Diamond Adventure: Act One

Prelude: Villain Report

“Entry 19 of the Villains Report”

“Just the other day, I’ve reported some strange activity involving Lucifer to Cosmos Herself. I cannot grasp on what’s going on, and neither can Komo. The recordings suggest that Lucifer is planning… something, but all I could see in it was some guys meeting with him. None of us can identify them due to the video’s poor quality.”

“The threats of a villain differs from person to person. None of us like Prince Hans for his recent actions in many worlds, allying himself with some insane loon in June, and what he did to Jak and myself. It is a good thing one of his brothers apologized in his behalf, and has even paid for some of our medical expenses. But so far, he and Courtney Gears are the only ones found guilty of treason. Who knows where that glitch is hiding, but Hans has spent most of his time cleaning up manure.”

“I’ve been informed that the race between Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter, to see who can beat Maleficent has been resumed. I laughed a bit when I learned this. Maleficent has been seen as less of a threat ever since the universe where she’s more heroic was discovered. Even more so when we found out she has a daughter named Mal. I sometimes ask myself if Absol is Mal in a Pokémon form. She certainly hates Maleficent greatly. But nevertheless, I have wondered how the race will end. Ratchet seems to be more likely to win, given his large arsenal of weapons. Jak still has a serious case of amnesia, and while he seems to be improving, he has never been the same since. Worse in that Xehanort appears to be interested in him. Yes, Daxter told Sora and I the whole story.””Well, it will be Halloween in a few days from now. Jack Skellington has promised us a big event this year, but rumor has it that Neyla is trying to sabotage the event. Her motivations are unknown, and she has been attacking those who try to deliver the parts to Dr. Finkelstein for this… project. Even I have no idea what it is. I guess a surprise is a surprise.” — Riku

It was a sunny day outside the GUAG Medical Division CHQ. Riku, who was looking at a window in the hallways, was finished writing a report. Ever since the war against YHVH and Lucifer, he was pondering what secrets the two leaders and their subordinates have entailed. He lets out a sigh to calm himself from thinking about it too much.

Riku: (thinking) That’s done… I guess it’s time to check up on Sora.

Holding the report, The albino Keyblade Master, heads to the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit and opens the door. He enters the room to see a very tired Sora, who was now recovering from the surgery process on his right leg’s knee, sitting on a wheelchair, with Dr. Gregory House aiding him.

House: You’re good to go. It’ll take a while for it function correctly.
Sora: I can at least rest in peace.

Dr. House leaves the brunette Keybearer to resume his normal duties. As he rolled his wheelchair towards the hallway, Sora sees Riku, who walks to him.

Riku: How’s the knee?
Sora: It feels… Tight. I’m going to rest for the next few days.
Riku: I’ll be visiting to check on you and see if you can walk again. Until then, I’m leaving. I’ve got a meeting with Anakin to forming up an atonement group.

Just before Riku could departs, a little girl enters the room and sees the two keybearers.

???: There you are, Sora! I’ve been looking all over for you!
Sora: Huh? Sakura Kinamoto!?
Riku: Lower your voice. Black Jack is doing surgery on patents. Secondly, is there a reason you’re here?

Before she said another word, Sakura checked the hall for anyone else, before grabbing Riku and pulling him back into the PACU with Sora. She closes the door to make sure no one hears them. What she did not see was a green, feminine figurine in a white dress asleep next to the door.

Sakura: During the asylum incident, We sought out Mitsuzane Kureshima of the Toku Base had informed us that Funny Valentine and Enrico Pucci had told you guys about incurring the wrath of a “Great Will” once you guys defeated them.
Sora: Is this relevant to something?
Sakura: Yes, possibly. When we heard that description, we thought it might be connected to Lucifer. After the Sisterhood’s meeting with Kureshima-san, I went to the hacker known as Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, who played a vital role in the destruction to the asylum and told him that we need to go to the cyberworld and the to see if the GUAL might have something that can restore could possibly restore Madoka’s Powers… Keyblade Wielder Sora, I’ve come to give you a new mission. You are to aid the hackers and Tron to cyberworld.
Sora: (frustrated) So soon after I had surgery done on me!? I can’t even fight or walk until Halloween!
Sakura: (Sadly) …I’m so sorry about that. Maybe I was too hasty to say something like that. You still must go, but you can take your companions with you.

Sora was reluctant to go on a mission on his own, but with his Dream Eaters and his Pokémon partner Kirlia, he reluctantly accepted. Outside, the green figurine woke up. It noticed that the door was closed and locked.

Sora: (slightly relieved) Really? Good grief.
Sakura: Since you’re not fully healed, I’ll have Otacon get more people to help you. And Master Riku, What’s that on your hand?
Riku: It’s the nineteenth volume of the Villains Report. You can read it you like. Just give it back once you’re done.
Sakura: I’ll read it after we’re done speaking.
Riku: Alright. In return, I need to know more info Lucifer. All I know is that there were some folks meeting in with him.
Sakura: It seems fishy… If it includes something inside the Labyrinth of Amala, it’ll be difficult.
Sora: The what now?
Sakura: The Labyrith of Amala. We once went inside that place through the help of the Demi-fiend. Unfortunately-
Sora: (interrupts Sakura) Wait a minute, you met that guy!?
Sakura: Yes.
Riku: Um, that wasn’t a good time interrupt someone, Sora.
Sora: Sorry. I was just too excited when she mentioned him.
Sakura: It’s alright. As I was saying, we had the unfortunate luck of being sent back to the pantheon by Lucifer.
Riku: There’s no other way to get inside Amala’s Labyrinth?
Sakura: No.
Riku: We don’t have any legitimate means of entering that place on our own. I don’t want this to be a spying mission.
Sora: Really? Don’t be a hypocrite, Riku. You bought a camera from Millis Steel and had Absol and Komo use it to spy on the GUAE.

Sora’s words had made his friend disinclined to monitor Lucifer’s activities. While it’s true he uses them to monitor the GUAE’s activities, Riku doesn’t know if Lucifer will have the same methodology as Melkor. The albino keyblade master lets out a breath of frustration.

Riku: (sighs) …Fine… I’ll do it.
Sakura: Thanks, you two.

As the three of them were talking, the door was being banged on, as someone outside was screaming. Kairi spotted the figurine and gave it a Poffin to calm it down. She then gave the door the secret knock to allow Sora to know it was her, and was allowed in. She was holding a bottle of water for Sora. The figurine also ran up to him, revealing herself to be Kirlia, who had been waiting all afternoon for Sora to leave.

Sora: Thanks, Kairi.
Kairi: You’re welcome. Riku, I was about to look for you, but you saved me the trouble by coming here. (to Sakura) Aren’t you Sakura Kinomoto of the Magical Girl Sisterhood?
Sakura: (smiles) Yours truly!
Kairi: Uhm, That’s good and all, but is there a reason why you’re here?
Sakura: I’m on the behalf of the Sisterhood to give Sora a mission to go to the hacking group on a mission.
Kairi: So soon after surgery?
Sakura: Unfortunately, yes.
Sora: (annoyed; thinking) Can’t this be someone else? They could’ve gotten The Maverick Hunters to investigate for us and save me the trouble myself. Are they busy fighting Mavericks or something? Tony Stark could deal with this problem by himself. Even Captain Kirk, his group, and his unit of Red Shirts can do this without me. Whatever. Can someone cut me some slack here?

Grabbing his drink, Sora was still irritated that he had to go immediately after his surgery was done. He takes another breath of relief as Kairi grabbed the handles on his wheelchair to guide him out of the facility.

Meanwhile, Jak, Daxter, Beat, and Rhyme were sitting on a sofa while having a conversation in the mountain top and underground House of Prophecy. Daxter was keeping an eye on Jak due to his amnesia. He had spent months, trying everthing he could, to make his best friend overcome amnesia, but the ottsel’s effort had no success.

Rhyme: I never imagined that Kaiba-land would be surprisingly nice.
Beat: The mini-games they had taken me by surprise a little.
Rhyme: He even took measures to keep arms dealers out of the park. I hear he’s a nasty guy, but he seems decent.
Jak: (breathes; smiling) At least everything is back to normal.
Daxter: You still think everything’s normal? We have several numbers from the GUAG deserting us several months ago when the GUAL and GUAC was formed.
Rhyme: Don’t be too frustrated. I’m sure Melkor lost some of his members to those groups as well.
Daxter: There’s also the theft of that girl’s powers by the Demon Lord’s machinations.
Beat: Didn’t “Reptile” or whoever his name was defected to some weird-looking guy named Kotal Kahn?
Jak: Really? Everything will be back to how it was.
Daxter: I sincerely doubt it. She’s still powerless, and one of our friends is still in a wheelchair. And it’s not Bentley we’re talking about.

Daxter was worried that he may never get his friend out of amnesia. Suddenly, the ground had started shaking. It continued to shake for about forty seconds before it stopped, but fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the underground temples in Prophecy. What they didn’t know was that Absol, the white-furred, one-horned Pokémon behind them.

Beat: An earthquake? Are the master builders doing construction work underneath us?
Rhyme: Don’t be ridiculous, Beat. They wouldn’t be too loud about it.
Beat: Or it must be Toph practicing some big skill with her Earth-bending that it reached everything by accident. It must have been something caused by Juggernaut.

As everyone in the vicinity looked around. Beat saw the Disaster Pokémon running outside. Had she predicted a new disaster?

Beat: (yelling) Hey! It’s that Pokémon again! She has to be the cause of that earthquake!
Rhyme: It’s too early to be pointing fingers. Remember what Clank said when we first met her? We’ll have to catch her in the act, first!
Beat: (still yelling) I still believe she’s still responsible!
Rhyme: There you go again, forgetting what robots who speak animal can teach us.

While Beat and Rhyme were arguing about Absol’s potential involvement in the earthquake, Jak gets up from his seat and yawns. Daxter, on the other hand, felt that something horrible is about to transpire.

Daxter: Jak, I think we need to investigate this.
Jak: Nah, it’s alright. It’s probably just Rydia training with her summons or Groudon attacking Team Rocket. I’ll be going to the House of Weapons to practice my gunstaff with Yuna.

Ignoring Daxter’s pleas, Jak proceeds to exit the House of Prophecy. He was stopped, however, by a blue, pink and yellow seal-like creature with a bowtie he had been seeing since the asylum incident running up to him and squeaking. Daxter joins in, surprised to see the creatures’ appearance.

Daxter: Juggle Pup?
Jak: ‘ Oh, it’s you again. What do you want?

The seal-like Dream Eater squeaking, but Jak, Daxter, Beat, nor Rhyme couldn’t understand what he wanted. All of the other visitors around them looked at the three of them.

Archie Andrews: That seal must have been tricked by someone else’s shadow.
Samwise Gamgee: It probably must have seen a ghost.
Billy Kane: (thinking) Weird creature. The boss has caught a small interest in catching one of those things. Dream Eaters, they’re called? I’ve only seen a hand-full of people with them. Should I get Hein, gear up. and kidnap the bright-colored ones with the pink heart insignia on it, or get the dark blue ones with the dark heart insignia on it? I’ll decide once I’m done eating a beef stew.

Everyone had dismissed Juggle Pup’s squeals for some superstition.

Jak: I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. Why not go and ask Riku about this?

Stretching, Jak leaves the House of Prophecy. Daxter and Juggle Pup looked at each other before looking back at Jak.

Daxter: Jak, wait up!

The two caught up with Jak to the House of Weapons to accompany him.

Two hours later, Sora and Kairi have arrived at the Sisterhood HQ. Alongside them were the pantheon’s “unlikely duo” Ratchet and Clank. The Five of them were sitting on a table, waited as Usagi Tsukino, Acting Leader of the Sisterhood, stand before them on stage. Kirlia was leaning on Sora to support him. He then pats her on the head to comfort her.

Sora: (to Kirlia) It’s alright.
Nanoha: (whispering) Where’s Captain Qwark? Wasn’t he invited, too?
Ratchet: He’s has to do something before coming here.
Nanoha: I wonder what it is…
Clank: It’s probably nonsense.
Usagi: I have gathered you all here to announce that we have detected some leads that could possibly help us regain Madoka’s powers.
Kairi: Is that so!?
Usagi: We do. Thanks to the hackers, we have some data that suggest that they’re in the cyberworld. And we have a special guest to aid you, Sora. Come in, Sakura!

Usagi stepped aside to allow Sakura walk in. There was a diamond-like Pokémon with her. Accompanying them were four Pokémon with blue diamonds.

Usagi: Everyone, meet Diancie, the Jewel Pokémon!
Diancie: Hello, Everyone! I look forward to helping you all on our quest! Allow me to explain why I arranged the meeting


Diancie and her Carbink servants were walking their way the Headquarters of the Magical Girl Sisterhood to speak about the matters regarding the asylum.

Dace: Princess Diancie! We shouldn’t be dragging ourselves into this mess!
Diancie: After everything that had happened in the past few months, I want to find a way to return her powers.
Merrick: Are you really willing to leave the Diamond undefended!?!
Diancie: I know I would leave the Heart Diamond, but I know you and the others will do your very best to guard it in my absences. Besides, I won’t stop until we find a way to restore her powers! Ah! There’s one of them!
Dace: Doggone it!

The Jewel Pokémon’s eyes lit up as she spots Sakura Kinomoto, one of the Mother Saints of the Sisterhood. Ignoring the advice of her servants, she hopped her way towards the Card Captor.

Diancie: Miss Kinomoto!
Sakura: Huh?

Sakura stopped as she saw the pink Jewel Pokémon approached her.

Sakura: Who are you?
Diancie: I am Diancie, Jewel Pokémon! The protector of the Heart Diamond and the Pokemon Partner of Madoka Kaname!
Sakura: Diancie? Wait, aren’t you the Pokémon that Madoka met in the rain?
Diancie: Yes, that’s me!
Sakura: What business do you have here?
Diancie: Ever since the incident’s that occurred in the past months, I’ve decided that I wanted to find a way to restore my partner’s powers!

