Tales of the Alliance Book Three Extra Story

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 1) The Dawn of a New Group 

Six months after “This Day’s Alternate!Aria”

The Body Images was one of the more “gaudier” Sub-Houses of The House of Personal Appearance. The majority of the sub-house was inhibited by many women considered among the more beautiful goddesses in the Pantheon. Rias Gremory, one of these girls, was in her temple, filled with various magical artifacts, waiting for her fellow members of the Occult Research Club to arrive for their next chain of operations.

Rias: (sighs) With many more unpleasant beings on our heads, the next mission may be difficult. Looks like I’ll have to plan my steps more carefully from now on…

As she monologued to herself about the current events in the pantheon, the doorbell rang. She opens the door to see her fellow ORC members.

Rias: You’re all here.

She was glad to see her ORC members in front of her temple. However, a certain someone was missing.

Rias: Hmmm…? Where’s Ise-kun?
Asia: Ise-san told us he had to do something, so he’ll be late.
Rias: Very well… Let’s proceed with our assignment.

Two deities watched as the Occult Research Club entered Rias’ temple.

Eikichi Mishina: Who are those charming ladies entering Rias’ temple?
Shanoa: The Occult Research Club.
Eikichi: There’s an Occult group researching on the supernatural? I’m not surprised about that.
Shanoa: Perhaps. Some say the name is just a front to their true activities. I’ve heard some very adventurous stories about them here in the pantheon. More specifically, Issei Hyodo.
Eikichi: Issei… Hyodo? You mean “The Pantheon’s Luckiest SOB” I’ve been hearing so much about?
Shanoa: Is that what you modern era timers call him? Nicknames aside, he’s a powerful young man – currently affiliated with the GUAG – who has an item… Boosted Gear, if I’m not mistaken, that can boost his powers fifty-fold and beyond. I also hear it can boost the power of his allies, if we’re called such, by a lesser extent.
Eikichi: That’s… impressive. Surely, we’ll be kicking a majority of the GUAE’s butts in no time.
Shanoa: Don’t get too full of yourself, young man. He might have classified Issei as one of the most threatening members of the GUAG, but Melkor still has many plots to unleash, so be on your guard. As for one of the tales, there’s a dragonslayer called Ornstein, who’s in the same house as the both of us. He wasn’t well-known in this house until he once hunted down the boy. Fortunately, that redhead saved Issei in the nick of time from Ornstein’s wrath. But that dragonslayer hasn’t shown signs of giving up… Yet. I’ve even heard he and his companion Smough have joined YHVH’s ranks in the GUAL for this reason.
Eikichi: Really? No wonder this house has been in a bit of a ruckus these days… I’d love to hear more of your stories about them, but I’m going to tell Igor that I’ll be seeing Tatsuya in the Time And Space House; I’m training with him to defeat the Crawling Chaos.
Shanoa: Very well, but I’ll tell you this… Should we ever cross paths, I will assist you in defeating him along with the other members of your kind… The Persona users if I’m not mistaken. I sense he’s a nefarious force to dealt with. Until then, good luck training with your friend.
Eikichi: Indeed he’s destroyed my world once. I won’t forgive that bastard for ever doing so.

As Eikichi left for the house of Time And Space, Shanoa decides to stay in her temple.

Shanoa: I guess I should practice my glyphs…

Inside the her temple, Rias, after taking attendance, then begins their next assignment.

Rias: Our next assignment is to… To…

Before Rias could finish, someone was knocking on the door. She orders Akeno to open the door.

Akeno: I wonder who’s at the door?
???: It’s me! Open the door, please?
Akeno: Ise-kun?

Hearing Issei’s voice, she quickly opens the door. To her surprise, Issei was accompanied by three other individuals.

Akeno: Huh?
Rias: What is it, Akeno? Did Ise-kun arrive yet?
Akeno: Yes… He’s arrived with three more people.
Koneko: He must have picked up some clowns for this meeting.

The members of the Occult Research regrouped with Akeno; The young pervert and soon-to-be “Harem King” presented these three people.

Issei: Please welcome Negi Springfield, Hayate Ayasaki and Criminy.
Negi: Uh… Hi.
Hayate: Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Criminy: Hello.

The girls were surprised by this sudden arrival of three other gods in the Occult Research Club’s house.

Rias: I wonder why you took them all the way here, Ise-kun?
Issei: They’re all good friends of mine, and we’re thinking about starting a group to counter a group of batshit-insane ladies.
Akeno: My, oh my~
Asia: But… Have you found something which unites all four of you in similarity, Ise-san?
Hayate: You see, all four us have… an attraction to women somehow, which is what Ise-san addressed…
Negi: (with a little sweatdrop on his forehead) Err… D-Don’t you think we’re going a bit overboard on this?
Rias: You’re building a massive harem here in the pantheon? Well now… Looks like I may have some competition on my hands. (chuckles a little)
Asia: (with a determined look) I won’t lose to the likes of those women! I’ll be yours, Ise-san!
Akeno; This is going to be quite fun, tee hee~
Koneko: Well, wish them good luck, ‘cuz I won’t go down that easy.
Xenovia: Neither I will back down, Ise.
Irina: And I’m your childhood friend! What could possibly go wrong?
Issei: Uhh, girls… I-I think we can save that for later. President, what’s today’s assignment?
Rias: Right… Ugh, somehow, I’m not in the right mood to do assignments today. I’m thinking about dismissing you all.

As the conversation ensued, two other gods visited the Body Images subhouse and watched them discuss. One of them was from the House of Personality, the same House Koneko resided in. The other was from the House of Mentalism.

Luna Lovegood: What’s up with them? Are they having a meeting or something?
Shane Botwin: Who knows, and who cares…?
Luna: Don’t be like that.
Shane: What else do you want me to do? Spy on them? I’m just glad to be out of the House of Mentalism. That Vetinari guy gets on my nerves
Luna: Now you’re just being rude.
Shane: (sigh) Fine. Whatever you say, witch. (looks at Rias) I can see that girl putting this sub-house in order… (Looks at the temple of the other Intermediate Goddess) …But I can’t see the other girl being in command here. Why is she an Intermediate Goddess anyway?
Luna: How should I know? That’s a mystery to me as well.
Shane: (then looks at Issei, Negi, Hayate, and Criminy) Are those boys forming some Boys’ Scout club or something?
Shane: Whatever. (Sees Koneko) (Isn’t she from the same house and division as me?) (points his eyes at Akeno) (…And isn’t she from the house of Combat? And why do all these girls seem to get along with…) (looks at Issei) (That pervert? Shouldn’t they refuse to touch him with a 10-foot pole?)
Luna: (Looks at Issei as she still talks to Shane) I’ve heard some stories about that boy. As dumb as it sounds, some petty brute going by the name Bryan Fury wanted to pick a fight with him. The guy really doesn’t know who he was up against. I’ve heard that boy is very strong, but seriously,picking a fight with that pervert isn’t going to make you more of a man than you already are, and hurting those girls in his presence is easily the last thing you’d do, as that Bryan guy attested.
Shane: They only seem to make that pervert look good, and I’m not liking it one bit. If he was from someone else’s realm/world, say, that Mitsunari guy’s, his head would be on a campfire.
Luna: … As harsh as that sounds, You have a point there.
Shane: Let’s go train in a simulation room in the house of Combat.
Luna: Are you sure you’re good in combat? I can’t see you as a competent fighter After I finish some assignments from magic class, I’ll go train with you.

The one god that wasn’t allowed to leave Rias’s house was Issei. She convinced him to stay a little while with her, she wanted to know his Pawn’s plans.

Rias: …Ise-kun.
Issei: (stops himself dead in his tracks) What is it, Rias?
Rias: Mind if you tell me all of your plans about this group you have in mind? I’d like to help you in your intent, you know.
Issei: All right, Rias… Well… As you might know there is a group affiliated with the GUAE called the Yandere Quartet. Here are a few mugshots of the four members: Yuno Gasai, Tsukuyomi, Nu-13, and Kotonoha Katsura.

Issei gave Rias four photos, each picturing the four women which compose this infamous Quartet.

Rias: Hmm… I’ve heard about this Yuno Gasai and her machinations here. She’s quite infamous, to say the least.
Issei: Yes, she definitely is infamous, dear.

Negi, suddenly, intervened.

Negi: Sorry if I intrude myself, but I have kind of a personal history with another member, Tsukuyomi.
Issei: Yeah, Negi, I know. That girl wants to “become one” with a certain… Setsuna Sakurazaki, if I’m not mistaken. And by “become one”, I mean… She wants to rape her.

Issei continued his descriptions of the Quartet. As he proceeded, the crimson-haired beauty felt a little shiver down her spine.

Rias: …Goodness gracious. These ladies are really as bad as I’ve heard about them. I think you’re doing the right thing by creating this group. How are you going to call it?
Issei: We haven’t decided yet, but I think Hayate-san knows a few hints.
Hayate: Let’s just call it the Chick Magnet Quartet.
Issei: Yeah, why not?
Criminy: That wasn’t a complicated task, honestly.

After a brief discussion, the four gods’s roles in the Quartet have been chosen.

Rias: All right, this has been set in stone. I’ll be sending a request to the GUAG on your incorporation as an affiliated group.
Issei: Not now, Rias. For this moment… We’ll keep a low profile. Y’know, after all the stuff that happened in the Pantheon latelynote , a battle between us and the Yandere Quartet might cause quite the fuss, and possibly escalate again in an all-out war between the GUAG and the GUAE.

But what Issei doesn’t know is that an armed dragonslayer was stalking him from outside Rias’s house… Holding his spear, he was more than ready to strike down the soon-to-be “Harem-King”.

Ornstein: Finally, you perverse being… You will be mine. I won’t let you destroy the Age of Fire… Issei Hyodo.

Dragonslayer Ornstein was determined to make sure his next attempt against Issei will succeed this time. He’s still angry for the humiliation Issei gave him back in a past bout.

Ornstein: In the name of the almighty Gwyn, I shall send this abomination from whence it came.

With great stealth, Ornstein entered Rias’s house, craving for Issei’s death. Unfortunately, he was quickly busted by the crimson-haired goddess.

Issei: Who is it- Oh no! (narrowly avoids Ornstein’s spear)

Rias’s eyes were seething in anger after seeing that armor. It was Ornstein, again. Issei faced him off.

Issei: It’s you again… Dragonslayer Ornstein!
Ornstein: Issei!
Issei: Ornstein!
Ornstein: Issei!
Issei: Ornstein!
Ornstein: ISSEI!
Issei: ORNSTEIN!!!
Ornstein: ISSEI!!!!

The two calmly seized each other up, as Rias called back the other members of the Occult Research Club to help Issei. Like Issei himself, the ladies were not happy about Ornstein’s sudden arrival.

Akeno: That bastard…
Koneko: This prick just does not understand he stands no chance against Ise-senpai.

Meanwhile, Issei and Ornstein started a heated argument.

Issei: Just what the hell do you want from me?!
Ornstein: I just want you dead! You represent a threat to the Age of Fire, and it is my duty to kill you!
Issei: There you go again with your “Age of Fire” shebang. Listen, I don’t understand what’s all the big deal over this, so just stop.
Ornstein: I won’t stop… Go back whence you came, you fiend!
Issei: No, YOU go back! I really can’t stand you anymore!

Negi, Hayate and Criminy, on the other hand, didn’t get what was going on.

Negi: Wait… Who is this guy right here?
Criminy: What does he want from Issei? It seems he wants to kill him…
Hayate: Is he that dragonslayer Ornstein everyone’s been talking about lately?
Rias: (sighs) Yes, Hayate. It is him. (Looks at Issei and Ornstein) What does Ornstein mean by this “Age of Fire?” We have no intentions being a part of it, though. (to the rest of the ORC) Girls, support Ise-kun!
Asia/Akeno/Koneko/Xenovia/Irina: Copy that!

Issei and his haremettes were ready to take on Gwyn’s trusted knight. Ornstein went all-out, but the ORC’s exquisite teamwork ultimately bested him.

Ornstein’s body laid seemingly dead on the floor, but Koneko slowly approached him – with arms clenched so tightly they couldn’t be let loose even with a crowbar – and kicked him while he was down… With a very perturbing speech.

Koneko: You moronic bastard in a ridiculous armor. You simply do not understand the real nature of Ise-senpai. He is a good person at heart, even though he’s a pervert. Whatever you do, you’ll never be able to kill him. He is a person with grandiose power, a reborn devil, he came back from the dead and his current form is made with the flesh of our world’s most powerful entities. You are nothing but a fly compared to him. He is nothing like you think he is, he doesn’t have a single bad bone in his body. The only thing you can do is just forget it, because if you kill him, me and the rest of his haremettes will live to make you sorely regret it. Plus, what is this Age of Fire you’re talking about? What is so special for you about this? And why do you think all Dragons are evil no matter what? Is it really so important for you to keep this so-called Age of Fire on check? And why do you want it to let it stay like that? Long story short, who in the world do you think you are, you so-called “Dragonslayer Ornstein”? Huh?!

Ornstein’s fingers twitched. He was still alive. He tightly gripped his left fist on his trusted spear, and impaled Koneko.

Issei was outright scandalized upon seeing Koneko being battered by the Dragonslayer. His rage was rising at a very considerable rate.

Issei: You can go and kill me, that’s okay… You can attack me while I’m distracted, I’m cool with it. But no one, and I mean no oneNO! ONE!! MUST!!! HURT!!!! MY!!!!! HAREM!!!!!!

With unthinkable fury, Issei unleashed his Boosted Gear’s Juggernaut Drive, and proceeded to beat Ornstein senseless. The others were left in awe of his power. As his beatdown towards Ornstein occurred, Koneko was saved, and Asia immediately cured her with her Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing. The Nekomata was quickly healed from the wounds she received, and was back to full health.

This was the final blow. Ornstein’s body laid beaten to a pulp from Issei’s overwhelming strength. He slowly vanished, with a voice echoing.

Ornstein: This is far from over…. Issei Hyodo. Your days are numbered, the next time you will exhale your last breath. Prepare to die

As Ornstein receded away steadily, Koneko approached Issei… And hugged him, as a reward for his heroism, crying tears of sweetness and devotion.

Koneko: Thank you, Ise-senpai… (sighs) Please don’t ever leave me… (whimpers)
Issei: I swear it, Koneko-chan. I swear it.

Asia, on the other hand, felt a little jealous of Koneko, and decided to join her.

Asia: I… I don’t want to see this and not be part of the action! (hugs Issei)
Issei: Well… Why not, Asia? (smiles)

As the ORC girls along with Negi, Hayate, and Criminy surround him, a goddess with an eyepatch on her right eye watches them from the window of her temple, impressed with Issei’s strength and victory over Ornstein.

Valmet: (thinks to herself) This boy is the “Harem King” everyone in the House of Love talks about? For a pervert… He does an excellent job in handling his female friends… But what does this boy have something to do with the “Age of Fire” this Dragonslayer is talking about? This shouldn’t be my concern… I better meet up with Koko beforehand… But… (looks at Akeno) That woman… She sounds so similar to Koko. That’s pretty strange.

    The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 2) Harems and Dragonslayers 

Hours after his defeat, Ornstein returned to his temple. Barely recovering from his beatdown from Issei, he curses to himself how he didn’t take the “Harem King’s” allies into account.

Ornstein: (The friends of that nefarious entity always get in my path. Master Gwyn will be greatly displeased with my failures. Perhaps I should bring Smough to handle them… No, even that won’t be enough to purge that scum out of the Pantheon. There must be another way… Should I ally with that Yandere Quartet? …No, those ladies are often just as bad, if not worse than that monster… Or maybe I could bring Artorias in… This situation was more wearisome than I thought it could be. It was so foolish of me to underestimate that anathema.)

While Ornstein was deep into thoughts, Gwyn approached him. What did his master want from him this time?

Ornstein: M-Master Gwyn! (kneels down)
Gwyn: You’re back here, Dragonslayer Ornstein.
Ornstein: What brings you here, your Majesty?
Gwyn: It’s a serious matter, a very serious matter.
Ornstein: If you’re speaking of that wicked Issei Hyodo… Then tell me everything. My need to see that monstrosity dead is beyond comprehension.

Ornstein was desperate to find a way to defeat Issei. His master was not pleased about this sudden bloodthirsty obsession from his most powerful warrior.

Ornstein: I-I obey your orders, Master Gwyn… What is this serious matter you speak of?

After snapping Ornstein out of his bloodlust, Gwyn gets started on their next mission…

Back at Rias’s temple in the Body Images subhouse, Issei and his cohorts continued the creation of the Chick Magnet Quartet, which they temporarily put on hold because of Ornstein’s attack.

Negi: So… Issei?
Issei: What is it, Negi?
Negi: I’d like to ask you something.
Issei: Fire away.
Negi: What is this “Age of Fire” and why does Ornstein see you as a threat to it?

The girls of the ORC became slightly nervous when Negi asked the question.

Issei: It’s probably nonsense… I don’t have the slightest hint what this “Age of Fire” crap means. I think that Ornstein’s just out of his head.

Suddenly, Rias made a declaration to the rest of the Occult Research Club.

Rias: All right, guys. We’re setting off to the house of Knowledge!
Asia: What? How come?
Rias: There we’ll learn more about that “Age of Fire” Ornstein is raving so much about.
Issei: That’s a great idea! Finally we’ll understand what that guy is meaning by: (mockingly imitates Ornstein) “You represent a threat to the Age of Fire, you deserve to die!”

Everybody laughed at Issei’s middle-finger move towards the Dragonslayer. They thought his imitation was quite funny.

Criminy: What about the three of us?
Rias: You three can go back to your respective temples until further notice.
Hayate: Understood.

Negi, Hayate and Criminy set off to go back to their temples. Hayate also had a few chores to fix with his Ojou-sama. Negi, instead, intended to continue learning magic.Issei, Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia and Irina all packed quick lunches and set off for the House of Knowledge. They were even willing to pull off all-nighters to understand everything about the Age of Fire.

As they’ve departed, Eikichi, who has returned from his training with Tatsuya, and Shanoa, who was finished practicing her glyph magic, are seen watching and discussing how Rias’ departure will affect the House.

Eikichi: Oh, you’re still here? By the way …Is Rias sure she’s making the right decision to leave this House?
Shanoa: I’m asking the same thing myself. The other Intermediate Goddess, Noel Vermillion if I recall her name, may be powerful, but doesn’t seem to display any forms of conduct to the rest of the house.
Eikichi: (clenches fist) …I may be angry at you for saying that… but you have a point there… She even outranks her asshole superior? So strange…But at least give her a chance.
Shanoa: There’s still a few mysteries about that woman… Even in this pantheon.

Later, the Occult Research Club have arrived in the House of Knowledge; A nearly quiet place where every deity would study about even the biggest of mysteries. This time, the Occult Research Club really acted like an occult research club.

After doing some research around the various libraries, Rias found a tome: The Lore of Lordran.

Rias: The Lore of Lordran, huh? Let’s see…

As the crimson-haired beauty opened the tome, she immediately started reading it with the rest of the Occult Research Club.

In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of grey crags, arching trees and everlasting dragons. Then there was Fire and with Fire came Disparity. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course… Light and Dark.
From the Dark they came and found the Souls of Lords within the flame. Nito, the First of the Dead; The Witch of Izalith and her daughters of Chaos; Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, with his faithful knights; And the furtive pygmy, so easily forgotten.
With the Strength of Lords, they challenged the dragons. Gwyn’s mighty bolts peeled apart their stone scales. The witches weaved great firestorms. Nito unleashed a miasma of death and disease. Seath the Scaleless betrayed his own and the dragons were no more. Thus began the Age of Fire…
But soon, the flames will fade and only Dark will remain. Even now, there are only embers and man sees not light, but only endless nights. Amongst the living are seen carriers of the accursed Darksign.
Humans and Undead alike went mad. Hollowing and hollowing. One by one. It could’ve been mere months before the End.

Issei and company noted something in these first few lines: Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, with his faithful knights.

Issei: Wait… Isn’t that Ornstein one of the knights of this Gwyn dude?
Rias: I’ve heard him say words of reverence to this person.

Rias kept on browsing through the book pages, careful though not to destroy them as the book is quite old. And then she found a chapter talking about Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight, and his loyal knights: Artorias, Gough, Ciaran… And, obviously enough, Ornstein. Rias passed the book to the others as they went through the paragraphs.

Rias: Here is more info about Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight… He challenged the Everlasting Dragons for the dominion of the world, ultimately defeating them by peeling their scales off with his lightning bolts.
Issei: Keep on reading.
Akeno: When the flames started fading, Gwyn left Anor Londo and traveled to the Kiln of the First Flame, linked the First Flame, and prolonged the Age of Fire. He lost most of his powers in the process, though, and became known as the Lord of Cinder.
Xenovia: His Silver Knights followed him when he departed, but were also burned to ashes, becoming the Black Knights that now wander through Lordran.
Irina: Oh, hold up, hold up! Here is the paragraph about the Four Knights of Gwyn!

Everybody started reading the paragraph.

Issei: The Four Knights of Gwyn are the Lord of Sunlight’s most accomplished and powerful warriors. They are Dragonslayer Ornstein, Artorias the Abysswalker, Lord’s Blade Ciaran, and Hawkeye Gough.
Asia: Oh! Here are some information about Ornstein!
Rias: Finally we’ll learn more about that bastard.
Issei: Dragonslayer Ornstein… Believed to be the Captain of the Four Knights of Gwyn, he was granted a special soul and a ring – the Leo Ring – by his master. His spear is imbued with the power of lightnings and is implied to be able to slice a boulder in two.
Koneko: Now that explains how I saw his spear getting all electrified.

The group continued to read in order to know more about Ornstein.

Meanwhile, at the house of Magic, Negi was learning a few new magic spells. Suddenly, though, as he was wandering through the House while taking a short break, he stumbled onto Asuna Kagurazaka, who immediately glomped him.

Asuna: Negi! You’re back! Where have you been all this time?! You made me worry a lot, you know!
Negi: (with a slightly suffocated voice) W-Wait, Asuna! I can explain!

Negi explained that he was with Issei, Hayate, and Criminy at that time.

Asuna: Lately you’ve been hanging around a lot with those three. Are you up to something?
Negi: Well, yeah.
Asuna: So what is it?
Negi: It’s a group. A group to counter the Yandere Quartet.
Asuna: Argh! Those little punks! What’s it called?
Negi: It’s called the Chick Magnet Quartet. The name was picked by Hayate-san.
Asuna: Oh? Chick Magnet… Quartet?
Negi: (sweatdrops) If you’re wondering what it is, It’s NOT related to attracting chickens.
Asuna: Then, what is it?
Negi: It’s… A group that’s about girls…
Asuna: There are other girls here vying for your affection?!
Negi: No, no, it’s not that! It’s just… (grumbles a little) Ah, forget it, I’ll go back and learn some other magic spells.
Asuna: …Because I’m willing to help you in your quest! To help you with this Quartet!
Negi: …I’m very glad to hear this! (smiles)

Asuna was very eager to help her loved Negi in his quest.

Asuna: Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!
Negi: All right, then! Call the other girls of the Ala Alba! We’re having a special meeting later this day. I’ll instead call Issei and the Occult Research Club. I have a little idea.

Putting his magic training to a halt, Negi decides to find Issei and the others to form up a meeting. What exactly was he up to at this moment?

Back at the House of Knowledge, the Occult Research Club were almost finished reading the tomes.

Issei: Good grief, this book is long! At least we found a few infos about the Age of Fire.
Rias: From what this book says, the Age of Fire was created after Gwyn defeated the Everlasting Dragons.
Issei: Yes, but why does Ornstein see me as a threat to it?
Rias: From the info I’ve deducted, the still-existing Dragons in Lordran want to quench the First Flame and create the Age of Dark, an age of pure chaos.
Issei: So, technically Ornstein sees me as some sort of (mocks Ornstein once again) “A vile spawn of darkness!”

Suddenly, Negi bursted into the House, surprising Issei and his haremettes as a result, disrupting a few gods in the process.

Negi: (pants) Issei!
Issei: Negi? What’s the matter?
Negi: Quick! I have (pants) something (pants) to speak about. All of you (pants) please come (pants) to the House of Love.
Asia: …Why?
Negi: I have something to tell you all about. I’ll be waiting along with the rest of Ala Alba, as well as Hayate and Criminy.

As Negi was finished speaking, he left to go back at his temple in the House of Love and wait for the Occult Research Club to finish their study of Lordran and the Age of Fire. What exactly does Negi want to do with Criminy, Hayate, the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club?

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 2.5) A Butler’s Reputation 

Hayate Ayasaki was back at the House of Profession; It was occupied with the more serious deities more or less constantly working hard . As he arrived, he accidentally stumbled onto Hinagiku Katsura.

Hayate: Hinagiku-san?
Hinagiku: …Ayasaki-kun?
Hayate: (blushes) It’s… So surprising to meet you here. (sweatdrops) Shouldn’t you be at the House of Knowledge studying?
Hinagiku: I’m taking the day off. What have you been doing lately? I can see you’ve clearly been very busy recently.
Hayate: Well, you know I recently started hanging out with Issei, Negi and Criminy.
Hinagiku: So what are you four up to?
Hayate: We’re forming a group to counter the Yandere Quartet.
Hinagiku: And what’s it called?
Hayate: The Chick Magnet Quartet.
Hinagiku: I think you’ve chosen this name because all four of you have quite the estrogen-filled following. (smirks)
Hayate: …That’s right.
Hinagiku: Y’know, Ayasaki-kun… I’m actually kind of interested in helping out.
Hayate: All right, I’ll inform you if there’s a meeting forthcoming.

Speak of the devil: Negi suddenly arrived and stumbled onto Hayate and Hinagiku.

Negi: Hayate!!!
Hayate: Whoa, is that you, Negi?! Sure you’ve made quite the flashy entrance. (laughs)
Negi: If you don’t have anything to do right now, then meet me at my temple in the House of Love with the rest of the Ala Alba. I have a little idea.

Puzzled, Hayate and Hinagiku did not really get what Negi intended for “a little idea”, but decided to follow him to his temple.

Hinagiku: (What does Negi want? It must be really interesting.)
Hayate: Is it really a big matter?
Negi: I’m planning an alliance between the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club.
Hinagiku: (I knew he was up to something quite huge.)

The three of them were heading for the House of Love to get Criminy and form the meeting between the Ala Alba, The Occult Research Club, along with the friends of Hayate And Criminy.

Hinagiku: Hayate-san, can you do me a favor?
Hayate: Yes, what is it?
Hinagiku: Could you check on the Occult Research Club and bring them to the House of Love?
Hayate: Certainly.
Negi: They should be in the House of Knowledge if they haven’t left for good! We’ll see you at my temple.

Obliging to the request, Hayate heads over to the House of Knowledge to find Issei’s group. The Martial Arts Butler doesn’t hope they depart the House by time he arrives. As he does so, two goddesses were watching him depart. One of them was a woman in all black leather, and another woman who has an Egyptian crown on her head.

Black Orchid: Times are sure semi-catastrophic in the pantheon, aren’t they?
Motoko Kusanagi: After the Pantheonic Rebellion and Morality Civil War, Ruput Broklaw and myself formed a group consisting of the both of us and four others.
Black Orchid: Really? Are the rest of those guys skilled?
Motoko: Yes. All four of them are skilled men. I’ve prepared one of them as substitute should I ever be absent on assignments.
Black Orchid: As I’ve expected, you’ve planned the positions quite well, Major Kusanagi.
Motoko: (chuckles) I’ll head for the house of food to relax.
Black Orchid: I’m going back to my temple to rest.

After their trivial chatter, the two of them also departed and parted ways.

Black Orchid: (Lately I’ve been hearing of a new group made to counter the Yandere Quartet… That’s interesting news. And I’ve also heard quite a few tales of this new group’s leader… Issei Hyodo, if I’m not mistaken. That boy kind of interests me. He is thought to be one very strong deity, and some people have even stated he has his own harem, of which some of the girls have also been deified in their own right. Really, this person intrigues me..)

Changing her mind, Orchid decides to leave the House of Profession to search for Issei.

In the House of Knowledge, the Occult Research Club was finished reading the tomes of Lordran. They were about to leave… But Hayate immediately blocked them.

Hayate: Negi told you to meet them in the House of Love.
Akeno: Yes, Hayate, we know it. But thank you for reminding us.
Hayate: Your welcome, then.

Nervous about Negi’s meeting, Issei asks Hayate a question.

Issei: Hayate… why does Negi want us? Is it a secret?
Hayate: No, actually. He and his crew – the Ala Alba – just want to form an alliance with you guys.
Irina: …Really? I’d thought it would be a tea party.
Hayate: (Sweatdrops) N-no, it isn’t, But it could be.
Koneko: I’ll pass on tea.
Hayate: Do as you please…

All pumped up, the group was heading for the House of Love.

