Muse Hysteria Act Three


Hysteria Count 15: Morning Gaze

Bray Wyatt: Well, it’s Friday the 13th! And what a terrible week it has been with that kid’s death and resurrection, and his evil side creating a proxy. We thought they would be safe in that asylum, but nope! Those Kamen Riders accidently freed them, and now pretty girls have gone missing, and a gross Slamwitch rampaged here on this pantheon. But with today being the “unlucky day”, have we lost hope?

The sun began to rise over the pantheon, marking a brand new day. Both Mickey and Goofy watch it rise into the sky, as Goofy glows in a grey light. After it cleared, he was in his Halloween Town form: ragged-dressed, screw in his head, bare-footed and having different irises in his eyes. The two walk back into the former’s temple to check on Sora and see if he is well. Audino was still there, keeping an eye on him.

Sora was awake, as well, and also transformed; he was now wearing a black outfit made of faded leather, black boots with a silver stripe in the middle, white gloves, and had an orange mask cover his right eye. His condition, unfortunately, didn’t improve, even with his mask blocking half of his vision. Sora was still clinging to his head in pain, and had trouble walking straight.

Mickey: Maybe we should take you to the medical division for treatment right now, Sora. You’re still not stable enough.
Sora: I’m not going to just abandon this heist. I’ve made a promise to Matt Hardy that I’d find a way to save Jeff. And look at what I’m wearing! I look like a monster now, so they’ll let us in without attacking.
Mickey: (annoyed) If you say so. Just be careful in there.
Sora: Well, we’ll just get Donald and head towards that castle now for the heist. But you’d think Riku would be alright by now?
Mickey: I don’t know, but I think the worst of his illness has passed. But you should get going before someone sees you and becomes confused.

Sora and Goofy then left the House of Theater for a park near the House of Family in preparation for “Operation: Crazy House”, with Mickey sending a message to the House of Quirks to get Donald to meet up with them.

Sora: (thinking) As soon as I’m done with this, I better find a way to help Tron out. I’ll make sure that this glitch pays for what she did.

??? (singing) I’m queen of the castle! I’m queen of the castle!!!

Nora Valkyrie swung round and round at the café, “Castle-Mania”, waiting for Ren to join her. Ren was finally free from his bout of “laryngitis” and what better way to celebrate than with some food? Of course, she could’ve asked Ren to cook for her, but she thought it’d be better to treat Ren for something…not that she was gonna admit that she actually liked her friend inthat way and all.

As Nora was patiently waiting for her friend, and trying her hardest not to think about what was going with Pyrrha and even asking herself when Jaune was gonna arrive, that was when Sora and Goofy found her. Sora takes a look outside the window, noting that the ruins of the PWF were still there, and that the Master Builders hadn’t cleaned it up (but then again, they were already busy with other requests so this was probably at the bottom of their lists.)

Goofy: Gawrsh, it’s not a pretty sight…
Nora: (from behind) Of course it’s not! I mean, that whole “Slamwitch” thing and that silly food fight is all like, “BOR-ING!!!” I wanna see a better challenge when it comes to giant creatures. I wanna see the “Boom! Pow! KABLAM!!” that makes explosions erupt and everyone fighting for their lives!!!
Sora:…Yeah, you do that…

Sora excuses himself to check on the time, when suddenly, Nora was right in front of him, staring at his face. He just stepped back in shock.

Nora: Strange costume, you’re wearing. What, are you two going to some strange party where you’re dressed as monsters, because there’s been no reports of any Halloween-like parties being held.
Sora: (confused) Um? It’s… top personal, and I’ve… um… been told to keep it a secret from…
???: What secret? Everyone else knows about this.

Sora and Goofy turned around to see Ren behind them, listening in on their conversation. Donald was behind him, having explained to Ren everything that was going on.

Ren: Donald informed the Court last night about your heist.
Nora: Can I join you guys on your trip? Please, please, please! I’m bored.
Sora, Donald, & Goofy: NO!
Nora: Oh, come on! I wanna have some fun.
Ren: Uh, Nora. We should stay of this. Jaune should be here in this café in eight minutes.
Sora: I’m sorry, Nora, but you’ll have to sit this one out. I apologize for it, but we can’t risk you tagging along when you’re not dressed as a monster like us.
Nora: Right, of course. But don’t forget about the promise you made for Pyrrha.
Sora: Yeah, yeah. I know. Donald, Goofy, let’s go.

Sora, Donald and Goofy depart the cafe to plan their raid against the Proxy castle. Nora felt a little distraught about meeting up with Jaune. Bemused, she continued to eat her food with Ren, who comforted her.

The Thief was back at the House of Life and Death, speaking with Nathan Drake about the events of yesterday. All the plans he had against the proxy were ruined thanks to the Slamwitch. He, along with Sazh, Jack, and Ein were discussing their next plan against the Darkness Proxy.

Drake: Now what do we do? The proxy’s captured Alice and now we don’t have any thing on their next move.
Thief: (to Drake) You and Sazh reunite with Sora. I’ll meet up with the Beast and Belle. I’ve gotten word that the Kids Next Door have taken Aurora in to protect her themselves.
Jack: Annie is still at the Proxy’s castle! We have to save her!
Drake: Don’t worry, kid. We’ll find your sister and bring her back.
Thief: Actually, I just got word that Annie has been rescued during a heist last night.
Jack: Really?
Thief: You should have someone escort you there.
Jack: No. I’m fine by myself.

Happy that his sister is fine, Jack returns to his temple to see if Annie is alright, with Ein barking happily at him before going back to Drake, Sazh, and the Thief.

Sazh: I’m glad she’s safe…well, unlike everyone else that’s gotten involved anyhow.
Thief: Good. Everyone! Split up.

Going with the Thief’s plan, everyone went their separate ways; The Thief went to check on Belle, while Sazh and Drake, along with Ein, go to find Sora and his friends and allies.

Donald: The castle of the Proxy. (shudders) I hope that Decade fellah isn’t in there.
Goofy: Well, like that Alister Azimuth once said: “Last chance to back out”.
Sora: And like Ratchet once said: “Age before beauty”. I don’t care about what Stuffum did to me with her Slamwitch. This is our chance to find out the castle’s secrets and figure out how to free the proxy from Gentaro’s control.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy were in front of the Proxy’s Castle. Not backing down without a fight, they were ready to raid the castle. They had to make some progress before their plans come to fruition.

Sora: Alright, guys. Let’s kick some proxy butt!

Fearless, the trio went inside the castle to confront and restore the Proxy members. But unbeknownst to the trio, Nathan Drake and Sazh had seen them go inside!

Sazh: You’re a hypocrite for saying that. And didn’t one of them get eaten yesterday? Everyone knows about the “Stuffum Syndrome”.

But Ein didn’t think the same. Wanting to save Edward, he raced off towards the castle and followed the trio inside.

Goofy: Look guys! A dog. (realizes) Oh, no! We’ve been caught!
Sora: Wait, Goofy. It’s only Ein. He’s that data dog from the picture Bentley once showed me of Radical Edward. He… (patting Ein on the head)doesn’t look hostile, so maybe we should let him tag along. (thinking) If Ein’s here, then where’s Edward?
Donald: (deadpan) If you say so, Sora.
Drake: (watching) The Thief isn’t going to like this one bit. We better let him know that Sora and his friends are in danger!

Drake and Sazh went to the House of Gaming to warn him about Sora and his friends going inside the Proxy’s castle with no backup.

In the House of Gaming, the Thief was seen talking to the Beast. He was not happy about what he’s been told.

Beast: Alice has been captured!?
Thief: Yes.
Beast: Curses! Belle will be next! What are we going to do!?
Thief: We’d better hide her in someone’s temple.
???: Thief!

Before they could meticulously proceed with their plan, Drake and Sazh ran into them, catching their breath.

Thief: You two came back… Is there a problem? And where’s the dog?
Drake: Yes. Sora and his friends have rushed into the Proxy’s Castle! What’s worse is that dog is with them.
Thief: Oh, no! I must find them before the proxy spots him! Beast! Guard Belle!

The Thief rushes off to find Sora, with the rest of them excluding the Beast following him. The Thief was at a breaking point upon learning about the trespassing, as Drake notices that the Thief isn’t as calm as normal.

Sazh: (to Drake) Say, who do you think could be underneath that suit?
Drake: (to Sazh) I’m not sure. What I do know is that this person seems awfully familiar with that Sora guy.

As the two try to guess the identity of the Thief, they continue to follow him to the Proxy Castle to get Sora out of there.

Sora and his friends soon reach a door at the end of a corridor; the same locked door that the Mystery Gang, Sazh, and Alice noticed yesterday. First, they entered the nearby room with the food. Most of it has since rotted, causing a foul stench that would send Oscar the Grouch on the run for his money.

Donald: The proxy was being the food theft?
Goofy: (walking in) Gawrsh, I’m so hungry, I can eat a…
Sora & Donald: NOOO!!

Sora and Donald quickly grabbed Goofy to stop him from eating the food, thinking that the proxy might be using it to create a Slamwitch army. Donald casts a Firaga spell to burn the food and make sure such an army never comes into fruition.

Ein was interested in going inside the locked, as he detected something evil within. Sora complied, and unlocked the door with his Keyblade, the Kingdom Key. Inside the room were purple crystals, which seems to be fueling the castle.

Sora: So, the secret of this castle are these crystals? We should’ve brought Murray along with us. Oh, well. LET’S SMASH THEM!!

As soon as Sora finished his sentence, the trio pulled out their weapons and began to smash the crystals to weaken the castle, with even Meow Wow appearing to help smash the crystals up. Within minutes, all the crystals were destroyed, and a secret door opposite the entrance opened up into a corridor. Does it lead to the core?Sora, Donald, Goofy, Meow Wow, and Ein walk down the corridor, where two large doors suddenly close in front of them, revealing a huge mecha attached to it. The mecha, known as Humongous, steps out of the doors, picks up an axe to the side, and marches towards the group, as spikes popped out from behind them.

Humongous: Who goes?
Goofy: Gawrsh, I’ve got a bad feeling about this… thing.
Sora: Where are the Darkness Proxy?
Humongous: That is not important now… Foul pests… I will eliminate you under The Proxy’s wishes!
Donald: Looks like he won’t reason with— look out!

Humongous swings it’s axe at the trio, as they enter their battle pose. But how are they going to scratch it when the axe continues to swing them back. Donald realizes that there’s enough room for him to crawl under the mecha and climb onto it’s back.

Donald: I’ve got an idea! You guys distract the mecha for me.
Sora: What for?
Humongous: Foolish mummy-duck! No one has ever defeated the great Humongous!
Sora: What about Hoggle? That book about the Labyrinth is a best seller, and all three of us have read it!
Goofy: Read it? Don’t ya mean “used a magic tree house and experienced the whole story with two kids”?
Humongous: Silence!!

Humongous swings it’s axe again to cut down Sora and Goofy, with the two of them getting out of the way of the axe’s swings, while Ein stayed underneath the spikes for his own protection, since he knew he cannot fight as effectively as the trio or Meow Wow. Donald stepped back and cast a magic spell.

Donald: Duck Flare!

Equipping the Flare Force ability, Donald summons rockets to lock on to the mecha. Within seconds, Humongous ended up bombarded by an endless amount of rockets. This, of course, was just the distraction, as Donald, remembering how Hoggle defeated it before, began to climb Humongous towards the head. As soon as he reached it, he removed the head from the body, revealing a goblin that had been piloting it all along.

Goblin: What!?

Donald then grabs the goblin’s neck and briefly strangles him, while the goblin tried to pilot Humongous to attack Sora and Goofy as a distraction. But Donald succeeds in pulling him out of the cockpit and throwing him to the ground.

Goblin: That wasn’t very nice! (Ein grows at him) Yikes! (flees)
Donald: My turn now! (getting inside) How do you work this thing?

Donald sees a control stick and slightly moves it upward. The Mecha only moved a little. But it began to malfunction, as Donald accidently swung the axe at his friends!

Sora: Are you having any problems with that thing, Donald?
Donald: Just some difficulties… uh-oh! It’s gonna blow!
Goofy: Jump out of there! Quick!

Fortunately, Donald leaps out of the head just in time, as it explodes. The spikes then go down, signaling Humongous’ defeat. Donald quickly rejoins his friends, and they begin to ask on what the proxy is guarding behind the door, and why they took Humongous from the Goblin City and brought him (and his goblin pilot) to the pantheon.

Goofy: Hm, that goblin king mentioned that a mecha got stolen from his kingdom last week.
Sora: I guess we should ask him if this mecha was the one that was stolen. Maybe the proxy stole it when they built this place? (looking at the door) But first… let’s see what those brainwashed fools are hiding from us.

Shrugging off the battle, the quartet then march past the mecha while Meow Wow stayed behind as guard. They enter the castle’s deepest room and discover it’s deepest secret: a crystal containing Queen Chrysalis. They remembered how she was somehow behind the entire mayhem, and Sora knew that the proxy would not allow her to get away with Gentaro’s suffering.

Sora: So, that’s what happened to Chrysalis? Hmp! She deserved it, anyway!
Goofy: Gawrsh, we better warn The Shield about this.
Draven: Would you like me to tell them for you?

That voice startled the four, as they turned to look back at the entrance. Eric Draven was right behind them, blocking their escape. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, several dark vines came out of the ground and grabbed the four to restrain them. Despite their efforts, they cannot escape.

Goofy: No use! Can’t… move!
Donald: What do you guys want with us!
Draven: I thank Jeff’s brother, Matt, for giving your vampire friend the idea to plan your raid. And now, the Darkness Proxy will have three new members, and a little dog, too, among it’s ranks.
Ein: (growls in anger)
Sora: Go ahead and try to convert us into mindless bodyguards for Gentaro! Our friendship is stronger than— mmphf!

Before Sora could finish, the vine that was restraining him covers his mouth to gag him. All of a sudden, the vines began to zap him in dark energy, as his friends watched in horror. He was being corrupted. But before it could be finished, the vine was shot at by someone on a hoverboard. It was the Unknown Thief, who had come to rescue them. Sora falls out of his vine, unconscious from the torture.

Thief: Keep your dirty hands off my friends!

The Thief then shoots down the vines holding Donald, Goofy, and Ein. Before Draven could react and try to corrupt Sora again, Goofy rushes in front of his unconscious friend and cuts the vine with his shield to destroy it for good. Donald then freezes Draven with Blizzaga. After a minute, Sora comes to, and the Thief approaches him… and hugs him.

Thief: I’m so glad you’re alright, Sora. You try to be the hero, yet this happens.
Sora: I know. But your spiritual journey. How did you get that outfit? And is Murray aware about this?
Thief: I’ll explain more on that later. We need to get out of here while we still can. You’ve completed your heist, and found out the secret, but now we must go before Draven comes to, and my secret is exposed.

Almost imminently, the five rush out of the castle, with the Thief leading the way on his hoverboard. Fortunately, the proxy didn’t learn of his secret that Sora knew through his heart, due to the restrictive nature of Queen Chrysalis’s chamber. As they ran, Donald and Goofy both still couldn’t understand why the thief hugged Sora. Were they hiding something?

As soon as they were out, Ein suddenly stopped running, and tried to rush back inside. Sora notices this, and is curious.

