The Morality Civil War – Outline

With BlazBlue: Central Fiction coming to an end, this will have a more concrete thought. As far as the BlazBlue-verse was concerned, this takes place shortly after Chronophantasma and ‘went on’ through the development of Central Fiction.


Before all these happened, Rachel and Kokonoe were discussing about acts to stop Terumi from doing his plans, even after his ‘death’ by Time Killer. However, unknown to them, a certain substance was thrown to them. They seemed fine, however, and dismissed it as nothing, but little did they know it led to something…

Act 1: Seeds of War

With the acts of Litchi Faye-Ling, a lot have expressed that she should just stop pursuing Arakune and kill him already, but many considered her crossing the Moral Event Horizon for helping out Relius Clover. At all. In turn, many opposed her and asked for advice from first Kokonoe, then Rachel. It was at that time, suddenly Kokonoe and Rachel declared that Litchi cannot be left alone like that before she gives more ammunition to Terumi and Relius. They declared that she should be contained, arrested, and then have Arakune killed without any sort of closure for Litchi before ‘they harm other innocent’ and then Litchi punished for her crimes.

However, a group of deities sympathized with Litchi and gave her a safe haven. And in the same time, a few who disagreed with Kokonoe and Rachel’s new mindset end up forming a splinter faction that think the decision was unfair and smells a rat behind everything. This faction is led by Alucard. In the same time, after gathering several similar-minded ‘popular’ deities like Lelouch Lamperouge, a new plan was set in motion. And it involves a propaganda involving Makoto Nanaya, a more beloved buxom character due to how much she resisted Terumi. That just being one of the plans.

Act 2: Wildfire Rumor

With Litchi being given a safe haven, no one knew where she went. All of the sudden, videos were spread. These videos lambast the hell out of Litchi for constantly ‘doing the wrong thing or using the Idiot Ball’ and undeserving of praise and sympathy. This video not only affected Litchi, but somehow affected several characters that had similar base-breaking decision and path, such as Joel and Yukari Takeba. The rumors and distaste towards these ‘characters’ for not fulfilling expectations spread like wildfire, and even then, they also used Makoto as a ‘role model’ of doing good, much to Makoto’s own consternation that she broke away from Kokonoe.

In the same time, with bounties put on Arakune, the creature found itself under attack by many. But he isn’t without friends that liked him the way he is.

Eventually, all of the sudden, Litchi’s house re-opened and Litchi was seen doing things as usual. Those who hid Litchi smelt something suspicious, but for now decided not to confuse things. However, throughout the days, this new Litchi acted like she followed the videos expectations to the tee, she’s kind hearted, always focused on helping others and have been involved in several evil-preventing operations with much dedication. This somehow made people seem more ‘relaxed’ on Litchi.

Act 3: Melting Pot

One of the people who hid Litchi ended up trying to test the theory and visited Litchi’s new house. And after awhile, this character ended up being shocked at the difference of this Litchi and declared that she’s NOT the real one. But then, opportunity presented itself when Arakune showed up and doing what he does, sustaining himself. This Litchi… instead went straight on to Arakune with the intents to kill, convincing this character further that she’s NOT Litchi, the real one wouldn’t do this.

Surprisingly, the real Litchi showed up as well, covering Arakune side by side with his ‘friends’. The two Litchis fell into an argument about what needed to be done about Arakune and which one is the real one… However, the crowd moved with how the new Litchi cover for them… cheered for this new Litchi as the ‘Litchi’ that they needed and even covers for her. Realizing that she can’t go against the crowd and convinced herself that the crowd is right, Litchi surrenders herself to be given judgment.

The new Litchi turned her attention back to Arakune to kill him, but the group that hid Litchi intervened, not letting her kill Arakune. Through the battle, eventually this Litchi spilled the beans… she was meant to be a clone that was created by Kokonoe in order to enforce how Litchi should act, which went according to the videos spread so far. At this point, the ‘hiding Litchi’ group declared that Kokonoe crossed the Moral Event Horizon and they will oppose her more actively.

Act 4: War

When Litchi was being put on trial, every of her pleas fell on deaf ears, and they demand justice to be struck on her. However,  the ‘hiding group’ broke away the trial and snatched Litchi away. This pissed Kokonoe enough that she declared that the group should be arrested en masse. Along with this, many who agreed with Kokonoe also spread and attempted rushed captures against other similar characters, it’s a really chaotic time.

Kokonoe’s group and the group supporting Litchi eventually ended up meeting in a battlefield. They refuse to compromise their stances and then an all-out war began.

The War only stopped when Alucard’s group, already somehow ‘restoring’ Rachel (see below later through a sub quest), telling them that Kokonoe was affected with a dangerous substance that makes her think that ‘audience reaction’ takes precedence, it was a substance taken from another world where things were extremely chaotic and audience reaction is worshipped as God and those who fail the expectations are to be punished. Likened to be a Bad Boss to people. With this, the people who once sided with Kokonoe got a clue, and helped with Alucard’s team and the ‘hiding team’, they helped to cleanse Kokonoe from the effect, ending the War.

Act 5: Conclusion

While investigating what transpired, everyone eventually found out that it was all Terumi’s doing, the substance where it was taken belonged to a world where he ruled, as a manner to troll others about definition of ‘morality’. He even sent a taunting message about it… and declared that it was all a diversion to his other things (such as what he does in Central Fiction).

Thankfully, by this point, Ragna the Bloodedge has somehow ‘recovered’ from his amnesia, and told them not to worry about Terumi, he’ll deal with him. He also got enough friends to go with him to make sure it succeeds.

Another trial is given to Litchi, and it ends with Litchi agreeing to be tossed into the Midnight Channel to confront her other self, her selfish urges. She managed to deal with that, have a closure on Roy, and is welcomed back as an innocent person, being group-hugged by those who believed in her, and the former opposers deciding to not pursue her again. And even Arakune gets to ‘live’ with his new friends.

Stinger: While it’s now just minor things, there are still some (faceless mass) who didn’t believe in Litchi’s redemption and still has to be punished… but they got dismissed.


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