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 3) Birth of the Occult Wing

Issei and the Occult Research Club have finally arrived to the House of Love; The place where many gods could release their passion toward their loved ones. Negi was waiting there.

Negi: Finally you’re all here. So, how did the research on Lordran go?
Issei: At last we understood why Ornstein sees me as a threat to the Age of Fire. He thinks that I – being a humanoid dragon – could quench the First Flame and create the Age of Dark, an age of unbridled chaos.
Rias: But we know that’s not true, right?
Asia: (nods in approval) Ise-san is not a bad person, Ornstein has to know it!
Issei: OK, OK, let’s save this stuff for later! So, Negi, Hayate told us you wanted to form an alliance with us and this… Ala Alba.
Negi: It’s my own crew. Our formation is a pretty long story, if you ask me.
Akeno: Where are they now?
???: Sorry, we’re late.

Two ladies appear surrounding Negi.

Negi: These are Setsuna Sakurazaki and Konoka Konoe.
Setsuna: (takes a bow) Pleased to meet you.
Konoka: Hello!
Issei: Uh… Hi there, ladies. (whispers to Asia) I think you’ll get along just fine with that girl. (points at Konoka)

Issei, knowing they are now in the House of Love, immediately starts talking about the shenanigans he had with the other gods here. He was however interrupted by Rias.

Rias: There’s no time to talk about personal stuff. Where is the meeting?
Negi: Up in my temple. The other members of Ala Alba are waiting there.

As they walked to Negi’s temple, several other deities were seen talking about something else.

Jiraiya: I’m not sure if your theory is on target, kid.
Micah Sanders: I’m not sure if any of this to be true or not. I suspect that non-gods are brought into the pantheon by Intermediate Gods by having the Intermediate gods descend. The case of Greater Gods and Overdeities bringing non-Gods seems to be unspecified at this point.
Captain Price: Your theory has some interesting leads, kid. That boy… Yu Narukami, if that’s his name, was able to get those kids into the pantheon before the “Upheaval”.
Eddard Stark: Were it not for that boy and his friends, the girl would’ve been converted to a witch. I’m still suspecting if Littlefinger had a hand through this ordeal…
Price: That’s for another time. As your theory, boy… This Dyson guy was brought into the pantheon during the time the asylum was still around in the House of Friendship.
Jiraiya: Was his arrival in the pantheon the work of a Greater God? It seems that Greater Gods and Overdeities can send any non-deities into the pantheon covertly. (looks at Issei and the others) (At least that boy’s lucky. Perhaps I should give him one of my books.)
Eddard: There’s also that thing note*  I keep hearing from others. We should be more cautious from this point onward.
Price/Micah/Jiraiya: Agreed.

As the four gods have parted ways, the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club have finally reached Negi’s temple.

Negi: All right, let’s start with the meeting. First off, the alliance between the Occult Research Club and the Ala Alba.
Asuna: So, this is the Occult Research Club I’ve been hearing so much about?
Negi: Indeed it is, Asuna. They are: Issei Hyodo from the House of Power; Rias Gremory from the House of Personal Appearance; Asia Argento from the House of Magic; Akeno Himejima from the House of Combat; Koneko Toujou from the House of Personality; and Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou from the House of Faith.
Issei/Rias/Asia/Akeno/Koneko/Xenovia/Irina: We’re glad to be all here today.
Asuna: I’m pleased to make your acquaintances.
Setsuna: It’s a pleasure to meet you people… It’ll be a dandy experience working with you all.

Negi, afterwards, introduced his other allies from the Ala Alba.

Negi: Other than Setsuna and Konoka, who reside in the House of Royalty, here are: Asuna Kagurazaka from the House of Magic; Nodoka Miyazaki from the House of Combat; Yue Ayase from the House of Knowledge; Evangeline A.K. McDowell from the Houses of Personal Appearance and Theater; and Kaede Nagase from the House of Weapons.
Nodoka: Uh… Hello.
Yue: Glad to meet you all.
Evangeline: Hello there, fellows! (cackles a little)
Kaede: I’m honored to make your acquaintance.

While the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club were having their greetings, Hayate and Hinagiku smiled as both groups happily greeted each other.

Hinagiku: You’ve really made the right choice…
Hayate: I think I did so if I say so myself.

Meanwhile in the Lust Subhouse, Black Orchid is still looking for Issei,.

Black Orchid: (Where is he? I guess I should look for him later then… I’d better get out of this Subhouse quick; It’s filled with perverts. Frankly, I’ve heard that Issei is also kind of a perv, but he’s ultimately a good person.)

Relentless on her search for Issei, Black Orchid tries to find a few leads on him. In doing so, she comes across a rose-haired girl who has a tail. She asks her about Issei’s whereabouts.

Black Orchid: Excuse me, do you know where a boy named Issei Hyodo is located?
???: Issei…? The “Harem King” many women talk about so dearly? I think I’ve seen him in the Miscellaneous Subhouse. I’ll lead you to him if you like.

With a nod, Black Orchid agrees to let the girl lead her.

Black Orchid: But tell me… What’s your name?

The pink-haired gal presents herself.

Momo: My name is Momo Belia Deviluke, and I am the Goddess of Harem Seekers!
Black Orchid: Pleased to meet you. I am Black Orchid, from the House of Weapons.

After they introduced themselves to each other, the two of them talked as they were were walking to the Miscellaneous Subhouse, mainly about various things in the pantheon and Issei.

Momo: What does a strong woman like yourself want with Issei?
Black Orchid: Not only have I heard he’s one very powerful deity, but he’s forming a group to combat the group of insane women known as the Yandere Quartet.
Momo: I see… (Issei’s forming a group to counter the Yandere Quartet? I wonder about this? I’ve heard there’s another group combating against them, the Special Lovers Squad if I got it right, that was formed by two goddesses that go by the names of Nyarko and Juvia Lockser. Unfortunately, they’ve failed to defeat them. Maybe if that group and the group Issei join forces… The Quartet will surely be toast.)

After having a few conversations, the two of them arrived at the Miscellaneous Subhouse.

Black Orchid: Thanks for the arrival.
Momo: My assistance is always appreciated. I’ll give you a few connections to Issei. Go to Negi Springfeld’s temple.
Black Orchid: I appreciate your help. (I’m a step closer to finding Issei.) (looks at Momo) She’s quite… Helpful… In more ways than one, it seems.

Back at Negi’s temple, the Ala Alba and Occult Research Club were about to make their first big announcement.

Negi: We of the Ala Alba are proud to create an alliance with the Occult Res-

However, Negi was stopped midway as Black Orchid entered the temple.

Black Orchid: There you are, Issei Hyodo. I finally found you.

Issei was baffled, yet flattered, upon knowing that a beautiful woman was searching for him. He did wonder, though, why she did so.

Issei: (Wait, what does this hot chick want from me? Oh, shoot, she’s approaching me! Must not act perverted, must not act perverted, must not act perverted!)
Black Orchid: I’m glad to make your acquaintance, young man. My name is Black Orchid.
Issei: Uhh, hello… I am Issei Hyodo. Nice to meet you.

The others were confused on this occasion.

Rias: Wait, what does this woman want with Ise-kun?
Akeno: Don’t look at me, Rias. I really don’t know this woman. More importantly, how did she find us?
Asia: Ise-san… Do you know this woman?
Irina: Leave my friend alone!
Xenovia: That’s right. Leave Ise alone now!
Koneko: You could have least bothered to knock on the door, you know.

Curious, the women of the Occult Research Club were seriously on to Issei. Fortunately, Black Orchid went in front of the ladies to clear up reasons.

Black Orchid: Now, girls. I have no intentions on stealing Issei away from you if that’s what you’re expecting of me. I just have a little interest on him. Oh, and my apologies for barging in.
Rias: How come?
Black Orchid: You must be Rias Gremory, right?
Rias: Wait, how do you know my name?
Black Orchid: Your crew, the Occult Research Club, has become quite the talk of the Pantheon. So I’ve figured to know more about you, more specifically, Issei Hyodo. Fear not, though, I’m not a bad person.
Asia: Just what do you want with him?
Black Orchid: Just a friendly spar with him.
Issei: Really? Uh, I’m having a meeting right now. Maybe later?
Black Orchid: That’s OK, I can wait some time after this is done.

Negi continued his speech after Orchid went out of his temple watched from the outside.

Negi: Sorry for that delay… We of the Ala Alba are proud to create an alliance with the Occult Research Club!

Looking forward to their new-found alliance, members of the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club have shaken hands.

Asia: (To Konoka) It’s nice to meet you… Konoka, was it?
Konoka: I believe we’ll make good healing partners. (smiles)
Asia: Mhm!

Black Orchid has come to Issei after the announcement was done.

Black Orchid: Say, boy. After you’re done here, why don’t you come to the House of Combat while this is done?
Issei: Alright…

The Goddess of Kali Sticks departed to the House of Combat to await their friendly duel.

Some time later, Issei came to the House of Combat for his friendly training session with Black Orchid.

Issei: Alright, Black Orchid! Are we both set?
Black Orchid: Ready when you are! I heard you’re one powerful combatant, so I won’t go easy on you.
Issei: Me neither!

Black Orchid, knowing of, and trying to take advantage of Issei’s perversion and love for a good pair of breasts, used already one of her strongest attacks: she flashed her pair to Issei.

Issei: Oh crap!

The pervert almost had a nosebleed, but managed to hold on.

Issei: You thought I could be duped by this attack, right? Well, you’re wrong! Now watch out, because IT’S GOIN’ DOWN, BABY!

Issei charged Black Orchid with all his might. The goddess – though – handled his powerful attack.

Black Orchid: You’re really as powerful as they said you were. But can you handle this?

Black Orchid reacted with a counterattack using her kali sticks. Issei was struck on the chest, but it wasn’t enough to defeat him.

Issei: Not bad, not bad. But you just saw the 1 percent of my true potential. DRESS BREAK!!!

Issei, however, played his trump card: he unleashed Dress Break, which tore Black Orchid’s clothes to pieces and left her naked.

Black Orchid: So this is the famed Dress Break, huh? It seems quite useless and perverted on the surface. This is also the one ability that deified you.
Issei: Yes, it is admittedly perverted, but it’s far from useless! Let’s end this! DRAGON SHOT!

An energy wave was let out from his left hand: it was Dragon Shot. Black Orchid was struck by this very strong attack, but she was still able to fight.

Black Orchid: Get ready for this!

Still completely naked, but still kicking, Black Orchid immediately started to tempest Issei with a tremendous combo. But the pervert suddenly responded with a kick and a nudge.

C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Countered by Issei, Black Orchid steps away from him.

Black Orchid: The rumors surrounding you in the end proved to be true, Issei. You’re really strong.
Issei: (sweatdrops) Well, thanks. (laughs)

As the two battled, the rest of the Occult Research Club and the Ala Alba watched the two of them fight.

Rias: Even when he ripped her clothes off, this woman has quite the gall to fight Issei unclothed.
Akeno: Indeed… I’m going up against her next! (giggles) I can hardly wait~
Rias: (sighs) Oh, Akeno, you’ve always been quite the sadist. (laughs)
Akeno: That’s why you called me the “Ultimate Sadist” in the first place!

As the conversation occurred, Issei raised his hand as a gesture to signify something. Rias and Akeno wondered what he meant with this gesture, but suddenly realized he was about to unleash the Boosted Gear’s full potential.


Issei became enveloped in a red, dragon-like armor. It was Scale Mail, the Boosted Gear’s Balance Breaker – that is, its true form.

Black Orchid: That’s impressive. (Looks like I’ll have to be on the defensive)

Issei started powering himself up. Ominous shouts were heard far away, yelling “BOOST!” repeatedly. The pervert, soon after, rushed towards Black Orchid.

Rias: (Isn’t Issei going a bit too far? He’s reaching powers nearing those of a Greater God…)
Issei: Handle this!

Issei tried to punch Black Orchid in the stomach, but she blocked the attack at the last moment, though not without struggling. Issei’s physical prowess was rising by the second.

Black Orchid: That’s unbelievable… Issei is by far the strongest opponent I’ve faced in my entire life. But I won’t back down.

The friendly fight continued, until both sides were exhausted.

Issei: (pants) You’re quite powerful, Black Orchid. I’m amazed!
Black Orchid: In the end, you’re even stronger than they said you would be. Kudos to you, then.
Issei: Well, thanks! (laughs) Uh, nice pair of boobs, by the way.
Black Orchid: …I don’t know if I should take this as a compliment or not. Well, until next time, Issei. It has been a great pleasure meeting and training with you. (takes a little bow)
Issei: Yeah, same as me. See ya!

With those words, Black Orchid set off to go back to her temple in the House of Weapons, and the Occult Research Club’s members returned to their respective temples. The Ala Alba made a few comments on regard.

Negi: Once again, Issei proves to be a force to be reckoned with.
Asuna: I could have never sworn!
Setsuna: Yup, he’s definitely quite the strong one.
Konoka: Same here!
Evangeline: Well, well, a new powerful entity has joined us!
Kaede: That’s a strength that is quite considerable, actually. I’m glad to have him as our ally.
Negi: The rest of the Occult Research Club are no slouches, either. Trust me! (winks)

But what the Occult Research Club and the Ala Alba do not know is that a nefarious god from the House of Magic is spying them in the distance.

Shinnok: Issei Hyodo… So this is the one deity many have been rambling so much about… He and I also share a similar position, But that Boosted Gear of his… That artifact would make me unstoppable in my quest to conquer the Realms. I’d better get my hands on this thing… Yeah, I should definitely snatch it away from him… But it won’t be easy… I’d better call Quan Chi as soon as possible.

He goes back to his temple, to plan this dastardly theft.

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 4) Nerds, Succubi, Sorcerers… and Trolls 

Meanwhile, at the Romance Sub-House of the House of Love, Criminy was in his temple alongside his loved Fuchsia.

Fuchsia: So, how did it go with Issei and the others?
Criminy: It was all smooth sailing. Me and the others formed a group to counter the Yandere Quartet.
Fuchsia: And what’s it called?
Criminy: It’s called the Chick Magnet Quartet. Currently we’re not part of the GUAG, because we’re keeping a low profile.
Fuchsia: I’ve also heard that Ornstein has once again attacked Issei… Why is he doing this?

Criminy was the only one of the Quartet – with Hayate – who’s not in the know of everything about the Age of Fire.

Criminy: I don’t know, Fuchsia… He said something about a so-called Age of Fire… But I think it’s just nonsense.

Meanwhile, in Shinnok’s temple in the House of Magic, the evil sorcerer was planning – with the assistance of Quan Chi – his theft of the Boosted Gear.

Shinnok: Have you heard of a God from the House of Power called Issei Hyodo?
Quan Chi: He has created quite a stir here in the Pantheon. I’ve heard his name was spoken by many, Master Shinnok. You and him also share a similar position.
Shinnok: Indeed… The boy is known as the holder of a powerful item known as the Boosted Gear. This artifact causes those who hold it to multiply his or her physical strength a thousandfold if I’m not mistaken.
Quan Chi: And what do you want to do with it? You have more than enough power to conquer both Realms!
Shinnok: …I want to steal it; with the Boosted Gear, none of the Kombatants will stop me from taking over our realm!
Quan Chi: Sounds like a good idea… If you must pardon me, I have some unfinished business to do.
Shinnok Very well then… Go ahead, Quan Chi… But when you’re finished, come back here.
Quan Chi: Roger.

Meanwhile, Asia was taking a walk in the House of Magic, when she heard Shinnok talking to himself inside his temple.

Asia: (Hey, what is he talking about?)

But when she heard him talking, she was petrified.

Shinnok: Issei can be anywhere right now… I really want to get my hands on his Boosted Gear, but he’s certainly been quite busy lately… What is he up to? Stealing the Boosted Gear is a harder task than I imagined.
Asia: GASP!!! (T-This guy… W-Wants to steal… Issei’s Boosted Gear?!)

Asia, after hearing Shinnok talking about his plan to steal the Boosted Gear, ran away screaming. She was headed towards Issei’s temple.


As Asia was shouting Issei’s name, Shinnok smirked as this was what he wanted: someone to bring Issei with him, and Asia being a friend of Issei’s this would make this easier.

Shinnok: It’s going exactly as I designed it… Now, all I have to do is to get Zobek and wait for Quan Chi to arrive back at my temple. (Quan Chi, Whatever you’re doing, please gather up some allies in the process. Even if it’s that pesky Shao Kahn…)

What Shinnok doesn’t know was that there was another Goddess hearing about his plans. The goddess vanished to an unknown location.

At the House of Power, Issei was laid down on his bed. He was exhausted after his friendly training session with Black Orchid. Suddenly, Asia bursted into his temple, all while crying in desperation.

Asia: Ise-san! I’m glad you’re here!
Issei: Asia?! Why are you crying?! Tell me everything right now, nobody can hear us here!
Asia: There’s someone… Someone in the same house as I am… Who wants to steal your Boosted Gear!!…
Issei: Who is it? Don’t tell me Raynare is back! Please don’t!
Asia: It’s some sorcerer… His name is Shinnok…
Issei: Shinnok…? Do you know more of him?
Asia: The only thing I know of him… Is that he shares a similar title to one of yours. But I swear it! I’ll help you defeat that windbag!
Issei: Thank you, Asia. (kisses her on the forehead)
Asia: (blushes, then giggles) Mind if I tell the others about this?
Issei: If you so desire, then be my guest.

Asia then sets off to find Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, and Irina, to tell them all about Shinnok’s machinations.

In the Body Images Subhouse, Rias was wearing a towel after taking a shower to clean herself up from all the work she’s done throughout the pantheon. She lays onto her bed to rest. Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell to her temple.

Rias: Unnnh… (I wonder who could this be at this time.)

Putting on her nightgown, she goes downstairs to check who’s at the front of her temple. The person was revealed to be Asia.

Rias: Asia? What’s the matter?
Asia: T-There’s this wizard named Shinnok who’s going to steal Ise-san’s Boosted Gear!
Rias: W-WHAT?! This is a serious matter! We’d better get the others quick!

Immediately switching to her normal attire, Rias and Asia went to the temples of the rest of the ORC to prevent such a matter.

Akeno was in her temple in the House of Combat. She was practicing her skills with her already powerful electricity-based magic. She stopped, however, when she heard someone knocking on the door. She opened the door, and she saw Rias and Asia, with a worried look.

Akeno: My, oh my… Ohh, you two look so upset, what’s the matter?
Rias: I have very bad news. Asia told me that a sorcerer named Shinnok is planning to steal Issei’s Boosted Gear.

Akeno was positively aghast from the news the redhead gave her. She almost passed out.

Asia: Quick! Come with us; we need to warn the others ASAP!!!
Akeno: All right, then!

The pitch-black-haired beauty decided to put her workout to a halt, in order to warn Koneko, Xenovia, and Irina, about the evil sorcerer’s nasty plot.

In her temple in the House of Personality, Koneko was already fast asleep. All she wanted at this point was some silence. Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell to her temple. Waking up, she decides to see who it was a door. Rias, Asia, and Akeno were in front of her after she opens the door.

Koneko: (yawns) What is it, guys?
Rias: This is an emergency! It has something to do with someone stealing Issei’s Boosted Gear!
Asia: There’s some sorcerer in the same House as me, called Shinnok, who wants to steal it!
Akeno: We have to do something before it’s too late!
Koneko: Hm. Here comes another fool who tries to mess with Ise-senpai. (clenches her fists) That dude’s oh-so in for a beating.
Rias: Quick, Koneko! We have to warn Xenovia and Irina about this!

And so, the Nekomata decides to follow Rias, Asia, and Akeno, to Xenovia’s and Irina’s temple in the House of Faith.

In their temple, Xenovia and Irina were busy on their Christian customs. They were also learning new chants, knowing their nature as exorcists. They were stopped, though, as the four girls entered their temple.

Xenovia: What is it?
Irina: You look rather worried.
Asia: There’s… There’s an evil sorcerer called Shinnok who’s planning to steal Issei’s Boosted Gear!

Xenovia and Irina, suffice to say, were not amused at all. The two of them were put their chants to a halt and join the rest of the ORC

Xenovia: Sooo, here comes another bug to squash.
Irina: He’s so goin’ to pay dearly for messing with my loved friend!

With that, all of the furious girls of the ORC rushed to the House of Power to meet up with Issei.

Fifteen minutes later, the ORC were at the Intermediate Gods Section of the House of Power to find Issei. However, to their surprise, they’ve found a blonde girl dressed in black and red speaking with him about something.

Issei: (to the ORC) Guys!
???: Oh, what perfect timing… You must be the other members of that scandalous Occult Research Club…
Koneko: Scandalous? We must be sluts to you, then.
Rias: …Who are you…? How do you know of us?

The Goddess turned around to greet herself.

???: Please pardon my intrusion into this boy’s house. My name is Rachel Alucard. It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance… (Looks at Rias)There’s no mistaking it; you’re Rias Gremory from the house of Personal Appearance… (then looks at Akeno) Akeno Himejima from the house of Combat… (then looks at Koneko) Koneko Toujou from the house of Personality… (Her eyes were now set on Irina and Xenovia) Irina Shidou and Xenovia Quarta of the House of Faith… (ganders at Asia last) and last but not least, the innocent Asia Argento of the House of Magic.
Rias: It’s…. Nice to meet you. (This girl has an uneasy feeling around her… I can’t place my finger on it.)

As this was going on, a god passes by and looks at Issei’s temple… Gene, the God of Power Fist stops to look at the spectacle.

Gene: (What is that vampiress even doing here? …She appears at the most random times ever… Why do I care anyway?)

As he goes to his temple to rest, Rachel tells the ORC her motives for being in Issei’s temple.

Rachel: I’ve heard that Shinnok is planning to steal his Boosted Gear. We must hurry; The sorcerer may already plan his move on the boy.
Asia: How do you know that?
Rachel: Some friends of mine told me just that… I’ve heard quite some fascinating tales from you demons.
Rias: (Looks like we’ve made some fame around the Pantheon. Issei’s been quite the target lately. First off, that Ornstein, and now, this Shinnok guy. I can only wonder who’s next… Still, the sooner we stave off this guy, the better.) Ms. Alucard has a point… We better get to the House of Magic…
Rachel: hmhm… A splendid decision, Ms. Gremory, but we must not go unprepared. Valkenhayn!

At her command, a formally dressed man, looking to be at senior age, instantly arrives at her aid.

Valkenhayn: Did you ring, Madam?
Issei: (…An old man? How did I get myself into this mess? First, Ornstein is after my head because he says I’m a threat to this “Age of Fire” crap, and now some sorcerer wants to steal my Boosted Gear. At times like these, I think I was better off as a mortal. When this stuff with Shinnok is all over, I really need some peace. Oh, and a good pair of boobs!)
Rachel: I want you to assist the Occult Research Club in the bout against Shinnok. (To the Occult Research Club) I’ve heard that you skimpy devils are quite the strong lot. I do not expect any disappointments.
Issei: Y-yes, Madam… (Geez louise, this girl creeps me out. And yet she’s a thoroughly good person… Seriously, this crap’s getting weirder by the second.)

Valkenhayn transforms himself into a werewolf, much to the surprise Occult Research Club.

Akeno: A werewolf…? Ohh, that’s odd… (To Koneko) (She doesn’t look like to be remotely fazed by it.)
Rachel: Now, with all the preparations, we should be on our way.

With all the preparations complete, the group went to the House of Magic to prevent Shinnok from stealing Issei’s Boosted Gear.

Ten minutes later, the group arrived into the House of Magic to find Shinnok with Rachel leading to his temple.

Rachel: That foul sorcerer should be in the miscellaneous section. I honestly suggest you immediately eliminate him. Valkenhayn, call for assistance in advance; We wouldn’t want Quan Chi or any of his allies arrive unexpectedly.
Valkenhayn: Understood, Miss Rachel.
Rias: …Right. (This girl doesn’t seem to tolerate trivial matters… I guess she doesn’t have the time?) Are you sure it will be a good idea?
Rachel: Worry not, Miss Gremory; Valkenhayn is a very capable warrior. He should be fine by himself.
Rias: Alright, guys… if I’m not mistaken, let’s get going!
Issei/Asia/Akeno/Koneko/Xenovia/Irina: Roger!

With everything planned out, everyone except Valkenhayn went to find Shinnok before he could call assistance.

In his temple, it was too late; Shinnok, having along with another god with him, prepared for the Occult Research Club’s raid. In fact, Quan Chi was there to back him up.

Rachel: (sighs) I’ll take back what I said earlier. It seems that we’ll have to go for plan B.

Shinnok, noticing Issei’s arrival, “greeted” him.

Shinnok: There you are, Issei Hyodo. I see you got some company…
Issei: Yes, I do, Shinnok. And we’re all here to keep you in your place!
Shinnok: (laughs) How artless! But speaking of you, Issei… Be a good boy, and give me your Boosted Gear right now.
Rias: Ise-kun will never give you the Boosted Gear! Not even in a million years!
Quan Chi: So, this is Issei, huh? I expected a bit more of him.
Shinnok: Indeed, Quan Chi. He is our target. But you mustn’t be fooled by his appearance, for he is a surprisingly powerful god.
Issei: And it’s all thanks to my Boosted Gear you’re after! Now let’s end this shit!

Issei was clad by the same armor he used at the end of his training with Black Orchid.

Shinnok: So, you really don’t want to go down without a fight… Quan Chi, I want you to take care of the others… Leave Issei to me, and don’t you dare mingle with my duel.
Quan Chi: Understood.

Quan Chi attacked the other members of the Occult Research Club, as well as Rachel and Valkenhayn, while Shinnok engaged a duel with Issei. Knowing he’s fighting a Greater God and he’s just an Intermediate God, Issei decides to boost his physical strength to match up with Shinnok’s power level.

Rias: (I can sense Issei’s strength rising considerably… He’s well above the powers of a Greater God. If he decides to unleash Juggernaut Drive in this state, he can potentially border on an Overdeity… I guess Issei wants to fight on equal terms.) All right, fellows, after we defeat Quan Chi, we’ll immediately shift our focus on the sorcerer.
Akeno: Got it!

Meanwhile, Issei isn’t having an easy time with Shinnok. The sorcerer has put up a magic shield which blocks all of his attacks. However, the pervert had a trick up his sleeve to unleash…

Issei: Okay, you have a magic shield, but let’s see if it can rack up against this! Penetrate!!!

The pervert used Penetrate, a technique he learned from his Training from Hell with the Demi-Fiend. The shield was destroyed, and the evil sorcerer was left with no defenses. Unfortunately, he immediately called Zobek to help him.

Zobek: Please excuse my tardiness, Master Shinnok. So, this is the target?
Shinnok: That’s correct, Zobek. It’s him, Issei Hyodo; The boy with the Boosted Gear.
Issei: (Damn it, I’m outnumbered! At least, I can call for backup, too.)

Issei’s face was plastered with a smirk, and then he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Issei: Come here, Hayate Ayasaki!

The God of Battle Butlers dropped from the sky.

Hayate: Did someone call?
Issei: Yes, Hayate, it’s me, Issei! I need some help here!
Valkenhayn: It’s most refreshing to fight alongside you again, Mr. Ayasaki, (points to Shinnok and his group) but we should save our reunion for later.
Hayate: Agreed!

The two butlers along with everyone else fought against Quan Chi and Zobek. Rachel suddenly decides to enter her Unlimited Mode. She became much stronger now, and was on par with both Issei and Hayate in terms of sheer strength. Issei instead focused everything he had on Shinnok; the sorcerer is tough as nails, a bit like Rizevim, but the pervert knows it.

Issei: Take THIS!!! (punches Shinnok)
Shinnok: (blocks the attack) Pathetic. (counters with a kick)

Meanwhile, Hayate, Rachel, Valkenhayn the rest of the Occult Research Club have defeated Quan Chi and Zobek.

Hayate: Okay, Quan Chi and Zobek are knocked out!
Rias: That’s good to hear, Hayate! Alright, Occult Research Club! Let’s go get that sorcerer!
Rachel: It seems these people have quite the teamwork. I’m honestly surprised.

As the duel continued, Shinnok was struck by a lightning bolt from behind. At first he thought it was Raiden. But when he turned around, it was someone much different than the fallen god.

