Diamond Adventure: Act Two

Intermission 1: Locked and Loaded

Villains Report, Entry Number 20

“As I look back through the past few months, something has been on my mind. The idea is of how one tiny action could affect others, big and small, strong and weak, Overdeity to Quasideity and everyone in between. The asylum incident caused a lot of gods to be submitted into therapy—physical or otherwise—and while many of them have recovered, they haven’t been the same after that.

“Take for example, the Cutie Mark Crusaders who have moved from the House of Ambiguity to the House of Prophecy. The trio were just ordinary goddesses wanting to find their ‘cutie marks’ and were apparently thrust into a world known as Limbo, all because of Yugi Muto being pissed off at how their ‘vampire wrestling caretaker’ saved them from having their souls taken away by something known as the ‘Seal of Orichalcos’ when they wanted to become ‘CUTIE MARK CRUSADER DUELISTS!’. To say that both Gangrel and Luna Vachon were mad about that would be an understatement, and even after the Crusaders returned, not a lot of gods has forgiven Yugi, or Yami Yugi, for his actions. The Crusaders have moved on from the tragedy, even obtaining those ‘cutie marks’ they’ve been clamoring for, and I’m very glad for that—here’s to hoping that it stays that way.

“On the opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve been hearing rumors about the wrestler Matt Hardy, or BROKEN Matt Hardy to be precise. Matt had it the worst, what with his brother being corrupted and then killed by zombies to be revived and all. Matt’s been acting crazier than usual: having strange ‘premo—NEE—tions’ (yes, that’s how he says it), calling his brother Jeff “Brother Nero”, having desires to “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” people, and more. Sora, Kairi and I all watched that ‘Final Deletion’ match the Hardys went through and, while I admit it was entertaining, I am worried about Jeff and how he’s taking this new nickname. I honestly pray that no one has to go through Matt Hardy’s madness anytime soon—especially since Halloween is coming up.

“And speaking of Matt, that also reminds me about those wrestlers Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Both of them were caught in the crossfire of the Iron Giant’s rampage (when I find out who caused that rampage, they are going to be in a LOT of trouble) but they also reacted to it in different ways. Brian Kendrick moved on, and I’ve been hearing that he’s been practicing with Akuma in honing a very dangerous wrestling move while London? Well, I wouldn’t know just what happened, but what I’ve been hearing from Kairi is that he had been completely physically and mentally traumatized from the attack and found solace with something he calls ‘The White Rabbit’ that lead him back to his ‘Tribe’. I’ve asked Alice Liddell if she’s heard of such a thing, but she’s said no. I chalk it up to him being either utterly delusional, or utterly being lied to.

“Now, to change the subject, Xenagos’ telling me about my ‘critique’ of his Lord Lucifer has struck a nerve with me. The reports were made in order to help bring equanimity amongst the Pantheon after the Asylum Incident, the Great Upheaval and the GUAG’s war against the angels totaled the Pantheon in the span of a few days. And, in a way, it’s making me remind myself as to my actions before, and after, I became a god. It’s taken me this long to forget what I did under Maleficient’s orders, and sometimes I still have nightmares as to what I could’ve been doing under the asylum’s orders if it came to it. And then, there’s that incident with Polygon Man using me as his personal puppet–sometimes I wonder if I’m just some sort of brainwashing magnet.

“And that leads me to the situation with what I’ve been hearing about Homura. Her allying with Lucifer and her actions to Madoka were absolutely despicable. It reminded me of what I was trying to do for Kairi, and how I was easily manipulated by the darkness in my own heart. Could Homura also be going through that same pain I’m in? I’d like to ask that after all of this is over, to be honest.

“Getting away from the Chaos Gods, the Lawful Gods aren’t that better. YHVH’s actions on Madoka were just the tip of the iceberg, and after hearing what Funny Valentine was going to do with the Friendship Asylum is on par with gods like Cyrus, and even that Dartz character that recently moved in (although I hear that the wiping of the spirit is something that appalls the Atlantean King, so I doubt that he and Cyrus will be teaming up in the future). YHVH claims that this is all for the sake of Order, but if Order means no free will or individuality, than that just labels him just as evil as Lucifer himself. All of this chaos that is being caused by YHVH and Lucifer is getting out of control, and I honestly don’t know where this will end…but I do know that it’s not going to end soon.


“And in two days, it will be All Hallow’s Eve…the night of nights when the veil between the living and dead is lifted, where the dead travel to meet their loved ones, and the living celebrate those who have passed on. Yet something about what I’ve gone through is giving me a funny feeling that things are about to go wrong soon. Absol senses it too, I know it.”

The Labyrinth of Amala, the dark, red, and surreal dungeon where those who oppose God and his angels, incite chaos, and promote freedom reside in. The Satyr King, Xenagos was inside the throne room, explaining their failure with blonde man.

???: The Keyblade Master’s friend may be a goody two-shoed obstacle, but he’s an unpredictable one…
Xenagos: Indeed. I’ll strike him off-guard the next time we meet. But don’t worry, I have a back-up plan that involves a pink creature.

The man raised an eyebrow.

???: Who is this “pink creature” you speak of?
Xenagos: I’ve sneaked in a little “present” in her temple that transformed her into a human girl during that asylum incident. It’s a good thing she doesn’t remember.
???:(softly chuckles) How interesting… What will you do next?

A sinister grin crept upon his face as he begins to reveal his next plan.

Xenagos: I’m going to pay that same temple a “visit” some time later.

The Satyr King walked away from the throne, letting out a raspy-like laughter before leaving the throne room. The blonde man left out a smirk.

???: It’s a pity that Beezlebub’s busy…

Ruby, Kirlia and Diancie stood next to the computer as Otacon aims the Warp gun. Scyther was in his Poke Ball.

Otacon: Alright, girls. Are you ready?
Diancie: I’m so nervous.
Otacon: Don’t worry. you won’t be transported into a wasteland or someone else’s temple.
Ed: You’ll get comfortable for a while.

A few seconds later, Otacon shoots it at the three, causing them to dissolve into tiny particles of light that went inside the computer.

Minutes later, both have been transported into the computer world next to Tron and Megaman.Exe, where Ruby, who had to quickly put her blindfold back on, was wearing black armor with red neon lines. Diancie, on the other hand, had cyan on her, a color similar to the Carbink, instead of the normal pink.

Bentley: How does it feel, Diancie?
Diancie: It feels a little strange being in this place. It is like I have dreamed about it before.
Tron: You’ll get used to it.
Ruby: (thinking) Ugh, Please don’t crash into a wall this time, Ruby.
Diancie: Why are we sent here, Tron?
Tron: It appears that Clu has some secret files for us that contain information about the former leader of the Sisterhood. Considering he’s a member of the GUAL, it won’t be easy.
Lan: GUAL? I’ve meet someone like those angels in the past in Green Town, but their reasons were different.
Tron: No. They’ll deem us all as cursed programs. We’ll speak about that a different time. Let’s get going.

With that, The six of them advance to reach Clu, with Megaman.Exe saying something.

Megaman.Exe: Tron, I’ll split up to search for Sora.
Ruby: Take Kirlia with you! She’s worried sick about him!
Megaman.Exe: Alright. Come here, Kirlia.

The small ballerina-like Pokemon walks up to the blue Netnavi, who grabs Kirlia and separated from the rest of the group to look for Sora.

Sometime after Black Jack performed a minor operation on Riku, the Keyblade Master, patched up, was walking in the hallway, ready to leave the building. He was still furious about the ordeal with Groudon. What was more puzzling was that the Satyr King knew about his Villains Report.

Riku: (thinking) The next time I see that ugly Satyr King, I’m going to get some answers after I stun him! Is he spying on me?

Sighing, he exits the building, walking on the wet ground that from Kyogre’s heavy rain. He breathes the fresh air that was blowing his way and looked up at the sun slightly shining through his eyes.

Riku: Not so bad after all…
???: Riku!

He looked down and tilted to his right to see Mickey, Donald, and Goofy approaching him.

Mickey: It’s a relief you’re safe. I heard some entity named Xenagos kidnapped you.
Riku: The Satyr did it for some petty reason. (to Donald) By the way, you’re lucky Ruby was content being a devil girl.
Donald:  I didn’t mean to do it! And Kairi was a into a harpy-lady!
Riku: You turned Kairi into a harpy lady? The Rock must be laughing at you right now, and Murray is upset with you about it. Who knows how many deities have transformed thanks to your spell, but that’s not my concerned right now.

His face turned into a serious expression.

Riku: That said, I’m going to do what I’ve objected to two days ago in the Medical Division.
Donald: What’s that?
Riku: I’m going to spy on Lucifer!
Goofy: Gawrsh. That’s a bad idea, Riku, especially after you got caught by one of his generals last time.
Riku: I’ll be careful this time. Whatever Lucifer’s planning, the Satyr King, and possibly the Lord of the Flies, will be involved.
Donald: Speaking of Lucifer, we met Homura Akemi in my temple. She didn’t attack us. I don’t why
Riku: Why was she inside your temple? She mocked you for your “witchcraft”?
Goofy: She wanted us to help her tackle against the GUAC against the Xenagos guy you mentioned earlier.
Riku: Really? What caused her to have a fallout with one of her teammates? If you’ll excuse me… I’m going to track down the Demi-fiend.

Riku leaves the Medical Division.

Goofy: (To Donald) We should be going back to the house of Otherness if we’re to celebrate Halloween

Goofy and Donald leave the medical to practice for the concert the former had mentioned earlier.

Mickey: I might participate in an art contest after Halloween.

Jaune, Nora, and Ren were in the former’s temple, staying inside when the heavy rain occurred, concluding their discussion about their sudden transformation.

Jaune: It’s settled. We’ll continue carrying the packages to Finkelstein. Should we find the witch, we’ll take her down.
Nora: Do you think the witch will have familiars to capture us?
Ren: Possibly. We best be on the lookout for her.
Nora: I can’t wait to have pictures with that witch when we humiliate her!
Ren: (baffled) What?
Nora: What? It serves her right for turning us into this.
Jaune: You know what? She’s right.
Ren: …Wait, You’re actually with her on this?
Jaune: Crazy as it sounds, yes. Let’s not take it too far, though. Let’s get those packages to Dr. Finklestein.

With that, the three exit Jaune’s temple and resume the delivery of packages to Dr. Finklestein in Halloween Town. Little did they know was that there was a purple tigress watching them

???: Those must be the delivery kids. Looks like I’ll have to use him again.

Chapter 7: It’s a Cruel World After All

It had been a few days inside the computer. Sora was very tired and hungry from all this walking from the starting point, where the person on the transmitter told him to head for his location: the Black Tower. His Dream Eaters were getting concerned for his health, as he had not sat down for hours. But there was no other known transportation to the tower he could use despite being in the middle of a huge city that is the size of Lebanon.

The poor boy was ready to collapse from fatigue.

Sora: (thinking) I could’ve gotten a slice of pizza from Cyborg before I went through this long haul…

As he walked to the Black Tower, his vision was slightly blurred, almost on the verge of unconsciousness.

Sora: I… I don’t think I’ll make it in this condition.

He walked for a little while longer, before suddenly falling to the ground. His Dream Eaters came to his aid, crying for him to wake up but to no avail. Four programs, all female, were passing by them.

Program 1: Oh wow, that must have been some homeless twit.
Program 2: Yeah. It’s like that time Bruce Lee lookalike lost his fast food chain and his money.

The Dream Eaters turned to the four programs, angry that they’ve insulted Sora.

Program 3: An ugly beast of a program like him would never make friends.
Program 4: (chuckles) What a damn twit! I hope he’ll live in a heated Chimney!
Program 2: Oh, are those his pets? God, they’re such pathetic, ugly little shitbags!
Program 3: He’s taking them off somewhere. What a cu-

The word was cut short as Meow Wow fires a Firaga at one of the programs. She ran around, screaming in pain her face burns away. The two other programs looked in horror while the last one went to her aid.

Program 3: Oh my users! That program burned her!
Program 2: We better run!

The four female programs had left their vicinity, leaving the two Dream Eaters back to take care of Sora. Majik Lapin casts Curaga on Sora to restore his energy a bit, allowing him to regain consciousness. Another program, one resembling an old, cranky woman, walks towards him, outraged at the actions of those four programs.

Program 5: Those four will pay the price for insulting such a fine young program who just needed a recharge.
Sora: What… what four?
Program 5: A quartet of girls insulted you, and your Pokémon fought them off. I’ve seen them before being naughty. While I was going to see a “Secret Agent Clank” movie, I saw those girls hang out with no intentions of seeing any holovids. When another program tried to be nice to them, they told her the movie they were seeing was called “Penis”. When she asked what that is, they pointed to her and laughed.
Sora: That is just plain cruel. I hope she gave those girls a nice kick in the—
Program 5: Right now, young program, you need some rest and food. Follow me inside. My apprentice will provide you a nice meal straight from the outside world.

Sora didn’t know if he should follow her. He was once warned by Tron that many programs are nasty jerks, and may trick others into bad jokes. He was relieved that the four bitches didn’t take the Red Orb, but still, what of this old woman? He decided to take the risk and follow her, given his exhaustion and hunger.

Riku went to the House of Gaming to check on the Demi-fiend, who wasn’t inside his temple. Away, he decided to check around the majority of the entire house to see if he was in someone else’s temple, but to no avail. He returns to the entrance, exhausted of the long, terrible heist.

Riku: (pants; thinking) Figures he’d be away… Great. Now where do I find him?

The Keyblade Master looks around before departing for the House of Combat, but before he began to do so, someone called his name. He looks to the person, Dr. Gregory House, the founder of the Extraordinary Doctors.

Riku: Doctor House…? What is it?
Gregory House: I have a request for you. It’s about your friend Jak. He still can’t remember anything. We’ll have to put him in suspended animation if his memories aren’t restored in two days. Will you do it?

The young Keyblade Master had some time think about it. While Xenagos and his GUAC cohorts were still on the loose, not willing to abandon his plan to spy on Lucifer, he didn’t want to lose a friend and ally.

Riku: (reluctantly) Alright… I’ll do it.
Gregory House: Thanks. I’m going back to the medical division and-

The doctor’s cell-phone abruptly rings. He picks it up to respond.

Gregory House: Yes? What is it? …Alright. I’ll tell him that right now.

He hangs up the phone and turns back.

Riku: Who was that?
Gregory House: That was Unohana. Someone’s captured the Heart Diamond in the House of Nature.
Riku: Did Xehanort do it?
Gregory House: No. The thieves were a group of Satyrs.
Riku: (angry) Just when I’m about to look for that certain someone, I-!
Gregory House: Who is this “certain person” you have to meet?
Riku: The Demi-fiend.
Gregory House: Him? Why are you looking for him? Are you looking to have a duel with him or something?
Riku: No. There’s no other way for me to get to the Labyrinth of Amala… I might have to recruit Ratchet for this.
Gregory House: I’ll go back to HQ and check on the patents. Just be more careful now. You and your friends.

The founder of the Extraordinary Doctors went back to the Medical Division, while Riku decides his next move.

Riku: (thinking) First he’s taken the Red Orb, and now the Heart Diamond? Why is he stealing these artifacts, anyway? My search for the Demi-fiend will have to wait. Jak’s going to be put in suspended animation in two days, and I don’t want to lose him… I better move fast.

Conflicted, he leaves the House of Gaming to look for Ratchet and Clank.