Sora: What does Ein want with that castle, anyway? He won’t leave with us.
Thief: The proxy captured Radical Ed yesterday, according to Aurora.
Sora: Guys, I’m sorry, but… I’m going back in to save her!

Sora races back into the castle to help Ein look for Ed. Nathan Drake and Sazh reveal themselves to the group, glad that everyone got out alright, but confused on why Sora would still want to go back inside. Even Meow Wow looked on in surprise.

Donald: (dumbfolded) Hehehe, he must’ve been dizzy again.
Goofy: Wonder what really is in Gramma Stuffum’s “food”.
Sazh: Speaking of food, we need to get all the food out of that castle?
Thief: Why? I’m pretty sure it’s all expired or enchanted by now. And besides, the House of Food have already restacked.
Sazh: …How could I forget that they could just go to the mortal realm and bring the food from there? I shouldn’t have gone with the Mystery Gang after all.
Drake: And Alice gets captured because of it.
Thief: Stop bickering. Let’s go after Sora!

Four minutes later, Sora followed Ein into the Princess Test Lab. The whole room was darkened to prevent any trespassers from spotting the captured Princesses of Heart; combine that with his orange mask and being quite dizzy, Sora was unable to see anything in this room. Surprisingly, the Proxy wasn’t present.

Trying to track Ed’s scent down, Ein used his nose to find her. After a short time sniffing around, he found Ed sleeping in her crystal coffin. Ein barks at Sora to call him over, and the blinded Keybearer follows the sound over towards the captured Bebop Hacker.

Sora: Ed…? (Beat) Ed!! Are you alright!?

There was no response. Having no other choice, Sora takes out his Keyblade and began to break the glad holding her. He would not give up, in spite of what his friends have warned earlier. He could not care of a growing dark presence within his otherwise warm heart.

Sora: I will save you Edward! I won’t let the proxy turn you into one of them.

In just six swings, Sora finishes smashing Edward’s coffin apart, and the vines holding her in disapate from the light of the Keyblade. Edward’s body falls out, and to the ground. Sora just picks the sleeping hacker up and holds her in his arms, before he and Ein walk out of the chamber.

Sora and Ein met up with the others just outside the lab, with no one bothering to go back inside, thinking that someone of the proxy had seen them.

Thief: You’re safe, Sora. But is Ed alright?
Sora: She isn’t saying anything about it. Strange.
Donald: Is she saying anything?
Sora: Ed…? Are you awake? Say something!

He shakes her body to get a reaction. Unfortunately, she didn’t wake up. Sora shock her as hard as he could without hurting her, but she still didn’t open her eyes.

Thief: (thinking) No… Can it be that Radical Ed’s Heart was taken out of her?
Drake: This isn’t good.

Crystal humanoid creatures, the same type of creatures Mario and Luigi have fought, have appeared from out of the ground.

Sazh: What are these things?
Thief: (thinking) This better not be another Slamwitch… (aloud) Everyone, run!

Knowing that this is a trap, the group make a run to escape the castle, with the humanoid crystals chasing after them.

Donald: Sora! Carry me!
Sora: Got it! But just be careful not to let your feet hit Ed’s face!

Donald jumps on top Sora’s back before he fires another set of rockets at them with Duck Flare, shattering them. More Humanoid crystals leaped at them by surprise, but Goofy managed to repel them with his shield. After a few hitches, the group finally managed to escape the Proxy.

Goofy: Gawrsh. That was close. Who would’ve known that the Proxy can summon those things?
Drake: The dog is glad we got out with the hacker.
Sora: …I’m taking her to Otacon; I hope he can help out. Donald! Goofy! Go to the medical division. King Mickey said that he’s going to check up on Riku! Make sure they are alright!

Sora and Ein then starting to rush towards the House of Personality in the hopes of getting Otacon to help them save Edward. Donald and Goofy were about to rush towards the GUAG Medical Division to check up on Riku, before all of a sudden, they hear a roar of anger coming from behind. Everyone looked behind as some fury creature raced towards the castle in complete fury. He was Beast, and it looks like the proxy had captured Belle.

Capture 5: Belle and Bianca

???: Leave her alone! She’s not one of the chosen ones.

Bianca was laying on a bench near a temple in the House of Family, avoiding the Proxy’s sight. A yellow cat-like creature passed by her and took a look. He was indifferent about her conidtion and went to do other business. Two more deities approached her. One of them was a tiny robot carrying what seemed like a rocket launcher. The other one was a man with an eyepatch.

‘???: Wait on my mark. Three… Two… One… Go!

Before the robot could fire on the man’s mark, it was hit by a small blast, distracting it. The two turned to their perpetrator: Ratchet holding a Blitz Cannon with Clank by his side. He followed their trial after he cut short whatever he work on. The other figure, Ghetsis, took a few steps forward. All of this woke up Bianca.

Bianca: W-what’s going on… (looks at Ghetsis) G…Ghetsis!?
Clank: Bianca, get out of here!
Ratchet: Stay away from the Bianca!
Ghetsis: You’re not so tough without the guns.
Ratchet: We’ll just see about that…

Ratchet fire another shot from the Blitz Cannon, only for Ghetsis to block it. The evil leader of Team Plasma wasn’t visibly damaged, something that confused the Lombax and the small robot. The other figure went ahead of Ghetsis and fired a net at the two. They both dodged it.

Ratchet: (thinking) That’s odd. Ghetsis would never survive an explosion. No normal human would, as a matter of fact. Did he activate some barrier?
Ghetsis: (coughs) That shot tickled me there for a moment there, I’ll give you that, but playtime’s over… Robot Santa, activate the Smoke Gas!
Robot Santa: Affirmative!

It unleashed smoke gas from it’s systems to distract Ratchet and Clank. Ghetsis gave it another another command.

Ghetsis: Now, activate your smoke vision!

At Ghetsis’ command, the large mechanical Santa robot altered his vision to see through the smoke. While Ratchet was coughing, Clank, being a robot, used his eyes to look for Ghetsis and Robot Santa. But before he could track them, Robot Santa, through Smoke-vision, escaped with Ghetsis, who climbed onto him as a visual aid to find Bianca.

Ratchet: (covering his mouth) Dang it… They’re getting away!
Clank: I know where they are!
Ratchet: Lead the way!
Clank: Alright, but first…

Clank walked up to a nearby transform pad and transformed into Giant Clank, which gave him a large form. Following Clank’s lead, the two of them chased Ghetsis and Robot Santa to prevent them from capturing Bianca. But before they could catch up, Robot Santa, having targeted Bianca in his sensors, fires a net at her, who ran away as fast as she could as she exited the House of Family. The Net was successful in catching the ditzy blonde Pokémon trainer. She tried to grab the Poke Ball containing her Escavalier to cut herself free, but the net then shocked her into unconsciousness.

Ghetsis: Perfect… I’ll meet up with Alternate!Gentaro back at the castle. You hold them off for me.
Robot Santa: Roger.
Ratchet: No! They got Bianca!
Clank: We should inform the court about this!
Robot Santa: I don’t think so.

Taking the duo off-guard, he fired out of his chest a sleep bomb, which lands near Ratchet and the smoke puts him into a state of sleep. Clank, unaffected by the bomb, raced to his friend’s aid while the other large robot fled, presumably back to his own temple.

Clank: Ratchet? Oh man, I’d better find someone to help. Hm? I wonder who I can trust?

15 minutes after Bianca’s capture…

Belle, The Beast, and many other deities were in the House of Gaming, witnessing the events unfold in pantheon E3. The two of them weren’t so fond of video games as they were from another era. Belle was feeling slightly pale from watching the screens. Beast, however was completely fine.

Beast: Are you feeling okay, Belle? I can bring you into Felix’s temple if the screens are making you sick.
Belle: I’m fine. It’s just that these screens are causing me a mild case of eye strain.
Beast: (worried) If you’re not feeling too well, give me a signal. We’ll go back to Klauser’s temple once this is done.

Nodding, they watched the Events of Pantheon E3 on the screen. Everyone cheered for the deities that starred in their performances. The most anticipated event was the Smash Tournament; The fact that they informed by the Mario brothers beforehand that there were going to be unexpected competitors on there was what made them excited to see the Tournament for the sake of these “unexpected competitors”.

As the events ensued, a figure was slowly walking up behind the couple. It was a man with a strange beard, sporting what appears to be a dreaded ponytail. As Belle and The Beast looked on, the figure spoke up.

???: It’s been a while, Beast!

Hearing the voice, the couple turned around to see a familiar figure. Beast was infuriated at the sight of the man considering his last encounter with him.

Beast: (angry) Xaldin! Why are you here!?
Xaldin: To kill you, of course. The Proxy would be glad to have an obstacle removed.

Unleashing his anger, The Beast assaulted Xaldin, who evaded him. Belle tried went to Klauser’s temple to inform him that Xaldin

Xaldin: Still slow as always.
Beast: Grr…

Xaldin runs away from the Beast, who chases him out of the House of Gaming. The Organization XIII member let out a smirk on his face. Meanwhile, Belle runs her way to Klauser’s temple to warn them of Xaldin. However, Eric Draven jumped off a rooftop, taking her surprise.

Draven: Getting assistance? I’m afraid That will have to be postponed.

He then placed his hand on her hand, rendering her unconscious. He picks her body and departs the House of Gaming without getting spotted by the Beast. He let out a small chuckle on his sucess as he returns to the Proxy Castle.

Draven: Everything’s going according to plan.

Xaldin and The Beast were out of the House of Gaming to confront each other. Beast was exhausted from chasing the black haired member of Organization XIII, who was less exhausted than Beast was.

Beast: You… You will not capture Belle and Aurora!
Xaldin: Are you certain of that? I will so to it that-

Before Xaldin could continue, the transmitter in his pocket was beeping. He picked it up to answer it.

Xaldin: (into the transmitter) What is it? You have her? Good. I’ll be returning to the Proxy’s castle. Get in the castle immediately.

As he was finished speaking, he puts the transmitter back into his pocket, he let out an evil chuckle.

Beast: (angry) What’s so funny!?
Xaldin: I’m afraid you’re too late. Your girlfriend Belle has been captured. You’re slow to pick up on this.
Beast: (angry) You…!

Before the Beast could strike him, Xaldin quickly takes out a smoke grenade out of his pocket and throws it onto the ground. As the smoke emerged, the Beast tried to attack him, only for him to miss.

Xaldin: Until we meet again, Beast!

Angry over the failure to protect Belle, he lets out a feroucious roar that was heard throughtout the pantheon. Unknown to him, Donald and Goofy were also the vicinity.

Donald: What is Beast thinking!? He’ll get killed if he goes in the Proxy Castle alone!
Goofy: Gawrsh… We’d better report this to Mickey.

The two toons rushed to the medical division to inform the mouse toon on Belle’s capture.

Aurora: (yelling) Beast! Belle! Where are you two???

Bartz Klauser and Aurora, who were out of the former’s temple, searched for Belle and the Beast in hopes of finding them. Neither of the two were found.

Klauser: It’s no good. We better tell Pac-Man about this.

The two of them went on their way to Pac-Man’s temple. Six minutes later, they were in front of Pac-Man’s temple with Pac himself outside of his temple speaking with Sonic.

Sonic: Who do you think we need for more competitors in the Tournament? We’ve already got the likes of Wii Fit Trainer and Shulk, but what about guys like-
Bartz: Sonic! Pac-Man! We need your help!

The blue hedgehog stopped to see Klauser calling them. The gaming duo went to Klauser and Aurora to hear them out.

Sonic: What’s up?
Klauser: We have a problem. Belle and The Beast have gone missing. We don’t know where they are.
Sonic: Hey, that reminds me. A few deities came here and said that the Beast was chasing some guy named Xaldin. I hope it has nothing to do with this Proxy mess.
Aurora: (Shocked) Xaldin was here!?
Sonic: Yeah? What about him?
Klauser: Wait… Something doesn’t seem right here.
Aurora: What do you mean!? Xaldin is here and-
Klauser: That’s not it. For some reason, he acted alone. It must’ve been an evil shapeshifter.
Sonic: There are only a few here. The only one that’s been known here is Shang Tsung.
Klauser: I’ve heard of another one called Mystique. She has blue skin or something like that.
Sonic: I’ll do a quick investigation. Pac-Man, get Mr. Game and Watch and continue on with the Pantheon E3! You two, stay here! Inform the House of Gaming on what happened.

Sonic ran out of the House of Gaming to determine whether Shang Tsung or Mystique were involved in Belle’s abduction. Pac-Man proceeded to get Mr. Game and Watch while Klauser and Aurora them went into Pac-Man’s temple to give spread the message.

Klauser: (through a microphone) Attention, deities of the House of Gaming! Belle has been missing! I repeat! Belle has been missing!

Klauser gets off the microphone and he returned to his temple with Aurora.

Hysteria Count 16: Seven Hearts? 

Decade: Well, my master. We’ve captured the last of the Princesses of Heart. Um? Where is that red-haired princess?
Alternate!Gentaro: That kid with the orange mask rescued her. But no matter. We still have her Heart in our possession.

Everything was complete; The Darkness Proxy have finally captured all of the Princesses of Heart. Phase One was coming to fruition. He had Yami!Yugi get the broadcast ready to announce their victory.

Later, everyone was going on about their usual business in their temples in the pantheon. Suddenly, the screens have started buzzing; Alternate!Gentaro appears on the screen with a wide grin his face in glee of the events.

Alternate!Gentaro: Hello, deities of the pantheon… We, the Darkness Proxy, have gathered all of the Princesses of Heart! Now, watch, as the darkness in their hearts to get extracted into this object!

The screens pans into the main room behind the test lab, where the Hearts of the Princesses, along with Radical Ed and Bianca’s were next to a massive portal-like object.

Alternate!Gentaro: Once all of the seven Princesses of Heart are inserted into this object, Phase Two will be in play… Yugi! Insert their hearts now!
Yami!Yugi: Of course, my master!
Gears: Perfect….

Yami!Yugi inserted the hearts into the object. For some reason, the portal-like object didn’t glow.

Draven: Strange… We’ve captured all of the hearts.
Willow!Jeff: It seems we’ve done something wrong here.
Alternate!Gentaro: …What!? How? We’ve made this much progress, and now it’s not working? Take out the hearts!

Every deity in the pantheon was puzzled at the sudden expression of disbelief the Darkness Proxy had on their faces. Yugi ejected the Hearts out of the object and let Alternate!Gentaro examine the objects. Draven turns off the broadcast as this happened.

He looked closely at all of the Hearts. Willow Jeff went to the lab to see if anything irregular was missing. He takes an investigation at the sleeping Princesses of Heart, and all but one of them were glowing in a bright light. Only Bianca’s body wasn’t glowing, which meant that she was a false lead. Her heart may be devoid of darkness, but the light inside wasn’t pure.

Willow!Jeff: Master, the trainer girl isn’t one of the princesses. She’s not glowing like the rest.

Upon being informed of this, Alternate!Gentaro widened his eyes in realization.

Alternate!Gentaro: If that trainer isn’t glowing… then (lets out a roar) we’ve captured the wrong goddess!
Draven: I do remember seeing another princess alongside Snow White. I remember her name was Aurora. She escaped when we captured Snow White.
Alternate!Gentaro: Aurora… Gears, find Aurora and capture her! Decade, you help out too!
Gears: Of course.
Decade: I won’t fail you this time.

