Muse Hysteria Act Two

Hysteria Count 6: Treehouse of Nightmares

The sun began to rise across the pantheon. It was the beginning of a brand new day; one that many gods hope will be more pleasant than yesterday. Already was Sora awake and out of his temple, looking at the Darkness Proxy’s castle through tower-optical binoculars installed near the gorge in the House of Nature. Every day, a god in this house has to check the gorge in case Homer Simpson fell in again, like he famously did in 1990 in his own town’s gorge. Sora normally hates doing this job, but for once was glad that it was his turn, as then he could use the binoculars for an indefinite period of time to spy on the Darkness Proxy; most of the time, one has to pay £1 for five minutes, but the one in charge of the patrols is given a special ring to allow indefinite access.

Sora: (looking around) No Simpsons to be seen, today. At least I can now spy on that castle and find a way to restore Jeff Hardy from his “infliction” and how we all…how did Willow put it? Oh yeah…

Cue very bad imitation of Willow in 3…2…1…

Sora: (takes a deep breath in an imitation of Jeff) We love…we hate…we die forever late…in Willow’s Way….IHIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!

Sora stopped laughing as he realized that he might’ve caused unwanted attention and went back to his reconnaissance. He wanted to invade the blasted temple, but right now, he needed to plan a strategy. It’s just a good thing he’s seen Bentley Turtle of the House of Knowledge plan a few before on breaking into various temples across the House of Villains. Besides, it’s only one more day before Friday the 13th, as on that day, he didn’t not have to worry about the monsters of the castle.

Sora: (thinking) The minute I start laughing like that, that’ll be the sign of the apocalypse. As soon as I’m done here, I better let Donald and Goofy know about what I’ll call “Operation: Crazy House“.

In the House of Travel, Jack, and Annie sat in their tree-house, safe from all the chaos around the pantheon, reading a strange comicbook given to them by Yayoi Kise. She wanted the two of them to investigate the cause of Gentaro’s corruption all while trying not to cry as to how Gentaro became so evil. Jack was concerned about it, considering the rumors that had spread over Gentaro becoming evil.

Jack: I still don’t know if it’s a good idea, Annie.
Annie: We have to try. Everyone’s counting on us—Yayoi Kise wouldn’t have given one of her comics unless she trusted us. Come on, we’ll be safe!
Jack: Well, if you say so.
Annie: (pointing at the book) I wish we could go to that comic book!

The wind began to blow as the two were taken in by a swirl of color.

Then, things became still.

Absolutely still.

Brother and sister looked out of the treehouse in the House of Travel, scurrying toward where the comic would begin in the destroyed Pantheon, wanting to investigate the cause of Gentaro’s descent to madness. The House of Travel seemed normal, but they didn’t bother about alignments/personality/all that other stuff as they rushed to where the madness would begin.

They were currently the panel where Gentaro was in his temple at the House of Friendship – Intermediate God section, where Polygon Man met a waking and confused Gentaro. The two children looked around the House and didn’t find anything unusual…yet.

As Polygon Man guided Gentaro to the House of Food, they followed him there to get some answers. Along the way, two shadowy figures were behind them as they were head for the House of Food.

Jack: (writing notes in his notepad) Nothing strange so far.
Annie: So far…

At the House of Food, they were in the part where Takeshi Kaga and Gordon Ramsay were about to kick Gentaro out of the House of Food. During this time, Jack and Annie looked around, and just like the previous scene, nothing unusual was found. They looked a bit harder. The search resulted in nothing eerie about it. Gentaro went on to go find his friends, and the two of them followed him. Very little do they know, the same two shadowy figures still stalked them.

Jack: Something’s not right though. We should’ve brought the Wand of Dianthus on us.
Annie: But how would that help us? I mean…it works to help others, but we can’t help Gentaro here.

They went to the part where Gentaro meet with the Kamen Rider Club in the House of Leadership, where his friends and fellow Kamen Rider Club Members Miu, Kengo, Yuki, Shun, JK, and Tomoko and Ryusei were doing their own business and waiting for their best friend to arrive. Jack and Annie knew this was where the strange part kicked in, so they couldn’t miss any abnormalities here.

As they followed Gentaro opening the door to Miu’s temple, the two of them looked around to see if any entity was watching them. So far, nothing sinister was seen nor heard, but they still kept their eyes open. Gentaro stopped and the two followed suite. But as soon as Gentaro spoke to his friends, the motions of everyone and everything paused excluding Jack and Annie; time had completely stopped. Before the two could realize anything strange, they were ejected from the comic. After this, a withered spirit watched from the ceiling as this ensued.

???: Those kids were so close…

Back at the treehouse in the main Pantheon, Jack and Annie were somehow forced out, slamming into a pile of books. After pulling themselves out and dusting some papers away, the two looked in confusion.

Annie: We’ve been cast out of the comic! That’s never happened to us before in any of our other books…
Jack: Did someone take a hold of the book while we were in it? That’s impossible! The Pagemaster put a spell on the treehouse so only the pure of heart can enter.

Before they could do anything else, an unknown figure enters their temple. The figure was wearing a Black Cloak, and had his hood up. The two knew of these types of cloaks, having once entered into a book that detailed the lives of Organization XIII and became absolutely heartbroken over the story of Axel and Roxas. But not everyone who wore this cloak was a member, as the two recalled Riku wearing one (plus a blindfold) as well.

Jack: Is this a trick from the comic? Who are you?

The figure then pulls his hood down. Jack knew who it was right away, as both the Beast and Belle once warned the two about him. Though the two have no idea that it’s really Kamen Rider Decade in a disguise. Jack is terrified, but Annie takes a step forward.

Annie: Xaldin!? What are you doing here?
Decade To fulfill Master Gentaro’s request to capture the Princesses of Heart! And since we only know the identities of five, I have been authorized to kidnap any girl around here suspected of being one.

Decade then grabs Annie by the arm and tries to pull her out of the treehouse, as she tries to struggle to escape by throwing any book that she can at his face. Unfortunately mere books, no matter if they were hardback or papercover, were powerless against the Kamen Rider who summoned a gust of wind to blow the books back and carry Annie onto his shoulder. Jack jumps right onto what he thinks is Xaldin from behind and grabs his hair locks with his bare hands, pulling at them. He would not let his sister be kidnapped for being something she’s not.

Annie: JACK!!!!
Decade: Tch. Pitiful boy.

Decade then snaps his finger with his left hand, summoning illusions of the six Lindworm lances that the real Xaldin used during his time in Organization XIII. The lances take on a dragon form, and blow Jack off of Decade’s back, causing Jack to tumble onto the floor and near the Wand of Dianthus. Decade then picks Annie off the floor and races out of the House of Travel just as the other gods began to wake up and look outside. Jack hops out of the treehouse with the wand in hand, preparing the five words that would let him save his sister.

Annie: (as Jack is about to cast a spell) Don’t worry about me, Jack! I’ll be fine! Save the wand’s power!

Jack wants to say something but just nods his head, placing the wand in his backpack. But as he’s about to open the door, the door opens. Jack gasps as he sees Alternate!Gentaro emerge, an orb of white light in hand.

Alternate!Gentaro: Hello, little boy. I’ve come here with a message.
Jack: And what’s that?
Alternate!Gentaro: I suggest you go back to your little treehouse and read your books…because I highly doubt that you have any power to stop me. After all, you’re just a kid. What can you do to stop me?

Before Jack can use the Wand of Dianthus, Alternate!Gentaro vanishes. Jack waits, expecting another member of the Proxy to come after him, but after a while he decides to go get help. His sister was in trouble, and he was going to do all he could to stop them.

As he makes his way to the entrance to the House of Travel, he sees Kino on Hermes, a gun in her hand.

Kino: What just happened?
Jack: I’ll explain later. I need you to take me somewhere!
Kino: Where to?
Jack: To Nathan Drake, and fast!

Hysteria Count 7: Princess Protection Program

The Thief waited inside Nathan Drake‘s temple in the House of Life and Death, pacing up and down in boredom. Unfortunately for him, the friends of his were too busy at the time for any contact, so the Thief decides to get in touch with them later. Right now, he was just waiting for Nate to bring in the recruits.

Thief: It’s nearly nine-thirty. Where is that treasure hunter and his posse? I can’t hang around here all day.
Drake: Sorry about the wait. I had some trouble finding volunteers.

Nathan Drake then rushes back into his temple with several other gods behind him. These deities include Mario and Luigi, Sazh Katzroy and his chocobo chick, and the Beast, with Belle right next to him. The thief nods in approval at the group, knowing their past conflicts.

Sazh: We’ve got bad news. Jasmine has already been captured last night during the zombie apocalypse. The rest of us are fine, thanks to the Aquabats!
Thief: Any ideas on who captured her?
Mario: At this point, there’s no suspects. I’m getting worried; I hope that Princess Peach doesn’t get captured.
???: (from outside) What about Xaldin?

Jack rushes into the meeting, slightly exhausted from running, but it was worth it. He collapses for breath, hand on his heart.

Beast: Xaldin is here!? (snarls as he lifts Jack into the air) Where was he!?
Jack: (stammering) X…Xaldin trespassed in our treehouse and kidnapped my sister! He said he’s been authorized to kidnap any girls suspected of being a Princess of Heart. I tried to save her, but I got blown away and I wanted to help with the Wand of Dianthus and she said not to use it until later because it had a one-time use and it’s super powerful and then Alternate!Gentaro came to and…
Luigi: Calm down, Jack. (lifting Jack and placing him on the ground) Did you say your sister is a Princess of Heart?
Thief: No, she isn’t. But she is still in danger if they find out she can be corrupted with darkness.
Jack: We have to go save her and fast! Who knows what could happen?

Sazh and Jack then hand the Thief over an image of Jasmine and Annie, respectively, and the Thief puts them onto a table. The Thief already had an image of Cinderella laid down. Belle then shows the group the book she had been reading last night. She’s finished it, but there’s an extra page that directly addresses her!

Drake: “We’re coming for you, Belle. Don’t think your beloved monster will guard you from us!”. Awwwww, crap!
Mario: (glaring as he points to Jack) Please don’t curse, Mr. Drake. There’s a young boy here.
Drake: (stares at Jack) Um, sorry about that. Belle, where did you get that book?
Belle: It was a present from Sora for my birthday the other day. (shows a card) Here’s the card that came with it.
Mario: Did Sora give you this book directly?
Belle: No. He sent it to me through a package that was left on the front door of the temple.
Thief: Hm? Do you have any other written documents that came from this person? I suspect that this may be a forgery sent by someone elseposing as him.

Beast gets into Oh Crap! moment (Try imagining that, folks), and rushes back to his temple to get something. Five minutes later, he returned with a written document that Sora contributed to. The Thief compares the handwriting on both but, to the shock everyone, the two don’t match!

Thief: I’m sorry, Belle, but it seems that the Proxy used this book to track down your location while posing it as a birthday present.
Luigi: (shocked) How did they get that book to her?
Thief: Who knows? We musn’t waste any time then. (to Beast) Guard Belle. Mario Bros., find and protect Snow White and Aurora. Sazh, go and protect Alice Liddell.
Drake: We should find this Xaldin guy first; we might find something interesting from him.
Jack: Yeah! Get him for what he did to my sister!
Thief: Indeed. Let’s proceed with the plan. (thinking) And I gotta go and find my friends and let them know about my status.

Drake and the Thief set out to find him to rescue Annie and find some information along way. Jack is already preparing the Wand of Dianthus, a brilliant wand in the shape of a unicorn horn, its magic glowing with a single touch that caused many to look in awe.

Jack: What about me? I want to help!
Drake: If that wand is capable of what you say it can do, you’ll have to wait. I’m sorry, but this part is too dangerous for the likes of you.

Before Jack can protest, Aurora ran into the group, frightened and constantly looking behind her. A Welsh Corgi followed her into the temple.

Aurora: Wait, it’s you people! I have bad news! Snow White and Radical Edward have been captured!
Luigi: Mama Mia! How!?
Aurora: Someone on the computer lured us into a castle posing as a Keyblade Master named Aqua, and then a cloaked man named Xaldin just grabbed Snow White. And when they tried to capture me, Edward pushed me out of the way and got captured herself. I feel so ashamed I’ve left them there.
Mario: What!?

The news of Xaldin working with the proxy has gotten everyone talking. Beast, especially, as he’ll never forgive the Whirlwind Lancer for brainwashing him into giving into rage and kidnapping Belle and his treasured rose. Nathan Drake, on the other hand, was starting to get confused on how the proxy was able to lure the three and capture Snow White and Edward by posing as Aqua.

Thief: Beast, take these two to the House of Gaming; They’ll be safe there.
Mario: Sonic, Pac-Man, and the others will protect those two from the Proxy while Pantheon E3 is going on, so they should be fine there.
Beast: Very well. (to Aurora and Belle) We should be going now.
Thief: Before you go, Aurora, do you mind telling us what happened?

Aurora nods her head as she begins to tell the Unknown Thief on how Snow White and Edward were captured.

Capture 3: Snow White

Two hours ago

Snow White: I’ve just gotten the bad news from the Aquabats! Jasmine has been captured last night, and everyone suspects it was the Darkness Proxy.

Snow White and Aurora were speaking with each other in Cinderella’s temple in the House of Royalty. Ever since their fellow Princess of Heart was kidnapped, the two have been working together to insure that they can find a way to save her and prevent Alternate!Gentaro for fulfilling his goal.

Just then, the computer begins to beep for an incoming call. Aurora takes interest, and answers. However, it turns out to be a pre-recorded message from the night before.

???: Hey, it’s Aqua. I’ve heard that Cinderella got captured by the Darkness Proxy, but don’t worry. I’ve found a way to reach her inside their castle, but I need you two to help me out. Meet me at the castle in ten minutes. Over and out.
Snow White: Strange. Aqua would normally speak directly with us if something’s wrong.
Aurora: Well, if she needs our help, we better go. And if the Proxy decides to attack us, we should press this button Edward gave us to call her.
Snow White: If you say so, Aurora. But I wonder why Aqua wants us to meet with her at a dangerous location.

The two Princesses of Heart went to what was once the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, where the Proxy’s castle was located.

Twenty minutes later, they were in front of the castle. Oddly, Aqua wasn’t there.

Snow White: Is Aqua late?
Aurora: Perhaps she is. There has been some problems in regards to the Magical Girl Sisterhood after all.
???: The reason why Master Aqua is late… is because she never sent that message in the first place!

Kamen Rider Decade, still poising as Xaldin, then steps out from the shadows, holding Annie in his left arm, the girl still struggling to escape (or at least rip through the tape out of her mouth so she could transform Decade into a harmless duck). He looked very pleased that the amount of captures is already halfway done, with five Princesses of Heart in the proxy’s position, although unaware that Annie wasn’t one of them.

Decade: I gotta thank Yugi for posing as Aqua to lure you two here, for now we’re only missing Belle and another girl. Gentaro will be so proud of me when he finds out what we’ve done.
Snow White: What does Gentaro want with us?
Decade: You’ll find out once we capture all of you.
Annie: Don’t listen to Xaldin! Run!

As Aurora pressed the button for Edward to rescue them, the two ran away from Decade as fast as they could. Decade then brings out a robotic puppet, resembling a monkey, from the castle, and actives it. He inputs a command for the monkey to lure the two princesses back to the castle, and puts it down while Yugi, nearby, grabs a remote control, as Draven looks on.

Yugi: (thinking to himself) This is going to be so much fun! But this does remind me of when we were in Noah’s Virtual World…I better make a note to myself to extract his soul as payback.

Not taking any time, Yugi has the robot monkey chase the two to prevent them from seeing Radical Ed. Though he had to be quick, as the power for this robot can only last an hour before it needed to be recharged. Of course, the whole thing was like a game, a puzzle, and Yugi was one who couldn’t resist a challenge.

It wasn’t long before Snow White and Aurora reached Edward and Ein, who were both racing towards the castle. Yugi has the robot monkey hide in a tree to spy on the group.

Yugi: (thinking to himself) Wait, this girl… she looks like the red-haired princess in one of the pictures…. (smirks) Master Gentaro will be pleased to see this.

Ignoring the trio as they speak, Draven and Yugi tried to speak on a way to capture the three of them without getting caught. Eric Draven had an idea, and thanked his lucky stars that, to the pantheon, robot monkeys were common and mostly harmless.

Except when they’re named Wheeler and are capable of dueling, of course. But that’s another story, moving on.

Two of the Princesses of Heart, Snow White and Aurora approached Ed and Ein, the latter two of whom were concerned about the two’s safety.

Ed: Are you two all right?
Snow White: Yes. A hooded figure named Xaldin is trying to capture us!
Ed: Xaldin is here!?

Ed has heard of Xaldin through an article about Organization XIII she once read online. But, other than Axel, she never really thought that they would ever join the pantheon. She connects her goggles to her computer and begins to search for articles about the Whirlwind Lancer to hopefully find his weakness.

Ed: That’s odd. Xaldin was defeated by a man named Sora long ago. But why is he here now? (thinking) Sora. Doesn’t Bentley know someone with that name?

After some time searching, she finally found Xaldin’s name and the info about him. It says that, since his Heartless has already been slain, Xaldin was restored as Dilan following the difficult battle. But how come Xaldin is still hanging around if Dilan is back to normal? Edward was puzzled. All of a sudden, Ein began to bark madly at a nearby tree.

Ed: Huh? What’s wrong, Ein? (looks up and gasps) IT’S A MONKEY!! ED WANTS TO GIVE IT A HUG!!
Aurora: (deadpan) Now’s not the time for monkeys, Edward.
Draven: (from the castle) Yes, that’s it! Take the bait, Kairi!

Unknown to them, Draven had taken control of the monkey. He bid his time letting Ed hug him. He walks up Snow White and Aurora, who were quite suspicious of the monkey because of Ein’s angry barks.

Snow White: Are you sure it’s okay to play with that robotic monkey? Ein seems to notice something off about it.
Aurora: Please… Could you please resume your research on Xaldin?
Ed: But Ed doesn’t want to leave the monkey behind…maybe he can help us!

Before the hacker of the Bebop could do anything, Draven has the monkey point his finger at the castle to lure them in.

Ed: What’s that? You’ll beat up those bad guys for us?

The robotic monkey nodded in approval. Aurora and Snow White were still unsure about it. Ein continued to bark and growl in anger.

Snow White: But you’ll get hurt!
Aurora: Snow White’s right. You shouldn’t go there alone!
Draven: (thinking) This is a bit more tiresome than I thought. I shouldn’t waste any time

Draven used the robotic monkey puppet to make a gesture making muscles. Ein growled once more.