Sora, his Dream Eaters, and the elderly female program were next to an elevator.

Sora: (pants) When will… he come?
Elderly Program: He’ll come here in a few microcycles.
Sora: Finally… Something to eat.

He yawns as the old program hums.

Elderly Program: Say, young program, why are you here anyway?
Sora: I’m a user, not a program.
Elderly Program: Is that so? There’s been an increasing number of them here. Some youngster in a black coat wielding a sword. Kirito, was it? Recently, a new area has been found by several users.
Sora: Did Clu have his programs create it?
Elderly Program: He has no hand in it. From what I hear, it’s a dangerous place. Not even the throneship would go there without preparations. I can’t say the same for the Master Control Program.
Sora: A place even Clu fears? What’s it called?
Elderly Program: The—
???: I’m coming!!

They all looked to see a young male program holding the food.

Elderly Program: Oh, what excellent timing. Give it to this young user.
Apprentice program: Alright.

He grungy hands the tray of food to the keybearer, who desperately eats it in a few seconds.

Sora: That was good.
Elderly Program: Here, have this water.

She hands him a bottle of water, which he also drinks quickly.

Sora: Oh, that was good… Thanks, miss.

Now, rejuventaed, Sora proceeds to leave for the Black Tower. The apprentice program, without warning, shoves him next to the elevator knocking the Red Orb off his pocket, an act that surprised his mistress.

Sora: (angry) Hey, What’s the big idea!?
Apprentice program: You’re an ugly user. Where did you get that armor from? Out of the trash?
Sora: Ugly!? Out of the trash!? Who are you really working for? The MCP? Clu?
Apprentice program: I work for myself and myself only!
Elderly Program: STOP NOW!

At her command, the apprentice ceases his sudden aggressive cruelty towards Sora.

Apprentice: Be thankful she stopped me.

He takes a few steps back. As he was getting up, the brunette realized that the Red Orb was on the ground. He picks it up as the Elderly stares at the artifact.

Elderly Program: I apologize for the hostility of apprentice.
Sora: It’s all right. I wasn’t expecting it either. See ya later.

He and his Dream Eaters depart the area to reunite with their friends. She takes out a transmitter and speaks into it.

???: What is it?
Elderly Program: There’s some important news I have to tell you. A young man with brown hair holding some over-sized key has the Red Orb.
???: Interesting… We’ll confiscate it from him.
Elderly Program: Alright. Over and out.

She ends the transmission.

Sora and his Dream Eaters were walking around the computer world to the Black Tower. Suddenly, a transmitter screen shows up in front of him, revealing Tron.

Tron: Sora, are you alright?
Sora: Yes. I was really tired earlier.
Tron: No wonder you didn’t pick up. That aside, there will be a bus for you to pick up at the Black Tower in a few seconds. Be sure to board the bus. An ally of ours has Kirlia with them, so be ready.

Tron ends the transmission.

Sora: (thinking) Since when did they have public transportation here and who is this ally they have? I’m saved…

He puts his arms behind his head as a bus appeared, coming his way.

Sora: That must be the bus.

It slowed down to Sora’s location.

Sora: That was fast…
Bus Driver: Are you that user they call Sora?
Sora: Yes.
Bus Driver: Good. Get in! Huh?

The bus driver noticed four programs had entered the bus from the other side. Two of them went to the Driver’s seat and beat him up.

Sora: (angry) What are you doing? You can’t just beat up a driver!
Program 1: Shut up, you worthless program! We need be somewhere really fast!
Sora: (angry) Grr… If you don’t come over there right now….

The two other programs went out of the other bus door, went to Sora and started tackling him into the ground. One of them had her foot right up to one of his arms, and was trying to crush it.

Program 2: Or else what? You’re just a whiny fucking brat with no friends.
Program 3: Look at you. You are nothing but a c—

The bus’ horn was used as the third program said the last word. Sora, not wanting to destroy the bus, blocked as the programs started picking on him. Meow Wow had casted a Blizzaga on the program, which caused no effect. As Sora defended himself from the programs, Tron appeared in the transmission screen again.

Tron: Sora, are you at the bus?
Sora: No. Some nasty programs have hijacked the bus and started bullying me!
Tron: (angry) Darn programs… I’ll send in the Regonizer!

The bullies then threw Sora and the bus driver off, and proceeded to drive the bus to an unknown location. Meow Wow gave chase for about a minute before giving up and returning to its trainer.

Bus Driver: That’s the second time this week that some punks associated with Lucifer have stolen a bus.
Sora: Is that why I have not seen any buses around here?
Bus Driver: Affirmative. Rogue programs have been hijacking buses and taking them somewhere for something even Clu doesn’t know about. They also have a tendency to pose as normal programs, but beware. They enjoy harassing others and take doses of some sort of “chemical” that warps their programming, causing them to pick up on bad language.
Sora: (thinking) Just what are they hiding from Clu?

As the brunette pondered about the events transpiring in the Cyber World, a helicopter-like sound reached his ears. He, his Dream Eaters, and the Bus Driver notice a floating vehicle descend to the ground. Once it does, two orange-colored guards walked up to them.

Guard 1: Are you Keyblade Wielder Sora?
Sora: Yes. That’s me. What is that thing?
Guard 2: The Recognizer. Right this way.

The two Guards lead Sora to the Recognizer, but minutes before the guards lead them to the cockpit, a figure jumps down from it. The keybearer was surprised to the figure was holding a certain Pokémon.

???: Are you Sora?
Sora: Yes. And you are…?
???: I’m Megaman. This Pokémon is for you.

Sora paused for a minute in surprise when the figure introduced himself as the latter gently lowered Kirlia onto the ground. She then ran towards the brunette and jumped into his arms, which caused him to slightly hug her, still shocked that the blue figure introducing himself. They continued the conversation as they walked into the cockpit, with Sora being surprised to hear entity calling himself Mega Man.

Sora: Wait, Mega Man!? As in, the Blue Bomber Mega Man? How did you get into this world!?
Megaman.Exe: Um, I’m not the same Mega Man in the real world.
Sora: Really?

As they reached into the cockpit, the transmission screen appears again, this time, showing a different person.

???: You’re Sora? I’d thought you’d be more older.
Sora: Who are you?
???: Lan Hikari. Tron recruited us here in case either you or Ruby were late. When this Riku person told us that you were here, we decided to stay here anyway and give you that Pokemon.
Sora: Looks like I owe Riku one here. Thanks for bringing Kirlia to me. By the way, is this Megaman a program? A user?
Lan:  No, he’s neither of those. Megaman’s what you call a Net Navi.
Sora: Net… Navi? (surprised) That’s a new one.
Lan: They’re beings who navigate the cyber world. As of right now, Megaman is the only one around here.
Sora: Net Navis… This is interesting.

As they boarded the cockpit, the pilot ascended the Recognizer from the ground and started moving.

Guard 2: Next stop! The Black Tower!

Jaune, Nora, and Ren, who were carrying boxes, were going to Halloween Town in the House of Otherness to see Dr. Finklestein. As they drop the boxes, Nora knocks on the door hard.

Ren: Be careful not to break the door, Nora.

A few seconds later, Dr. Finklestein opens the door.

Dr. Finklestein: Oh, It’s you kids. It’s horrible!
Nora: Were any of your boxes stolen?
Dr. Finklestein: Yes! It’s Oogie and his pals have only taken just ten of my boxes!
Nora: Really? That dumb creep would pay!

Nora’s words had made the doctor realize something.

Dr. Finklestein: Hm… He wouldn’t know about the packages I’ve ordered. For some reason, I heard those three brats have kept telling him around. Strange. He’d do this with no problems.
Ren: Brats?
Jaune: Probably those kids Lock, Shock and Barrel.
???: What are you kids doing here?

Everyone turned around to see a tall skeletal man approach them.

Dr. Finklestein: Excellent timing, Mr. Skellington. I was just telling these kids about the packages I’ve stored for my Halloween project.
Ren: What are you doing for Halloween, Mr. Skellington?
Jack Skellington: I’m here to have everyone prepared for the summer.
Nora: I can’t wait to go to the beach. Are you coming?
Jack Skellington: Uhm… No. (to Dr. Finklestein) What about those packages? Did Oogie steal them?
Dr. Finklestein: Yes.
Jack Skellington: Oogie’s at it again!? This seems peculiar… You three, follow me.

Jack Skellington leaves, with Team JNPR following him.

Jaune: Where are we going?
Jack Skellington: We’re going to spy on Oogie. I have a feeling he isn’t acting alone on this.

The four of them depart Halloween Town to pursue Oogie Boogie and his minions.

Chapter 8: Nature Chaos

Riku arrives in front of Ratchet’s temple in the House of Weapons to knock on the door.

Riku: Hey, Ratchet! It’s Riku! I need your help!

There was no answer– Riku kicked the door in frustration.

Riku: Drat… He must be somewhere else…
???: Riku?

The Keyblade Master turned to his right to see Ratchet and Clank walking towards him.

Clank: We were just coming back from watching a show at the PWF. What are you doing here at our temples?
Riku: It’s about Jak. The GUAG’s going to put in him suspended animation if his memories aren’t restored in two days.

Riku’s words have slightly saddened the two, knowing that their good friends had gone through a lot in the past few months.

Ratchet: Suspended animation. That sounds like he’s going to be de-powered.
Riku: No, it’s just a coma, but I do fear that possibility.
Ratchet: I’ll go with you. I don’t want the GUAG to cancel our race against Maleficent.
Riku: And I don’t want Xehanort or someone else to experiment on him like Praxis and Errol did.
Clank: Is there anything else that you wish to share with us?
Riku: The Satyr King, Xenagos, has stolen the Heart Diamond in the House of Nature.
Ratchet: Why would he steal such an artifact?
Riku: No idea. I’m wondering the same thing myself. I feel you guys aren’t enough.
Clank: Do you need someone else for this?
Riku: I do. Follow me. We’re going to get Donald.

The three depart the House of Weapons to look for Donald.

Sora, Kirlia, his Dream Eaters, and Megaman.Exe looked around in the Recognizer.

Sora: The Cyber world’s massively larger than it was when I came in.
Megaman.Exe: This is my first time visiting a Cyber world of this type. Good thing there’s no entrances to the Undernet here.
Sora: Whatever that place is, it must be scary.
Megaman.Exe: It is scary. Normal Navis would be deleted on the spot unprepared. That area is ten times worse than this. It’s where some of the net-criminals reside in and do suspicious activities.
Sora:(thinking) I wonder if that is where all these rogue programs are coming from to attack us and steal our buses. And maybe the ones I encountered are just petty thugs who act like Team Skull grunts.

Sora was terrified at the thought of meeting programs at such a place, imagining the treatment the programs gave him forty-eight minutes ago would be grossly worse in that place.

Sora: I don’t want to go there alone… Oh? That must be the Black Tower. (to Kirlia and the Dream Eaters) Don’t fall off, guys!
Guard 1: Don’t worry. Invisible walls are installed.

Sora was relieved as the Recognizer descended to ground to reach the entrance of the Black Tower, where Tron, Ruby, and Diancie were waiting for them. The guards disabled the invisible walls, allowing them to meet with the others safely.

Tron: Now we can begin the next phase of our plan.
Ruby: My legs were tired waiting for you, Sora.
Sora: Yeah. It was a long haul.
Diancie: I feel bad for what you had to go through back there.
Sora: This is nothing bad than what I went through in the past.

As they were discussing things, a shoe was thrown at Majik Lapin, which Meow Wow burned with a Firaga. Everyone turned around to see two programs, one male and one female.

Program 1: Those creatures are full of crap! They look like a chocolate iced brownie!
Program 2: That clown bunny sucks! It should go somewhere else other than a circus!
Sora:(surprised) Not more rogue programs!
Tron:(sighs) Guards. Arrest these two.

The two guards went behind to the two programs and placed handcuffs behind them and sent them to the Recognizer.

Ruby: Serves those jerks right!
Megaman.Exe: I’ve faced nastier beings on the net before. Now, what were you saying, Tron?
Tron: The Black tower has files regarding Madoka and Gentaro. Once we get the files, we will find out who is behind them, and you can all get out of the cyberworld.
Sora: Got it.
???: Tron, Did you fi— S—a?

The voice was interrupted by static.

Tron: That must be the hackers. Hello? Hello? Hello!?

There was no response.

Lan: I wish we could contact them.
Tron:  The static’s left us on our own here. Let’s move forward.

Everyone proceeded to enter the Black Tower.

Riku, Ratchet, and Clank go to the House of Otherness, where they see several deities rehearsing for a Halloween concert.

Ratchet: Huh, they’re doing a great job with the rehearsal.

They see Donald, Goofy and a few others about to rehearse for Halloween. They approach Donald and Goofy.

Donald: Riku? Why are you here? I thought you were supposed to be looking for the Demi-fiend.
Riku: Change of plans. I need the help of you and Goofy.
Goofy: What for?
Ratchet: We have to find a way to restore Jak’s memories before Halloween. Will you two help us out?
Donald: No. We still have to—
Goofy: (shuts Donald’s mouth) Sure, we’ll help.
Ratchet: Um… What was that?
Donald: Yes… We’ll go…
Riku: Alright. Tell whoever is doing to the concert that you’ll be away. The three of us will come up with a plan for Jak.
Goofy: Right, we’ll let Olaf know that we’ll be gone for a while.

Riku, Ratchet, and Clank depart the House of Otherness while Donald and Goofy go to get pardoned to assist the three. That’s when Ratchet realized something.

Ratchet: Wait a minute…did Goofy just say that Olaf is the one behind this Halloween show?
Clank: Perhaps he’s just the stage manager.
Ratchet just shrugged his shoulders as they continued their leave. As they did, they didn’t notice a strange person in white and the two with them. The person in white was munching on a carrot.
 ???1: And you’re telling me the White Rabbit asked us to follow them?
???2: That’s correct. Come on, we don’t want them to think we’re enemies.
???3: It would be easier if our clothes didn’t stick out. Who’s to blame for that?
???2: Worry about that later. Let’s go.

Team JNPR and Jack Skellington have were walking around the pantheon to find Oogie.

Nora: Look at all of those decorations…
Jaune: Halloween’s only two days away, and somehow, we’re still in this… strange get-up.
Jack Skellington: It must have someone’s spell.
Nora: You’re saying it’s the work of a witch? She must’ve told Oogie about the packages.
Ren: Maybe, who knows… (to Jack Skellington)
Jack Skellington: Whatever it is, I say you all look decent in them. (looks to his left) Aah… Oogie!?
Jaune: Where?

Jack Skellington point pointed at his direction. He was accompanied by Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The four of them hid into the corner of a building, holding the packages Dr. Finklestein had mentioned earlier.

Ren: (quietly) What are they doing out in the open?
Jack Skellington: Shhh….

They silenced themselves as Oogie and his henchmen began to speak.

Lock: C’mon, Oogie! Are we really going to listen to that woman?
???: Yes, because I have a little project of my own that’s better than Finklestein’s.
Jack Skellington: It can’t be… No… Not at a time like Halloween…

They watched as a purple tigress driving in a small storage truck. She parks it and gets off to rendezvous with Oogie. Jack Skellington’s eye’s widened in a mixture of fear and anger. Jaune, Nora and Ren’s face were serious upon seeing the girl. Team JNPR couldn’t forget the time she stole Jaune’s sword, more so with Ren and Nora, who couldn’t forgive her .

