Tales of the Alliance Book Four

Operation “Dim Sun” Part 1: Night Wish 

Darkness follows light. Even in the brightest light, something must cast a shadow. Similarly, the Sun is always followed by the Moon. While the Red Sun gives us its bright, red light, the Blue Moon turns it into a smoothing silver light what cast itself in the dark sky. That is what we have come to accept. And that is how thing should be.

However, there are some who do not favour darkness must follow the light. In fact, they despise the light. Where they only wishing to stay beneath the marvellous Moon or live in the deep Darkness, they do not want to see the Sun. And there are many like those. And this is just a tale of selected individuals.

Within House of Power during the night, there exists a temple that is vaguely shaped like a ship. The temple is covered with a dark sphere which no one who values themselves being good wish to enter. Within that said temple, there were five individuals; a giant sphere covered in markings, a blue demon, an armoured woman with long, silver hair, a dark-furred unicorn with wings and an owl with a cape.

Diana: So, every one is here, right?
Balanar, Nightmare Moon and Grand Duke of Owls: Yes.

Yami, incapable of speech, send out a weak, but visible, wave of energy from its body to respond.

Diana: Alright. We all know why we are here.
Balanar: Yes. To kill the Sun Quartet.
Grand Duke: Indeed. The problem is, of course, is actually beating them. As long as the Sun is by them side, we cannot do much to them.
Nightmare Moon: Then we try to beat them when the Sun isn’t out! We will wait until they think the Sun will rise, only for the night to last longer, ensuring us a night… that lasts… FOREVER! Mwahahaha!
Diana: If that would have worked in the past, we could have used that. But considering that two of them can freely raise the sun, we cannot easily rely on the power of the Moon.

Yami started to crank up the mechanism within its sphere as a way to agree with Diana.

Balanar: We will block the Sun, then. That way they cannot raise it.
Grand Duke: Oh, what a wonderful idea. Of course, how are we going to pull that off without alarming every one else?
Red-Haired Girl: I have a solution to that.

The five gods looked into the direction where the voice came from. From there, there was a pale girl with red hair and a black coat covering her body.

Nightmare Moon: Who are you?
Red-Haired Girl: Excuse me for not introducing myself. I am the Red Durathror, the Earth-Ruling Immortal. I am a relatively new goddess here, so you probably haven’t heard from me yet. However, I might be able to help with your dilemma.

Durathror pulled out her plant-like arm out of her cloak, carrying a newspaper. She placed it into the table where the other five were around and pointed a particular article in it; something about a solar eclipse what is happening in few days.

Balanar: A solar eclipse…?
Durathror: Yes. A natural one, at that. There are plenty of gods waiting for that to happen, as witnessing it naturally is truly splendid. Of course, since every one is expecting it, no one would suspect that someone would, say, prevent it from going away after a few minutes, right?
Nightmare Moon: Ahahaha! What a wonderful plan! With my, Yami’s and maybe Balanar’s powers, we can definitely make that happen.

Yami released a wave of dark energy from its body. Indeed, it was pleased by this plan.

Diana: Now to figure out who will attack whom. Yami will probably want to take care of Amaterasu himself, so that is easy.
Nightmare Moon: And I want to make Princess Celestia suffer. So that leaves Utsuho and Volcarona.
Grand Duke: If I may, I wish to take care of Utsuho. I think it would be fitting that way.
Balanar: I will kill Volcarona. (Looking at Durathror) What about you?
Durathror: Actually, there is something I must bring into your attention. Even if we go after the Sun Quartet, there are still those who accompany the sun closely. Like Solaire of Astora, Leona and Cure Sunshine. Even Mori Motonari can be troublesome. If we leave them unaccounted for, they might bring us some trouble. So we should take care of them as well.
Diana: I’ll take care of Leona, and that’s it.
Balanar: Solaire… I will take care of him. Gives me time to feed on something before I’ll kill Volcarona.
Durathror: I am interested in taking care of Cure Sunshine. As for Mori, (Snaps her finger to summon in her mooks) we can let them to take care of him and his army. Shall we agree on this?

Every one seems to agree on it.

Diana: Alright, this meeting is over. We should get ready so that we can ambush them when the time comes. Now let’s go.

Every one but Yami, obviously, started to head out. Every one looked at each other, maybe bit begrudgingly. They each had reasons for doing this. Diana and Durathror want to bring out the Moon without the Sun. Yami and Balanar wanted to bring eternal darkness. Grand Duke and Nightmare Moon just wanted the night to last forever. However, they all hated the Sun, so they are willing to cooperate.

