah! (I have to prepare myself for that 2-on-1 match with those two squirrel girls afterwards.)

… Can I start writing the Epilogue yet? … Yes? Good…

After all that was cleared, Tali filed in her report towards Captain America, who also had Garrus near him.

Tali: And… that is all I have to report.
Captain America: Good work, Tali. It is a wonderful news that Mami Tomoe did not fall for the Witch trap.
Tali: It was all thanks to both Rushuna and Litchi.
Garrus: Litchi… Heh… so she does try after all.
Tali: So does that mean you trust…
Garrus: Forgiveness doesn’t come that easy, Tali. I’m still suspicious at her. I’ll give her props for attempting to save that Mami, but until something happens to show development, I’m still keeping an eye on her.
Tali: Well, good luck. You’ll probably come back and admit that I am right that she’s not as obsessed as you thought her to me.
Garrus: I’ll bet on my favorite spot on the Citadel for it.
Captain America: I’m with Tali.
Garrus: Wha?
Captain America: No offense, Garrus, but I also want to believe in the inherent goodness Litchi has. Shepard also believed in her, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t.
Garrus: After that event… I find it hard. But I’ll try, Captain.
Captain America: So regardless, about this Reaper Tech you found…
Tali: Well…

And meanwhile, back in the GUAE’s base, Relius was holed up in his lab again.

Relius: Well, next time be careful with your body…
Terumi: (Only a soul without a body) God damn that Deadpool! He’s so dead next time I meet him!
Relius: Well… hopefully the rest would succeed when you failed at Mami. (And even if they failed… heh heh…) Still… I’m thankful Weil for bringing in that tech. I wonder what we can use on that.
Terumi: Feels like getting indoctrinated, old man?
Relius: I don’t intend to… besides, with Melkor’s influence, indoctrination is out of question. Soon we will be the one taking shots… and he… will fall. Besides, thank you for being a punching bag for the doctor for a bit. We may be able to welcome someone with that.
Terumi: I hate you, old man.

In the same time, Dr. Weil was observing from his own lab… in which party he should support… Kefka’s or Joker’s… in their quest to corrupt either Kyoko or Homura.

Dr. Weil: Now which of those two shall I subject with suffering…

Result: Mami did not turn into a witch. Garrus’ trust on Litchi raised… only a little. Terumi just lost another body, but is being rebuilt by Relius. Rumors abound that the GUAE is having a two-pronged plans and the corruption of Magical Girls could be just a ruse. And I promise not to let my fanboyism get in my way… as well as Rawpower EX‘s

The Reapers Invasion Saga Part 1 – Outer Space Brawl

It wasn’t just Garrus and the rest to be sent in Sector X. In space, patrols were sent out too. Just so they do not garner much attention, only a few were sent from the Robot War Division… Axel Almer, Shidou Hikaru, Ryuuzaki Umi and Hououji Fuu. Now, in space, all of them were patrolling in their mechas… Soulgain, Rayearth, Selece and Windam.

Fuu: This space is very quiet. No problems so far, Mr. Axel.
Axel: Yeah, thanks Miss Obvious… Admittedly this could get a little boring… but job’s a job.
Hikaru: But we have to do it! Somehow, I think they’re right to be on guard. Right, Axel-chan?
Axel: Axel… chan… Hey, Hikaru. Do me a favor and stop calling me that.
Hikaru: Sorry, it’s just habit…
Umi: Uh, Axel?
Axel: What? This is a patrol, not an interview, ladies.
Umi: This won’t take long, I promise. I heard you were punched on the vitals by both my ‘brother‘ and Domon…
Axel: Oh… that? Yeah, those two are powerful bunches, I barely missed the vitals. If it hits, I could’ve been dead. Are you really families though?
Umi: Oh, not really! But still, Kazuya was quite the big bro and it’s okay if I consider him a brother.
Axel: Yeah, just because you’re not blood-related doesn’t mean you can make advances on him. He’s already taken.
Umi: I’m not even thinking that way!
Hikaru: Wait a minute… could this be the part where you, Axel-chan, thinks that…
Axel: Stop calling me that! And you think I’m gonna make advances on you three!? Come back in five years and we’ll see about that!
Hikaru: Maybe, then. I hope one day we can get into that event along with you… you know. That!
Umi: Yeah, yeah. I heard it’s such fun!
Axel: With luck, I guess…
Fuu: Um, you three seems to be having fun… although I’m afraid to say that I’m reading some energies… Could be something… Oh no…
Hikaru: Fuu-chan? Is something wrong?
Umi: Oh no…!

To their sight was a fleet of something. It could be works of the GUAE, but it’s something they never saw directly. Only in stories…

Fuu: I heard stories from Mr…. or… Miss… Shepard, that these space beings would be called…
Axel: Reaper.
Umi: Oh no! I think we’re in trouble…
Hikaru: Even if it’s a big trouble, we have to do what we can! If we can hold them off… perhaps we will ease our friends’ burdens below!
Axel: This is Axel Almer. I’ve found some armada… prepare the best defense we can get, we’ll hold them off… Yes, it’s them. You give me that airquote and ‘We have dismissed that claim’ shit and I’ll sock your head off in when I come back. Over.
Fuu: I take that it’s taken care of?
Axel: Yeah, until then we’ll hold them off as we can. You do know the risks, right?
Fuu: Very much.
Umi: But… we don’t care. We have something to protect.
Hikaru: And I’ll follow through it to the end, with no one to suffer, regardless of what it takes! Right, Umi-chan?! Fuu-chan?!
Umi & Fuu: Yes!
Axel: Heh heh, I like your style, Hikaru. Well… just make sure you live up to your claim… *cue Dark Knight theme song* Release the limit! Soulgain, Full Drive!!

And so, the Magic Knights, along with Axel, dashed towards the armada of Reaper, with intent to take as many as possible out, reducing their numbers before they enter the Pantheon. A voice boomed while they fight, but these four just plain don’t care.

????: You are only delaying the inevitable.

And so the usually silent space was brimmed with explosions, beam sounds, screeching voices… and Hot-Blooded attack calls.


As the opening of the attack, everyone lashed out their projectile attacks, destroying a lot of of these… beings. However, they only amount of a small armada to what was coming. They slowly closed in.

Fuu: It’s getting closer. I believe a direct-assault is much more preferable here.
Umi: Of course! These monsters do not stand a chance against our blades!
Axel: Good… you’re getting to it. Now come get some… REAPERS!!

As Axel stated the name of the assailant, the elusive Reapers that harvested humanity and various races, he once again lunged with the fists of Soulgain, along with the Magic Knights with their swords, slashing against the Reapers one by one.

????: Foolish deities. You change nothing. This is inevitable…
Hikaru: Shut up! You have no right to say that! The last time you appeared, you only look menacing because you looked too big!
Axel: Heh… Now, you try picking on someone your own size! Eat this…! BYAKKO KOU!!

With that, he punched one Reaper constantly all while continuing to dash through, smashing onto other Reapers. Many blasts was shot to him, but thanks to Soulgain’s innate ability to regenerate, he was able to pull through.

Umi: Wow. That Axel is on fire…
Hikaru: Umi-chan! Behind!
Umi: Eh?

Unknown to Umi, a Reaper was ‘leaping’ or sorts and stuck onto Celes, like a Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong.

Umi: G-gross! Get off me!!
Fuu: Help is on the way, Miss Umi!

Without much talks, both Hikaru and Fuu cut down the back of the Reaper, releasing the grip of the Reaper a bit.

Umi: Oh, now you’ve done it…! BLUE WHIRLWIND!!

Casting another spell, she let out a blue water tornado to the Reaper, sending the Reaper away. However, it showed no sign of being defeated just yet… until…

A very familiar yell was heard and a red robot was seen punching through said Reaper, penetrating through the Reaper and destroying it. That robot was… Daimos. Piloted by the other Ryuuzaki, Kazuya.

Kazuya: You guys all right!?
Umi: Kazuya…?
Kazuya: You’re going to be more careful next time, Umi. Though I admit that spell of yours reminds me of my Double Blizzard. Nice going!
Umi: … I’m not sure if I was supposed to be annoyed or thankful…
Axel: Hey, nice timing. I was worried if I’ll have to hog all the kill counts here.
Hikaru: Hey! We’re racking up here nicely too!
Kazuya: Well, with you guys around, I guess it’ll be fine. Don’t worry, you just gotta hold out a little longer!
Fuu: Thank goodness! Help is on the way!
Kazuya: … Well, technically, only a few.
Umi: Wait, what?
Kazuya: We got… difficulties. There’s been some havoc from the inside the Robot War Division, enabling only a few mechas to launch. But trust me that we can make through this, even if it’s only us!
Axel: Rats, of all times like this…!
Kazuya: Don’t mind if a few Reapers passed through! The least we can do is to prevent more of them coming! The atmosphere team can take care of the leftovers!
Axel: Ooh, so that’s what it means. Good enough!
Hikaru: We’ll have to bring out our best too! Umi-chan, Fuu-chan! Let’s do it!
Umi: Right!

Thus the three Magic Knights combined their mechas into the Combined Rayearth. And together with Daimos and Soulgain, they began wrecking further havoc.

However… one certain Reaper made through them and made a chilling comment.

????: This nuisance named ‘Shepard’ will perish. I am the Harbinger of his demise…
Umi: What!?
Fuu: They were targetting the Commander!?
Axel: Don’t mind him! It’s Shepard. He/she will always pull through.
Hikaru: (I’ve got a bad feeling about this… even for Shepard…!)
Kazuya: …. Huh? You’re here? Good! You guys, keep your guards up! He’s coming!
Axel: He who…….?!

There was a Golden Light seen from afar. It’s one of the treasured items in the Pantheon… the Goldion Crusher. And hot on trails was the Genesic GaoGaiGar piloted by Guy Shishioh.

Hikaru: Guy-chan!?
Guy: Everyone stand back! I wouldn’t want a friendly fire from this…!!
Axel: Well… you heard him!
Fuu: There’s awfully a lot of Reapers coming through him…!
Axel: I’ll have none of that! Break your limit, Soulgain…! CODE: KIRIN!!!

With both arm blades extracted, Axel made a mad dash towards the Goldion Crusher, along with the rest, ripping through any Reapers in his way. They made it in time to pass through the Crusher before Guy reached there.

Kazuya: Cleared the way, Guy! Now!
Guy: Thank you! Now then…
Reapers: *screech*
Guy: Reapers… you terrorized the universe for way too long. Each of civilizations you terrorized, all who does not fell to your tricks of ‘indoctrinations’, all of them fought to the end… That is the courage that you will never extinguish, even as you stand far bigger than they are! Now you will face someone on your own size… imbued with the strength of COURAGE!! And fall!! CRUSHER CONNECT!!! GOOOLDION… CRUSHEEEEERRRRR!!!!

And it was finally connected. From the golden thing that shines a golden light, came a gigantic gold energy hammer, the one and only… Goldion Crusher, the hammer that smashes up suns. And the GaoGaiGar set it that all the target was the… armada of Reapers… worth of millenias of harvesting.

Guy: All you Reapers…!! HIKARI NI NAREEEEEEE!!!!

And the hammer was swung. In that one swing… the Reapers were all destroyed. They would never once again threaten every humanity that the GUAE sworn to protect.

Guy: Huff… huff… It was done. Space’s much more silent than this…

And all of the sudden, Genesic GaoGaiGar was glomped by the combined Rayearth.

Hikaru: Yay! Way to go, Guy-chan! Way to go!
Umi: Gah… ugh…! Hikaru, can’t you wait until everything settles down!?
Fuu: Well… things happen, I guess.
Guy: Whoa whoa! Hey now… this wouldn’t happen if you didn’t hold the line that well! I guess it’s a job well done on our part!
Umi: Some of the Reapers still made it there, though. I wonder if Shepard will be all right.
Fuu: That Harbinger… he’s aiming for Shepard after all.
Axel: No matter. That fellow will always pull through. Still, about the one that wreaks the Robot Wars base… Wait, you’re not thinking…!
Kazuya: I’d like to believe in Shepard… but I also want to support him as well, when the time comes! There’s that crazy prophecy about…
Guy: Not that…! I definitely won’t let that happen!! Very well! I’m going back to the atmosphere!
Hikaru: But what of your condition, Guy-chan…!? After using the Crusher…!
Guy: Perhaps. But the spirit of courage inside me… tells me I can still go on!! And I’m damn determined to fight for and support that Shepard!
Axel: Nice spirit. You know, Guy, I’ve always wanted to fight on your side. That never happened in that time. So… wanna race to the atmosphere and see who can beat more Reapers in the atmosphere?
Guy: Heh… you’re on!

