Tales of the Alliance Book Three Continued

Meteor’s Betrayal and Fourze’s Revival (Part 8) A World Told in Visions 

Narrator…there’s something I have to confess.
What’s that?
We’re at an impasse. This next part is going to have lots of stuff that I cannot interrupt to chat with you about, and the last two parts will set the stage for what is to come. We must go our separate ways for now.
What about the Party of the Apocalypse story?
That is affected by this darkness. But don’t worry, at Act 2, we will meet again. You in Insert Name Here’s body, should head back. The House of Ambiguity is missing a few of its Gods.
Well…if you say so. Goodbye for now.
And I should leave the narration to itself. Here we go back to a few days even before the Undertaker’s communication with the Crow happened. It all started with Gentaro asleep.

Gentaro Kisaragi was asleep. He was dreaming. In this world of dreams, there were certain things that were real and unreal. Sometimes, one could not tell what was the dream when they woke up, but this was one of those very few times where the dream was real.”

Gentaro: (wakes up and looks around) W…where am I?

“The temple was his own, he knew that. Yet…something was wrong. When he looked out the window, the entire Pantheon was in ruins. It was decimated, and there were Gods helping the injured ones. Children cried, and there were many Life and Death Gods carrying souls away.”

Gentaro: T…this can’t be right.

“Gentaro rushed out the door, only to meet up with a strange figure: Polygon Man.”

Polygon Man: Ah, so that’s where you went. Good job with what you did there.
Gentaro: W…what do you mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about!
Polygon Man: Ha! You’re such a trickster sometimes. Come on, don’t you remember what we planned the night before? Oh, good times.

“Gentaro was utterly confused—what the heck was this God saying? He knew the one in the House of Theater barely left his temple, challenging all Playstation Gods in his domain to see who could elevate their power levels even higher. Why was he interested in Gentaro?”

Gentaro: I…I have to get going. I’m a bit hungry. Yeah…let me get going.

“Gentaro left his Temple and saw many of the residents in pain. Fluttershy was flying everywhere with Discord, making sure that no one was hurt. Gentaro took a step forward.”

Polygon Man: Hold up, tiger.

“Gentaro turned around. Fluttershy also looked up and gasped at the giant floating head. Polygon Man just jerked his head to the left.”

Polygon Man: You’re going the wrong way. Food House is this way.
Gentaro: O…oh. Right.

“Seeing as he had nowhere else to go, Gentaro followed the god for food…and hopefully answers.”

Fluttershy, Discord and Ryusei looked at the strange drawings from Yayoi’s comic, how she was able to portray Gentaro’s confusion to mirror their own. Fluttershy gulped.

Fluttershy: To think that something so cruel could happen there.
Discord: (munching on popcorn) Very interesting if you ask me. What happens next?
Ryusei: (turns the page, reads) “Gentaro Kisaragi made it to the House of Food. At that time, all the Gods were supposed to have breakfast. Emphasis on ‘supposed’….”

Miu rushed toward the Medical Wing of the Pantheon, seeing Noah tending to a quiet Kengo. The two were playing chess, and by the looks of it, Kengo was a very lousy player.

Noah: Miu! Thank goodness, you’re all right.
Miu: My friends are free from their brainwashing! How’s Kengo doing?
Noah: Well he sucks at chess, but other than that nothing happened. I was starting to wonder whether or not I get Yugi to play card games with him.
Miu: Next you’re telling me that we’re going to play them on motorcycles. Seriously, what kind of a lame idea is that? (turns to Kengo) Are you okay?
Kengo: If by defintion of “okay” being “not physically hurt”, then yes. I am.
Miu: That’s a relief. Everyone is doing well, the Kamen Rider Club is back. I’m meeting everyone in the House of Sports soon. Wanna come?
Kengo: I suppose.
Noah: Better than nothing. The Pantheon Wrestling Federation has a lot of big stuff going on.
Miu: Let’s hope it’s anything good.

“At the House of Food, Gentaro entered Chiyoko’s Temple, knowing how Chiyoko welcomed all the members of the Toku Base. Polygon Man said he had “some things to fix” and left him for a meal. While expecting some crazy theme for Chiyoko’s restraurant, he found that it was…empty.”

Gentaro: Chiyoko? Are you in there?

“He was greeted with a cleaver that was just inches away from cleaving his head clean off.” Gentaro turned to see Gordon Ramsay approaching him, looking angrier than ever. Then again, Ramsay was always angry, but it seemed like right now he was going to reach Asura-levels in pure rage.”

Ramsay: What the fucking hell are you doing back here?
Gentaro: G-getting breakfast? I assure you that—

“The sound of a bellpepper being eaten caught his attention. Gentaro turned around, seeing Takashi Kaga approaching him. Now Kaga was always calm when it came to Gods who came to the House of Food (except for the unruly gods who just want to be pricks for the hell of it), but somehow Gentaro could see that Kaga meant business.”

Kaga: I thought we told you not to come to the House of Food anymore.
Gentaro: I…I just wanted to get something to eat and all.
Ramsay: You’re banned, you ass. Come on, get out.

“Gentaro looked in confusion. Sure Ramsay wasn’t the friendliest of gods, but the Ramsay he knew was civil to the Gods in the House of Friendship (going as far as to keep his voice down in Fluttershy’s presence else Discord decides to mess with him). But there was this feeling of dread, like what happened with Polygon Man. For now, it was best Gentaro left.”

Gentaro: All right. I’ll…I’ll go somewhere else.

“The best thing to do was find his friends. Perhaps they’d know what was going on. The Kamen Rider Club should’ve been at the Academy. That would be the best place to go. Hopefully.”

Discord: Okay, this is getting boring. Let’s get onto the good part. (flips comic to the last five pages) Ah, here we go.

“Gentaro looked in despair as Funny Valentine continued to laugh. This wasn’t possible. He…he couldn’t have done this….”

Valentine: Do you see, little one? All of this despair and destruction you caused? You call yourself the one who befriends everyone, but how could you when their blood is in your hands?! AHAHAHAHA!!!

“Littered all around Gentaro were corpses of his Kamen Rider Club pals, each of them skewered, butchered, drilled…each of their bodies were mangled in a different way that couldn’t have been done by Gentaro. But if Funny Valentine was right, Gentaro did cause this.”

Gentaro: No, this can’t be! I didn’t do this. Stop it! STOP IT!!!!!!!!

The comic ended with Funny Valentine’s laughter ringing throughout the page. Fluttershy was sobbing and hugged Discord, who gave his dear friend a pat on the back and a box of tissues to dry his eyes out. Ryusei looked in horror.

Ryusei: T…this is what Gentaro was going through? Why didn’t he tell us?
???: That’s what I’m asking you.

Ryusei looed up, seeing a man with white facepaint staring upside down at him. Ryusei scrambled to his feet as the strange man with a crow on his shoulder tilted his head.

???: Eric Draven at your service. You sir, are in BIG trouble.
Ryusei: What do you mean?
Draven: My little bird friend has told me that you’re going to be put to court. The Toku Base isn’t happy with what you did.
Ryusei: But…what did I do?
Draven: (grins) That’s what we’re gonna find out. Come and bring your friends…the punishment will be granted by me, didn’t you know. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Fluttershy gulped as Discord still held her in his arms and stared at the comic in hand. He shivered—something was up. He only did that when he could sense a magical imbalance, and right now, it was happening.

Discord: Fluttershy, I need to go check something. Do you think you can guard Ryusei until I get back?
Fluttershy: I…I think so. Take care.

The two went their separate ways as Discord opened a door out of nowhere to leave the House of Combat. Something was utterly wrong, and the last thing he needed was to give Fluttershy a heart attack. No, this was something he would do on his own.

Grell had finished cutting down all of the zombies Alice made, exhausted but relieved that it was over. Miu called her to explain that she was having a meet up in the House of Sports (give or take a few gods since CM Punk wasn’t responding), so she made her way there. That was when she met Edge, Luna Vachon and Emmet.

Emmet: Well, hello there. I’m Emmet, and wow! You have an amazing chainsaw.
Grell: Really now? And where are you from?
Luna: That’s for another day. Do you know anything about this whole thing with Gentaro Kisaragi?
Grell: Why do you think I’m here? Where’s that Miu girl and her league of extraordinary smilers?
Ash: Hey, over here!

Ash and Pikachu raced toward them, alongside Sam and Max, Miu, Noah and Kengo.

Edge: Well, that’s a fine kettle of fish.
Ash: Everyone else is busy with who knows what. Miu, what’s the plan?
Miu: We’ll set a trap on live television. The PWF broadcasts everywhere, right? So if we show ourselves, we’ll get whomever is causing this madness out in the open and nab them.
Noah: I already paid off the Scooby Doo Gang for this.
Luna: With Scooby Snacks?
Noah: That and some front-seat tickets for the next PWF show.
Edge: Well as long as those ‘meddling kids’ don’t get involved in a Championship Match, I’m in.
Miu: Great. Now…what have we missed since we split up?
Edge: It’s a long story….a LONG story. Let’s get comfy.

Party of the Apocalypse (Part 8) Sour Grapes Makes Bitter Wine

One Day before Gentaro’s DeathGentaro was going mad, he knew that. The nightmares were increasing, and he could barely get sleep now. He told his friends about his troubles, but no matter what, the dreams became more and more real with each passing night. Just this morning, he found himself covered in black feathers and blood that caused the House of Friendship to tremble (which wasn’t too out of the ordinary since Mat and Pat always had gaming sessions), before he had to take a bath with Luffy and Naruto keeping watch. He had to stop it and soon.

???: Can I sit here?

Gentaro looked up to see Mitsuzane Kureshima, a god in the House of Ambiguity, smile at him. Gentaro nodded his head as Micchy began to eat his breakfast. Gentaro barely had the stomach to eat anything nowadays—the dreams were taking away his appetite.

Mitsuzane: You don’t look so good, Gentaro. Have you been feeling well?
Gentaro: No…I haven’t been. I feel like I’m losing my mind. My friends…
Mitsuzane: Have they found a cure?
Gentaro: No, they…
Mitsuzane: Are not true friends then. (leans close) True friends are there for another. True friends wouldn’t leave you to suffer. True friends would be here right now while you’re in anguish.

Gentaro stayed silent as Mitsuzane continued his tirade. It’s true that his friends haven’t found a cure yet, but they hadn’t abandon him…right?

Mitsuzane: You claim to be friends with everyone, yet the people you befriend…are they happy being friends with you? Or do you believe that they will just use you in the end?
Gentaro: I….I….
Mitsuzane: This is just food for thought, Gentaro. (smirks) I’ll see you later.

Gentaro watched as Mitsuzane leave, pondering what he said. His friends would be there for him, finding a cause of his misery and relieving him of it. But how long would that be? How much longer would it take before he could forget his sorrows?

Gentaro sighed as he went to pick up a breakfast, trying to forget his worries even for just a few minutes.

The House of Villains were all scheming something or the other, so many of them ignored the group of Gods going into the Lesser Gods division. However, many of the gods there had the door to Mitsuzane’s temple open, and many were trying to guess what happened.

B.B.Hood: (grins) Whoever did this massacre is a GENIUS!
Jigsaw Killer: Wonder what the poor sap did to deserve this fate.

Takatora rushed through the group, asking the Villains to leave to check on his brother. The Shield also came through, glaring at anyone stupid to mess with them. Ralph also cracked his knuckles, which was enough to send everyone fleeing—after all, who would be stupid enough to fight against someone who’s main program was to wreck stuff up?

Takatora: Mitsuzane! Mitsuz…

Takatora stayed still as he saw what was in front of him. His younger brother’s mutilated body, his eyes gouged out, his head chopped up and now inside the hollow cavern that was his stomach. Bits of intestines were on the ground, along with more bloodstains. Takatora slightly winced when he noted how his brother was circumcised, and how there was a giant gash across the mouth to make it seem like there was either one continuous grin, or whoever did it wanted to take Mitsuzane’s lower jaw off. And then there was the…


I thought I told you we don’t meet each other until after the story is over!

I…please, just stop this explanation. That’s all I ask.

You won’t bother me again after this?

Promise. Stop the descriptions…this is the last time he’s described as this, right?


Good, I can relax.

Can we get back to the story?

Carry on.

Thank you.

Everyone there was close to puking, especially Fix-it Felix. Unfortunately, he was the only one capable of healing so he forced himself to tap Mitsuzane’s body with the hammer, watching the body heal itself with a few flashes of light. Mitsuzane gasped for breath.

Mitsuzane: Goddamn mother fucker GENTARO!!! When I see him I—(notices the group in front of him, especially Takatora) Nii-san?
Takatora: Mitsuzane, please tell me this is a joke…you’re not a god in the House of Villains…right?
Mitsuzane: (voices turns dark) Did you honestly believe that I was nice and sweet this whole time? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it seems your capacity to judge others is severely limited.
The Shield: TOLD YOU!
Ralph: And a lot of other things. Now…(lifts Mitsuzane in the air and leans close) What sort of thing happened to Gentaro?
Mitsuzane: If you noticed, I was killed and cut into pieces! Do you know what that feels like? I could sense everything he did to me…every stab of the knife, pulling my intestines, my head sliced off. God damn, that son of a bitch.
CM Punk: You kind of deserved it, all things considering.
Mitsuzane: WHO ASKED YOU?!
Dudley: Kureshima Jr. You encountered Gentaro a while back, didn’t you?
Mitsuzane: Yesterday morning.
Elena: And, how was he? What did you speak of?
Mitsuzane: None of your goddamn business!

Dudley punched Mitsuzane to the wall, eyes narrowed. He adjusted his boxing gloves.

Dudley: Please refrain from cursing in front of a lady, young man. Now, explain.
Ambrose: He doesn’t need to. He just made Gentaro feel bad about himself, and did it out of spite. But I guess little Micchy here didn’t think far ahead, did he?
Daniel Bryan: The thing with schemers is that they just underestimate what they’ve gotten themselves into. It’s not so different here.
Mitsuzane: Shut up! (Goes for his Sengoku Driver but pauses) W…where is my—(snarls) KISARAGI!!!

Mitsuzane tried to escape, only for a sharp tip of a parasol to pierce his heart. From out of nowhere was Willow!Jeff, who opened his parasol and spun it so fast that it began to drill through Mitsuzane’s chest. The boy didn’t have a chance to scream as Willow!Jeff cackled and beat his head in with his parasol. Everyone jumped on him, but were blocked by Dark!Gentaro appearing in a burst of All-Star Power.

Dark!Gentaro: Just wanted to make sure I was completely done venting out on Micchy here. Apparently, I’m not cause I’m itching to eat his head.
Takatora: You….you’re…
Dark!Gentaro: Oh, what have we here? You must be the big brother, who deliberately let his little brother be a little bitch! Sheesh, I mean Seto Kaiba’s a jerk, but a least he cares for his baby brother! Congratulations, you’re the best big brother ever! You deserve a reward for raising such a nice little sweetheart who loves to just beat up those who have happiness in their hearts!
Willow!Jeff: AHAHAHAHAH! (pulls tip of parasol out of Mituszane’s chest) Oh great lord, empower me with the ability to slice through my enemies, letting me slay such a pathetic god such as this!
Ralph: Oh no you don’t!

Ralph grabbed Willow!Jeff, but not before the strange version of Jeff stabbed Ralph in the leg, causing the giant to drop. Felix tapped his hammer on his friend’s wound as Gangrel punched Willow!Jeff out cold. Elena and Dudley fought Dark!Gentaro, the two spilling out of Mitsuzane’s temple, and somehow ending up in the Jigsaw Killer’s own. Elena shivered at the numerous death traps, along with the strange doll Jigsaw had cackling at them.

Elena: The rhythm here is so dark and empty…we must end this at once!
Dudley: I agree. Let’s fight like gentleman!

The Shield saw Mitsuzane scramble to leave his temple, and Takatora sitting on the floor in shock. The Hounds of Justice grabbed the boy and carried him back to the temple, where they flattened him with their Triple Powerbomb. Mitsuzane snarled.

Mitsuzane: Fuck you.
Reigns: You fucked yourself up, brat.

Gangrel approached Takatora, watching the man look in horror at what transpired. A part of him wanted to toss him to the Undertaker’s mercy, but that would be too nice. Takatora couldn’t get away with his idiocy—he had to be punished.

Takatora: What….what have I…
Gangrel: You fucked up, that’s what you did.

At the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, Uncle Howee was backstage, playing on his piano. No one was in the mood for happy jaunty tunes though.

