Muse Hysteria Act One


Prologue – When Ponies Play 

Bray Wyatt: Well, well what have we here? I’m guessing you’re wondering why I’m telling this tale. It’s easy; I was there when it happened. I suppose I can think of Sister Abigail as the one who’s telling me how it goes, but don’t take my word for it. I’m here to tell you about the hysteria that happened in the Pantheon when everyone else thought two girls in a cat fight was the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread. Hah! But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Bray: Whenever I’m giving my own two cents on this Mass Hysteria project, I’ll be using this format. Of course, there’s a little musicality in this little story so I’ll be referencing lyrics like this or perhaps it’ll be for flashbacks, time stuff or whatever is used to indicate time that’s gone by.. If it’s confusing, don’t worry…I’m not that type of person to mislead people.
Bray: And now, without further ado…I think it’s time for the tale to begin. FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!!!!

The beginning of this tale begins in the House of Ambiguity, where the morally ambigous gods there were trying their best to not get involved in other gods’ businesses. After Alternate!Gentaro’s birth, it was necessary for the “Council of Three” to split the House into three subsections: Anti-Hero, Anti-Villain, and Plain Neutral. Wreck-it Ralph. the Pantheon’s resident Punch Clock Villain had been promoted to the House’s mediator, and right now he was off on his rounds. A part of him felt horrified and angry that he couldn’t do anything to stop the madness, but he knew that it wasn’t his fault. All he could do was prevent things from happening.

But of course, things are always happening.

Applebloom: Hi Ralph, wat’cha doing?

Ralph looked down and saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders riding on Scootaloo’s scooter. Ralph smiled a bit—at least there was still some cheer to go around. The Mane 6’s attempts to stop the Darkness Proxy ended in vain, and the Elements of Harmony were proved to be useless against the dark quartet. Pinkie Pie was absolutely depressed from what happened, despite getting all the help she could get to end the madness, and the other ponies were busy at their own temples (especially Fluttershy, who was currently in her temple in the House of Nature).It was decreed by the Council of Three that the Cutie Mark Crusaders were not allowed to leave unless their temple for important business, which was easier said than done. Since they were the only true ‘child’ gods in that House, it was hard to keep them entertained/out of the way from other gods’ hair. (Even I admit that they are cute little buggers…just perfect to join the Wyatt Family and all)

Ralph: I’m making my rounds. Where are you three going? You off to see those Kids Next Door to help build their 2×4 technology…or whatever it is they call it?
Applebloom: Why in the heck would we do something like that?
Ralph: Well I’ve seen you help build the treehouse where you reside. I’m sure a filly like you can help them with theirs.
Applebloom: Aw, shucks. There’s nothing to it. But that’s not what we’re doing today.
Scootaloo: We’re off to see Yugi Muto so we can all become…

Ralph winced at how loud the fillies were but kept his smile all the same. He knew the House of Gaming was quick to recover thanks to Felix being there to patch it up again, and improving its defenses. The Nintendo Gods were resting a bit after Kamen Rider Decade’s attack, but they would be all right as the House of Gaming had an Exhibition to prepare many the new adventures they were going to go through. The Gaming Gods would be safe due to the demand of security from the House of Justice.

Ralph: Do your sisters know about this?
Sweetie Belle: We met with Yugi a few days ago and he said it was all right for us to have a little dueling session with him while the Pantheon’s going through the E3 and all that. You should’ve seen what that robotic chicken did with the Nintendo Gods!
Ralph: I meant have you asked Applejack and Rarity for permission to go? They’re worried about you.
Scootaloo: We’ll be fine. What’s the worst that can happen?

At this point, it’s safe to say that Ralph wouldn’t answer that question.

Applebloom: ”(waving goodbye) Bye Ralph, see you later!

The three fillies sped off as Ralph sighs. As he is about to enter his temple, he came face to face with a trio of gods. One of them held a lantern.

And I think you can figure out who it is, right?

Bray Wyatt: (as he lights his lantern) Tvtropes Pantheon…we’re here… (blows lantern)

With the House of Friendship now under their control as the Friendship Asylum, there’s one thing the at the Darkness Proxydefinitely had access to: Space Paranoids, a cyberspace world of technological wonder with everyone wearing suits thatshows multi-colored lines just to make things look cool.

Two of the Proxy members, Eric Draven and Yugi Muto headed for what was originally Tron’s temple to hopefully gain access to the “DTD” and find the names of the Princesses of Heart for Alternate!Gentaro, silently walking across the ever-shifting halls meant to prevent the proxy from escaping—essentially making them rats caught in a maze and with no cheese as a reward for their meanderings. It was well known that all seven of these princesses had ascended as goddesses in the pantheon, but their names have been censored by the House of Justice to keep the them from being used to unleash Kingdom Hearts. That wasn’t going to stop a madman like Alternate!Gentaro, though.

Just as the asylum was being created, Jak had sabotaged the laser connected to the computer to insure that the Darkness Proxy wouldn’t get inside and destroy the computer world. Once this was all over, Fix-It-Felix Jr. would repair it to allow the gods to access the computer world again. But until then, it seemed more like a technological graveyard than a temple.

Draven: Crummy laser’s broken. (scoffs) Of course.
Yugi: We don’t need a laser to get the goods on the names of the Princesses of Heart. All we just need is the password. Remember the doodles in a few files we stole: “Hollow Main Security. Tron. Door to Darkness
Draven: That’s right. Only the princesses can open the Door to Darkness, hence, “DTD”. And thanks to that code that I stole from that hacker girl, we’ll get the password, get the names, and then get out of this place.

The two place the hacker onto the computer. Most of the files in the “DTD” were either corrupt or confiscated by the House of Justice (at Tron’s request). But the password is still there. They soon got the password, and Draven began to translate.

Draven: Here we go! The names of the Princesses of Heart are… (looks at the data) Wait a minute… THIS IS ALL WRONG!!!
Yugi: (reads the password)Sora. Donald. Goofy.” Oh, crud! Those are the names of that trio who fight the Heartless! That program changed the password!

Yugi then proceeded to curse as many deities as he could under his breath, all in Japanese of course.

Draven: (while Yugi calms down from his swearing tirade) I could go through the history of the “DTD” passwords, but that’s all been deleted, too.
Yugi: So, back to square one, then. (summons a Rubik’s cube from out of thin air and fiddles with it) What’s next?
Draven: Well, we wait for our leader to sleep and for Willow to stop laughing. He can wake the damn dead with that voice. Gotta find a way to kill some time…
Yugi: (the Rubik’s cube vanishes as he places a hand on his forehead) Ah, crap…I have a play date.
Draven: Since when does the great “King of Games” do play dates?
Yugi: Funny story.

Three days agoYugi Muto was hard at work with a puzzle. The House of Gaming had recently created a new wing that was due to traditional puzzles and mind games instead of just the video games that most gods related to. This was his chance to become a god and make new friends after all! He already had plans to teach the Cutie Mark Crusaders all about Duel Monsters in a few days (and he made a promise to not go overboard with the Millennium Puzzle and all). Not to mention he had heard of his successors Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo and Yuma Tsukumo arriving in the Pantheon, so it would be great to have more hands for what was to come.

Yugi: There…(sets puzzle down) I should probably go to the House of Friendship…after all, if there’s anyone who knows how to make friends, it’s them.

As he said this, he hears a hiss. Yugi turns around, but there’s no one there. He stays silent as he tries to figure out what’s going on. He sees the Millennium Puzzle glowing…his mind gives way to the spirit of the Puzzle, Yami Yugi, as the spirit’s eyes look around.

Yami!Yugi: Show yourself…who’s there?

There’s a laugh as it seems like the temple is becoming encased in shadows. Yami sees a flash of light, a flap of a bird’s wing…he tries to summon a Duel Monster from his deck as he turns around.

Alternate!Gentaro: Hello there, Yugi-boy.

Yami steps back as he’s captured by Jeff Hardy, or rather it’s Jeff as his Willow the Wisp persona. Tsukasa takes photos of the captive god as Eric Draven licks his lips. Alternate!Gentaro claps his hands.

Alternate!Gentaro: As the welcoming committee to the Pantheon, I congratulate you for coming here. I’ve been keeping tabs on you, Yugi-boy. For example, I know that there’s been a recent delivery to the Treasure House and I want you to help me out with it.
Yami!Yugi: I’d rather rot in the Shadow Realm than let you take control of the Egyptian God Cards. Who are you?!
Alternate!Gentaro: Oh…where are my manners? I am Gentaro Kisaragi, a God in the House of Friendship. But I’ve grown bored with these friendship games and need a party to help me with my ultimate plan.
Yami!Yugi: Whatever it is, I want nothing of it.
Alternate!Gentaro: Really now? Eric…please help me out.

Eric Draven smirks, hand on Yami’s forehead as Alternate!Gentaro places something around the Pharaoh’s neck. The spirit’s eyes widened when he sees what it is: a large stone bearing the Seal of Orichalcos on it.

Yami!Yugi: H…how did you obtain that? I thought—
Tsukasa: You thought wrong, Yugi-boy. Now, get ready…(adjusts camera) I want a good shot of this.
Willow!Jeff: Say Cheese, Pharaoh! You’re in for a wild ride! (cackles)

Eric grins as a flood of memories surge through the spirit’s mind. The proud pharaoh screams in terror, memories of the Orichalcos rushing in his head. Everything he put his friends through, his Duel monsters through, coursed through his body as the stone began to glow. Alternate!Gentaro summoned an orb of All-Star Power into his hand and shoved it down the pharaoh’s throat, watching the powers fuse. It wasn’t long before one of the Pharaoh’s eyes had a dark blue glow instead of purple, the seal appearing on his forehead.

Alternate!Gentaro: The stone has granted you power and strength, which is more than what your pathetic ‘friendship’ has ever given you. Give in, Yugi-boy. The darkness will make you understand.

There was silence as Eric stepped back and Tsukasa took a few photos. The Pharaoh grasped onto the chain of the Millennium Puzzle and hesitated…

Then, with a smirk, he gripped the chain until it shattered, the puzzle falling with a ‘clunk’. A green and white glow surrounded him, changing his dark outfit into white, as if he became some holy priest instead of a dark warrior. He stared at his fellow proxy brethren and smiled.