Thus, Genesic GaoGaiGar and Soulgain raced towards the Atmosphere of the Pantheon, where the remaining Reapers were headed…

Kazuya: Hey! We’re not falling behind!
Hikaru: We as well!

In order to reserve the combined Rayearth’s strength, the girls once again split into the three Mashins and together with Daimos, they dashed towards the atmosphere. Who will they meet at the atmosphere, aside of the Reapers…? All while wondering if they could save Shepard from that fate…? And what was the cause of the problems in the Robot War division, and perhaps it has connections with the current events?

Result: The Reaper forces were sighted. The efforts of Axel, Hikaru, Umi, Fuu and Kazuya, and usage of Goldion Crusher, however, effectively cut half of the forces of Reaper. However, the remaining Reapers, alongside the Harbinger, was able to sneak past them, taking the stage into the Pantheon…

GUAE Gaiden: The Assistance Of Heinous Science

During Weil’s decision in corrupting which of the Puella Magi (Homura or Kyouko), a with Black Longcoat appeared…. Albert Wesker.

Weil: Wesker… it’s not very common making your visit here.
Wesker: *Evil Laugh* Having plans in saturating the pantheon, Weil?
Weil: Ah, yes… I may need your assistance on this next plan, Wesker.
Wesker: What ideas do you have in mind? If it’s of an interesting sort, I’ll… “carry flies” if you like.
Weil: As you can see, I’m finding which two of these Puella Magi to fill with suffering.
Wesker: Fascinating. Give more details.
Weil: I have a little trouble deciding which party to provide assistance… Should I provide assistance to the Joker… or to Kefka?
Wesker: Hmm…

Wesker looks at Weil’s computer, pointing out Homura Akemi.

Wesker: Why don’t you corrupt the black-haired girl as I go target the dark redhead?
Weil: A decent plan, Wesker.
Wesker: Very well… I’ll be making preparations.
???: In case you two forget, Arthas and Tsukishima is helping out both parties.

The voice came from Relius Clover, who was finished repairing by Terumi’s body.

Wesker: I thank you for the reminder, Relius.
Relius: Terumi informed me earlier. By the way… If you do see Ignis… capture her.
Wesker: I will.. Do not worry.
Relius: I will be working some other… Projects… For now.
Weil: Do as you please, Puppeteer.

As Relius & Wesker departed for their own separate reasons, A smirk crept-ed upon Weil’s face.

Weil: (Once we grab hold of all these Puella artifacts, the GUAG will all suffer! However, it won’t be a simple task with Zero around. However, with the device I created…)

Meanwhile with Wesker…

Wesker: The Puella Magi… A fine specimen to test Uroboros…

Meteor’s Betrayal and Fourze’s Rebirth, Part 1: The Deal

Ryuusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor had successfully infiltrated the Kamen Rider Club and became one of its members. His identity as a Kamen Rider had been kept for some time, which is what was needed in his mission to find the Aries Zodiarts. He recently found the Aries Zodiarts and was off to fight it when.

Aries Zodiarts: Ryuusei Sakuta, I know what you desire.
Kamen Rider Meteor: What do you mean?
Aries Zodiarts: I can awaken your friend but only if you work with me. If you agree to work for me then I give you my honest word that I’ll free your friend.

Ryuusei would do anything to save his friend Jiro from the darkness. That was why he became Kamen Rider Meteor in the first place; this was his only shot. And he had to make it count.

Kamen Rider Meteor: What do you want me to do?

Meanwhile in the House of Technology, Kengo Utahoshi was busy working on the fortieth switch, Cosmic Switch. Gentaro tried to activate it, but after pressing on its Big Red Button a few times (and said switch blowing up in his face), Kengo was just finetuning it. He was all alone without anyone bothering him. Or so he thought.

Noah Kaiba: (appearing on one of the monitors) So, what’s the new meat doing this late at night?

Kengo looked up and snarled; having recently been inducted as a Lesser God meant that he could easily be a target for some of the older Gods in the house. He was only here for his technological genius, and not for his physical strength and given Noah’s tendencies to be here one minute, gone the next, it was getting on his nerves.

Kengo: Just working on something very important to me.
Noah: Oh, and what’s that?
Kengo: Something that my father left me; I doubt you know what that means.

There was some silence as Noah looked on in horror. Then, Kengo was soon met up with a very angry Kaiba.

Noah: WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS?! I was supposed to inherit my father’s company when that accident happened. And then he sidelined me for Seto Kaiba! I thought he cared about me, but I soon realized I was wrong…he didn’t care about me at all.

Kengo stayed quiet—even though he himself never saw his father, he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to see the person you look up to be a complete monster. Looking up from the switch, he stared at his conversation pal.

Kengo: I’m just like you, Noah. I was supposed to inherit the power of Kamen Rider Fourze, but my body was too ill to do so. I too also grew angry and bitter at my situation and once believed that no one cared for me at all. Then, a friend of mine convinced me that there were people, friends, who were helping me out till the very end. And…I bet that Seto is doing his best to help you out.
Noah:…You mean it?
Kengo: Yeah.
Noah::…Thank you.

Kengo smiled in reply as he brought out a hand. Noah, confused at this, reached his hand out until it was out of the monitor. Kengo gripped it and did Gentaro’s Secret Handshake. It wasn’t much, but at least Noah had a friend now.

Unfortunately, that was also short lived when he heard an alarm ringing. A window popped up, showing Club President Miu Kazashiro.

Miu: Kengo! We need your help!
Kengo: What happened?
Miu: It’s Kamen Rider Meteor! He’s killed Gentaro!

Kengo dropped the Cosmic Switch in shock.

Noah: Miu, where is this happening? We need answers!
Miu: I’m sending you coordinates! Please hurry!

Back with Kamen Rider Fourze and Meteor, Meteor had successfully defeated Fourze with a deadly one-inch punch. For this, his true identity, Ryuusei Sakuta, was revealed to the members of the Kamen Rider Club. JK, Tomoko, Yuki and Shun looked on in horror—one of their own Club Members was their enemy.

Yuki: Why?
JK: How could you…
Shun: You…MONSTER!
Tomoko: You’re Meteor?!

Ryuusei didn’t even reply to any of those statements, his eyes glowing with an evil glow. Aries Zodiarts appeared, laughing.

Aries Zodiarts: Well done, Meteor. Our deal is made; I will bring your friend back to life.
Gentaro: I..see…(smiles) So this was you all along…Sakuta. I was glad…I could help you out…even…if it…killed me…

Gentaro flat-lined. Kamen Rider Fourze was dead.

Aries Zodiarts: Come, Meteor. We have more people to control. We need their power.
Shun: WHAT THE HELL, RYUUSEI?! You’re just going to stand there and do nothing!

Shun was already preparing the Power Dizer to tackle Meteor to the ground. But just as he was about to do so, Aries Zodiarts blasted green magic from its staff. Shun didn’t have time to react as he was hit with it dead on.

Aries Zodiarts: Come, my pawns. Let us go to your so-called school take it over.
Yuki: Shun, are you okay?!
JK: Say something!

Shun didn’t say anything, but only stepped aside as JK, Yuki and Tomoko were also blasted by that very same green light.

GUAG Gaiden: The Party of the Apocalypse Part 2: Rolling Out The Red Velvet Carpet

At around the same time that Fourze was killed, Pinkie Pie was already making cherrychangas in the Food Pantheon. The ovens were already baking cupcakes and her special Marzipan Marscapone Meringue Madness (otherwise known as the MMMM!) and both Kirby and Pac-Man were helping her lick the bowls. She also had sweets from Willy Wonka himself, seeing how much the pink pony ecstatic for sweets.

Pinkie Pie: I would’ve loved to ask Vanellope for them, but I did Pinkie Pie Promise not to hurt her temple. Although her car looks very very yummy!

Vanellope? Oh, that’s right! Vanellope von Schweetz recently ascended and she and Pinkie Pie get along pretty well due to their different ways of teleportation. Ralph also warmed up to Pinkie Pie and P Inkie Pie warmed him up to the idea of some chocolate cake the last time she visited them.

Well, now in the House of Food, the refreshments were just about ready and everyone’s bellies were filled with sweets, sugar and joyness so to speak.

Pinkie Pie: Thanks you two! That was fun!
Kirby: Poyo poyo!
Pinkie Pie: I know! That last bunch of frosting was delicious!

Ever since getting approval on combining JK Night with her parties, Pinkie was hard at work to make the party perfect. It was always nice to give other people parties, and she works extra extra hard to make it good and that everyone has a good time. Why does she do that, you ask? Well—

Pinkie Pie: (starts singing) “Cause I love to see you smile, smile, smile! Yes I do!”

Yes, Pinkie Pie gave parties to make people smile, because that was the best feeling you could give them. Say, that sounds similar to Gentaro’s philosophy!

Pinkie Pie: And that’s why we’re gonna get along just fine, Miss Narrator. I can’t WAIT for him to see what I have in store! In fact, I think I’ll go see him right now!

But, um Pinkie, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. There’s been a slight problem regarding Gentaro and…

Pinkie Pie: Slight? Oh no no no! There can’t be slight problems! Everything is going to be perfect! Now if you excuse me, I’ve gotta go and load my Party Wagon and Party Cannon for this event! I better make sure not to put the confetti in the oven and the cake batter in the confetti shooters…again!

Wait, Pinkie Pie! Didn’t you see what happened earlier?

Pinkie Pie: No, I was too busy making cupcakes! ‘Kay, bye! (starts singing as she skips away) Come on everypony smile, smile, smile! Fill my heart up sunshine, sunshine!

…Oh, what to do?! Kengo, Noah and Miu have to revive Gentarou from death, and something is clearly wrong with Kamen Rider Meteor. And will Pinkie Pie get that party ready? It looks like we’ll have to wait and see. But for now, it looks like we’ll have to get back to what the Kamen Rider Club was doing. Excuse me for a moment.


After warning Mami Tomoe, Edward Elric now warns Kyouko Sakura, another proxy of Madoka Kaname. En route to Kyouko, an army of Undead attacked him.

Edward: Darn! Am I too late?

The Undead creatures ruthlessly overwhelmed him, to the point of near collapse… Until the undead were decapitated by a halberd. After the Undead were cut to pieces, a figure approached him… Kyouko Sakura.

Kyouko: Leave! Get up and leave!
Edward: Wait! I have something to say!
Kyouko: Say it quick! I don’t have all day.
Edward: Are you Kyouko Sakura? If so, The GUAE are plotting their corruption methods on you Puella Magi.
Kyouko: Yeah, so?
Edward: Aren’t you affiliated with Madoka Kaname?
Kyouko: Tch! What does this have to do with you?
Edward: That girl’s in the same House with me in the Pantheon (House of Magic).
Kyouko: You must be that alchemist…
Edward: …

As they were talking, more of the Undead arrived.

Kyouko: You guys want some more!?

As with that, Kyouko hacked her halberd away on the Undead creatures.

Kyouko: It’s been a while… Hey, Alchemist! Give me a hand, will ya?

The two drove off as many Undead as possible… Until….

???: UWEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! So you’re Kyouko? How splendid!
Kyouko: And who may you be?
Kefka: Kefka…
Kyouko: Kefka Palazzo… Sayaka told me about you. I’ll fucking gladly eliminate you along with the Incubators.
Edward: Inc…u?
Kyouko: This has nothing to do with you, Alchemist.
Kefka: Well, It looks like Tsukishima went off with Joker, so I’ll do all the work myself. Oh, and hello fullmetal brat!
Edward: WHO ARE YOU CALLING A BRA- Watch out!

The Fullmetal Alchemist tried to save Kyouko from the slash of a silhouette, only to be punched in the gut (and a hard one at that) by another silhoutte, followed by a punch knocking him 8 feet away.

Kyouko: Alchemist! Ah…!

The Alchemist recovered to see to his predator… Albert Wesker.

Wesker: Edward Elric, I presume? Your use of alchemy would be a perfect enchancement to Uroboros!
Edward: Alchemy isn’t used for murder!
Wesker: You say that, but alchemy is a part of science, no?
Edward: Why you…!

Edward, without a plan, charged at Wesker, but…

Wesker: I’m afraid, my dear alchemist, to inform you that YOU DON’T STAND A CHANCE!!

Wesker let Ed’s punch nearly hit him… only to use a powerful punch on the gut to eventually knock Edward down. He then proceeded to stomp his automail arm, powerful enough to make cracks about it.

Wesker: Heh heh heh… You’re worthless to me. I could just kill you right now. Whatever your Alchemy can conjure… I can do better with Uroboros.
Edward: Grrr…!
Wesker: Still, perhaps it would be such a waste to kill you right now. You, Puella Magi.