Matt: So you’re saying that the same person who just brainwashed my brother INVITED YOU to the Pantheon?
Uncle Howee: It was a while back. He was happy, cheerful, and had a funny little handshake. Like this.
Matt: I know how it goes. Now….(briefly glances at Paul and Brian helping put John Cena’s head back on) What’s with the whole marionette thing and making my brother watch the show and…
Howee: I wanted to make a good impression and all, and it’s not my fault if your brother likes the show! I mean, if people like a show you shouldn’t just hate them for liking it. It’s not my fault that my song is infectious.
Vince: ENOUGH! Will everyone please tell me what’s going on?
The Undertaker: We are about to see the beginning of the end. I have seen it. I have learned from a messenger of the dead that a shining beacon of light in this Panth3eon is about to be snuffed out, and we must contain it before it spreads.
Matt: In case you haven’t noticed, it did! And it took my brother! What the hell is going on Undertaker?
Kane: Undertaker is saying that in order to make an omelette, we’ll have to crack a few eggs. So if your brother was caught in the crossfire, it’ll help out with what we need to do.
Matt: And the scene with them? (points to Paul and Brian)
Undertaker: We will need every advantage we can get. Their athleticism rivals you and your brother, along with E and C. They will make sure to keep an eye out on anything that smells of the “Other world”
Matt: Other world?

Back at the House of Gaming, more and more Nintendo Gods had to come to stop Tsukasa’s attack. Daisy and Waluigi were able to get the majority of the Gods (the House of Villains had some trouble so Ganondorf and Dark Link couldn’t get the message) and everyone was going out on a strike.

Kamen Rider Decade: Give it up! Your powers are mine!

Princess Peach grabbed a Smash Ball and began to dance and twirl around. Peaches fell from the sky as the Nintendo Gods ate them to replenish health. Unfortunately, Decade wasn’t tired. In fact he looked more pissed.

Decade: You will all be destroyed when I’m done!!!
Bowser: Only I am allowed to defeat Mario! SHOWTIME!!!

Bowser let loose a fiery breath at Decade, who had quickly transformed into Kamen Rider Hibki and swatted the flames with the drum sticks in hand. Bowser was still on the offensive, rushing forward and striking with his claws. Link was by his side, Master Sword in hand, while Zelda readied the Light Arrows.

Zelda: Keep him still, Link!

Link nodded his head as he was met with Marth and his blade, and Diddy Kong firing peanuts as a distraction. Yoshi made up the rear with eggs, and Mario and Luigi had Fire Flowers to hurl fireballs.

Link and Decade crossed swords, the two in a bladelock just as Zelda released her light arrows. The arrow zipped through the Gaming House and pierced through Decade’s armor. Decade was thrown back and fell on his back, the armor gone and revealing Tsukasa Kadoya. Bowser walked up to him, cracking his knuckles.

Bowser: What will it take for me to not grind you into dust?
??? How about your soul?

Bowser turned, as Serpent!Gentaro tackled him to the side. The Nintendo Gods looked as Serpent!Gentaro descended like some angel from a religious text.

Mario: Mama mia! Gentaro, what’s going on?
Serpent!Gentaro: I need your energy, Mr. Jumpman. I need to fulfill my master’s last wish after all.
Wario: You couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn if you had to. Everyone…

Serpent!Gentaro crouched before unleashing an attack similar to Tabuu’s Off Waves. This caused the Nintendo Gods to fly back into unconsciousness. Serpent!Gentaro walked toward them, ready to finish the job, only to find a speedy blue blur knocking him to the ground.

Sonic: There was a party, and you didn’t invite moi? How sad…

Meteor’s Betrayal and Fourze’s Revival (Part 9) Ryusei Sakuta vs The World

Takes place after Dark!Gentaro’s initial attack on Mitsuzane Kureshima

Eric Draven always hid in the shadows. That was how he learned so much about the darker things that happened in the Pantheon. He raced through the darkness, hoping to find more of the strange Gentaro Kisaragi that caused so much pain and suffering. He sympathized with the poor youth—Gentaro was a good kid, had a lot coming to him. There was no need for the despair he was given.

Eric: So, what do we have here?

The House of Friendship was quiet for now. Everyone had notes on their doors, explaining where they were (“Off to see Homura” – Fluttershy, “Busy beating the Runaway Guys” – Mat and Pat, etc.) so it was easy to slip in and figure out what was going on. He entered Gentaro’s temple, seeing how it was completely clean for someone who had so many friends. There were notebooks, papers, a giant planner, shelves upon shelves of books…it was amazing. He noticed a spread of black feathers on a bed.

Eric: Crow, what are you doing here?

Eric went to the desk and saw a comic of Gentaro in absolute pain. He winced as he saw Gentaro’s despair and his near descent into agony. Then there was a diary entry that read from the day before.

Eric: (reading the entry) I have done nothing to displease everyone…right? I’ve done my hardest to make people smile, because their happiness is more important than mine. But now, what Micchy said…is it true? Is everyone using me? Am I…all alone?

There was some silence before Eric heard someone coming his way. He leapt through a window and disappeared into the darkness, except he was quickly blindsided by someone and fell into unconsciousness.

Fluttershy: It’ll be all right… Ryusei, don’t be afraid.
Ryusei: I’m trying not to be. My memory’s a blur…
Eric: That’s not going to be a great way to declare yourself sane, lad. (smirks)

The three traversed through the Pantheon, passing the House of Craft, Sports and what not. There had been a recent change in that all the Gods were now sorted in different ranks, or categories…it was really hard and made Fluttershy’s head spin a bit. Still, she kept by Ryusei’s side, remembering how Discord wanted her to be brave. But something was wrong… very, very wrong.

Fluttershy: I don’t think this is the way to the Toku Base…this looks more like the House of Life and Death…
Eric: I must’ve made a wrong turn. Or…(turns around, and smirks) I just took you right where I wanted you!

Eric kicked Ryusei in the stomach while Fluttershy gasped. Her mind flashed back to the comic and suddenly it made sense.

Fluttershy: Eric, did you see…Gentaro lately?
Eric: Yes I have…(kicks Ryusei in the ribs) He showed me that there’s a poor unfortunate soul who needs to suffer! (presses his foot on Ryusei’s neck) Like so.
Fluttershy: NO! I won’t let you!

Fluttershy narrowed her eyes, unleashing the power of “The Stare”. Eric just smirked, the two staring at each other for who knows how long.

Fluttershy: I don’t care what Gentaro wants, but I’m not going to let you hurt someone close to him! Ryusei is Gentaro’s friend!
Eric: IS he? Friends don’t kill one another. Friends don’t stab you in the back! Friends don’t leave you behind! What about Discord? Didn’t he leave?
Fluttershy: He will come back for me! He will help end this madness!
Eric: THIS madness? No, my little pony. (takes a step forward) Allow me to show you a bit of the sadness that my master has showed me.

Fluttershy didn’t have time to step back as Eric placed a hand on her forehead. She saw flashes of Gentaro’s despair, his pain, his suffering in the alternate world. It was enough for her to scream. And by scream…

“AAAH!!!!!!”Her scream echoed throughout most of the Pantheon, specifically the House of Knowledge right where Discord was. Discord, who had decided to go interrogate the likes of Mao for ideas, teleported instantly to Fluttershy’s side, seeing the pegasus in tears, begging for help. Eric grinned as he began to toss Ryusei around.

Discord: Fluttershy, are you all right? Fluttershy, SPEAK TO ME!

Fluttershy couldn’t hear him. The only things she could hear were Gentaro’s screams of despair. Discord realized what happened and he was ANGRY.

Discord: THIS MEANS WAR!!!!

He snapped his fingers as he summoned a myriad of fireworks that flew into the air and exploded in Eric’s face. Eric grinned, any burns he had instantly healing. Discord snarled and snapped his fingers again, bringing gift boxes with sharp teeth to bite on his limbs. Eric grinned still.

Eric: I can’t die, you fool! AHAHAHAHA!!!! No matter what…(tears a gnawing gift box off his severed hand, which begins to heal) I will still make it! So you can eat your vitamins and say your prayers but it is USELESS! Ryusei is mine!!!!

Discord snarled, threatening to make the whole section of the House explode. Eric tilted his head. There was some silence before he spoke.

Eric: I’ll cure your friend, in exchange for him…(points to Ryusei) What’s it gonna be? You know the answer, don’t you? She’s your friendafter all…

Discord resisted the urge to cry as he bowed his head. Eric nodded his head and placed his hand on Fluttershy’s head once more. Fluttershy’s crying stopped and her head cleared.

Fluttershy: So much…suffering…(tears fall down her eyes) Oh Gentaro…how could you go through this pain?
Eric: (picks up Ryusei’s unconscious body) Well, it seems like my job is done. Pretty simple, wasn’t it? Thanks for the fun Discord. Maybe later we’ll dine on cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain. Ta-ta!

Discord stayed silent as Eric Draven carried Ryusei away as he hugged Fluttershy. Fluttershy hugged Discord back, not once feeling angry at him. She knew that if the roles were reversed, she would’ve asked Eric to free Discord also.

Fluttershy: What do we do now?
Discord: We find help. We can’t do this alone. Let’s go to the House of Friendship, maybe…
Rainbow Dash: There you guys are!

Rainbow Dash flew in, panting for breath.

Rainbow Dash: Pinkie Pie needs us for something very important. Come on!
Fluttershy: But what about Eric Draven…and Ryusei?
Rainbow Dash: This is very important, Fluttershy! Let’s go! You too, Discord!
Discord: Well, I guess that’s better than nothing. Hopefully the pink pony has been having better luck than us.

The Pantheon Wrestling Federation was empty as Mystery Incorporated prepared their elaborate trap. Wallace and Gromit were on hand adjusting the ropes, pulleys, springs and what not to make sure it was set.

Fred: Thanks for helping us, Wallace.
Wallace: No trouble at all. Plus, who could go wrong with Wensleydale Cheese as payment. Right Gromit?

Gromit nodded his head as he and Scooby went through the list of steps for the Goldberg device, looking at the rafters as Daphne and Velma adjusted the special net. Shaggy was bouncing around the ring ropes as if he was getting ready for a match.

Shaggy: Like, it was only yesterday Scooby and I fought Kane in a steel cage.
Velma: Except unlike that match, if we don’t figure out how to trap this strange being, then we’re in trouble. Remember what Miu said? “He’s been shown capable of killing off all those who want to hurt him, he shows no mercy.”
Scooby: Ruh-roh…
Daphne: This is nothing to worry about. I mean, we’ve fought through lots of other monsters and bad guys before. This is no different. After all, we have the likes of…(sighs) John Cena to save us.
Fred: Except that Cena’s still recovering from having his neck dislodged. Still, it’s nice to have some extra muscle with most of the House of Sports guarding the Pantheon Wrestling Federation. Plus Mr. McMahon has put his complete faith in us.
Wallace: Oh, I could design some elaborate entrances for his wrestlers! I mean, if he’d let me…

Gromit waved his arms back and forth, shaking his head. The Mystery Gang also nodded their heads in agreement and continued their work.

Ryusei woke up to find himself in the Court of the Gods. He looked to his left and right. To his left was the defendant, Phoenix Wright…or at least he hoped he was the defendant.

Judge: Court is in session. We are here to announce the trial of Ryusei Sakuta vs the People’s Court.
Ryusei: W…what do you mean? I…I haven’t done anything wrong!

OBJECTION!That came from Phoenix Wright.

Phoenix: I hate to tell you this, but we have evidence that you did commit the crime. I hate to do this to you, but you must seek justice!

Ryusei gulped—this was NOT like Phoenix. Phoenix would usually be by his side, trying to find the truth, trying to save him. But if Phoenix was doing this…something was wrong. Something was utterly wrong. This was a dream….it had to be a dream.

He pinched himself. For some reason, there was no pain. So…was it really a dream? He had to get out…he had to find the truth before it was too late.

The rest of the Kamen Rider Club (Tomoko, Yuki, Shun and JK) gathered at the House of Food, after getting mail from Miu as to what the plan was. The four had no idea what happened after seeing Gentaro’s death, but they knew it wasn’t good. Tiana and Charlotte LaBouf were there to serve gumbo and beignets.

Tiana: Why are you all so down?
Yuki: Gentaro…Gentaro’s dead? And it’s all Ryusei’s fault!
Charlotte: You mean that beautiful black and blue knight caused this…that’s horrible!
Tiana: What else happened?
JK: We have no idea…it felt like some sort of weird dream. It’s all bits and pieces.
Tiana: Reminds me of Dr. Facillier’s illusions on me.
Tomoko:….What was that?
Charlotte: There was this evil voodoo magician who wanted me to marry this oaf of a man and hurt my daddy so much all so he can…he could make all of New Orleans his evil supernatural playground! He tried to seduce Tiana with her dream restaurant but he forgot one important detail.
Shun: And that would be?
Tiana: Love. Dr. Facilier could never take away the love I had for my restaurant, or for the people in my life.
Tomoko: THAT’S IT!

Everyone in Tiana’s temple (or restaurant, as most Gods in the House of foods considered their homes ‘restaurants’) turned to the Goth girl, who blushed a bit.

Tomoko: This whole thing was some strange illusion. Someone put a spell on Ryusei to go after Gentaro. And somehow we got taken along for the ride.
Yuki: What are we waiting for? We have to go! (looks at the food) But the food…
Charlotte: I’ll deliver it for you. It’s all on me. You go and get your friend back.
Shun: Thank you. Let’s go.

The four teens rushed out of the temple as Charlotte prepared some containers to put everything in. Tiana smiled as she helped her friend out.

Party of the Apocalypse (Part 9) Party Goers, Assemble! 

In the Reptile sub-house of the House of Beast, Pinkie Pie was delivering Pizza to the Ninja Turtles from the House of Food. The only way people were gonna come to a party is if one personally went to them. Pinkie Pie was an expert in thatagain.

Michaelangelo: Thank you, Pinkie! You’re a nice pony!
Raphael: You say that about every time horse that comes here, Mikey.
Leonardo: I think I’ll just have one slice, and then we have to go get those papers signed for the Toku Base. Anyway, thanks for coming over here.
Donatello: Let me know if you want me to upgrade your party cannon anytime.
Pinkie Pie: My services are always welcome! Well, see you turtles later!
Michaelangelo: Invite us to one of your parties some time!
Pinkie Pie: Well, I do have this BIG party that I’m making. Why don’t you come a bit later? (checks list) Oh, I have so many Gods to invite…I don’t think I’ll make it in time! Gotta run!

And with that, Pinkie departed the Reptile sub-house. As she did, a part of her wondered what Elena and Gentaro were going through. Her mind drifted to when they all met.

Pinkie Pie was the first of the “Avatars of Friendship” to have obtain a house. Sometime later, after Sackboy had created the House of Friendship, Gentaro Kisaragi moved in. She could still remember how they met.

Pinkie Pie: (throws confetti in front of Gentaro) Surprise! I’m Pinkie Pie, and I am here to welcome you to the Pantheon. I always wanna make friends with everyone and make them happy and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome to be friends with someone who understands them like I do?’ And so I came and now we can be best friends! Who are you?
Gentaro: I am Gentaro Kisaragi! And I’m gonna befriend everyone in the Pantheon! (hits chest twice and points to Pinkie) Starting with you!

Flashback Pinkie shook his hand as Gentaro did his special handshake—they gripped hands, and did a fist bump from the bottom, the top and then middle. Real life Pinkie then remembered when Elena came to the House of Friendship, having traveled around the world.

Elena: I heard from a good friend of mine that there are lots of people to meet. I was amazed to see everyone here! Do you wish to be friends?
Pinkie Pie: Of course we do! And you know what? I just had the most awesome idea ever! Why don’t we become a welcoming party for all new gods! We can show them around, make them feel comfortable, throw them a party…what do you think?
Gentaro: Sounds perfect! Friendship KITA!!!

Pinkie wiped a tear falling down her eye as she pulled out a picture of the three Avatars of Friendship, slowly trying to understand what happened to Gentaro. If something had to happen to him that caused his soul to be split apart, then it was up to her to cheer him up again. She nodded her head as she dashed toward Alice’s temple, ready for anything that laid ahead.

Back at the House of Villains, the gods there had already set up chairs to see the chaos. Popcorn was popped as Dark!Gentaro chased after Dudley and Elena, with a myriad of bear traps in hand.

Dark!Gentaro: Don’t run, don’t run! I wanna be your very best friend! AHAHAHAHAHA! I promise this won’t hurt. I just want to see how much the teeth will clamp on you before you lose those lovely legs of yours, Elena!

Dudley was already in front of Gentaro, his boxing gloves being able to protect his arms from any attack, but he knew that he could only use his fists. If his legs were down, that was it. Likewise Elena was opposite—her legs she could be fine, but arms were a no-go. The two had to work in tandem, and he knew there was no Pandora’s Box to get power from. Dark!Gentaro was the first to strike, hurling a bear trap to go for Dudley. Dudley caught the chain with his glove and twirled it before handing it back to Dark!Gentaro, Elena was already on the offense, delivering a kick to Dark!Gentaro’s face while he was distracted.

Dudley: (thinking) Good. Now is my chance. Vee! A!

Dudley approached Dark!Gentaro and sent a hook to his ribs, crippling his body into the floor. The celestial audience jeered at Dudley and Elena getting a few hits on Dark-Gentaro. The dark Kamen Rider recovered as the two readied themselves against his next trick, slightly exhausted.

Dark!Gentaro: Why are you so mean, Elena? I thought we were friends.
Elena: You can’t be the same as the one I knew. Your rhythm is… Different.
Dark!Gentaro: Tch…. How sad… And I was going to send you a present. Yours is ready as well, Dudley.