Gears exited the computer room while Decade accessed the computer to learn more about Aurora. He downloads a few details about her onto a hard drive.

Alternate!Gentaro: Draven! The heart that came from the red-haired girl… Kairi… might not be a Heart of Pure Light, either! Find some clues to who the true final Princess of Heart is; She could be anywhere.
Draven: Of course…it’s gonna be a fun night tonight!
Decade: I’ll help you out on this one, too. I won’t mind pulling off double duty.
Alternate!Gentaro: And Jeff. Go and follow that vampire boy. He may know something that would be of our use.
Willow!Jeff: I’m already on it, my lord! (cackles as he heads off to his destination)

Draven leaves the castle with Decade following him. Everything was set; He only needed the capture of Aurora and possibly one other girl suspected of being a Princess of Heart, and Phase One would be complete.

Decade: So, if the red-haired isn’t one of the chosen girls, then who do you think could be the last one?
Draven: Hm? No one of Team RWBY has pure hearts. But there are two girls in Team JNPR: Nora Valkyrie, and Pyrrha Nikos. One of them might be the final princess.
Decade: Hate to ruin your photography, but Pyrrha has not been seen in this pantheon since the St. Valentines Day battle.
Draven: Dang it!

In temple in the House of Personality Dr. Hal Emmerich, better known as Otacon, was in his temple, hacking into the records of the Pantheon Wrestling Feduation under Carmelita Fox’s request. He wanted to know if he could access any files that might lead to him and Solid Snake being able to rescue the Princesses of Heart and Edward.

Otacon: No good! That proxy must have a hacker on their side!
Sora: (from outside) Hey, Otacon!! Are you in there? It’s Sora, and I’ve got Edward with me! Open up!!
Otacon: I’m coming!

Upon hearing Sora’s voice, goes to his door and opens it up and sees Sora with Edward, who isn’t glowing as a response to earlier, lying in his arms, and Ein next to him. Otacon was a bit startled because of how the Keyblade Wielder was dressed, but then remembered that today was Friday the 13th, and the change in outfit was only cosmetic.

Otacon: Thank you so much, Sora. Snake and I have been thinking of a way to rescue her. Is she okay?
Sora: She isn’t waking up.
Otacon: Huh? What do you mean by that? Well, bring her inside; I’ll go and set a bed up for her. Besides, you look a bit tired, yourself.
Sora: (smirking) Blame Gramma Stuffum and her Slamwitch. (somber) Whatever was in that monster, it has drove me into surgery for tonight.

The three head inside the temple, and Otacon wastes no time in setting up a bed for the comatose Edward. As soon as it was ready, Sora places her onto it, and laid her computer, which Ein had been hiding all this time from the Darkness Proxy, next to her. Finally free from having to carry her in his arms, Sora sighs in relief and sat down to rest.

Sora: Why do you think the proxy went after her, Otacon?
Otacon: There’ve been talks on that evil group going after the Princesses of Heart.
Sora: (shocked) SERIOUSLY!?! That’s what’s been going on all along!? I guess that explains why Kai— I mean, that Unknown Thief is here.
Otacon: Thief? Who is he, anyway?
Sora: She’s one of my closest friends… and one of the princesses.

The two have no idea that Willow!Jeff was right outside, listening in on their conversation. He had tracked Edward down on Alternate!Gentaro’s request, thinking that Sora would give out crucial information.

Willow!Jeff: (from outside; thinking) So, the red haired isn’t one of the Princesses of Heart? But, that mysterious thief is one!? I must inform the boss right away!

Sora was at the point of breaking down. He blamed himself for being too focused on “Operation: Crazy House” to even learn of the kidnappings, and now his ignorance has hit him. Hard!

Sora: If only I had known what was going on. Ed’s fate is all my fault.
Otacon: You shouldn’t blame yourself, Sora. I should’ve contacted you when Ed got captured in the first place. So, it’s technically my fault.
Sora: Well, it doesn’t matter now. We should get in contact with Inspector Fox and inform her that Ed is safe, but can’t awaken.

Sora gets up, but then began to think. Within a few minutes, he makes up his mind.

Sora: I know this is stupid, but… I’m going to erase Edward’s memories of these past few days for her own safety. I’m sorry to tell you this, but Otacon, I want you to promise that you’ll never reveal to her about her supposed heart of pure light, even though she isn’t a princess.
Otacon: (reluctantly) You have my word, Sora. I will not tell her.
Sora: Thank you, and I’m very sorry to ask you this.

Donald and Goofy reach the medical division just in time. Some of them gasped at their supposedly unhygienic appearances, forcing Donald to inform them about his magic. Mickey waited for them nearby.

Donald: How’s Riku doing?
Mickey: Riku had his appendix taken out by Black Jack, and his stomach has been cleaned out. He’s now recovering upstairs. He should be awake within a few hours. I’ve been told that they’re going to take some of his vomit from earlier to a lab in the hopes of using it to find a proper cure and insure this never happens again.
Goofy: (turns green) That’s gross. (back to normal) That’s I hope he’s okay. I wished Sora could’ve rested here as well. He may get worse after all.
Mickey: You have a point there, Goofy. I’ve got news from Artix that Mitsuzane is also in the medical division resting.
Donald: Isn’t he in the GUAE? He’ll attack the nurses as soon as he gets—
Mickey: Mitsuzane won’t be attacking anyone in his current condition, Donald. He doesn’t want to get dissected again.
Goofy: Ooh… In case you’re wondering where Sora is, he’s carrying Radical Ed back to Otacon.
Donald: And now some bad news: Belle’s been captured!
Mickey: Oh, no… If they find Aurora, we’re doomed! Donald, Goofy, protect Aurora.
Donald & Goofy: Aye Aye, Mickey!

Donald and Goofy set out to protect Aurora from being captured. The Proxy was two steps closer to fulfilling Phase One.

Back at the “Castle-Mania”, Nora had just finished up on her breakfast with Jaune Arc and Lie Ren alongside her. The three were now speaking of what to do next. Jaune wanted to resume with getting back in contact with Ruby, having learned about Tron. Ren wanted to go and find the remaining Princesses of Heart and protect them from the Proxy. Nora wanted to just invade the castle.

Jaune: All of the options are risky, so we should have a pickle draw and see what we should do.
Nora: I’ll go grab the pickles.
???: Or maybe you three would like to help me with a certain object.

The three members of Team JNPR then turned around and looked at the entrance. The Unknown Thief was there, and he wanted their help for some reason.

Ren: Maybe we should help him out.

Capture 6: Aurora

In the House of Gaming

It was reported that Belle was captured by the Darkness Proxy. Aurora was heartbroken that all of her fellow Princesses of Heart were kidnapped by them, leaving her the only Princess of Heart remaining. A moderately injured Klauser, who has defeated R.O.B., comforted her and told her to stay in her temple.

Klauser: I have to wonder if that Xehanort guy is allied with the Proxy. He’s been waiting for the Princesses of Heart to ascend for a long time. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
???: Klauser!
Klauser: Hm?

He turned to his right to see Donald and Goofy coming his way. The two transformed toons catched their breath from all the running from the medical division towards here.

Donald: Don’t ask about why we look like monsters.
Klauser: I wasn’t going to. I’ve seen stranger things on a Friday the 13th before. Beast chased Xaldin to the Proxy Castle, according to Sonic.
Donald: Goofy and I already know that. At least we can use this as an opportunity to protect Aurora.
Klauser: To think you were just a hothead duck who wouldn’t cool down whenever something fails.
Donald: (offended) Hey!
Goofy: (chuckles) You’re the same ol’ duck, Donald. (to Klauser) Where’s Aurora?
Klauser: She’s in my temple. Let’s get going.

The three of them went inside Klaus’ temple to see Aurora.

Aurora: Donald? Goofy? Oh thank goodness, you’re both here.
Goofy: Don’t worry, Princess. We’re here to protect you from the Proxy.
Klauser: Now that you’re both here, that reminds me… There’s something I have to tell you two.
Donald: What is it?
Klauser: It’s been boggling my mind for a while, but there’s something peculiar about that Xaldin guy.
Goofy: What’s so off about Xaldin?
Klauser: If he was brought here, he would immediately bring his fellow Organization XIII members into the pantheon, yet for some reason, he acted alone. Sonic suspects that Shang Tsung may be allied with the Proxy.

Donald and Goofy looked at each other perplexed as the realization dawned on them.

Donald: Wait, Shang Tsung doesn’t even know anything about Xaldin!
Klauser: Your little detail is correct.
Goofy: I doubt Mystique has any knowledge on him as well.
Donald: If the other Organization XIII members aren’t here…
Goofy: And if the Beast got distracted before Belle was captured, than that means…

The four of them were shocked at the revelation, prompting them to be extra careful.

Klauser: Decade? You mean Kamen Rider Decade?
Donald: Yeah, him! Then that must mean he used Ghetsis’ form to kidnap Bianca as well. (shudders) Now I really don’t want to meet him.
Klauser: At least things can’t get worse… huh?
Goofy: I think I hear something outside.
Aurora: I wonder what could it be?

The three of them went outside to look at the Servebots doing their usual.

Aurora: They’re trying to get their master in the main Pantheon.
Klauser: We should just ignore them. They’re just wandering around as they please

The Servbots were still walking their happily around in the House of Gaming. Suddenly, an explosion was heard outside. They went out to see a robot wearing Santa Claus clothes.

Goofy: Oh, no! Robot Santa’s gonna destroy this place!
Felix: (outside the temple) Aaahh! Someone, take out that robot! (looks at another group of robots) Eggman’s robots!?

Along with Robot Santa Claus, the robot army have spread out and caused a massive rampage in the House, from blowing it’s designs, to destroying temples with rocket launchers, to planting mines.

Klauser: I don’t see the fat scientist himself…
Donald: Where’s Mario!? And Pac-Man!?
Aurora: And that Demifiend boy is busy.
Goofy: Where’s that friendly demon?
Klauser: There’s no time; We need to get out or else this gets chaotic!

Before they could exit Bartz’s temple, a smoke bomb was thrown inside, causing them to get out. As they’ve exited the temple, they were greeted by Robot Santa Claus with a rocket launcher.

Robot Santa Claus: (maliciously) Happy Friday the 13th, boys!!
Donald: Run!

Robot Santa Claus fired the Rocket Launcher at the group, who stepped out of the way, causing Klauser’s temple to get destroyed. Smoke covered the entire House, and flames were all around the House.

Goofy: Holy Gamoly! I didn’t expect Robots to raid the entire House!
Klauser: Who is hacking their programming?
Aurora: It’s either Trollkaiger, Clu, or… or…
Donald: Xehanort?
Klauser: Does he know how to hack machines?
???: Hehehehe! They’re all wrong answers.

A female robotic voice appeared in front of the Robots. Donald and Goofy recognized the voice as the smoke partially cleared up. Courtney Gears walked up to the group.

Donald & Goofy: YOU!
Gears: I must thank them for hacking all of the Robots.
Klauser: Them? Who?
Gears: My dancers and their corrupted army. Kudos to Clu for tricking them into teaching them into rectifying programs.
Aurora: So Clu is allied with you guys…!
Gears: Hehe, I wouldn’t have gathered a robot army without his help. Now… Give me Aurora and I’ll spare all of you. If you don’t, I’ll have the entire army destroy the House.
Klauser: We’ll never surrender her to you, you vile robot!
Donald & Goofy: Yeah!
Gears: Well then. (to the robots) Fire at— guuh!

Before she could finish the order, green fireball hits her. She turned to see her attacker, Luigi, who was wearing his cape.

Luigi: Guys… And Aurora. You’re all okay!
Klauser: Yeah… except that the Robot Santa Claus is terrorizing this house thanks to this glitch here!
Donald: Let’s get out of here!

Using this as an opening, the four of them, along with Luigi, run out of the House Gaming. Angry, Gears sent her robot army to attack them.


The robot army chased after the five them. Robot Santa Claus whips out a netbag launcher to capture Aurora. The group let Aurora go in front of them to prevent her from being captured by the proxy. But it was too late, as she got hit, with the bag flying up to prevent the group from cutting her out. Angry, Donald attempts to call out his rockets and perform Duck Flare again, but then remembered that Sora wasn’t with them!

Donald: Awww! Bad time for that Ed girl to take a nap!
Gears: Well, I thank you four for the capture of the princess. We best be on our way now.

Gears then throws a smoke bomb to cover her escape, as she takes the net holding Aurora and races back to the castle. The dancers cut off their control over the robots, as they are no longer needed. The Robots went back to their homes as the session was over.

Klauser: They’ve gotten Aurora! This is bad…
Donald: That Gears… (in a boxing pose) The next time I see her, I’ll give her a thwack and wham!

Back at the GUAG Medical Division, Mickey Mouse continues to watch over Riku as he rested in the post-anesthetic care after being treated. The Keyblade Master was still unconscious, and had to breathe with an oxygen mask. It could be a few days before he would be well enough to fight again.

Mickey: Hang in there, Riku. (thinking) I hope Sora is doing alright. They said he’ll start vomiting if he’s not treated soon.
Daxter: (shouting) Hey, King Mickey!!
Mickey: Daxter? The door’s open!

Jak and Daxter opened the door, accompanying Mickey. The both of them had a very concerned look on their face.

Mickey: What is it, you two?
Jak: We’ve been told find that Thief that’s hanging around, but he became occupied with another mission. Now we and Team JNPR are trying to get into that computer world and help Tron out. We were told what happened by Jaune, and I want to keep my promise to Sora.
Mickey: Well, I know that Black Jack has a laser around here, somewhere. We should ask him if we can use that. At least it’ll take some weight off of Sora’s back, and he’s not been feeling very well, lately.
Daxter: Whoa! What happened to Riku? His face looks greener than Samos after one of his meditations in Haven Forest.
Jak: Remember that Slamwitch from yesterday, Dax? Riku attacked it with a Dark Fireball, but failed and he and Sora were eaten.
Daxter: Yuck! Don’t remind me on that!
Jak: Relax. I’ll go ask him if we could use it.

Jak went out of the area where the Extraordinary Doctors were located, where Black Jack and Audino were waiting. The former was busy ordering the other extraordinary doctor perform healing operations on GUAG members. The latter was just getting some medications ready.

Audino: Audino?
Black Jack: What is it, Jak?
Jak: Do you know your… laser is? The one where you transport the target anywhere?
Black Jack: Oh yes, the Warp Gun? It’s in the drawers in my room. Audino will lead you there.
Jak: Thank you.

Audino leads Jak to the Extraordinary Doctors’ Leader’s room. Five minutes later, they were in the room with the purpose of looking inside the drawer for the Warp Gun. After spending two minutes looking very hard for it, the Warp Gun wasn’t inside the drawer. Audino went into a panic attack. She never saw anyone steal anything here.

Jak: (thinking) It’s gone. I better tell Black Jack about this.

They ran back to Black Jack as fast they could, but Black Jack was on his way into his room.

Black Jack: I hope you didn’t crash anything. If you do—
Jak: The laser gun is gone.
Black Jack: This can’t be happening. Did it get stolen?

Before they could discuss about the gun any further, the computer buzzes. The next thing it showed was Alternate!Gentaro’s face, smiling more maliciously than ever.