Wesker then turned towards Kyouko, who was dodging Kefka’s magic and not even getting close.

Wesker: So… which will it be? You think you can protect this little shrimp?
Edward: SHRIMP!? You’re dead… ACK!
Wesker: No… but on the other hand, you will be.
Kyouko: No! You glassed freak…! I’ll skewer you…
Wesker: Clown.
Kefka: Shut up! I know what to do. Alright! Do not Resist!
Kyouko: Uggh…Ahh!
Kefka: Uwehehehe! Ophelia! Come! Awake and destroy everything in sight!
Kyouko: Aaaah….! … Kidding.

Unfortunately for Kefka, Kyoko managed to resist the corruption given by Kefka.

Kyouko: Hahahaha! You’re really such a dope! Sayaka and Mami have told me what you tried to do to Sayaka, you think the same trick is gonna work on me!?
Kefka: Close enough. But bzzzt! That was just some warm-up!

Kyouko was about to rush once more, but then she heard one more crack… Wesker was stomping Edward’s automail hand further.

Wesker: You can’t just attack him and then have him safely. Pick one.
Kyouko: Grr…!
Kefka: Uwehehehehe… That’s too bad, Kyouko! You can’t protect anyone! Now the show begins!!

As such, Kefka started raining Kyouko with various destructive magics, and at the same time, Kyouko could not commence any counterattack, or else Wesker would have his way…

Kefka: You can’t protect anyone! Ooh, but didn’t you often say that to the witches you hunt down mercilessly!? Payback’s a bitch, eh??
Wesker: No matter. I may as well finish the job…

Wesker, with all his might, stomped further at the hand of Ed… However a giant robot blocked the way and smacked Wesker away… Honda Tadakatsu.

Tadakatsu: !!!
Wesker: Hmph… it’s you. Just so you know, I really am not that talkative unlike that Terumi. So don’t even think I can hit your ‘anti-trolling’ button.
Ieyasu: Good work, Tadakatsu. We made it in time… Looks like Ed’s a little unconscious, but he’s OK.
Wesker: Your numbers may increase, but it’s futile. In fact… it is getting better for us.
Ieyasu: Albert Wesker… Your Biological science is not needed in the pantheon. I did not shed my blood on my hands… to create the likes of you in the future.
Wesker: So you’ve heard of me… fascinating.
Ieyasu: I swore to unite people with the power of the bonds… but as of you… I will severe the bond between you and this world! Tadakatsu, take Kefka on, I will take on this man!

As the shogun powered his fistcuffs, the two engaged battle, holding his ground from Wesker’s attacks. Tadakatsu, on the other hand, dashed at Kefka and forced him to dodge his drill spear.

Kyouko: Whew! Breathe time… good…
Kefka: Heh heh… Ready to get smashed into pieces?
Tadakatsu: !!!

And with that, Kefka, transformed into his Power of destruction EX mode to smash the Hondam. The latter evaded Kefka’s barrage of punches, only to partially get caught by Kefka’s thunderbolt. Despite his right arm torn off, he transformed his left arm into a drill, piercing Kefka’s body. However, Kefka once again shrugs the drill, mocking the Ancient robot.

Kefka: Say goodbye! Uwehehehehehe!
”’Tadakatsu: !!!

Laughing, Kefka casted the Light of Judgement on Ieyasu’s most ally. Half the robot’s body was caught in it. After striking him with the Light of Judgement, he transform back in his default form, seeing that Tadakatsu can’t fight anymore. A heavily damage Ieyasu was on his own.

Ieyasu: Tadakatsu!!
Kefka: Now! Where was I? Oh, right… turning this here Kyouko into Ophelia.
Kyouko: You’re not going to!
Kefka: Oh, and did I mention that poor lil’ Tadakatsu is a piece of scrap because he tried to protect you?
Kyouko: !!
Kefka: You want to protect, but you only end up protected! Man, you’re pathetic!
Kyouko: ….
Wesker: It’s nice knowing you… in more details, Tokugawa. I could rewrite history with your defeat… Perhaps I should take this make robot my pawn…
Ieyasu: No! … Wait, what is this familiar murderous aura?

A flash of light. Someone was following Wesker. Ieyasu was quick enough to block, and as he expected, Ishida Mitsunari returned.

Mitsunari: I will kill you, Ieyasu! Years of pain without him! I will make you pay for it!!
Ieyasu: Mitsunari… I do say your style has gotten… better… You are never this enthusiastic and I feel joy within you…
Mitsunari: Oh, I do feel joy, Ieyasu… I feel joy that today I will make you look at your sins while I slit your throat!
Ieyasu: (I think I’ve got a bad feeling about this.)

All of the sudden, Mitsunari seemingly dodged, and Ieyasu saw an Uroboros infectee… thrown in high speed towards him. Tackled and thrown to the ground, Ieyasu wrestled with the infected one and put him down with his fist. However, the ground shook. As if something big stepping in.

Ieyasu: This… It can’t be…!
????: Indeed it has, Ieyasu. I have returned.
Wesker: Oh, so you’re here.

Ieyasu recognized that voice anywhere…. Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Mitsunari was quick to move by his side and knelt down in reverence.

Ieyasu: L… Lord Hideyoshi!? You return…!
Hideyoshi: That was unexpected. The little boy who used to get kidnapped everytime… killed me in the mortal world. But this won’t be repeated again.
Ieyasu: Wesker, what have you done…!
Wesker: Well… who knows.
Mitsunari: Lord Hideyoshi, please, use me as you see fit!
Hideyoshi: As you would have it… my loyal subordinate! We shall take on the battle together!

Hideyoshi suddenly grabbed Mitsunari on the head, and lifted him up. He rushed to the dumbfounded Ieyasu and started smacking him using Mitsunari’s body.

Ieyasu: Stop, Lord Hideyoshi! Hitting me is fine, but to use Mitsunari…!
Hideyoshi: This is our proof of friendship! He is willing to let me use him as my weapon! To refuse would be the greatest insult!
Ieyasu: (This is not good…!)

Wesker just watched as Ieyasu was getting distracted with Hideyoshi and took a fatal beating. He got to the unconscious Edward once more and lifted him on the neck.

Wesker: Well not just two… but three people in jeopardy, and you can’t protect them all… They will share the fate like your family… dying needlessly without protection…
Kyouko: Damn… damn it… all…!
Kefka: Ohoooo! Her soul Gem is almost completely darkened.

As such, it would be soon until Kyouko became Ophelia. This is what Wesker was aiming after all… to make sure Kyouko fell into despair with her inability to protect anyone.

All hope seemed lost… until another man with a Longcoat drop-kicked Kefka by the head, releasing his grasp on Kyouko, and pulls of a barrage of Combos on Hideyoshi… Neo came into the scene just in time, looking at his three allies. He gave Ieyasu a Senzu Bean he borrowed from Goku. Not only did he come, Adell as well. And in the same time, Wesker was forced to release Edward when two crescent blasts and one red spear was thrown. These belong to Terra Branford and Lancer/Cu Chulainn

Kefka: What the… that…! Ooh, so you wanna play along too, my lil’ Esper?
Terra: That’s enough, you all…! I will not let you do harm to Kyouko further!
Lancer: Hey, Kyouko, get up! Is that all you could muster after many times we sparred!? Don’t disappoint me!!
Kefka: Ooh, cute. But still, your Rank-E luck, will get you nowhere!
Wesker: Like this…

Wesker threw a rocket onto Lancer’s head which got him off… and it exploded somewhere with him.

Kyouko: You Bastard!
Lancer: I’m not dying here!!!

Such roar was given and Lancer leapt from the explosion, completely unscathed, already picked up the Gae Bolg while he raised Kyouko’s spirit up. Wesker had trouble putting up, because one strike from Gae Bolg will be fatal. In the same time, Kefka tried to do another barrage, but Terra protected Kyouko with a barrier spell.

Terra: Now is your time to stand up, Kyouko!
Kyouko: But…
Terra: We need your help…!
Kyouko: … (At this rate, I’d be forced to do it… but hell if I have a choice! I’ll just laugh at it later… At least I know my Soul Gem better and when it’s going to darken completely…) Here we go…! Rosso Phantasma!!

Thus, unleashing something she has hidden long ago, she unleashed illusions of herself, distracting not just Kefka, but also Wesker and Hideyoshi, turning the table.


Neo: Here. Eat up.
Ieyasu: Thanks. *Eats Senzu bean, recovering fully*
Neo: Well that’s one, but about Tadakatsu.
Ieyasu: No worries, it’s a good thing I had these implemented. I just had to find a time when no one’s looking…

Ieyasu snapped his finger and Tadakatsu began his operation to self-repair.

Tadakatsu: !!
Adell: Well, that’s kinda nice.
Ieyasu: Neo… get Ed out. Tadakatsu, ensure Neo’s safety.
Tadakatsu: !!
Neo: Got it.
Wesker: You’re not escaping…
Lancer: Hey, look where you’re fighting!
Wesker: *dodges another strike* Damn it.
Neo: Just for extra measure…

Neo put everything in slow motion as he lets Tadakatsu dash and grab Ed to escape.

Kefka: Damn it, girl! They’re getting away!
Terra: And they will get away, without you putting a finger on them, Kefka!

At the same time, Adell faced Hideyoshi along with Ieyasu.

Adell: So, you’re that Hideyoshi that Ieyasu talked about…
Hideyoshi: And what do you want with it, brat?
Adell: Seriously, fighting by bludgeoning your friend over there? *points at Mitsunari* What kind of fighter are you?
Hideyoshi: What!?
Adell: Fighting cowards like that is just not my style. If you want, how about we exchange our fists together?
Hideyoshi: As you say, then. Regret your decision in hell!

Hideyoshi released Mitsunari and cracked his knuckles. Thus both Adell and Hideyoshi rushed to each other and the latter smashed his rapid fisticuffs with Adell’s Vulkan Blaze, with Ieyasu and Mitsunari only able to look in awe. It ended with a draw.

Hideyoshi: You showed promise, boy. With strength like that, you would do well to serve me! What says you?
Adell: And betraying my friends over here and fight for evil? Sorry, not my style.
Hideyoshi: Regrettable…
Ieyasu: Lord Hideyoshi… are you aware that Lord Nobunaga was in GUAE as well? I thought you…
Hideyoshi: Pragmatic ally, no more, no less. The GUAE provides me the means for my revenge and a united, strong Pantheon.
Ieyasu: Wrong… that’s… wrong!!

Ieyasu was about to punch Hideyoshi once more, but Mitsunari stood to become Hideyoshi’s shield, blocking him.

Mitsunari: Not so fast, Ieyasu…! The only thing that’ll pass beyond this point is your severed head!
Ieyasu: Tch…

In the same time… Neo returned from the Medical Division and assisted Lancer in fighting Wesker.

Wesker: Two on one…
Lancer: Hey, I can fight myself here, you know!?
Neo: Whatever, the more the better. *to Wesker* You look similar to someone I know.
Wesker: Ah, Agent Smith? *Evil Laugh*
Neo: …..
Wesker: You know, I have been expecting a fight from you…
Neo: Cut the chat. Let’s fight.

The three engaged battle. However, Wesker proved to be a great opponent, even when surrounded with Neo and Lancer, he didn’t even falter.

Wesker: *cough* Not bad. But for two on one and not really making a dent? Please… try harder.
Neo: ….
Wesker: Regardless… I’ll put an end to this quickly. *pulls out another missile*
Lancer: He got another one?!
Wesker: I’ll miss you two, Agent Smith and Cu Chulainn…

Wesker proceeded to throw the Missile on both of them but the missile was thrown back by a passing-by Superman. However, Wesker was able to grab it, and still held it despite a Rosso Phantasma illusion staggering him, and threw it to space, avoiding certain death.

Superman: Halt there, Albert. This has gone long enough…
Neo: (Good save)
Wesker: Hmph… (With Superman on their side, this won’t be easy…)

And as Wesker looked, it seemed that Hideyoshi and Adell were still on a standstill, along with Ieyasu and Mitsunari. And in the same time, Kyouko seemingly regained her spirit and have been attacking Kefka, together with Terra.

Wesker: This is not going too well. You all… it’s time to retreat.
Kefka: What!? I’m not even done! You think I’m scared that I…

However, Hideyoshi was the one who grabbed Kefka on the face, stopping all his attempts to strike back.

Hideyoshi: With someone like him, one of the higher ups of GUAG, *points to Superman* we are at a disadvantage. Wesker is right… for now we will retreat.
Kefka: Grrmblfblm!!!
Wesker: You’re lucky the Man of Steel was here. Next time… not so much, I suppose. Kefka…
Kefka: *got his mouth slightly opened by Hideyoshi’s fist* Fine! Fine!