Dark!Gentaro takes out some tacks and threw it on the ground next to them. The two Street Fighters looked at the tacks in confusion. Suddenly, a Jack-in-the-box sprang up to their faces, seemingly catching them off-guard, allowing Dark!Gentaro to close in on them. Dudley, who reacted quickly, rushes in and punched him in face, knocking him away. The audience’s boos and jeer got louder, annoying the both of them.

Dudley: Your taste in entertainment is droll. I’ve seen worse pranks than this petty chicanery.
Dark!Gentaro: Hmph… The original Gentaro’s soul must be somewhere. Sorry, but I gotta skedaddle. I’ll be sure to promise you both something afterwards.

In a gesture that looks like he’s throwing in the towel, Dark!Gentaro retreated to find the original Gentaro’s soul. He figures that Alice may know something about where the soul is. The audience were left confused as to where he went.

Elena: What should we do? We can’t let him posses my friend.
Dudley: I recommend regrouping with Mr. Gangrel and the others to inform them on this.

Elena nodded and the two of them left the House of Villains. The villainous audience went back to their temples to resume their usual activities.

Serpent!Gentaro was having trouble hitting Sonic, who was going by a hit-and-run strategy to avoid him. What the serpent version of the optimistic Kamen Rider does not know is that the Blue Blur is got a few Senzu Beans before he confronted him.

Serpent!Gentaro: You are becoming very annoying, Mr. Needlemouse.
Sonic: Let’s see if you can catch me, snake boy!

Not taking the snippy remark at face value, Serpent!Gentaro waited for Sonic to save everyone again. Sonic, acting suspicious, approached Mario and gave him a Senzu bean to restore him back to full energy.

Mario: Mama mia… I was almost a goner, but I’m fully rejuvenated… That’s weird. (looks at Sonic) Sonic, I’m glad you’re here, but… What did you feed me?
Sonic: It’s a Senzu Bean. I got more of them from the House of Food, but I have time to explain what it does, buddy. We’re in trouble here!

Sonic pointed to Serpent!Gentaro, who was ready to prepare yet another energy wave attack. Sonic knew that he had to do something. The blue hedgehog quickly gave the italian plumber the Senzu Beans to Mario, ran up to the reptilified version of the Kamen Rider and punched him while Mario ran to everyone else to revive the others with the Senzu beans. Serpent!Gentaro did not anticipate the Blue Blur giving Mario the Senzu Beans, giving him an opportunity to attack him. He unleashed it again, this time at a smaller radius and much weaker, with Sonic given barely enough reaction time to evade the blast. Mario, who revived Luigi and Link, shouted to Sonic about Serpent!Gentaro.

Mario: Sonic, watch out! That’s not the Gentaro Kisragi you once know!
Sonic: What..!? Why is he here?
Serpent!Gentaro: (thinking) They’re going to bring more of them against me… If that Demi-fiend guy shows up, I’m doomed. (out loud) You can salvage your victories for this instance. I will return to take you all down.

Taking Decade with him, Serpent!Gentaro took a smokebomb out of his pocket and threw it beneath him, generating smoke. A few minutes later, he left. Mario split the beans and fed it to his allies to revive them.

Wario: Arrh… Where’s that Gentaro punk?
Luigi: He escaped.
Zelda: Where did he say he was going?
Mario: He didn’t say anything about it. I guess we have no information on him now.
Luigi: We should be on guard from here on out.
Mario: No, let’s get back to playing Mario Party. We don’t want to tire the other deities.
Bowser: Humph, me and my troops will pummel that runt next time! For now, you shall all prepare my wrath.
Sonic: I see you’re all fun. I’ll be going to the House of Food for a chili-dog or two and head back to the front lobby to inform you guys on anything unusual. Carry on with your games.
Zelda: Link, Marth and I will going be going back to our temples. I hope you guys have fun.

With the feud now over, Mario and his friends resumed to play Mario Party, while Sonic ran to House of Food to get some Chili-Dogs while Zelda, Link, and Marth returned to their temples to rest.

Pinkie-Pie arrived in the House of Emotion, still pondering about the adventures her dear friends Elena are going through. With everyone going around. A frown went upon her face, something that some rarely notice about her. She waited for the other Mane Six to arrive. Suddenly Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Discord arrived and approached the pink pony, but Fluttershy noticed the frown on her face.

Rainbow Dash: Pinkie, the others should be here soon… Pinkie?
Fluttershy: Is there something wrong?
Pinkie: …I’m fine. See?

Pinkie tried to smile as she normally would, but Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy looked at each other in confusion. The two ponies looked back Pinkie while Discord was drinking something.

Pinkie: So… Are the others coming?
Rainbow Dash: They should be coming shortly. I already spoke to them first.
???: Girls! We’re coming! Sorry we’re late!

The three ponies turned to where the voices came from, revealing themselves to be Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Rarity. Applejack seem quite tired

Applejack: Ah’m glad I had to stop my work in the House of Food. They had no others there.
Rarity: Really? I was sorely disappointed that business in The House of Commerce was closed, so I came with them out of boredom.
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie, is there a reason you brought us here?
Pinkie Pie: We’re going to Alice’s temple to help with her unbirthday today! Isn’t that neat?
Everyone else except Discord: Un…birthday?
Pinkie Pie: Yeah, we’re going to help her with an unbirthday—You know, the days that aren’t your birthday. Follow me!
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie, wait! I hear she’s dangerous!

Returning to her cheerful self, the pink pony merrily ran over to Alice’s temple in the Miscellaneous sub-house of Emotions with everyone following suite to prevent her from getting harmed.10 minutes later, the Mane Six and Discord arrived in front of Alice’s temple. When they set foot, the other five ponies were nervous at the sight of her temple. It showed macabre images of undead, zombies and a large banner that read “Die For Me?!” painted with blood.

Pinkie Pie: Here we are! This is Alice’s temple.
Twilight Sparkle: This is it? I never knew it was so… haunted.
Rarity: Isn’t her temple supposed to look a little more… girly? Like that Alice Liddell with the tea party and all of that.

The other girls looked at Pinkie Pie nervously. The Pink pony looked back at them, puzzled at what their deal was.

Pinkie Pie: …What? She’s a nice person, after all. She even gave me some candy. She even gave me rewards!
Discord: I don’t think they’re interested in that. Just lead us in…at least there won’t be creepy crows coming in.
Twilight Sparkle: What was that?
Discord: Nothing, nothing.
Pinkie Pie: Okie-dokie!

The pink pony Cheerfully lead the group to Alice’s temple. The rest of the mane was nervous about going inside. Seeing this, Discord decided to go in front of them, still nervous as to what happened to Fluttershy with Eric Draven. Plus this magic imbalance that was going on had him nervous.

Discord: You girls don’t have to fear anything. I’ll go ahead of you.
Rainbow Dash: T-thank you, Discord…I think.

The mixed creature went ahead inside Alice’s temple while the other five ponies followed him soon after. Pinkie was the only one happy, although that might’ve been because even she was hiding her fear. Whether it was from the near death experience from Alice, or how her friend Gentaro was so broken…no one knew.

The mane were now inside Alice’s temple. It’s appearance from the inside looked more eerie than it was outside. Just then, suddenly, Belilal and Nebiros appeared, startling everyone.

Belial: Well, well…what do we have here?
Pinkie Pie: We’re here for the unbirthday party! We just need to make sure Alice is here and—(Belial points his trident at her) prepare for?
Nebiros: She has gone missing! We have heard that she was going to meet you but she has not returned. WHERE DID YOU TAKE HER?!
Applejack: No where, Mr. Demons…we all just gathered here to help with the um, undead birthday party…thing.
Belial: This is the best the Element of Honesty can do? Pathetic.
Discord: No, no, she is saying the truth. I must say, you have such macabre appearances. Tell me, you remind me of a Mr. Skellington I’m acquainted with in the House of Otherness.
Pinkie Pie: OOH! That’s a great idea! Mr. Skellington can perform a great show for Alice. I better go see that—(Belial pokes Pinkie with his trident) Oh yeah…

Alarms ring in everyone’s ears. Where did Alice go?

Alice: OOOH! Come on, friend! There’s a big thing going on in the PWF! I think that’s where the unbirthday party will be!

It turns out that Alice and her friend O!Gentaro had traversed into the PWF, seeing the Mystery Gang and Wallace and Gromit prepare something on stage. Alice giggled—she never had an unbirthday party before, so this would be lots of fun!

Alice: Come friend! Let’s see what presents they have in store for us.

Alice happily waltzed to the group’s direction, unaware that they are setting a trap for the culprit. Gentaro followed her out of concern.

O!Gentaro: Alice, wait! You have no idea what’s going on!

Gentaro rushed to grab Alice from running into the traps, which caught the attention of the Mystery Gang, along with Wallace & Grommit, who were surprised to see Gentaro. Before Alice got any closer to them, Gentaro took her away from the traps.

O!Gentaro: Alice, please. I don’t want you to get hurt.
Wallace: Guys, look over there!

The rest of the group looked at Gentaro and Alice approaching them

Shaggy: Like, isn’t that…
The Mystery Gang: (looking at each other) Gentaro?
O!Gentaro: You’re… The Mystery Gang? What are you guys doing here?
Fred: Your friends from the Kamen Rider Club have asked us to lay traps for the culprit.
Velma: Why are you here anyway?
O!Gentaro: Alice has brought me for an unbirthday party.
Daphne: An unbirthday party?
O!Gentaro: How do I put it? It’s a day that’s… Not your birthday.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds until Wallace decided to speak.

Wallace: …I’m sorry to interrupt your fun, you two, but can you please take your unbirthday party somewhere else? We’re planting a trap here, and I don’t want you two to get caught in one of them.
Alice: Can you please die for m-

Before she could say “Die For Me,” Gentaro muffles her mouth to make her be quiet.

Gentaro: (panicked) Sure, sure. we’ll go to another place for that. Come on, Alice. let’s go somewhere else for the unbirthday.

Gentaro carried Alice away from the Pantheon Wrestling Federation. Before he departed, Miu and her group arrived to see if the Mystery Gang alongside Wallace & Gromit were done with the traps. What surprised her the most was Gentaro himself.

Noah: Gentaro…? Why are you here?
O!Gentaro:: Alice brought me here for an unbirthday party?
Kengo: Whatever this “unbirthday” is, this is not the best place to do that here. By the way, guys, are the traps ready to go?
Fred: Everything is almost set! All we just need to do is have Jim Ross broadcast it.
Emmet: That’s perfect news! I’ll help you guys out with the traps.
???: Miu!

As Emmet went to help the Mystery Gang The group turned to reveal that the person belonged to Shun, who was along with Tomoko, Yuki, and JK, rushing to Miu’s aid.

JK: Miu (pants) There’s something (pant) we have (pant) to tell you.
Shun: Wait… is that Gentaro?
O!Gentaro: Tomoko… Yuki… JK… Shun… Kengo, You’re all here?
Shun: So it really is you…

The four members of the Kamen Rider Club surrounded Gentaro and hugged him in joy, glad that he wasn’t dead.

Miu: We can save the reunion for later, guys. Why did you come here anyway?
Tomoko: I think we found something on who was behind this…
Kengo: You do? Please tell us! We have very little time.
JK: Someone casted an illusion on Ryusei to kill Gentaro.
Miu: So that’s why he was acting weird… How did you guys figure this out?
Yuki: When we were talking to Princess Charlotte Labouff and Tiana, they told us a story about how this evil magician named Dr. Facillier.
JK: Facillier tried to manipulate the love of both Tiana and Princess Charlotte. He manipulated Tiana to get her dream restaurant and had Charlotte marry an ugly man just to achieve an evil playground.
Noah: So… Let me get this straight; Someone must have used a spell to manipulate Ryusei’s love… Possibly as well as the love of ours, to go after Gentaro.
Tomoko: Exactly.
Miu: If that’s the case… (looks at Gentaro & Alice, thinking) Gentaro isn’t familiar with love… Not that I’m romantically in love with him anyway… But he certainly values friendship. (speaks aloud to Alice) You, do you know anyone who’s familiar with friendship other than Gentaro?
Noah: Miu, Why are you adding friendship into this?
Miu: There has to be an effect to those with friendship similar to love. Please… What’s your name?
O!Gentaro: Her name’s Alice. (releases his hands from her mouth.)
Miu: You’re Alice…? I’d thought you’d look a little more, cheerful.
Grell: That’s the wrong Alice. That’s Alice Liddell from the House of Mentalism.
Miu: Oh, right…
???: Are we late for the assembly, Madam?

Most of the group turned to see that Dudley and Elena arrived to meet with the rest of the group.

Edge: Did you guys find anything?
Elena: All I know is that…

Before the african girl could continue further, the sight of the Original Gentaro surprised Elena.

Elena: Gentaro…? Is that really you? Your rhythm is the same one I know.
O!Gentaro:: Elena…? Why are you here?
Elena: It really is you! You’re okay!

The african Woman rushed to hug the optimistic Kamen Rider, dropping the entire subject, Overjoyed that her friend was safe and unharmed.

Miu: You know this girl, Gentaro?
O!Gentaro: Yeah… It’s a bit of a long story.
Dudley: Are you the original Gentaro Kisaragi, sir? You don’t seem hostile.
O!Gentaro: Yes, I am. Why do you want to know?
Edge: If you’re here, then the Gentaro we’ve saw at the House of Villains this whole time was a clone?
Luna: It looks that way. Whatever he’s looking for, he definitely won’t have it.
Miu: Alice, do you know anyone who values friendship besides Gentaro?
Alice: Hmm… I do know of this pink pony I was supposed to gather for an unbirthday party.

The words “pink pony” caught the attention of Elena. The passaionate african knew who Alice was talking about!

Elena: Did you say a “pink pony”? Are you talking about my friend Pinkie Pie?
O!Gentaro: Pinkie’s involved in the unbirthday party as well? Is she in your temple now?
Alice: I don’t know.
Miu: I’ll check. Everyone, prepare the traps. I’m going to Alice’s temple to see if this “pink pony” knows something about friendship. Gentaro you’re coming with me!

Miu grabbed Gentaro’s arm and left the Pantheon Wrestling Federation to find Pinkie Pie while everyone else prepared more traps.

The angry Belilal and Nebiros were reluctant to let the Mane Six (and Discord) help with the unbrithday party since they told the truth that they didn’t take Alice anywhere. Pinkie, who was free from being at trident-point, went to the House of Theater to get some confetti and then to the House of Otherness to get Jack Skellington, while the other ponies helped set up decorations; Rarity and Rainbow Dash placing gems the former got from the House of Personal Appearance as decorations on the chairs, Fluttershy putting flower pots she worked hard to make from the House of Nature, Applejack preparing the food got from working the House of Food, and Twilight preparing some magic to make the place prettier, while Discord relaxed, operating as a bodyguard.

Twilight Sparkle: We’re all doing a good job. Keep up the work, girls.

They continued to set up the unbirthday party. A nervous Discord helped Belilal and Nebiros tidy her temple and her room. The decorations were four-fifths finished. The door was suddenly being knocked on. Was it Pinkie, or Alice? Belilal and Nebiros rushed to the door with Discord following them slowly.

Nebiros: It has to be Alice.
Discord: …Or that pink pony. She must have gotten the confetti ready.

Belilal of them opened the door. Indeed, it was Pinkie Pie, who returned with confetti stored into her Confetti Cannon, also bringing along Jack Skellington.

Pinkie Pie: I have returned with some tambourines, cymbals, candy, a trumpet, some—
Belilal: (points trident at Pinkie in annoyance) Enough!
Discord: Please, place the instruments anywhere before they kick us all out.
Pinkie: Okay… Here’s Mr. Skellington, guys.
Discord: It’s been some time since I’ve seen you,
Jack Skellington: I’m a bit a surprised to see you myself Discord. And where’s Alice?
Discord: The girl’s not here yet.
Rainbow Dash: We have no clue. She just wandered off on her own.
Jack Skellington: While she’s away, let’s continue this while Alice is away.
Twilight Sparkle: Let me help.
Applejack: Me too. At least this is more bearable.
Jack Skellington: So will I.

Closing the door behind her, Pinkie lets Twilight place some of the items she’s gotten inside the temple with her magic while Applejack and Jack Skellington carried the rest on her back and his hands respectively.

Rarity: I wonder if Alice will even accept all of these?
Pinkie Pie: Of course. I even got her permission to do it.
Twilight Sparkle: (looks at Pinkie) I doubt that. We should continue the party before…

*Ding-Dong*Surprising all of them, someone rang the doorbell. Was it Alice this time? Deeply concerned about her safety, Belilal and Nebiros rushed to the door to open it. Instead, there were two different people outside the door.

???1: Do you know a pony by the name Pinkie Pie?
Belilal: We’d be willing to answer your question if you know where Alice is.
???1: She’s in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation.
Nebiros: Are you being honest with us, humans?
???2: Yeah; She brought me there to celebrate unbirthday party there.

Before they could continue the conversation further, Pinkie Pie suddenly interrupted them, looking very happy, recognizing the voice of a certain friend of hers. Glad that they knew Alice’s whereabouts, the two Demon guardians went to the Pantheon Wrestling Federation to go get Alice.