Shinnok: ARGH! (turns around) Why, you…!
Akeno: Whoops, I’m sorry~ (giggles)
Issei: Akeno, is that you?!
Akeno: Indeed, it is me! (winks)
Issei: Then that means…
Rias: Indeed, Ise-kun. Quan Chi and Zobek have been defeated.
Issei: Awesome! (turns to Shinnok) You’re outnumbered, Shinnok! You have any last words?
Shinnok: (I’ve anticipated his friends would come…) (looks at Rachel and Valkenhayn) (but I didn’t expect the vampiress and her werewolf butler to be here as well… Good thing I have prepared even for that.) I’ve got one final present for you all… I hope you come out unscathed! Muahahahaha!!!! And in regards to you, Issei… I will be back. (disappears)
Asia: (Is it over? Did he leave?)
Rachel: Stay focused, everyone. That sorcerer may summon another ally of his.

A laugh was heard in the distance. Rachel and Valkenhayn were ready for the revelation… But it was not the guy they were thinking of. Right? Right?!

Waluigi: What? You expected Yuuki Terumi or some other dude to arrive? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!!! WAHHAHAHA!!!
Issei: W-what? (Is this really Shinnok’s plan? If so, that dude’s out of his mind.)

…Wrong. Just a few seconds later, the true appearance of the god was unveiled. It wasn’t Waluigi, it was someone much worse than him: Yuuki Terumi.

Terumi: Gyahaha! Did you like it?
Rachel: Like many of your petty actions in the past, no.
Rias: (Apparently this is the one: Yuuki Terumi, member of the Trollkaiger and one of the nastiest gods in the Pantheon…? Makes me sick…)
Valkenhayn: …You really don’t know when to stay in your place, do you?

Terumi did not care about Rachel and Valkenhayn one bit. He set his eyes on Issei, who was now without the Scale Mail.

Terumi: Sooo, you must be the “Harem King” everyone’s been talking lately, huh? Ha! You look like you’re all sizzle and no steak!
Issei: What do you want from me, you dick? Did you ally with Shinnok or what?
Terumi: Pfftch, I prefer Shao Kahn! But yes, I allied with Shinnok, or better, I tricked him by saying I’d ally with him!
Valkenhayn: (sighs) You’re at it again, Terumi. Madam Rachel and I will not interfere on this one.
Xenovia: (I just met this Terumi guy and I already think he’s a fucking asshole.)
Terumi: I see you also have your haremettes with you, Issei…
Issei: Oh no, don’t you dare…!

Terumi slowly swaggered towards Rias and Akeno.

Rias: What do you want, you bastard?
Akeno: I have my lightning powers and I’m definitely not afraid to use them.
Terumi: Ohohohoho, now come here.
Rias: What are you saying!?
Terumi: (Unleashes Ouroboros) I said COME HERE, YOU BITCHES!!! (pounces on the two)

Issei was greatly offended from Terumi’s actions: he tied up Rias and Akeno with Ouroboros and tried to inflict mental rapeon them!

Issei: You… You filthy… You filthy little… Do… Not… Hurt…
Asia: Oh no, Issei’s getting mad!
Hayate: Everyone, take cover!!!

As the other gods ran for cover, Issei was clad once again in the Scale Mail, and this time, he activated both Juggernaut Drive and Cardinal Crimson Queen Promotion.


With unbelievable power, Issei attacked Terumi with a continuous wave of fists. The word “BOOST!” was echoing once again, and was said at an amazingly fast rate. As his fiendish beatdown occurred, the “Two Great Ladies of Kuoh Academy” were saved from Terumi’s grasp.

Issei: DIE! DIE! DIE! DIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Rias: (He has activated both Juggernaut Drive and Cardinal Crimson Queen Promotion at the same time… And he’s boosting a thousand times over… At this point he’s just as powerful as an Overdeity, if not even more, but at the cost of putting his body under extreme conditions. And yet… Ise-kun’s not feeling anything. I guess his training with the Demi-Fiend and Jack Rakan have worked wonders.)
Rachel: (Only other two gods have dared to hurt this boy’s harem… The petty delinquents Bryan Fury and Akio Ohtori, if I’m not mistaken. And now, Terumi has also been added in this black list. Yes… I’m certain he’d make a good member of the GUAG.)

The beatdown was so extreme Terumi was almost beheaded and his left arm was chopped off. But even then, Issei thought it was not enough for such a debauched god like Yuuki Terumi. He also knew of his machinations with Litchi, a goddess he pays homage to.

Rachel: (He’s also in knowledge of all the events with that foolish doctor? Naturally, this boy’s a pervert.)

With a double-fist on the stomach, Terumi’s body was slammed on the ground. Issei was about to land the final blow.

Issei: And now… The grand finale. This is for Rias and Akeno. DRAGON SHOT, MAXIMUM POWER!!!

With all the strength he accumulated, Issei fired one absurdly powerful Dragon Shot against Terumi. The resulting explosion destroyed a good half of the House of Magic. Hopefully, Issei’s friends were left unscathed from the attack, but Terumi, on the other hand, was reduced to minuscule bits. Issei returned back to normal, jaded from the tremendous work on his body.

Issei: (pants) You deserve it, you bastard.
Rachel: Impressive.. It seems there’s no trace of Terumi left. (It seems those rumors about this pervert was true. I’m looking forward to his services in the GUAG.)
Issei: Good riddance…

Minutes later, everyone huddled around Issei to provide aid. Asia healed him with Twilight Healing.

Irina: Thank Goodness, you’re safe!
Rias: Issei-kun… You saved me and Akeno.. I’m planning a reward for you later on.
Issei: R-really!?
???: What happened here?

Suddenly, one of the guardians of the House of Magic arrived in the form of Doctor Strange, who was trying to find the explosion’s location.

Valkenhayn: Allow me to explain: The sorcerer known as Shinnok and his goons were planning to take this young lad’s Boosted Gear, but he has escaped. Then Terumi arrived and mocked the boy by defiling these two women.
Doctor Strange: I see… Terumi is always a petty scoundrel. (Turns to Issei) So you must be Issei Hyodo. I’ve heard several stories you and your friends. What’s the group called again?
Rias: Occult Research Club.
Doctor Strange: Right. Thanks for clearing that up, ma’am. I must say you seem to be quite the specimen.
Issei: (Has his hands behind his head) Uhhh… Thank you?
Doctor Strange: It’s my pleasure. (Turns to Rias) And you must be the leader of the group, am I correct?
Rias: (smiles) The one and only!
Doctor Strange: Pleased to make your acquaintance. (This must be the girl that alchemist and his brother are doing research on. From what I’ve heard from him, her breasts can grant miracles… Which goes against Equivalent Exchange in the most perverted way possible. I’d probably better not touch on that one.) (To Asia) Miss Argento, you’ve chosen some well placed friends. (Even if that boy is rumored to be a pervert.)
Asia: Thank you, Mister Strange!
Rachel: It seems our work here is done. Valkenhayn! Let us depart at once!
Valkenhayn: Of course… (To Hayate) It’s been a great honor meeting you here, Mr. Ayasaki. I look forward to your attendance to tea parties!
Hayate: I’ll invite everyone I can, Mr. Hellsing.

With that, Shinnok’s attempts to grab Issei’s Boosted Gear were thwarted and the heroes went back to their respective temples.

Later, Issei was going into his temple in the House of Power. As he does so, he was looking at two deities walking. One of them were quite heartbroken about something.

Scott Summers: I don’t believe it… Itachi’s in the Fallen.
CM Punk: Seriously? What makes him so special? He’s indirectly made that Sasuke guy a criminal throughout his world.
Scott: He was an equal to me in protective brotherhood! He has made his younger brother resist Orochimaru’s body theft jutsu!
CM Punk: You…. Have a point there. (But that still isn’t enough of an excuse when he mentally tortured him.)
Scott: If Tobi hadn’t arrived to get Sasuke… Maybe his plan would’ve worked well.
CM Punk: ….I can’t help but agree with you on this… (I’ve also heard he’ll be assigned as a Double Agent within the Disgraces for the pantheon. I just hope he doesn’t turn on us.)

Unknown to the two of them, a guy in a red and black costume somehow overheard everything the two deities were discussing with a weird device from the House of Technology that lets the user hear anything from a distance and read their inner thoughts.

Deadpool: (Oh great… Itachi’s going to be Double Agent of the Pantheon? It’ll be totally surprising if he humiliates those weaboos there faster than Nanaya and her friends could.) (To the tropers) (As for you, troper, please continue with that pervert. I’ll just pretend I was never here.)

Finished overhearing their conversation, Issei decides to go to his temple and get some sleep.

Issei: Ugh… I’m going to bed. After all the weird crap that happened, I just want to get some rest. But Shinnok said that he would come back… I’d better keep my eyes peeled on that sorcerer.

Out of the black, though, Rias and Akeno entered Issei’s bedroom with respectively a nightgown and a kimono.

Issei: R-Rias? A-Akeno?! W-What is going on?
Rias: I just have to say… Thank you for saving us from being raped by Terumi. It was a truly heroic action of yours, Ise-kun, that I want to requite.
Akeno: Rias said you would be rewarded for your valiant effort… And I thought: “Hey, I might as well do that, too!”. (giggles) Again, thank you for saving me and Rias from that scalawag.
Issei: (I don’t know about this, but I think I know where this is going…! Oh my god, this is going to be the best night ever!)

As the two goddesses undressed themselves, the pervert had half a mind on what they wanted to do. Issei gladly went to bed with Rias and Akeno, and the three of them slept happily after all the work they’ve done, with the two goddesses’s naked bodies clinging onto him. They certainly needed some rest after this difficult day.

The next day, Issei, without any of the ORC girls, was seen hanging out with Negi and Criminy in the House of Food to get something to eat.

Negi: What happened yesterday in the House of Magic? I heard a huge explosion there!
Issei: It’s a long story, Negi. There was some evil sorcerer called Shinnok who tried to steal my Boosted Gear.
Criminy: And then what happened?
Issei: Some girl from the House of Otherness called Rachel Alucard visited my temple out of nowhere. Me, the Occult Research Club, Rachel, and her werewolf-butler Valkenhayn Hellsing, all set off to fight the sorcerer, who brought Quan Chi and Zobek with himself.
Negi: Then?
Issei: I defeated Shinnok, my allies knocked out the other two. The sorcerer took the easy way out, but said that there was another backup incoming. It was some prick named Yuuki Terumi.
Criminy: Since it’s Terumi we’re talking about, what did he do?
Issei: He tried to rape Rias and Akeno just to rub it in my face! Three guesses on what happened next, and the first two don’t count.
Negi: I already knew Terumi was quite the bastard… But I never imagined he’d come this far.
Criminy: Was there Hayate with you that moment?
Issei: Yes, he did. I summoned him to help me fight against Shinnok.
Negi: H…How can you summon him?
Issei: I just called out his name. It works all the time!
Negi: (sweatdrops) E-even when you’re far away from him?
Issei: Y-yeah…
Criminy: So Issei, where are the other girls now?
Issei: They’re all in their respective temples… I hope so. (takes a look around himself) Shinnok said he would come back any time soon.
Negi: Issei… Even if the rest of the Occult Research Club aren’t around, we’ll still be able to help you. Remember the alliance you made with us of the Ala Alba! (winks)
Criminy: Don’t be afraid, Issei. We’ll always be here to assist you on your adventures. When duty calls, me and my girlfriend Fuchsia will help you out.
Issei: I… I’d really appreciate your help! (hugs Negi and Criminy) I’m so glad I have friends like this here!

As they got their meals from the House of Food, an unknown figure in a cloak creeps up on the three of them, much to their ignorance.

???: Those boys are having so much fun, but it won’t be for long; soon, they will all suffer.

The mysterious figure disappeared from the House of Food with a grin on her face. Is this mysterious deity a friend or foe?

    The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 5) Keep Your Friends Close 

Rias returned to her temple in the Body Images Sub-House, planning to make more moves against Issei’s new enemies. She has also heard that Shinnok would return to steal the Boosted Gear.

Rias: We’ve made new allies and enemies here in the Pantheon… After that dragonslayer, there came a sorcerer who’s not fully defeated yet… We also have to keep our eyes open on Terumi, who knows what he might do next… Ise-kun… Please be wary, I really don’t want to lose you another time.

However, she was feeling a bit defenseless and helpless from that incident with Terumi.

Rias: But I have to admit… This incident made me feel powerless, an easy prey for evil gods. I should have been able to fight back… (sighs)

Finding a way to make herself stronger, she takes a look around the entire House of Personal Appearance for a method to get stronger.

Rias: (Sure, I’m still very grateful for Ise-kun and his bravery, but it seems I’m seriously lagging behind the others of the Occult Research Club. Perhaps I should have Asia or Akeno to lead the group in my absence, but I’m not sure that would work out right.)

She decides to set off to the House of Power, in order to warn Issei about her impending temporary departure from her own temple.

At the House of Power, Issei is thinking about what could be Shinnok’s next tactics, but he was also fantasizing about last night. Suddenly he heard somebody knocking on the door. He opened it, and was quite surprised to see Rias.

Issei: Rias? What is it?
Rias: I’m just here to tell you I’m going out from my temple for a while, maybe a week or so.
Issei: How come?
Rias: I’m planning to get stronger, and I intend to train in the House of Magic with Ms. Kagurazaka.
Issei: But… Isn’t it the house where Shinnok resides?
Rias: Chill out, dear, he’s not after me, so don’t worry.
Issei: …You have a point there, Rias. But thanks for this initiative of yours, who knows what he might do next.
Rias: (giggles) It’s the least I can do! Nonetheless, I’ll warn the others about my absence.
Issei: I think the others are all in their temples… I’m not too sure about Akeno, though, maybe you should go in the House of Love, I think she’s hanging with Bayonetta.
Rias: Bayonetta? You mean that seductive witch from the House of Love? (I think I should go there for dancing lessons some time.)
Issei: That’s the one.
Rias: All right… Guess I’m off to the House of Love. (walks away, but suddenly changes her mind) Oh, and one last thing.
Issei: What’s that?

Issei was left surprised from Rias’s sudden move: she passionately kissed him in the mouth!

Issei: (muffled speech)
Rias: I can’t stay away for a week without you if I don’t do this, Ise-kun.
Issei: Well, that was unexpected! (laughs) …But hey, I’m not complaining one bit! (smiles)
Rias: (giggles) If so… Do you want an encore?

Issei gulped in delight and slight embarrassment. In response, Rias kept on teasing her loved.

Rias: Or maybe we can go to the second base, how about that? And then we go straight to the third base… And finally have our home-run.

Issei’s eyes twitched a little, wondering what Rias meant. But then he realized, and had a nosebleed as a result, which made him pass out.

Rias: Whoops, sorry if I pushed you too far, Ise-kun. Maybe next time~ (kisses Issei on the forehead)

And so, the red-headed heroine goes to the House of Love to see if there’s Akeno.

Rias: (All right, Akeno, I hope you’re with Bayonetta right now. I’m really curious on what this Umbra Witch is really capable to do, you’ve been visiting her a lot recently…)

Some time later at the Lust Subhouse of the House of Love, Akeno was outside Bayonetta’s temple to her usual “lessons”. Rias approached her.

Rias: You’re here, Akeno. You’re back to visit Bayonetta?
Akeno: Why yes, Rias, I am. She’s a bit of a mentor to me.
Rias: I see. What is she planning to do with you?
Akeno: Bayo’s teaching me some of her dances. I think I would pull them off in front of Ise-kun, I bet he’ll like them! (giggles)
Rias: I’ll wait and see.

Akeno knocked on the door.

Bayonetta: Who is it?
Akeno: My, oh my, don’t you recognize me? It’s me, Akeno, and I’ve brought a friend with me!
Bayonetta: Feel free to come on in.

The two goddesses stepped inside, but the Umbra Witch was quite surprised to see someone else with the fallen angel.

Bayonetta: I see you’ve brought some company.
Akeno: Indeed, Bayo. This is my good friend Rias Gremory, from the House of Personal Appearance.
Rias: Hello! It’s nice to meet you.
Bayonetta: (To Rias) Pleased to meet your acquaintance. (To Akeno) You’re here for the usual?
Akeno: Of course. Oh, and I see you’ve cut your hair.
Bayonetta: I just wanted to reinvent myself.
Rias: Can I join in, too?
Bayonetta: Be my guest…

The red-haired devil was still curious about the witch.

Rias: (I really need to know what this Bayonetta is really capable of… Koneko said she’s quite the slut, but she seems pretty affable to me… Plus, she gets along swimmingly with Akeno.)
Akeno: Rias, why don’t you go first?
Rias: W…What?

Surprised at Akeno’s decision, Rias nervously decides steps on stage to await instructions from Bayonetta.

Rias: (What she wants to do right now is truly beyond me.)
Bayonetta: What are you planning to do with her, Akeno?
Akeno: You’ll see soon.
Rias: (This better be quick…)

Rias was still on the small stage, a bit startled.

Rias: …Can someone tell me what should I do now? (sweatdrops)

Meanwhile in the House of Ambiguity, Koneko was in Etna’s temple signing a contract to be part of a group due to an invitation she received from Noel, a “roommate” of Rias’ in the Body Images Sub-House.

Etna: Welcome aboard! You’re now the newest member to our group!
Koneko: Thanks. (At least I’m not alone…)

She exits the temple to return to her temple in the house of Personality, with a smile on her face.

Koneko: (I have to thank Noel for the invitation… But is it me or is that Flonne girl friends with Asia?)

Back at the Lust Sub-House, Rias was about to start her training with Bayonetta.

Rias: (whispering to Akeno) What’s the plan?
Akeno: (whispering to Rias) You’ll see…

Akeno waved her hand to Bayonetta.

Bayonetta: (I hope you know what you’re doing.)

Bayonetta the arranged a strip pole for Rias to do some erotic poses for Issei later on.

Rias: (nervous) Here I go. (I have to be honest, I’m OK with pole-dancing… But the fact that Ise-kun is not here feels a bit “wrong” to me.)

The red-haired goddess tried her best to picture her loved in her mind.

Akeno: Come on, Rias! Show your moves!
Rias: Hold on, I’m trying to focus!
Bayonetta: Let’s see…

Bayonetta turned on some music in an attempt to make Rias dance. Unfortunately, the red-headed leader of the ORC was still nervous.

Bayonetta: (She’s still nervous for some reason… Wasn’t there a young boy going by the name Issei Hyodo? He does visit this house often…) …Hmm? I think I have an idea.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, prompting her to open it. When she does open the door, she sees a small albino girl with a hair antenna.

Bayonetta: And you are…?
???: Can I please see that girl with the red hair?
Bayonetta: Just tell me who you are…
???: I’m Nyarko! Please tell me where that redhead is. I want to see her dance.
Bayonetta: …Very well… She’s inside. don’t break anything.

Nyarko takes a seat, intent to study the redhead’s dance.

Nyarko: (I should do this kind of dance to Mahiro! I hope he likes this!)
Rias: …Who are you?
Nyarko: I’m Nyarko, pleased to make your acquaintance! You must be Rias Gremory of the Occult Research Club, right?
Rias: That is correct.
Nyarko: I’ve heard a few tales of you guys! Especially regarding Issei, I remember he tried to undress Cuuko with that “Dress Break” technique of his! He didn’t knew she is naked to begin with! But I have to say (laughs) that was pretty damn funny! No, I mean it!
Rias: Yeah, I remember that. But the two reconciled some time ago, didn’t they?
Nyarko: Yup! All’s well what ends well, right?
Rias: I guess so.

Bayonetta returned with a dummy shaped to look like Issei. She placed it on a nearby armchair.

Bayonetta: This should help you, Rias.
Akeno: (giggles) It looks cute~
Rias: I agree, Akeno! I want it as a decoration for my temple! But… No, it doesn’t really work. Maybe it’s because I want to see Ise-kun in the flesh while I pole-dance. Possibly because his reactions are adorable!

Speak of the devil: Issei stumbled onto the Umbra Witch’s temple.

Rias: Ise-kun? Why are you here?
Issei: Oh… R-Rias! It’s… Great to see you here… I was going to see Johnny and Kagura, but… Here I am! And it looks like there are Akeno, Bayonetta, and… Nyarko?
Bayonetta: You’re back here, Issei.
Nyarko: Guess you’re quite the habitual visitor in these parts!
Akeno: What a lucky coincidence~
Rias: (smiles) Why won’t you take a seat right here?
Issei: Uhh… Thanks? How come?

The pervert was completely oblivious to what Rias was planning to do with him.

Issei: What do you wanna do?
Rias: (whispering in Issei’s left ear) You’ll see soon enough.

She then turned away from him, hopped onto the stage, and took her uniform off, leaving herself only in her red lingerie. Issei gawked at the goddess’s beautiful, semi-naked body, and covered his nose, out of thought that blood might come out of it.

Issei: (muffled) R-Rias? W-What the hell?!
Rias: (giggles) You guessed it: I’m putting up a strip show for you.
Issei: B-But why s-so unexpectedly? Not that I find it wrong!
Rias: Akeno and Bayonetta gave me the idea.
Nyarko: (So… Step 1: take off your clothes in front of your boyfriend.)
Bayonetta: (I knew Issei’s presence would work.) I’ll leave Issei to you, Rias. Have fun!
Rias: Uhh… Thank you?
Akeno: I’ll stay here instead. (winks)

After Bayonetta departed her own temple, The president of the Occult Research Club scandalously lifted her right leg up, spun around on the pole, then used her other leg to climb on the pole, exciting Issei and taking Nyarko’s interest in the process.

Nyarko: (Step 2: Seduce your boyfriend with an erotic dance.)
Issei: (I don’t think I can hold my nose any longer!)
Rias: I know you love a good striptease, Ise-kun. Allow me to do more, then.
Issei: Holy cow, Rias! You’re as hot as always! I… I think my nose is going to puke blood!

The session continued on for 5 minutes until the session ended with Nyarko having a perverted look on her face.

Nyarko: And you’ve completed Step 3! Awesome! You’re now a new member of the Special Lovers Squad.
Akeno: Special Lovers Squad?
Rias: What are you talking about?
Issei: …Huh?
Nyarko: It’s a perfect love club to protect the ones you love from all those bastards!
Issei: Love club? Is it a group for the GUAG?
Nyarko: Uh huh.

As Nyarko gave them the details, the three of them realized what Nyarko meant.

Rias: If you want to know, Ise-kun has also made an anti-Yandere Quartet group.
Nyarko: That’s good to hear! How’s it called?
Issei: Chick Magnet Quartet.
Nyarko: Oh…

As Issei talked with Nyarko about his group, the redhead hopped onto the stage once again.

Rias: But if you excuse me… I have a boy right here to satisfy. (winks at Issei)
Issei: (blushes)
Nyarko: Go right ahead! (That’s better, because I’ll know more moves for my pole-dance for Mahiro! I just hope he doesn’t stab me with his fork!)
Akeno: (giggles) I think I’ll go next~
Issei: (gulps) (More lewdness incoming! Really, I stumbled here at the best time!)

The dancing session resumed for another 20 minutes until Rias stopped performing out of exhaustion, leaving Akeno to do the pole dance.

Rias: That was great!
Issei: A-Awesome! That was another great performance! You should do this for me more often.
Rias: Of course!
Issei: Now, I’m gonna watch Akeno do the performance!
Akeno: It’s my turn, now!

The black-haired goddess stripped out of her clothes, leaving herself only in her violet lingerie, and started dancing. Her performance lasted almost an hour and was possibly even hotter than Rias’, a sign of Bayonetta’s teachings. It’s easy to say that Issei loved it.

Issei: Holy smokes! That’s not just hot, it’s outright scorching! It really shows you’ve been taught by the Goddess of Fetish Fuel!
Akeno: (giggles) Why, thank you, Ise-kun~

As Issei watched Akeno dance, Rias and Nyarko resumed talking about the Chick Magnet Quartet and the Special Lovers Squad.

Rias: About the Special Lovers Squad. I’ll join your group another time.
Nyarko: You can join anytime. You can join at anytime!
Rias: Very well, I might join yours after this performance. (I have the feeling that group works on the same methodology as Issei’s group.) Akeno!
Akeno: Yes, Rias?
Rias: I’ve been trying to tell you this before we enter Bayonetta’s temple, Akeno, but I’m temporarily leaving the Occult Research Club, and you’ll be the leader for the time being.

Upon hearing the command, Akeno stopped the performance in surprise at Rias’ orders.

Akeno: R-really? I’m leading?
Issei: President… are you sure this is a good idea?
Rias: Yes… It’s only temporary. Don’t worry, I’ll return afterwards.

This sudden revelation caused Akeno to stop dancing and paused at the thought.

Akeno: … (This is weird… The President has put me in charge? I may be her right-hand woman, but with my personality, I’m not very sure if I can command the team myself.)
Nyarko: So odd…

The red-haired goddess put her uniform back on.

Rias: All right, I’m setting off for the House of Magic. I’ll train with Asuna of the Ala Alba.
Akeno: But… Isn’t it the same house where Shinnok resides?
Rias: I know that, Akeno, Ise-kun told me that earlier on. But, you know what they say… Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.(winks)

Rias kisses Issei once again, and exits from the temple to go to the House of Magic.

Akeno: (clings on Issei) Now… Where were we? (tickles Issei’s chest)
Issei: Ehheheheh… Easy there, Akeno!
Nyarko: (I’d better follow her.) I’ll see you guys another time.

Nyarko, unknown to the two them, exited Bayonetta’s temple to follow Rias. As she goes out, a girl with glasses wearing a cloaked robe hiding her face started to discreetly follow her.

Nyarko: (I’m not sure, but I feel like I’m being followed… Still, better follow Rias to see what she’s up to.)

Meanwhile, the seductive fallen angel begins once again to lovingly tease the pervert, preparing to sit on his lap.

Akeno: Now that it’s just the two of us, Ise-kun…

As they resume their sexy act, Bayonetta suddenly returned with food in her hands, interrupting them in the process

Bayonetta: I’ve seen Rias and that girl depart this House. Where are they going?
Issei: Rias is going to the House of Magic. I’m not sure where Nyarko went.
Akeno: She’s also put me charge of the group…
Bayonetta: It’s so strange seeing you take charge.
Issei: (I just hope she’s okay. If Shinnok even strikes a brief alliance with the Yandere Quartet… That’s going to be tough.)
Bayonetta: Still… How’s it going with the show, Akeno?
Akeno: It’s going great, Bayo! Ise-kun’s loving it!
Issei: And that’s putting it lightly!
Bayonetta: Good… Now that you’re temporarily leading your group, don’t stay here too long; They’ll be worried about you.
Issei and Akeno: …
Bayonetta: If you both excuse me, I’ll be going to sleep. Come again some other time.

As the Umbra Witch headed for bed, the two of them exited from the temple, and headed for Akeno’s temple in the House of Combat, to continue their show.

Akeno: We’ll have so much fun when we get to my temple~
Issei: Ohh boy, I can’t wait!

9 minutes later, Rias arrived in the entrance of the House of Magic. Strangely, none of the Guardians were seemingly present, worrying her in the process. Neverminding them, she heads for the Mixed Magic subhouse to train with Asuna. Unknown to her, Nyarko was following her with another woman in hot pursuit. The red-haired goddess enters Asuna’s temple.

Rias: Is anyone here?
Asuna: Who is it- Ohh, you must be Rias Gremory of the Occult Research Club!
Rias: Indeed, Asuna.
Asuna: …And who’s following you?
Rias: Wait, what? (turns back) …Oh! It’s you, Nyarko! …And who’s this other lady right here?
Nyarko: Hi there, Asuna! (turns to the mysterious lady) Go away, will you?

The goddess, however, declined Nyarko’s request to leave her alone. She gets past Nyarko, only for the silver-haired goddess’s head to block her.

Rias: We’ll be more than happy to kick you out of here ourselves if the guardians are absent!
Asuna: It’s three against one! You’re surrounded!
Nyarko: Who the hell are you anyway?!

The mysterious lady was surrounded by Asuna with her BFS, Nyarko with her crowbar, and Rias with an energy sphere.

Rias: I’ll ask the same question as Nyarko: who are you? And what do you want?

The mysterious goddess removed her cloak to reveal herself as a certain figure Asuna knew of.

Meanwhile, Issei and Akeno arrived at the latter’s temple in the House of Combat. Issei sat on a nearby chair, ready to witness the fallen angel’s sexy show she was reserving for him.

Akeno: (whispers to Issei) Ready for round 2?
Issei: I was born ready!

Akeno was about to give him a lapdance, something in which aroused the Harem-King in training. However, he couldn’t get Rias off his mind for a minute. The fact that she went alone to train with the Ala Alba made him somewhat uneasy about the fact that Shinnok and the Yandere Quartet would strike her and the Ala Alba down. He tried not worry too much about it and enjoy the lap-dance Akeno gives him.