Yami!Yugi: Thank you. I understand what we must do.
Alternate!Gentaro: Then you can help me with some annoying wrestlers right? They’ve already beaten my proxy once, I can’t let them do it again.
Yami!Yugi: (laughs) I know exactly what we need to do.

Draven: Oh yeah, now I remember.
Yugi: I’m going to get a few souls for my collection, they’re so shiny and everything…(giggles) I’ll see you in a short while. Take care of yourself.

The King of Games summoned a Dark Magic Curtain, the curtain showing the upper half of skeleton whose body was draped with a dark black curtain. Yugi jumped into it as the whole curtain vanished in a swirl of shadows. Eric Draven just smirked as he saw his arm growing feathers the same sort of black, a gift from Alternate!Gentaro once he joined the Darkness Proxy. He laughed, his laugh soon transforming into the caws of a murder of crows.

Draven: This will be most enjoyable.

After sending the Wyatt Family to a new temple, Ralph walked into the temple of Gangrel and Luna Vachon. Both wrestlers were still nursing wounds from the big brawl in the House of Friendship, but they were otherwise fine. While Luna took the time to comb her hair, Gangrel sat at a TV, rewinding old footage.

Ralph: Looking over how Christian betrayed you during your Brood Days, ‘Grel?
Gangrel: (not even looking at Ralph) Something is off about the whole attack.
Luna: He’s been at it for the past few hours; gives him something to do until the PWF is fixed…if it gets fixed.

Ralph nods his head, being careful not to crush anything as he watches the television. The footage was of the wrestlers just about to head off to the House of Friendship before being knocked unconscious. Gangrel paused the video, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Gangrel: Still nothing. There is something wrong here.
Ralph: You’ve been acting weird, well weirder than usual, ever since Takatora came. How do you know all of what’s happening?
Luna: That’s classified, like his history with E & C.

Ralph shakes his head as he watches the footage. Then, he sees a flicker of a shadow.

Ralph: Pause the video!

Gangrel pauses the video and sees what Ralph saw: two silhouettes. One was of someone wearing a hood, the other had spiky hair.

Ralph: Only one god I know has hair like that. Yugi did this!
Gangrel: But isn’t he more into dueling than wrestling? How would he be connected to this? Unless…

It dawned on the vampire wrestler what just happened. He took a look out the window, seeing the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ temple (easy to note due to the flag that held the crusaders’ symbol)

Ralph and Luna looked in horror. Ralph burst through a wall as he charged toward another temple not far from theirs. Luna looked at the Ralph-sized hole in disgust.

Luna: (shouts) We’re sending you the bill for this!

But that’s another story, moving on.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders raced through the House of Gaming, excited for the lessons they would have. The three were already thinking about the types of decks they would get (Sweetie Belle totally wanted her own Dark Magician deck!) as they opened the door to Yugi’s temple.

Applebloom: We’re here, Yugi! Come out, come out!
Scootaloo: Yeah, we want to be awesome duelists the likes no one’s ever seen before!
Sweetie Belle: (illuminating the temple with her horn) Yugi, are you here?

The temple was pitch black, but the light showed Yugi at one corner, his back toward them. Adorning his shoulders was a black cape with a strange green six-pointed star stamped on it, encircled with two rings of light covered in runes. The three fillies heard Yugi chuckle a bit as he was adjusting something at the corner.

Yugi: (singing) Look at that flesh…pink and plump. Hello little girl…(adjusting a pair of Opera Gloves on him) Tender and flesh, not one lump. Hello little girl…These three are especially lush…(licks lips) Delicious…
Applebloom: Yugi? Are you…all right?
Yugi: (turns around) Hmm? Oh…it’s you three…Come in, come in. Don’t mind me…I’m just…(drawing a card from his deck) preparing for our fun today.

The three nod their heads, looking at the new decorum. There was a similar circle of runes and star on the floor lit by a multitude of candles colored gold, blue and red. There were posters of Duel Monsters on the wall, but something was off about them. Their faces looked cold, empty and their eyes…they flickered red in the candle light.

Scootaloo: So…are we ready?
Yugi: Do your sisters…know about our little lesson?
Applebloom: We told them days ago, but they’re sorta taking care of some asylum business that popped up a few days ago…
Yugi: “Asylum business?”
Sweetie Belle: Yeah! There was a big fight with wrestlers at the PWF, then this god named Takatora in Ambiguity got attacked…and the House of Friendship has turned spooky. Ralph warned us about anything suspicious.
Yugi: You mean…like this?

Yugi turned around, the cape producing a dramatic flair as the Cutie Mark Crusaders gasped. On Yugi’s forehead was that strange green star, and one of his eyes was also a cold blue-green. Behind him was Dark Magician Girl, also with that star and her staff pointed at the three!

Yugi: I hate to do this to you three…nah, that would be lying.

The Millennium Puzzle began to glow as the spirit, Yami, took over. The fillies tried to back into a corner, seeing the dark spirit chuckle to himself.

Yami!Yugi: (singing) Hello little girls, what’s your rush? Come play our little game of ours. The lesson’s set for hours. Take your time.
Sweetie Belle: (singing) Ralph has said, “Straight ahead”. Not to delay or be mislead!
Yami!Yugi: (singing) But slow, little girls, hark and hush-The cards are shuffled neatly. You’ll miss our game completely, (approaching them menacingly as his voice gets angry) You’re backing away so freely. Lessons first, then you three…What a delectable treat you’ll be…Utter perfection…so brittle, one supple-one moment, my dears…
Applebloom: (singing) Ralph has said, “Come what may, just take the class and never stray.”
Yami!Yugi: Just so, little girls…any class So many worth exploring….Just one would be so boring. (summons Dark Magician) And look what you’re ignoring…Think of those young, aging souls…Then something fresh on the palate (licks his lips once more) Think of this delicious frivolity…Twice in one day-! There’s no possible way…to describe what you feel…(leans close to the fillies, baring his teeth) when you’re talking to your meal!
Scootaloo: (singing) Ralph has said, “Not to stray. Still I suppose, we all could play…” What do you think girls? How about we play…
The Cutie Mark Crusaders: CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS RUN AWAY!!!!

The three rushed towardthe exit, but Dark Magician Girl floated to the door, summoning a dark blast from her wand, causing them to scurry. Yugi pointed his finger at them so Dark Magician could also get into the act of blasting the fillies.

Yami!Yugi: Fools…you should’ve listened to that halitosis-ridden oaf and stayed where you were. Oh well…the Seal of Orichalcos will be glad to take your souls.
Applebloom: HELP! SOMEONE! Ralph! Ashleys! Um…what was the name of those wrestlers?
Scootaloo: You’re thinking of wrestlers at time like this?
Sweetie Belle: (eyes are watering) We don’t want our souls taken!!!
Yami!Yugi: I’m afraid they will be. Now…Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl…

The Cutie Mark Crusaders gasped as Yugi was knocked unconscious. Standing above the unconscious god was Hak Fuu of the Enforcers, along with the other Enforces of Finn, Ratso and Chow!

Finn: Thank god we found you! Sheesh, and I thought Jade was a risk-taker.
Applebloom: You guys! How did you get here?
Ratso: You forgot that we work under Ralph, so after you left he asked us to keep an eye on you. Good thing too.
Chow: Come on, let’s get you guys out before Yugi-boy here realizes what went down.

The three fillies nodded their heads but just before they could take a step, there was a laugh as Yugi stood up, the Seal of Orichalcos on his forehead shining like the sun.

Yami!Yugi: Why are we in such a rush? Come on, I just wanted to PLAY!

Three more monsters were summoned: King’s Knight, Queen’s Knight and Jack’s Knight. The trio brandished their swords at the seven as Hak Fuu grabbed two of the swords with his bare hands.

Scootaloo: We have to get going! And fast!
Yami!Yugi: Not yet…I have more and more monsters for you to play with little girls…do you know the one known as Slifer the Sky Dragon?!
Sweetie Belle: Um…no?
Yami!Yugi: Very well, it goes like this: Slifer is an Egyptian God Card that can only be summoned by the sacrifice of three monsters. And with the sacrifice of my Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and Jack’s Knight…

There was no need for words as the King of Games showed the red Egyptian God Card in hand glowing. The House of Gaming began to shake while the four guards were busy taking care of the 4th Smash Bros. Tournament preparations.(Where Mario was wondering who would invite Pac-Man, that cherry chasing dot-muncher, into the tournament)

Mario: Mama mia!
Sonic: What was that all about?
Mario: No clue, but I better warn Luigi about this!

The Enforcers stood in front of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, determined to protect the three from whatever would come next as lightning and thunder raged on outside. But just as Yami was about to summon his Egyptian God, there was darkness, then a flash of red light. Sweetie Belle tried to illuminate the temple with her horn once more but just as she did, the lights were on. Yugi was unconscious, covered in blood and all of his Duel Monsters gone. Standing above him was…

Sweetie Belle: Mr. Gangrel and Miss Luna! You made it! (skips over to them and hug them) I knew you would!
Gangrel: All this trouble for three rambuctious little girls. Ralph was worried about you three.
Applebloom: We were so scared! Just what’s going on?
Luna Vachon: (rolls Yugi over with her foot) You guys didn’t see the news did you? Yugi-boy here is part of this group called “Darkness Proxy” and should be behind bars. Emphasis on “should”.
Finn: Which is also why we were called by Ralph. All right boys, we better get this to the Shield and lock this boy behind bars.
Scootaloo: Good, I just hope nothing like this happens to us again.
Gangrel: All right then, Ralph is taking care of some stuff so you three better be coming back before Yugi gains consciousness
Applebloom: Right! Come on girls, let’s get going.

As Hak Fuu carried Yugi on his shoulders, and everyone else left for their own devices, no one noticed the strange black crow hiding in the corner. The crow cawed and transformed back into the form of Eric Draven who just said “Tch.”