Meanwhile in the House of Mammals, Princess Celestia stared aimlessly at the night sky, her eyes bloodshot from the lack of sleep. Her sister, Princess Luna enter, worrying for her sister’s well being.

Luna: You’ve been plagued again of those premonitions, dear sister?
Celestia: Yes. Every night it’s the same thing: Absolute darkness. I know something bad is going to happen, I just don’t know what.
Luna: You should rest, Tia. Let me or Volcarona handle raising the sun for today.
Celestia: Thank you for the kind offer, but I’m ok. You should go rest, im fine.

After saying her goodbye and again reassuring Luna she was alright, Celestia left her dear sister to raise the sun. The princess of the night look at her retreating sister with a forlorn look.

Luna: Why must you always hold things in, Celestia? I want to help you.

Operation “Dim Sun” Part 2: Setting Sun

Few days later, it was a Sunday. Many of the gods were waiting to see the solar eclipse. For example, Amaterasu, the Goddess of The Sun and her child, Chibiterasu were looking at the Sun next to the former’s temple.

Meanwhile, at what can be called Scarlet Devil’s Mansion, Hong Meiling was waiting at the gates with glasses, waiting for the eclipse to happen. Suddenly, Patchouli of all people came up to her.

Meiling: Patchouli? What are you doing here?
Patchouli: To see the solar eclipse. I cannot remember the last time I actually saw one in person. I guess it would be nice to witness it for research.

Patchouli sat into the ground as Meiling kept on standing up.

Meiling: You know, as nice solar eclipse is, its rather unfortunate that it only lasts for couple of minutes before the Moon moves on.
Patchouli: I suppose you are right.

At a bonfire in an abandoned and ruined tower in the pantheon’s forest, a warrior of the sunlight was sitting alone, quietly gazing at the fire as he waits for the solar eclipse to occur. Deep in thought, he was pondering if he is required to praise the sun when the eclipse is over. A few seconds afterward, he began laughing at himself.

Solaire of Astora: Hah hah hah, what am I thinking? As a knight of the sun, I should always pay my honor to the sun.

Turning his head a little, he looked at a massive hole on the tower’s wall. From there, he could see the sun, slowly being covered by the eclipse.

Solaire of Astora: Hm, it’s rare for the sun and the moon to meet like this. Maybe I should just savor this moment and relax…

At the House of War, there was a rather large Temple that was more like a Japanese palace than anything else, surrounded by large pillars with mirrors on top. The so-called temple was surrounded by soldiers on guard. Inside the temple was Mori Motonari, who had set up his soldiers like that. A general suddenly rushed to him.

General: Lord Mori, every one are in their positions.
Mori: Good. Make sure that the soldiers will attack any one who come here. I don’t care who they are.
General: Yes, Lord Mori.

The general ran to his troops, with Mori looking into the Sun, with the Moon slowly rising up.

Mori: [With this eclipse happening, it is very likely someone might use it to attack me, in the sense that I cannot use my Solar Nexuses to attack. Of course, they are foolish to believe that I haven’t taken such a possibility into account. Even when the odds are against me, I will find a way to come to the top.]

At an open rock quarry, the sky was lit with flashes of black and yellow/white streaks, clashing against one another. The two flashes momentary stop in mid air, reavealing it to be Kamen Rider Black aka Kotaro Minami and Cure Sunshine aka Itsuki Myoudouin

Kotaro: I’m glad to see that you’ve become much stronger the last time we met.
Itsuki: Yes, all thanks to our training, Minami-san.

After spending another hour of training, the two sun warriors took a break. The two sat down, looking up at the sky right just as the eclipse was happening.

Itsuki: An eclipse. I never saw one before. It looks beautiful. Don’t you think so Minami-san?
Kotaro: Why, it does look beautiful. I feel something sinister about it.
Itsuki: A Gorgom attack?
Kotaro: No, but something just as bad.

In the House of Prophecy near a temple crested in the name of Leona, The Radiant Dawn herself stood and gazed upon the Sun as the Moon was getting close to the middle.

Leona: So once again, the Moon will overshadow the Sun, even for a moment. Though I have a slight worry. I haven’t heard anything about Diana. Is she planning anything? Hopefully not…

And as it was foretold, the Moon reached the middle of the Sun. It was not a total eclipse, but it was something. However, the real magic happened after it. Suddenly, without warning, the Moon started to grow bigger. It engulfed the Sun behind itself and the skies turned red, with only thing seen in the sky was the dark silhouette of the Moon.