Jaune: (angry) Neyla… What’s she doing here?
Jack Skellington: Whatever “project” she’s making, it can’t be pleasant.
Nora: Even those three henchghouls feel bad for being used.
Jack Skellington: Shhh… We better be quiet.

The four listen as Neyla begins to speak.

Neyla: You four have done a nice job bringing the packages to me. This isn’t enough. You guys will have to bring me more than this to come to fruition.
Jack Skellington: We’re not letting you have it!

The four villains heard the voice of Jack Skellington, followed by a gunshot fired at them. They manage to evade it as the heroic skeleton, alongside Team JNPR, revealed themselves.

Neyla: (angry) Just what we need… Obstacles.

She takes out a smoke grenade from her pocket and throws it at the heroes. Just before they could chase the purple tigress and the ghouls, smoke gas emitted from the grenade, causing the four heroes to cough while Neyla, Oogie, and the latter’s henchmen escaped. Two and a half minutes afterwards, the smoke subsided with Neyla and Oogie gone.

Jack Skellington: They escaped with the packages!
Nora: Bluttering Hammmer fists! Where did they go?
Jaune: Everyone, Let’s go back to the Dr. Finklestein to report this!

They go back to Dr. Finkelstein to inform him of their encounter with Neyla and Oogie.

April: Hello folks, this is April O’neal and this is Pantheon News!

April O’neal adjusted her microphone as she cleared her throat.

April: Today, the group of Carbink are rioting all over the pantheon in their search for the Heart Diamond. Several of them have attacked deity Cole MacGrath, who only suffered minor injuries. I’m here with Keyblade Master Riku.

She places the microphone next to a surprised Riku, who didn’t think she’d interview him again. Fortunately, he was able to think of a few words to say.

Riku: T… thanks, April. There’s a man named Cyber Errol that’s behind the theft of the Heart Diamond. Ratchet, Clank, and I are investigating this right now. Medical aid will come for Cole.
April: Thank you, Riku. For what purpose Errol is using the Heart Diamond is unclear as of right. This is April O’neal of Pantheon news. Over and out.

Jak and Daxter watched from the House of Otherness as the news story ends. Daxter was surprised to hear Riku speak of Errol in the pantheon.

Daxter: Errol is alive!? What’s he doing in the pantheon?
Jak: I don’t know what he’s accomplishing by stealing, But we might want to check it out.

They then notice Donald and Goofy were finished speaking to Olaf about everything.

Olaf: Alright. Be right back once you’re done.

The two toons set off.

Jak: It’s best we follow them.

The two follow Donald and Goofy to their destination.

Chapter 9: Trial Start

The group walk into the Black Tower and walked up to the second floor. As they walked inside, they stumbled upon a security lock.

Tron: Looks like they have security locks installed.
Megaman.Exe: I’ll try breaking it.

Megaman fired his Megabuster to destroy the lock, which did nothing.

Megaman.Exe: Nothing happened.
Ruby: What are we supposed to do?
Tron: Let’s see here….

They examined the security door.

Sora: How are we going to open it?
Ruby: Let’s read it.

They proceed to read the door.

Megaman.Exe: The door reads as “A bug must spin out.”
Ruby: A bug must spin out? I think I know what to do here.

Ruby throws the Pokeball to summon Scyther. She then inserts the Bugnium-Z into her Z-Ring, touches it, and does a strange pose. Scyther then started to glow, and used the Z-move Savage Spin out. The door opens shortly afterwards.

Diancie: Nice job, Ruby!
Tron: The door’s opened. Let’s go get going.

Everyone advanced to the next door. Sora looked at his Dream Eaters and then Kirlia, who was suddenly bright for some reason.

Sora: (thinking) Huh? Why is Kirlia glowing up?

Sora shrugged off the claims as they proceeded. Diancie, on the other hand, had noticed a small mall on the lower floor of the building.

Diancie: (thinking) Oh, A mall… I’d love to see what they have there!

Not wanting to be detected, the Jewel Pokémon stayed behind the group for a few minutes before splitting away from them to go to the mall while everyone else advanced forward. A voice suddenly reaches their ears.

???: On…! Tron!

The group stopped for a moment as a transmission screen appears before them, revealing Radical Ed.

Ruby: Ed!
Ed: Tron! Ruby! Sorry about the inconvenience okay! We had to fix the plug in the basement.
Tron: Good! I have Sora with us in the Black Tower right now. We’ve just opened the first security lock!
???: That’s Great!
???: Um, Sora, what happened to you back there?

Several transmission revealed Otacon, Shiena, and Bentley.

Sora: I was bullied by several programs.
Bentley: Did they take the Red Orb from you?
Sora: No. I still have it with me.
Otacon: You and Riku have averted a catastrophe by taking the Red Orb from the GUAC.
Sora: GUAC? That’s Lucifer’s group. What did they want to do with Groudon?
Bentley: To capture Riku for slandering him.
Megaman.Exe: That’s it?
Shiena: Yeah, pretty much.
Sora: They unleashed Groudon just for that?
Otacon: Yeah. We’ll tell you more when you get out. Right now, let’s get to the second security lock

The group continued forward, now after having gained contact with the hackers.

Riku, Ratchet, and Clank arrive in front of Diancie’s temple in the House of Nature, noticing the Heart Diamond’s disappearance.

Ratchet: (pants) All this running… makes me tired…
Clank: Good thing I don’t suffer exhaustion.
Ratchet: Maybe I should work out more. Donald and Goofy should come out any sooner, right Riku?
Riku: Yes, we have to keep the thing a secret from-
???: There you are, Riku!

The three turned to see Mickey Mouse running towards the group to meet with them.

Ratchet: Mickey? What are you doing here?
Mickey: I’ve been contacted by Riku to come here.
Riku: Right. Donald, Goofy, and Jak should be on their way here shortly.
Clank: (turns to his right) Speak of the devil.

Everyone turned to see Donald and Goofy. Ratchet notices that Jak and Daxter were behind them.

Riku: (thinking) This worked quicker than I expected. (speaking) Good timing.
Ratchet: We’ll have to be quiet about this.
Mickey: (quietly) Jak may be watching us. Let’s go around the temple.

Jak and Daxter look on as the group go around Diancie’s temple.

Daxter: Why are they going inside the temple when Errol’s on the loose?
Jak: They must be conducting a plan to catch him? Who knows where he could be at this point.
Daxter: Are they trying to lure him inside?

They waited for three minutes, in which Errol appeared.

Jak: Errol!

Without saying a word, Errol ran away as the duo chases him further into the jungles of the House of Nature. The Disney toon trio, Riku, Ratchet, and Clank edge out a look as Jak chases his enemy.

Donald: It looks like he fell for the trick.

The group were now at the second security lock, trying to figure out the criteria to open it.

Ruby: I wonder if this door is the same type of quiz.
Sora: Maybe this one will be different?
Megaman.Exe: Let this one not be a battle against evil programs.

As they all wondered what the second trial will be, Tron looked around to check the area.

Sora: What’s wrong, Tron?
Tron: It’s been bothering me for a while, but Diancie’s missing.
Megaman.Exe: I haven’t seen her here as well.
Tron: (frustrated) Blast. At a time like this? Blasted Pokémon…
Sora: I’ll look for her.
Megaman.Exe: No. I’ll do it instead.
Lan: Good idea, Megaman! We don’t want to risk us all being separated.

This had gave Tron feel a small sense of relief.

Tron: Alright… Return with her quickly. We don’t want the Sisterhood to worry.
Megaman.Exe: Roger that.

Megaman.Exe left the group to search for Diancie and bring her back to the group.

Shiena: Say, where’s Megaman.Exe? And where’s Diancie?
Tron: Megaman’s looking for her as we speak.
Bentley: What’s she doing running off on her own?
Ruby: She was with us when we cleared the first door.
Otacon: She must run off that far, then. That out of the way, let’s solve the next door.

Jak confronts Cyber Errol inside Sora’s temple nearby. He wouldn’t imagine someone from his universe to come to the pantheon.

Jak: What are you doing in the pantheon, Errol? What are you accomplishing by stealing the Heart Diamond?
Errol: I’m taking this item to revive the Baron and have him help me destroy you!
Daxter: How are you going to revive Praxis with it? You don’t even know what it does yourself!
Errol: Hmph, says the former test subject. I will seek ways to achieve the revival!
Jak: Keep dreaming!

Angered, the ex-commander of the Krimzon guard ran towards Jak to punch him, only for the latter to jump out of the way. Taking out his Gunstaff, which has the Scatter gun mod installed, Jak fired it on his adversary. Errol evades them and fires a missile from his left hand. Jak moves out of this way, but before he could plan his next attack, Errol quickly closed in on him to deliver a swift hook, only for Jak to barely block it, but is knocked away from him.

Jak: (thinking) He’s gotten faster since our last bout.

Jak had fired more Eco shots at the ex-Krimzon Guard commander, who deflects one of them and quickly fires another missile.

Jak: (thinking) This is bad…

The missile knocks him and Daxter away a few feet. Cyber Errol approaches them.

Errol: What’s the matter, Jak? Got cold feet?
Jak: Just getting started!
Errol: It was a good time trying to blast you to pieces, Jak, but I gotta go! Can’t let them know about my plan!
Jak: Wait!

Errol flies off with jets on his shoulder plates as Jak fired more shots with his scattergun.

Jak: He’s improved since our battle in the mortal plane.
Daxter: We need to get stronger if we wanna beat him… owch! (looks to his right) Huh?
Jak: What is- What are they?
Daxter: Whatever they are, Sora will not take it well if he returns to find his stuff smashed!

The duo turned to see several more rocks flying at them. The weakened Jak quickly blocks it. He drops his guard to reveal the angry Carbink servants.

Merrick: How dare you kidnap Princess Diancie?!
Jak: Diancie? Wait, we don’t even know any Diancie!
Dace: Liar! We saw you kidnapping her inside a vehicle!
Daxter: What!? We were just relaxing when she was away!
Merrick: You’ll tell us soon enough!

They started to shoot more rocks at Jak, who block it.

Meanwhile outside, the group hears the argument between Jak and Daxter, and the Carbink servants, about Diancie.

Riku: Diancie should be with Sora and the others. But who could’ve framed Jak for kidnapping her?
Mickey: Maybe someone told them lies? We better get out of here before they attack us too.
Ratchet: Are we really going to let Jak be attacked a small army of Carbink?
Goofy: I hear they’re very weak. I’ll help him.
Clank: What next? Qwark plans an ambush on the Carbink?
Donald: Who knows? I don’t care, either way.
Ratchet:  Meh, he’ll provide a distraction, at least. Could’ve gotten Toph, The Kazekage, that Stonehoof character, or Magneto to stop them.
Donald: Good point. (to Mickey) Where should we go next?
Mickey: Toph is practicing earth-bending techniques, and the Kazekage is on diplomatic business. Who knows what the Master of Magnetism is doing at this time. There’s also that Steel character who’s friends with Superman. That aside, we’re going to the house of Technology for another plan.
Goofy: With the training from Captain America, I should take care of them.

Goofy proceeds to enter Sora’s temple to help Jak against the Carbink while the others depart to the House of Technology.

Metatron was overlooking the events from a secluded area in Purgatorio, seeing that the Satyr King, one of Lucifer’s newest generals, had taken the Heart Diamond. Mastema, his subordinate, approached his superior.

Mastema: Is there anything important?
Metatron: The Satyr King, Xenagos, has stolen an artifact in the House of Nature.
Mastema: What shall we do next?
Metatron: I will set out to take it from him. With it, we’re going to lead the pantheon to damnation.
Mastema: Understood, Metatron.

The angel of hostility moves goes into the building as the mechanical seraph descends.

Sora, blissfully unaware of the fight going on between Jak and the Carbink in his temple, had finished the second part of the trial by answering a password. For someone who can be naïve at times, he sure knew the names of the seven daughters of King Triton thanks to being close friends with Ariel.

Sora: The second was a bit harder than the first.
Bentley: Good. Now we should be on our way to the third lock.

Everyone progresses to the third trial.

Ruby: Megaman should bring Diancie fast, or else Clu will ambush us.
Sora: We’ll be fine keeping him at bay.
Tron: You’re very confident, Sora.
Sora: This one won’t be— unngh!

Sora kneels down in pain, with Kirlia and the Dream Eaters coming to his aid. He was clutching onto his knee, having spent too long walking and not resting like Black Jack had ordered.

Sora: My knee…!
Tron: It doesn’t seem to be in good shape. You and your Pokémon are to help Megaman search for Diancie.
Otacon: We’ll type a code to send you to Megaman.

Shiena types in a code to transport Sora, Kirlia, and the Dream Eaters to Megaman.Exe’s location.

Megaman.Exe: Whoa, you scared me!
Sora: Sorry about that. What are you doing inside a mall?
Megaman.Exe: I’m here to look for Diancie. Why are you here, anyway?
Sora: My leg’s been feeling bad recently.
Megaman.Exe: Why don’t you sit on this cyber cart I got? They’re abnormally big for their size. Plus, you can crawl in.
Sora: Fine.

Sora carefully dived into the cyber cart, with Kirlia and the Dream Eaters follow suit to comfort their owner. At the sight of seeing what appeared to him to be hostile monsters being companions to a master, Megaman.Exe smiled at Sora.

Megaman.Exe: (smiles) Seeing you with these creatures brings back some memories.
Sora: Did you have companions?
Megaman.Exe: Something like that. They were hostile at first, but became friendly when I defeated them.
Sora: Really? I didn’t have to go through all that trouble when owning Eata and Lappa.

The two continued their conversation as they continue to look for Diancie.

Nora: We’re back!

Jaune, Nora, Ren, and Jack Skellington returned back to the entrance Dr. Finklestein’s lab, having driven off Neyla and Oogie. Dr. Finklestein himself was outside, ready to greet the group.

Dr. Finklestein: Did you guys find Oogie?
Jaune: We did. I have some bad news. We also found Neyla.
Dr. Finklestein: N-n-n-neyla?! What was she doing with Oogie!?
Jack Skellington: She said something about creating her own Halloween project.
Dr. Finklestein: WHAT!? That Tigress must have recruited more deities to do it for her!
Ren: Should we find someone to help us?
Jaune: With most deities busy in the pantheon, it’s going to be a hard task. Maybe we should-
Nora: Stay over your house?
Jaune and Ren: Huh?

The two males of Team JNPR paused, baffled at Nora’s suggestion.

Jack Skellington: That was out of the blue…
Dr. Finklestein: Why, that’s an excellent idea!
Jaune: No, that would be a bad idea.
Nora: C’mon, Jaune! I promise I won’t break any packages! I can clobber that creep tigress when I see her!
Jaune: (sighs) Fine. We can stay over.
Nora: Hooray!

Ren groaned as they all go inside the scientist’s domain to guard it from Oogie.

Sora and Megaman.Exe were on their way to the exit of the mall.

Sora: I can’t believe the Bass in the Cyberworld is more powerful than the Bass in the real world!
Megaman.Exe: Just be careful not to fight him. You’ll be deleted.
Sora: Is that the same thing as derezolution?
Megaman.Exe: It’s worse than that. Hmm? What the…?
Sora: What is i- (looks in Megaman.Exe’s direction) Huh!?