Belilal: Oh, what good news! We thank you for informing us.
Pinkie Pie: Gentaro! Is that you? I’ve been thinking about all sorts of places to eat with you and all sorts of parties to share with everyone. And who is this girl?
Miu: (thinking) This is the pink pony Gentaro is friends with? She’s… quite the energetic pony… And a bit of an airhead inside.
O!Gentaro: I’d be glad to, but I don’t think now’s the time to do that. There’s something we have to ask you… And your friends if they’re interested. Oh, and this person’s name is Miu Kazushiro.
Pinkie Pie: Hello, Miu! I’m Pinkie Pie. I hope we’ll be good friends.
Miu: Y-yeah. Can all of you come here for a minute?

The rest of the Mane 6 alongside Discard and Jack Skellington have stopped what they were doing and approached Miu and Gentaro to hear them out.

Rainbow Dash: You’re Gentaro Kisaragi? You’re a lot cooler than I thought.
Applejack: Kisaragi? I know someone else with that surname. He’s a housemate of mine, but he ain’t the most polite guy to be around. Are you related to that other Kisaragi guy?
O!Gentaro: Eh, N-no. We’re not related. Everyone else assumes I am.
Fluttershy: I’m a bit surprised that you took it well.
Miu: We can talk about that later and get to the point: Do any of you know of a deity using Love for their own gain?
Twilight Sparkle: Someone using love for their own gain? There’s Queen Chrysalis.
Miu: Queen Chrysalis? Who is she?
Twilight Sparkle: She is the leader of the Changelings who wanted to take over Canterlot and overthrow Princess Celestia. Her species, the Changelings, are shapeshifters who feed off from emotions such as love.
O!Gentaro: Wait, Changelings?
Rarity: Yeah What about them?
Miu: It’s all making sense now… We fought those things before… Then that must mean the Ryusei we saw killing Gentaro was…

Miu remembered that her group fought them off them undead. She never knew they had a leader, let alone Queen, to lead them. All the pieces of the puzzle were coming together now. Everypony in the Mane 6 along with Discord and Skellington widened their eyes in realization.

Twilight Sparkle: It can’t be… she’s behind this whole thing all along?
Discord: It looks that way.
Twilight Sparkle: Darn it! I Should’ve known she and her changelings were behind this!
Pinkie Pie: What about the unbirthday party?
Applejack: Sorry, but we’ll have to celebrate it for later, Pinkie. We should go to the Wrestling Federation.

Everyone stopped the unbirthday preparations to head for the Wrestling Federation. As they opened the door, they saw a familiar figure holding a doll. It was Alice. But how did she come back without Belial and Nebiros.

O!Gentaro: A-alice!? Weren’t you in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation?
Alice: Where are my uncles?
Miu: They went to the Wrestling Federation to take you home.
Twilight Sparkle: This has to be the work of the Changelings. We have to hurry!

Wasting no time, the group wasted rushed to the Pantheon Wrestling Federation to clear Alice’s name.

The group, now aided by Vince McMahon, were done setting traps in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation for the culprit. All they needed to do was wait for him/her to show up.

Noah: Everything’s finished. Now, we wait for out who killed Gentaro so we can get this over with.
Fred: Alright, Vince. Let’s have this on live!
Vince: Thanks, Fred. I hope this will end this chaotic shit.

Vince got on his phone and ordered the production team to put the cameras monitor the entire Wrestling Federation. Having the Camera set, everyone waited for their culprit to arrive. Two minutes later, nothing happened. Some of them waited impatiently, while others were slightly exhausted. Suddenly, two macabre creatures raced to the Pantheon Wrestling Federation.

Edge: Who are those two demons?
???: Alice!
Vince: Are they behind this?
Kengo: Wait! They’re calling for the little girl’s help.
Grell: Aren’t those Alice’s demonic parents?

The group let Belial and Nebiros approached Alice and hugged her.

Belial: Our child. You have worried us deeply.
Nebiros: Now, let’s go home. The ponies are waiting for you to have their unbirthday.

Alice nodded with a gesture that she doesn’t want to go home.

Nebiros: Alice, my child. Why don’t you want to go back home with us?

The little girl did not say a word nor did she smile, the latter of which made them look at each other in confusion. Alice would always agree with them to take her back to her temple. Her Demonic Uncles angrily turned to the group.

Belial: You Humans! Did you make her sick?
Luna: No we didn’t, Mr. Demons. She has been very quiet ever since Gentaro left.
Nebiros: (To Belial) Cease our anger for a moment. We have to wonder what is wrong.

Belial calms his temper to approach Alice. The Demons tried everything they could to understand her. Much to their surprise and bewilderment, She didn’t say anything.

Vince: What’s this girl’s problem.
???: I think we know what’s going on!

Everyone turned to see Miu’s group returned, with everyone gasping that there’s another Alice with them, Belia and Nebiros more so.

Ash: There are two of them?
Pikachu: Pika Pii?
Edge: Did they clone her two?
Shaggy: Like, who’s the real Alice?
Scooby: Rheah!
Twilight Sparkle: One of the Alices must be a Changleing.
Luna: A Changeling…?

With no clear distinctions on whoever’s the real Alice, how will our heroes solve this problem?

Pinkie Pie: I know how we can solve this! Alices, can you please stand side-by-side?
Rarity: What is she doing this time?

The two Alices did as they were told and lined up side by side. Placing the two Alices side-by-side? I know where this is going. Please proceed.

Pinkie Pie: The Alice on my left, can you please give me a Pinkie Promise?
Left!Alice: Okay.

The pink pony stuck out her hoof. The Alice on her left approached her touched her hoof, shaking her hand with a smile. Nothing peculiar so far, it seems.

Yuki: It’s only an ordinary handshake.
Belial: That’s something Alice would cheerfully do.
Velma: What about the other Alice?
Fred: Nothing unusual so far. Pinkie, can you continue?
Pinkie: Okie-dokie-lokie. Right Alice, can you give me a Pinkie Promise?
Right!Alice: Okay.

The first Alice went back as the Alice on Pinkie’s right side approached her. The young girl did the handshake. The weirdest part of it was that it wasn’t Alice’s usual handshake. it a different handshake; One which surprised the Kamen Rider Club.

Shun: That handshake….
Kengo: That was Gentaro’s!
Tomoko: How did she learn that handshake?
O!Gentaro: She remembered my handshake.
Miu: How are we going to figure out which one is the imposter?

with little warning, Pinkie summoned her Party Cannon and launches it at the left Alice, engulfing her in pink smoke.

Kengo: Where does she get that weird weapon?
Discord: Don’t ask. The pink pony’s like that. Just like that clown in red and black.
???: Ughh… I’ve been unmasked again.

The pink Smoke disappeared, revealing a black pony with holes on her feet, just like the other changelings. This one had a crown on it’s head, revealing a figure Twilight knows well.

Twilight Sparkle: Queen Chrysalis… I didn’t our next meeting would be here.
Queen Chrysalis: Cursed ponies… my cover would’ve worked if it hadn’t been for the relationship between that pink pony and that Kisaragi boy.
Miu: You… you were behind all of this, weren’t you?
Chrysalis: Hahahaha…. Of course. My Changelings have done a great job in gathering all the emotions needed to get revenge on those stupid ponies and their princesses. I had Ryusei kill that Gentaro boy. (Looks at Gentaro) I’m surprised to see he’s still alive… Too bad Princess Cadence hasn’t ascended yet.

Her confessions greatly infuriated every one of our heroes. She was the one who framed Ryusei for killing Gentaro. Pinkie and Elena were so angry that they actually stepped forward.

Elena: You… How dare you kill one of my dearest friends? I will never forgive you for messing with him!

The Queen of the Changelings stood silent, only leaving a condescending smirk or her face. While everyone else was angry about hearing the truth, Alice was saddened by this, nearly on the verge of tears.

Alice: You… (sniff) killed my friend… (cries) Aaaaaah!

And that did it. Hearing this revelation made her cry. Unknown to Chrysalis and the group, an army of undead souls rose from her temple and reigned terror around the pantheon.

In the House of Food, most of the deities were having a peaceful time. Suddenly, the demons quickly invaded the place, causing them to run to their homes, with Kirby, Pac-Man, Pop-eye, Iroh, and a few others driving the undead off.

Inhabitants of the House of Nature were peacefully doing their usual activities, until the demons showed up and terrorized them. Many defended themselves from the undead’s onslaught.

The House of Justice were busy doing document-work and arresting criminals from the House of crime. Suddenly, the undead took them by surprise. With no hint of relent on their souls, the Deities had no other choice but to fight and drive them off.

Back in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, Chrysalis laughed in arrogance as Alice unleashed her undead army, everyone else in fear of what Alice summoned. Suddenly, a a small army of undead appeared in the House of Sports, leaving most of them but Gentaro, Belial, Nebiros, and Queen Chrysalis to fight the undead.

Fred: Run!

The phenomenon caused The Mystery Gang and Kamen Club to run away to their temples from fighting against them. The sight of their daughter crying made Belial and Nebiros deeply infuriated. Not saying a single word, they went for Chrysalis. The Queen of the Changelings tried to retaliate against them, but the demons’ quickly and brutally overpowered her, leaving Gentaro utterly surprised at what Alice caused them. He knew he had to calm her down; if he didn’t, the demons would kill every innocent deity in the pantheon. He walked to her aide and approached her, ducking to she could see his face.

O!Gentaro: Alice… Can you hear me?

Alice opened her eyes to see Gentaro, who lended his hand to her.

Alice: Yes… I hear you.
O!Gentaro: Good. I’m alive… Everything will be okay as long I’m here.

Alice paused for a moment as Gentaro struck a smile at her. Alice smiled back and held his hands. Suddenly, a Gentaro felt go through his stomach, coughing out blood. Alice looked at his abdomen to see that he was impaled, surprisingly by one of her undead soldiers, surprising her, along with Belial and Nebiros, who were beating up an already bruised and battered Queen Chrysalis.

O!Gentaro: Alice… I’m alright… Please, remove the tears and listen. Even if I’m gone… My soul will still be within you. So please… Stop crying.

Alice stopped crying as the Optimistic Kamen Rider helped her up, but struggled to do so as he was losing strength and blood from the impaled blow. After Alice fully stood up, Gentaro collapsed on his face with blood spilling from his body. The Undead Wonderland army disappeared as Alice came to her senses, causing everyone to stop fighting. Everyone were horrified to see that Gentaro was bleeding into the ground, Elena especially, as she rushed to his aid to help him.

Luna: No…
Elena: Gentaro? Gentaro!? Please, can you hear me?

At first, there was no response from Gentaro, who lied unconscious in his blood. The friendly African tried calling his name again, but there was no response. She was tearing up. Gentaro Kisaragi, one of the few friends she made, was dead.

???: You folks have done well. I shall play my final part in the whole plan

Everyone heard a voice resembling Gentaro’s, and then suddenly, four familiar deities emerged before then, one of them being a Gentaro clone, along with Eric Draven, Kamen Rider Decade, and Willow!Jeff.

Edge: Jeff!?
Vince: It you guys again! What do you want?
Dark!Gentaro: You’ll see soon…

Dark!Gentaro walked slowly to Alice, who was staring at him.

Dark!Gentaro: Alice… I’m the real Gentaro, your real friend The one you’ve been hanging out with was nothing more than an imposter.
Belial: What are you saying?

Elena was angry that the dark doppleganger denounce the original optimistic Kamen Rider as a fake. From his rhythm, she knew he was the real Gentaro.

Elena: I won’t let you harm my friend!

Before she could defend Gentaro’s body, Draven ran in front of her, threatening to harm her. Knowing this, she backed away from the Original Gentaro’s body, allowing Dark!Gentaro and Alice to walk up to the Original’s body.

Dark!Gentaro: Alice… I want you see me fuse my soul this doppleganger’s so I can become stronger!
Ash: Alice, don’t let him do it!
Eric Draven: Silence, boy! We don’t want to have to give you a dose of this boy’s suffering.
Ash: Grr….
Dark!Gentaro: Now, I will fuse my soul with this fusion card: The Polymeraization card I snuck out from from Seto Kaiba!

Dark!Gentaro brought out a fusion card. What was he planning to do with it? Vince got on his phone.

Vince: (gets on his phone, whisering) Focus on those four people. Especially that boy.

The producers from the Wrestling Federation panned the cameras on the three corrupted deities and the doppleganger.

Edge: Is that supposed to be a magic card?
Dark!Gentaro: Of course, now watch, as I become stronger!

Dark!Gentaro placed the fusion card onto his chest and went on his knees to place his hands on the original Gentaro Kisaragi’s body. Pikachu suddenly jumped out of Ash’s shoulder without his command. Taking advantage of this, Ash order Pikachu to attack them.

Ash: Pikachu, Use Thunderbolt!
Pikachu: Piiiiikaaaaaaa-CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Pikachu used Thunderbolt to electrocute Dark!Gentaro to prevent him from doing anything to Gentaro’s body. The Gentaro Doppleganger pulls out a switch that protects him from being shocked.

Dark!Gentaro: Such a naive trainer, Ash. It’s a good thing I picked up this device from Doom’s temple.

Alas, Pikachu’s attempt to stop Gentaro was for naught. A flashing light surrounded the two of them as if it was a glow. Three minutes later, the light turned into a energy ball, covering both Gentaros.

Twilight Sparkle: What is happening them!? Are they in another world?
Luna: Girl, please do something!

Alice didn’t do anything, looking very confused. She watched as the fusion process was still going on. one minute and thirty seconds later, the fusion was completed, The result was a revived Gentaro Kisaragi. He looked exactly the same as the original Gentaro. Everyone else was confused about Zer

Gentaro: Finally…
Alice: Mister Gentaro, you did it. you became stronger.
Gentaro: Yes… And it’s all thanks to you, Alice.
Dudley: Mr. Kisaragi… are you okay?
Elena: Are you… Gentaro?

Gentaro didn’t answer their questions as Pinkie Pie was overjoyed that her good friend came back to life. Pink pony went closer to the upbeat Kamen Rider to hug him.

Pinkie Pie: Can we celebrate for unbirthday party, please? Pretty please?

Unknown to her, there was an evil smile on his face.

Gentaro: Sorry, Pinkie, but there is only one thing I have to do before doing so…

He refused her offer to join her and the other ponies for the party.

Fluttershy: What is it?
Gentaro: Do you know where Takatora Kureshima is?
Rainbow Dash: Takatora? Wasn’t Scootaloo meet him in the House of Ambiguity. Why do you want to meet
Gentaro: Good… Now, it’s time for me… To make him suffer!

That last statement made everyone widen their eyes in horror; This was not the Gentaro they know and love, surprising even Belial and Nebiros. This has made Alice very sad. Without saying anything further, He, Willow!Jeff, Eric Draven, and Kamen Rider Decade left for the House of Ambiguity. While Elena drops to her knees Alice stood there broken, everyone else regroup for their next plan. Belial and Nebiros came to Alice and took arms.

Twilight Sparkle: Mr. Demons, we apologize for bringing her into this. We’ll do anything to make up for this tragedy.
Belial: … We also must apologize for our hostility towards you, ponies.
Nebiros: We shall keep her in our temple. Do not interrupt us.

Some of the group watched the two demons quietly took Alice away to the House of Love to calm her down while the others discuss their next plan.

Discord: That girl’s going to have a hard day.
Fluttershy: I wishh I was there to comfort her along with them.
Vince: While some of you are watching them leave, The Mystery Gang and those kids have evacuated the place (points to Queen Chrysalis) and thanks to that… Wait, what are you doing to her?

Everyone else looked where Vince was pointing at they looked at a woman in a red coat and hat was standing next to Chrysalis.

???: I’m stealing her ability to shapeshift. She shouldn’t harm anyone at this point.
Ash: Carmen Sandiego!
Carmen Sandiego: You folks have better stuff to be doing. Ta-ta.

Carmen Sandiego left the Federation without saying another word, letting the group carry on with their plan.

Vince: Alright, Everyone! Here’s the plan: Get every wrestler in here! We can’t afford to lose their trail.
Luna: I’ll get Gangrel and Christian.
Twilight Sparkle: We’re going to take Queen Chrysalis back to her temple and the guardian there arrest her.
Vince: Good. I’ll set up the microphones as you all do so. Go!

Everyone split up to find every last wrestler in the pantheon while Elena was still on her knees, beginning to cry.

Elena: GENTAARRROOO!! (Sobs)

Meteor’s Betrayal and Fourze’s Revival (Final Part) The Fall of Gentaro Kisaragi: Age 18

What was Discord doing before returning to Fluttershy? He had just found the source of magic in the House of Otherness.

The Mane Six (along with Discord and Jack Skellington), using the Elements of Harmony, have carried Queen Chrysalis, the leader of the changelings back to her temple in the House of Shape and asked the guardian to lock her up in her own temple.