Ed: Ooooooh! You’re saying you must be pretty strong! Ed believes you.
Aurora: (thinking) Edward…
Ed: This robot monkey will protect us from that Xaldin guy, right?

Draven used the robotic puppet’s body to make a nod of approval, followed by a gesture making a heart sign with his hands. They go back to the front of the castle. Ein, thinking this was a trap, hides Ed’s computer in a nearby bush to prevent the proxy from accessing it; Ed didn’t seem to mind. Unknown to them, the Darkness Proxy installed a camera into the puppet.

Draven: (thinking) We’re only a step closer.

Ten minutes later, the five of them arrived at the front of castle. Through the puppet, Draven suggests that they should go inside. Edwards nods in approval. Ein had enough of this monkey and bit it in the neck. The head falls off, revealing several beeps and a hard drive inserted inside one of the slots. For a second, Ed wondered if Ein was jealous. Suddenly, Decade appeared right behind Snow White, grabbing her by the arm and twisting it causing her to let out a slight scream of terror

Decade: I thank that little monkey you befriended for bringing you here.
Ed: That monkey was on your side!?
Snow White: (thinking) I knew something was odd about it.

Aurora and Edward didn’t know what to do. But Decade rushes inside with Snow White in his arms. The robotic monkey stands up, puts it’s head back on, and rushes to the entrance to press a button. Edward pushes Aurora out of the way as a trap door opens up underneath. Edward falls into the pit below. Ein manages to avoid the pit just in time.

Aurora: Oh, no!
Ed: Don’t worry about Ed, Aurora. Just run! Save yourself. Ed will find a way to save Snow White! (to Ein) Ein! Go and find Sora! He may be of some help.
Aurora: O… okay. (to herself) Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine. I’m sorry.

Knowing that she has no choice, Aurora takes this chance and runs away with Ein from the castle. She was upset that she’s leaving Snow White and Ed behind. Aurora swore that she will save them, along with Cinderella, Jasmine and Annie, and find a way to stop Alternate!Gentaro.

Aurora: And that’s what happened.
Thief: Aurora, you did the right thing. You knew that you could not take the proxy on by yourself. But don’t worry. We will make sure that the others are rescued.

The thief then laid down images of Ed and Snow White to mark their capture.

Drake: Do we have a plan?
Thief: Yes. A change of plans, in fact. (to Drake) Find Sora; He should be in the House of Nature. Take Ein with you. (to Jack) You should go with him too if you want to save your sister.
Jack: I do. Morgan le Fey and Merlin trusted Annie and I with helping to save Camelot and all. I can do this.
Drake: Wait, wait, wait. You and your sister are acquainted with Merlin?!
Jack: And Morgan le Fey and King Arthur. I wished I had Water of Imagination on us…I could’ve been strong enough to fight Xaldin away.
Drake: Just go back to the point where you said you and your sister knew Merlin, if you please.

Ein goes by Drake’s side after the Thief gave him the instruction.

Thief: Everyone else, let’s lure out the Darkness Proxy. I think I have a few tools that will make things a bit easier for us.

The Thief and the Mario Bros. set out to draw out the Proxy. Drake, Jack, and Ein go to meet Sora, and the Beast escorted Belle and Aurora to the House of Gaming. But once everyone was gone, that was when the Thief said to themselves…

Thief: Sora, please be safe.

Hysteria Count 8: Framed!

???: I know she did this crime! Spill it, Clu!
Clu: I keep telling you, Keybearer. Penelope would never do such a thing!
???: Don’t pretend to be an idiot, you half-baked liar!

Riku was in The Grid, confronting Clu over Penelope. He knew that she was the one behind the videos that have been broadcasted all over the pantheon, and now Chun-Li has given him the warrant to arrest her for her supposed alliance with the Darkness Proxy.

Clu: You can’t accuse Penelope of treason. Don’t forget that I run this system, and I put you back in the Game Grid like I always do.
Riku: Yeah, but I always escape! And so did Blake Belladonna until recently.
Clu: But I’m serious! Penelope isn’t the villain here! And neither am I!
Riku: Is that so? Once I show your mouse friend the evidence, we’ll put both of you in house arrest if your actions are false.
Clu: I assure you, Keybearer; I have nothing to do with the Proxy’s actions.

Riku, knowing Clu’s history of attempts to brainwash Tron into Rinzler, didn’t take the latter’s word for it.

Riku: Where is she right now?
Clu: She could be anywhere. She may be in the House of Theater, trying to delete those videos.

Without saying any more, Riku exits The Grid to find Penelope.

Clu: It pains myself to say this, but I must find that Mitsuzane boy. I may even have to collaborate with those fools in the pantheon.

Penelope Mouse was in the House of Theater to find a way to undo the accident she caused. Most of the neutral and evil deities inside paid no attention to her, but Donald Duck, who was speaking with Mickey Mouse and Goofy about the recent kidnappings, was suspicious of her actions. Sure, he had other things to attend to, namely “Operation: Crazy House”, but he had plenty of free time onhand. Almost right away, he got in contact with the House of Nature to speak with Sora.

Sora: (over a transmitter) I’m still taking a look at the castle, but what’s wrong, Donald?
Donald: It’s Bentley’s ex-girlfriend. She’s here, hacking into our transmitters. You better get over here right away!
Sora: I’ll be on my way. Keep an eye on her!

Sora cuts off the transmitter and, with his main Dream Eater Meow Wow by his side, starts racing off to the House of Theater, leaving his ring with Aang because he was finished. Upon his arrival and meeting up with his friends, the trio quietly spied on her. Meanwhile, the mouse tried to hack the transmitter to prove that she did released the videos on accident.

Penelope: (thinking to herself) I have to be very careful in my speech. One slip in and they’ll accuse me of being allied with the Proxy. I mean, I’m evil but not that monstrous.

She sneaks into the transmitter room and hijacks the transmission on every transmitter in the pantheon where everyone can hear her through the transmitter. Penelope touch the speaker to make sure it worked.

Penelope: (thinking) …Is this even thing on?

Penelope touched the speaker to ensure it was on, which it was by how she responded to the loud whine of feedback by covering her ears. She goes into all transmitters in the pantheon and spoke through the speaker. She has no idea that Sora, Donald, and Goofy were spying on her behind all the equipment with Meow Wow outside as guard, waiting for the right moment before they can grab her. Sora also knew that Riku was after her for the video’s reason, and got the House of Theater to send him a message to meet him here right away.

All over the pantheon, the gods began to groan in anger as the shows they were watching was suddenly replaced with a mouse with a bandanna, wearing a yellow jumpsuit, and holding a microphone in one hand. The House of Villains was especially mad; since the PWF was now destroyed they had no way of entertaining themselves with people beating the crap out of each other.

Thief: (from the House of Life and Death) This better not be another gutting video from the Proxy…
Carmelita: (from the House of Justice) What is Penelope up to, this time!?
Riku: (from the House of Prophecy) So, it’s true. She’s at the House of Theater. Hang on, Sora! I’m on my way!
Artix: (from the GUAG Medical Division) What’s going on here? Who is that girl?
Otacon: (from the House of Personality) Isn’t that… Bentley’s ex-girlfriend?
Penelope: (speaking into the Transmitter) Everyone of the pantheon! I, Penelope Mouse, was responsible for the videos of Gentaro gutting Mitsuzane. I did it—

Before she could continue on, Sora, Donald, and Goofy barged in as an ambush. She screamed at the sight of the trio as they subdued her and had her mouth gagged. The pantheon cheered on as the trio stopped and restrained her. As Donald and Goofy dragged her out of the room, Sora spoke into the transmitter.

Sora: (speaking into the Transmitter) Well, at least another video of Misuzane’s disembowelment has been averted for now. We will make sure this mouse gets punished for her treason. Sora here. Over and out.

Sora had trouble restoring the transmission back to the way it was before. At first, he accidently had every station play a clip from Plan 9 From Outer Space, before setting the stations to play an episode of Elmo’s World, much to the chagrin of the entire pantheon. Sora got frustrated of his failed attempts, and joined his friends in the main area of the House of Theater.

Two minutes later, Riku arrived to take Penelope into custody. Penelope was ungagged, but restrained by the tight grips of Donald and Goofy, while Sora still had an embarrassed look from his failed transmission attempts.

Riku: Nice work, Sora. I’ve been scouting all over for this mouse. I’ve also gotten a video recording from Komo’s patrols of her RC car going into the temple on the day of the gutting.
Penelope: I was spying on the others with it. I never intended to aid the Proxy!
Riku: But Komo saw you visiting Clu several times this week!
Penelope: We were trying to form up a plan against the Proxy. But then, Courtney Gears kidnapped— (gets slapped)
Riku: You can tell Inspector Fox that.
Penelope: Please, you need to believe me! I didn’t mean to show everyone the videos.

After Riku leaves with a remorseful Penelope to the House of Justice, Sora rushed to someone to report his blunder, while Donald and Goofy returned to speak with Mickey, with them and Sora expected to plan out details on “Operation: Crazy House” over lunch.

Eric Draven was getting out of the asylum. He was glad that Penelope had released the videos; This was an opportunity to frame anyone who is either unwilling to ally with them or has nothing to do with them. He knew just who to start with.

Clu: (from the House of Mentalism) So, Penelope did release those videos. But why? Did she do this because the Proxy gave her a large sum of cash? Was it to spite the Cooper Gang? Or… did she record this during a round with her RC vehicle and the proxy stole it from her? I can’t bear the thought of her betraying me too… This is more detrimental than I thought…

Clu never imagined that Penelope spread the videos throughout the pantheon. As he wonders why she did it, he, via security cameras, watched Draven head for the castle at the Pantheon Wrestling Federation where the rest of the Proxy resided through a machine next to what was the House of Friendship, but the Proxy member had to be stealthy about it, lest he gets caught. Clu realizes this meant really bad news for him. With Courtney Gears allied with them, they’ll accuse him of working with the Darkness Proxy, severely limiting his actions.

Clu: NO! I can’t let them do this. I must find a way to clear Penelope and I as suspects and stop Miss Gears. But how?

Running out of options, the ruler of The Grid had to think of something fast before they get him too. After taking a deep breath, he reluctantly decided to go to the House of Justice to clear them both of their status against the proxy. Within seconds, the Throneship was on it’s way to that house’s computer servers, much to the confusion of the Black Guards piloting it.

Within the Darkness Proxy’s temple, there was the sound of maniacal laughter coming from inside, mainly from the idea ofevery station on television playing endless episodes of Elmo’s World while the entire pantheon groaned with anger, but also from Eric’s story of how he was reusrrected by the Crow, all of it courtesy of one Willow the Wisp.

Willow!Jeff: AHAHAHAHA! Oh Eric, darling…you have the most amazing stories of them all. That scene where that man shoots your hand and you laugh makes me tingle with excitement!
Draven: I knew you’d love that one! (takes a swig of some beer) Oh we should definitely start holding hands…I’d love to see a little bit more of your past.

Yugi just rolled his eyes as he shuffled his deck, slouching against his throne (made of stone with the symbol of the Millennium Puzzle on it) curious to the newcomers in Jaden and Yusei from what he heard amongst the House of Gaming. But entry was closed due to the ‘Pantheon E3’ that was going on and security was beefed up after the incident with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, by Ralph’s request. He was glad that he gathered the Egyptian God Cards before Alternate!Gentaro came for him, knowing that their power would be of great use to the Proxy. After the fifth shuffle, he set the deck down, sitting up.

Yugi: If you two are gonna get married, please do it somewhere other than here. It’s already bad enough that there’s nothing to watch!
Draven: Trust me, Yugi-boy—I think you’ll like what you’re about to see. I have a special power…to see into people’s memories to see what happened in their past. I could do some good fortune-telling come to think of it. Now let’s see…

He placed a hand on Willow!Jeff’s face and closes his eyes. Willow!Jeff hides a snicker as he closes his eyes also…actually he kept one open just out of curiosity.

Draven: Hmm, you have a bit of a personality disorder…oh! An Anti-Christ personality? Devilish…
Yugi: Hmm…(an idea forms in his mind as he draws a card from his deck) With this All-Star Power and the Orichalcos Stone that Alternate!Gentaro gave me, I think we can do even more for this Pantheon.
Draven: What do you have in mind?
Yugi: (grins) I call it “Double Summon.”

As the clock strikes noon somewhere in the Pantheon, there’s another set of laughter echoing in the castle.

Hysteria Count 9: The Rise of the Fourze

The Kamen Rider club assembled in the House of Leadership, where Miu Kazushiro was waiting for them. They were worried about their friend Gentaro, considering that he was resurrected after Alice’s summoning of her Undead Mooks against Chrysalis. While there was no word what happened to Chrysalis, they knew that they had to save Gentaro and fast.

Ready to take out his alternate self, they prepared as many supplies as they could gather for the hunt into the asylum. None of them were Kamen Riders, and many of the Kamen Riders were busy with their own troubles to help out, but they empowered Gentaro with their bonds of friendship—hopefully it was those same bonds that would reawaken Gentaro.

Miu: Is everyone ready?
JK: Of course. We can’t just sit by and let this asylum corrupt more of our friends in the pantheon.
Shun: There’s also those Princesses of Heart he mentioned. We can’t let him capture anymore of them.
Kengo: What does he want with them anyway? Some powered up generator for something?
Miu: I hope not… Everyone! Let’s go inside and prevent it. We have to do something to help..that’s what Gentaro would do.

With everything set, they began their raid and stormed inside the asylum in an attempt to prevent Alternate!Gentaro from capturing any more of the Princesses of Heart. As they entered the asylum halls, a feroucious roar reached their ears, intimidating some of them.

Yuki: (holding her Hayabusa Plushie) W-what was that?
Kengo: That’s probably one of the inmates screaming.
Shun: Are you sure, Kengo? I doubt the inmates were screaming. Isn’t there a “quiet” adjective in this place?
Tomoko: (flinches) There’s a presence here…something’s wrong.

Suddenly, a deep voice was heard throughout the halls.

???: Weaklings! Leave here or else you’ll the asylum’s wrath!
Miu: Is this some prank by the inmates? We’re not afraid of you!
???: If you brave individuals are willing to face us, let’s see if you can face our dragon first.

Not willing to speak any longer, the dragon’s roars reached them again, this time louder as if it was ready to assault them. The Kamen Rider Club tried to have calm faces, but it was the six of them versus a dragon…the odds they would survive the attack were very, very low.

JK: I-I think we should get out of the asylum… That dragon sounds like it’s been getting closer.
Tomoko: W-we’re no match for that thing! I sense a dark presence here…it’ll consume us!
Miu: Relax! If we stick together, it won’t stand a change against us…I hope.
Kengo: There’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s get going.

Deep down, Kengo and Miu were intimidated as well, but they knew that the Princesses of Heart were at stake here. As they tried to get the rest of the club to regain their wits, the dragon’s howls were much louder than usual as if it were closer to them. This time, it scared all of them, causing them to run out of the asylum. A camera connected to a computer in one of the temples points at the fleeing group as they ran off.

???: Don’t those users know that they’ve just unleashed this building’s wrath? The proxy already escaped when that castle was built, but what if something were to happen to Maxwell?

The screams of the Kamen Rider Club attacted Maxwell, who was trying to wonder what was going on. Maxwell made it his personal duty to stand guard in the asylum while his Master Builder allies prepared a plan to infiltrate and dismantle the asylum in case of emergencies.

Maxwell: The Kamen Rider Club? I better get Emmet to—

Before he could act, Courtney Gears appeared in front of him and puts a device in front of his face designed to mentally torture him. The Leader of the Master Builders Four collapsed on the ground.

Gears: Hehe… That was too easy.

She grabbed the unconscious Maxwell and departed the scene before she could be caught. Of course, the one behind the video camera had already seen what happened.

???: That glitch! What is she thinking, helping the proxy torture Maxwell? I better get in contact with Sora if it means putting an end to her. But first, I must find help within the Medical Division.

Two more deities were nearby, glad to see that they now have an opening and can escape before the asylum seals itself shut again. They have been locked inside the asylum for too long, and just wanted to leave. Without hesitation, the two escaped through the front door and fled towards the House of Narrative, where their other temple was.

In the GUAG Medical Division Artix von Krieger was next to Ruby, who was in a medical bed. Ruby had been unconscious all night, and just woken up. She was confused on why she was there rather than at the House of Costumes. Black Jack was also there to record everything Ruby was saying.

Artix: I’m glad you’re alright, Ruby. But, what was your last memory before waking up right here?
Ruby: I can barely remember, but my body was infected with this weird energy. But I am starting to remember that a wrestler attacked me. I can’t remember who. (sighs) Maybe I should watch some television to get myself together.
Artix: No, don’t! Someone hacked the transmissions to play nothing but some agonizing preschooler show.
Black Jack: (thinking) I think… she should be the one. (speaking) Miss Rose, would you please wait there for a few minutes while I get something?

The Doctor left the room to get something as Artix continued to speak with Ruby about last night. Ruby was slightly hungry, and also concerned for her friends.

Artix: Are you alright? Are you hurt?
Ruby: Just barely recovering from the bruises that wrestler gave me and I’m having a craving for cookies and milk. But… are my friends alright?
Artix: I’ve gotten no word from any of your friends. Just rest in the bed. Black Jack will be back soon.
Ruby: I gotta ask. Was it the Darkness Proxy who brainwash me?
Artix: Now that you’ve mentioned it, that’s a good question. It might be a possibility… Just how are they brainwashing deities here?
Ruby: We may find out about later. I will never forgive them though.
Artix: There’s still the matter on that Mitsuzane boy: I was arranging a search party with the Aquabats! for him before all this came along.

As the two of them continued to talk, Black Jack returned with a computer and another electronic device, shaped like a gun, along with some cookies and milk Ruby loved to snack on. Ruby was already eating a cookie which was basically her putting it in her mouth and it disappearing without showing how she ate it.

Black Jack: Miss Rose, after you eat and drink, would you stand in a corner? Someone from the computer wants to meet you.
Ruby: Who am I going to meet?
Black Jack: Someone from the computer named Tron.
Ruby: (spit take) Tron? As in Tron Bonne!? She’s got awesome weapons, and I’d love to help her any day!
Artix: Not Miss Tron. There is a program named Tron who leads the programs loyal to the GUAG. He has stated that he needs a user to help him investigate someone called Courtney Gears.
Ruby: (monotone) Oh.

As Ruby eats her food, Black Jack explained the gun-like device.

Black Jack: This here device is a Warp Gun: A device that can send it’s targets anywhere… Even inside machines. The user can change the size of the shot. Once Miss Rose is done, I’ll send you to Space Paranoids.
Ruby: (stops eating for a second) Space… Paranoids?
Black Jack: Correct. While the name isn’t the real name of the cyberworld that exists in the computer, most of us call it that ever since some boy named Sora joined the pantheon last year.

