Tales of the Pantheon Introduction

The Pantheon, a place of endless wonder. A realm where gods of many worlds can come, mingle and, on the rare occasion, duke it out to determine the fate of the Multiverse. Many of these stories have been written down in the Book of Trope.

But even then, there are some tales that deserve telling.

These stories take place in between the major arcs of the Pantheon. One-offs to feature the interactions between the Gods and, in some cases, how some even became Gods in the first place.

This list contains a selection of the stories in mind.

– Prior to the Rebellion, team RWBY is attacked by Madoka and her team, the third in a series of attacks initiated by Toku/Magical girl teams. But is there more to these attacks than expected?

– The Three Stooges have been booted out of the House of Luck and Fortune. The reason; Moe used a horseshoe magnet to rigged a gambling game. As the three search for positions in other houses, and getting kicked out in the process, Curly recommends the House of Food.

– San, the Princess Mononoke and Goddess of Nature Lovers, is taking care of Chibiterasu when an injured Celebi comes to her. Upon learning that Ghetsis Harmonia is in the House of Beast, the trio head off to stop the madman.

– Jason Lee Scott and Tommy Oliver take a break from training in the Toku Base, all the while reminiscing about their ranger days and their encounters with the other ranger/sentai gods of the Pantheon.

– Jack and Annie, the co-gods of Fun Treehouses, receive a book from their friend Belle and proceed to travel to the world within the story.

.- The Delta Cops (Aqua, Carmelita Fox and Chun-Li) receive an anonymous tip about a potential attack on the House of Magic. As they investigate, the trio discover there’s more to this plot than what any of them expected.

– Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, has learned of the ascension of his wife Padme and her residing in the House of Royalty. Conflicted, the fallen Jedi Knight struggles to figure out what to say to his lost love. That is  if he can muster up the courage to do so.

– Bugs Bunny, relaxing in the House of Beast, is rudely awakened by the arrival of Robert Baratheon, looking to hunt the rabbit. But as all people know, this means war.

– Kyu Sugardust is doing her research on possible people to help out in the game of love. However during her research, she discovers Petyr Baelish’s biography. And it only gets worse when she learns of Baelish’s plans for the House of Love.

More tales are to come, but to see what else occurred in the Pantheon, the reader can recommend or write their own stories.


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