Alternate!Gentaro: Attention, deities of the Pantheon! We’ve just captured Aurora! There’s only one more Princess of Heart left, and that is that Thief that’s been hanging around these past few days.
Black Jack: Dear Cosmos… That thief is the final Princess?
Jak: I’d better get King Mickey about this.

As Jak ran to Mickey, Daxter, and a sickened Riku, the screen went back to Alternate!Gentaro.

Alternate!Gentaro: If you know where the last Princess of Heart is, bring her to me.

Hysteria Count 17: Last One Left

Donald and Goofy returned to the GUAG Medical Division, upset over their failure to protect Aurora from Courtney Gears. Artix also decided to speak with Mickey over this matter. Speaking in a private room, they discus on what has happened so far. Mickey, Donald and Goofy knew that the thief was connected with Sora, but only Mickey knew that the thief was really one of Sora’s closest friends: Kairi. But the proxy thinks Edward is Kairi. Why?

Goofy: But how did the proxy find out that the Thief is a Princess?
Mickey: Maybe Draven listened in while you spoke with her by pretending to be unconscious? Maybe that goblin didn’t run away and spied on you guys? Maybe one of you guys got a listening chip attached to you while Draven controlled us in the House of Food?
Daxter: Or maybe someone followed Sora and overheard any conversation until they got the information they needed?
Jak: So, let’s go through with what we’ve learned so far. The proxy have escaped the asylum, captured six of the Princesses of Heart, brainwashed us into attacking that Micchy guy with the video Penelope accidently broadcasted, and corrupted Tron into Rinzler in front of Ruby.
Artix: And they also stole all of the food, controlled Ruby and Gramma Stuffum, and created a Slamwitch that made Riku too sick to fight.
Donald: And now, we know that Courtney Gears being in cahoots with them!
Jak: And the Proxy have likely stolen the gun Black Jack had.
Artix: There’s also the matter on that huge portal. What purpose are they using that for?
Mickey: Now for the most important question. How did—

Before Mickey could end his question, the computer screens buzzes and it shows a video of Trollkaiger member Handsome Jack having his temple raided by several members of the LOL Rangers, mainly The Sonozaki Sisters and Deadpool. This was in response to what had happened to Satoko Houjou when Cinderella was kidnapped, and the other rangers assume that Trollkaiger is in league.

Handsome Jack: (from inside the TV screen) Get out of my temple! None of us in Trollkaiger are involved in this!
Artix: They’ve even framed Trollkaiger?
Daxter: Meh, They deserved it for all the other crap they’ve done.
Artix: I doubt Trollkaiger is working with them.
Jak: So what’s the plan?
Mickey: Well, right now, we need to make sure that the Thief is safe. Jak. You and Daxter find and protect her. Donald. Goofy. You two spy on Courtney Gears, and if she does something antagonistic, stop her at all costs. Artix. Find Team JNPR and Ruby. We should inform them of the situation. I’ll stay here and keep an eye on Riku until he’s stable.
Daxter: Don’t you mean “RNJR”? That’s what they’re called now.
Donald: RNJR? I thought they’ll called “JNRR”.
Jak: Can we just leave this for later?
Goofy: What about Sora? You think he’d be alright with one of those Mackers?
Donald: (correcting him) Hackers!
Goofy: Right. Hackers.
Donald: I hope he holds out well.
Artix: Let’s move out, everyone!

The group separate and depart the hospital, leaving Mickey tending to Riku.

Mickey: (thinking) Kairi… I hope you’re safe.

Soon, the Unknown Thief arrived at the GUAG Medical Division on his hoverboard with Sazh and Drake following him. But his manners were a bit… different, than before. He was suddenly a lot more talkative.

Black Jack: Thief, Thank goodness you’re here!
Thief: Black Jack, where are the others?
Black Jack: They’re inside! They know that you’re a Princess of Heart.
Drake: Good thing they don’t know the Thief’s actual identity.
Sazh: We’d better assemble everyone quick.
???: We’re coming!

They looked behind to see the rest get out of the Medical Division.

Jak: We’re coming with you, Thief.
Thief: Guys…
Artix: I’m going to inform Ruby Rose and Team JNPR on the princesses.
Donald: Goofy and I are going to spy on Gears. Sorry we can’t help you.
Thief: Good. Artix, I’m coming with you. Let’s move!

The group divided to fulfill their plan. Donald and Goofy decided to keep tabs on Gears, while the Thief’s group went to find Team JNPR.

Meanwhile in the House of Justice, Sora was carrying Radical Ed to the front of Carmelita’s temple, with Ein following him. Ed’s computer was left with Otacon, though he told Sora that he would take it back to her temple right away. As Sora gets to Carmelita’s door, he then kicks it to knock.

Sora: Inspector Fox, it’s me! Sora! Open the door!

Eight seconds later, Carmelita opened the door, surprised to see him with Ed in his arms. At first, she looked like she was going to attack him with her shock pistol because of his outfit, but then remembered the date.

Carmelita: Whew. If it was someone else, I’d shoot them on sight. Is she alright?
Sora: Yes, but she isn’t waking up.
Carmelita: She isn’t physically harmed. That’s the good news. I have one question… Do you really think she’s a Princess of Heart?
Sora: …She isn’t. If she was a Princess of Heart, her body would have glowed up, but she hasn’t.
Carmelita: They’ve captured the wrong girl. Sora, you still have time to protect the last Princess of Heart. Take her back to her temple…
Sora: Can you please hold her for a minute…? Where’s a garbage bin? I’m not feeling too well…
Carmelita: (grabs Ed and takes her to her bed) Here you go… (brings the garbage bin to Sora)

After the Inspector gives her garbage bin to Sora, the latter vomits on it for a few minutes.

Carmelita: How did you get sick?
Sora: (slightly recovers breath) I’ve gotten Stuffum Syndrome…
Carmelita: eeeuggghh… You’d better go to the medical division or get one of the healers to cure it.
Sora: No… Not when the proxy are still—-

Before he could finish his sentence, he throws up into the garbage bag again.

Artix: Looks like this whole plan is covered.

The Thief, Artix, Drake, Sazh, Jak, and Daxter have formed up a plan as they walked around the main pantheon grounds. As they walked around, Daxter begins to take notice on the Thief and how his manners were a bit different from the last night. Something was odd.

Thief: We meet with Team JNPR in the House of Personal Appearance, then we enter the Proxy’s temple to save the Princesses of Heart.
Daxter: Those Proxy goons won’t even te-
Jak: (covers Daxter’s mouth) Shh! We can’t reveal our plan to. Someone could be a potential ally to the Proxy.
Thief: Indeed! Shapeshifters make effective spies. Someone’s doing an investigation on Mystique and Shang Tsung.
Drake: Do those two even know Xaldin?
Thief: I doubt it. I don’t know anything about those two shapeshifters myself… (looks up in the sky) Look out!

They all looked at where Thief was looking to see a small meteor missile launching from the Proxy’s castle heading. The meteor missile’s speed was very fast. Artix, however, had another plan in mind.

Artix: Everyone, split up!
Thief: What!?

The group quickly ran away from the meteor’s shadow as the meteor itself was about to crash into the ground. The meteor then crashed, leaving a large crater that is deep enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. However, this caused the group to separate into groups of three: The Thief himself was alone, Sazh and Nathan Drake were a duo, and Artix was with Jak and Daxter.

Artix: I didn’t think the Proxy would have weapons insider their castle.
Jak: ”(yelling to Drake, Sazh, and the Thief) Are you three okay over there?
Sazh: (yelling) Yeah! We’re fine! My foot just hurts a little.
Drake: (yelling) What’s the plan, Thief?
Thief: (yelling) Everyone, find shelter! If one of you locate Team JNPR, Go to the House of Costume before you go to the Proxy’s Castle. That’s all!

With that, the separated group went into a house to find shelter. The Thief decide go to the House of Technology, with Drake and Sazh going into the House of Commerce. Daxter planned on returning with Jak and Artix to speak with Mickey about the meteor. Fortunately, Jak and Artix saw three familiar figures coming out of the House of Personal Appearance.

???1: Did a Pokémon used a Draco Meteor here?
???2: I doubt it. I don’t see a Pokémon Battle going on.
???1: It couldn’t have been Rydia, either. She’s currently on guard patrol in the House of Food.
Jak: Hey!

The three figures noticed Jak, Daxter, and Artix running up to them to speak to them.

Artix: You must be Jaune Arc, the leader of JNPR. That Unknown Thief told me about you. We need your help.
Jaune: Where’s the Thief? Does she have to take care of something?
Jak: You see that meteorite over there? That’s the reason we got separated.
Ren: This is only making things harder for us… What else did she say?
Artix: She wants us to be in the Proxy’s Castle.
Jaune: Shouldn’t we be going to the Thief?
Daxter: She doesn’t want her identity to be exposed. We have to go!

Nora never said a word, however. Daxter found it quite odd for her to not give one of her signature Blood Knight comments on stuff like the meteor. All she did was just stare at the crater in shock, and scratch her head.

Daxter: Hey, you haven’t said a word.
Ren: Is there something wrong, Nora?
Nora: (frowning) No… I’m fine. Thank you for worrying about me, though.
Jaune: That’s good to hear. Let’s go!

With JNPR, Artix, Jak, and Daxter head for the Proxy’s Castle to launch the next step of their plain.

Soon, Sora stopped vomiting and left the House of Justice to return Ed back to her temple in the House of Technology under Carmelita’s advice. She, however, still wasn’t waking up. The young man, still nauseous from the “Stuffum Syndrome”, puts the sleeping Hacker of the Bebop onto her bed, with Ein lying next to her.

Sora: I’m sorry to do this to you, Ed. But this is for your own good.

Shedding a tear from his covered eye, Sora pulls out his Keyblade and begins to cast a spell that will erase Edward’s memories from the Friendship Asylum’s creation onwards. As soon as he was done, he lies himself into a beanbag nearby, and began to keep an eye on Edward for once she woke up. This was all he could do, since she cannot be left unsupervised, and he cannot go into the computer, lest his illness would get worse from the lights inside.

Artix, Jak, Daxter, Jaune, Ren, and Nora were in front of the Proxy’s castle ready to attack the proxy and hopefully save the other Princesses of Heart. Everyone allowed the Thief, who had just appeared on his Hoverboard from the House of Technology to enter the Proxy’s castle first. The door to the castle was closed, locking everyone else outside, as he was greeted by Willow!Jeff, Kamen Rider Decade, Yami!Yugi, and Eric Draven.

Willow!Jeff: Well, well. Mr. Thief has entered the castle. Have you come to join your fellow Princesses?
Thief: I’m not here to join my fellow Princesses. I’m here to destroy you guys to retaliate for the kidnappings, for Kairi and Bianca, and for what you did to Sora and Riku.
Draven: Don’t waste your time intimidating her, Jeff. It doesn’t matter anyway. Get her!

The corrupted deites began their assault on the Thief, who jumped into the air by evading it. He grabbed his shock pistol, and fired at the proxy, hitting Yugi in the face in the process.

Yami!Yugi: That Thief is fast…! She won’t be so elusive for long!

Yami!Yugi summoned Gazelle: The King of Mythical Beasts to help him and the rest of the Proxy to attack the Thief. Decade and Draven rushed towards him and unleash a flurry of attacks. The Thief blocked them all stepped out of their way. Willow!Jeff then attacked him from behind with a lariat, hitting him below the nape.

Thief: Unggh!
Yami!Yugi: Good! She’s down! Let’s get her!

He’s knocked into the ground, with his pistol knocked away and in front of Draven. Willow!Jeff followed his previous attack with a body slam. Seeing this, the Thief almost quickly recovered and caught him. With the corrupted wrestler’s weight, she mustered all of him strength and threw him into a wall, hurting him.

Willow!Jeff: Ow… That hurts… She’s a strong one.

As Willow!Jeff recovered, Gazelle attaked the Thief with it’s claw, only for it to miss. But in his distraction from the attack, Draven fires at the Thief with his own stun gun. But the shock has no effect on him.

Thief: (deadpan) Fools.

The rejuvenated Thief brings out a hammer and knocks the extraordinary Lion out of the Castle. This event freaked out the Proxy, who surrounded.

Yami!Yugi: She knocked my monster out of the temple…!
Draven: She absorbed my shock pistol…? That’s strange.
Decade: Just who are you? Are you some sort of cyborg?
Thief: You wanna know badly? Here goes! Oh, and don’t freak out, okay?

The Proxy watched as the Thief takes off his mask. Her identity surprised the four members of the Proxy.

Willow!Jeff: (horrified) Wait, you’re… (realizes) Fuck…

Nora, Sazh, Nathan Drake, all meet up with the rest of the group outside the Proxy Castle. Jak was banging on the door in frustration, demanding that he and the rest be let in. At one point, he even grabs the knob to pull the door open with no success.

Jak: OPEN UP!!
Sazh: Where’s the Thief?
Artix: She’s in the Castle, fighting the Proxy.
Drake: Alone? Are you nuts!? We’ve given them the Seventh Princess on a silver platter!
Jaune: There was no other choice, we had to get the thief to—
???: (yelling) Hahahahahahaha!! I’m the Queen of The Castle! I’m The Queen of The Castle!

Everyone was interrupted by a certain phrase as the door to the castle slowly opened. The group saw a surprising spectacle: Four members of the Darkness Proxy… defeated by Nora Valkyrie. This confused Sazh and Drake, considering they were uninformed on the group’s plans. They looked at the Nora with the group in equal confusion.

Sazh: Wait, If she’s there… (looks at the other Nora) …then who’s this?
Fake Nora: I’m sorry that you guys were out of the loop on this.
Daxter: Yep, I just knew there was something unfishy about that thief boy and you.

The Other Nora, followed by everyone else, saw one orb of light energy flying out of the Proxy’s castle. The Other Nora realized that one of the Princesses of Heart weren’t restored

Drake: Where is that thing going?
Fake Nora: That must be Ed’s heart. Still, we have to rescue Bianca and the other Princesses of Heart.
???: There’s no need. I teleported her back to her temple. She’s of no more use.

Everyone turned to realized that Alternate!Gentaro appeared before them, smiling sadistically. He was surprised that his proxy members were defeated, he becomes impatient.

Alternate!Gentaro: We won’t be harming her any longer. Now… Give me the final Princess of Heart!
Jak: Not so fast!

In a knee-jerk move, Jak quickly gathered the two Noras as a means to confuse an impatient Alternate!Gentaro.

Jak: First you’ll have to find out which one of these girls is the Princess of Heart.

The Other Nora felt she was losing consciousness Jak tried to confuse Alternate!Gentaro.

Fake Nora: (nervous) Jak… I don’t think this is a good idea.
Jak: It’s the only way to trick Alternate!Gentaro! We can’t let him get all seven of you!
Alternate!Gentaro: Alright, I’ll pick the one on the le… Hm…?

Alternate!Gentaro stopped as he noticed the Nora on the right was glowing. Everyone else soon realized it afterward. Unfortunately, Jak’s plan has backfired: The Other Nora’s condition was giving her cover away to him. He raised his right arm as a hand gesture.

Alternate!Gentaro: Did you really think you could fool me with the disguise?
Jak: (thinking) I really shouldn’t done that… especially while we’re in the Proxy’s castle…
Alternate!Gentaro: Hearts of the purist ones. I command you to enter the portal!