Draven: And we were so close. No matter, it’s only just begun anyhow.

Transforming back into a crow, he flew out of the temple with a loud “CAW!” with no one the wiser.

Hysteria Count 1 – Viral Assault

Penelope Mouse minded her own business in the House of Villains. She’s been hearing gossip on several villains planning on capturing the Princesses of Heart for Alternate!Gentaro. Strange, as she knew that Master Xehanort was after them, too. But his current plans are on hold because only six of them were in the pantheon at this moment. Rumor has it that he’s considering on using Giselle of the House of Music as a replacement princess, but most are brushing it aside. Penelope suddenly gets a message from her laptop in her temple. It was from Clu, her “mentor” (after Le Paradox was arrested).

Penelope: Clu, I’m sorry for being late with my prototype rectifier beam. Mr. Stark gave the leftover metal to Vanille again.
Clu: Well, that’s fine, but we will worry about that later. Penelope, I want you to spy on that kid again with your RC Car. I have a feeling that the troll from last week who did that video might be there again.
Penelope: That kid… Micchy? The… troll? (gulps) Well… I’ll see what I can do.

Penelope logs off. Why would Clu want Penelope to spy on Mitsuzane, and why isn’t he concerned about the rumors of the Darkness Proxy going after the Princesses of Heart. Netherless, Penelope grabs a camera and her RC Car, and rushes to Mitsuzane’s temple. But as she got there, she heard a scream.

It was coming from Mitsuzane’s temple nearby. Penelope sneeks herself inside the temple, where she sees a large humanoid tiger with green eyes pounding at Mitsuzane. It was none other than Ben Tennyson, who was currently in the alien form of Rath. It didn’t take a genius to know that Rath was…very pissed off.

Rath!Ben: LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHING MITSUZANE KURESHIMA!!! You don’t go out there and make people feel bad about themselves all so you can make yourself feel better! IT JUST MAKES RATH MAD!!!!

Normally Ben would never go as far as to kill someone—it was against his code of heroism. But something inside Ben was fueling Rath to use his single claw to stab Mitsuzane in the stomach over and over and over again. Penelope cringed as she saw Rath use the single claw to unleash a surge of electric energy that would pretty much kill a man. Mitsuzane was then lifted into the air, Rath squeezing the life out of his lungs before he choked and Rath tossed him to the ground, slicing Mitsuzane’s head clean off. At this point Penelope didn’t need to finish recording—she knew what had happened.

Penelope: Please don’t tell me this was all because of that original recording…

One week ago

Before there was Alternate!Gentaro, there was Dark!Gentaro. Rumors say that this was the part of Gentaro’s soul that the Undertaker separated when Gentaro was near death. Whatever it was, it was full of anger and vengeance. The first thing it did was head for Mitsuzane Kureshima’s temple and do what he needed to do—kill him.

Penelope was a newcomer to the Pantheon at the time, and she used her RC car (with built-in camera) to get a look around at the gods she’d be living with. The Villainous Archetypes section was already finished (and she already made her initial observations), but as she made it to the Villainous Appearances section, she saw a dark figure enter Mitsuzane’s temple (notable for the door knob looking similar to a Grape Lockseed). She was curious, and curiousity made her record what she saw. She had her RC car enter the temple just as Dark!Gentaro sealed the door shut. She had to bite her bandanna to keep herself from screaming into the microphone.

Dark!Gentaro: I wanna thank you for all those kind words you gave me that day! Without it, I wouldn’t have found my anger and rage against you Mitsuzane! I still haven’t forgiven you for betraying Kota, and now I’m gonna give everything you gave me RIGHT BACK TO YOU!!!! All I’m gonna do first is take a pound of flesh without a single drop of blood on you…but wait a minute… I’ll be shedding blood either way so who GIVES A SHIT?!

Penelope winced as she watched the scene. Dark!Gentaro used a knife to hack at Mitsuzane’s arms and legs, carving a hole in his stomach so he could eat Mitsuzane’s intestines. At this point, Mitsuzane was considered dead, but gods didn’t die…it just took a while for them to regenerate. The trope known as Immortality Hurts couldn’t be more real at this point. After a few minutes, Dark!Gentaro, picked up Mitsuzane’s Grape Lockseed and Sengoku Driver, preparing to leave the temple. Penelope controlled the car to hide as Dark!Gentaro vanished into the shadows. It would take some time before other gods came here, and she had to do something…anything…to get the word out.

Penelope downloaded the video stream, ready to send it to the House of Justice. She paused—she was a Villain, and there’s no way the House of Justice would accept the feed from her. Shaking the thought aside, she decided to send it via the House of Theater. At least one god there could be able to send it without trouble.

Unfortunately, in her rush to send it to the House of Theater, she accidentally had clicked “Select All” to send the broadcast throughout many news stations in the Pantheon. She didn’t realize her mistake until after she pressed the “Submit” button and the computer rang “Video sent to the following:”

Penelope: Uh oh…

The Omnitrix started to beep out, which means that Ben was about to return to his human form. Rath started to race out of the House of Villains before he could turn back, taking no notice of Penelope right at the temple door. Another god, Nathan Drake, soon walked in, as Mitsuzane’s body was fully repaired. Likewise, Nate attacked him out of fury, too! For someone who’s a Nice Guy when not dealing with entire armies of thugs, the thought of Nate attacking Mitsuzane was beyond imaginable. Again, Penelope had no choice but to continue with the recording.

As Nate finishes with the brutal attack, it looked like this was over… but, nope! There was a whole line of angry gods waiting to attack Mitsuzane out of payback for Alternate!Gentaro! Penelope could not believe her eyes, as she focused her camera on the line of gods! Penelope stops recording as she races back to her own temple in tears. Almost imminently after returning, she gets back into contact with Clu.

Penelope: I’ve got Code Black, Clu! Everyone wants a piece of Mitsuzane!
Clu: WHAT!?

Penelope uploads the video she recorded of Rath and Nate attacking Mitsuzane. Clu’s face turned green. Sure, he was outraged with what happened to Gentaro, but gutting Mitsuzane like that!? This definitely shows that even Clu, who purged all the ISOs (except Quorra), took over The Grid, made a huge army out of rectified programs, forced Sora to fight Tron, andblew up the End of Line Club, would have standards.

Clu: Whoever did such a thing to Gentaro must pay. But gutting that user like that is something not even I would do.
Penelope: I know. But how are we going to bring this guy to justice? I don’t really like Mitsuzane that much, either, but taking rage on him is terrible. I’m just relieved that Bentley and his pals are not in that line.
Clu: Well, I’ll try to identify the ones in that line and find out their identities. At least things can’t get any worse…

Just then, another god gets into contact with both of them. It was Courtney Gears. Clu has an alliance with her, but he’s starting to question it, considering her alliance with Lady Tremaine, and their attack on Blackwater City and the near-murder of Cinderella. It was a good thing Hades stepped in to stop them both.

Gears: Hello, snoogy-woggums. I’ve got some news that would really help get Gentaro’s attention.
Clu: Miss Gears, for the last time, I’m not trying to ally with the Darkness Proxy.
Gears: Of course, not. You don’t have to… but I do! Mr. Draven told me that Gentaro is after the Princesses of Heart. Well, now, he’s got one of them!

A video screen then shows Cinderella inside the Darkness Proxy’s castle, at a section that Alternate!Gentaro has dedicated to the Princesses of Heart once they are captured. There’s six crystal cells in all, and a main room nearly that’s currently inaccessible. Cinderella was okay, but she was wrapped in vines inside the crystal, and her eyes were closed. The crystal had put her to sleep. This was very similar to the time when she was captured by Maleficent.

Clu: How could you do such a cruel thing, Miss Gears!? Haven’t Ratchet and Clank taught you not to mess with Cinderella?
Gears: The attack on Blackwater City, my alliance with Lady Tremaine and her daughters, and how we all came close to bringing chaos to this pantheon. If only Hades didn’t stop us…
Penelope: Aqua’s going to be furious about this! After what Cinderella’s been through, only a wicked witch would do such a horrible thing!
Clu: That’s it, Courtney Gears. End! Of! Line! Sure, your music can brainwash programs and robots into my bidding, but allying with pure evil is wrong. I’m trying to perfect the pantheon, not unleash chaos with the capture of the Princesses! For now on, you’re on your own!

Clu then disconects with Gears in anger, and finally decides to put his foot down on all these graphic videos and tell the world that the rumors of the Princesses of Heart are true. He would start with looking for the troll who did last week’s video, having no idea that Penelope had done it, and by accident, too!

Penelope: What do you want me to do?
Clu: I need you to find the imbecile who uploaded the video and make sure to spread news about how this manslaughter is getting out of hand. I’ll see a good “friend” of mine to help analyze the situation.
Penelope: (eyes darting back and forth) Sure…that anonymouse…I mean anonymous uploader needs to be stop! Gotta go! Bye-bye!

Penelope hangs up and looks in horror. How was she gonna explain that she spread the news of the video. Now every god and their grandma knew the situation. This was gonna get ugly.

Hysteria Count 2 – Rock the House

Pinkie Pie had no idea what to do. Elena couldn’t be reached and Gentaro…

Gentaro had turned mad. It was all her fault—she was too obsessed with getting revenge on those who destroyed her party that she couldn’t react to save Gentaro from that darkness.

Right now, she was in Rarity’s temple, preparing a collection of scarves…or rather she listened to Rarity talk about why she was making scarves in the first place.

Rarity: I heard John Cena do this hilarious act about how he does not “whine” like his fellow wrestlers. A bit crude, but still hilarious, don’t you think?
Pinkie Pie: Y…yeah, it is.
Rarity: I can bring it up for you if you want.

But just as Rarity says that, something appears on the screen. Pinkie knows it all too well: it was the scene of Gentaro stabbing Mitsuzane over and over again to death. It was currently on the part where Gentaro (or rather Dark!Gentaro) cut a hole in Mitsuzane’s stomach to pull out the younger boy’s intestines.

Rarity turned off the television as Pinkie Pie took a paper bag to breathe into. Once Pinkie was calm, and the paper bag put away, Rarity spoke up.

