Operation Red Love

Never Ending Days

It was not a good experience to be in the Grand United Alliance of Evil for those who weren’t really evil. It definitely wasn’t for a young boy who laid wasted in the floor of one of the temples in the House of Prophecy, with his eyes staring at nothing.He was doing anything except listening to the recording of a girl’s voice saying his name non-stop.That was possibly the reason why a woman decided to go and take the boy’s headphones.

???: You really need to get a hobby, dude. That’s not healthy.
Boy: Minene..?

Minene Uryuu. A woman with purple hair, she was looking down on the boy with a feigned disdain and carelessness but it was obvious she was worried for him.

Boy: We-well, I can do whatever I want! You are not my… Mother…

That made him feel sad and with that said, the boy just put the headphones back into his ears.

Minene: Hmph! Well, I will just tell Kazuraba and Kido that it just can’t be helped in your case.

The boy managed to listen to some of what Minene said through the noise, so with a hint of surprise, he decided to put one of his headphones out of his ear to ask her a question.

Boy: Huh? (removes headphone) Kazuraba…
Minene: And Kido. Yeah, there really exist people who care about you, to my surprise.
Boy: Well, they don’t understand. W-we do have things in common but they are pretty narrow ones.
Minene: They want to help you, you can give them that. It’s obvious they are wasting their time when you don’t even return their calls and erase their messages but they want to talk to you.
Boy: I-It’s no use.
Minene: I see. I hope they don’t use me to be their messenger next time.
Boy: See ya later… Maybe.

Minene seemed like she was going to leave the headquarters when she turned, a bit doubtful as if to debating with herself about something, and came back to tell him another important thing.

Minene: But I gotta tell you something and it’s not something they said, you really don’t belong here.
Boy: Where else would I go? The Alliance of Good hate my guts.
Minene: Correction, they hated your girlfriend Yuno’s guts.
Boy: It’s the same deal for me. Almost nobody wants to deal with me for that reason. And before you mention Gaim and Ryuki…
Minene: I wasn’t going to…
Boy: …Even they have their issues with Yuno. I know that at least Kouta does. It gets pretty awkward.
Minene: And what about the Alliance of Chaos?

This peeked the boy’s attention a little. He knew from this alliance since Yuno was interested in that girl Homura Akemi after she betrayed that pinkhead Madoka, apparently to protect her. Yuno was already interested in her since she believed that they were Not So Different but solidified the deal for her.What was so interesting about this alliance for Minene? The boy decided to find out.

Boy: What about that?
Minene: I was considering to jump ship to there and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.
Boy: I… I will stay here.
Minene: Why?! You are torturing yourself into insanity like this!
Boy: I want to help Yuno! Believe me, there’s something fishy going on here!
Minene: And what tells you that it’s gonna be different now, since you haven’t found out what’s wrong before.
Boy: Eeeeeh…
Minene: Thought so.

Minene decided to go away from that place and leaving the miserable boy alone, writing him off as a lost cause.This boy was Yukiteru Amano. He was in despair because he thought his girlfriend Yuno Gasai didn’t love him anymore. He wanted to believe that there was something wrong with Yuno’s behavior but in reality, he didn’t know what to think. This took a toll in his confidence and sanity and made him stay in the GUAE.

Yukiteru: Yuno… Why…

Silver Days

That was one question that changed everything.Ato-ko Shirogane had this bad tendency to just butt in where she wasn’t called for. Usually for getting in the middle of couples, of course. That was her hobby. She always had curiosity regarding the infamous Yandere Quartet but she had to find a way to play her cards right or else this could finish fatally.But surprisingly, she also had other reasons. It always piqued her curiosity as to why they would try to kill everyone, for no reason this time. She could understood to an extent that the Yanderes’ worst fear was someone like her but events like Vienna Burning left her wondering if something was happening. So she decided to go, taking the extreme caution.She was on the House of Insanity. How weird, Ato-ko thought. She knew that Yuno Gasai would be on her temple in the House of Love to make sure that nobody would steal “her Yukki”.

Ato-ko: This is an one in a million chance! …Or it would be if there wasn’t something iffy about all of this.

Ato-ko was standing right in front of Yuno’s temple, something she didn’t think she really needed to do. But before she would gather enough courage to peak in, the door to the temple opened and out step the pink-haired maniac Yuno herself. But something was off. She was looking down into the ground, with her hair making it hard to get a glimpse into her eyes. With an expressionless face, she walked forwards like an undead. Ato-ko knew that things haven’t been good for her, but this was outright unsettling. Yuno tried to walk right past Ato-ko without being notified of her presence, but Ato-ko still wanted to ask her question.

Ato-ko: Yuno, could you spare a moment with me? I want to ask something from you.
Yuno: [stops, and whispers] What do you want?
Ato-ko: This is bit of a simple question: Do you think that your precious Yukki loves you or not? And more importantly, do you trust him enough on that fact?

Yuno raised her head up in shock. What is she saying? Of course he loves her, right? But instead of lashing at her, she was wondering what did the woman mean by that.

Yuno: What are you talking about?
Ato-ko: I have always been wondering something about your kind, I guess I should say. You take so much offence if anyone gets anywhere close to your target of love. To the point of violence. And here I stand thinking “do you not trust your lover enough that they don’t fall for another person?”. Like with you and Yukki. Do you really think that he will betray your love the moment some other woman steps into the scene? I could understand if they really were trying to take Yukki away from you by force, but I don’t know if he would fall for them. Aren’t relationships built around trust or something like that? Trust me when I say that true bonds are hard to break. You know why.
Yuno: …I…
Ato-ko: Actually, there is something else I want to ask. Lately, you and your friends have been acting really violently. Like to the point where you can be labelled as terrorists. And I am wondering why? What has motivated you and the others to act such a way. Special Lovers Squad? They joined together to oppose you, yes. But your actions aren’t helping their case. They wouldn’t probably even touch your Yukki if you were to calm down. In fact, sometime I wonder if your actions aren’t even about him anymore. You have stopped killing for the sake of love and are just killing just to kill. So let me ask one more question: Do you think you have gone too far, even for the sake of love?

Yuno couldn’t answer. Honestly, she felt furious. She felt like she would just pick a knife and stab her right through her throat. But something within her knew that maybe she was making a point.

Ato-ko: No response. I guess it isn’t unexpected. You don’t need to answer me. I just wanted to say what was in my mind. Well, I guess I should leave. Take care.

Ato-ko left Yuno, with the woman still standing there. She was still thinking about all the things the woman told her. About all the things she has done to get here.

Yuno: …What have I been doing…?