Thus the mad clown eventually casted a portal to teleport away.

Kyouko: You guys…! Thank you!
Superman: It was no problem. If all these comes to mind, then probably… they’re going to turn their attention next to Homura Akemi.
Adell: Well! That just means we have to be on guard more, right?
Ieyasu: Yeah, your fists have grown stronger, Adell.
Terra: Besides, Kyouko… I think I would’ve been overwhelmed if you didn’t react against Kefka. You saved us.
Kyouko: Oh… really? Right! I guess I’ll just treat you guys over for Pockies later! It’s… it’s my way to show gratitude, that’s all!
Lancer: Naah, how about next time we spar again? I really wanna fight with your new resolve.
Kyouko: Oh, fine! That means just no Pocky for you.
Lancer: I don’t mind! By the way, where’s that Alchemist guy?
Neo: Safe in the hospital…
Superman: By the way, here.

Kyouko was offered with a bag… a bag of Grief Seeds. Enough for her to cleanse her Soul Gem.

Kyouko: Wow! I was looking for these! It just… suddenly vanished before I got here…
Superman: Well, Deadpool stole it. I tried stopping him and he said it was for something urgent… so I let him go.
Neo: That was definitely used for Mami. Or so I heard.
Superman: Regardless, he’s been kind enough to spare some for you.
Kyouko: All right, awesome! *Soul Gem purified* Now I’m back to normal!
Superman: Very well, we shall now return. (But somehow… it was like they planned something…)

With Superman flying on the sky to protect them, the group returned to their respective base.

Meanwhile in the GUAE…

Kefka: AAAAAAAA Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!! I was so close!!
M. Bison: Well it would be apparent that you were just as much as a failure as that Terumi guy was.
Wesker: It wasn’t a complete failure, though.
M. Bison: What do you mean?
Wesker: Well, Relius asked me a little favor in form of doing something to the Alchemist. It’s what we’d like to call… the chance to turn blunder into success.
Ghetsis: Interesting… we’re gonna see how it’s doing then.
Wesker: The stage is set, and so is the Puppetteer…

End Result: Kyouko didn’t turn into a Witch. And it seems that Wesker succeeded in ‘something’ through Ed.

Meteor’s Betrayal and Fourze’s Rebirth, Part 2: The Search for the Necronomicon

After successfully finding the coordinates, Kengo and Miu rushed to where Gentaro’s body was at. However, no one was there.

Miu: Where is everybody? I was sure the other Kamen Rider Club members made it.
Kengo: I don’t know. (checks Gentaro) Kisaragi…

Kengo looked on in horror; one of his closest friends was dead. He tried punching Gentaro’s chest, screaming at the Kamen Rider in the hopes that he’d wake up. But, there was nothing…Kengo began to sob, his heart broken for losing his very precious friend.

Miu: We better bring Gentaro back to his temple…there’s no use in staying here.
Kengo: Yeah. But then what?

Suddenly, there was a ringing from the Astrocaban that Kengo carried with him. Noah appeared on the screen.

Noah: I can help you guys out.
Miu: What can you do?
Noah: Well I looked around the Toku Base and found someone who talked about a legendary book that can revive the dead.
Kengo: Where?! What is it?!
Noah: It’s called the Necronomicon and the details are vague. However, I do know that someone is also looking for it.
Miu: Then let’s go find it. Lead us to this person, Club Member Noah.
Noah: Club member?
Miu: You’re helping us out, and you’re one of our friends right? That makes you an honorary member of the Kamen Rider Club.
Noah: (stuttering) W-well…
Kengo: Come on. Let’s get going. We have no time to waste.

Deep within the House of Craft, The Nostalgia Critic was hard at work trying to find the fabled Necronomicon. Ever since the fight against Malachite and Ma-Ti’s sacrifice, there hasn’t been a single moment where he wasn’t trying to find a way to revive him. Linkara hadn’t given him anymore leads about it, but that was mostly because he was keeping an eye on the Toku Base archives. Currently, the Nostalgia Critic was going through his old notes in hopes they could lead somewhere.

Nostalgia Critic: There has to be something about the Necronomicon. There just has to be! I mean if Ashley Williams could use it, how hard could it be for me to find one?

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Nostalgia Critic: Who is it?

The door opened as Kengo and Miu entered the room.

Kengo: We need to talk.
N.Critic: And you two are?
Miu: Miu Kazashiro, Club President of the Kamen Rider Club.
Kengo: Kengo Utahoshi, Technical Support for the Kamen Rider Club.
N.Critic: How cute. Now why don’t you have your little make-believe club go somewhere else and—
Kengo: We know you’re looking for the Necronomicon.
N.Critic: How did you—
Miu: Our friend is in the Toku Base where your friend works. We need that Necronomicon to save our friend just like you need it to save yours.
N.Critic: What are you proposing?
Kengo: Let us help you find the Necronomicon and let us use it, then we’ll try and help save your friend. All right?

Critic was wary about this; the events of searching for Malachite’s Hand changed his life about things like this. He knew that the adventure was going to be dangerous…but these two had lost someone important, just like he did. Plus, the more people that helped him out, the better.

N.Critic: All right, you’re in. But…
Miu: But?
N.Critic: We’re gonna need a bigger team. One with amazing skills that would be impossible to defeat. We need people with skill, bravery, luck…then we can go search for the Necronomicon.
Kengo: But where can we find those people?
Miu: I bet Noah is looking into them right now.
N.Critic: Great. Let’s get working; we have a book to find.

In a deep, dark location, Aries Zodiarts stared at the small army he had so far. Ryuusei was played like a fool—who said that he would be let go after his friend would be free. No, Ryuusei has become a perfect vessel for the Aries Zodiarts to wreak his havoc upon the world. Plus with many of the Kamen Rider Club members under his control, he would be invincible.

JK was the most useful as he had information on everyone in the school. He could help find the best and suitable minds for the army. The war on the Academy would start soon.In the House of Gaming, many of the patrons could be seen running for cover as very loud screams filled the air. Glasses were shattered, columns shook and there was at least the sound of a cat screaming. This is where Miu, Kengo and Noah were in.

Miu: And you’re sure there’s someone we can find here?
Noah: I’m sure of it. Now come on; the louder the noise, the closer we are.

The three traversed the halls of the House of Gaming, passing by many of its members who also covered their ears, before finding the door with the letters TRG at front.

Kengo: The Runaway Guys. Who are they?
Noah: Powerful and skilled gamers who have exceptional skills. The Critic mentioned that having them on the team could be beneficial.
Miu: We’re getting gaming nerds in our team?
Noah: No, we’re getting people good at video games. There’s a big difference.

Kengo knocked on the door as the screams died down. The door opened as one of the three Runaway Guys appeared.

ProtonJon: Oh, hello there. Um, what can I do for you?
Miu: We need you and your friends help on something.
ProtonJon: (sighs) For the last time, to get the hidden block you just take a left at the Goomba and then…
Kengo: She’s not talking about video games; we need you for a special mission.
Miu: Please let us in. It’s very important.

Jon just opened the door as Miu and Kengo entered the room. It was fairly neat with three beds, a shelf filled to the brim of video games and video-game consoles, and a large flat-screen tv where a Wii was set up. The other Runaway Guys, Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun were currently duking it out in a game of Mario Kart.

Chuggaa: Come on…come on…(cue a Blue Koopa Shell coming at him)
ProtonJon: (tosses earplugs to Miu and Kengo) 3…2…1…

The House of Gaming began to tremble for about five seconds before all was still. Once the scream subsided—with NCS winning the race—the game was paused.

Chuggaa: Uh, sorry you had to hear that; I have better days.
NCS: What brings you here?

Miu, Kengo and Noah explained their situation and that they needed the Necronomicon. The Runaway Guys nodded their heads once the story was finished.

Chuggaa: This sounds serious.
ProtonJon: Really serious.
NCS: Incredibly serious.
Chuggaa: We’re in.
ProtonJon and NCS: WHAT?!
‘Chuggaa: You guys are going to need help and we can do something about it.
Miu: What do you mean?
Chuggaa: My friend named Scott Pilgrim gave me this!

Chuggaaconroy produced a bag and pulled out a Fire Flower. He also pulled out a couple of more items like Mushrooms, Penguin Suits and other items.

ProtonJon: Where the hell did you get those?
Chuggaa: Scott Pilgrim gave them to me after I bested him in a fight to capture the most Legendary Pokémon in an hour. I won.
Kengo: Amazing.
NCS: Yeah…
Miu: Can you help us out?
ProtonJon: Well, I guess we do need a break from our games.
NCS: I agree.
Chuggaa: Then it’s settled! The Runaway Guys are at your disposal.
Kengo: Thank you, I appreciate that.

With three new members on the team, Noah then pointed that they needed someone who was great at making good use of opportunity. Kengo believed that he was going into the House of Leadership or Knowledge for help. He was then met up with someone tackling him to the ground.

Miu: Oops! Who are you?
Edge: That’s something I wanna know; what are little kids like you doing in the House of Weapons?
Noah: We need your help, Mr. Edge.
Edge: That’s EDGE. Not “Mister”.
Kengo: Right. Now we need your help in finding something for us.
Edge: I don’t work for anyone, little boy.
Miu: He means that we need you to work with us to save a friend of ours.
Noah: It’s very imperative that you help us.
Edge: And what do I get in return? I don’t work for free.
Miu: We’ll get you away from The Undertaker and we promise to not tell anyone that you used to hang around vampires.
Edge: What? How did you find out?!
Noah: It’s amazing what you can find when you dig deep.
Edge: GRRR. Fine! I’ll help you out. Just tell me when and where and I’ll meet you in the morning.

Once Kengo, Miu and Noah left for the next recruitment, Edge went back into his room and sighed. When he knew that no-one wasn’t looking, he pulled out a cellphone and placed a call.

Edge: Hello? I need your help on something. Look, I know our history is bad but hey, I’ll put in a good word for you in the House of Combat. Yeah, yeah, I won’t let anyone hurt the kids. Just—

And then that was interrupted when he heard someone approach Kengo and Miu to find the legendary Necromicon Blade. That was the legendary swordsmen Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh: HA HA! I have heard of your quest to find the Necromicon and I am here to help you!
Kengo: Um, why?
Gilgamesh: I am searching for the legendary Necromicon Blade for my collection! I shall join you so I can finally settle my rivalry with Bartz! I know he’s made it to the Pantheon and then we will have an epic clash for ALL TO SEE! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!
Noah: (But it’s not a sword)
Miu: We could use someone with that energy. You’re in.

Gilgamesh rushed off, laughing all the way back to his own room in the House of Weapons. No one said a word.

Kengo: Was that a good idea, Miu?
Miu: I really don’t know myself, but having this type of muscle could be very beneficial.
Noah: All right, now we’ll just need a few more people and we can start.
Kengo: I just hope Gentaro is alright…

Gentaro was walking in the afterlife, unknown as to why he was here. But he saw them…the silhouette of his deceased parents.

Gentaro: Mother…father…
???: Gentaro Kisaragi, you are not ready for death.

Gentaro turned around, seeing the foreboding figure of the Phenom, the Last Outlaw and the Reaper of Souls. He saw the Undertaker.

Undertaker: You are needed still, Gentaro Kisaragi. Come with me, and we can avenge your death.
Gentaro: What do I need to do?

Underatker approached him, riding a chariot. On his shoulder was a black crow, whose wings were spread high.

Undertaker: My associate will help you out. Tonight will be the night that your vengeance will be fulfilled.
Gentaro: Vengeance?

The crow flew onto Gentaro’s shoulders and whispered something into his ear. Then, Gentaro’s vision turned white.

GUAG Gaiden: Party of Armaggedon Part 3: Party Crashers

Pinkameana Diane Pie was a one-pony band as she was decorating the canteen of the Celestial Academy to fit the Party. Streamers and balloons were hung with ease thanks to the Party Cannon and the many helpers that she enlisted. All in all, things were going swimmingly!

Pinkie Pie: Thank you Ness! Thank you Lucas! I’ll make you your favorite foods as long as you come and visit.
Ness: Okay.

Pinkie Pie was in the zone; when she was making parties, no one was stopping her! The food was set, the music was being set up, and the goodie bags were being made! It was all going well when suddenly…

JK: What are you doing?
Pinkie Pie: Oh, JK! You’re here! The party’s going to start soon and…
JK: What party?
Pinkie Pie: The party you let me set up! It’s going to be great! Everyone’s invited and I have games, cake, songs, dancing and—

Before Pinkie could finish her sentence, a giant yellow mecha came in from the roof and destroyed all the decorations! It then stomped on all the food and the tables were overturned. Pinkie tried to defend the party by assaulting the mecha with cake, but it was no use. JK ruined the party, his green eyes glowing with sadistic glee. He laughed as he walked off and left Pinkie Pie in the remains of her perfectly planned, but now pulverized, party.