Rarity: Who was that?
Pinkie Pie: The stabber or the stabbee?
Rarity: The one who had the knife stuck in his chest, love.
Pinkie Pie: Let me think about it, Photographic Memory coming up….well, the boy with the knife was a good friend of mine…was being the keyword here. He’s Gentaro Kisaragi, a god all about Friendship…you know, one of the gods I go about making my friendship parties and all.
Rarity: I know him, Pinkie Pie—I adore his pompadour and his jackets just as much as I admire Phoenix Wright’s wardrobe. But what about the other one?
Pinkie Pie: He used to be in the House of Ambiguity, but his name is Mitsuzane Kureshima…he’s a god in the House of Villainy now. If I remember from what people have been saying, his older brother is in Ambiguity but he’s been…attacked

There was some silence as Rarity listened more and more to Pinkie Pie’s words. After some time, Rarity picks up a purple scarf, marked with a yellow Capital C at the bottom, the symbol of the Chain Gang.

Rarity: Pinkie Pie, can you personally take me to Mitsuzane? I have something that I want to show him.

Mitsuzane Kureshima was an absolute mess. He lost count as to how many gods pummeled him after fifteen. His body was sore, there was bile on the ground mixed with his own blood, there was the smell of something in the air, and his entire temple was in disarray. Amongst those in the GUAG, there were many from the GUAE who wanted a bit of fun on stabbing him. It was like a grotesque version of “Pin the tail on the donkey.”Relived that there were no more gods waiting to attack him, Mitsuzane climbs into his bed, and decides to rest. However, he forgot one thing: some gods can act within dreams, such as Freddy Krueger, Antasma, and a certain young man in the House of Prophecy who has recently passed a major test by saving the life of his best friend.

Mitsuzane: Oh, thank goodness you two are here to protect me.
Older Boy: (very angry) “Protect you”? After what you did to Gentaro?! You’d be lucky enough.
Mitsuzane: What do you mean by that? I should be protected! Have you seen that line?
Older Boy: You think you’re some sort of super villain, bringing despair onto other’s to make yourself feel better. Guess what? You’re not the villain of this story—you just think you are. You only attacked when Gentaro was already at his lowest; you weren’t the bad guy—you’re just the tipping point of Gentaro’s descent into insanity.
Younger Boy: (equally angry; begins to cast a spell) Just be thankful we’re not going to gut you like the rest…

Storm clouds then appear, covering the two dream boys, both of whom look as if they were in a trance, as the older boy, with short silver hair, white vest with a symbol on the back, and blue jeans, takes control of the clouds and aims one over Mitsuzane’s head. Once the nightmare was set, the two leave to let Mitsuzane suffer, with the older boy opening up a portal to another person’s dream.

As soon as they were out, the two boys suddenly stopped.

Older Boy: (grabbing his head) What? Why are we in the dream world?
Younger Boy: Hm? The last thing I remember is hearing Tsukasa Kadoya’s voice in my head. Maybe he brought us here for a reason.
Older Boy: I heard his voice, too. Well, let’s just wake up and figure out how we got here. But… whose dreams are we in?

The person’s dream the two just entered belonged to Matt Hardy, who was dreaming about the Wrestling Federation before it had been reduced into a purple prismatic palace. The older boy just pays no attention as he tried to return the younger boy to his dream before waking up. The younger boy, on the other hand, walked right into the dream Wrestling Federation in curiosity. Dream versions of various wrestlers were inside, taking part in matches.

Older Boy: (thinking to himself) We need to get out of here, but what’s Sora up to?

Most of the wrestlers took no notice at Sora, but Matt, recognizing the teenager by the black-and-red outfit with a white “X” on his shirt, knew what was going on. It is his dream, after all. (At least it didn’t involve green grapes, praise the Lord)

Matt: (pretending to talk to himself) This was the life we’ve had before, where we can perform our wrestling matches without causing damage to the pantheon. My brother, Jeff, and I, were among them… until Gentaro got to him. Nowadays, what was once our federation, is now an Egyptian-style castle covered in crystals. As for Jeff (clearly breaking down) I had to witness Jeff being taken away into an asylum in a straight-jacket.
Sora: Is there anything that can be done?
Matt: Maybe… if those crystals were to go away, Gentaro will free Jeff, and he’ll be let out of the asylum. But still, only monsters can go in without being targeted by evil.
Sora: (getting an idea) Monsters, eh? Don’t worry, Matt! I think I know how to save your brother! But I’ll have to wait until Friday for my plan to work!

Sora then rushes back to the older boy, Riku, and the two return to the former’s dream and wake up. Matt also wakes up from the nap he took, but is no longer able to remember the conversation he had with Sora. Suddenly, a voice begins to speak with him from his head. Something regarding… an attack. Matt just shrugs it off and walks out of his temple to the House of Combat.

Mitsuzane was awoken from the nightmare by a loud knocking at the door. Sweat poured down his face as he tried to escape the nightmare he had. The pounding on the door continued before the door was kicked open.

Mitsuzane: (stumbling to the open door) Who goes there?!

The goddess was a white unicorn levitating a purple scarf in the air by magic, her eyes cold and indifferent. She glared at Mitsuzane, Mitsuzane scrambling back from the goddess (a pony of all things. How embarrassing it must’ve been at that time!)

Rarity: (growls, her eyes glowing white) I’ll destroy you!

The next thing that could be seen was Rarity using her telekinesis to loop the scarf around Mitsuzane’s neck before lifting him into the air and tying a knot known as Devil’s Tongue all while the boy gasped and struggled to get air, his face turning purple, his eyes bulging out looking like a fish exposed to the sun and to fresh air instead of water. With one final tug, the knot was finished, Mitsuzane’s body swaying back and forth like a bedsheet caught within a dead tree branch.

Pinkie Pie: Rarity, what was that all about? Why did…(stares at Mitsuzane’s hanging body) W…what did you do, Rarity?
Rarity: He deserved it, Pinkie. He deserved it.

Deserved it or not, Pinkie Pie untied the scarf that was wrapped around Mitsuzane’s neck. As she wrapped the scarf around her neck, she turned around and saw Rarity’s eyes. They were cold, empty, heartless…

Pinkie’s eyes watered as she remembered Gentaro’s eyes becoming that. Now it was happening to her close friend?

Pinkie Pie: Come on, Rarity…this isn’t like you…We should go back and make more scarves for the other wrestlers and…w…why are you looking at me at that Rarity…Rarity?!

Rarity’s eyes were glowing as she used her unicorn magic to hurl Pinkie Pie far, far away. Pinkie Pie crashed through B.B Hood’s temple, the maniacal Red Riding Hood fighter looking in confusion as she saw Rarity race toward Pinkie Pie surrounded by a myriad of guns and axes that collapsed when she hit a wall.

B.B.Hood: What the—

Rarity charged toward Pinkie, using telekinesis on a sledgehammer attached to the wall and bashing Pinkie again and again and again with it, the pink pony unable to say anything due to the pain and the hurt of her own friend attacking her.

Rarity: He deserved it! He made you cry, Pinkie! Why can’t you see I’m protecting you?!

Pinkie Pie struggled to escape, but she had no Elements of Harmony, no Party Cannon, and no way of getting help. All she could do was scream while B.B.Hood smirked at the carnage.

Pinkie Pie: SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!

As if to answer her call, something was tossed at Rarity, distracting her and causing her to slam against a couple of guns hanging at the wall. Pinkie Pie turned to see Sackboy with the Cakeinator, launching more cakes at Rarity with force and coating her mane with chocolate icing.

Emmet: There you are Pinkie! Are you all right?

Pinkie Pie nodded her head as she saw Fix-it Felix use his hammer to heal her wounds. She winced and felt her ribs as she saw Rarity being trapped by stone walls summoned by Steve?

Pinkie Pie: No! Rarity will just—

Steve? was thrown back as his stone barricades were reduced to rubble, Rarity looking even more frustrated than ever. Sackboy nodded his head as he waited for the white unicorn to charge after him, before summoning a sticky web sticker that trapped her in place. Emmet brought out LEGO to create a mecha to stop her, but Rarity snarled and quickly escaped the web, kicking Emmet into the air making him shatter into bits of LEGO.

Pinkie Pie: EMMET!
Felix: Mother of Land!

Steve? equipped himself with diamond armor and a pickaxe, charging toward the sturdy mare as Gods from the House of Villains decided to watch this act. Jack Spicer had his Jackbots record the madness and others had popcorn, cupcakes and soda to munch on. Pinkie struggled, hoping to find a friendly face in this madness. Sackboy was throwing more cake and balls of jam at Rarity (surprisingly not ruining Rarity’s elegant purple mane) while Emmet quickly began to build a gun from LEGO bricks. Pinkie Pie looked in horror as she saw Rarity possessed, and everyone else watching it like it was some sort of show. It didn’t help that with the leftover stone rubble, Rarity used her telekinesis to levitate them toward the Master Builders and knock them unconscious.

Rarity: I’m your friend, Pinkie. I’m the Element of Generosity, so I’m giving you this lesson for your own GOOD!

Pinkie was backed into a corner as she saw Rarity somehow summon a boulder from thin air. A white glow surrounded the unicorn as Pinkie saw her life flash before her eyes, the most prominent memories was of her, Elena and Gentaro before the madness of Alternate!Gentaro arose where they were planning out the un-birthday party for Alice, and celebrating the creation of the Avatars of Friendship. Tears fell from her eyes as Rarity was about to crush her friend to death…

But without warning, Rarity turned to see someone punch her across the face! The Villainous Gods just “oohed” as they saw that it was Roman Reigns, charging through a window to knock Rarity out. The other members of the Shield, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, were also there as Pinkie felt like crying tears of joy at seeing these wrestlers be heroes to her. (Well then again, the group did work together a few days before.)

Rollins: Get them all to safely, now!

