Diamond Adventure: Act Three

Intermission 2: The Meeting of Revelations

Sora, Ruby, and Usagi inside the halls of the GUAG Command Center to Cosmos. The former was in a wheelchair and had to be accompanied by Kairi, who was moving it. The brunette was in grey pajamas and also had an air mask to support him.

Ruby: I went to this nice-looking, but weird restaurant they opened up in the House of Food last night after leaving the hospital. For some reason, it had stuffed bears, dice, and number cards inside.
Usagi: I want to keep one! (everyone in the hall looks at her) …Sorry. How was the food?
Ruby: It was a heavy meal, but the way you had to order the food was different.
Kairi: How did it work?
Ruby: You have to pick a random number, and whatever you got, you can’t change it. In the end, I ended up eating some pike, two pieces of meatloaf and a couple of string beans.
Sora: At least you had something good…
Kairi: All I had was a small pack of pasta.
Ruby: Among the other customers I saw in the restaurant were Morgan Freeman, Special Air Services Captain John Price, Hello Kitty, Hermione Granger, H.M Murdoch, some wacky girl in a school uniform, Erica Hartmann, and this Rincewind guy. There’s also this weird guy that almost tried to destroy the restaurant with a bomb.
Usagi: Um… Who’s the last one you mentioned? And what food did he have?
Ruby: No idea. He escaped when they threatened to kick him out.
Sora: (thinking) The Pantheon’s weird as always.

Everyone was baffled at what Ruby explained to them. Their conversation ends as they reached the guard of the door to Cosmos’ room.

Guard: You’re all here. Cosmos was expecting you. Right this way. (to Sora) Get well, kid.

He opens the door to let them inside Cosmos’ room, where the Grand Commander of the GUAG was waiting for them.

Cosmos: You’re all here. We’ve gotten access of the files you’ve gathered with Tron in the computer world. One of them involved the Incubators…
Usagi: Miss Cosmos, what should we do? If we free Kyubey, then who knows what he’ll cause.
Cosmos: I say we refuse. For the safety of the Puella Magi, we’ll leave him alone. On to the next topic. The mythical Jewel Pokémon Diancie was infected by a virus. According to the hackers, the Satyr King Xenagos states that he had no more use for her. Yesterday, the Medical Division has reports that he and his men captured Riku for slandering Lucifer.

Both Sora and Usagi’s eyes lit up.

Usagi: (surprised) Xenagos? The The God Emperor had a run-in with him.
Ruby: You mean, this isn’t the first time you haven’t heard of him?
Usagi: No…
Kairi: Just what is he after?
Sora: We don’t know for certain. It may have something to do with the GUAL.
Cosmos: Indeed. Speaking of the GUAL… I shall let you all in on a secret about the angels.
Sora: What is it?
Kairi: Is it bad?
Cosmos: Perhaps… Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu has formed her own meeting with her enforcers in the House of Justice. It is due to Tron finding a data hidden inside the Black Tower regarding the asylum incident. He sent this to the House of Justice yesterday.
Sora: What did it contain?
Cosmos: Since you were asleep, Sora, I’ll tell you. The GUAL had plans. Two of them, to be exact. The First was to make the Asylum as a stronghold.
Usagi: And the second?
Cosmos: The second was to make Enrico Pucci into a powerful general by upgrading his stand.
Sora: And I had to listen to Valentine’s annoying lectures about improving his country or some nonsense for two hours. Good thing I lost consciousness near the end.

Ruby gave out a small snicker.

Usagi: Wow… I didn’t think I’d wanna go what you have to go through.
Cosmos: Unfortunately upon YHVH’s defeat, he grabbed those two to Purgatorio.
Ruby: (stops laughing) Drat.
Cosmos: But don’t worry, you have allies in the GUAG to take him down. Your friends from the Disney world and the allies from my universe are not the only ones I’m referring to. That aside, since Madoka cannot be restored considering the instructions of the data file, and will thus need protection again.
Sora: In all, I think she’s better that way.

Sora’s words have caused Cosmos to be outraged.

Cosmos: What are you saying, Sora?
Usagi: Are you saying you support Homura with this?
Sora: Just listen. I barely know Madoka, and I hear she’s great, but we can’t just keep glossing over her flaws here.
Kairi: Sora…
Sora: We have many heroes here, but we wouldn’t be who we are without our struggles.

Everyone stopped for a moment. The Keybearer had a point. Many heroes, even the idealistic ones, had went through pain to become who they are now. This had reminded Cosmos of her previous encounter with Lucifer. While she did admit to everyone once, there was still a part of her that wanted to deny it. This even applied to herself. She had no choice but to reluctantly admit it again to her fellow heroes.

Cosmos: Sora… You win…
Usagi: (sad) You know… Now that you mentioned it, Miss Cosmos and I have to agree…
Cosmos: But do know this, Sora. If I give you the order to retaliate against Homura should she ever decide to attack us, you must do it. She’s our enemy now. Understand?

Despite his meeting with rogue Puella Magi last night, he knows fully well that he’ll have to fight her regardless.

Sora: …Yes, ma’am.
Cosmos: That goes for everyone else here. Is that clear?

All the other females quietly agreed.

Cosmos: Very good. You’re all dismissed.

Flasback; Yesterday Night

In the deepest areas of the Labyrinth of Amala, Xenagos was speaking with Beezlebub over what happened earlier.

Beelzebub: The data got released to the pantheon from the cyberworld. Lord Lucifer was very pleased when I informed him.
Xenagos: Once the Magistrate Judges are done changing those angels… It’ll only be a matter of time before we have our victory over the GUAL.
Beelzebub: It’s amusing to see the Voice of God’s frustration with the Dragonslayer’s refusal to work with them.
Xenagos: But the Red Orb’s in their possession. Once the Continent Pokemon is out of the way—
???: Xenagos!!

They stopped their conversation to see a an familiar figure, who sported an angry glare at the creature.

Beelzebub: …Akemi?
Homura: (angry) Why did you plant that virus on that Pokemon?

The other Lords of Chaos were surprised by Homura’s arrival.

Xenagos: (surprised) Ho-!

How did she knew about the virus? The satyr king was taken off-guard by the fallen Puella Magi’s discovery of this. He quickly recomposed himself as he come to the realization.

Xenagos: (angry but calm) Why do you continue to oppose my actions, Akemi?
Homura: (angry) You should have never used that Pokemon as a pawn! Now we’ll have even more deities down on our heads!
Xenagos: …You don’t care about any Pokemon whatsoever!
Homura: But that Pokemon is an exception!
Beelzebub: Enough!

The Lord of the Flies used his flies to break up the argument between the other two Lords of Chaos.

Beelzebub: I will not tolerate this shit any further! Akemi, cease this dispute and rest! I don’t want any more hickups before the moment of our triumph.
Homura: Tch…! Fine…

Beelzebub and Xenagos watched as the rogue Puella Magi turned away to head for her chamber to sleep. Once Homura was gone, the Satyr became slightly livid.

Beelzebub: What exactly caused her to lash out at you like that?
Xenagos: (angry) It’s that goddamned Keyboy!
Beelzebub: Which one is it? The Paragon of Darkness?
Xenagos: No… It’s the one with the “Strength comes from the heart” rants.
Beelzebub: Him?
Xenagos: He is really becoming a nuisance to my plans, even when he’s crippled! He’s escaped into the Cyberworld with the Red Orb and now the GUAL have managed to steal it from him, and by extension, the Continent Pokemon!
Beelzebub: What are you going to do, Xenagos?

The Satyr King calms down as a mischevious grin crept upon his face.

Xenagos: You’ll see…

He leaves Beelzebub to go to his room for rest.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Sly, Bentley, Murray, and Jack Skellington were a mile outside the House of Justice, discussing their plan. Jack Skellington was horrified when the others told him that the GUAL stole the Reb Orb. He, in turn, revealed that Neyla had stolen all the packages.

Donald: How are we going to take down Neyla and take the orb back from the GUAL?
Jack Skellington: I don’t know. I dread the possibility of them teaming up.
Sly: That’s not going to happen anyway. The GUAL will find her unruly to be one of them. That said, if she’s trying to revive Clockwerk… Who knows how much damage will be done? Not to mention that Carmelita’s busy with Eric Draven investigating some proxy at the moment.
Mickey: Eric Draven? Proxy?
Sly: From how Carmelita worded it, it didn’t sound like the same one from June.
Goofy: I’d better get some peanuts out of my temple.
Donald: (Stares at Goofy) Yeah… You know what? as much I don’t want to reveal it, but I’ll get my “secret weapon.”
Bentley: Whatever it is, I hope it’ll work.
Donald: (smiles) You’ll see..
Mickey: I think I have a plan. Donald, Goofy, and I will keep the angels occupied.
Murray: That leaves us to take care of Neyla?
Mickey: Exactly.
Jack Skellington: I’ll get Jaune, Nora, and Ruby to help you three guys (the Cooper Gang) out. Unfortunately, Alice is on some “secret playdate.”
Goofy: That’s great, Mr. Skellington. What about this playdate?
Jack Skellington: That’s a secret.
Sly: But Mickey, the three of you can’t take them on alone.
Mickey: Doggone it, you’re right. YHVH’s not alone. We still have to deal with Metatron, the four archangels, and Satan. Those six are going to be a big problem for us.
Donald: How do we take care of them? We can’t just sneak into Purgatorio and take it from them.
Mickey: I’ll find Captain America and see what I can work out from him.
Goofy: In that case, we’ll get ready.

Everyone splits up to carry out the plan.

Chapter 14: Unholy Alliance

Sora and Kairi were now in the surgery room within the Medical Division, where the former was getting his leg done by Black Jack and his unit. The mission had undone a bit of the last one performed the other night, and Black Jack had to correct it. Kairi was watching from the entrance, out of the way because of her being a harpy.

Black Jack: If you had just declined the mission from the Sisterhood, I wouldn’t have to do it this late.
Sora: I was part of the asylum incident. I had no other choice but to go. I wanted to say no, but they didn’t allow me to.

He lets out a sigh to calm down.

Black Jack: I’ll let you off on this one, but don’t do that again unless you come here first to notify me.
Sora: …I understand.

Kairi watched as the Extraordinary Doctor performs the surgery. She turns around as the door suddenly opens seconds later. A certain figure appears, holding a box.

???: Sorry everyone, but I’m here to see Sora.
Black Jack: Nanoha Takamachi? Shouldn’t you be attending business inside the Sisterhood?
Nanoha: Yes, but I had to call sick from work.
Kairi: What’s inside that box?
Nanoha: It’s a present. Since he’s getting surgery done on him, I’ll give it to you.

Nanoha hands the box to Kairi.

Kairi: What’s next?

A few seconds later, a certain small, pink creature jumps out of the box, which startles Kairi.

???: Surprise!
Kairi: Ahhhh!

Taken by surprise, she falls to the ground when the creature popped up.

Kairi: (sarcastic) Nice surprise, Nanoha.

The magical girl then sweatdrops out of embarassment.

Nanoha: Um… Sorry about that.
Sora: Diancie? Why are you hiding inside a box?
Diancie: The Carbink are preventing me from meeting you. They think you’re responsible for planting that virus inside of me!
Kairi: Virus? What is she talking about?
Sora: After Clu stole the Red Orb from us, she suddenly turned human, stole Kirlia, and went to the Undernet.
Kairi: The Undernet?

While Kairi was unaware of the place’s existence, Black Jack was surprised to hear of such a place.

Black Jack: The Undernet? Did you go to such a place?
Sora: It’s a horrible place that is filled with the most horrible programs and users. I don’t go. Ruby and I never went inside such a place. Mega Man went there instead.
Black Jack: Mega Man? You’re telling me Dr. Light’s robot went inside such a place!?
Sora: This might sound confusing, but the Mega Man Tron, Ruby and I met was different. He’s what you call a Net navi who’s operated by a boy named Lan Hikari.
Black Jack: Net navi…? Fascinating…

Sora and Nanoha continued to explain everything to Dr. Black Jack, from Megaman.Exe fighting Diancie and the Commantis, to a horrified Clu’s arrival to bring the Commantis back to his base, to Xenagos revealing his voice. The doctor was angry to hear such events.

Black Jack: Just what does that Satyr King want out of all this?
Nanoha: I don’t know. This is such a mystery: The Carbink are still rioting around the pantheon looking for Diancie.
Sora: We’ll need to get an alibi from me… And Jak.
Diancie: I should stay here to hide from my servants.
Nanoha: If it keeps them from rioting, it’s a great. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be leaving here.

Nanoha leaves the surgery room as Black Jack and his other doctors continue with the surgery on Sora.

Daxter and Juggle Pup were standing outside of their temple in the House of Narrative. The seal-like Dream Eater had comforted the depressed ottsel. The Medical Division informed them that they did not have to sleep for two months to help Jak properly regain his memories while in his coma. With his small size and Juggle Pup’s limited combat, how would they be able to drive off Xehanort and his allies whenever they’re away? He couldn’t afford to do it on his own.

Daxter: (sad;thinking) Should I just stay home for the next two months?

The wonders about his decision was interrupted when he and his Dream Eater companion were bombarded by rocks from the right. When the otsel recovers, he noticed that an army of blue diamond Pokémon were outside his temple.

Daxter: (annoyed) What the heck do you guys want?
Merrick: That human will pay for stealing the Heart Diamond!
Daxter: Alright, you guys ticked me off at the wrong time!

The angry ottsel goes inside his temple to get a megaphone, a device that increases the volume of one’s voice, and returns with it outside.

Daxter: (angry) Jak didn’t steal the Heart Diamond! It was Xenagos the Satyr King!

The Carbink were still not convinced by Daxter’s words

Dace: You’re a liar! We saw you inside Princess Diancie’s temple!
Daxter: You think I’m lying!? You Carbink have five minutes to get the hell out of the House of Narrative! If you guys aren’t gone by that time, I will get an entire army of Salandit to get you all out of here!

They refused to leave. Just after he makes the ultimatum, Dace and Merrick saw a creature on the roof Daxter’s temple, intimidated.

Dace: (scared) Everyone, Let’s leave!

The now scared Carbink run away in terror at the sight of the creature. Daxter watches as they run off.

Daxter: Heh, that’ll teach them…

He looks up, also surprised that the creature was on his roof.

Daxter: Not to mess with me? How did this thing get here?

Before doing anything else, a small robot appears behind Daxter.

Daxter: Huh? A Robot?

As both of them have wondered why a robot would appear in their temple, The robot revealed a hologram of a certain program, which caused the both of them, along with every deity in the vicinity, to be on guard.

Daxter: Clu!
Clu: Where’s the boy?
Daxter: (angry) Why do you care!? Were you sent by the GUAL!?
Clu: No… I’m casting aside my emnity with you users.
Daxter: Huh?
Clu: I’m working with you and the Magistrate Judges.
Daxter: This has to be some trap!
Clu: You think I’m planning to backstab you? Several members are planning to join the Magistrate Judges as we speak!

Everyone within earshot in was surprised to hear Clu reveal such. Was he telling the truth?

Mickey, Ratchet, and Clank were speaking with Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America) in the House of Justice, where the toon mouse explained everything about the mission the hackers did. The american hero had already contacted his friend and ally Tony Stark (AKA Iron-Man) to prepare for Groudon.

Captain America: It is going to take a long while to repair the damage Groudon and the Angels have done… I dread the thought of YHVH’s strongest servant appearing alongside the Continent Pokemon.
Ratchet: With a majority of the GUAL guarding the Red Orb, infiltration is going to be difficult.
Mickey: Most of the Justice League are away, so we’re only down to Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.
Captain America: Even with the Thor Buster, Tony won’t be enough to hold them back.
Clank: Couldn’t you guys just get the Infinity gems from the Treasure Department?
Captain America: They’ll track me down and kill me if I ever go there.
Mickey: So we’re at a disadvantage here? What are going to do?
???: Then allow me to aid you, Captain.

The echoed voice prompted everyone to turn around to see what seemed to be a machine wearing a green robe. Captain America’s face turned to a fierce glare upon seeing this deity.

Mickey: (surprised) Doctor Doom!?
Ratchet: Oh man… This is not good.

Mickey, Ratchet, and Clank, however, were surprised to see Victor von Doom, whom the pantheon knows better as Doctor Doom, standing in front of them. Captain America, on the other hand, prepared his shield should the ruler of Latveria attack them.

Doctor Doom: Worry not, for Doom has come to aid you.
Captain America: (angry) I don’t trust you, Victor! Especially not after that program took the Red Orb from us!
Doctor Doom: You are correct. He has indeed done the deed willingly, but after the information of that bizarre asylum was released to the public, he has contacted me and several others. He has told me everything about what happened yesterday with that boy, for he has opposed the idea of a facility brainwashing people.

Mickey remembers the time Clu formed an alliance with them because even he knew that it was a stupid idea to use deities who had nothing to do with his plans to perfect the pantheon. Still, the toon mouse was puzzled as to why the ruler of Latveria would join them in their plan to stop YHVH and his angels.