Leona: W-what!? What happened? Did the Moon…!

Leona quickly turned around as she sensed someone sneak up behind her. She quickly raised her shield and blocked the attack from the mysterious attacked. She gazed through the decorative sun on top of the shield, and saw the person’s face; it was none other than the Scorn of the Moon, Diana.

Leona: D-Diana!?

Back at Kotaro and Itsuki, the two of them just witnessed the sky turning red and the Moon covering the Sun. The two of them gasped, but the two didn’t have time to really react, as the two of them started hearing noises.

Kotaro and Itsuki: Huh?

Suddenly, large vines sprouted beneath Kotaro and started grabbing him all over his body. He tried to struggle off the vines, but the vines were too strong to him.

Itsuki: Minami-san!

Itsuki tried to rush to help Kotaro, but suddenly, a giant black bud sprouted beneath the ground, blocking her way. As more vines started blocking the way from Kotaro, the bud bloomed into a black rose with a red-haired girl inside the rose.

Durathror: You are Cure Sunshine, yes?
Itsuki: Yes. But who are you, and what are you doing here?
Durathror: I am the Earth-ruling Immortal, Red Durathror. And I am here to kill you.
Itsuki: (Gasp)

Back at Mori’s little palace, the Tactful Leader looked at the skies, in anger and shock.

Mori: What is this nonsense!? I knew that something bad would happen, but not something like this! Hold on a minute.

Mori started to see figures coming across the horizon. He grabbed a telescope to see what was coming. What he saw was an army, but not a kind he would think he would face. An army of zombies, spiders, golems, skeletons and such. It was rather large one, and they were heading forwards his palace.

Mori: Figures… The Sun disappears and the demons come to play. Men! Ready your positions! I want all of these creatures dead, no matter the cost! For the sake of the Sun!
Mori’s Army: Yes, my lord!

Back at the tower, Solaire of Astora was in shock after seeing what had happened.

Solaire of Astora: What is the meaning of this!? Why does the Moon refuse to move out of the way of the Sun!?

Suddenly, some sort of winged creature swoop out of nowhere, standing on the edge of the wall he was gazing through.

Solaire of Astora: Who are you!?
Balanar: Your worst nightmare…

In the House of Beasts at the temple of the two Alicorns, Celestia looked in horror as she saw what happened.

Celestia: So my visions were true…

Suddenly, Princess Luna ran up to her sister in distress.

Celestia: Luna, what is going on?
Luna: I don’t know. I have tried to move the Moon onwards, but something is preventing me from doing so. I don’t know what is causing it, but it must be really strong magic-

Suddenly, a magical shot comes out of nowhere and gets a clear shot at Luna. She gets knocked back and falls unconscious.

Celestia: Luna!
Nightmare Moon: Mwahahaha! Now its just you and me!
Celestia: (Turns around with an intense glare) Nightmare Moon…

Finally, back at The House of Nature, The Goddess of the Sun and her child were growling at the sight of the Moon blocking the Sun. They tried to use their Celestial Brush techniques to fix it, but nothing seems to work. However, Chibi suddenly sensed something; creatures started to crawl out of the darkness what was casted upon these lands. They started to surround the two sun deities as the two of them prepared themselves. However, suddenly a giant ball fell down from the skies, marked with multiple of symbols, what released a giant arm from it. It was Yami. The two wolves growled at the dark deity, as it send a wave of dark energy at them in response. The fight between light and darkness was about to begin…


Operation “Dim Sun” Part 3: Night Battle Maniacs!


At the Scarlet Devil’s Mansion, Meiling and Patchouli were observing what just happened.

Meiling: You know, I haven’t seen many solar eclipses in my life, but that’s not how one should be like.
Patchouli: This is like the time when Remi tried to block the sun with the Scarlet Mist. However, I feel like there is a much stronger magical power behind this.
Meiling: So do you have any ideas how to solve this?
Patchouli: It can take days to set up such a powerful spell, let alone break it. And something tells me I don’t have time to find a solution.

Meiling: So you’re saying that we should hope that something else solves this problem?

Patchouli: Most likely.