After Ruby finished eating, she stood very close to a corner in the room, slightly nervous, as Black Jack ordered her, after giving her a blindfold to put on once inside. He has Artix grab the Warp Gun.

Black Jack: Are you ready, Miss Rose?
Ruby: Of course. But I’m a bit frightened.
Black Jack: You’ll probably pass out in the first trip inside, but you’ll get used to this. If the lights make you sick, just put on the blindfold I gave you. (to Artix) On my mark to 3, Artix. 1…. 2…. 3!

At Black Jack’s request, Artix fired the gun, and the young huntress disappeared in a flash of light.

Artix: Did it work?
Black Jack: Let’s look at the computer.

But just as they were about to, a television turns on. Artix turns as it shows a dark silhouette figure sitting on a chair. He looksfamiliar, the figure, but Artix doesn’t know where he’s seen that face.

???: Here, in this pantheon…we’re all messed up. It’s in our nature as gods to be this way. This proxy, this temple, my…”separation” from the being that created me. (the figure grins and leans close) I’m finally free from that cursed belt that grape-eater sealed me in!

Artix, who had picked up a glass of water to drink, spat it out in terror. The figure looked like Jeff Hardy! But that was impossible—the appearance of this Jeff was him with short black and blond hair and dressed in a purple suit and tie—Willow had his black cloak lined with skulls and that creepy black and white striped mask. The “cursed belt” was a strange purple wrestling championship belt, the center looking more like an abstract face that Jeff would design for his wrestling matches.

Black Jack: What in the name of…
Jeff?: I don’t suppose you know who I am, of course. This ‘other me’, that has been kept hidden due to “certain incidents” which I will not name. Just call me…the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling…no, no that’s a bit too much to say…

At the same time, Matt Hardy, Edge and Christian had met with Daniel Bryan to discuss how to stop the Proxy. Matt had just dropped to his knees at seeing the screen.

Matt Hardy:‘ No no no no no…no not him of all people! (shaking in absolute fear) How…how did…why…
Edge: Um, dude…eat your grapes and tell us what the HELL IS GOING ON!
Christian: So, it looks like Jeff isn’t the only wrestler going to see Rarity for purple.
Daniel Bryan: Shit….
Anti-Christ!Jeff: So let me get this out of the way…(smiles) Let me tell you of my history…

Being stuck in a belt is absoutely revolting. I don’t know how that Green fairy boy does that healing song with those masks…still, you could imagine the joy I had when my creator picked up that belt and brought it into my new…”home” as it were.

Willow!Jeff: (cackles as he skips toward Yugi and Eric Draven, belt in hand) Here it is. Catch, dearies! (tosses the belt to Draven) So easy to get to my temple when you can make portals out of thin air…those guards were busy with some sort of ‘fashion zombie uprising’ to not even notice little old me sneaking in with this pretty little thing.
Draven: (inspects it and smiles) It matches your eyes. (sets it on the ground as Yugi draws a card) Ready?
Yugi: (as the Seal of Orichalcos shines on his forehead) Ancient Seal, I beckon you to unleash the soul inside this accursed item and embue him with the power to cast darkness into this accursed land. (his Double Summon card glows) Come forth, Anti-Christ.

He tosses the card onto the glowing belt, the two items shining just as Alternate!Gentaro enters this makeshift ritual. Decade just takes photos.

Alternate!Gentaro: Oh…lovely…It makes me think of a song! (singing) I am a dying breed…don’t wanna mess with me…

Of course, being a newborn in this strange world you call “Pantheon” was a bit of shock, but I was here to exact revenge, to shepherd people into this new world. It is what I was born for after all.

A bolt of lightning struck the items and a puff of smoke materializes. When it dissipates, there steps out the Anti-Christ version of Jeff Hardy, his eyes empty and a dull grey. Willow!Jeff practically wraps his arms around his other self.

Willow!Jeff: You are such a handsome piece of work, I could just kiss you! (leans close but Anti-Christ!Jeff knocks him to the side) Ow….

Decade takes another photo as Draven and Yugi chuckle a bit. Alternate!Gentaro claps his hands.

Alternate!Gentaro: A messenger for our dark times is perfect. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Now then, my proxy….Who’s up for lunch?

Anti-Christ!Jeff: So for now, I hold a message…a message of liberation, of freedom…of cleansing. I, am the alpha and omega of the Proxy, the earth and the sky that bridges us all. I am the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling…and you all, will soon know what is to come.

The television turns off as Artix and Black Jack look at each other. Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to do anything about the Proxy for a while, they turned their sites to the computer where Ruby was transported into.

Ruby regained consciousness as she found herself in Space Paranoids, still a bit confused on her reasons to be in here. She and her friends knew of The Grid, thanks to Clu once forcing Blake into a Disc Wars battle, but they never knew of an alternate computer world. Ruby got herself off the ground, and looked around, bewildered at the sights of this computer world, and moreso at the armor that had replaced her regular attire. The armor was black, and her circuitry color was red. She was also wearing a sleek helmet, and her cape was retained, albeit smaller than normal, and now black with some red lines attached.

Ruby: So, this is Space Paranoids? Hm… (Beat; suddenly cheerful) This is so COOL! I’m actually inside a computer, and I’m dressed as a cyber knight! (normal tone) But, where is that program I was suppose to meet?
???: So, you must be the user who was sent here.

A program comes out of a corner, looking at Ruby with concern. Ruby could tell that the program was not in a good mood tonight, but netherless, he treated her nicely.

Ruby: Oh, I guess you’re Tron, right? (cheerful) It is so nice to meet you!
Tron: Yes, I am. But now is not the time for me to give you user a tour of this world. You need to protect yourselve before she can inflict you.
Ruby: Well, it was too late. Gears already helped control me, but I broke out.
Tron: Okay, that is some good news to hear. Before we head to the rendezvous point, you need to see this.

Tron pulls out his Identity Disc, and shows Ruby a strong, corrupting darkness within. As Tron was part of the House of Friendship, he was inflicted with the same corruptions as the Darkness Proxy members that Alternate!Gentaro corrupted to be his allies, and was slowly going mad. He knew that, sooner or later, he’ll fall into the corruption and inflict all the programs, plus Noah Kaiba, until the entire computer world is under the proxy’s control.

Artix: (from outside) Why did you send her inside? Especially after last night?
Black Jack: (from outside) To prevent Tron from becoming Rinzler! And now, we better inform someone about Miss Gears before another girl gets abducted.
Ruby: So, that diva really is that devious!?
Tron: She once allied with Lady Tremaine and invaded Blackwater City and tried to kill Cinderella. But Hades intervened at the last second.
Ruby: Seriously?
Tron: Now isn’t the time to explain. We have to get back to the rendezvous point and try to contact someone.
Black Jack: (outside the computer) Hurry; We don’t have much time. Artix, find Mitsuzane!
Artix: I’m not sure if he’s willing to cooperate with us.

Ruby and Tron set off to the rendezvous, while Artix departs the medical to find Mitsuzane. A dire race against time ensues. In the rush, Ruby suddenly faints from light exposure. Tron turned around and raced towards Ruby to check up on her.

Tron: You alright?
Ruby: I’m… fine. I guess I’ll have to go blind for a little while.

Ruby gets back up, and wraps the blindfold Black Jack gave her around her eyes to protect them from the bright lights inside. But now, with the use of her eyes cancelled out, she needed Tron’s help with getting to the rendezvous point. Tron wasn’t happy with the choice, but nether less, escorts her himself.

With the wrestlers, Matt is already more determined than ever to save his brother. Edge and Christian know that they would be roped along either way thanks to Gangrel so they began to also prepare. Daniel Bryan was pacing, thinking of a way to make things right.

Edge: I seriously think this is a bad idea. Can’t we go ask Gangrel about this, as much as I hate to say it…
Christian: Last I heard, he’s having some adventures in ponysitting. Or as it’s called, (imitates a girly voice) “CUTIE MARK CRUSADER—

Cutie Mark Crusaders: VAMPIRE WRESTLERS YAY!!!

The CMC were being babysat by some gods in the House of Ambiguity, as Ralph still had orders to attend to from the Ambiguous Trio. As long as they were safe in the House of Ambiguity, nothing could go wrong.

Luna Vachon: (smiles) Now, after my divorce, things were kinda hectic for a while. Then, well “that happened”
Sweetie Belle: What happened?
Luna Vachon: Well, after finding myself I became a Born-Again Christian—and then my house burned down and…and then…
Applebloom: What? What?
Gangrel: Luna committed suicide after going through years of bipolar disorder in 2010.

There was some silence as the CMC absorbed the whole story of Luna and Gangrel’s life. Sweetie Belle’s eyes quivered—she was so sensitive to love stories and tragic ones at best—and the next thing that could be heard was her crying her eyes out. Scootaloo handed the young unicorn a tissue.

Scootaloo: So, that’s when you decided to ascend Luna as a way of being together again, then?
Luna Vachon: Up to my passing, we still treated each other as friends…and not in that way that people assume. I was surprised to see this place when all I saw was me in this room of light in the House of Life and Death. I’m itching to get back into the PWF, and with new blood coming in…(chuckles) This will be fun.

The CMC giggled before the lights went off in the temple. Then, someone lit a lantern, and it illuminated a strange sheep-like mask that caused the fillies to scream in terror. Gangrel narrowed his eyes behind his glasses.

Gangrel: Ralph always forgets to tell me when he has guests coming over.

Out of the shadows was Bray Wyatt, alongside his followers Luke Harper and Erik Rowans. There was some more silence as the five wrestlers stared at each other.

Luna Vachon: (turning to Erik Rowans) Nice mask.
Bray Wyatt: My, my…enchanted to meet you miss. (leans close and kisses Luna’s hand) And ‘Grel…it’s nice to have someone who understands the finer things in life. And look here…little ones…(shines his lantern at the CMC) Hello there…(gives them a toothy grin)
Gangrel: Get. Out. Now. (points to the door)
Bray Wyatt: Fine, fine…but don’t worry. I’ve seen what’s coming. The apocalypse…and everything that comes with it shall follow. (yells) FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!

It became dark once more before the lights went on and the Wyatt Family had vanished. The Cutie Mark Crusaders huddled near Luna, scared out of their wits.

Luna Vachon: (pats their manes) It’s all right. It’s all right…(turns to Gangrel) Is there something you haven’t been telling me…other than your Brood days?
Gangrel: (pinches bridge of his nose) Everyone always keeps asking that…

Hysteria Count 10: Xiaolin Theft

Jade was in her uncle’s temple at the House of Weapons, safe from the asylum. She had a desire to assist the rest of the deities involved in the incident with Gentaro, but her Uncle doesn’t want her to go out of temple.

Jade: This is lame. House of Friendship is down, and Tohru’s back with Uncle in the House of Personality…(groans and places a hand on her forehead) What to do?

Sitting outside the porch, Jade watched the other deities inhibited in the house set off on their own business. She had an idea; without getting caught, she quietly snuck out of Jackie’s temple to in an attempt to help the other deities. Her first destination would be the House of Magic to find something undo the magic Unknown to her, a shadowy figure was watching her from the rooftops.

Later, Jade arrived in the House of Magic. She went to the Magic Mixed sub-house to find anything useful in their against the proxy and more critically, the asylum. The niece of Jackie Chan toured across the place for magical artifacts. She had to be quick, or else her uncle would catch her. The mysterious figure was also in the Mixed subhouse. He sets his sights on Jade, who was still scouring the place.

Jade: Tch, there’s nothing useful to combat against the asylum. Might as well go back to Uncle Jackie and—

Before she could turn around, the mysterious figure covered her head with a cardboard bag, making her lose conscious. He then carries her by the legs.

???: Now, to go back to the castle.

Taking Jade with him, the figure headed for the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, where the Darkness Proxy are located.

Tohru was on his way to Jackie’s temple to deliver some antiques from Uncle. As he opened the door, he sees Jackie gathering clothes to put into the laundry in his temple.

Tohru: (to Jackie) Here’s some stuff from Uncle. (looks around) Where’s Jade?
Jackie: I’m glad you’ve asked Tohru. She shouldn’t have gone far…I hope.

Jackie reached out to the front of temple and yelled for Jade’s name, but his niece didn’t reply. He repeats the process twice, but there was no answer. This worried the Hong Kong martial artist, knowing that Jade can be reckless but this was out of control.

Jackie: Where could she be?
Tohru: I’ll find her while you finish your laundry. (growls) Those people are going to pay…
Jackie: P-please. Can you rescue her?

Exiting Jackie’s temple, Tohru thought of a few leads. He suspects that she went to the Darkness Proxy’s castle for a plan and goes to their castle to rescue her.

Inside the castle, Jade regains consciousness and realized that she was inside a crystal-like prison. Draven approaches her with a smirk on his face.

Draven: Are you awake?
Jade: Where am I?
Draven: Are you one of the Princesses of Heart?
Jade: No! Do I look like one? I mean, I’ve already been confused for a goddess but this is ridculous! You’re better going after Vanellope and all.
Draven: ….

Wasting no time, Draven goes to a switch and activates it; Dark purple energy surrounded Jade, who had no way to escape it. Sure she had been in some sticky situations (like that one time she was stuck in the Demon world), but something about this startled her than nothing else. If only she had the Talismans here (she suggested that they were put in the Treasure Vault, but Jackie vetoed the idea)…

Jade: W-what is this!?
Draven: It is something we’d like to call a Princess Test. We’re only doing this to see if you’re truly one of the Princesses of Heart. We’ll corrupt you with darkness for a bonus. Hahaahahaha!
Jade: Jackie! Tohru! Uncle! Someone! Please! Help me!

Jade cried for help as Draven laughed at the corruption process was about to begin. She struggled with all her might, but Draven grinned as he placed a hand on her forehead.

Draven: Here, maybe this will teach you to be quiet. (cackles)

In his room in the castle, Alternate!Gentaro took a long glance at the captives they’ve caught. Jasmine was one of them. Cinderella was of them. Snow White was one of them. However, he wasn’t sure about the other two. One of the captives was a girl with red hair, a white shirt, and some black shorts. The other was just a girl with blonde hair, white shirt and blue pants.

Alternate!Gentaro: (to himself) Hmmm…. (looks at Annie) That girl with the average clothes doesn’t feel like she’s one of the Princesses of Heart. (looks at Edward) Though for some reason, this girl seems to have the qualities of a Princess… even if she doesn’t look like one.

He goes to into the speaker to order Annie to be freed from captivity. Suddenly, an intruder stormed within the castle. Gentaro watch him carefully as the latter wondered throughout the corridors.

Alternate!Gentaro: How did he get in here? No matter, We’ve already know that four of them are here.

Tohru was in the Proxy Castle in hopes to see if Jade is inside. He was on his way to the room where the Princess Tests took place with the Draven standing. As a sneak attack, Tohru uses a small rock he picked up earlier and throws it at Draven, knocking him unconscious. He went as fast as he could to punch the crystal bed Jade was imprisoned in, using the Ox Talisman to give him enough strength to do so until the crystal shatters.

Tohru: (thinking to himself) I can’t get all of the princesses out of here, so I’ll have to do with Jade.
Jade: (groans and sees Tohru) Tohru…you’re here?
Tohru: (holding the Rabbit Talisman in one hand) I had the Talismans on me for safe-keeping.
Jade: (smiling weakly) Told Jackie they’d be important…(falls into unconsciousness)

Knowing an ambush might happen, Tohru gets out of dodge and quietly escapes the castle with Jade in his hands.

???: If you think we will forgive you for stealing our sushi and trying to put the blame on Sora for not paying, then the three of us will butcher you like what we saw in the videos!
Sora: King Mickey, are you… alright?

The entire House of Food was surrounded with angry patrons as Mitsuzane was revealed to have been here all along, stealing food from others since no one is willing to feed him. Many were ready to attack him either out of fury for the theft of their food, out of being brainwashed by Kamen Rider Decade, or just out of spite for what he did to Gentaro. Gordon Ramsay, having overheard everything, stormed into the dining area to see the commotion.

Ramsay: Okay, what in the name of the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary is going on here!?
Cookie Monster: That kid stole the cookies!
Willy Wonka: What Cookie means is that Mitsuzane stole all our food. And he’s even eaten everything in my chocolate room!
Mitsuzane: What!? I didn’t do that!
Johnny Appleseed: That kid ate all of the apples I was going to give to Kengo to help cheer him up!
Moe Syzlak: He drank all my booze!
Jabba the Hutt: (in Huttese) He ate all my maggots!
Mickey: He stole our sushi and took Sora’s munny!
Chiyoko: He ruined my “Pleasure Island“-themed dinner!
Popeye: He took my beloved spinach!

Ramsay had to find a way to calm these down before they could all butcher Mitsuzane. Sora already raced off to the House of Justice to inform Carmelita and Riku about what is happening.

Sora: (thinking) I’d better get to the House of Justice and inform Riku fast. How did this even happen anyway?

Ten minutes ago

Mitsuzane, now back to being a human again, felt his stomach growl. He hadn’t had anything to eat since the whole massacre game began and now he just wanted some food.

Mitsuzane: I’d even take Matt Hardy’s advice on green grapes at this point. (collapses) Stupid Gentaro….stupid Proxy…(whispers to himself) Stupid me…

Someone hands him a bunch of green grapes. Mitsuzane takes them and starts eating them. He doesn’t even take a glance at whoever gave him food, except the person points him to one direction. If Mitsuzane wasn’t so relieved for his bite to eat, he would’ve seen the strange purple belt draped on the person’s shoulder.

Anti-Christ!Jeff: I will not partake in your feasting, but I shall let these gods feast upon your own soul.

He walks off, his body flickering as if he was an illusion, as he passes through some security cameras. With a wave of his hand, it seems the cameras move to where Mitsuzane is collecting food for himself as the strange alternate version of Jeff vanishes.

Draven regained consciousness when he saw that Jade wasn’t in the crystal prison anymore. Enraged, he sets out to kidnap her again. However, Alternate!Gentaro spoke through the speaker.

Draven: Ugh…. How the hell did I get knocked unconscious?
Alternate!Gentaro: (through the speaker) Draven, release the kid with the average clothes; She isn’t a Princess of Heart!
Draven: Which one? The one with the red hair?
Alternate!Gentaro: No, the red haired one is a Princess. I was meaning the blonde haired one with the average looking clothes.
Draven: What for?
Alternate!Gentaro: We’re sending her to the propaganda room. Yugi-boy’s “experiment” will break her down easily.
Draven: (smirks) Good. That’ll make those weaklings give up the real Princesses of Heart! I’m going after that Chinese kid after thi—
Alternate!Gentaro: No. Let her be. I’ve took a gander at her and she wasn’t one of the Princesses of Heart. Get the blonde child with average clothes.
Draven: Understood.