Applejack: That does it.
Twilight Sparkle: Thanks to that girl in the red uniform, she won’t be attacking anyone here.
Discord: I bet she’ll have fireworks on her temple to celebrate the Changelings.
Jack Skellington: That would be a little extreme there.
Discord: She deserved that punishment for causing this mess
Twilight Sparkle: You girls can do whatever you want. I’m going to inform Princess Celestia on everything that’s every happened.
Rarity: Now it’s time to see if business in the House of Commerce is open.
Applejack: I’m gonna tell the people in the House of Food that I’m going back to my temple to rest
Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy, where are you going?
Fluttershy: I’m going back to The House of Nature to warn everyone about what’s going on.
Rainbow Dash: I’m going to do the same in the House of Personal Appearance. What about you, Pink— ie?

Everyone looked to realize that Pinkie is gone.

Jack Skellington: Where did she go?
Fluttershy: She must’ve gone back to help Wrestlers..
Discord: I’ve noticed that pink pony hasn’t been her usual self, lately.

We then cut to Pinkie, who, with a very serious look on her face, was running as fast as she could to help the wrestlers stop Gentaro from causing any more harm. Outside the Mane Six, Gentaro Kisaragi was one of her most upbeat friends who admired everything about her. The fact that he was going to do evil things really caused her to undergo a big amount of stress.

Vince had his video producers in the Studio Room testing out the cameras and the audio for the microphone so he could broadcast his message to the wrestlers and anyone else they’ve brought along. He himself was outside to test out the mircophone to see if it was working. He turns on the microphone and tabs to see if it was working. The microphone let out the static-like noise to see if anyone could hear his voice.

Vince: (putting his mouth next to microphone) Testing… Testing…

As he spoke, the audio could hear through was working fine, if not a bit scratchy.

Vince: (Puts his mouth away from the microphone) It works fine. I’d better get back to the Studio Room to help them.

Twenty minutes later, every wrestler arrived to the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, standing around the Wrestling Ring Vince on top of. A majority of the wrestlers were confused as to what Vince wanted.

Vince: Attention all wrestlers from the Federation! There is something I have to say: There is a deity from the House of Friendship named Gentaro Kisaragi. He’s also known by Kamen Rider
Ric Flair: Gentaro? Who’s that?

A majority of the wrestlers had no idea who Gentaro was, let alone Kamen Rider. Vince had to put up a picture of Gentaro see what he looked and gave them all of the info they needed about him.

Vince:‘ According to some… witnesses, Gentaro Kisaragi is one of the friendliest… Things you call a Kamen Rider. As of recent events, he has gone rogue and is causing trouble in the House of Ambiguity! I want you all to stop him and his goons from causing further destruction. If you’re all wonder why Jeffrey isn’t here, he’s with that boy.
???:‘ Hey, Vince!

The Wrestling promoter stopped as Hulk Hogan asked

Hulk Hogan: Is this some prank you’re trying to pull on us!?
The Rock: And what is a Kamen Rider?
Vince: A Kamen Rider is some sort of Japanese superhero in weird suits. Please excuse me if I didn’t get all the details.

Gangrel walks to Hogan to defend Vince.

Gangrel: My wife Luna saw it all, and if Vince saw it himself, it means she’s telling the truth.
Steve Austin: Are you serious?
???: He’s not kidding!

All of the wrestlers turned around to see a pink pony ran to them, very exhausted from running.

Bret Hart: Who is this?
Luna: She was with me when that boy happened. Believe it or not, she’s actually a friend of the boy’s.
Pinkie Pie: Please, you have to believe Me and Mr. McMahon here! If Gentaro isn’t stopped, then his entire sense of self will vanish! I’ll be losing one of my best friends forever!

The majority of the wrestling deities stared at Pinkie, and suddenly laughed at her as if she made up the whole thing.

John Cena: I can’t believe she actually said something like that. Hahahaha! I’ve seen more serious stuff in comic books!
CM Punk: Hahahahahahaha! Oh my god! What!? His entire sense of self will vanish if that boy isn’t stopped? I mean, I was there when it happened, but this is too messed up!
Edge: (stepping in) Hey, Cut it out! We have something at stake here!
Randy Orton: I wish I heard something else, but that was the flimsiet excuse there was.
Matt Hardy: This mare is a friend of that boy?
Gangrel: Yeah. You can go ask her yourself. It’s likely the pink pony is telling the truth.

Without warning, Pinkie Pie narrowed her eyes as she took out a big television out of nowhere and turned on the screen, surprising the Wrestlers.

Pinkie showed footage of Gentaro, Jeff Hardy, Kamen Rider Decade, and Eric Draven arriving in the House of Ambiguity causing havoc, attacking Lambdadelta, which surprised all of the wrestlers, Matt especially.

Goldberg: Whoa… That kid is attacking them?
Matt: Jeff is with them as well?!
Vince: Alright, listen up! Your job is to capture those boys! If you fail to participate, you will be fired! Got it?

Initially skeptical, the wrestlers complied. Pinkie was the one taking the lead of the group, a very unusual sight.

Pinkie Pie: Alright everypony! Let’s march to the House of Ambiguity to stop Gentaro’s rampage!

Everyone followed Pinkie to the House of Ambiguity to stop Gentaro, some very confused why they had to follow a pink pony to stop some act of chaos.

Alternate!Gentaro unleashed another burst of All-Star Power, knocking everyone off their feet. Lambdadelta summoned a black hole, sucking up the attack before it could do anymore damage.

Lambdadelta: Everyone, you have to get going! I can’t…control it!!!
Bulk: What do you mean? We can stand up against this creep!
Lamdadelta: BAKA! He’s too powerful…even I can’t….GO!!!

With a wave of Lamdadelta’s hand, she summoned a black hole that sucked everyone in the House of Ambiguity into it. The Cutie Mark Crusaders cried for help, as Ralph caught them in his arms. Takatora was about to escape also, but Willow!Jeff grabbed his arm before he could escape.

Willow!Jeff: You need to be punished. You won’t get away with this travesty.

The black hole vanished, leaving the House of Ambiguity empty. no one was left—not even Ted. Alternate!Gentaro grinned as he took a step toward Takatora. Takatora was trapped thanks to Kamen Rider Decade and Willow!Jeff grabbing onto his arms. He wished he had his Sengoku Driver to fight, but it was taken away by the Enforcers who had their own problems to deal with. Eric Draven smirked.

Eric Draven: A punishment must be given today. What shall it be?
Alternate!Gentaro: I know! We shall make him feel MY despair! Every single MINUTE OF IT! Make him know what it was like to feel myself learn of the tragedy and how it felt to have everything BROKEN! DO IT NOW!!!!!

Takatora’s eyes widened as Eric placed his hands on his forehead. Then, he saw it. He saw Gentaro happy, smiling, free…then he saw Gentaro in the other world, broken and in disrepair.

He saw how Gentaro found himself isolated in his room, afraid of what he saw.

He watched Polygon Man tell Gentaro of the horrors he committed.

He saw Mitsuzane, his own brother, tell Gentaro of how hopless friendship was, and how Dark!Gentaro killed his brother.

All of this appeared in as much time as it took someone to blink their eyes. The only thing Takatora could do was scream.

But there was no one to hear him. The House of Ambiguity was cleared out. Due to Lambdadelta sucking everyone away before things got messy. No one could hear Takatora’s screams in the empty house. No one even cared.

In the House of Friendship, Lambadelta’s Black Hole dumped everyone out. The Cutie Mark Crusaders snuggled near Ralph, who patted them on the heads. Lambdadelta sighed.

Lambdadelta: That wasn’t funny.
Sweetie Belle: W…where’s Takatora?
Ralph: Alternate!Gentaro must’ve grabbed him before he could escape. There’s nothing we can do.
Skull: WHAT?! We’re supposed to do nothing?!
Ralph: It was save our skins or become some sort of zombie to Gentaro. We’re lucky to survive.
The Ashleys: (in fear) Scandalous!
Lambdadelta: Guts and Victor Fries are busy. I…I have to go. (playful smirk) But don’t worry, I’m certain you’re capable of ending this tragedy! Ohohohoh!!!

Lambdadelta vanished as the Ambiguity Gods looked in the House of Friendship. Just what did cause Gentaro to become so empty and broken? Perhaps they would never know.

Ralph: Come on. Let’s go see Sackboy and ask him to make some homes for us in the meantime. We won’t be going back to our temples for a while.

In the House of Faith, Artix found a Spirit Orb float to him. That was strange—it wasn’t from an Undead that he slew a while back.

Spirit Orb: Please help me.
Artix: Who…are you?
Spirit Orb: Mitsuzane Kureshima…please help me.

Pinkie and the Wrestling deities arrived in front of the House of Ambiguity. The place was very quiet; There was no sign of Guts, Mr. Freeze, nor Lambdadelta. The wrestling army marched very slowly, unsure as to what was going on. Suddenly, four figures appeared; one of them dragging an unconscious Takatora with them.

???: Did you come to join the Party, Pinkie?
Pinkie Pie: Gentaro, please! Go back to your usual self! We can go back and celebrate the unbirthday party with Alice. And Elena is really, really worried about you. I’ve never seen her so sad in my entire life!
Eric Draven: I think he declines that offer, mare.
Gangrel: I don’t think your friend is his usual self.
Willow!Jeff: AHAHAHAHAHAA! Have you come to kill us?
Matt: No… We’ve come to knock you back to your senses!
Decade: It’s useless! Once we’re done with you all, we’re going to go after Mitsuzane and make him suffer even more!
Undertaker: We could care less about the boy. We’re here to stop you from causing more damage to the Pantheon!
Alternate!Gentaro: Is this so…? Boys, get ’em!

Willow Jeff, Kamen Rider Decade, and Eric Draven charged at the wrestlers initiating the assault. Pinkie and the Wrestlers ran away from them to fight the three corrupted deities separately.

Pinkie Pie: I’m going to get more people to help you guys! Keep them busy till then!

Pinkie ran off to a different destination while the Wrestlers kept the corrupted Wrestlers at bay. One group led Draven into the House of Combat, another led Willow!Jeff into the House of sports, and the third were baiting Decade to the House of Sports.

In the House of Combat, one group consisting of Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Kane, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas confronted Eric Draven in a caged ring, much to everyone else’s confusion. One by one, the Wrestling group charged at Draven to subdue him. Foley grabbed him by the chest, only for the latter to resist, followed by tackle from Christian to knock him down. Christian got out of the way for Kane to grab him by the neck and lift him up, only to slam him back into the ground. Terry Funk tried to body slam him, only for Draven to recover and kick him in the groin. Shelton Benjamin ambushes him with a clothesline, dropping him into the floor once again. Charlie Haas grabs Draven by the legs, only to be swiped by Draven, who immediately got up and tackled Haas to the wall.

Eric Draven: Have You boys given up, yet?

Foley rushes to grab him, but Eric throws Haas to him, knocking them into each other. Christian ambushes him with a elbow drop from climbing the cage.

Christian: Everyone! Don’t let him breathe!

They all piled up Draven, suffocating him. Three minutes later, Draven collapsed and laid unconscious heavily damaged.

Mick Foley: That must have done him in.

Suddenly, Draven recovered and immediately got up on his feet, leaving the wrestlers in disbelief.

Shelton Benjamin: How did he get back up so quickly?
Terry Funk: And we made sure he was down!
Eric Draven: I’m ready for a second round, boys. Try all you might, but you still can’t take me.

Draven rushed at the group to deliver a double lariat to Kane and Foley, knocking the two into the ground. Shelton and Haas double-teamed Draven. Eric tried to deliver a hook to Shelton, who ducked, went behind him strongly grabbed him by the waist, allowing Haas the opportunity to perform a Senton on him. As Shelton gets out of the way, Suddenly, a gunshot was heard. Oddly enough, no one was hurt. As Haas manage to land a Senton on him, Draven himself suddenly felt weak as Haas slammed him into the ground back-first, causing him to scream in pain.

Foley: Everyone! Get him!

Christian leg dropped Draven, followed by Kane choke slamming him down to the ground a second time. Christian pick his body to dive kick him into cage. As the cages were disabled, Mick Foley run towards Draven with his Cactus Clothesline, knocking them both into the floor. Draven himself was groaning in pain from the Wrestler’s attacks.

Christian: (pants) we did it…
Foley: Who knows? Let’s drag his body back and wait for the others to finish.

The crowd cheered as the wrestlers carry Draven’s body to Vince. Unknown to many of them, A middle-aged women with blonde hair holding a pistol in her hands. She was a bit surprised Draven got weakened when she shot down a crow.

???: That did the trick. That crow won’t be active for a long time.

Taking a sigh, she leaves the area.

The Second Wrestler group, consisting of Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Scott Steiner, Steve Austin, Goldberg, Andre The Giant, and Hulk Hogan were trying to lead Decade into a fight with the House of Power in a big indoorish room. Much to their dismay, they lost him.

Hulk Hogan: Damn it! Where did that boy go?
Ric Flair: Calm down. He hasn’t gone anywhere…. I hope.
Scott Steiner: What’s next? Start looking for every deity in the house?
Steve Austin: Hahahaha… seriously, that’s not happening. Let’s stick together.

The group stick together to find Decade. Suddenly, a young man approached them, smiling. Who was this person?

???: Hello, wrestlers.
Roddy Piper: Hello? How may we help you?
???: I want to help you look for Kamen Rider Decade.
Goldberg: Are you lost, kid?
???: No.
Hulk Hogan: What’s your name, kid?
???: Kouta… Kouta Kazuraba.
Scteiner: Alright… Kouta. Do you know where this Decade guy is.
Kouta: He is heading toward in the House of Mentalism to get the others to team up.
Austin: What!? We could have sworn he was chasing us here. Was he too chicken to fight us alone?
Hogan: We’d better get going to and stop him before he gets them.

The Wrestler group rush to the House of Mentalism. Andre, being the slowest of the Wrestlers, was behind them. As this happened, a pink hippo was watching them leave. Looking behind him, Andre noticed a smile on Kouta’s face. What was he smiling for?

Steiner: Andre? Is there a problem?
Andre: Something’s not right here. We should go back.
Hogan: Why? That Decade boy is in the House of Mentalism.

The giant wrestler went back without notifying the other wrestlers.

Piper: Wait, Andre! Where are you going!?

Ignoring their pleas, Andre turned around and ran back, causing the others to follow him. This time, it was a different figure.

He didn’t care who it was this time. He ran up to him and placed him into a quick bear-hug. The figure struggled to get escape his grasp, but it was no use. Andre released him from his bear hug and placed onto the floor, revealing a familiar figure to them,

???: Damn it, and I thought I was sure I wouldn’t be noticed.
Steiner: This guy can transform into anyone!?
Austin: From what we saw now, there’s no denying it.
Hogan: Get him!

The wrestlers were trying to get Decade. The corrupted Kamen Rider slid out of the way and get some distance from them. Letting him have no time escape, they immediately assaulted him. Goldberg started the assault with a lariat, but it is evaded by Decade getting out of the way doing a cartwheel, only for Steiner to perform a spear on him, for the latter to kick him in the head, causing him much pain. Piper and Flair went side-by-side and performed a dual clothesline while the Kamen Rider was off-guard. At the last second, Decade covers his chest prevent himself from getting injured any further. He slowly got up and took out his blade. He went for Ric Flair and tried cut off his arm with a strikes, but Goldberg grabbed him from behind, but he kicked him in the knee, ready to cut off his neck, but was interrupted by a dive kick from Austin, causing him to drop his blade. Suddenly, the lights were turned off, causing all of them to be surprised. Decade himself was more confused than the wrestlers.

Decade: Wait, why are the lights off!?
Austin: Don’t let him escape!

They took this as an opportunity to attacked and pinned him; Hogan locked his left leg. Steiner did the same with his right leg. Andre grabbed both of the Kamen Rider’s arm and traps them with his own, causing him great pain. As they were holding him, a spotlight was focused on them. A minute later, the spotlight revealed another figure.

???: Keep him there for a few minutes!

As Decade struggled to escape, the inactive wrestlers looked to see the purple hippo, who was running in their direction and jumped, spreading his arms wide open. As he got close, the wrestlers released hold of the corrupted Kamen Rider to let the purple hippo land the body slam.

???: Thunder Flop!

Boom! The purple hippo managed to cripple Decade, making a small shock-wave. After he got up, all there was left was an unconscious Decade unable to recover.

???: He should be unable to move.
Ric: For someone of your figure, I’m kind of impressed that you can jump high.
Steiner: Your Thunder Flop is good. Thanks for helping us out there.
???: I had to get my buddies to have the guardians cut off the lights to take him by surprise.
Hogan: You’d make a good tag-team partner with Andre. What’s your name, fella?
???: Aw shucks. Maybe I’ll sign up for it later. And my name’s Murray. You can also call me “The Murray.”
Goldberg: Alright, Murray. You can sign up at the entrance when you visit there. We’ll have your body in the toppest shape you can afford. Right now, we’re busy at this. See you later!

The group takes Decades body and left the House of Power to meet Vince for their next plan.

Willow!Jeff was hiding from the third group of wrestlers, made up of his brother Matt Hardy, Gangrel, Luna Vachon, Undertaker, CM Punk, Edge, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick, in a basketball court the House of Sports. As of now, they have no idea where the corrupted!Jeff is. Matt slammed his fist into the ground as they’ve searched everywhere, nowhere to be found.