Just as they were about to exit the mall, they saw Diancie, wearing an outfit similar to the brunette’s Halloween Town Form. The only thing that wasn’t included was the mask. The two were enraged to see that the Jewel Pokémon abandoned them.

Diancie: Sora? Megaman?
Megaman.Exe: Diancie…

He raised his Megabuster and shoots it next to Diancie.

Diancie: What was that for, Megaman!?
Megaman.Exe: (angry) You wanted to restore Madoka’s powers, and you’re here shopping!? The Sisterhood would be disappointed if they knew about this!
Diancie: I know I should focus, but I have been taught that there should be times where I should relax and do some shopping.
Megaman.Exe: But at a time like this? When Tron is currently in the middle of a serious hacking mission that may require you to Mega Evolve and create diamonds for him?

Sora quietly tries to disable the hologram advertising the outfits as the blue Net Navi was admonishing her for abandoning them, but to no avail.

Sora: Why isn’t this working? I might as well contact the hackers for this.

A transmission screen appeared in front of Sora.

Bentley: Sora, did you and Megaman find Diancie?
Sora: (quietly) Yes.
Otacon: Why so quiet?
Sora: Megaman’s yelling at her. She wandered off to the mall when we went to the second trial.
Cyborg: That’s it? Beast Boy wouldn’t do something this selfish.
Sora: You guys should contact Tron about this. I’m ending this now.
Ed: Alright… Hope he calms down after this.

The transmissions screen disappear as Megaman was finished yelling at Diancie.

Diancie: I’m so sorry, guys. I… I should’ve never abandoned you.
Megaman.Exe: Excuse me for yelling at you… If you were with the officials, they wouldn’t even let you shop in the mall during an assignment.
Sora: (annoyed) You’ve said enough. Just put her into the cart. The costume will disappear when we exit the tower anyway.

Having calmed down, Megaman grabbed Diancie and puts her in the cart with Sora. With Diancie now inside the cart, Megaman.Exe used the carts to regroup with Tron and Ruby.

Chapter 10: The mystery of Errol

The group arrived at the house of Technology, discussing their next plan to recover Jak’s memories.

Clank: What should we do now that the Carbink are rioting around the pantheon?
Riku: Do another news cast of Errol on the loose.
Mickey: How are we going to bring Jak into this if the Carbink are following him for falsely abducting Diancie?
Ratchet: I got an idea!

Everyone turned to Ratchet, who begins to explain his plot to everyone.

Donald: This better be a good one.
Ratchet: Since we’re here, I can install some modifications on Clank’s Giant form to fight Errol instead.
Clank: I don’t know I can handle Errol on my own as a giant.
Mickey: Neither do we. It may not get the results we want, but it’s something.
Mickey: Alright… I’ll get Goofy and let him in on the plan.
Riku: Be careful, Mickey.

Mickey leaves the group to get Goofy while the others enact their plan.

Kairi, after exiting from a small buffet from the House of Food, looked around the pantheon for Team JNPR.

Kairi: (thinking) Did they go on before me? I shouldn’t have slacked off. Maybe I should wait at Jaune’s temple? This is so problematic.

Sighing, she looked as deities were walking to around to do other business. The Redheaded Keybearer set out to go to Dr. Finklestein in Halloween Town. She walked in the pantheon and looked around. During her walk to the portal to Halloween Town, she takes a look from afar at the House of Crime. She takes a squint to see a giant sack residing in the House of Crime,.

Kairi: What’s Oogie doing in the House of Crime? Isn’t he supposed to be with Maleficent.

She watches as Lock, Shock, Barrel accompany the boogeyman. She hides behind a rock to the right of the House’s entrance to not get caught by them. Looking at Oogie reminded of her of Dr. Finklestein’s Halloween project. She spots a truck next to them. She looks at them very closely.

Kairi: (thinking) Don’t know what the truck is doing here, but I have to move slowly… hm?

The Redhead watches as a purple tigress approaches Oogie and his three henchmen. Her appearance surprised her.

Kairi: (thinking) Neyla…?

How did she get back up from the oubilette? Kairi had remembered the tigress backstabbing her, Jaune, and Nora in the asylum incident to gain control of the facility herself. She continues to watch as Neyla speaks to them.

Oogie: What do we do next? Jack Skellington and those three kids are going to inform everyone else about us.
Neyla: Everyone else has their own thing to do, so we’ll have little to worry. Maleficent will be away for a long time. Skellington won’t be much of a threat.
Oogie: What do you have in mind?
Neyla: I have a little something that would catch the scientist off-guard.
Lock: (annoyed) What is it?
Neyla: I’ll sneak into Lex Luthor’s temple and get some wares off from him. (To Lock, Shock, and Barrel) You three will as a diversion.
Oogie: What about me?

Neyla continues to explain her plan as Kairi slowly aims her Keyblade at them to prepare a Firaga.

Kairi: (angry; thinking) I’m not letting any of that happen…

The Redhead fires a Firaga at them at a fast speed, hitting Oogie.

Neyla: What!? Who-!?

The redheaded Keyblade jump on top of the rock to reveal herself.

Neyla: You-!
Kairi: You’re not going to terrorize Dr. Finkelstein’s project!
Neyla: (angry) Curses… Run!

Irritated that her plans have been possibly thwarted again, the villains ran out of the House of Crime. Kairi, on the other hand, did not chase them.

Kairi: I have to find Dr. Finkelstein fast and inform him about Neyla’s plot.

She sets off to search for Dr. Finkelstein.

Ruby, Scyther, and Tron have cleared the third lock, waiting for the other three to arrive so they could clear fourth and final trial door, exhausted after facing against a horde of viruses.

Ruby: Viruses…? In the Grid?
Tron: I don’t know how they got into the Black Tower… The fourth one’s going to be worse than this.

Several transmission screens suddenly appears on top of them.

Bentley: Are you guys alright?
Ruby: (pants) Yeah… We’ve just cleared… The third trial… There are viruses… inside the Black Tower…
Otacon: Viruses? In the computer world!?
Cyborg: Who would do such a thing?
Tron: There are no viruses anywhere else. It must in this place only.
Shiena: I didn’t think they go that far to install viruses into a security lock.
Tron: We’re definitely going to need wait for the other three to get here. Have those two found Diancie yet?
Ed: They did. They should be on their way.
Ruby: Good. I don’t think I can pull through the last one.
???: We’re coming!

The two turned around to see Megaman.Exe holding a cart with Sora, Diancie, Kirlia, and the former’s Dream Eaters

Otacon: Whoa! That was quick! How did you get back here so fast?
Megaman.Exe: Lan had used the Dash Attack battlechip and I utilized my head with it.
Ruby: Good, because this security lock had viruses inside.
Lan: Viruses!?
Shiena: It must be only inside this place.
Sora: I shouldn’t have been so careless with my legs.
Bentley: Once we retrieve the files, you can go and get some rest.
Cyborg: I’m going to take a nice nap after this.
Ruby: What are we waiting for? Let’s go!
Ed: Alright!

Everyone had proceeded and advanced to the fourth and final security lock.

Xenagos was inside the House of Ambiguity, where he was holding a speech to the members of the House of Ambiguity and its visitors.

Xenagos: Attention deities of the pantheon! The vile meddlers that are the GUAL are going to use an artifact known as the Heart Diamond to enslave the pantheon to their will! Join with us to combat against them, and we will triumph over these tyrants!

Some of the audience inside the House of Ambiguity and its visitors were surprised to hear about the theft of the Heart Diamond while the others were suspicious of the Satyr King, who goes into a temple after delivering the speech, where he’s accompanied by the Chaos Knight, Nessaj, who was ordered to aid him.

Xenagos: Now those angels have gone right into our trap!
Chaos Knight: It’s only a matter of time before they come here.
Xenagos: And more members to join our cause.
Chaos Knight: I wouldn’t be so sure of more numbers joining our ranks, Xenagos.

Just as the two members talked, their roof was suddenly burned. The two opened exit out of the temple to see a mechanical angel floating up in the sky. The Satyr King let out a smirk.

Chaos Knight: It didn’t take long for them to come out.
???: Listen carefully, Satyr King, I-
Xenagos: Yes, yes, you’re Metatron. Lucifer told me all about you.
Metatron: Foul creature! You dare to interrupt me!? Where did you take the artifact known as the Heart Diamond!?
Xenagos: Why would I tell you that? You should’ve figured it out by now.
Metatron: Don’t not toy with me, Satyr King! Tell me where the Heart Diamond is located, or I shall have my angel raze the Labyrinth of Amala!
Chaos Knight: The grand minister won’t fall to your angels so easily!

The Chaos Knight got into a battle position, ready to battle the mechanical seraph. Just before the two could engage in battle, a satyr emerged from the temple of the burned smoke, running to Xenagos.

Xenagos: What is it?

The satyr had whispered into his ear. What the satyr had whispered into his ear had made him surprised. The Chaos Knight got out of the battle stance to speak with the Satyr King.

Xenagos: This is interesting.
Chaos Knight: What is it?
Xenagos: Homura Akemi has stolen the Heart Diamond from my Satyrs.
Chaos Knight: What’s her problem?
Xenagos: How should I know?

Confused, Metatron stopped to hear the two GUAC members speak about their unknown wrench.

Metatron: What’s this? Are you planning to harness the Heart Diamond’s power?
Xenagos: Of course not. The Heart Diamond is now in the girl’s possession.
Metatron: Are you referring to Homura Akemi? If she’s aiding you in your cause to hide the Heart Diamond, then I shall hunt her down as well!

Just as the voice of God departs to hunt the rogue Puella Magi, Mastema appears.

Mastema: Metatron! I apologize for the disruption, but we must to go back to Purgatorio.
Metatron: Why is that, Mastema? I will not fal-
Mastema: The Magistrate Judges are growing suspicious of our activities. We’ll have to go back immediately.
Metatron: (frustrated) Cursed obstacles… Very well.

He turns to the two GUAC members.

Metatron: Be grateful of my withdrawal, foul ones.

Xenagos and the Chaos Knight watched as the two angels ascend back into Purgatorio. Xenagos had put up a smile for him.

Chaos Knight: The Magistrate Judges?
Xenagos: They oppose the will of the Lord for different reasons. They’ve given us more time. A big mistake they made. Akemi… First the Continent Pokémon, and now the Heart Diamond?
Chaos Knight: Why is she doing these deeds?
Xenagos: It’s because of that girl. I don’t even intend on targeting her.

The Satyr King takes a breath before making his next decision.

Xenagos: We don’t any use for the Diamond anymore. Let’s go back to the Labyrinth.
Chaos Knight: What is this “back up plan” you have?
Xenagos: You’ll see eventually.

The Satyr King opens a portal to the Labyrinth for the two to enter with everyone else asking what had happened.

Mickey, Goofy, Jak, and Daxter take refuge in the House of Emotion, retreating themselves from the rioting Carbink. Mickey casts a Cura once on Jak, and twice on Daxter.

Daxter: Thanks. Those rocks hurt, man!
Goofy: You’re smaller than us, so that was obvious. They shouldn’t hurt that bad.
Jak: The wounds will heal in no time. Now… Where could Errol be?
Mickey: Who knows? He could be anywhere.
Jak: Alright. Let’s practice before he appears again.

All of a sudden, something beeped.

Mickey: Oh, sorry. If you’ll excuse me…

Mickey hid into a tree to take a transmitter out of his pocket. Riku was on the other side, having borrowed a transmitter from Clank.

Riku: Mickey, are you there?
Mickey: Yes. What is it?
Riku: We’re ready. Get Jak to the House of Technology.
Mickey: Understood.

He hangs up, puts the transmitter back into his pocket, and goes back to Jak and Goofy.

Mickey: Guys, we have to go to the House of Technology. Errol is causing trouble there.
Daxter: Already? We haven’t even practiced yet!
Jak: That’ll have to wait. If Errol’s going on a rampage, then we can’t leave him destroying things.

With that, they departed the House of Emotion to track down Errol.

Chapter 11: Trial End

Tron and his allies of users reached the fourth and final security lock before getting into the files.

Sora: Finally. No more security trial locks or whatever they’re called.
Ruby: Is it another quiz?
Diancie: I wonder if it’ll be different.
Tron: Who knows? We’ll read it first.

They all went next to the door to read it, only for it to have nothing written on it but a lock.

Megaman.Exe: It’s blank.
Tron: Hmm… It must be protected data. We should contact the hackers.

Tron presses several buttons to get the hackers. A minute later, Ed and Shiena appeared on the transmission screen.

Ed: What is it, guys?
Ruby: This door is empty and the door seems to be encrypted.
Shiena: Is that so? Leave it to us.

Everyone within the computer wait for the hackers to appear before them. Meanwhile in the Real World, Shiena and Ed had discussed with Otacon and Bentley about the locked data within the fourth lock.

Shiena: There’s protected data that’s on the fourth lock inside the Black Tower.
Otacon: Good. I’ll get out my Laptop first.

He went for his bag to take out his Laptop, places it on the table and boots it up. After several minutes, he begins to track down the security lock and gets an error.

Bentley: “Sorry, this data is encrypted.”
Otacon: Let’s get around that.

He accesses the code and copies it.

Ed: Whoa, that code is long!
Otacon: Looks like we’ll have to read this carefully.
Cyborg: I’ll help.

Snake Eyes nods in approval as everyone reads the code to cipher it to change it.

Homura was inside Diancie’s temple, returning the Heart Diamond to its natural place. After placing it back, she leaves the temple. As the rogue Puella Magi spreads her wings, she was still angry at what Xenagos had planned to do for Diancie.


Homura was walking around the Labyrinth, finished with a friendly match with Asura. The battle still didn’t relieve her frustration towards Xenagos using Groudon for some petty end. As she tries to calm down, several satyrs arrived with an artifact.

Satyr 1: Easy boys. Let’s hide this in Beezlebub’s temple!
Satyr 2: Yeah. Those tyrants will fall for our trap.

This had caught her attention. She approaches the Satyrs out of curiosity.

Homura: What’s that thing you’re holding?
Satyr 2: This? This is the Heart Diamond. We’re planning to frame the GUAL and put this into war.

This had enraged the rogue Puella Magi.

Homura:(angry) First your leader used the Continent Pokemon to lure the Paragon of Darkness, and you satyrs steal the Heart Diamond just so you could instigate a war against the GUAL!?
Satyr 1: You joined just to keep her safe, right?

She scowled when the Satyr brought up her reason to join. While she indeed joined Lucifer to protect Madoka, she wouldn’t go so far to do petty things as a means to incite a fight with the GUAL, which would certainly drag Madoka into the picture.

Homura: Tch. Whatever. I must ask you a question. How did your leader know the Keyblade Master was slandering Lucifer?
Satyr 3: Xenagos had installed cameras inside a couple of small bugs within them to monitor the medical division.
Homura:(scowls) Your leader is insane! What has the Jewel Pokémon ever done to you?
Satyr 1: Why do you care about that garbage? She’s just a pawn for our leader’s plan.

Eyes widened in shock and anger, she paused for a moment. Diancie, the Jewel Pokemon, was Madoka’s Pokémon Partner. The revelation that they considered Diancie a pawn for their plans had infuriated her, which would enventually drag Madoka into their little scheme. Without saying a word, she casts a blast of energy at the Satyrs, causing them to drop the Heart Diamond. She then takes the Heart Diamond and summons a portal to leave the Labyrinth.

End of Flashback

Homura: I better find them.

The Rogue Puella Magi flew up to depart the House of Nature.