Taking his leader’s orders, Draven went out to release Annie from her cryosleep and took her to the propaganda room.

Hysteria Count 11: The Pantheonic Foodfight

It was a very busy day in the House of Justice. Many Deities there did paperwork, catching criminals, or did court trials. Riku was discussing things with Carmelita Fox in her temple, with Penelope locked in a cell next to them for releasing the videos of Mitsuzane’s decapitation. Komory Bat, the signature Dream Eater for Riku, was glaring at her to keep her in their comply.

Carmelita: …Are you sure Penelope did it on purpose?
Riku: While she is innocent of the transitions of that over-cutesy preschooler show earlier, there’s no doubt about this. Remember the video I showed you and Chun-Li?
Penelope: I keep telling you two! I was using the RC vehicle to spy on everyone else. I recorded what happened, but I accidently sent it to everyone by mistake while trying to send it to the House of Theater so that someone there will send it to you!
Riku: Do you really mean it? I’m not convinced!
Penelope: Please believe me! I’m very sorry for what I did!
???: Look out!!

Before Riku could turn his attention toward the voice, a girl knocks him back and he crashes into a water cooler. The bottle on top becomes lose, and falls onto the Keyblade Master, soaking him. The girl, Bianca, imminently apologizes for this accident.

Carmelita: Bianca, you really should watch where you are going. I thought those glasses would’ve helped you out by now.
Bianca: I’m sorry. But I’ve got bad news! There’s been riots all over the House of Food because Mitsuzane has been spotted there. I was right there, eating lunch when my food just disappeared. I don’t know what is going on!
Sora: (rushing in) Hey, I was about to say that!

Dripping wet from his own encounter with Bianca earlier, and recovering his breath, Sora explained to Riku that Mitsuzane allegedly stole all of the food in the House of Food. Carmelita makes up her mind on her next move.

Carmelita: I’m going to the House of Food. Riku, make sure that Penelope doesn’t get away in case she tries something.
Riku: I will.
Carmelita: Bianca, come with me.

The inspector left with the ditzy Pokémon Trainer with only Riku, Sora, and Penelope remaining, to the chagrin of the former two. The computer in Carmelita’s office began to beep loudly. The screen turns on and Alternate!Gentaro appears with a wicked grin on his face.

Alternate!Gentaro: Greetings, fellow deities of the pantheon. I have a nice present for all of you to see.

He orders Draven to bring Annie into the screen. She was locked up inside a small cage with little room for her to move. In another part of the Pantheon, Jack looks in horror as Nathan Drake narrows his eyes.

Alternate!Gentaro: (holds pictures of Belle and Aurora) If you know where these women are, bring them to me and I’ll let her go. If you don’t, this girl here will be brainwashed! It’s your choice.

The computer screen turns off, leaving Sora and Riku surprised. Penelope just looked away in remorse.

Sora: Why does he want those two?
Riku: What I know for sure is that we’ll never hand them over to the likes of him.

The computer beeps again; this time, it’s from Clu, who’s come to help prove Penelope’s innocence. A hologram projection of him pops up in front of the two boys, as Artix rushes into the temple.

Sora: You again!? What do you want, Clu?
Clu: The kid who restored Rinzler back to Tron. Such a surprise to see you again! I’m here to prove that Penelope and I are not in league with that proxy!
Sora: We’re already on this case! Riku and I will prove it once and for all that you and Bentley’s ex are working for the proxy.
Artix: (rushing) Inspector Fox! Are you here? I’ve found Mitsuzane, but he’s in danger!
Sora: We know. Inspector Fox just raced off with Bianca to investigate.

The computer then beeps again. Another hologram appears, and this time, it was Tron, who was looking for someone in the analogue world to warn everyone about the mysterious darkness several gods in the House of Friendship have been dosed with. Tron was very glad to see that Sora was safe.

Sora: Tron, I’m glad you are okay. I’ve heard that someone is wrong with the House of Friendship.
Tron: I’m not okay, Sora. There is something you need to know. I was hoping I’d get someone on this, but to see you here? It makes me feel a bit happy.
Sora: Same here! I still gotta thank Bentley for helping us find you and bringing you here.
Clu: What are you doing here, Rinzler? I got here first!
Tron: For what? More propaganda to help the proxy out? I saw what Penelope published!
Clu: There has to be a reason why she did this besides that!
Artix: (to the computer) Can you two stop arguing? What matters is that we should probably hook Penelope to a lie detector first before we judge her completely.
Sora: (thinking) Looks like Carmelita’s had many visitors here. Who’s next?

The Unknown Thief was also at the House of Food, watching as almost all the gods inside rioted over the loss of their food. Many attacked each other in anger, and some threw chairs all over. It was almost like a Bar Brawl. Cookie Monster chewed on a sofa nearby, and paid little attention to the violence. The Oompa-Loompas were present, too! Some were caught up in the violence, while others just sang about the riot.

Thief: This is not good… Why would a bunch of hungry patrons riot over one person?
Luigi: Maybe someone is controlling them into attacking that kid, but instead they attack each other?
Thief: I wonder if the proxy has anything to do with this?
Mario: It’s likely… We should investigate this.

Seeking out answers, The Thief and the Mario Bros. approached Ramsay while they avoided the stuff thrown in the process.

Thief: Chef Ramsay. Are any of these deities not themselves? (looks at the crowd, sees Mickey, and monologues) What is King Mickey doing here? (looks again) Donald and Goofy, as well?
Ramsay: I have no idea myself, but this is getting completely out of hand!
Mario: We were just wondering. All I know for sure is that no human deity would ever eat Gramma Stuffum’s… “food”.
Ramsay: Good point. Since you’ve addressed this to me, something seems off here.
Thief: Cookies have little nutritional value. So does candy.
Luigi: And no one would ever eat Jabba’s food.
Thief: …Remind me not to eat there. Some of the alien deities refuse to eat there for some reason. We have to put a stop to this somehow.
Luigi: Everyone, stand back! I have this one in control!

As The Thief, Mario, and Ramsay exited Luigi’s vicinity, the latter took out a Smash Ball and crushed it. A colorful aura surrounded his body and his eyes were yellow. As he walked in the middle of the brawl, he proceeds to unleash his Final Smash.

Luigi: Negative Zone! Haayayalalalala!
Ramsay: (from afar) What?

The younger Mario Brother performed a weird dance to form a large void sphere. Aside of Luigi himself, every color inside of it became inverted. It was rumored that Dio Brando hated this, deeming it a mockery of his techniques. Some deities in range of the void sphere except Luigi himself were dizzy, some were losing consciousness.

Thief: Good. Everyone is worn out!
???: Looks like I came here just in time.

The Thief, Mario, and Gordon Ramsay turned to see where the voice came from. Carmelita, along with Bianca, just arrived in time.

Mario: Carmelita!
Thief: Inspector Fox. Bianca. You two came to calm these guys down?
Carmelita: I was about to, but you guys beat us to it.
Bianca: Come on out! Musharna!

Bianca takes out a Poké Ball and threw it into the air. A Musharna was summoned out of the Poké Ball in the middle of it being thrown.

Bianca: You know, if you wanted a faster way to find out about that evil mouse in your cell, just let my Musharna eat her dreams.
Carmelita: That’s actually not a bad idea. We should inform Riku about Musharna.

Seeing all the patrons defeated, and almost at the point of snapping out of their control, and with Mitsuzane still unhurt, Kamen Rider Decade reveals himself, in his normal form, from the shadows. He was snapping several pictures of the riot, and continued to snap them upon his reveal.

Carmelita: I should’ve known you guys escaped!
Decade: With all the food gathered from here, it’s time to crush that little fleabag once and for all. (pointing at Bianca) And I’m taking the Princess with me, too!
Bianca: Princess!?
Decade: Stuffum, you’re up!
Luigi: But, I thought my dance would’ve… Incapitate them.
Mario: Get ready, Luigi! You’d better hope you’d never get fat!

Recovering from Luigi’s Negative Zone, Gramma Stuffum summoned her food to assault the group. The food monsters tried to force their way into their mouths, but they’ve managed fend off a good amount of them. She summoned another wave of food monsters to sic on the group.

Stuffum: (singing) And a point, and a grave, and unto my days. I serve dead-monkey pudding, and Dracula’s brains. I’m Gramma Stuffum!
Food Minions: Gramma Stuffum!
Stuffum: I came to this pantheon, to feed you gods! And cook these squids, inside these pods!

As she finished that lyric, Stuffum threw her podded squids at all the other patrons inside the House of Food. This frees some of the deities, including Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, from Decade’s control, and they race right towards the Thief’s side, ready to help him take down Stuffum and free her from her brainwashing. Stuffum continues to sing as she continues to summon more food to her side.

Stuffum: (singing) Gods, must eat! Gods, must eat! Gods, must eat! Gods, must eat!
Goofy: Gawrsh, we better do something!
Donald: (to Carmelita) Where’s Sora?
Carmelita: He and Riku are in my temple. Tell them that we’re going to use Musharna to properly investigate Penelope when this mess is over.
Donald: Right. Goofy, we better hurry!

Donald and Goofy then rush out of the House of Food to warn Sora about Stuffum’s musical. Everyone else continues to fight against the food monsters, as Stuffum sings and Decade watches in glee.

Stuffum: Gods were not put on this pantheon to nibble!
Liver & Onions: Noooo!
Stuffum: You all must be helpless and foul!
Liver & Onions: Yeah!
Stuffum: That way, you can get yourself in trouble…
Liver & Onions: Noooo!
Stuffum:…while grandma gets to feed you dirty rats!

As she finishes the lyric, Stuffum throws her dirty rats onto the gods. The Thief had enough, and pulled out his pistol and shot at the rats before they can force themselves to be eaten by the helpless gods. Carmelita pulled out her pistol, as well, and helped him. But just as the rats were shocked out, Stuffums began to throw endless amounts of food all over everyone.

Stuffum: I will, stuff you, with moose, and gruel. You will, chow on, to a, meltdown! Eat it! Scalp it! Bite it! Cram it! Pow it! Chow it! Boot it! Pig out! I WILL MAKE YOU… (whispering) fatter.

This snaps the rest of the deities inside out of their corruption, and the ones covered in food break out and begin to fire on Stuffum.

Stuffum: I came to this pantheon, with my food, to conquer the young and rude. I’m Gramma Stuffum!
Food Minions: Gramma Stuffum!
Stuffum: You must eat now! Try my deep fried pods. But you just never listen, you dirty gods.

A stampede of hams with pig faces are then summoned up, and stampede towards the group. Mickey uses one of his Pearl spells to dispatch of the stampede before they cause some serious damage to the House of Food.

Stuffum: (singing) Gods, must eat! Gods, must eat! Gods, must eat! Gods, must eat!
Mickey: Here they come!

The gods begin to work together as the food monsters begin to weaken.

Stuffum: Gods were not put on this pantheon to nibble!
Liver & Onions: Noooo!
Stuffum: You all must be helpless and foul!
Liver & Onions: Yeah!
Stuffum: That way, you can get yourself in trouble…
Liver & Onions: Noooo!
Stuffum:…while grandma gets to feed you toasted bats!

Stuffum then pulls out two sticks in each hand with brown burgers with wings attached to them. The Thief, Carmelita, Mickey, Musharna, and the Mario Bros. charge at Stuffum and give her the beating of her lifetime in the hopes of freeing her from Decade’s control.

Stuffum: You can’t, beat me! You can’t, toast me! You won’t, drill me! You won’t, poach me! Cook me! Stool me! Boil me! Fry me! Beast me! Grind me! Roast me! Bake me! YOU’VE JUST MADE ME…

But before she can sing her last lyric, the Thief shocks her with his pistol. Stuffum loses consciousness and falls into a pile of trays behind her, defeated.

Thief: Good, this battle is over. Now, we should meet up with… wait! Where is Bianca?
Mario: Her Musharna is still here.
Luigi: Well, Decade did call her a “Princess”. He must’ve kidnapped her during this confusion.
Thief: (thinking) No! Bianca isn’t one of them, either. (speaking) Curses! We can’t just leave Stuffum here. I have a hunch this isn’t over yet. Mario Bros., save Bianca
Mario & Luigi: Got it.

Mario took out a Red Block out his pocket and smashed it, which contained the Wing Cap, while Luigi takes out the Feather powerup and transformed him into Cape Luigi. The Mario Bros. flew out of the House of Food to find Bianca. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and the food minions resurfaced.


Mickey: Oh, no!!
Carmelita: Mickey and I will have everyone evacuate the House of Food. Come on, let’s get going!

Kamen Rider Decade has Bianca in his hands during the food riot, with her hands tied behind her back. He was heading for the proxy castle to perform the Princess Test on her.

Bianca: Ugh! Let go of me!
Decade: Never, Princess. We need you for the boss’ plans.
Bianca: What are you planning to do with us?
Decade: Hehehehehe…. You’ll never find that one out. You can just keep guessing until we corrupt your heart! Hehehehahaha!

The transmitter was beeping. Decade grabbed it to see who it was.

???: You’ve gotten one of the Princesses of Heart?
Decade: Of course. There’s just one problem: They’ve found out that we’ve escaped from prison.
???: It doesn’t matter. With your ability to confuse everyone, they’ll just be confused. Draven’s already in the process of capturing that Princess of Heart from the House of Mentalism. It’s only a matter of time before we complete Phase One. Gears is trying to find the last princess. It’s either Aurora or Belle, so we’re going after both.
Decade: Good. I’d better get back before—

The ground underneath Decade and Bianca then shakes hard from the Slamwitch breaking out of the House of Food. Shrugging it off, Decade rushes off with Bianca to the proxy castle before anyone else could see them.

Back at the House of Justice, Riku, Sora and Artix were guarding Carmelita’s temple as they waited for Carmelita to return. The temple shakes, and then they hear cries of “Slamwitch”. The shakings have knocked the computer out of service, cutting Tron (along with Ruby) and Clu from being in contact. Before they could get to work on restoring the connections, Donald and Goofy rush into the temple.

Sora: Guys, what is wrong?
Donald: It’s Gramma Stuffum! She’s gone berserk and attacked us with her living food.
Goofy: And now, her Slamwitch is out rampaging all over the place.
Artix: Looks like we should help them. But what of Penelope? We can’t just leave her here!
Sora: Donald! Goofy! Guard Penelope until we get back. We can’t let that Slamwitch get away. (to Riku) Should we go and fetch the Kids Next Door to help take this monster down?
Riku: There’s no time for that. And even if there was, they won’t trust us because we’re teenagers.
Sora: Good point.
Donald: Wait, we need to tell you about… (angry) Aw, phooey!

The three race outside to see the giant Slamwitch mindlessly rampaging all over the pantheon. The large beast then spots the three, and the food minions stop chanting. Stuffum, now wearing a witch’s hat, was on top of the beast.

Food Minions: Slamwitch! Slamwitch! Slamwitch! (Beat) Slamwitch! Slamwitch! Slamwitch!
Stuffum: Slamwitch comes, and children scream! Made of brains and sour cream. If kids won’t eat this moldy bread, then Slamwitch eats you kids instead! Slamwitch comes in drone kye, swats and sixteen from the sky. I make you crave this drippy spinach! Fall and worship giant Slamwitch!
Food Minions: Slamwitch! Slamwitch! Slamwitch!

The Slamwitch then chases after Sora and Riku, paying no attention to Artix preparing his axe. The two Keyblade Wielders panic and run away from the monster.

Food Minions: Slamwitch! Slamwitch!
Riku: Sora! Got any ideas on how to defeat this… (shudders) thing?
Food Minions: Slamwitch!
Sora: I’m working on one right now!! Just don’t let it eat you, Riku!
???: We’ll help!

To the relief of both Keyblade Wielders, the voice belonged to Daxter. He was far too small for Stuffum and the Slamwitch to take notice.

Stuffum: Scores of kid, he has aid, and shall obliterate. The Keyblade Masters, and all their brothers, and all the misbehaving others, won’t eat Gramma Stuffum’s food, and now themselves are chomping chood. And he who’s made of skunks and frydi, will make you catch his next meal!

Tired from running, Riku summons up his Way to the Dawn Keyblade and attempts to attach the Slamwitch with a Dark Fireball. This didn’t work one bit, as the Slamwitch absorbs the damage. The monster then grabs Sora and eats him whole!

Riku: Oh, no! Sora!!
Daxter: Relax! With what Jak and I are planning, Sora will be alright.
Stuffum: Come in spiker’s massive jaw, omits of black and all coleslaw. This giant Slamwitch is cannibals, and this Keyboy is chammimour. Slam-Slamwitch!!

The Slamwitch then grabs Riku and eats him up as well! Artix can only look on in horror, as does the Thief when he finally arrives on his hoverboard. Suddenly, the Slamwitch began to choke. It was getting weaker but it was still dangerous.

Artix: Not good, not good, not good!!!!!
Thief: (thinking) Sora!! Riku!! NOOO!!! (speaking) This beast will pay for eating those boys!
Daxter: Hey, thief boy! We need your help! We need you to lure this giant blob of food over to the House of Narrative.
Thief: Is it possible to save those two boys from that abomination? (thinking) I’ll save you, guys. Hang on!
Daxter: Yep! Jak and I are going to fry it using Dark Eco!
Thief: Lead the way, Daxter!
Stuffum: (singing) Rotten thief, and tiny ottsel. Slamwitch eats them both with motsel! Miserable, tremulous, despicable rat! You’ll now make Slamwitch nice and fat!

The Thief followed Daxter towards the House of Narrative, as Jak waited for them. He had tied a long rope between two lamp posts in intention of tripping over the Slamwitch before he can vaporize the beast with his Dark Eco.

Jak: (thinking) Just a few more steps. Come on, Dax!
Stuffum: Slamwitch, CHARGE! Slamwitch, bite! Slamwitch, eat! Slamwitch, move! I dare you use my tasty monster! Slamwitch will destroy your ottsel! Before you jump into his giza, have a taste of candy lizard!

Stuffum then pulls out a bucket of slime, and tosses it onto Daxter’s head, knocking him out. The Thief swoops down and picks him up.

Stuffum: Slamwitch comes, and he must eat! He’s made of cheese and puppy feet! And if you crave to eat his dinner, fall and warship Slamwitch wither…

Suddenly, the Slamwitch began to grasp it’s stomach in pain. Inside, Sora and Riku were casting Firaga spells to weaken it, find a way out, and aid Jak and Daxter with brining this monster down.

Stuffum: (worried) Slamwitch? Why do you weach my giant Slamwitch!? SLAMWITCH!!!