Sakura had given a worried look on her face.

Sakura: Are you sure about this? We don’t want you to risk leaving the Heart Diamond undefended.
Diancie: I’ll do anything it takes, even if it might be dangerous! Please, find anyone involved with the Asylum incident.

The Mother Saint Card Captor didn’t want to let Diancie to abandon her duties to protect the Heart Diamond, but the determination on the Jewel Pokémon’s face had made it clear that she wanted to restore Madoka’s powers.

Sakura: (takes a deep breath) Fine…. we’ll do it. We’ll be back when we find someone to help you.
Diancie: (smiles) Thank you…

Satisfied, Diancie turns back to her Carbink servants.

Diancie: Come on, guys, Let’s go back!
Dace and Merrick: …Whatever you say, Princess.

Tired, they went back to Diancie’s temple in the House of Nature.

End of Flashback

Diancie: And that’s how I got everyone here.
???: ‘Scuse me! Coming through!

Everyone looked through to see a man in a black and green getting by the magical girls to attend the meeting to greet them.

Ratchet: (sighs) Here we go… again.
???: Hello, Young Ladies! I am Captain Qwark! It will be my greatest pleasure to help you all-
Usagi: (interrupts Qwark) Sorry, but we’ve chosen Sora for the job! He’s friends with Tron.
Qwark: What? That key runt in the wheelchair?

This declaration had caused outrage among the Sisterhood’s members.

Fate Testarossa: Why are you sending him out on a mission even though his leg was crushed by a tree?
Nagisa Misumi: You should’ve picked someone else for this mission, not Sora!
Ami Mizuno: Usagi, is it really okay to pick him for this? He’s been through enough!
Sora: (thinking) At least these girls know how stupid this is.
Usagi: Girls, I….
Ratchet: Why does Sora has to be involved in everything? Wielding a Keyblade is no excuse to put him on the front lines!

The complaints had caused Usagi to yell through her odango hair.

At Usagi’s request, everyone was silent. The acting Commander of the Sisterhood resumed to explain their reason for picking Sora.

Usagi: I’m sorry to have you dragged into this, but… I felt that, after everything you went through during the asylum incident, you were just as much as a victim as we were for the forces of Law and Chaos.
Ratchet: I hate to interrupt, but the last thing Madoka needs right now is for someone who really should be in bed to be put into a risky mission. You could’ve just gotten Clank and I to go in Sora’s place. Where is Madoka anyway?
Usagi: She’s on vacation. But you two have never been inside a computer, and Tron is asking someone he can trust to aid. It is either the asylum victim with a broken leg, or the asylum victim with amnesia.
Sora: Or Ruby Rose. She met Tron. Send her in instead of me!

Usagi took a deep breath to calm herself, realizing what the Demi-fiend meant during their first encounter: By taking Homura Akemi away from them, Lucifer had gotten them involved in his war against YHVH.

Usagi: Sora… You can take your… Dream Eaterd and Pokémon companions with you, but we’ll have Otacon get several people to assist you and Diancie to give you some rest.
Sora: Once I’m return from the trip, I can finally rest.
Usagi: Yes. You can finally get the rest you so desired. I wish you good luck. Everyone, this meeting is now over!

With that, the vistitors departed Sisterhood HQ, and Kairi moves Sora through the handles on his wheelchair. The brunette was relieved to have people help him so he can take a few breathers.

Kairi: I hope you come back in one piece, Sora. Don’t break your other real leg.
Sora: Relax, I won’t.

Kairi smiles as they went exit Sisterhood HQ.

Qwark: If these ladies are that thickheaded enough to send that boy on a mission despite his injuries—
Ratchet: Don’t make it worse, Qwark. You know what we must do next. Riku requested it, and I don’t want a longtime rival to end up asleep in a pod to have himself rebooted.
Clank: Shh! Riku has told us not to allow Sora to remember Castle Oblivion.
Ratchet: We’d best keep that under wraps.

Riku was at the entrance of Sol Badguy’s temple in the House of Heroes to form up the meeting to discuss the formation of the new group they discussed after the Morality Civil War, but ended up being slightly early. He was speaking to Darth Vader, who was waiting for the other members to arrive.

Darth Vader: You’re early, Riku. Sol and Prince Zuko are busy waiting for the other members. You’re free to speak with me until the others arrive.
Riku: I’m sorry for what happened with your daughter…
Darth Vader: I had once fallen to the dark side myself. Should he fail to stray from it like I did…
Darth Vader: (softly chuckles) Such a time you bring this up? I’d die of embarrassment.

Their laughter of the idea was short-lived when they saw a insect-like humanoid young woman coming their way, accompanied by two aliens.

???: Are they ready?
Darth Vader: No, Miss Kerrigan. The other members haven’t arrived yet.

The woman, Sarah Kerrigan, another invitee of the group, calmly adjusted herself. The sight of her two alien subordinates had made Riku cringe.

Kerrigan: I’ll just wait till everyone else is here. (sees Riku) I haven’t seen you around here before. What’s your name, young man?
Riku: (disturbed) R…Riku.
Kerrigan: Riku… I see I’m Sarah Kerrigan, former overqueen of the Zerg Swarm. It’ll be a pleasure working with you.
Riku: Right… who are those two with you?
Kerrigan: This broodmother is Zagara, current leader of the Zerg Swarm. And the other one is Abathur.

Kerrigan and her two zerg subordinates went to a bench next to Sol’s temple, with Riku still being freaked out by their appearance. He tried not to puke while he was talking to Vader.

Riku: …That lady and her two monsters gives me the creeps…
Darth Vader: I have seen creepier things. She once fell to the darkness under the influence of an evil Xel’naga named Amon. A torn individual, she was.
Riku: What about those Zerg aliens?
Darth Vader: One of them is a Broodmother, as she said herself. The They assimilate the most advanced species, incorporating their enemie’s technology into theirs.
Riku: That makes them similar to the Borg.
Darth Vader: Precisely. Worry not. She’s on our side, but I’m leery of their tendecies to infest my forces.
???: Am I late to the party?

The two looked to see that another person has arrived in the form of a blue-haired person.

Riku: Who are you?
???: Killia. Please excuse me.

The blue-haired deity went past Riku and Vader to go to Sol’s temple, in which Sol himself opens the door.

Sol: Hey, You guys can come in now. The last of our members will be late.

Everyone in the group went inside Sol’s temple to attend the formation of the new group.

Chapter One: Getting Ready to Break Our Backs

One day later…

Kairi was moving Sora by his wheelchair to meet up with Diancie’s temple in the House of Nature, with Meow Wow, Majik Lapin, and Kirlia walking alongside them..

Kairi: The rest of the Medical Division will be worried if they find out about your decision to walk off on this.
Sora: It’s alright. I’ve been feeling slightly better. You know I’ve adapted to the prosthetic leg.
Kairi: Okay… Remember what I said.
Sora: Right.

Sora smiled as Meow Wow hopped on to his lap. He patted his starter Dream Eater. the As the two were done talking, they arrived at the entrance of Diancie’s temple, the Diamond Domain, where Diancie and her Carbink servants were seen talking.

Sora: (smiles) Diancie! I’m ready to go!

The pink Jewel Pokémon turned around, happy that her ally arrived.

Diancie: That’s great! Otacon and the others are ready to go in Murray’s van! Besides Ruby Rose, they’ve brought two other people along. How’s your leg, anyway?
Sora: It’s improved. It took me several hours to adjust to it. And since they’ve brought other people besides Ruby, I can take breaks!
Diancie: Um, can I sit on your lap and join your companion?
Sora: Sure. (to Meow Wow) Eata, move over! Diancie’s going to sit on my lap!

The Dream Eater moved slightly to the left for Diancie to sit on Sora’s lap. The Jewel Pokémon was slightly heavier than Meow Wow. As Kairi turned Sora around, she looked back at the Carbink servants, who frowned that their princess after leaving them.

Dace: (begrudgingly) Good luck, Princess Diancie.
Merrick: Please come back safely.
Kairi: (thinking) I feel bad for those Carbink servants look can’t protect the Heart Diamond on their own. Maybe I should ask Riku, Vader, or someone else from the atonement group to help them guard it.

Kairi frowned as they, along with Princess Diancie, leave to rendezvous with the hackers. Sora, on the other hand, sighs in relief.

Sora: (thinking) This task might not be so bad after all. If Iron-man or The Hulk join us, I’m saved…

Black Jack: What were they thinking, letting him go on a dangerous mission!? Sora needs to be in bed for the next few days!

Riku and Ratchet explained Sora’s absence to Black Jack, who was enraged about the Sisterhood’s decision.

Riku: They felt he was much as a victim as they were.
Ratchet: I should’ve been the one to do it! A barely recovered amputee shouldn’t be involved!
Black Jack: How are we going to convince him to withdraw?
Riku: I have someone coming in a few minutes.
Clank: Who will it be?
Riku: Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon.
Ratchet: Really? Him?
Black Jack: I hope that Pokémon doesn’t get into any trouble.
Ratchet: He should be fine as long as we don’t inflate his ego. He’ll swell up like a balloon if so.
Riku: I’ll be leaving.

Riku leaves the Medical Division, with Ratchet and Clank following him.

An hour later, Sora, Kairi, Diancie, and the former’s companions arrived at the front gate of the pantheon, where the hackers, Murray, Ruby Rose, Snake Eyes, and Victor Stone (AKA Cyborg), were waiting for them next to Murray’s van. Ruby was wearing a blindfold for some reason, and was already inside the van.

Otacon: It’s a perfect time since you came here. Can you let go of the handles for a moment, Kairi?
Kairi: Alright, Sora. Stay still.

Kairi release the handles, allowing Cyborg to put blindfolds on both Sora and Diancie. The Dream Eaters were told to dissipate for the time being, while Kairi recalled Kirlia into a Great Ball.

Cyborg: There.
Sora: What are the blindfolds for?
Shiena: The two of you are not allowed to know the location of our lab.
Sora: What!?
Ruby: I’m just as annoyed, and Riku is training me to fight with this eye coverer on.

Sora was upset that he nor Diancie couldn’t see the location of the lab they were planning on. The van pulls down a ramp, allowing Kairi to push Sora in the wheelchair, with everyone else going inside. Little they know was that they were being watched by Team Rocket, who followed them with several hover scooters they secretly stole from the House of Technology; They did their best to keep their distance from being spotted.

Meowth: I wonder where they’re going?
James: They must be going on a nice ride for a vacation!
Jessie: It must be inside a mansion!

The three members squealed in joy at the thought of such a thing. Seconds later, they put their desire for riches asides to see Diancie.

James: What’s that Diancie doing with those twerps?
Jessie: I imagine she must be joining them on their vacation.
Meowth: Once those twerps are alone, we’re gonna capture her.
Jessie: We shouldn’t take our eyes off that Jewel Pokémon. Remember the last time we tried to captured her?
Meowth: It created diamonds to escape while we’re celebrating.
James: We won’t be so careless this time.
Jessie: Right. (notices the van moving) That van’s started to move. Let’s tail them!

James and Meowth nodded as the three of them get on their hover scooters. Unknown to both parties, nor to Kairi as she watched the group leave for the mountains, a green, deer-like creature also followed the van.

After watching everyone leave in the van, Kairi returned to Sora’s temple to make preparations for a package that was to be taken to Dr. Finkelstein in Halloween Town. Since before the dual incident with Madoka and Gentaro, parts for an unknown project have been ordered from the ACME Corporation, and because of a lack of a direct link to Halloween Town from wherever ACME is located, they’re instead directly sent to the pantheon.As Dr. Finkelstein had a very serious trust issue, he would never accept a package from any stranger regardless of if they’re known by Jack Skellington, the Mayor of Halloween Town, or even his daughter Sally. This has forced the packages to be delivered from the pantheon by Sora, as well as his friends and former companions Donald Duck and Goofy. When Sora became very sick from the Slamwitch, he still had to continue on because of these issues.

This brought trouble after the asylum mayhem, in which Sora was badly wounded in the aftermath and lost one of his legs. For a few weeks, Ratchet had to continue the packages while using a hologuise to pose as Sora, which did fool Dr. Finkelstein. But soon, they would have to come to a conclusion that this cannot continue. Ratchet cannot continue after a fight with Lock, Shock and Barrel that almost exposed him, and when Sora resumed with his at-the-time Ralts, he was attacked several times with his packages stolen by a tigress named Neyla.

Thirty five minutes after leaving Medical Division CHQ, Riku enters the House of Narrative to look for Jak and Daxter. Ever since the asylum incident, he was worried about Jak’s amnesia. Daxter’s many attempts to help him remember has failed. He lets out a small frown as he walks at the front of Jak’s temple and knocks on the door. A minute later, Jak opens the door, with Juggle Pup accompanying him.

Jak: Riku? Good timing. Can you please get this Juggle Pup off me?
Riku: I’m sorry, Jak, but I can’t allow that.
Jak: Why? This thing has been bothering me for months, and since yesterday, he’s been barking and throwing balls, dice, and Dax all over the place.
Riku: Just keep him around for a few days.

Riku looks on as the seal-like Dream Eater clings to him by tugging his pants.

Riku: He must be telling you something bad.
Jak: Like what? You’re a Dream Eater trainer, so you should understand what he’s saying.
Riku: I don’t know myself, but that’s not the reason I’m here.
Jak: Really? What is it?
Riku: (frowns) I’m afraid this but, Jak, as ordered by Cosmos, if we don’t restore your memories by Halloween… You’ll have to be put into “suspended animation.”

Riku’s statements surprised Jak, whose eyes were widened.

Jak: Wait, so… they’re going to kill me?
Riku: No. You will be put into a coma.

He was saddened to hear about this revelation and puts his hands on Riku’s shoulders.