The residents of the House of Technology and its visitors have already evacuated in advance as Errol fires several grenades against a Giant Clank, who fires an energy bomb to destroy them.

Errol: Not bad. Let’s see if you can stop me from destroying this place!

From his left arm, Errol had fired missiles from every direction. Clank fires several missiles to destroy them, but while several of the ex-Krimzon Guard commander’s missiles were stopped, some remaining missiles still attacked some buildings.

Errol: Hahahaha! I won’t wait until I find Jak and destroy him once and for all! Just wait I revive the Baron!
Clank: Your plan would fail the minute your Baron arrives here!
Errol: I wouldn’t be sure about that robot!

The ex-Krimzon Guard Commander rushed at Clank to tackle him into the ground to fire a missile at the sentry robot point-blank. Clank easily gets him off a second afterward, causing his opponent to miss and fire at the sky instead. Clank backs him away to get some distance and fired some more missiles at the cyborg, who destroyed it by launching out more missiles.

Errol: You’re good. Now, I can’t wait to see how- Oh, what a good time for the failed subject and his friends to show up.

Both combatants turned to see Jak, Daxter, Mickey, Goofy, and Juggle Pup arrive in the House of Technology.

Jak: Errol!
Errol: I’m not going to be defeated by you and your allies here again!
Daxter: Keep dreaming pal! Whatever training you had will still fail!
Errol: All of you, don’t move! Your friend will get it!
Jak: Which friend are you talking about!?
Errol: The white-haired one.

The ex-Krimzon Guard commander takes out a monitor and turns it on to display Riku, who was bound and gagged in an unknown location.

Errol: And I know where he is.
Jak: Riku!?
Mickey: You’ll pay for using him as a hostage!
Errol: Your and your friends do as I say or he’s toast, Jak! I’ve got “new friends” that would kill him!

Jak and Daxter scowled as Errol threatened to attack the Keyblade Master. While they and their allies were more than capable of beating Errol, he couldn’t bear to see a friend of his get hurt by their enemy.

Jak:(sighs) Fine… You win.
Errol: I thought you wouldn’t relent, but I guessed wrong. I have a story to tell you about.
Goofy: Is it going to be a new plan you’ve devised?
Errol: Hahaha, No.
Jak: Then, what is it?
Errol: I’ve been hired by the GUAC to kill that Keyboy for slandering their Leader!
Mickey: But… Why?
Errol: I’ve always wanted to get stronger… To get my revenge on you!
Jak: Even if you defeat me, you still have to worry about the other deities opposing you!
Errol: Don’t worry. He’ll take care of that. But first….

Putting up a smirk, the Ex-Krimzon guard commander raised his left arm upwards.

Errol: I’m going to destroy the House of Prophecy!
Goofy: So you’re taking an entire House as hostages to beat us? You sadistic worm…!
Errol: I’ll do anything to make you and your pet ottsel miserable, Jak.
Daxter:(offended) I was once a human!
Errol: I don’t care. However, there’s a certain condition you’ll have to comply with. If you want to save your little keyboy friend, go to the House of Prophecy alone and have a rematch with the Baron. I won’t rain the House down with missiles.
Jak: Baron Praxis is here!? No… Not at a place like this… But I thought you-!
Errol: I lied. He’s here right now. He’s very angry that you changed his empire. He’s waiting for you at the Prophecy House. If anyone other than Jak enters that House, I’ll blow it up! What’s it going to be, Jak?

The two were quietly enraged at such a choice Errol had given. Without his friends to help him rescue Riku, They knew Errol would certainly break his promise and shoot the House of Prophecy down with missile anyway. Jak and Daxter, not wanting to get any of their friends harmed, reluctantly accepts.

Jak: Fine. Daxter and I will go to the House of Prophecy and meet up with the Baron.
Errol: I knew you’d relent to save your friend.

He turns to his friends.

Jak: (somber) I’m sorry, everyone… I need to go.
Daxter: (sad; thinking) We’ve prevented Praxis’ ascension for nothing.
Mickey: Don’t worry. We’ll stop him if he tries anything funny.
Goofy: We’ll give him a thwacking he’ll never forget.
Clank: I’ll stop his missiles with my own.
Jak: Thank you, guys.

Relieved by the support of his friends, Jak and Daxter proceed to leave the House of Technology to go to the Prophecy house to battle Baron Praxis.

Tron and his friends have waited Ten minutes for the Hackers to respond.

Diancie: They’re sure taking their time hacking the door.
Megaman.Exe: Numberman would do this faster.
Sora: He’s not here, unfortunately.
Tron: The friends and allies from your universe could be useful to the Grid, Megaman.
Megaman.Exe: I know one official NetNavi I’ve fought numerous times. He’ll help you greatly in your adventures.
Ruby: Is he skilled?
Lan: Yes.
Tron: I look forward meeting him. He’ll be an asset for my future missions.
Sora: Hey, he still has me.
Ruby: There’s no need to be jealous. Kevin Flynn’s got more people to help him.
Sora: I’m not.
Diancie: Tron may even do missions without you. (Looks at the Door) Guys, the door’s opening!

Everyone looked at the door being unlocked. The transmission screens appear a few seconds later.

Bentley: The data on that door is no longer protected. There’s no password for it, so you guys can open it, now.
Tron: About time. That saves us some trouble. Thanks, guys!
Ed: All right, let’s get those files! Ed wants to go home and nap after this!
Sora: So do I…
Otacon: Be careful upon entering in. It might be dangerous from here onwards.
Tron: Megaman, come with us.
Megaman.Exe: Okay.

They proceed to open the door to enter the final room, which was big. The room had a tube containing an image of a book…

Ruby: Those must be the files.
Tron: Indeed. All we have to take it and get out of here.
???: That will not be happening, Rinzler.

Everyone looked around to see where the voice was coming from and then suddenly, a man, or rather, a program levitates downwards while he’s standing on a platform, looking at the group.

Sora: Clu!
Clu: So the Keyboy and Scythegirl are here, and so is the Jewel Pokemon… and- (Looks at Megaman.Exe) What do we have here? Another user?
Megaman.Exe: I’m a Netnavi.
Clu: What…!? My users… There’s another one of you!?

Everyone was puzzled as the Throneship was briefly horrified upon seeing Megaman.Exe. Ruby and Sora look on in confusion.

Ruby: What’s his problem?
Sora: I don’t know.
Megaman.Exe: (thinking) There’s one more NetNavi here? Who could it be? 
Clu: (thinking) I can’t abandon my objectives here… (calms downs) No… (speaking aloud) Mandragoras, come out and play your guests!

He calmly recomposes himself and summoned a groups of creatures known as the Mandragoras, plant-like beings with a very bad odor, causing everyone except Clu, Tron, and Diancie to pinch their noses.

Megaman.Exe: Eugh, this stench driving me insane.
Sora: Yuck!
Ruby: Looks like the Throneship needs perfume and cologne!
Clu: Your humor doesn’t amuse me, young lady.
Diancie: I’ll take care of this!

The legendary Jewel Pokemon had Diamond Storm to knock out a several of the Mandragoras while Sora fired several Firagas at a three of them, while Tron threws disks at a group of them.

Megaman.Exe: Lan, help us out here!
Lan: Right! Let’s burn this stench out!

Lan takes out the five Firehit battlechips and insert them into the PET.

Lan: Program Advance! Flame Hook! Alright, Megaman! I have a Program Advance coming up!
Megaman.Exe: Thanks, Lan. (to everyone else) Everyone, get out of the way!

Everyone stepped back from the Mandragoras as a giant fist coated in fire appears and knocks and scorches a small amount of them to the left side, followed by another fiery fist that beats and burns another small amount of them out to the right side, causing everyone to release their nose. Clu, seeing that his Mandragora army was quickly defeated, was in disbelief.

Clu: The army of Mandragoras were defeated that easily!? Looks like I have no choice now… I’ve done several enhancements to this Nightmare Dream Eater… Come out!

The Throneship summons a Nightmare Dream Eater resembling a praying mantis.

Ruby: What is this thing supposed to be?
Tron: The Commantis.
Diancie: Don’t worry, everyone! I’ve got this!

Diancie steps in front of everyone and tries to Mega-Evolve… Only to find out that she was still in base form.

Diancie: W…Why am I not Mega-Evolving?
Clu: It’s because I used a code to disable Mega-evolution.
Sora: Curse you, Clu!
Clu: Silence, Keyboy!

Diancie jumps off the cart.

Megaman.Exe: Let me help!
Diancie: Don’t worry. I can still fight without my Mega-Form.
Clu: Let’s see if you can try.

The Mythical Jewel Pokémon had used Ancient Power on the the Nightmare Dream Eater, who set its legs vertically to mow down the set of rocks. The Nightmare Dream Eater. The Commantis set its legs to horizontal, and starts shooting disks at Diancie, who moved out of the way to fire a Moon Blast at it. While the Commantis was damaged, it quickly recovered and started spinning around the room, causing everyone except Clu, Megaman.Exe, Sora, and Diancie to jump up. Ruby transforms her Crescent Rose into a gun and fires it at the Nightmare Dream Eater, who deflects it.

Ruby: How do you defeat this thing?
Sora: Firaga!

Sora, while still inside Megaman’s cart, shoots a ball of fire at the Commantis, only for it to be slightly damaged.

Sora: Drat. Blizzaga!

He then casts a ball of ice at it, slightly more successful than the Firaga attempt.

Megaman.Exe: Good. My turn.

Everyone else lands on the ground as Megaman.Exe follows up with a flurry of Megabuster shots which only did little damage. Lan then inserts three Spreader chips.

Lan: Program Advance! Hyper Burst!

Megaman.Exe fires the shot, hitting the Commantis five times.

Megaman.Exe: No good! It’s still going!
Sora: Great. Looks like I have no choice now… Diancie, Take this!

Sora takes out crystal and tosses it to Diancie, with the Legendary Diamond catching it. The Commantis then set its legs to vertical run them over like a wheel, with everyone else moving out of the way to devise their next plan.

Diancie: This is… A Z-Crystal…? But you’re intending to use this on your Kirlia.
Sora: Kirlia’s too weak to perform it. But you’re a Mythical Pokémon. You’re more than strong enough to use Twinkle Tackle!
Ruby: I’ll wear it down!

Nodding, Ruby and Tron stalls it with gunshots and disks while Diancie moves in on the Commantis and attacks it with Twinkle Tackle, knocking it down. A few seconds later, the Nightmare Dream Eater gets back up. The group’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Sora: What…!? It still got up even after I used the Z-move.
Tron: We’re doomed…!
Clu: It’s thanks to the GUAL’s assistance that this thing’s stronger now. Now, Commantis, get the keyboy! Take the wheels off the cart!

With its wheels now in horizontal mode, the Commantis shoots several disks to cut the legs off the cart, causing it to fall down.

Sora: Crap! Eata! Lapin! Get off quickly!

His two Spirit Dreamers quickly escape the cart as the Commantis then follows up by shooting five bombs at Sora and Megaman.Exe, which explode on contact, knocking them both, alongside Meow Wow and Majik Lapin, down on the ground, with Sora dropping the Red Orb, which caught Clu’s attention. He quickly descends to the ground and catches it before Sora or Megaman.Exe could recover and get it.

Sora: N-no… T-the Red Orb…
Clu: I’ve gotten what the GUAL has sought for. It’s time for us to go. Until next time, Rinzler.

Ascending with the the levitation platform, the Throneship departs the Black tower with the Commantis following it. Diancie, Meow Wow, Majik Lapin, Ruby, Scyther, Tron, and Kirlia rushed to their aid. Meow Wow and Lapin used Curaga to heal Sora and Megaman.Exe.

Ruby: Now what do we do!?
Tron: Report this to the Sisterhood.
Sora: Right. Now we-
???: Alright, you assholes! Time to pay for what your pets have done to us!
Tron: You’ve got to be kidding me…
Sora:(sarcastic) Fantastic.

Ruby and Tron looked at the group of four female programs Sora had met earlier approached them. Both Megaman.Exe regains consciousness as the douchbag programs started throwing rocks at them.

Program 1: Where’s that fucking kid and those pets of his!?
Program 2: That damned dog’s going to pay what he’s done to my friend!
Megaman.Exe:(angry) Buzz off!

Megaman.Exe fired his Megabuster at the programs, who were surprised to see Megaman.Exe

Program 2: Oof!
Program 1: Oh, fuck. That blue Navi’s here!? Run!
Program 3: We Under-programs are so fucked!
Megaman.Exe: Under-programs… It can’t be… there’s an Undernet in the pantheon!?

Lan appears in the Transmission screen, surprised as Megaman to hear about an Undernet while the programs leave.

Lan: An Undernet? Here!? I thought they didn’t have one in this grid!
Tron: Who do you think created this Undernet?
Lan: No idea.
Ruby: Probably Melkor?
Diancie: That creep will pa- ahh… Agggghhhhhh!!
Megaman.Exe: Hey, what’s wrong!?

All of a sudden, Diancie yelled in pain for a brief minute as she transforms into a human.

Ruby: How did you turn into a human?

Not answering the question, she takes Kirlia and runs off.

Sora: Hey, What’s the big idea!?
Diancie: If you all want to get Kirlia back, you’ll have to chase me to the Undernet!

The now-humanized Diancie leaves with Kirlia on her hands. Transmission screens appear around the group.

Otacon: Guys, are you alright? Did you guys retrieve the file?
Tron: Not yet. The Red Orb has been taken by Clu…
Bentley: Oh no… With Clu being part of the GUAL, they’ll use Groudon this time.
Cyborg: Aw crap. This ain’t going to be good.
Ed: Where’s Diancie?
Ruby: She suddenly turned on us and went to the Undernet.
Shiena: The Undernet? What’s that?
Megaman.Exe: It’s a dangerous place where some of the most brutal viruses and malevolent navis reside. If she goes there, she may be deleted.
Otacon: Fan-freaking-tastic. How are we going to explain this to the Sisterhood?
Lan: Everyone, stay here and retrieve the files. We’re going to the Undernet!
Megaman.Exe: Lan, we don’t even know the entrance!
Lan: Crap! You’re right. It’s times like this I wish Chaud had ascended into the pantheon.
Ed: Ed suggests you make him your herald.
Lan: (baffled) What? No way! I don’t want to disrupt that jerk’s work!
Shiena: We can at least help you track down the location’s entrance.
Megaman.Exe: Thanks, Shiena. Let’s go Lan!
Lan: Right!
Tron: Can you still walk, Sora?
Sora: Yeah… Barely.

Megaman.Exe leaves the group while the others went to retrieve the files which may contain the secrets to retain Madoka’s powers.

Kairi arrives in front of Dr. Finkelstein’s cabin in Halloween Town to knock on the door.

Kairi: (thinking) I wonder what Dr. Finkelstein and Mr. Skellington are doing for Halloween?

The door opens a seconds later, revealing Jaune, who stared at the redhead’s appearance.

Jaune: Kairi? You’re came here late. And why do you have wings?
Kairi: It’s because Donald casted a spell that turned me into this. That must explain that costume you’re wearing. And sorry, I went to a buffet. What are you doing here?
Jaune: Really? Donald’s magic had caused ys to look like this? That makes sense. Anyway, Ren, Nora, and I are staying over in case that purple tigress attacks the place.
Kairi: Neyla? I just saw her in the House of Crime with Oogie and his henchmen a quarter-hour ago.
Jaune: What was she planning?
Kairi: Don’t know. We should contact the house of Justice about this.
Jaune: You should go alone. We’re going to monitor her.
Kairi: Fine.