Pinkie Pie: (staring at the remains of her party, cue Ocular Gushers) Oh Miss Narrator, who would do such a thing?! Why did JK have to be so mean?!

Well, did you read the story that happened while you were making your goodies? I did try and warn you about that.

Pinkie Pie: What story?

The one dealing with the Aries Zodiarts; he’s the one who’s causing all this and more. In fact, I hear that he’s going to attack the school and destroy it so no more parties will be held. He wants to make sure that no one can celebrate parties ever again!

Pinkie Pie: He’s the one that caused my party to be ruined? And he’s going to make it so there’s no more parties?! Then…HE MUST PAY!!!

With this, our pink pony was off to figure out why her party was destroyed. Do not forget the Party Cannon; you’re going to need it!

Meteor’s Betrayal and Fourze’s Rebirth, Part 3: The Winds of Change

The next morning, Kengo and Miu met up with their group of Necronomicron searchers at the library within the House of Knowledge, all dressed up and ready to take charge in the expedition.

Kengo: I’ve been doing research on the Necronomicron and it said to have been created by a man known as HP Lovecraft.
N.Critic: I did some research on him also, but he never clearly specified as to what was contained in that book.
Edge: It’s not sunshine and puppy dogs, that’s for sure.
Gilgamesh: Whatever is in that foul book, it will never be able to stand the power of the great GILGAMESH!
ProtonJon: (looks around) Aren’t there supposed to be other members in our group?
Miu: They said they’d catch up with us in a short while. Now, what else do we have?
Noah: I’ve tried to narrow down the areas where the Necromicron is, and it looks like we have an opening.
N.Critic: Really? Where is it?
Noah: Well…
NCS: (hears something rustling) Um, guys…
Chuggaaconroy: Cool! Now where is it?
Noah: Well, we first have to go through the Ancient history section of the library, and hopefully not disturb Indiana Jones while he’s doing research.
NCS: (Sees shadows coming closer) Guys…
Noah: And then we try to see if we can find Yue Ayase and bribe her with some potions.

Everyone stopped talking and turned to NintendoCapriSun. Unfortunately, the older man—while not as quiet as say Fluttershy—usually wasn’t used to be around people.

NCS: (points to a shadow) I think that’s been following us.
Edge: A shadow? (rolls eyes) I think you’ve been playing too many games.
ProtonJon: Trust us, at least he never played Limbo.
Kengo: Shh! I hear something…

Everyone stayed silent as they heard someone approaching them. Kengo and Miu looked up in shock.

Miu: Shun? Is that you?
Shun: Miu…(approaches her and hugs her) My princess, you’ve returned.
Everyone else: Princess?!
Shun: I was able to escape after Aries Zodiarts captured everyone. You don’t know how glad I am to see you.
Miu: I do too…NOT!

With that, Miu lifted her knee and kicked him in a very sensitive place, everyone else staring in complete shock. Shun fell down to the ground in pain.

Miu: (lifts Shun into the air and glares) Who are you and what have you done to the real Shun Daimonji?!
Shun: I am the real—
Miu: LIAR! The real Shun would call me Queen and not princess! You’re an impostor!

With that Miu landed a powerful punch in “Shun’s” stomach as he was thrown back to a large bookshelf. The bookshelf trembled and many of its books fell on top of his head. “Shun” transformed into a small black pony with holes on its legs, blue wings and fierce blue eyes.

Miu: Oops! What is that thing?!
N.Critic: I think those are changelings…then that means…

The group looked around as shadows emerged from beneath the bookshelves. These changelings all had familiar faces; they had the faces of JK, Yuki Jojima, Tomoko Nozama and Shun Daimonji.

ProtonJon: We’re surrounded! What do we do?
Gilgamesh: NOW WE FIGHT!

Gilgamesn rushed into the scene and began to swipe his powerful swords at the changelines. With one slash of his sword, at least ten changelings fell to the ground.

Edge: This is my kind of party! Does anyone have a steel chair?
Chuggaaconroy: (pulls one out of the bag) Take this!

Edge soon proceeded to crack the skulls of any changeling in site with a powerful Con-chair-to. At least five were going to be reeling with concussions.

Chuggaaconroy: (tosses some items to ProtonJon and NCS) Catch!

ProtonJon caught a Fire Flower in his hand and NCS had a small cookie and an orange leaf with eyes in his hands.

ProtonJon: (soon wearing a white had, red overalls and white shirt) Now this is more like it! (starts tossing fireballs)
NCS: Is this a…
???: YOSHI!

A Yoshi appeared and took the cookie before swallowing the changelings with its tongue. Once it laid about five eggs, the eggs were hurled at the other changelings.

NCS: Yay! So happy!
Yoshi: Yoshi!

Kengo was trying his hardest to fight against some of the changelings, unfortunately his body wasn’t powerful enough to do so. After a few kicks, he was starting to get dizzy.

Noah: Kengo, are you alright?
Kengo: Yeah…let me catch my breath.
Noah: We don’t have any time! What can we do?
Edge: It’s not like you’re a Kamen Rider or anything. (spears a changeling)
Chuggaaconroy: (pulls out an Ice Flower from the bag, his clothing now a cyan hat and shirt and red overalls) We need to hurry! (hurls ice balls at the changelings, freezing them)
NCS: (soon dressed in a Tanooki suit) HA! (turns into stone as changelings tackle him)
N.Critic: Miu, get Kengo and follow me. Everyone else, stall the changelings.
Everyone else: On it!

Miu picked Kengo up as they and the Nostalgia Critic rushed through the aisles of bookshelves, getting further and further away from the chaos and fighting. Once they could no longer hear anything, they soon found themselves in a deeper part of the library.

Kengo: (gasping for breath) Thank you…
N.Critic: What the hell was that for?! Can’t even stand to fight these changelings?
Miu: His body is like that for some reason. But this is no time for questions; we need to get the Necronomicon.
Noah: It should be around here somewhere. Come on.

The group decided to search the shelves for the Necromicon, but half of the time they couldn’t even decipher the text on the books. In about ten minutes, they had at least a quarter of the shelves’ contents on the floor.

N.Critic: Well, this is been helpful.
Kengo: We don’t even know what the book looks like.
Noah: We could be searching until we turn 80 and still be unable to find it.
Miu: I hope everyone else is alright; I’m worried.

Gilgamesh: (panting for breath) You…are very…gutsy, you shapeshifters.
Edge: I can’t hold them back much longer!
ProtonJon: Keep trying to! We have to prevent them from escaping!
Chuggaaconroy: But I’ve run out of powerups!
Yoshi: (panting and collapsing onto the ground) Yoshi…

The Changelings were outnumbering the group at least 20 to 1. They were unable to fight back.

Edge: It was great working with you guys.
Gilgamesh: I agree; this battle will never be forgotten.

Just as the changelings were about to strike, they screamed and hissed. A gong was heard as the lights went out. When they came back on, someone stood inbetween the group and the changelings.

Gilgamesh: Who the—
Chuggaaconroy: Is that?
NCS: Oh my god…
Gentaro Kisaragi: (in a deep and dark voice) My vengeance shall be fulfilled.

The changelings didn’t take the warning and began to walk closer and closer to the target. Gentaro didn’t look like his usual self—his skin was ghost white, and there was black markings under his eyes and cheeks and lips. He pulled out his Fourze Driver and flipped the tabs down. His face was void of emotion as the Driver went through its usual countdown.

Gentaro: Henshin!

In a flash of light, he was now Kamen Rider Fourze…but the suit was completely black with white accents. He didn’t even bother to belt out his Catch Phrase “Uchu Kita!!!” as he began to beat the living snot out of the changelings.

Chuggaaconroy: How the…how is he even alive?!
ProtonJon: Did those guys find that Necronomicron?
Edge: I don’t think it’s the book’s doing.

As Gentaro continued to fight and kick the changelings, many of them reverting to their original state, it seemed as if a wave of darkness descended onto everyone around him. He was silent the whole time he fought, until there were no more changelings. They all laid on the ground, exhausted and in pain. Nevertheless, he picked one up and shook it.

Fourze: Where is he? Tell me!

The changeling didn’t reply but rather hissed at the Kamen Rider. Fourze just tossed him to the ground and started to walk away.

Edge: Where are you going? Your friends are out looking for you!
Fourze: I’m searching for the one who killed me. If any of you get in my way, I will end you.

Fourze continued to walk off as everyone looked on. No one said a word for those few seconds.

ProtonJon: …What do we tell those four when they come back?
Chuggaaconroy: We’re just going to tell them the truth, Jon. That’s all we can do.
Edge: And where the hell is that second rescue party that was supposed to come with us?

At around the same time Edge said that allowed, the second group was actually pretty busy on their own. Kamen Rider Meteor was in a fight with some of the members of the gang, and they were all having trouble figuring out their strategy.

Ash Ketchum: I say I take Pikachu for a direct assault and you guys cover me.
Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!
Travis Touchdown: And I say the kid should stay in the back while I go and fight him head on.
CM Punk: You guys are delusional; that guy is reeking of danger and evil. We have to get out of here.
Ash and Travis: WHO ASKED YOU?!

While the three were bickering, Kamen Rider Meteor just stood perfectly still. He didn’t mind as Travis put Ash into a German Suplex or when Pikachu started to bite on CM Punk’s wrist. No, he didn’t do anything at all.

Toph: Guys! Shhh! I hear something.

The four stopped fighting as the area they were in became silent. Soon, they were surrounded by more and more Kamen Rider Meteors!

Travis Touchdown: Oh crap…
CM Punk: What are these things?!

Before anyone saw it coming, a black and white DeSoto came in, running into at least ten or twenty of copies. No one said anything as two figures jumped out of the car.

Sam: Sam and Max: Freelance Police! Nobody move!
Max: (wielding his Luger) We are armed and dangerous and we are LEGALIZED TO USE FORCE.
CM Punk: How did that girl bribe those two?

More and more clones of Kamen Rider Meteor approached them, wielding a staff in hand. They were all knocked down with at least twelve bullets to the face, transforming into dead changelings.

Max: (picks a changeling up) Aww, you’re so cute! Can we keep him, Sam? Can we?
Sam: As long as he doesn’t die like that sea serpent you got.
Travis: No time for that! Everyone fight!

Sam and Max took the front, brandishing their guns against the monsters. Ash was already calling out Charizard to incinerate a few more while Pikachu went for a Volt Tackle. Travis was on the offensive, brandishing the Bloodberry Beam Katana in hand while CM Punk was putting the Anaconda Vice on one of them. Toph was kicking boulders into the air as more and more changelings got hurled away.

Ash: These things keep on coming! I can’t hold them off!
Travis: Well we have to! I’m getting paid for my services!
CM Punk: We need a miracle right now.
Toph: (gets lifted into the air by one of the changelings) Help! Someone!

One by one, the team was attacked. More and more changelings crept toward them, ready to beat them into an inch within their lives when…they transformed back to their changelings selves. They tried transforming, but they couldn’t. It was if they lost their ability to.

Ash: What the?
???: My, my. That was quite the challenge…but I always love those.

The team turned around, seeing a woman all dressed in red with a smirk on her lips.

Travis Touchdown: Aren’t you…
Carmen Sandiego: Carmen Sandiego? Yes, I am.
Toph: What did you just do?
Carmen Sandiego: I just stole their ability to shapeshift; they’re harmless little fairies now.
Ash: Whoa…
Carmen Sandiego: (starts to walk away) That’s all I can do; I could steal the mind control off the real Meteor, but this is something you need to do on your own. Those two kids owe me for the challenge, though. Ta-ta…

Carmen Sandiego had walked off from where she appeared as the changelings looked on in horror. The team just smiled.

CM Punk: This shall be fun.
Travis: I agree.
Sam: What do you say we make this a competition?
Max: The person who beats up the most changelings gets first dibs at knocking that Power Ranger’s head off!
Toph: (smirks) Sounds like a plan to me.

The group went at it again, defeating any and all changelings in sight. Even though there were more changelings than fighters, the loss of their ability to shapeshift weakened them to the point that they had no point to retreat.