Matt: Where is he…? We’ve been looking all over for him! He’s not even in the basketball arenas!
Gangrel: Calm down, Matthew. He may have escaped.
Matt: What!? Where could he be now?
CM Punk: Anywhere in the pantheon. We don’t know where to find him.
Matt: Damn it! I don’t want to fight Willow, but I have no choice. Even if it mean tying him up!
Luna: We’d better get something to lure him out. Unfortunately, the other deities here are unwilling to lend us a hand.
Edge: What else are we supposed to do? Dig holes to lure him out? Those diggers need their shovels for a reason, you know.
Undertaker: I sense something.
London: Is it Willow?

Per Undertaker’s command, the group stayed quiet for minute. The group prepared themselves for an unexpected. Hearing footsteps from behind, they clenched their fists in preparation.

???: (distorted voice) How, oh how, have I soiled the seeds of chaos into this Federation… My presence of hate has been crazy of late! All of yours heads will be showered in blood bed!

As the figure got closer, a spear was in his hand ready to stab the group.

???: Your hearts will be swept with the parts of my salvation! All of yours joy are my toys to play with! I shall deliver the those who (get smacked)
Matt: Shut up, Willow!

Getting tired, Matt impatiently shuts Willow up with a double knee to the latter’s chest. On the floor, Willow was disappeared into a white mist.

Willow!Jeff: My screams of pain will curse all who oppose me! Oh, how I must cleanse those sins inside my cabins! Why, oh why must these wretched beasts torment my precious body! These demons must be punished to fill my existence.

As he was chanting those words, he teleports in front of Gangrel, who slapped him, and disappeared. Next he went to strike Brian Kendrick with a knife, who countered with a lariat to knock him down, disappearing afterwards. A minute later, he then teleports on the right side of the Undertaker, who turns in time to uppercut him. Two minutes later, he appears behind Luna, who attacked him with a back, knocking him down. He disappears again. A minute later, he appears behind Edge and grabbed him by surprise. As he was about to stab him, Matt intervenes and attacks the masked freak show to get the fellow wrestler out of his grasp. lastly, He appears in front of CM Punk to tackle him, only to get punched. Willow disappears again, deciding not to attack them again.

Edge: That close. Man, that Willow guy scares me sometimes.
Gangrel: Not even the Wyatts weren’t this startling.
Brian: Did we get him?

Raindrops were suddenly dropping on their heads. Two minutes later, the rain was starting to get heavier.

CM Punk: Why is it raining? The pantheon forecast never told us it was gonna rain.

The rain suddenly got even even heavier. Willow appears in front of the group and raised his hands up.

Paul: What is he doing now?
Willow!Jeff: O Rain! Take out these wretched devils who tormented my very existence! Drown them all to cleanse them! AAAHHAHAHAAA!

The raindrops become heavier and the area became cloudy. Form the clouds emitted lighting and the water the storm got even heavier than before. The wet ground turned into a pool of water, rapidly rising almost above their feet!

CM Punk: He can control weather!?
Brian: We’re going to drown if we don’t knock him out fast!

As the rain clouding their sight, they were unable to get Willow as the water level rose even higher than before. Willow!Jeff laughed maniacally. Suddenly, his attire was replaced by a business suit, causing him to stop laughing as he look down. The rain also stopped

Willow!Jeff: Hey! Who the fuck put me in this suit? It’s not funny!

The group turned left to see Pinkie, who shot her party cannon at Willow!Jeff. She was also accompanied by Iroh, Professor Layton, Henry Hatsworth, Kirby, Hanyuu, and surprisingly, Artix.

Pinkie Pie: Everyone! Party Out!

Pinkie’s friends effortlessly ganged up on Willow!Jeff and beat him until he was unconscious, with Iroh tying him up a rope afterwards. The soaked wrestlers approached the group.

Brian: I did not expect you people to save us.
Artix: We were going to find that boy, but that storm caught our attention.

Undertaker approaches Willow!Jeff’s bound body and grabbed it.

Undertaker: We’re going to take this man to the producer.

The two groups went to their respective destinations.

Alternate!Gentaro was carrying an unconscious Takatora to a stage in the House of Villains to put up a display for the villains to see.

Alternate!Gentaro: Hey, Everyone!

The villainous deities turned their attention to the boy, who now has Takatora tied into a chair. Some of the deities were surprised to see Gentaro doing this act.

Black Mage: What’s a goody two-shoed deity like yourself doing with that boy?
Dick Dastardly: Yeah! Aren’t you supposed to be this goody two-shoed person?

Everyone else wondering why Alternate!Gentaro would bring Takatora to a stage. He stomped on his foot to make them be quiet, slowly walking in front of the crowd.

Alternate!Gentaro: I am Gentaro Kisaragi! Or should I say an alternate Gentaro. I will get revenge on those who have caused my suffering pain. (Grabs Takatora) This young man here will be the first to suffer for all he’s done to me. (Places Takatora back in the chair.) Now, would any of you be so kind to lend me a weapon?

Lord Galbatrox handed his sword to Alternate Gentaro, who unsheathed it.

Galbatrox: What are you planning to do with him?
Alternate!Gentaro: (smiling sadistically) What else? I’m going to kill him!

Upon hearing this statement, the villainous deities got around, some grabbed popcorn, and enjoyed the spectacle that was there.

The three wrestling groups returned to the Wrestling Federation with three of the corrupted deities in hand. Vince was seen waiting outside the Studio room, looking slightly satisfied. However, there was one thing missing.

Vince: You have done a good job. How did you knock them out?
Funk: As for this guy here, (looks at Draven) he kept healing from our hardest hits. We tried everything against him. Nothing worked against him.
Christian: And then suddenly, we were somehow able to knock him out after a gunshot. None of us were harmed by the gunshot. That’s weird.
Vince: Did some shooting occur?
Foley: I don’t think so.
Vince: That’s weird. (To wrestling group 2) How did you guys defeat this bug-eyed freak?
Hogan: Some pink hippo named “The Murray” helped us defeat him. Boy did that Thunder Flop leave a mark on his body.
Steiner: He also wants to be a part of the wrestling Federation. He has what it takes to do it.
Vince: As much as I’d like to do that, we can’t do that. Not while we’re in the middle of something busy. (To wrestling group 3) How did youguys knock Jeff out?
Luna: The Pink Pony distracted him and her friends beat him up and the old man tied him up for us.
Vince: Oh, that’s good. (looks around) Where’s the fourth one? That boy Grentala?
Edge: It’s Gentaro, sir.
Vince: Right. Did the others get Gentaro yet?
Undertaker: Unfortunately they haven’t.
Vince: Blast! Where are they!?

The TV Pinkie brought earlier suddenly goes on, and reveal Alternate!Gentaro in the House of Villains, who has attracted a astounding decent amount of evil deities. The screen panned to an unconscious Takatora.

Alternate!Gentaro: (From the Television) Hey folks! Wanna see me cut this guy into beautiful red pieces?
Villains: Yeah!
Alternate!Gentaro: (grins) Then grabs your cameras! This is gonna be an awesome picture.

Before Alternate Gentaro could do anything else, the TV screen shut off.

Haas: That Gentaro boy is going to kill that boy!?
Austin: It looks that way.
Vince: That is going to be some disgusting shit… Everyone! Go to the House of Villains and save that boy!

At Vince’s instruction, they marched for the House of Villains in unison, ready to rescue Takatora from the Alternate!Gentaro’s clutches, with Gangrel grumbling about saving Takatora. Suddenly, a flashing light has blinded the entire group along with Vince. Six minutes later, Vince, who was the recovered to see the entire wrestling army knocked out unconscious. He looked around the area to see that Willow, Draven, and Decade, gone.

Vince: What!? Did that boy get those assholes to ambush us? Damn it! I hope the others are safe.

Party of the Apocalypse (Final Part) Omega: Hopeless Nothingess Despair

The Shield were preventing Mitsuzane from getting out his temple to wreck havoc around the pantheon. They were the only wrestlers who didn’t answer Vince’s call, as they had to fight this injustice with their own brand of justice. Suddenly, there were loud chants that reached their ears.

Rollins: What are they all screaming about outside?
Ambrose: It must be something bad…or something good.
Reigns: Probably nothing.
Mitsuzane: I didn’t do anything to Gentaro. I’m being honest with you people!
Ambrose: We’re not buying your crap, kid.
Mitsuzane: Tch! Whatever. You can believe whatever you want.
Rollins: …Thought so.

Suddenly, the villains’ chants were even louder, obviously reaching their ears. It reached a crescendo unlike a completely sold out crowd in the PWF.

Ambrose: What the hell is even going on there?
Reigns: I’ll carry our prisoner here to make sure he goes nowhere.

As Reigns carried Mitsuzane over the shoulder, the three of them slowly opened the door to find that very same loud and raucous deities were walking around. They went out of his temple to go where the screams were coming from.

Reigns: If this is just some sadistic game show going, we’re going back to your temple, kid.
Mitsuzane: Like that ever is going to happen! Urgh…

Later as they went to where the crowd of villains were located, they were horrified to see what happened; The villains were clapping their hands at Alternate!Gentaro has stabbed Takatora multiple times, killing him, before ripping the man’s heart out, eating it like it was a peach and blood spraying everywhere. It was enough to leave Mitsuzane disturbed.

Rollins: Oh shit…
Mitsuzane: (low-voice) Nii-san…
Ambrose: (whispering) Reigns and I will go through the crowd and ambush Gentaro. Rollin, you take Takatora’s body and run.
Rollins: (whispering) You’re going to keep him at bay?
Ambrose: (whispering) Yeah.

Ambrose and Rollins went through the crowd without saying a single word and picked up a glass bottle along the way. Rollins threw it at Alternate!Gentaro’s face while Ambrose climbed up the stage and grabbed Alternate!Gentaro, putting him in an arm lock much to the annoyance of the villains in attendance. Taking this as the perfect opportunity, Rollins climbed up and took Takatora’s decapitated body and makes an escape along with Reigns out of the House of Villains. Ambrose elbowed Alternate!Gentaro in the back and escaped with his fellow Shield members. As he recovered, he was angry that they took Takatora away from him. Not standing the fact someone interrupting him, he decided to chase the Shield.

Pinkie Pie was by herself looking for Alternate, having split up from her friends. She has looked everywhere for him, but there was no sign of Alternate!Gentaro at all.

Pinkie Pie: Gentaro! Where are you? Gentaro?

The usually cheerful pink pony became increasingly more depressed as she searched for Gentaro. She would never forgive Queen Chrysalis for manipulating her friend. The revelation caused her stress, wondering what he’s going through. Were her times with him are for naught? That was an answer she would never know by herself. There was no way to tell. Suddenly, she bumped into three people, two of them carrying two people.

Pinkie Pie: Ow ow ow oouchies! Watch where you’re going!
???: Shit! He’s coming for us! Reigns! Rollins! Grab Taktatora and Mitsuzane!
Pinkie Pie: Wait, you’re The Shield. Why didn’t you come to Wrestling Federation?
Reigns: You wanna know why? These two boys, the Kureshima brothers have caused Gentaro to go insane.
Pinkie Pie: Then why are you rescuing them if they caused this?

Before one of them could answer her question, Alternate!Gentaro quickly catched up to the four of them.

Alternate!Gentaro: There you are! Get em, boys!

At Alternate!Gentaro’s command, Three figures appeared, one of them was whom Pinkie saw earlier in her search for Gentaro.

Pinkie Pie: H-how did you get free…!? I tied you up!
Willow!Jeff: We just had a little help, that’s all.
Decade: And we’re not telling you who.
Draven: It’s a little secret.
Pinkie Pie: N-no… Gentaro, please… make them stop!
Alternate!Gentaro: Sorry, Pinkie, but I decline! Since you guys decided to help ruin my fun, we’re punishing you, too.

As the four corrupted deities ran up to them, a now frightened Pinkie only could do one thing all while clinging onto Dean Ambrose:


Everything around her turned black as she and the three wrestlers were losing consciousness .

45 minutes later, Pinkie and The Shield immediately wake up at an unknown place, surprised by loud screeching noises. They were in front of Alternate!Gentaro, who were next to the Kureshima brothers tied up. He was testing a grinder on the ground to use on a tied-up Mitsuzane’s chest.

Mitsuzane: W-wait, Gentaro! I’m sorry! I promise that I will never hurt you again!
Alternate!Gentaro: (As he prepares the grinder on Mitsuzane) Shut up! You drove me on the path to despair, made fun of me, thought of me as if I’m someone unworthy of Kamen Rider!
Mitsuzane: I-I never said anything about you being a worthless Kamen Rider! Now you’re just hallucinating.
Alternate!Gentaro: LIAR! You wanted me dead. They all wanted me dead! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR BETRAYING ME! I WILL KILL THEM ALL!
Mitsuzane: Please, Gentaro, let me go-Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

Alternate!Gentaro used the grinder to gruesomely bisect Mitsuzane’s chest before the latter could finish, making a loud screeching noise, forcing it into the ground with enough force. Mitsuzane’s upper body was torn apart from his lower body. Blood was on his face and hair. He drops the grinder and picks up a unsual chainsaw that has a button that has an unknown effect. Alternate walked up in front of Takatora, who was already dead body was now lifeless Alternate!Gentaro had a smile on his face. This was certainly not the Gentaro Pinkie once knew. The Shield looked away at the bloodshed, while Pinkie gasped in horror; tt all reminded her of Pinkamena’s actions.

Alternate!Gentaro: I will make everyone pay for letting me suffer alone while all cared about their happiness. They never cared about me…

He pushed the button, launching the chainsaw blade at Takatora, guiding it like it was some fishing rod, landing it on chest. He used it to slit his chest and stomach open, exposing his organs as if he was ready for a mummification process.


The insane Kamen Rider was finished with Takatora’s body as blood was splattered on his face and culminating his job by ripping off Takatora’s liver to munch on it. He turned to the four captives, Rollins looking like he was going to puke.

Alternate!Gentaro: (adjusting his clothes) That’s two down and many more to go.
Rollins: Many more to go? Who are you talking about?
Alternate!Gentaro: These people!

He takes a remote control out of his pocket and turned on the screen to reveal the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, where many of the wrestlers’ bodies lied unconscious, horrifying The Shield.

Alternate!Gentaro: Pretty neat, huh? I’ll severe them next after I’m done with you four.
Rollins: You’re mad! Ok, lashing out on those brothers is enough, but why are you taking it out on them?
Alternate!Gentaro: You all got in the way of my revenge. Now, you will all die!

The four got on their feet and escape from Alternate Gentaro, but Draven, Willow!Jeff, and Decade have blocked the doors.

Draven: Where do you think you four are going?
Willow!Jeff: You insects will be sacrificed to ease our lord’s pain!
Ambrose: Shut up, Jeff!

Reigns ran up to Willow Jeff to give him his trademark Superman punch, giving the group a passageway to escape as the parasol wielding wrestler stumbled to the floor.

Alternate!Gentaro: After them!

The three corrupted deities chased Pinkie and the Shield to prevent them from escaping as the four of them ran down the hallway. Running from them, they had to think up a plan fast before they would end up as minced meat like the Kureshima brothers.

Reigns: What’s the plan?
Pinkie: I know!
Ambrose: What? Another one of your wacky parties? Yeah, they will definitely be happy about their invitations.
Pinkie: Actually, I was gonna go to Princess Celestia and Luna to deal with this, but that’s actually a good idea!

Pinkie and the Shield ran as fast as they could. As soon as they reached the door, Pinkie jumps and breaks through a window, giving the three wrestlers a way out. As they looked around, they realized they’re were in the House of Ambiguity and that the temple they escaped from was Lambdadelta’s, noted by the decorations of pumpkins and pink ribbons at the front.

Rollins: It looks like a barren ghost town here.
Pinkie Pie: I’ll go get my friends and go to the House of Friendship afterwards. Here, take these walkie-talkies. I’ll tell you guys when to come to the House of Friendship. Keep them busy until then.

Pinkie gives The Shield three walkie-talkies before running off as fast as she could to get the other members of the Mane Six, leaving the three of them to Alternate!Gentaro and his henchmen, who exited Lambdadelta’s temple.

Ambrose: Me and my big mouth…
Draven: Well, well, have you come to die?
Alternate!Gentaro: We’ll kill you before you get help.

Wasting no time, The Shield ran as fast as they could to avoid them, with the corrupted deities chasing after them. They only had one plan in mind: Find Ralph.

Ralph, Felix, and Sackboy were in the entrance of the House of Gaming, ready to leave. Accompanying them were The Enforcers, Sonic, and Pac-Man. The latter two obliged to guard them from Alternate!Gentaro and his goons. The former four were there for the purpose of having their house made in the House of Crime by Sackboy.

Ralph: We appreciate the help from you two.
Sonic: No problem. We’ll do anything to kick those guys’ butts, right Pac-man? Besides, Mario’s got his brother to help him organize the Smash Tournament.