Jak: Please… I cannot be locked into sleep again! I can’t! I’m still upset for what Praxis did to me, and even that I can just barely remember.
Riku: Don’t worry. I’ll think of a way to regain your memories.

He looks at Juggle Pup, still clinging onto his pants. He kneeled down and patted the Dream Eater.

Riku: (smiles) Go back to Jak now.

Just as Juggle Pup went back to Jak, the Keyblade Master turned around and departs the House of Narrative. During this time, he takes out his notepad and started writing on the Villains Report.

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Delay

Two hours after driving out of the pantheon, the group has managed to spot the entrance to the lab in a snow-covered tree hollow high up in the mountains, 48km from the nearest temple, and 90km from the highest mountain where the House of Prophecy is located on. Sora and Ruby were sleeping while Snake Eyes stood on top of the van.

Cyborg: That must be the lab.
Ed: It is… Don’t remove those blindfolds yet!
Bentley: Huh, it might be a good thing we brought Snake Eyes along with us.
Murray: Hold on! I’m going to park five feet from here!

Murray softly steps on the brakes to slow the van down. Seconds later, the van was stopped and Murray and had parked it.

Murray: Alright, everyone! You can all get out of the van now!
Shiena: I’ll take care of Sora!
Bentley: Good.

Everyone proceeds to get out of the van while Snake Eyes jumped off the van. Murray had activated the ramp to allow Bentley and the still sleeping Sora and Diancie into the ground as Meow Wow and Majik Lapin reappeared, while Otacon had to guide to Ruby out of the van.

Ruby: (waking up) unnngh…. Are we there yet?
Otacon: Yes. Don’t take it off until we get inside.

Cyborg had taken out a box of pizza and a bag containing something he bought from the House of Food prior to the trip as Murray also exits the van. Snake Eyes takes out a backpack from the back of the van.

Murray: That was a long ride.
Cyborg: I’ve got some pizza and a bag containing 16 cups of stew! I made sure to put a top on all of them!
Ed: Oh boy! Ed loves pizza!
Cyborg: Let’s wait until we get inside first.
Otacon: I’m going to eat one slice. I’m not planning on getting fat.
Shiena: (while moving Sora around) I’ll pass on the pizza. I’ll take a cup of stew instead.
Diancie: Me too!

Cyborg carries the food as they proceed to enter the lab. Three minutes later, everyone went inside the lab. The ceiling was painted black; Otacon and Shiena take off the blindfolds off of Ruby, Sora, and Diancie, the second of whom had woken up to the light in the lab, as well as the smell of the pizza Cyborg was holding.

Sora: This is the lab?
Shiena: Yes, we’re here. This lab has two floors…? Where’s the plug to the computer? Does it have a switch?
Bentley: We should look around.

Before the group looked around, the floor started shaking. This had caused Shiena to hold the handles of Sora’s wheelchair more tightly, Murray to grab Bentley to prevent the turtle from falling out of his own wheelchair, while the others held their ground.

Diancie: Another quake?
Cyborg: Sheesh. I’ve been trying to detect the readings of the ‘quakes on my way here, but I’ve found nothing.

As the earthquake continued, it managed to turn cut off the lights.

Bentley: Shoot! The power’s cut off!

After another two minutes, the earthquake had subsided.

Ruby: Looks that way.
Murray: We better find out what’s causing this earthquake. I’ll go!

Murray decides to go outside, but was blocked by Snake Eyes.

Otacon: What is it, Snake Eyes?

The silent ninja shakes his head horizontally at the pink hippo, then points at himself.

Ed: Ed doesn’t understand what he wants.
Otacon: I think he wants to take Murray’s place and go outside.

Snake Eyes nods in approval to Otacon’s statement.

Bentley: Alright. Come back to us if you find anything. We’ll look inside.
Cyborg: I’ll go with you, Snake Eyes. We’re both bodyguards of Sora.

Nodding, Cyborg and Snake Eyes went outside the lab to investigate after the former handed the food to Shiena. The two of them looked around the lab for ten minutes before regrouping.

Cyborg: Looks we found nothing around the lab. Let’s go and… Huh?

Just before the two of decide to go back to the lab, they’ve noticed a small, white and green deer-like creature approaching them.

Cyborg: It’s not every day you see white deers.
???: Hello.
Cyborg: (thinking) It talked!? This doesn’t seem to be an ordinary one. (speaks to the deer) Um, Hello.
???: I am here to see a client who wants me inside that lab.
Cyborg: Who are you…?
???: I am Shaymin! It’s nice to meet you!
Cyborg: (thinking) Shaymin? The Gratitude Pokemon? I might take a photo of it and share it with the other Titans if I’m lucky. (speaking) The name’s Victor. Victor Stone. (points to Snake Eyes) And this fella here is Snake Eyes. We’re trying to investigate the cause of an earthquake… Do you want to come with us?
Shaymin: Yes! It’ll make it easier for us!

Smiling, Shaymin accompanies Cyborg and Snake Eyes back to the lab. The silent member of the Joes looked around the plain field, staring at a field of bushes.

Cyborg: What is it, Snake Eyes? Did you see something over there?

The black-suited ninja nodded positively.

Cyborg: We’ll worry about that later.

As Cyborg and Snake Eyes go back inside the lab to check on the progress of the others, Team Rocket watched them hid inside a bush, worried that Snake Eyes has noticed them.

Meowth: That ninja has spotted us! We’re in trouble! And he’s a member of the G.I Joes!
James: And they have a member of the Teen Titans with them!
Jessie: This is going to make our quest to capture Diancie and Shaymin harder! We can’t just go back to the pantheon! We need to find another way!
Wobbuffet: (appearing) Wooooobuffeeettt!

An annoyed Jessie puts her Wobbuffet back into his Pokeball as the hackers inside appear to hear him. Without being detected, they enter the lab and watched the group chat from the hallway.

Sora: (from inside) Did you guys hear that? That sounded like a Wobbuffet.
Shiena: (from inside) It was probably just the wildlife.
Ruby: (from inside) That reminds me. Since we’re here, we should probably bring out Scyther and Kirlia now that we’re lost.
Meowth: Jackpot!

Sora and Ruby bring out their Poke Balls, one being the Great Ball holding Kirlia, and the other being a Sport Ball holding Ruby’s Scyther. The two Pokémon inside were let out after having to stay inside to prevent them from knowing their location. Scyther was holding a Buginium Z, indicating that Ruby is capable of using Z-Moves.

Sora: Hey, that’s a Z-Crystal! Riku and I are being trained to use Z-Moves in case something happens, and Mega Evolution isn’t working.
Ruby: Please, I don’t want anyone to know that I’ve joined the partnership. Scyther and I met during the last DreadZone.
Sora: Oh, Vox kidnapped you? How many bones did you crush to escape from him?
Ruby: You’re still bitter over what Caius did to you, right?
Sora: Just as much as you probably are to whoever chopped your sister’s arm off.
Meowth: (quietly) This jackpot gets better and better. The boss will give us a big reward for sure if we bring him the twerps’ Pokémon.

Another shake then happens, and this time, it was smaller than the one that knocked the power out. Thirty seconds after the earthquake stopped, Cyborg and Snake Eyes entered the lab alongside a Pokémon, whose appearance surprised everyone.

Cyborg: We’re back. We didn’t find any readings on the recent earthquake.
Bentley: Um, Cyborg? Is that a Shaymin by your side?
Cyborg: Yeah. I was expecting this Pokémon to take the form of a grassy hedgehog, but for reason, it’s a deer.
Ed: That’s his Sky Forme.
Cyborg: Sky Forme? Is this a second form?

Bentley reaches for his laptop in his wheelchair pocket, and places it on a desk to look up on his online Pokédex, which had to be recently updated. The laptop was recently charged up, so he had plenty of time to check up on stuff before needing more power. According to the Pokédex, Shaymin is number 492, and can enter Sky Forme when in contact with Gracidia flowers. But at night or when exposed to ice, he will revert to Land Forme.

Bentley: (thinking) With all this snow, there better be Gracidia flowers around here.
Shaymin: There’s a special person I have to meet inside the lab. It’ll be dangerous if I’ll go on my own. Please, take me with you!
Sora: Don’t worry. We’ll help you look for that person.
Shaymin: (smiles) Alright. Let’s work together.

Shaymin agrees to help the group on the quest. The Gratitude Pokémon stared at Cyborg and Snake Eyes one more time. The Gratitude Pokémon was suprised that the hackers enlisted two more people for the trip to bodyguarding Sora. Cyborg, on the other hand, stared at the Z-crystals.

Cyborg: What kind of crystals are those? Never seen them before.
Ruby: They’re Z-crystals. They’re a special type of crystals for Pokémon to use more powerful moves.
Cyborg: (scratches his head) This gets weirder every time. I’ll check around to see if there’s a basement to fix the power.

While he checks around the lab, Snake Eyes carries a backpack and goes upstairs.

Team Rocket was outside, again speaking on why there are hackers and warriors on this “vacation”. Meowth thinks that they’ve hit the jackpot due to the presence of two Mythical Pokémon and a Scyther that can use a Z-Move. But stealing them would be quite difficult, given the presences of a member of the Teen Titans and a member of the GI Joes.

James: So, we’ve got two twerps in wheelchairs, but we’re really going to go against that cybertwerp?
Jessie: Speaking about that canon where he’s dumber than a hamster warrants a £250 fine, and we cannot afford to lose £250.
Meowth: We also have that ninja, and we still can’t tell if he see can see us or not!
Jessie: Darn it! How are we going to sneak past the both of them?
Meowth: I have a plan.
Jessie: What is it?

Meowth whispered into Jessie and James ears to enact a plan. Once he was once whispering every detail of his plan, he softly cleared his throat.

Meowth: It may be tricky, but if this can distract that ninja and that cybertwerp and not have another earthquake, we might succeed in catching those Pokémon!
Jessie: If we’re lucky, we’re may even kidnap those Dream Eaters that spiky-haired twerp has with him.

The trio continued to watch the group find a way to restore the power.

Chapter 3: Witch’s Curse

The earthquakes have continued to shake around the pantheon, causing several black-outs in the process. Several deities investigate the cause of the incident. Among them were Riku and Cole MacGrath, who were power-walking in the House of Nature.

Riku: If Groudon is causing all of this mess, then I’ll have to find Rayquaza and convince Groudon to stop.
Cole: It must have gotten enraged when it saw Kyogre?
Riku: Who knows. If it’s not Groudon, then it must be one of the Earth deities.

He walks his way into the temple of the Weather Trio. As they open the door to enter the temple, they look around the temple and looked into the portal to the clouds where Rayquaza is. The Sky High Pokémon was in its cloud temple, soundly asleep.

Cole: Rayquaza’s asleep.
Riku: I’ll check Groudon.
Cole: I’ll see if Kyogre’s awake, then.

The two briefly split off to check on the other two weather Pokémon. Cole ran off to the portal that leads to Kyogre’s underwater (but partly filled with air pockets) chamber while Riku entered the portal to Groudon’s underground chamber. Seven minutes after checking, Cole reached Kyogre, only to find it sleeping.

Cole: (thinking) Kyogre is safe… Guess I’ll go back to Riku.

He proceeds to exit Kyogre’s chamber to regroup with Riku, who, to his shock, approaches him, exhausted.

Riku: (pants) This is bad… We’ve got to inform the guardians about this… Groudon’s missing!

The two rushed out of the weather trio’s temple and went to the entrance of the House of Nature, where Aang, returning with a bottle of water, was watching the two of them run to the entrance.

Aang: What is it, you two? I just back from drinking a few bottles of water.
Cole: Airbender, we’ve got some bad news… Groudon is missing.
Aang: I know. I’ve checked earlier. I suspect that someone’s kidnapped him for some agenda.
Riku: Who do you think is behind it?
Aang: I don’t know… Maybe we should look around.

Riku and Cole depart the House of Nature to look for the culprit who abducted Groudon. Forty-five seconds after their departure, the ground started shaking again. This time, it was slightly heavier than the previous one.

Cole: Another earthquake?
Riku: We must find Groudon fast before they could get away with him!
???: Hey, Riku!

As the two begin their search around the pantheon for Groudon, Riku turned to his right to see a duck in a mummy costume.

Riku: Donald? What are you doing… in a mummy costume… three days before Halloween?
Donald: Goofy and I are helping the House of Otherness build a stage for a show they’re setting up for Halloween! Olaf is helping out as well.
Cole: That’s… great. I wish you good luck.
Donald: Say, where’s Sora, by the way? He needs to see this!
Riku: He’s unfortunately out on a mission by the Sisterhood in a bid to restore Madoka’s powers.
Donald: (angry) While he’s still recovering from surgery!? They shouldn’t send him out on a mission like that!
Cole:  Couldn’t they send someone else? Like Motoko Kusanagi?
Riku: Her? She and her group would have gotten the job done very smoothly. I’m sorry, but we have to go. Groudon’s missing!
Donald: What!?

Upon hearing this, the toon duck followed Riku and Cole in their search Groudon, and the ground shook heavier than before.

Donald: Has somebody captured it!?
Cole: That’s what we’re trying to find out!

During their search for Groudon, Cole had noticed a familiar white-horned Pokémon moving towards the mountains.

Cole: Where is that thing going?

Donald and Riku looked in his direction and also saw the Pokémon.

Donald: What’s Absol doing here?
Riku: Shoot! At a time like this!? (calms down; thinking) Did Absol detect where Groudon is? I better follow her.

Ratchet, Clank, and Captain Qwark were eating a meal as they were walking around the House of Technology. The Lombax was irritated when he listened to the cowardly and fraudelant “hero” rant to the the deities that he fought a hydra and defeated it by dousing it with salt.

Ratchet: (annoyed; thinking) …It would be better if you went with Zapp Brannigan on whatever he has going on and tell that nonsense to him…

Clank, on the other hand, firm looked around the futuristic “city”. This stopped when he heard some loud footsteps. He then looked back to see a large red creature in black markings wandering around outside the House of Technology.