At an another location of the House of Nature, there was a bunker-like structure popping out, looking very out-of-place in such a nature-filled house. That is because that is the entrance to the underground temple/nuclear reactor of Utsuho Reiuji, the nuclear Hell Raven herself. She had focused on tending the nuclear flame so the news of the solar eclipse flew over her head. However, she figured that she should go get fresh air now and then and opened the heavy door that the entrance had. Upon gazing into the skies, she didn’t see the Sun she was thinking she would see.

Okuu: Huh. That’s odd. Why is the Sun dark like that.
???: I wouldn’t say it is the Sun what is causing it, my dear.

From around her, Okuu suddenly saw a bunch of creatures come out of the darkness. Not really horrifying, but good enough to catch her off-guard. Surrounded by them, she saw a large avian-like creature with a cape and monocle walking from the shadows.

Okuu: Uhh, who are you?
Grand Duke: Ah, yes, we haven’t met yet. *Ahem* I am the Grand Duke of Owls. And you see, nothing has happened to the actual Sun. No, no. It is blocked out by the Moon. With some magical help.
Okuu: Wait, really? Why would someone do something like that?
Grand Duke: To kill you and the rest of the Sun Quartet, of course! And now that your precious sun is blocked, there is nothing you can do to stop us!

The monsters surrounding Okuu started to creep closer and closer Okuu, as she stood there, little bit dumbfounded.

Okuu: …Wait, you think I need the Sun to survive?
Grand Duke: Ahaha, yes… wait, what are you saying?
Okuu: I can get why you think that, but I don’t actually need direct contact with the Sun to survive. And even if I did, I would just create and artificial star to do the same thing. Look, (raises up a Spellcard) “Hell’s Artificial Star”.

Suddenly, Okuu create a “miniature”, red star above her head as a demonstration of her powers. However, the light from the artificial star is like sunlight that causes all of the monsters and the Grand Duke scream in agony. Okuu quickly hears their cries and tries to put out the sun. As the sun disappears, all she sees are a bunch of fried monsters that quickly crumble down, and the Grand Duke, who is now reduced to the form of a small bird.

Grand Duke: Well, I didn’t see this coming. I will get you next time, you raven. Next time.

Grand Duke starts to hop away from Okuu, as she stares at the destruction she had accidentally created. However, it takes for a while for her to put all of the pieces together.

Okuu: …Wait, we are in trouble! I need to warn Amaterasu about this! Now where was her temple again…

At the bonfire tower, Solaire was ungraciously thrown through the doorway. He’s used to it during his time as a Warrior of Sunlight to take hits for his friends, but he’s not used to being tossed around before he had even drawn his sword. Shortly after tumbling across the ground and hitting a log, he slowly got up on his feets, dazed and stunned from the surprise attack from before.

Balanar himself leisurely stepped out of the barely lit up darkness from within the tower, having transformed into something resembling a horrific monster straight out of a nightmare. With heavy steps, he makes his way to Solaire with a slow pace.

Balanar: Draw your sword daywalker, it’s much more fun when the prey futilely fights back!
Solaire of Astora: It has slowly but surely dawned on me that maybe I should have invited my good friend along for this time.
Balanar: Be quiet and die!

With the last word, Balanar suddenly quickened his pace as he lunged at Solaire with his left claw. The sunlight knight blocked the strike with his shield, giving him adequate time to take his sword out to directly swing at Balanar’s torso. The night stalker blocked with both of his claws, but was forced to leap backward to avoid the shield bash. Positioned feets away from his enemy, Balanar channeled night energy to blast at Solaire from his wings, rending and tearing the shield that he quickly raised to guard himself from the spell. With one heavy hit, the night creature smashed the shield into pieces.

Balanar: You were merely delaying the inevitable with that shield. Be thankful.
Solaire of Astora: Aw, that one was one of my favorites. Why, I remember that one time when I blocked Smough’s-
Balanar: I told you to be quiet!

Balanar’s horrifying visage etched itself in Solaire’s mind as he emphasized on the word “quiet”, leaving the knight unable to cast a lightning spear or even properly aim with his weapon. Without a shield to protect himself with, Solaire was at the receiving end of an aggressive onslaught from the night stalker, taking severe damage from the claws and only managing to get a few attacks in. Though Balanar is slow during the day, the night (or the occasional eclipses) shows what a terrifying monster he can be if he’s given the chance. The sunlight knight may have faced horrors in his home universe, but he has rarely faced anything as fast and aggressive as the night stalker. This is not a battle that he can win alone.