Kairi leaves Halloween to inform the House of Justice on Neyla’s activities.

Jak and Daxter arrive at the House of Prophecy, where a man in armor was waiting for them.

Praxis: Well, if it isn’t the boy and his brat otsel.
Jak:(angry) Praxis… I’m gonna kill you, Praxis!
Daxter: This can’t be good…

Daxter gets Jak, knowing what his would do next. Enraged upon seeing Praxis, the dark Eco energy lying dormant within him had caused him to transform into Dark Jak. As Dark Jak, he proceeds to attack the Baron in a blind rage. The Baron steps out of the way and takes out his sword. Jak attempts a strikes at the Baron, who blocks and parries it with his sword, only managing to damage him a few times. Jak steps back and jumps up dives his fist into the ground, causing a shockwave of Dark Eco energy, which knocked Praxis away a little. He then puts his hands out and creates a ball of dark Eco Energy aimed at the Baron. He release the blast at his arch-enemy, who simply blocks it. While the Baron took moderate damage, his armor had a few cracks.

Praxis: I have to admit, boy…. You… have gotten stronger… (He then looks at Daxter) But your little rat friend… hasn’t improved.
Jak: (angry) Don’t you dare go after Daxter!

He charges at the Baron to deliver an uppercut hard enough to knock the Baron high up in the sky and destroy his armor. After two minutes, the Baron fell down defeated.

Praxis: You win… Jak.

Daxter watches as the former Baron of Haven City lights up and dissolves into data.

Daxter: That… was easier to beat…
???: You’re too late, Jak!

The two turned to see Errol with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Ratchet, and Clank following behind him.

Jak: Errol!
Errol: How dense have you become? You’ve fought so hard to oppose the Baron’s… No, our rule… You and that Ottsel even discovered our secret with the Metal Hands and destroyed them, and you’ve even defeated me… Stopping me from retrieve the power of the Precursors… And here, you went right for the Baron. What a fool. I will make sure that Riku has a few good words to say to Damas about your failures to even be the hero you once were!
Jak: Damas… Wait, how do you know about my father’s name?

Damas… That was the name of his father. The mention of Dama’s name had caused him to have a brief headache kneels down in pain.

Daxter: Jak!

After two and half minutes, he slowly gets back up on his feet, taking a deep breath of air.

Jak: I… I remember everything now… (angry) Damn your mockeries, Errol!

Still in his Dark Jak form, he rushes up to Errol and attacks the Ex-Krimzon Guard commander with his, only for the latter to dodge it.

Errol: Hahahahaha! You’re still attacking me even after I have missiles aimed at Riku’s temple!? Allow me to tell you another thing. I was the one who framed you for stealing the Heart Diamond from those insolent diamond creatures!
Daxter: Yeah, like anyone would fall for that nonsense!
Errol: But those creatures are still gonna hunt you down!

The rest of the group, especially Donald, were in disbelief about their plan.

Donald: (surprised) That illusion shouldn’t be acting on its own.
Ratchet: (to Donald) Is this another one of your mistakes?
Donald: It can’t be a mistake. I’ve prepared for this, and that fake Errol should’ve been in control of my magic by now!
Mickey: Something must be wrong. If what Donald said is true, then it must’ve been some unexpected problem!
Errol: As we speak, those “light eco” freaks have taken that red artifact from that boy.
Jak: Red artifact… what are you talking about?

Mickey’s group was confused as to what Errol was saying. Daxter climbed back on Jak’s shoulder.

Errol: It had something like an Omega sign on it.
Daxter: Wait a minute, aren’t you talking about the Red Orb? Riku explained… (realizes) No…
Jak: Was the Red Orb taken from Sora?
Errol: Doesn’t matter. You’re still too late to protect Riku! And it’ll be any second before the Carbink chase you for stealing the Heart Diamond again!
???: The Heart Diamond is back in the temple.
Errol: What!? Who’s there?!

Everyone stopped as they turned to see a young woman in a black dress with black wings behind her back. Alongside her was an unscathed, but tied up Riku. Her presence had surprised Errol.

Sora, Ruby, and Tron were still reading the files inside the computer world, disappointed at what they discovered.

Sora: That’s it? There’s still nothing about getting Madoka’s powers back… (falls to his knees, hands on his head) ungh…
Tron: Is there something wrong, Sora?
Sora: Yeah… I’m feeling sore…
Ruby: Did Clu hurt you that badly?
Sora: No. That can’t be it.

Slowly recovering, the brunette has realized something.

Sora: Wait a minute… If I’m feeling pain at time like this after I’m healed… then Jak must’ve had his memories restored.
Ruby: What happened between you two? And how do you know this?
Sora: Our hearts are connected. During the asylum incident, I… I subconsciously deleted Jak’s memories. I’m not sure how it happened, or how I was present despite being a captive. I didn’t want him to suffer any more trauma. And as a result, he’s in pain upon regaining memories
Tron: Is that the only thing you hid from us?
Sora: No… The person who shot Jak in the Cyberworld… apparently, this was not the first time Diancie was transformed into a human. She did it!

Ruby was surprised to hear such a revelation.

Ruby: Are you for real!?
Sora: Yes, sadly. But she didn’t seem to be herself when she shot Jak. Nor right now.
Tron: It must be some sort of influence… I surely hope Megaman and Lan free her from whatever it is…
Sora: You know, I’m glad you recruited them, Tron. We’d be in trouble without them.
Tron: I thought you weren’t going to make it here, so I enlisted them for help. They decided to stay with us after we learned from Riku that he transported you.
Ruby: With that Net Navi, looks like everything worked out fine.

All three gave a bittersweet smile at each other as they continued to read the file.

Six minutes later…

Megaman.Exe arrived at a secluded location far south of the Black Tower with the Recognizer. The Hackers have helped him track down the location using the code.

Lan: Is this the entrance to the Under-net?
Bentley: Yeah. We’re getting an eerie signal from this place.
Shiena: How does it look down there, Megaman?
Megaman.Exe: The place is dark like always.
Lan:(sarcastic) Decent description, Megaman.
Megaman.Exe: I wasn’t done. This Undernet looks occultic and demonic…
Ed: Oooh… Ed’s never been to an occult before.
Otacon: Occult magic aside, be careful, you two.
Lan: We’ve been here numerous times, so we should know what to expect here.
Megaman.Exe: But this place is different every time. I’ll go inside.
Shiena: We’ll get back in contact with Tron and the others.

The Hackers break contact as the blue navi enters the dark place. Since he had experience with such a place, he was not intimidated. And not one minute afterwards, viruses appeared to attack him. The blue navi used his Megabuster to attack them.

Megaman.Exe: Lan help me out here! There are viruses here!
Lan: Got it!

The two operated together to fight the viruses within the Undernet. Lan has inserted up three Curseshield battle-chips into the PET.

Lan: Program Advance! Ever Curse!

Just as the viruses were about to attack Megaman.Exe, a shield with a faces comes up and starts attacking the viruses one at a time. The blue navi helped shooting charged Megabuster shots at the viruses. Fifteen seconds later, the viruses were deleted and the shield disappears.

Megaman.Exe: Good! The viruses are deleted!
Lan: Good! Let’s keep going.

They continue to proceed further into the Undernet.

Mickey’s group, Jak, Daxter and Errol paused in complete shock as the girl the group with a still Bound and Gagged Riku next to her.

Errol: Who… Who the hell are you?!
Jak: You’re…
Mickey:(thinking) Homura Akemi…? For what purpose is she here for?
Homura: I see you two have brought the mouse with you. I assume your friend was kidnapped again?

This revelation had enraged Errol. To plan to frame Jak was all in vain.

Errol:(angry) You… How dare you!

Errol starts to fire a missile at Homura, who retaliates by firing a blast of magical energy at the ex-commander of the Krimzon Guard, disintegrating him and the missile.

Errol: Ahhhh!

They watched as Errol disappears into data. Mickey then rushed to untie and ungag Riku, who then stands up. Everyone then gathered around Homura.

Homura: That annoying guest is out of the way.
Donald: One less problem… to worry about.
Ratchet: I don’t want to end up like that…
Clank: Remind me not to get end up in dust metal against her, Ratchet.
Jak: Why are you helping us even though you’re marked as a traitor?
Riku: Yeah, why did you save me even after I made those reports about Lucifer?
Homura: Be thankful I saved you, Paragon of Darkness. Normally, I’d let you die and I’d care less. Now, to explain our little temporary alliance. I’m against the Satyr King for involving that Diamond Pokémon into a plan in a needless war against the GUAL.
Riku: Xenagos? (angry) That wretched…!
Mickey: That’s it? You don’t even care about any Pokémon!
Homura: …But that Pokémon. She’s Madoka’s partner, right?
Goofy: Why does that matter to you?
Homura: Xenagos, the Satyr King, is using her in a plan of his. This plan may involve Madoka herself.
Jak: How should—

As the conversation continued, Jak suddenly fell on his knees.

Daxter, Ratchet, and Clank: Jak!

Riku and Daxter rushed to their friends’ aid.

Daxter: Are you alright, pal? Say something!
Jak: Yeah… Just a heavy fatigue…
Homura: If his memories are coming back at an accelerated rate, he should get some rest. He wouldn’t last long against the Satyr King anyway.
Mickey: But the Carbink are still rioting around the pantheon. Diancie better return fast. (to Homura) Why don’t you just get the Demi-fiend to help you on this? That would save us trouble.
Riku: You just reminded me to look for him. Now with that settled…
Homura: You’re looking for Naoki Kashima? To answer your question, mouse. He doesn’t know neither Madoka nor that Pokémon. Good luck trying to find him.
Ratchet: Who the heck’s Naoki Kashima?
Homura: That’s the Demifiend’s real name.
Clank: Adding that into my database!
Homura: Why are you, the Paragon of Darkness, searching for him anyway?
Riku: I’m want to go to the Labyrinth of Amala to spy on Lucifer’s activities.

This, however, had struck a nerve on the rogue Puella Magi, causing her voice to change to a more stern tone.

Homura: …I’ll send you there instead… But on one condition.
Donald: What’s that?
Homura: If I see any of you trying to go after Lord Lucifer, our alliance is over. Am I clear?

The group, reluctantly, accepts her offer.

Ratchet: Fine… We’ll do it.
Riku: I had no intentions of attacking him anyway. It’s not like he would attack the Four Maidens or the Princesses of Heart out of spite.
Mickey: Once we’re done, you can stay out!
Daxter: Sorry, guys. As much as I’d love to tag along and kick Satyr butts, count me out. I can’t leave Jak undefended.

A small seal-like Dream Eater suddenly arrived to stand next Jak, barking happily.

Mickey: Juggle Pup?
Jak: It’s you…

Juggle Pup happily rubs its nose on Jak, worried about its owner.

Jak: It’s alright… I… accept… you.

As Jak finished his last words, he fell to the ground, comatose. Riku picks his body up as Daxter climbs up the Keyblade Master’s shoulder.

Riku: We’ll meet up again later after I’m done trick-or-treating. I’m exhausted right now.
Homura: Very well. You may rest.

Everyone part ways.

Chapter 12: A Darkened Fairy Fight

Sora, Ruby, and Tron were finished reading the files, puzzled at the method of restoring Madoka’s powers.

Sora: “Find the white magical weasel and… bring him to the dungeon of Magic?”
Ruby: If anyone fits that description, it’s those creatures known as the Incubators. And what dungeon are they talking about?
Sora: Incubators? Wasn’t there one named Kyubey? I’ve heard that three of the Puella Magi have a fierce hatred with him for some reason…
Ruby: He hasn’t been located for a long time. Can’t we just steal the powers back from Homura?
Tron: I’m inclined to agree with you on this, Ruby, but doing so is not an easy task. But I hear Kyubey’s not one to trust.
Sora: Wasn’t he the reason Madoka obtained her Godly powers in the first place?
Tron: Correct. It’s going to be a dangerous idea given their hatred of the creature. I’ll send the data to Bentley, Otacon, or Shiena’s Laptop. One of them will copy-paste it into the other two computers. You two, I’m sending you back to the lab. (sad) This mission is a failure…
Sora: Don’t give up yet, Tron. Maybe the dataspace might contain more than just how to help Madoka. It might have information for anything. Maybe even whoever is the real mastermind behind the whole asylum mayhem that cost me a leg.
Tron: (Beat) We will continue to search for more data. I don’t think there is much more, though.
Sora: Just look. Who knows what they’ve hidden from us.

As Ruby put Scyther back into the Pokeball and Sora makes his Dream Eaters disappear, the disheartened Tron ejects Ruby and Sora from the computer world, somber about their revelation in the computer world. The duo, still in their Halloween Town forms, found themselves back into the lab before the Hackers, Murray, Cyborg, and Snake Eyes. Ed goes up to the two of them and hugs them.

Ed: (happy) Sora! Ruby! You’re back! Ed’s missed you so much.
Otacon: You don’t scare us, Sora. Riku already told us everything about your costume.
Sora: Good grief… I don’t have to worry about that anymore.
Murray: Donald owes me lunch!
Bentley: Right… So what did you guys find?
Ruby: (sad) This might disturb you guys, so listen up…

Both Ruby and Sora explained everything to the rest of the group. From the plan to turn the asylum to a stronghold, to the Incubators part in restoring Madoka’s powers.

Shiena: Dears Cosmos…
Bentley: We… We better tell this to the House of Justice.
Murray: And the Sisterhood.
Otacon: The Incubators…. Is it really a good idea to find them?
Cyborg: We did all this for nothing?
Sora: No we did not! There may be hidden data we could not see, so we should look even closer to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Kirlia’s still in the Undernet. We just can’t leave her and Diancie there!
Otacon: You’re right. Since you’re here, we gotta focus on them now. Megaman.Exe’s our only hope, now.

The Hackers then proceed to focus back onto the computer to contact Megaman.Exe.

Megaman.Exe, now in Elec Team Style, had reached further into the Undernet, having fought his way through various viruses.

Lan: Did you find Diancie yet, Megaman?
Megaman.Exe: No. The Undernet’s a maze as always…

Their conversation was interrupted by several transmission screens.

Shiena: Lan, Megaman! How are you two doing?
Lan: We’re doing well. You managed to get the signal to contact us in this place?
Bentley: We just needed to patience. The connection’s a little buggy, so we’ll be quick. You two don’t have to worry about Sora and Ruby. They’re in the lab with us.
Lan: Good to hear. Can you guys locate Diancie?
Bentley: Sure thing, but first we have to download the map.
Lan: Great.

The Hackers proceed to download the map to the Undernet as more viruses attack Megaman.Exe.

Megaman.Exe: Just what I need…
Lan: Hope we don’t run into Bass here.

Many deities went on with their activities in the House of Narrative as Riku carries Jak’s body back into the latter’s temple as Juggle Pup follows them. Riku goes to Jak’s bed and places him on his bed. Daxter gets off Riku’s shoulders as Juggle Pup goes by its owner’s aid.

Daxter: Thanks, Riku…
Riku: It’s what friends do. I’ll inform Dr. House on him in the Medical Division.

He walks out of the House of Narrative to go to the Medical Division to inform Dr. House about Jak’s awakened memories. Upon exiting the place, he sees a familiar face walking by.