Clank: What’s a Groudon doing here, walking around instead of sleeping?
Ratchet: What!? Where is Groudon

As Captain Qwark went ahead and continued boasting about his past exploits, Ratchet, alongside several deities, looked in his friend’s direction and also saw Groudon, standing there.

Ratchet: What’s it doing around here walking? Is it looking for something?
Clank: Don’t know.
Benson: It’s moving somewhere else!

The deities watched as Groudon walk away from the House of Technology onto an unknown destination.

Jay Gatsby: Somebody has to stop it before it goes on a rampage!
Clank: This can’t be good. We can’t abandon our search like this. What should we do?
Ratchet: Let it be. The House of Nature must have sent him out on a break.

Ten minutes before Riku learns about Groudon’s absence…

The group were still looking for a way to turn on the computer three minutes after Cyborg managed to turn the power back on.

Bentley: We still can’t find the power switch for the computer!

Murray looks underneath a desk and finds a button. He then presses it. All of a sudden, the computer goes on.

Murray: I’ve got the computer working, guys!
Otacon: All we have to do is contact Tron and send Ruby, Sora, and Diancie into the computer world, but this will take a small amount of time.
Sora: That’s… great. (nervous) Ha ha ha….

What the group didn’t know is that Sora was glowing in white, signaling that he is being affected by Donald’s transformation spell despite the two being about 70km apart. Due to this, he hid himself and Kirlia by putting on his hoodie, moves his wheelchair, and sneaks outside the lab.

Sora: (thinking) Not now. I told Donald not to cast that spell without warning us. Gah, screw this, I should’ve requested someone else to do this…

That backfired. Sora was outside the lab, relieved that he wouldn’t scare the group. The transformation ended, and he was in costume from his time in Halloween Town, where he his clothes are now mostly a faded black outfit with pointy shoes, white gloves, and a large orange eyepatch covering his right eye. Unknown to him was that Team Rocket was looking at him. James and Meowth, upon seeing Sora’s eyepatch, let out a big shriek.

Meowth: Ahh! No! That’s twerp’s almost as scary as a Mimikyu!
Sora: That scream… Team Rocket!?

Blowing their cover, the thieves revealed themselves to Sora. At the same time, they heard Murray screaming about… something. Sora knew what it was, and just deadpanned. Donald’s spell had grown to affect the Cooper Gang, Ruby, and Team JNPR, so Sora would know that Murray was panicking over him, Bentley, and Ruby appearing different.

Murray: (from inside) WITCHCRAFT!!
James: We’re done for!
Jessie: (angry) You’re both scared of some twerp in a vampire costume!? Screw this! You’re still frightened of that silver-haired twerp after seeing his eyes, right!?
Meowth: I don’t know who’s scarier: him, or you!?

In a last ditch effort, Jessie desperately ran up to Sora and snatch Kirlia from him and, along with James and Meowth, fled from the brunette.

Jessie: We’ll come back for the others later after we lose this kid.
Sora: (angry) Get back here! Darn it! I’ll try…

He carefully and slowly gets up from his wheelchair.

Sora: It feels a little looser than usual. Good. This leg’s working fine for now… (shouts) Alright, Team Rocket! You’re going to pay for stealing Kirlia!

With his artificial leg now in decent shape, he decides to chase Team Rocket to take Kirlia back from them.

Two minutes ago, after Sora left…

Otacon stopped his preparation to transport Sora, Ruby, and Diancie inside the computer when he and everyone else within the lab was shocked to see Ruby, Bentley, and Murray suddenly transformed as monsters. Ruby takes the form of a cute devil girl, Murray as an orc, and Bentley as a goblin.

Cyborg: Whoah! What happened to you three?
Ruby: What? I’m perfectly… (looks at her hands) Huh!?!

Ruby looked at her hands and saw that the sleeves of her clothes were different. Bentley looks at his legs and realized they were slightly different from before, and Murray looking at his hands.

Bentley: Oh my goodness… What happened to me?
Murray: This has to be… be… WITCHCRAFT!!
Otacon: What about the mission?
Murray: Let’s handle that later! Everyone, let’s find that witch and kill her so this transformation can be undone!

Murray carries Bentley by the latter’s wheelchair and exits out of the lab, with Ruby, Diancie, Snakes Eyes, Cyborg and Otacon following them to make sure Murray doesn’t do anything reckless. Shiena and Ed takes over Otacon’s place while to get the computer ready. Meanwhile, Otacon and Diancie, who followed Murray and the others, had noticed that Sora’s wheelchair was there, but the brunette himself was missing.

Diancie: Sora’s gone! Did the witch kidnap him?
Otacon: Who knows?

He then spots several footprints in the snow, several of them having a sharp point in them.

Shaymin: Hey, I think these might be the footprints of the witch. Don’t they wear pointed shoes?
Otacon: Some do. Those footprints may be our lead.

Convinced, the two of them and Shaymin split up from Murray’s group and followed the footprints in a bid to find Sora.

After about fifteen minutes of being chased, the trio looked back to see the keybearer was catching up of them.

Jessie: The twerp’s leg should be in poor shape! How is he catching up to us already!?
Meowth: I don’t know, but we should keep running!

They ran as fast as they could. Suddenly, the ground started shaking again, this time heavier than usual.

James: W-what’s going on!?
Meowth: It must be a volcano!

The earthquake had caused the trio to trip on the ground, dropping Kirlia in the process. In almost an instant, the Emotion Pokémon teleported away from Team Rocket and back to Sora, something she could not do while captured because she’d teleport Jessie as well.

Jessie: No!
James: The twerp’s gonna beat us for- ahhhhhh!
Meowth: What is it, James?

Jessie and Meowth looked in James direction to see huge footprints, indicating that something had walked its way through the mountains recently. Even Sora and Kirlia looked at the sight and gasped.

Sora: Whoever made that foot print must be the source of all these shake-ups.

Riku witnesses Groudon making his way to the mountains as he was chasing Absol down.

Riku: Absol! Where are you going!?!

Absol ignored her trainer’s request as she kept on going ahead of him.

Riku: Looks like I have no choice…

He envelops himself in a purple aura, going into a faster speed to catch up with Absol to see what it wants.

Cole had rushed to the entrance of the GUAG Command Center HQ, where he saw Cosmos stretching and yawning to get some fresh air.

Cole: Commander Cosmos! This is a bad matter!
Cosmos: Cole… What is it?
Cole: Groudon’s just escaped!
Cosmos: What!? I’ll send someone to return to its temple!

Cosmos went inside Command HQ to send someone to stop Groudon.

Numerous deities were mildly in cold feet when they saw Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren, transform into monsters. Wild some were scared off by the sudden appearances, others just stared.

Tedd Verres: Just what happened to those three?
Ron Weasley: Is Voldemort responsible for this? I need to get tell Harry and tell him about this…
Beat: What witchcraft is this!?
Miles Edgeworth: (stares) Is this some prank? Whoever’s doing this, I’d better not get involved in their shenanigans.
Earl Hickey: How did those kids get turned into monsters?

The crowd of deities were staring at the trio, who were perplexed to see themselves in different attributes. Jaune was a mummy, Nora became a nurse with blood stains all over her, and Ren had the wings of a chicken.

Nora: Oh my gosh. What is going on?
Ren: We should go back to our temples.
Jaune: I was thinking the same thing. We need to figure out the cause of this.

The two male members of Team JNPR grabbed Nora by the clothes and rushed to enter their temples.

Jak and Daxter have spotted Groudon in their vehicle, the Zoomer. The size of the Pokémon had shocked Daxter, who saw it knock down trees.

Daxter: Whoa! That’s Groudon!? I didn’t imagine this thing to be that huge!
Jak: (thinking) Was I right when I said to those two teenagers yesterday that the earthquakes were caused by Groudon attacking Team Rocket? (speaking) Alright, Let’s see where this thing is going to!

Jak pressed on a button, causing the Zoomer to hover from the ground. Two minutes after levitating the vehicle from the ground through levitation, they were high up in the sky. As Jak used the hover function on the zoomer, he tilted right and noticed three people and a biped cat.

Jak: Hey Daxter, isn’t that Sora over there? Why is he dressed so differently and what’s he doing over there with Team Rocket?
Daxter: They’re probably up to their typical nonsense.

Curious, he drove the Zoomer towards Sora and Team Rocket who were arguing about something, which was cut short when he and Daxter arrived and jumped out of the Vehicle.

James: What!? More twerps!?
Sora: Jak! Daxter! You’re both here! Let’s not let Team Rocket capture Groudon for their boss!
Meowth: It’s the ideal solution to chasing two Bunnelby into a hole!
Daxter: We’re getting you three out before we calm it down!

The six of them watched as Groudon moved closer to the mountains, preparing to battle him. But within seconds, Groudon attacked them with a Precipes Blade. Everyone got out of the way, but Sora fell over. He gets on his knees and looks at the Continent Pokémon with a smirk on his face.

Sora: Okay, now you are going to get it. Prepare for a… a… (looks around) Kirlia?
Jak: Kirlia?
Sora: She’s my partner. I had her since she was a Ralts. But… where is she?

Kirlia wasn’t present. Sora gives a death glare at Team Rocket, thinking they might have stolen her while he wasn’t looking. But before anyone could say anything else, another Precipes Blade strikes them, this time managing to knock Jak unconscious. Sora prepares to heal him with Curaga when another quake strikes, which shatters the land,  separating the brunette from the rest. In a moment of cowardice, James and Meowth decide to run away, with Jessie chasing them in her anger.

Murray, Bentley, Ruby, Cyborg, and Snake Eyes were exhausted, running in a meadow area in a bid to find the witch.

Bentley: (pants) We’ll find that witch… Even if it’s the last thing we do…
Ruby: We should take a break, guys….
Cyborg: (pants) Yeah… I think the witch will appear to us… if we stayed in the lab instead…
Murray: We should do that…

The group agreed to go back to the lab to continue with their computer operation. As they turned around, they saw a man in a dark grey robe, black pants and a black belt. His hair is was gray. Snake Eyes suddenly takes out his swords and points it at the man.

???: It is a surprise that you five went this far… I’m suprised.
Cyborg: Who are you and why are you surprised?
???: I am Zaheer. It’s such a lovely view.  I’m afraid you must leave now.
Ruby: Or else what!? Don’t get in our way!

Zaheer scratched his chin.

Zaheer: What exactly are you after anyway?
Bentley: That’s none of your business!
Zaheer: A pity you’ve failed to heed to my warning. I shall let you all know two things. Firstly, my associates are going after boy with the Keyblade.
Ruby: Keyblade? Wait, you mean Sora? What do you want with him!?
Murray: And what’s the second thing you want to say?

The black-clad man smirked as he calmly responds to their question.

Zaheer: I am a member of Grand United Alliance of Chaos!

This revelation had shocked everyone. Snake Eyes takes out a gun and shoots it at him. To the shock of everyone, he manipulated the air to deflect the gunshot.

Cyborg: You’re an airbender!?
Zaheer: Yes. You’d best hurry to find him.
Bentley: Oh my god… We’d better rescue Sora before they capture him!

Realizing that Sora is a target, the group went past Zaheer, who allowed them to pass through, still letting out his calm grin.

Chapter 4: Double-Ambush

Ratchet: (angry) You casted a spell to transform without telling your friends just so you could practice for a show in Halloween!? You could’ve just find some wraps!

Ratchet and Clank were in Donald’s temple, where the former was enraged at the latter for casting a spell to transform into his mummy costume.

Ratchet: Is there any way to undo the spell?
Donald: I can’t! It takes three hours to pass!

Ratchet walks up to a wall and slams his fists.

Ratchet: Doggone it! It isn’t Halloween for three more days. What are we gonna do if some traveler assumes the worst and hunts you down!?
???: Donald, are you there? There’s something I need to tell you about!
Donald: That voice… Kairi!

Clank opens the door to let in Kairi, who had a gothic outfit before closing it behind her. However, there was something different about her that made Donald’s jaws drop. Her arms were now harpy wings.

Clank: Why are your arms wings?
Kairi: I… I don’t know… that’s why I came here.
Donald: My spell affected you too!? I only meant to turn me, Sora, and Goofy into our Halloween Town costumes!
Kairi: Wait, that was your spell? That explains so much about the witchcraft accusations I’ve heard around the pantheon.
Ratchet: I just hope it isn’t widespread.
Clank: Wait, there many witches in the pantheon, so we may not be targeted immediately.
Donald: I don’t wanna be roast duck!
Kairi: Can’t you just hide in your temple?
Donald: Uh, wow… good idea… I’ll do that right now.

Donald went into his bedroom, jumped on his bed, and put the covers underneath him to avoid getting seen by deities.

Kairi: Don’t worry, Donald! We’ll keep it a secret!

Several minutes after the battle with Groudon, Jak regains consciousness to find himself and Daxter in a unknown part of the mountain after a fierce Precipes Blade knocked him out earlier. Daxter had been trapped inside his friend’s jacket all this time, and had no idea what was going on after the first strike.

Daxter: Unngh…. Did we defeat Groudon, Jak?
Jak: Who knows, Dax. Now, where is… Sora?

They both looked around their surroundings to find that Sora or Team Rocket are nowhere to be found.

Daxter: He’s doesn’t seem to be here, and Team Rocket must have blasted off like usual.
Jak: Let’s find our Zoomer and get back to the pantheon. We should check to see if it’s… (looks up) Huh?
Daxter: What is it, Jak?

They both looked above and saw Kirlia wandering around to search for Sora, but they soon realize that she wasn’t alone, as Otacon and Diancie ran towards her to prevent her from running off somewhere.

Otacon: You shouldn’t be walking off alone! You’ll get lost!
Jak: (yelling) Hey, Otacon!!

The hacker briefly stopped to look and see Jak calling to him.