Emmet quickly assembled a large go-cart from LEGO to fit everyone as Reigns carried an unconscious Rarity in his arms. Ambrose gathered Steve? (complaining on how heavy he was with the diamond armor) as Felix used his hammer to quickly repair B.B Hood’s temple and apologizing for the mess. Rollins grabbed a shocked Pinkie Pie as Sackboy summoned a turbo engine to drive everyone out while the Villainous Gods complained at how their entertainment was ruined.

As the gods decided to head back to their temples, no one noticed someone rising beneath the shadows to take a dead Mitsuzane away, smiling to themselves.

???: Don’t worry, boy. We’re going to make you right as rain…we have a performance tonight after all.

In the House of Craft, particularly Emmet’s temple, Emmet assembled two beds for Rarity and Pinkie before collapsing into a double-decker couch just for him. Sackboy created fluffy pillows and blankets for everyone while Steve? leaned against the corner, exhausted. The Shield also made themselves comfortable on the assorted beds, sofas and whatnot made from LEGO. Pinkie sobbed into a pile of tissues.

Pinkie Pie: How could this have happened? Why did Rarity turn out like this?
Emmet: It’s not just her; all sorts of gods have caused this.
Ambrose: We got word of the chaos and were off to save the little brat, but we were too late.
Rollins: I’m still not over the whole massacre from last week. (shudders)

Pinkie nodded her head, recalling how her best friend turned serial killer over both Kureshima brothers. Not even seeing Princess Luna in her sleep helped her; all she saw was her friend going against the time that the Avatars of Friendship were together. How could she feel better about herself after that?

Reigns: (petting Pinkie’s mane) We’ll save Gentaro, we promise.
Pinkie: What about Rarity? Will she be all right?
Emmet: Give her some time. Roman Reigns did knock her out hard.

There was a gasp as Rarity’s eyes opened. She slowly sat up, eyes slightly shocked as she tried to shake away whatever was rattling in her brain a while ago. Pinkie scooted back in horror as Rarity looked around.

Rarity: W…where am I? (looks at her scarf) And what did I do to my scarf? (gasps as she sees the chocolate frosting on her mane) And who did this to my mane?

As Sackboy slowly steps away from Rarity, Pinkie Pie approached her dear friend.

Pinkie: Do you remember anything, Rarity?
Rarity: Something about wanting to hurt Mitsuzane for all the trouble he caused, but after that, nothing. Why do you ask?

No one said a word as Sackboy transformed himself into a sack version of Mitsuzane. Steve? pulled out a scrap of cloth to represent the scarf and used it to “choke” Sackboy to death, Sackboy clutching his neck before collapsing to the floor in pain. Rarity stayed quiet, her eyes never showing shock or disbelief until…

Rarity: I did that?
Felix: And you hurt your sister also. We have proof.
Rarity:…I did this. (tears form in her eyes) I did this.

Then the dramatic white unicorn began to sob. Pinkie wrapped her hooves around her friend and started sobbing alongside her. Sackboy summoned more tissues to let the ponies cry while Emmet began to pet Pinkie Pie’s mane.

Emmet: I’m so sorry girls. It’s going to be all right.
Pinkie: It’s so horrible! Who would do such a thing?
Ambrose: Whoever it is, they’re gonna pay. Come on boys, we’ve got stuff to do.
Reigns: Come on Seth…Seth?
Rollins: (blinks and shakes his head) Right, coming.

As The Shield leave, Pinkie winces a bit from where Rarity threw the rock at her, hoping and praying other gods weren’t waking up to realize what they caused. Pinkie wiped the tears out of her eyes.

Pinkie: Let’s go back to your temple and finish those scarves. I think you have all the inspiration now, don’t you.

Rarity just nods her head as Pinkie leads her back to Rarity’s temple with Steve? accompanying them. Sackboy waves goodbye as Felix and Emmet look at the Asylum with worry.

Felix: I sure hope no one ever decides to enter that place.
Emmet: Me neither.

Of course, fate always has other plans, don’t you think?

Capture 1: Cinderella 

Forty minutes into Hysteria Count 1

Cinderella was getting ready for an upcoming masquerade ball at the House of Music. With the help of her mice friends Jaq and Gus, they begin to plan out a new dress, one that symbols the harmony of the pantheon, and as special thanks to everyone who’ve protected her from her step-family after they ascended. Satoko Houjou, who is friends with Cinderella and in the House of Craft, was more than happy to help with getting the materials for the new dress.

Cinderella was aware of the Darkness Proxy, and their plot to capture the Princesses of Heart to unleash chaos, and as she’s one of the Princesses, she’s locked herself inside her temple to keep everyone except Aqua, Ratchet, Clank, and Satoko out. Despite being the friendliest of the Princesses of Heart, her temple has the most amount of security installed, with a triple-padlocked door and bars on her windows. Cinderella even has a Judicator that she borrowed from Ratchet, which she’s not afraid to use if it looks like she’s in danger. Like most gods, she had seen the video of Dark!Gentaro gutting Mitsuzane, and was sickened by such gore.

Jaq: Flinderelly, Flinderelly! Inacoming callie from Ed-Ed.

She gets a video call from Radical Edward. Normally, one would just send a letter to the princess as to keep up with her old fashion, but she knew that if it’s through a computer, then it’s serious.

Ed: Cinderella! Are you there?
Cinderella: Of course I am. But what’s going on? It’s been only four weeks since I last got this type of call.
Ed: Ed has grave news for Cinderella! Ed got the news from Bentley that says Courtney Gears is after all the princesses!
Cinderella: (pauses) So, she’s not learned her lesson. Well, I better get to work on activating all the defenses. Thanks for the warning, Edward.
Ed: You’re welcome. Ed’s on her way now to help out.

Courtney Gears, backed by her two dancers, waited outside the temple, wanting to strike when Satoko came by with the materials. Satoko came by, and does the secret knock as Gears looks on. Cinderella opens the door for her.

Satoko: Here’s the ribbons you’ve asked for. I hope this dress will look lovely when it’s finished.
Cinderella: It will be. And even if I’ve gotten my hands tied, I can trust Jaq and Gus with finishing it for me, right?
Jaq: (nearby) Zugk-Zugk.
Gears: I’m afraid that your dress will never be finished! Gentaro needs you more!
Cinderella: (very angry) YOU!!

Cinderella sees the evil pop star, and tries to reach for the Judicator. But one of the dancers teleports behind her, and hits the princess’s head, knocking her out. Satoko attempts to fight back, but then the other dancer picks her up. Neither Gears or her dancers pay any attention to the mice nearly, trying desperately to contact the House of Heroes in the hopes that someone would come and save Cinderella and Satoko.Five minutes later, Ed and Ein reach the House of Royalty. Both Aurora and Snow White, having heard Satoko’s screams, were looking at Cinderella’s temple with worry.

Ed: (worried) What happened?
Aurora: We don’t know. We just heard some screams and someone putting up a struggle.
Ed: Is Cinderella alright?

Both Aurora and Snow White looked at each other in terror, remembering what the Proxy had just announced. The four rush inside the temple to see Cinderella missing, Jaq and Gus looked in a small cage, and Satoko tied up and gagged with her own materials, in the center. Aurora frees the mice while Snow White unties Satoko, who was in a state of shock.

Snow White: What happened? Where is Cinderella?
Satoko: The Darkness Proxy! They’ve kidnapped her!
Aurora: I’ll let Inspector Fox know right away. I have a feeling that either Maleficent or Cinderella’s stepmother is in league with them.
Satoko: It was Courtney Gears who attacked us! She’s mentioned Gentaro, so she must be allies with them!
Ed: Something tells Ed that this is only the beginning…

Hysteria Count 3: Head Case! (Or: The Headless Waltz) 

Somewhere, at the House of Music…

The Aquabats! were at their temple, preparing for their next concert. The House of Music always had humongous concerts and on a specific day of a specific month, gods performed and showed themselves. After a selected amount of time, they could then be elevated to the next ranking of godhood (or demoted if things got bad). The five Lesser Gods were ready to show what they could do.

MC Bat Commander: All right, Aquabats! Voltaire is gonna give some advice for lyrics and we wanna make a good impression on him. Who’s with me?!
Ricky Fitness: Um, I just saw Voltaire leave his temple a while back with a strange black key in hand during my daily run.
Jimmy the Robot: What did he say?
Ricky: He told me that he had some sort of “madness” to get rid of, so I thought it was one of his songs and went on my way.
Crash: I hate some of his songs though! They’re creepy and…spooky and just plain…
Eaglebones: Shh! (looks around) There’s someone coming…there!

Eaglebones had his guitar ready, strumming it as a laser fired at a window where a figure stood. The laser destroyed the wall as the figure coughed.

Artix: I was gonna knock!
MC Bat Commander: Artix? Hey, you’re friends with Voltaire, right?
Artix: I overheard that you saw him a while ago. There’s been something strange going on…my Paladin senses are tingling.
Jimm: Where do you think he could be?

The television set in the Aquabats! temple turns on as a jaunty piano jingle plays. On the screen was Uncle Howee, playing that piece and introducing guests with the intro to the Uncle Howee song.

Crash: Agh! I hate that man, he’s so…so…
Artix: Strange?
Crash: No. Creepy! I mean, he mostly appears in his television, he teleports out of nowhere, no one knows his back story and…

The intro was cut short with a banging of piano keys as Uncle Howee turned to the screen. Eaglebones prepared his guitar, Crash hid behind Artix.

Uncle Howee: Hello dear viewers! Today I have two wonderful guests on hand! First off, I love to introduce our musical guest…Voltaire!

A cheering audience of children cried as Voltaire appeared on stage with his guitar, bowing. When he lifted his head, his eyes seemed so empty and lifeless despite the smile on his face.

Artix: Voltaire never mentioned collaborating with the Theater Gods today…
Voltaire: Thanks, Uncle Howee! Today I’m performing a new version of my favorite song, “The Headless Waltz”! And, I even brought a guest over to help demonstrate it. Orchestra….

Voltaire stepped to the side as behind him was a guillotine! Next to the guillotine was a curtain. Voltaire smiled and pulled the cord, the curtain pulling back to revealing a young boy…a very familiar boy come to think of it.