All of a sudden, the hearts began to fly towards the portal and insert themselves inside. The Fake Nora’s own heart even left her body to comply. It glowed with a bright light that made the dark Gentaro Kisaragi grin in delight.

Alternate!Gentaro: Hahahahahahahahaha!! All of the hearts are mine! Now we can begin Phase Two!
Artix: This is bad… Get the other Nora! We’re going back to the medical division NOW!

But there was no time. Yugi had regained consciousness, and just summoned Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and Dark Magician of Chaos onto the field. It was then that he had Slifer the Sky Dragon in his hands…he was going to summon the Egyptian God!

Yugi: The Seal of Orichalcos will take your souls and empower us! You are doomed!

There was lightning as the three magicians were sacrificed and the crawling, serpentine form of the red dragon emerged, opening both of its mouths. The group stepped back, Artix preparing to summon his ultimate weapon just as the dragon fired a beam from its second mouth.

Artix: NO!!!!!!!

There was a bright light that blinded everyone and when it was gone, there was no one left.

Willow!Jeff: HAHAHA! Serves those bullies right! Now come on, we have a Phase Two to create. It is a time to celebrate! WE WILL FEAST UPON THEIR WEEPING SOULS TONIGHT!!!

Alternate!Gentaro stares at the scene, narrowing his eyes. It was a bit too easy to see them destroyed. Still, he could think about it later. Phase Two was about to start. The portal opened, and creatures started emerging from the portal. What the Darkness Proxy didn’t realize was that there were two more intruders who saw the whole thing: Komory Bat, who had recorded all of this on her camera, and the white creature from the House of Prophecy. Both of them nodded at each other, and left the castle to find Mickey.

Back at the House of Technology, Sora suddenly began to experience sudden sadness and rage. He didn’t know what it was, but it was almost as if someone he knew was in danger. Ein just looked at him in concern. All of a sudden, a bright light entered the temple and went into Edward’s body. Within two seconds, she began to wake up. Her heart was restored, but due to Sora’s earlier spell, her memories from the creation of the Friendship Asylum onwards have been erased forever.

Sora: Edward, are you… awake?
Ed: What… happened? (looking at Sora) Who are you?
Sora: (relived) I’m Sora. It’s nice to meet you, Radical Ed.
Ed: Sora… Ed and Sora are gonna be good friends! Let’s go meet—
Sora: Ed, there’s something I have to ask of you. Can you please help out a program named Tron? He’s in trouble!
Ed: Ed is on the case! Let’s get going! (gets up and accesses her computer)
Sora: Ed? (thinking) I’m glad she’s alright… and quick to action. At least… she’s not acting weirdly regarding a strange vampire in a girl’s bedroom, seeming stalking her.

The newly-awakened Bebop Hacker began to type madly on her computer as she began to search for Tron, so that she could send Sora inside and restore him from being Rinzler. To help him protect his eyes and avoid getting seizures while inside, Edward has allowed Sora to borrow her goggles, since once inside, all traces of his current outfit will disappear and be replaced with armor. The goggles, however, will not disappear due to their function to obtain articles from computers.

Sora: (thinking) I’m glad Ed’s okay. But… what about Kairi? What is everyone else doing now?

Unbeknownst to the two was that Courtney Gears waited outside, waiting for Sora to exit the temple…

Hysteria Count 18: Cragmites

The castle group opened their eyes, somehow looking around to find out that they were at the GUAG Medical Division with a comatose Nora/Kairi. They were confused, seeing as they weren’t incinerated by an Egyptian God.

Daxter: How are we still here?
Voltaire: (approaching the group with his Vorutanian Key Blade in hand) Thanks to me, of course.
Artix: There you are! I knew that was you following us through the shadows.
Voltaire: Come hell or high water, it’s Friday the 13th. You know I’m there to back you up.

As Voltaire and Artix share a high-five, the group hand Kairi over to Audino to be looked after as they and Mickey gather around in the Recreation Area for a slideshow presentation.

Mickey: Okay, guys. I didn’t expect things to come to this, but now pay attention as I explain about “Operation: Heart Restoration”. Sorry about the crudeness of the slideshow, since we are in a hurry. Okay, what we know so far is that the Darkness Proxy have captured the Princesses of Heart and placed their hearts into some sort of portal. Based on the surveillance being captured by Komory Bat as we speak, it appears that the creatures being summoned are… (gulp) the Cragmites.
Jak: Wait a minute! Did you just say Cragmites!?
Mickey: Yes, I did.

Mickey turns inserts a tape into the recorder and turns on the TV screen. It showed footage of the Cragmites entering the Proxy’s Castle.

Drake: Why would the Proxy want summon the Cragmites?
Mickey: Maybe the Proxy heard of their desire to get revenge on Ratchet, seeing as he’s a Lombax and all.
Jaune: Where is he? He should know about this.
Jak: He should be in the House of Weapons. I get the feeling someone from his universe must’ve tipped the Proxy off about them. (looks at the screen) Who’s that white feline? I’ve never seen it before

Jak looks at a feline with white fur and black skin, sporting red eyes on its face.

Artix: Oh, that creature? That must be a Pokémon. It must be either an Absol or a Furfrou. I can’t really tell. What is it even doing there?
Mickey: It’s spying on the Proxy’s Castle with Komory Bat to give information on the Proxy. Everyone, search for any allies to help in this issue. If any of you find Ratchet, inform him about the Cragmites! Nora, you and your group stay here. You’re all Dismissed!

After meeting was over, the group split up to gather deities involved in the Darkness Proxy’s mess while Nora went to the restrooms.

In the House of Technology, Ed was still trying to find a way to get Sora into the computer so he can save Tron. By this point, Sora wore Ed’s goggles over his eyes as he waited patiently in his beanbag. He had to take his orange mask off to put the goggles on, and was having trouble putting it back on.

Ed: Hm? It looks like we’re going to need a laser. Ed never built one of her own, and she has been meaning to do so for a long time.
Sora: I’m aware that Quorra’s mentor is here, as well, and he’s got a lazer. If we explain to him on what is going on, he might be more than willing to help us out. I’ll go and speak with him. Be back in a jiffy.

Sora gets up, takes the goggles off, puts his mask back on, and begins to head towards the exit. But before he could leave, Edward rushes up to him, and gives him a hug.

Sora: What is it?
Ed: Once we help Tron out, can you promise Ed that you’ll take her into the computer world one day?
Sora: Sure, Ed. It’s a deal! And you can bring Ein along with you.
Ed: Thank you! Well, time to resume with finding Tron!

The hacker girl returns to her work as Sora steps out of the temple. But as he got out, he saw that the road up ahead was crowded with creatures. The view made Sora stop in his tracks at the door.

Sora: Whoa!
Ed: Sora, what’s wrong!? Is there something bad outside?
Sora: Ed, don’t come any closer!

Quickly taking out his Keyblade and knocks out one of the creatures. He begins to briefly examine the downed creature for a minute. He was surprised when he realized what the creature was.

Sora: (shocked) The Cragmites are here…!? But… they were banished!
Ed: What’s a Cragmite?
Sora: Basically, they’re Heartless, but coming from another universe, but I’ll explain later. Stay in your temple!
Ed: Okay!
Sora: (thinking) I can’t do this alone… Better bring out my Dream Eaters.

Taking a step back in, the friendly Keyblade wielder summoned two creatures to assist him in fighting off the Cragmites while Ed resumed her work. One was Sora’s main Dream Eater, Meow Wow. The other was a purple owl known as Peepsta Hoo. Sora and his two Dream Eaters went outside to see Cragmites running around the House of Technology. He then fired a Firaga at one of the Cragmites. Peepsta Hoo went ahead and scanned another Cragmite.

Sora: (thinking) Time to move these things away…

Sora casted Tornado, sucking a fair amount of Cragmites into the Tornado before moving them away. The Cragmites turned their attention on Sora and launched an assault on him.

???: ‘Cuse me! Coming through!

Before they were about to attack Sora, some of them were knocked away by what sounded like a robotic voice. The Cragmites that were not hurt turn their attention to the tiny robot that came to Sora’s aid: Clank.

Clank: It looks like something just happened. Are you alright, Sora?
Sora: I’m fine. Just still sick. But I just don’t understand. Cragmites here and there. (realizes) No! They’ve got them all. Kairi… (angry) KAIRI!!!

In his anger for realizing that Kairi was captured, and had unwittingly helped summon the Cragmites, Sora suddenly started to glow. Then, he exploded into a light, causing several Cragmites to be knocked aside. Eventually, Sora stopped glowing, but his mask had changed shape from a pumpkin into a heart with a red and black checkerboard pattern, indicating that he had just entered Limit Form.

Sora: (angry) You guys are really going to pay! I’m not going to let the proxy win!

With that said, Sora charges into a group of Cragmites warriors with Sonic Rave, dealing massive damage to them while healing himself with each contact. Two warriors remained, with Sora taking them out by throwing his Keyblade at them in a move called “Strike Raid”.

Clank: Hm? I’m worried that they may go after Ratchet. He was attacked by a proxy member earlier, and can’t wake up right now.
Sora: Don’t tell me they took his heart, too! I’m still angry at them for getting Riku and I sick!
Clank: We must make sure this section is protected. Many around here are helping out, but I fear we can’t hold them off forever.
Sora: Right. I’ll just find Donald and Goofy, and the three of us will fight these mons—

As the two were talking, another group of Cragmites, this one larger than the previous group, stormed the road. One of the warrior types shot at Sora with an energy blast and hit him from behind. Sora turned to the Cragmite, gave it a Death Glare, and beheaded it with a single strike with his Keyblade. Seven Cragmite hunters were then attacked by another Sonic Rave, and another hunter was cut down by a Strike Raid.

Clank was also having a bit of trouble with some Cragpoles, but was able to defeat three without aid. Meow Wow came to his aid by bouncing on them, and squishing them flat. Peepsta Hoo continued to scan the Cragmites for Sora, before shooting at them with some Blizzagas. Sora attacks a group of Cragpoles with a few swings with his Keyblade before finishing off with a Ripple Drive.

Clank: Don’t underestimate light-element vampires, especially if you’re a Heartless. Or a Cragmite. Hehehehehe.

Sora was now surrounded by about countless Cragpoles as well as twenty hunters and thirteen warriors. He just smirked as he prepared to attack them with a Sonic Rave. But all of a sudden, he reverts back to his normal form; his mask was a pumpkin again. Three of the hunters took advantage of the moment, and attacks Sora with energy blasts, hitting him and forcing him to his knees. Sora got back up and charged at them, but the hunters and warriors continued to warp around the road, preventing him from striking.

Sora: This… is bad! Clank, go and tell Edward to send a message to Mickey. We’re going to need backup if these Heartless are going after Ratchet.

Clank nodded as he raced inside Edward’s temple. A Cragmite warrior then punches Sora in the back, leaving him down and struggling to get back up. He saw more warriors attack the Dream Eaters, causing them to dissipate into balls of light. He shouted for his Dream Eaters, and then the Cragmites marching up to him to finish the job. Sora knew that he had just one move left.

Sora: No, Eata! Peppa! (stoic) Fine, you want destruction. I’ll give you destruction. You monsters are going to regret ever ticking me off!

Two red orbs then floated towards Sora from an unknown distance as he proceeds to jump, perform a back somersault, and land on the ground as he plants his Keyblade into it. Powerful lights emerged from the ground, as the entire Cragmite army is blinded by the light. For approximately twelve seconds, the area was engulfed in light. When it finally subsided, there were no Cragmites left. Sora had used Trinity Limit as his last resort to defeat them, knowing that he’d use of all of his energy in the process. Then, all of a sudden, there was clapping.

???: Well done, kid. Well done. You really are a gullible one to give up all your energy to save one girl from the darkness.

Sora knew that voice from several music videos he’s seen before: Courtney Gears. But before he could react, the evil pop star appears right in front of him, with her two backup dancers behind her.

Sora: YOU!! What have you done to Tron!?
Gears: I’ll explain that in private!

Once she was done talking, Gears shocks the vampire Keybearer into unconsciousness with a beam from her eyes, grabs him, and races off towards the House of Music. However, Donald and Goofy were nearby under the orders to spy on the robotic pop star, and they were both furious!

Donald: Confounded pop star! As soon as Phoenix Wright hears about this, she’ll spend the rest of her days as a park bench!
Goofy: We better hurry and save Sora! We can’t let her turn him into a proxy member!

The two nod at each other and secretly follow the Evil Diva to the House of Music.

Jak and Daxter were in front of Ruby’s temple in the House of Costumes. Jak knocks on the door, hoping that she’d answer.

Daxter: You sure she’s gonna help us?
Jak: I just hope she’s not busy leading her team elsewhere.

Two minutes later, Ruby opened the door. Jak and Daxter noticed that she was upset about something.

Ruby: Can I help you two? I’m in the middle of something.
Daxter: We need your help in defeating the Proxy! They’ve summoned these creatures called the Cragmites!
Ruby: Cragmites? Are they bugs?
Jak: Yeah, sort of like that.
Ruby: Oh, (Looks around to see a group of creatures) Wait, who are those people?

Jak and Daxter looked Ruby’s direction. They squinted closely as the horde of creatures got closer and realized who they were. They readied their weapons and went into battle stance.

Jak: Oh no…! Those must be the Cragmites!
Ruby: I just hope my friends are all okay. Especially Weiss and Yang.

Following suit, Ruby took out Crescent Rose in Scythe form and went in battle position. There were six Cragmite Warriors. Two of them teleported behind the party. Noticing this before they could attack them from behind, Ruby turned around and cutted them with her Scythe.

Ruby: God, these things are ugly… Jabba looks tame in comparison.
Daxter: We’ve seen uglier things than this.
Jak: You’d think that with this many people in the pantheon, they’d be taken of quickly.

Three of the Cragmites shot energy blasts at the heroes, with Jak deflecting one of them with his Gunstaff. Ruby transformed her weapon into a gun and shot a Cragmite, knocking it down. One of them assaulted Jak who blocked the Cragmite warrior’s attacks with his Gunstaff. Another Cragmite Warrior warped behinds Jak.

Daxter: Jak’s in trouble!

Seeing this, Ruby fired another shot at the Cragmite behind Jak, knocking it out. Jak jumped at the Cragmite warrior in front of him and fired a lobber at it, knocking it out. It also took off it’s armor in the process. The last Cragmite appeared behind Ruby. Before it could do anything, the Cragmite Warrior’s head was decapitated. A disturbed Jak, Daxter, and Ruby all looked the pertpetrator of the decapitation: Mikasa Ackerman.

Mikasa: Whatever these things are, they’re becoming a nuisance to the pantheon.
Jak: Thank you…?

They were silent at Mikasa’s unexpected intervention. Before they could speak, the screens open up with Willow!Jeff appearing on the screen.

Willow!Jeff: Greetings, foul souls of the pantheon! We, the Darkness Proxy have two fine announcements! Firstly, We have one of those boys with the Key weapon!

The screen then showed an unconscious Sora being Bound and Gagged in a pink-filled temple, horrifying Jak and Daxter.

Daxter: Sora is a hostage!? Who’s temple is that anyways? Hm? Looks like it belongs to that glitch.

Before they could continue speaking, the screen went back to Willow!Jeff to commence his second announcement.