Otacon: Jak?! What are you doing here?
Jak: We were trying to stop Groudon from its rampage, but then we managed to encounter Sora and Team Rocket! For some reason, Sora looked different than he normally was. Something like a vampire? I’m not sure why he looks that way…
Otacon: Wait, you saw Groudon!? Where is it now!?
Diancie: V-vampire? It must be the work of a Witch! There must be a witch somewhere around these mountains!
Daxter: I don’t know where Groudon went, and… Um… Why would a witch go around and turn people to monsters?
Otacon: It transformed Ruby, Bentley, and Murray into monsters and we’re trying to find it!

Jak and Daxter looked at each other, wondering why a witch would transform deities into monsters. The two of them looked back at Otacon.

Jak: It is highly doubtful that this was the work of some wicked witch. It probably must been someone accidently setting off a transformation ray gun. Come on, Dax, let’s find the Zoomer and get back to the pantheon.

Jak and Daxter then walk off to find their Zoomer to travel back to the pantheon.

A lost Sora was walking around in a lower part of the mountains, look trying to look for Kirlia, but to not avail.

Sora: Ugh… If it hadn’t beem for those three, I wouldn’t even be in this part of the mountains!

Frustrated, he continued walking for three minutes. For some time, he was reluctant on taking the Sisterhood’s request even with his Dream Eaters with them and allow someone else to do the honors. He was inclined to decline their offer, but considering everything they went through in the asylum incident, it was hard for him not to turn down the offer.

Sora: (thinking) I should’ve declined. Other deities should know Tron by now… The only problem is that I only know several people that know him… (speaking) Huh? What’s a cave doing here?

He stopped his monologue for a moment to notice a cave. At least he had found a hiding place from Groudon. Looking around to make sure that no one would see him, he enters the cave. What he then noticed inside the cave was various things written on the wall, such “change the world to one you desire” “Freedom”, and “defeat the true enemy.” He looked around to find something interesting, looking into the treasure chest.

Sora: These writings… It must be some anarchist writing this nonsense. Hm… Let’s see here… What’s this?

He sees a red stone with a specific pattern on it; that of the omega (Ω), the 24th and final letter in the Greek Alphabet.

Sora: (thinking)  A Red Orb?

He picks it up and looks at it. The orb a had a reddish-orange glow to it. He remembered hearing a report through several trainers from the Hoenn region, namely Wally, about the artifact once being used by a man named Maxie, who tried using it to control Groudon.

Sora: (quietly) If the Red Orb is here… Then that must mean that someone else is commanding Groudon to their will.

As the brunette placed the Red Orb in his pocket, a camera suddenly popped out of the ceiling. It looked around the room for a minute, then disappears. Sora sighs after realizing that he is apparently safe, and lied down on a table to rest and waited for Donald’s spell to expire. He tried not to fall asleep in the event that someone spots him.

Zaheer was at a cliff in the mountains, looking at the entirety of the pantheon itself. Taking a meditation stance to relax, he then looked at the Main House.

Zaheer: Such a soothing sight…

Ever since his ascension, he desired the destruction of the pantheon’s government for some time, considering them to be an imbalance to this majestic place. The only problem was that there were too many strong deities. Still deep in thought, someone was approaching him.

???: Having a good time with your scenery, air bender?

The twisted air bender turned around and saw a blonde man with a ponytail wearing a black robe with red-cloud patterns. There were also a mouth on each hand.

Zaheer: It’s a good thing you’ve come… Deidara. Will you come sit with me and enjoy the view from here?
Deidara: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

The blonde member of Akatsuki sat by the airbender’s side and looks at the pantheon.

Deidara: Heh, what a view… Gotta admit, This isn’t so bad… Why did you bring me and Gilgamesh here anyway?
Zaheer: I plan to track down that silver-haired keyboy and capture him. I’ve spotted him with that black-horned Pokémon thirty minutes ago.
Deidara: What’s so special about that Red Orb? It’s just a useless Jewel.
Zaheer: It’s no ordinary jewelry. It’s an artifact that’s known to control the Continent Pokémon. That would give us time to hunt down the keybearer.

Deidara gave off a small snort.

Deidara: Tch, why are we hunting down some kid with some oversized key again?  I wanna kill him with my art!
Zaheer: The Grand Minister finds one of his reports vexating, deeming it propaganda against him.
Deidara: …Really? That’s it? We came all this way to—
Zaheer: No. I’ll explain when Gilgamesh comes.

Both of them turned around and saw another blonde man who had red eyes and wore golden armor, accompanied by a few demons.

Deidara: About time you came, Gilgamesh. I see you brought a few demons with you as well.
Gilgamesh: Let’s just tie this mongrel up and get this done with…
Zaheer: We’re all here. Would you kindly do the honors, Deidara?

Nodding, Deidara creates a clay a big clay bird for them ride on. As they all got on, they set out their search for Riku.

Riku: Drat! I lost Absol! I’ll have to find a way to get back and take another path.

Displeased that he lost Absol due to Flowmotion’s incredibly fast speed, Riku found himself in a lower, secluded part of the mountains. As he searches for Absol, he noticed Groudon was starting to walk away from the mountains.

Riku: Groudon’s walking away… Is he going to attack the pantheon!?

Puzzled about Groudon’s motives, he continues his search for Absol. For some reason, he hears some noises.

Riku: What’s that noise I hear? It sounded like demons screaming in agony.

The Keyblade Master used his ears to find the source of the noise. Four minutes later, he stumbled upon a cave.

Riku: This must be where those sounds are coming from…

This time, he hears a familiar voice breathing heavily.

???: Why isn’t this costume wearing off?
Riku: That voice… Sora!

Riku rushes into the cave to see an exhausted and seriously ticked off Sora laying down on a table.

Sora: Riku? What are you doing here?
Riku: I was going to follow Absol, but I lost track of her and ended up here… And you’ve gotten out of your wheelchair as well?
Sora: Team Rocket stole Kirlia, so I got up my from wheelchair and chase them to save her, but then we fought Groudon, who used Precipes Blades to separate me from Kirlia, which led me here.
Riku: And your leg’s still intact despite of all of that? You’re one crazy adventurer.
Sora: Shut up. I’m going to have a talk with Donald about this costume once we get back… By the way, we don’t have to worry about Groudon anymore. I’ve got the Red Orb. It was in one of the treasure chests.

Sora takes out the Red artifact to show it to his friend, who was surprised to see it.

Riku: The Red Orb? Someone must have stolen this, but it’s in our hands now… That’s one less problem to worry about…

Riku then takes a look around the cave. Aside from the treasure chests Sora mentioned, there was also a small rectangular-shaped table, a medium-size, demon-shaped bookshelf with a desk alongside it.

Riku: This must be some secret base.
???: There he is! Don’t let him get away!
Riku: Time to go.

Having been sighted, the two Keyblade wielders escape from the cave to find their friends and allies.

Sora: I just wonder who’s inside this cave? We can’t be the only ones here.
Riku: We’ll find out once we regroup with the hackers, but for now, we have to escape with the Red Orb.

As they make their way out of the cave, Riku notices a curtain to the left of them.

Riku: Sora, Let’s hide in that curtain!
Sora: Where?

Grabbing Sora’s hand, they go to the curtain to hide from their pursuers. Once they went through the curtain, the two stumble upon a computer with a laser.

Sora: What’s a computer doing here in the mountains?
Riku: I don’t know, but I have a plan. Stand next to the computer.

Sora does what Riku tells him and stands still. The silver-haired boy grabs the laser, a Warp Gun that someone had stolen from Black Jack and aims it at Sora.

Riku: The Medical Division has several of these now, so we’ll have to be careful with them.
Sora: You’re going zap me inside the computer?
Riku: Exactly.

As he finishes talking, Riku fires the Warp Gun at Sora, who disintegrates into the computer. As soon as Sora was gone, he turned around to see that their hiding place was bombed. When the smoke was cleared, two men emerged.

???: Didn’t think we wouldn’t find you, didn’t you?
Riku: That golden armor… You’re… Gilgamesh!? (turns to the other person) And who are you?
???: I am Zaheer, leader of the Red Lotus! I’m afraid you’ll have to come with us.
Riku: (scowling) For what reason? If you’re after the Red Orb, then you’re too late! My friend has already escaped with it! As time runs differently inside the computer, Sora already has a thirty minute head start, so you’ll never use Groudon again!

Gilgamesh had let out a laugh filled with condescension.

Gilgamesh: Did you honestly think we give a damn about your friend or the Red Orb?
Riku: (surprised) …What…? What are you trying to imply!?
Zaheer: Controlling the Continent Pokémon was just a diversion for us to capture you.

The Keyblade Master scowled even more in disbelief. That was their plan all along? Using Groudon to shake the pantheon up so that they could lure him into a trap? He couldn’t fathom the thought of a Pokémon being used as a destructive diversion.

Riku: (angry) You bastards…
Gilgamesh: Complain and babble all you want, but you’re coming with us, whether you like it or not.

Summoning numerous weapons into the air, Gilgamesh launched them all as Riku tried to deflect as many as possible while suffering several injuries. Before he could move, however, he felt a tranquilzer dart being shoot into his neck, which caused him to fall into unconsciousness. Deidara jumps off his clay bird to join his allies.

Zaheer: The effects of our darts are strong. It’ll take a while for you to recover.
Deidara: What do we do next?
Zaheer: He must be bound by ropes. (to GUAC soldiers) Tie him up! We have no more use for the Red Orb!

Several GUAC soldiers went ahead to tie up the unconscious Riku. What they did not know was that Shaymin just arrived the into the scene several minutes prior to look for Sora, but instead finds Riku being taken inside the cave.

Shaymin: (thinking) This is bad… Those men have captured Riku…! I must tell everyone else about this!

The Gratitude Pokémon quietly flies off to inform the heroes about what had transpired.

Jak and Daxter were walking around lower mountains in hopes of trying to find their Zoomer to return to the pantheon. Daxter was still worried about his friend’s amnesia, but kept quiet about it.

Jak: Alright, Dax. Once we go back home, we can kick back and relax… (looks to Dax) Are you feeling alright?
Daxter: Yeah… It’s nothing…

The somber ottsel looked around to look for the vehicle, which wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The ottsel takes another look around. This time, he had spotted a blue whale alongside somebody else in a lake in the form of a man with artificial arms.

Daxter: What’s Kyogre doing here?
Jak: Kyogre? Where?

Daxter points to the lake he saw seconds ago and noticed someone next to Kyogre. They watch as they witness the man, who takes out a blue pearl-like artifact out of his pocket. What caught the duo’s eye was that the artifact had an insignia of the first Greek alphabet, Alpha (α).

Jak: Isn’t that the Blue orb?
???: If I hold up this artifact…

He raised the Blue Orb at Kyogre, at which point it started to glow, which caused the Sea Basin Pokémon to undergo Primal Reversion. After a few seconds of glowing, Kyogre was now in it’s Primal form; The man sighed in relief as the results were complete.

???: If it weren’t for that cursed Judge of the dead, the lord would’ve wash this place away of its sinners!

As Kyogre transformed into its Primal Form, heavy rain started pouring from the sky. Seeing this unfold had made Daxter panic.

Daxter: We better inform the pantheon!
Jak: Change of plan! Forget the Zoomer. We’re going back to Otacon!

Nodding, the two of them went back turned back to the upper parts of the mountains to search for Otacon, Diancie, and Shaymin.

Daxter: (thinking) Didn’t some guy named Archie use it as well? We’d better find a way to get back to the pantheon.

21 minutes after Groudon’s attack; five minutes after Riku is captured.

Otacon and Diancie were still following the footprints to find Sora with the former holding Kirlia, partially exhausted from walking. Sora has gone off somewhere, Ruby went off with the others to find the witch, and Shaymin had flown off earlier to search for the former. Kirlia frowned, desperate to find Sora again.

Diancie: Do you think Sora will be okay?
Otacon: He will. He may be careless at times, but he’s pulled through… sometimes at a cost.
Diancie: He’ll defeat that witch! I just know it!
Otacon: Now, now. We shouldn’t be too certain of ourselves… hm?
Diancie: What is it, Otacon?

Otacon stopped for a moment to hear the sound of someone yelling in fear. He squints to realize three familiar figures running in their way.

Otacon: Team Rocket!?

The two look on as Jessie, James, and Meowth were running in the opposite direction of the footprints, heavily exhausted from running. The hacker and the two Pokémon rushed up to Team Rocket to get some answers.

James: (pants) On second thought, let’s not take Groudon for the boss…
Meowth: (pants) That Pokémon… is really fearsome…
Jessie: (pants) If you two hadn’t run… like weasels… and assist those twerps… we wouldn’t have been running.
Otacon: Even with your Pokémon, you’d still lose.

The trio were surprised as Otacon (who is carrying Kirlia) and Diancie ran up to them, noticing the same Kirlia they tried to steal earlier. James and Meowth imminently screamed at the sight of her, remembering Sora and the outfit he was wearing at that time.

Jessie: (pants) Great… More twerps!
Otacon: Is that all you three call people besides your boss?
Jessie: Why do you care?! That’s none of your business!
Otacon: I was just curious, now fess up! Where’s Sora?
Meowth: The spiky-haired twerp has been separated from us! We don’t know where he is!
Diancie: Was he spirited away by a witch?
Meowth: The twerp looked like he was a vampire, but he wasn’t taken away by a witch. Groudon attacked us and used Precipes Blades, which separated us from those three twerps.
Diancie: Three twerps? Does he mean Sora as well as Donald and Goofy?
Otacon: We know that. Jak and Daxter told us.
???: Guys!

The group stopped to see Shaymin returning to Otacon and his group.

Diancie: Shaymin! Did you find anything about Sora?
Shaymin: I can’t find him anywhere, and I have even more bad news! Riku has been kidnapped!

This revelation had surprised everyone in. Kirlia was been acting frantic at the thought of her Pokémon trainer missing.