Issei: (Ahh… This is paradise!) Keep going!
Akeno: Teehee~! You should get ready… We’re going to enjoy this!
Issei: You can bet on it! (Still, I hope Rias is okay… With all the stuff about Shinnok and the Yandere Quartet… If I lose her, I won’t know what to do…)
Akeno: (nears herself to Issei, and caresses his left cheek) Hmmm, Ise-kun, you look so conflicted yet excited~
Issei: I love this show you’re giving me, but I’m fearful about losing Rias…
Akeno: Aww, don’t worry, she’ll be fine, Nyarko and Asuna are surely covering her back! Just enjoy me and my sexy show for the time being!
Issei: Gladly, my beloved Priestess of Lightning!
Akeno: Ufufufufu~!

The two of them continued their fun. The goddess took off her bra, and remained topless, furthering Issei’s excitement. She continued her lap-dance for a few more minutes, making the pervert all the more thrilled.

Akeno: You like it?
Issei: Saying that I like it would be an understatement!

Akeno pressed her naked chest onto Issei’s.

Akeno: I’ll send you straight to heaven in 3… 2… 1… (french-kisses Issei)
Issei: (muffled speech)

The pervert got the chills from the sudden move of his seductive haremette.

Issei: A-Akeno?! W-What?!
Akeno: (giggles) You’re so cute when you’re flustered~
Issei: (laughs) And you’re such a tease!
Akeno: Tee hee, it’s part of myself! …Do you want some more?
Issei: Well, I’d really like it, but- (gets stopped mid-sentence with another french kiss by Akeno)

Unfortunately, someone opened the door of the temple. It was Asia, who, suffice to say, did not like what she was seeing.

Asia: T-That’s no fair game, Akeno! Why do you always get to hog Ise-san all by yourself?
Akeno: Aww, look who’s here~
Issei: A-Asia?!
Asia: If I have to strip out of my clothes, then I will! I don’t wanna be left behind, for crying out loud!

Asia took off her clothes in front of the two in a fit of adorable jealousy.

Akeno: (giggles) She’s so cute when she gets jealous~

Asia joined Akeno and Issei in their fun. The three of them proceed to make love throughout the time, even though Issei was unwilling to “defile” Asia.

Issei: (Too bad Rias isn’t here! Anyways, this is AWESOME!!!)

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 6) …And Your Enemies Even Closer 

In the House of Magic, Rias, Asuna and Nyarko all faced off against one mysterious goddess.

Asuna: Tell us who are you and we might let you go!

However, as the lady removed her cloak, Asuna was left in shock from the revelation. It was a member of the Yandere Quartet: Tsukuyomi.

Nyarko: The weeds never die, huh?
Rias: (Wait a minute, I remember her from the photos Ise-kun gave me.) What do you want from us, you psycho?!
Tsukuyomi: Just tell me where Setsuna is, and maybe I’ll spare you.
Nyarko: Fat chance! Like we’d never tell you that girl’s whereabouts!
Tsukuyomi: Hahaha… That’s too bad… I was about to eliminate you pathetic girls anyway.

Asuna attacks Tsukuyomi with a swing of her sword. The psychotic goddess promptly avoids the attack. She tries to strike Asuna with her sword Hina, but Rias manages to blasted her with “Power of Destruction,” knocking Tsukuyomi away from them.

Asuna: (To Rias) Good work!
Nyarko: Is she knocked out?
Rias: I doubt it, but I hope so.

The three of them stood still to see if the badly injured Tsukuyomi was knocked out.

Rias: (to Tsukuyomi) See? That’s why you don’t fuck with the Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin.
Asuna: That’s gotta hurt!

The Psychotic lesbian goddess barely recovered from the blasted Rias gave her, barely speaking with her.

Tsukuyomi: Uhahaha…! You are… Quite the powerful one… But I’ve invited some guests to play with you both!

All of a sudden, flying swords were raining down on the three of them. The three of them managed to barely avoid them in the nick of time.

Nu-13: Target acquired.
Rias: (Here’s another one of that Quartet… Nu-13, if I’m not mistaken.)
Asuna: Another one of those bitches!
Nyarko: I’m hoping Yuno and Kotonoha don’t arrive.

Nyarko spoke too soon: someone took Nyarko with herself, using her as a human shield and threatening to slit her throat. It was Kotonoha Katsura.

Rias: (Kotonoha, huh? A former Disgrace…)
Kotonoha: Nobody move, nobody get hurt! Make a move… And you’ll say goodbye to this little girl!
Nyarko: Don’t call me a little girl!

Nyarko attacks Kotonoha with her crowbar, hitting her on her back, and freeing herself in the process.

Rias: Great job, Nyarko!

Nyarko deals a combo against Kotonoha, ending it with a strike with her crowbar, slightly phasing Kotonoha in the process.

Kotonoha: Khh! Not bad.
Asuna: And I suppose you can think up a better response?
Kotonoha: Shut up…!
Rias: Nyarko, you handle Kotonoha! Asuna, finish off Tsukuyomi if you have to! I’ll take Nu-13 as my opponent!
Asuna/Nyarko‘: Got it!
Nu-13: Target acquired. Considered as a threat. Terminate target.

Nu charged towards Rias without hesitation as usual.

Rias: SHUT! UP! (counters Nu-13 successfully)

Rias blasts the Murakumo with another sphere of the Power of Destruction, knocking her away. The cyborg was seemingly unconscious for a few seconds.

Rias: (Is she gone?)

While this happened, Nyarko and Kotonoha were trading blows with their weapons, while Asuna stabbed Tsukuyomi a few more times to make sure the latter never resurfaces. Suddenly, Nu regenerates.

Nu-13: Terminate target.

Nu enters her Unlimited Mode, and proceeds to batter Rias up.

Nu-13: (as she beats Rias up) Terminate target. Terminate target. Terminate target. Terminate target. (repeats ad nauseam)

Rias, however, counters with another, stronger Power of Destruction, which severely damages Nu, and leaves her crawling.

Rias: And now the final blow!

Rias accumulates all the demonic power she has in her body, and prepares for one devastatingly powerful attack.

Rias: Asuna! Nyarko! Protect my back as I charge up this final attack!
Asuna: Roger!
Nyarko: Copy that!

She then creates an enormous sphere filled a crimson and black aura inside of it.

Rias: Just a little more time…

Before she could complete it, Nu sent her sword flying at them.

Asuna: It’s no good! Hurry up before she regenerates!
Rias: I need a little more time! Nyarko! Be fast on knocking Kotonoha out!

However, somebody deflected Nu’s sword. It was Xenovia, who arrived just in time.

Xenovia: Hope this helped.
Rias: Oh, thank you, Xenovia!
Xenovia: You’re welcome.

Xenovia rushes at Nu fend her for Rias to give the latter time to complete her ultimate attack. The two of them clashed blows with Nu gaining the upper hand.

Xenovia: Kh! I can’t go much longer!
Rias: Just halfway done!

Nyarko, who was still fighting Kotonoha, was no impressed with the response, while Kotonoha mocked her for their efforts.

Nyarko: I can’t hold this psycho off much longer!
Kotonoha: (Tsukuyomi is down, and Nu is having little trouble disposing those women.) (Looks at Rias) (That woman is really powerful. I guess we’ll have to-) Wha?

As she monologued, Nyarko bluntly said “Henshin,” transforming into her Full Force Form as she fought her, gaining a boost in attack speed, throwing her off with a blow to Kotonoha’s chest and right shoulder in the process.

Kotonoha: ARGH!
Nyarko: Take this! (hits Kotonoha’s left shoulder)

Meanwhile, Xenovia is having a difficult time trying to keep up against Nu. The cyborg’s Unlimited Mode is incredibly powerful. But the exorcist decides to swipe with a strong attack with her trusted Durandal’s most powerful form, Ex-Durandal, knocking her away.

Nu-13: Ngh!
Xenovia: (smashes Nu’s skull with her right heel) Still down? I was expecting a bit more from one of the Yandere Quartet.
Rias: Great job, Xenovia! The attack is fully charged, now!
Asuna: Good to hear!
Rias: Asuna! Nyarko! Xenovia! Find somewhere to hide! This attack is going to cause quite the ruckus. EXTINGUISHED STAR!!!

Rias then launched an enormous sphere of demonic power towards the three members of the Yandere Quartet. However, despite obliterating everything in its path, the sphere went at a very slow velocity. The sphere pulled the three members of the Quartet as it got closer to them, causing them to make a retreat.

Kotonoha: Nu! Grab Tsukuyomi! We’re getting out of here!
Nu: Understood!

Nu grabs the unconscious psychotic lesbian before she gets disintegrated, and the three of them made their escape as the sphere continue to destroy everything in it’s path.

5 minutes later, three-fourths of the House of Magic was in ruins due to Rias’ Extinguished Star. The Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin calls back her allies.

Rias: Is everyone alright?
Xenovia: Yeah!
Nyarko & Asuna: We’re A-OK!
Rias: Good to hear. (That explosion was bigger than Issei’s beatdown against Terumi…)
???: Just what the hell happened here!?

A very loud voice reached the ears of the four of them. The four of them turned around to reveal that the voice belonged to an angry and annoyed Edward Elric, who, for some odd reason, was wearing military attire.

Nyarko: …Hey, midget. You in charge of this place?
Xenovia: …Good grief.
Asuna: (What a bad temper…)
Rias: Wait, I can explain!

Rias explained to the Fullmetal Alchemist that she used Extinguished Star as an attempt to take out the Yandere Quartet.

Ed: Great… And I just repaired the damned house the other day after that explosion caused by that Issei guy.
Rias: (sweatdrops) Err, I… no, we, the Occult Research Club, are deeply sorry that we destroyed the House of Magic twice.
Ed: (sigh) Whatever. (This is the same girl who can change her breast size without using something else in return. Al and I have yet to come up with the research how she can do this.) Now get out!
Xenovia: Whatever you say, alchemist.

As ordered, the four females exited the House of Magic.

Nyarko: That was an awesome job, Rias! You really did a number on those girls!
Rias: No…. Thank you, Nyarko, for helping out. You too, Asuna and Xenovia.
Asuna: That’s what friends are for!
Xenovia: Your thanks is appreciated. Now, where do you guys wanna go now?
Rias: You know, Asuna, we should start our training soon.
Asuna: Oh?
Rias: Should we train in the House of Power?
Asuna: That sounds fine to me.

With their decision made, they’ve decided to go to the House of Power.

Rias: (Be prepared, Ise-kun… I’m coming back near your temple.)

Meanwhile in the House of Combat, Issei was finished with his threesome with Asia and Akeno.

Akeno: Mmmmh, Ise-kun… You were so good… All that porn you watched seems to have really paid off~ (giggles) We should do this again!
Asia: Ise-san… I… I… I love you. You are everything to me. Thank you for the great time we passed together.
Issei: This was quite possibly… The awesomest time I’ve ever had with you two!
Akeno: I’m glad you liked it! It’s the least I can do for you, Ise-kun~
Asia: D-Don’t steal Ise-san, Akeno! N-Not on my watch!
Issei: Whoa, easy there! (laughs)
Akeno: How about we take a shower?
Asia: Of course!

The three of them take a shower, and 10 minutes later, all three of them departed Akeno’s temple. To their surprise, there was quite the gospel in the Intermediate Gods section amongst several deities.

Asia: What are they gossiping about?
Issei: No idea, but let’s find out.

The three of them joined in on a conversational gospel to find some clues.

Doggie Krueger: During my trip back here, I’ve seen an enormous red sphere destroying the House of Magic.
Master Asia: I wonder who could that be? It seems this deity has accomplished quite a fascinating feat, albeit slightly.
Dante Alighieri: One of the deities there will be very displeased with whoever destroyed the House of Magic.
Suzaku Kururugi: I just hope the noble deities are okay.

After hearing them for a minute, the three members of the Occult Research Club seemed horribly concerned about the event.

Akeno: Oh dear… what happened at the House of Magic?
Asia: I’ll never forgive the fiend who destroyed my temple!
Issei: (Rias, I hope you’re okay.) Let’s head to the House of Magic.

With that, Issei, Asia, and Akeno decided to head for the House of Magic to see what happened there.

10 Minutes later, the three members of the Occult Research Club arrived in front of the House of Magic, where the Master Builders Four (And Fix-it Felix Jr.) were busy repairing the damage done to the House. Wondering what transpired, they went to see the guardians. From the front entrance, All guardians with the exception of Ed were at the main room. Doctor Strange turned around to see them.

Doctor Strange:It’s you guys again. The Alchemist has informed me that the destruction was caused by your friend Rias Gremory.
Issei: Rias did this…!?
Asia: M-my temple…
Akeno: I have to wonder why she did this?

Harry Potter joins the conversation to explain the reason she did it.

Harry Potter: Your redhead friend and a few others were trying to drive off a group of insane girls going by the name of the Yandere Quartet.
Asia: The Yandere Quartet was here!?
Issei: Please tell me that Rias is okay! Otherwise those girls will-
Harry: (interrupts Issei) Calm down. When Ed came here, she was completely fine.
Akeno: I knew she would be okay from an ambush against those insane teenage girls.
Doctor Strange: I’ve never expected her to destroy this house. She’s quite the powerful woman. (I’ve also heard a rumor about that cyborg girl with the eyepatch… Nu-13, if I’m not mistaken. Gossips have it that, she actually talks normally even in Ragna the Bloodedge’s absence. Not only do I wonder if this is true or not, but I do wonder what the cause of this is. Perhaps she’s keeping up the robot act.)
Issei: Do you know where she is now?
Harry: Sorry. No idea.
Asia: She could probably be in your house, Issei.
Issei: Good idea. Thank you guys for informing us!
Doctor Strange: Ohohohoho! No need to thank us, boy. You should be on your way to find your friend. Oh, and Miss Argento can sleep at your temple tonight, Mr. Hyodou.
Issei: She can….!? S-sweet…!
Asia: T-Thank you so much!!!
Doctor Strange: Again, no need to thank us, girl.
Harry: You shouldn’t waste your time thinking about that. Find your friend before those girls do.
Akeno: Of course!

With that, the three of them went to the House of Power to find Rias.

Meanwhile in the House of Power, Rias & Asuna trained in the Intermediate Gods section where Issei’s temple is located. The House was very quiet this time around.

Rias: Alright, Asuna! Are you ready?
Asuna: Of course. Just need to prepare my magic.

The two of the stretched before performing their magical training section. However, as they started training, Issei, Asia, and Akeno entered the House.

Issei: Home sweet home!
Asia: Hey! Isn’t that Rias?… She’s with Asuna?
Akeno: Oh my, I wonder why she brought her here?
Rias: You’re all back. Oh, Asia… Sorry if I destroyed your temple.
Asia: Doesn’t matter, Rias! I’ll be sleeping with Ise-san for the night!
Rias: I’m glad for you, then!
Akeno: Fufufufu~! I may stay over Issei’s temple for round 3.
Asia: No fair, Akeno! I want some alone time with Ise-san!
Issei: (sweatdrops) Uhh, girls… T-that can wait for later. Thank goodness you’re safe, Rias!
Rias: I’m glad you came for me. (To Asuna) Now then! Shall we proceed with our training?
Asuna: Let’s do this!

Asuna took out Bellatrix Sauciata: Ensis Exorcizans in its harisen form.

Asuna: Watch out, Rias! This fan can exorcise devils and demons like you with just one slap!
Rias: All right… Guess I’ll have to be careful.

The twintailed tsundere made the first move, attacking the red-haired devil with her fan. Rias narrowly avoided the attack.

Rias: Those fans can pretty much kill me at the first landed slap… But you’ll have to get me first!
Asuna: Alright! I love a good challenge! (charges at Rias) Fear the power of Baka Red!
Issei: (to Rias) Please don’t destroy my temple like you did with Asia’s!

As the two trained, Issei, Asia and Akeno went to the boy’s temple to get some rest. Asuna makes another move and attacks the Crimson-haired princess again, only for the Crimson Princess to dodge the attack again. Asuna prepares her next attack.

Rias: Not quick enough.
Asuna: I’ll get you. Just you wait!

Asuna made several swings at Rias, all of which were avoided. Deep down, the twintailed tsundere really didn’t want to exorcise an ally of hers. As the match ensued, Nyarko arrived at the House to watch them train.

Nyarko: Whoa. This has gotten intense… Huh? Asuna…?

Asuna puts her weapon back in her back, to the surprise of both of them.

Rias: Asuna…?
Asuna: I not willing to exorcise you, so I’ll fight barehanded.
Rias: But you’re going to be harmed!
Asuna: You’ll about to see what I’m capable of without pactio!

Asuna charges at Rias again, this time unarmed, in hopes to land a hit on her. Rias performs a fire spell on her, only for the former to cancel it. She tries to perform a darkness spell, only for the twintailed tsundere to cancel that too.

Rias: You can cancel magic?
Asuna: Indeed I can.
Rias: (I wonder if she can cancel my Power of Destruction.) Let’s consider this draw. What do you say?
Asuna: Fine, but I’ll still get you next time!
Rias: Hehehehe… Of course.

The two of them concluded their battle. Nyarko gives the two of them a round of applause for their skills.

Nyarko: That was a pretty decent session. Why did the two of you stop?
Rias: I didn’t want to destroy Issei’s temple as I did with the House of Magic.
Asuna: I’d definitely agree.
Rias: Oh well, then. It’s time for me to go to Issei’s temple and have some good fun.
Asuna: I’m going to go to Negi’s temple to sleep with him.
Nyarko: I’m going to Mahiro’s temple to show him those dance moves you showed Issei.
Rias: Oooh… Good luck, Nyarko. See you both later!

With that, the three girls parted ways for the separate destinations. Our heroines successfully fended off an attack by the Yandere Quartet.

In the House of Emotion, a rose-haired figure was seen sitting on a bed with Kotonoha, Nu-13, and Tsukuyomi in front of her. The figure was the leader of the Yandere Quartet: Yuno Gasai.

Tsukuyomi: Yuno…
Yuno: What is it?
Kotonoha: We’re sorry to say this, but… A group of girls have defeated us.
Nu-13: We failed you again.
Yuno: Who are these girls?
Tsukuyomi: They were Asuna Kagurazaka, Nyarko of the Special Lovers Squad… And two girls called Rias Gremory and Xenovia Quarta.
Yuno: YOU WERE AGAIN DEFEATED BY NYARKO AND HER HENCHMEN?! THIS IS-(delves into mad gibberish)-UNTHINKABLE! But wait… I heard some facts about those last two girls you referred to, Tsukuyomi. Who were they again?
Tsukuyomi: Rias Gremory and Xenovia Quarta.
Kotonoha: They are part of some group called Occult Research Club. They’ve been in the mouth of everyone in the Pantheon lately.

Upon hearing the this new group, Yuno springs up an idea.

Yuno: Whatever you do, spy on them, whenever one of them are alone, gang up on the worthless girl separated from the Occult Research Club and take them out!
???: I can help you with this.

Suddenly, Shinnok entered Yuno’s temple. The Quartet was left surprised by his unexpected arrival.

Nu-13: Analyzing… Analyzing… Name: Shinnok. Title: God of Magically Amplifying Artifacts. House: Magic. Rank: Greater God.
Shinnok: Please excuse me for barging in, ladies. I have no intention harming you.
Yuno: Just what do you want?
Shinnok: I heard you want to attack the Occult Research Club. That’s also the club of a person who I’m interested in: his name is Issei Hyodo.
Kotonoha: And what are you planning to do with him?
Shinnok: Hmhmhmhm, you’re very perspicacious, madame. He has an artifact called Boosted Gear that I want to steal. I’ve once made an attempt, but those insolent fools have teamed up on me and my allies and handed us a sonorous defeat. I’m planning to strike back, and perhaps you can help me with it.
Tsukuyomi: And what do we get in return?
Shinnok: Whatever you ladies desire… I am the most powerful sorcerer in the Netherrealm, you will witness my power soon!
Yuno: …Count us in. If it means taking out the Special Lovers Squad, we’ll gladly able to assist you. On one condition: If you hurt Yukiteru Amano, we’re cutting off our alliance with you. Understand?
Shinnok: Deal. I promise not to harm the boy. Now, let’s begin our plan.

The Yandere Quartet have made an alliance with Shinnok. With this, they’re certain they’ll defeat the Special Lovers Squad and their allies. Shinnok, instead, just wants Issei’s Boosted Gear.

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 7) Shinnok Strikes Back 

As they finished their training, Rias and Asuna decided to part ways for the time being. Asia and Akeno, instead, rested with Issei in his temple. The fallen angel, however, wanted to continue her show for Issei, although the clingy nun has shown signs of strong opposition.

Akeno: Too bad I can’t continue showing you my moves~ (giggles)
Asia: P-Please don’t do it, Akeno! …You always hog Ise-san all by yourself!
Issei: Whoa, calm down, you two! (laughs) (Apparently Rias and Asuna have finished training… I hope the Yandere Quartet doesn’t strike once again.)

Suddenly, Rias entered Issei’s temple.

Rias: Now, now… How about we all do it?
Issei: W-wait… Really!?
Akeno: A foursome? This will be fun~
Asia: Nooooo! Getting Issei will be really difficult for me!

The girls ganged up on Issei as he comedically screamed in enjoyment.


At the House of Food, Hayate was finished serving food to many deities there. Many deities were having a fun time enjoying their meals. Somehow, the food tasted better than usual. Hayate smiled as he enjoyed the spectacle.

Hayate: Phew… That was quite the ordeal! I hope they’ll like it!

As he was about to exit the cuisine, Negi entered the House.

Negi: Hayate! I see you’re serving these guys dishes as usual.
Hayate: Negi! Would you like to have something to eat here?
Negi: N-no thanks. There’s something I want to tell you.
Hayate: Hm? What is it?
Negi: The Yandere Quartet attacked Asuna and Rias in the House of Magic.
Hayate: Wait, really? I hope the deities of the House of Magic are okay.
Negi: They are. The destruction was caused by Rias.
Hayate: The redhead in the Body Images subhouse?
Negi: Correct.
Hayate: Whoa… I never thought she could do this.

As the two of them chatted, two deities were chatting as they’ve eaten their food.

Undertaker: (As he bites on a steak) The food here tastes a lot better than usual. I wonder what they’ve added into this food.
Max Payne: I’d rather not answer that; Some of the deities here cook the weirdest foods.
Undertaker: I have to wonder why they keep that Jabba guyaround if he’s such a filthy creature.
Payne: I’d rather see him exiled from the pantheon than have him banned here. There’s also something else I’ve heard. As weird as this may sound, there’s a tournament with powerful creatures going on, and an old man is involved with it.
Undertaker: Interesting… Not only have I heard what you said, but there’s quite a gossip about him training the electric mouse.
Payne: As interesting as that may sound, I’ve better things to do than watching creatures participating in a tournament.
Undertaker: I may have a match at the Wrestling Federation.

As the two of were finished eating, they went to their separate destinations while Hayate and Negi continued their conversation.

Negi: You made it?
Hayate: Well, yeah.
Negi: Then congrats! (turns away from Hayate, but then turns back once again to see him) …Just tell me something, Hayate.
Hayate: What is it?
Negi: You are a witness of when Issei beat up Yuuki Terumi, right?
Hayate: I had to take cover for how Issei became wrathful! Remind me never to hurt Issei’s harem in his presence, otherwise… I’m already dead.
Negi: Yyyyeah. (sweatdrops)
Hayate: But wait… Who were the ones of the Quartet that attacked Rias and Asuna?
Negi: At first there was just Tsukuyomi. Hopefully Nyarko was there to back up Rias and Asuna. Then there came Nu and Kotonoha.
Hayate: No sign of Yuno?
Negi: Nope. I think she was resting in her temple.
Hayate: I see… How about we see what Criminy’s up to.

The two head for the House of Love to see Criminy. As this was happening, Deadpool was eating his food.

Deadpool: (Nice Ass Pull having Issei summoning Hayate to fight against Shinnok, Troper.)

Back at the house of Magic, Shinnok was planning his theft of the Boosted Gear with Quan Chi, Zobek, and the Yandere Quartet. This time he really doesn’t want any screw-ups. However, his temple was only partially rebuilt following Rias’s devastation of the House. ‘

Shinnok: Hmhmhmhmhmhm… (That foolish boy will fall beneath me as I steal his Boosted Gear. However, I suspect that Quan Chi, Zobek and those girls won’t be successful. I must enlist one more deity before we can begin our move against them.) Now then, let’s begin our plan. (To Nu)Since you have the ability to regenerate as many times as you desire, keep an eye on Issei whenever he’s alone. (To Yuno) You, find some explosives in the House of Weapons and blow up the House of Love.
Kotonoha: What about me and Tsukuyomi?
Shinnok: Spy on the members of the Special Lovers Squad that aren’t in the House of Love and ambush the members whenever they’re alone.
Yuno: Wait about you?
Shinnok: While Quan Chi and Zobek take out the remaining members of the Occult Research Club, I’m going to capture and brainwash a deity with a fierce hatred for Issei so the girl with the eyepatch can ambush him.
Yuno: Ohhh~! What a plan.
Shinnok: Before we initiate our plan, is there anyone who can help us take the boy’s Boosted Gear?
Yuno: If you excuse me, Shinnok, I know a certain deity that can help us…
Shinnok: Tell me everything you know.
Yuno: This deity is called Dragonslayer Ornstein. He’s part of the Costumes Subhouse of the House of Personal Appearance. He repeatedly tried to kill Issei, and even joined YHVH’s GUAL to further his goals. However, I didn’t see him hunting him down recently…
Shinnok: Ornstein… A perfect deity. I compliment you for your resources.
Yuno: Um, thank you?

With this, the group split up to carry out the tasks they’ve discussed while Shinnok remained.

Shinnok: (Hmhmhmhm… I knew that allying with the Yandere Quartet was the right move to do. Issei… Be prepared to say goodbye to your Boosted Gear. Me, the Yandere Quartet, Quan Chi, Zobek, and Dragonslayer Ornstein are going to defeat you!) Hehehehe…. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shinnok’s evil laughter was heard all over the repaired House of Magic. This time, he was certain he will succeed in stealing the Boosted Gear.

Later Meanwhile, Negi and Hayate came to visit Criminy in the Romance Subhouse of the House of Love.

Criminy: Negi! Hayate! Good to see you again. What brings you here?
Negi: You’re all right, Criminy!
Hayate: Good to see you again, boy.
Criminy: Wait… Where’s Issei?
Negi: He’s in his own temple with some of his girls.
Criminy: Oh… I see.

Fuchsia approached the two visitors.

Fuchsia: Look who’s back! Come take a seat.
Negi: Oh, thank you, ma’am!
Hayate: You’re a lot sweeter than the other girls… P-please don’t take that as an insult.
Fuchsia: It’s alright. I don’t mind.
Negi: Ahahahaha! Don’t get so flustered, Hayate.
Criminy: Indeed. So then. Has anything transpired that I missed out?
Hayate: Yeah.
Negi: Yeah. The Yandere Quartet attacked Rias, Asuna, Xenovia, and Nyarko at the House of Magic and the former destroyed a large portion.
Criminy: Really…? Were they okay?
Negi: Of course! With Rias’s tactical prowess, the group were a-okay.
Fuchsia: Good grief. I’m glad those girls could fend for themselves.

However, little do the four know that Yuno has set up a few time bombs around the House. Now all she had to do was find Yukiteru Amano, her “boyfriend” and have him get away from the House of Love as she was about to execute her part of the plan.

Yuno: I must find Yukki and get him out of here…

She found her loved in his own part of their temple. She wanted to get him out as fast as she can

Yuno: Quick, Yukki! Let’s get out of here!
Yukki: W-What?!
Yuno: No time for asking questions! (takes Yukki by his hand)

The Goddess of Yanderes ran as fast she could to go to Yukki’s temple. The Random Diary holder was puzzled whatever was going on.

Yukki: Yuno, please tell me what’s going on!
Yuno: I just want to show you some fireworks. That’s all. Heehee~ (smiles)
Yukki: …Drop the nonsense, Yuno. I’ll rephrase the question. Why are we running away from the House of Love?
Yuno: Wasn’t it obvious? I want to show you some fireworks.
Yukki: (breaks free from Yuno) You know what? I’m going back.
Yuno: Y-Yukki, please…!

The now suspicious Yukiteru walks back into their temple. Yuno feared that he may thwart her plans of blowing up the House of Love.

Yuno: W-Why are you doing this?
Yukki: (I have a girlfriend who’s totally wacko.)
Yuno: Don’t you know what you’re doing? Y-You might get injured by the fireworks!

Yukiteru decided to go back in the House of Love, terrorizing Yuno in the process. She really doesn’t want to lose Yukiteru.

Yuno: Yukki… Come back, Yukki! Why do you want to blow yourself up?!

It was at this very moment Yukiteru somewhat catched on to what Yuno was planning: Blow up the House of Love.