Willow!Jeff: And for the best part, our second announcement: The Strongest Cragmite will be arriving here soon to appease our lord! With him on our side, we will begin Phase Two of our delightful… Paradise! (laughs)

The Tv screens turns off as Willow was finished with his announcements.

Ruby: I’m coming with you guys.
Mikasa: The Strongest of the Cragmites?
Jak: This cannot be good… We have to get to Mickey quickly! (to Mikasa) Are you coming with us?
Mikasa: No, You three go; The rest of the pantheon will deal with these “Cragmites” while you take on their leader.

Ruby, Jak, and Daxter and nodded and decided to head for the Medical Division to regroup with Mickey.

In the House of Music, Sora regains consciousness after being out for about ten minutes. He realized that he was gagged with a white rag, and his hands were tied behind his back. He noticed that he was next to an edge in the temple of Courtney Gears. She had modified the inside to look like her ballroom on Obani Draco, and gave it a few tricks to make the resemblance just about flawless. The restrained Keyblade Wielder, angry at being tied up, gives the evil diva a Death Glare.

Gears: Look, I’m not going to turn you into a robot… today… but I am going to reveal to you my part in this whole mess. First, I’m not working for the proxy at all; they’re working for me, and they have not got the slightest clue that they are! I’ve convinced that Gentaro boy to go after the Princesses of Heart so that they can summon the Cragmite leader: Emperor Percial Tachyon.
Sora: (thinking) Tachyon!?
Gears: Oh, and yes, it was me who turned Tron back into Rinzler. Pathetic program, he is. Always being so loyal to the squishies. But now with him under our control, his loyalties are only to me! But, I can release him under the right… parameters.

Gears then shows Sora a gun. At first, the restrained teen flinches over the possibility of being shot, or worse, corrupted or turned into a robot. He knew of what she did to Skidd McMarxx, and would never trust her with anything. However, this gun isn’t what he thought it was.

Gears: No, don’t be scared sweetie. This is only a Warp Gun. I sent my dancers to steal this from that surgeon with the scar so that I can use it for my own gains. But anyway, regarding what I said. I can restore Rinzler to Tron… if you are willing to take his place. After all, remember when you found that evil pony, and Draven tortured you with vines?

Sora remembers everything that morning, on how he got tortured by that vine. He thought he had been saved thanks to Kairi’s interference, but now realizes that, yes, he feels funny. It’s almost as if someone in his head is telling him nasty things about what he sees in an attempt to brainwash him. But he can’t feel this, on account of his headache from his contact with the Slamwitch.

Gears: Yes, Draven corrupted you! You’re still yourself at this point, but sooner or later, you’ll fall into my control, like your dear program friend. At least you’re dressed for the part, but the orange mask has to go!
Sora: (thinking) But I can’t be corrupt— (sickly) Mmpf!

Sora’s face suddenly went green, as if he was about to vomit. The bright pink lights and many computer screens were causing his dizziness to get worse, and he couldn’t keep himself straight, even with his mask covering his eye and blocking his vision. This effetely confirms Mickey’s warnings from earlier that he should not be exposed to lights, as the helmets he wears in both his armor sets do little to protect his eyes, despite having a visor equipped with one of them.

Since his mouth is blocked, Sora tried desperately to avert this, but he can’t hold on for long. Gears considered ungagging him, but then sadistically opted not to, wanting to see what would happen if he were to vomit while gagged.

Gears: So, what do we say? Are you going to give up your free will for the sake of that program?
Sora: (thinking) You must be a dullard by making me answer when I can’t even talk.

Sora shook his head to say no. He wanted to explain why he refuses, but he couldn’t. Gears just smirked at him, knowing that he’d refuse to give in.

Gears: Flawed reasoning. Guess I’m going to brighten things up and force you to choose.

She orders her dancers to brighten the room up to force him to give up. This caused Sora to start yelping from being blinded by the lights, and caused his illness to worsen. He passes out.

Gears: Hehe, you’d rather die instead. Wise choice… for a pathetic boy.

Ten minutes later in the GUAG Medical Division

Mickey: So that’s how you two swapped places?
Nora: Yep.

Nora (accompanied by Jaune and Ren) was explaining to Mickey about not only Kairi’s plan to swap identities in a failed bid to prevent Kairi’s capture, but what also happened in the Proxy’s Castle.

Mickey: Kairi used a Hologuise to look like you went into the Castle as the Thief.
Nora: Mm—hmm. And I kicked their sorry butts! And then Jak used us in an attempt to trick Alternate!Gentaro, but we didn’t expect Kairi to glow up and have her heart taken away. I hope I didn’t miss anything
Jaune: Biance and Ed’s hearts were freed after you beat them.
Nora: Oh yeah, that too.
Mickey: Figures, since they’re not princesses. They must’ve used an artifact to have her heart act like a magnet.
Ren: We should’ve gotten you two out the castle before Alternate!Gentaro showed up.
Mickey: The the Proxy sure seem to be smart…

As the group was ready to assemble, Jak, Daxter, and Ruby appeared, exhausted out of breath.

Nora: Ruby!

Excited, The energetic member of Team JNPR got up and tightly hugged Ruby.

Nora: (hugging Ruby) It’s sooo good to see you again!
Ruby: Good… To see you too… Nora… Now, Get… Off… Of Me… I’m tired!
Nora: (lets go of Ruby) Oh so
Daxter: Man, that hug has to hurt.
Jaune: You’ll get used to it eventually.
Jak: I’m sure you heard of the Proxy’s announcement.
Mickey: I did. Tachyon is about to come to the pantheon as we speak. Donald and Goofy are already taking care of Gears, so we don’t have to worry about that. Everyone, get ready, we’re going to the Proxy’s Castle to commence Operation: Heart Restoration!

The conversation had waken up a still sick Riku, having heard most of the conversation they had. He removed his oxygen mask and looked at his friends.

Riku: (sick) Before you guys go, when are they going to do the operation on me?
Mickey: It was already done, Riku. You’re going to be alright within a few days.
Riku: Alright… Defeat Tachyon… and The Pro-

He grabbed a vomit bag from the side table as he started vomitting mid-sentence and laid down again.

Riku: The Proxy…

Riku went back to sleep as everyone else exited the door to proceed to the Proxy’s Castle.

Goofy: Gawrsh, Artix would have a heart attack if he ever stood in a place like this.
Donald: Yeah. All this pink, all this glitter, (dizzy) all this spinning in my head. (realizes) Oh, no! Sora’s sick!!

Donald and Goofy reach the end of the long corridors and reach what appears to be a testing facility. Sora wasn’t there, but there was a computer to the left. Goofy walks up to it, and tries to see if he can find out where Sora was.

Donald: Goofy, you’re useless with computers. Remember when you got us thrown into a game grid?
Goofy: If we can find out where the glitch has taken Sora, then what is the danger?

Indeed, this time, Goofy finds out about a teleporter that will take them to the ballroom, which they assume is where Sora is being held. Goofy actives it, and a green pad then appears near the entrance. The two toons activate the teleporter and find themselves in the exact same ballroom.

That was were Sora was. He was still unconscious from the lights being turned up bright, and now his face was all green and looking ready to vomit. Goofy rushes up to him and ungags the Keybearer, as Donald noticed something from one of the many cages in this room. Was it Gears?

Donald: Come out! You can’t run!

Gears came out of her cage, and proceeded to point a gun at the trio, laughing at them because of how Sora is close to death from lights. Donald recognized the weapon as the Warp Gun, which Jak said had been stolen a bit earlier. Fearing that Gears would zap all three of them into the computer, Donald casts a Thundaga spell to hit the Warp Gun, causing it to short-circuit. It would be out of commission until someone gives it to Fix-It-Felix.

Sora regained consciousness, but then suddenly began to cough uncontrollably and raced towards the ledge as everyone, including Gears, looked on in disgust. Within seconds, the teen began to vomit yet again! His condition had gotten worse due to the stress of looking after Edward, and then from the flashing lights inside the temple he was imprisoned in. Both of his friends raced towards him.

Goofy: Gawrsh, we better get you to the medical division right away!
Sora: (recovering a bit) But what about… (vomits again)

Before Sora could finish, Gears suddenly throws a chakram at the ill Keybearer out of anger for him defacing her temple, even if he didn’t mean to do it. Goofy rushes in front of his two friends and takes the blow. He is knocked unconscious as a result.

Gears: Pathetic construct. Throwing your life to save you vampire lord.
Sora: (angry) That does it!!

Sora recovers from his vomiting for the time being, and enters his battle position. Donald follows suit, but not before the toon duck heals Goofy with Curaga, which causes him to regain consciousness and joinhis friends in their battle.

Gears: The power of the friendship between Sora, Donald, Goofy, and whoever is with you now… So feeble, compared to what I’m going to do to you!

The Darkness Proxy waited for all the Cragmites to arrive into the castle. The Proxy had wondered what the leader looked like as more Cragmites emerged from the portal. Alternate!Gentaro remained calm.

Decade: So, what do you guys think the rest of this Tachyon guy will look like?
Yami!Yugi: I imagine he would resemble a hulking humanoid, taking down various obstacles.
Draven: That seems accurate enough. I surmise that his body is more monstrous than his brethern.
Willow!Jeff: Both are good guesses, but we can’t be certain about that until he arrives.

They looked at the portal and noticed that nearly all of the Cragmites have emerged into the castle. It was time for the next step

Yami!Yugi: Looks like they’re all here.
Alternate!Gentaro: Now it’s time to summon their leader.

With a hand gesture, Alternate!Gentaro removed the hearts from the portal and brought them next to the Proxy. They were unaware that Komory Bat and Absol was recording the summoning ritual along.

Alternate!Gentaro: O’ purist of Hearts! I command you to summon the leader of the Cragmites!

The Hearts spinned around and glowed up. A minute later, a luminous light flashed before their eyes. Two minutes later, the light faded, a small figure appeared. The Proxy barring their were at a loss for words as they looked the Cragmite leader.

Draven: (thinking) This is their leader…?
Decade: (thinking) Huh… This is a big dissappointment.
???: Unngghh…. Where am I?
Alternate!Gentaro: Welcome: I am the one who summoned you here. I presume you must be the strongest of the Cragmites?
???: That is correct. I am Emperor Percival Tachyon!

Back in the House of Music, Courtney Gears constantly attacked at Sora, Donald, and Goofy from her cages. She’d either throw chakrams at them or shoot at them with a beam of pink darkness. Between each attack, she’d teleport to another cage, making it difficult to track her.

Gears: Is that all you’ve got?
Sora: Think again!

Within seconds, Sora and Goofy began to work together to throw their weapons at the pop star, which helps penetrate the cage she is in. Gears tries to dodge through her teleportation, but it got bad for her when Sora launches Goofy as the finale of their limit, Knocksmash. The cages were smashed, forcing Gears to teleport herself onto the main stage!

Donald: The Quack Street boys never liked your music one bit! No one here does, actually!
Gears: Doesn’t stop the fans from doing as I say!

After a few attacks and having to constantly block herself, Gears snaps and, combined with her beams and chakrams, began to spam a large, dark pink shockwave onto the ground. The party jump to avoid this. Every time she finished one of these moves, she then began to spin around the room with one leg up, and tried to aim this attack at Sora. Every time this happened, he either ran until she gave up, or blocked this attack with his Keyblade.

Goofy: Gawrsh, this pop star glitch sure is tough to damage.
Sora: It’s almost like she knows our strategy and is trying to destabilize us.
Donald: How about we use her own moves against her? Like, say, tripping her over while she’s spinning?
Sora: Good idea, Donald!
Donald: Here she comes! I’ll serve as the bait for you two!

In another one of her attacks, Gears throws several beams of pink darkness at the party. Goofy blocks one of them with his shield before grabbing onto one of the wrecked cages, while Goofy and Sora get themselves ready and hide behind a light each near the ledge. Donald stands in the middle of the stage between the two lights, fearless. He was ready!

Gears: You know, you could’ve made a nice feathered coat… if you were not wrapped in bandages.
Donald: (taunting) I’m not a Mummy all the time! Why don’t you wait until tomorrow to see my real form, glitch!
Gears: (angry) That does it! I’m having duck soup tonight, even if I end up with Stuffum Syndrome!

This did the trick, as Gears began to spin madly at Donald, who raced towards Goofy with a smirk on his face. This was the cue, as once Donald cleared the trap and hid behind a light, Sora and Goofy lifted up a rope coming from a “swing gun” borrowed from Clank. Without looking where she was spinning towards, Gears trips over the rope, and off the stage and presumably to her death.

Sora: One disposable pop star disposed!
Donald: Yep. Time to take this gun back to Black Jack, then go and find Mickey.

Donald then picks up the Warp Gun. Before they exited Gears’ temple, Sora suddenly collapsed onto the floor, surprising the rest of the group.

Donald and Goofy: Sora!

The two toons have rushed to Sora’s aid, checking his pulse and putting their hands on his forehead. He had a high fever and was breathing heavily, but still conscious. Meow Wow, still sore from the battle with the Cragmites, appeared out of nowhere and ran to Sora to nudge him.

Sora: Meow Wow… You’re still here. Go to the Guardian… And inform them I’m sick and need to be sent to Medical Division HQ.

The Dream Eater departed Gears temple to have the medical arrive at the Guardian’s location.

Ten minutes later…

The medical vans arrived outside Gears’ temple after Meow requested the Guardians to call the Medical Division to pick up Sora. Donald and Goofy carried their friend on a medical kart and let the medics take him into the van, with Meow Wow following him. They watched as they drived to the Medical Division with Sora inside.

Carmelita Fox and her ape mercenaries were present, too. Gears now had an arrest warrant, and the ape mercenaries were storming the temple to find and arrest the Evil Diva.

Carmelita: That was the last straw. We’re going to make sure that glitch pays for the Cragmites and for how she nearly murdered Sora. Will he be alright?
Goofy: Gawrsh, I don’t know. The medics said Sora was given red triage.
Donald: He should be fine after Black Jack cleans his stomach out from the inside. We need to go and find Tachyon! Right now!

Their next plan was to meet up with Mickey and his allies.

Jack: That’s it, I’m going in there!

Jack pulled out the Wand of Dianthus as he and Annie watched everyone head up. Jack finds a motor scooter from the House of Travel as he begins to rev it up.

Annie: Jack, you’re crazy! What can you—
Jack: We have power to save everyone, Annie! Merlin gave us the wand to help people and that’s what we’re going to do! I’m not going to stand by and let them hurt you again, so come on!

Annie is a bit hesitant, then nods her head, grabbing onto Jack’s hand before the scooter drives toward the PWF. Kino watches them from afar and smiles to herself.

Kino: Go get them, you two!

Hysteria Count 19: Finale 

Mickey and his allies arrived in front of the Proxy’s castle to defeat Emperor Tachyon and restore the Princesses of Heart. Absol and Komory Bat departed to the medical division after their job was done. However, the Cragmites warriors guarding the Castle were knocked their combined might. They stormed through the castle, taking out a few dozen Cragmite warriors in the Process. The group talk about a plan to banish Tachyon from the Pantheon. Mickey takes out what appears to be a large cloth.