Uncle Howee: And….here’s our second guest! I’m sure you all know the troubles he’s caused…isn’t that right, Mitsuzane?

Artix and the Aquabats! looked at the boy on the tv screen. When the boy lifted his head, that was when they saw that it was a marionette, and how his arms and legs were connected to strings. The marionette smiled and waved as Uncle Howee used his hands to mimic a cross-bar of a marionette. Voltaire twirled around as if he was doing a waltz all while violins played.

Voltaire: (singing) As above, so below, place your bets, which way the head will roll? (lifts Mitsuzane up) Made in your image we are at least as twisted and mean as thee! (looks at the audience) ‘Fore your eyes, what a curious sight. (pulls up a photo of Takatora Kureshima from the side) Your brother has turned on you! (tosses photo aside and pats Mitsuzane on the head) And you say, “you don’t sleep well at night”. (pushes Mitsuzane onto an operating bed, a Slasher Smile on his face) Well, we’ll take care of that for you!

Uncle Howee was at the side, dressed in surgical scrubs and handing Voltaire different types of tools: a scalpel, surgical clips, a chainsaw…

Mitsuzane just smiled even as a chainsaw was just centimeters away from cleaving his head off. Voltaire looked at the chainsaw and tossed it aside before he pulled Mitsuzane off the bed and onto a makeshift stage for dancing.

Artix quietly turned the television off then turned to the Aquabats!

Artix: We’re going to the House of Theater now and end this. (picks up his Blinding Light of Destiny) Come on!
MC Bat Commander: Aquabats, let’s go!

The six entered the Aquabats’ Battletram, immediately speeding toward the Theater House. Unfortunately, they were unaware of a scythe-wielding figure observing them.

Voltaire: (still singing) Oh young Mitsuzane, (eats a handful of green grapes) love the grapes…they’ll make a great noose I bet! Never did as you should and you claim it was all for the Pantheon’s good. ‘Twas a lie, a magnificent lie and now your allies have turned on you. And you claim you have lots on your mind. Well, we’ll take care of that for you!

Uncle Howee placed a watermelon into the hole of the guillotine. He pulled the rope connected to the blade, seeing the guillotine slice the watermelon in half. Mitsuzane just smiled, even as globs of watermelon smacked him in the face. Of course, underneath the mannequin was the real Mitsuzane, screaming and begging for someone to save him. But no, a marionette did not speak or move unless told to. It also didn’t help that throughout the Pantheon, gods were loving the act.

Voltaire: (As he does the “finger to throat gesture”) Get that damn thing off his neck! I’m the head of the board, now I’m bored of his head.(brings two knives and sharpens them) Sharpen up the blade boys, what are you waiting for? Here’s where we all get ahead! (slaps Mitsuzane across the head with his Vorutanian Keyblade) Wipe that damn smile off your face. (motions to the guillotine as Uncle Howee slices a head of cabbage with it) Or we’ll lop it off clean with our new guillotine. Sharpen up the blade boys, what are you waiting for? Here’s where we all get ahead!

Voltaire laughed as Mitsuzane was taken to an electric chair. At this point Uncle Howee pulled up a sign reading, “Kids, turn away now” as there were the sounds of electricity and lightning crackling alongside the strange macabre violin strings. Voltaire grinned as Mitsuzane’s finger twitched, the boy slowly standing up as Voltaire prepared a black executioner’s cloak.

Mitsuzane: (rubbing his head in pain as he sings) All my troubles, all my pain stems from this thing that you call a “brain”. (Bows) Be my guest, sever me from the source of all my agony! (tilts head to the side as he trips and falls on his head)

The sound of a thud also caused Mitsuzane’s head to snap off of the marionette. There was some silence as Uncle Howee inserted it back on, but Mitsuzane didn’t seem affected by his beheading.

Mitsuzane: (singing, twirling around) What a shame, I’ve forgotten my name without the use of my brain and “My, bet I’ll sleep well tonight!”(gets up onto a stool and slips head into a noose) Without this head of mine!

Artix and the Aquabats made it backstage, quiet as can be. Artix placed a finger on his lips as he prepared his axe.

Crash: You’re not gonna behead Voltaire, right?
Artix: Of course not! Watch!

Artix sliced the curtains just as Mitsuzane was being prepped for the guillotine. Voltaire saw this and smiled, preparing his Vorutanian Key Blade to fight back. Uncle Howee sat back, getting a large tub of popcorn at the side as the two fought.

Crash: Can I have some of that?
MC Bat Commander: Maybe later, Crash. Right now we have a marionette to rescue! Aquabats, let’s go!

The Aquabats! tackled Mitsuzane, only to be pushed aside as Mitsuzane continues to sing. While that goes on, the scythe-wielding warrior hid in the shadows, narrowing their eyes.

Mitsuzane: (as he swings Crash around) Get this damn thing off my neck! I’m the head of the board now I’m bored of my head. (as he throws Crash to MC Bat Commander, he gives Ricky Fitness an Offhand Backhand) Sharpen up the blade boys, what are you waiting for? Here’s where we all get ahead! (Jimmy the Robot fires his lasers, but Mitsuzane ducks in time) Wipe that damn smile off your face. (sticks head into the hole of guillotine, hand on the rope) Or we’ll lop it off clean with our new guillotine! Sharpen up the blade boys! Bells are now tolling, soon heads will be rolling…

Eaglebones fired his laser guitar, a blast disintegrating the guillotine into splinters and causing Mitsuzane to be knocked out. There’s some silence as smoke settles in the area. Voltaire knocks Artix away into a pile of stuffed animals.

Artix: Come back here! I’m not finished with you! I—
Voltaire: Your shoe’s untied.

Artix, as strong as he was, was also very gullible. Every paladin in his home world has fallen for that trick, and this was no exception. Despite him resisting the urge to look down, his eyes looked at his armored feet for one second, giving Voltaire enough time for an uppercut, nearly knocking Artix unconscious. Uncle Howee clapped his hands.

Uncle Howee: It’s rare for me to be entertained than be the entertainer.

Artix groaned as he sat up, snarling. He dropped his axe and clenched his hand into a fist, as multiple orbs of light surrounded him.

Artix: I didn’t want to do this…BUT YOU LEFT ME NO CHOICE!!! The power of an Undead Slayer compels you, Voltaire!!!!

Artix unleashed a beam of light that hit Voltaire straight in the chest, making him slam into the Aquabats! Voltaire groaned, his eyes returning to normal.

Voltaire: What happened to me?
Artix: Long story. Aquabats! Get Mitsuzane to the Medical Division—he’ll be safe from everyone…I hope.
???: Not so fast.

Artix had just enough time to react to the scythe nearly cutting his head off. The figure removed their cloak, the scythe at hand.

Artix: Who are you?
???: Ruby Rose, and I’m taking Mitsuzane with me!

Hysteria Count 4: Hate and Rage

That evening, while I say my prayers to Sister Abigail

Carmelita: Whoever broadcasted that awful video must be caught quickly! Already, is this list of gods who attacked Mitsuzane Kureshima out of response to it getting bigger by the day, and now, just recently, they performed an attempted gutting… to young childrenon live television!
Chun-Li: And we still need to find out where Gentaro and his “proxy” have taken Cinderella. I just hope we aren’t too late.

Carmelita Fox and Chun-Li were investigating the video broadcast of Dark!Gentaro gutting Mitsuzane and the gods who’ve responded with their own attacks. Chun-Li was also informed on Cinderella’s kidnapping by both Penelope (though indirectly) and Princess Aurora, and is ready to take action.

Chun-Li: We also have reports of two gods attacking Mitsuzane in his dreams, but their identities are unknown. Must be Pitch Black and Freddy Krueger again.
Carmelita: It looks like we need a third person on the case with the videos. Is Otacon able to help out?
Chun-Li: He’s said something about writing a “sanctuary”, so no. It’d be great if we had a group of computer programmers like him at our beck and call.
Carmelita: Bentley would be a great asset for the case, let me tell you.

Before they could speak of any more possible allies for their case, a message comes up from the House of Prophecy. This person claims that his “Komo” had seen Penelope visiting Clu very often, and might be allies with the proxy. The person also claims to have video footage of Penelope’s RC car going around the House of Villains on the day of Mitsuzane’s gutting.

Chun-Li: How about this guy? He might know something about possible suspects.
Carmelita: I suppose we should trust him. What was his name again?
Chun-Li: Riku. He’s in the Greater God and Overdeity section, a childhood friend of Sora. He said that during that incident with the lights going off there, he and Sora became curious to what was going on.
Carmelita: Lights? Oh, that thing with Izaya Orihara and Alice…(shudders) I can think of crueller fates than being eaten alive and asked to “Die for me!” as she puts it.

Outside the pantheon gates, a masked figurine stood on the road. Taking a quick look around, he soon takes interest of the House of Nature and the House of Prophecy. The figure, just referring to himself as the “Unknown Thief“, had a good reason to be there.

Thief: I’ve overheard of rumors that the Princesses of Heart are in danger. No matter: with Kairi on a spiritual journey with that pink hippo, those Proxy fools will never win. I’ll make sure of it!

Nathan Drake was nearly, pacing over the his recent attack on Mitsuzane. He didn’t know why he did such a cruel act, and is beating himself over it. The thief looks at him with curiosity, and approaches him.

Thief: Let me guess: you attacked that Mitsuzane guy?
Drake: How did you know?
Thief: Everyone has been attacking him lately. Even my own friends did earlier today. And now, I’m here to help keep the Princesses of Heart safe from the Darkness Proxy… but I’m going to need some help.

Nate was relived that he was not the only one to attack Mitsuzane, but he knew that Alternate!Gentaro would do anything to see him suffer, hence why he, through the corrupted Tsukasa Kadoya (or, Kamen Rider Decade), has triggered anger within many gods. The Thief, on the other hand, is able to resist the madness.