As the Slamwitch is distracted, Jak then becomes Dark Jak and tackles the beast to make it trip over. The Slamwitch vomits Sora and Riku out as it fell, freeing the two. Jak proceeds to rips the Slamwitch apart with his Dark Eco as the others look on! (Like yours truly, munching on a box of popcorn)

Stuffum: Slamwitch!
Sora: (yelling) You can’t hold us anymore, Stuffum!
Stuffum: Slamwitch! (Beat) SLAMWITCH!!
Riku: Artix, now!!

Jak then rushes out of the way, letting Artix rush in to give the Slamwitch its finishing blow by placing a hand into the air.

Stuffum: Slamwitch?
Artix: Spirits! Help me defeat this wretched Abomination!

At Artix’s call, unleashes a blast of light that rips through the food abomination. As a result, the Slamwitch was torn apart from the power of the Undead Slayer and his axe until it was reduced to a lifeless pile of junk food that rained down upon the entire House of Food, leaving Gramma Stuffum vulnerable for the rest of the group.

Daxter: Everyone! Get her!

And in less time than it took to toast bread, the group ran up to Grandma Stuffum, knocked her out, and subdued her, finally tying her up. Sora and Riku were exhausted from all the running they’ve had from the Slamwitch. It was all in a day’s work for them.

Riku: There won’t be any more deities for you to fatten here, Stuffum.
Sora: (takes a breath) My clothes are messy. I should go to laundry and get them washed, especially before tomorrow. Last thing I want is to smell like expired mustard while I’m in the proxy’s castle.
Daxter: Or you can just to that green guy… Nare… Nale… Ah… I’m trying to remember the guy with green skin with an antenna on his head. All I know is that he’s not the Hulk!
Jak: Dax, aren’t you talking about that Namekian from the House of Family?
Daxter: Y-yeah, that one. (Sora and Riku look at him, confused)
Jak: There’s this Namekian guy in the House of Family who uses a beam to either restore your clothes or change it.
Sora: Good grief… Let’s just hope he’s still there.
Riku: If you go to the House of Justice, tell Donald and Goofy that Sora and I are getting our clothes “cleaned.”
Thief: Can do.

Sora and Riku left for the House of Family, leaving the Thief, Artix, Jak, and Daxter with a tied up Gramma Stuffum. The two speak of how the Thief seemed so familiar to them. Is he someone they met before? The Thief himself wanted to speak more with the two boys, but with a few others present, he hesitated.

Thief: (thinking) I… wish I can tell you about my return, and what Murray taught me. But I can’t when in public.
Artix: Good! We’ll take Stuffum back and have her on house arrest. Good thing Voltaire wasn’t here…he’d be doing a song about Brains and all that.
???: Wait!

Everyone excluding an unconscious Stuffum turned to the voice. Sazh Katzroy showed approached the group exhausted. The chocobo chick chirped also, trying to also explain something.

Sazh: Bad news! Alice has been captured by the Darkness Proxy during that Slamwitch rampage!
Artix: W-what!?
Thief: This is bad. If they get Aurora and Belle, who knows what they’ll do to all of the Princesses of Heart.
Sazh: We’d better tell the others to guard them fast. Where are the Mario Brothers?
Thief: They’re out to rescue Bianca.
Sazh: Bianca? That Pokémon Trainer?
Thief: Correct.
???: Hey, we’re back!

The Thief turned to his right to see that Nathan Drake, Jack, and Ein coming back from the House of Nature.

Jack: Sora’s not there.
Drake: Where did he go?
Thief: He and Riku are getting their clothes “cleaned.”
Sazh: Alice has been captured! I’ve tried my hardest to protect her.
Drake: Thank goodness it’s not that Alice.
Thief: Artix, get Stuffum to the House of Food, have her on house arrest, and find Mitsuzane. Jak, Daxter. You two go with him. I’m going to Carmelita’s temple and report everything to Donald and Goofy that Sora’s alright. Sazh come with me. Everyone else, hunt down the Proxy and protect the Princesses. Only Aurora and Belle remain!
Drake & Jack: Got it.

The group separate again to their destinations.

At the proxy’s castle, Kamen Rider Decade had Bianca trapped in a crystal tomb. He intends to test her to see if she can withstand the darkness that will be pumped inside of her. If so, then he will force her to sleep with the other Princesses of Heart and Edward as they await the captures of Aurora and Belle.

Bianca: You’ll never corrupt my heart! It’s so full of fluff and Pokémon awards!
Decade: …QUIET, girl! You’re giving me a headache.
Bianca: I’m not one of the Princesses of Heart!

Decade immediately went for the switch to begin the Darkness. Suddenly, Decade was hit by a Fire Ball before he could activate the switch for the Princess Test.

Decade: Urrgh! Who did that!?
Mario: (holding a fireball) Looks like we’re going to have a rematch, huh?
Decade: You pesky plumbers are too late! We’ve already gotten five of them and there won’t be a thing you can do about the Second Phase of the plan.
Luigi: Whatever plans you have, we’ll squash it here.
Decade: Our scheme will not be hindered by some hairy plumbers… Come out!

Humanoid crystal guardians rose from the ground, ready to take down the brotherly plumbers. Mario already took out a Smash Ball by time they were summoned.

Mario: Luigi, Stand back! I’ll—
Decade: If you do your pathetic Final Smash now, you’ll injure the Princesses of Heart.
Mario: Grr…
Luigi: (in a quiet voice) H…here goes…

Decade begin to press the switch for the Princess Test and Bianca was intoxicated by the darkness, but didn’t suffer. What neither of them didn’t know was that Luigi had taken out another Smash Ball from his pocket. He crushed it, to the surprise of both Mario and Decade. The Younger Mario Brother got out the Poltergeist 3000 to suck all of the minions inside the vacuum with the heaviest force. Taking this as an opening, Mario shot another fireball at Decade, rushed to deactivate the switch and went to Bianca’s aide.

Mario: Bianca, are you all right?
Bianca: Y-yes.
Luigi: The Thief will be relieved about this. Where should take her, Mario?
Mario: We’re taking you to the House of Family. Don’t leave the place, got it?

The ditzy Pokémon Trainer nods and they carried her to the aforementioned location. Alternate!Gentaro comes in, missing out on the three.

Alternate!Gentaro: What are the results, Decade?
Decade: (looking at the crystal) It’s confirmed. Bianca is one of the Princesses of Heart. But she just escaped with those two plumbers.
Alternate!Gentaro: Rats!! Find her, and bring her back! Oh, and in the meantime, I think it’s time to take out the hearts of the five princesses we’ve already captured.

Back at the House of Justice, Donald and Goofy made sure Penelope would not escape with from them.

Penelope: Can you please let me go now?
Goofy: We can’t do that without that fox’s permission.
Penelope: But I’m innocent!
Donald: (angry) How can we trust you when you betrayed the Cooper Gang for the sake of greed?
Penelope: Clu and I really aren’t working for the Proxy.
Donald: We’re not taking your word nor Clu’s for it! We’re going to wait until Musharna eats your dreams first before we judge you guilty.

As the conversation ensued, the Thief and Sazh arrived to inform them on the events.

Goofy: Who are you?
Thief: I cannot explain that right now. Gramma Stuffum and her Slamwitch has been defeated and is being put on arrest.
Donald: Oh boy! Where are Sora and Riku now?
Thief: In the House of Family getting their clothes cleaned. They got swallowed by the Slamwitch while we fought it.
Goofy: Gawrsh! That monster must’ve really tarnished their clothes.
Sazh: I have to imagine how that would’ve turned out.
Penelope: Can I go now!? Please?
Donald & Goofy: No!

Suddenly, the computer in Carmelita’s office, which was fixed by Goofy just after the shakings from the Slamwitch stopped, was buzzing; Alternate!Gentaro appears on the screen again.

Alternate!Gentaro: Greeeetings, deities of the pantheon who’ve let my despair run amok! We’ve captured five of the Princesses of Heart! Unfortunately, one of those wretched princesses has escaped. While you’re all at it, here’s a display of the princesses we’ve captured.

The screen shows the Hearts of Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, Alice, and Edward stored inside a jar, before the camera pans over the sleeping girls locked in their stasis crystals in the walls. The screen pans back to the corrupted Kamen Rider’s face.

Alternate!Gentaro: Hehahahahhaha! Once we complete Phase One, Phase Two will begin soon. Ta-ta

The computer screen turned off. The Thief had an expression of fear of what would happen should they succeed.

Thief: Sazh, we must find the Beast! Let’s get going.

The two of them ran off to the House of Gaming, as Donald and Goofy remained to guard Penelope while they waited for Carmelita and Musharna. Sazh tried all he could to prevent Alice from being captured.

Sazh: (thinking to himself) I really screwed this one up…

He remembered how Alice got captured.

Capture 4: Alice 

Alice: (thinking) I just hope those rumors about princesses being abducted are false. But still, who is this ‘Sazh Katzroy’, anyway? He said he’s going to protect me from the Darkness Proxy. But… didn’t Maxwell lock them away inside the asylum he created?

In the House of Mentalism, Alice sitting in her temple in the House of Mentalism. She hopes that her imagination powers will protect her from them. Suddenly, there was a knock on door. Alice comes close to the door, but does not open it yet.

Alice: Who is it?
???: It’s me! Sazh Katzroy!

Hearing his name, Alice opened the door seeing a dark-skinned man with a bird on his head.

Sazh: I’m here to prevent you from being captured by the Darkness Proxy.
Alice: I have a question. Isn’t Maxwell supposed to prevent them from escaping? Who sent you here anyway
Sazh: He should be… A person calling himself “The Unknown Thief” has sent me to protect you from harm.
Alice: I want to help!
Sazh: If you go out, the Proxy will capture you.

Before they can say more, the two overhear of the Mystery Gang speaking about food being stolen by a young man in the House of Food. Even the Scooby Snacks have vanished!

Fred: Cheer up, you two. They’ll prepare Scooby Snacks tomorrow.
Shaggy: With no food, we’re goners, man
Scooby: Reah! Roners!
Daphne: Now what we going to eat?
Fred: Don’t worry, guys. Some of our house-mates may have food here.
Velma: I just hope a bad guy doesn’t attack us here.
Sazh: This is some food crisis, we’re having here. I never even thought that it’s possible.
Alice: I’ve been here for a long time, and this is the first time such an act has been committed.

Velma decided that the five should find out the mystery of the food shortage. But they will need some help. The two them got out of Alice’s Temple and approached the two of them.

Daphne: Hey! It’s Alice Liddell.
Velma: What’s she doing with that man?
Sazh: We have no intentions of harming you. We’re willing to help you out on this.
Fred: …If you say so.
Velma: Why do you want to help us?
Sazh: I suspect The Darkness Proxy, three of whom have escaped the asylum, may have a hand in this. Just consider us working for a common cause.
Fred: I see.. Alright! You’re in!
Daphne: Where do we start looking for clues?
Fred: We should go to the Pantheon Wrestling Federation first.

The group headed for the Proxy’s Castle in hopes to search for the food.

Twenty minutes later, the group arrived at the front of the Proxy’s castle. Fred thinks up a plan.

Shaggy: Like, I can hear rock music coming from the House of Food.
Scooby: Rhea, re too!
Alice: Rock music?
Daphne: It must be a concert going on there.
Sazh: I doubt it.

They soon reach a locked door near the entrance. But they just dismiss it and press on. They reach another door, this one unlocked, and opened it. Inside, the entire room was packed with the stolen food. Scooby and Shaggy dove into it in relif!

Shaggy: Thank Lord Helix! FOOD!!!
Scooby: Ro rore rarthing!
Alice: (sticking her tongue out in disgust) Gross. You call half of all this gunk “food”?
Velma: I guess Jabba the Hutt got robbed as well.
Daphne: How did the Proxy stole all of the food?
Fred: We’ll get to the bottom of that later. Shaggy! Scooby! Go get Maxwell, Emmet, Sackboy, and Steve? here.
Shaggy: Are you really sure we’ll make it? If we go all the way to the House of Craft, we’ll pass out!
Velma: Would you like to do it with an all-out-buffet.

Shaggy and Scooby nodded at each other and looked at back at the rest of them and nodded.

Shaggy: Sure, we’ll go get the Master Builders Four here. I just hope, like, they carry us back here.
Scooby: Rheah.
Fred: The rest of us will—
Sazh: Wait! The rest of you can’t leave here. The Thief said that this girl (points to Alice) is a Princess of Heart, and the Darkness Proxy are after her!
The Mystery Gang: What!?
Daphne: The Proxy’s going to kidnap Alice!?
Fred: If that’s true, Shaggy! Scooby! Get to them right away! That’s an order!
Shaggy: Like, whatever you say, Fred! Let’s go, Scoob!
Scooby: Rheh.

The two goofballs of the Mystery Gang ran as into the House of Craft to get the Master Builders Four. Unforunately, the fact they were yelling attracted two—or rather three— figures to come out of hiding. The Mystery Gang knew one of them…somewhat.

Fred: Jeff Hardy!? (sees the Anti-Christ!Jeff) Wait…there’s two of you?!
Velma: Aren’t you supposed to be preparing for a match for Wrestlemania?
Willow!Jeff: That was postponed! Our match is with you guys first!
Anti-Christ!Jeff: Are you ready?
Sazh: (thinking) Who’s the other guy?
Yami!Yugi: (sees Alice) Another one of the Princesses of Heart… (chuckles) This will please our leader greatly.
Daphne: Aren’t you Yugi Muto? Your friends seem worried about you. This new god Jaden was supposedly going over the moon when he found out you were here.
Sazh: (to Fred, Daphne, and Velma) These guys aren’t their usual selves!
Alice: Then it looks time it’s time to step in! I’ll help.
Sazh: Huh?
Draven: (from nearby) Perfect!

Suddenly, the entire castle shook. A huge, sandwich-like monster came out of the House of Food. The very sight of it caused Scooby and Shaggy to run back inside the castle, effectively abandoning their mission to find the Master Builders Four.Slamwitch…!SLAMWITCH!!SLAAAAAMWIIIITCH!!!

Shaggy: (rushing back inside) It’s Gramma Stuffum’s Slamwitch! Run for your lives!!
Alice: (thinking) So that explains the Rock Music…
Willow!Jeff: Hey, keep your eyes on your opponent!
Anti-Christ!Jeff: Or rather…opponents!

Willow!Jeff charged at Sazh to tackle him, only for the latter to dodge it. Sazh whipped out his two guns to shoot Willow!Jeff, but he only got one shot on his side. As Sazh kept shooting both versions of Jeff Hardy, Alice transformed into her Dark form, brought out two knives, and ran up to Yami!Yugi to strike him down, only for the latter to avoid it by summoning Mirror Force, much to her suprirse. The card caused a mirror-like barrier to defend the duelist and send Alice flying back.

Yami!Yugi: You’d think I’d be better of unprepared, did you?
Draven: (singing) Slamwitch, come! Help us, destroy these pests!

But the Slamwitch didn’t respond, as it was occupied with chasing after Sora and Riku near the House of Justice, where it would soon meet it’s end thanks to the teamwork of the Thief, Daxter, and Artix.

Draven: Curses! Why isn’t it following my orders? Looks like I’ll have to help my fellow proxy members out then.

Draven participated in the battle to assist both Anti-Christ and Willow!Jeff and Yami!Yugi to attack Alice. Noticing that Draven was coming for her, she summoned her Pepper Grinder as a gattling gun and shoots Draven with it, only for it to have no effect on Draven due to being an undead. A wound hits his forehead, but it immediately starts to heal.

Draven: Kaahahhahaha! Tough luck, kid! You got any other weapons before you say your last breath? I’ve got a lot of things I can do to you to put you through the looking glass!

As he taunts her, he punches Alice to the ground, causing Sazh to worry.

Sazh: Alice!!!

Sazh tried to reach for Alice, preventing Yugi from approaching him by sending a few shots from his gun. Yugi evades the gunshots with the use of Dark Magician Girl firing a blast of magic at them, allowing Alice to summon her Ice Wand, and fires a mist, freezing everyone, allies and enemies alike around the area. Consequentially, she was losing her willpower.

Draven: (thinking) I’d never thought this Princess would be this hard to capture. She may even ruin our plans here. We have to think of a distraction fast. (aloud) Yugi! Jeff! Do you have anything in mind?
Yami!Yugi: I’m glad you’ve asked….
Alice: I’ve no choice but to use these again.

With almost all of her willpower drained, Alice summoned her Vorpal Blades in her hand again. And ran up to get Willow!Jeff while Sazh kept shooting Yugi with his guns. As he shoots at Willow!Jeff, who received two to three shots while dodging them, Draven appeared in front of him, takes the bullets in Willow!Jeff’s stead.

Draven: How about I keep you occupied?
Sazh: (thinking) There’s no way I’ll last long. Hm?

Sazh realizes that the Slamwitch wasn’t wrecking havoc anymore, he orders Shaggy and Scooby to run as fast as they could to the Master Builders Four. Suffering from hunger, Sazh failed to avoid Draven’s punch to his chest and fell to his knees.

Draven: Now, To team up on the Princess. Hahahahaha!

Draven joins Yami!Yugi and Willow!Jeff to corner Alice. With no other options left, Alice summons a crooked staff made of wood: Jabberwock’s Eye Staff. From the staff, she fires a laser beam at the castle, causing some damage to it, followed by a fireball from the staff.

Yami!Yugi: What!?
Willow!Jeff: I never expected her to attack the castle!
Draven: She’s going to destroy the food…!

Suddenly, rocket-shaped orbs were directed at the three members of the Darkness Proxy. This causes Yugi to quickly summon the Dark Magician from his deck and, once summoned, orders it to use Dark Magic Attack to destroy the missiles. After usage of the staff, Alice collapsed on her knees.

Alice: N-No…!
Willow!Jeff: Are you done imagining things yet?
Anti-Christ!Jeff: (materializing from behind Alice and kicks her, placing a foot on her back) Because it seems as if you need a little trip down memory lane!

Draven walks up to Alice and puts his hand on her face, forcing a mind rape on her that reverts her back to her normal form, her mind going through a reeling montage of pain and torture from her dark form’s experiences in the twisted Wonderland. Yugi, along with both Anti-Christ and Willow!Jeff then grab Alice and take her inside. The proxy now have six Princesses of Heart in their hands, and only need one more. The Mystery Gang are left with no choice but to flee back to the House of Mentalism. Sazh, on the other hand, starts racing towards the House of Narrative, knowing that someone would be there to investigate the Slamwitch.

Hysteria Count 12: The Glitch Rides Again

Ruby: Stupid eye coverers. How did Riku even put up with this?
Tron: Maybe you should ask him yourself if you see him.