Mickey: You’re just an arrogant, power hungry despot! You’ll betray us the minute we’re done!
Doctor Doom: Silence! Do not mistake my goals as the same as the angels, mouse, for I have those I hold dearly! The will of Doom does not endanger the welfare of children!
Clank: How can we tell you’re being honest?
Doctor Doom: Two more deities should be arriving at this time.

The heroes, Captain America, especially, were worried as to let Doom on their side. Was he telling the truth? Steve was about to turn down the offer to allow Doom to join them, but two more arrived in front the heroes.

???1: I have preparations ready.
Doctor Doom: Splendid.
Captain America: (surprised) Adrian Veidt…!?
Ratchet: And who’s the other guy?
???2: I am Alexander Anderson, spearhead of the Vatician Section 13.
Mickey: The Grandmaster of the Templar Order is aiding us too? Why…?
Anderson: While I am indeed faithful to the Lord, understand that I, too, am opposed to his more vicious side. They have gone too far. By using the asylum as a stronghold, they’ve endangered the freedom and welfare of those residing in the House of Friendship.
Captain America: Wouldn’t Metatron be suspicious that you’re turning on him?
Ozymandias: Do not worry, young ones. We’ll find a way to deceive the Seraph somehow…
Doctor Doom: Now, do you believe me, Captain?

The American super soldier groaned in frustration at Doom’s proposal. Stressed, he finally makes his decision.

Captain America: Fine… You can join us… I still don’t trust you, Victor.
Doctor Doom: I will not break our deal until the creator god and his loyalists have uprooted. You have my word.

The three members of the GUAL leave the heroes.

Captain America: I’m fine with Ozymandias and Anderson joining our cause, but whatever Doom’s planning, it’s probably for his gain.
Mickey: Indeed… We’d best have someone keep an eye on him, but even then, he has plans for that too. I better check on Donald and Goofy.

Mickey leaves the group to find his two friends.

Captain America: I need to tell this to Eiki…

Captain America also goes to the entrance to report the information he obtained minutes ago to the Magistrate Judges. Ratchet and Clank also leave.

Sora, who was discharged and had his leg surgery finished in the GUAG Medical Division, was now out of the hospital with Kairi moving him by the handles of his wheelchair. The two of them, along with Black Jack, have agreed to have Diancie stay in the extraordinary doctor’s room, like Kairi did during the asylum incident when she had to hide from the Darkness Proxy.

Kairi: It’s a shame that Diancie couldn’t join us for Halloween.
Sora: Until we clear our names and catch that Satyr King who attacked Riku for his diary two days, she’ll have to stay.
Kairi: But how are we going to find him? We have nothing on his current whereabouts.
Sora: We’ll find a way. Daxter has Juggle Pup defending him. Where do you want to go after this?
Kairi: I—
???: Sora!

Their conversation was put to a halt as they turned to see Donald and Goofy approaching them.

Sora: Donald! Goofy! I’m so sorry I couldn’t attend to the Halloween party.
Goofy: Don’t worry, pal. We’ve had someone filling in for you.
Kairi: Who is it?
Donald: (chuckle) That’s a secret. Hey, since you’ve been separated for so long, wanna do something together?
Sora: What about Neyla?
Goofy: The Cooper Gang, Ruby, Jaune, and Nora will take care of her. Can we borrow him for a moment, Kairi?

Hesitant, Kairi accepts.

Kairi: Um, sure.

She lets Donald take handles of the wheelchair.

Sora: Just don’t get careless with this wheelchair, guys.
Donald: Don’t worry, We won’t.

Kairi then gives him a walkie-talkie.

Kairi: Please be careful with him, you two. Sora, I… I sort of want to go on a date with you.
Sora: A date…!?

The brunette was flustered. Donald chuckled for a brief minute, amused at the direction of their relationship.

Kairi: I’ll let you know when to meet up in the house of Love.
Sora: A-alright…

The trio leave Kairi, discussing their plan as they proceed to walk out of the medical division.

Donald: Looks like you’ve got a girlfriend, Sora.
Sora: (annoyed) She isn’t my girlfriend…
Goofy: Why, let’s go to the House of Otherness and watch us perform in the Halloween concert. Olaf’s managing the concert.
Sora: Olaf? Why him?
Goofy: Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, and partially Jack Skellington had some arrangements to let him in.
Sora: Really? I’ll see how it goes.

The trio proceeds to the House of Otherness to do concerts.

Outside of the Court of the Gods, Captain America had explained everything to Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, who had gathered the enforcers of the Magistrate Judges inside, reporting the information Mickey had given him. The judge of the dead was enraged to hear that the GUAL have taken the Red Orb.

Eiki Shiki: That’s another sin added to their list. Their Law has failed to ensure to the safety of many lives.
Captain America: I suggest we gather our strongest allies and strike the angels after we take care of Groudon. We’ll be tired out after the battle.
Eiki Shiki: Seems reasonable.
Captain America: Doctor Doom, Ozymandias, and Alexander Anderson have joined our cause.
Eiki Shiki: Is that so?

This lit up the eyes of Eiki, who was surprised to hear the Grandmaster of Templar Order.

Captain America: They’ve joined the GUAL after the asylum incident, so they’re innocent, but I still don’t trust Doom on this.
Eiki Shiki: Perhaps we should keep on eye out for him, but I’m still surprised to hear the Templar Order’s Grandmaster join us. The robotic seraph has held him in high regard. I’m very curious about that Dragonslayer. I find it weird that he doesn’t seem to cooperate with the GUAL in their activities.
Captain America: Ornstein? He only joined to chase down some guy named Issei, deeming him a threat to some “Age of Fire” he protects. They don’t seem to be here for whatever Metatron and his goons are up to.
Eiki Shiki: Then they pose no threat. I deem them white.
Captain America: Two less members to worry about, I guess…

The American super soldier look up at the sky to check if the angels have prepared their strike on the pantheon. Instead, he sees a girl with black wings flying towards him and Eiki.

Captain America: Is that… No… It can’t be…!
Eiki Shiki: Who…?

Eiki looks in her ally’s direction to see the deity now descending to them.

???: Looks like you’re both here.
Eiki Shiki: Akemi Homura…. Have you come to disrupt us?
Homura: No… I have no plans on attacking you.
Captain America: Then why are you here?
Homura: I’m here to form a truce with your organization.
Eiki Shiki: A truce? Why are you making a deal with us, members of the GUAL?

Both Eiki and Captain America were bewildered to hear a member of the GUAC, let alone a Lord of Chaos, form a truce with an opposing group.

Homura: The Satyr King has implanted a virus on the mythical Pokemon, Diancie, for his own ends.
Captain America: The mythical Jewel Pokemon? That Pokemon who’s partners with Madoka?
Homura: Correct.
Eiki Shiki: That Satyr King has sinned too much… We’ll deal with him later, but it’s unusual of you to express concern for a Pokemon, let alone a Legendary.
Homura: That Pokemon resembled Madoka… If that Pokemon gets dragged into this, then Madoka too will be dragged into whatever Xenagos is planning.
Captain America: What are the GUAC doing right now?
Homura: They’re planning to attack your group after you’re done reforming them. I’ll get anyone I can in my faction to oppose Xenagos.

The American super soldier knew exactly what the rogue Puella meant by that statement.

Captain America: So you’re planning a civil war against them…? Very well, I accept your truce.
Homura: That’s one narrative to put it. I will assist you in your attack against the angels.
Eiki Shiki: Do whatever is necessary.

After she flies off, Alexander Anderson arrives, also seeing Homura fly off, confused at the situation.

Anderson: What happened between you and that demon?
Eiki Shiki: She has formed a treaty with us.
Anderson: For what reason?
Captain America: There’s someone in her group whose methods she dislikes.
Anderson: I see… I’ve come to give you this.

He reaches his pocket to take out a walkie talkie, giving it to Cap.

Anderson: Adrian, Doom, and that program are in Purgatorio right now. One of them will contact you about the Red Orb.
Eiki Shiki: Very well. Let’s wait inside the court.
Captain America: Yeah. I need to contact everyone to get away from Groudon.

Satisfied, they go inside the court for shelter and report all the deities to their temples.

Ratchet and Clank were now inside the robotics room of Tony Stark’s (AKA Iron-Man) temple in the House of Craft, where the former was trying out the jet boots of one of the armor models built by the man for the Lombax, who also told the him about the Red Orb being in the GUAL’s possession, had requested. He also told him about the alliance they formed with Ozymandias, Alexander Anderson, and Doctor Doom. Ratchet, who was testing the Jet Boots, had wounded up crashing into the walls and ceiling several times, ending up on the floor, exhausted.

Ratchet: Please… modify them.
Iron-Man: Alright. We only have a little time left before they release the Continent Pokemon. I’ll tone it down to fit it more to your liking.
Ratchet: Thank you…

He then lays down on the floor, fatigued and exhausted as Tony takes the leg parts.

Iron-Man: (angry) Can’t believe Victor is helping us… Whatever he’s planning, he’s going to take advantage of it. I just know it…
Clank: What does he have in store?
Iron-Man: Not sure, but I know he has something in the works to exploit any weaknesses the angels have. Jarvis, modify the Jet Boots for the Lombax and prepare my Thor Buster!
Jarvis: Will do, sir.

He then leaves the room as Jarvis proceeds to modify the leg parts.

Chapter 15: Groudon-rescue team!

Villains Log, Entry Number 21

“In my previous log, I called it right when I stated that this was going to be a Long Halloween. I just wasn’t expecting it to come so soon. The uproar from what happened at PWF Smackfest last night has caused quite a buzz, not as bad as the buzz from when Tron uploaded all of those secret files from the GUAL, but close enough. I don’t know where it’s going to end, but this is something I don’t want to get a part of after what Sora went through in the Cyberworld.”And speaking of that, I think it’s time to see what Halloween has to offer. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time without someone stabbing me in the back, right?”

Hours before Halloween would start was quite hectic in the House of Food. In addition to making lunch for everyone, the gods there had to prepare the Halloween Feast and an enormous amount of sweets for those going out trick-or-treating. Gordon Ramsay was noting that someone was stealing food and sending it to god knows where, but since this was a normal occurrence no one really cared about what was going on. The House of Friendship was decorating itself to be a Halloween carnival, not wanting to make any reminders of what it was months ago.

Sora watches Donald and Goofy perform the Halloween concert in the House of Otherness alongside other deities. Amongst those watching the concert alongside was Mabel Pines, who approached him, fascinated with his Halloween Town Costume.

Mabel: Oh my gosh! That vampire costume is soooo cool!

Surprised, the brunette gave out a slight chuckle.

Sora: Uh, thanks.
Mabel: I wanna wear something like that someday! Oh! I gotta get going, Dipper and the others need me!

Mabel leaves while he gives out a small chuckle as the concert continued.

Twenty-Six minutes later

The concert was over. All of the deities who watched and participated in the concert went back to their temples. Donald and Goofy were back with Sora again.

Sora: You two did good.
Donald: Pulling off the mummy stunt was trickier than I thought.
Goofy: Gee, I almost messed up the whole Frankenstein play.
Donald: And Olaf would had to get you better.
Goofy: Hey!
Sora: What do you guys want to do next?
Goofy: Hey, let’s go to the House of Weapons.
Donald: What do they have there?
Goofy: They have effingies of Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

Upon hearing of this, Sora let out a smirk.

Sora: (smirks) I think you’ve found us a way to kill time. Let’s go there.

Their decision decided, Team SDG decided to go the House of Weapons to

Within the halls of Purgatorio, Metatron and the Archangels Uriel, Raphael, and Michael have Groudon sealed inside a cage in tow, ready to unleash the Continent Pokemon into the pantheon. The archangel Gabriel, who was deeply depressed to learn that her lord had stooped so low as to threaten the freedom of others.

Gabriel: This isn’t right! Stop this!
Metatron: The forces of Chaos are a tenacious lot, Gabriel. Would you rather see our forces succumb to their filth?
Gabriel: There has to be some other way to defeat the Forces of Chaos!
Michael: We’re sorry… But the pantheon has aligned themselves with too many demons. They’re beyond the point of repenting for their atrocities!

Gabriel restrained herself. Micheal did have a point. Many deities did form relationships with several of their potential enemies. The female arch-angel was unable to rebuke her brother’s argument, plagued by guilt over the deeds their lord has demanded them. Metatron and the other three archangels, alongside many other angels, have carried the cage to the pantheon. Unbeknownst to them, Ozymandias and Doctor Doom were watching the angels send Groudon into the pantheon from the corner of a building; The former was stricken with guilt, as it reminded him of his morally questionable decision to sacrifice millions in his home world.

Ozymandias: (sad) Poor woman… I wish I could tell her how much I feel her plight.
Doctor Doom: That, you’ll do for later. Come, for we must return the Red Orb to that creature’s temple.
Ozymandia: Indeed… It’s a shame that it has to come to this.

The two GUAL members make their next move by going into the ministry room.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and many other deities, both heroic and villainous, were throwing matches at the garbage filled with statues of Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black for a couple of minutes. As the statues of Edward, Bella, and Jacob were being burnt, Tristana, the yordle gunner, stepped in and fired a rocket at the statues. With the three statues blown to pieces, all the deities were satisfied.

Rick Grimes: At least that takes care of some stress.
Brief: That was fun. Time to go home.
Ryusei Date: I should go on a joy ride with my robot..
Nathan Drake: Serves those assholes right!
Rincewind: That was a nice spectacle.
Hikage: That’s it? Oh well…

All of the deities except Team SDG go back to their temples.

Sora: That was fun.
Goofy: The yordle girl went a little overkill with that rocket.
Donald: I enjoyed it.
???: Oh man. What a wreck you guys have done!

The trio stopped their enjoyment and turned to see a small robot approaching them.

Goofy: Oh, hiya. Clank! Um… Where’s Ratchet? Shouldn’t you be with him?
Clank: He’s inside Tony Stark’s temple.
Sora: What’s he doing over there? Checking out some of his weapons?
Clank: Well, no. Mr. Stark’s building foot jets for him to prepare for Groudon.
Sora: Groudon? Doggone it…
Donald: Oh, that’s right! Good thing my surprise is kept secret!
Goofy: And good thing I got my peanuts with me!
???: Donald! Goofy!

Everyone stopped and heard Mickey approaching them.

Sora: King Mickey!
Mickey: Oh, Sora. Looks like you’ve had the surgery on your leg done. (to Donald and Goofy) Do you two have everything prepared?
Goofy: Of course!
Donald: All set!
Mickey: Good.

He then turns to Clank, who was with the group without Ratchet.

Mickey: Um, Clank? Why are you here?
Clank: I just want to see the statutes of Edward, Bella, and Jacob get burned down.

Everyone looked at the broken statues of the forbidden trio.

Mickey: My gosh, whoever did this, they’ve made a messy spectacle.

Just as Mickey had said that, the ground suddenly started shaking. Goofy rushed to grab the handles on Sora’s wheelchair.

Donald: That must be Groudon! I’ll find somewhere to change!

Donald carries his suitcase as he leaves the group.

Sora: I can’t just sit here and watch… Many deities are in danger here.
Mickey: You sure it’s a good idea to get off you wheelchair after surgery?
Sora: I’ll be fine…

Sora slowly gets up from his wheelchair, careful not to do anything that would break it. The process was, to his surprise, slightly less painful than he anticipated.

Goofy: You don’t seem to be in pain.
Sora: I’ll be fine. I don’t know how long it’ll hold up.
Clank: The angels are very powerful, you know.
Mickey: Be careful, Sora. If your leg’s broken…
Sora: I know.

Just as they were about to leave for Groudon. two beings approached the group from the sky. One of them stopped and descended to meet them.

???: Mickey, Groudon’s been spotted!
Clank: How are those Leg Jets, Ratchet?
Ratchet: They’re alright. Still getting the hang of it.
Mickey: Good. We’ve got little time.
Ratchet: The other superheroes will be helping us.
Mickey: Good. Everyone! Let’s go!

With that, the group depart the House of Weapons to find Groudon and fend off the angels.

Groudon, The Continent Pokemon… Now in its Primal Form, it was marching its way through the pantheon with every step it took, ready to cause destruction under the instructions of Metatron and the three Arch-angels, who was accompanied him. It used Precipes Blade to level the House of Mentalism. Just as the Continent Pokemon was about to make its next move, it was then attacked by a hammer thrown towards them. The robotic seraph and the three arch-angels turned to discover their attacker, Thor, the God of Thunder. However, he was not alone: aiding him was the Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Iron-man, the latter of whom was in his Thor Buster. They approached the four members of the forces of Law.

Green Lantern: Tell us where the Red Orb is located!
Michael: It’s inside our home domain. We will not allow you to have it!
Uriel: The pantheon must be destroyed for the chosen to rule!

Two other figures joined. One in the form of Paprinik; another in the form of Super Goof. Unknown to many of the pantheon, These two Super-heroes were just Donald and Goofy. Groudon recovers, letting out a mighty roar.

Metatron: This pantheon isn’t worth salvation. You dare side with the these foul souls, God of Thunder?
Thor: Even if you are a voice of the Lord, Your deeds are dishonorable.
Metatron: I see… So even you oppose us as well… It’s a shame… We thought you’d be a great assest to us, but it seems we are mistaken… You leave us no choice.