Mickey: Alright, folks. Here’s the plan: Before we go in, I’ll wear this Invisibility cloak I’ve gotten from the House of Magic. While Tachyon is distracted fighting you guys, I’ll secretly confiscate the Hearts and use it to cast a spell to transport him and the Cragmites out of the pantheon. Jak, do not use your Dark Form. It’ll blow up my cover.
Voltaire: But one of us would have to prevent you from being exposed by Tachyon.
Jaune: My Team will do it!

Ren and Nora nodded in agreement as Mickey informs of another detail.

Mickey: Donald and Goofy will be arriving here moderately, so give them room for a sneak attack. Don’t worry about Sora. They’ve rescued him, and Carmelita is looking for Courtney Gears.

As they were finished discussing their plan, the group has reached the Proxy’s main room while Mickey put on the invisibility cloak, ready to confront Tachyon, who was on a mech.

Jak: Your scheme ends here, Tachyon!
Tachyon: More people are opposing my intercosmic conquest? I should enslave you all for such insolence! Good thing the Lombax is not in this place! And that’s Emperor Tachyon to you!
Voltaire: We don’t care! We’ll still stop you regardless!
Tachyon: That won’t be happening! Since my banishment, I have made a few upgrades to my giant walking throne. Once I kill you all, I’m going to kill everyone in this place!

As Tachyon had his mech in combat mode, the heroes took out their weapons. Mickey quietly chuckled to himself as he makes a sneaky move for the hearts.

Mickey: (thinking) Even if you’ve defeated us, You wouldn’t be commiting genocide on this pantheon,. You’d still have to worry about the powerful deities here.

Nora went for the mech’s legs, but before she could land a blow on it with Magnild’s Hammer Form, the Cragmite Emperor activated his shield generator, knocking her away.

Tachyon: Foolish imbeciles!

The Cragmite Emperor launched several missiles at the group. Everyone else jumped to evade them. The missiles destroy part of the castle in the process. Ruby, with Crescent Rose in gun form, shot at Tachyon’s throne mech. Jaune and Ren went together for a team attack against the Emperor, who fired a small number of lasers, with the male duo of Team JNPR dodging all of them. They attacked the Cragmite Emperor with their weapons, Crocea Mors and Stormflowers. The Emperor blocks them with his throne mech’s arms.

Tachyon: Impudent worms! You’re no match for me!

He knocks the two males away, with Artix and Voltaire then assaulting him next. The clashed a few blows as Artix briefly looked at Jak, who powered his Gunstaff with Yellow Eco, turning it into a Blaster. However, The Cragmite emperor saw through this and warped behind Jak location and attacked him. Worried, Daxter went his friend to check on his safety. Mickey had just gotten out five of the seven hearts.

Mickey: (thinking) Come on…. Only two more left.
Daxter: Jak!
Jak: (recovering) I’m fine…!
Jaune: Dang it… Nothing’s working…! How are we going to get destroy that mech?
???: Blizzaga…!
Tachyon: What…?

Before Tachyon could react, the right leg of his Walking Throne was frozen by an ice attack. The Cragmite emperor looked around to see attacker, looking behind to see Donald and Goofy.

Tachyon: (angry) You…!
Ruby: Donald! Goofy!
Goofy: Gee, sorry we’re late, guys.
Donald: Inspector Fox wanted to speak with us for a moment.
Tachyon: It doesn’t matter how good you are! You will all still die, and I will have my piece of blood stew.

Goofy steps in front of Donald and perfoms a slightly more powerful Goofy Tornado as the Cragmite Emperor shot a laser at the two. Goofy’s spin attack was powerful enough to deflect the laser back the Giant Walking throne’s left leg, destroying it, causing it to fall down on the side of its cockpit.

Tachyon: I’ve worked so hard to improve this thing!! Not even the Lombax did this much damage to my throne!!
Donald: Nice going, Goofy!

The Cragmite emperor gets out of his walking throne to directly confront the heroes.

Jaune: You’re outmatched! Give it up!
Tachyon: I’m never finished yet! I still have more! Come out!

While the Cragmite Emperor sent out a few elite Cragmite Warriors to attack the heroes, Mickey, who now has all seven hearts, starts chanting quietly.

Mickey: O’ Purist of Hearts… By the Power of Princesses… I command you to banish the Cragmites to Dimension A2-66!!
Tachyon: Where is that voice coming from!?

The Hearts glowed up, having listened to Mickey’s wish. The mouse toon removed the invisibility cloak, surprise the Cragmite Emperor as he got his Keyblade.

Mickey: It’s over, Tachyon!
Tachyon: What!? You were there this whole time!?
Mickey: Of course. Now that I’ve gotten hold of the hearts, You and your race will be banished!
Tachyon: You…! You’ll pay for your insolence! I’ll kill you!

Tachyon warped in front Mickey to attack him. Before the Cragmite Emperor could do anything to him, he and his race were teleported out of the Pantheon.

Nora: (Sigh) Good riddance… At least I’ll relax and watch some ladybugs hug things after this is done.

Everyone looks at Nora, who looked back at everyone else.

Nora: What?
Ren: It’s nothing.
Ruby: Where are the princeses? We have to find before…
???: They’re all in the Crystal Prison!

The heroes turned around to see the five familiar figures opening a door, greeting them.

Alternate!Gentaro: Bravo! I realized that we have no further use for him. We operate Phase Two on our own
Artix: That’s one less threat to worry about!
Decade: I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you…
Yami!Yugi: Come out and play.!

The Proxy has summoned crystal-like humanoids to fight against the heroes.

Alternate!Gentaro: Give us the hearts and we’ll spare you!
???: That will never happen!

A child’s voice surprised everyone. They looked to find see where the voice was coming from. Everyone looked to see Jack and Annie, who were riding on the carpet they’ve gotten from Aladdin to get away from the Cragmites. They’ve gotten off the carpet to stand in front of the heroes. The Proxy looked at the children with sadistic glee.

Decade: (Look at Jack and Annie) You two… You’re brave ones, I’ll give you that, but you have nothing that would oppose us! We will
Annie: We have a surprise that will prove you wrong!

The two children took out a special magical wand that surprised Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

Draven: A wand? You’re going to defeat us with a wand? How pathetic.
Jack: This is no ordinary wand! It’s the Wand of Dianthus! We’re not here to defeat you… We’re here to send you away!
Willow!Jeff: Whatever you do, it’ll prove worthless against us!

The two children raise up the wand as it glowed up with a bright light.

Jack: Gentaro Kisaragi… No, Alternate!Gentaro… You have caused so much pain, suffering, and destruction in the pantheon! I will no longer stand by and let you to cause more misery to the Deities!

As the wand’s light grew brighter, they chanted the words that would surprise The Proxy!

Jack and Annie: Send them to the Asylum!

At their command before they fought, The Darkness Proxy had their bodies telekinetically controlled.

Yami!Yugi: Shit…! My body…! I can’t move!
Willow!Jeff: Goddammit! The force of the wind is too strong!
Draven: This is the power of the wand…!?
Decade: These kids were holding this much power all along!?

Powerless to the telekinesis, they had the Proxy bodies sent back to the asylum. Alternate!Gentaro, who slightly resisted the Telekinetic power, held on to a ledge, scowling at the two children of Frog Creek.

Alternate!Gentaro: You… Mark my words, when I escape from the asylum, I will destroy you…!

He then lost his grip and was sent away to the asylum. After all of the members of the Darkness Proxy were sent to the asylum, the crystal humanoids disappear as everyone else dropped their jaws in complete shock, as the two children went on their knees exhausted.

Ruby: …I’ve heard Merlin’s magic was strong, but not this powerful…
Annie: That’s what we’ve been trying to tell everyone else in the pantheon… It was the only way to defeat them…
Mickey: That’s good. Can you bring them back to normal, now?
Jack: We cannot do that since we’ve used up the magic…. We have to wait for it to recharge… Another specific detail is the wish we ask for must have exactly five words.
Voltaire: You couldn’ve use broken english to fix our issue here. (everyone else stares at him) What? I’m just making a point here.
Jak: Now, we before we get out of the castle, can you tell us where the Princesses of Heart are?
Annie: They’re in a crystal prison. They locked me up thinking I was one of them.
Jaune: Well then, lead us to them.

Annie leads the group to the crystal prison where the zombified princesses unconscious. Mickey commanded the hearts to go back inside the Princesses, restoring them to normal. One of the hearts went outside the Proxy Castle

Snow White: (regaining consciouness) Ooohhh… Why do I feel pain…?
Donald: Did Alternate!Gentaro hit you?
Snow White: No…
Cinderella: Where’s Satoko?
Daxter: She’s safe in her temple. (laugh) Lol Rangers beating up Trollkaiger members was so hilarious.
Mickey: The princesses have been restored. We need to get out of here before something really bad happens.

After some time running, the group has managed to exit the Castle, where Carmelita and her ape mercenaries were outside of the Castle. Jack and Annie went back to their own temple. Before they greeted the heroes, the castle suddenly started blowing up, causing everyone to get away from the castle. Eight minutes after the dust cleared up, everyone recovered to see that the castle was in ruins.

Jaune: Who could’ve planted explosives in the Proxy’s castle?
???: We did!

Two figures showed up to greet the heroes. They appeared in the form of two robots who smirked at them.

Jak: You’re… Courtney Gear’s backup dancers…!
Dancer 1: The stupid Proxy were fools to think they’ve gotten everything under their control. The employer will be pleased when that boy is under her control.
Donald: Sora’s in the medical division! He won’t be a slave to your bidding!
Goofy: Yeah!
Dancer 2: We’re not talking about him. We’re referring to the boy who made the asylum. Once we get him under control we’ll start-

Before the Dancers could elaborate their plan, a group of crows suddenly started attacking them.

Dancer 1: Agghhh! Get them off! Get them off!
Dancer 2: Where did they come from!?

The Backup Dancers fled as crows continued pecking at their eyes. One of the crows landed on Cinderella’s left shoulder.

Cinderlla: (petting the crow) I must thank you and your friends for pecking those robots. You’ve done well.
Carmelita: Cinderella, are you sure that crow is your friend? It could be one of Draven’s.
Cinderella: I’ve given him a few a food. He’s harmless.
Carmelita: Just don’t let it peck our eyes. We could’ve mistaken those crows for the ones who hang onto Fiddlestick’s body or the ones who are part of Itachi’s illusions. We should be lucky that neither of those two have involved in this. But still… Those backup dancers did say something a boy creating the asylum…

The mention of the name made the group be horrified as they realized who the Back-up Dancers were referring to.

Artix: No… They kidnapped Maxwell!?
Carmelita: She’s captured an Overdeity!? That does it…! I’m going to warrant a bounty for that Glitch!
Lieutenant Gronk: Inspector Fox, please calm down!

Carmelita angrily ran off to the House of Justice with her mercenaries following her.

Jaune: Looks like we’re done here. Nora, Ren, let’s go to the House of Food to recover!
Ruby: I’m coming with you guys. I’d be lonely
Jaune: Very then. (To Mickey’s group) It’s been fun working with you guys.

Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Ren left the group to eat at the House of Food, exhausted from the battle. The Princesses of Heart have also part ways, leaving The remainder of the group to discuss other matters.

Jak: Who would’ve thought that Inspector Fox would that angry?
Voltaire: Leave her be; At least the pantheon will be more aware of that glitch’s actions. What we need to worry about is this “employer” they’ve mentioned.
Donald: It must be Lady Tremaine or Doctor Nefarious.
Mickey: As I much as I’d like to point fingers at those two, Tremaine’s already hated for her treatment and feelings towards Cinderella, and would thus be easily spotted. And who knows where Dr. Nefarious is.
???: Hey, Guys!
Voltaire: Yeah… I’ll be doing something.

Before they’ve discussed further matters, a familiar pink-pony approached the group, depressed. Voltaire went to subdue Artix before the latter could run looking at her in fear.

Artix: Pink Pony! Help! Hee-hmmm! Hm-Hmmm!
Voltaire: You can continue.
Pinkie Pie: Is Gentaro back to normal?
Mickey: I’m sorry, Pinkie. We haven’t restored him back to his normal self. I pinky promise that we’ll return him to normal eventually.
Pinkie Pie: Okay… Please do…

The usually chipper pink pony sadly walks away from the group to return to her own temple, allowing Voltaire to let go of Artix.

Voltaire: She’s gone. You can relax now.
Artix: Thanks.
Jak: That reminds me… Dax, we need to be prepared for the Blitzball match in a few days.
Daxter: Do we have to do that at a time like this?
Jak: If it meant taking our minds off the Proxy and take some time to relax, then of course.

Jak and Daxter departed to their temples to prepare for Blitzball game. After Daxter left, a group of seven people (one of them was shown on a laptop held by one of the six members there.) approached the remainder of the group. The heroes had never seen these people before.

Mickey: Who are you people?
Miu: We are The Kamen Rider Club… Gentaro’s friends… His true friends, who came from the same universe as he did.
Mickey: The Kamen Rider Club? Aren’t you those guys from the Toku Base recruiting Kamen Riders?
Kengo: Y…Yeah… Please tell me something. Did you guys revert Gentaro back his to his original self?
JK: You had to…didn’t you?

There’s some silence as Artix sees the look on their faces…it was just so heart-breaking to have to tell them the truth; it was already bad enough that the teens couldn’t save their friend days ago, and the asylum had taken hold as it were.

Shun: (grabbing Artix) You have to tell us! WHERE IS HE?! WHERE’S GENTARO?!

Artix looks in Shun’s eyes, and sighs. He could just tell that the jock was trying his best not to cry but it was hard not to. Shun Daimonji, the pilot of the Kamen Rider Club’s mecha, was about to burst into tears like a baby. Artix knew he had to be gentle with it.

Artix: Sadly, no we didn’t. But don’t worry… We’ll find a way to revert him to his old self. So…cheer up.
Yuki: Please…save him…(starts to tear up) Please save Gentaro.
Tomoko: We’ll try to keep our spirits up…Gentaro would want that.
Goofy: You can bet we will. We will support your wish to the very end.

With the words encouragement from the heroes, The Kamen Rider Club went back to Miu’s temple. And with that, the group parted ways to do their usual business. Artix takes one look at the temple, hand stretched out to see if a Spirit Orb would come to him, but he found nothing. He began to walk off, knowing full well that dark things were going on.


A few hours have passed since the incident at the House of Music. Sora was lying in a bed next to Riku, who was still asleep from earlier. But Kairi and Edward were present, sitting in chairs between the two boys as Sora slowly woke up after having his stomach pumped out. He looked at the two girls by his side, and smiled.

Sora: (disoriented) Did we beat the Cragmites?
Kairi: (chuckling) Well, I’m awake, aren’t I?

Everyone had a brief laugh. Even Riku, who had just woken up, but remains tired. Despite having been out of surgery for only a few minutes, Sora knew he was allowed to leave that afternoon. He looked at Edward, noticing that she was holding two tickets to a WWE event for that night. He gets an idea.


Hysteria Count 20: The Asylum’s Rise

Three days later; two hours before Asylum Log 1

Gears: You know, I’m quite glad that this Ma-Ti kid accidently left his ring behind. If we connect it to the liquid that the Princesses of Heart unleashed, we could use it to our own ends.