In the computer world, Tron guided a blindfolded Ruby’s to their destination, where they met a group a programs. Tron told Ruby to stand still as he introduces them to her. However, little did Ruby know, the programs didn’t give her a happy look.

Tron: My fellow programs. I have good news: I have brought a skilled user to combat the programs employed by the proxy. Her name is Ruby Rose. She is the leader of a group of girls called Team RWBY. I apologize for not bringing Blake Belladonna back to us. She… just disappeared for some reason.

Tron instructed and guided Ruby to be in front of the programs. But to his dismay, the other programs were suspicious of her because of her design. Tron realized that this was bad. Three of the programs, Jinx, Mog, and Grim, stood in front of her; Jinx was about Ruby’s size and had a cigar in his mouth. Grim had a large tank on his back. Mog was smaller than the rest.

Mog: How can we trust someone with Red lines in her design? She could be allied with that Proxy!
Tron: (stepping in) Now, now, my fellows programs. She is not allied with the Proxy. I don’t understand why she has the colors of programs loyal to the MCP.
Jinx: Then that must means she’s allied with Clu! And Clu is allied with the Proxy!
Tron: I don’t think Clu has anything to do with this! I just saw him trying to contact another user to help a user named Penelope out. Our enemy right now is the Proxy!
Grim: Clu’s just pretending to be against them so he could use them as pawns.
Tron: (stern and angry) Guys…!

Many of the programs then started to argue over what is going on, with some asking if they can even trust Ruby. As much as Tron wanted to fight against Clu, the tyranical program wasn’t a threat to them. Clu, despite having the desire to convert Tron back into Rinzler, sincerely wanted to clear Penelope’s name and wanted nothing to do with the Proxy. Before Tron spoke up again, four of the Programs were shot by lasers.

Malicious Program: There they are! Let’s derezz them!
Tron: Drat! They’ve found us! Everyone get in position and eliminate the malicious programs!
Ruby: But what about—

Before Ruby can finish, the three programs from earlier stood up in front of her, ready to fight off the enemy programs, with Jinx grabbing his cigar and lighting up a bomb.

Jinx: Just go, you two! We’ll deal with these programs. You guys ready to rock and rumble?
Mog: I love the smell of combat!
Grim: Yeah, what he said.
Jinx: Good. We can take these guys on single handedly.

Jinx then tosses his bomb into the enemy crowd as he and the rest of the programs begin to fight. Tron grabs Ruby by the hand, and helps her escape from the battle, knowing that both of them are being targeted.

Sora: Ahh… Much better.

Sora was finished cleaning himself in the onsen of the House of Nature, which is located in the Earth and Metal section inside a mountain. He had just finished putting his now-cleaned clothes back on and exited the onsen, stretching his arms. To his surprise, he was approached by Komory Bat. She was panicking, and tugging on his hood, trying to drag him somewhere.

Sora: What is it, Komo? How is Riku doing?
Komory Bat: (makes untranslatable bat chirps)
Sora: Is it bad? We better get going!

The Dream Eater nodded as she dragged the Keyblade Wielder by his hood, which is the “Fly-By Knight” link, towards the base of the mountain that the House of Prophecy is built on. A cable car heading towards the temples was at the ground station, which is hidden from the general public; only deities are allowed to use it. Sora and Komory Bat boarded the car just a few minutes before it was to head up.

It was fifteen minutes before Sora was able to get off the cable cart at the station in the underground House of Prophecy, near the mountain summit. He and Komory Bat then raced towards the bottom of the house and reach the room where the onsen is contained, and opens the door. On entering, he sees Riku, who was unconscious, and grabbing onto a stone by the onsen, but was starting to lose grip. There was vomit all over the room and in the onsen itself.

Sora: Riku?! Hold on! I’m coming!

Sora carefully walked up to the onsen and, with Komory Bat’s help, pulls Riku out of the onsen and potentially saving him from drowning, and places a robe on him for modesty. But something was wrong. What just happened to Riku? The main good thing is that he is still alive.

Sora: This must be what you wanted me see, Komo. Thank you for bringing me here. I need to get him to Mickey.

The younger Keybearer then places his friend’s arm around his neck, and starts to drag him back to the cable car station and then towards the House of Theater. Suddenly, Sora starts to feel pain in his head, and then sudden dizziness, which almost caused him to crash into the door on the way out.

Sora: Urgh… I don’t feel too well… I better get to Mickey fast.

With that, the two sickly Keybearers exited the onsen and headed for a lift to take them to the station, with Komory Bat flying alongside them. Unbeknownst to the three, a white-furred creature looked at them from a nearby corner, taking a good long look at Sora as he disappeared into the lift. The creature then just took off to a nearby exit into the snowy outside.

Back at the GUAG Medical Division, Artix paced back and forth. News of the Food fight had come in, and many Personal Appearance and Costume gods were also here so they could be cleared out for the “Fashion Zombie Apocalypse” that happened the day before. Something didn’t add up though.

Artix: (to himself) I mean, while it was fun to fight those zombies but they aren’t as fun, or life threatening, as a real Undead Uprising. What do you think?
???: Audino.

Artix turns around to see Audino waving at him, his eyes growing wide, his breath coming in short gasps. He tried to say something, but all he could say was…

Artix: P…p…pi…pin….
????:(shouting) PIZZA THURSDAY!!!

Artix turns to see the Battletram arriving toward him with a screech of the breaks. Artix could smell fresh pizza, noting that he hadn’t had anything to eat after the Food Fight; Undead Slayer he was, he was still human and hungry. The door to the Battletram opened, with the MC Batcommander exiting it with a plate of pizza in hand.

Artix: Pizza Thursday? What’s that all about?
MC Batcommander: We usually celebrate “Pizza Friday” but since tomorrow’s Friday the 13th, we’d thought we celebrate early.
Eaglebones:‘ I don’t see what the big deal of “Pizza Friday” is though.
Ricky: Neither do I. (takes a bite out of his pizza) Still, it’s better than what happened with the Slammwitch, right?
Artix: Don’t remind me.

As Artix takes a slice for himself, he makes sure that Audino wasn’t there (she wasn’t) and began to take a bite. Just as he’s about to, he realized something.

Artix: I thought all the food had vanished; how did you get the ingredients for these?
MC Batcommander: Like we said, we celebrate “Pizza Friday” so we get all our ingredients early. We also supply pizza for those like Dante, the Ninja Turtles, that cute girl with green hair in Commerce…
Artix: Ah, I see. Oh! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th?!

In case you didn’t know, Artix loves that date. It’s usually because back in his homeworld, he’s usually finding himself slaying Undead like one fights enemies in a videogame. I heard that he once slayed ten million Undead out of boredom more than anything. Fun times.

Crash: Ugh, I hate that holiday! I mean, remember what happened after we got our Luck and Fortune Lottery the last time?

Last Friday the 13th

Rey Mysterio: (offscreen) MY SWORD COLLECTION!!!!

Oh boy.

If one expected to see Rey Mysterio, the Ultimate Underdog, to be calm after he had seen his collection of swords destroyed (all caused by an ice hockey match between Big Time Rush and the Aquabats!), you’d be wrong. The two bands decided to walk away and pretend that the entire incident didn’t happen…

Except that the luchador had been chasing after them with a Beam Katana in hand while riding a go-kart equipped with a Blue Shell and cursing in Spanish enough to make someone blush in embarrassment.

Jimmy the Robot: And we still owe a humongous debt to him ever since.
Artix: Eesh.
Ricky: Wish we could figure out how to pay it back, and quickly.
Artix: You guys said you deliver pizza to those who want it right? Why don’t you do a pizza delivery service then?
MC Bat Commander: That’s a great idea! We can deliver pizza to everyone and get some money from it at the same time!
Artix: Besides, who doesn’t like pizza? Oh, speaking of which…(hands the Aquabats! some money and takes a few slices of pizza) I’m gonna give some to Voltaire right now. I hope he’s feeling better from yesterday’s attack…and he better be well enough for tomorrow!
Crash: Take care then. We better go deliver more of this pizza to everyone else.
Eaglebones: As long as we don’t run into Rey and he decides to collect his debt early.
Jimmy the Robot: I’m sure Rey will be with too busy to not even think about it. Last I heard, he’s off with a bunch of luchadors in some Aztec temple.
Artix: At least there’s that.

The two parties waved goodbye as Artix headed toward the room where Voltaire was resting. Finding the room, Artix smiled to find his friend resting in bed, Vorutanian Keyblade propped to his side.

Artix: How you feeling?
Voltaire: Grim. Grim and evil.
Artix: Very funny.

As Voltaire began to eat some of the pizza, Artix sat down, hand on his chin as he tried to make a connection with the attacks. Something was up.

Voltaire: What’s wrong now? Thinking about our plans for tomorrow?
Artix: Yes and no. This whole thing with Mitsuzane, the asylum, this ‘proxy’, and everything else is making my head spin. I mean, the Princesses of Heart are one thing, but why drag other gods into this? And how does the asylum fit into all of it?
Voltaire: You’re overthinking things again.
Artix: But don’t you remember what happened days ago? What with Alice, and that Changeling Queen and the whole Die For Me!! that I would’ve enjoyed except that it caused the asylum to be created and the House of Friendship to be destroyed and that Courtney Gears is related to this all and…
Voltaire: Wait, hold on a second. Did you just say Courtney Gears?
Artix: Yes, I did.
Voltaire: Gears was holding a concert around the same time that happened. Why would she take any part with this asylum business?
Artix: Because she’s pure evil, that’s why.
Voltaire: Is this because her temple has pink lights?
Artix: YES.
Voltaire: Next you’re gonna tell me that anyone who wears or is pink is evil.
Artix: Majin Buu is absolutely evil and pink you know. I mean, something is going down with that Darkness Proxy, we don’t know where the real Gentaro is at, and the Princesses are the targets for something…but for what?
???: Audino.

Artix blinked and turned to see Audino, who was smiling as she enter the room with a tray of medicine and a glass of water. Just the fact that the Audino came once more made Artix short of breath.

Artix: P…pi….

Audino turned her head toward Artix and held out the tray, thinking that he was sick. Artix gasped for breath as he waved a hand back and forth. Voltaire just face palmed and grabbed another slice of the pizza.

Voltaire: (eating his pizza) Oh man, this will be good.

Audino slowly approached Artix and placed a paw on Artix’s forehead. But before Audino could say anything else, Artix did for her.

Artix: PINK!

Artix von Krieger, God of Paladins, Founder of the GUAG Sacred Knights, and Undead Slayer Extraordinaire, rushed out of the room with a scream, as Audino looked on in confusion. He passed by Donald and Goofy, not even noticing the two were even there. The two looked inside Voltaire’s room as Audino went to work with her patient.

Goofy: Gawrsh. I never knew knights could even be afraid of pink.
Voltaire: Well, that’s just Artix for you. He’s truly one of a kind.
Donald: That’s weird. And you have some men wearing pink around here.
Goofy: Yeah. Murray is pink.
Voltaire: Dan Hibiki has his pink gi. But that aside, Artix and I were talking about the asylum ordeal. Most particularly, pink lights and Courtney Gears’ involvement in this whole ordeal.
Goofy: That glitch? Why would she be involved in this?
Voltaire: Who knows? Ugh… I still have a headache from that incident trying to gut Mitsuzane with some crazed loon. So, how’s Penelope? Is she allied with the Proxy for sending that video?
Donald: No, she isn’t.

The two toons explained their story about the treacherous female mouse.

25 minutes after the Slamwitch Incident

Donald and Goofy continued to prevent Penelope from escaping until Carmelita comes back into her temple with Musharna. As they kept their guard, Goofy looks into a cardboard box full of Courtney Gears merchandise, and pulls out some albums, figurines, and a musical lunch box.

Goofy: Look, Donald. A Courtney Gears musical lunch box.

Hearing the name “Courtney Gears” made Donald very upset. He wasn’t present when the Evil Diva attacked Blackwater City and left hoverboard racings cancelled for three years, but he knew of her alliance with Dr. Nefarious. In a fit of anger, Donald grabbed his staff, and casted a ball of fire at the lunchbox. It melted in Goofy’s hands until there was just a puddle left. Penelope looked at the two, and sighed.

Penelope: I really didn’t mean to release those videos on purpose.
Donald: Keep lying to yourself, mouse. We both know you did it to help Clu and the Proxy.
Penelope: (crosses arms) Whatever.

The pink mouse sighed as she looked down the ground. Within moments, Carmelita arrived, carrying a Poke Ball with her. Seeing Goofy holding the remants of the lunchbox, she felt a bit angry, but then cooled herself down.

Carmelita: Good. She’s still here.
Goofy: Where’s Bianca?
Carmelita: Kidnapped by the proxy, by the looks of it. But I’ve brought Musharna to solve this case!

The Inspector threw the Poke Ball, where it then glew and Musharna came out of it. The Drowsing Pokémon awaited Carmelita’s command.

Carmelita: Musharna! Read Penelope’s mind! We’re here to determine she’s working with the proxy or not!

As instructed, Musharna used the move Dream Eater to, as its name suggest, eat Penelope’s dreams and look into her memories. Within a few minutes, a big cloud of Dream Mist came out of the Drowsing Pokémon, and was absorbed by a device that the House of Technology gave Carmelita to read the mist.

Donald: Is she guilty?
Carmelita: This is might surprise you both, so here’s the result: the Dream Mist from Musharna says she’s innocent.
Donald and Goofy: WHAT!?
Carmelita: She intend to send it to the House of Theater, but accidently pressed the “Submit” button after she clicked “Select All” on her camera. When Penelope tried to apologize for her actions with the transmission hacking earlier, you guys and Sora interrupted her before she could finish.
Penelope: (smirking) Told You!
Carmelita: Whatever. Just get out before I change my mind and have you on temple arrest.

Musharna was then recalled as Penelope exited the temple to return to the House of Betrayal. Before she left, she blew a raspberry at the toons. Donald was about to go after her in rage before Goofy grabbed him and pulled him back.

Donald: Good Grief. With that mini-court duty over, Goofy and I can go meet up with Sora. Do you know where he is, Inspector?
Carmelita: I don’t know. Go around the pantheon and find Artix. He should know where he is by now.

The two toons looked at each other and nodded, departing the Inspector’s temple to search for Artix.

Voltaire: And that’s how you two got here.
Donald: Yeah, that explains it.
Voltaire: Geez… I still can’t beleive she’s innocent.
Goofy: Neither can we. Gawrsh, we’re worried about Sora. He just ran off after that Slamwitch was summoned.
Voltaire: Artix mentioned that Sora got swallowed and then spat out by the Slamwitch. You should go and ask Artix where he is. I hope he’s not hiding under his covers from Audino, what with her being a pink Pokémon and all.

The two toons got ready to leave Voltaire’s company to look for Artix, slightly chuckling about his fear of the color pink. Suddenly, Dr. House made an announcement through the intercom.

Voltaire: (pizza in mouth, thinking) Didn’t one of those Saiyans wear a pink shirt?
House: (through the intercom) Attention. Keyblade wielders Sora and Riku are in need of medial assistance. I repeat: Keyblade wielders Sora and Riku are in need of medial assistance. We need someone to go over to the House of Theater to check up on them.
Voltaire: This… cannot be good.
Goofy: Gawrsh, I better go and find Audino.

Ruby: …So, what did you want me to do? And it’s only me at this moment. I don’t want to explain why.
Tron: Well you see, I wanted you and your friends to stop the Proxy… before they summon a bunch of creatures to attack us. But like you said, you can’t get Blake or the others to help, so I want you to aid anyone who works against that proxy. Don’t allow them to summon anything.
Ruby: What will they do… if they get their hands on the Princesses of Heart.
Tron: One bad thing they can do is use whatever is on the other side to attack us. They might even go after the entities of Life and Destruction: Xerneas and Yveltal, and who knows what harm those two could do under the wrong hands. You remember Lysandre, right?
Ruby: Lysandre tried to kill us all with them. I got it.
???: There you are!

All of a sudden, two beings popped right behind Tron and grabbed him by the arms. Ruby lifts her blindfold up for a second to see who is attacking, and then goes in for an attack to save Tron with her Crescent Rose, only for another person to suddenly appear between the two. The figure, a woman wearing pink and resembling a popstar, provides to shock Ruby into unconsciousness. Tron looked at the woman’s face, and growls in anger.

Tron: Courtney Gears. So you’ve come.
Gears: Just as expected. Her misguided attempts to help you only brought you both to our little trap. I thank Red Riding Hood for bringing you here, but now I can rectify that with her deresolution. While you will fight for us, and I’ve got the perfect first match in mind against you. Too bad he got swallowed by a Slamwitch.
Tron: Clu made me fight Sora once! (angry) I will not let that happen again!

Tron was really mad, but cannot fight Gears because of her dancers restraining him. And if he tries to fight back, Ruby will be killed. He had to figure out a way to save her and Sora. He looked around for a moment, then noticed a terminal within his reach. He figured that he cannot save himself, but he can save Ruby by ejecting her from the computer.

With quick thinking, Tron breaks free from the dancers’ hold, and presses a button at the terminal just as Ruby comes to, much to the shock of Gears and the dancers.

Tron: Ruby! Don’t let Gears or the proxy win! Make sure Sora knows everything so he won’t have to fight Rinzler.
Ruby: (confused) Rinzler?

Ruby then notices light surrounding her as she realizes she’s being ejected from the computer. She cannot allow this. She promised Artix that Tron will be protected. But then she saw everything around her disappear into data.

Tron: I’m… counting on you!
Ruby: No! Tron!

Before the leader of Team RWBY could reach out to the friendly program, she found herself back into the GUAG Medical Division surprising Donald and Black Jack, who were facing right in front of her.

Black Jack: Miss Rose…! I never expected you to return here again. Where’s Tron?

Her failure to save Tron from the evil robotic diva had her shedding a tear in her still-covered right eye. Ruby fell onto her knees and starts to cry. She also began to remember someone else she failed to save, which caused even more tears.

Ruby: (slowly crying) I… I couldn’t save Tron… He was captured by Courtney Gears…
Donald: That Glitch!?
Black Jack: What did Tron say before he ejected you?
Ruby: He instructed me to inform Sora everything we did… so he doesn’t have to fight someone, or something, called Rinzler.
Donald: Wait, Rinzler!? We better get to Sora quickly!
Black Jack: Patience, Donald. You two can tell him everything after the doctor’s done.
Ruby: I can tell you everything that happened in the Grid while we exit the hospital. I’m sorry, but I won’t be joining you.
Black Jack: I’ll tell Litchi everything Ms. Rose is telling us right now. Donald, I need you to warn the Court of the Gods about Courtney Gears so that we can obtain an arrest warrant for her.
Donald: Got it.