As the banter continues, Sora and Mickey arrive. The voice of God and the arch-angels had recognized the brunette as the one who taken down Valentine and Pucci.

Sora: Those are the archangels!
Mickey: And there’s Metatron as well!
Raphael: Sire, it’s the “Rebellious Sacrifice of Valentine.”

The seraph’s fierce glare had met the Keyblade Wielder of Light’s eyes.

Sora: You’re Metatron?! You’re huge…!
Metatron: You dare to oppose us as well, “Rebellious Sacrifice?”
Sora: Of course. I don’t care if you’re angels, I can’t let you destroy the pantheon!
Mickey: You’ve wasted your credibility as angels! How can we ever regain your trust!?
Metatron: So you too oppose us…

The seraph’s face had darkened as he turned to the arch-angels.

Metatron: (To the arch-angels) Kill them!

Michael, Raphael, and Uriel, charged at the airborne group, while Sora and Mickey battled Groudon. Uriel tightens the hold on his sword and attacks the Martian Manhunter, only to go right through him. Taking this opportunity, Iron-Man fires a beam and laser from the chest of his armor, knocking the arch-angel away and sets his sights on Raphael, who is occupied by Donald and Goofy. The Super powered toon duck punches the arch-angel with his Extransformer Shield, an attack his enemy blocked. Goofy follows up with a flurry of punches as they are blocked, finishing it with a shield bash.

Iron-Man: (thinking) Better not Super-goof this up, you two.

He resumes his fight with Uriel as Mickey and Sora fight Groudon; The Continent Pokemon used a Fire Punch, to which Sora and Mickey evaded.

Sora: Wind!
Mickey: Quake!

Sora casts a wind spell while Mickey slams his Keyblade into the ground. While the former didn’t do much damage to him, the latter, did was more successful, slightly knocking it away.

Metatron: Repent!

Seeing this, Metatron fires a Megidolaon at the heroes, allowing the Archangels to get an edge. Afterwards, he casted the Fire of Sinai at the two of them, before it could hit them, Green Lantern, who was fighting Archangel Michael alongside Thor, saw the attack coming.

Green Lantern: Shit!

Breaking away from his fight with Michael, The Green Lantern extends his arm to generate an energy wall to protect Sora and Mickey from Metatron’s eye-beam, but considering the speed and force of the Seraph’s eye-beams, he couldn’t hold it any longer.

Green Lantern: You two! Get out of there!
Sora: What is… (turns around) Whoa!
Mickey: We’d best get out of the way!

Michael, who broke away from Thor, casts a fire spell at the Lantern, causing him to remove the energy wall to protect Sora and Mickey causing the beam to hit the ground to cause big explosion, engulfing the area with dust. The heroes witnessed the blast in range,

Goofy: Sora!
Donald: Mickey!

Green Lantern recovers to see the blast hit Sora and Mickey.

Green Lantern: No… Not even Superman could endure that…!

Raphael uses this as an opportunity to attack Goofy with a heavy blow. As he was worried about his friends, it hits Goofy with heavy damage.

Goofy is knocked down, Donald rushes to save his friend with Raphael chasing him. Seeing this, Martian Manhunter stops attacking Uriel and rushes to stop Raphael. However, Michael, seeing this as a good chance, casts his fire spell at the green superhero. Thor, seeing this as a weakness, rushed to take the attack, moderately damaging the God of Thunder,.

Thor: Gaaaggh!!

As he recovers from the fire attack, Metatron follows up with a flick of his wrist, but Green Lantern generates a hammer from his Green Lantern ring to knock the Seraph away. The green-clad superhero then proceeds to beat up Michael.

Green Lantern: Stave them off as best as you can!
Jarvis: I sense a powerful heat signal coming this way.
Iron-Man: Where?
Jarvis: North-west.

Suddenly, a powerful fire projectile, made in the form of a bird, attacks the mechanical looking Seraph, striking him off guard.

Metatron: Nngh!

The moment was followed by a chain that tied up Arch-angel Uriel and forced him down to the ground,

Uriel: I… Can’t… Move…!

Where did the chain come from? They had no time to question it. Suddenly, another blast of energy was hit the Seraph, this time, from the area he blasted Mickey, Sora, and Groudon with the Fire of Sinai.

Metatron: Gruh!
Iron-Man: What the?
Martian Man-hunter: I could use some assistance here!

Using this as an opportunity, Thor throws Miljnor at Arch-angel Raphael, who gets knocked down, allowing Donald to rescue Goofy and Martian Manhunter to attack him. The smoke subsides. Everyone turned to see revealing Mickey, and Sora, slightly injured and alive fighting Groudon, who was splits the ground with another Precipes Blade alongside a certain familiar young woman in a black dress, the latter of which everyone was surprised by.

Iron-Man: (surprised) It’s that girl again…!

The face of the Voice of God was changed to an utterly enraged face upon seeing the girl and the mention of the girl’s name.

Metatron: (angry) You…!
???: Are you pleased to see me, seraph?
Metatron: (angry) Homura Akemi… Certainly, you’ve been attacking on the orders of that accursed demon lord!

The rogue Puella said nothing.

Meanwhile, Donald tends to Goofy, feeding him peanut. Seconds later, the latter was rejuvenated, albeit exhausted, and looked at his friend, who helps him up.

Goofy: Thanks, Donald!
Donald: No problem! That’s what friends are for!
Goofy: I’ll fight off the arch-angels! You check on Mickey and Sora!
Donald: Alright, Gotcha! Let’s— (surprised) What’s going on over there…!?
Goofy: What is it, Donald?
Donald: Over there!

Donald points at the Location for Goofy to see: Not only were Sora and Mickey alright, but there was also Homura facing Metatron.

Goofy: Homura!?
Donald: Why did she save them?
Goofy: Don’t know… (looks at the battlefield.) Look!

Goofy points at the battlefield, where a green-haired deity was tying up Archangel Uriel with his chains. Accompanying him was another deity with dark blue hair.

Donald: Who are those two people?
Goofy: They seem like celestial folks on our side. I’ll help the Martian Man-hunter against Raphael!
Donald: I’ll help Mickey and Sora fend off Groudon!

As the two split up, Mickey and Sora continue to fight Groudon, who used Stone Edge, attempting to shower them with rocks. The two defended themselves against the rocks.

Sora: I have had enough of this! Bind!

Irritated about Groudon’s resilience, the brunette had cast Bind, which puts the Continent Pokemon in place.

Mickey: Let’s get some distance!

The two keyblade wielders stepped away from Groudon, at which time Donald arrives to help them, all the while Homura was battling against Metatron.

Donald: Sora! Mickey!
Sora: Donald!
Mickey: Good thing you made it in time, buddy! Help us keep him in place!
Donald: Sorry, guys. But the Bradionic Paralyzer doesn’t work on folks like Groudon.
Sora: What…?
Donald: It’s not supposed to work on giants.
Mickey: Doggone it! How are we supposed to budge this giant?

The spell was short-lived, as Groudon begins to move again, causing Mickey to use another bind spell to keep it in place.

Homura and Metatron continued their battle, with the former holding the latter in place.

Homura: For the Highest seraph of the Lord, you sure are a weakling.
Metatron: Do not mock me, abhorrent one! I will see to it that your leader will be wiped from existence!
Homura: That won’t be happening.
Metatron: You and your force will not reign victorious over us!
???: Hnng… Hyah!

All of a sudden, a beam of energy hits Metatron from behind.

Metatron: Gragh…!

This surprised everyone, who stopped fighting and turned around to see a shirtless young man with green markings on his body. The archangels looked on in fear of who they saw.

Michael: You…! You too must be here on Lucifer’s behalf!
???: I just really hate how you angels keep waging your stupid war!

This new deity looked around. The first thing he did was stare at Homura, then stared at the other Archangels.

Homura: How nice of you to join us… Naoki Kashima.

Naoki Kashima, the Demi-fiend, coldly ignored the dark Puella Magi’s greetings and fires a Magma Axis at Archangel Michael. Goofy and Martian Man-hunter get out of the way to ensure hit. As Sora, Mickey, and Donald were too awestruck to see the Demifiend in action, Groudon, breaks free, but makes a surprising move: Instead of attacking the trio, it used Stone Edge on Archangel Michael. The strongest of the four archangels turned to Groudon, who lets out a feroucious roar.

Iron Man: What in outer space is happening here?
Michael: What is this blasphemy? Your enemies are them, not us!

Martian Man-hunter reads into Groudon’s mind, and realized something as it sets its sights on Metatron. All of the heroes regroup, witnessing what’s about to happen next.

Martian Man-hunter: It’s turning against them!
Green Lantern: Give it up, angels! Groudon’s on our side now!
Sora: Wait!

Sora casts another Bind to hold the Continent Pokemon in place. Knowing what the keybearer is doing, Homura frees Metatron, who slowly backs away from the group, realizing that he and the archangels are facing is not one, but two of Lucifer’s Lords of Chaos assisting the heroes. This sudden fact has caused the seraph to do one thing.

Metatron: …Archangels, we shall withdraw…! Savor your victory.

The chains holding Uriel disappear as the four of them return back to Purgatorio without Groudon. Seconds after the angels were gone, Ratchet, who was watching the battle from afar with his binoculars, comes out, flying in jets boots, with the Warp gun armed in hand, with Clank in his backpack.

Ratchet: Groudoooon!

The Continent Pokemon turns around as Ratchet gets closer. The Lombax aimed the Warp Gun for a few seconds before firing it send Groudon back to its temple in the House of Nature. The deities that attacked Metatron and Uriel approached the heroes in their victory. Thor, having turned around, knew who the two deities were.

Martian Man-hunter: It’s a relief I wasn’t struck by fire.
???1: You’ve all done well. It’s a relief we came on time.
Thor: (Smiles) As did you, Phoenix Ikki! It you hadn’t distracted the seraph, the toon mouse and the keyboy would’ve been doomed. Tis an honor to see a God saint aid us!
Green Lantern: (smiles) And this young man here was a real help tying up one of the archangels.
???2: Thank you!

The two Saints, Phoenix Ikki, and his younger brother, Andromeda Shun, smiled as they celebrate while Martian Man-hunter leaves quietly. Meanwhile, Naoki approaches Homura, curious as to why the Rogue Puella Magi came without any demons with her.

Naoki: Why are you here alone? Lucifer gave you some challenge to fight Metatron and the archangels without help?
Homura: No. That would be stupid.
Naoki: Then what are you planning here?
Homura: I’m here on my own volition.

The Demifiend’s eyes widened in surprise to hear Homura’s answer. While he wasn’t expecting her to come here on her own terms, his eyes narrowed as he took her words with a grain of salt.

Naoki: I don’t believe you. You wouldn’t do something like this without a reason.
Homura: I’ll admit, even I would have a more difficult time fighting them all at once. Let’s just say this is a PR campaign… Now that we’re here, this is the first time we’ve fought as allies.
Naoki: (snorts) Whatever. I don’t care about you.

Their conversation was cut short when the heroes approached her, also curious about her motives.

Phoenix Ikki: You…! Why did you help us!?
Homura: I’m helping the Magistrate Judges fend off the angels. I will not help them on their attempt in reforming the GUAL.
Iron-Man: Really? That’s a relief. Less trouble to deal with.
Mickey: What will you do now?
Homura: I will gather as many Chaos Brigade members as I can to oppose Xenagos.

Naoki was puzzled to hear his cohort opposing her… no, their own faction.

Naoki: Xenagos…? Who is that? Some new recruit Lucifer picked into his army?
Homura: Yes. You can say he’s Lucifer’s top secretary.
Naoki: Secretary? I thought that was Beelzebub’s job.
Homura: Then “Left-Hand Satyr” should be more accurate.
Naoki: Just what is Lucifer planning this time, since that data was-
Sora: Hey, Demifiend!

Their conversation was soon interrupted by Sora, who is star-strucked upon seeing the Demi-fiend in person.

Sora: Oh gosh, It really is you! I can’t believe I’m seeing the Demifiend in person! This is so cool!
Naoki: (To Homura, about Sora) …And this person is…?
Homura: One of Cosmo’s greatest cheerleaders.
Sora, Mickey, Donald and Goofy: (offended) Hey!

Thor quietly held in the laughter in the background. 

Naoki: (To Sora) What do you want? If you’re going to bug me for an autograph, forget it. I do those.
Sora: (calms down) Right. Have no intentions on doing that. I have a request. Can you transport my friend to the Labyrinth of Amala? He was captured by this Xenagos and he wants to spy on Lucifer!
Naoki: Sorry, I won’t do it. With the Great Will preparing another attack against the pantheon, I can’t rest and let him have an edge over Lucifer. Even if your friend is going to spying him, Lucifer will kick him out of the Labyrinth almost immediately.

The Demifiend turns away and leaves southeast of the area.. Green Lantern walks up to Sora and comforts him.

Green Lantern: Forget it, kid. He’s a lone wolf. Right now, you should get some rest.
Sora: (takes a deep breath) You’re right. Donald, Goofy… Take me back to Kairi…

Everyone else parted ways. Some have to gone to their temples to rest, Others went to help clean up the damage done to the House of Mentalism. Before she could go back to her temple, Homura flew to the Demifiend’s location, having tracked him down before he leave

Naoki: What do you want?
Homura: A little chat with you.

Curious in regards to her seeking out, he decides to listen.

Naoki: Alright, spill it.
Homura: Before that brunette asked you to open a portal to the Labyrinth of Amala for his friend, I have offered to his friend to open the Labyrinth of Amala for him.

The Demi-fiend was surprised to hear this from one of his associates.

Naoki: You’re turning against Lucifer!?
Homura: No. I’m only doing this to stop Xenagos from dragging my friend into their war.

He stopped for a minute before he spoke again.

Naoki: Madoka, was it? I don’t know her, nor am I interested at the moment, but I appreciate the fact that you have saved me the trouble of doing a request for some kids.
Homura: It’s strange having to talk with you,a creation of Lucifer… Shall we cross paths again someday.

Finished speaking with the Demi-fiend, the Rogue Puella Magi teleports away from the Demi-fiend. As he goes back to his temple, he ponders about a statement made by a certain someone in the past.

Naoki: (thinking) Just what does he mean when he said Homura and I complement each other?

Jack Skellington, The Cooper Gang, Ruby, Jaune, and Nora have gathered together around in an area far from the angels, all geared up, ready to find Neyla, Jaune and Nora’s mind were filled with fury, Nora more so than Jaune.

Nora: (angry) Once we find that girl, we’re gonna smash her to pieces!
Ruby: Easy, Nora…

Jaune somberly stared in over his teammate as Ruby stops her from swinging her hammer around in rage. Grieving over the things happening to her teammates. First Phyrrha, then himself, and now Ren. He understood that his normally energetic teammate was severely stressed out from the events. He then turns to Jack Skellington and the Cooper Gang, who were discussing their plan for the purple tigress.

Jaune: Are we just going to wait for Neyla to strike?
Bentley: Yes, unfortunately. We don’t know where she’ll strike next.
Jack Skellington: Even worse is that Oogie won’t remember the whole thing.
Murray: Let’s be on the lookout. We don’t know where she’ll strike.
Sly: (sighs) I suppose… I just dread that he’ll come back again.

The group to be on the lookout for Neyla’s next move.

Chapter 16: The Return of Clock-la

Mickey, Ratchet, Clank, Iron-Man, and Thor went back to the House of Justice, where Captain America and Eiki Shiki.

Mickey: Cap, We’ve managed to fend off the GUAL.
Captain America: Good. Ozymandias has informed me that he and Doom returned the Red Orb back to Groudon’s temple.
Iron-Man: Looks like Victor was being honest this time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll rest in my temple for now. (To Ratchet) You can return the parts to my temple once you’re done.
Ratchet: Alright, but I don’t think this is over yet.

The armored Avenger flies off to return to his temple.

Eiki Shiki: And what about you, God of Thunder?
Thor: I shall aid you all once I settle matters in Asgard.

Thor flies off to meet up while the discussion continues.

Eiki Shiki: What about you three?
Mickey: We can’t rest yet. Neyla’s still around, doing who knows what with Dr. Finkelstein’s packages.
Captain America: That’s right… Your friend told us to mobilize a police force to get her.
Ratchet: Where is she now?
Mickey: Don’t know.
Eiki Shiki: Who is Neyla?
Captain America: Just some treacherous criminal. Not a big threat to us. Get ready at the court.
Eiki Shiki: Indeed. Komachi should be waiting for me inside the court.

Just as Eiki decides to leave, a broadcast suddenly opens up and reveals a certain. Speak of the devil.

Neyla: Greetings, everyone in the pantheon! I, Neyla, have a nice surprise for Halloween! Thanks to a few helpers, I have managed to completely reassemble Clockwerk along with some improvements! Now… Watch, as I once again merge with him! Ta-ta!

The screen cuts off after the purple tigress finishes her broadcast.

Eiki Shiki: How do deities keep hi-jacking the broadcasts?
Ratchet: (shrugs) I don’t know.
Clank: (angry) Not long after our fight with the angels, she announces her transformation into Clock-la.
Captain America: Better get everyone inside their temples…

The American super soldier and the Judge of the Netherworld leave as Mickey, Ratchet, and Clank leave to take on the purple tigress.