The battle was seemingly over, the wounded knight was on his knees, barely able to hold his sunlight talisman. The night stalker was staring at Solaire with a smirk oozing of self-satisfaction. As a last pitch attack, Solaire formed a lightning spear in his free hand and threw it at the night creature. However, Balanar dodged it and casually looked back at it as it flew to the air above the forest. Since the knight was helpless, the night stalker slowly walked over to him, all too eager and ready to end the fight.

Balanar: When I am done with you and that bug, the dog is next. I’ve already wasted too much time with you.
Solaire of Astora: Dog… you can’t possibly mean…?
Balanar: Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you. This beautiful eclipse marks the demise of the Sun Quartet. Once Amaterasu and the rest of the quartet is dead, victory over the accursed sun will finally be ours! it’s just such a shame that you won’t be around to witness it. (Raises right claw for the coup de grace) And now… nighty night!

However, just before he could deliver the finishing strike, Balanar saw light illuminating the ground in his view, surprising the night creature as the eclipse is still around. His eyes widened when he noticed a large round shadow showing up in the sudden flash of light.

Balanar: Wait, what the-

Before he could finish the sentence, Balanar was incinerated by a large fireball right from behind. The night stalker roared in pain and shock as he attempted to put out the fire, which had already left burn marks on him. Solaire gazed in surprise at the moment, then realized that he recognizes the fireball from somewhere.

Solaire of Astora: That fireball wasn’t just any fireball. It was… a Fire Blast!

In the illuminated air, a large insectoid creature was flying as it was scattering ember scales around the place with its six wings. It was none other than Volcarona, who had come to Solaire’s rescue just in time. While Balanar was distracted by the fire, the pokémon flew over to the sunlight knight to guard him if necessary. Once the night stalker had put out the rest of the fire, he turned his attention to Volcarona.

Balanar: You! How did you find us? …oh well, it doesn’t matter. You only made it easier and less time consuming for me to stalk and squash you.

Kneeling down with the Sunlight Talisman to his chest, Solaire successfully used the Great Heal spell. Having restored his vitality and fighting strength, he’s ready to fight once more. Though he lacks his shield, Volcarona is still here to give him an edge against their opponent.

Solaire of Astora: Praise you Volcarona, your presence is greatly appreciated! Let’s engage in jolly co-operation against that monster, shall we?

Volcarona made an affirmative buzz to tell the warrior of sunlight that she will be fighting with him against Balanar. As Volcarona is a Glass Cannon, the armored and healthier Solaire moved in first against the night stalker. When he could be more aggressive before, the night creature had to fight more cautiously so that the pokémon wouldn’t suddenly land a fire blast on him. However, if he tried to focus on Volcarona instead, he would be vulnerable to backstabs and lightning spears from Solaire. And yet, the pokémon quiver dances whenever he was distracted by Solaire, meaning that her attacks would grow even stronger and be faster over time, to the point that even he wouldn’t be able to keep up with her speed. Without any tools to reliably take on multiple enemies at once, the night stalker’s defeat was inevitable.

As the fight went on, Balanar was incinerated and impaled with lightning spears more times than he could count. At this point, he became well aware that he wouldn’t be victorious in this engagement. Immediately fleeing from the duo’s attacks, Balanar unleashed his Darkness spell to prevent them from seeing his exact location by having the magical darkness overwhelm their optical senses. As the two look around restlessly, they only heard a few echoing words from the darkness as the night stalker ran away.

Balanar: Mark my words, for this isn’t over yet!

Seconds later, the darkness created from the spell creeped away, showing that Balanar has long since retreated from the place. Solaire let out a sigh of relief while Volcarona generated a buzz of victory.

Solaire of Astora: That was a close one. Actually, I am wondering… how did you find us? I doubt that it was by chance.

As a pokémon, she couldn’t communicate the hows to him. She recall seeing a projectile of lightning going directly for the sky from the forest. Even with the darkness caused by the eclipse, there was no way anyone would miss something that bright and white if they were to see it just in time… such as Volcarona.

Solaire of Astora: (Chuckle) Oh well, that doesn’t matter for the moment, for we got something serious going on. Right before you showed up, Balanar told me that they’re trying to kill Amaterasu. If it’s true, we need to immediately get to her temple as quickly as possible. Don’t wait for me, you need to get to her as quickly as possible so you can help her. I will run as quickly as I can to catch up.