Drake: So, what do you need? Guns? Grenades? (pulling out some pages from the Thievius Raccoonus) Maps, even?
Thief: While I appreciate your offers, they just won’t be enough. No, what I need is for you to recruit some guys to help me protect the remaining princesses. And we also need a party to help save the captured princess inside that asylum.
Drake: I’m on it. I think I know a few guys that should help, but where do you want us to meet up?
Thief: I think your temple shall do. Right now, I gotta get in contact with my two friends. It’s… none of your business on what I need to say to them. (thinking) Man, I’m being so rude lately.
Drake: Okay. I’ll see you then.

???: Ugh…My head…

The first thing Ben Tennyson saw was a ceiling above his head, a single light shining down on him. His head was a complete mess, as if he had too many smoothies before bed (which had happened in the past). His body felt tied up, bound, constricted…He learned that it was because he was tied to a chair.

???: Well, we can finally see that you’re awake.

Ben notices that he’s in an interrigation cell with a pane of glass separating him from his cousin Gwen, and good friend Kevin. There’s confusion written on his face as he tried to remember just what happened to him before he was tied up. All that he remembers was some strange voice telling him to kill.

Ben: Um, guys? While I’m glad you care about me, I don’t think the ropes are necessary here.
Gwen: No, they’re more than necessary in case you decide to go Rath again and then start killing people.
Ben: Kill people? Gwen, we’ve known each other all our lives; you know I’d never something like that!
Kevin: How do you explain this?

To Ben’s left is a screen that shows him, as Rath, unleashing pain upon Mitsuzane, using the claw mounted on Rath’s hand to pierce Mitsuzane’s heart and unleash a surge of electricity enough to light a Christmas tree. Ben turned away just as Rath went into his “Lemme tell you something” phrase.

Ben: Kevin, I couldn’t have done this…I mean, not as myself.
Kevin: (turning off the video) So you’re just going to tell us you’ve been brainwashed or something?
Ben: Well…yeah! I mean, have I ever desired to kill anyone?
Gwen: Well you did mention that one time when the House of Food was out of chili fries…
Ben: Aside from that! Come on, guys! I’ll do anything to clear my name…even Community Service! (struggling to escape his bonds) Please?

Both Gwen and Kevin turn to each other, both concerned about Ben telling the truth and also fearing that it was all an act. But Ben would never do anything like kill someone (unless they totally deserved it).

Kevin: We’ll see about this with the House of Justice. But until then, you’ll be here for the next 24 hours.
Ben: (smiles) Thanks guys. Oh, and one more thing?
Gwen: What is it?
Ben: Could you get me some chili fries and a White Gummy Bear Smoothie when you get to the House of Food?
Kevin: (smirks) Don’t push your luck.

As both friend and cousin leave, Ben sighs as he tries to figure out who, or what, could cause him to kill someone. He tries to place a hand on his forehead but then remembered something.

Ben: Guys, you forgot to untie me!

Belle was outside her temple, reading “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, which she got for her birthday from Sora. Lately, Belle has been fascinated with Jules Verne, and the Beast has promised her that he’ll try to ascend Phileas Fogg in one of these days.

Courtney Gears and her dancers were on a nearly roof, watching Belle. They knew that she’s very difficult to capture, because of the Beast. Both Gaston and Maleficent learned this the hard way. As the trio continue to watch, a message from Yugi Moto pops up in Gears’ CPU.

Gears: What is it with Disney females and Jules Verne? Well, this princess isn’t going to be easy to capture… but if we find a way to distract that beast, she’d be up for grabs.
Dancer!Drizella: Maybe we should use those books as an advantage! She loves reading more than anyone else here!
Dancer!Anastasia: And that beast has a grudge against someone called “Xaldin”. Maybe one of us should pretend to be him and distract him!
Gears: You know, that’s not a bad idea. But we should capture the easier ones, first. (reading the message) Speaking of which, Yugi has said that another princess has been spotted in the House of Theater.

Hysteria Count 5: Fashion Apocalypse

Five seconds after the end of Hysteria Count 3

In the House of Theater, the mysterious figure, who was revealed to be Ruby Rose, grabbed the unconscious Mitsuzane and took off to an unknown location.

Artix: Curses! She’s captured Mitsuzane!
Ricky Fitness: Leave this to me, guys! I’ll chase her and be back in no time!

With his super speed, Ricky Fitness proceeds to chase Ruby in hopes to retrieve Mitsuzane from her clutches. Ruby turns around, but continues to speed up. Ricky continues his pace though.

Ricky: I’m not gonna hurt you, I just wanna know where you’re taking him!

Ruby didn’t give a reply and kept going, prompting Ricky to block her way out of her destination. Meanwhile, Artix and the rest of the Aquabats! thought of their next plan.

MC Bat Commander: What’s the plan now?
Artix: We going to get the deities of the House of Heroes to back us up. I can also call up my fellow Sacred Knights to give us a hand.
Crash: I’m not sure if they’ll recover that guy for all the stuff he did to that other boy….Gentaro, was it?
Artix: It’s the only way we can stop this madness. Now come on, let’s…

Suddenly, there’s a sound of moans and shuffling.

Jimmy the Robot: …Do you guys hear that?
Eaglebones: Whatever it is, it can’t be good. My Eage Vision is sensing something very bad going on.

Suddenly, roaring noises were made throughout the House of Theater: a horde of zombies were fastly approaching the group.

Crash: Where did these zombies come from?!
MC Bat Commander: This is going to get messy. Aquabats! Take them out!
Artix: Wait! Something’s going on…

Artix stopped them as he examined the appearances of the zombies as they approached the group. Wondering what Arix is planning to do, the MC Bat Commander have the rest of the Aquabats! stall for time.

Artix: Is that a Hawaiian T-shirt this guy is wearing?

Another zombie tried to attack Artix, who dodged the blow in time. He then appears to study the appearance of the zombie, who appears to have blonde hair wearing a nun costume.

Artix: Isn’t this one from the House of Personal Appearance?

As Artix then backed away from his “opponent”, another zombie charged at him, only for the knight to block it. This zombie was a teenage boy wielding sais.

Artix: Isn’t he part of the Pantheon Academy Glee Club?

While Artix was studying the zombies’ appearance as he was on the defensive, The MC Bat Commander knocks away one of the zombies, while the others were struggling to knock them out but not decapitate them. Artix begins to jot down faces as more and more zombies approach them.

Artix: There’s a boy in a pink outfit and chainsaw, girls in swimsuits, a belly-dancer…some walking head wearing a bandanna and spear…Oh no, all of these zombies are from the Houses of Costume and Personal Appearance!
Crash: (shouting) Great! First Volitare’s brainwashed, then that red riding hood girl captures that Mitsuzane guy, and now zombies are out to attack us!? We’re going to miss our performance because of this!
Jimmy: (also shouting) And it’s title also included zombies too!’
Eaglebones: And you know Beethoveen’s a stickler for schedule!

As the two of them mentioned their performance and how zombies were related to the title of the Aquabats! next performance, this gave Artix an idea. As weird of an idea this was, he was willing to try it!

Artix: (shouting) Hey, guys! Let’s lead these zombies to the House of Music!
MC Bat Commander: (shouting) What are you planning to do there?
Artix: Follow me and you’ll find out.
MC Bat Commander: Aquabats! Let’s follow Artix!

Artix and the Aquabats!, excluding Ricky, rushed into the Battletram with the zombies following moderately behind their trail.

Eaglebones: I just hope those guys forgive us for missing our performance…
Jimmy the Robot: I’m sure that stopping a humongous horde of zombies will give us a free pass.
Crash: But who’s gonna keep rhythm without Ricky on drums?
Jimmy the Robot: Don’t worry about that; I prepared backup samples of all our parts for our songs in case of emergency.

With pedal to the metal, Jimmy drives the Battletram off to the House of Music.

Fifteen minutes later, Artix and the Aquabats! arrived in the House of Music, with the zombies moderately behind.

MC Bat Commander: Artix! Keep these guys busy! We’ll prepare for our performance!
Crash: But what about Ricky? He’s the one who keeps rhythm on drums!
Eaglebones: We’ll have to make do, come on!

As they’ve planned, the Aquabats! went to their temple to get ready for the performance while the Knight fended off the zombies, trying not to use too much force against them as he knew that they were just brainwashed and not really undead. One of the zombies tried to assault him in front, with two more trying to attack him from the sides. Artix dodged the assault of the zombies from his sides, while he went up to the one in front of him and threw it at the other two. Suddenly, a zombie got him from behind, causing him to immediately knock it off of him. He backed away to a corner as part of a plan while all of the zombies followed him in order for the paladin to not escape.

Artix: (thinking) Come on, guys… I can’t endure this any longer! At least no one’s here to say my shoes are untied!

Artix was trapped at a wall as the zombies were about to grab onto his Blinding Light of Destiny. With no other way out, he just hopes that the Aquabats! have gotten ready in time. Artix had no choice but to defend himself. Suddenly, someone shouted at them.

???:: Hey zombies! Why don’t you hear this for your ears?

The zombies then turned to the four Aquabats! perform their musical. The zombies then began to strike them as they the sound at full volume and proceeded to sing their song “Fashion Zombies.”

MC Batcommander: (singing) See them creep out tonight and you see them walk the streets. These children of the undead look dressed in this empty Pantheon. And this horror like production takes so little dedication of black clothes and pale complexions…Rock jet black hair and zombie makeup!

And who can blame them? They walk through asphalt cemeteries! Zombie fashions – They just ascended that way.

There’s a slight pause as the zombies groan a bit. Artix dodges the stab of a spear just in time and grins, preparing another blast of Spirit Orbs right at their faces.

So can you hear me? Can you get hip to what I’m saying? These fashion zombies want to destroy us all!!At the same time this is happening, gods from the House of Music, confused with the amount of zombies filling the place, begin to look out as the Aquabats! continue their song. Many of them, believing this is an all an act for the judges, decide to play along and dress up as these so-called Fashion Zombies all while Artix is still beating them up with his axe.

The Aqubats!: So lock those doors and windows and all the item shops! For tight black jeans and spiky belts and scissors for the Zelda cut. And there is no explanation! These creatures are just victims dressed in expensive fashions to put us into dark wood coffins!

Artix is about to blast a zombie in the face but stops when he realizes its Big Time Rush dressed up as Halloween Monsters. Then he notices the real zombies and the Music Gods pretending to be zombies and gulps.