Travis: Well, they weren’t so tough.
Max: Can we go home now? I need to go finish that game with Yog-Sogoth. Now, does the pointy crowned figure go forward, or backward?
CM Punk: You know Yog-Sogoth?
Sam: Of course! We had a giant adventure that had us go after the legendary Devil’s Toybox, and Max learned so many new tricks liketransforming into inanimate objects. reading minds, teleportation…
CM Punk: Wait, back up. What was that?
Sam: Transforming into stuff, reading minds, teleporting…
Ash: Teleporting! What if we can teleport to where that Meteor guy is?
Sam: Sorry; it only works if my little buddy has memorized his telephone number, and he can only teleport to to that phone.
Toph: Wait, that’s perfect. Didn’t Travis get a phone number from Miu and and Kengo?
Travis: That’s right! Here…(shows phone to Max) Got it memorized?
Max: Yep! Now do you know a good recipe for hotdogs filled with whipped cream, pigs feet and figs?
Everyone else: ….
Pikachu: Pika?
Toph: We need to go to where they are and tell them what’s going on. Can you teleport us there, Max?
Max: Oh no, I am not‘ letting you guys touch me.
CM Punk: I’ve been hearing that there’s been some massive crime with the Disgraces…
Sam and Max: We’re on it!

The group held hands in a circle as Max brought his Teleportation Phone. Dialing it to Miu’s cellphone number, they all vanished…but the ride wasn’t that easy.

Ash: (seeing the nightmare world around them) WHAT THE?!
Sam: Note to self: when traveling inside Max’s mind, keep your EYES SHUT.

Everyone else did so and vanished into light.

Kengo, Miu, Noah and the Nostalgia Critic looked everywhere, tossing books onto the ground with each passing second. There was no sign of a Necronomicon in sight. As Kengo removed the last book from the shelf, Team B teleported from above and fell on top of him.

Miu: Oops! Team B, how did you?
Travis: (on top of Kengo) Long, long story. But we better regroup. Where’s everyone else?
Edge: Over here!

Edge lead the other members to the center of the library, the group exhausted and weary. They began to explain their epic fight against the changelings when they all reverted back to their original forms and retreated.

Ash: Carmen Sandiego came and she stole their shapeshifting ability.
Gilgamesh: Inconceivable! Can she really do such a thing?
Edge: Well how else did those changelings lose their ability to become humans, huh?
Chuggaaconroy: By the way, Kengo…we found your friend.
Kengo: Kisaragi? What happened?
NCS: Um, let’s just say he’s not that happy guy you’re friends with.

The Runaway Guys explained how Gentaro appeared and how he obliterated many of the changelings with one fell swoop. Kengo and Miu looked in horror when they finished the tale.

Miu: How is that possible?
ProtonJon: I honestly have no idea; someone is pulling the strings.

Suddenly, there was a beeping sound. Kengo opened his Astrocaban to see Noah appear.

Noah: I have bad news, guys. I’m getting a ready of something bad.
N.Critic: Well, where is it?
Noah: It’s in the House of Nature—where Ma-Ti is at.
N.Critic: No…
Noah: If what happened to Gentaro happens to him, who knows what will happen?
Toph: We just can’t stand here; what do we do?
Miu: A Team, go with Nostalgia Critic to the House of Craft. Team B, come with Kengo, Noah and I to the House of Life and Death. We need to speak with some people.
Everyone else: Right.
Sam: Oh boy! I’ve been waiting to see Beelzebub and see how our wing in Hell’s doing.
Max: I know! It’s always nice to make funny faces of those poor unfortunate souls in their living nightmares!
N.Critic: Let’s get going! We have no time to waste!

Everyone soon split up and went their own separate paths, preparing to what was to be a long and devastating war.

Gentaro Kisaragi searched through the Pantheon, trying to find a single trace where Kamen Rider Meteor was. Any deity who knew how friendly and easy-going he was felt a wave of dread over them when they saw the white makeup, black markings and scowl that was on his face. His first place to check was the House of Combat, where all the deities there were fighting and honing their skills. Some of the didn’t even notice the Kamen Rider making his way into the House until he accidentally bumped into one.

John Cena: (turns around) Oh hey! So Gentaro…
Gentaro: (pushes Cena to a wall) Where is he?
Cena: Where’s who?
Gentaro: The man who killed me! WHERE IS HE?!
Cena: I have no idea who you’re talking about!
Gentaro: BULLSHIT! I’m looking for Ryusei Sakuta; where is he?!

John Cena, usually known for being invincible in battle and powerful to fight, was immediately thrown across the room like a ragdoll, colliding with some of the other fighters. Everyone’s eyes were on Gentaro Kisaragi as he brought out the Fourze Driver.

Snake: What the hell?
Samus: He’s trouble; everyone we have to subdue him!
Gentaro: Does anyone know where my killer is? HUH?!
Steve Austin: And why should we give a damn as to where he is?
Gentaro: (glares)

No one said a word as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Texas Rattlesnake, walked toward Gentaro and stared at him, giving him the Stone Cold Salute.

Steve Austin: I suggest you get your ass out of here before we give you a beatdown you’ll never forget. We haven’t seen heads or tails of your friend and if we did, we’d send him packing.
Gentaro:(walks off)

No one in the House of Combat said anything until Gentaro left. By that time, John Cena got out of the rubble that fell on him and shook his head.

Cena: Should we go after him, or no?
Austin: The kid needs to fight his own battles; we’ll just be spectators. I bet $500 that delinquent will beat that SOB to the ground.
Samus: Is that a bet?
Austin: Hell yeah.

Everyone in the House of Combat began placing bets and soon word caught on at the House of Commerce. A big bet between Fourze and Meteor was being held as they were waiting for a clash to happen…despite not knowing what the hell was going on.

At the House of Life and Death, one could not understand what to expect. Life and Death were very difficult things, and these gods were there to enforce that balance. However, trying to find someone to speak to was hard…and also painful.

Miu: Excuse me, Mister…We need to know about…
Grell: (points her chainsaw at Miu) Hmph, and who are you supposed to be?
Miu: Miu Kazashiro, Club President of the Kamen Rider Club. We need to know about the revival of Gentaro Kisaragi.
Grell: I could care less about dealing with people like you. Besides, what does this kid look like?
Noah: You mean before or after the transformation?
Travis: He looked like some sort of delinquent but with white skin and black markings.
Grell: Do you have a picture of him?
Max: I have something better! (pulls out a changeling from out of nowhere)
CM Punk: Where did that thing come from?
Max: That’s none of your damn business, Pepsi Kid. (shakes the changeling) All right, transform into that punk kid or I’ll SQUEEZE YOU TO DEATH!!!
Ash: Wait, didn’t Carmen Sandiego take away their transfor—

The changeling transformed into a copy of Gentaro, but with glowing green eyes. Grell stared at the copy in wonder, looking at it at every angle.

Grell: Ah, yes! I remember seeing this cutie; I wanted to cut him up with my Death Scythe but someone already beat me to it!
Kengo: Do you know who it was?
Grell: Hmm…ah! I remember now; it was the Undertaker.
CM Punk: Undertaker? Why would he give pity on Gentaro’s soul?
Grell: It wasn’t his time, I’m guessing. At the very least, Undertaker wanted him for a special mission…or maybe he wants Gentaro to kill the one who offed him so his soul can be put to rest.
Kengo: No!
Miu: Gentaro can’t go yet; he’s too young!
Grell: I know—I wanted to be his friend also. (grins) And we’d have a lovely time together as we got to know ourselves a bit more…
Toph: ….
Travis: What do you see?
Toph: She’s not lying.
Grell: I would never lie about cute guys I like! That’s inconceivable!
Sam: Look, can you at least tell us where the Undertaker is at?
Grell: He’s here, but you have to find him before…

A gong suddenly rang and everything turned dark. When the lights came on, the Undertaker stood before them.

Travis: This guy ain’t so scary; I can take him.
CM Punk: Travis, that guy will not stay down. You can slash him to bits and he will keep standing up and give you a tombstone piledriver so bad, people will actually think you’re dead.
Travis: N-never mind.
The Undertaker: Why are you young ones here in this house?
Kengo: We need to know what you did to our friend Gentaro Kisaragi.
The Undertaker: I gave him the means to exact his revenge; once he defeats the one who kills him, he can move on into the afterlife.
Miu: That’s not fair; he shouldn’t die for someone’s stupid desires!
The Undertaker: He took it well and he did not regret having to die for Ryusei Sakuta’s desire. That is guaranteed safe passage to the land of the dead.
Ash: But that isn’t right; he deserves a chance to live!
Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!
The Undertaker: And what about people who are going to be revived by your futile search for the Necronomicon? What if they don’t want to be revived? How are you going to face the truth that when you revive those souls, you won’t revive them as they were? They’ll be shells of their former selves and it’ll be all your faults!
Kengo: Gentaro is known for defying logic; he’ll be his regular self when we revive him! Just you wait!
The Undertaker: (smirks) You have spunk kid; but it’s not going to be enough. If you wish to save him, you must hurry. The one that forced Ryusei to kill your friend is preparing for war.

The Undertaker vanished with the flickering of lights.

Grell: Well? Did you get what you want?
Kengo: Yeah.
Noah: We should head to the House of Food to recover. We’ll need something to keep our strengths up.
Grell: I’ll come too; I want to see that cutie of yours.
Miu: I don’t see why not; you’re welcome into the club.

Grell let out a Cheshire Cat Grin in reply.

Grell: But don’t think I’m doing it for you; I’m doing it to see that hunk that you want to rescue.
Miu: The more the merrier, is what Gentaro would say.

Grell led Team B out of the House, preparing her chainsaw and talking about how she wished to have Gentaro’s child…all while everyone else walked behind her, a bit horrified at the implications.

GUAG Gaiden: The Party of the Apocalypse Part 4: Detective Pinkie Pie At Your Service!

Pinkie Pie: (addressing a group in front of her) All right everypony! We are in serious danger! I don’t know if you know, but there’s a lot I do know about what’s going on! There’s a party crasher on the loose and he is going to pay and…(Turns to the fourth wall) Oh! Hello, Miss Narrator!

Oh, hello Pinkie Pie. I haven’t heard from you for a while. Do you have anything to say?

Pinkie Pie: Of course I do! In fact, I have a whole story to show you if you don’t mind. You don’t mind, do you?

Well, not at all. In fact, I just wanted to know who you were speaking to. There are certainly a lot of people in attendance.

Pinkie Pie: Oh these? (waves to the confused audience) These are people I asked to help me out. They wanna help me stop these mysterious party crashers just as much as I do!
Artix: (turns to the others) Who is that pink pony talking to?
Twilight Sparkle: She’s like that, Mr. Krieger.

Oh! Who is that talking to Twilight Sparkle? I haven’t seen him before.

Pinkie Pie: He calls himself an Undead Slayer and he’s hear to help me fight the Party Crasher!

Um, Pinkie Pie…I don’t think JK is undead…

Pinkie Pie: I know (whispers) but don’t tell Artix that.

So, will you at least tell me how exactly you got so many people in your group? I mean, there are so many in front of you right now and I don’t really know they are connected.

Pinkie Pie: Sure! Well, it all happened after I got myself together and began to find out about this Aries Zodiarts you talked about a while back.

It all started when I decided to go back to where Philip was. He was so wrapped up in his books that he didn’t even notice me barge in. I mean, seriously. Poking him, singing to him, playing loud music…nothing phased him. So I did what I have to do!

And that was?

I used my Party Cannon!

Philip: (jumps back in surprise after being covered in streamers and confetti) Who was that?
Pinkie Pie: Surprise! It’s me again! I need your help with something!
Philip: Um, what is it little pink pony?
Pinkie Pie: Your friend JK came in and he destroyed my party back at the academy and I worked really, really, really, really…
Philip: Can you get to the point?
Pinkie Pie: He destroyed my party and a giant yellow robotic monkey came and smashed everything up! And the narrator said that this thing called the Aries Zodiarts is responsible and I NEED YOUR HELP!!! (cue Ocular Gushers)

Are you sure that’s the right thing to do? I mean, Shotaro’s the one who doesn’t tolerate the crying and I think you’re being a bit melodrama…

And it just so happens that Shotaro was there also! And he heard EVERYTHING!(facepalm)

Shotaro: Philip, what’s with the pony?
Philip: She says that someone destroyed her party and she’s in tears.

I’m a good actress, did you know that Miss Narrator?

I think I see it…but still, I think you were being a bit melodramatic.

Shotaro: (after giving Pinkie Pie some tissues) So you need our help in stopping this Aries Zodiarts before he causes more damage?
Pinkie Pie: (nods head)
Shotaro: And how will you pay us?
Pinkie Pie: Pay? Um, I can make you some delicious cupcakes and cake! Oh! Maybe I can redecorate a bit and then I can hold a party so everyone knows what a great job I did and—
Philip: How about you save us some cake at the party once everything is done?
Pinkie Pie: Okey dokey lokey! Now what do you need?
Shotaro: Evidence. See if you can go to where JK hangs out and see if you can get anything about him.
Pinkie Pie: Okey dokey lokey! Back in a flash!