Riku: Kairi!

He calls out waves his arm to his old friend, who then notices him.

Kairi: Riku?

The Keyblade master approaches her.

Riku: Where are you going?
Kairi: I’m going to the House of Justice. I’ve spotted Neyla in the House of Crime with Oogie and his henchmen.
Riku: We can kill two birds in one stone with this. I was planning on going to the Medical Division to inform the staff that I’ve awakened Jak’s memories.
Kairi: How is Jak doing now?
Riku: He’s unconscious for now. Daxter and Juggle Pup are with him. I can inform Inspector Fox when we get there.
Kairi: Alright. Let’s go.

The two childhood friends proceed to go to the House of Justice.

Megaman.Exe continues to fight off various viruses as he and Lan wait for the hackers to finish with the location.

Megaman.Exe: I can’t hold these viruses for long. How many Full Energy subchips do we have, Lan?
Lan: Four more left!
Megaman.Exe: Great. That Life Aura chip’s going to be expensive.
Lan: We might be able to get that if we get enough zennies. For now, Barrier 100, Battlechip in! Download!

They’re contacted by the hackers again as a barrier forms around Megaman.

Ed: Lan! Megaman! We’ve managed to track down Diancie and Kirlia!
Lan: Good. Where are they?
Shiena: They’re inside the Undersquare.
Megaman.Exe: Where is the Undersquare from here?
Otacon: Turn right from here. Turn left five yards afterwards. Then turn left again after seven yards. You’ll see a warp pad that leads to the Undersquare.
Bentley: We’ve contacted Tron. He’s going to the entrance with the Recognizer right now with some other programs.
Lan: Thanks, guy. Alright, Megaman! Let’s go!
Megaman.Exe: Right!

Megaman.Exe moves accordingly to the directions the hackers gave him as more viruses attack him. Not wanting to tire himself out, he runs away from several of them, only for one of them to destroy the barrier.

Megaman.Exe: Crap!

He runs away from the viruses to turn right. Several minutes later, he turns left, but some viruses suddenly ambushed him.

Megaman.Exe: Lan, help me out here!
Lan: Got it!

Megaman evades the attacks of the viruses as Lan inserts three Boomer 3 Battlechips into the Pet.

Lan: Program Advance! Pit Ring 3!

Out of nowhere, three Boomerangs came from behind Megaman.Exe and attacked the viruses, deleting only two of them, giving the blue navi the chance to escape and proceeds further and turn left. He then sees the warp panel.

Megaman.Exe: Good! I see the warp panel!

A virus suddenly appeared before Megaman.Exe, who slides underneath it to reach the portal. He lands into the portal, which leads him into another Warp pad.

Megaman.Exe: This must lead to the Under Square.
Lan: Got it! Let’s rescue Diancie!

The blue navi proceeds to go into the warp pad to enter the Under-square. Seconds later upon arriving into the Under-square, Megaman was taken aback by the size of this Under-square, which was the form of a large, but technological wasteland filled with buses.

Megaman.Exe: This Under-square is huge… How did they get those buses here? Huh? There they are!
Lan: What is it, Megaman?
Megaman.Exe: I’ve spotted Diancie and Kirlia!
Lan: Where are they?
Megaman.Exe: To my left!

Before they could approach Diancie, they are contacted by the hackers again, this time, with Sora and Ruby joining them.

Sora: Be careful, you two! Diancie is infected by some virus!
Megaman.Exe: That explains her unexpected behavior earlier. How are we going to free her and rescue Kirlia?
Bentley: That’s going to be a hard one, Megaman.
Ruby: You two might on your own on this.
Otacon: No. There might be way for us to purify Diancie from that virus.
Lan: I know of a way theoretically from time with the darkness. Go face her, Megaman!
Megaman.Exe: I hope you know what you’re doing, Lan…. Diancie!
Sora: Please… get back… Agghh!
Ed and Ruby: Sora!

Ed and Ruby go to Sora as the blue navi proceeded to go the area and confront the corrupted Diancie, who turns around to face him, holding Kirlia.

Diancie: So the blue punk has finally arrived. Don’t worry. I haven’t infected the Pokemon yet.
Megaman.Exe: There’s a virus inside you! Fight it!

The humanized Pokemon gave out a dark chuckle.

Diancie: Did you think that’s going to work against me?
Megaman.Exe: No. I don’t want to fight you!
Lan: Looks like we’ll have no other choice but to fight her, do we? Battle Rountine! Set!
Megaman.Exe: Execute!
Diancie: Too bad. That kindness be your weakness!

The Diamond Pokemon starts shooting out a flurry of rocks at the blue navi, who shoots several of them with his Megabuster. She then uses Moon Blast at him, but it is blocked by his shield. The Legendary Diamond Pokemon used Diamond Storm, but her opponent dodges that as well.

Diancie: You’re good, but I have a surprise from the Black Tower!

She raises her arms and, to his surprise, a certain creature was summoned.

Megaman.Exe: The Collanmis!? How did you manage to get into your servitude?
Diancie: It’s the Commantis! I wasn’t intending on doing this, but this here creature was infected when it came into contact with me. (To the Commantis) Now…

Just when she’s about to give the Nightmare Dream Eater an order, several programs suddenly show up, surprised to see the Dream Eater appearing in the Undernet.

Program 1: Holy shit! That girl managed to tame that strong ass Dream Eater?
Program 2: Let’s watch!
Program 3: No. Let’s get the hell out of here!
Program 4: She has a point! Run!

As the four programs decide to leave the Under-square, Diancie orders the Dream Eater to run them over. At the humanized Pokemon’s command, The Commantis sets its wheels vertically and starts to run the programs over, killing them.

Diancie: This was payback for bullying Sora. Now… Attack that navi!

With its sights now set on Megaman.Exe, the Commantis jumps up. As it tries to crush him, Megaman.Exe gets out of the way. Lan inserts a Ball battle-chip into the PET. A ball made out of steel was summoned at the palm of his navi’s left hand. As the Commantis attacks again by its wheel attack, Megaman.Exe throws the ball with enough force to make the Dream Eater trip and fall, greatly damaging its legs.

Diancie: What!?
Megaman.Exe: Lan, let’s try to take this thing out!
Lan: Right with you!

Lan inserts three Spreader chips into the PET.

Lan: Program Advance! Hyper Burst! Go for it, Mega Man!
Megaman.Exe: Roger!

Megaman.Exe fires a burst of energy that explodes upon hitting the slightly stunned Commantis five times. As the Commantis recovers from it’s injuries, Diancie hits the blue navi with a flurry of rocks, briefly yelling in pain.

Megaman.Exe: Aaagghh!
Lan: Just hang in there, Megaman!
Diancie: What happened to your focus on me?

As she continues to throws rocks at him, the Commantis sets its legs to horizontal and fires a set of disks at his attacker. Kirlia watches on as Diancie and the Commantis attack her rescuer, Megaman.Exe. Not wanting to see the blue navi suffer any longer, she glows completely white, evolving into a new Pokemon, breaking free of the ropes. The evolved Pokemon, Gardevoir, attacks the humanized Diancie by using a Moon Blast.

Diancie: Ooof! Who did tha—

She turned to face the Pokemon that was once Kirlia.

Dianice: You evolved…!? Damn…!

With the Jewel princess taken by surprise, Gardevoir then attacks her and the Commantis with two Shadow Balls, one for each.

Diancie: I’m becoming more fragile!

Megaman.Exe uses Gardevoir’s sudden ambush as an opportunity to shoot the Commantis.

Megaman.Exe: (To Gardevoir) Now’s our chance!
Lan: Alright… I just hope this will purify her… Here I go…

Lan downloads a Zap Cannon 3 chip, followed by three Gun Del Sol battlechips into the Personal Terminal as Gardevoir fires a Dazzling Gleam to keep it distracted.

Lan: Program Advance! Pile Driver! Now, Megaman!
Megaman.Exe: Right!

Diancie had used Diamond Storm at Megaman.exe, who dodges the attack and fires the Zap Cannon 3 at Diancie,

Diancie: Urgh!!

The blue navi points at the paralyzed humanized Pokemon. Several seconds later, four reflective mirrors appeared around her. Before she could react, the mirrors fired a beam of light at her. She screamed in pain as the light frees her from the virus, causing her to fall unconscious.

Megaman.Exe: Lan, Diancie has been freed!
Lan: Alright, let’s focus on that creatur- huh?

Since Diancie was freed, so was the Commantis, who stopped attacking Gardevoir. The nightmare Dream Eater looked at its surroundings. Several Transmission screens appeared, revealing the hackers, Ruby, Murray, and Cyborg. Megaman.exe aimed his Megabuster at the Commantis in case it tried to attack him again.

Otacon: Lan! Megaman! Did you two free Diancie and Kirlia?
Lan: She’s free from the virus now. And Kirlia evolved into this new… Pokemon or whatever they’re called.
Ruby: New Poke- Sweet Cosmos… It evolved into a Gardevoir!? Sora’s gonna be so happy about this!
Lan: How is he doing, anyway?
Shiena: His leg’s in a lot of pain for walking too much.
Cyborg: That may be so, but at least we saved Diancie.
Murray: What a long day…
Ed: Hooray! We saved Diancie!
???: There you are!

Everyone outside the computer world stopped celebrating as they heard a voice inside approaching everyone inside the Under-square. The figure revealed himself to be… A worried Clu who arrived on a riding platform.

Clu: (to the Commantis) I’ve been looking all over for you… How did you get in here!? (to Megaman.exe) Who is that?
Megaman.Exe: That’s Diancie.
Clu: How did that Pokémon get rectified?
Megaman.Exe: Rectified?

As Megaman.Exe was puzzled about the concept of rectification in the Cyberworld, Diancie reverts back to her Pokemon form.

Clu: Nevermind. I thought that was the case. Time to get him out of here.
Ed: Ed has to wonder if the GUAC are behind all this?
Clu: The GUAC!? (angry) Those unruly savages… Did they make the Commantis stray from me!?

Clu sends the Commantis back to his base.

Clu: I shall abandon my quest to make Rinzler return to my servitude! Those demons shall pay for this!!
Megaman.Exe: Clu, wait!

Ignoring the blue navi, Clu, full of rage, exits the Undernet, but suddenly, another voice is heard, this time, through the Under-Square.

???: You’ve freed that Pokémon from the virus I planted inside her…
Megaman.Exe: Who’s there!?
???: I am Xenagos, the Satyr King, I’m surprised you’ve made it to the first area of this place … Those meddling angels in the pantheon are going to bring out a disturbing menace for what you mortals call Halloween. Until then, I have no more use for that Pokémon.

Xenagos’ voice disappears, leaving Megaman.exe puzzle.

Megaman.Exe: Xenagos…?
Lan: What was that all about?
Murray: Yeah, what was his problem?
Bentley: No idea. Didn’t Riku tell us he was captured by him for a diary?
Ruby: Whatever he’s doing, he must be getting something out of this. Not only that, but the Red Orb’s in the possession of the GUAL now.
Otacon: This can’t be a good thing. We’ll have to hurry!
Megaman.Exe: Right. I’ll escort her to the entrance so Tron can have her and Kirlia ejected here… Gardevoir, I meant. (to Gardevoir) You’re ready to go?

Gardevoir happily nods as the Megaman.Exe picks up Diancie and head back to the entrance to the Undernet.

Shiena: Be careful going back, you two!

Phoenix Wright: Neyla’s doing what!?

Lawyer Phoenix Wright was baffled when Kairi and Riku explained to him about Neyla’s plans to steal packages from Dr. Finkelstein for Halloween.

Kairi: We want you to mobilize a police force to put her on temple arrest if you can. All of the Delta Cops are busy.
Phoenix Wright: I’m not a Police Officer, but I’ll find some folks for the job.
Kairi: Thank you.
Riku: Have one of the officers contact the Medical Division. Jak’s memories have been restored.
Phoenix Wright: Alright. I’ll do that as well.

Everything situated, Kairi and Riku leave the house of Justice.

Riku: Kairi, can I rest at your temple? Mine’s got destroyed while trying to restore Jak’s memories.
Kairi: Sure. Tell me more about when we get there.

The two keyblade wielders proceed to go to Kairi’s temple to rest.

Megaman.Exe have escorted Gardevoir and Diancie back to the entrance of the Undernet, where Tron was waiting for them.

Tron: Oh my users, that Pokémon evolved…
Megaman.Exe: It even helped me fight against that creature.
Tron: The Commantis? (to Gardevoir; smiling) Good for you.
Diancie: nn…

The three deities looked at the Diamond Princess, who slowly regains consciousness.

Diancie: Where… Am I…?
Tron: You’re outside the Undernet now. You were under a virus and escaped to the Undernet.
Megaman.Exe: You kidnapped Kirlia, who’s now Gardevoir. Since Sora’s leg was in bad condition, so he and Ruby were ejected from the computer world, leaving me to go alone.
Diancie: Is… Is that it?
Lan: For some reason, you summoned that… What do they call it, Tron!
Tron: Dream Eater.
Lan: Yeah, that’s the one. That Dream Eater was in your servitude…
Diancie: Where is it now?
Megaman.Exe: It’s with Clu.
Diancie: Oh… I owe you an apology, Tron.
Tron: What is it?
Diancie: When we were in the Black Tower unlock the trial gates, I went inside a mall…
Tron: Diancie… (angry) You shouldn’t have abandoned us. You would’ve doomed your own mission by going inside the Black Tower.
Diancie: I know… I should’ve never done that again…
Tron: As long as you understand. I’m sending you and Gardevoir back to the lab.

Megaman.Exe watches as a pillar of light surrounds Diancie and Gardevoir, as the two of them were being ejected from the computer world.

Tron: You two were a great help here.
Lan: It’s no problem. We’ve been through hell in the Undernet before, right Megaman?
Megaman.Exe: Yeah! I’ll come here to help clear the grid of viruses!
Tron: Thanks. Come by the Space Paranoids as well, but remember, this cyberworld isn’t the same as yours.
Megaman.Exe: Highly noted. Lan, jack me out!
Lan: Right!

With that, Megaman jacks out of the Cyber world.

Twelve minutes after Otacon copied the files and transferred them to Bentley and Shiena’s computer, everyone began to pack their things they were about to head back to the pantheon. Sora, whose leg was in severe pain from earlier, eats the last slice of pizza and the last soup everyone saved for him in an attempt to alleviate the pain. Gardevoir cuddled around her owner. The hackers, meanwhile, discuss their next plan after Tron downloads the data to Otacon’s laptop and checks the storage in case he had missed something like Sora suggested.

Sora: Thanks for saving this pizza and soup for me. Man, I can’t believe my Kirlia evolved in such a dark place!
Murray: Since you’ve done all that walking, you need it more than we do.
Ed: Where are we going to go after this?
Bentley: Shiena, Ed, you two go to the Sisterhood and inform about that file. Otacon and I are going to rest.
Shiena: …Is this because we’re girls…?
Otacon: …Yes.
Shiena: (annoyed; sarcastic) You’re so kind, you two.
Diancie: But how are we going to take the Red Orb back?
Sora: And how will I help you guys?
???: The Red Orb!?

Snake Eyes readied his sword in case someone as they heard someone come inside. The footsteps became louder as the intruder draws gets closer to them, only to reveal a familiar figure, at which Snake Eyes pointed his sword.