Yukki: (So she was planning to blow the House up. I’m going to defuse the bombs so no one in this house would suffer.)

Yukiteru heads for the Romance sub-house first since he didn’t want the loved ones get hurt first. The problem was that it was the most populated subhouse in the House of Love. He quickly searched the area for the bomb, but there was no luck in finding it. He kept searching until he found a time bomb. The digital timer strapped on it was signing the remaining time before the detonation: Yukki had only 4 minutes to evacuate the entire house.

Yukki: (Yuno… I won’t forgive you for planting bombs inside this House.)

Yukki proceeds to tell the Guardians about the bombs.

4 minutes before detonation.

Meanwhile outside, Yuno was in tears about the fact that not only Yukki was going to get caught in the explosion, but he was also going to thwart her plans to eliminate the Special Lovers Squad.

Yuno: Yukki… Please…! Come back!

3 minutes and 30 seconds before detonation.

Back inside, Yukiteru went to the main entrance to find the guardians.

Yukki: Are any of you here…? It’s me, Yukiteru Amano!
Belldandy: (Yawns) What is it, young man?
Yukki: I want you to have every deity evacuate the House of Love! There are bombs planted inside!
Belldandy: Oh dear… I’ll alert the other deities here.

Belldandy pressed the alarm button to warn every deity throughout the entire House of Love. Loud sirens were reaching everyone’s ear wondering what’s happening.

Negi: What’s going on!?
Criminy: The House of Love having an emergency!? This is rare.
Hayate: Whatever it is, let’s get out of here, quick!

2 minutes before detonation.

Negi, Hayate, Criminy, and Fuchsia, along with dozens of deities were running out of the House of Love. On their way to the main area, they’ve spotted Yukiteru.

Yuno: Y-Yukki… Why have you turned against me?! WHY?! (cries)
Negi: Yukki?
Yukki: No time for questions! GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!
Hayate: At lightning speed!

Negi, Hayate, Criminy, Fuchsia, and numerous deities all ran for cover, as the time bombs ticked closer and closer to explosion and subsequent demolition of the House.1 minute before detonation.

Almost every deity from the House of Love evacuated.

30 seconds before detonation.

Flonne: Looks like everyone evacuated the House.

Flonne was the last deity to evacuate the House. All the gods were amassed in a huge crowd, ready to witness the bombs’ detonation.


The bombs finally detonated, and with a few large explosions, they destroyed the House of Love. The guardians weren’t happy in the slightest bit after seeing what remains of the House.

Flonne: Aww, now we’ll have to rebuild the House from scratch!
Belldandy: Don’t be so upset, we can do this.
Bayonetta: Guess I’ll have to tell Akeno that the next lesson is indefinitely postponed.

Nyarko, instead, was sad on the fact she couldn’t do a pole-dance for Mahiro, because their temples were completely leveled down.

Nyarko: (clings onto Mahiro) Arrrgh, and I was just going to do a pole-dance for you!
Mahiro: W-What?!

Mahiro was flustered to hear Nyarko perform such a thing for him. However, the rest of the deities were worried about where will they stay at now since the house was destroyed. Some of the evil deities immediately departed to stay at a fellow deity’s temple

Big Boss: That was a close one. If they didn’t warn us, we’d all be goners. Gabriel should be lucky he wasn’t here.
Kaylee Frye: Where am I gonna stay now?
Brock: Looks like I’m going to have to stay at Ash’s temple.
Desire of the Endless: Now, now, everyone! We’ll enlist the Master Builders Four fix up the mess.
Flonne: But those guys are in the House of Magic.
Belilal: Perhaps we’ll stay with Miss Alice for the time being. (leaves with Nebiros).
Mele: I swear I’ll get whoever did this!
Hinata Hyuga: Looks like I’ll stay with Naruto-kun… (leaves)

There was quite an uproar in the crowd. Negi, Hayate, Criminy, and Fuchsia looked at the now ruined House of Love.

Negi: Both of my temples were destroyed… (falls to his knees)
Criminy: And so was mine!
Hayate: Don’t worry guys. You can sleep at my temple for the time being.
Criminy: Hayate, thank you… I’d be desperate to find somewhere to stay if I hadn’t met you.
Hayate: No problem…! (smiles)

Yukki was looking at the entire crowd. He takes a deep breath and spoke as loud as he could. He couldn’t let Yuno go unpunished for this.

Yukki: Alright, everyone! I have something to confess to confess to you all! The person who set up the bombs here was Yuno Gasai!
Yuno: Y-Yukki… HOW COULD YOU!?

Now angry at her “boyfriend”, The rose-haired Goddess picked up her knife and ran at Yukki at full force to stab him. Suddenly, a bullet went through both of them, causing Yuno to step back. The one who triggered the bullet was James Bond.

James Bond: Normally, I wouldn’t be shooting minors, but make one move against the boy, and I won’t regret giving you a gruesome punishment, girl.
Flonne: You did this!?
Zapp Brannigan: Great! Now all the good-looking goddesses will flee the House!
Rushuna Tendo: I’ve should known it you this whole time…!

Now outnumbered by every good deity in the House of Love, Yuno Gasai, the Goddess of Yandere, is brought to her knees in tears. Her plan to injure the Special Lovers Squad failed horribly. All members of the Special Lovers squad were safe. Yukki goes up to Belldandy, Flonne, and Desire of the Endless to make a declaration.

Yukki: Miss Belldandy… Miss Flonne… and Desire… I wish Yuno and I to be removed as members of the House of Love.
Desire: Very well… Your wish is granted.
Yuno: What!?

Many of the deities were stunned into silence to hear Yukki make such a decision.

Desire: I hereby declare that the two of you, Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai, will no longer have temples in the House of Love!

Many of the deities were very surprised about Yukki’s decision.

Big Boss: (Who would’ve thought that the boy no with no fame among many of the houses here foiled that girl’s attempt to get uncaught with demolition of the House of Love? Why did she do it? At this point, Gabriel’s the only Greater God in the Romance sub-house, huh?)
Holly Golightly: You deserved it, you insane woman!
Momo: So repulsive…

As some of the deities yelled at Yuno, who is still angry at the rest of them, she retreats to Shinnok’s whereabouts, even though she knows the sorcerer will be less than pleased to hear that his plan isn’t going smoothly.

Negi: She’s leaving!
Hayate: We should go after her!
Criminy: She’ll pay for ruining my temple… And Negi’s!
Fuchsia: I’m coming with you guys!
Flonne: She’ll pay in the name of love!

The four of them chased Yuno, with the help of Flonne, to subdue her. Nyarko and Mahiro watched them go after Yuno. The silver-haired goddess assembled her group. She, along with Hungary, assembled Kuroko Shirai, Mele, Juvia Lockser, and Peko Pekoyama.

Nyarko: All right! Special Lovers Squad, let’s follow those four and go after Yuno! Kuroko, teleport in front of Yuno’s location!
Kuroko: Gotcha!
Hungary: Everyone else, follow us!
Mele/Juvia Lockser/Peko Pekoyama: Yes ma’am!

The Special Lovers Squad initiated their plan and followed the three members of the Chick Magnet Quartet alongside Fuchsia and Flonne.

Yuno: Yukki! P-Please help me!
Yukki: … (turns away from Yuno)
Negi: Ras tel Ma Scir Magister! Pareo pactum quod servo mihi! Recolligo, phasmatis flamma!

Negi chanted a spell to attack Yuno. Said spell, Apes Igniferae, fired bee-like fiery projectiles against the goddess. As Yuno saw the projectiles, she ran faster than possible, while tears were still streaming down her face.

Yuno: (Yukki’s betrayed me, and now I have these pathetic guys chasing after me, especially one of the guardians…) W-wha?

Suddenly, Yuno was stopped by Kuroko, who teleported in front of her, stopping the rose-haired yandere in her tracks. This let’s Negi’s fiery bee-like spell caught Yuno.

Yuno: Gah!
Kuroko: Your precious “boyfriend” isn’t going to save you this time.

By the time the rest of the Group catched up to her, Hayate ran up to her and swipe kicked her to fall into the ground, followed by a Fujiwara armbar. She was held at swordpoint by Pekoyama.

Flonne: Good work, guys!
Yuno: You Special Lover skanks will never see your Oc- Gaahh!
Hungary: Blame your so-called boyfriend!

Hayate tightened the Fujiwara armbar to shut her up. Negi, Criminy, and Fuchsia walked up to her.

Negi: Criminy, Fuchsia, and I will never forgive you for blowing up our temples!
Criminy & Fuchsia: That’s right!
Nyarko: What are you planning to do this time, you vile shrew…!?

Slightly recovering from Hayate’s lock, Yuno kept on trying to not confess what’s behind the bombing.

Yuno: T-there’s no way I’m telling you…

Kuroko steps on her head for not answering her question.

Kuroko: If I were you I’d talk.
Kuroko: (steps harder) Talk! Right! NOW!
Yuno: Like you’d really expect me to surrender this easily!
Kuroko: You want me to smash your head in?! Because I can!
Yuno: (chuckles) Of course you will~
Kuroko: Stop teasing me, Yuno!

Hayate tightened the lock, causing Yuno to scream in pain again.

Hungary: If this were to be a group of Greater Gods and Overdeities, they’d instantly crush every part of your body until you couldn’t function properly. Now… Start talking!

Kuroko proceeds to step on Yuno and smash her with her left foot, greatly damaging her face in the process.

Kuroko: (with each stomp) You… WILL… TELL US!
Nyarko: Kuroko, stop!

As order by her leader, she was told to stop. Yuno’s face was badly damaged as a result.

Nyarko: I understand you want to know what Yuno’s up to, but seriously, you’re drawing the longbow, Kuroko! (Don’t make us repeat what I didduring that one time…)
Kuroko: I-I’m sorry, Nyarko.
Nyarko: Still, Yuno… Tell us what you’re up to right NOW!

Suddenly, a deep, evil laugh was heard in the distance. Yuno quickly realized who was it, and smirked.

Yuno: Teehee… Here come the reinforcements!

A sorcerer with pale skin, wearing a blue robe, enters the scene. It was Shinnok, who appeared behind the group.

Shinnok: I apologize for my late arrival, girl.
Yuno: S-Shinnok!
Nyarko: So you were working with this guy, huh, Yuno?
Yuno: SHUT UP!
Shinnok: Hmhmhmhm! I must say you’re right, Nyarko. I have made an alliance with the Yandere Quartet.
Kuroko: For what nasty purpose?
Shinnok: I will steal Issei Hyodo’s Boosted Gear. With this, none of the Kombatants will be able to stop me from conquering the Realms! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Negi/Criminy: (So he was the guy Issei told us about…)
Yuno: What about Ornstein? Did you capture him?
Shinnok: Quan Chi is taking care of that dragonslayer for us.
Hayate: (He’s even trying to kidnap the one who went after Issei’s head so obsessively… But why?)
Yuno: Did that guy do anything against the Occult Research Club, then?
Shinnok: Hasty be not: let those fools be for a while. We’ll act when they have their guards down.

Pekoyama ran towards Shinnok and placed her sword inches near his neck.

Pekoyama: Then tell us why did you get Yuno to bomb the House of Love!
Shinnok: It was all to terrorize you of the Special Lovers Squad, a kind request the ladette here.
Yukki: (I can’t believe it; Yuno has even allied with that evil sorcerer from the House of Magic…?)

Negi, Criminy, Fuchsia, Hayate and the Special Lovers Squad all surrounded Yuno and Shinnok. They’re ready to strike the evil duumvirate down if they make a move.

Mele: You won’t get away with this…!
Shinnok: Hehehehehe.. A bunch of deities teaming up against me? You will all bow down to my might!
Nyarko: Don’t make us laugh!!!

Nyarko attacked Shinnok with her crowbar, only for the attack to be blocked with a magic shield.

Shinnok: Hahahahahah… Is that the best you can do?

Shinnok grabbed Nyarko by her neck and started punching her in the face repeatedly.

Shinnok: Muahahahaha!!! How pathetic you are! So, so pathetic!

The other members of the Special Lovers Squad attempted to strike on Shinnok all at once, but to no avail whatsoever: all of their attacks were blocked.

Shinnok: Don’t you understand? You are powerless compared to me, the Ruler of the Netherrealm!

Shinnok then bluntly dropped Nyarko to the floor. The anthropomorphized form of the Crawling Chaos was left crawling.

Juvia: Quick! Someone here must put her back up!
Flonne: Power of-

Before Flonne could heal the battered Nyarko, Setsuna arrives in time to aid the group.

Setsuna: I’ll take her to Konoka ASAP! (takes Nyarko with herself)
Flonne: Please do! make it quick!

Setsuna spread her wings and flied at full speed towards the House of Royalty, knowing that Konoka’s pactio can only heal wounds received within a time lapse of 3 minutes.

Setsuna: (I’d better warn the others about this.)

While Setsuna flew to the House of Royalty, the rest of the Group casted magical spells against Shinnok, only for him to use his shield, blocking all of them in the process.

Shinnok: Hmph! Such magical spells are mere nuisances. The time for humor ends here.

Shinnok summoned skeletal hands from underneath to grab the heroes. He had the hands tighten their grip on them.

Criminy: Gaah! I can’t break free!

Juvia used Water Body to escape the skeletal hand’s grasp.

Shinnok: …I didn’t expect you to break free.
Juvia: Did you really think I would sit there and do nothing?

Negi was struggling to break himself free, but Hayate unleashed his physical strength and destroyed the hands which bind him.

Hayate: Here I come!

Hayate breaks his allies free from the hands and charges at Shinnok with all of his strength. Unfortunately his powerful attack was blocked once again by the sorcerer’s shield.

Shinnok: Heh, how pitiful. I was expecting a bit more from the Combat Butler.
Hungary: It seems that there’s no choice…

Before the others tried to strike against Shinnok another time, Shinnok summoned a portal for Yuno to escape to his temple.

Shinnok: You should recover in my temple. I’ll have Zobek give you healing potions there.
Yuno: Thank you… . But what about Yuki?

Yuno left the area as the group attacked the sorcerer one last time.

Meanwhile in the House of Personal Appearance, Quan Chi was facing off against Ornstein.

Quan Chi: Take this! (attacks Ornstein with his blades)
Ornstein: (Blocks the attack) Who are you? And what do you covet from me?!
Quan Chi: I only see you out for an “invitation”, that’s all.
Ornstein: Hear me: for I do not know what you seek from me, and I am not desiring to know it at all! (attacks Quan Chi with his spear)
Quan Chi: (grabs the spear inches before impaling him) I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your drift! (laughs)
Ornstein: Mmmmmrgh! Dare not insult the Captain of the Four Knights of Gwyn!

Ornstein leaps into the air and then pounds the ground with great ferociousness, unleashing various lightning bolts around him. Quan Chi narrowly avoids the attack, complimenting his skills.

Quan Chi: Mhmhmh! I have to say you’re not half bad!
Ornstein: Do not push me over the edge!

Ornstein attacked Quan Chi again, but fails again to land a direct hit on him. The necromancer takes advantage of the dragonslayer’s brief moment of time and attacks him, breaking his left leg.

Ornstein: Guh!

The Knight of Gwyn and Dragonslayer fell on his right knee. It was at this that time Quan Chi approached him and stabbed him in the chest.

Ornstein: AARGHH!
Quan Chi: One of the Knights of Gwyn, reduced to a fallen twig.
Ornstein: You…!
Quan Chi: It seems your precious Gwyn was a failure to raise you as a knight.
Ornstein: Do not defile my master’s name… (coughs blood) with your foul mouth…!

Not backing down from a fight, the Dragonslayer mustered all of his strength as an attempt to strike Quan Chi with his spear, only for Quan Chi to dodge it.

Ornstein: (Master Gwyn… I’m sorry…)

The Four Knights’ Captain collapsed from the one attack, and slowly lost his senses, though he was still alive. Quan Chi takes advantage of this and takes Ornstein to Shinnok’s temple, where the Yandere Quartet will brainwash him.

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 8) The Brainwashed Dragonslayer 

When Ornstein woke up, he was without his armor and tied up to a chair, alone in a dark room.

Ornstein: W-Where… Where am I?! (fidgets) SOMEONE HELP THIS UNFORTUNATE SOUL!
Yuno: No one will hear you scream here.

Yuno enters the room, with the rest of the Yandere Quartet.

Ornstein: Th… The Yandere Quartet? What are you wretched goddesses planning to do to me? Remember that I am Dragonslayer Ornstein, Captain of the Four Knights of Gwyn!!!
Tsukuyomi: (cackles) We already know it.
Ornstein: Don’t you dare make jokes out of me!
Yuno: Now… Ornstein. You will help us now.
Ornstein: I will not serve evil deities like you! I only serve Master Gwyn!
Kotonoha: Well, he isn’t here to save you!
Yuno: Tsukuyomi, is it ready yet?
Tsukuyomi: Almost…!
Ornstein: You foul goddesses won’t get away this vile act!
Yuno: Hahahahahahahaha! We will, and we might use you for more purposes than getting that Issei boy.
Ornstein: Issei Hyodo may be a threat to the “Age of Fire,” but the four of you are much worse than him…
Kotonoha: And yet you’re no better than him yourself.
Ornstein: Don’t you dare compare me to that horrid scum…!
Yuno: You seem to really hate that Issei… You’re perfect for what we want to do! Steal the Boosted Gear!
Ornstein: Not only you four are the vilest kind of goddess, but Master Gwyn will be thoroughly and understandably aggrieved to me if he manages to know this… LET! ME! GO! Or else…
Tsukuyomi: Or else what?
Ornstein: You will face the wrath of me, the mightiest of the Four Knights of Gwyn!
Kotonoha: You keep telling yourself that.
Ornstein: Now I feel that you four should all die, and not Issei.
Nu-13: Ornstein’s anger level: rising constantly.
Tsukuyomi: Well then, come on! Kill us! We’re right here!
Ornstein: Tease me again, and I’ll send in Smough to eat you.

Shinnok enters the room with Quan Chi and Zobek.

Shinnok: I have to say that Quan Chi has done a great job.
Quan Chi: Thank you, Master Shinnok. It was easy taking him out.
Zobek: How is the brainwashing process going?
Yuno: We have not started yet, but when the process is complete… The Occult Research Club and their friends will be in for a world of pain!
Shinnok: Hahahahahah! Well said, girl. The Boosted Gear will be in my possession once they’re done. And I can take over Netherrealm

The dragonslayer couldn’t believe his ears.

Ornstein: Wait… You are going to manipulate me to your noisome will?
Shinnok/Yuno: That is correct.
Ornstein: (If only I can find a way to break these chains that bind me…) You will never brainwash me! NEVER!
Zobek: Stop screaming, Ornstein. You know there’s no one who’ll help you.
Ornstein: …Shut up, you filthy maggot!!
Shinnok: Hehahaha, It’s no use, Knight of Gwyn! You will assist us in stealing Issei’s Boosted Gear, so I can take over the Realms and leave the other Kombatants crawl to my feet! Perhaps we may turn you against your beloved master.

Shinnok’s statement made Ornstein widen his eyes in absolute horror; they’re going to make him eliminate Gwyn if they manage to steal the Boosted Gear.

Ornstein: (These deities are mad! They’re going to use me against Master Gwyn!? This is far more troublesome than I thought; these people are much worse than that Issei scumbag.) ME?! TURN AGAINST MY MASTER?! YOU ARE A COMPLETELY UNHINGED KIND OF PEOPLE!!!! I SWEAR IF I BREAK FREE I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU ALL!
Yuno: Shhhhh, Ornstein, quiet yourself… (waves at Shinnok, Quan Chi and Zobek) Now… Let the brainwashing begin.

Shinnok, Quan Chi and Zobek started their brainwash of the dragonslayer, while the Yandere Quartet witnessed the horrifying spectacle with sadistic glee. To put it squarely, it was a Mind Rape.


Meanwhile, Setsuna has arrived to her temple with the injured Nyarko just in time to make Konoka’s pactio work properly.

Setsuna: Konoka!!
Konoka: Setsuna! What is it?
Setsuna: You have to heal Nyarko! She’s been injured!
Nyarko: Unngh…
Konoka: Step aside!

Konoka readied her Pactio Regina Medicans, consisting of a Japanese suit, along with two fans to instantly undo any damage that was done to Nyarko, who stood up.

Nyarko: Haa… Thank you.
Konoka: It is my pleasure.
Setsuna: I’ll be very quick about this: Get all of the Ala Alba to the House of Love. Negi’s in trouble!
Konoka: Alright!
Nyarko: Please… Take me with you, Konoka.
Setsuna: Good. I’m going to help Negi take out a sorcerer. (departs their temple)
Konoka: Setsuna, wait!

Without delay, the knightly female of the Ala Alba goes assist Negi and his friends against Shinnok, leaving Konoka and Nyarko to find the other members of the Ala Alba.

Meanwhile in the main area of the House of Emotion, Havelock Vetinari, already having rallied a group of deities, is seen with a poster of Yuno’s face on it.

Vetinari: Everyone! I, Havelock Vetinari, have brought you here today to rally against the vile goddess that is Yuno Gasai! She has destroyed the House of Love and as a result, has deformed the concept of Love! This vile goddess, who has attacked many deities, must be captured and sent to justice no wonder what the cost is! My fellow Gods and Goddesses… I’m ordering a womanhunt! I know that many of you are deathly afraid of this goddess, but I won’t tolerate any more chaos she’s caused! I want this mad goddess captured clean or muddied!

Many of the deities cheered loudly for Vetinari’s speech as he bowed towards the crowd! Wreck-it Ralph, one of the deities in the crowd, felt really uneasy about the speech. He couldn’t help but think that this reminded him of the incident with Mitsuzane.

Wreck-it Ralph: (I have a bad feeling about this…)

Back to the destroyed House of Love, Setsuna has returned to find Negi and the others. To her surprise, she doesn’t see Yuno and Shinnok around as well as the rest of the Special Lovers Squad.

Setsuna: Negi!
Negi: Setsuna! You’re back!
Setsuna: Indeed I am! …Where are Yuno and Shinnok?
Criminy: They escaped.
Setsuna: (snaps her fingers) Damn it!
Negi: Yeah, I understand. That sorcerer has really screwed us over with that insane goddess. Did you hear what he wants to do?
Setsuna: Yes, and it’s something bad for our friends over at the Occult Research Club. Shinnok has allied with the Yandere Quartet so they can help him steal the Boosted Gear.
Negi: Issei told me Shinnok said he’d strike back… But I didn’t expect him to ally with the Yandere Quartet of all people!
Hayate: They even said one of that sorcerer’s goons, Quan Chi, has kidnapped Ornstein, but I don’t know for what objective…
Negi: This means we have to warn Issei as soon as possible! All right, then! Setsuna! Hayate! Criminy! Fuchsia! Time to go to the House of Power!

The group set off for the House of Power to find Issei and warn him about Shinnok’s latest machinations.

Meanwhile in the House of Power, Issei takes a shower after he was finished with a long foursome with Rias, Asia, and Akeno.

Issei: (Ahaha… Akeno was right! Looking at all those pornos and hentai DVDs paid off greatly! I should really keep this kind of stuff in my temple!)

However, the thought of Shinnok made him frown a bit.

Issei: (I can’t let that sorcerer steal my Sacred Gear. Not in a million years. Raynare was already bad in her own right, but that Shinnok guy is much worse than her.)

As he took a shower, Issei’s thoughts were interrupted by Asia entering his bathroom.

Asia: Ise-san!
Issei: A-Asia! What is it?
Asia: Can I join you in the shower?
Issei: S-sure!

Surprised, Issei lets the devil-nun join him. Following her, there came the other two goddesses.

Rias: Can we join in, too?
Issei: O-Of course! G-Go ahead!

The full-blooded devil and fallen angel then stepped in the shower. With the three devils with in the shower with him, he felt more relaxed; As long as they were by his side, he felt safe from harm.

Issei: (I’ll alright. I just know I will.) Hm?

Suddenly the doorbell rang on Issei’s temple, prompting the harem king in training to quickly put on his clothes and open the door. The visitors turned out to be Negi, Setsuna, Hayate, Criminy, and Fuchsia.

Issei: Guys…?
Negi: I have bad news.
Issei: What is it?
Setsuna: (sighs) Shinnok has returned. He’s made an alliance with the Yandere Quartet, and he’s sent Yuno to bomb the House of Love to kill the girls of the Special Lovers Squad.
Issei: What!? Shinnok has allied with those girls!?

The three females of the ORC have joined Issei in on the conversation, with Akeno being displeased to hear about the info Negi gave Issei.

Rias: That vile sorcerer…
Akeno: I’m worried about Bayo.
Hayate: That’s not the only thing he’s planning to do! He’s planning to capture Ornstein as well!
Asia: Dragonslayer Ornstein!? For what reason?
Negi: We have no clue about this yet.
Setsuna: Konoka and Nyarko are getting the other members of the Ala Alba.
Rias: We should get the others fast before they should strike.
Criminy: I’ll be going with Negi and Setsuna. Fuchsia?
Fuchsia: I’m going with too, dear.
Hayate: Good. I’ll go with Issei while you four get the other Ala Alba guys.
Rias: Then it’s settled. Let’s get going!

With that, the heroes set out to find the members of the two groups before Shinnok, Zobek, Quan Chi, and the Yandere Quartet could strike them down. After Hayate departs, Black Orchid pops up nearby Issei and company.

Black Orchid: Hello there, Issei.
Issei: B-Black Orchid? You again?!
Black Orchid: It’s OK, I’m not intending to train with you again. You know, I came here to tell you that the House of Love has been bombed. Momo told me that.
Rias: …We already know this, but thank you nonetheless.
Black Orchid: Oh, I see.
Asia: But why did you come see us again?
Black Orchid: I heard that the Yandere Quartet has done this to destabilize the Special Lovers Squad… Actually, though, those crazies have allied with Shinnok.
Issei: What the… How do you know this?
Black Orchid: Also thanks to Momo through Flonne. Please, take me with you!
Hayate: Why not? We’re going to need some help against the sorcerer, and you’re quite good. I’ll go to the House of Knowledge and get Hinagiku-san to help us.
Black Orchid: Thank you…
Negi: Go ahead, we’ll be waiting!
Criminy: Who we need to warn first, then?
Issei: First things first, we’ll have to warn Koneko-chan.
Fuchsia: I’m going with you all.

With that, the group set out to find Koneko, Xenovia, and Irina in a race against time.

Koneko was in the House of Music. She has got a ticket and a backstage pass for a Hokago Tea Time live show thanks to her friend Azusa Nakano. Issei, Rias, Asia, Akeno, Criminy, Fuchsia, and Black Orchid enter the House and make their way through the crowd, and succeed to find the Nekomata.

Koneko: (sighs) What is it, guys? Can’t you see I’m about to enter the backstage of the HTT live performance?
Issei: Shinnok is about to strike back! He has allied with the Yandere Quartet and has sent Yuno to blow up the House of Love!
Asia: He’s also kidnapped Dragonslayer Ornstein, even though we don’t know what does he want to do with him!
Rias: Quick, Koneko! We have to find Xenovia and Irina before Shinnok and the Yandere Quartet make a move!
Koneko: All right. If we have to save Ise-senpai then count me in.

With that, Koneko gives up the HTT live performance to help her friends of the Occult Research Club and Black Orchid fight Shinnok and his henchmen.

Xenovia and Irina, in their temple, were again practicing their Christian customs. Issei and company break into the temple to warn the exorcist duo about the sorcerer’s evil plans.

Xenovia: Guys? What’s going on?
Irina: Did you hear about the bombing of the House of Love?
Rias: Indeed, Irina. Yuno Gasai might have done it, but Shinnok has planned it all along.
Asia: He’s formed an alliance with the Yandere Quartet to strike us down!
Xenovia: Damn it… That really was a dangerously clever move by that nasty sorcerer’s part… Fine. We’re on it.
Irina: That SOB won’t steal your Boosted Gear, Issei! I’ll help you defeat him and whoever chose to side with him!
Koneko: Thanks, girls. Now, we must go to the House of Nature, our friends over at the Ala Alba are waiting us there.

The Occult Research Club, Criminy, Fuchsia, and Black Orchid, thus, sets off for the House of Nature to plan, alongside the Ala Alba, their moves against Shinnok, Quan Chi, Zobek, and the Yandere Quartet.

Meanwhile in Shinnok’s temple, the brainwash process has been completed.

Shinnok: Now, Ornstein… How do you feel?
Quan Chi: (snaps his fingers near Ornstein’s head) Are you there? Or did we overact?
Ornstein: I am ready to await your orders, master Shinnok…
Shinnok: Perfect… Here’s your objective. It is to brutalize the weakling boy known as Issei Hyodo. This here girl with the red eye-patch here (points to Nu-13) will accompany you to ambush that boy.
Ornstein: Understood… Master Shinnok. I will crush that foul fiend.