Pinkie Pie, if I can interrupt…do you even know what JK likes to do besides hold JK Night? I mean, I know you love parties and all but considering that you keep a busy schedule…”You may not know it, but I have a good memory! All I have to do is see something once and it’s in my head! I remembered seeing JK doing some break dancing moves and I recalled that he hangs alot with this purple dragon guy named Ryutaros in the Toku Base!

Ryutaros…! Wait, you don’t mean…

My next stop was at the Toku Base where those four funny Imagenies…

They’re called Imagin, Pinkie.

Well, the red one was fighting with the blue one and the yellow one was asleep. So I trotted my way toward the purple one and…

Ryutaros: Kawaii… (starts hugging Pinkie Pie) You’re even cuter than Fluttershy.
Pinkie Pie: My name’s Pinkie Pie and I need your help! If you help me out, I’ll make a delicious cake with purple frosting just for you!
Ryutaros: Can you make it a pudding instead?
Momotaros: (stops fighting with Urataros) Did someone say…pudding?
Ryutaros: (shakes Pinkie Pie up and down) She’s gonna make pudding for all of us if we help her out! Can we help her out? Please?

Is this going to be one of those stories where you start making trades and barters with everyone, Miss Pinkameana Diane Pie?

Why, yes it is! How did you know?

I think I’ll just chalk it up to something called ‘intuition’.

Well, I promised them I could make lots and lots of pudding. The problem is that I don’t know how to make pudding—I’m more of a cupcake pony. So I went to the House of Food and met up with Kirby once more!

Okay, I understand you have a good memory, but do you even know what Kirby is saying? I mean, all he says is…

Kirby: Poyo poyo! Poyo poyo poyo!
Pinkie Pie: Uh-huh…I see.
Kirby: (starts doing the Kirby Dance) Poyo poyo! Poyo! Poyo poyo poyo! POYO!!!
Pinkie Pie: So you can teach me how to make pudding for those Imagenies!
Kirby: POYO!
Pinkie Pie: What do I have to do?

It just so happens that Kirby needed me to give cream puffs to someone in the newly established Faith House. I say newly established as there weren’t many gods or goddesses that were at all. Kirby wanted me to get something named “Oyasthira” or something like that. When I found that god, I thought I was seeing someone mean and scary! Instead, I got…

Hanyuu: Au au….who are you?
Pinkie Pie: (hands Hanyuu some cream puffs) I’m here cause Kirby wanted me to give you these! I hope you like them and help me join the cause of stopping the mean party crashers!
Hanyuu: Cream puffs…

And so the two of us had a neat-o discussion about food. Hanyuu hated spicy foods and grimaced when I told her about the time I tried liquified rainbows. Then she ate more and more cream puffs and then…


Oh, sorry. Well, she said she would help me join my cause if she can help me with the paladon that is causing her trouble. He called himself Artix von Krieger, but I was more interested with his puppy pal, Daimyo!

Artix: (about to attack Hanyuu but stops when he sees Pinkie Pie) Pink Pony!!!
Pinkie Pie: Hi! I’m Pinkie Pie! What’s your name? You’re new, right? Can we be friends?

To make a long story short, he had a big fear of pink and ponies for some odd reason. But why would anypony have fears of those things? It doesn’t make any sense! But he could help me out; I mean JK was acting like such a total zombie and…

Artix: Zombie? That’s an undead! Take me to where he’s at!
Pinkie Pie: Well, that’s the thing…I don’t know where he is.
Artix: Well, why not go to the house of Knowledge? I’m sure you can find your evidence there. In the meantime, I have some stuff to do in the House of Life and Death!

So I went off to the House of Knowledge and met up with Professor Layton and then he asked me to get some tea. I hopped back to the House of Food and met up with Iroh and he gave me a pot of tea then…

This is going to take forever, Pinkie. Can you give me the shortened version?

Okay! So it went like this!

Professor Layton: I would be happy to help your plight, Miss Pinkameana Diane Pie. However, could you see if you can get some more tea? I’ve seemed to run out.
Iroh: (sipping his tea) That is a most perplexing problem. I believe I can be of some assistance. Also, can you drop this letter off to my friend Mr. Hatsworth? It seems as if he’s busy on his one of his adventures again.
Henry Hatsworth: Poppycock and Bladerdash! Why the ruining of a good tea party is preposterous! I shall see to it that this menace is stopped right now!

”That Chain of Deals was already completed, but I found Rarity in the House of Personal Appearances and told her my plight. Upon hearing that, she rounded up the gang and we brought out the Elements of Harmony!

Um, aren’t you going a bit too far with this whole thing? I mean, it’s just one party and…

It’s just NOT one party! You see while I was snooping around, I caught glimpses of another party going around and gathering people too!

Wait, you know about Kengo and Miu’s party?

Yeah! Of course, I hid in secrecy so no one could see me! I heard glimpses of conversations too that went like this!

Kengo: Do you think you can help us, Miss Sandiego?
Carmen Sandiego: I don’t steal things without purpose. What is in it for me?
Miu: Kamen Rider Meteor can transform, so we need someone who can steal that ability to change. We will let you have a chance to walk upon the moon’s surface for one hour and we will not stop you.
Carmen Sandiego: That is such an interesting deal; I like your attitude Miss Kazashiro. Alright, I will offer my service to you but only to steal the ability of transformation. It would seem to be a nice challenge.
Kengo: Can you help us, Mr. Touchdown?
Travis Touchdown: And why should I help?
Miu: Because this Meteor was fighting for something and killed a fellow hero in bloodshed without any remorse.
Travis Touchdown: Just like me…just like Alice…
Noah: Who?
Travis Touchdown: It’s nothing. I’ll offer my service, but you need to pay me in advance.
Noah: I’ll manage that.
CM Punk: And why should I be interested in your ideals?
Miu: You are the Voice of the Voiceless; we are unable to fight against Meteor and we need your help.
Kengo: You fight against corruption against the higher-ups. I assume Aries Zodiarts has someone controlling him.
Ash: Of course I’ll help! Pikachu will help too!
Pikachu: Pika! Pikachu!
Toph: (smirks) I’ve been wanting some battles; it’s hard for the guys in the House of Combat to accept me in their ranks…what with me being a blind little girl and all…

Okay! Okay! I see where you’re getting…wait. Did you see how Sam and Max were recruited? Sorry, I was already exhausted trying to get Mario and Luigi together. In fact, I’m already exhausted telling you my story.

Oh, I see. Well, that’s all I need to know. Thank you Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: So that’s my story! Now, there was something I had to do…

Wouldn’t that be going back to Shotaro and Philip and getting your evidence? Or did you get so sucked up in the Chain of Deals that you forgot?

Pinkie Pie: (GASP!) Oh my god, you are totally right! Be right back!


Pinkie Pie: (rushes back in to her audience) Just go on without me and try to find the two people that also went around looking for help. And if you see someone who looks like this…(pulls out a felt version of the Power Dizer) tell me, alright?!
Twilight: Um, Pinkie Pie…are you sure that’s a good idea?
Pinkie Pie: Of course, Twilight! I have a job to do! So…see ya later!

Pinkie Pie: (walking around the Pantheon with a magnifying glass) Now, where do I find clues?

As Pinkie Pie walked by the House of Combat, she heard the sound of people fighting. someone was thrown toward a wall and collided with it. She stayed quiet as she heard people arguing, and then noticed a figure in black storm off. That was Gentaro Kisaragi.

Pinkie Pie: Hey, wait up! (starts following Gentaro) Why were you fighting that person?
Pinkie Pie: Come on, turn that frown upside down! Give a smile!
Gentaro: (pauses, turns around and gives a Slasher Smile)
Pinkie Pie:…..W-who are you?
Gentaro: I should be asking you; why are you following me? Do you know about Meteor?
Pinkie Pie: I have no idea what you’re talking about!
Gentaro: Then I suggest you give him this message; tell him that I want to kill him and that I await that day when he dies by my hands.(walks off)

As Gentaro walked off, Pinkie noticed that he dropped something; it was a tuft of black feathers.

Pinkie Pie: These should be clues as to help me out. I better go back to Philip!


Philip: (seeing the feathers) Very interesting.
Pinkie Pie: So, does this mean that you can use your super duper detective skills to figure the mystery out?
Shotaro: What else did this Gentaro tell you?
Pinkie Pie: He said something about a meteor, but nothing else. But he looked like he got covered in Rarity’s mascara or something.
Shotaro: We’ll need more evidence. Do you think you can find someone who has some?
Pinkie Pie: (Cue Idea Bulb) Yeah, I think I do! I know just who to call!
Philip: The Ghostbusters?
Pinkie Pie: Not them, silly! I have to go somewhere. See ya!

With that, Pinkie Pie rushed off to meet with the mysterious people that she was going to meet up with.

    Meteor’s Betrayal and Fourze’s Revival (Part 4): The Complexity of Heart and Friendship

The Nostalgia Critic lead Team A to the House of Nature, where Ma-Ti resided. Having sacrificed himself to stop Malachite, Ma-Ti’s body was in a deep sleep. Floating on a pedestal was his Heart Ring, the ring being the only tool to stop Malachite himself.

Nostalgia Critic: He’s safe; oh thank god.
Gilgamesh: He sleeps like a swaddled babe, but why is he so important?
Nostalgia Critic: He used all of his energy to save me and my friends long ago. I’ve been trying to revive him since.
Edge: We have gods of Life and Death here; why don’t you ask them?
Nostalgia Critic: I have, but nothing seems to work. He just won’t open his eyes.

The group stared at Ma-Ti’s sleeping body before staring at his ring.

ProtonJon: What are we waiting for? Let’s get the ring and—”
N.Critic: It only works for someone pure of heart. Someone like….
Gentaro: Like me?

The group turned around to see Gentaro at the door, his eyes glaring at them.

Chuggaaconroy: You don’t want to be here. We can fight!
Gentaro: And what are you going to use? The heart of the balls?
NCS: Why are you doing this? What are you trying to prove?
Gentaro: That I’m stronger than Ryusei Sakuta.

Gentaro slipped the ring onto his finger and began to glow with energy.

ProtonJon: Um, what exactly does this ring do?
N.Critic: Well, Ma-Ti could talk to animals and control their emotions…
N.Critic: And that could also be done to humans..
Gentaro: (places the ring close to his heart) Heart.

Grell lead Kengo, Miu, Noah and Team B through the House of Food. While waiting to get their food, the group began to talk about their next plan.

Kengo: We need to find where the changelings came from and why they’ve decided to attack.
Miu: Well we can’t just go to every God and ask “Are you the one who sicced the changelings on us?” No. It has to be more subtle.
Max: Ooh, Subtle! We can do that!
Toph: And what’s subtle for you? A hammer and some broken glass?
Sam: Yes, actually!
Grell: Gentaro Kisaragi’s death doesn’t hold any Cinematic Records…there’s something unnatural about his death.
Ash: Cinematic what?
Grell: They are the scenes of your life flashing before your eyes. We Shinigami collect it and record the names of all who died for safekeeping.

Suddenly, there was an explosion. The patrons in the House of Food ran as they saw a giant yellow mecha walk through the room.

Miu: The Power Dizer?!
Travis: That is big…
Pikachu: Pika…

The Power Dizer began to wreck everything in sight. Tables and plates crashed onto the floor, food was flung everywhere, and fires began to burn.

Travis: Well, it seems like I’m glad to prepare for everything…I need you guys to move it some place safe. I have a plan.
Toph: (summoning multiple boulders) We’re counting on you, Travis.
Miu: (going in front of the Power Dizer) Shun, it’s me! Your beloved Queen!

The Power Dizer unit stared at her for a few seconds. Then, it scooped her into its hands and began to run off.

Miu: Oops! Help me!!!
Ash: Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!

Pikachu was wrapped in an electric aura and began to run toward the Power Dizer.

Pikachu: PIKA!!!!

The Power Dizer fell from the force of the electric energy. Toph used this opening to fire boulders at the mecha. Sam and Max brought out their guns and began to riddle it with bullets.

Kengo: Miu! (rushes to rescue her) Are you okay?
Miu: I’m fine. I’ll be alright.

The mecha opened, revealing Shun Daimonji. The Power Dizer pilot’s eyes were a bright green, and his face showed no emotion.

Kengo: Shun, open your eyes! You’re not yourself!
Shun: (snaps his fingers)

In an instant, dozens of Power Dizer mechas appeared, circling the group.