Neyla, now known as Clock-La, was exiting out of the House of Theater, more prepared than ever. She fired missiles around the pantheon in a bid to hunt down Sly Cooper and his allies.

Clock-la: I know you’re around here, Cooper! Show yourself! I will make sure you’re not a deity anymore!

She fired more missiles and several lasers around the pantheon to get Sly, his gang, and his allies, out of hiding. Suddenly, multiple rockets were fired at the owl-tigress hybrid, distracting her.

Clock-la: Who dares to attack me!?

She slowly turns as a figure hovering to face her.

???1: Your onslaught ends here, Neyla!
Clock-la: I don’t think so, Lombax!
???2: Firaga!

A ball of fire was launched at the cyborg owl-tigress hybrid, only for it to be ineffective.

Clock-la: Hahahahaha! Your fire is ineffective against me, mouse!

Clock-la fires energy rings at Mickey, Ratchet, and Clank, who dodged out of the way. However, Nora suddenly jumped on the cyberized owl, taking off a small chunk of her robotic parts. She released at electrical rings at the female, stunning her.

Nora: Ngh!
Jaune : Nora!

Jaune jumps up to rescue his teammate as Ruby attacks her with her Crescent Rose (Scythe Mode), only to put a light dent on the cyborg’s body.

Ruby: Gotta try harder.

Slightly clenching her teeth, she tried a few more times, with no avail. She steps back and regroup with the others as the Cooper van arrives, with Sly and Murray getting out of the car. The raccoon thief steps closer to Clock-la!

Sly: Clock-la! Over here!

The robotic owl turned around and faced her arch-enemy.

Clock-la: Sly…!

Enraged to see her arch-enemy’s presence, she fires several missiles and at the raccoon. Donald and Goofy arrive, having sent Sora to the hospital prior to the battle. Goofy steps in front of Sly and blocks missiles, knocking him and Sly away, while Donald casts a Thundaga to destroy the missiles.

Clock-la: You will not triumph this time, Cooper! I’ve been more prepared for this moment for you…!
Sly: With my friends helping me, you won’t succeed!
Clock-la: We’ll see about that once I depower you, you little runt. I won’t let anyone destroy the hate chip!

Clock-la fires lasers at everyone present. Everyone tries to dodge as many as they could. Ratchet switched to his Predator Launcher and fires several missiles at the towering robotic owl, which only did minor damage.

Ratchet: Crud…! That barely put a dent on her!
Clank: Let’s find an opening!

Irritated, Clock-la fired an energy ring at Ratchet, who dodged out of the way. The owl then tries to attack Sly with her talons, only to be distracted by Mickey, who in quick succession, Donald who uses an Aero spell to launch Goofy, who then attacks her with her shield. Clock-la’s armor was tougher than before.

Clock-la: Get out of my way!

She then fired half a dozens energy rings and three missiles at Goofy, who runs away.

Goofy: Gawrsh… Looks like I’ll have to use that again.

As he runs from the weapons, he then takes a peanut out of his pocket and eats it while he blocks it, transforming him into Super Goof again as the shield and energy ring hits him, only to be unscathed. He then punches Clock-la, slightly knocking her away from the rest of the group, who all gathered together for a plan.

Ruby: That robot bird is huge! How do we destroy that thing?
Bentley: Inside Clockwerk is a device known as the Hate Chip.
Nora: So… to destroy this thing, we have to love it?
Sly: No, it’s inside her body! It’s the only thing that keeps Clockwerk alive.
Jaune: So it serves as a heart… A mechanical, malicious one at that.
Ratchet: That’s about right.
Mickey: We’ll need a distraction.
Murray: How do we harm her?
Clank: I have an idea.
Ratchet: What is it?

Everyone huddled in as Clank explains his idea to everyone.

Mickey: I see…
Murray: It’s better than taking her parts off.
Ruby: But how are we going to knock her down?
Donald: I guess I should use my “secret weapon.”

A light bulb forms above Mickey’s head.

Mickey: Donald, that’s it! You do just that. We’ll occupy Clockwerk… Or Clock-La as she’s called.
Donald: Um, alright.
Jaune: How am I going to hold her off? My weapon won’t do much.
Ratchet: Here, take one of my weapons.

Ratchet gives the Predator Hunter to Jaune.

Sly: I’ll need to distract Clock-la. I need you guys to cover me.
Nora: Right. Let’s give that metallic birdbrain the best performance!
Ruby: Uh, right.

Everyone proceed with their plan against Clock-la as Super Goof continues to keep her occupied, while Donald takes out a smoke bomb and throws it into the ground. Just as Goofy was about to land another blow to Clock-la, his superpowers run out, causing him to fall down upon the reversion back to normal, screaming in pain.

Murray: Don’t worry. I got you!

Murray speeds up to jump and catch the toon dog.

Goofy: Thanks.
Murray: No problem.
Clock-la: Hahahahahaha! Too bad that power of yours ran out!
Ruby: Don’t think we’ve given up just yet!
Clock-la: Really? I’ve upgraded my body! Fire all the artillery you can against me, I will still last longer than you all.
Sly: We’ll see about that. We have something that will destroy the Hate Chip again.
Clock-la: I won’t let you destroy it a second time! Not now! Not ever!

In a fit of rage, Clock-la fired two dozen missiles and energy rings at the group, who fired with all the ammo they got. During this time, the smoke subsided as Donald, now as Paperinik, witnesses the explosives crossfire.

Donald: Good. Now’s my chance!

Now transformed, he flies towards Clock-la, who was still occupied firing weapons at the group. Once he closed in on the cyborg avian, he changes the Extransformer shield to a fist and, without warning, uppercuts her up into the sky, causing some of her parts to fall off.

Clock-la: Guuhh!!
Ruby: That’s got to hurt.

Everyone ran out of the way as far as they could. He follows up by flying up to her, and delivers a fierce punch to knock her down at a high speed, causing a few more of her metallic parts to fall off. Seconds later, she crashes into the ground, destroying very small fraction of her parts, exhausted.

Clank: Now’s our chance!
Ratchet: Right!

Ratchet, who was flying with the jet boots given to him by Iron-Man, flew next to the exhausted Clock-la. With the cyborg avian’s mouth open, the Lombax flew closer to her mouth to get Clank inside.

Ratchet: Good luck, buddy…

He then flies down to the group.

Bentley: This is far from over yet.

Everyone held their weapons as Clock-la recovers.

Clock-la: What do did you do to me!?
Mickey: We gave you a “nice present.”
Clock-la: (angry) Don’t toy with me! Die!

Enraged, Clock-la fired more missiles, energy rings, and lasers.

Nora: I’m not taking this anymore!

Nora fires several grenades from Magnhild (Launcher Mode) to destroy several missiles, aided by Jaune who destroyed several more missiles and rings with the Predator Launcher.

Clock-la: That’s it… I’m going grind you all to dust particles!

Clock-la then takes flight and tries to attack the group with her talons.

Ruby: Everyone, get out of the way!
Donald: Step aside!

Donald moved in and delivered another punch which destroyed the talons.

Nora: Good one!

Ratchet follows up, switching to the RYNO and shoots several powerful missiles the robotic avian’s left wing, damaging it.

Ratchet: One down!
Clock-la: You’re all really getting on my nerves!

Clock-la was ready to fire more weapons, but for some reason, it failed.

Clock-la: W…What is happening to me?!
Sly: Looks like that “upgrade present” is working!
Clock-la: What have you done?!

Clock-la’s felt her entire robotic body slowly corrodes. This caused her to realize one thing.

Clock-la: No… B-but how!? I’ve made preparations and improvements to this thanks to several benefactors…! How can the Hate Chip still be destroyed!? Just know this, Sly… I will come back to haunt you, your friends, and your allies… I… Clock-la… Will return and kill you the next… time… we…

Clock-la’s body fully corrodes before she finished her sentence.

Bentley: The hate chip has been destroyed!
Mickey: Good. Now we’ll have to get Clank out of there!
Donald: I’ll do the honors…!

Still as Paprerinik the Duck Avenger, Donald transforms the Extransformer Shield into a giant fist and charges at the now fully corroded Clock-la, destroying her into pieces and freeing Clank. Ratchet rushes in to catch his friend.

Clank: Whew, that was sure a mess inside.
Ratchet: You have no idea what we had to go through.

The group gathered around, celebrating their victory against Clock-la.

Nora: Yes, we did it!
Ruby: High five!
Bentley: That was one heck of a hassle.
Goofy: Destroying her was a pain in the neck.
Sly: She’ll be Neyla again once she resurrects.
Mickey: Yeah… Too bad Dr. Finkelstein’s Halloween Project was hijacked.
Ruby: Alright, everyone! Let’s go home and rest! I’m tired after hearing that woman screaming so much.
Ratchet: Yeah… My ears hurt a little.

The heroes part ways to rest once again. Jaune stands there, deep in thought about what Clock-la said before being killed.

Jaune: (thinking) She mentioned something about benefactors giving her improvements. There’s no way those three henchmen of Oogie had a hand in this.

He leaves to join Ruby and Nora, taking his mind off Clock-la’s words.

15 minutes later

Mickey, Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Jack Skellington arrive at Halloween Town in the House of Otherness, gloomily walking to the entrance of Dr. Finkelstein’s cabin, where the scientist himself was waiting for them, somber that his project was ruined.

Dr. Finkelstein: (sad) Oh, you have all returned…
Mickey: We’re sorry, doc, but we couldn’t salvage the parts for your project.
Dr. Finkelstein: Now what am I going to do? I wanted to demonstrate it to the mayor of Halloween Town.
Ruby: Don’t worry! We’ll do anything to make it up to you!
Nora: Even if Halloween is ruined, we can still celebrate it tomorrow.
Jaune: We still have to check on Ren, Nora.
Nora: Oh… right.

The groups’ words of comfort had made the skeletal scientist slightly smile. Even though Halloween was ruined, he could at least stop worrying about Neyla, even if it’s for short while.

Dr. Finkelstein: No… It’s alright.
Jack Skellington: Don’t worry, Doc. You’ll get to do it next Halloween.

Jack Skellington walked up to Dr. Finkelstein and turned to see the others.

Jack Skellington: Go home, guys. We’ll come up with something for Halloween.
Jaune: Get well, doctor.

The four of them leave the entrance.

Ruby: I’m going to go to my temple and rest. What a long day.
Nora: Me too.
Jaune: I had enough for one day.

The three members of Team RNJR go back to their temples to rest, leaving only Mickey alone to decide his next decision.

Mickey: I’ll better go find two of the Master Builders to clean up the damage done to the House of Mentalism.

Mickey departs to get the Master Builders to fix the damage they did when he fought Clock-la and the GUAL.

Sora and Kairi were inside the House of Love, specifically in the Romance division, having bought food from the shack as they sit on a chair where they watched a big spout, surrounded by three small ones in a fountain. The redheaded Keybearer blushed as she leaned on Sora’s shoulder.

Kairi: (blushing) Isn’t this a nice sight, Sora?
Sora: (smiles) Yeah… This kind of reminds me of the ocean we saw as kids.

Both of them were silent. In a few seconds, fireworks started appearing in the sky, implying that the Panda King is giving everyone one last treat for the night.

Kairi: Sora… Do you think I’m… pretty?
Sora: You’re just fine the way you are…
Kairi: T-thanks.

Both childhood friends smile as they comforted each other as the large spout grew even higher.

Sora: What a beautiful spout…

He eats a rice cake while Kairi drinks a bottle of water as the ceremony continues. Unknown to them was that a cloaked mysterious figure aiming a gun at them from a bush behind them.

???1: (thinking) So the keyboy is here in the House of Love. There’s also the Keygirl… I’ll get to kill two birds with one stone with this one…
???2: Sora! Kairi!

As the mysterious figure keeps his aim as Riku suddenly arrives at the scene, approaching his two friends.

Kairi: Riku!
Sora: Where were you when the GUAL were using Groudon to wreck havoc on the pantheon?
Riku: Let’s just say I had to cover a few loose ends. Sorry.
Sora: He could’ve destroyed your temple! You’re lucky Thor, Iron-Man, Green Lantern, Martian Man-hunter, Homura Akemi, and the Demi-fiend backed us up!
Kairi: Wait, you fought Groudon even after you your leg was redone!?
Sora: Forgive me. I had no other choice. I couldn’t let the arch-angels use Continent Pokémon to cause so much damage.
Riku: There was also Neyla going on a rampage as Clock-la. Did you fight her too?
Sora: No. Donald and Goofy took me here to see Kairi.
Kairi: Were those the only deities that helped you against the archangels?
Sora: There were also these two bronze saints. One of them tied up one of the arch-angels.
Riku: I see… Everything worked out in the end, I guess. Still, I need to meet with Homura so we can go to the Labyrinth.
Kairi: You met Homura Akemi? What did you two talk about?

As Riku explained everything to Kairi, the gunman slowly emerged from the bushes behind them removes her cloak, revealed to be Stocking Anarchy.

Stocking: Begone.

Without warning, she fires a gunshot at Sora and Kairi, intending to eliminate them. Riku, who hears it, uses Flowmotion, turns around and rushes to take the shot to the chest. The Keyblade Master collapses on the ground, injured by the bullet. Sora and Kairi turn around witness the scene. They, along with the deities in the vicinity, were shocked at what they saw. Princess Anna rushed off to inform her sister about the shooting, remembering her bastard ex-fiancée’s treason against the pantheon and assuming he might’ve attacked again. Belle, who was reading a Jules Verne book outside her temple, heard the shot and ran inside to alert Beast.

Kairi: Riku!
Sora: You’re… Stocking Anarchy! …Why..?
Stocking: The GUAC has deemed you three as a threat.
Kairi: A threat? To what!?

Without saying another word, she leaves the scene. The two Keyblade Wielders rushes to their friend’s aid.

Sora: Riku…! Riku! Say something!
Riku: I’m sorry, Sora. Consider this… an apology… for earlier

The white-haired Keyblade Master lies down unconscious in front of his friends. With their friend unconscious and wounded, both Sora and Kairi were in tears, heartbroken that their childhood friend was shot. Donald and Goofy suddenly arrive, seeing what had happened.

Donald: Sora! What happened!?
Sora: Riku has been shot!
Goofy: What!? Who did this!?
Sora: No time for that now. Call for an ambulance now!
Donald: Okay…

Donald and Goofy rushed to tell the guardians to call the ambulance as other deities who’ve witnessed what happened make contact with other deities over what they just saw. Some had already contacted the GUAG Medical Division to send for an ambulance.

Chapter 17: The New Band Of Heroes

The next day, 11:47am

Riku was laying in a hospital bed, recovering from an operation to remove the bullet from his chest. He was in a stable condition, but has yet to awaken from the general anesthetic. Sora, Kairi, Diancie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Ratchet, and Clank were by his side, mourning for his injury, having discussed everything, from Stocking Anarchy being the shooter, to her telling Sora and Kairi that the GUAC deemed the three of them a threat. The TV was one, and the channels were broadcasting the top news at the time—one of them being the chaos from the GUAL trying to clear their names after Tron’s discovery of the files the day before.

As this was going on, Mickey had arrange spoken with the Extraordinary Doctors about descending the three Keyblade wielders to Alola until things cooled down in the Pantheon. Everyone who was transformed into their Halloween Town forms were now back to their regular selves, much to the relief of Sora, who was starting to get sick of wearing an eyepatch for too long.

Sora: If we were more aware of our surroundings, I could’ve acted sooner.
Ratchet: Stocking’s sister will be very unhappy about this.
Kairi: Where is Panty Anarchy now?
Goofy: Who knows?
Kairi: (sad) So, what do we now? Riku will be stuck here for a week…
Mickey: The extraordinary doctors are going to send you three to Alola. I’m sorry, but you three aren’t safe here at this moment.
Sora: I’ll get his Villains Log and write it in his place.

Just as Sora grabs the Villains Log on, a familiar black-clad figure, alongside a certain man in red clothing and armor, enters the room.

Clank: Vader!
Ratchet: You’re here too, Prince Zuko? How are things going along with the Ministry of Atonement?
Zuko: It’s been going well. We’ve gotten a few recruits  I’m sorry for what happened to him. The two of us had a few talks. Uncle even once invited us to a restaurant he liked.
Goofy: Gawrsh, he’s a nice guy.

While Zuko took the compliment from Goofy, Vader, on the other hand, was filled with rage and sorrow over what happened to his acquaintance.

Darth Vader: (angry) I shall rip the neck of the scoundrel who ordered this…
Kairi: That’s a little extreme to say. Please do not Force choke anyone.
Darth Vader: I apologize for my rage, but  even if it means mercy, I will send my entire 501st to deal with Lucifer’s lesser cohorts.
Sora: Are you guys the only ones here?

The former Sith Lord calms downs.

Darth Vader: We are not the only ones here. Sol, Harpuia, Kerrigan, and Killia, have gathered their friends and allies to help us.
Mickey:  I’ll explain everything once he, Sora, and Kairi leave for Alola.
Zuko: Alright. We’ll be waiting outside.

Just as Vader and Zuko leave, Retsu Unohana enters to the room.