Volcarona nodded, understanding the knight. Using what’s left of the speed boost from Quiver Dance, Volcarona flew in the direction of Amaterasu’s temple. Surprisingly enough, Solaire did not encounter many creatures of the night as he ran through the forest paths, likely because they expected Balanar to take care of Solaire and Volcarona on his own, so they went for their other enemies. Fortunately, they were wrong.

At the rock quarry, a battle between Durathror and Itsuki was taking place, with Itsuki already taking form of Cure Sunshine. Even though Itsuki is a karate practitioner, Durathror is fast with her arms to parry most of her attacks. Besides her arms looking plant-like, they seem to be durable. That and the fact that she has covered parts of them with spikes makes it hard not to hit them. Eventually, Itsuki is able to push Durathror near the pile of vines that were holding Kotaro.

Durathror: You are starting to annoy her.

Durathror summons a pair of large black roses from the ground that then start firing small thorns at Itsuki.

Itsuki: Sunflower Aegis!

Itsuki summons a sunflower-shaped barrier in front of her that not only blocks the incoming barrages of thorns, but deflects them at the direction of Durathror. She quickly summons a large rose to hide inside, with the flower taking most of the punishment. Durathror takes the stop of the barrage to jump out of the flower at Itsuki in order to try to claw her, but Itsuki manages to catch her mid-air with a well-place kick to the face, sending her back to where she came from.

Itsuki: Sunshine…

Itsuki starts to draw a circle of light with her arms. Durathror recognizes the attacks as she twists her legs together and plants her toes into the ground.

Itsuki: …Flash!

After finishing drawing the circle, Itsuki thrusts her arms forwards, unleashing the light as a blast of energy. However, before it can reach Durathror, she starts spinning around, allowing her to burrow deep into the rocky ground. The blast instead hits the pile of vines, causing some sort of damage to the top layer of vines, though nothing that could actually do much to the overall pile.

Itsuki: *Gasp* Kotaro! Are you still fine the-

Before Itsuki can finish her sentence, a giant spiked root sprouts itself from the ground like it was a pillar of sort. Itsuki has enough time to react to it to jump backwards to avoid it. However before she can think much further, she sees Durathror suddenly appearing in the corner of her eye, who then stabs Itsuki in her stomach with the claws of hers in her arms, knocking Itsuki into the ground. Before she can get up, vines sprout out of the ground, pinning her down as Durathror approaches her.

Itsuki: L-let go of me.
Durathror: If I would do that, you would eventually ruin our plans.
Itsuki: Huh? What are you planning?
Durathror: To kill the Sun Quartet. Even though you have nothing to do with them, you would be a nuisance to us. As such, it is better to eliminate you and your friend there while I can.

Durathror gets right in top of Itsuki as she prepares to plant her arm into Itsuki’s chest.

Durathror: It is time to say goodbye. Now die-

Suddenly, Durathror feels something in her back. Like something had kicked her with a force what would break normal person’s spine. Durathror is suddenly send flying backwards, straight into a nearby rock what catches her flight. While in pain, she isn’t knocked unconscious as she looks at what hit her. To her surprise, it was…

Itsuki: Kotaro!
Durathror: What!? But how!? You should still be binded by the Roots of Darkness.

Before Kotaro, now transformed into Kamen Rider Black RX, responds, he uses his sword to cut away the vines pinning Itsuki into the ground.

Kotaro: The blast from Itsuki managed to free my arms at the very least. That way, I was able to use my Kingstone to transform and then escape using Biorider form to transform into liquid.
Durathror: So that’s how you did it. How annoying…

Suddenly, Itsuki summons her Shiny Tambourine, intending to finish this battle now.

Itsuki: Alright. I suppose we will finish you.
Kotaro: Hold on, Itsuki. If what she’s saying is correct, we have much more dire things to take care of. Besides, we don’t know if we can keep her down with what we have. We should head forwards where Amaterasu is.
Itsuki: You are right. Let’s go.
Durathror: Hey, wait!

Before Durathror can do anything, Itsuki and Kotaro have already headed away from her, jumping off a cliff to reach lower ground. While Durathror has recovered from her injuries, she is a bit frustrated, but mainly sad.