Noah: What do we do?
Miu: Shun! You have to listen to us! You’re brainwashed, you’re being controlled! You’re GAH!!!!

One of the Power Dizer units slapped Miu away and she crashed into a wall. She closed her eyes and fell unconscious.

Kengo: You…Monser…(turns to Shun) HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR FRIEND?!

Suddenly, Kengo was surrounded by bright light. The light was so powerful that it blew away Shun and all of the fake Power Dizer units.

CM Punk: What the…
Max: (wearing sunglasses) Ooh…
Grell: This power…it’s…amazing…

Kengo fell unconscious as the light dimmed. He collapsed onto he ground as an orb of light pulled out of his body, revealing a switch.

Noah: What the?
Ash: We have to take these guys to the GUAG Medical Division!
Noah: And quick; before Shun and those changelings attack again.
Travis: I’m going after Shun. Everyone else, go!
Toph: Will you be alright?
Travis: Yeah. I will.
Sam: To the De Soto! It’ll take us there in a jiffy!

As everyone else began to run off, Travis pulled out his cellphone.

Travis: Glastonbery, let’s rock!

Team B waited for Miu and Kengo to get patched up. Some time later, they could be seen. Kengo was the first to wake up.

CM Punk: It’s about time you woke up. You had us worried.
Ash: Are you alright?
Max: (waves paw in front of Kengo’s face) Hello???? Anyone there?
Sam: Max, be a little more considerate. He did just light up like the 4th of July, you know.
Noah: Kengo, are you alright?
Kengo: (in Creepy Monotone) I am completely fine in your definition of the word ‘alright’.
Noah: That’s…good?
Ash: Don’t you remember what happened? You began to glow and fought off these giant mechas and everything! You defeated them with a single wave of your hand!
Kengo: Ah, the process of data in that time was being analyzed. I was…”enraged”.
Noah: Kengo, this isn’t funny!
Kengo: No, it isn’t. There is no process of data that would have anything with ‘laughter’ at all.

Everyone looked in horror as Kengo just tilted his head to the side, the life in his eyes gone…it was if he wasn’t human to begin with.

Grell: Something doesn’t add up. (pulls out her Death Scythe) Let me try something.
Noah: Wait a minute, what are you—

Grell swiped her death scythe through Kengo’s waist. Kengo saw this and raised his hand. A barrier of blue energy protected him from the teeth of the chainsaw.

Kengo: The Presenters believe you to be intriguing for trying to discover what is wrong with me. I will not allow you to harm this body though. It is needed for the Presenters to collect data on the species that made contact with it.
Ash: Okay, I’m getting creeped out. Pikachu, can you knock some sense into him?
Pikachu: PikaCHU!!!!!

Pikachu tried thundershock after thundershock, but Kengo didn’t react to the pain at all. He just stared at Pikachu, hand over its head.

Kengo: You are an interesting creature. I wish to collect data on you. Please stay still…
Pikachu: Pika…PikAAAAA!!!

When Kengo placed a hand on Pikachu’s forehead, the Pokémon squealed in pain. At the same time, Kengo’s eyes showed some light…before they became empty once more.

Ash: PIKACHU! What did you do to him?!
Kengo: This processed data will become very useful.
Noah: Kengo, don’t you remember anything? We’re your friends! What happened to you?
Kengo: Friends? Yes, that data was processed recently. The Presenters will be interested in this discovery.
Sam: This guy is nuttier than an asylum inmate squirrel with a fruitcake fetish!
Max: Sam, never say the word ‘fetish’ ever again.
Ash: Stop this! (pulls Pikachu away) You’re hurting him.
Noah: I’m going to go get someone for help. We have to snap him out of this.
Kengo: (gives off a Broken Smile) I am fine. I have realized who I really am…I am the Core Child, the avatar of the Core Switch itself…
Max: He’s not talking sense, Sam. I can fix this! As the High Priest of the Sea Chimps, I command you to…
Miu: Wait! There has to be another way of doing this…something that doesn’t involve hurting him even more.
Noah: And what do you suggest? We don’t even know what’s going on with Gentaro. We’re going to need someone with connections.
Sam: Where there is that one guy in the House of Mentalism.
Ash: Wait a minute, you don’t mean…

In his temple, Izaya Orihara smirked as he read some interesting news on his computer. He then heard a knock on the door.

Izaya: Who is it?
???: Gentaro Kisaragi. I need to talk to you about something.
Izaya: Oh, is it about our daily discussion involving our love of humanity? Come on in! (shows off a fake smile) I’ve been expecting you.

Gentaro opened the door and entered the temple. He looked so…exhausted, almost to the point of collapsing.

Izaya: What happened to you, dear sir? Why do you look like you’ve been kicking a dead horse?
Gentaro: I’ve been thinking about what you told me a while back. About that “alternate self” who rejected friendship.
Izaya: Yes, the fact that a different universe would exist from one simple decision as that. Why do you ask?
Gentaro: I died recently and as I was resurrected, I felt a strange presence bring be back. At the same time, I saw another me being resurrected by the Undertaker.
Izaya: Wait…if you weren’t resurrected by the Undertaker, who resurrected you?
Gentaro: Alice did. So Izaya-kun…could you please? DIE FOR ME?!

It was if his temple was swallowed by darkness as Gentaro laughed and summoned monstrous beings from the ground. Izaya looked in horror as he saw the strange monsters closing in on him, and Gentaro grinning from ear to ear.

Izaya: You’re insane! Kisaragi, call them off!
Gentaro: But they’re lonely, Izaya-kun…they want to play!

If anyone passed by the House of Mentalism at that moment, they could’ve heard a loud piercing scream echo throughout the halls. All the gods inside the house just look on at Izaya’s temple, but they knew that there was nothing that could be done to save Izaya.

Among the deities who’ve heard the scream was Riku, who recently ascended into the pantheon. He and his best friend, Sora, were playing poker at the time. The sudden darkness from the shattered light bulbs caused the two to illuminate the temple with their Keyblades.

Sora: (hearing the scream) Wha… what was that? All the light bulbs just shattered with that noise.
Riku: (looking outside) It looks like we’ve got trouble ahead. I don’t know what happened, but rumor has it a Kamen Rider got killed the other day.
Sora: NO WAY!! We have to do something!
Riku: At this point, what can be done? We should wait a few days before we step in. If we join them… we might endanger this pantheon more. We don’t want that, right?
Sora: (nodding his head) Right.

GUAG Gaiden: The New Formation of GUAG Five Sacred Knights

Tsubaki Yayoi was walking towards a certain house located within the Combat Division. This house looked rather grand… She wondered if it was okay. She received an invitation to come to this house, from Hakumen apparently.

Tsubaki: But I am amongst the Token Evil Teammates… I wonder if I should be in here…? Uhm…

She started knocking the door. Opening it was the blond holy knight Ky Kiske.

Ky: Ah, it’s Tsubaki! We’ve been waiting for you.
Tsubaki: Ky? So I was actually invited into your house? Um, I wonder… because…
Ky: Don’t worry about your status. Besides, this isn’t my House. Come inside, if you may.
Tsubaki: Eh? O-okay.

Escorted by Ky, Tsubaki entered the house and seemingly entered a dark room. All of the sudden, the room lit open and the entry was quite bright for the room. Tsubaki received a warm greeting by several individuals… including Cecil Harvey andRamza Beoulve.

Cecil: Right on time! Welcome to the group, Miss Tsubaki!
Tsubaki: G-group…!? Wait, what is this…?
Ramza: You didn’t hear? We, the Sacred Knights of GUAG, were looking for a new member. Congratulations, Tsubaki… you’re qualified to be with our ranks!
Tsubaki: Wait… me, as a member of the Sacred Knights? Um… I mean, it’d be an honor, but… I am amongst the Token Evil Teammates, if you must know?
Cecil: Yes. We’ve taken account on that. And you still qualify.
Tsubaki: But what if…
????: You shouldn’t let such things bother you.

There was another person who kept his silence when all of them were greeting Tsubaki. This person was none other thanSiegfried Schtauffen.

Siegfried: I was once an amoral, evil scum… But afterwards, I find it in me to atone for my sins and keep going… despite knowing how bad things are. That’s how Cecil got me here.
Tsubaki: But I… I haven’t even attempted…
Ky: In your proper mortal world, maybe. But here? We all know your true, good self, that alone is enough for us to qualify you.
Ramza: Everyone of us had a bad history, but we always had the will to do the right thing regardless. You, despite how confused you were in that mortal world, tried to do the best for the people. What else can we say other than you deserve to be here?
Cecil: Hakumen also gave you recommendation. It is quite the honor to have you with us.
Tsubaki: Sir Hakumen was the one who contacted you about me? I… I…
Cecil: You shouldn’t be too shy. You know you want it. There won’t be any ridicules.

At that point, a tear fell from Tsubaki’s eyes. It signified happiness and relief as she continued.

Tsubaki: I… I gladly accept! Thank you… Thank you… for forgiving me and granting me this honor…
Ky: Such tears does not suit you, Miss. I’m very sure Jin wouldn’t want to see you like that.
Cecil: Very well! I suppose the ceremony can begin…

However, before that could happen, Tsubaki’s eyes were fixated into something on a cupboard behind Cecil. There was a portrait.

Tsubaki: Ah? This portrait?
Siegfried: … Ugh…
Ramza: …
Tsubaki: What is wrong? Hm… there are five of yours here. Who is this blond knight in orange armor? He looks… like a honorable knight.
Ky: … That was our old friend. A dear one.
Tsubaki: Really? Who is he?
Cecil: Oersted. One of the finest knights of GUAG. Our mistake costed us him… everything about him.
Tsubaki: So he’s dead?
Ramza: No. He’s now amongst the GUAE. You probably know him better now as the Demon King Odio, God of Evil by Expectance.
Tsubaki: N… no… how could this…
Siegfried: It happened. He was hurt by humans… many humans… friends alike… that he lost faith in humanity, goodness and Godhood… that he became a Demon. Cecil… should we tell this lass about him?
Cecil: She has the right to know. Listen well, Tsubaki… This is the story of our failure…

Thus as everyone took their seat, Cecil started recounting the days of his past…

Chakravartin’s (AKA, The Golden Spider’s) Counter attack, Part 1

In an undetermined space within the GUAE a certain golden spider was plotting his revenge against Asura for defeating him. He was slowly but surely gathering more and more power to change back to his humanoid form. He still was disgusted at himself for underestimating the power Asura held within him.

He was approached by the GUAE leader, Melkor, who had a proposition for him.

Melkor: You know, I can help you gain back your full power.
Chakravartin: and become your lackey in your stupid alliance? hah, you and all of them are beneath me, after all.
Melkor: Grr, not as you are know, however. However, I can give you the forces and power needed to take down Asura, just as long as you decide to take out the rest of the GUAG for me.
Chakravartin: Fine. but remember this, Boy, Once I’m done with that pathetic alliance, I’m coming for you and taking your place.
Melkor: Tch, and if you loose, you become my own lackey.
Chakravartin: Fine, but I don’t see that happening even if I do loose again. Which I made sure I will not.

With a wave of his hand, Melkor summoned up a bunch of space faring mooks and enemies, from Reapers, to Knock-offs of many different enemies of the Super Robot faction of the GUAG and many more.

Melkor: Take these with you, just to add a bit of an extra boost to your own mooks.
Chakravartin: Fine. Hehe, now is the time.

Chakravartin let out a massive Godly yellow colored Aura, one so bright even the mighty Melkor himself had to shield his eyes for a few seconds, as Chakravartin took his True form, a 12 foot tall giant of a relatively feminine male form with at least 12 pairs of arms and a massive Halo made up of thousands of arms.

Chakravartin: Now to begin my counter attack.

Floating up and teleportinginto a different space, he took the mooks Melkor offered him with him, and teleported and created his own dimension out of remains of the Anti Spiral universe making it bigger and more imposing, and taking remains of the mechs used by the anti spirals and form a new giant vessel, and it slowly got bigger and badder than it ever was when he last fought Asura. Melkor was watching from his throne room, interested at these turn of events.

Melkor: Heh, now that stupid GUAG may finally be out of my hair once and for all, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile in the GUAG home base, Cosmos sensed something was really wrong. She could feel the power emmanating off of the being she felt, and trying to feel it better, she gasped. He was forming back to his full power. She knew that she needed to get all the Combat ready Deities from the GUAG for this next battle. It woudl be their only way to fight him. She knew who needed to lead them.

Cosmos: I need to convince Asura to lead the charge. He knows this enemy better than all of us.

She teleported hastily to find Asura and the rest of his Ascended Shinkoku race members to lead the charge.

To be Continued in Part 2.

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