Courtney Gears had found Ma-Ti’s Ring, which was now corrupted from the darkness coming from the Heart of the Asylum. Through some magic from Queen Grimhilde, she manages to get an orb that seals the soul of any deity corrupted by All-Star Power, connects it it to Ma-Ti’s ring. She and her backup dancers, both blinded from the crow attack and now being forced to use censers to see, are in Gears’ temple, using the items they’ve used to brainwash him.

Gears: O, Orb of the Souls! Come! Seal the soul of the deity known as Maxwell.

After the magic words were said, the orb sealed Maxwell’s soul, turning him into a blank slate. She then puts the ring onto him.

Dancer 1: Did it succeed?
Gears: Let’s see if this works… Maxwell, sit down!

To their surprise, Maxwell sat on the floor at her command. The smiled as they know that the process worked.

Gears: Good. It’s time to contact him.

She whips out her transmitter and contact her employer. There were a few buzzes before the he finally came into contact.

???: How is everything so far?
Gears: With the All-Star Orb and Ma-Ti’s ring, I’ve gotten Maxwell under my control.
???: Good. Here’s the next plan. Find Sora and bring him into the asylum.
Gears: No problem, sweetheart. Will do.

After the transmission ended, Gears inform Maxwell his “mission.”

Gears: Maxwell, listen up I want you to bring Sora into the asylum and corrupt him. It should not be too hard, since Draven already placed All-Star Power into him the other day. But before you do that, I want you to bring that guy and his ottsel friend back into the asylum.
Maxwell: Yes, master.
Gears: (thinking) All is going according to plan.

I have changed, I have changed, just like you…just like you…

At the House of Theater, Mickey, Donald and Goofy began to speak about the recent rumors about the asylum. All three of them had different options on it, and Goofy wanted no part in it.

Goofy: That asylum became too creepy for my standards, and I don’t wanna help!
Mickey: That’s fine, Goofy. Frankly, I want to avoid this conflict as well, but who knows what will happen next.
Donald: So, what are we going to do now? Sora’s speaking with Riku about his failure to contact Rey. And I have no idea where that thief is.
Mickey: I think the thief may still be here, though she might’ve changed disguise.

Carmelita Fox then walked into the temple to report to the toon trio about Mitsuzane’s status. He is now under house arrest for his part in Gentaro’s fall, and she was also concerned for Takatora, still trapped inside that asylum with a shattered mind screaming for help. From what she heard from The Shield and The Enforcers, only a few gods were crazy enough to explore the asylum and the proxy members were busy entertaing themselves differently (Ambrose did have a laugh at seeing Tsukasa’s “attempts” at photography apparently).

Carmelita: Right now, the proxy, Dyson, and that glitch are on the “Wanted” list, and we want them captured right away.
Mickey: Okay, Inspector Fox. We’ll inform you if we ever see one. I think the music from the other day would’ve weakened them by now.
Goofy: And good luck with your date, tomorrow! Hope the spaghetti will taste nice.

The Interpol inspector just left without a word as she continues to look for clues towards the newly-renovated asylum and it’s sudden mysteries. Donald and Goofy then return to their respective temples in the hopes of finding a way to keep their minds off of the asylum. Mickey then turns on the TV to watch the blitzball match in the House of Sports to keep his own mind off of the asylum… until…

Ross: (on TV) This just in! Jak and Daxter have vanished from the Blitzball Match! We’re live with one of the star players on this topic. (to Tidus) So, why do you think those two were snatched like that?
Tidus: Well, they’ve got a temple in the House of Friendship… at least before the asylum came along.
Ross: And do you think that may have been the reason why they disappeared?
Tidus: It could be possible.
Ross: At this point, all sport matches have been cancelled in fear of more incidents like this. If you see Jak, please contact the House of Justice right away.
Mickey: (thinking) But why would Jak and Daxter be pulled back into the asylum after they escape? You think… no. It can’t be the proxy! But who is Courtney Gears working for, anyway? She’s not smart enough to engineer such a master plan on her own. And Lady Tremaine is already a bigger target.

The mouse king pondered on these thoughts all night as he tried to get some sleep. He was starting to get concerned on the pantheon’s safety, and figure out why this is all happening in the first place.

For how long, for how long must I wait? I know there’s something wrongIn the House of Family, a brother and sister just entered their newly made temple created by Emmet Brickowski, Stackboy and Steve? The Villager also came in with new carpets and furniture while Emmet relaxed in his own double-decker couch.

Emmett: Wish Maxwell was here, but he’s off with that creepy asylum. I hope nothing’s wrong with him. Now…(turns to the siblings)‘ Your names?
Dipper: Dipper Pines. My sister’s Mabel.
Mabel: (hugging Sackboy) You’re so cute! I’m gonna make you a sweater once I’m done.
Emmett: Well, that does it for the temple. We’ve got some work to do guys, let’s go.

As the group of builders head off, Dipper pulls out a book and begins to write in it. Or was until he notices a pink pony with a cart full of green grapes on hand.

Dipper: Interesting…(opens the window) Excuse me, who are you?
Pinkie Pie: Oh, hello there…name’s Pinkie Pie! You new?
Mabel: Just got here three days ago! We were supposed to have a welcome party and everything, but that party came to some pony obsessed with rocks.
Pinkie Pie: That’s my sister you’re talking about.
Dipper: Anyway, what are you doing with that cart of grapes?
Pinkie Pie: Special delivery for one Matt Hardy; he’s going through a rough time.
Mabel: How rough?

Pinkie Pie motioned for the two to hide in her cart (Mabel doing a cannonball that caused some grapes to spill everywhere) and pushed it to Matt’s temple. Dipper was writing notes about what he was seeing so far as Pinkie knocks on the door.

Pinkie Pie: Matthew Moore Hardy, I have a delivery for you!

The door opens as dipper and Mabel see Matt Hardy take a bunch of green grapes. Instead of eating them, he crushes them in his hands in frustration. There’s some silence as Pinkie carries more baskets of grapes into the temple.

Matt: I can’t stay here! My brother’s soul is in danger of being devoured by that damn asylum and no one’s doing anything about it.
Pinkie Pie: That’s not true! There was a party that came in to stop whatever your brother was about to enact with the Princesses of Heart, so there’s still hope! Please…he’ll be fine.

Pinkie was close to tears as Dipper and Mabel continued to hear the conversation. Dipper and Mabel snuck into the temple while both pony and wrestler talked. Mabel noticed a picture of Jeff with his hair dyed purple and pink with a belt in hand. Dipper wrote notes.

Pinkie Pie: That Friendship Asylum will keep him safe, don’t worry. I Pinkie Pie promise you!
Matt: How do you know he’ll be all right?! You’re not seeing him, are you? ARE YOU?!

Pinkie felt the tears in her eyes at Matt’s tirade. Matt’s eyes softened as he pet the pony’s mane and whispered an apology. Dipper and Mabel took the time to take the photo of Jeff and race back to their temple. Once inside, Dipper looked outside to see the Friendship Asylum in the distance, black and filled with darkness.

Dipper: Unpacking is going to have to wait, Mabel. (sees the picture of Jeff) We’re going into that madhouse.
Mabel: Sweet! I’ll bring my grappling hook!

Your concrete heart isn’t beating, and you tried to make it come aliveAt the House of Friendship, Sly Cooper was going to do the unthinkable and go to the asylum alone.

Sly: (thinking) If Murray’s braggings about the clones he saw the other day are true, then Gentaro’s temple should get a good ransack. And ever since Friday, rumors about this creepy place have gone berserk. Well, I better see if I can debunk them before my date with Carmelita tomorrow night.

The raccoon thief walked right up to the door, took a deep breath, and walked in, having no idea about the recent kidnappings and the corruption seeping in the asylum’s walls. Sly whistled as he found how the entire House of Friendship became an asylum, with remains of the houses all connected to one central hub in the center. Still itching for a challenge, Sly continued to walk.

Upstairs, Maxwell sat in his room, cluching the orb Gears gave him that granted him control over anyone the asylum corrupts. He orders it to capture Sly and bind him to a wall.

Sly’s stealth instincts kick in and he immediately dodges an attack. With cane in hand, he begins to slice through a multitude of vines that try to capture him, cane surging with electricity. He ran as fast as he could, hoping to find a sign of Gentaro. Unfortunately, he doesn’t notice a vine tripping him and then slamming him to a wall. Sly lets out a pained gasp as he feels electricity course through his body, his eyes glowing white as a vine covers his mouth to cover his screams.

No shadows, just red lights, now I’m here to rescue you…

Ash Ketchum watched the dark storm gathering in the asylum, Pikachu with him. He closed his eyes, trying to conjure an Aura Sphere thanks to his training with Lucario. He winced, trying to form something, before panting for breath as he opened his eyes. A sphere the size of a Poké ball materialized in his hand.

Ash: This is the best I can do, Pikachu. We should get going.
Pikachu: Pika…

As he left, he passed a mirror, but didn’t know of how his reflection paused.. .and then smiled before vanishing.

I’m still alive, I’m still alive, I cannot apologize no…

Luna: (brushing Applebloom’s mane) Don’t worry, girls. You’ll be safe, I promise.

The door to her temple was kicked open by Applejack as she, Rarity and Rainbow Dash rushed in. Rarity’s eyes swelled with tears as she saw her sister’s body, Rainbow Dash looked furious, Applejack just stayed quiet.

Applejack: Where’s your vampire husband of yours?
Luna: With E & C in the House of Weapons. He’s ‘venting’, to put it mildly.
Rarity: To think I commented on Yugi’s leather attire, and his spirit partner was so handsome…those two will utterly PAY for harming my sister!
Rainbow Dash: I say we storm into that asylum and make those jerks pay for everything they caused right now!
Luna: And do what?! Your elements failed to harm a dent in them—I think you actually made them even more powerful!
Applejack: How so?
Gangrel: (walking in) Gentaro’s “Fourze” form is powered by Friendship, like your elements. Remember?

A look of horror creap on the three ponies’ faces. Then the lights went out before a lantern was lit, revealing Bray Wyatt.

Bray: I knew this would happen! I see the end of days! A behemoth will strike down all that he sees violent, all spurned from the kindness of a pure soul! (cackles)
Luna: What nonsense are you spraying out now?
Bray: What that black and white freak spews out is nonsense; I speak the truth! FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!!!

With a single puff, he blows the lantern out and when the lights turn on, he has vanished. Gangrel cracks the goblet in his hand, red juice dripping down his hands.

Gangrel: Luna, please ensure that Ralph barricades that madman from our temple from now on.
Luna: Noted.

So silent, no violence…but inside my head, so loud and clearElena sat in her temple, her heart broken. How could she be happy when she was unable to save one of her closest friends from evil? She bit her lip as she placed a hand on her heart, hoping to figure out how she could help her friend but nothing came up.

Elena: Gentaro…please come back to us…

You’re screaming, you’re screaming…covered up with a smile I learned to fearIn the asylum, there was a scream. The Enforcers opened the door to see Takatora racing to a corner, fighting off some sort of shadow.

Chow: Again? Fourteenth time in the past three days!
Ratso: (using the Rooster Talisman) Come on, let’s get you back to bed.

With the talisman’s power, Takatora was lifted back to his bed, still sobbing and screaming. Finn just sighs.

Finn: On the bright side, at least it’s better than getting our butts kicked on a daily basis.
Ratso: I heard Ralph is recovering after the assault on that temple. Hey, I heard there’s a Hell in a Cell Match going on in the PWF right now.
Chow: Five bucks say that someone’s gonna be tossed out of the top of the cell’s roof. Let’s go watch.

The four walk off although Hak Fuu stares at Takatora before leaving. As Takatora tries to sleep, a dark shadow watches over him with a smile on its face.

???: You’ll be staying with us forever…isn’t that so sweet?

Just sunshine and blue skies, is this all we get for living here…

Jaune Arc looked around, finding his new temple to be just like his dorm at Beacon. All that was missing was the rest of Team JNPR, but he knew that they’d come eventually (especially Nora).

As he walked out of the House of Narrative, he noticed one of the heads of the House, Gen Urobutchi. The man smirked.

Jaune: Um…what’s going on?
Gen: Interesting things. See that house?

Gen pointed to the Friendship House far off in the distance. Jaune looked in awe…for some reason, he could see himself entering the asylum and slaying all monsters in its path.

Gen: It’s calling for you. Will you take the chance to go see what’s in there?
Jaune: (with a faraway look in his eye) Yeah…I’m going to. (grins) Thanks then!

Jaune raced off, excited to face through the dark house and see what was in store, unaware of the voices in his head urging to press on.

Come fire, come fire…let it burn and love come racing through…

Yuki Jojima, without the aid the of the Investigation, entered in the TV world, where she confronted Gemini Zodiarts. However the creature was standing still, doing nothing. Recovering from catatonic state she suffered from the events that happened to Gentaro’s alternate self, she slowly walked up to it. Having learned the concept of Shadows from Yu Narukami, she slowly took a deep breath as proceed to talk to the Gemini Zodiarts.

Yuki: I understand now… You… You are… Me…

A yellow circle of Light glowed around Gemini Zodiarts.

Yuki: (thinking) Did it work…?

The creature the went by Yuki’s side, confirming that the process indeed worked. She now had Gemini Zodiarts, the being who embodied her darkest times, was now converted into a Persona; Having a greater resolve to help those who want to restore Gentaro to the friendly Kamen Rider everyone knew and love. Satisfied that she now has her own Persona, She proceeds to exit the TV world to go back to Miu’s temple.

I’m still alive, I’m still alive…I cannot apologize, no…

Fluttershy gulped as she went to the House of Knowledge. Knowing that she was going to need a bodyguard for what would happen—and Discord being busy with “stuff”—she needed to find someone willing to aid her. She knocked on the door of Shulk’s temple.

Shulk: (opens door) Who is it?
Fluttershy: Um, I’m here to see one Mister Dunban…for something important…if that’s fine.

Shulk nodded his head and called out for Dunan. Seconds passed as Dunban walked toward the door, smiling.

Dunban: It’s about the asylum, right?

Fluttershy nodded her head as she saw the asylum from the distance. Despite her fear, she would face it on. After all, many of her friends were trapped there, and it was her duty to help out.

Fluttershy: Let’s get going. We have no time to waste.

I learn to lose, I learn to win…I turn my back against the wind…In Miu’s Temple in the House of Leadership, the Kamen Rider Club, with the exclusion of Yuki, was at a complete loss. Ryusei had just escaped some sort of hellish dream world of him being in a trail for a crime he didn’t (intentionally) commit and was resting now. Still, no one could say anything after Alternate!Gentaro’s rise.

Noah: Gentaro will come back…he has to, right?
Tomoko: It depends on how long that asylum goes. (shudders) I sense something dark and foreboding.
JK: You say that about everything these days.
Shun: We have to do something…Gentaro would want us to fight.
Miu: But what can we fight? You saw that asylum…we’d probably just made it mad.
Kengo: Asylums can’t get mad…right?

No one said anything as they watched the asylum off in the distance.

I will move fast, I will move slow…take me where I want to go…

I’m still alive, I’m still alive, I cannot apologize no…

Deep within the Heart of the Asylum, Alternate!Gentaro smiled. Yes, his original plan failed but that didn’t mean he failed at all. No, he would wait for someone to come and unleash him and the proxy out to the Pantheon. Until then, he would be patient.

Alternate!Gentaro: I will be free of this prison soon enough. (laughs) And soon, everyone will know of my suffering.

Muse Hysteria: END