Unohana: Good. He’s still in the bed. A medical carrier will be here very shortly. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach will have his men send you there.

Sora and Kairi looked at everyone else before the other staff arrive, depressed about their friend’s injury. The former hands his Mega Bracelet and Riku’s Mega Ring to Mickey.

Clank: Guess you won’t be needing those for the time being.
Sora: Please… Find that Satyr King and vindicate me and Jak of our innocence.
Goofy: Don’t you worry. Riku’s new friends will whack that Satyr King to smithereens!
Donald: And stop those stupid programs and Carbink from harassing people!
Kairi: Thanks, you guys.

Just as the two bid their farewell, several medical staff appear with a medical carrier.

Staff member 1: There he is.
Unohana: (to Sora and Kairi) Are you two ready to go?
Kairi: Yes.
Sora: Good luck, guys. Ratchet, please take good care of Gardevoir and Absol for us. And Diancie… We’ll meet again sometime.

The medical staff proceeded to carry Riku’s unconscious body and place him into the carrier. Once he was on the carrier, they, Sora, Kairi and Unohana leave the room to descend to the Alola region. A tear dropped off Mickey’s eyes.

Mickey: (sad) Ratchet… Take these…

The toon mouse gives the Mega Ring and Bracelet to the Lombax. The latter hands the Bracelet to Clank.

Mickey: I’m going to help the Master Builders repair the damage during our fight with Neyla and the GUAL after I explain the details to the Ministry of Atonement.
Ratchet: Ok…
Diancie: I’m going with you guys!

Diancie’s words surprised everyone in the room. The Mythical Jewel Pokémon’s face was full of determination.

Donald and Goofy: What!?
Ratchet: It’s too dangerous for you, especially when the Carbink are still rioting around the pantheon looking for you!.
Diancie: The reason Sora and that Eco prince are in trouble is because of me… Please, I want to help you guys defeat the GUAC!
Goofy: It’s dangerous for you two and Clank.
Ratchet: (sighs) You got me there.

The rest of the group had thought about her decision for a minute before making their minds.

Mickey: Alright… You can come with us, Diancie, but no abandoning them.
Diancie: Thank you… I won’t do it this time.

The mythical diamond Pokemon took a breath of relief. For her, it was a perfect opportunity to meet Satyr King herself. She followed the rest of the group out of the hospital.

Fourteen minutes later…

Diancie, Ratchet, Clank, and the Disney Toon Trio, alongside Absol (who was very affectionate towards Clank) and Gardevoir, arrived outside the Medical Division, where Sol, Harpuia, Kerrigan, and Killia had gathered their friends and allies. Among them were Mega Man XZero, Axl, Ky KiskeZagara, and Usalia.

Diancie: There’s so many of them…
Ratchet: Wow… Didn’t think Riku’s gun-wound would have this much of an impact.
Goofy: Gawrsh, me neither.

They approached the new group of quasi-allies.

Donald: Where’s Vader?
Zuko: He’s busy giving his army orders. It’s also a pity Aang and the others can’t come with us. Until then, Mickey, explain to us what happened to Riku.
Mickey: Right. This might disturb you guys, so please listen. The deity who shot him was Stocking Anarchy.
Ky: Stocking Anarchy of the House of Shape? Why would she do such a thing?
Donald: According to Stocking, the GUAC deemed Sora, Riku and Kairi as a threat.
Zero: Those three really must have done something to have Lucifer warrant them as a threat.
Kerrigan: Looks like we’ll have to defeat them for answers.
Sol: But we have no way of getting into the Labyrinth of Amala.
Mickey: We do, actually. Homura Akemi’s sending us there.

The group was shocked when it was revealed that a member, let alone an elite member of the GUAC, would help them. They all knew her as the girl who betrayed the Sisterhood and defected to Lucifer’s side.

Zagara: The traitor of the Magical Girls?
Ratchet: …Yes, unfortunately. We had a few run-ins with her. This might sound crazy, but she’s formed an alliance with us.
Usalia: Interesting… It’s unusual to see her joining forces with us despite all the stories I’ve heard about her.
Axl: Did you guys arrange for the meeting place?
Goofy: No. Gawrsh, we forgot to add in the time.
Diancie: But why? Why would you work with a traitor
Mickey: Diancie, you are the reason she wants to work with us.

Everyone looks at Diancie, then resumed back to each other.

Killia: Her? Why?
Harpuia: So even she has a soft spot for Pokemon?
Mickey: Not quite. She only cares about her because she’s Madoka’s Pokemon Partner.
Ky: Well, that isn’t surprising.

Everyone makes another glare at Diancie, who looks at them back. Many deities have noted that she resembled Madoka, with her Mega-evolution looking more like her partner’s goddess form.

X: She does look like that girl in a way.
Sol: Down to the naivete born of optimism.
Goofy: (angry) Hey, that wasn’t nice.
Sol: Just pointing out a flaw she shares.
Ratchet: He’s got us there. Besides, Xenagos also framed Jak for stealing the Heart Diamond.
Kerrigan: The Satyr King… I’ve heard some stories about him, and they’re not pleasant. He’s said to be a hedonist.
Donald: Sora told us that he also infected Diancie with some virus.
X: Virus? Is it one of Sigma’s?
Zuko: It’s unlikely that this Sigma person has anything to do with this. Is it just me or I’m hearing something coming this way?

Raising their guard, everyone looks up to for anyone trying to attack them. Suddenly, a familiar in an armored-suit flies down the group and descends to meet the group.

???: I’ve made reservations with Steve to join you guys.
Zero: (surprised) You! You’re… Tony Stark! We teamed up against some man in glasses and some maverick on some quest to take over our two universes!
Zagara: Have you two meet in the past?
Iron-Man: We have. And Doom’s not a robot. He and Wesker won’t succeed as long as we’re all allied against them. (to Mickey, Donald, and Goofy) I’m sorry about what happened to your friend, you three.
Clank: Gotta say, he’s more useful than Qwark.
Ratchet: (smiles) You got that right, pal.

The two of them high-fived each other.

Jarvis: Sir, there’s a signal coming North-East from here.
Zuko: Have they spotted us that quickly?
Sol: That can’t be the case.

Everyone went into battle stance once more in case someone attacks them. This time, it was a man with brown hair, wearing a white coat, albeit asymmetrical, white pants, with black socks and sandals.

???: Looks like the mouse, duck, and dog are here.
Killia: Who are you?
???: I am Coyote Starrk. I’m not here to cause a ruckus with you people.
Ky: If our database is right, you must be one of those Arrancars that once served under Aizen.
Zagara: And a member of the GUAC. (to Kerrigan) Shall we attack him?
Kerrigan: No, Zagara. He doesn’t seem to be the hostile type.
Coyote Starrk: I’m a member of the Chaos Brigade. I may hold some degree of loyalty to Lucifer, but I’m no sycophant.
Kerrigan: That’s a relief. (to Iron-man, sarcastic) Looks like you’ve got a relative.
Iron-Man: (Sarcastic) His birth certificate says we’re related.
Coyote Starrk: We’re two different races, so there’s no way we’re relatives. There’s something I have to tell you all. Two things, in fact.
Diancie: What is it?
Coyote Starrk: Firstly, Homura Akemi is waiting for you all in the House of Prophecy.
Harpuia: Homura Akemi… It’s been some time since we last met.
Mickey: The House of Prophecy? That’s where Riku resides. Why there?
Coyote Starrk: Don’t know.
Usalia: And your second announcement is…?
Coyote Starrk: A secret. Please keep it from everyone else if you can.

Everyone gathered around the Arrancar as he reveals his secret at a low volume. A minute after he was done, everyone’s faces was filled with shock.

Donald: (surprised) Oh my goodness…!
Coyote Starrk: Lucifer’s humiliation at Lol Ranger’s hands was Rika Furude’s plan.
Iron-Man: (surprised) She’s insane…!
X: (surprised) All for revenge…?
Mickey:  Oh gosh… Bugs told me he and his buddies were planning to humiliate the Demon Lord directly, but to have him, Princess Celestia, The Sonozaki twins, Satako Houjou, and even Deadpool to enter the Labyrinth of Amala? Bugs could’ve just gotten them all out of the Labyrinth, brought Popeye along, and humiliate the Demon Lord and his right-hand fly together. But even then, Bugs isn’t a fighter.
Sol: (angry) Rika Furude… What the hell was that girl thinking?

Sol had expressed shock and anger to this revelation. Rika Furude was a girl he once helped to free one of her friends out of a distant dimension. To think a little girl was the one who planned the humiliation against Lucifer had made everyone really worried.

Coyote Starrk: I ask myself the same question. It’s an impressive if stupid idea, to be frank. Even that blonde friend of her’s joined them.
Ky: I can’t believe a sweet girl like her endangered the welfare of her own friends…
Goofy: (horrified) She’s even in the same house as I am…!
Zuko:  Is that girl out of her mind!? They even brought Satoko with them!?
Axl: Who’s Satako?
Mickey: A little girl Cinderella’s taking care of. Still, I didn’t think that Rika was the one who orchestrated all of this…
Zero: (annoyed) Can we just go already?
Iron-Man: Yeah, Let’s.
Killia: Fine, we’ve wasted too much time already.
Mickey: Good luck, guys. Take care of Gardevoir and Absol, Ratchet!
Ratchet: Alright. We’ll won’t disappoint Sora and Riku!
X: Where are you going, mouse?
Mickey: To help the Master Builders clean up the damage around the pantheon.
Donald: I’m going to keep an eye on the Carbink.
Goofy: Me too.
Zuko: Good luck, you three. We’ll tell Vader everything on the way.

Everyone followed Coyote Starrk to the House of Prophecy while the Disney Toon trio went their separate ways.

Thirteen minutes later…

Everyone arrived at a secluded area in the House of Prophecy, where Homura was waiting for them. The former Puella Magi was surprised to see Mickey, Donald, and Goofy absent. Everyone else prepared into a fighting stance in case Homura tried to attack them.

Coyote Starrk: Here they are, Akemi.
Killia: This is the traitor of the Sisterhood? I’ve heard some stories about her.
Homura: Where are those three toons?
Clank: Mickey is going to help Maxwell and the others repair the damage around the pantheon after their fight with the GUAL.
Homura: And the duck and the dog?
Ratchet: They’re out stopping the Carbink from rioting around the pantheon.
Homura: Hmph, that settles that. So all that remains is you, your robot, and Dian… (looks at Diancie) …cie?

Her eyes met the Mythical Jewel Pokemon’s, causing her to let out a small smile. She walks up to the Pokemon and picked her up with her hands.

Diancie: You’re… Madoka’s former herald.
Homura: (smiles) Finally… We meet at last… You look like her so much… I’m relieved you’re okay.

Everyone looked as the rogue Puella Magi hugs her, very surprised at what’s transpiring, Vader arrives alone, who also witnessed the scene.

Ky: It’s unusual of her to smile so… sweet.
Harpuia: It’s so rare to see her like this…
Darth Vader: (thinking) Even if she’s a force of Chaos, she still has a few soft spots left for others.

Homura stops hugging the Pokemon Partner of her former friend and puts her down on the ground.

Homura: (To everyone else) Why are you all here?
Sol: Filling in for Riku. One of your cohorts in the GUAC shot him.
Coyote Starrk: Stocking Anarchy, we know… That girl’s been acting so mysterious lately.
Zagara: They will suffer under the might of the Zerg Swarm!
Iron-Man: Just don’t infect me with your bugs by accident.
Kerrigan: You don’t have to worry, she will not do it as long as I’m in command.
Homura: Are you all prepared to enter the Labyrinth of Amala?
Diancie: Yeah, we’re ready to kick Xenago’s butt!
X: Let’s end this.
Homura: Very well…

She extends her arm, summoning a dark red portal.

Homura: Here is the Labyrinth of Amala. I will send you to the fourth Kalpa.
Ratchet: Alright, everyone! Let’s find Xenagos!
Homura: Just one warning: If I see any of you attack Lord Lucifer, our alliance is over. Understand? Not even you are safe, Diancie.

Everyone except Ratchet and Clank were nervous about the conditions she set for them. While she did form an alliance with them, it was a clear reminder that she was still loyal to Lucifer. The group looked at each other and debated on their decision before finally making it.

Darth Vader: Very well, Miss Akemi. We will not attack the Demon Lord. We’re outmatched, anyway.
Zuko: I won’t fare well against the demons there. Someone needs to back me up.
Usalia: I will help you.
Zero: (annoyed) I’m just ticked off that we may have to face Vile again.
X: For some reason, he’s not helping Sigma often… Why is this?
Axl: I have no idea what’s going on between them.
Killa: At least this will kill my boredom. You still have your curry packed up, Usalia?
Usalia: Yes, plip
Sol: Before we go, Akemi, I must ask you something. The Arrancar here said that Rika Furude went inside the Labyrinth of Amala. Is this true?
Homura: (remorseful) He is telling the truth… He told me this afterwards… I couldn’t bring myself to hurt that girl, nor Satako… She did it to for what Lord Lucifer forced me to do Madoka. Not after what Zenon did to them.
Killia: Zenon!? Attacking your leader!?

The name Zenon had surprised Killia and, to a lesser extent, Usalia and a majority of the group. Ratchet, Clank, Gardevoir, Absol, X, and Axl were puzzled by the mention of this entity.

Ratchet: Who the heck’s Zenon?
Usalia: One of the most dangerous Overlords of Makai, plip. I’ve heard from an old of mine that she went a rampage.
Homura: She even bit off one of Lord Lucifer’s wings. She even crippled the most powerful demons within the Labyrinth when I left to find the one ordering the assassination attempt.
Kerrigan: And that must’ve given them the opening.
Coyote Starrk: That’s not the only thing she did. Before that, Lord Lucifer and I were ambushed by the vampire Valvatorez. The worst part was that he had his Tyrant powers back.
Ky: Valvatorez!? That same friendly if powerful demon I’ve heard so much about!?

The name Valvatorez had made the longtime members surprised.

Homura: The God-Emperor has also appeared with his troops. They seemed quite different than usual.
Zuko: What!?
Harpuia: …Just what happnened down there, I must fathom..?

Everyone except Ratchet, Clank, Diancie, Absol, and Gardevoir were in utter shock that the God-Emperor of Mankind, one of the highest ranking commanders of the GUAG, had ambushed the demons inside the Labyrinth of Amala. This, however, had made everyone breathe in relief.

Iron-Man: Thank goodness he come to save those kids.
Ratchet: (thinking) It’s like one of those fantasy stories where a powerful demon gets beaten by an ordinary little kid at their own game despite impossible odds, and then their ego gets destroyed like a million little minerals of a mountain…
I am at a loss, Kerrigan.
So am I…
Let’s worry about that later. Let’s get that Satyr King.
Sol: Good. We’re wasting time here. I’m going to have a talk with her after this. For now, (grins) I’m gonna enjoy beating the demons in the Labyrinth.
Darth Vader: The 501st remain in the pantheon and lend aid to Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

Everyone went through the portal to the Labyrinth of Amala.

The group walked entered the Fourth Kalpa of the Labyrinth of Amala, a dark-red place filled with strong demons and various traps designed to catch people off-guard. The Labyrinth also contained dark corridors.

Axl: This place gives me the goosebumps.
Ky: How do we get to the Fifth Kalpa?
Jarvis: Sir, there are three signals heading this way.
Iron-Man: Right off the bat…? (sarcastic) Well, that’s surprising.
Zagara: These demons will be a powerful addition to the Swarm.
Kerrigan: Don’t get carried away, Zagara. We’re just here to defeat the Satyr King.
Sol: We should get ready…

Not long after they enter the Fourth Kalpa of the Labyrinth; One was a Legion, the second a Rangda, and the third of them was a Vetala. Everyone takes out their weapons. X, Zero, Axl attack the Rangda, while Sol, Ky, and Killia went after the Legion. Iron-Man, Kerrigan, and Darth Vader fought the Vetala. After Rangda attacks once, Zero attacks the demon with his Z-Saber, only to find himself getting attacked.

Zero: What? This thing hasn’t attacked me yet, and yet I’m taking damage! X, Axl, Harpuia! Help me out here!

Just as the demon was about to attack Zero, X and Axl follow up with their weapons respectively, moderately damaging it.

Axl: These things are slightly tougher than the Mavericks.
X: If that’s the case…

X changes into a new design, where his upper arms, upper legs, and waist were now purple, and the other parts of his body were now black. He then charges up and shoots out fiery blasts from both of his hands at the demon, heavily damaging it. Not going down without a fight, the Rangda casts a Zandyne at Zero, knocking him away. Harpuia catches him.

Zero: Guh!
Harpuia: Zero! Are you alright?
Zero: I’m fine.
X:Let’s get rid of these demons before they surround us!
Axl: Got it.

The younger Maverick Hunter switches to a different gun and starts firing shots made from ice.

The Legion demon had a slightly hard time fighting against Sol, and Ky, and Killia, who were slightly injured by a few of its spells.

Ky: Strange… This ugly thing doesn’t hold well against my electricity.
Killia: Heh, we got an advantage against this thing.
Sol: Alright, let’s trash this grotesque creature.

The three begin to beat away at the grotesque demon.