Pac-man nodded in response as they’ve walked out of the House of Gaming. The Enforcers were minorly nervous about their temporary house being made in the House of Crime considering that they all wanted a fresh start.

Finn: I’m not even sure that they will let us enjoy my disco there.
Chow: Don’t be so skeptical. I’m sure they’ll come visit.
Sonic: Don’t worry. I’ll come and visit sometime for a little dance… If you behave.
Ratso: We’ll behave! We promise, Hedgehog!

Sonic laughed as they continue to walk their way to the House of Crime. Suddenly, Ratso heard some footsteps from afar to his right. It sounded like it was calls for help.

Ratso: Guys! I think I heard someone calling for help.
Finn: Really? I don’t hear it.
Ralph: If this is another one of your pranks, then I’m not inviting you guys to the Smash tournament.
Ratso: I’m not lying, Mr. Ralph! There was someone calling for help.

Everyone stopped and looked to their right, squinting if possible. The group observed closely to see that three people running from four other people.

???: Someone get these guys off our backs! We’re getting tired!
Ralph: Wait… The Shield? (squints) And that’s… Gentaro and goons!
Sonic: We have to help them!

Sonic spin-dashed as fast as he could to launch himself, hitting Draven and Decade. Ralph and Felix came to the injured Shield’s rescue while The Enforcers, who with the exception of Hak Fuu, have had their talismans equipped, and ran forward to take on Willow!Jeff and Alternate!Gentaro.

Ralph: Guys, can you tell me what happened?
Rollins: (pants) All of the wrestlers from the Federation (pants) have been knocked unconscious.
Felix: Hot Cocoa on a milk-stick! How did that happen?
Ambrose: All we know (pant) is that Gentaro (pant) is going to kill them all.

Ralph gritted his teeth; he couldn’t stand for more innocent people to be killed in the wake of Alternate!Gentaro’s rampage.

Ralph: Is that everything you’ve told us?
Ambrose: No… That Pink pony is going to gather her ponyfriends to the House of Friendship to lure them into a trap thanks to my brilliant sarcasm.
Felix: Pinkie Pie was with you? You four make an odd quartet.
Reigns: Shut up…
Ralph: Sonic! Come over here!

Seeing as they’re getting exhausted, Ralph called for Sonic to come to their aid, leaving the Enforcers and Pac-Man to fend them off. Pac-Man, who was Super-Pac, overwhelming Decade, and the Enforcers were fighting Draven on even grounds with the Talisman, with Hak Fuu fighting without one and shouting his attacks with relish.

Sonic: You three look like you could get some air. Here!

Sonic takes a Senzu Bean out of his bean bag and splits it into three pieces, giving each of the bean to the three members of the Shield. The wrestling trio were fully rejuvenated after eating.

Rollins: Ahh… Thank you.
Sonic: No problem. I can’t leave these guys hanging!

The Blue Blur returned to help Pac-Man and the Enforcers fight the corrupted deities, with Ralph and the Shield following suit.

Alternate!Gentaro: I had enough of this!

Alternate!Gentaro created a sphere of All-Star energy to launch a bomb at group which he tossed with blinding speeds. Running as fast as he could, Ralph takes the hit, but it explodes, knocking him away.

Ralph: Urgh! I’m fine! You three can weaken them!
The Shield: Got it!

The wrestling trio marched to retaliate against Alternate!Gentaro and his three men.

Pinkie Pie, who has gathered the other five ponies, along with Discord without getting into Alternate!Gentaro’s sight, were on their way to the House of Friendship, with the Elements of Harmony equipped onto them.

Rainbow Dash: Are You sure this is a good idea, Pinkie?
Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash has a point. Are you sure this will take down Gentaro and those guys?
Pinkie Pie: We don’t know until we try. Come on!
Fluttershy: Wait, Pinkie!

Pinkie bravely ran towards the House of Friendship ahead of them without taking the other’s criticism.

Discord: That girl is always full of energy.
Rarity: I hope she doesn’t ruin their fun in the process
Twilight Sparkle: Whatever Gentaro is going through… it has to be serious for her. Come on, girls!

Everyone else followed Pinkie to the entrance to the House of Friendship, where all of the deities there were doing their own business. Being a guardian of the House of Friendship, Fluttershy takes out a loudspeaker to make an announcement.

Fluttershy: (into the loudspeaker) Attention, deities of the House of Friendship! Gentaro Kisaragi has gone insane and is going to attack the House of Friendship! I repeat! Gentaro Kisaragi has gone insane and is going to attack the House of Friendsship!

Every deity in the House of Friendship, excluding Nanoha, Teddie, and Tron, gathered around The Mane Six in response to the shy pony’s announcement.

Luffy: Where is he!? I’ll knock some sense into him!
Ieyasu: Calm Down, Luffy. Can you explain what’s going on, please?
Pinkie Pie: Gentaro has become has became twisted and has three henchmen working for him.
Edd: Who are these three people?
Fluttershy: One of them is Eric Draven from the House of Life and Death.
Samwise Gamgee: Who are the other two.
Pinkie Pie: The other two are Jeff Hardy from Personal Appearance and Kamen Rider Decade in Weapons.
Naruto: Luffy and I would take them down no problem. There should be nothing wrong.
Ieyasu: I don’t think you know where they’re getting at. Hmmm.

Ieyasu looked around to see that one of the deities was missing.

Ieyasu: Wait, where is that person?
Eddy: Wait, which one are you talking about? Long John Silver?
Long John Silver: I’m right here, guys.
Matt: If he’s here, then who are the hell are you referring to?
Ieyasu: The deity I’m talking about is Enrico Pucci.

For a few minutes, everyone was quiet when that name was brought up; the entire House of Friendship was not very fond of him to say the least.

Dizzy: He must have left the place after Fluttershy announced that Gentaro has gone insane.
Ieyasu: I see…
Twilight Sparkle: We don’t want any of you to be caught in this. Please…. Can all of you evacuate this House?
Ieyasu: …I understand… (To everyone else) Everyone! We’re going to evacuate to let Fluttershy and her friends handle this! That is an order!
Luffy & Naruto: Oh, man…

Before everyone could leave, Pinkie remembered Tron, who cannot leave the computer world without taking control of a robot. It’s too late to find one to allow him to evacuate, but he can still be protected. After all, Jak did promise Sora that he’d protect the security program from any danger.

Pinkie Pie: Oh, and Jak. I need to ask you a favor.
Jak: What is it Pinkie?
Pinkie Pie: Please sabotage the laser connected to the computer holding Tron. He can’t evacuate like the rest of us, and I can’t let him know about what is going to happen. But don’t worry. Once Gentaro’s mind is back to normal, we’ll fix the laser.
Jak: I… guess it’s fair.

Everyone excluding the Mane Six, Discord, and Jak left the House of Friendship to let them execute their plan, but before they could do any of that…

Applejack: Pinkie? What are you doing now?
Pinkie Pie: I’m bringing out my walkie-talkie.
Rarity: What for?

The pink pony takes out the walkie-talkie to execute the next step to her plan.

The battle resumed in the main pantheon grounds with Sonic hitting Decade with a Light Speed Attack, Willow!Jeff whacking The Enforcers with his umbrella. Ralph punched the insane wrestler with his fists, but the latter used his umbrella to stab the hulking giant, only for him to catch it and break it. The Shield triple power bombed Draven, while Pac-man and Alternate!Gentaro struggled to get the upper-hand over the other one. Suddenly, the a voice was coming from the walkie-talkie .

Reigns: At a time like this? You two, keep Draven busy!

As Ambrose and Rollins fought to distract Draven.

Reigns: What is it?
Pinkie Pie: (from the transmitter) Everything is ready. Take Gentaro to the House of Friendship!
Reigns: Understood.

Reigns put the Walkie-talkie back in his pocket to inform everyone else on their next plan as Sonic help Pac-Man knock out Alternate!Gentaro with a Homing Attack, while Ralph approached him.

Ralph: Alright, what’s the plan?

The wrestler whispered into Ralph’s ears for instructions. After he was done, the two announced their plans. Hak Fuu barely knocked Willow out with a flying kick and screaming about crows and flight.

Ralph: Everyone! Regroup!

The entire group came to Ralph and Reigns to hear their plan.

Sonic: Do you have something in mind, Ralph?
Ralph: Sonic, I want you to take Pac-Man, Sackboy and Felix back to The House of Gaming. It’s too dangerous here.
Felix: What about you, Ralph?
Ralph: Me, the Shield and the Enforcers are going to take them to the House of Friendship. The ponies have prepared the Elements of Harmony to take them down.
Sonic: That sounds like a plan to me. Pac, Felix, Sackboy! We’re going back home!
Felix: Sonic, wait!

Without a second thought, Sonic took the hands of Sackboy, Felix, and Pac-Man and zoomed back at the back entrance of the House Gaming, leaving only Ralph, the Shield and the enforcers against them.

Decade: They’re getting away!
Alternate!Gentaro:We can wait for later! Let’s kill those eight guys!
Rollins: Run!

The eight of them ran for the House of Friendship to lure the corrupted deities into the Mane Six. Alternate!Gentaro became engulfed in flames as his appearance became red and eyes glowung dark green. He summoned an All-Star variant of the Fire-Module Hee-Hackgun to get them.

Alternate!Gentaro: All-Star Mode! Rider Extinguishing Shoot!
Ratso: Whoa…. Oh, man! He’s got a rocket launcher!

Alternate!Gentaro shoots the handgun at Ralph and the others, only for it to barely slow them down but still leaving a fiery trail behind them.

Ralph: I’ll go behind you guys to cover you.
Chow: Thanks, Ralph!

Ralph slowed down to cover his seven allies from Alternate!Gentaro, who fired another one of Extinguishing Shoot at the group, only for Ralph to take the hit.

Ralph: Oww…!
Decade: My turn… Decade Bazooka!
Ralph: This is not going to be good…

Decade summoned what looks like a rocket launcher made out of cardboard, when wielded by him, grew into a big weapon. The corrupted Kamen Rider Decade shot the Decade Bazooka at Ralph, causing him to turn around to stop and take the rocket, exploding on his body at impact and knocking him on his back.

Draven: Hehehehe… One down.
Finn: Ralph!
Rollins: We don’t have time to go back for him. We’re on our own!
Ambrose: We’re almost at the House of Friendship!

The Shield and the Enforcers ran as faster than they could to avoid another rocket as they try to reach the House of Friendship.

Alternate!Gentaro: Don’t let them get any backup!

As they almost reached the entrance, Naruto arrived and help the group enter the House of Friendship. Wasn’t he supposed to leave with the others?

Naruto: I’ll cover you guys! I’m sorry, Fluttershy, but I have to protect my friends!
Alternate!Gentaro: Naruto!? Don’t get in our way!
Reigns: (Whips out walkie-talkie) We’re about to be there in a few minutes!

As Reigns cuts off the Walke-Talkie, Alternate!Gentaro fired another Rider Extinguishing Shoot to take out the group, which led to Naruto taking the hit.

Naruto: Aagh!

The blast knocked Naruto into the ground.

Willow!Jeff: Don’t interfere with us, boy!

However, Naruto disappeared into thin air.

Draven: What the fuck…? A clone!?
Ratso: You punks won’t find us in this empty House!

It was a distraction the whole time to let The Enforcers and The Shield enter the House of Friendship.

Rollins: Split up!

The seven of split up in the House of Friendship as the corrupted deities entered soon afterwards. The House was as completely empty as a barren desert town. All of the deities left the House of Friendship as they search for the seven of them.

Decade: Where could they be?
Alternate!Gentaro: They could be anywhere.
???: And we’re not helping you find them!

Suddenly, the door in Nanoha’s temple was knocked down to reveal the Mane Six, with the Elements of Harmony glowing.

Draven: What!? You were there this whole time?
Twilight Sparkle: You didn’t think we come to his house prepared, didn’t you?
Alternate!Gentaro: This what they call the elements of Harmony? Decade, let’s give them a display of our firepower!

Alternate!Gentaro, along with Decade, picked up their Hee-Hackgun and Decade Bazooka respectively as the Mane Six shoot out a rainbow beam at them. The two Kamen Riders shot their weapons at the beam in the hopes of going through them, only for it to explode on impact.

Willow!Jeff: Fuck….

The rainbow beam from The Elements of Harmony blasts the corrupted deities, destroying the House of Friendship in the process and engulfing the area in smoke.

Four minutes after the smoke was cleared, The Shield and The Enforcers regrouped back to the Mane Six to protect them.

Ambrose: Are you ponies alright?
Applejack: Oowwhhh….. Yeah, we are.
Twilight Sparkle: Good, everyone’s alright.
Rollins: That’s all fine and dandy, but the better question is, did it get them?
Twilight Sparkle: I hope it succeeds.
???: AAHAHAHAHAHAA! The Elements of Harmony have failed you ponies! Now, prepare to die!

To their disbelief, the group turned to the corrupted deities who were; Alternate!Gentaro was unscathed, Draven has a hole in his chest, Willow!Jeff was had his hands on his head, and Decade groaning in pain.

Fluttershy: No… It didn’t kill them!
Draven: Hehehehehe… You girls didn’t kill us in time! Looks like it’s back in motion.

The hole in his chest was slowly regenerating, making the mares lose their spirits.

Discord: How is that even possible? You should have been dead!
Draven: You see, I have something you call “life support.”
Twilight Sparkle: No… Not even the Elements of Harmony worked? Letting Naruto and Luffy get involved in this was a good idea after all.

Willow went straight for the Enforcers and the Shield to knock them out, while Decade was on his knees.

Decade: Urggh… Guys… You can go on without me. They got me.
Alternate!Gentaro: We’ll take them out for you.

As the Mane Six except Applejack ran away to get some help, Alternate!Gentaro and Draven followed Willow!Jeff to attack the group as The Enforcers (excluding Hak Foo) prepared their talismans to help them.

All of the Wrestlers from the Wrestling Federation regained consciousness some time after the ambush as Vince gathered them around to announce their next plan.

John Cena: If the one who took us by surprise was that creep, I’m gonna give him payback!
Vince: Quiet, Jonathan! Don’t rush to conclusions!
Undertaker: There’s no way he’s behind this one. He doesn’t have the magic to pull it off.
Cesaro: Where are we going to find answers now?
Randy Orton: I don’t know… Search around the entire pantheon for answers?
Bret Hart: Like that’s that going to get us anywhere.

As they continue to discuss their plan, the television turned on, revealing an automated message that reads:

Message: This is breaking news! The House of Friendship has been destroyed. I repeat, the House of Friendship has been destroyed!

The TV turns off after the message was sent.

Bruno Sammartino: Whoa, what happened there?
Vince: That kid may be involved somehow! Everyone! Go to the House of Friendship!

At Vince’s instruction, the Wrestling Federation advanced to the House of Friendship to investigate.

The insane Willow has made numerous attempts to stab the Shield, succeeding with only Ambrose’s right hand, cutting Reigns’ left leg as he dodged it, and Rollins’ shoulders. At his final attempt, Ambrose catched the umbrella, only for him kick him in his left shin hard.

Ambrose: Aaagh!

This allows Reigns and Rollins to perform a dual clothesline to his neck, but the two Shield members break away from the clothesline to distract him; Reigns tries to punt kick him in the shins, but Rollins decided to be Lariat him from his right side, hitting him. Hak Fuu intervenes by kicking him in the chest.

Ratso, while equipped to the Dog Talisman and Horse Talisman, tried to punched Draven in the chest, only for the latter to catch the punch and breaks his right arm as he puts him in an arm lock. Chow, who used the Ox Talisman, punched Draven so hard, that he had knocked him away. Alternate!Gentaro, who was now in his Meteor Fusion States, appeared and punched the Chinese American with his Meteor Galaxy.

However, the latter blocked the attack and Finn, who was using the Pig Talisman, shot fire from his eyes. Alternate!Gentaro barely had the time to avoid the fire, leaving him open for Applejack, who knocked him to a wall with a kick. A minute later, he was still standing.

Chow: That really hurt. Almost dropped my Ox Talisman because of that.
Applejack: How is he still active after that?
Ratso: He must have gotten some steroids.
Chow: The same must have gone for all of them.
Finn & Applejack: (Stares at Chow and Ratso)
Chow & Ratso: Did we say something bad?
Alternate!Gentaro: I’ve had enough time fooling around with you weaklings. It’s about time I finish this!
???: You won’t be killing anyone!

Everyone present turned around to see a group of ‘roid raged people arriving. It was the rest of the wrestlers from the Wrestling Federation along with a recovered Ralph.

Bret Hart: Your plans are going to be down right here, right now!
Alternate!Gentaro: ‘(To Ralph) You…! How did you come back? Decade blasted you with his Bazooka!
Ralph: I got a little help from some friends of mine. We’re going to detain you here right now!
Alternate!Gentaro: I doubt you will…

Without wasting any time, the group charged at Alternate!Gentaro, attempting to subdue him, who now has summoned another Meteor Galaxy on his hand, presumably out of All-Star Power, making him have two of them.

Alternate!Fourze: Double Jupiter Lever!