Donald raced out to inform the Court of the Gods about Courtney Gears, while Ruby explained everything to Black Jack so he’d tell Litchi the news for her to pass on to Sora. Ruby removed her blindfold during this, and concluded with a scream to the ceiling.

Ruby: (screaming) TRON!! PENNY!!!

Hysteria Count 13: Disease and Desist

Twenty minutes before Artix meets Audino

Sora: Ow! My head!

Riku and Sora were at the House of Theater, under the care of Mickey Mouse. Not long after they had their clothes “cleaned”, the two returned to their respective houses to wash up in the onsens and get rid of the smell that the Slamwitch left behind. But now, both have become ill. Sora was stuck with pounding headaches, and became dizzy. Riku, on the other hand, got it worse.

Mickey: What happened to you two while you were inside that Slamwitch?
Sora: Riku accidently swallowed some of the juices inside before we got vomited out. I almost passed out from fumes that smell like the food from Qwark’s fan club gatherings.
Mickey: (concluding) So, you’re both ill with Stuffum Syndrome? There is a reason why no one ever eats Gramma Stuffum’s food. And because we’re not from the same universe as Stuffum herself, we don’t have an immunity to it.
???: (from outside) “Stuffum Syndrome”? What is that?
Mickey: Pinkie Pie? Is that you? What are you even doing here?
Pinkie Pie: I came here because the Mystery Gang have found the stolen food! It’s inside the Proxy’s castle.

“Food”. That word made Sora feel a bit ill, almost to the point of vomiting. But he needed to regain his strength for “Operation: Crazy House”. He’s just glad that he’ll have his vision partly obscured tomorrow, as at least it will help him tame the dizziness. Pinkie wonders what happened to Sora.

Pinkie Pie: Did Stuffum do something to that young man, Mickey?
Mickey: A creature called the Slamwitch devoured him and another deity and they got sick from inhaling it’s insides. The other boy… isn’t feeling too well.

And that’s when one could hear Sora getting out of his bed and running to a bathroom to throw up. It sounded like an elephant had received a horrible strand of food poisoning. (Don’t ask how I know something like that, folks)

Sora: (offscreen) BLARGGGGH!!!!!
Pinkie Pie: (winces) Ooooh… I see…
Mickey: You’re still worried about Gentaro?

Pinkie nodded with a frown on her face. She was still depressed about the events regarding Gentaro. Mickey knows that she isn’t in the mood to make parties at the moment. This gave Mickey some words of encouragement to cheer her up, even if it doesn’t completely do so.

Mickey: Don’t worry. We’ll find a way to bring back the good old Gentaro you know so much… I Pinky promise. Just make sure you don’t interact with gods that Alternate!Gentaro could ally with.

There’s a pause as Pinkie’s eyes grow wide. The Darkness Proxy, in a sense, was caused by her. She went to Jeff Hardy, Tsukasa Kadoya and Eric Draven for advice on how to prove Gentaro killed Mitsuzane. She left Alternate!Gentaro a trail for him to use. She inadvertently made the Friendship Asylum to house the gods that had become insane…

And this was all brought back up by one mouse’s words.

Mickey immediately realizes what he has said as Pinkie’s mane deflates.

Mickey: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to word it like that.
Pinkie Pie: It’s all right…I’m used to it.
Mickey: And in case you’re wondering who this young man is, (points to Sora) his name’s Sora: God of Light in the House of Nature, Greater God. He’s a Keyblade Wielder, like myself.
Pinkie Pie: A Keyblade Wielder? Ooooohh!

Pinkie then left the temple, hopeful that Mickey and his allies will find a way to restore the real Gentaro and taking her mind off of what happened days ago. Mickey takes another look at Sora, who returned from the bathroom and got back in bed, and considers giving him some medication for the upcoming heist. But Riku should be taken to the medical division for treatment if he doesn’t get well by morning.

Mickey: I’ll send for a doctor to check up on you two right away. At least this isn’t that Death Dinner meal.
Sora: That thief from before. I know who she is, but I can’t spill it out because of those girls.
Mickey: Wait, you don’t mean—

In the House of Food, Artix had already dragged Gramma Stuffum back in her temple and Guardians had put her on House arrest for her rampage. He could only cringe at Ramsay’s curse word laced tirade.

Artix: (slowly covers his ears) This won’t end well…

Anyone with a button to censor swear words out, please have them ready in 3…2…1…

Ramsay: Your shitty food is FUCKING HORRIBLE! Even the monstrous deities here hate it so damned much, and you insist us to try it out!? You are PERMANENTLY ON HOUSE ARREST! YOUR SHITTY ASS FOOD IS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE FUCKING LIST!!! IT’S FUCKING WORSE THAN GODDAMNED DEATH DINNER!!
Stuffum: (remorseful) I… I don’t remember what happened. What did I do?
Artix: You caused a riot earlier and sent a Slamwitch after Mitsuzane. Though, for some reason, it went after Sora and Riku, instead.
Jak: And now, thanks to you, Mitsuzane escaped again!
Stuffum: I’m begging you! I wasn’t in control of my actions earlier. It was that Decade guy! He controlled me!
Artix: Hm? Well, she could be telling the truth. After all, Ruby wasn’t in control of her actions yesterday, and neither was Ben when he attacked that kid as Rath.
Ramsay: Oh, that’s right. I remember when that person along with the Mario Brothers have asked me about that. (to Stuffum) As much as I hate to do this… You’re free to go.

Security has removed the locks on Stuffum’s House and she was free again.

Ramsay: I still don’t like your food.
Daxter: We’d better find Mitsuzane before Decade brainwashes someone else.
Artix: Let’s go meet up with Daniel Bryan. We should bring him along!

The three of them departed the House of Food to resume their search for Mitsuzane before Decade brainwashes anyone else into attacking him again.

Ralph: I cannot believe this! Why would they go after Vanellope when she’s not even a princess anymore?

Wreck-It-Ralph is seen talking with Fix-it-Felix Jr. along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders about finding Vanellope. According to the House of Food, she was last seen chasing after Mitsuzane during the Slamwitch rampage.

Felix: But that Slamwitch is gone now. Where do you think she could be?
Ralph: (sighs) Alternate!Gentaro and his cronies must have gotten her.
Scootaloo: We want to help you guys, too!
Ralph: It’s too dangerous for you here. Stay at your sister’s houses—after the mess you nearly got into with Yugi, you have to stay here.
Sweetie Belle: Please, Ralph! We promise not interfere in your battle against the proxy!
Felix: Ralph has a point. You’re still fillies, and this is too dangerous.
Applebloom: But…but…
???: You’ve heard the boys. You fillies go back to your sisters.

Gangrel arrives, bringing along his wife Luna Vachon, and Paul London & Brian Kendrick in the process. The Enforcers were with the Shield, discussing their plans on guarding Takatora for the time being.

Applebloom: But Mr. Gangrel—

If I could interrupt, I should mention that she of those Crusaders had the closest bond to ‘Grel, sort of like a Scout and Boo Radley type of thing. I respect her on that front…it’s a miracle that the guy actually socializes.

Gangrel: No objections. Your sisters wouldn’t like it if they saw you three mentally tortured by Gentaro and his goons. And it’s all because of Mitsuzane’s irresponsible older brother that we’re in this mess.
Applebloom: (on the absolute verge of tears) But…
Luna Vachon: If you’re lucky and behave, I’ll get my husband to spill the beans on his Brood past just for you. How about that?
Gangrel: (turns to Luna) Since when did I…(Luna glares at him) Fine, fine…
Sweetie Belle: Fine then. We won’t go anywhere. (the three have halos above their heads) Promise.
Paul London: Is this all of the force we got?
Ralph: The Shield and the Enforcers are on guard in the Asylum, so yes…unfortunately. Come on, let’s get going.

As the group heads off, the Cutie Mark Crusaders head off to their temple, making sure they kept their promise. As they opened the door, they saw a stranger with a purple belt draped on his shoulders turn to them. Another shadow was that of…

The Cutie Mark Crusaders: (gasps) Yugi Muto?!
Yami!Yugi: (with the Seal of Orichalcos on his forehead) Hello little girls…

For the past three hours, Vanellope von Schweetz had been chasing after Mitsuzane all over the pantheon. But she lost track of him within the gorge in the House of Nature. She was being told in her head to find him and kill him, no matter what it takes. She soon locates the renegade Kamen Rider outside the Darkness Proxy’s castle, trapped in the pit used to capture Radical Ed earlier that day.

Mitsuzane: So, you’ve finally caught up with me? What do you want?
Vanellope: (clearly brainwashed) Yes. And now that the Slamwitch is gone, and that mouse has been found innocent, it’s up to me to bring you to Gentaro and make you suffer!
Daxter: (from atop a lamp post) So, that is where this kid ran off to. (through a microphone) Jak, I know where that Micchy guy is!

It took awhile, but Riku finally regained consciousness and was getting some rest in a bed that was set up in the sick room of Mickey’s temple. A bucket was placed nearby, just in case he needed to vomit again. Goofy soon reached the temple, with Audino next to him. Mickey had asked the Hearing Pokémon to help him look after his sick friends while he finds a way to fulfill his promise to Pinkie Pie.

Goofy: Gawrsh, I hope Sora will be okay by tomorrow.
Mickey: Who knows. But he did say he’ll continue the heist, no matter what happens. At least he stopped vomiting, but I’ve not seen him in such bad condition. It’s almost like when he ate Murray’s sushi by mistake.

All of a sudden, a knock is heard at the temple entrance. The GUAG Medical Division had sent Litchi Faye Ling to perform a checkup on the two boys.

Mickey: Thanks for coming over at this time.
Litchi: That’s okay. Just how are they right now.
Mickey: Riku is in a very serious condition, and is barely conscious right now. Sora is feeling dizzy, and has a pounding headache.
Litchi: Since Sora is here, I’ve got some bad news for him about his dear friend from the computer.

Ruby was safe and sound as well, having left the GUAG Medical Division after being ejected from the computer. At first, she wondered what House she was in, then she overheard Ralph and Felix speaking nearby. After the group were finished getting preparations done, they were ready to find Vanellope.

Ralph: Alright, everyone! Let’s find Vanellope and get her to a safe place!
Ruby: (surprising everyone) Mind if I join in?

Ralph’s group turned to where Ruby was. None of them were very fond of her, considering how she captured Mitsuzane and all. She was still crying from earlier, causing some to be concerned about her.

Luna Vachon: Who are you?
Ruby: I’m Ruby Rose, and I want to help you guys. We have to save Mitsuzane before things get really bad.
Gangrel: Since Takatora isn’t willing to clean up the damage his brother made, I must go with your plight, girl. As long as no other surprises are in store.
Ralph: I still don’t like him, but at least it won’t cause problems in the long run!
Felix: I have to wonder if the GUAE no longer have any use for him.

Everyone was silent on Felix’s statement. It was something really thinking about for the rest of the group. That was when the door opened and four other people came.

Felix: (seeing Matt, Edge and Christian) This isn’t time for another Brood meeting, in case you—
Matt: I need to get into that temple and destroy that belt!
Daniel Bryan: (as everyone turns to him) Another Jeff, destroy the belt, boom he goes bye-bye.
Edge: So…did we come at a bad time?
Felix: Well, we just told those little fillies to stay here while we go off to fight the Darkness Proxy.
Christian: Aha! I knew that ‘Grel was doing some adventures in ponysitting and…(Gangrel glares at him as does Luna) N…never mind, I’ll shut up.
Brian Kendrick: Speaking of what Felix said, I do have to wonder about about that myself; Even some of the members there are very unnerved by that Gentaro guy doing… that….massacre…thing.
Gangrel: Alright, boys. Find that girl and rescue her from the proxy before anything else goes wrong. And if Matthew wants to go save Jeff, let him do so; as long as he doesn’t get himself brainwashed and become…whatever sort of personality is in his grape-filled head of his.

The group departed to the proxy castle to save Vanellope from being captured.

Jak: Vanellope, you need to snap out of this! You can’t let yourself be used to butcher this so-called kid like everyone else did.

Jak was trying get Vanellope to stop going after Mitsuzane. Unfortunately, it failed; Vanellope ignored him and went to the Proxy’s castle. Every time Jak tried chasing her, she’d just teleport to the side causing him to trip.

Jak: (thinking) It’s no good; she’s not listening.
Artix: Looks like she isn’t in control of her actions, either. Let’s follow her inside!

Unwilling to harm a child, the two of them, along with Daxter followed Vanellope to the Proxy’s Castle in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation. Eighteen minutes later, Artix, Jak, and Daxter have chased Vanellope to the front of Proxy’s Castle. It was a good thing that minus her teleportation powers—and driving skills—she didn’t have the ability to fight back.

Vanellope: I’m sending Mitsuzane to you now.
Artix: We’d better make it inside.
Jak: Right!
???: Wait up!
???: Hang on Vanellope! We’re coming to save you!

Artix, Jak, and Daxter looked to their right and saw Ruby Rose, alongside Wreck-It-Ralph, Fix-it-Felix, Gangrel and Luna Vachon, and Paul London and Brian Kendrick catching up. London and Kendrick have their harlequin masks on, for some odd reason.

Artix: Ruby! And wrestlers!

No comment folks.

Ruby: Artix! You’re here to save Mitsuzane and that girl?
Artix: Of course! What happened to Tron?
Ruby: (sadly) I failed to protect him. But I’ll explain to you afterwards. Black Jack has already sent Litchi Faye Ling to warn Sora.
Jak: So he’s been turned back into Rinzler! This has to be Clu’s doing!
Ruby: It wasn’t Clu this time.
Daxter: Then who was it this time?
Ruby: It was Courtney Gears who did this. All I can say was at least Tron saved my life by ejecting me from the computer just before that glitch defeated him.
Luna Vachon: This sounds bad…worse than time Vince was trying to find out who his illegitmate son was.
Gangrel: Let’s discuss that later. Mitsuzane and the girl are our priority at this moment.

The group followed Vanellope to the Princess Test Lab, where the Darkness Proxy was waiting for her to hand over Mitsuzane to them so he could suffer more.

Alternate!Gentaro: Well done, Vanellope! Your hard work shall be rewarded with a nice “prize” since you’ve lured these pests in.

Alternate!Gentaro undoes the mind control on Vanellope. Before he could do anything to Vanellope, Ruby swooped in and saved her before Alternate!Gentaro could do anything. Ralph runs up to him and punches him, only for Willow!Jeff to take it, knocking him back. Since the proxy are currently distracted, Daxter takes this fight as an opportunity to sneak into the propaganda room and find Annie.

Sora was out of the sick room as Litchi was checking up on Riku inside, with the door closed, since he was in urgent need of a full check-up. He didn’t take the news of Courtney Gears very well.

Goofy: But why would that glitch do this to Tron?
Mickey: Well, this is unsurprising. She’d take any opportunity to work alongside villains, though we should not fully suspect her, either. The proxy might be trying to frame her, as well.
Sora: So, what are we going to do? We can’t just leave Tron in that state.

Sora gets up and walks towards a nearby computer, intending to go into Space Paranoids and help find a way to restore his friend. Goofy quickly pull him away from it due to his illness.

Mickey: No, Sora! Since you’re ill with Stuffum Syndrome, the lights inside will give you seizures.
Sora: This is different from that Porygon incident. You should know I wear a large helmet inside that helps protect my eyes.
Mickey: Sora, you must take Litchi’s words seriously. Artificial lights will kill you if you’re not careful.
Sora: I guess… you’re right. I’ll put Tron’s source code into a hard drive after the heist tomorrow. I’m pretty sure he can handle one night as Rinzler.

With that, the ill Keyblade Wielder sat back down and proceeds to wait for Litchi to finish. The others were worried about Tron’s corruption into Rinzler. Will it really last for a day as Sora claimed?

In the propaganda room, Daxter, as he takes a few breaths, finds Annie locked inside her cage, unconscious. Even with his small size, he was unable to break the lock to free her. Suddenly, Jak was knocked into the room, crashing into a wall.

Jak: (angry) Hey, that really hurts! (looks at Daxter and Annie) Dax?
Daxter: Jak, I’ve found the girl!
Jak: Good! Let’s get out of here!

Jak then turns into Dark Jak for a moment, and crushes the lock to free Annie. After reverting back to his normal form, he grabs the unconscious girl and he and Daxter exit the Propaganda room, into the Princess Test Lab where the fight was taking place. Gangrel was seen holding Mitsuzane and sees Jak carrying Annie in his arms.

Felix: Good! We’ve got all three of them! Let’s bail!

But before they could, the room starts shaking. Humanoid crystals emerge from the walls, all of them with glowing eyes that immediately spelled “danger”. London and Kendrick were back to back.

Brian Kendrick: Hey, if I die you get my The Brian Kendrick jacket.
Paul London: What?! That’s your parting gift to me? I was gonna give you my—

The two are interrupted with Ralph tossing a guardian in the air, throwing it to another six that they shatter on impact. The tag team wrestlers nod their heads and decide to fight back, doing a flurry of dropsaults and hurricanranas that would make some of the other wrestlers jealous. Luna also comes in with her Lunasault, landing on her hands and knees after destroying two.

London and Kendrick: Whoa…
Gangrel: Less-gawking at my ex-wife and more GETTING OUT OF HERE!

With their objective completed, they made retreat outside the castle. Angry that Mitsuzane was in their hands, Alternate!Gentaro and his men chased them down.

Alternate!Gentaro: First, you’ve hated him, and now you’re trying to save him!? He will suffer for what I’ve been through!
Ralph: Oh, no you don’t!

Ralph turned around to prevent the proxy from getting Mitsuzane. Cracking his fists, he punched Draven to a wall, then he grabbed Kamen Rider Decade and threw into the ceiling. Before Yugi summon a monster through his deck, Ralph lets out a roar, slightly intimidating the remaining members of the Proxy—grabbing Anti-Christ!Jeff’s belt and shattering it with a single stomp (turning his back as he saw the second of Jeff’s dark persona fade away) After he was finished, he leaves to join the rest of the group, with the proxy members licking their wounds.

Yami!Yugi: Son of a Kaiser Seahorse! They’ve gotten away!!
Willow!Jeff: They’ve even got little Micchy as well! (sees the destroyed purple belt) and I like that belt too.
Alternate!Gentaro: (smirks) ….Let them be. We’re almost finished with Phase One anyway. Once we’ve captured all of the Princesses, we no longer have any use for this castle! Come, Darkness Proxy Minions! Let’s begin the hunt for the last Princess of Heart! Oh, and Decade, one more thing… Bianca has a sore spot for this man known as Ghetsis. Take on his appearance, and bring her back!

With a change of plans, the Darkness Proxy have set their eyes on the hunt for the last Princess of Heart.