James: How did that silver-haired twerp get kidnapped!?
Shaymin: After he was battling a man in golden armor, he was shot by tranquilizer darts. Then there were two other men. One was a blonde guy wearing a black robe with red cloud patterns on it, and the other resembled a monk!
Diancie: We’d better regroup back to everyone!

Otacon and Diancie turned back, only to be surprised to find Absol suddenly appearing before them.

Otacon: Whoa! You scared us there, Absol.

The Disaster Pokémon lets out a few yells to them. Puzzled, the group try to figure out what she’s saying.

Jessie: What is it saying?
Meowth: She’s saying that… Oh my Arceus…
Diancie: What’s it saying?
Meowth: She’s saying that she predicted that Groudon would attack the pantheon in it’s Primal Form… Not only that… But Primal Kyogre is going to attack the pantheon as well!
Shaymin: But the guys who captured Riku said they don’t need the Red Orb anymore. They wanted him instead of Groudon.

This still didn’t calm Absol down. Sure, Sora stole the Red Orb, but that doesn’t mean disaster has been avoided. And now they know that Kyogre is in danger as well.

Otacon: Something doesn’t seem right here…
???: Otacon!

Everyone turned to see two familiar people running towards them: Jak and Daxter, the latter of whom was panicing for some reason.

Otacon: Jak! Daxter!
Jak: We have something bad to tell you! Kyogre is out of its temple and it’s in Primal Form!
Otacon: I know! Absol told me. Shit… I’ll contact Snake immediately.

Solid Snake was outside his own temple to get ready to start his day. He looked up to see that it was very cloudy.

Solid Snake: The weather isn’t supposed to be good today… Hm?

Snake then hears his transmitter beeping. He picks it up to respond.

Snake: Hello?
???: (through transmitter) Snake! It’s me, Otacon! I got some bad news.
Snake: Say it quickly. I don’t want to miss out on a convention.
Otacon: (through transmitter) That convention of yours can wait later. Kyogre is out of its temple! Can you find out where the Sea Basin Pokemon is and whoever stole the Blue Orb?
Snake: Got it. I just hope several deities are occupying it by now

Snake cuts off the transmission.


Chapter 5: Origin of the Villains Report

???: Wake up, insect!

Riku comes to, realizing seconds later that he’s not only inside the same cave he and Sora entered an hour ago, but that he was tied up and his mouth was covered by a rag. He looks around to see his Keyblade, the Way to the Dawn, placed next to a wall. Just before he could make a plan to escape, a figure emerged from the shadows, sporting greyish green-skin, red hair, sported paintings on his body and had several horns from his head. The weird deity started greeting himself with a dark grin on his face.

???: Greetings, dear Keywarrior. It’s unfortunate that our encounter has to be like this. It’s an honor to meet the Paragon of Darkness in person.
Riku: (thinking) I don’t care. I’m going to find a way to escape from you after this.
???: I am Xenagos, the Satryr King! I seek to discredit this pantheon for its divinity! All of you deities are similar to mortals: You bicker, laugh, and eat like such. This is no pantheon…

The Satyr King stopped for a minute before regaining his composure.

Xenagos: Now, let’s get to business. Have you wondered why we wanted you here, boy?

The puzzled Keyblade Master had blinked a few times, wondering why they had captured him.

Xenagos: It’s because of that report of yours you wrote about Lord Lucifer. They’re nothing but slanderous propaganda against the Head minister.
Riku: (thinking) How does he know about my report? (realizes) Wait a minute…

Shocked, the silver-haired boy came to a realization when Xenagos had mentioned Lucifer.

Riku: (thinking) This is a GUAC Base!?
Xenagos: You think we’re the same as Melkor and his sadistic cohorts, or the folks from your world? I’m afraid you don’t know us very well. That girl, despite all of her hardships, was just a waterheaded fool blinded by her own hope and optimism. Her light has almost lead many “deities” to their doom in the Fear Toxin Incident! (laughs) She’s nothing more than a “Princess of Heart” like the rest of those women. She masquerades as a Queen, but she’s nothing but a swordless peasant who never earned the strength and power on her own! Foolish weakling!

That rant had struck a nerve in the Keyblade Master. Granted, he barely knows anything about the former Sisterhood leader prior to the Fear Toxin Incident.

Riku: (muffled) And you would think just because I once gave into darkness makes me invalid of a Keyblade? Or that Sora shouldn’t use one at all because it was mine first? You should be thankful that you captured me instead of Sora, because calling Madoka a “weakling” is a big mistake.
Xenagos: But she’s not present, is she? And that kid would’ve had another one of his “strength comes from the heart” rants if it was him in that chair, am I correct?

Riku quietly growled… That wretched Satyr King… He knew exactly what Sora would say if he were to be captured instead.

Xenagos: Heh, Exactly what I expected… Very predictable.
Riku: (muffled) You’ll pay for this once I’m free!

The satyr king sneered in contempt towards the predictability the “heroes of hope.” To him, they were nothing but noble, but naive fools.

Xenagos: Try doing it with someone else before you come here!
Riku: (thinking) Says the satyr who captured me for a slander.
Zaheer: Minister Xenagos!

The Red Lotus leader quietly approaches the Stranger King of the Satyrs to inform him of a meeting.

Xenagos: What is it?
Zaheer: Our agents have spotted the Sea Basin Pokémon in the pantheon!
Riku: (muffled) Sea Basin… Kyogre!?

The mention of Kyogre had made the Satyr King stop his “chat” with Riku. A few of his satyr followers have approached him.

Xenagos: Satyrs, lock him up! He’ll be a great asset.
Satyr 1: Understood.

His satyr followers lift the chair and started carrying Riku, who spitted the rag out of his mouth.

Riku: (yelling) Why are you using Kyogre if you’re only using Groudon to abduct me!?
Xenagos: We had no intention of using Kyogre. The Sea Basin Pokémon would be too disastrous for—

He stopped for a moment and narrowed his eyes in realization.

Xenagos: No… Are those obnoxious meddlers planning on flooding the pantheon with just to find us…? Not here… This didn’t go as we planned. (to Zaheer) Let’s get going!

Xenagos and Zaheer depart the cave to check any potential damage Kyogre has made while the satyrs regaged Riku and carried him away.

Shiena and Ed were done setting up the Computer and spoke to Tron and another entity the program, as a contengency plan, had secretly enlisted in case Sora was late.

Tron: When will Sora and Ruby return?
Shiena: They’re away right now. It’ll take a long time for them to return, unfortunately.
???: I can’t wait for them any longer! Can’t we just go without them?
???: Lan, we can’t go on without them. They need to be here for us to begin.

The entity in question, Megaman.Exe, and his impatient Netoperator, Lan Hikari, who was talking to the hackers from another line, debated on whether to proceed without Sora and Ruby.

Ed: Don’t worry, Megaman, they’ll come back.

As they talked, heavy rain starter to pour outside both the lab and where Megaman.Exe and Lan were, which everyone except Tron took notice of. Shiena ran towards the hallway, and was knocked down by a sudden gust of wind.

Shiena: I think the witch has caused a major storm to brawl.

Getting back up, she proceeds to go exit the lab. Once she got outside, she saw Ruby, Bentley, Murray, Cyborg, and Snake Eyes back towards the lab.

Cyborg: Shiena, did you set up the computer?
Shiena: Yes! I’ve spoken with Tron right now.
Bentley: Good! Where’s Sora? We need to speak to him about this!
Shiena: He’s still away!
Ruby: Oh man, if only he hadn’t wandered off, this wouldn’t have been a problem! Wait, where are Otacon, Diancie, and Shaymin?
Murray: Were they taken away by the witch as well!?
Shiena: That would seem unlikely.
???: Shiena!! Bentley!!

Everyone tilted their heads to see Otacon, Diancie, Shaymin, Jak, Daxter, and Team Rocket heading towards them.

Murray: Guys! …And Team Rocket?
Meowth: No time to explain! We have to get to back to the pantheon to find Rayquaza! Kyogre’s out of its temple!
Cyborg: What!? Most of the Titans are busy doing something! (sighs) Might as well let the Avengers or X-Men do it.
Otacon: First Riku is captured and now this!?
Ruby: How are we going to save him?
Shaymin: I’ve seen him captured along with three men, and one of them knocked him out with some dart that made him unconscious. One of the other had a dark brown robe and pants.
Cyborg: Dark brown robes and pants… We ran into man calling himself Zaheer earlier. He stated that his associates want to capture Sora.
Jak: What about the other two?
Shaymin: The second man had blonde hair was wearing a black robe with red clouds all over them, and the third person also had blonde hair, but was wearing golden armor.
Otacon: I already have an idea on who the third person is…
James: The other person Shaymin mentioned must be an Akatsuki member.
Diancie: What should we do now?
Shiena: Ruby, Diancie, come with me! I’ve got the computer ready!
Bentley: We’ll find the creeps who kidnapped Riku!
Murray: They’ll pay for turning us into monsters!

Shiena had lead Ruby and Diancie back into the lab while everyone else went after the GUAC.

Jessie: There are no witches!!

Heavy rainfall was pouring around the pantheon to the point it reached everyone’s feet. Several deities have begun investigating the sudden phenomenon. Ratchet was outside of the House of Quirks waiting for Clank to exit from Donald’s temple, looking up at the sky.

Ratchet: The weather didn’t say it was going to rain…

The Lombax looks around and sees several deities run to their temples. Just before he was about to turn around to check on Clank, his transmitter started beeping.

??? (through Transmitter) Is anyone here? Pick up!
Ratchet: Who’s this? And how did you get through this line?
???: (through Transmitter) That doesn’t matter right now. This is Snake. I have bad news.
Ratchet: What is it?
Snake:  That water Pokémon, Kyogre, is out of its temple.
Ratchet: How did this happen!?
Snake: I’m asking myself the same thing. Someone must have taken the Blue Orb. I can’t find it on my own. I’ve had the guardians contact Professor Xavier to have his X-Men help out.
Ratchet: Great! I hope they will have someone else to help us.

The Lombax cuts off the Transmission as Clank catches up with him.

Clank: Who was that on the transmitter?
Ratchet: That was Solid Snake. I don’t know how he reached us, but we have to find the Blue Orb. Someone’s taken it and Kyogre with them.
Clank: Oh, man. Are we going to do this alone?
Ratchet: We’re not doing this by ourselves, fortunately. He’s contacted the X-men to help us in on this. We have to hurry. Let’s rendezvous with those guys and whoever else they’ve gathered.

The duo rushed out of the House of Quirks to find Kyogre and the thief who stole the blue Orb.

Twenty minutes after Kairi, Ratchet, and Clank depart Donald’s temple…

Donald was still hiding in covers of his bed in case anybody ever found him. In his company was Goofy, whom he called earlier to cover him. The toon dog was sitting on a chair to console with his friend.

Goofy: Come on, Donald. If you just admit that you did it by accident, they will forgive you.
Donald: Even if they did, I would still be roast duck!
Goofy: If you say so…

He stands up from his chair and looked at the window.

Donald: I just hope no one is going after Mickey or Sora in this storm.
???: They’re safe.
Donald and Goofy: Who’s there?

The two looked around to check any potential intruders as the portal suddenly opened up in Donald’s closet. Goofy opens the doors to the closet to get a closer look.

Goofy: Whoa! A portal! Who could be inside?

Donald and Goofy readied their weapons as the intruder emerged from it in the form of a familiar girl with purple eyes and a black dress.

Donald and Goofy: Homura Akemi…!?

The two toons held a tighter grip on their weapons as the rogue Puella Magi approaches them.

Homura: I’m not here to fight you.
Goofy: But you’re a rogue! How can we trust you?
Donald: Yeah!
Homura: Your silver-haired friend has been abducted my consorts in the GUAC.
Donald: Riku has been kidnapped!? (angry) Did you have any hand in doing this?
Homura: No… I’m wish to form an alliance with you two…

Her words have made Donald and Goofy pause for minute before speaking again while holding their weapons.

Goofy: Gawrsh, Donald. Should we trust someone who betrayed the Sisterhood?
Homura: The GUAC… They released the Continent Pokémon in the pantheon as a bait simply to capture him.
Donald: That still doesn’t explain why you came here!
Homura: Alright, I’ll be frank with you. They captured him because of a report he made about Lucifer.
Goofy: Gee.. Who would’ve thought Lucifer be so… Petty?
Homura: Lord Lucifer would never do something so pointless like this. I think someone else in the GUAC doing this to insult Madoka.
Donald: We don’t believe you!

Angered, the rogue Puella Magi turned away from the duo of toons.

Homura: Tch, Believe all you want. By the way, the Sea Basin Pokémon has been released from its temple as well.
Donald: Sea Ba… Kyogre!? Who would do such a thing!?
Homura: I don’t know… If you’re not going to help, then I’m going back.

An embittered Homura walked back into the portal, which disappears after she leaves. The two toons relaxed their guards after she left.

Goofy: That was… Unexpected.
Donald: With Groudon and Kyogre out on rampages, I’ll just hope Melkor doesn’t set Rayquaza off, too.
Goofy: I doubt it.

Donald laid back on his bed and pulled the covers to hide and Goofy sits back in the chair.

Kyogre was moving its way into the pantheon, with the holder of the Blue Orb, Nikolai Dmitri Bullygin, riding it. As they were approaching the pantheon, someone had summoned a portal next to him. Emerging from there is an angel with black wings approaching to him.

???: You’ve activated the Primal Reversion on this Pokémon. Very good.
Bullygin: Lord Mastema… what must I do next?
Mastema: The judge of the dead and her group is going to be a hindrance to our lord. Your next duty is to use this Pokemon to drown the cursed beings in this pantheon.
Bullygin: Understood, Lord Mastema.
Mastema: Akainu will be usless here. I shall have Mithos support you here.

The angel of hostility teleports to get backup for Bullygin, who advances into to the pantheon with Kyogre.