Darth Vader uses his Telekinesis to hold the Vetala in place as Iron-Man fires the missiles and laser at the elephant-like Demon.

Darth Vader: I can’t hold this thing for long.
Kerrigan: I’ll deal with this.

She leaps onto the demon and attacks it with her claws and “wings,” only for the Vetal demon to break free of Vader’s Telekinesis and slightly knock the Xel’naga away with a Megido blast, followed by a breath of fog from its mouth.

Darth Vader: I don’t feel anything.
Iron-Man: Neither do I. Let’s finish this.

Iron-man flies into the Vetala and proceeds to finish off the demon with a few punches, but is suddenly joined by Sol, who, after killing the Legion demon, delivers a flaming axe kick at the black elephant-like demon.

Iron-Man: I had that under control!
Sol: You took longer than expected.
Darth Vader: Either way, we thank you for assisting us, Sol.
Sol: Hmph, no problem. Those four robots should be done with the last demon.

Sol breathes lightly as they saw the Four Maverick Hunters join them, having already taken out the Rangda three minutes ago.

X: These demons are going to be more of a challenge than the Mavericks.
Usalia: We need to stick together.
Ratchet: Looks like I’ll have to bring their Pokemon out.

Ratchet takes two Pokeballs out of his pocket and throws them, summoning Absol and Gardevoir.

Zagara: Are those your “pets?”
Ratchet: No. They belong to Sora and Riku.
Zuko: You’re their temporary owners now?
Ratchet: Yeah. That’s kinda it.

While everyone else take a gander around the Labyrinth, Killia walks up to Absol and pets it.

Killia: This one’s not bad. Where do you find one of these?
Ratchet: …In some world with magical creatures. Some boy named Ash Ketchum resides there.

The two Pokémon imminently glare at Ratchet in anger. It is obvious that the two were not from the same world as Ash, given they do not speak their names.

Clank: Absol says that they do not come from the same world. The world where Ash comes from is vastly different, but similar. She says Joshua would know more.
Diancie: I don’t like the fact that he barely remembers me.
Sol: Whoever this “Ash” person is, I’m not concerned about him right now.
Ky: At least those two give out a parting gift before their departure.
Ratchet: Indeed.
Darth Vader: I’m uncertain if they’ll be of an asset to us.
Iron-Man:  I wonder the same thing, Vader. Those creatures look weak and this Labyrinth is dangerous. Who knows what they got set up here?
Harpuia: In any case, we should proceed with caution.

With the three demons defeated, the group proceeds to find a passage to the Fifth Kalpa.

Chapter 18: Ottsel Assassination

The group continue to fight their way around the Fourth Kalpa to get to the Fifth Kalpa. Ratchet, Diancie, Gardevoir, and Zuko, who were behind the majority of the group, but were in front of Kerrigan, Zagara, Iron-Man, Axl, & Usalia, then observes that Absol was close to Clank, who orders to her to look around the Labyrinth.

Zuko: The Disaster Pokemon is rather loyal to that robot than it is to you.
Ratchet: Maybe its due to Clank understanding the Pokemon more than I do.
Diancie: Why is it even called the Disaster Pokemon? It doesn’t seem to cause any major eco-problems around the pantheon.
Ratchet: That’s a classification misnomer. It doesn’t cause disasters. It predicts them.
Zuko: I see… So this Pokemon is mistaken for causing disasters.

Just as the two were discussing about Absol, an explosion was heard in front of them.

Sol: (frustrated) Damn it… Another explosive trap?
Killlia: How many do they have in this place?
Kerrigan: Who knows? This is just the Fourth Kalpa.
Diancie: Is there any way to eliminate them?
Iron-Man: Hmm… As a matter of fact, I do.

Thinking up an idea, the armored Avenger flies in front of the group.

X: What are you planning on doing?
Iron-Man: I’m going to be the main defense against the traps.
Ky: That may a good move, but this place is powered by magic.
Iron-Man: With the Thor Buster, it should resist it to some degree.
Darth Vader: There’s still the possibility that these traps may bypass the armor.
Iron-Man: Rats… You have a point.

Unknown to them, they were being monitored by Xenagos, who was accompanied by Senator Steven Armstrong, Who were watching them from the Fifth Kalpa. The two Lords of Chaos have already assembled a sneak attack.

Senator Armstrong: There’s no way those folks could’ve walked through the first three Kalpa. They won’t get past the Fourth Kalpa. Can’t believe they still managed to defeat that robotic bird or whatever the purple tigress became despite the improvements we gave her.

Looking at the screen, the Satyr King notices Ratchet, Clank, and Diancie among the group. His gaze hardens upon seeing the Mythical Jewel Pokemon, who was accompanied by not only Ratchet, Clank, Absol and Gardevoir, but also thirteen new deities.

Xenagos: Our distraction is gone and Lord Lucifer has not deployed any of the troops against the GUAL. Those insects must’ve gotten access through some other means. That isn’t my only concern, however.
Senator Armstrong: Is there something troubling you, Satyr King? You seemed to be a bit nervous.
Xenagos: The Mythical Jewel Pokemon… Two days ago, me and my satyrs have taken a sacred souvenir of theirs known as the Heart Diamond in a bid to frame those meddling angels that are the GUAL. The Chaos Knight tagged along with me on this.
Senator Armstrong: Did you succeed?
Xenagos: No. Akemi returned the damned thing back to the temple, but it did serve another purpose.

The Senator listened as the Satyr King continues to explain.

Xenagos: Taking that thing also framed that boy with the Eco powers.
Senator Armstrong: What did you do?
Xenagos: I hijacked that duck’s magic when he created one of the boy’s adversaries.
Senator Armstrong: It’s unusual of you to worry about such weaklings, Xenagos. They won’t be a threat to our plans.
Xenagos: That may be true, Senator. The Eco boy may be in a coma right now, but his ottsel friend’s still around and-

He stops for a minute, slightly choking on his words before speaking again.

Xenagos: …I’ll speak with Lord Lucifer on this matter.
Senator Armstrong: Do what you must.

The Satyr king heads for the Lightbringer to convince him to attack Daxter. Armstrong was right. He was indeed nervous. Nervous about the results his actions have caused in the past three days.

Xenagos: (worried; thinking) I think I’ve made a big mistake on all this…

The group still scurried around the Fourth Kalpa, overcoming pitfalls and fight off several demons, but were damaged by a few unexpected traps at every corner. They soon run into a corridor with four doors.

Zagara: It seems we have to discover the right path to proceed through here.
Ratchet: But which one is it?
Darth Vader: If we are to divide, we may cover more ground, but our defenses will weaken.
Ky: What should we do here?
Kerrigan: We should divide into two groups.
Harpuia: Who are going to be Divisions 1 and 2?

Before one of them answered, Absol’s horn started to glow, causing it to scream.

Ky: What is that Pokemon saying this time?
Clank: It’s saying… (shocked) Oh, dear…
Ratchet: What’s Absol saying, Clank?
Clank: She’s saying that the GUAC has considered Daxter as a threat to them!
Kerrigan: …Who is Daxter?
Ratchet: He’s… An ottsel that resides in the House of Narrative.
Zuko: Hm… Riku’s told me a little about him and this “Jak” person.
Iron-Man: Is there a reason they’re targeting some ottsel?
Ratchet: He’s no ordinary ottsel. It’s likely for the same reasons as Sora, Riku, and Kairi.
Darth Vader: I must fathom the reasons behind these assassinations.
Harpuia: Master X, I will call Fefnir and Phantom to rescue this “Daxter” entity.
X: Good idea, Harpuia. In the meantime, we should split up to find the path leading to the Fifth Kalpa.

Harpuia contacts his siblings as he and the others split up to find the entrance of the Fifth Kalpa of the Labyrinth.

Diancie: Once we deal with the Satyr King, he’ll answer for all the actions he’s done.
Ratchet: I agree, Diancie.

3 minutes later…

Daxter was inside his temple, accompanied with Juggle Pup, sporting a bittersweet smile as Jak, who, while asleep inside a crystal, would be awake in two months’ time. The ottsel took a breath and decided his next decision.

Daxter: (to Juggle Pup) We should get more powerful firearms from the House of weapons to protect Jak.

Daxter hops on to the Dream Eater as the two head their way to exit their temple.

Daxter: What? You wanna get something to eat, pal?

The seal-like Dream Eater nods in approval as they proceed to walk out of their temple. Just as they were about to exit their own temple, they suddenly witness their temple being attacked by explosives. Two minutes after the explosion, a figure emerges and approaches the two of them.

Daxter: Whoah…! W-who’s there?
???: So there you are, you little rodent.
Daxter: (shocked) No… I-it can’t be… You’re that bomber I saw from the mountains earlier! Delara!
Deidara: No, it’s Deidara.

The figure, Deidara, has extended his hand to launch his clay bombs at the ottsel and his Dream Eater, who responds with a Balloonaga before jumping out of the way, causing the clay bombs to explode. Juggle Pup, turns around and throws Daxter out of the way as a ball of fire was launched at the seal-like Dream-Eater. As Daxter recovers, he has witnesses Juggle Pup getting attacked by fire.

Daxter: Juggle Pup!

He then turns to a second attacker in the form of a dark-haired girl in a dark dress and striped socks up to the thighs.

Daxter: You… You’re that girl that shot Riku yesterday!
Stocking: I’m under orders from the GUAC to eliminate you.
Daxter: (to Deidara, angry) You bastard…! Your cohorts must have brainwashed her!
Deidara: Don’t look at me. She tagged along on her own terms. Even I don’t know why she joined.
Daxter: What?

Daxter was disheartened upon hearing this revelation. Stocking Anarchy, a female who was on good terms with several deities, including Konaka Konoe, Willy Wonka, and The Kids Next Door, would plan on commit such a deed against an innocent deity like him.

Daxter: Look’s like I have no choice, do I…?

Enraged, the precursor ottsel channels the Dark Eco power into his body. Both Stocking and Deidara witnessed Daxter’s body growing larger and sported a more violet-esque fur instead of the usual orange. He also had claws on his hands.

Deidara: (thinking) That ottsel’s transformation is similar to that prince’s. Gotta be careful.

Now different, Daxter fires a pool of Dark Eco energy at the Akatsuki bomber and the younger Anarchy sister, only for them to dodge it. The former summons a clay bird, jumps on it, and launches more animal clay bombs at Daxter, who shoots it with another blast of Dark Eco energy, with Clay bombs exploding on contact. Stocking closes in on Dark Daxter and attacks him with her katanas, which is parried by his claws.

Daxter: Gotta do better than that, sweeheart!
Deidara: Heh, You asked for it, hnn.

Deidara proceeds to create a large clay dragon, but was interrupted and attacked by a fireball made of Plasma. Stocking was hit from the right side by several shurikens. At this time, Juggle Pup recovers and follows up with a Balloonaga to knock Stocking away. Two people, or rather, two robots, and also Juggle Pup, have suddenly approached Daxter.

???1: Come here and fight like a warrior!
???2: Are you the one known as “Daxter?”
Daxter: I am, yeah, but who are you guys?
???2: I am Phantom. The reploid who shot that deity is Fefnir.
Daxter: Why are you here?
Phantom: We’ll tell you once we drive them off. These folks are human. Be careful not to kill them, Fefnir.
Fefnir: (from afar) Right!

Deidara watches as Fefnir fires more plasmic fireball at him.

Deidara: Somehow, I knew he’d call for backup. I’d better call “him” in.
???3: Daxter!!
Deidara: Great…

Fighting Fefnir occupies both Stocking and Deidara while Daxter, Juggle Pup, and Hidden Phantom looked to see two familiar figures coming to their aid.

Daxter: Donald! Goofy! Are those Carbinks in Diancie’s temple?
Donald: Yeah! Vader’s men have gotten them there!
Goofy: Say, Dax. Did you call for these robots to save you? They seem to look… human.
Daxter: No. I don’t remember calling for any robots to protect me. I don’t even know these two. Stocking Anarchy and that bomber attacked me, and then all of a sudden, this robot and his buddy over there saved me from them.
Donald: Stocking’s here!? Where is she!?
Phantom: Fefnir’s taking care of that human woman. Aid him. Just be careful not to kill her.
Donald: She’s not an ordinary human! She’s…!
Fefnir: I could use some assistance here, Phantom!
Goofy: I’ll help you instead!

Goofy rushes in and joins Fefnir by holding off Stocking Anarchy, saving the reploid the trouble of facing two opponents who rushes at the toon dog and attacks with her katanas, but is blocked with his shield. She then performs a swipe kick to catch Goofy off his feet. Suddenly, a large mecha, piloted by another robot, ambushes Daxter. Donald jumps in front of the large ottsel, pushes him out of the way, and takes the punch from the large mech.

Daxter and Goofy: Donald!
Fefnir: Who is that?

Fefnir breaks away from his fight with Deidara as Juggle Pup fires a Firaga at the mech while Phantom fires several shurikens at it, which slightly slows it down. The pilot briefly jumps out of the cockpit. It’s appearance and design resembled that of Boba Fett, with the only difference being the color.

???: It’s a sour kicker they let me skip out on destroying X just to wipe out some ottsel.
Phantom: You…! Master X has told me about you, Maverick!
???: Who th hell are you? One of his servants? (laughs) If that’s the case, I’ve just got myself another bonus.
Deidara: You’re late… Vile, or whatever your name is?
Vile: Whatever. Just get out of my way.

The pilot, Vile, jumps back into the mechanical armor, known as the Devil Bear ride armor, to rush at Phantom and attacks him, also knocking him away. Fefnir summoned a mortar-like cannon that fires two shots at the Ride armor at an angle. The first shot explodes mid-air, while the second dentonates upon hitting the ground. While Vile evaded both shots, they have managed to level a few temples.

Vile: Nice try. You’ll have to do better than that, pal!
Fefnir: I haven’t shown my full power against you, Maverick!

Stocking breaks away from her fight with Goofy and goes for Fefnir (with the toon dog chasing her), who fired multiple shots at the destructive reploid as Deidara creates the Clay dragon the reploid interrupted him from doing earlier. Daxter intercepts Stocking by spinning around, forming a tornado to catch her off-guard. Several seconds after it was summoned, the clay dragon fired several clay missiles against them. Juggle Pup creates a dice and throws it at one of the missiles, causing the two to explode on contact with each other. Donald recovers and notices the other missiles heading towards Fefnir. He rushes in back of him to save him. As the missiles close in on them, he casts a spell.

Donald: Thundaga!

He defensively casts the lightning spell, and to his surprise, the missiles were instead disabled. Phantom recovers, witnesses Goofy and Daxter fight Stocking, and rendezvous with Donald.

Donald: Huh? Didn’t think that would work.
Deidara: Damn it… I wasn’t expecting this.
Phantom: Seems like we got an advantage here. (To Donald) I’ll help Fefnir fend off that Maverick. You keep that bomber busy.
Donald: What’s a Maverick?

Phantom quickly leaves as Donald, who asked that question, faces off with Deidara, with the reploid joining his brother against Vile.

Vile: X is nothing special! Why do you fools carry out his will like you’re some cheerleaders!?
Phantom: He promotes peace to eliminate Mavericks such as yourself!
Fefnir: We’ll tell Master X how much we’ve wiped the floor with you!
Vile: If that’s how it is, then I’ll just have to destroy you pieces of junk as well!

Vile, in his Ride Armor, proceeds to attack the two members of the Four Guardians. Phantom transforms into a large bat-like mechaniloid while Fefnir jumps up into the sky. He switches to his two weapons Sodom and Gomorrah, and slams them arm-first into the ground, creating pillars of fire that are on the ground, creating pillars of fire that go into an alternating fashion that chased the purple reploid.

Fefnir: Now, Phantom!

While Vile avoided the fire pillars, Phantom, from a distance, shoots out two blades that locked on to the purple maverick, damaging his Devil Bear Ride Armor before his enemy could evade it.

Vile: Impossible…! How could such weaklings like you destroy this Ride Armor…!?

While Vile jumps off the Ride Armor in disbelief, Deidara and Stocking, the latter of whom had already transformed into her angel form two minutes prior, was holding their own against Daxter, Donald, Goofy, and Juggle Pup, with both sides taking injuries. Donald was almost out of mana using Thunder Tracers against the clay bombs the Akatsuki bomber launched.

Deidara: Heh, that magic can’t help you for long, hm.
Donald: Shut up! I’ll disable your bombs again once my magic recharges!
Deidara: You’re grateful I won’t be using my larger bombs.
Daxter: We’ll have you on temple arrest for terrorizing the pantheon!
Deidara: Won’t matter. The Lords of Chaos will take me back to the Labyrinth, and I’ll wreck havoc again.
???: Stocking!

Everyone paused as a female figure in a white dress approaches them, facing Stocking, upset about her actions.

Stocking: P…Panty?
Deidara: (thinking) This is not good.

Worried, Deidara briefly looks at Vile, who was still holding his own against Fefnir and Phantom while doing more damage to the house in the process before looking back to Panty Anarchy, Stocking’s older sister and a fellow cohort of the GUAE, who was in tears over what had happened.

Panty: (sad) How… How could you such a thing…?

Without a word, Stocking leaves the House of Narrative, with tears on her face.