Artix: No guys! You can’t do this, you’re ALL IN DANGER!!!

And who can blame them? They walk through asphalt cemeteries. Zombie fashions – They must have been born that way So can you hear me? Can you get hip to what I’m saying? These fashion zombies don’t walk this world alone!The real zombies look in confusion at the Music Gods before Artix knocks them out with his spirit orbs. Many of the Music Gods take the hint and decide to ally against the Fashion Zombies (still not knowing just what the heck was going on). With their efforts, it was enough for Artix to unleash more of his sport orbs.

As the Zombies continued to groan, Artix knocked out the zombies with blasts of light from the Spirit Orbs so they wouldn’t get back up. The zombies were greatly weakened, groaning louder than usual as the Aquabats! continued to sing.

Artix: The zombies are weakening! Now’s my chance! The power of an Undead Slayer….
The Aquabats!: Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand! Creatures crawl in search of blood to accessorize our own neighborhood. And monster children with monster faces are looking for love in all the wrong places!…(laughs)
Artix: COMPELS YOU ALL!!! (unleashes a wave of light that knocks all zombies off their feet)
The Aquabats!: And who can blame them? They walk through asphalt cemeteries, zombie fashions- They must have been born that way. So can you hear me? Can you get hip to what I’m saying? These fashion zombies want to destroy us all!

The Aquabats! took a deep breath to sing the final parts as loud as they could.

The Aquabats!: So can you hear me? Can you get hip to what I’m saying? These fashion zombies want to destroy us all!

The horde of zombies collapsed as the song finished. Artix panted for breath as he dropped to his knees as many of the Music Gods cheer.

Carlos: That was just as fun as that time we took that trip to England. Let’s do it again!
Artix: Good! They’re down. Let’s wait for the results! And meanwhile, I wanna see if Voltaire’s all right for our Friday the 13th Monster Hunt.

As a result of the loud music, the zombies were reverted to deities as Artix expected. The unzombified deities regained conscious and saw Artix and the Aquabats!.

Bridget: Ughh… Where are we…?
Artix: You’re at the House of Music. You’re perfectly safe now. Don’t worry, we weren’t planning to behead you or the like.
Crash: (to the Aquabat Commander) Who could’ve done all this?
MC Bat Commander: Who knows? Let’s just Ricky is okay.
Artix: I’ll go take these guys to safety. You should go back and help Ricky and retrieve Mitsuzane!
MC Bat Commander: Very well, then. Aquabats! Head back to the House of Theater! We’re going to help Ricky!

The Aquabats! departed the House of Music to assist their comrade as the Music Gods wave them goodbye. It was at that time that The Beatles walked in, confused as to why no one was preparing for their performances.

John Lennon: Well, no jam before bread?

Meanwhile in the House of Theater, Ricky manages to stop Ruby from escaping the House of Theater with Mitsuzane. The two of them took their breaths from all the running they had. Ricky tries to take Mitsuzane with him, but Ricky tackled her to the ground with all his might.

Ricky: Alright, kid. I’m gonna get you healed at the Medical Division.
Ruby: I won’t let you take him!
Ricky: Not a chance, girl!
Ruby: Very well… Gah!

By surprise, Ruby was knocked out by a wrestler wearing a shirt that read “YES! YES! YES!” on it, rushing toward her with a knee to the face. It was none other than Daniel Bryan.

Daniel: After all the stuff that happened in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, I’m not letting that boy be taken into the Darkness Proxy!
Ricky: Wait! Listen what I have to say! You see, I’m just…

Daniel then proceeds to knock out Ricky with his Busaiku Knee once more, only for Ricky to dodge it and instead Daniel falling flat on his face. Ruby quickly recovered and mustered all the remaining strength she had to strike Daniel with her scythe, which he barely dodged, allowing Ricky to tackle him, knocking Ruby out in the process. Mitsuzane regains consciousness and saw how Ricky Fitness, Ruby Rose and Daniel Bryan were fighting (Ruby close to slicing Daniel Bryan’s beard clean off). Seeing this as a distraction, he takes the opportunity to escape to an unknown location.

Mitsuzane: (thinking) I’m free… I have to go somewhere no one will find me.

The rogue Kamen Rider left the House of Theater unnoticed, while the three continued to fight one another as Uncle Howee appeared with a chair and popcorn, still watching in delight.

The Apathetic Guardians of Figure had a list of gods in the House of Personal Appearance who have been zombified (the guards from the House of Costume were to come much later). As the deities return to confirm their rescue, it became emerged that not all of them have been saved.

Sanguinius: According to this list, everyone who was zombified or has been accounted for… except one.
Igor: Hm? I wonder who is missing from the list?
Sanguinius: (reading the list) Princess Jasmine.
Jack Ryan: Princess Jasmine!? She’s one of the seven Princess of Heart!
Igor: Indeed… Mister von Krieger, please search for her.
Artix: I’m on it!

The paladin then prepares a search for the zombified Jasmine’s whereabouts.

Artix: (thinking to himself) The Zombies attacked us from the House of Theater. And one of the zombies the MC Bat Commander knocked out was her… I better get to the House of Theater as fast as I could!

Knowing that there’s very little time left, Artix ran to his destination as fast as he could so no one could beat him to it.

Three minutes later, Daniel Bryan recovered and was standing over the defeated Ruby Rose and Ricky Fitness after he realized that Mitsuzane escaped.

Daniel: Thanks to you two, that boy’s gotten away! Where did he go now?
???: Ricky!

The wrestler turned to see that the voice was coming from the MC Bat Commander.

Daniel: You’re here to gut Mitsuzane as well? As much as I’d like, I’m sort of not into the “taking a knife to the stomach” thing. Not to mention he’s caused the PWF to be destroyed and put most of my fellow wrestlers into intensive care.
Crash: As much as we would like to, we’re not here for that. We’re here to take that boy to the Medical Division. He needs help!
Daniel: (realizing that he attacked Ricky by accident) I’m so sorry that I attacked one of your crew mates. I didn’t realize he was going to do that.
???: Guys!

All of them except the unconscious Ruby turn around to see Artix approaching them in their way, huffing and puffing for breath and looking more freaked out than when he saw something pink.

Artix: Did any of you see Princess Jasmine?
MC Bat Commander: No, we haven’t. What about her?
Artix: Oh no… I’m too late! Where’s Mitsuzane?
Daniel: I have no idea on his whereabouts as of this moment. He must have escaped when I fought Ricky and that girl (points to an unconscious Ruby)
Artix: Darn it…! I’ll take this girl to the Medical Division to heal her.
MC Bat Commander: We’re going back to our temples to get some rest. Aquabats! Let’s go back to our temple and prepare for our performance!
Eaglebones: Like I said, Beethoveen’s a stickler for schedule.

The Aquabats got on their Battleram and departed the House of Theater to get some rest after a long day’s work, leaving only the paladin and wrestler remaining.

Daniel: I’ll make it up for what I did by finding Mitsuzane and bringing him to the Medical Division.
Artix: Once I take Ruby to the Medical Division, I’ll come to assist you.

With that, Artix carried the unconscious Ruby to the Medical Division while Daniel searches for Mitsuzane. Unknown to them, Kamen Rider Decade was watching the two of them from the shadows.

Decade: The girl was a better tool than I thought. Since we’ve captured Jasmine, I don’t need her anymore. I’d better meet up with the others to capture the next princess.

After he monologues to himself about his plan, the corrupted Kamen Rider departs the scene.

Capture 2: Jasmine

Dancer!Anastasia: I never liked zombies in the first place!

Courtney Gears and her dancers had made it to the House of Theater, as the Aquabats! began to lead the zombie herd towards the House of Music to be freed from their control. There was no count on how many zombies were in the crowd; they only needed Jasmine.

Gears: (sarcastically) Zombies, zombies, everywhere, but not a drop of undeath. (serious tone) Okay, enough of the sarcasm. Decade says that Jasmine is the one with the Arabic appearance and aqua clothing. She can’t be too difficult to spot.
Dancer!Drizella: I’ve already found her, mother.

Drizella points out to Jasmine in the crowd, walking mindlessly towards the House of Music with the other zombies to their eventual purification. Once she was spotted, Gears leaps into the crowd, grabs the zombified Princess of Heart, and rushes out of the crowd with her “daughters” before anyone could spot them.

The trio soon reach Kamen Rider Decade, who was waiting for them outside the Proxy castle, and hands Jasmine over to him. Decade snaps a picture of Jasmine before picking her up.

Gears: Kudos to you for triggering that zombie infestation. Now that’s two down, five to go.
Decade: This is nothing compared to what I have plan for Belle. Watch this.

Gears and her dancers watch in glee as Decade transforms himself into Organization XIII’s no. 3: Xaldin. This was perfect, since Beast has a very sore spot for the Whirlwind Lancer, and tricking him into thinking that Xaldin is in the pantheon would give the proxy an opening to capture Belle.

Decade: (with Xaldin’s voice) But we cannot strike at Belle with only two princesses in our clutches. We should capture at least two more first before we go after her.
Gears: So, any ideas on who the other four are? I only knew of Cinderella before today.
Decade: Despite the images you may have seen when we announced this bounty, we have not fully cracked the code on the identities of the remaining princesses. However, Snow White and Aurora may be possible candidates. They both reacted differently to the kidnapping of Cinderella than the other gods, after all. That hacker girl who joined them may also be one of the chosen ones, too.
Gears: So, a two-in-one deal. We shall go after them both once the sun rises tomorrow.

Courtney Gears and her dancers then leave the castle, as Decade, still pretending to be Xaldin, takes the zombified Jasmine inside. That’s where he meets with Yugi, looking very pissed off.

Decade: What took you so long?
Yugi: Let’s just say that getting away from those stupid Enforces and Shield took some doing. But at least today ended smoothly. (yawns) Tomorrow’s another day as they say.
Decade: Suit yourself. Night, sweet prince.

Yugi scoffs as the door to the proxy’s temple closes and night comes for the entire Pantheon.