The Satyrs had placed Riku deep inside a prison cell, still tied up in a chair and his mouth is still covered by the rag from earlier, preventing him from summoning Komory Bat to cut the ropes for him. The Keyblade Master looked around to look at the Satyrs.

Riku: (angry; thinking) That Xenagos… Once I’m free, I’m going to beat him for insulting Sora!

Seconds later, he flicks his right hand to summon his Keyblade, and then lets it drop to the ground to catch the attention of the GUAC’s minions. He had used the time to figure out a plan to escape, and had closely observed the Satyrs to spot a pattern. He would not be a prisoner of Lucifer, and he would not let YHVH and his surbordinates have his way with Kyogre. He saw one of them slowly come to the cell.

Satyr 1: Is there a problem, Keyblade loser?
Riku: (muffled) You will untie me and release me from this cell!
Satyr 1: Whatever. I can’t understand a word you say anyway.

He walks away, resuming his usual duties, causing the Keyblade Master to growl out of anger for not being understood. For a few seconds, he worked on moving the rag in his mouth to give his tongue more room and make himself more decipherable. A few seconds later, he lets out a smirk and comes up with a plan.

Riku: (muffled) Hey!
Satyr 1: What is it?
Riku: (muffled) Are you one of those bagpipe-playing satyrs from Fracture Hills?
Satyr 1: …Say that again?
Riku: (muffled) Do you guys play windpipes?

This ticked off the Satyr follower, who opened the cell and approached Riku, whose voice was less muffled thanks to the repositioning that gave his tongue more room.

Satyr 1: Say that one more time, and I’ll smash you apart!
Riku: (muffled) Did you tick off some earthshapers to have Kyogre get summoned?
Satyr 1: (angry) Shut up!
Riku: (muffled) You should go apologize to them. Unless your bagpipe music has already gotten them dancing in the silvery moon.
Satyr 1: We do not do that! I’ll kill you!

Enraged by Riku’s insults, the Satyr follower takes out a hammer and attacks Riku, who leaned back on the chair to let the satyr destroy the seat and the legs. A few seconds later, the still bound and gagged Keyblade Master recovered and got on his feet.

Riku: (thinking) Good. Just what I need.

With his hands was still tied behind his back, he kicks the satyr out of the way.

Riku: (thinking) Good. I’ll make my escape.

He grabs his Keyblade and begins to make his move out of his cell and into a hallway. As he made his move out of the prison cell, several satyrs and demons have noticed him.

Satyr 2: What the…? How did he escape?
Demon 1: After him!
Riku: (thinking) I’ve been spotted. Gotta go!

Riku turned to another direction as the GUAC goons chased him. Just as they had chased them, the rocks have started to fall on the ground.

Satyr 3: What? It’s starting to crumble!
Demon 2: Drat! Did the angels—

Before they say another word, the cave was struck with a loud bang from the ground. The next minute later, the cave was bulldozed.

Riku: (thinking) No. Groudon’s still brainwashed!? I better get out of here fast!

The cave collapses as the Keyblade Master barely escapes from the cave.

Chapter 6: Science and Storms

Meanwhile outside, Xenagos, Gilgamesh Zaheer, and Deidara, alongside several demons, were flying sky high through the latter’s clay bird, in a successful bid to search for Kyogre, who was approaching the pantheon with someone riding on it.

Deidara: I’ve found the Sea Basin Pokémon!
Xenagos: Good. All we have to do is contact Lucifer to give support to us and we’ll overwhelm these fools.
Gilgamesh: This is not good…
Xenagos: What is it, Gilgamesh?

The arrogant King of Heroes pointed at the mountains, where they saw Groudon next to the mountains performing Precipes Blade.

Xenagos: (surprised) What!? I thought it was going back to the pantheon and face the Sea Basin Pokemon!

Zaheer takes out a pair of binoculars from his pockets to take a closer look at Groudon, who attacked their cave.

Zaheer: He’s destroying the base!?

Zaheer remembered what Riku said about Sora escaping with the Red Orb in hand. This had surprised and enraged Xenagos, who kept his composure for the instructions for his allies.

Zaheer: Minister Xenagos, we have made a terrible error in using the Red Orb as bait.
Xenagos: (angry) That blasted friend of his… We should’ve considered the Red Orb more carefully. You three, go back to the mountains and eliminate any and all of his allies and friends. I’m going back to the Amala Labyrinth to report our little “unknown debacle” to Lucifer.

Xenagos summons a portal to go to the Labyrinth of Amala as Zaheer, Deidara, and Gilgamesh head back to the mountains to destroy the hackers.

Shiena and Ed were getting ready to transport a blindfolded Ruby, as well as Kirlia, Scyther, and Diancie into the computer, where they met up with Tron and Megaman.Exe.

Shiena: I’m going to be ready in about five minutes.
Ed: It’s a shame we’re doing this without Sora…
Megaman.Exe: It’s alright. Lan and I have agreed that we’ll take his place.

Ed looks out of the window for any invaders while Shiena takes out a familiar gun. Ruby lifts her blindfold up to get a good look at it.

Ruby: That’s… The warp gun!
Diancie: A warp gun?
Shiena: It’s used to transport people to anywhere. Even the computer world. You four, stand next to the computer!

Ruby and Diancie stood with the other two Pokémon next to the computer just as Shiena was about to aim it at the Jewel Pokémon. Suddenly, the lab suddenly started to shake.

Ed: What’s going on!? Ed’s sure that that there were no invaders!
Shiena: Was that another earthquake!?
Ruby: I’ll go outside! It can wait for later.
Diancie: Me too!
Lan: Oh, man! Can I jack Megaman out now?
Shiena: No. We still need you all!
Ruby: Good. I don’t want my dress moving all over the place.

Unknown to them, Zaheer, Deidara, and Gilgamesh were all above the laboratory using one of Deidara’s clay bird, with the Akatsuki bomber using bombs made out of animal from his hands to destroy the lab.

Zaheer: (angry; thinking) Meddlesome Keyboy… Your friends will pay for your intervention!

Deidara continues to damage the laboratory with his clay bombs. Some of the demons they brought along had used Ziodynes while others used Agidynes. The Akatsuki bomber was annoyed that the Ziodynes were defusing his bombs.

Deidara: Stick to the fire, hn!

As they attacked the lab, Bentley, Murray, Otacon, Shaymin, Kirlia, Jak, Daxter, Cyborg, Snake Eyes, and Team Rocket returned to the lab, witnessing that base is being attacked.

Bentley: The lab is under attack!

Snake Eyes had taken out two pairs of binoculars and gives them to Otacon and Cyborg. The two of them looked around to see where the lab’s being attacked from. Cyborg then looks on top, sighting Zaheer, Deidara, and Gilgamesh on clay birds.

Cyborg: Everyone, look up! It’s that Zaheer guy we met earlier! And… Is that the King of Heroes!?
Shaymin: Where?

Everyone looked up in Cyborg’s direction to see the three GUAC members.

Daxter: Gilgamesh!? The King of Heroes!?
Otacon: I just knew that description sounded familiar.
Jak: That’s two of them we know so far. Who’s the third person?

Otacon zoomed in with this binoculars to take a closer look at Deidara, who was unleashing more clay bombs in the form of animals.

Otacon: Those hands have mouths? …Creepy.

He shudders at the sight for several seconds.

Otacon: I now know who the blonde ponytailed freak is.
James: Who is he?
Otacon: Deidara.
Jessie:  James did say it was a member of Akatsuki, but we’re going up against that blonde bomber?
Cyborg: It seems that way.

Cyborg returns the pair of binoculars to Snake Eyes and changes his fingers into a cannon to fire a laser at the GUAC while Bentley takes out his transmitter to contact Shiena and Ed.

Bentley: Shiena…! Ed! Can either of you hear me? I’m outside the lab!
Ed: (through transmitter) Bentley! Ed is worried! Is there another earthquake?!
Bentley: No! The lab is under attack! Get Ruby and Diancie outside the lab now! Tell them to be careful!
Ed: They’re on their way now!

Bentley hangs up the transmitter and sees Cyborg’s lasers firing at the three GUAC members. Zaheer, who saw the lasers coming their way, yells at Deidara.

Zaheer: We must get out of the way!
Deidara: What are you talking abo- (sees laser) Woah!

As they moved out of the way, Otacon still looks around to check if they have any demons infiltrating the base.

Zaheer: We have been spotted!
Deidara: (angry) Damn it! Where are they!?

The airbender points at the direction Cyborg fired at them.

Deidara: (groans) Just what we need… A disrupted performance. Doesn’t matter, because either way…

The Akatsuki bomber jumps off his clay bird, makes it to the ground, and summoned a big dragon made out of clay. Seconds after it was summoned, he jumps on top of it.

Deidara: You maggots will pay for ruining my art display!

The clay dragon fired several homing missiles at the group. Cyborg destroys the missiles, with Jak joining in the fray, firing with his gunstaff with Vulcan Fury patched into it. They tried their best to destroy them all.

Deidara: Try all you want, but my art… is— what the…?

Just before he could finish, his right arm was hit by a ball of dark fire from the east of him. Everyone looked to their left to see an injured Riku, who emerged from a bush, still bound and gagged.

Shaymin: Riku!
Riku: (thinking) Darn it… Missed.
Deidara: You… If I was too busying gloating, I’d be caught off-guard, hmm.

The Keyblade master shakes his head to work off the rag, as Jak places his hand into a pocket to grab a Hi-Potion. Just as he was about to go to Riku, Deidara fired more homing missiles and Gilgamesh aids him by using his Noble Phantasm again, only for the two to be attacked. (Deidara from behind by a gunshot, and Gilgamesh by a flurry of rocks. This also kills two demons in the process.) Just as Jak approached Riku to remove the rag off his mouth to give him the Hi-Potion, the two attackers of the GUAC turned to see Diancie, Ruby, and Scyther, now outside of the lab. Cyborg transformed his other arm into an EMP cannon and aimed at Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh: (irritated) Great… More annoying mongrels…
Ruby: Keep saying that to yourself!
Riku: Thanks, Jak… Komo!

A bat-like Dream Eater was summoned to untie him from the ropes, freeing his hands. Stretching his arms, he goes into a fighting stance with his keyblade in hand.

Riku: You guys will regret the insults you thrown at me back at the cave!
Gilgamesh: Heh, Let’s see if you can live up to it, weakling!

Zaheer and Gilgamesh jumped off the clay bird to join with Deidara.

Zaheer: I have a plan.
Deidara: What is it?
Zaheer: We— Hm…?

Gilgamesh stops as they all heard big footsteps approaching everyone. They all looked around to see Groudon walking towards them.

Gilgamesh: The Continent Pokémon is here! It’s 16 against 3! This will be—
Deidara: Going downhill for us.
Gilgamesh: Why? Don’t chicken out now! These weaklings will be a small challenge!
Deidara: Call me stupid later, but even with the demons we brought with us, we’re going to catch the attention of those GUAGoody-two shoes.
Gilgamesh: As much I like to enjoy a good fight… I’ll comply.
Zaheer: I’m surprised that someone insane as you has this well thought out. I was thinking the same thing. I’ll prepare our escape flute.

Zaheer reaches for his pockets to take out a red flute with several parts being deep purple given him to by Xenagos prior to their invasion. As he plays a dark song and Deidara summons more explosive clay animals around them to distract the group from attacking, several demons riding on Deidara’s claybirds fired several several Bufudynes and Sibabus to bind Ruby and Scyther.

Ruby: (grunts) I can’t move!

The other demons casted Agidynes at everyone else, with everyone else blocking, too late for them to stop the bombs to explode, covering the area in smoke. As Zaheer was finished, the three of them escape through a portal beneath them. A moment later after the smoke subsided, the group sees that three GUAC members had vanished. A minute and a half later, Ruby and Scyther were free again.

Murray: They’re gone.
Bentley: It’s time to contact Ed and Shiena.

Everyone regrouped in the rain as Bentley contacts Shiena and Ed again to inform them they’re safe.

Riku: Groudon, hold still! I’m going to bring you back to your temple through this warp gun.
???: Looks like the Continent Pokemon is fine.

Just as Groudon was holding still, someone had appeared to the group. They turned to see that it was Piccolo (Jr.).

Daxter: Wait! You’re… that Nalemian who uses that beam to bring back their clothes!
Otacon: It’s Namekian. (To Piccolo) why are you here, anyway?
Piccolo: Cosmos wanted someone to search for Groudon, so I took up the offer.
Riku: Groudon’s alright with me. I’m about to send him back to his temple with this Warp Gun.

Piccolo watches as Riku shoots the Warp Gun he stole from the GUAC base at Groudon, who disappeared from their sight.

Piccolo: Where did you get that gun?
Riku: I stole it from Xenagos… and he stole it from Black Jack, maybe?
Piccolo: Xenagos? The Satyr King? I see… You… ”(looks at Murray, then Bentley, and Ruby), You three look different.
Riku: I’ll explain that to them later. Here, take this Warp gun. You’ll need it.

He gives the tool to the bewildered Namekian.

Piccolo: Why are you giving me this?
Riku: I want you to return this to Black Jack.
Otacon: That’ll have to wait. Kyogre is on the loose! This rain will not stop until he’s back in his temple!
Cyborg: Find the Blue Orb and bring it back to the House of Nature!
Piccolo: Alright… This shouldn’t be a problem.

Piccolo, assured that he can handle Kyogre, puts the Warp Gun in his pocket and takes off.

Ratchet, Clank, several X-Men, and several of the latter party’s allies were inside the SR-71 Blackbird, piloted by Jean Grey, who made the plane invisible.

Jean Grey: Hang on, Everyone! This will be bumpy…

The force of the wind had slightly hindered the plane’s direction. The passengers on the plane, alongside Ratchet and Clank, were Katherine “Kitty” Pryde (AKA Shadowcat), Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Luke fon Fabre, James “Logan” Howlett (AKA Wolverine), and Leina Vance.