Durathror: No… I’ve failed to get rid of them. I’ve failed the mission I assigned to myself to help the others. I can maybe chase them down, but how much use that would be? Hopefully the others can finish their mission so that nothing will be for naught…

Back in Mori’s palace, he and his army were fighting a gruesome war against the undead army. While he has never really fought an army of dead like this, that did not mean he was not capable of fending them off. While his soldiers started to die one after another, as long as the enemy was decreasing in numbers, he didn’t care. As he used his ring blades to slice the heads of couple of zombies, he looked at the blocked sun, that didn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Mori: The Sun is still not showing itself… It was already troublesome in the beginning, but this is getting irritating. What would be the cause of this, and why? Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen anyone who would really be the leader of these undead. Am I just some piece in a much larger game? A game where I am not that much of an important part of…?

As the Tactiful Leader pondered about the situation, one of his commanders came up to him, riding on a horse.

Commander: Lord Mori, we seem to be winning against the enemy. There are only a couple of them left. Only a little more, and we are sure to secure the victory.
Mori: Very well. Now give me your horse. I will entrust that even you could handle the rest. I need to go somewhere immediately.
Commander: Yes, Lord Mori.

The commander climbed down from the horse so that Mori would mount it. With a steed in hand, he rode away from the temple.

Mori: If my speculations are right, this eclipse is meant to be aimed at Amaterasu, and I am targeted just because I can be affiliated with the sun. If that is the case, then I will show them that you do not take me for granted.

Operation “Dim Sun” Part 4: Light The Sun Up In The Dark 

Back at the temple of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, she and her child were struggling fighting against the threat they were made to face. Where the undead mooks were easy to dispatch, it was clear that they were there to waste their energy. And without the Sun to heal them, it was only a matter of time before they would run out of solar energy to fight back. And if that wasn’t enough, Yami was clearly in a position where if they were pushed into the corner, he would easily finish them off.

Unfortunately for them, the inevitable came sooner than they hoped, as both Ammy and Chibi started to run out of breath, as their markings started to slowly fade away. They were at their limits, and there were still some mooks left to prevent them from running away. Yami approached the two gods and started to clench his mechanical arm. Not wanting to waste any time playing around, he started to charge up energy on his fist, intending to end their lives with a single laser. This seemed like the end to them. That is, until they heard a sound; The sound of a motorcycle.

Out of nowhere, a boy wearing a crimson scarf, riding on a motorcycle, rammed into the fist of Yami with the motorcycle, with enough force to knock Yami’s hand open and misfire his laser. The boy jumped out of the motorcycle as it hit Yami, landing on his feet. The undead minions seemed to have recognized who the boy was, but before they would properly react, the boy whipped out a weird gun and fired yellow energy at them, which seemed to be enough to instantly destroy them.

Looking at the boy closer, Amaterasu started to realize who the boy was: he was one of her dearest followers, the Solar Boy Django. “How did he get into the Pantheon?” she pondered to herself. Suddenly, a sunflower-like entity jumped out of Django. She assumed the creature was Otenko.

Otenko: Good job, Django. (Turns to face Ammy and Chibi) We are sorry if we are late or anything.
Django: (Comes up to Ammy and Chibi and hands them pair of fruits) Here. This should make you feel better.

Both Ammy and Chibi started to eat the fruits, that seemed to have restored their solar energy, as they were less tired than before and their markings started to return. The two gods wanted to thank Django, but before they could, they felt a dark presence behind them, as Yami was pissed off that Django had managed to snuck up on him like that. However, before he could really start doing anything, all of them suddenly noticed that The Duke, still on his weakened form, was struggling to get to Yami.

The Duke: Uh, Yami. We might have a problem.

Before the Duke could continue, Balanar and Nightmare Moon flew up to Yami, with Diana not being that far behind.

Diana: It seems like we all have failed to defeat our opponents.
Balanar: That doesn’t matter. As long as we kill Amaterasu, we are good as done here.
Nightmare Moon: Indeed. It’s three against five- (looks at the Duke) -well, more like four. Surely we can defeat them like this!
Okuu Hold on a second!

Suddenly, the Nuclear Crow herself flew urgently to Amaterasu.

Okuu: Amaterasu! I think we might be in danger! You see- (suddenly looks at yami and the crew, noticing the Duke alongside them) Well, I think you understand the situation.
Solaire of Astora: Indeed!

Everyone turned their heads at the direction of the noise and saw Solaire of Astora and Volcarona moving forwards the solar group.

Balanar: You two again!
Solaire of Astora: So you decided to scramble all the way over here. However, I will not let you lay your hands on Amaterasu.

Volcarona nodded at what the knight said, but right after picked up a sound of a motorcycle. It wasn’t Django’s motorcycle coming back, no. Instead, it was Kamen Rider Black DX’s, who rode up to the solar team, accompanied by Cure Sunshine.