Panty: Stocking, wait!

Panty chases after her sister, leaving Deidara to be on his own.

Deidara: Tch… it’s over for us.

Realizing that he’s going to be swiftly defeated, he flies over to where a moderately damaged Vile was still fighting Fefnir and Phantom, with the former of the Four guardians attacking the Akatsuki bomber, who blocks it with another Clay Bird. He then flies to Vile.

Vile: (to Deidara, angry) Why did you stop me?
Deidara: That girl left us. We’re done here.
Vile: I won’t withdraw… Not after I destroy X’s servants!
Deidara: We’ll be hunted for this. Suit yourself.

He drops Vile and leaves, leaving the purple Maverick alone with his enemies.

Fefnir: You’d Best surrender now!
Vile: Same to you guys. I’m going to have fun tearing you all to pieces!
Daxter: They’re not the only ones you’re fighting, Boba Fett ripoff!
Vile: Doesn’t matter. I’ll try to wipe out all of you, starting with you, rodent!

The purple war machine aimed his shoulder cannon at Daxter and fires a green laser at the dark-colored ottsel. Goofy rushes in to block it with his shield, deflecting it to the left, damaging another temple in the process. As the speed and force of the laser was too strong, he was knocked into Daxter. Fefnir used this as an opportunity to run up to Vile and grab him.

Vile: Let go of me!
Fefnir: No!
Phantom: Hold him, Fefnir!
Donald: Firaga!

As Fefnir struggles hold Vile in place, Donald, Goofy, Daxter, and Juggle Pup occupy Vile as Phantom transforms into a spear-head ascends into the air.

Phantom: Now!
Fefnir: With pleasure.

The hot-headed member of the Four Guardians sent Vile to the sky with a point blank blast from twin arm cannons, allowing Phantom to ram and impale Vile at a very high speed, crashing into a wall at the house. He reverts back to his normal form as Vile falls to the ground, defeated and destroyed.

Vile: (chuckles) Defeated again… I’ll remember this…

As he was impaled, the purple Maverick’s systems shut down. The rest of the group catch up to Phantom.

Fefnir: (smiles) Nice work. Master X will be pleased that we destroyed one of his greatest adversaries! Glad that human left!
Phantom: We didn’t do it alone, Fefnir. I’m relieved we didn’t kill any human, provided they attacked the ottsel first.
Daxter: Same ol’ me… (to Fefnir and Phantom) Alright, who sent you guys to help me?
Phantom: Our brother, Harpuia.
Daxter: Harpiya? Who the heck is that?
Goofy: Isn’t he that green robot who’s helping Ratchet, Vader and the others?
Donald: (realizes) Oh, yeah! That robot! How did he know that Daxter was in danger?
Phantom: According to him, a creature with white fur and a black horn had informed him, Master X, and their allies.
Goofy: White-furred creature…Absol? What did she say?
Phantom: The white-furred creature states that this “Daxter” entity is targeted by the GUAC.
Donald: What!? First Sora, Riku, and Kairi, and now Daxter!?
Daxter: I hope they didn’t kill Jak in his sleep. Come on, Juggle Pup!

Daxter rides onto Juggle Pup and goes for their temple, worried that GUAC may have attacked Jak.

Donald: Come on, Goofy! We better inform the GUAG higher-ups and the 501st about this!
Goofy: I’m with you on this.
Fefnir: Do just that. We’ll inform Master X about it as well.

Donald and Goofy depart the House of Narrative while Fefnir and Phantom contact Harpuia and X.

After some time wandering around, the heroes have managed to find the right door to continue to the end of the Fourth Kalpa while fighting off various demons, overcoming more than a dozen traps, and retrieve useless treasure, taking injuries along the way. Clank was in Alpha mode during this.

Diancie: It’s such a hassle here.
Ratchet: We should have gathered others for help here.
Clank: Mega Absol is a real help.
Ky: Everyone else has their own business to take care of. We can’t just interrupt whatever they’re doing. I hope she’s okay…
Zuko: Indeed. Aang’s got his duties as a guardian. I’m sure he’ll fix whatever damage’s done to the pantheon.
Sol: Whatever’s going on in the pantheon, we better leave it to them. It’ll be a pain if they call me to stop that gear from wrecking havoc.
Clank: I can’t wait to go home after this.

A communication device on Harpuia’s waist suddenly started beeping, causing everyone to pause.

Harpuia: Please excuse me.

He picks up the device and answers through it.

Harpuia: (to the communication device) What is it?
Fefnir: This is Fefnir. That deity is safe! We’ve also managed to destroy one of Master X’s adversaries with the help of three other entities.
Harpuia: Who is the Maverick? Elpizo?
Fefnir: No. It was a purple Maverick with a cannon on his shoulder.
Harpuia: (smiles) Interesting… I’ll report this victory of yours to Master X and Zero.

He puts the device back to his waist after the conversation as he and the others continue to walk.

Kerrigan: What was that all about?
Harpuia: Fefnir and Phantom have succeed in protecting the deity known as Daxter.
Diancie: Alright!
Ratchet: I don’t know how Jak will feel if Daxter died from their attack.
Clank: Absol’s not so useless now, huh?
Ky: I didn’t think such a Pokemon would sense danger to it’s friends.
Harpuia: I also have something fascinating to tell you, Master X. They have destroyed the Maverick known as Vile.
Zero: Good. One less nuisance to take down. Don’t have to deal with his smart mouth for the time being.

Everyone continued their conversation while something catches Diancie’s attention.

Diancie: Everyone, look!

The rest of the group looks at a portal.

Iron-Man: Does this lead us to the Fifth Kalpa?
Zuko: Who knows? It may lead us somewhere else.
Usalia: I’ll go ahead and check, plip!

Everyone stepped aside as Usalia proceeds to go through the portal. Everyone else looked at each other with doubt on their faces

Sol: She went in.
Iron-Man: Now what?
Killia: Usalia, come back!

Everyone waited for two minutes until Usalia returns from the portal unharmed.

Zuko: Does it lead to the Fifth Kalpa?
Usalia: It does.

The group assembled and debate on their next move.

Axl: Well, I guess this is it.
Killia: The Fifth Kalpa… Once we’re done beating this guy, I can finally rest.
Iron-man: I’m going to help Steve fight off the angels after this.

Everyone but Ratchet, Clank, Diancie, Gardevoir, and Absol went through the portal to enter the Fifth Kalpa. The Mythical Pokemon had a determined look on her face.

Ratchet: I guess this is where we’ll force all the answers from the Satyr King, huh?
Diancie: Of course… I’ll defeat him and vindicate Sora and Jak of their innocence!
Clank: I wish I could get some upgrades after this.
Ratchet: Just try to be in one piece when we leave here.
Clank: Got it! Absol and the others were doing a nice job protecting me!

The duo looked Gardevoir and Absol, who were just as determined, ready to deliver retribution for the GUAC’s actions against their trainers Sora and Riku.

Diancie: Alright… Let’s go!

They walked into the portal to enter the Fifth Kalpa, joining their allies to find and defeat Xenagos.

Chapter 19: Lucifer’s Biggest Surprise

The heroes were in the Fifth Kalpa, the darkest area of the Labyrinth, where the Lords of Chaos resided. They were fighting two Mada, with Usalia damaging one of them with a meteor shaped like a Prinny, and Kerrigan firing an energy beam, heavily damaging it. Ratchet fired a shot from the RYNO at the other one, followed by a Diamond Storm from Diancie, a Moonblast from Mega-Gardevoir, and a Night Slash from Absol. The first Mada retaliates with a strong attack at Absol. Knowing that Absol is weaker than him, Sol rushes in to block the hit.

Ky and Harpuia: Sol!

The Gear partially recovers and strikes with his sword. To his surprise, it didn’t do any damage.

Sol: This thing didn’t take any damage… (to X) Hey, blue robot! Shoot this thing down! I didn’t do jackshit on this demon!
X: Got it!
Killia: I’ll help you out on this, Usalia! Macrocosm!!
Ratchet: Get out of the way, everyone!

Ratchet, Clank, Diancie, Gardevoir, Absol, and Sol move out of the way as X fires several buster shots at the second while Killia shoots a powerful, colorful beam at the second one.

Zero: I’ll back you up, X!
Iron-Man: Let’s wipe these demons out quickly.

Iron-Man fires a Unibeam and Repulsor Rays to the second Mada while Zero punches the ground. Several seconds later, Energy beams come down through the ceiling, attacking both Mada demons. The two demons took heavy damage.

Ratchet: Gardevoir! Use Dazzling Gleam!

At Ratchet’s command, Gardevoir uses Dazzling Gleam at both Mada demons, who retaliates by summoning a Pazuzu, who uses a Tentrafoo on Iron-Man, who blocks it.

Diancie: They have more?
Axl: We’ll just need to improve on our firepower!
Iron-Man: You’ll have to do better than that to take me down.
Darth Vader: I shall attempt to kill this creature with the power of the force.

The armored Avenger fires another Unibeam at the bird-like demon, with Axl following up by shooting a grenade at it and Zagara launching a dozen banelings, heavily damaging it. With Pazuzu weakened, Darth Vader approaches it by grabbing the its neck through telekinesis. Just as he lifts it up through the sky, One of the Mada demons who were fighting the other heroes casted an Agidyne at the former Sith Lord, but the the Sith Lord reacted in time to summon a barrier.

Zuko and Ratchet: Vader!
Clank: Absol, use Night Slash!

Infusing his fists with the flames, Zuko runs up to the demon and sends a series of punches, with Absol assisting the firelord by using Night Slash. Both attacks have landed, Darth Vader, unknown to the two of them, have managed to kill the demon by choking it telekinetically. Zuko rushes to his ally, whose clothes from his left was damaged

Zuko: Are you alright!?
Darth Vader: Yes, it’s but a surface wound.
Ratchet: Great! Let’s help the others!

They proceed to check on their allies, with one of the Mada demons destroyed.

Diancie: Just one more left!
Zero: Good. Let’s take this thing down and find that Satyr creep!

Just as everyone ganged up on the remaining Mada demon, two Manticores appear. Before they were caught in the onslaught, one of them casted a Makajam at Usalia. However, with Mega Absol and Mega Diancie’s Magic Bounce ability, the Manticore who casted it and its partner have their magic blocked. Just before the Mada dies, it summons another Pazuzu, who fires a needle at Zagara.

Zagara: Urrggh!

A minute and a half later, the Broodmother had found herself slowly being turned to stone. Kerrigan, to her horror, turns to see her subordinate get petrified.

Kerrigan: Zagara!
Iron-Man: (horrified) What did that thing do to her!?
Diancie: She’s turning to stone! Let’s destroy these things quickly!
Sol: Good idea.

The majority of the heroes rushed to quickly destroy the Pazuzu while Diancie uses Diamond Storm on the Manticores, with X, Harpuia, Ky and Killia aiding her.

Ky: My lightning’s doing nothing to them! I’d best back down here!
Clank: Thanks to these Z-Crystals Mickey have gathered, We can end this.

Absol raises Riku’s Mega Bracelet and places a Darkinium-Z into it. Ratchet looks at his robot friend.

Ratchet: (thinking) Might as well do the same.

Ratchet inserts the Psychium-Z into Sora’s Mega ring, causing both Pokemon to glow.

Ratchet: Gardevoir! Use Shattered Psyche!
Clank: Absol! Use Black Hole Eclipse!

At their temporary trainer’s command, Gardevoir, with her Z power, carries one Manticores telekinetically and hurls it to the wall with full force, while Absol gathers dark energy to suck the other into it. Both of the Manticores were dead.

Usalia: Impressive work, plip.
Harpuia: Not bad for a group of magical creatures.
Sol: If I hadn’t jumped in, that white-furred beast would’ve been dead.
Darth Vader: I must wonder why the inhabitants of these creatures’ native universe have yet to create armors for them.
Ky: That’s a very good question. Why haven’t they done so?
Ratchet: Well, there’s this one Pokemon who had armor, but got it rid of that.
X: Is that so?
Diancie: Armor is very rare for Pokemon, so you won’t see it very often.

While the others talked about the Pokemon, Zuko, Iron-Man, Zero, and Axl tended to Kerrigan, who tended to the petrified Zagara.

Iron-Man: You two seemed like you were good friends.
Kerrigan: (sad) I created her. She was a loyal Broodmother. She fought with all her strength. That’s all that counts.
Zuko: Let’s not put her loss in vain.
Kerrigan: (bittersweet smile) Of course, Zuko.
Axl: We should be going to find that Satyr King before more demons show up here.
???: I don’t think that would be necessary!

Everyone stopped as a creature with green skin, red hair, four horns, and wielding a staff, appeared before the heroes, greeting them with a wide smile.

???: You folks have some nerve entering this far in the Fifth Kalpa!
Killia: You must be the Satyr King, Xenagos!
Xenagos: Indeed, it is I! You “Gods” have meddled with the realms of mortals for too long!

The Satyr King’s name had made Diancie realize that this was the deity would manipulated her and had thus caused the strife between Sora and Jak.

Diancie: (angry) You… You were the one who framed Sora and Jak for their troubles!

The mythical Jewel Pokemon’s voice had caused the Satyr King to tilt his eyes towards her, recognizing her as Madoka’s Partner Pokemon.

Xenagos: Ah yes… You. You’re that girl’s partner. We meet at last. It’s a shame that such a weak-minded leader like her has you for a partner.
Diancie: (Angry) Madoka’s no weakling… You implanted a virus onto me… Explain right now!
Xenagos: It was because I love to see you “Gods” suffer.
Iron-Man: You bastard…
Zuko: So the same must be said for the attempted assassination on Riku and his friends.
Xenagos: Firelord, you are mistaken.
Zuko: What?
Darth Vader: For what purpose-
Xenagos: If you want me to spill right away, former Sith Lord, it’s because of that Pokemon and that meddlesome brown-haired Keyboy. We almost lost one of our generals.

He then looks at Diancie, his face changed to a fierce, dark glare as he begin to realize everything.

Xenagos: You… No wonder Akemi has opposed my plans so recently.
Ratchet: Why did you attack Sora?
Xenagos: That boy has a history of bringing the best traits onto people.
Sol: That has nothing to do with that Black Ops assassination attempt you did on Riku.
X: What does this have to do with you and your group?
Xenagos: If he was still around, Akemi… She could’ve turned on us.
Iron-Man: We do have several other deities similar to him to capitalize on that.

Xenagos gives out a mocking laughter.

Xenagos: Hahahahahaha! Good luck finding them! We Lords of Chaos will make sure they won’t do the same as he did!

The Satyr King had summoned his minions to attack the group. This had angered Diancie.

Ky: This is going to be troublesome with all these demons in the Labyrinth.
Kerrigan: Then let’s end this quickly.

Harpuia fired several homing missiles at several Satyrs, Ratchet fires two missiles from his RYNO, Zuko shoots several blasts of fire from his fingers, Gardevoir fires several Moon Blasts, two of which made them weaker, and Usalia fires two Prinny Meteorites, with X, Iron-Man, & Axl fired their weapons. Absol, Zero, Killia, Vader, Sol, and Ky were about to take on the rest of the Satyrs, but a puff of smoke appeared in between them.

???: Enough!

Both parties stepped back as a certain creature revealed himself to everyone, surprising even Xenagos.

Xenagos: (Surprised) Lord Lucifer…!
Sol: About damn time the big demon decided to show himself.
Lucifer: I have no intention on fighting you all, who are the Keyblade Master’s allies.
Ratchet: After everything you and your cohorts have done!? We won’t let you get away with this!

Diancie had stared at the demon lord. Usasgi and Sakura have told her stories about the demon lord. Seeing him in person had her face darken. Absol let out an angry growl while Gardevoir yelled in anger, signfying their hatred for the demon lord for having his group attack Sora and Riku.

Diancie: (angry) Lucifer… I won’t forgive you for taking Madoka’s powers!

The Leader of the GUAC turns around to have his eyes meet the Mythical Jewel Pokemon.

Lucifer: Ah, yes… The partner of Kaname… You are clueless to the direction she took as the Sisterhood’s Commander.
Diancie: You’re the one who made Homura betray her!

Enraged, The Mythical Jewel Pokemon fires a strong Diamond Storm at the Demon Lord, only for him to use a barrier to block it.

Lucifer: Useless! If Kaname’s hope couldn’t prevent the doom the Sisterhood was in, what chance do you have for your allies here?

He then casts a Sibabu to immobilize her. Ratchet and Zuko rush to her aid.

Diancie: I… I can’t move!
Ratchet and Clank: Diancie!
Lucifer: Naive… Just like her partner. Be thankful I didn’t choose to cripple you. Onto other matters: I concede defeat.
Killia: Wait a minute, what did you just say?
Lucifer: This victory is yours, members of the GUAG. With Akemi and Xenagos at each other’s throats, I shall withdraw my attempts on attacking the GUAL.

He then uses his magic to Diancie and her allies out of the Labyrinth. The Satyr King walked up to his leader, confused.