As the dragonslayer and the cyborg left the temple, the remaining members of the Quartet complimented the three evil sorcerers on the success.

Tsukuyomi: That’s just plain marvelous. It worked greatly!
Yuno: (giggles) I’m sure Ornstein won’t fail us.
Shinnok: You can be certain on this one, girl. The Occult Research Club is going to know the real meaning of fear when that dragonslayer crushes them! Muahahahahaha!
Yuno/Quan Chi/Zobek/Tsukuyomi: (all laugh wickedly with Shinnok)

Later in the House of Nature, The Occult Research Club, along with Criminy, Fuchsia, and Black Orchid arrived in arrived in time with the Ala Alba waiting for them.

Evangeline: Oh? You guys have made it.
Koneko: And you were expecting to be late.
Negi: (sweatdrops) Stop it, you two.
Issei: Good! You’re all here. Now all we have to do is wait for Hayate and Hinagiku to show up.
Asuna: The Master Builders Four are working on repairing the House of Love. And the Alchemist and his brother are actually joining them on repairs.
Rias: (Takes a breath) The last thing I want to do is get him angry about it. The other two male guardians are seem to be okay with me. I don’t know about the Magical Girls.
Asia: They actually aren’t angry at you destroying it.
Criminy: They’re the kindest people ever. I have to feel sorry for Madoka.
Asuna: I hear that the girl has been through a lot due to the work of the Chaos Lord.
Rias: Lucifer… Even if we try our best… I fear that we won’t beat him even with all of us teamed up… Even if he was holding back.

Everyone nodded in agreement with Rias’ statement.

Rias: Let’s just get to the point, shall we?
Kaede: You’re right.

All of a sudden, several deities who were carrying torches arrived nearby them. The group moved around as Hayate and Hinagiku arrived minutes later.

Hayate: What’s going on, guys?
Black Orchid: No clue.
Hinagiku: Where are they going?

Hayate yelled at the deities carrying torches.

Hayate: Hey! Where are you guys going?
The Medic: We’re on a womanhunt against Yuno Gasai! Havelock Vetinari of the House of Leadership wants her to be sent to justice!
Nodoka: V…Vetinari…?

As the deity left off, the group wondered about Vetinari. None of them were fond of the Patrician. Hinagiku seemed to have a clue about the guy.

Hinagiku: (Vetinari? That patrician who’s in the House of Mentalism? The deities shouted different separate chants while walking around the House of Nature. I hear he’s pretty shady, but why does he wants Yuno captured?)
Draven: Hehehe! Now it’s my time to gain an audience! I’ll carve that little girl up and show to the Pantheon and the people of Noxus!
Rico Rodriguez: That girl’s going to go down…
Travis Bickle: Woohooo! A time to decimate!

Ignoring the entire group, the torch gathering deities disappeared, only with the group remaining again.

Yue: What was that all about?
Akeno: It seems we’re in for a bit of a coopetition.
Rias: That’s… Putting it lightly. Let’s get back to the point. We’ve all assembled here! Now, are there any questions before we start?
Criminy: There’s something I want to address here.
Evangeline: What is it?
Criminy: Yuno loves Yukiteru Amano very much, yes?
Issei: That’s a given. It’s to the point that she thinks he would never betray her heart. Why did you ask?
Criminy: If Yukki can be seduced, it will instantly bring Yuno out in the open.
Setsuna: Of course… She gets really angry whenever someone steals Yukki.
Rias: Correct…! And I know just the person to do it. (Looks at Akeno)
Akeno: …Why are you looking at me? I only have eyes for Ise-kun!
Criminy: Akeno, how about you bring him to the house of Theater and take pictures of you seducing him.
Issei: Are you sure this is a good idea, Criminy? Having her do this alone?
Evangeline: I’ll go with you, girl.
Akeno: Er, thank you for the support..
Rias: Well planned, Criminy. With the few dozen of deities on a womanhunt for Yuno, we’ll lure her there and have the deities beat her to a pulp.
Negi: Awesome! Evangeline, go with Akeno to find Yukiteru. Criminy, you can go with those two.
Criminy: Alright, just these two ladies to me!
Negi: The rest of us will tackle Shinnok head on. Occult Wing!
Issei: Alright, let’s do it!

With everything planned, the rest of the entire group set out to defeat Shinnok and his goons along with the Yandere Quartet once and for all with only Criminy, Akeno, and Evangeline remaining.

Criminy: Follow me, girls! I know that Yukki has another temple.
Evangeline: Where?
Criminy: In the House of Prophecy.
Akeno: (…I’m a bit nervous. He’s the boy that Goddess loves so much. If I get busted by Yuno, I would never imagine the consequences.)

The three of them set off to find Yukiteru as a plan to lure Yuno out in the open.

Five minutes later, Criminy, Akeno, and Evangeline all arrived at the House of Prophecy. There, they sneaked into Yukki’s temple, which is shared with Minene Uryu. The House of Prophecy was probably the most boring place known to the majority of deities. The two of them went into the Greater Gods section. 2 minutes later, They’ve found Yukki’s temple. Criminy knocks on the door, but no one answered.

Criminy: I’d better knock on the door again.

And just like that, he knocked again. This time, the door was opened by Yukki himself entering.

Yukki: Criminy? This is weird to have a visitor in my temple. Is there a reason you’re here?
Evangeline: (Takes Yukki’s hand) Come. You’re coming with us.
Yukki: W-where?
Criminy: The House of Theater.
Yukki: What reason are we going there for?
Akeno: You’ll find out very shortly~

Unbeknownst to Yukki, The four of them depart to the House of Theater in an attempt set Yuno up into a trap.

Meanwhile, The Occult Wing were on their way to the House of Magic to confront Shinnok and his goons along the evil Quartet. However, they were all stopped dead on their tracks by Quan Chi and the brainwashed Ornstein.

Quan Chi: Hahahahahah! Where do you think you’re going?!
Issei: Quan Chi! And… There’s Ornstein with you?
Quan Chi: (cackles) You won’t succeed this time, boy. (To Ornstein) Get him.

Without further warning on Quan Chi’s orders, Ornstein charged right at Issei, slightly faster than usual, preparing to strike the humanoid dragon with his spear, but reacted in time to evade the attack.

Ornstein: Issei Hyodo… We meet again.
Issei: Ornstein…! I’m going to pulverize you once and for all…!
Negi: Ala Alba! Let’s get Quan Chi!
Ala Alba Members: Got it!
Hayate: Oh no…! Flying swords, coming up at 2 o clock!

The Ala Alba went for Quan Chi while the Occult Research Club decided to get Ornstein. Suddenly, a storm of flying swords ambushed the group. Nu-13 arrives at Quan Chi’s side.

Quan Chi: Hm! Better late than ever, Nu.
Nu-13: Target acquired.
Ornstein: Die, you irksome nuisance! (tries to impale Issei, but fails)
Issei: That brainwash must have powered you up. But you haven’t seen my true powers! TRY AND STAND THIS NOW!

Issei, with one fell swipe, launches Ornstein into the air. But the dragonslayer thinks it’s the right time to counter.

Ornstein: Lightning, be with me!

Ornstein electrifies his spear and launches himself once again onto Issei. While the pervert narrowly avoided Ornstein’s strike, the knight’s landing caused a massive crater on the ground.

Issei: If I got struck by that attack… You would have successfully killed me.

As the Ala Alba fights Quan Chi and the Occult Research Club fights Ornstein, Nu engages Hayate, Hinagiku and Black Orchid in battle.

Hayate: (I have a feeling I won’t fare off well against her. Have to buy time for the others to defeat either Ornstein or Quan Chi.)
Black Orchid: (This girls is in the same house as I am. The boy and I have be careful.)

The two of them went on the defensive against Nu, knowing well he won’t win against the psychotic android.

Nu-13: Engaging target. Preparing to exterminate.
Black Orchid: Shut up.

The insane robot fired more swords at Hayate and Black Orchid before fighting them at close combat. The Combatant Butler and Goddess of Kali Sticks tried as best as he could to dodge her.

Hayate: (We have to keep her busy and… (Sees Nu summoning her blades behind her towards the Ala Alba) Damn it! She’s going after them!) Negi! Asuna! Look out!

Nu launched the flying blades towards the Ala Alba. Suddenly, a wall of Ice from blocked the swords. Hayate turned to see who summoned the ice. The summoner was revealed to be Gray Fullbuster of the House of Personal Appearance, who protected the members of the Ala Alba with Ice make: Block.

Nodoka: You saved us…
Hayate: Gray! How did you get here?
Gray: The Special Lovers Squad have sent me to help you guys. More of them should on their way!
Black Orchid: We need all the help we’re going to get.

Nu approached Gray to attack him at close range.

Gray: Alright, you insane skank of an android, Take this!

Gray summoned his next spell Ice Break: Ice Hammer to attack Nu, only for the latter to block it.

Black Orchid: (Looks like I’ll strike first!)

Taking this as a distraction, Black Orchid run up to Nu and struck her with her stick followed by Hayate performing a dive kick on he, slightly knocking her away. Gray came by his side to check on him.

Gray: You two are alright?
Hayate: Yeah, I’m A-OK.
Black Orchid: Yeah… Here she comes again!

The three of them fended off Nu to buy time for either group to buy time for either group to defeat their opponent.

Meanwhile, Issei was facing off against Ornstein, who inexplicably powered himself up after being brainwashed. Issei, thus, decides to unleash the real powers of the Boosted Gear.


Issei was now clad in the Scale Mail, but he had one other trick to unleash…


Issei summoned a sword named Ascalon. He was now fully ready to battle against Ornstein and hopefully defeat him again.

Issei: Will you handle this?!
Ornstein: Dare not tease me, you foolish animal!

The humanoid dragon attacked the dragonslayer with his sword, only for Ornstein to block it. The dragnslayer attacked Issei his spear, but the latter parried it. The two clashed their weapons with Issei slightly getting the upper hand.

Ornstein: I won’t falter to the likes of you, fiendish scum!
Issei: I wouldn’t bet on it! (strikes Ornstein on the chest)
Ornstein: YAAAAAH!
Issei: Heheh! Now a technique I learned thanks to Naoki Kashima! SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR CRAZY ARMOR!

Issei uses Penetrate, which shatters the dragonslayer’s armor, reducing him to a man in only underwear.

Rias: Good work! Everyone! Let’s mow the floor with this guy so we can help Hayate and Gray fight against Nu!
Asia/Koneko/Xenovia/Irina: Yes, ma’am!

The Occult Research Club overpowered Ornstein, and immediately charged against the cyborg, saving Hayate, Black Orchid, and Gray from trouble.

Nu-13: Targets acquired. Proceed to eliminate.
Xenovia: Yeah yeah, yadda yadda yadda, shut your goddamn mouth! (charges at Nu)
Irina: Haiyah! (transforms her Excalibur Mimic into a wire which ties up Nu) It’s all yours, Xenovia!
Black Orchid: This android’s beginning to be an earsore.

Nu tried to summon more of her flying swords to target Xenovia and Irina. Xenovia parried the blades asides and slash Nu by the mouth.

Xenovia: That’ll shut your mouth for good!

The blue-haired female proceeds to hack away at the psychotic android with all the strikes from the sword she can muster against it. The insane robot with eyepatch found it impossible to retaliate. Xenovia ended it with a stab to the chest.

Xenovia: I hope you stay down this time, you tenacious android!
Irina: You heard her! Make sure you stay down!
Asia: Nicely done, Xenovia!
Xenovia: (takes a breath) I think I’m finished dealing with annoying robots for one day.
Rias: Let’s see how the Ala Alba are doing against Quan Chi.

The Occult Research Club looked at the Ala Alba to see them at a clear advantage thanks to Asuna’s magical canceling powers. The God of Profane Magic was back into a corner against both groups.


Quan Chi: Curses… Defeated again quickly… Even with Ornstein brainwashed… I’ve still failed.
Negi: Do you have any last words before we turn you into a shredded rice cake?
Quan Chi: I… I…
Asuna: BZZZT! Time up! It’s all yours, Negi!
Negi: Alright! …Ras tel Ma Scir Magister! Veniant Spiritus Glaciales! Extentantur Aeri Tundram et Glaciem, Loci Noctis Albae! Crystallitatio Tellustris!

With this spell, Crystallilatio Tellustris, Negi frozen the ground around him and immobilized Quan Chi by freezing his feet.

Negi: Veniant Spiritus Aeriales Fulgurientes! Cum Fulguratione Flet Tempestas Austrina! Iovis Tempestas Fulguriens!

The child mage’s next spell, Iovis Tempestas Fulguriens, unleashes a massive thunderstorm which struck Quan Chi with unparalleled brutality.

Negi: Time for the grand finale! To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, basileu Ouranionon. Epigenetheto, aithalous keraune os Titenas phtheirein! Iactum Extendentem Circulum praesentum! Captem obiecta a primum ad decimum! Area Constet! Intus se premant spiritus ad pressuram criticalem! Tribus, Duobus, Modo! Capturam disiungens! Omnes spiritus fulguranoles fortissime emittam!! Ekatontakis kai khiliakis astrapsato! Khilipl Astrape!

Khilipl Astrape was Negi’s final spell. He focused the lethal powers of such spell on Quan Chi, and after he finished chanting, a ten times bigger thunderstorm struck the evil necromancer, ultimately obliterating him.

Quan Chi: AAAAAAAYYYYYIIIIIIAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! (Forgive me for my uselessness, Master Shinnok…)


Hayate: Good! You’ve eliminated him, now then, let’s go after Shinnok.
???: Cease your movements!

The group stopped in their tracks upon hearing the voice. Turning around, the voice turned out to be Ornstein’s master, Gwyn of the House of Royalty.

Rias: I-it’s you!
Koneko: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder… Hm.
Gwyn: Hm? You seem to know of my existence… I feel… Honored. (To Issei) And you, boy. I’m sorry if the Dragonslayer has quite an unhealthy obsession of going after your head. Cosmos has told me you are a good person and that you really do not deserve such fate. I must punish him for his disobedience.
Issei: Wait, There’s something I have to tell you.
Gwyn: What is it, young man?

Issei explained that he was brainwashed by Shinnok and Quan Chi into attacking him and his group. The Leader of the Lords gave the Occult Wing one request.

Gwyn: Very well… Defeat the fiends who brainwashed my most trusted knight. I will take Ornstein with me to the house of Royalty.

Taking Ornstein with him, the Lord of Sunlight goes back to his temple to undo the brainwash on him. The group proceeds to enter Shinnok’s temple to defeat him once and for all, although the sorcerer still had Yuno, Tsukuyomi, Kotonoha and Zobek to back him up.

Meanwhile, Criminy, Fuchsia, Akeno, Evangeline, and Yukiteru were in the House of Theater.

Criminy: (whispers to Akeno) Alright, Akeno, you do what you have to do.
Akeno: (nods) Got it. Come on, Yukki. (grabs his hand)
Fuchsia: (Please be careful.)
Yukki: W-what are we going to do?
Evangeline: Fufu… You’ll see very shortly…

Akeno takes Yukki to a back stage to arrange the performance.

Evangeline: (Hee hee hee… I can’t wait to see Yuno’s look on her face when she sees this.)
Criminy: (Be careful, Akeno. If Yuno catches you, we’re surely screwed.)
Akeno: (I’ll just pretend there’s Ise-kun…)
Criminy: (… I just hope this going this plan doesn’t go badly.)

The sadistic fallen Angel spots a celestial cameramen.

Akeno: Excuse me, sir.
Cameraman: Yes ma’am?
Akeno: Would you be so kind to take a picture of me along with this dear boy?
Yukki: Wha-!?
Cameraman: (smiles) Sure you can.

She brought The Number 1 diary holder along with a picture and proceeded to do a seductive pose to flirt with him.

Yukki: H-hey…! A-aren’t we getting a bit too close?
Akeno: This will you improve your experience with women.
Yukki: No, wait!
Fuchsa: (Those two would look good.)

Ogling at the sight, the cameraman smiled lecherously as concentrated while the two posed for picture

Cameraman: Perfect! Just stay still and you’re both good to go.

The devil seductress wrapped her arms around Yukki’s back to ensure he wouldn’t escape her grasp and the cameraman took several shots of the two of them.

Cameraman: You two would make quite a nice couple.
Yukki: (Sweatdrops) Ehehe….
Akeno: (Giggles for a few seconds before it dies down)
Cameraman: Well then… I’ll be off!

The cameramen left the House of Theater with only the four of them remaining.

Criminy: (You did it! Now for the next step of the plan)
Yukki: Uh… What was it for?
Evangeline: You’redoneherenowpleasegetout.
Yukki: Wha-!?

Evangeline shoved Yukki out of the House of Theater, allowing Criminy to enact the next step to his plan.

Akeno: Teehee! Yuno’s gonna fall for it!
Criminy: I wouldn’t lay my hand on the fire, but I’m confident.
Evangeline: (cackles) I can’t wait to see Yuno’s reaction~
Fuchsia: I want the entire the pantheon to see this.

The Rise of GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 9) Lightnings in the Dark 

Three minutes later, Yuno was resting in her own temple in the House of Emotion through Shinnok’s teleportation, tired after all the stuff she had to go through.

Yuno: (while fast asleep) It’s not the end! …Special Lovers Squad…! You haven’t seen the last of me!…

Remembering her time with the Special Lovers Squad, the leader of the Yandere Quartet had trouble sleeping recently; revenge was only in her mind when it came to the Special Lovers Squad and their allies. Not only this, she still thinks Yukki will still forgive her for all the stuff she did.

Yuno: (sleeptalking) Yukki… Please… Don’t date those other girls in the Pantheon. You’re the only one that I love… I know you will forgive me… I know you can… Nnnngh!…

Having a hard time sleeping, she wakes up with a sad look on her face. The recent events have been going completely downhill for her. She looks outside the window of her temple to see signs of various deities to putting drawings of her on fire, beaten with various weapons drenched in blood, getting stabbed to death, and many other painful things imaginable… All for blowing up the House of Love. She knows it won’t end happy for her if she gets caught.

Yuno: (I better put on a cloak for this.)

Putting on her cloak, she the carried a few smoke grenades with her to provide cover. Without having the lights turned on, She quietly gets out of the temple through the back door of her temple and exits the House of Emotion.

In the outdoor Pantheon, she sees dozens of deities gathering torches. In an attempt to not screw things up, she walked quietly, so far as to not say a single word. She walked around the pantheon to gather info.

Yuno: (This is my darkest time here in the Pantheon. I’ve never been so much hated. I’m even more hated than that Dolores Umbridge woman right now… And that says a lot… Yukki… Please don’t try and hit on any girl. You are mine.)

The Goddess of Yandere continued to scour around the pantheon to gather info from the other Houses on the deity the who ordered the hunt against her. The first House went to was the house of Faith. Minutes have passed in the House of Faith, and no interesting information was shared there. The next house she went into was the House of Commerce. Knowing that the deities there would make a big deal out of something there that she would gather information there.

Five minutes later, Yuno went inside the House of Commerce. So far, nothing interesting was shared. She toured around the House for a moderate amount of time. Later, she spots a group of deities discussing about something. Knowing it must be something vital, She decides to overhear it.

Segata Sanshiro: There’s a good thread at the House of Theater! Come and retrieve it!

Deities from many houses collected whatever Sanshiro gave out. When Yuno took from Segata Sanshiro, it made her very angry; To her, it was a picture of Yukki being stolen from him a girl with violet eyes and black hair trying to seduce him.

Yuno: (W-what!? …Who is that girl!? I will kill her and her friends!)

Taking the picture with her, she ran as fast as she could to the House of Theater to find the goddess who stole her “precious” Yukiteru. However, she calms down and realized her objective was to find the deity who ordered the hunt on her and discreetly attack him. She departed to the House of Mentalism, where several deities there were knowledge brokers to various extents. She knew someone there had to be behind it.

After she departed, several shadowy figures were watching her.

???: Something seems odd about that girl in the cloak. Who do you think it is?
???: It definitely has to be her. Have several deities monitor her. Some of the deities might be in the House of Theater at this point.
???: You’ve planned this quite well. Then again, it’s expected from a Greater God who’s a political mastermind.
???: The girl never had a chance to begin with. Yuno Gasai is not worthy of being a Greater Goddess. She may be the Goddess of Psychotic Love Interests, but she was never a good player. Even if she finds me planning the whole thing, I’ll have the deities strike her from wherever she’s heading.

Meanwhile, Yuno has arrived in the House of Mentalism, quite possibly the single darkest house in the Pantheon, literally. She was searching for someone who can identify the girl in the photo Segata dropped, but she remained careful enough to try not to have her cover blown. She went for Lelouch’s temple. He was known for uniting deities against the biggest threats despite being no saint himself. However, there were guards in front of his temple. She showed the guards the picture of the girl flirting with Yukki. However, the guards have no clue who the girl was and probably not even Lelouch himself if he was ever. Next, Shes goes for Xanatos temple; He was always known to have secret backup plans unknown to many deities, along with the fact that he is a member of the Illuminati. Like Lelouch, he had guards in his temple, but much more numbers. She then showed them the photos of the girl dating on Yukki. To her dismay, they did’t know who the girl was.

Yuno: (Urgh! I can’t let that girl have Yukki, but I have to find someone who can identify that worthless girl!)

Before Yuno goes to Izaya Orihara’s temple, mysterious figures have watched the girls from the shadows.

???1: Is everyone ready to strike the girl down?
???2: Of course.
???3: Heheheh… Time to plow this psychotic bitch.
???1: Easy there. We don’t want to blow our cover, now will we?
???4: I’m surprised that even the boy betrayed her during her stint at the House of Love. He’s got guts.
???5: I partially concur with your statement. This is a Greater Goddess? Some of the Greater Deities here may not rely entirely on combat, but they’re at good planners.
???1: Nicely said. After all, they’re all members of the Council of Shadows… Even if it has that petty green ghost… It’s all going according to his plan.

Yuno enters Izaya’s temple, confident in the fact that he might know something about that girl.

Meanwhile, Criminy, Evangeline, and Akeno exited the House of Theater.

Criminy: You’ve done a great job, Akeno.
Akeno: Thank you~
Evangeline: Hee hee hee, Yuno is going to be knee-deep in slime, now!

However, when the three went out of the House, they had two evil gods waiting for them: Zobek and Kotonoha.

Zobek: Stop in your tracks, you foolish deities!
Kotonoha: Where do you think you’re going, huh?
Criminy: Kotonoha!!!
Evangeline: And you must be Zobek. (cackles) You look worthless.
Zobek: Do not delude yourself, you lady: I am the Dark Lord of Necromancers.
Akeno: (giggles) So, Shinnok has sent you two against us?
Zobek: That is correct.
Evangeline: (cackles) I see… (to Kotonoha) Why did Shinnok send a weakling like yourself? You possibly cannot beat us two women. You were a member of the Disgraces.
Kotonoha: You…. Don’t ever compare me to the likes of those fiends!
Akeno: And I think now is the time you would get sent back to the Disgraces. (giggles)
Fuchsia: Criminy and I will take care of Kotonoha. You two handle Zobek!
Criminy: Fuchsia…
Evangeline: Are you sure you two can handle this well?
Criminy: We may not be good combatants, but we’ll give you a beatdown you’ll never forget!
Kotonoha: You? A weakling that doesn’t deserve to be a Lesser God! I won’t express any remorse once I’m through with you…
Criminy: Well then. Here I go!

As Akeno and Evangeline went up against Zobek, Criminy ran up to Kotonoha, picking up a steel stick out of his pocket. Kotonoha readied her blade and struck the nerd with it. Much to the surprise of everyone, Criminy manages to block it.

Fuchsia: (That’s my boyfriend!) I’ll help you out!

Joining Criminy in the battle, she ran towards Kotonoha, ready to attack her at any minute. However, she deceived her by sliding underneath the Goddess of Eliminating Love Rivals.

Criminy: F-Fuchsia?
Fuchsia: I’m here to help!
Criminy: Oh, thanks!

The Lord of the Dead, meanwhile, battled furiously against the vampire and the fallen angel.

Zobek: You may have defeated me last time, but the two of you won’t be so lucky this time.
Akeno: Teehee… My group may not be with me this time, but I’ll sure not to hold back on you.
Evangeline: Oho? let’s see about that. Nivis Casus!

The vampiress created a huge avalanche of snow at him. As the evil sorcerer got struck, Akeno pulled out one final stop to battle against Zobek with all of her powers. She entered her Fallen Angel Mode. Her clothing radically changed: from her attire as the “Priestess of Lightning” she changed to a much more revealing one.

Akeno: (with her hands electrified) Ready to get fried by my lightnings?
Zobek: I shall not back down, you wretched fallen angel!
Akeno: Fufufufu~ You should try fighting in one these days; It’s far more comfortable.
Evangeline: Really…? I’ll try that later, but now’s not the time.

Zobek attacked the two of them as they were finished chatting, only for them to evade it. The Fallen Angel performed a spell to improve her defenses. However, the vampiress had an idea.

Evangeline: If you want to know, Akeno, I also have one last trick to unleash.
Akeno: Ohh? What is it?
Evangeline: Stagnet. Complexio, Supplementum pro Armationem!

Evangeline’s body glows with a dark kind of energy: she activated Magia Erebea.

Evangeline: Behold… Magia Erebea!
Akeno: My, oh my~ (giggles)
Evangeline: This is a technique of my invention. It greatly boosts your magic powers at the cost of your body and mental sanity. Use it way too much and you turn into a monstrosity. Those who have mastered it however, like me and onion-head Negi, can use it with no recoil.
Akeno: Now we can both fight at the max of our powers! (turns her head to Zobek) Zobek! You have any last words before we tear you apart?
Zobek: It’s still not over. Prepare to suffer like you never had.

Zobek also decided to let out his true self: he became an enormous, skeletal entity. That was his true form as a Lord of Shadow: his name is Death.

Akeno: Ohh, you really don’t want to back down? This shall be fun~
Evangeline: Ohohoh! Don’t make us laugh!
???: Mind if I help?

Suddenly, a woman clad in black dropped from the sky. Upon realizing who she was, Akeno let out a mischievous smile: it was Bayonetta.

Evangeline: And who is this madame here?
Akeno: Bayo?
Bayonetta: You’re here, huh? Nice outfit, by the way: you really want to impress Issei, don’t you?
Akeno: Well, to be honest, Bayo, it’s my Fallen Angel form. Still, no time for questions, we have to fight!
Bayonetta: (turns around to see the transformed Zobek) Hmhmhm… Showtime it is.
Evangeline: Let’s do it.
Zobek: Your souls will kneel before me! For I am Death, one of the Lords of Shadow!
Evangeline: Oh, do me a favor and shut up! Sagitta Magica: Series Obscuri!

Angry, Evangeline summoned five magical dark arrows. Before she could fire them at Zobek, the Lord of the Dead used a teleportation spell to get behind the group, Evangeline in particular, attempting to impale her with his scythe. Akeno releases thunderbolts to zap him, moderately damaging him, but not enough to defeat him, allowing Bayonetta to attack him in close combat.

Bayonetta: A Lord of Shadow? Sounds like a mere title to me .
Zobek: Do not mock me, witch… I will use this power to one day defeat Satan.
Bayonetta: …Let’s get this over with, you reaper ripoff.

Wasting no more time, Bayonetta decimates Zobek before knocking him away from them, but not without getting a minor injury, with Akeno making sure he’s down by zapping him again.

Zobek: Ungh… I’m not finished yet…!
Akeno: Evangeline, he’s all yours.

With Zobek now immobile, the vampiress launched the magical dark arrows at him, causing explosions on contact.

Meanwhile, Criminy and Fuchsia were getting a slight edge over Kotonoha, given that are two people other than one.

Kotonoha: There’s no way I should be losing to a weakling like you! You’re just a bookworm incapable of combat!
Criminy: Aside of your parents, you’ve never had anyone to support you! You’ve never checked on that banished boyfriend of yours because you betrayed him!
Kotonoha: I hate you… I hate you so much! I will tear your very body into a “love pool!”
Fuchsia: Seymore would never betray his love. You’re much worse than he is.

Angry in not accepting defeat to a nerd, Kotonoha made much more ferocious swings from her swords to strike Criminy down, only for the latter to block and barely evade most of them. The shy nerd countered it by knocking her katana off her hand, followed by a weak thrust to the chest, knocking her away in the process. After gaining her breath she runs up to Criminy to try and attack him, but Fuchsia takes the hit.

Fuchsia: You’d better withdraw now before we turn you into something far worse than a “love pool.”
Kotonoha: ….