Murray: You scared us, Sly!
Sly: Sorry… There’s one member of the Teen Titans here, and this guy pointing his sword at me is…?
Otacon: He’s a member of the GI Joes.

Snake Eyes puts his weapon back in his sheath as the others recognize Sly as their friend.

Sly: Didn’t think their ninja would join you guys.
Ed: Neither did we.
Bentley: He’s in the same house as Donald. That aside, We should go back to the pantheon and report the info we got computer world to Magistrate Judges and the Sisterhood.
Sora: I don’t know what happened to the wheelchair I was using before.
Murray: Riku took it back for you. I’ll carry you to the va- huh?

Everyone watches as Gardevoir lifts up Sora using psychic power.

Sora: (annoyed) Hey, let me at least eat my pizza in peace!
Cyborg: Problem… solved? (To Sly) I can fly you back there.
Sly: (nervous) Thanks. I better hold tight.
Ruby: I guess everything’s settled?
Otacon: Yeah. Let’s go, guys.

With everything situated the group proceeds to leave the mountains. Sly holds on to Cyborg’s body as the latter prepares to leap a long distance off the mountains while everyone else went inside the van, with Gardevoir carrying Sora inside with Psychic.

Chapter 13: A Shocking Reveal

A frustrated Tron, accompanied by several programs, have revisited the Black Tower from the Recognizer, displeased by Sora’s suggestion of the possibility of more data residing inside. They searche around the first trial area for the data, only to find nothing.

Tron: Rats… There’s nothing around here. Did you guys find anything?
Program 1: Negative.
Program 2: Nothing here.
Program 3: What should we do next?
Tron: Split up. (To Programs 1 and 2) You two, go inside that mall in the second trial area. (To Program 3) You, inspect the third trial area. I’ll check on the fourth myself.

The four programs separate to cover more ground.

Thirty minutes later, Tron checks around the fourth area with no luck, exhausted from search for the area.

Tron: Rats, it’s not anywhere here…

Tron’s transmitter suddenly started beeping. He picks it up to respond.

Tron: Let’s hope the others have any success… (into the transmitter) What is it?
Program 3: I didn’t find anything.
Tron: Neither did I. Let’s meet up with the other two and see what they’ve found.

He ends the conversation and puts it back into his pocket. His transmitter suddenly started beeping again, causing him to pick up again and respond.

Tron: (into the transmitter; exhausted) Yes? What is it?
Program 1: Sir, we’ve found a weird-looking door!

This revelation had surprised the program.

Tron: Where is it?
Program 2: Its on the third floor of the mall!
Tron: Stay there! We’ll regroup!

Tron hangs up the Transmitter to get the program checking the third trial area and regroup with the other two programs.

Thirty minutes later, all of the programs regrouped next to the door, this time colored black and red.

Tron: This door looks weird… Is this is some secret trial door the programs made?
Program 2: It looks like it.
Program 3: Is there anything we need to do to open it like the other trial doors?
Tron: I don’t know…

They proceed to read the text.

Welcome! What is the enemy of Free will?

Tron: …Tyranny?

To their surprise, the text changes.

Correct. Thank you for answering this door.

The secret trial door opens, revealing a dark, occultic-looking room with purple tron lines on the ground.

Program 2: That was easy…
Program 1: This place is giving me the goosebumps,
Tron: Whatever secret they have, we have to go and get out quickly.

They enter the room and slowly proceed through the room. They stumbled upon a glowing red data file.

Program 1: A data file?
Program 3: What kind of information does this file contain?
Tron: We’ll find out very soon.

Tron access hold of the program and starts reading it. Two minutes later, his eyes widened with shock.

Tron: Oh my users… If Gentaro knew what YHVH was planning for him, he’d explode, but that’s impossible at this moment since no one has seen him nor his new girlfriend since they went camping in the mountains.
Program 2: “Girlfriend”? Who are you talking about, sir?
Tron: None of your business. (thinking) At least everyone in the House of Friendship were relieved when he and Elena confessed. Since then, they were able to move on from their trauma.
Program 3: What is it? Is it bad?
Tron: This must explain Valentine and Pucci’s refusal to explain anything…!
Program 1: What should we do?
Tron: Drat… The hackers have went back to the pantheon, so I’m going to have to send this to the House of Justice myself.

With no other choice, Tron transfers the data to the House of Justice, taking a deep breath afterwards.

Tron: Let’s get out of here.

He and the other three programs depart the Black Tower to get some rest in the Space Paranoids.

Forty Five minutes later within the House of Justice…

Lois Lane: Hello, This is Lois Lane, and we have breaking news. This just in, information from the Grid reveals that the lawful Organization known as the Grand United Alliance of Law had plans to convert the asylum, built by the Master Builders to contain corrupted deities, into a stronghold. We now have Steve Rogers of the Magistrate Judges here with me.

She hands the microphone over to Captain America.

Captain America: (into the microphone) Thanks, Lois. The Toku Base were outraged that one of their Kamen Riders, Gentaro Kisaragi, were a part of Funny Valentine’s plan to convert him into a siphon to control the asylum. Yamaxanadu Eiki Shiki is gathering the other enforcers of the Magistrate Judges, now seeking a bid to reform the organization. How the rest of the GUAL are reacting to this is unclear at this moment. She has judged all those involved in the conspiracy as black.
Lois: Thanks, Steve. We’ll come shortly after this. This is Lois Lane. Thank you for watching Pantheon News.

Tron, who was watching the news event from his temple, was horrified to what was reported on TV.

Tron: My users… Just how far are the GUAL willing to get an edge over the GUAC…? I… I better get some rest…

Unable to handle the information he obtained, he decides to rest.

Gardevoir was keeping an eye on Sora inside the latter’s temple, taking a breath of relief to see that her trainer was sleeping peacefully. The moment of silence was stopped when the Pokémon heard something outside. Not wanting Sora to move, she decides to go to the front door herself. When she opens it, she discovers a certain group of blue diamond Pokémon having a fight with Diancie, even after the Mythical Jewel Pokemon was escorted back into her temple. Gardevoir was confused. Shouldn’t the Carbink servants calm down after Diancie came back into the pantheon? She decides to interfere to break up the fight.

Dace: (angry) Princess Diancie, How could you let that boy infect you with a virus?
Diancie: Sora was with me the whole time. There’s no way he would-
Merrick: I’m sorry, you don’t have evidence to convince us. Go inside your temple now!

The Carbink throw rocks at Diancie, who defends herself with an ancient power, in a bid to convince the Diamond Princess to return to her temple. Not wanting this to escalate, Gardevoir steps in and takes the hit in the crossfire. While Gardevoir’s interference enraged the Carbink, it surprised Diancie.

Merrick: (angry) Get out of our way!
Diancie: (surprised) You’re… That Kirlia I took into the Undernet and evolved in my fight with that blue navi and the Commantis.
Dace: This has nothing to do with you!

Gardevoir slowly recovers, defending Diancie.

Merrick: (angry) You’re going to defend Princess Diancie!?
Dace: Well that’s fine! We’ll make sure she’ll never be friends with that boy again! He’s nothing but a thief!

Their accusations had infuriated Diancie. She was with the keybearer the whole time and not once did he have any intent on harming her. Tears begin to fall from her eyes.

Diancie: How dare you say that about Sora!? I’m not going back to my temple!

The Diamond princess suddenly runs away in anger. Gardevoir, surprised, turns around and chases her. Little did she know was that a certain purple tigress wearing a robe was standing on the roof.

???: (quiet) Well now… Those Pokémon are rioting? They sure give me the opporunity to take the package from Sora’s temple.

Seeing this as an opportunity, she jumps down the roof and enters the Keybearer’s temple without getting caught. She enters the living room and sees a package.

???: Finally… The last of the packages for that Finkelstein guy…

As she’s about to take the package, she hears a small cry from Sora.

Sora: Jak…
???: He’s back from his trip? I better get rid of him fast before that Pokémon comes back… What should I do?

She notices a gas pipe and broom closet in the Hall of Light. This gives her an idea. She goes into Sora’s living quarters, where the Keybearer is sleeping. Most of his vampire garb, including the mask, has been taken off, leaving him wearing just an undershirt and pants.

???: Looks like he’s sleeping deeply. Still, I have to be careful… If I move him too much, he’ll notice.

She carefully moves the covers to grab Sora into the hall, where she busts a gas line. She slowly removes the utensils from the broom closet. After ridding the utensils in the closet, she knocks it down and opens the doors, places Sora inside, throws him inside, and closes the doors.

???: Good. Now… To get the packages….

The purple tigress then goes back to the living room, takes the packages, and leaves out of Sora’s temple after closing the door. She looks around to make sure she wasn’t caught. During this, she sees from afar Ren and Nora walking to Sora’s temple.

???: Rats. They must be here for the package. Better move.

She runs off with the package as Ren and Nora are about to go Sora’s temple. Ren glances at the figure running off.

Ren: Who is that?
Nora: Might be someone visiting him. Why is Sora’s door open?
Ren: This can’t be good… (sniffs) Do you smell that, Nora?
Nora: (sniffs) Is that… Smoke?
Ren: I know for certain that this can’t be an accident. Kirlia should be protecting Sora. Nora, alert the guards about Sora’s temple.
Nora: Are you planning on going in?
Ren: Exactly.
Nora: Be careful…

Nora runs off to alert the officials while Ren opens the door and goes inside Sora’s temple, where fumes overwhelmed the temple. He goes into Sora’s room to discover not only the Keybearer absent, but Gardevoir as well.

Ren: What is Kirlia thinking going out on her own!?

Ren had no idea that Kirlia had evolved into Gardevoir earlier. He then proceeds to go to the hall to look for the package, only to find out that it’s gone.

Ren: The package… It’s gone!

He starts to cough from inhaling the fumes. He then hears a bang in the back of the hall.

Sora: Someone… Help… me!
Ren: Was that… Sora? What’s he doing in the main hall when he is off-duty?

Ren rushes to the Hall of Light to find Sora. The stoic member of Team JNPR hears banging from the broom closet.

Ren: Alright, Sora! I’m getting you out of there!
Sora: Is that you… Ren?

He proceeds to open the doors to see a barely conscious Sora inside and grabs him. Ren proceeds to carry Sora out of the temple, coughing as he makes his way out of the temple. As he makes it out of the Keybearer’s temple, Sora passes out from inhaling the poisonous gases.

Ren: Someone… Help…!

Because he inhaled too much of the fumes, he too passed out. Gardevoir, who failed to convince the Carbink, returns, horrified to see Ren and Sora unconscious and the temple being infested fumes. Using her psychic powers, she carries Sora and Ren.

..Ra…! Sora! Wake up!

Sora: Ahh!

Almost four hours after the attack, Sora regains consciousness as he finds himself in a medical bed and wearing an oxygen mask inside Medical Division CHQ, where Riku and Kairi were standing next to him. Kairi comforts him by hugging him.

Kairi: Thank goodness, you’re alive.
Sora: Kairi…? Riku…? Did you guys save me?
Kairi: Gardevoir carried you and Ren to the Medical Division after you two passed out from inhaling the fumes inside your temple. Inspector Fox’s gorilla mercenaries found that this was due to a broken gas line.
Riku: Ren had to carry you out. Ruby, Jaune, and Nora are tending to him in another room. At least Ren was able to prevent Nora from being gassed, too.
Sora: I was sleeping in… (coughs) my own room, but then… I suddenly found myself… In my broom closet.
Riku: (sad) It’s all my fault… If I wasn’t too tired from taking Jak into his temple, this wouldn’t have happened.
Kairi: (sad) I should’ve aided you when you returned.
Sora: Who… who broke in… To my temple? (coughs)
Kairi: It was Neyla.
Sora: Neyla…?
Riku: (angry) That blasted tigress… Once we turn our backs, she strikes again! She’s stolen the package inside your temple as well! (calms down) Anyway… Once they get you in for treatment, you, Ruby, and Usagi are to have a meeting with Cosmos about your mission in the mountains.
Sora: Really? At a time… (coughs) like this? (coughs)
Riku: Yes, Unfortunately.
Kairi: Don’t worry. I’ll take you there. As for now, get some rest.
Sora: Wait, what about Jak?
Riku: He’s inside a crystal. He won’t be waking up until Christmas.

Riku and Kairi leave Sora’s room to check on Ren. Several minutes later, a portal suddenly appears.

Sora: (thinking) A portal…?

The brunette stares at it. A few seconds later, a certain black-clad girl appears from the portal. This unexpected arrival surprises him. The girl looks around and realizes she had to be quiet or else she’ll alert Riku, Kairi, and Team RNJR.

???: There you are…
Sora: Homura… Akemi…?

The rogue Puella Magi approached the Keyblade wielder as he quickly drew out his Keyblade, the Kingdom Key, in case she would attack him.

Homura: What happened to you?
Sora: Some tigress named Neyla… (cough) has broken into my temple… (coughs)
Homura: Whoever she is, she’s of no concern to me.
Sora: Then why are you here…? Is it because Lu— (coughs)
Homura: I’m not here to harm you… For now, that is. I want you to tell me everything about that Diamond Pokémon.
Sora: D-diancie? Why… are you asking me this?
Homura: Madoka is that Pokémon’s partner.
Sora: Oh… That’s right… Once we cleared the Black Tower to get some files… She escaped… To the Undernet in a human form… A Net Navi had to free her from a cursed virus.
Homura: Is that it?
Sora: No… After Clu takes the Commantis back… Someone named Xenagos… (coughs) explains that he had no more use for Diancie.

Homura’s eye lit up with rage after Sora explained everything to her about Diancie.

Homura: (angry) That Satyr King…
Sora: Do you know him?
Homura: …Yes. He’s a Lord of Chaos like myself. After I heard some satyrs told me their leader was using that Pokémon as a pawn, I couldn’t help but think it put would Madoka in danger as well… So I returned the Heart Diamond to Diancie’s temple.
Sora: It’s weird of you… (coughs) to help us out… Even after you turned on us.
Homura: Don’t think I’m doing this out of concern for you or the GUAG. If you’ll excuse me, I must go.

The rogue Puella turns her back on Sora, ready to leave the hospital.

Sora: Homura…! One last thing… before you go…
Homura: What is it?
Sora: You may not care… about what I say… but I… Forgive you…

Homura got a small chuckle at idea of someone as friendly as Sora forgiving her despite what happened between her, Madoka and the Sisterhood.

Homura: Somone like you, a person values friendship than anything else, forgive me? Is this a joke?
Sora: I’m serious… You… made your right choice…

The rogue Puella Magi was taken aback by his honesty.

Homura: (surprised) I… I don’t know what to say…
Sora: I won’t forget that moment… Do you hate… Kyubey?
Homura: …Yes. That weasel will pay for ruining Madoka’s life.

The Keybearer eyes lit up when Homura brought up her history with the weasel… Everything about Homura made sense to him now. Before he could say anything else, Homura spoke first.

Homura: They’ll get suspicious of me for talking to you. I’m leaving.
Sora: I wish someday… that you break away from Lucifer’s influence.
Homura: Influence? Don’t be optimistic. I have joined Lord Lucifer on my own terms.

The rogue Puella walks back into the portal to leave the hospital.

Sora: (sad; thinking) I’m so going to be hated for forgiving this lady… Homura… You have friends in the GUAG… If Cosmos gives me the order to depower you, I have no other choice but to do so…

Not wanting to worry any longer, he then goes to sleep.