Kotaro: We are sorry that we are late. We had our brand of troubles to be dealt with.
Itsuki: But we are here to defend you, Amaterasu.
Diana: Say, where is Durathror? If those two are here, then what happened to her? Whatever. As long as-

Suddenly, her speech was interrupted by two noises: one of two large wings flapping and one of a horse running. As they looked around, they noticed that from one direction was Princess Celestia, carrying Leona on her back and one was Mori riding on a horse. Both parties stopped by the solar team’s side and dismounted on their rides.

Leona Thank you Celestia for helping me get here. (Looks at Mori) …And what are you doing here?
Mori: Listen up here. I do not have any interest teaming up with you. However, even an idiot would realize what is going on and how it would affect me. So I would rather deal with what is relevant than argue with you.
Celestia: He is right. We do not have time to argue over our differences. We are all here to end this eclipse, and we have to work together to do so.
Nightmare Moon: So wait, that would be nine against four… Oh…

When the lunar team realized that they were horribly outnumbered, they braced themselves as the solar team started to be ready to fight back. Yami released a dark pulse out of frustration, as Amaterasu released a loud howl to signal their attack.

Team Red Sun: FOR LIGHT!
Team Blue Moon: FOR DARKNESS!

Some time later, by the gate of Scarlet Devil mansion, both Meiling and Patchouli were standing around as they noticed a giant beam of light raising from the direction of House of Nature.

Meiling: Huh? What’s that?
Patchouli: If I am not wrong, that looks like a giant solar beam.
Meiling: You sure that it’s a solar beam?
Patchouli: I have done my research.

As the beam started to disappear, the Moon blocking the Sun started to brighten up a bit, growing smaller. With that, the sky started to return back to the blue self as the Moon started rapidly moving away from the Sun’s way, returning back to its real course.

Meiling: Huh, I guess someone solved that problem.
Patchouli: I told you that I really don’t need to bother myself with trying to solve it. Someone else would have beaten me to the punch.
Meiling: Good thing I didn’t bet on anything. Still, I wonder who solved this incident.
Patchouli: We’ll probably learn about it soon enough. *Yawn* Now excuse me, I need to go back inside.
Meiling: Yeah, I guess so. See you later. (Looks at a pocket watch) Huh, it should be about time for my noon nap. Eh, I think I will stay awake today.

Operation “Dim Sun” Epilogue: GOOD NIGHT!! 

In the House of Nature, more specifically in the Plants arena, in the darker depths of the arena, there is a large ruined mansion overrun by vines, what substitutes for Durathror’s temple. It was already night as Durathror stands outside, staring at the Moon in one of few spots where you can see the sky in the thick forest. Suddenly she feels a presence behind her. While surprising, she is unfazed as she starts talking calmly.

Durathror: I am sorry, Balanar. I couldn’t bring myself to chase the two. Though I don’t know how much that would have helped in the long run.
Balanar: That doesn’t matter. I am now more curious how did that boy get here.
Durathror: You are talking about the Solar Boy, right? For what I understand, in the past, he has travelled through time and space itself to seek vampires. He once entered a cyberworld to find a vampire called ShadeMan. He must have found out about my ascension and found his way into the Pantheon that way.
Balanar: So you are the reason our plan failed. And because of that boy’s actions, he might ascend into the Pantheon proper.
Durathror: Huh? So they consider him being that good?

Balanar didn’t bother answering to that question. He just turned around and spread his wings. But before he took off to the skies, he turned his head back at Durathror.

Balanar: If you have anything to discuss, don’t bother yourself. You are no use to us anymore.

With that, Balanar took off to the skies, to fly in the dark skies above. Durathror stood there, thinking.

Durathror: …I just wanted to help. But in the end, I have caused more troubles than assistance. Why was I brought here in the first place? If Dark Brother was here, I would surely find some reason to be here. I don’t want to be alone. I want to be of use. I will find my purpose. I will…

With that, Durathror steps into her mansion, closing the door and locking it with heavy vines.

And as such, the Sun still rises, and the Moon still follows it. even after one catalyst is over, the duel between light and dark still goes on. But is it a bad thing? After all, wherever the light shines, it casts a shadow. There would be no light without shadows. So would there be shadows without light? Maybe one day the Red Sun and the Blue Moon can understand they need one another. But before then, this just ends one of the many tales of the clashes between those forces…


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