Now at a disadvantage, Kotonoha sees an unconscious Zobek before giving the group an angry glare.

Bayonetta: You’re outnumbered, girl. Do us a favor and weep back to your temple.
Evangeline: Really, now. I could just freeze you right here and now.
Akeno: Or maybe you want to get zapped to death~
Kotonoha: ……
Bayonetta: Akeno, she’s all yours.

The Fallen Angel prepared her lightning energy to zap the black-haired yandere. The latter was yelled in pain as she suffered from the former’s high-voltage electricity before finally collapsing on the spot.

Evangeline: That pink-haired goddess should get some powerful members, but we’ll still defeat those insane fiends anyway.
Criminy: Fuchsia, are you alright?
Fuchsia: Of course, dear. Just a small injury.
Akeno: I’m still surprised that you fought her, Criminy.
Criminy: (blushes) Thanks.
Bayonetta: I think my help’s done here. (To Akeno) And, by the way, the dancing lessons are on hold for who knows how long.
Akeno: (playfully) Aww, that’s too bad~

The Umbra Witch flied away. The rest of the group decided to help the rest of the Occult Wing defeat Shinnok.

Meanwhile in the House of Mentalism, Yuno, still in her cloak, asked Izaya Orihara, who was in front of his temple, about the details on the girl who flirted with Yukki. izaya was the one who, along with Terumi, helped Kotonoha get out of the Disgraces

Izaya Orihara: Hmm, I think I know who did it.
Yuno: (quietly) Who did this to Yukki!? Tell me now.
Izaya: Oh? You must really be that anxious for me to tell you. Terumi must have encountered her on his trip to the House of Magic to aid that Shinnok dude in something. This girl’s name is Akeno Himejima, a member of the Occult Research Club. An Intermediate Goddess, she’s of the House of Combat.

Hearing Akeno’s and the Occult Research Club’s names made Yuno clench her fists in extreme anger, but she slightly cooled down; this wasn’t the time to unleash her rage against those who flirted with Yukki.

Yuno: (I will kill that woman for trying to take away Yukki! But first, I have to find the guy responsible for releasing that picture pantheon-wide… And then, my revenge will be fulfilled!)

Suddenly, five deities appeared around her, all in black cloaks

Yuno: What do you want from me?
Izaya: (laughs) You’re facing against the leader of the Yandere Quartet and a member of the Trollkaiger!
Yuno: Yeah! We aren’t afraid of you!
???1: Yuno Gasai… You’ve already lost the moment when you’ve stepped foot on the House of Mentalism.
Izaya: Really? I’ve planned ahead of this the entire time.
???2: Do not toy with us, boy, or else you want to join her as well.
???4: Or better yet…

The fourth mysterious deity quickly pulled out a gun and shoots Izaya. He tried to get out of the way, only to get shot in the left side of his chest, crippling him.

Izaya: Kh…! You’re a fast drawer!
???5: That’s of no importance. Get her!

The five gods all gang up against Yuno and Izaya, ready to strike them down.

Meanwhile, the Occult Wing, Hayate, Hinagiku, Criminy, Fuchsia, and Black Orchid arrived in Shinnok’s temple. Surprisingly, the sorcerer wasn’t there: the temple was unoccupied.

Issei: Shinnok?! SHINNOK?! Come on, we know you’re just hiding! Show yourself!

…No answer. Apparently the sorcerer really wasn’t in his temple. That left the heroic gang wondering: “Where could he be?”

Rias: I’ll count to three and if you don’t show up I’ll destroy your temple! …One!
Akeno: Rias… Are you sure this will work?
Rias: Don’t worry, Akeno, I know what I’m doing. Two!
Xenovia: Don’t exaggerate or you will again destroy the House.
Rias: Don’t panic, Xenovia, it’s under control! THREE!!! POWER OF DESTRUCT-

The Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin was however stopped by Nodoka.

Nodoka: D-Don’t do it, Rias! A-Apparently t-that sorcerer isn’t here at all… I still have my Pactio activated and… Shinnok really isn’t here.
Yue: You’re right, Nodoka. I really can’t sense his presence.
Issei: Well, looks like we came here for nothing! That’s unbelievable.
Koneko: Apparently Shinnok has finally realized Ise-senpai is too much for him to handle. (sighs) Kind of anticlimactic, to be honest.
Rias: If I were you, Koneko… I’d still stay alert. (Just what is that vile sorcerer up to? I really don’t understand…)
Koneko: Very well…
Negi: Then where is he at the moment?
Konoka: Perhaps we should search for the other houses.
Hayate: What other houses would he normally visit?

Nobody answered. Only the sound of cricketing was heard.

Rias: (sighs) Looks like we’ll have to search in the entire Pantheon.
Asuna: It’s gonna be a looooong day…

With that said, the group split to search throughout the entirety of the Pantheon to find Shinnok.

Three hours later, the group returned, failing to find the sorcerer.

Issei: We searched for three grueling hours… And that sorcerer has vanished into thin air! (kicks in anger) Argh! Just what the fuck happened to him?!
Hinagiku: I’ve searched in every single den and room in the Pantheon… Nothing whatsoever! No trace of that airhead!
Negi: That sorcerer might have used some invisibility spell… Either that, or he’s just really careful or really good at hiding.
Setsuna: Moreover, there are still Yuno and Tsukuyomi on the loose.
Irina: Speaking of Yuno, I wonder how your photoshoot with Yukki has gone, Akeno!
Akeno: (giggles) He was all like: “N-No! Stop it! What if Yuno gets to know this?!”
Asia: So… What should we do now?
Rias: I have an idea, Ise-kun: me and the rest of the Occult Research Club will sleep with you tonight.
Koneko: That sounds like a decent idea.
Issei: W-What?! Are you s-serious?
Rias: (nods) It’s for your safety: maybe Shinnok is planning to attack in the night. (At least I don’t have to destroy the House again. Otherwise, that alchemist will ban me from the House altogether.)

The Occult Research Club went to the House of Power to sleep at Issei’s temple for the night.

Meanwhile back in the House of Mentalism, Yuno and Izaya suffered moderate bruises from the five mysterious deities, kneeling down in pain, with latter five getting minor injuries in the process

Yuno: Gah…! Just who are you people?
???1: You think we would reveal our identities to the likes of you, Goddess of Yandere?
Izaya: Why… Are you doing this?
???2: To send Yuno Gasai to Justice… literally.
???5: You’d seriously think that you, a pathetic Greater Goddess, would stand against us?
Yuno: (I’m completely screwed…! If I get caught here, I’ll see Yukki getting stolen by those whores! Wait… I still have those grenades from the my temple.)

Remembering that she brought smoke grenades with her, Yuno threw it at the ground and smoke covered the area, allowing her to escape.

Yuno: (That was close…! Now… to find a place to hide.)

Getting away from all the chaos, The Goddess of Yandere tried to find place where no one would normally find her. After the smoke the cleared up, the five mysterious deities recovered their breath.

???4: The girl is quite the escape artist.
???3: Ughh… Just when we have her at our grasp, she has a method of escaping whenever she’s cornered.
???5: Perhaps we should get her allies first.
???1: Allies… That’s it… The Yandere Quartet. We must find them first and eliminate them and any other allies before we can get Yuno.
???4: There’s one thing I must warn you guys about. The robot girl with the eyepatch… A Murakumo as they call it, is gonna be a massive nuisance. We should get rid of her first.
???5: Ah yes, Nu-13… The one with the swords and exhibits a desire to be with that Grim Reaper…
???2: I’m afraid we can’t neutralize her alone… We should gather up more deities from other houses to fight against her.
???1: Precisely. Do just that. One thing: Just don’t bring the Grim Reaper along; The poor guy’s had it rough… I’ll inform the Patrician on the progress.

The group split up to enlist various deities to help defeat Nu-13, while the first mysterious deity went back to Vetinari. After they departed, Izaya barely recovered to go back into his temple.

At the House of Power, the Occult Research Club went inside Issei’s temple to sleep with him. Akeno tried to lighten up the tense mood of the Club by trying to give Issei another one of her lap-dances, but the other girls weren’t so happy about it.

Akeno: Aww, it’s kind of a shame that I still have to wait to give you round 3 of my show~ (giggles)
Koneko: (frowning) That Bayonetta has slowly turned you into a huge slut, Akeno. I told you she’s bad company, but you didn’t listen to me.
Rias: Akeno, I understand you want to lighten Ise-kun up, but now really isn’t the time.
Asia: R-Rias is right! At times you’re truly ravenous!
Issei: Uh, girls… That can wait for later. I mean, Yuno and Tsukuyomi are still on the loose, and we don’t know anything about Shinnok’s whereabouts!
Rias: You’re right, Issei. Let’s just go to sleep.
Akeno: (frowns) Oh well. Maybe another time, then.

The Occult Research Club all went to bed with Issei. Unknown to them, the Ala Alba, along with Hayate, Hinagiku, Criminy, Fuchsia, and Black Orchid were going guard duty around Issei’s temple.

The Rise of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Part 10) The Sorcerer’s Last Stand


The next day, the girls of the Occult Research Club woke up, ready to face off, hopefully, against Shinnok. There is one problem, though: Issei has gone missing.

Rias: Hello there, Iss-(gasps) ISE-KUN?!
Koneko: Is there a problem?
Rias: Ise-kun’s missing! Hurry, let’s get the Ala Alba, quickly!
Asia: Did Shinnok kidnap Ise-san?
Akeno: How did he do it?!
Rias: That can be postponed for later. Let’s go!

The ORC girls rushed outside Issei’s temple to find the others asleep.

Asia: Everyone, please wake up! Ise-san’s gone missing!

Upon hearing this, the others woke up in complete horror.

Criminy: Issei’s gone missing?
Black Orchid: Tch, How did that sorcerer kidnap him while he was asleep?
Irina: You tell me! I don’t know!
Fuchsia: That sorcerer just keeps getting nastier and nastier.
Rias: Everyone calm down. If we keep calm we can go take Ise-kun back.
Hayate: Yet, Shinnok still has Yuno and Tsukuyomi to back him up.
Hinagiku: I’m fearful that Nu might strike back.
Xenovia: I’ll smash that annoying cyborg if she returns!
Evangeline: She’s a persistent one…
???: Mind if I speak to you guys?

A figure in knight attire approached the group. He was an average looking deity to them.

???: I’ve come here to gather deities on the raid against the evil Yuno Gasai and her vile group, the Yandere Quartet.
Setsuna: Why are you going after Yuno?
???: You folks have heard that she bombed the House of Love, yes?
Black Orchid: Yes, we have. But we are trying to find a boy named Issei Hyodo, who’s probably been kidnapped by a sorcerer named Shinnok.
???: Really? I feel sorry for your friend.
Hayate: He’s allied with the Yandere Quartet and plans to steal his Boosted Gear.
???: What!? Those foul girls have teamed up with that sorcerer!?
Rias: That’s correct….
Konoka: What is your name, sir?
???: I guess I was a bit late introducing myself. I am Carrot Ironfoundersson of the House of Heroes! I am most honored to make you acquaintances. Now that I’m done, the information you’ve given me is interesting. Please come to the House of Otherness; my friends are gathering up anyone from every House who supports our cause of sending Yuno and her evil goons to justice!

The Knight left to an unknown location, leaving the group to themselves again.

Hayate: What should we do now?
Rias: I have a plan: Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Hayate, Hinagiku, Black Orchid… You all come with me to retrieve Issei. Negi, Asuna, Setsuna, Konoka, Nodoka, Yue, Kaede, Criminy, Fuchsia… You all go to the House of Otherness to attend that meeting.

When he woke up, Issei was in Shinnok’s temple in the House of Magic. He was tied up to a cross on a wall.

Issei: R-Rias?! Asia? Akeno?! …Girls? W-WHERE AM I?!
Shinnok: Muahahahaha! You easily kept your guard down, don’t you?
Issei: Shinnok?! Let me go!
Shinnok: Give me your Boosted Gear and maybe I’ll free you.
Issei: FORGET IT! If you want my Boosted Gear you have to go through me first!
Shinnok: Hehehehehe, with the way you are right now, there’s no way you can harm me..

Tsukuyomi entered the room with a broken Nu in her hands.

Tsukuyomi: Hello there, Issei Hyodo. It’s cute to see you tied up here.
Issei: Tsukuyomi! Kh! Shut that psychotic mouth of yours! And Nu-13! Where’s Yuno?
Tsukuyomi: I’m sorry, but we have no clue where she is. (to Shinnok) What do I do next?
Shinnok: Repair her and have her torture the boy.
Tsukuyomi: Got it.

Issei gritted his teeth to endure what was coming to him. He hoped the others would save him in time before his Boosted Gear gets stolen by the sorcerer.

Issei: (Guys… Please come quickly!)
Shinnok: After Tsukuyomi repairs that cyborg… (chuckles) Those two are going to become your bane.
Issei: Grrrrrr… (clenches his fists) If I manage to break free I’ll kick you all the way to the Disgraces and back!
Shinnok: Hahahahah! Like I’d really believe these menaces! You’re as threatening as a fly, now.
Shinnok: Hmhmhmhm… Threatening the Ruler of the Netherrealm? Such stubbornness…
Issei: Once again, shut up. You’re bullshit, your rule is bullshit, your plans are bullshit, your alliances are bullshit, everything you say is bullshit,EVERYTHING OF YOU IS BULLSHIT! Do you understand?!
Shinnok: Hahahahahaha! Once I steal your Boosted Gear, I will take over the pantheon and all of the realms! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Shinnok’s laughter reached throughout his whole entire temple. Will Issei be saved in time from the clutches of Shinnok, Tsukuyomi, and Nu?

Meanwhile in the outdoor pantheon, the Occult Research Club, along with Hayate, Hinagiku and Black Orchid stormed their way to the House of Magic to battle Shinnok.

Rias: If I remember correctly, that bastard is in the Mixed Sub-House, right?
Asia: Indeed.
Black Orchid: I can’t imagine what what sorcerer is planning to do with him.
Hayate: I think we should go there as fast as we could before he succeeds in stealing the Boosted Gear.
Rias: Indeed. Let’s go!

The group ran to the House of Magic as fast as they could. Suddenly, someone blocked their path: Quan Chi, who has brought along Shao Kahn.

Hinagiku: You again?
Shao Kahn: Where do you weaklings think you’re going?
Rias: Who the hell are you, anyway?
Shao Kahn: For I am Emperor Shao Kahn, Konqueror of worlds!
Koneko: …We don’t have the time to waste on you.

The group tried to evade them, but Quan Chi and Shao Kahn promptly blocked them again.

Quan Chi: Shinnok will successfully steal Issei’s Boosted Gear, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.
Black Orchid: As long as you two are blocking our path.
Shao Kahn: (laughs) Don’t make me laugh again, you insect.
Hayate: If you don’t want to sod off, then we’ll force you to!
Quan Chi: Come on, just try.

Hayate rushed at Quan Chi, who evaded the Combat Butler’s punch, followed by the latter attempting to cut him, only for Hayate to evade him. Irina strikes Quan Chi with her Excalibur Mimic, which Quan Chi parried. Akeno shoots a lightning bolt at the profane magic user, which he barely had the time to evade. Shao Kahn tried to tackle group with his mighty strength. Koneko jumped in the way to take the tackle.

Shao Kahn: Heh… You’re pretty strong for a little runt…

Koneko went for the worst interpretation possible and punched Shao Khan on the chest.

Koneko: Call me “little runt” again. I dare you.
Shao Kahn: Guh! Not bad. I won’t hold back on you this time, cat-human.

The Emperor mustered of his strength to overwhelm the Nekomata, only for the latter to get out of the way, having Rias perform her Power of Destruction on him, only for him to sidestep and try to tackle Rias. Black Orchid, with her stick, struck him in the face, blinding him for a few minutes.

Shao Kahn: Ugh!
Rias: Thanks, Black Orchid!

The Crimson-haired Princess of Ruin launched another sphere of the Power of Destruction, knocking Shao Kahn away from them a bit. The others focused on Quan Chi as the Emperor of the Outworld was blinded.

Rias: The Ala Alba might not be here, but we can still kick your ass!
Quan Chi: I wouldn’t bet on you victory, girl.

Quan Chi attacks Akeno once again, only for the fallen angel to respond with a lightning attack.

Quan Chi: Kh!
Akeno: Want an encore?
Shao Kahn: My… Eyes! I can’t see… AAARGHHH!
Koneko: I guess it’s time to pulverize these fiends!
Quan Chi: Not yet!

Koneko runs up to Shao Kahn to deliver a finishing blow to knock him out, but Quan took the punch, getting knocked far away from the group with a hook to the chest.

Koneko: Don’t get in my way.

The Nekomata rush at the Emperor of Outworld and hits him with a series of combos before delivering one devastating blow to his chest, knocking him into a wall, destroying his armor in the process.

Shao Kahn: It’s official… You don’t suck…
Asia: Good! Now we can progress to the House of Magic.
Rias: Alright, everyone! Let’s go save Issei.

Having defeated Quan Chi and Shao Kahn, the group went forward to the House of Magic to save Issei from the sorcerer’s clutches.

Meanwhile, Shinnok, Tsukuyomi and Nu were ready to torture Issei into giving up the Boosted Gear to the sorcerer.

Shinnok: Is everything ready?
Tsukuyomi: Of course.
Shinnok: Fantastic…
Issei: I will never give you fiends my Boosted Gear. Torture won’t work on me!
Shinnok: Hehehe… Is that so, boy? (To Nu) Pierce his limbs.
Nu-13: Roger that.

With that said, the Murakumo violently tucked her swords on Issei, blocking his hands and his feet.

Issei: Argh… Aaaargh!
Shinnok: Now, Tsukuyomi… Slit his veins.
Tsukuyomi: Heheheheheh…

Tsukuyomi used her sword to slit Issei’s arms. Blood dripped out of the wounds.

Issei: It’s still not enough… To bend the Red Dragon Emperor to your foul will!
Shinnok: Such bold words… Regardless, I’ll just modify your prized artifact to my liking.
Issei: Kh! You bastard….!
Issei: I hate you, Shinnok! I HATE YOU MORE THAN MY EX-GIRLFRIEND!

Before Issei could continue talking, Nu stabbed more swords on his chest, having him scream in agony.

Shinnok: Marvelous job, murakumo. This will cease his foolish babble.

Before the Murakumo could stab him one more time, a thunderbolt reached Shinnok. The Ruler of the Netherrealm looked to see who shot the bolts at him.

Shinnok: Who was it?! If it’s you, Raiden, I swear I will…
Akeno: Get your dirty hands off of Ise-kun, now.
Issei: A-Akeno?!

It was Akeno, again in her Fallen Angel form. Nu, meanwhile, gets struck by a red orb. It was obvious it was Rias’s “Power of Destruction”.

Rias: Hurt Ise-kun once again and nothing will remain of you three monsters.
Issei: Rias?!
Black Orchid: Issei, are you still conscious?
Issei: That robot girl… Almost had me unconscious. Thanks for showing up, guys.
Koneko: We’ve sped up all the way here to save you, Ise-senpai.
Hayate: Thank goodness, you’re alright! Where’s Yuno?
Hinagiku: She doesn’t seem to be here.
Xenovia: I’ll get Nu before she babbles about her robo speech again.

Irina transformed her Excalibur Mimic while Xenovia charged at Nu with all her might. The cyborg swiftly evaded her, but was caught by Irina’s shapeshifting weapon, which was transformed into a barbed whip.

Asia: Ise-san! …Are you OK?
Issei: A-Asia… I’m fine…
Asia: Here, let me heal you…

Asia uses her Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing, to heal Issei’s wounds. The pervert and soon-to-be Harem King was now completely fine, with Koneko helping him break free by unfastening the chains.

Meanwhile, in the House of Otherness, the Ala Alba was attending the rallying deities’ meeting with Criminy and Fuchsia. Along with them were nearly four dozen deities assembled to take out Yuno. Vetinari was on top of a podium. Next to him was Captain Ironfoundersson along with for cloaked deities whose identities were unknown at this point. The Patrician of Ankh-Morpork began his speech…

Vetinari: I have assembled you all here to form a search team against a Goddess by the name Yuno Gasai. This here goddess has formed a group known as the Yandere Quartet. Aside of Yuno herself, There are three other goddesses… Tsukuyomi…. Kotonoha Katsura…. And an android known only as Nu-13. These girls have the insane reputation of bisecting any possible love rivals… For possibly the pettiest reasons. Not so recently, Yuno has blown up the House of Love, attempt to injure many deities there. It is I, Lord Havelock Vetinari, will see to it that she, the other three girls, and any of her proxies, be put justice.

Many of the deities clapped their hands at Vetinari’s speech. The Ala Alba clapped their hands along with assembled deities.

Asuna: This is Vetinari?
Evangeline: I was expecting him to wear something more… Royal-looking…
Criminy: He’s a Greater God in the House of Mentalism. I’m a bit scared of him.
Negi: (I’ve heard very little about this guy. I’m a little suspicious about him.)

Vetinari opened his mouth again, continuing to speak.

Vetinari: According to Carrot here, Yuno has allied with a sorcerer named Shinnok, who’s kidnapped a boy named Issei Hyodo.

Everyone gasped when he mentioned Issei. To a majority of the pantheon, he was known as the Pantheon’s Luckiest SOB. Everyone whispered to themselves about the Harem King in training. Vetinari interrupts the crowd to resume his speech.

Vetinari: Everyone, calm down! Now then, before we begin…

Before he could finish, a celestial guard interrupts the Patrician and whispers into his ear.

Guard: (Whispering) Sir, one of our men have reported us that some deities have attacked Shinnok’s temple. Tsukuyomi and Nu-13 were spotted inside as well.
Vetinari: (Whispering) Good. This makes our mission easier. Go along now.
Guard: (Whispering) Understood.

The Guard takes his leaves as Vetinari spoke about the updated information to his audience.

Vetinari: I have good news: Nu-13 and Tsukuyomi are in the process of being eliminated by a group of deities. There is no longer any necessary reason to worry about them. The boy is also being rescued in the process.

Hearing this info made everyone happy as the Harem King in-training was going to be rescued. The Ala Alba was relieved the Occult Research Club finally made it to Issei in time.

Asuna: They did it.
Criminy: I knew they would rescue Issei in time.
Negi: Now all that leaves us with Yuno and Kotonoha.
Setsuna: But where are they hiding?
Evangeline: Let’s delay that answer until the guy assembles us along with the rest of these deities.

The group become quiet as the Patrician spoke again.

Vetinari: Alright… deities of the Pantheon! Begin your hunt for Yuno Gasai! Whoever catches her first will gain a prize consisting of an all out buffet at the House of Food. Good luck.

Finished with his speech, he left the House of Otherness with Carrot and the four mysterious deities following him, leaving the assembled deities to chat among themselves. Determined, The Ala Alba were ready to capture Yuno Gasai at any point.

Negi: Ala Alba, Let’s go!

They, along with Criminy and Fuchsia, depart the House of Otherness to find Yuno. The other rallying deities walked their way out and searched for her in different Houses.

Negi: Where should we go now?
Setsuna: Let’s split. We’ll all go to different houses. I’ll go with Konoka.
Asuna: I’m going with Negi!
Fuchsia: Criminy and I will go together.

Back at the House of Magic, the Occult Research Club, along with Hayate, Hinagiku, and Black Orchid, were busy fighting against Shinnok, Tsukuyomi, and Nu.

Issei: IT’S OVER, NOW! (summons Ascalon)

The humanoid dragon ran to the Netherrealm sorcerer first and strikes him with his sword, only for the latter to disappear behind him and casts a dark spell on him. Issei stepped out of the way, evading the dark spell. He runs up to Shinnok and stabs his gut, but his opponent got away from it in time. He quickly got up close to Shinnok and cut his arms up.

Shinnok: AAAAAAAH!


The Harem King in-training sheathed his sword and then delivered six heavy punches, two of which the sorcerer evaded, to his chest and face, followed by a grab to the neck, throwing him to the ground. Issei pointed Ascalon inches near Shinnok’s throat.

Issei: You’ll have to conquer the Realms without my Boosted Gear. Give it up!
Shinnok: …Never! I won’t give up…!
Issei: I guess it’s time to return the favor.

Issei stabs Shinnok by the throat five times before cutting him off, decapitating him.

Issei: Those Kombatants will be satisfied at your demise here.

He then takes the Emperor’s severed head by its open neck, and tears the head in two.


He threw the Netherrealm ruler’s now motionless body on the floor in his temple. By the time was finished, the rest of the Occult Research Club were already finished dealing with Nu, whose body was broken not long after Tsukuyomi repaired it. Hayate and Black had the upper hand against the psychotic witch.

Black Orchid: It’s over, girl. Both of your partners collapsed.
Rias: (carrying an energy sphere) Don’t think we’re letting you escape here.

Rias threw a sphere at her, causing her to yell in complete agony for 4 minutes before dropping to the ground unconscious.

Issei: Looks like I’m the one who should be thanking you girls…
Akeno: We’re your haremettes, after all. Teehee~
Koneko: Thank goodness you two didn’t destroy the House of Magic this time.
Xenovia: You actually kept track of that?
Issei: Where are the Ala Alba, Criminy, and Fuchsia?
Asia: They’re all in a meeting in the House of Otherness to get Yuno.
Rias: We have no time to waste here. Let’s find them!

The Occult Research Club decided to find the Ala Alba to reunite with them.

Back at the House of Otherness, the meeting was over, and the Ala Alba has split to find Yuno. Negi and Asuna went to the House of Ambiguity. The House was… Average to say the least. Nothing luxorious nor was it unpleasant.

Asuna: This place isn’t too “colorful.”
Negi: I’ve heard this used to be the House of Heroes and villains before the Court decided to split them up. A few of the deities here are a bit intimidating.
Asuna: Cheer up, Negi. We’ll help protect each other from the evil ones here.
Negi: Thank you… Let’s find Yuno.

For forty minutes, the two of them searched long and hard for Yuno, only to find no traces of her in the House.

Negi: Drat! She’s not here.
Asuna: Ugh… Where is she hiding?
Negi: We won’t know until she reacts. Let’s go to the House of Craft.

They decided to go to their destination in the House of Craft: Not only it was the home the Master Builders Four, but it was the home of Grand Commissioners Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

Criminy and Fuchsia were in the House of Shape to find Yuno. So far, they’ve searched almost everywhere.

Fuchsia: Arrgh! That girl’s hard to get!
Criminy: E-easy there, Fuchsia. Some of the mean deities here might destroyed us here. I say we should go to the House of Philosophy. Then again, her only philosophy is to “Attack any girl that hits on Yuki.” I guess we should go to the House of Personal Appearance then.
Fuchsia: Good idea, Criminy.

The bookworm and former devil headed for the House of Personal Appearance in hopes that Yuno would be there. As they depart, a deity with red hair watched them depart.

Kurama: (Are these two on the hunt for Yuno? It’d be strange if they beat me to her.)

The plant manipulator resumed his search on the Goddess of Yandere.

At the House of Travel, Setsuna and Konoka began their search for Yuno.

Konoka: No sign of her so far…
Setsuna: This house is pretty underpopulated, so this should be quick.

There was no sign of Yuno in the house, unfortunately.

At the House of Mentalism, Yuno was sheltered in Izaya’s closet.

Izaya: (If somebody who’s searching for Yuno pops up here, I’ll just drive that deity away… But damn, all that for blowing up a House? Damn. Really? I have to wonder who ordered this hunt against her. I can’t imagine it being a guy a with a voice she hates so much could be doing all this.)(comforts Yuno) Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.

Knowing full well he has no personal combat experience, the least he could do now was protect her from the deities hunting her down.

The Rise of The GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (Finale) End of the Line 

The Occult Research Club has finally defeated Shinnok, as well as Tsukuyomi and Nu, with the help of Hayate, Hinagiku, and Black Orchid. They all went to the House of Otherness to see the Ala Alba, only to find no one.

Issei: Shit! We’re too late!
Rias: Those deities are all gone!
Irina: And there’s no clue about Yuno’s whereabouts! She can possibly be anywhere!
Issei: Rias, where do you think she might be?
Rias: Unfortunately I don’t know… Let’s try in the House of Emotion.
Issei: All right!

And as such, the group ran to the House of Emotion, where Yuno’s temple is located in the Insanity subhouse.

Meanwhile, Negi and Asuna were almost over with their research: they arrived at the House of Mentalism. A House filled with many skilled masterminds ready to make pawns of many deities along with various mind games. It was also the darkest House in the Pantheon, literally.

Asuna: This House really gives me the creeps. Isn’t there another member of Trollkaiger here?
Negi: Yeah… Let’s be on our guards…
Asuna: Agreed. Let’s stick together. (That other Trollkaiger dude here… I think it’s that Izaya Orihara guy.)