The Wrestlers rushed to subdue Alternate!Gentaro, who punched away John Cena, Kane, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Dolph Ziggler, The Rock, Rey Mysterio, and AJ Lee so hard that their bones were broken during the punches. Willow!Jeff mercilessly scrapped Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Brian Kendrick, Gangrel, Hak Foo, and Randy Orton with his umbrella before being drop-kicked by Shawn Michaels, followed by a back drop from Matt Hardy, also followed up by a Tilt-a-twirl Back Breaker from the Undertaker. Draven tries get into the fray, but is throughly whacked by Ralph’s fist. Alternate!Gentaro ran up to the brute without warning and punched him, but blocked it, countering him with a very hard punch, knocking the Kamen Rider next to some shattered debris of a building. Alternate!Gentaro quickly recovered and changed his Meteor Galaxy into…

Alternate!Fourze: Saturn Lever!!

With the Saturn Lever, He summons the Saturn Planet and shot out rings at some of the opposing group. While avoided it, suffered numerous cuts as they returned back to him, making them bleed out screaming in pain. With all of the group defeated, Alternate!Gentaro was ready to deal the final blow.

Alternate!Gentaro: You cannot defeat me!
Bruno Sammartino: Oh yeah? We have more numbers coming for you!
Alternate!Gentaro: Really? Don’t bluff with me!
Draven: Your time’s about to be up, boys. Say hello to your loved ones
Shawn Micheals: Shut up, asshole!
Willow!Jeff: You insects won’t talk for long, as I will completely obliter- Uuggh!

Willow was suddenly on his knees in pain before he could finish speaking. What was going on with him?

Willow!Jeff: Urrgh….! Someone…. help me!

Suddenly, Willow returned back to being Jeff, much to the corrupted deities surprise. The brainwashing process seemed to stopped on him.

Matt: Jeff… Is that you?
Jeff: Matt… Please… help me… Something… Is eating my soul… Hurry… Before something happens
Alternate!Gentaro: What…!?

Alternate!Gentaro, whose skin changed into a blue color with red eyes, knocks Jeff out.

Matt: No… Jeff!

Alternate!Gentaro gathered a sphere of energy of All-Star Power and placed it into the unconscious Jeff, changing him back to Willow.

Matt: Jeff! No…. You won’t get away with this…!
Alternate!Gentaro: I will… Say goodbye… Big Galaxy Finish!

Gentaro leaps up into the air and unleashes a huge wave of energy, knocking everyone off their feet, blowing them away from the House of Friendship. Five minutes later, there was no one except him and the corrupted deities, including a healed Decade and Willow,. Alternate!Gentaro placed his hands on his hips, victorious of his victory over opponents.

Alternate!Gentaro: Good… Now, where shall we go next…?
???: Gentaro, please stop this!

He knew who that voice was coming from; He turned to see Pinkie Pie, who also brought along Elena and Dudley with her. The pink pony and the cheerful african looked at

Alternate!Gentaro: Pinkie… Elena… What do you two want?
Elena: I don’t want you to hurt anyone no more!
Pinkie Pie: Can you go back to your usual self? What about the Pinkie Promise I gave you?
Dudley: ….
Elena: I’ll never forget the first day the three of us met where forming to be a welcome club to the members of the House of Friendship! I can’t bear the thought of you to lose the rhythm I admire.
Pinkie Pie: You have caused those folks to worry so much about you. Go back to your old self.. Please.. I beg you.
Alternate!Gentaro: …Do you two want to know what I think about that now?
Elena & Pinkie: …?
Alternate!Gentaro: I think it wasn’t worth it. I never really liked you two. The only reason I befriended you two was to have fun, but it turned out that wasn’t the case…. Let’s kill them, boys!

No use… The corrupted and the other corrupted deities, wasted no time in assaulting the three heroes. Dudley and Elena readied themselves in self-defense as Pinkie ran behind them. It was a downhill battle; Even if they had Pandora’s box, the two Street Fighters had no chance against them.

Suddenly, a wall filled with LEGO blocked their path, stopping their assault. Pinkie, Elena, and Dudley looked to find that Maxwell, Sackboy, Steve?, and Emmett arrived.

Maxwell: Keep them busy.

Emmett traps the corrupted deities with four walls of gray LEGO, Sackboy throws big blocks of chocolate to them, while Steve? threw a huge block of top of the four LEGO blocks to function as a ceiling to prevent them from escaping. As they’re now trapped, Maxwell wrote the names of Alternate!Gentaro, Willow!Jeff, Draven, and Decade’s names on his notepad and wrote one adjective:


As he wrote those words, Alternate!Gentaro and his cronies were losing strength, unable to bear the strength to escape.

Alternate!Gentaro: My Strength… Is fading… How.

Maxwell then writes a few more words on his notepad:


A big bomb was made in front of him. He then proceeds to write another word:


A window was made in the brick of LEGO Emmet trapped them in.

Emmett: Steve?! Tthrow it inside!

Steve? picked up the bomb and three it inside the building they made. Maxwell writes another word on his notepad:


A small device was in Maxwell’s hands, complete with a button. Maxwell pushes the button, and the building explodes with him and the other All-Star Power-corrupted deities inside of it.

There was nothing that could be done. No matter what Pinkie Pie could do, Gentaro Kisaragi had destroyed everything that she created. She felt the tears flow into her eyes as everyone was defeated, some with broken bones and some with a few cuts. But the party she made…the friends that she gathered…it was all for naught.

Alternate!Gentaro was finally contained as she called for Emmet, Sackboy and Maxwell to do something to contain him. The three debated for what to do with him, using their own ways of creating items to explain their visions. Maxwell then wrote one word on his notebook.


Emmet and Sackboy looked in horror at what Maxwell was trying to do. Maxwell looked saddened as he wrote something above the word.


Emmet and Sackboy looked at each other before nodding their heads. With Sackboy’s Pop-it and Emmet’s collcetion of black Lego, the three combined their powers to change what was once the House of Friendship into a dark, empty asylum with numerous cells, stains of blood, crows, static voices that screamed and cried for help, chains that rattled everywhere and, last but not least, summoned the new inmates for treatment. Alternate!Gentaro was in his cell, a wide grin on his face.

Alternate!Gentaro: You can’t hold me forever! I will escape, and when I do, I will end you all!

As his laugh echoed and combined with the screams and laughter of the other prisoners in the asylum, Maxwell wrote two words.


The asylum was quiet. Pinkie Pie walked away slowly as Felix began tapping his hammer on everyone’s wounds. Ralph took one last glance at the broken Takatora Kureshima, feeling sorry that things had to be this way. He then took a glance at the wounded Mitsuzane Kureshima in the next cell, the boy still in the dead state that Alternate!Gentaro placed on him, his body slowly decaying.

Gangrel: This asylum…how long will it be up here?
Emmet: Only until the problems are fixed.
Felix: And how long will that be?
Emmet:…who knows?

Elena caught up to Pinkie Pie and hugged her. Dudley also patted the pink pony’s mane. Matt Hardy was in tears seeing his brother in a straight jacket, laughing a laugh that could not be heard. He stormed off, so that no one could see him cry.

The Enforcers and The Shield looked at each other, having gained respect for the other group. Then, they looked at the Asylum and knew that they had lots of work to be done.

Ambrose: Well, I never expected it to turn out like this.
Ratso: Life’s funny that way, you know?
Finn: Still, it’s not going to be that bad…right?

As the seven pondered, a crow looked down at the madness. It let out a caw and flew off, its destination being the House of Otherness.

Murray, after seeing the two clones fight earlier, visited Riku and Sora at the House of Nature as the two spoke on the scream they heard the other day.

Riku: So, let me get this straight. You saw two Gentaros? And in the House of Sports?
Murray: Yeah! I wanted to give them the Thunder Flop, but Captain Marvel was the one fighting them. They both said that they were going to kill Ryusei. I’ve already told Sly and Bentley about what I saw; they’re planning something about them.
Riku: All we know is that one of them butchered that Micchy guy, and broadcasted the whole thing on television.
Sora: Yeah, but that creep deserved it anyway for putting everyone here in danger.

As the three continue to carry on, Serpent!Gentaro watched from a nearly tree.

Serpent!Gentaro: So, it looks like I’ve lost against the other Gentaro? It doesn’t matter, now. As long as this world’s Gentaro remains trapped in another dimension… but for now, maybe I should keep an eye out on this pantheon. (looking at Sora) This Keyboy might be of some… use.

Revival Party – Dawn of a New Day

Those endings…why did you have to do it like that?
It had to be done. The stories were not going to end happily ever after.
Miyuki Hoshizora is gonna have a word with you.
Well she can’t right now. This is the Tea Party, where we gather and talk about what has transpired.
I don’t like it…not at all. This isn’t fair at all!
Life is never fair sometimes. But now there is new hope.
What do you mean? Madoka, our giant overbringer of Hope is going through hard times, is she not? And Gentaro, “I who will befriend everyone in the Pantheon” is now this…are you sure?
Who do you think is writing the story? Let me state it right now in bold italics:This story will have a happy ending, but the happy ending itself will not be easy.
…I see then. So, what do we do now?
Do you have any questions regarding the early parts? Aside from the structure?
About Queen Chrysalis, who convinced her to do that plot to make Ryusei kill Gentaro?
She transformed into Gentaro Kisaragi once and went to the House of Friendship. She learned about Ryusei’s friend, got her changelings to shift into some people that Ryusei knew, branwashed Ryusei and….you get the picture, right?
Why though?
Friendship and Love are very closely tied feelings. If she couldn’t get Love, she’d get the next best alternative. It helps that there are less Friendship Gods in general. OH, we’re gonna have to cut this short.
”Why’s that….Wait…Why are you looking like you’re going to….Oh Crap!.”

“This Day’s Alternate!Aria”

Queen Chrysalis laid in her temple. Broken. Bruised. Destroyed.

There was no love for her, nor was their sorrow, sympathy, etc. She had created a giant kerfluffle that rained many gods down her path. She had no power, thanks to Carmen Sandiego stealing it. And with no love, she could not have power. There was nothing left for her. All she was doing was trying to feed herself and her followers…why was she this?

There was a knock on the door. Chrysalis, despite her broken status, had to appear as the regal queen as she was. She would not get sympathy or pity from people. That was not needed.

Chrysalis: Who is it?

There was some silence. The door slightly opened. Even though Chrysalis couldn’t transform, she had magic. She would be ready for what would happen.

Chrysalis: Tell me, you fool! WHO ARE YOU?

There was more silence. Then…a familiar tune appeared. Chrysalis’s eyes widened as the door opened, and Gentaro Kisaragi appeared before her.

Alternate!Gentaro: Yesterday was almost near perfect… the type of day where my dreams would be so grand…”

Chrysalis turned as Willow!Jeff materialized, spinning his parasol in front of his face.

Willow!Jeff: All my friends were at my side, to fight against this evil tide…but all my thoughts now they have just turned into sand…”

Chrysalis fired a blast at Willow!Jeff and tried to escape. Tsukasa Kadoya appeared, with a camera in hand. He took a picture, which blinded Chrysalis.

Tsukasa: This day was going to be perfect… the type of day where I’d find hope for this cruel spell…”
Eric Draven: (hanging upside down in front of Chrysalis) But instead of a helping hand, I just took my last stand…against a friend who asked me if I was well…”

Chrysalis stumbled back, but bumped into a fifth figure.

Yugi: It was a mess, my whole distress, the questions burned, the tide it turned…(the Millennium Puzzle glows, and Yugi is replaced by Yami Yugi) Friends? I’ll just let them rot in hell!
All: That no matter what should arise, all the tricks that could surprise, that I’d always have someone right at my side…

The room was lit with fire as Tsukasa readied his camera for photos. Willow!Jeff cackled, skipping around the room with his umbrella above him as if he was outside on a warm spring day. Alternate!Gentaro grinned, the fire framing his silhouette to make him look like a demon that rose from the depths of Hell to condemn her into an eternity of burning.

Alternate!Gentaro: No, I found I was alone… these actions I won’t condone! So now, I shall let you be all MINE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

The four other beings in the room joined in on the laughter, as if they were mocking the queen of the changelings. Chrysalis growled, firing blasts of magic at them. But to the five, they felt like being hit with marshmallows.

Alternate!Gentaro: (speaking) We five are the Darkness Proxy! We have come to burn down the Pantheon and take what we can for our own. YOU ARE OUR FIRST SACRIFICE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!

Soon, Chrysalis had no more magic, and the five seemed like they were absorbing her attacks. She backed up to a corner, where Eric had a hand on her face, eyes staring deep into her soul.

Eric: You can’t escape, it’s just too late. You didn’t think this through…
Tsukasa: And now, what are you going to do?
Willow!Jeff: You have no one here to love you, everyone just wants to scorn you…
Yami Yugi: And you will never admit that it’s true!
Alternate!Gentaro: (surrounded by All-star Power) For my vengeance it will bloom, on all the Gods I shall consume. Oh, sweet Chrysalis…it’s time to meet your DOOM!!!!!!!

Chrysalis was fed images, images of Gentaro’s pain, suffering, nightmares, blood…everything she hated, everything she didn’t want to feed on. It felt like an eternity, but in reality only a few seconds had passed. Her screams echoed throughout the House of Shape, but the Millennium Puzzle began to glow. A darkness enveloped the six, transporting them into the depths of the Shadow Realm. The symbol of the Millennium Items began to glow on Yami’s forehead.

Yami: PENALTY GAME! When you wake from this spell, you will be surrounded by hatred and anger. NO one would love you…and no onewill!

As if a negative screen appeared, it felt like glass shattered against Chrysalis’s mind. She could only scream at what was happening. It felt like her mind was being split in half. Then, there was silence. She collapsed, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her body twitching, her mouth mumbling strange words. Alternate!Gentaro laughed.

Alternate!Gentaro: My vengeance on you is finished now, but others’ happiness I shall not allow.
The Darkness Proxy: With the queen upon her knees, her suffering you appease. Chrysalis right now is…

Alternate!Gentaro unleashed his All-Star Power upon a swarm of Changelings that were about to attack the strangers for hurting their queen. The changelings fell on their backs confused. Then, their eyes began to become white from All-Star Power coursing through their veins. The changelings, without Alternate!Gentaro having to speak, transformed into multiple versions of the Darkness Proxy. Alternate!Gentaro smirked.

Alternate!Gentaro: (speaking) Mine. All mine.

Wait, stop one moment!

What is it now?

I didn’t see Yugi Muto in the previous stories! Why is he here now?

“Oh that’s because his transformation was before the Friendship Asylum was initially built but after the first time Gentaro escaped it. You didn’t know?

I’m supposed to know! I’m the NARRATOR!

You NARRATE. I’m the one planning the story—although no one sees it—and you can’t do anything until parts are written! So you will be patient and just wait for what else will transpire.

Can I have a quick question?


Who sicced Queen Chrysalis to go after Ryusei and thus caused this mess?

Well it’s a long story and—

No, I’ll be quiet here. So, uh, what happens next?

Queen Chrysalis’s major beatdown was broadcast side-by-side with Mitsuzane’s massacre in the House of Villains. The gods cheered at the Heroes being evil at these single gods….well, except Captain Cold but that’s justified since he’s the god ofEven Evil Has Standards. Then, the clips were replaced by Jim Ross from his temple in the House of Sports.

Jim Ross: This just in, the PWF will be temporarily closed due to some…unexpected transformations to the arena. Please, for your safety folks, do not enter.

Many of the gods booed and threw soda and stuff to the television… just before the arena exploded and through an army of shadows, they began to slowly construct a strange temple of purple crystals. It looked ancient Egyptian themed, combined with black and white banners, stone crow statues, statues of three imposing figures that looked familiar, but most gods didn’t know who they were. Someone was taking photos of everything as thunder and lightning crackled.

Jack Spicer: Showoff!

In a flash of lightning, the camera soon zoomed in a throne room with five stone thrones in a line. The seated figure in the middle stood up.

Alternate!Gentaro: Welcome everyone, I’m sure you all know who I am. My face has been plastered everywhere lately! I am Gentaro Kisaragi…no, I’m an alternate Gentaro. I suppose you want to know my life story…too bad. But this world has so much happiness…I will CRUSH it and use it for my own. For all who have hurt me, all who have LEFT ME TO DIE…they shall suffer. I’m sure you remember this…

A clip showed Gentaro laughing as he gutted Mitsuzane, slicing his head clean off and carving a hole in his stomach. The Villains house clapped their hands as the screen came back to Alternate!Gentaro.

Alternate!Gentaro: That is just the beginning. You will know in a few days time what I shall bring, but for now…I am offering a huge bounty on the god who can give me these individuals. Tsukasa?

Tsukasa stood up and opened a photo album, revealing a few gods…or at least it tried to. Tsukasa wasn’t really that good with photography, but the photos were still clear enough to get a picture as to who the figures were. There were seven figures in total.

Alternate!Gentaro: Bring me…the Princesses of Heart, and bring them to our castle. You will be rewarded for your efforts. That is all.
Willow!Jeff: AHAHAHA! We love, we hate! We die forever late…in Willow’s Way! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!

The screen turned black.

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