Xenagos: Why did you stop the fight?
Lucifer: I have several reasons for doing such actions. I can’t have a Lord of Chaos exhausted and severely damaged in our battle against the GUAL. Xenagos… You know you can’t win alone against those GUAG subjects. Furthermore, I can’t have two generals bicker during our war against the angels.
Xenagos: Why didn’t you send Beelzebub to help me destroy them?
Lucifer: I condone freedom, but our, what do the humans call it? Ah yes… Blacks Operations; Black Ops for short… Our little Black Ops mission have alerted the GUAG to us. You must learn to restrain yourself. There’s the possibility that they’ve already planned several ambushes against us.
Xenagos: Heh… You have a point in making me withdraw. Now we have to worry about Akemi turning against us.
Lucifer: She’s still loyal to us. It is the Pokemon’s resemblance to Kaname that sparked her to rebel against your plans. I do, however, admit that the obstructive Keybearer has the potential to make her stray from us… Stray from my cause like Naoki Kashima did… Losing another general would be detrimental to my fight against YHVH.
Xenagos: In that case, we shall pick another time to attack them.
Lucifer: Precisely. We should savor this moment, as YHVH’s Magistrates are against him right now.
Xenagos: (remembers) That’s right…! I forgot all about that Judge of the dead and her group. (laughs) Looks like my intervention won’t be necessary. I’ll go to my room and rest.

The king of the Satyrs headed for his room, still regretting the decision he made. He cocked his head to take his mind off the whole ordeal. Lucifer muses about the situation at hand, thinking back at that one time he was humiliated.

Lucifer: That’ll teach that little girl not to mess with a Demon Lord.

The heroes were now back in the House of Prophecy, where they realized that only Starrk was still present.

Coyote Starrk: So… How did it go?
Zuko: Lucifer sent us back here.
Axl: We’ve gotten everything we wanted to hear from that Satyr King.
Ratchet: The Satyr King has stated that Sora had almost made Homura turn against the GUAC.
Coyote Starrk: I doubt that Keybearer would do that. Akemi joined the demon lord on her own will.
Zero: We’re in agreement, but you’re still our enemies since you’re in the GUAC.
Coyote Starrk: I have no intentions on fighting any of you from the start.

The Arrancar departs the House of Prophecy, leaving everyone else to debate on the events happened so far. Diancie, Gardevoir, and Absol were depressed that they failed exact revenge on the GUAC for the events.

Diancie: We couldn’t defeat him.
Killia: It’s alright. We got what we came for.
Kerrigan: I’ll check on Zagara.

Kerrigan leaves the House of Prophecy to check on her subordinate while X, Zero, Axl, Harpuia, and Iron-Man were standing next to each other.

Iron-Man: Your technology is amazing for a group of robots. It’s more complex than I ever imagined. Who built you four?
X: I was built by someone named Light.
Zero: Once I ascended here, I found out my creator was an old man who tried conquer the world.
Harpuia: I was built with the DNA of Master X.
Iron-Man: That’s good. (to Axl) and you?
Axl: I… I don’t know who my creator is…
Iron-Man: He may ascend to this place one day… That aside, you four are massive assets for all of our cyborg allies.
Zero: (smiles) Indeed… I’m going home.

Zero leaves the House of Ambiguity, with Axl following him.

X: I’m going to help the mouse and those Master Builders undo the damage around the pantheon.
Harpuia: Master X, I’m coming with you.
X: No, Harpuia. I have this under control. You should go with your siblings. You’ve earned some rest.
Harpuia: (smiles) If that’s what you insist…

X pats his robotic son as they too depart the House of Prophecy, with Iron-man joining up with the remaining group as Usalia pets Gardevoir before leaving, followed by Killia’s departure.

Zuko: What do we do now?
Diancie: I’m going home to tell the Carbink everything and prove Sora and that Eco Prince innocent.
Iron-Man: I’ll report back to Steve and Eiki, tell them everything we went through in the Labyrinth, and give the green light on their move to reform the GUAL.
Ratchet: I remembered Riku telling us that Xenagos spied on him…  the Arrancar told us explains everything.

Ratchet begins to have a realization.

Ratchet: It all makes sense now. What Homura and that Arrancar said earlier… This Rika girl humiliated Lucifer, drove him insane, and destroyed his ego.
Zuko: If what you’re saying is true, does that mean he wanted revenge?
Clank: Likely. It lead to Riku getting captured by the Satyr King.
Darth Vader: It is jarring that a little girl has made a complete fool out of a demon Lord, only for the consequences to befall the Keyblade Master.
Sol: A little girl who endangered the lives of her three friends, the ruler of a country filled with horse, a weird rabbit that can talk, and some homicidal loon in red and black get-up. I’m going to have a word with her.
Ky: I will go back to my temple and rest. It was exhausting trying to fight those monsters.

Sol and Ky depart the House of Prophecy for their own reasons. Ratchet and Clank look at Gardevoir and Absol, who cuddled up to the two of them.

Clank: We should take them to our temples until we’re called to return them to Sora and Riku.
Iron-Man: Be sure to return my jet boots.
Ratchet: I almost forgot about these Jet Boots. Looks like I won’t be needing them anymore.
Darth Vader: I too will get some rest. 501St, follow me!

With the journey inside the Labyrinth over, the group parted ways.

Captain America and Eiki Shiki, Anderson, and Ozymandias, now joined by Gabranth, Thor, Komachi, Dr. Doom, and the enforcers of the Magistrate Judges, were outside the courtroom.

Gabranth: Do you think the Demon Lord has already sent his troops against the Great Will despite that girl’s words?
Captain America: Definitely. Even if she is a traitor, She’ll join the troops Lucifer sent in anyways.
Eiki Shiki: I doubt that Miss Akemi will keep her word.
Thor: It’s strange she formed an alliance with us. For what reason is she going against the Satyr King?
Captain America: Don’t know. Maybe that Satyr King had did something she found repulsive?
Anderson: I find it very dissonant for a demon to oppose a member of her group consisting of demons.
Gabranth: We should leave it to those involved in this.
Eiki Shiki: Indeed. Mister Stark should well-protected with those people… hmm?
Judge Dredd: It seems you spoke too soon about him, Judge of the dead.

Everyone looked to see Iron-Man descending from the sky to approach them.

Captain America: What’s the result?
Iron-Man: Lucifer’s holding off on his plans against the GUAL.
Anderson: I doubt he’s keeping his word.
Doctor Doom: At least the demon lord is out of the way. We can now act against the creator god and his servants.

The ruler of Latveria moves ahead of the others, who debate on their next move.

Captain America: I’ll go inside the court.

The first Avenger enters the court to give the announcements.

Ozymandias: We will come up with a distraction for Metatron and his angels.
Anderson: We will notify you.

Ozymandias takes out a walkie talkie and tosses it to Thor, who grabs it.

Ozymandias: We shall go back and deceive the angels and the seraph.

The two GUAL members follow Doctor Doom to Purgatorium.

Iron-Man: (to Thor) Let’s get some people to help us. We’re not going to do this by ourselves.
Thor: Indeed.

The two Avengers fly to search for allies against the GUAL.

Eight minutes later…

Diancie, accompanied and escorted by Zuko, was now back at inside her own temple, where the Carbink was waiting. She and Zuko explained everything to the Carbink servants, who calmed down when they realized that both and Sora and Jak were innocent of their actions.

Zuko: You should’ve investigated instead of rioting around the pantheon.
Dace: We’re so sorry for accusing those two for all of our misfortunes.
Merrick: We promise we will not riot around the pantheon again!
Diancie: As long as you guys understand.

The Mythical Jewel Pokemon walked with Zuko.

Diancie: Please forgive them for being so rash.
Zuko: Just don’t let them riot around the pantheon again. Couldn’t you just call in Ash to deal with the mess?
Diancie: I did so. Several months ago, in fact, but the only reply I got was “What’s a Diancie?” It makes me so angry!
Zuko: He’s always on some adventure. Well, we’ll meet again some time.

The firebender turns away and leaves Diancie’s temple.

Fifteen minutes later…

Mickey, after aiding Steve? and Emmet, who were very later accompanied by X, in repairing the damage done to the House of Narrative by Deidara and Vile, has called for all the Disney deities to arrive at his temple for a meeting.

Mickey: Good. You’re all here.
Aurora: Halloween was so fun. Still, I feel bad for what happened to Riku…
Genie: That galactic football game was soooo Phenomenal!! I wanna go there again some time.
Simba: All I did was stay home. Why did you bring us here, Mickey?
Mickey: I have sent you all here to tell you about that there’s a second upheaval coming here. I think Madoka might be in danger again.
Melody: Is someone out to attack her again?
Mickey: I don’t know… The details are vague. We’ll have to be on alert. Protect the Princesses of Heart all cost!
Aladdin: But Mickey, Kairi is gone. We don’t have to worry about Xehanort capturing them at this moment.
Mickey: You’re correct, Aladdin, but we now have Psuedo Princesses of Heart.
Ariel: Pseudo Princesses of Heart?

Everyone was puzzled at the revelation of Pseudo Princesses, skeptical about Mickey explains the concept.

Mickey: Young girls or women that don’t originate in our domain. Three Psuedo-Princesses contains one Heart of pure light. The best thing about this is that Xehanort doesn’t know about their existence.
???: Sorry I’m late, everyone!

The group turned around to see Cinderella approaching the group.

Mickey: You’re late, Cinderella.
Jasmine: What took you so long?
Cinderella: I had a run-in with a man wearing a red head-band.
Mickey: I have an idea who you’re referring to. We’ll get to that personally once I’m done explaining the Pseudo Princesses of Heart.
Cinderella: There are Pseudo Princesses of Heart? Who are they?
Mickey: We have Wendy and Radical Ed of the Hacker Trio. I have yet to find the third one. Three pseudo Princesses equal one Heart of pure light.
Simba: Let’s not worry about it. We’ll end up leading Xehanort to her.
Beast: That isn’t a bad idea.
Belle: It could be anyone.
Mickey: That may be the case, but just as we have more allies here like Captain America and Commander Shepard, Xehanort has more valuable allies with him as well.
Genie: (Chuckles) He’s got you there, Simba.
Mickey: Until we’re notified of the third Psuedo Princess of Heart, I will notify you guys. This meeting is over.

All of the Disney deities excluding Cinderella went back to their temples to rest.

Mickey: Now that’s out of the Cinderella, what did Sol Badguy tell you?
Cinderella: Sol…? Badguy…? Is that the name of that man I encountered several minutes ago?
Mickey: Yes.
Cinderella: I didn’t know. It was about Satoko and her adventures with the Sonozaki sisters, that rabbit, Princess Celestia, and some lunatic wearing red and black.
Mickey: I take it he told you to keep an eye on her?
Cinderella: Yes.
Mickey: You can leave now.

Cinderella departs the House of Otherness. Meanwhile, another figure approaches the Toon Mouse.

Mickey: Who are you?
???: I am Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Heir the throne of Pax Transylvania! I have been sent to give you this.

The heir of Pax Transylvania takes a note out of his pocket and hands it over to Mickey, and leaves. Curious, Mickey opens up the note and reads it.

“How are things going in the pantheon, Mickey? Are Ratchet, Clank, and the others taking care of Gardevoir and Absol? I hope they’re okay. As for me, I’ve obtained a Poppolia. By the way, Riku has been healed. Not only that, but the both us and Kairi are going to the Alaoa League. Once we’re done there, we’ll go back home to prepare our next battle against Xehanort.

I’m sorry, Mickey, but we won’t be returning for a looong time.  I’m glad we have made so many friends and allies there.

From: Sora

To: Mickey

Relieved that Riku has fully healed, Mickey smiles.

Mickey: I should join them once I settle business here.

He then goes inside his temple to rest. As he goes to bed, he then sees another sheet of paper.

“Villains Log 22”
I am absolutely outraged by what has happened. We have four factions; they are the Grand United Alliances of Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos… more like Good, Evil, Evil, and Evil. My friends and I were driven away by one of these three evil factions, and now I have to sit here and write these logs for my friend Riku, who was attacked by a member. He’s alright now, but he and I are very angry. In fact, he’s so angry that I’m writing this report instead of him to avoid getting the three of us in even more trouble.

I just cannot get one thing. People have a right to know what is going on, and to express their feelings through logs. But some villains just cannot accept negative press against them, or slandering, as Riku calls it. They attack critics. They even kill critics. You don’t see filmmakers like Adam Sandler go off and kill critics every time he makes a movie that they hate.

I conclude this log with a warning to readers and any villains out there who don’t want to break the rules like this jerk did. Don’t let criticism lead to absolute hatred. Hate leads to violence, which can even lead to attacking the people who slandered you and their families and friends. That could even lead to serve paranoid, which can result in random people being killed and even trigger a war. I know, I’ve seen what this can lead to. Look outside this log. Every day, hundreds die as a result of someone who just hates being criticized. You might even be at risk of dying.”


Smiling, Mickey closes the book to take a nap.

Ratchet and Clank, along with Gardevoir and Absol, were outside Tony Stark’s temple to return the Jet Boots to the billionaire’s assistant Pepper Potts, who took the parts.

Ratchet: Those Jet Boots were a real help.
Pepper: I’m surprised he let you even use one of the parts of his armor. Normally, he’d keep it a secret.
Clank: Well, we were going up against two threats to the pantheon.
Ratchet: Well, we made a deal that we keep it against Neyla.
Pepper: Neyla? That purple tigress who was once a member of the police force?
Ratchet: Yeah, that’s her. She didn’t want to be normal, so she decided to fuse with an entity known as Clockwerk.
Pepper: It’s insane that she didn’t want to be follow someone’s identity.
Clank: She even crippled one of the deities here.
Pepper: I feel sorry for them… I guess you two should be on your way back to your temples. Don’t want to be late with this.
Ratchet: Right!
???: Miss Potts!

Just as the duo were about to go home, they and Pepper turned around to see a young woman with pink hair.

Ratchet: Oerba von Vanille? Strange to see you here.
Vanille: I’ve ordered some parts here yesterday to make a robotic companion.
Pepper: Of course, It’ll be done in half an hour. Until then, you can wait outside.
Vanille: Alright. With the parts I’ve gotten from the other robotics shops, I can’t wait to build it with Fang!
???: Good for you!

Everyone looked around, wondering where the voice came from. A minute later, a figure, wearing a red and blue costume with a spider emblem embedded on his back, suddenly appeared before the group, who immediately recognized him.

Vanille: Spider-man!? What business do you have here?
Spider-man: I’m just here for Stark’s lady-assistant here. (Looks around before turning to Pepper) Speaking of which, where is Stark?
Pepper: He’s away.
Spider-man: Great… I was going to tell him about something. (looks at Vanille, Ratchet, and Clank) Why are these three here?
Pepper: The Lombax and his robot here are returning some jet boots Tony made and modified for them. Vanille is waiting for some parts to make a robotic companion.
Spider-man: The guy must be selling a stock of his armors tomorrow. I might get one.
Ratchet: That reminds me. I better check up on Quark. He might be doing something stupid again.
Spider-man: Quark? Who’s that? Some frog?

Vanille, Upon hearing the webslinger’s words, suddenly bursts out laughing into the ground in tears, with everyone watching her.

Vanille: Hot sundae on sprinkles! That’s so funny!
Clank: (sighs, thinking) That’s Spider-man for you, Always cracking a joke. Gotta admit, that was a cheap attempt at humor.

Everyone watched as Vanille gets up from the ground as she stops laughing.

Vanille: I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it.
Pepper: Good. I’ll check back on the lab on its progress and wait for the technology you mentioned.
Spider-man: Right. I gotta go now.
Clank: Wait! Spider-man!

Spidey stopped in his tracks and turns back to Clank.

Spider-man: What is it?
Clank: Sorry for taking your time, but I have to something to ask of you. Can you take care of Absol for me?

Absol was disheartened that Clank would let Spider-man, who just as surprised as she was, borrow her. Not wanting to abandon Clank, the Disaster Pokemon walked up the robot and cried in protest. The sensory robot patted her white fur.

Clank: I know… I don’t want to leave you, but I’m a robot. I can’t be with you after I take maintences. You’ll be in safer hands with Spider-man now. Get in the Pokeball now.

Clank takes out a Pokeball, calling Absol into it. He then walks up to Spider-man to give him the Pokeball containing Absol, in addition to Riku’s Mega Ring.

Spider-man: You’re giving me a Pokemon and this weird bracelet. Are these even yours?
Ratchet: No. Gardevoir and the Pokemon Clank’s giving you originally belong to Sora and Riku respectively. We borrowed it from them.
Spider-man: Those two keyblade wielders? Aren’t they here?
Clank: No. They’re away.
Spider-man: …Really? What happened to them?

Ratchet walks up to Spider-man and whispers into his ear, telling him everything that happened to Riku, causing Sora and Kairi to descend from the pantheon.

Spider-man: I see… Alright… I’ll take them. (thinking) Well this is an something out of the ordinary. Better get a second utility belt for this.

The webslinger quietly attaches the Mega Ring into his, take the Pokeball containing Absol and leaves. With Gardevoir remaining, the duo now depart from Stark’s temple, preparing to rest at their own temples.

…And so it ends. The Diamond Princess’ Adventure was a difficult journey. She, who has made new friends and allies, has overcome a variety of obstacles.

Dimond Adventure: The Dark Mystery (END)