When the other group arrived at the House of Emotion, they were left in shock: Yuno wasn’t there.

Rias: Yuno has ran away…
Akeno: My, oh my. Sure we’re not so lucky now.
Issei: Dammit! Yuno can be possibly anywhere now!
Hayate: Let’s split up and check our own Houses.
Black Orchid: Good idea.

The group searched for their Houses to find Yuno, and three hours after looking into temples, they’ve meet up at the Main Pantheon grounds with no success on finding Yuno.

Xenovia: Uggh… That girl’s good at playing the mouse.
Asia: Where could she be?
Issei: She’s not in any of the Houses we’ve looked in.
Hinagiku: Yuno would certainly never visit the House of Beast. Now that I’ve thought about it, aren’t the Yandere Quartet friends with Trollkaiger?
Hayate: That’s correct, Hinagiku-san.
Hinagiku: Right, and most of its members visit the House of Mentalism, if I’m not mistaken.
Black Orchid: There’s that Izaya guy, for example.
Akeno: Technically this means we have to check in the House of Mentalism!
Rias: It’s decided! Let’s go to the House of Mentalism!

With the clues they’ve gathered, the Occult Research Club went to the House of Mentalism for the purpose of going into Izaya’s temple.

In House of Personal Appearance, Criminy and Fuchsia searched everywhere, with no sight of Yuno to be found.

Criminy: She isn’t here either.
Fuchsia: Ugh! and there’s no way she would be in any of these Houses.
Criminy: Hmmm… She may be in the House of Mentalism.
Fuchsia: That’s it. That House is the darkest place in the entire pantheon… Excluding the Council of Shadows.
Criminy: I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to there. Xanatos and the others may be plotting something there.
Fuchsia: We’ll never find out unless we go there. Come on!

The two lovers departed to the House of Mentalism.

At his temple in the House of Mentalism, Izaya hid Yuno underneath his bed so no deity would see her. He closed the covers on his window to conceal his activities with the goddess of Yandere.

Izaya: Well then. I guess that’s everything. (Try and catch Yuno now, losers.)
Yuno: (gulps) (I must stay quiet… Otherwise who knows what will happen if they find me…)

Grabbing a bento, he goes to his room to give it Yuno.

Izaya: Here. Eat this.

Taking the bento, Yuno eats it as quickly as possible to regain energy.

Izaya: It seemed you liked it. I’ll get more bento for you.

He goes to the kitchen to grab more bento for her to eat, some for himself to recover from the gun wound.

At the Intermediate section of the House of Mentalism, Asuna and Negi continued their search for Yuno. apparently, she wasn’t found yet.

Asuna: Ugh. She isn’t here either.
Negi: Hmm….

Unpredictably, the Occult Research Club, along with Hayate, Black Orchid, and Hinagiku arrived.

Issei: Negi! Asuna!
Negi: Guys! Have you seen Yuno?
Rias: No trace of her.
Asuna: You too? Argh! This is going to be more troublesome than I thought.
Hayate: R-relax. We’ll catch her eventually.
Black Orchid: With this being the darkest House, who knows where she could be in here.
Koneko: I had to get Mako off of me for twenty minutes when she heard my voice.
Asia: (sweatdrops) You don’t sound annoyed about it. Why are you still friends with her?
Koneko: Don’t ask.
Black Orchid: Weird girl…
Issei: Enough of that. Let’s keep searching for her.

Given that the House of Mentalism is a dark place, the group searched a bit harder for Yuno.

Meanwhile, Criminy and Fuchsia arrived in the Lesser Gods section of the House of Mentalism.

Fuchsia: Now that I’m here, this house does gives me goosebumps a bit.
Criminy: Y-yeah… I don’t want to go here… But we have to find Yuno.
Fuchsia: If only a psychic person could predict the mind games these deities here play.
Criminy: Psychics.. That’s it… Fuchsia, let’s go! (grabs Fuchsia’s hand)

Criminy knew of someone who was friends with the Occult Research Club here; an orange-haired young girl by the name Haruka Kotoura: an esper with the ability to see into the minds of others. He decided to go into her temple to make their search for Yuno easier.

Criminy: (I hope you’re still in your temple…)

Continuing their scavenger hunt for the goddess of Yandere, Negi and Asuna were approaching their last temple, Izaya’s one, where Yuno was hiding. Little do they know they were the first two to find Yuno’s hiding place.

Negi: Izaya Orihara… One of the members of Trollkaiger. Let’s see if Yuno is here.
Asuna: If she’s not here… Then we’ve searched here for nothing.

The two of them knocked on Izaya’s door.

Inside his temple, Izaya have heard knocks on his door.

Izaya: Great…

He went to the door and opened it, and the visitors turned out to be Negi Springfield and Asuna Kagurazaka.

Izaya: What do you want?
Asuna: We’re here to search for Yuno Gasai.
Izaya: She’s not here. Get lost.
Negi: Are you sure she isn’t inside?
Izaya: No; I’ve checked everywhere. Move along now.

Izaya closed the door to his temple. Dissatisfied, Negi and Asuna decide to go back to the main area of the House of Mentalism.

Negi: (Where could she be?)

Inside, Trollkai Black gave out a sigh of relief. For him, it was too simple.

Izaya: (Easy as that. Now all I have is to drive off another curious deity.)

Negi and Asuna, however, were suspicious on Izaya’s reaction.

Negi: Asuna… Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Asuna: You’re right, Negi. Izaya was way too suspicious-looking when he answered.
Negi: Yeah. Let’s go back and check again.

The two of them went to Izaya’s temple again and knocked on the door a second time. Izaya opened the door with a very slightly annoyed look on his face.

Izaya: You two again? I told you before. She’s not here!
Asuna: Stop it. We know you’re hiding something.
Izaya: You seriously think I’m covering up something? I’m telling the truth here.
???: Negi! Asuna!

The three of them looked to see the source of the voice, revealing themselves to be Criminy and Fuchsia.

Asuna: It’s you two!
Criminy: Yuno’s inside this guy’s temple; Haruka Kotoura told me about it.

Now cornered, Izaya throws a smoke grenade into the ground, intoxicating four of them. He goes to his bedroom to find Yuno.

Izaya: We have to get out of here; They’ve found us out.
Yuno: What!?

He grabs her hand to make an escape. By the time they got outside, however, they were blocked by the Occult Research Club, the rest of the Ala Alba, Hayate, Hinagiku, and Black Orchid.

Yuno: N-no…
Rias: We’ve finally spotted you, Yuno Gasai. Everyone, make sure she doesn’t escape!

Akeno proceeds to zap Yuno and Izaya while Irina transformed her Excalibur Mimic to tie them up. However, when the yandere saw the fallen angel, the former violently twitched, knowing Akeno was the one in the photos with Yukki.

Akeno: My, oh my~ (giggles) (I knew Yuno would get mad like a hellhound.)
Irina: (tightens the Excalibur’s strings) You’re really as crazy as people say whenever that Yukiteru boy’s mentioned.
Izaya: Nnnngh! Nnnnnnngh!!!
Rias: When Irina’s finished taking care of you two, Yuno… You shall come with us.
Hayate: (sigh) I’ll help you guys shut up.
Izaya: W-What!? Butlers are supposed to be nice people!
Hayate: I’m making an exception here.

Hayate approaches the two of them. He delivered two punches to Izaya’s stomach and chest, knocking him out cold. After he was done with Izaya, he goes to Yuno and deliver two punches to her stomach, causing her to go unconscious. Koneko grabbed Izaya out of the strings and threw him back into his temple. The group surrounded the Goddess of Yandere’s now unconscious body.

Xenovia: Good grief… We’ve finally got her.
Black Orchid: (To Hayate) You really went a bit too far there, boy.
Hayate: I really wasn’t in the mood to hear her screaming rants.
Negi: As much I don’t like to admit it, Hayate’s right.
Issei: Now, let’s grab her and send her to this Vetinari guy.
Asuna: Indeed.

After Hayate grabbed Yuno, the group headed for Vetinari. During all of this, a cloaked figure watched them depart the House of Mentalism.

???: So those folks have captured Yuno… Not bad.

The Occult Wing and the others have arrived at the House of Justice with Yuno in custody. Vetinari was already present waiting for them.

Vetinari: I see you’ve gotten the girl. Good. Guards! Place her under House Arrest for 3 weeks!

The Celestial guards arrived with a bag to confine Yuno in until they placed her in the House of Emotion.

Vetinari: For gratitude of capturing Yuno Gasai, I shall reward you all with an all-you-can-eat buffet at the House of Food the next day. You’re welcome to invite any of your friends.
Issei: Any of our friends? Awesome!
Vetinari: Cosmos will also be present.
Rias: Cosmos will be around? T-That’s great news!
Asia: Ise-san, I think it’s the perfect time to tell her that the Chick Magnet Quartet can be part of the GUAG.
Negi: Yeah!
Rias: Good. Everyone! Let’s rest for tomorrow for the buffet.
Everyone else except Vetinari: Yeah!

The group disbanded back into their own temples to sleep for tomorrow’s victory buffet. After all of them left, a mysterious figure approached behind Vetinari.

???: That young-looking vampire contacted the Three Magicians to put Shinnok on house arrest after those guys defeated him, but those girls are nowhere to be found.
Vetinari: Let those three be.
???: What about that sorcerer?
Vetinari: Which one?
???: The one known as Quan Chi. He’s in the same house as Shinnok.
Vetinari: I’ll gather the guardians from the House of Magic, along with a group of powerful deities to stop him after the buffet. Those peons can rest.
???: I’m afraid you must capture him fast; If he brainwashes anyone outside the pantheon, which I’m certain he will, he’ll even get the Netherrealm ruler out of house arrest. By the way, you’ve must’ve noticed those people are certainly a powerful group.
Vetinari: Yes… The Occult Research Club… The Ala Alba… They done a decent job capturing Yuno Gasai despite brutalizing her.
???: That girl, Rias Gremory, was it? She was decent enough to take advantage of the deities you rallied against the girl.
Vetinari: (lightly chuckles) Indeed. Where are you going now?
???: I’m going to see a friend to aid him in a… certain matter. It’s been nice working with you, patrician…

As the cloaked deity departed, the patrician of Ankh-Morpork gave off a smirk.

Vetinari: Assistance is always welcome from you… Revolver Ocelot.

With everything said and done, he goes back to his temple to get some rest.

The next day, some members the Occult Research Club, some members of the Ala Alba, Hayate, Hinagiku, Criminy, Fuchsia all assembled into the main Pantheon grounds for their victory buffet.

Evangeline: You all came early…
Asia: We were waiting for you guys to show up.
Setsuna: Strange…. I don’t see that woman here.
Irina: Which one?
Konoka: The one with the kali sticks.
Rias: Black Orchid? I guess she’s busy with other things.
Asuna: Negi’s taking so long. Are they really that excited for the group’s membership into the GUAG?
Rias: It can’t be helped. Issei really wants to form the group today.

Vetinari arrives with Carrot and another person accompanying him.

Carrot: Oh, it’s you guys again. You’re all excited for the victory buffet?
Nodoka: Of course. (to the other deity) But who are you?
???: My name is Commander Samuel Vimes, and I’m honored to meet you all here.
Setsuna: I’m Setsuna.
Carrot: Where are the rest of your group?
Rias: They’re a bit late.
Vimes: They should hurry; We’re about to begin the announcement of the buffet in 15 minutes.
Asia: They’re just taking their time, sir.

Akeno arrived along with Bayonetta, who was carrying a cart with three boxes.

Bayonetta: You’re all here… (Glares at Vetinari) (It’s so weird seeing the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork in the main Pantheon grounds with a relaxed look on his face. Did he successfully accomplish something?)
Vetinari: (raises an eyebrow) Are those presents, Umbra Witch?
Bayonetta: …Yes, they are. It’s for Issei.
Xenovia: I see… Now all we need to wait for is Koneko and Issei.
Vimes: Those boxes are bigger than normal..
???: We’re coming!

The group looked behind them to see Issei and Negi along with the Special Lovers Squad, and another one of Issei’s friends, Scott Pilgrim.

Issei: Ha…. Ha… We made it!
Nyarko: It looks like we weren’t late after all.
Hayate: I almost dirtied my clothes en route here.
Rio: Mele… For once, I’m glad to eat with you.
Mele: Rio-sama…
Misaka: Get off me, Kuroko!
Kuroko: Wooohoo! We’re going to eat together! Yay!
Criminy: Thanks for having me and Negi sleep in your temple, Hayate.
Hayate: No problem.
Scott: Sure there’s a huge crowd here. Man, I’d love to have a crowd like this in a Sex Bob-Omb concert!
Issei: By the way, Scott, has your band released another EP, album, or what?
Scott: Still nothin’, boy. Goddamn League of Evil Exes who’s trying to make me break up with Ramona.
Issei: Those dicks… Especially that Gideon… Argh, I despise him: he’s like a gender-bent Raynare.
Scott: True, man… He’s more of a dick than the other Exes.

Nyarko went on to declare something to her allies of the Special Lovers Squad.

Nyarko: Today a new member has also joined us! Say hello to Rias Gremory!
Rias: Uhh… I didn’t really ask for it, but I’m okay.
Juvia: We’re happy to have a new girl in our ranks!
Kuroko: That’s really good news!
Negi: Yeah… (To the rest of the group) H-hey, where are Yue and Kaede?
???: Coming!

Yue and Kaede arrived in more formal attire, along with Shikamaru, who brought Coyote Starrk with him.

Kaede: Sorry, we’re late.
Yue: Is that all of us here?
Starrk: …..
Shikamaru: (glares at Vetinari) (The Shadow Council’s taking a breather?)
Carrot: You guys have quite a large group. (The patrician did say they can invite anyone they can, but we may need more tables than expected.)
Evangeline: You’re all here. And no, everyone’s not here. Now all we need to wait for is that nekomata.
???: Don’t forget about me!

Everyone looked to see a happy Koneko, who arrived with Etna, Flonne, and three other goddesses.

Carrot: There’s more of them?
Vimes:: You guys have this many guests?
Koneko: These are my companions from the League of Flat Chests. Please welcome: Etna, Flonne, Noel Vermillion, Luxanna Crownguard, and Chihaya Kisaragi.
Flonne: Hi, guys and girls! I’m the guardian of the House of Love.
Etna: You’re all quite weird. I’m going to Laharl after this.
Noel: It’s nice to meet you all here! (Too bad Tsubaki and Makoto couldn’t come…)
Luxanna: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I had to get a pardon from my Demacian brothers and sisters to go here.
Chihaya: Hey there!
Asia: Flonne. Is it really okay for you to be off the clock?
Flonne: The Master Builders Four and the Elric brothers are almost finished repairing the House of Love, so I’m getting leeway here.
Carrot: What a huge crowd… Impressive.

However, Koneko’s smile quickly turned into a frown when she saw Bayonetta. The Umbra Witch replied with her signature wink-and-smile.

Akeno: Aww, come on, Koneko! Bayo isn’t remotely as bad as you think she is! You should really attend her lessons, you might be able to hit on Issei as I managed to!
Koneko: I’ll attend Bayonetta’s lessons when Hell freezes over.
Rias: Koneko… You should trust Akeno. Bayonetta is a good person to hang around with.
Issei: Plus she taught Akeno some moves that, whoa nelly~!
Koneko: Stop being such a pervert, Ise-senpai, or I’ll have to punch you.
Asia: Wait… This is that goddess that Akeno talks so much about? Bayonetta? The seductive witch of the House of Love?!
Bayonetta: The one and only.
Issei: Uhh, Asia…
Asia: If that is so, Bayonetta, then I will attend your lessons! I don’t want to let down my beloved Ise-san!
Issei: A-Asia… If I were you, I wouldn’t do this!
Asia: I don’t care, Ise-san! If she teaches how to do those things, I don’t care! I will attend her lessons!
Xenovia: All right… Guess I’ll attend Bayonetta’s classes as well.
Irina: I’ll do the same!
Koneko: (sighs) You’re all willing to put yourselves on the same level of that slut?! (groans) Fine. I didn’t want to do this, but… I’ll join too.
Akeno: Guess you’ve got quite the boom in students! (giggles)
Bayonetta: I guess so… If so, girls… Next lesson’s tomorrow.
Rias: Great news!
Bayonetta: Oh, and another thing… (looks at Issei) You can come watch the lessons if you so desire.
Issei: R-Really?! That’s amazing!!! T-Thank you so much, Bayo!
Bayonetta: You’re welcome. (winks) I almost forgot one thing… Guys, you can come out now!

Nearby the Umbra Witch, out from box came three male gods from the same house she resides, who are also all good friends with Issei. They are Jiraiya, Johnny Sfondi, and Kagura Mutsuki.

Issei: Jiraiya? Johnny? Kagura?
Bayonetta: I knew they were your friends, so I decided to bring them here.
Carrot: These guys were the presents all along?
Johnny: How’s the Harem King doing?
Jiraiya: I see you’ve also brought your harem, boy. Actually… I was thinking of making a book featuring your haremettes.
Issei: Really?
Jiraiya: Heheheh! I know you’ll like it!
Kagura: You know, Issei, I’ve heard your voice sometime ago… Where were you?
Issei: I was in Bayonetta’s temple, getting, well… Treated by Rias and Akeno. If you know what I mean!
Kagura: Hahahaha! You’re such a lucky bastard.
Johnny: You know what they say, it’s good to be the Harem King! Wahahaha!
Vimes: Save that shit for the buffet. I have a feeling we’re gonna get more guests here soon.
???: Hold on, I’m coming!

Surprisingly, Black Orchid arrived.

Black Orchid: Sorry, I’m late.
Issei: No problem, we’re just about to get started!
Starrk: Looks like we have quite the gang…
Vimes: It’s going to be a problem serving this many guests.

Then there came Rachel, Valkenhayn, and Haruka Kotoura. There also arrived Shizuo Heiwajima, who was celebrating for a whole other matter.

Rachel: Looks like we won’t hear more news about Shinnok for quite some time… I’m sincerely impressed by the power of you devils.
Valkenhayn: Madame Rachel and I are satisfied to hear that Shinnok has been put to justice.
Noel: Ms. Rachel… You’re here too?
Rachel: Of course, child. Perhaps you could consider this a breather from our usual activities.
Kotoura: I… I’m happy to have helped you bust that girl…
Issei: No problem, Kotoura! Your mind-reading powers are a true godsend.
Kotoura: (smiles) T-Thank you…
Shizuo: ‘Bout time Izaya got what he deserved! I’m grateful for you all.
Negi: You’re right, Shizuo. That dude’s been shady for all his life.
Valkenhayn: (looks at Hayate) I’m delighted to see you as well for this celebration, Hayate.
Hayate: Me too!
Vimes: Are these people your friends as well?
Asia: Yes, sir.
Vimes: I can’t see if this isn’t even the case.
Rachel: If you can excuse me… (snaps fingers)

A group of people arrived circling Rachel, Valkenhayn, Kotoura and Shizuo. They were the Kombatants – Liu Kang, Kitana, Johnny Cage, Kurtis Stryker, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Smoke, Kai, Sonya Blade, and Kung Lao. The only one who wasn’t present was Raiden, who’s still spending time among the Fallen until further notice.

Rachel: I’m certain you’ve never encountered these savages before, but I’ve decided to bring the ascended Kombatants here to celebrate Shinnok’s defeat with you devils.
Liu Kang: You must be Issei Hyodo, right? The one who defeated Shinnok?
Issei: Yes, it’s me! Who are you people? You must be the Kombatants, right?
Scorpion: You are right. My name is Hanzo Hasashi, but you can just call me Scorpion, and the martial artist here is Liu Kang.
Liu Kang: I’m most pleased to make your acquaintance.
Kitana: I am Kitana. I’ve heard that you and your peers are incredibly strong, for they have managed to defeat Shao Kahn, Quan Chi and Shinnok.
Issei: (chuckles a little) Uh… Thank you.
Kung Lao: My name is Kung Lao. It’s most delightful to meet someone powerful enough to defeat the Ruler of the Netherrealm.
Stryker: I’m Kurtis Stryker, and I’d think you’d make a great addition to the NYPD.
Issei: Sorry, but I’m not interested into joining a police force. (laughs)
???: Don’t you dare start without me!

A muscular figure wielding a large sword dropped from the sky. It was Jack Rakan.

Issei/Negi: J-Jack?
Jack: What, did you expect me to stay with folded hands and not participate in the victory party for my apprentices?
Negi: I can say you’re right, Jack.
Issei: Heh heh… Jack’s training totally paid off.
Jack: (whispering to Issei) Y’know, Issei… When this buffet’s finished… How about we go steal some unfortunate undies?
Issei: (whispering to Jack) I wish so, but I have some… Business to end with Rias and company.
Rias: We’re good to go! Now, shall we go to the House of Food? Our banquet is waiting there!
Vetinari: Everyone! Follow me! Vimes and Carrot, set up the preparations! Cosmos will be appear in the House of Food.

As Vimes and Carrot ran towards the House of Food to help the chefs prepare the The large group followed Vetinari, to the House of Food.

Later at the House of Food, all of the food was already prepared and served, with Cosmos present. Many of them took their seats in many tables. Many deities who participated in the hunt, were in the victory banquet. Vetinari spoke into the mic.

Vetinari: Many deities of the Pantheon, I’ve come to announce The winners of the hunt for Yuno Gasai. The Chick Magnet Quartet! These groups of people have been, for some time, against Yuno and her vile group of mad ladies. Now… I, Lord Havelock Vetinari, the patrician of Ankh-Morpork, will have Cosmos make an important declaration.

As the entire crowd clapped their hands, Vetinari stepped aside for Cosmos, the Commander of the Grand United Alliance of Good, to make her declaration.

Cosmos: I, the leader of the GUAG, will make the Chick Magnet Quartet, whose core members consists of Issei Hyodo, Negi Springfield, Hayate Ayasaki, and Criminy, a part of the Grand United Alliance of Good!

Everyone clapped as Cosmos departs the House of Food, with Vetinari grabbing the microphone.

Vetinari: Deities of the Pantheon! You can now eat to your heart’s content.

All of the deities reached for their favorite food to eat. Everyone other deity in the main pantheon grounds celebrated the defeat of Yuno and the rest of the Yandere Quartet.

At the House of Weapons, Nu, Kotonoha and Tsukuyomi were in the House of Weapons in the former’s temple. Without Yuno around to operate the Quartet, they are now without a leader.

Kotonoha: What are we going to do without Yuno?
Nu: ……
Tsukuyomi: I do know of this one girl that has recently ascended by the name of Scharlachrot. I heard that she tried to attack this girl called Weiss Schnee for having a similar name to some one else.
Kotonoha: Where is she?
Tsukuyomi: Most deities say she’s in the Other Weapons Sub-House.
Nu: ……
Kotonoha: What’s this woman capable of?
Tsukuyomi: How should I know? I haven’t met the girl yet.
Nu‘: Capture her…
Kotonoha: Why, that’s a good idea… wait…
Tsukuyomi: …Did you just… speak normally…?

Kotonoha and Tsukyomi both looked at each other surprised before looking at Nu again.

Kotonoha: Since when did your speech patterns were like that of a human’s…?
Nu: Hehehe…. Back in my world, I’ve made a synchronization pact with my Sister Murakumo. If both of you wish to get Yuno back in charge, I’ll go back to my Robotic speech pattern, and we’ll never speak of this again. (sits on her chair, smiling) If you pathetic girls want progress done, then put me in charge and we’ll kidnap the girl and see if she will cooperate with us. If not, when we can ask Quan Chi for some help. Deal?
Tsukuyomi: You… I’ll put you in your place!
Kotonoha: Tsukuyomi, don’t do it!

The psychotic Lesbian ran up to Nu, only for the yandere robot to throw several flying swords at her, piercing her chest, arms and legs.

Tsukuyomi: Gaaah! (coughs up blood)
Nu: So then, Kotonoha… Would you like to join Tsukuyomi in a bloodbath, or have me in charge? Which will it be?
Kotonoha: (This is bad… If I go against her here, I’ll end up just like Tsukuyomi. Nu’s a rank higher than both of us, so there’s no way I’ll fare well against her. Looks like I have no other choice…) …I’ll let you take over.
Nu: Is that so? Kotonoha…
Kotonoha: Yes…?
Nu: Whenever we carry out our missions, I’m having you lead us.
Kotonoha: W-why?
Nu: If I do so outside, I wouldn’t keep up my robotic speech act.
Kotonoha: …Are you sharing the role of leadership with me?
Nu: Ufufufu… That’s correct.
Kotonoha: (I’m saved…)
Nu: First, as ordered, we’ll attack Scharlachrot the next day and see what she think of us.
Kotonoha: (For a robot that synchronized with that flat-chested woman, she’s… Surprisingly decent with human speech.)

With that, the three yanderes have their plans set on capturing Scharlachrot for the next day.

At the House of Emotion, Yukki looked at the imprisoned Yuno with a anguished look on his face; He never thought she would do all the evil acts behind his back… All of them in his name. Emmet was finished creating LEGO two by fours around Yuno’s temple to make sure she never escaped.

Emmet: There. Everything’s done.
Yukki: (Yuno… How could you do all of this?)
Emmet: (approaches Yukki) She won’t be getting out for some time. Yanderes, if that’s what they describe her if I’m not mistaken, attack people for the pettiest reasons. I’m going back to help everyone else on the repairs in the House of Love.
Yukki: ……

Emmet takes off for the House of Love to finish the repairs. Yukki, without saying anything, heads for his temple in the House of Prophecy.

In Gwyn’s temple in the House of Royalty, the Lord of Sunlight has successfully snapped Ornstein out of Shinnok’s brainwashing. The dragonslayer’s body lied with his face down, but got up moments later.

Ornstein: M-Master Gwyn…
Gwyn: Are you all right, Ornstein?
Ornstein: I… I… (breaks down crying) I-I’m sorry if I didn’t follow your orders, Master! Please forgive me! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!
Gwyn: (slaps Ornstein) Quit this senseless crying! I know it is not your fault. Issei told me you were brainwashed by some sorcerers from the House of Magic.
Ornstein: (For being a heartless dragon… At least that scum has some humanity… However, I cannot forgive him for being a serious threat to the Age of Fire.) I… I understand… Does… Does that mean I’m still one of your temple’s protectors?
Gwyn: Indeed. But as I told you before, do not ever try to lay a finger on Issei once again. You’ve been acting out of line ever since you tried to kill him for the first time.
Ornstein: I… I’m sorry for that, Master… I’m such a mindless creature…
Gwyn: Stop this self-deprecating now, Ornstein, and listen to me. Cosmos has told me Issei does not deserve to die. (For he is a member of the GUAG, and I heard about the formation of a group led by him, affiliated with Cosmos’s forces of good… Color me surprised.)
Ornstein: But… I’m a member of the Grand United Alliance of Law! (Even if I don’t have good relations with the Great Will…)
Gwyn: I know, Ornstein. And another thing…
Ornstein: What is it, Master?
Gwyn: Is that sorcerer who was put on house arrest one of those who brainwashed you?
Ornstein: Shinnok? …Yes, it’s true.
Gwyn: Well then, good riddance… Now you can go back to your temple. I’ll let you know if there are more evil dragons to slay.
Ornstein: Thank you, Master Gwyn…

As such, Ornstein departs to his temple in the Costumes Sub-House of the House of Personal Appearance.

A few hours after the buffet, Issei meets up with Rias in the Romance sub-house of the repaired House of Love.

Issei: Rias… It’s nice to see you here.
Rias: Why hello there, Ise-kun.
Issei: Sure that we’ve been through a lot recently.
Rias: I can say you’re right. I’ve become part of the Special Lovers Squad, and your group has successfully been integrated into the GUAG.
Issei: I’ve also heard that Shinnok has been put on house arrest just like with Yuno.
Rias: That vile sorcerer got what he deserved for hunting you down.
Issei: Yes… I wonder what happened to those other three of the Quartet.
Rias: You mean Tsukuyomi, Nu, and Kotonoha? This shouldn’t be our problem right now. Actually… (holds Issei’s hand)
Issei: Rias… What do you want to do?
Rias: Ise-kun…

The sensual redhead slowly approached herself towards her loved pervert. Issei stared at Rias’s perfect body, but quickly changed his sight to gaze into the goddess’s blue eyes. Rias did the same.

Issei: You look gorgeous as always.
Rias: The same applies to you, as well…

Issei put his mouth inches near to Rias’s, and vice-versa. Moments later, the two kissed in fiery passion.

Issei: Rias…
Rias: Issei Hyodo… I love you… So much…

Result: The Chick Magnet Quartet is now a part of the GUAG.

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