Litchi returns to the company of Mickey and Sora after she was finished checking up on Riku. The Chinese doctor told them about the results on the Silver-haired Keyblade Wielder.

Mickey: How is Riku doing, Dr. Faye Ling?
Litchi: Unfortunately, your silver-haired friend’s not feeling too well. His appendix looks like it’s about to explode.
Mickey: (confused) Dr. Faye Ling, Food poison isn’t connected appendicitis.
Litchi: Hm… You’re likely correct on that matter. On the other hand, we’ve little information on what the “Stuffum Syndrome” can cause other than nasty germs from the Slamwitch.
Sora: And we thought Death Dinner was bad.
Litchi: Oh, you must’ve heard of Noel’s cooking?
Sora: That blonde-haired girl with the huge handguns? Mickey and I have heard of her, but we’ve never talked.
Litchi: I’m surprised Stuffum isn’t banned for her atrocity.
Mickey: (disturbed) I don’t know who’s food is worse: Stuffum or the blonde girl Dr. Faye Ling just mentioned a moment ago.
Litchi: All that’s for another story. I’ve already called the medical van to get Riku to the Medical Division for an operation before I came to back to you two.
Sora: What about me?
Litchi: You can continue with your plan against the Proxy, but be sure to visit the Medical Division tomorrow for your operation.
Sora: (surprised) Op— OPERATION!?

That word whacked Sora like a brick. He placed both of his hands on his face in embarrassment as he learned that he, too, must be operated on to be treated for illness. Litchi then opened the door, but before she exited, she faced Mickey and Sora as to gave the latter a warning regarding his health.

Litchi: Sora, please stay out of artificial lights. If you don’t, your condition will get worse.
Mickey: How worse!?
Litchi: He’ll end up in the same position as Riku.

The chinese doctor left Mickey’s temple to be on the lookout for the van. Mickey went inside the sick room to check on Riku as Sora just looked at Meow Wow and patted it on the head. He was frightened. Sora absolutely hates being operated on, giving him a reason to be so anxious about tomorrow. Mickey then called Sora over. Riku wanted to speak with him one more time. Sora got up and walked into the sick room.

Riku: (weakly) All I can say… right now, Sora, is for… you to carry on… the heist. (coughs) Don’t worry… about me.
Mickey: (from nearly) I wonder if this was deliberate. To eliminate major threats? Riku. Ruby. who’s going to be next?

At the House of Travel, The group sat in the main area, with Annie, Vanellope and Mitsuzane in their hands. The latter of those rescued was still conscious.

Artix: We’re dropping off Annie in her temple first. Ruby, get Annie and take her to the House of Travel. I’m sure Jack will be relieved to see his sister all right.
Ruby: Right. (carries Annie) Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing your brother real soon.
Daxter: That Gentaro boy realized she wasn’t a Princess of Heart, so she’s safe here.
Mitsuzane: ….
Ralph: I’m taking Vanellope to my temple; I’ll protect her from the Proxy.
Paul: We’re going to stay in the House of Personal Appearance and see what we can dig up in Jeff’s temple.
Brian: It’s better than having to see Rey trying to keep what’s left of his sword collection intact and him cursing at those “blasted Aquabats!” for what happened last time.
Gangrel: Best keep those smiles on your faces when you go there. (Glances at Paul London) Especially you, London. (chuckles)
Ralph, Paul London and Brian Kendrick: (sigh in exasperation to Gangrel’s statement)
Artix: I’m going to take Mitsuzane to the Medical Division and make sure Voltaire’s all right.
Mitsuzane: Please… Let me rest there…
Jak: You better not backstab the nurses, boy. We’ll come back for you.
Mitsuzane: I won’t… I don’t want to get decapitated for everything I’ve done… Please… Just take me to Medical Division to rest.

Noticing a tone of remorse in Mitsuzane’s voice, the group knew he means it. And if there’s one thing that most people knew about Artix, was that he was always willing to help those in need, whether they be undead or not.

Artix: Very well… I’m taking you to the medical division to rest. I’m going to inform that Unknown Thief that he’s safe after I do so.
Jak: Artix, we’ll do it for you. You just keep an eye on him.
Artix: Got it.
Felix: It’s been nice teaming up with you people. I wish we’ll meet again after this is all over.
Everyone else except Ralph: (smiling) agreed.

With that, everyone parted their separate ways. Ralph Gangrel and Luna head to their temples in the House of Ambiguity, but there was something absolutely wrong.

Ralph: Lambdadelta isn’t here to laugh at my faces for once…No, there’s silence.
Gangrel: Probably those little fillies’ naptime. What do you think?
Luna Vachon: sees something at the porch of their temple) Oh no…

Ralph and Gangrel turn and step back. Many members of the Ambiguity House have huddled around Gangrel and Luna Vachon’s temple. Upon seeing this, Ralph charges forward to clear the way. There’s some silence. Even Sam and Max are in shock. The Ashleys have just screamed, “Scandalous!” Ralph clenches his hands into fists.

Gangrel: What is it? Ralph…what happened?

Ralph just stepped away as the vampires saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders unconscious with three Duel Monster Cards resting where their Cutie Marks should be: they were Seal of Orichalcos cards, and each of them had the soul of a little filly inside!

Luna Vachon: (picking up the cards and handing them to Gangrel) Those proxy bastards are gonna pay…
???: The Darkness Proxy?

Luna turns as Jason Brody appears. Brody was the protector to the CMC, but unlike the vampires, he kept an eye on them from the shadows. There was a look of surprise on his face, before it was replaced with absolute anger.

Jason Brody: Why would they do this? How were these three involved?! When I get my hands on them, I am going to bath in their blood!
Ralph: Calm down everyone! Gangrel and I will file a complaint to the House of Justice, so be on the look out! for anything suspicious. Everyone, let’s have cooler heads prevail.

There was nothing that anyone could do as Luna carried the fillies to her temple, setting them in a bed and watching them sleep. Despite her gruff behavior, Luna had grown attached to the three. She just nodded her head at Ralph.

Luna Vachon: Get going, I can keep an eye on them. And don’t worry, ‘Grel…(gives a reassuring smile) Your Brood past is still kept secret.
Ralph: This is gonna be a long night.

With a wave of goodbye, Luna closed the door to the temple and watched the other gods go to their houses. She knew that something wicked this way comes, but what it was…even she couldn’t figure that out.

Hysteria Count 14: Leaving Tonight

“There’s a path running under the city….”Matt, Edge, Christian and Daniel Bryan diverged from the main group during the rescue of Mitsuzane. Matt was determined to save his brother by any means necessary, wanting to show Takatora that an older brother would go through hell and back for his younger kin. But for some odd reason, it was a bit too easy…it was if the proxy just wanted the four to approach their domain.

Edge: Come on, Matt. I know we’re going through all of this, but we have to get going now. I don’t like this place at all.
Daniel Bryan: We can’t! I goofed up so badly with Mitsuzane’s capture so I have some sort of responsibility to get them out.
Christian: Can’t we just wait till tomorrow morning?
Matt: No! We’re getting Jeff out now.

“Where the stones and the hills divide… There’s a path we can walk through the loss and the pity…”

Suddenly, the four met with a fork in the road. The group decided to split with Matt and Daniel Bryan on the left, and E & C on the right. What they didn’t know was that the second they stepped onto those very same paths, crystals grew from the ground, blocking their only exit out of the asylum.“He’s out of the light, he thought it’d be safer…”

Matt: (whispers) Jeff…Jeff, where are you?! Come on out!

Daniel Bryan noticed a door with a black and white pattern on it. He slowly opened the door and found Willow!Jeff asleep, with his parasol covering his body from the light. Daniel Bryan motioned to Matt to take a look, Matt almost in tears to see his brother asleep like that. Matt approached his brother, tiptoeing quietly and slightly nudging his brother awake.

Matt: Jeff, it’s me…please…wake up. Open your eyes…

“He said I wanna go home… Eyes turn grey like her face in the paper.”

There was a groan as Willow!Jeff sat up, eyes turning to see Matt in front of him. For a moment, those eyes turned back to their original green.

Jeff: Matt? W-where am I? (looks at his outfit) Why am I—
Matt: (tears in his eyes as he hugs Jeff) I missed you…I’m here to get you out of here.
Jeff: Yeah, me too. Say, you know what? I have something to say.
Matt: What’s that?

As Jeff places a hand on Matt’s shoulder, Daniel Bryan notices the other hand grabbing for that umbrella, Jeff’s eyes turning to their white sheen. It was a ruse!

Daniel: NO!!!!

It was too late, Willow!Jeff stabbed Matt in the heart with his parasol, causing the elder Hardy to gasp and collapse on the ground in shock. Willow!Jeff cackled as he slowly approached Daniel Bryan, a wave of his hand causing a flurry of dark vines to entrap the wrestler.“He said I wanna go home”

Meanwhile with E & C, they somehow stumbled onto the room where the Princesses of Heart gathered. The one they were most curious in was Radical Ed, who was in stark contrast to those wearing sparkly dresses.

Edge: Uh…what do we do?
Christian: (goes to one of the crystal beds and touches it) Maybe you can do a Spear and break her out?

“There’s a girl sleeping under the river, where the snow and the rain collide…”There’s a girl that we watch and we’ll soon be with her…”

Edge shrugs his shoulders and steps back before charging toward Ed’s crystal-coffin. But unfortunately, he ends up dislocating his shoulder, tumbling onto the ground in absolute pain and biting his tongue so no one knew that there were invaders in the castle. As Christian helps his friend out, Ed’s eyes…open.

“She’s out of the light, she doesn’t remember… She said, I wanna go home… Face turns white like a sky in December…”

Not just Ed, the princesses that are there also open their eyes and the emerge from their slumber. Christian and Edge slowly back away, noticing the creepy glow in their eyes as they slowly start approaching E and C.

Christian: Okay, I’m gonna be honest…I’d rather be back in the Brood than here.
Edge: Shit…where’s Gangrel coming in with a Blood Bath when you need it?

She said, I wanna go home… I wanna go home…”

Daniel Bryan tugged at the vines that held him tight, hoping to escape and at least give Willow!Jeff a Busaiku knee to the face. Meanwhile, Willow!Jeff had some All-Star Power in his hands and placed it over Matt’s chest, right where his heart was.

“There’s a black house burning in the moonlight… We’re standing at the door and there’s no one in sight. This will all be over tonight…”

Daniel: Jeff, don’t do this…you really don’t wanna do whatever you’re gonna do to us…it’s…it’s not you.
Willow!Jeff: Jeff? Jeff?! My name is Willow, Goat-face! Remember it! Now now…what do we do here? Oh, that’s right!

Matt opened his eyes with a gasp, his body glowing with a white aura. Daniel tried to scream, but a vine enters his mouth, essentially gagging him. Matt slowly rises, his eyes glowing white as he has been imbued with All-Star Power. Willow!Jeff points to Daniel Bryan with his umbrella.

Willow!Jeff: Get him, Mattie…

“There’s something in the dark and I wanna go home… There’s someone else here, we’re not alone…”

Matt slowly approached Daniel Bryan, his face empty and emotionless. Daniel Bryan still continued to struggle for his escape, not wanting to suffer the same fate Matt had. All the while, Willow!Jeff just laughed, rolling on his sides without a care in the world.“This will all be over tonight…”

Edge and Christian were backed to a corner, not sure how to fight back. They have fought girls in the past, but those girls weren’t brainwashed zombies, now were they?

Christian: What do we do? What do we do?!
Edge: This is your fault that I’m injured you know! (brandishing a steel chair) This is gonna get bumpy…

“There’s a place we can all be together…Where the moon and the stars reside… There’s a place we can go where we’ll sleep forever.”

The zombified princesses were inching ever so closer, Edge preparing to go out swinging. Just as he was about to raise the steel chair into the air—BAM!It was Gangrel, effortlessly knocking Snow White out with a punch. The zombified princesses were silent as Gangrel removed his glasses, his body was trembling with pure rage.

Gangrel: ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME, PROXY?! You will PAY for your sins!
Christian: …Is this all about that ponysitting remark I made?

In the confusion, Gangrel just grabs E & C before the princesses can chase after them. Edge grabbed onto his shoulder in pain, knowing that it would take a while to recover. This would be the last time he assisted Matt on a suicide mission though.

Christian: How did you know we were here?
Gangrel: Trust me, when one has someone they want to protect, they become too determined that emotions conquer reason.
???: Aww, is the vampire mad that we hurt those wittle fillies?

Decade materializes from a wall, Ride Booker in hand. Gangrel just snarls as Christian and Edge back away.

Decade: Hey, it’s not my fault that their little lesson got cancelled. Who’s the one who knocked their teacher unconscious? It’s fair enough, right?
Gangrel: (snarls)
Edge: Care to explain?
Decade: How about this? Yugi-boy?

Yugi emerged in a dark curtain of shadows, holding three colored orbs in hand: one bright yellow, one white, one orange. He blew on them, and out materialized spectral versions of the CMC, with glowing white eyes and stitched-up appearances as if they were zombies.

Christian: Um…guys…what’s going on? (sees Daniel Bryan rushing toward them) Oh, Daniel! What’s—

Daniel Bryan just runs and bashes his knee at Christian’s face. Christian looks up, seeing Daniel Bryan’s eyes glowing white. Matt Hardy is also with Daniel, with that same emotionless face.

Decade: Seems like I’m not the only one who’s having a bit of fun today. Now, what do we do with all of you for taking Mitsuzane away from us?
Edge: Well for starters, you can let us go…How about—

Edge never had that chance to finish that sentence as he was pierced in the heart by Willow!Jeff’s umbrella. The last thing he could do was turn to Christian before he collapsed. Christian tried to say something, but he too was stabbed in the heart. It was only Gangrel against the Proxy now.“We’re out of the light, we’ll never remember…”

Decade: So, what do you do? Will you give into the proxy in exchange for these four? Make a choice vampire breath.

Willow!Jeff cackles as Gangrel sees his surroundings. He is absolutely outmatched and with it being so late at night, it’d be hard to find allies at this time. All he could do was think about how he got into this mess without backup (having left Ralph to tend Vanellope and Luna the CMC’s bodies).

???: Not so fast.

Gangrel turns and a strange figure emerges…it’s, of all gods, Fluttershy! She narrows her eyes as everyone turns to her.

Fluttershy: You leave him alone! He may look scary with those fangs and he may drink blood and he…well he has a Mysterious Past…but he cares for the Cutie Mark Crusaders and wants to help stop this madness!

There was some silence as the Darkness Proxy members laugh out loud at the meek pegasus trying to stand tall against them. Gangrel just has a look of confusion and dread on his face…his savior was the Element of Kindness?

Fluttershy: (preparing a Death Glare) You should all be ashamed of yourselves, going so low to attack the princesses and this man here! Now you’re going to let him, and his friends go or…
Yugi: FYI, your little “Stare” doesn’t work on us. What can you possibly do against this?

A shadow materializes behind Gangrel, and the vampire is knocked out with a blast of Dark Magic from Dark Magician standing over the god. Gangrel groans, seeing the Cutie Mark Crusaders souls turn to him. Decade grins and points the Ride Booker at the fallen god. Fluttershy has had enough.

Fluttershy: I didn’t want to use this but…(takes a deep breath and yells) DISCORD!!!!

Everyone stops as a tornado appears underneath their feet. It was Discord, spinning round and round, lifting Willow!Jeff, Yugi and Decade into the air before they were all thrown deep into the darkest chambers of the castle. When the winds died down, the Spirit of Chaos emerged just as Edge, Christian, Daniel Bryan and Matt fall unconscious. There were no signs of the Cutie Mark Crusaders though.

Discord: Well, that takes care of that. Good thing my Magic Senses were tingling or else things could’ve been bad.
Fluttershy: Mr. Gangrel…(approaches him and helps him sit up) Are you all right? Um, please don’t take offense as to what I said about you. I…just…had to…you know…
Gangrel: I’m fine. But I’m not sure about them…(sees the wrestlers) They weren’t thinking straight, I’ll tell them that.
Discord: Neither were you, going on your own. Wonder where that wrecking man is, and how he’ll react when you put your life on the line, Mr. Heath.
Fluttershy: Heath? I thought his name was…
Gangrel: Can we get these four out of here? We’ll discuss names later.

Fluttershy nods her head as she helps sit the wrestlers up. Discords snaps his fingers, summoning a carriage big enough to haul all four of them before he snaps all of them out and into the House of Ambiguity.“Do you wanna go home?”

Ralph: What in the name of the Virtual Boy were you THINKING?!

Just fifteen minutes after the story was told, Ralph stomped back and forth in his temple. Fluttershy trembled a bit, while Discord sipped some tea. Gangrel just looked away.

Ralph: You decided to just go in knowing what was happening, in the sake of being a hero?! If Fluttershy didn’t decide to visit me and hand me some cake Pinkie Pie made, who knows what would happen?
Fluttershy: Please don’t be mad, Ralph. At least we saved Mr. Gangrel’s friends before it was too late.
Discord: And it shows that not even at night are those fiends resting. They are planning something though.
Gangrel: …So, how’s Vanellope?
Ralph: She’s fine…a bit discombobulated, but fine. Felix sent her to the House of Gaming so she can rest. And before you ask, there’s no word on the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Your wife told me.
Fluttershy: I just hope Rarity and Applejack are all right. Word hasn’t spread, has it?
Ralph: We’re trying to keep it on the down low. Until then, everyone get some rest. Tomorrow, we end this once and for all.

“There’s a black house burning in the moonlight. We’re standing at the door and there’s no one in sight… This will all be over tonight”

Fluttershy nods her head as she stares off into the distance as to what was the House of Friendship. Until things settled down, she would rest in the House of Nature (having godhood in two houses was a plus). Discord yawned and teleported himself away, before telling Fluttershy “Goodnight.” Gangrel stays silent.

Ralph: No, it’s not your fault that Yugi went after them. We didn’t know that the Proxy would go after them. It also proves that no god is safe. Come on, let’s go to bed.
Gangrel:…Good night.

As the vampire heads to his temple, Ralph looks at photo of Vanellope and the three fillies… wondering how everything became so dark and drastic. A part of him wanted to blame this on Takatora, but then again Mitsuzane had everyone fooled.

Ralph: Wonder if you’re getting sweet dreams, Takatora…

“There’s something in the dark and I wanna go home… There’s someone else here, we’re not alone… This will all be over tonight”In the asylum, in a dark and lonely empty cell, Takatora Kureshima huddled in a corner, his mind broken and empty. Tears fell down his face as he begged for someone to help him. No one, but the wind itself, heard him.

Takatora: I’m so sorry…so sorry…someone help me…please…