Masamune: This plane doesn’t look so bad. You modern timers are something else with your technology.
Ratchet: Um, You want a souvenir at my temple?
Masamune: Maybe. I’ll think about it. (looks at Clank; thinking) Maybe I can get an idea on how that shogun created that large robot.
Leina: How close are we to the Sea Basin Pokémon?
Jean Grey: 12 yards south and 10 yards east.
Shadowcat: We’re close…
Jean Grey: Everyone should get ready.

For a few seconds, The group prepared their equipment as Jean tracks down Kyogre.

Jean Grey: I’ve found Kyogre! Be careful everyone, that Pokémon’s in its Primal form.
Wolverine: Is there anyone with him?
Jean Grey: Yes. There’s one guy with electric, prosthetic arms riding on top of the Sea Basin Pokemon. The other is a young man with blonde hair, wearing white clothes.
Wolverine: We’ll have to be careful here… Everyone, let’s move out! Our objective is to find the Blue orb!

Everyone except Jean and Kitty jump out of the SR-71 Blackbird, with Ratchet and Clank being the last ones on the plane. Ratchet locked on to the two deities with the Predator Hunter, firing at them seconds later. However, Primal Kyogre destroyed them using Origin Pulse.

Ratchet: Ah, man….

The Lombax and the sensor robot jumped out of the spy-plane to join everyone else in facing Kyogre’s captors.

???1: So what do we have here? Those who joined with the Demon Lord?
Yukimura: We’re not members of his group! What are you two doing with that Pokémon?
???2: We’re going make the residents of the pantheon drown.
Masamune: Not happening, pal.
???2: Hmph, as I expected… Obstacles in the creation of a new world where everyone are lifeless beings.
Luke: “Lifeless beings?” Mithos… Looks like I’m gonna do Lloyd a favor beating your butt here.
Leina: I don’t care who you are! We’re taking the Blue orb back from you!

Mithos fired several beams of light at the heroes, who evaded the blast. Yukimura, Leina, Luke, and Wolverine went for Mithos, who forms a block of ice on Yukimura. Luke stopped as he looked at the

Luke: Crap! Are you alright!?
Yukimura: Go on without me!
Luke: Demon Fang!

As the redhead hero slashed a projectile to free his ally from the ice. Wolverine and Leina closed in and attacked the half-elf, who moved out of the way and formed several spears of light around the two of them, but was beaten to the punch by Primal Kyogre’s Ice Beam. Wolverine takes the beam of ice for Leina.

Wolverine: This is gonna be more irritatin’ than I thought…!
Mithos: Vanquish!

The seraph-like half-elf was interrupted by Ratchet, who shoots at him, Bullygin, and Primal Kyogre with his Predator Launcher. With Primal Kyogre open, Masamune, with his six swords, attacks the Sea Basin Pokemon by thrusting three swords from his right hand, damaging it. He then jumps on top of the Sea Basin Pokémon to attack Nikolai, who blocks and locks it with his prosthetic arms.

Masamune: The Blue Orb. Where is it?
Bullygin: It’s with me. You won’t be snatching it.
Masamune: Cocky, aren’t we?

Before the one-eyed dragon could strike the BPS Officer, Mithos, from the palm of his hands, fires a white laser at Masamune, who barely had enough time to block it, hitting him. With the one-eyed Dragon damaged, Bullygin kicks him off Primal Kyogre.

Yukimura: Masamune!

Yukimura leaped back to go to Masamune’s aid to pick him up while Luke jump up high and dived foot-first at Mithos to kick him, which, upon contact, would cause a magma-like eruption, but because of the heavy rain, only caused a large amount of steam.

Ratchet: That should be our diversion, let’s get out of here!
Mithos: A God shows no mercy!

The group of heroes ran from the two GUAL members, but because the heavy rain, their movement was slightly hindered. The half-elf casted a spell that turned everyone with the exception of himself, Bullygin, and Primal Kyogre, in the immediate vicinity to turn gray, frozen in time.

Bullygin: It’s a shame you all couldn’t comply to live in our utopia.
Mithos: It’s time to end this opposition. We have a goal to pursue!

The half-elf raised his hands. Just as he was about to do so, a laser had pierced through him from behind, Bullygin witnessing the hole in his chest in horror.

Mithos: G…Gaack!
Bullygin: What!? Who!?

The BPS officer looked where the laser came from, in which it came from a green in a white suit on top of a purple gi, who flew down at Mithos and kicked him away. The green alien-like creature locked eyes with him, flying up to him grab him before he could go anywhere.

???: Where is the Blue Orb?
Bullygin: It’s with me! You’ll never… Gaggh!

The green creature punches a hole in his chest before he could say another word, turned him upside down and shakes him to check if he possessed the Blue Orb, all with one hand. Fifteen seconds later, he drops the Blue Orb, allowing his enemy to get it with his other arm. He threw Bulygin next to Mithos. After the alien retrieved the Blue Orb, time was reverted to normal. He then turns to the heroes fighting the two GUAL members.

???: I’ve retrieved the Blue Orb from those two!

Everyone turned around to turn see their rescuer, who had the Blue Orb in hand.

Luke: That costume… You’re—
Wolverine: You saved us there, bub. Piccolo, was it?
Piccolo: I’ve been told by some young man holding some over-sized key.
Clank: “Over-sized key”? Did you meet Sora? Or was it Riku?
Piccolo: It was the silver-haired boy.

Mithos recovers in time to see Piccolo holding the Blue Orb, realizing that he and Bullygin are now at a disadvantage, with Kyogre now under their control, enraged that it was used as a tool.

Mithos: We’ve lost control… of the Sea Basin Pokémon…

With all the strength he could muster, the Half-elf carried Bullygin and made their escape.

Leina: They’re gone.
Wolverine: (turns to Kyogre) Pokémon here could be stronger than Storm.
Yukimura: That was a difficult fight… We prevailed!
Luke: We only succeeded because Mr. Green Alien here ambushed them! If he didn’t, Mithos would made us goners!
Piccolo: Hmph, I don’t care what you call me. How do you revert the Sea Basin Pokémon to normal? Doesn’t matter. (to Ratchet) You, take this gun. I’m taking this Blue Orb back to their temple.

Piccolo hands Ratchet a type of gun that he had seen before.

Ratchet: This is… The Warp Gun?
Piccolo: That boy gave it to me. I’m not familiar with technology, so I thought one of you would transport him back.
Clank: Alright. We’ll do it.
Piccolo: You don’t have to worry about the Continent Pokémon. The boy already him back safe in his temple.

Nodding in approval, the Namekian leaves to return the Blue Orb back to the Weather Trio’s temple. Doing so had caused Kyogre to return to normal.

Ratchet: Alright, Kyogre! Stand Still!

Kyogre didn’t move an inch as Ratchet fired the Warp gun, transporting the Sea Basin Pokémon out of the immediate area, which reverted the weather back to normal; Masamune regains consciousness and up looks up to the sky.

Masamune: …It’s over, isn’t it?
Leina: (smiles) Yes. We can now go home.
Luke: (stretches and yawns) I’m hungry.
Yukimura: I, Sanada Yukimura, am also hungry!
Luke: Let’s go someplace together. My treat!
Leina: I’m going back to my temple to rest.
Wolverine: We have a lot of work to do…

Everyone parted ways, leaving Ratchet and Clank alone.

Clank: He never told us about the Red Orb.
Ratchet: Good question, we better ask someone about that later. Let’s get back to Qwark before he does something stupid.

Ratchet and Clank leave the area to find Qwark.

Everyone was in the lab, exhausted from their encounter with the GUAC, where Tron (via hologram) and Megaman.Exe greets them all, the latter of whom’s appearance had surprised everyone who were busy looking for Sora at the time.

Megaman.Exe: How was your trip?
Cyborg: Um, who’s that person over there?
Tron: This is Megaman.Exe. Do not be confused, users, as this is a different Mega Man. His Netoperator is Lan Hikari.
Lan: Hello, everyone!
Otacon: It’s good to see you, Lan… Is there any reason you two came along with us?
Lan: Tron invited us in case these Sora or Ruby people were late.
Riku: That’s really contingent of you, Tron. Didn’t expect you to bring these boys here. Besides, Sora’s already inside. I transported him into the computer through the Warp Gun before the GUAC abducted me. He’s also in possession of the Red Orb as well.
Tron: Really? I’ll try to search the computers to see if he’s inside.
Lan: Um… Should I jack Megaman out now?
Tron: If you want to.
Lan: No. We’ll stay here and help you.
Shaymin: Everyone… I think I should tell you why I’m here…

Everyone turned to the Gratitude Pokémon to listen what he had to say.

Shaymin: I was here because I was sent by Riku to convince Sora to withdraw. He needed to be in Medical Division HQ for a check before Halloween.
Ruby: Really? You could’ve said this earlier.
Shaymin: I know, but I wanted to keep it a secret. I didn’t expect those two to join them.

He lifted his paw to point at Cyborg and Snake Eyes, which slightly surprised Riku, who turned to them, the latter of whom just nods in approval.

Riku: You’re with them?
Cyborg: Yeah. Snake Eyes and I volunteered to be bodyguards for that young man. I even brought pizza with us. Want a slice?
Riku: I’ll take one, if only to relieve the wounds.
Ed: Ed will have a soup!
Bentley: I’ll take one eventually, but we still haven’t found the cause of Murray, and Ruby, and my own transformation into monsters.
Jak: How did they turn out like that?
Riku: I figured we were going to come to this. The reason you three are that way… Is possibly because of Donald’s spell. Casted it three days before Halloween.

Everyone stood silent for a few seconds before speaking again.

Jessie: Really? That’s it…?
Murray: (angry) Where is he!? He will pay for this!
Bentley: It was probably an accident. He didn’t realize how powerful that spell is.
Murray: (calms downs; sighing) Fine. I can’t believe we have to wait for Halloween for this silly appearance to wear off.
James: That must explain that spiky-haired twerp in his vampire attire!
Diancie: So it wasn’t witchcraft after all…
Jak: I knew it wasn’t a witch’s curse.
Ruby: I’m fine with this, really. This is so cool!

Daxter had looked at Kirlia and Absol, the latter of whom jumped at Riku with joy.

Daxter: (smile) After all we went through, I’d say the adventure is worth it!
Murray: Yeah… I agree.

Everyone laughed as they reached for the food to eat.

Sora was walking around in the Computer world, escaping from the GUAC with the Red Orb in hand with Meow Wow and Magick Lapin in hand. Even with his prosthetic leg intact, he was reconsidering to return to the pantheon after all the trouble he goes through.He was wearing a different armor than usual. Rather than the grey and cyan outfit he often wears, he is in a black armor with white lines, with an X on his chest, and has an Identity Disc on his back with his signature crown in the hold. His helmet was smaller than the other, and has a visor included.

Sora: (thinking) I should have stayed inside the Medical Division to get my leg fixed… Stupid Sisterhood…

Sighing, he keeps walking forward to continue the quest to restore Madoka’s powers despite his reluctance.

The group were finished eating all but one pizza and one cup of stew, and several people were sleeping.

Ed: (groans) Ed’s tired…
Daxter: So am I, kid.
Diancie: That was great! Now let’s get into the computer world and restore Madoka’s powers.
Otacon: As much as we’d love to, it’s too late for that. The sun’s about to go down and we’re tired from our fight against the GUAC
Shiena: We’ll do it tomorrow— huh?

Their attention turned to the asleep Shaymin, who returned to his more familiar appearance.

Otacon: Shaymin just turned back to his Land Forme.
Ed: Ed’s wonders if it’s due to the sun.
Otacon: It is.
Daxter: We’d best some sleep tomorrow. Riku needs to be treated tomorrow.
Shiena: Right.

The remaining deities went to sleep to prepare for their next day.A few minutes later, Team Rocket quietly wakes up to ensure that everyone else was asleep. Knowing that everyone was alseep, they knew they had to steal one Pokemon and leave the lab without making a sound.

James: (whispering) Which Pokemon do you think we should steal for the boss?
Jessie: (whispering) I’d say we kidnap Kirlia again.
Meowth: (whispering) What about Absol? It’s the Disaster Pokemon! Therefore, the boss could be prepared for the disasters!
James: (whispering) That’s a good idea, but it’ll be difficult.
Jessie: (whispering) Alright… Let’s get moving…

The trio silently walked their way to get close Absol without making a loud sound. Unknown to them, Absol, heard them speak the whole time. Just as they were about to close in, the Disaster Pokémon rose up and suddenly attacked the trio with Night Slash, sending them flying out of the lab.All of a sudden, a black and pink bear came from nowhere, and caught the trio as they were blasting off, before landing with them in its arms.

Meowth: Hey, how did Bewear get into the pantheon?
Jessie: We should’ve just left and went back to stealing the twerp’s Pikachu.
James: (groans) I’m thirsty…

The trio started to scream as Bewear took them back towards the pantheon for their own protection.

The Next Day, Morning

After everyone slept in the lab for the night, Everyone was outside the lab, where Murray was starting the van, with Shaymin, Absol, and Daxter inside. Jak and Cyborg were carrying Riku into the truck as the latter’s injuries has not been completely healed.

Jak: Just hang in there, Riku. I’ll call in the Medical division as soon as I get out.
Riku: Thanks, Jak…
Cyborg: Don’t push yourself, man. Just rest.

The two put the Keyblade master into the van, with Jak being the last one to get inside and closed the door.

Bentley: They’re all in!
Murray: Good. Alright. See you guys later!

Everyone watched as Murray steps on the gas to drive everyone unrelated to the mission back to the pantheon.

Sora is hiding somewhere in a dark city with his Dream Eaters, exhausted from all the walking he had to do.

Sora: (thinking) I wonder what everyone is up to outside the computer world?

Sitting down, he takes out the Red Orb he obtained from the cave and looked at it.

Sora: At least this is safe now…

He sighed as a transmission screen was in front of him.

???: Sora, are you here?
Sora: Yes.
???: Very Good. I’ll explain why you’re here…